Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 18: The Big Reveal

By the time we got home dad was already waiting for us. Zak went bouncing up to him leaping into his arms while I smiled enjoying watching how the smaller boy got along so well with my dad. I was actually happy to see the two of them interacting so well together without some of the issues my father and I had with one another. He glanced towards me a bit apprehensively, but I smiled trying to let him know I was cool with it. Once the smaller boy untangled himself from my dad I also leaned in giving him a quick hug surprising him for a moment before he embraced me back.

"Hi Uncle Jim." Jamie stated stepping up to my dad giving him a warm hug, which truly amazed him because he's known about the smaller boy for years, and to him this was a completely different child.

In many ways I suppose this was true, but I watched my dad recover quickly from the shock, and truly gave Jamie a big hug in return. "Oh Jamie I'm so happy for you. I…I never thought…oh my god…I just don't know what to say…but you do look good and are a sight for sore eyes." My dad whispered shaking his head wiping away the wetness from the side of his face surprising me at how emotional he was about it all.

"I know Uncle Jim, but if it wouldn't have been for Sam this would never have happened. It wasn't only how he treated me, but also for being so persistent with Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet about the whole diet and vitamin regimen along with some of the other therapy programs. It's really got the specialists kind of stumped. He also helped design the database program that kept close tabs on my progress which the doctors are now looking over as well trying to gain some insight into the situation. They actually say the database is like a goldmine of information because no one else has kept such close records with someone who they classify as 'Recovered,' you know their way of saying cured without actually saying it." Jamie giggled leaning up against me and putting his arm around my shoulder affectionately.

After that I introduced Paavo to my dad as well. Even though the Estonian boy was a regular fixture in my life back at home my dad's never met him before. I apologized to him about not being able to formally introduce him to Austin and Jake even though they had sort of met when I was sick, but promised him next time I'll have them over as well. I explained how they had a lot of chores to do after our little excursion at the lake.

My dad promptly asked about my chores, and I rolled my eyes at him with Uncle Walt speaking up right away saying I do more than my share of work around there. He even gushed telling my dad how most kids my age are lazy and wouldn't even put in half the amount of time or effort I do around the orchard. He also pointed out Jamie and I had two guests to look after so this was our priority for the moment. After being properly rebuked in a good way my dad actually chuckled holding up his hands conceding the matter; especially, since I was doing him a favor by looking after Zak.

We all gathered around on the porch out front of the house to chat and catch up with Aunt Harriet getting out some snacks and our choice of cool lemonade or iced tea. It appeared like Zak's mom wouldn't be coming home for at least another week or two if not another month maybe longer, which meant a good chunk of summer for the smaller boy. With this in mind, the Weilers offered to watch over him for as long as needed with Zak begging to stay. My dad chuckled, but said he'd ask his mom if it would be alright. As for my mom she had to stay in the hospital for another couple of days before she could go home as well. After that the hospital would have to monitor her closely making sure she took her rounds of antibiotics for at least thirty days. It was early afternoon and getting hot outside, but in the shade of the porch and surrounding trees it was actually cooler as we sat around enjoying the lazy afternoon.

At some point I finally managed to get my dad to go for a walk with me and we found a nice spot under the shade of some apple trees. It was actually a nice resting spot of sorts with some benches surrounding a fire pit. It was a little bit away from the house, and where Aunt Harriet and Uncle Walt would come out at night sometimes to roast marshmallows and enjoy the evening.

"So what's on your mind?" My dad asked sensing I wanted to talk to him about something important.

It wasn't easy, but I began to tell him how I felt about staying out here. I was honest with him explaining how I planed on going to school out here because I felt comfortable here. I told him I had already talked to mom about it, and how she was actually thinking about moving back into the old house which had belonged to her parents out here at the orchard. Uncle Walt had mentioned with her education she could probably get a job at the court house or at the school. He had talked to Judge Williamson who said he had some positions available for mom if she wanted. Of course this news was a shock to my dad, but instead of getting upset he sighed in silent reflection for a moment or two.

"What about your mom's treatments…you know with the cancer and all?" He asked seriously.

"Mom says the treatments are pretty much done, and she only has to go in every so often to get checked in order to make sure it hasn't come back. Any medications and things she can get at the hospital in the main city at Council Bluffs about thirty minutes away." I explained with my dad nodding pretty much expecting my answer.

"Well Sam truth be told I'd be a little upset if you guys moved so far away." He began holding up his hand when he saw I was about to protest. "I'm not saying you two can't move back here…heck…that house and orchard rightly belongs to you and your mom anyway. It's in your blood I suppose, so it doesn't surprise me how you've grown and blossomed over here, and it sounds like this is where you want to be." He paused looking around at the trees that were all in bloom with some of them already bearing fruit.

Turning his head back towards me he got a little serious. "I'm the one who's been trying to get away from this life. I never cared much for it, but do understand how for some this is what they prefer. If it weren't for me I'm sure your mom would have come back years ago. So if your mom seems to think it will work then I won't hold you guys back. I really will miss you though Sam. I mean…I was hoping we'd get to spend more time together since things seem to be better between the two of us." He pointed out while I nodded my head in thought.

"I know dad, but have you thought about maybe moving out here too. I mean there's that nice house on the other side of mom's property where you could stay with Zak and his mom. It's way nicer than the apartment you are staying in. It's even nicer than the house me and mom are staying in at Des Moines." I stated before cringing because it hadn't come out the right way so I had to back peddle a little. "Um…I mean the house in Des Moines is a good home dad, but it…well…things are just different out here. Also, the other house at the orchard is totally free, well other than fixing it up and stuff. We could sell the house in Des Moines and use the money to fix up the main house and the smaller one for you, Sylvia, and Zak." I told him having discussed this with Uncle Walt who seemed to think it might be a good solution all the way around.

"Geeze Sam it isn't that easy you know. I mean what about my job at the university. Then there's Sylvia to consider as well. I don't mean this in a bad way Sam, but farm work and looking after orchards is not what I want to do in life." He offered up.

"You don't have to work the orchard. I mean…Uncle Walt says the community college in Council Bluffs is looking for someone to become the head one of their departments. He knows some of the board members and they seem to think you'd be able to fill the job. I know it's a longer drive than back home in Des Moines, but not really all that far being only like twenty five or thirty minutes away. All you'd have to do is get on Highway ninety two going east and it dumps you right into the city. I know it isn't as big as your university, but Uncle Walt seems to think you'd probably make more money; especially, if you get the position as head of the department he's thinking about." I state sincerely with him smiling and shaking his head.

"Sam," he began but noticing my look he paused for a few moments. "Sam…I'm not sure if this would work out or not. I tell you what I'll do…I will have a chat with Sylvia about it and also your mother. I'm not sure your mom or Sylvia would go for it, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to discuss it. It's a big sacrifice Sam." He seemed to compromise.

It was fair enough I suppose so I let it drop for now. He seemed to think it would be a sacrifice, but in my opinion he had a lot more to gain. He'd get rid of some of the debt regarding the house in Des Moines, and he'd also be saving money because there'd be no rent. The property was all paid for so he'd only be responsible for property tax which was taken care of anyway by the money mom made off the orchard. The only money involved would be for fixing up the property and then the utilities. Both houses were still in good repair overall, so even that wouldn't amount to much.

We both became silent in our own thoughts when I sighed knowing it was finally time. "Dad, I need to talk to you about something else." I started with my dad focusing his attention back to me looking a bit worried now because of my serious expression.

"Sam…I promise…whatever it is I won't yell at you." He assured me while I nodded.

"Promise…because I'm really tired of us always arguing dad. I think being out here has taught me it simply isn't worth it." I whispered looking down with tears welling up in my eyes because I was so tired of us constantly being at each other's throat.

It got quiet again and then I felt something strange as my dad wrapped his arm around my shoulder pulling me into his warm embrace. "I know I'm tired of us always arguing too. I promise I won't yell, but you are starting to worry me." He whispered softly while I leaned into him for support while also bracing myself.

"I think I'm gay." I whispered softly feeling him tense up for a moment before he relaxed again with it once more getting so quiet I could hear some of the birds flittering around in the branches of the apple trees.

"H…how…um…are you sure…I mean how do you know?" He asked me. "I mean you are still so young, and you really won't know until you…um…" He paused gently releasing me and lifting up my chin until I was looking at him. "Are you…um…are you sexually active?" He asked me biting his lower lip while I did the same because this was so awkward.

Looking away I nodded my head while I blushed having to admit something so private to my dad. "But who…I mean…surely not Jamie?" My dad asked shaking his head. "That would be…well…it would be kind of inappropriate." He offered up gazing at me and then inhaling deeply. "Oh Sam…no…please tell me it isn't Jamie. I mean how could you do something like this with someone who until recently couldn't protect himself in that way. I mean to have taken advantage of Jamie when he was so vulnerable." He admonished looking very disappointed in me, but remaining calm like he had promised.

