Stormy Weather

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 4

I trudged upstairs deep in thought as I contemplated today's events. I know for many people it is difficult to understand what had transpired during my time with my adopted Blackfoot family. I've traveled all over the world, have participated in various forms of traditional ceremonies, and they've all had a profound impact on my personal life.

My vision quest had been real and powerful, and it seemed as if another part of it was starting to unfold in my life. I will have to think about it for a while and ponder what to do. I already had an idea formulating in my mind, but the elders always teach to think things through so that wisdom will come to light.

"Hey girls how are things going in your room," I yelled out.

The older girl responded telling me they were almost done. I told them I needed to change into dry clothes and would be over in a few minutes. The girls squealed in delight, and I smiled at how excited they were about this simple thing as getting to see my horses. I couldn't help but chuckle as I stepped into my room and a warm feeling overcame me knowing how adorably cute those little girls were. They've stolen my heart, and were such a delight to have in my life.

Peeling off my damp shirt, and dumping it on the floor I started to pull down my damp jeans when the bedroom door opened and Akiva slipped inside. He looked over at me and smiled as he started to peel off his own wet clothes. I returned his smile as we both got undressed making sure to get a good look at one another. I don't know how I managed not to pop a boner at the exquisite naked sight a few feet in front of me, but I did. Damn he was so sexy cute, and I just wanted to jump him right there and then so I could make beautiful love to the angelic boy.

The boy was looking at me intently, and didn't shy away from the fact he was overtly ogling my privates. He looked up and smiled at me, and then stepped closer placing his hand on my shoulder.

Recalling what I had said earlier to him Akiva whispered in my ear, "You are so sexy hot too Dylan. Please forgive me for being so stupid earlier. I would never wish any harm to come to you."

It was my turn to blush this time from the tips of my hair all the way down to my toes at the sexy compliment. Damn, I was really falling for this boy and on the one hand I was desperately hoping for something to come of this, but on the other hand I was a little cautious about what that would portend.

"Um…thanks Akiva. It was just something stupid that happened and really it wasn't your fault. I should have been more careful because I knew you didn't have any experience, but truth be told it really wasn't anyone's fault. Things sort of happen sometimes." I explained.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and we just stood there looking at one another with our bodies about a foot apart. He was breathing hard, I guess I was too, and it was just a sweet tender moment between the two of us. He leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the lips, it was innocent, but for me it was the sweetest tasting kiss I've ever had in my entire life. It was all I could do not to pop a boner, and I got the feeling it was just as difficult for the sexy Norwegian boy.

Akiva blushed realizing what he had just done. "I…I'm sorry Dylan. I wasn't thinking…I hope that was alright?"

"Sure," I assured him. "I kind of liked it," I admitted as I pulled away to get dressed before I pop a boner or maybe even something more…LIKE JUMPING HIS BONES.

He smiled at me a moment, and then looked through his case for some suitable clothes to wear. I put on a pair of blue boxer briefs and slipped on a pair of regular jeans that fit nicely on my form. The next item of clothing I slipped into was a regular button up long sleeved flannel shirt, and a pair of regular white tube socks. It was cold outside so I figured it was better to start dressing a little warmer.

Both Akiva and I watched one another getting dressed the entire time. I was shocked at how blatantly we each gaped at one another, and the thought of us rubbing our naked bodies together got the better of me finally and I popped a boner. I looked over at Akiva wearing a pullover light green sweater and tight fitting green skinny jeans, and noticed he was sporting a boner as well. He definitely had a large sized bulge, and I could see the length of his hard shaft running upwards and to his right side making a definite shape inside the tight fabric of his pants. Damn, he looked perfect wearing those nice tight conforming style of skinny jeans. Not everyone can get away with wearing that style of clothing, and he pulled it off without a sweat.

We managed to get ourselves dressed and took the girls out staying with them for a little while so they could say hello to all the horses. They each had on a matching red colored flannel shirt with regular blue jeans. I had given them each a red multi-colored bandana to match and complete their outfits. The simple gift was enough for them to each give me a warm hug and thanks.

After the short visit with the horses the girls joined Darren and David in the cozy living room to play some more games on my PS3 while Akiva and I went upstairs for a shower. Akiva headed towards my room while I veered off towards my father's room. Nothing was said it just sort of worked out naturally that way. It was one thing for Akiva to take a bath with his young sisters, but I didn't assume he would think it appropriate for us to shower together.

Peeling off my clothes I stepped into my father's shower stall. It was similar to mine, except it had several shower heads that sprayed on your body at differing angles. This had truly been a great couple of days. The ride with Akiva, despite the injury was excitingly sexy for me, not to mention getting to see him naked with him being the most angelic beautiful boy in the world, damn the image of Akiva just seemed to burn in my mind, then also soaping up David seeing him naked with his adorably cute little pecker getting all sexed up, and of course last night with Darren, all of it had been so sweet and tender. And did I mention, the best part; I got to see Akiva, naked in all his Norwegian beauty. I have to admit I'm smitten with this youngster, and his innocent, tender nature.

I began to shampoo my hair, and with my eyes closed I thought I heard the faintest of sounds. It sounded vaguely like the shower door...and then I felt the warm touch of a soft hand on my back tracing along my scars.

"I…I hope you don't mind but I just…I mean I just needed to be with you." Akiva said in his soft boyish Norwegian accent which just sent shivers up my spine at how cute he sounded.

He stepped into me; the warmth of his chest pressed firmly to my back, as his arms wrapped around my chest. I shivered beneath his soft touch, and I could feel my boy part begin to stiffen as my mind went totally blank. I seemed to be awash in a bevy of thoughts, but none of them seemed to reach my brain. My reasoning capabilities were being smothered by the warm blanket of nakedness that had wrapped itself around me in the form of Akiva's young smooth sleek lanky body.

I could feel him pressed up against me. His presence was tender and warm, and even now I wondered if I was 'reading' something more into this other than Akiva wanting to either help me out because of my injury or just to be close to me. We had flirted a little with our eyes and an innocent kiss, but that was all and maybe it was all it would end up being.