"What…no dad…it wasn't like that. I…I never touched him when he was…you know. How could you even think I'd do something like that to someone who is so innocent and defenseless? Besides, it isn't like I was all that experienced either. I mean…you know how I was just a few months back. Hell no one's even seen me naked since I was like seven years old, except for that creepy doctor at the beginning of the school year, and I was embarrassed about anyone else seeing me naked, so it's not like I was going around…um…you know." I admitted to him my cheeks burning.

"But Sam I'm still confused, why Jamie?" He invited while I shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know dad. All I know is that I've been in love with him for a while now, and from what he tells me he's felt the same way too even when he was…you know…in his own world. I can't explain it dad, but he tells me he's been in love with me, and all I know is that I love him too." I tried to explain to him while he winced every time I used the 'love' word.

He was upset and I could tell he didn't like the idea of me being gay, but he kept his word and didn't yell. We spent a fair amount of time talking together with him wanting to know more about my sexual activity which I refused to divulge. It was bad enough he knew I was intimate with Jamie without me revealing more. I could tell it upset him how I wasn't willing to let him in on more details in this regard, but I told him this was a private issue between me and Jamie. When he pressed further I told him Jamie and I were being careful since things are so new for the both of us. Then he began to worry about how we were going to break the news to the Weilers. When I told him they already pretty much knew I could see a blood vessel about to burst in the side of his neck.

"Why didn't they tell me?" He asked while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Probably because they knew I'd talk to you about it for myself." I replied.

"No…it's not right Sam…they should have said something." He insisted, getting upset.

"NO!" I snapped back catching him by surprise with me taking a deep breath and shaking my head calming back down. "No dad," I added more softly. "This is something private involving me and Jamie. It isn't easy coming out to people we know and love telling them we are gay. This is a decision belonging to me and me alone in regards to who I tell as well to who Jamie confides in. I am trusting you with this extremely private information, and I hope you won't break my trust. Dad, the Weilers are down to earth people who have never broken my confidence. It's that simple."

"What about your mother?" He offered up with me nodding my head.

"When I get the chance I'll talk to her too, but I think she already suspects." I admitted to him seeing the shocked look on his face. "Oh come on dad, mom knows me sometimes more than I know myself. We talk all the time, and she's sort of laid down hints for me and all. I just wasn't ready because evidently she already knew what took me a long time to learn on my own." I sighed shaking my head.

"Geeze Sam for real…I don't think I know you anymore at all." My dad admitted seeing the hurt look on my face. "I don't mean it in the way it sounds Sam…it's just…well it is hard you know…because I love you so much. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this, but you have to know I do love you. I guess in the end that's all what matters." He sighed hesitating a moment before reaching out and hugging me to him.

That simple gesture meant more to me than he could ever imagine. Coming out to my dad was a difficult thing for him to accept, but the simple gesture of showing his affection towards me spoke volumes about how our relationship has evolved. Whether or not he accepted me being gay was something he would have to deal with, but at least I knew that no matter what he still loved me despite it all.

After talking with my dad I got up leaving him alone to his thoughts and headed back to the house. Pausing for a moment I sighed heading for the barn and climbing up into the loft to think as well noticing it was a bit warm up there. Pulling off my shirt I tossed it to the side before opening up the big wooden panels feeling a cool breeze flow over my naked skin immediately cooling off the entire place.

Taking a seat I was deep in thought when I felt another presence sitting down behind me and pressing up against my body. I immediately recognized it being Paavo as he slowly began to run his hands all over my body. I felt myself respond to his gentle touch allowing him to take the lead as we slowly undressed and began to pleasure one another with me slowly slurping up his sexy foreskin covered erection. I played his skin flute masterfully feeling him cresting with moments, his small grunts of pleasure making me happy that I could please someone so special in this fashion. In some ways I felt guilty about being able to be intimate with two different boys, but Paavo and Jamie seemed to have accepted the situation even encouraging it. Still it was something I thought would need to be addressed at some point because it basically wasn't fair to the two boys I was in love with at the same time.

I was laying on my back now with my legs spread apart while the sexy blue eyed boy's body was on top of mine his lips suckling along my left nipple. A cool breeze suddenly came through the open window rippling across my warm body making me shiver excitedly. The coolness of the light feathery draft brushing along my skin coupled with the intense feeling of a warm dampness tickling along my left nipple was overpowering, almost forcing me over the edge. Even Paavo's warm body pressed up against mine made me feel so hot and bothered making my penis twitch around excitedly. I knew it was only a matter of time now before the sexy Estonian boy slurped up my four inch erection into his mouth allowing his tongue to find all my sensitive spots until I finally succumbed to my animalistic instincts that we've all done since the advent of man.

My fingers were curled in Paavo's hair guiding him downwards, closer to my erotic pleasure zone, my hard four inch erection twitching wildly. I could even feel a damp slickness sliding down the length of my shaft, the erotic sensations of Paavo's tongue forcing pre-cum to seep out of my tube for the first time ever. My body was trembling expectantly when suddenly I heard the barn door groaning loudly as it opened up. We both froze holding completely still panicking and not knowing what to do as we listened to the shuffling noises below like someone looking around for something. After a few tense moments with Paavo silently easing his body up next to mine, his breath tickling my neck, we heard the door closing back up with whoever it was moving away.

I was about to whisper something when I heard my father's voice in the direction of the house. "Wait Zak…there you are. What were you doing in the barn?" I heard my dad questioning with me realizing it had been the smaller boy who had entered into the barn.

"Nothing…I was looking for Sam to see if we could go back down to the lake for a little while. Jamie thought he might be in the barn for some reason, but he wasn't." The boy responded.

"Oh I see…um…listen Zak…," My dad began pausing for a few moments like he was thinking on something. "I…uh…I need to ask you something, and it's very important you answer me truthfully." My dad paused again with me beginning to panic because this didn't sound good; especially, in light of what I had just told him earlier.

"Uh…sure." Zak replied innocently, but I also detected some worry in the tone of his usually cheerful voice.

"Well…it's about Sam. Has he ever…you know touched you?" My dad asked in such a cold matter of fact manner it made me shiver as tears welled up in my eyes that he would even ask something like this indicating he really didn't trust me.

Paavo reached over sympathetically pushing his face up against mine and whispering. "Don't let this get to you Sam, he's just being stupid." He offered up sadly his hand running up and down my naked back while my body shuddered with a silent sob escaping my lips because my own father would think I'd take advantage of an innocent eight year old boy in a sexual way.

"Sure…lots of times." Zak answered innocently in a way I knew he didn't really understand what my dad was asking or the impact his answer could have.

"What!" my dad gasped in surprise.

His response must have frightened Zak because the pitch of his voice increased while also quivering nervously. "I…I don't understand what's so wrong with Sam hugging me and stuff." I heard him counter his voice shaking with him obviously trying not to cry. "Why are you being so mean? I love Sam, and he's never hurt me. If anything he really cares about me. I've always wanted a big brother to protect me, and he's been so nice to me, even when I screw things up. I don't understand why you are being such a…such a…butt." He managed to get out making me cringe at how upset he was becoming using such a term in an eight year old boy's attempt of using profanity.

"Zak…that's not what I meant. I'm glad you and Sam are getting along, but has he ever touched you…um…down there…you know your privates?" My dad asked in a more calming way, but his words still cut through me simply because of the distrust.

"What…I mean…um…sort of…," the smaller boy replied anxiously. "You know like when we took a bath after I got all muddy and stuff. He washed all the mud out of my hair and then soaped me up cleaning me off. I…I don't understand what we did wrong?" Zak replied being honest, but completely confused now.

"Zak…," my dad's voice shook sadly with him attempting to try explaining. "Sam shouldn't have touched you down there. It's wrong for him to touch you in a way that makes you feel…um…it's just wrong because he's much older and shouldn't touch you in that sort of intimate way." He tried to explain with me feeling bad now for Zak because he really didn't understand what my dad really meant.

"What…you mean like sex…um…no…he never…uh…he never touched me like that. It's not his fault…I'm the one who messed up again because I'm the one who asked him about it." Zak started to panic as what my dad was saying sort of began to sink in with him now sniffling with little sobs escaping his lips.

"I'm the one who asked him about sex, but he told me I'm too young to even think about that sort of thing. He said I shouldn't even worry about it until I was older. How can you even think Sam would do such a thing to me? He wouldn't ever hurt me, and I don't understand why you don't trust him? No wonder why he hates you sometimes. At least he learns from his mistakes, but you are always wrong about him. Every time you yell at him and blame him for things you always find out later you were wrong. You're such a…a…butt…," Zak managed to get out in between big sobs adding, "…and wrong again.

"Zak wait…it's not like that. It's just your mom would want to know. I'm just worried about you." My dad countered.

"No…let me go. Mom would never accuse Sam of something like that. Just leave me alone." I heard Zak demand.

"Zak…," I heard my dad's sad voice talking soothingly trying to calm the younger boy down while my own tears flowed down my cheeks at such a betrayal from my own father making me wonder how I could have fallen back into that trap. He'll never change I thought to myself with me sobbing silently in Paavo's warm tender embrace. "Oh Zak, that's not how I meant it." My dad stated softly to the younger boy. "Of course I trust Sam, but I have to be able to assure your mother that Sam didn't do anything improper. I don't think you understand what's going on with Sam." My dad tried to explain.

"No…you're wrong. Sam would never hurt me or anyone. He's the bestest kindest person in the whole world. Besides, mom would never accuse Sam of something so awful. I don't care if he likes other boys…who cares…it's not like he's doing anything wrong. You're just a big meanie…and…and…a big jerk. You never listen to anyone. You don't deserve him. Just let me go…I don't want to look at you anymore." Zak begged his sobs coming in quick successions now. "Please…just let me go…I…I need to go…away from you because I…I…don't like you right now." Zak retorted surprising me at how forceful he could be, but in a different way than I tended to approach thing.

The smaller boy was calm about it without resorting to yelling or screaming. He simply told my dad he didn't like him right now in such a small serious tone that it cut even deeper than if he had yelled and screamed it out at the top of his lungs. Maybe it seemed to cut through a person sharply because it was done in a rational way indicating the seriousness of the matter. When words were said in anger it came out in an emotional outburst and in the heat of the moment making you realize the person may not have meant it. With the way Zak went about it there was no mistaking how right now he really didn't like my father, and it cut my dad deeper than perhaps all of my previous outburst.

"Zak don't be like this. You know I care about you…very deeply. I love both you and your mom…but I have to look out for you while she's gone." He pointed out.

"No…what you are doing is a hateful mean thing. I don't like you and I need you to let me go before things get even worse. I love Sam, and I won't allow you to twist and turn things. Mom understands these things, but you don't…you never do. There's a difference with how Sam treats me, and what you accuse him of, and that's wrong." I heard the boy state in a way which seemed so beyond his years.

It got really quiet after that with several minutes ticking away while I sobbed silently in Paavo's arms. The younger Estonian boy didn't say a word merely holding and kissing me tenderly. My body slowly responded as I returned his kiss passionately. A need surged inside of me as I slowly guided him downwards. Rolling on to my back I spread apart my legs once more feeling the slickness sliding down the length of my shaft. I was so horny with my raw emotions exposed making things even more intense as I quivered lustfully guiding Paavo's lips on to my slicked up scorching hot fleshy boy muscle. His soft warm lips wrapping around the tip of my knob sent an electrical stinging sensation along the length of my spike. My hips hitched upwards while I pressed his head towards my pubic mound gently with him immediately responding sensing my urgent need.

Instead of taking his time he immediately got down to business his lips sliding up and down my oozing shaft while running his tongue along the ridge of my glans immediately sending me over the edge with my testicles squirming around in their soft fleshy container. I could feel my meager amount of cum force it's way through the small little tube somewhere deep beneath the surface of my fleshy spike before finally escaping through the end of the tunnel. I instinctively knew it wasn't a huge amount, but the simple act of being able to expel something made the experience even more sensual as my body squirmed around in Paavo's arms while my orgasm detonated deep down inside of me.

"Uuuumph, uuuumph, aaaaaahhhhhh, uuumph." I moaned ever so softly, and despite the intensity of my euphoria the tenderness coming from Paavo seemed to mute my response in a soft and gentle way.

For some reason it made the experience even more special and exceptional because Paavo had pleasured me in such a gentle way. He seemed to sense my need for the compassionate approach leaving behind the sex for sex purposes shifting his focus on pleasuring me in a kind and loving way. My mind began to slowly shut down as I closed my eyes feeling the warmth of Paavo's presence curling up next to me tossing the blanket over our naked bodies. The tension flowed out of me while I let my mind wander enjoying the intimate contact of the sweet boy cuddled up against my body protectively.

The emotional drain I was experiencing must have finally caught up to me because I had dozed off finally coming awake with a start when I felt someone shaking my shoulders. Opening up my eyes I noticed Paavo was no longer cuddled up next to me; instead, it was Zak who was kneeling by my side his eyes puffy and red from having been crying. Sighing I held up my blanket so the smaller boy could cuddle up next to me.

"Paavo told me where I could find you." The boy hiccupped and sniffled when he felt my arms wrap around him protectively. "I…I hope it's alright…you know…that I woke you up from your nap." He began to shake overwhelmed by his sense of being so betrayed by my dad.

"Of course Zak…I'll always be here for you no matter what." I whispered softly in his ear, my face cuddling up against the warm softness of his rosy colored cheeks.

"I…I have to tell you something Sam. It…it's so awful…but I don't know what else to do." He began to sob in my arms making my own eyes well up.

Slowly he told me about his conversation with my father. I already pretty much knew what happened, but I let him get it out of his system. He felt so ashamed about what had happened, and all I could do was hold him comfortingly while he let it all out.

"Oh Sam…I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have said anything, but I didn't understand what your dad meant until it was too late. He's such a butt." He whispered seriously almost making me laugh at his little eight year old way of cursing, but I swallowed it down knowing it wouldn't come across the right way. "I'm always messing things up." He whined once more crying in my arms.

"Stop it Zak…this isn't your fault and it isn't dad's fault either. He just wants to protect you is all, and I can't blame him for that. If he loves and cares about you half as much as I do, then he just wants to do what's best." I admitted to him surprising myself because I really did feel betrayed by my dad, but now it seemed like I kind of understood why he had done it.

He had to protect the younger boy, but on the other hand he could have gone about it a little better. It really made me wonder sometimes if he had any common sense at all. I knew he was trying, but still he just didn't get it sometimes. I suppose in some respects I was going to have to accept this fact picking and choosing the times to admonish my dad for his stupidity.

"Yes…but if I would have listened and remembered what you told me I would have been able to tell him nothing happened. Why am I always messing up like this and being so stupid. I feel really dumb because I'm always screwing the important things up so it's no wonder kids pick on me all the time." He sniffled while I leaned over kissing him on his cheeks while shaking my head.

"No Zak you have to stop blaming yourself all the time. You are only eight years old so of course you are going to mess up. I did the same thing too when I was your age, but at least you learn from them. Sometimes I still think my dad's like seven years old because he never learns anything." I chuckled feeling Zak crane his neck towards me and gazing into my eyes seeing I was serious about my comment so smiled.

"So basically he really is a butt." He countered giggling making me laugh because he just had such a great personality.

"Yeah I guess…but look at it this way…he's our butt, and there's nothing we can do about it when things get shitty." I chuckled with him gawking at me his mouth hanging open at my analogy. "Hey you better close that mouth because if the wind changes your face will stay like that and you will end up swallowing flies." I teased him seeing the boy clamp his mouth shut before chuckling.

"Well I guess your right about your dad. I suppose that's why we have toilet paper so we can clean up the mess afterwards." He quipped, this time making my mouth drop open because of how quickly he picked up on the whole one liner bantering game I tended to goof around with.

"Geeze for real Zak…you're just too damn funny." I chuckled leaning over kissing his warm cheek while we cuddled some more. "Well at least there's two of us now, and let's face it sometimes Dad gets so lost he's worse than a fart in a fan factory." I stated teasingly my bantering getting to Zak as he busted up and laughed his little fanny off squeezing out a little fluffy of his own making us both roar in laughter as I began fanning the blanket to clear the air.

It was good to hear the smaller boy finally letting his pent up anger out with his laughter rolling out from his lips in an easy kind of manner. If there's one thing I was learning about the smaller boy was that it simply wasn't in him to remain upset at anyone for long. He had such an easy going manner and was so forgiving. It was what made him such a sweet kid, and I prayed he'd never loose that part of himself as he grew up.

"Sam, why are you naked?" Zak asked curiously.

"Well according my dad so that I can ravage your sexy body." I teased leaping on to the boy lavishing kisses all over his face.

Lifting up his shirt I blew lip farts all over his chest and stomach the boy squealing and squirming around in my arms. His legs curled up to his chest trying to stave me off only providing me with another target as I shoved my face between his legs. He was wearing his light powdery blue silky C9 Champion Boys' core polyester mesh knit shorts, and I could tell he wasn't wearing any underwear. My lips puckered up and I pressed my mouth right up against his flat boy sack feeling his hard two inch erection through the fabric of his shorts rubbing up against the side of my cheek. In one large breath I blew the biggest air fart right up against his smooth pouch hearing Zak screeching in a high pitched voice unable to contain his laughter when I released him sitting up and settling my butt cheeks on top of his hard penis.

Zak's eyes glittered in between his chuckles as he reached out running his hand over my own erection which bobbed up and down. "Yeah, well I think it only works if I'm the one who's naked." The smaller boy pointed out with me smiling looking down as the curly haired tyke ran his fingers over my erection curiously. "You are so beautiful." He admitted glancing up at me blushing and smiling at his admission.

It was such a sweet comment, and him running his fingers over my nakedness was still done in a way that was a typical eight year old boy's curiosity about sex and nudity. It was an innocent kind of inquisitiveness with him now focused on that line which ran on the underside of my penis like it was the first time he's noticed this oddity.