Maybe all that was between us is innocently showering together, simply sharing our new, comfortable friendship. My eyes were still closed as all these thoughts raced through my head in seconds.

Akiva's soft hands felt warm as he gently rubbed against my soapy chest, then up and down my ribs; tenderly washing me. I didn't dare open my eyes; for fear that this was merely a dream. A fantasy that was being played out in my own mind, but if it was a dream it was the most amazing dream I've ever had.

The blond haired sexy boy's hands slipped down my sides to my hips, softly lathering the silky smooth flesh. His hands moved in small circular motions, and then he moved his fingers forward, onto my upper thighs. I could still feel his soft, warm body cradled tenderly against my back, and he was trembling nervously as his hard penis bumped up against me.

Then it happened, he touched me, and I went week in the knees. His soapy fingers had drifted across my small tight patch of light colored pubes, and then he slid deliberately down onto my mostly limp boy noodle. I could feel his body tense with anticipation, and mine did as well.

I stood there, unmoving being caught between fear and delight. I wanted this so badly, yet frozen by fear…well I guess not fear but what this may mean. I was fifteen, and I believe Akiva was probably thirteen, so I didn't fear the age difference rather what it could actually mean about my sexuality. How right or wrong could this be? Akiva was melting my resistance like an ice cream on a hot sticky summer's day.

With my heart pounding, I opened my eyes and turned in his arms to face him. We stood there now, facing each other with his arms still wrapped around my waist; his hands resting softly on my orbs. As I gazed down into his sweet deep powdery blue eyes; his expression was one of timid expectation and anticipation. At least that's what I hoped it was because if not I would be in deep trouble here in a few moments.

The sensation of his warm naked body pressed against mine made me tremble. I could feel his young stiff erect penis between us, as its covered tip pressed gently upward into my nut sac. I swallowed with difficulty. "Are…are you sure about this? Maybe we shouldn't." I breathed, but my words lacked conviction.

My arms wrapped around him, and my eyes closed again as I held him to me. Akiva's forehead was nestled against my cheek; and tenderly, instinctively I kissed it. My heart was thrumming in my chest, and I could feel Akiva's heart racing in rhythm with mine.

"Akiva...maybe we shouldn't....." I whispered softly, as I felt my own stiff penis pressed snugly between us. "Please...let me kiss you!" Akiva breathed hotly and softly, a tremble in his young voice. I felt powerless to resist this simple request. I tilted my head toward him and our lips met wetly. The warm shower continued to rain down on us as our lips melded together. I pulled away for a moment, but his lips reached for me, and we kissed again.

Seconds passed this time, and finally our lips came apart. But we hovered there, eyes closed, our noses touching; breathing in each other's gasping breath as our mouths lingered closely to one another.

'What the hell was happening here?' A thought that played somewhere in the recesses of my mind as Akiva timidly reached for me again, and gently pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him again, and his arms came up over my shoulders, and wrapped around my neck.

My hands were still gently caressing his wet soapy slicked up back; with my fingers feeling his boyishly lean lanky physique. My left hand drifted down the small of his back, and came to rest across the middle of his firm, well rounded creamy globes. My fingers started pressing lightly against his crease. I shivered again at the tender sensations quivering through my torso; the same mixture of fear and delight.

With the boy still clinging to my neck, I felt him push his groin into me. I lifted him, and Akiva wrapped his long lanky legs around my waist. My body quivered at the feeling of his firm sleek limbs wrapped around me, and his now rigid long thin boy pole pressing firmly into me while his smooth boy pouch settled against my pubic mound. My erect stiffness had slipped underneath, and rested warmly between his legs and up against his butt.

We simply held each other, the rush of nervous adrenalin coursing through both of us; as the warm water from the shower continued to spill across our naked bodies. This was naughty, and it certainly wasn't appropriate. But more than that, it was exhilarating, stimulating, and exciting. This was beyond my wildest of fantasies, and I was being drawn helplessly and willingly into it.

Our lips met again, and we lingered for a long moment, until I slid around to kiss the soft skin of his neck, just below his ear. I heard the boy sigh with pleasure, and his warm breath tickled my skin.

"Akiva..." I breathed, "I don't know about this...maybe we should stop." My lips uttered the words, but neither of us seemed to have heard.

The boy sought out my mouth, and then kissed me again. His young lips parted, and I felt his warm tongue innocently searching for an opening. My resistance melted, and my lips parted to accept his tongue and the exchange of heated breath.

Akiva was wiggling his hips lightly against me, and I could hear and feel the little grunts of pleasure coming from him as our mouths were still coupled as one. My hand was still cupped under his firm bottom, holding him to me; and suddenly I could feel his young butt cheeks go taut. His breathing and his moaning had intensified, as did the rocking of his hips.

"Akiva, please...we should s…" But my words were lost as he moaned loudly and went rigid against me...I could feel his young erection pulse repeatedly against my abdomen, and then the warm flood of his boy batter squirted between us. Time stood still, the light faded away, and all sound receded into nothingness; all gone as if swallowed by the dark abyss of time and space. There was a brief moment when nothing existed. The sound of the water cascading on our bodies, our breathing, and Akiva's low moans were absorbed into silence. Light didn't exist behind my tightly clenched eyelids.

Then it happened....everything exploded back into life. My cock, still between Akiva's legs, against his butt; exploded into the biggest orgasm of my young life. Pulse after sticky pulse ejected from my hot, teenage boy slit. It squirted across his young butt, and splattered against the frosted glass of the shower door.

"Uhhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhhh..... Oh shiiiii...," my moans and grunts of pleasure filled the air with sound, until I had nothing left. My young balls had ached all day from the sensory overload I had kept confined in the recesses of darkness. The vision of David's naked body…confined deep within me, and the image of near perfection that was Akiva…also confined to the recesses of my greedy mind. Now all those pent up emotions came rushing out of one little hole at the end of my penis exploding outwards all at once into a brightly lit world. I stood trembling, my strength so drained that I had to lower Akiva to stand on his own in the shower. When we pulled apart a long sticky thread of his boy seed clung between us…connecting us.

Akiva looked up at me with those sparkling intense deep powdery blue eyes, and our gaze met. We both managed a timid, if not awkward smile, and I lowered my forehead to his and rested it there. We stood for a minute, gasping for air, and trying to regain some of our strength.