"Thanks Zak I love you too." I giggled. "But seriously, you are just the sweetest of all, and you are a lot more beautiful than you give yourself credit for even if you have a puny dangly." I teased leaning down and giving him a quick peck on the lips and one right on the tip of his nose. "Come on, I better get dressed before dad catches me like this and has a heart attack." I chuckled getting up and slipping on my clothes noticing the smaller boy scrutinizing my body as if studying it closely.

After dressing I went out searching for my dad. I found him sitting on the bench in the small clearing under the shade of the surrounding apple trees. Pursing my lips I approached him taking a seat silently next to him. I heard him inhaling deeply feeling his eyes on me.

"Zak told you?" He asked with me nodding my head.

"Yeah…sort of." I admitted actually having heard the exchange in person. "Don't worry I talked to him, and he isn't so mad at you anymore, but still." I sighed shaking my head.

"Sam I'm sorry. I know it doesn't come across that way, but I have to think of Zak too you know. I mean after we talked I got to thinking and remembered the situation at my apartment. I mean you two were in bed naked and all. It made me uncomfortable back then, but now with you…um…you know…being gay and all." He admitted kind of shocking me while also making me sad that he'd even think that way.

"Dad! For real…I mean he's like only eight. How could you even think I'd do something like that to him?" I wondered out loud.

"Sam…," My dad huffed exasperated. "You just admitted to me that you are gay…so what do you expect me to think?" he countered while I shook my head sadly.

"Would you even think like that if I was dating and having sex with a girl about my own age?" I asked incredulously.

"Of course not Sam, but that's completely different." He tried to counter with me looking at him absolutely stunned.

"I don't know what to say about that dad." I exhaled with my chest rattling in my chest. "I'm gay dad…not some pervert who is going to hurt a little innocent boy in that kind of way so maybe you really need to think about what you just said. Sometimes you really make me wonder with what you are thinking. Maybe Uncle Walt was right." I stated shaking my head and glancing towards him seriously making him nervous with what I had to say.

"In some circles you are smart as a whip, but most of those rings have square pegs in them. You really are very smart dad, but when it comes to common sense you're about as dumb as a stump, and thick as a brick. Sometimes it's as if you are running around like a blind dog in a meat house, and simply can't find the plain truth." I pointed out with my dad gawking at me falling silent not knowing how to respond to me.

We both sat there not looking at one another with me realizing there really wasn't much more to say so I stood up, but turned to him making a final comment. "Listen dad, this is a personal issue you need to deal with on your own so I'd appreciate it if you kept Zak out of this and didn't drag him into your own personal prejudices. I only hope at some point you will think about what you say and how your actions hurt other people. I love you dad, but sometimes I can't stand you as a person. Don't make the same mistakes with Zak that you made with me. I hope you don't act this way when the new baby arrives." I told him noticing the blood drain from his face when he realized I knew all about Sylvia being pregnant.

He was about to say something, but I was done with talking. There were a lot of things my dad had done which were wonderful. Things like with the hospital and all which let me know deep down he really cared about us; but, there were other things he really needed to work on recognizing just how hurtful his actions and words could truly be to others. In many ways he came off as being so insensitive even though he truly had other people's best interest at heart. It just was when it came to such common sense issues he truly was about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

When my dad came back just before dinner he disappeared for a little while with Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet. I could hear them arguing for a few minutes before it settled down relatively quickly. After a few minutes both Zak and I were told to join them. My dad looked a bit contrite, but he was truly sincere when he apologized to both of us for the way he had reacted. He assured the eight year old curly haired boy that he really didn't believe that I'd abuse or hurt him, but he had truly needed to talk with him about it though since he was responsible for him while his mom was gone. He did admit he could have gone about it in a better way. With me he promised he'd work on the way he communicated with me. He didn't want us to be so at odds all the time, but was glad that I was at least willing to accept him for who he was even when he stuck his foot in his mouth.

"Um…Sam…I need to ask you something." My dad started on a different topic with me sighing wondering what now, but I still nodded my head indicating it was alright. "You…uh…mentioned about Sylvia being pregnant." He pressed glancing at me nervously while I nodded my head.

"Yeah, Zak mentioned you guys found out she was pregnant a few weeks back. Don't be mad at him dad, it just sort of came out." I told him worried he'd blame Zak when the smaller boy already felt things were always his fault.

"No…of course not Sam." He replied glancing towards the younger boy as well. "No Zak…it's alright. I should have said something sooner on my own, besides I never said it was something I didn't want you to talk about…and it isn't." He reached out placing his hand on the curly haired boy's shoulder to assure him he didn't blame him before focusing his attention back on to me. "I just wanted to know how you feel about it though Sam. I don't want you to blame Sylvia or the baby when he or she is born." He added before holding up his hands knowing it sort of came off wrong. "I don't mean it in the way it sounded Sam. I know you wouldn't purposefully be mad at an innocent baby. I just wanted to know how you feel about it, and I assure you it won't affect how much I love you."

"I know that dad, and when Zak told me about it I was really happy for you. My only question is when you and Sylvia are going to get married? I know you guys waited because of mom being sick and all, but now that isn't an issue." I told him catching my dad by surprise as we began to talk about it with him saying he'd have to talk to mom and Sylvia about a wedding date.

After all he was still married and he'd have to get divorced first. They had held off for a couple of reasons. First, because of how it would affect me, and secondly because of mom's cancer treatment and the insurance. Now since things were better all the way around with me not objecting and mom being healthier, they could finally focus on what to do next regarding the divorce and then getting married.

"Are you sure Sam…you know…about me and Sylvia getting married? You have to know I wouldn't do anything unless all of us are in agreement." He pointed out with me glancing over towards Zak and nodding my head.

"Well…if Zak is willing to put up with your sorry ass who am I to get in the way." I teased giving the smaller boy a wink as he rolled his eyes sticking his tongue out at me. "Well?" I asked looking at the smaller boy who glanced at me and then looked towards my dad.

The smaller boy seemed to pause for a moment before smiling and nodding his head. "Yeah…I think I'd like that…I mean…it would make things official like…you know with Sam being my brother for real, and then also with us all being a family. So yeah…I agree with Sam…you should do it."

My dad gawked from Zak to me shaking his head. "I'm not sure what to say. I mean I'm really happy, but I'm also a bit scared at how the two of you have already bonded like real life brothers. I mean…I have a feeling Me, Claire, and Sylvia are going to have our hands full with the two of you ganging up on us." He chuckled making me and Zak smile knowingly laughing along with my dad.

For some reason the atmosphere had sort of changed almost like things were finally clicking into place between me and my dad. I knew we would still have our issues, but I also got the distinct feeling that we were finally getting to the point where we sort of understood one another. I began to realize we all had our faults, but one thing was certain my dad really did care and love me. What's more is I could tell he also cared about Zak in the true sense of a father and son kind of way. Some would be jealous I suppose, but for some reason this made me happy. Maybe it was because I already loved Zak in that brotherly kind of way.

"Um…Sam…do you think we could talk for a moment…alone?" He asked while I glanced over towards the Weilers and Zak before nodding my head.

"Yeah sure." I responded noticing the others shrug before giving us some privacy. "Um…what's up?" I asked nervously noticing the apprehension on my dad's features.

"I…um…I really owe you an apology." He began walking up to me giving me a real warm tender hug before releasing me while I scrunched up my face because he already apologized. "No…I know I said sorry earlier Sam…but I really needed to tell you…with us alone so you know I really mean it. I shouldn't have been so stupid earlier and tried to handle things differently." He admitted while I blushed because he still had his arm around my shoulder pulling me down on to the sofa with the two of us sitting side by side cuddled up together.

It's been a long time since he's shown such an affectionate side to him. "I…um…well I suppose it wasn't entirely all your fault. I mean finding out I'm gay isn't something easy for a father to deal with." I confessed.

"No Sam it isn't…but I am still your father, and I should have been better at supporting you. I just need you to know that I really do love and care about you. If you are happy with Jamie then I'm also happy for you. He really is a great kid, and despite how I've acted I really do love him too. You mean the world to me Sam…you, your mother, Zak, and Sylvia. Soon there will be another person as well in all of our lives. I want us all to be happy, and you make me happy Sam. You really do, and I'm so proud of you for the person you have become." My dad sniffled pausing with the two of us remaining quiet while I tried to digest what he was telling me.

For me this was such an awkward moment because I couldn't recall when the two of us really had opened up to one another, and today it was like something had finally given way for both of us as my dad's voice once more began in earnest. "I want you to know if things get tough I will be there and support you. After our little conversation earlier, the one after the incident with Zak, I've had a chance to think things through, and frankly I have to admit that you being intimate with Jamie and falling in love with him doesn't really upset me. Actually, it makes me happy because I finally realize it was meant to be. How else can you explain Jamie's recovery. I just needed you to know is all because I don't want to leave here without the two of us putting everything to rest." He finished off with me completely stunned not knowing what to say as I felt his strong arms squeezing me tightly before he leaned in and kissed my cheek.

There were tears in my father's eyes which overwhelmed me as I finally collapsed into his arms knowing I had once more found the man I had loved so dearly all those years ago. My father was truly home once and for all. Something had finally snapped into place for both of us as we continued to cuddle together for the longest time. He truly accepted me for who I was, and I knew deep down he loved and respected me. In return I respected him as well because in the end he's proved to me that even though we have our differences, many things he's done has been with the best interests at heart for the ones he loved and cared about.

Today was a mixed bag filled with all sorts of emotional moments when we crawled into bed all tuckered out from the day's events. Zak curled up with Paavo again in the smaller bed while Jamie and I cuddled up whispering softly as I filled him in with what happened after I came out to my dad about being gay. Jamie seemed to think that all things considering the man had taken it well; although, he also admitted my dad could have handled other things much better. In the end though, he said that at least my dad finally seemed to have accepted things, and it appeared like our relationship as father and son was getting better.

Glancing over towards Paavo and Zak making sure they were asleep we decided to do what came naturally to us. Our passions rose inside of us as we gently, softly, and quietly made love with one another. Things were different between us now with the sex evolving, and becoming much more in a deeper kind of way. Like in the barn with Paavo, our passion ran on a deeper level now becoming more loving, tender, and affectionate versus taking care of our lustful urges. Of course the pleasurable gratification was a part of our intimacy, but it now took a back seat to our true feelings towards one another.

The warm soft boy in my arms lulled me to sleep, his now familiar scent so ingrained into every fiber of my being wrapping me up in its comforting embrace. All tensions dissipated from my muscles and thoughts, the boy being a perfect aphrodisiac in this regard. I don't know what it was about Jamie, but he relaxed me in a way that not even Paavo could achieve. Even though I loved both boys equally they each had their differences as well in the way I cared for them and how they made me feel. What I felt for each boy was most definitely that special kind of love, but it was unique to each one.

With Jamie curled up in my arms I slept soundly so when I felt a light tap on my shoulder I didn't wake up right away, but when I heard a soft noise along with another tapping I immediately came awake craning my neck over my shoulders wondering what was going on. My gaze settled on Zak who was crying with large teardrops dropping from the side of his face on to the floor.

"Zak? What's wrong?" I asked immediately tossing aside my covers sitting up on the edge of the mattress a little confused and disoriented thinking maybe he had a nightmare.

Then something familiar assaulted the senses with my eyes immediately dropping towards his crotch. Even though it was too dark to really know what color his shorts were I knew he had gone to bed with the sky blue colored C9 Champion Boys' mesh knit shorts he's had on for the last two days. It was the darker patch on the front that drew my attention along with the distinctive ammonia like smell making me realize it was a damp spot from him wetting the bed. It made me wince knowing the boy had wet the bed, and I felt awful about it because I hadn't gotten him up since we've arrived here like I was supposed to so this very thing wouldn't happen. I had totally forgotten I needed to wake him up a few hours after he had fallen to sleep.

Sighing I reached out pulling him towards my chest. "It's alright Zak this isn't your fault. I should have gotten you up so you could go to the bathroom." I admitted taking full responsibility.

"What's wrong?" I heard Jamie moan still half asleep rolling over towards me his eyes still half closed dreamily.

"Nothing Jamie…just go back to sleep…I'll explain later." I whispered softly watching my little long haired boy yawn, nod, and close his eyes fading back to sleep trusting my word we'd talk about it later.

Releasing Zak from my embrace I pulled down his shorts and removed his plain white Hanes tee shirt he had slipped on before going to bed leaving him standing in front of me completely naked his little one and a half inch softness jutting straight out from his body basically nothing but his slightly pointed knob showing.

Giving him a quick hug and peck on the nose I wiped away the tears from his eyes and smiled softly at him. "No more tears now…if anything I'm the one who should be crying because I should have known better…alright my little munchkin?" I tried to smile encouragingly, with him nodding his lips quivering a little trying to be strong for me. "Good boy…now go wait in the bathroom for me and I'll be right in to get you all cleaned up. I need to wake up Paavo. It looks like we are all going to be sleeping together in my bed tonight." I chuckled noticing his eyes beginning to well up. "Now stop that Zak. Besides, I'm sort of missing cuddling up with my little brother, and tonight is a good night to be cozying up with you. Now scoot…I'll be right in and believe me Paavo's going to like the idea of us all snuggling up." I promised him getting a small smile out of him.

I watched him making his way into the bathroom his white butt glaring almost brightly in the darkened room before closing the door behind him. Getting up I made my way over to Paavo lifting up the blanket and tossing it off to the side. Most of Zak's side of the bed was completely soaked in urine. I gently shook Paavo's shoulder with the boy rolling on his back away from the wet spot and rubbing his eyes trying to wake up with his obvious erection pressing outwards up against the fabric of his black and white broad striped European style boy's bikini underwear. In any other circumstance I would have literally shoved my hands beneath his underwear attacking the sexy blond haired blue eyed Estonian boy with fervor.

"Is it morning already?" Paavo asked yawning while trying to rub the sleep from his eyes.

"No." I whispered back leaning down and kissing him on his lips slowly bringing the sexy boy back into the world of wakefulness.

"Mmmmm, what did I do to deserve this?" he chuckled looking up into my eyes smiling revealing his brilliantly white teeth along with that one blank spot which was missing a canine tooth.

"God you are so damn sexy hot." I noted running my hand across his naked chest and stomach. "But I need you to get up and get into my bed. Zak wet the bed and I don't know if he got any on you." I admitted with Paavo blue eyes flashing for a moment searching for something.

"Is he alright…I mean he must feel awful about it. I know I did when I was his age." He admitted as he continued when he saw my confused gaze. "I used to wet the bed too when I was his age. It isn't his fault you know." Paavo explained while I nodded my head in agreement.

"I know Paavo, and I'll talk to him, but you should get up and check if you got wet. Just crawl into bed with Jamie, and I'll bring out a damp cloth for you just in case. I need to go check up on Zak and get him cleaned up." I sighed leaving the boy knowing he'd get up on his own.

Entering the bathroom I noticed Zak was sitting on the toilet seat sniffling as he gazed over towards me teardrops streaking his cheeks. "Hey buddy…I thought I told you no more tears. Let's get you cleaned up real quick, and then I can get you to bed." I sighed grabbing a hand towel and turning on the water waiting for it to get warm with the boy standing up next to me.

"I'm really sorry Sam...I'm always screwing up." The smaller boy sniffled with me looking over towards him and shaking my head.

"I've had it up to here Zak." I finally admonished him shaking my head and holding my hand up to my brow emphasizing just how much I was sick and tired of him blaming himself for things that were out of his control. "I told you it isn't your fault…these things happen. Just like your thingy and danglies will get bigger so will your bladder, and you'll end up with more control over it. I don't know why some boys still wet the bed at your age, but it happens, and you will grow out of it soon enough." I explained dipping a hand towel under the warm water before wringing it out and taking a seat on the toilet pulling the smaller boy in front of me.

Starting with his face I began to methodically clean him up. Of course his face and some other parts of his body didn't need to be sponged off, but I knew from experience it basically made you feel better overall. I worked quickly while he watched me still sniffling a little, but not so much anymore. I could tell he was upset because he didn't even pop a stiffie when I ran the warm damp rag over his privates. Instead, the boy got embarrassed again as he shook his head with his big brown eyes welling up.

"I…I feel so dirty." He sniffled.

Without thinking I leaned forward and slipped my lips over his soft penis which for all practical purposes was simply a small knob at the moment pointing straight out from his pubic mound. It felt strange having something so soft and small in my mouth. All of a sudden it inflated going from soft to rock solid hard instantaneously. Even though his penis got bigger it still felt small compared to what I've gotten used to with Paavo's and Jamie's larger erections. Releasing his hard two inch cut tube from my mouth I immediately wrapped my lips around the small contours of his little boy testicled mound creating a tight seal. I had to actually create a good amount of suction before his small pouch yielded, the skin loosening up inside my mouth. I managed to suckle up his two pistachio sized testicles my tongue rolling around them for a brief moment before releasing them from my mouth.

Zak stared at me in stunned silence not knowing how to react. "Mmmmm…you taste clean to me." I announced before once more running the damp rag over his privates washing away my spittle with the smaller boy finally giggling.

The entire episode had lasted all of five seconds. It stunned me that I'd have done something so intimate with the younger boy, but if there was one thing I realized is that for me it wasn't sexual in nature. I didn't get those tingling sensations inside of me when I sucked on his penis like I did when I did the same with Jamie or Paavo. Even when I jacked off Austin and Jake I got sexually aroused, but with the small eight year old boy I didn't feel the sort of sexually stimulating excitement. It was actually a relief to me in some ways because it truly meant for me the boy was truly more like a little brother.

"You're such a goofball you know?" The curly haired boy pointed out giggling making me smile and laugh as well happy with how he was able to bounce back from being sad.