" Faen det var kult ...," Akiva finally breathed reverting to his native language.

I didn't have the energy to ask him what he had said. "Fuck that was cool...," he repeated it in English this time. Somewhat recovered, but shaking with nervous excitement, all I could think to do was to finish the shower before the girls or worse his mother walked in on us. I took the soap and began washing down Akiva's backside, gently scrubbing his soft beautiful skin. I lingered for a little while enjoying the beauty and feel of his soft tubular extension. He sighed and shivered then I continued onwards.

Akiva stood comfortably and seemed to enjoy the sensual touch. He noticed the shower stall, and with a curious smile, he reached out and ran his fingers through the sticky spatters of my sperm that still clung to the walls. He looked back and eyed me with an intriguing grin before holding it up to his mouth and licking it. A pleasant smile spread across his features as he gathered up some more on his fingers and licked them clean.

"Tasty," was all he said to me as I now regretted not having tasted him. I bet he was deliciously delectable. Maybe next time I thought to myself already anticipating our next intimate exploration of one another.

We finished bathing each other, and we stepped out of the shower. I grabbed a couple of towels for us, and we began to dry ourselves off. We both peeked at one another and giggled like two little five year olds. I felt oddly turned on by the sexy boy standing in front of me. Hell I just had the biggest orgasm of my life yet felt I was up for more so long as it was with him. When he had finished drying himself, Akiva wrapped the white towel snuggly around his lean waist. As I stood drying my hair, I could only stare, and admire his stunning boyish figure. Even with the towel wrapped around his waist he still managed to be so sexy hot. I admired the small sexy looking bulge in front that showed in the soft white fabric wrapped around his waist.

"Dylan…" Akiva said quietly.


" Det var så kult . Takk…" He said in Norwegian.

I didn't know what it meant, but damn it was so sexy sounding coming from his mouth. Enough so that I got up walked over to him and planted sloppy wet kiss on his lips with my tongue shooting out between his teeth to connect electrically with his wet writhing flesh. We separated and breathed heavily against one another.

He smiled at me and then repeated in English, "That was so cool, Thanks." Then he leaned back into me to give me a gentle hug. Almost shaking, I put my arms around him to return his soft embrace.

Akiva watched me intently as I slipped back into my clothes, and then we headed back to my bedroom. We slipped inside undetected, and now it was my turn to watch the lithe little boy as he removed his towel and then started to step into his clothes. It was then that I realized he must have undressed before deciding to sneak over to the other bathroom while he was naked. I had to hand it to the boy, he had guts.

The boy picked up his cottony soft bikini style underwear and started to slip his legs through the small openings. I just marveled at how sexy he looked as he tucked his supple little package beneath the tiny fabric. He looked up and noticed my smile then purposefully reached inside his underwear to adjust his flaccid penis and smooth ball sack. My body trembled and he giggled at my reaction.

"Shit, I'll see you downstairs." I told him. "If this keeps up I'll end up tearing off your clothes and jumping you right here and now creating a mess and another need for a shower."

"So, what would be so bad about that?" He asked me as he giggled.

"Shit, you're a bad influence on me," I told him as I turned and made my way downstairs.

Thank goodness my erection went away by the time I reached the bottom. I looked in on the younger boys and girls, and they seemed entrenched with their video games. I had to smile because David was on the controller playing against one of the girls with Darren just looking down at the smaller boy who was sitting next to him. The older boy was totally into watching his younger friend, and I could see him eyeing the smaller boy's package.

At that moment Mrs. Miller called for dinner and we all piled into the dining room. The food smelled delicious and Akiva translated saying it was Hungarian Goulash. I don't care what it was called because it was delicious. It was almost like a stew, but with a completely different taste and flavor to it. I don't know what kind of spices she used, but it was delicious. Along with the Goulash we also had salad greens and baked rolls. I shoveled the stuff into my mouth, and she seemed delighted that we had brought our hardy appetites with us. Hell, with that workout Akiva gave me I was starving.

After dinner I excused myself heading to my father's den because I had some work to do for the request he had made. I had been bent over his large conference table for a while now studying the grids outlined on the blueprint files I had printed out on our specialized construction equipment he had set up in his large office. It was a bit chilly in the office, and I shivered as I made some calculations. My back ached and I sat down for a moment to take the tension away. I had been at it for hours not seeming to make any headway so just leaned back and closed my eyes.

Music seemed to flow through my thoughts as I sat there in silence. Sweet piano music like my mom used to play when I was little. She had been an accomplished pianist, specializing in classical music, and I could still see her there at the piano while I sat next to her. I watched as she played the soothing melodic sound of "Clair de Lune," by Claude Debussy. The melody in my mind seemed to ease the tension in my muscles as I opened up my eyes and then realized I was hearing the music for real, and it was someone playing the piano.

The sound carried through the hallway and I followed it into one of the back rooms on the bottom floor. The sliding double doors at the end of the hallway stood ajar, it was the room where we had put my mother's precious Limited Edition Tricentennial Model A Steinway Grand piano, and the music drifted outwards from the small gap. It was a large room where parties were hosted in this house in a bygone era. Hesitantly I reached out and slowly slid the doors open. The air was a bit chilly having been closed off without any heat, but the music was warming to the ears and soul.

The tune had changed now and one of my all time favorites that my mother used to play when I went to bed as a little boy every night until she got sick started up. It was Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. It was beautiful, but also painful for the memories it brought out as the sounds carried over to surround me and hold me tenderly in its sweet melodic embrace. It felt like my mother's tender embrace had snuggled around my body. Teardrops were freely flowing down my cheeks as I sobbed uncontrollably, and then the music stopped.

All of a sudden I was smothered by the motherly embrace of Mrs. Miller and I just couldn't control myself as I collapsed into her and cried. She spoke soothingly to me even though I couldn't understand her, and after a while I was finally able to gather myself together.

"Oh that was so beautiful Mrs. Miller. I'm sorry I interrupted you." I told her trying to stand up.

There were several people kneeling down around me now, and I flushed red with embarrassment. I heard Mrs. Miller asking Akiva what I had said and he translated for me. She said something back and Akiva looked towards me wiping away his own teardrops.

"No, I'm sorry Dylan. I thought it would be alright to play the piano. She is a most beautiful and wonderful instrument, and I could not resist my temptation. It has been so long since I've had a chance to play, and I didn't think you would mind. I didn't mean to upset you. We will cover it back up the way it was."

I had to admit it really was a beautiful piano designed by Dakota Jackson. It had a dark ebony and deep red finish. Jackson had reduced the piano to its essential form – a wood case enclosing a cast-iron harp or plate - and began designing it from the "instrument's soul" out. He broke with traditional piano design by creating a continuous, flowing line from the back of the piano to the floor, merging the piano's body and legs. It suited my mother's characteristic and style, and she loved playing on it.

"No, please don't Akiva. You…you play so wonderfully just like my mother did. She was an accomplished pianist who toured all over the world performing for famous concerts before she became ill." I explained as I picked myself up off the floor.

I continued my explanation. "When you played Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata it brought back memories to me. It's what she played every night for me when I went to bed when I was little. I fell asleep to the sound of that piece for most of my early years as a young boy."

Tears seemed to flow freely from everyone's eyes now as I received hugs from all of my new family members. "Come on Akiva, sit down and play some more, and let's have some fun. My mother's piano hasn't been properly played since she passed away. It is time to hear the beautiful sounds from that wonderful instrument once again."

We all gathered around the piano and he started to play some more music, but had changed to upbeat songs. He began with Billy Joel's "Piano Man," and we sang along as best we could. Next up on Akiva's list was "Great Balls of Fire," by Jerry Lee Lewis. We had horrible voices as we screamed at the top of our lungs, but we had a lot of fun. The only clear voice out of the lot was that coming from Akiva. My heart burst as I listened to his angelic voice carry through the din the rest of us were making.

By the time I made my way back to my father's conference room about an hour later I was feeling much rejuvenated. I had instructed the doors to my mother's music room be opened up, and I let Akiva know I would be honored for him to be able to play on it whenever he felt like it. As I closed the office door he was still at it, and had switched back to some of the classical music that he so much enjoyed playing. This time the music didn't make me break down; instead, it filled my heart with warmth. That sexy boy seemed to amaze me at every turn.

My work continued late into the evening hours, and I had fallen asleep with my head on the conference table. It wasn't the first time, and wouldn't be the last, but tonight Mrs. Miller had made her way downstairs and was looking for me. She had gotten up to check in on the boys and had discovered I wasn't in bed. She gently shook me awake, and I shivered in the coolness of the room.

"Um…what is it?" I asked drowsily and then realized it was Mrs. Miller. "Oh sorry Mrs. Miller, I must have drifted off to sleep again," I meekly smiled at her while she perused through all of the large sized blueprints and maps scattered over the table, and then lifted up the tablet filled with mathematical formulas I had drawn up. She muttered and shook her head as she gently eased me up off the chair and ushered me back upstairs for bed.

My room was warm as I slithered inside and peeled off my clothes. Mrs. Miller had followed me inside so she could tuck me in properly, and it didn't bother me that she saw me almost completely naked in just my boxer briefs. Darren and David were curled up together on the right side of the bed. They looked adorably sweet together with David's body curled up in a spooning position inside of Darren's warm embrace. I worked my way over to the other side, and slid in next to Akiva. As I lifted up the bedding I noticed he was only wearing his skimpy little bikini briefs and he was sporting an erection with about a half an inch of the tip of his penis protruding out from his waistband.

Mrs. Miller was on the opposite side giving Darren and David a gentle kiss on their foreheads. She whispered in their ears softly, and I heard the two boys sigh contentedly. Of course they wouldn't have been able to understand her if they were awake, but I think the soothing tone of a motherly voice is what eased any tensions while they slept. I settled in next to the radiating heat of Akiva's body and quickly lowered the blanket so that Mrs. Miller didn't see Akiva's erection protruding out from his underwear. Of course he was asleep, but still how embarrassing would that be for the boy?

She smiled tenderly at me as she first leaned over giving her son a gently kiss. He opened his eyes and murmured something to her. She whispered back to him, and then leaned over to kiss me gently on the cheek. She smiled and slipped back out the door closing it behind her.

Akiva looked over towards me and scooted over to snuggle up. He felt the chill on my skin and slowly rubbed me down to warm me up. He tossed his left leg over my hips along with his left arm over my chest and snuggled his head on top of my chest.

"Mmmm, you smell and feel so good," he whispered to me as I stroked his short blonde hair.

"So do you," I responded as I felt his erection rubbing up against my hips.

"You missed all the fun earlier here in bed," He giggled.

"Oh yeah, I did?" I asked looking at him.

"Yeah the two of them were at each other like jack rabbits in heat." He giggled.

I looked over at the two forms sleeping together on the other side of the bed. "They did, right in front of you, no way?" I gasped surprised.

"Well, they thought I was asleep. It started innocent enough then escalated with both of them writhing around and grinding against each other. I think David even had an orgasm. I didn't think someone that young could get one, but he sure seemed to." He giggled as he snuggled up closer and I felt his dick twitch against me in excitement.

I looked back at him, "You're just joshing me," I chuckled. "Besides, David was pretty shy at first about exposing himself when I gave him a bath."

He lifted up the blanket a little on their side, and I could clearly see Darren's naked ass. I leaned over Akiva to get a closer look at David and sure enough he was naked too. Both of the boy's underwear was snuggled up behind Darren, down by his legs. I chuckled and just shook my head.

"Damn, I knew David adored Darren, but I guess it's more like a crush, and like I said he was shy at first, but I guess once his snake is out of its den he doesn't mind so much," I giggled as I settled down next to the sexy blonde boy noting he was still sporting his boner.

"So do you think David is gay?" He asked.

"He's kind of young to know one way or another. I think right now he's just content and happy to be fooling around sexually."

"What about Darren," he asked me and I shrugged my shoulder not responding out loud as he continued. "I heard he came out last year to several of his school mates. Right before he was…you know," Akiva sighed.