Tossing the rag into the sink I reached out and pulled him between my legs and into my arms hugging him to me, feeling the boy respond wrapping his arms around my neck and holding on tightly. His body felt warm and soft his hard erection rubbing up against my upper stomach just below my chest. Running my hands gently up and down his silky smooth back I felt him shivering from the tingling sensations the light touch was providing his young healthy body. I had to admit he really was a very beautiful boy, and in a few years he would most definitely be the fantasies of many of the kids in his class, be they girls or boys. I only hoped he wouldn't get caught up in that whole scene too soon, and that he could remain a little kid for as long as possible. To me these days it almost felt like we were thrust into this whole realm of sexual realization at such a young age anymore. It was difficult not to; especially, considering how prevalently easy it was for us to be exposed to those sorts of things in our media and technology age.

"I love you so much." I whispered softly in his ear feeling the boy grip me even tighter before leaning back a little with his small hands on my shoulders looking down at me.

"Really…you mean just like Jamie and Paavo? Does that mean we are boyfriends?" He asked me seriously catching me by surprise.

"What do you mean like Jamie and Paavo?" I swallowed now wondering what he was getting at.

"You know…like sex and stuff.

"How do you…," I began wondering how on earth he knew about me having sex with Jamie and Paavo before I stopped not even wanting to get into that sort of discussion.

Zak was still young, and if I made a big deal of my relationship with the other two boys it would only make him more curious. Instead I decided to use a different tact.

Smiling I shook my head. "No Zak not in that way. I mean, I don't love you any less, just differently. There are all sorts of different kinds of love. For example, I love both Jamie and Paavo in a certain more personal way, while I love Austin and Jake in a friend kind of way. With you I love you in a friend kind of way too, but also as if you are my little brother just like Austin and Jake love each other as brothers. Does that make sense?" I asked with him nodding his head.

"Yeah I think so. It's like with mommy. I love her bunches and bunches, and I love your daddy too, but it's not the same. Then there is you too…I mean I love you bunches and bunches, way more than any of my friends." He admitted to me both of us falling silent as we each let this revelation sink in.

We've sort of been bantering around about how we felt like brothers and have even talked about it, but this seemed to truly seal the deal so to speak. It was almost like we were making it official in some way by expressing our love for one another.

"Sam…um…can I ask you something personal. I mean I've been thinking about this for a while now, but I didn't want to get mad or anything." He began with me furling my eyebrows wondering what he could do to upset me.

"Of course buddy. We're brothers now so whatever it is won't bother me." I promised noticing him hesitate for a bit before taking a deep breath.

"Well, like I said I've been sort of thinking on this for a while now." He began getting a little nervous, but seemed to get bolder when I smiled nodding my head for encouragement. "Anyway…your dad…well I've always called him Uncle Jim because…well I didn't know how I felt about it all. Anyway, lately he's really been more like a dad to me, but I just didn't feel right about it…you know…calling him dad or whatever. Not only because he really isn't…well not yet, but also because of you…I mean…he's your daddy for real, and I didn't think it would be right to you." He finished up with me smiling at him before pulling him into my arms.

"Oh Zak you are such a very special little guy. Are you asking my permission to call my dad your dad?" I asked releasing him with the boy blushing and nodding his head. "Of course I don't mind so long as you feel comfortable with it too…as a matter of fact I'd be honored, but it's also up to my dad. I don't think he'd mind though, and you can tell him I'm alright with it too since the only reason why he'd say no is because he'd be concerned with how I felt about it. But for real Zak, I think it would make my dad happy." I beamed giddily. It seemed like such a little thing, but for some reason to me it was significant.

The smaller boy smiled cheerfully, once more wrapping his arm around my neck hugging me tightly while I chuckled. "You do know my dad's high maintenance though?" I chuckled.

"Yeah I know…but you've already done most of the hard work. I feel kind of bad about it too because I'm getting the better deal." The little guy teased back with me rolling my eyes.

"Well I suppose we better get back to bed." I offered up untangling myself from his arms and standing up picking up the damp rag. "You know…there is one advantage to tonight?" I offered noticing his puzzled look.

Smiling playfully I held up the rag. "At least you will get a chance to wash Paavo. I'm sure if you bring out the damp towel he'd be willing to let you clean him off. I just know how much you love that skin covered penis of his. It'll give you a chance to mess around with it some more." I chuckled roguishly rinsing out the rag and wringing it out with Zak smiling excitedly. "As a matter of fact you can wash mine off too. It got a little sticky tonight with Jamie so you will have to get him too." I chuckled recalling my little escapade with Jamie and then gasping when the smaller boy got right to it by washing off my four inch erection and sagging nut sack sending a tingling sensation deep down inside of me that I immediately tamped down.

"It looks like you are getting your hairs in." Zak commenting pointing out some pubic hairs that had seemingly sprouted overnight along the base of my shaft making me smile and nod my head. I knew it would start here soon all things considered because even my spunk was getting thicker.

While I stripped Jamie's old bed, taking off the soiled sheets, I listened to Zak apologizing to Paavo while he slowly cleaned the older boy. "I'm really sorry I wet the bed Paavo." Zak offered up looking upset about it again.

To the sexy Estonian boy's credit he reached up and pulled the boy up against his body leaning over and giving the boy a gentle kiss on his cheek. "Zak you don't have to apologize because I understand. I still wet the bed too when I was your age. My mother was still alive then and she explained that my bladder just hasn't caught up to my body yet, and when it did I wouldn't wet my bed anymore. Well soon after she told me this I stopped wetting the bed. It isn't your fault and you shouldn't feel ashamed about it. Don't worry this will just be between us, and we won't tell anyone…huh Jamie?" He explained glancing towards Jamie who was nodding his head sympathetically, with Zak sniffling and giving the Estonian boy a hug while Jamie also stroked his back sensitively.

"You guys are the bestest of friends and big brothers any kid could ever have." He sniffled releasing Paavo and crawling over to Jamie to give him a hug now as well before getting on his knees. "Sam says the two of you got all sticky and I needed to clean you too." The smaller boy giggled and blushed carefully washing off Jamie while the older boy tried not to explode because other than me no one else has ever touched him down there.

Paavo watched closely giggling as well and rolling his eyes at Jamie knowingly. This only made the long haired boy blush because it seemed like everyone now knew the two of us had been a bit naughty and intimate while they had slept. Glancing over at the others I noticed how both Jamie and Paavo seemed to be flashing discreet smiles at one another in an almost flirtatious kind of way making me chuckle.

By the time Zak finished up with both Paavo and Jamie, taking his time to check them out closely, just to be sure they were completely clean he had announced, I too was finished and crawled into bed with them. Zak wanted to cuddle up with me so I climbed between him and Jamie. This left Paavo snuggled up on the one side of the smaller boy with Jamie cuddled up behind me.

It was still relatively early in the morning when I woke up and crawled out from beneath the covers careful not to wake anyone. Everyone was still fast asleep when I snuck outside with Boxey silently tagging along. Pausing for a moment and looking around, I unzipped the fly on my cargo shorts fishing out my still hard erection taking a leak by one of the trees because I didn't want to do that in the house and wake anyone up noticing Boxey doing the same thing on the tree next to mine.

Finishing, I zipped up and stepped away chuckling when Boxey wandered over to my tree and added another dousing on the opposite side making me giggle wondering if he were simply marking his boundary trying to mask my scent with his own. Shaking my head at the dog I made my way over towards the barn pulling out my bike. It's been ages since I've been out for a bike ride, and even though the sun was shining brightly it was still cooler this early in the morning making it the perfect time for a jaunt.

So much has happened over the last several months, and I needed a bit of alone time so my mind could finally take things in. I've discovered that I enjoyed going out for rides on the bike and it gave me a chance to think on things in general in a lazy kind of way. When I made my way down some of the side trails and through some of the forested areas still around in these parts my mind could simply wander without too much effort. It was a great way for me to relax mentally while getting a good physical workout at the same time.

About twenty minutes into my ride I realized I hadn't really been paying attention to where I was going and found myself in an area I hadn't taken my bike before. I wasn't lost, and pretty much knew where I was, unlike when I got turned around last winter chasing after Jamie. These days I knew the layout of the entire vicinity, so even though I have never been down this trail I wasn't worried because I could find my way back now.

This area was most definitely a lot rougher than the other areas I've been to with me being in an actual small little rocky ravine. I could hear the flow of a small river or creek just on the other side of the steep embankment off to the left as I came to a stop with the trail forking into two different directions. Boxey settled on his haunches next to my bike taking a well deserved breather. Lately he hasn't been getting enough exercise and he seemed happy as his head began to swivel around taking in the new sights and sounds.

Looking at my options regarding the trails, one of them led up a fairly steep embankment towards the source of the flowing water that I could actually hear bouncing around along the rocky ravine, and the other trail seemed to meander along this side of the ravine. Shrugging my shoulders I figured I'd get off my bike and make my way up the embankment and through the trees. Once I got to the top I could decide which direction I wanted to head towards.

It wasn't so bad as I thought when I reached the top looking down through the trees noticing a decent sized watercourse that wound it's way through some large boulders down below on the other side now. It was actually a very nice view which all of a sudden became even better when I noticed a boy with his shorts hooked below his nut sack taking a long piss. From my angle I could see everything, and I had to hold my hand to my mouth to stop from laughing out loud because it was Roger's decent sized willie that was currently exposed.