"If he's gay that is something for him to come out to us with," I told Akiva not wanting to out Darren feeling it was up to him who he shared that kind of information.

"So if it is alright for someone as young as David to fool around without being gay, and maybe even Darren, then what does that make us?" He asked as he ran his fingers along my chest and stomach.

I looked down at him but didn't respond. To tell you the truth I didn't know what to think. I have feelings for Akiva, deeper than anything I've felt for any of the girls I've dated. Not to mention that sexual experience in the shower had been way more intense than anything I've had sexually with those girls. Granted my sexual activity wasn't that extensive, but I've had a few oral sexual encounters with them. However, when all was said and done, in the end I was still a virgin. Somehow at the moment still being a virgin made me feel better…strange I reflected to myself.

"I don't know," I whispered back to him, "and frankly I don't care because I don't regret what happened between us, that was totally awesome and the best thing that's ever happened to me." I stated seriously.

We lay there for a moment or two in silence just in our own thoughts. "How old are you Akiva?" I asked him.

"I recently turned thirteen, you?" He asked. "I'm fifteen," I responded. I felt happy knowing he was thirteen, and was content with him being only a couple of years younger.

He looked up at me and smiled before leaning in to kiss me tenderly on the lips. I felt him rolling on top of me as he slowly rubbed his hips up and down my stomach. His hands gently ran all over my body, and dove under my underwear to stroke my stiffening boyhood. I moaned as his touch set me on fire.

"You're so tense," he whispered as his lips started moving down my neck. "Maybe I need to help you loosen up a little he stated as he sat up on top of me.

His stiff penis was straining against the skimpy material of his underwear and I reached out helping him to pull them off. He lifted up his hips and I slid them up over his butt cheeks. He leaned back and lifted his legs while I slipped them completely off of him as he settled back into place. I gasped at my first real view of his erection.

His smooth boy pouch settled down and spread out along my stomach and his thin sleek three inch erection stood upwards in the air and slightly to his right side. His foreskin was pulled up tight around his glans, and I could just see the tip of his pee slit as it peeked out of the pucker end of his skin. Oh damn that looked sexy, and I started to reach out so I could take him in my hands, but he shifted and started in on my boxer briefs.

In short order my underwear was removed and my own four and a quarter inch erection bobbed up and down in timing to my heartbeat. Akiva crawled back on top of me and started kissing my smallish tanned nipples.

"Oooooh," I gasped as I jerked with the intense sensation of his mouth on my nipples. He quickly worked his way downwards then I received the shock of my life when he gulped down my penis inside of his wet velvety hot mouth.

"Oh shit," I hissed as the "first mouth ever" engulfed my rigid pre-cum dripping penis.

I felt my dick quiver in his mouth as he slowly slathered his tongue around my dick. It was intense and I tried to control myself not wanting to explode too soon. I felt his tongue flicking my pee slit and I almost lost it as I grunted.

"Oh shit Akiva, I won't be able to last too long," I whispered as I looked over to the two sleeping boys next to us.

Their breathing was smooth with a small little snoring sound emanating from Darren so I knew we were still safe and the boys were truly asleep. I lowered my hand on top of Akiva's head, and gently ran my fingers through his short blonde hair. He paused for a moment and looked up into my eyes with half of my penis inside of his lips. Oh shit that looked so damn sexy seeing my own little love tool shoved past those bright red lips.

Focusing back on the task at hand Akiva's head started to bob up and down in earnest. My hips started to shove upwards to his rhythmic bobbing and soon enough I was thrusting even harder wanting to fuck his beautiful face. I was close and I told him then felt his finger invading my ass as he shoved it inside of me to the first knuckle. I gasped coming back down from my high for a moment as the "first finger ever" invaded my ass.

He started to slide his fingers around inside of me and I loosened up starting to enjoy the sensation. My high was rapidly approaching again and then I felt him hit something deep inside of me. I spread out my legs even further wanting more of this sensation on my back end. I knew he was hitting my prostrate, and I started fucking his face harder and humping his finger more intensely. Then I knew I was there and I warned Akiva right before I grabbed the back of his head and shoved my dick deep inside his mouth. I prayed that I wouldn't make him gag, but I was out of control as I grunted with the best orgasm of my life shattering the one just previously set only a few hours ago.

"Uhhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhhh..... Oh fuck Akivaaaa...," I hissed trying to be as quiet as possible while rope after rope of cum came exploding out of the tip of my penis like a Gatling gun style of cannon.

I came crashing down on the mattress feeling completely drained, but Akiva kept on sucking on my tender tool and before I knew it I exploded one more time gasping as another huge explosion racked my body.

"Uhhhhmph," I grunted loudly this time as one more burst of my seed exploded into Akiva's waiting mouth. Shit, I never knew I could come twice in a row like that having always felt completely exhausted and drained of boy fluid. The second orgasm literally felt painful yet gratifying wrapped up all in one.

My now flaccid penis finally slipped out from Akiva's gorgeous lips as he smiled back up at me. I was breathing hard as I glanced over towards the sleeping boys. I was sure my last guttural moan would have awakened them, but other than a slight shift of movement they seemed to have settled back down and were breathing evenly as they continued to sleep soundly. Damn, they must have worn each other out if they had slept through all of that.

Akiva crawled back up to me as I continued to recover. He leaned into me and kissed me on the lips passionately. I tasted my own cum on his breath and realized he had swallowed it all not missing a drop. A warm sensation spread all inside of me as our mouths explored each other and I finally realized what it really meant.

"Oh Akiva thank you so much, that was just incredible and special. It…it was my very first blow job, and I'm so glad I waited for you," I whispered in his ear as I held him tight while some teardrops flowed out of me.

He looked up with an expression of surprise. "You mean you've never…with anyone?" He asked me seriously.

"No, I've had sex and stuff with girls and been jacked off and all, but I've never felt it the right moment for something personal as a blow job. I…I love you with all of my heart. I know it sounds corny so soon, but I feel it deep inside of me." I whispered to him hoping my words wouldn't freak him out.

The boy started to cry as he pressed his lips up against my mouth again. I was completely drained, but returned his passion as my hands wrapped around his smooth sleek shaft. I shuddered at the feel of him in my hands. There was just something so sexy about the complete sleekness of his entire body. Even his penis was sleek and lanky I thought to myself.

"Oh Dylan, I knew I was in love with you the first time our hands touched. I was overcome with such intense feelings for you that I thought I would explode. I prayed against hope that you would feel the same way about me. I've never felt that way before, and I am so glad I can make love with you and please you. This was my very first time giving someone a blowjob. I've never had sex before with anyone, you are my first Dylan." He admitted to me.

"Never with anyone," I looked over at him shocked. Hell, this boy could have any girl, not to mention probably any boy, at the drop of a hat, and he's never had sex with anyone before.

"No, I've always been afraid to admit I might be gay, and I've never found anyone I can share my feelings with, I love you so much Dylan," he sighed as he snuggled up to me.

Holding him close to me I felt sapped of my strength, but I felt I owed it to him to make him feel as good as he had made me feel. I started to lean in on him and kissed him gently, but he just shook his head.

"No Dylan, you've had a tough day, I can wait until later. I'm happy to just make you feel good for now. Besides our play earlier was so fantastic, and that is good enough for now." He stated as he just lay snuggled up to me and sighed happily.

Teardrops flowed from me and dribbled down the side of my neck. I knew he was the one for me, my soul mate. He was more excited about pleasing me than he was of himself. I was flattered and confused all in one. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would fall for a boy, but damn he was like one of those Greek godlike statue. He was a perfect boy, and I loved him from head to toe, and I thanked god that he sent me my one and only true love. I know it sounds corny, but I really was in love.

We drifted off to sleep curled up in one another's arms, and I felt so at peace and content for the first time in a long while. Everything was perfect in my life. It may not always be this way, but I knew with Akiva in my life I would overcome any obstacle. My dreams were such a joy as they involved the love of my life, and when I shifted in my sleep I automatically reached over for and snuggled back up to the blonde sleek boy.

It was still the middle of the night when I woke up to some whimpering noise. I looked over and noticed Darren shivering on the other side of the bed. Akiva was still wrapped up around me so I gently got us untangled, crawled over my love, and reached out to Darren. Tugging on his arm he finally rolled towards me as he whimpered again in his nightmare. I shook him lightly, and he slowly opened his eye with a little groan and whimper.

He recognized me and I pulled him into me as he sighed in relief. "Bad dream again?" I asked him.

He nodded his head, "is it alright if I cuddle with you?" He asked me.

Turning him around so his back was turned to me I spooned up behind him and wrapped my arm around him. I stroked his stomach then dove down to his penis and just cupped him in my hand. This wasn't sexual, but more a way of showing my love and that he was safe with me. I wrapped him tightly, and held his little boyhood protectively in my hands as I gently gave his package a squeeze. His penis twitched, but then settled down as he realized this wasn't about sex. I heard him sigh and then he was out with me not far behind.

When I woke up again it was early in the morning and everyone was still fast asleep. Darren was still in my arms so I unwrapped myself, and then turned over to face my love. The blonde haired boy lay on his back with the blankets barely covering his naked crotch. He was so beautifully perfect, and my penis jerked awake as it inflated and stiffened.

Gentle so as not to wake him I reached out and slowly removed the blanket off of him, and got my first clear close up look at his perfectly shaped penis. With his pucker of foreskin he measured in at what I had surmised earlier two and a half inches, only two and a quarter inch if his skin was peeled back. My fingers picked up his flaccid penis and using my thumb and pointing finger I eased his pucker of a skin over his glans. I gasped as his little acorn slowly poked out from under his hood. It looked all slicked up and had a deep pink purplish coloration appearance.

Releasing his pole I reached down and cupped his smooth sagging boy pouch. They had been all cozy and warm under the covers so sagged even further with his walnut sized testicles hanging down low in his sack. I hefted them in the palm of my hand pleased with their weight. I smiled watching his penis slowly inflate with each beat of his heart. His foreskin was still slipped back over the head of his penis where I had pulled it past the ridge of his acorn, and was starting to stretch tightly against his thickening shaft.

My fist wrapped around his now three inch long stiffness, and I slowly pumped it up and down watching in fascination as I skinned his little acorn as it appeared and disappeared beneath its hood. I giggled as the purplish colored acorn slithered in and out from hiding. Akiva moaned in his sleep as I stimulated him further. Then I slowed down and carefully shoved his legs apart and squeezed in between them so I could get better access to his pride and joy.

Licking my finger I opened up my mouth and slid his cock inside taking all of him in one gulp. His hips tried to move away from the feeling of something wet and warm on his shaft before settling down and enjoying the feeling. Akiva moaned again enjoying the sensation as my wet finger reached in between his butt crack searching for his pucker hole. He sighed and shifted in his sleep giving me more access to his rosebud.

My head started bobbing up and down and I felt his penis start to inflate a little more and realized he was close now. He was breathing heavily now and then I felt his hands on my head as his fingers twirled around my long hair. I looked up continuing to slurp on his pole, and was rewarded with the sweet visage of powdery blue eyes gazing lovingly down at me with a beautiful smile gleaming at me.

Akiva slowly started to hump his hips and he shoved his hardened erection in my mouth. "Oh Dylan, uumph…I love you so much," he moaned delightedly and increased his tempo.

He gasped as my fingers penetrated his virginal boy pussy, and he immediately relaxed so that I could start finger fucking his ass. The boy shivered in my arms as I continued to bob up and down and insert my finger deep inside of him. He was almost there, but I didn't want him to pop his cork yet so I released his shaft and it popped out of my mouth.

He whimpered and looked down in protest, but gasped again as my tongue slithered along the line on the under side of his shaft and lapped around his testicles. I sucked his ball sack into my mouth and twirled my tongue around his two testicles as he writhed in pleasure. I didn't just want to blow him I wanted his first experience to be extra special.

Sure he had an orgasm while he humped my stomach yesterday, but this was his first true experience, and I wanted it to be something he remembered fondly over the years. He was moaning silently and wrapped his fingers tightly around my long locks. I loved how his fingers felt in my hair.