Scrutinizing the sixteen year old boy from my hidden perch I had to admit he was kind of sexy. I had never really looked at him before in a sexual kind of way. When I first met him he was kind of small and lanky for his age with a height of only five foot four inches and weighing around a hundred and fifteen pounds. Even though he's grown a few inches since then, he was still a bit on the small side for his age coming in now at what looked to be around five foot seven inches and a hundred thirty pounds. His frame had filled out and broadened a tad giving him that older teen look in some respects, but overall he still had that sort of youthfulness like the little boy in him was still clinging on tightly.

Watching him take a piss was kind of funny because he was holding on to his soft cut tube with the fingers of his broken hand. The cast covered his wrist and part of his hand leaving his fingers and thumb not completely mobile and encumbered. I knew he was right handed, and that's the arm Damian had broken. Currently he held his soft tube almost daintily with his right fingers finishing up and trying to shake it around a little to get the last droplets off his tip. It was kind of funny watching him like this as he now began to slowly stroke it like he was trying to jack himself off.

For a moment I thought about leaving because it kind of felt like I had become some peeping Tom, but he looked so damn sexy hot down there by the river out in the open with me seeing him naked for the first time. Even from my position I could tell his flaccid tube was a decent sized one, and now with it starting to get hard I was riveted with how big it was getting. I knew it wasn't necessarily like a huge one or anything with it probably being average for his age, but it was still the largest erection I've seen on anyone else so far. Sure that wasn't saying much, but still considering the variety of the ones I've seen so far it was simply something else that was new for me. I've never seen anyone naked before who was older than me or Austin, so actually seeing an older teenager sort of gave me an idea of what we would end up looking like. He also had a nice full dark brown bush that covered most of his pubic mound. I never thought an older boy's penis would excite me, but it did making me realize I truly had to admit I was gay. Watching Roger down there with his naked boy bits exposed to me, I felt the familiar sexual tingling sensations in my nether regions inflating my semi-hard tube to its full four inch rigidness.

Focusing back on what Roger was doing I noticed he was having problems properly stimulating himself. His cast obviously got in the way of him being able to fist himself correctly. He got a little annoyed so shifted to his left hand, but that only managed to frustrate him even more. I totally sympathized with him because I've tried once or twice myself using my other hand, and it never seemed to arouse me properly. I always had to shift back to my right hand bringing myself to a climax after my frustrating attempt of trying with my left hand.

After a few moments he basically gave up tucking himself away with his hard erection creating a large bulge in his loose fitting shorts. I really felt bad for him because I could tell he was completely irritated and unsatisfied. It made me wonder how long it's been since he's been able to properly service himself making me wince realizing I'd be hard pressed if I couldn't satiate my urges. I continued to watch him sympathetically as he reached inside his shorts with his left hand trying to shift his erection into a better position.

Cautiously he balanced himself with his body swaying slightly while he gingerly made his way over some of the larger boulders taking a seat and dangling his shoeless feet in the cool waters of the river. He had settled on a large flat kind of outcropping that had a slight upward slope which allowed him to lean back into a comfortable position his erection clearly visible as it pressed up against the silky like fabric of his royal blue colored Boys' Under Armour Zinger Shorts. He was in a sheltered area with a pile of larger rocks along the edge of the river forcing the heavy current of the water to swirl towards the center. It left a shallow calm area where Roger was currently letting his feet sway around lazily back and forth. It really wasn't a big river only about ten feet wide, and the force of it wasn't all that powerful either, but it was enough to create a nice gurgling sound that carried along the narrow ravine all the way up to where I was watching. I hadn't noticed earlier, but he was actually shirtless as well with his shoes and shirt sitting in a pile a few feet away from where he had taken a seat.

He looked distracted, bored, and also a little sad as he gazed into the waters of the river not really focusing on anything in particular. Waiting for a couple of more minutes so that it wouldn't seem like I had seen him taking a piss or trying to jack off I finally made my way slowly down the path. He didn't even seem to take notice when I walked over to him removing my own shoes, socks, and shirt dipping my feet into water. The river was a nice cool temperature, but not overly cold where your feet would get numb after being in there for a while. Instead it was the perfect temperature actually tickling and massaging your toes as I spread them apart enjoying the feel of the water on my shoeless feet.

"Hey." I whispered softy, but loud enough for my voice to carry over towards him as he turned his head towards me.

He was still lying on his back with his head resting on the palm of his hand forcing both of his elbows outwards on either side of him. "Hey." He sighed not even bothering to hide his obvious erection from me as he swiveled his head back gazing at the river.

We both fell silent and I couldn't help myself as I kept glancing towards that huge bulge inside his shorts. Being so close to something obviously a little naughty made my own penis twitch excitedly inside my shorts. He was making me horny by simply not even caring about his obvious boner. Glancing over towards his shirtless body the heat rose deep inside of me because he really was sexy hot. He had changed over the months. He still had a lanky kind of build with long wiry limbs. His legs had a light amount of fur in a kind of sexy way, with his arms for the most part still hairless, other than his armpits which had a small patch of the same dark brown colored hair like his pubes.

He had to know I was checking him out, but he didn't seem to mind allowing my gaze to take him in without caring one way or the other. I would have been mortified if someone saw my boner sticking out the way his was doing right now. It simply wouldn't go away making me realize he really was so hyped up and horny. It was almost like he was so frustrated that he simply didn't care at the moment. My gaze finally settled on his facial features noticing for the first time just how cute he was, which kind of surprised me considering how long I've know him. I suppose I never looked at him in a sexual kind of way before.

The older boy had an oval shaped face that was almost rectangular in some ways, perhaps because he was maturing, with a smooth complexion and ruddy colored cheeks. His cheekbones weren't all that prominent so the rosy coloration gave him a bit of separation and contrast to his features. The beautiful almond shaped brown eyes with full dark brown eyebrows that arched over the shape of his eyes in a slow gentle upwards curvature provided a sense of balance. It was his lips though, which in my opinion was the most sultry and sexiest feature on him with the ideal shape and form. The cupid's bow of his upper lip curved smoothly with the perfectly soft shaped indentation flowing outwards towards opposite sides in a graceful elegant fluid way forming an idyllic 'M' shaped lip without the harsh angles. There was a crease dead center on his lower lip separating his downy soft puffy cherry colored puckered flesh into two equal sides. It had a nice smooth concave curvature adding to the perfection of a smile that was to die for when he flashed it on someone. It was so sexy, it made me quiver lustfully. I couldn't believe the reaction I was having sitting next to him.

I've never felt this way about Roger before, and now I was lusting sexually for him as I continued to scrutinize his sexy features. His smooth unobtrusive rounded chin blended into his features helping with accentuating his most endearing facial asset of his seductively sexy lips. If his mouth wasn't sexy enough then his celestial kind of angelic nose with its straight line and slightly subtle upturned tip was sure to capture your attention. As I continued to scrutinize him I noticed that he also has the perfect haircut, the shortly cropped dark chocolaty colored hair accentuating his facial features nicely without it getting in the way. Even though it was cut short it was clipped in an unruly and unkempt kind of way giving him that sort of young macho kind of look. It was almost a contradiction of terms; the tough wild kind of look from his hair offset by the angelic soft features of his face.

Lifting up my feet from the water I scooted over behind him lifting up his shoulders getting a frown from him as he sat up. "What are you doing?" He asked curiously speaking up for the first time other than the 'hey' he had given me when I first sat down next to him.

"You look all tense." I offered up settling behind him on the fairly steep slope making it kind of awkward because it almost gave you a sense of sliding forward into the water.

It wasn't so bad when you could sort of lean back, but sitting up kind of gave the feeling of gravity tugging on you. The steepness of it also forced my shorts to press up against my nut sack a bit uncomfortably forcing me to shift my butt upwards tugging on my front to loosen up the fabric so it wouldn't squash my balls.

"Whatever." I heard Roger sigh as he lifted his legs placing his feet up against his butt and flat on the rock leaning his chest up against his raised knees giving me access to his shoulder and back.

Slowly and gently I rubbed his shoulders feeling the knots in them begin to relax. He was wound up so tightly his muscles felt ready to uncoil like springs in a broken mattress. I ran my fingers up the center of his spine smiling when he sighed and shivered with a small moan of pleasure escaping his blood red lips. He was facing off to the side his eyes drooping wearily with a look of contentment on his soft features. I continued to allow my hands wander all over his nicely tanned body, which was another thing I hadn't noticed earlier, indicating he was shirtless quiet a bit while outside. Even his legs and arms had that nice buttery brown glow making me wonder now if his ass was lily white. I hadn't paid attention to that aspect of things when he was taking a piss, but I was far enough away I'm not sure I would have been able to notice one way or the other.