Finishing with his balls I released them and ran my tongue down his perineum following it down to his rosebud. He whimpered again when I removed my finger and I gently lifted up his legs over my shoulders and dove down with my lips kissing up against the ring of his opening. His musky boy scent was strong now, and I shivered enjoying his aroma. Akiva shuddered ecstatically, and then grunted when my tongue ringed him before plunging inside of his warm opening. I suckled a little while longer before reinserting first one finger, and then a second one as I opened him up some more and shoved them deep inside until I bumped his prostrate. He nearly yelped in surprise as I started vigorously pumping on his boy pussy feverishly.

He squirmed in delight and I reached over and skinned him exposing his deep pink purplish acorn. He was all slicked up with pre-cum as it dribbled out the end of his pee slit. I gathered up his balls into my mouth and slurped up his penis at the same time filling up my entire cavity. I was really giving him a work out and he was writhing and breathing hoarsely now. I glance over real quick to make sure the other boys were still asleep before I brought him over the brink, and then looked up towards my love. His eyes were fluttering, and he was sweating profusely from the workout.

Releasing his balls my tongue worked on the underside of his shaft as I started bobbing my head up and down along the length of his pole. I shifted the angle on my tongue and ran it under his tightly stretched hood and around his corona ridge. He reacted and grunted as more pre-cum leaked into my mouth. It tasted so deliciously sweet, and now I couldn't wait until he deposited his seed into my awaiting gullet.

Working seriously now I wasn't going to stop and would bring him over the top. My mouth slurped along his length while my two fingers pounded against his boy pussy. Flicking my tongue along his meatus or pee slit it finally proved too much as I jammed my finger hard against his prostrate and he gripped my head as he shoved his penis as far up my mouth as he could. His butt clamped around my fingers holding them in place as his entire body became rigid. I felt his penis twitching wildly in my mouth, and then thicken even more. Oh fuck did it ever get thick, probably about another half as thick again as his regular erection. I couldn't believe how fat his penis felt now in my mouth as it expanded and convulsed furiously.

The sweet boy moaned loudly now as the biggest orgasm of his life shook him to the core. Warmth spread across his body deep down to his foundation and his toes curled back almost painfully.

"Oh fuck…here it comes, aaargh, umph, umph, umph, oh shiiiii…" He bucked wildly as he grunted and slammed up against me. The whole bed shook wildly.

Akiva could feel his shaft thickening incredibly large inside Dylan's mouth then felt his seed exploding outwards as he moaned followed by several more blasts of clear young liquid substance gushing outward.

I swallowed it all as his penis twitched wildly in my mouth and true to my expectations it was the best tasting thing I've ever enjoyed. I couldn't believe how truly delectably perfect he really was, and how wonderful his writhing rigid snake felt inside of my mouth as it spit at me. Feeling him enlarge inside my mouth was incredible and so damn sexy.

It made me wonder how it would feel inside of me. I knew that soon I would give myself completely over to him and feel his rigidness inside of me filling my insides with his boy essence. I actually couldn't wait for that to happen. The thought of loosing my boy virginity to him was appealing.

My mouth continued to slurp on his now tender tool, but unlike me he didn't have any more to give and he winced in pain so I released his now spent tube. It plopped out of my mouth and it looked slicked up and raw as his flaccidness jerked around a bit before settling down. I worked my way up to him and lay next to his sweaty torso as he continued to breathe heavily.

Leaning in towards him my mouth connected to his and I kissed him gently. His tongue reached out inside of mine and twirled around getting a taste of his own cum. I released his mouth as he continued to gasp.

"You are so fucking tasty Akiva," I told him sensually, "and I just love how you feel to me. You are so delightfully perfect in every way. I can't get enough of you my love."

He smiled back at me as he gently reached out for me. "Oh Dylan that was so wonderful, I had no idea how it can truly feel. I love you so much that was the best feeling I've ever had my love." He whispered as tears flowed down his cheeks.

"Akiva?" I inquired.

He looked at me so I continued. "I love you so much and I hope that maybe, um not now, but maybe soon you will…you know make true love to me. I want to give myself completely to you, and I want to loose my virginity to you. I never in my wildest dream would have ever thought I would be asking a boy this, but I love you so much."

He looked a little confused before all of a sudden he realized what I was asking, and he just hugged me so tight. "Oh Dylan, yes-yes-yes, I would be honored and want to loose my virginity to you also so maybe we can give ourselves over to each other and make it something special and tender." He replied as he cried with such happiness.

We lay that way for a while and then looked over to the other two boys and giggled. "I guess they can't handle having so much sex," I whispered as I got up out of bed.

My bladder was complaining and I needed a shower. I helped Akiva out of bed and noticed he was sporting a semi-woody himself. I wrapped my arm around him and breathed him in savoring his aroma, a bit of muskiness and something distinctively him. He returned my embrace and then we kissed passionately before making our way around the bed.

David was lying on his side as I gently shook him awake. He looked over at me and then noticed my erection. "Wow, you are so big and you've got some hairs," David giggled as he reached out and touched me.

"Enough already David you will make me shoot my load," I told him as he looked back at me starting to ask me a question about what I meant by shooting my load before his gaze fell on Akiva's strange looking penis.

"Why does yours look so different?" David asked Akiva who just smiled and stepped over to the boy so he could get a closer look while I woke up Darren.

"Hey sleepy head," I whispered as I leaned over David to give Darren a kiss on his forehead.

The boy opened his eyes and smiled at me. He looked over to David who was fondling Akiva and he giggled noting that the Norwegian blonde haired boy was uncut, and a curious David was getting a good look. He snuggled up against the smaller boy so he could get a closer look at my love interest as well. I could tell Darren was enjoying what he was seeing, and he licked his lips in wonderment at the god like statue standing in front of him.

Akiva finally smacked David's hand away and slowly skinned himself. David exclaimed in surprise as he reached out. Akiva scooted backwards and looked reproachful at the younger boy.

"You should learn to ask first David," Akiva chided gently, not mad at the boy or anything. "I just wanted to show you that mine is really the same as yours."

"Yes, but why does it look different?" The boy asked as he reached out trying to touch Akiva's foreskin not able to control his impulse.