He didn't even resist when I eased him backwards feeling his soft warm shoulders settling up against my bare chest. Once more his feet dipped downwards into the water, the large outline of his erection now angling sideways towards the left, the fabric having shoved up tightly against his package including his boy satchel. The outline of his large pouch and testicles was now pressed up obscenely against the tightness of the material, but he simply didn't take any notice as I began to run my hands up and down his smooth chest and stomach. Then I noticed something else as his penis twitched slightly, and a small little wet spot formed right at the tip of his glans that was pressing up against his shorts. He was leaking, but it was only a small spot making me wonder if he was holding back by clamping down his butt cheeks. I'm sure as sensitive he was at the moment that he was probably close to exploding. My hands ran over his sensually soft body and to my surprise I allowed them to dip down between his legs, something I would never have done a few months earlier, running lightly over the length of his shaft without actually wrapping my fingers around them.

Roger shivered and gasped when my hand ran softly over the length of his hard spike, the sexiness of the moment making my own penis twitch excitedly. His erection felt pretty big from the brief contact I made with it. Other than the quick intake of air Roger didn't object to the light touch so I continued to run my hands over his body dipping down between his legs every once in a while noticing that he began to settle down and relax even more. It surprised me that he wouldn't object to this kind of touching making me wonder if perhaps I was taking advantage of his heightened state of horniness. I couldn't imagine how long it's been since he's been able to properly see to his teenage hormonal urges and needs as I felt his chest now come in short even breaths. In a way I kind of felt bad about taking advantage of him like this, but at the moment I simply had to know what he had between his legs. For some reason I was drawn to his sexiness like a lizard to a warm rock.

Sliding out from behind Roger, I allowed him to lie back down his hands automatically tucking beneath his head while I stepped into the cool water facing him and gliding up between his legs as he spread them outwards slightly to accommodate my body. His heavily lidded eyes gazed at me intensely as I continued to run my hand up and down his stomach and sliding them over his shorts getting a better feel of his stiff erection before continuing all the way down his right leg with both of my hands. I took a step back and lifted his leg running my hands over his feet and between his toes. He had such cute little feet as I glanced up noticing his shorts didn't have any netting, and he wasn't wearing any underwear providing me with my first view of his avocado shaped boy pouch and stiff erection between the right leg opening of his shorts. I shuddered because it looked so damn sexy.

Setting his foot back down my hands wandered back up his slightly hairy leg dipping beneath the leg opening to run up along the length of his erection. I heard Roger gasp excitedly his hips lifting upwards slightly and his body quivering expectantly. Wrapping my fingers around his stiff erection it felt warm and heavy in my grasp making me whimper while my own penis lurched at the sexiness of the moment.

"I…I…oh shit…, Roger whimpered and moaned his eyes fluttering. "S…Sam I'm not so sure this is such a good…oh…oh…shit." Roger hissed his eyes glazing over a little when I ran my fingers over his slightly damp cut glans.

Even his testicles contracted briefly looking large and heavily weighted down in desperate need for a good milking. It emboldened me even more as my hand slipped out from beneath his shorts and I reached up tugging on the waistband. It surprised me how he didn't even resist lifting up his hips slightly allowing me to remove his shorts. I tossed them off to the side getting my first good look at his five and a half inch cut erection. The breath caught in my throat because it looked huge all things considered. It was only about a half an inch longer than Jamie's was now, but way thicker looking about as thick around as the core from a roll of toilet paper. It most definitely was thicker than Austin's, but not by much.

It was beautiful with no bends or curves, and for all practical purposes probably a typical penis in shape and size for a boy his age. The older teen's penis head was a standard looking one, which is to say it had the usual curvature along with it being slightly pointed. For all practical purposes it was the shape that most of us think of when we imagine the glans of a penis. The head was larger at the base than at the tip looking about two inches long, and the underside of the glans had a smooth curvature to it. In every respect it was a normal typical purplish pink colored knob that was roughly the same width, or rather slightly wider at the ridge, as his shaft. It was exquisite even with it's more mature like look with a darker color and not so pale like I've seen on mine and the other boys I've messed around with.

Reaching out I wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft feeling it twitch wildly in my hand. "Sam…please…," Roger moaned making me pause pretty sure that it probably was a request to stop, but asked in a way that made it sound like he was still willing to move forward.

Watching him closely I began to run my fingers up and down his thick scorching hot basilisk like erection. "Oh…oh…shit…yes…," I heard the sixteen year old hiss excitedly feeling his penis twitching around in my fingers while his testicle rolled around in his wrinkled up pear shaped and sized leathery satchel.

His soft ripe fleshy tear drop shaped produce beckoned to me enticingly. Reaching out with my left hand I cupped his heavy pear in my hand amazed at how big and heavy it felt. With as much hair as he had on his pubic mound I thought for sure he'd have hair on his balls too, but they were smooth, with only a few wrinkles, and soft despite the darker coloration of maturity. His Robin's egg sized testicles felt extremely heavy in my hand.

Leaning in the smell of sweat, soap, and most definitely mature cum assaulted my nose with the pungent heavy fragrance that could only be described as all teenager. The headiness of it drew me in with my nose burying itself in his crotch breathing in his sharp scent while I wrapped my lips around his large right testicle. It felt huge in my mouth, but so damn tasty and exciting giving me a slight twinge of guilt because this was something I only did with Jamie and Paavo. Sure I had done this with Zak, but that hadn't been a sexual kind of thing. My guilt immediately dissipated when I felt Roger's testicle literally squirming around in my mouth while he immediately hitched his hips upwards moaning excitedly. I felt his fingers settling on top of my head and wrapping around my medium length locks. Roger was now totally immersed into the experience as he guided me over to his hard erection shoving his groin into my face prompting a reflexive reaction on my part as I slipped his scorching hot iron poker past my soft lips deep into my damp mouth.

Jamie's erection felt rather big in my mouth, but nothing compared to this. Even with Roger's being only half an inch bigger it made a difference not to mention the thickness of his shaft being probably twice as thick. It didn't stop me from immediately responding to his need as I began to apply suction while slowly bobbing my head up and down along the length of his rigidness slathering my tongue around like a little tornado against his glans. I could even feel the sexiness of his ridge before my tongue darted between the meaty part of his pee slit tasting the slight tang of the piss he had taken earlier along with the muskiness of his pre-cum.

"Oh…oh…shiiiii…oh…fuck me." Roger hissed before his voice became garbled.

He immediately became an active participant shoving his hips up and down in timing to my bobbing head trying to bury his torrid pole even further into my mouth. It was all stimulatingly overwhelming for me as the sensation of his extremely warm large snake wriggling around in my mouth, the weightiness of his two large testicles, and most definitely his odor began to make me a bit woozy. It became much stronger now in his heated passion, but in a very sexy kind of way. Then suddenly I heard him gasp and yell out in such a hoarse deep throated voice.

"I…I'm…Aaaaarph, uuuuumph, uuumph, uuuumph, aaaaaaaah, uuuumph." Followed by a huge explosion of slick goopy sliminess blasting towards the back of my throat.

It tasted awful, the nastiest thing I've ever tried, but I didn't want to make a mess so began to swallow for all I was worth. It seemed endless, but I knew it really wasn't all that much maybe a teaspoon or two at the most. It started out nasty and vile, but towards the end my palate seemed to adjust, and it wasn't so awful anymore. Not as tasty like Jamie's or even Austin's, but not as bad like when it first began surging into my mouth.

Roger's testicles kept bouncing up under my chin almost making me mess up with my swallowing because it felt kind of weird and funny at the same time having those large knockers bumping up against me. They even made a sort of slapping sound because it was so violent. I expected Roger to buck like a one horned angry bull, but to my surprise he simply squirmed around and began to squeak as I continued to suckle on his large cream sickle which continued to writhe around in my mouth.

Slowly he began to calm down and his hard dagger softened up in my mouth as I now let it slide effortlessly from my lips making sure to capture any remnants of his teenage musky like tasting spunk in the process. My eyes were fixated on his still lurching testicles amazed at the amount I managed to squeeze out of him while also admiring his angry pink shriveled up and wrinkled four inch flaccid baton. Even in his softened state the sexiness of his love muscle was glorious. I imagine for me most teenagers his age wouldn't be a turn on right now, but in my opinion he had a lot to offer by way of sexiness compared to others his age. He wasn't as angelic or exquisite in my opinion like Jamie, and most definitely no where's near to Paavo, but in my opinion he came close for a sixteen year old boy.

Climbing up on the flat rock I settled up next to Roger gazing down into his face with his chest still heaving for air. I couldn't resist his most sexiest feature, other than his penis, as I pressed my lips up against his mouth and kissed him passionately. Damn his mouth was so sexy hot, and I felt my cock begin to leak in my shorts. He returned my kiss with enthusiasm, and it was probably the most intense kiss I've experienced, confirming he must have the perfect and sexiest mouth ever. Our lips separated with both of us gasping for air making me wonder what it would feel like to have him suckling up my erection with that sexy hot mouth of his, but that was most definitely one thing I intended to allow only Jamie and Paavo to have access to. As it was I had already crossed the line by sucking off the older teen; the only other boy I had done this with besides Jamie and Paavo. I felt a little guilty about it now, but only slightly because I knew how much Roger needed this. In a way I felt it was somehow right because of what he had sacrificed for Jamie as I snuggled up next to his warm body gently running my hand up and down his chest and stomach trying to calm him down.

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