Akiva backed up chuckling, and I couldn't help but giggle as well. "It's because when you were a baby your skin was cut away. In this country many people have their baby boys circumcised, that's what it is called David, where in my country most of the boy's aren't and look like me." The blonde boy explained.

"Oh, but why are we circumcised?" He asked my lover trying to reach out again this time Darren holding his arm back and I could tell if we didn't wrap things up we'd be here for a while and my bladder couldn't handle it.

I answered this time, "it's done supposedly for hygiene purposes and in a way it is a good thing, and in another way it isn't necessarily good or needed because if boys are taught how to clean themselves then it doesn't become an issue." I held my hand up as David had more question and I looked towards Darren.

"Now Darren you need to help your boyfriend out here because he keeps trying to grab on to poor Akiva. I suggest you give our little Davie here a proper blow job to settle him down and start his day proper like." I teased Darren who just blushed and looked towards Akiva.

Darren looked down a bit ashamed and David sort of got real shy. The younger boy looked mortified and pulled the covers closer around his body trying to cover himself up. Although between getting all sexed up by me when he took a bath yesterday, and obviously messing around with Darren last night, he still seemed a bit shy about his body. As for Darren he just seemed mortified about it coming out while Akiva was standing there.

"Oh come on Darren the two of you were making so much noise sexing each other up that he heard everything and already knows." I chuckled as I indicated Akiva.

"No we weren't…I mean…uh you're not mad or anything?" He looked at Akiva and then towards me ashamed of what he had done last night.

"Hey, if both you and David are fine with experimenting around it doesn't matter to me, but remember you both have to agree. And Darren remember he is still really young so may not necessarily understand everything so just be careful and you both treat each other right." Akiva looked over to Darren and then kissed him on the cheek letting him know that he still loved his friend and supported him.

Darren seemed relieved and thanked Akiva for understanding. He smiled up at the boy and couldn't help himself as he gave the boy a good grope and giggled uncontrollably.

"Shit," Akiva yelped jerking back and giggling, then looking at David said, "Maybe you better give your boyfriend a good blowjob as well. The two of you are hornier than a jackrabbit in heat," he stated.

This time David seemed to blush a bit, and I could tell he was wondering what we were talking about. Of course I gave him a quick blowjob yesterday, but he didn't know what all of this really meant. I made a note that someone would have to explain some things to him. Sure it's kind of backwards now since he's doing some of these things, but still it is better he understands exactly what is happening to him. All of this ran through my mind in a flash as I kept up with the ribbing going on around us.

I laughed and told them whatever they were going to do they had about ten minutes because Akiva and I were hopping in the shower to get cleaned up. Following my sexy boy inside the bathroom we both stepped up to the toilet, relieved ourselves, and jumped into the shower. Akiva cleaned me up properly making sure his mouth licked my balls and dick spotless making me cum all in his mouth. I thanked him for getting me started the right way, and we got ourselves dried up.

We entered back into our room butt naked and froze at the scene in front of us. Darren's hips were bucking up in the air his two and a half inch erection halfway shoved inside of David's cute adorable little mouth. We heard Darren grunt out "Here it comes," as he grabbed the back of David's head and shoved the rest of his shaft deep inside of the boy's mouth, and started to writhe as he unloaded his clear soupy boy batter.

David was kneeling and leaning on his elbows with his butt sticking up in the air and the sheets barely covering him up. From our angle we could just see his two inch erection stuck outwards while his little boy pouch swayed a little between his legs. His eyes got big and he gagged as he spit out Darren's penis along with what had spilled into his mouth. He was rewarded with another tiny blast of soupy clear liquid splashing against his nose and face as he jerked backwards watching his friend writhe around on the mattress with his penis spitting out a few more small drops of the clear sauce.

Darren finally calmed down and gasped for air. "You should have warned me that you were going to pee on me," David protested as he coughed.

Akiva stepped next to the smaller boy and started to help him get cleaned up. David realized he was half exposed and yelped covering himself up some more.

Akiva just smiled at the younger boy's shyness. "He did warn you David and he didn't pee on you. He had an orgasm and when older boys have orgasms they squirt out their baby making fluid." He tried to explain to the young boy as he wiped some of it off the boy's face and then stuck it in his mouth.

The younger boy looked at Akiva and then put his own hand to his face scooping it off and then tentatively stuck it in his mouth. He at first crinkled his nose as he swirled his tongue around the substance. He looked over to Akiva and smiled before plunging his mouth down around Darren's penis to lap up the rest of the substance. His friend yelped because he was still tender and David immediately removed his mouth and started licking him up everywhere else.

Akiva and I busted out laughing at the sight. "I think we've created a couple of monsters, albeit one shy one," I teased as Akiva agreed. "Come on boys get up and hop in the shower. Make sure you guys wash up good. We'll get things cleaned up in here and in the future please try not to make so much of a mess."

David rummaged around under the covers, pulled on his shorts, and then bounced off the bed running over to me giving me a hug. His stiff penis tenting out his shorts bumped up against my leg and I looked down and chuckled. "Darren I thought I told you to give David a blowjob," I scolded him teasingly.

Darren looked over as he groaned trying to get up. "I did," he responded.

"Well, David's your responsibility so it looks like you might have to do it several times before he is satisfied. After all he is your boyfriend so it's up to you to satisfy his needs." I laughed.

Darren smiled at me gleefully, "your order is my command; let's go David so I can take care of that little problem of yours." He teased his little love interest.

"Hey…," David complained. "It's not little," he complained sneaking a glance in Akiva's direction. "I'm just younger. It will get bigger too, isn't that right Dylan?" He asked me.

"Yup, and it wouldn't surprise me if you have a bigger one than Darren over here," I smiled and winked at older lover boy who just chuckled at David's sensitivity.

"Oh come on David you know I didn't mean anything by it, besides you know how much I love your little Dinky." He teased the boy tenderly. The two of them giggled and disappeared into the restroom so that Darren could give David's little Dinky another fabulous workout.

"Damn that little David is a horny little fuck." I giggled towards Akiva who just nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, how can someone so horny be so damn shy?" He responded.

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