Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 19: A New Challenge

Roger was still gasping for air trying to recover as his now soft thin flaccid three inch tube quivered in response to each one his ragged breathes. As I gazed at his soft fleshy appendage I realized he truly had a very beautiful penis, one in which I could find myself enjoying pleasuring again. Somehow though I instinctively knew this wouldn't happen again between the two of us with this becoming one of those special brief encounters between two friends. I couldn't resist the temptation though of running my fingers through his thick pubes feeling the curls sliding along my delicate fingers. I shivered with excitement as the downy soft filaments ran along the edges of my fingers. It reminded me in many ways of how it felt when I ran them through Zak's curly locks, but this was a bit more sensuous. I suppose my hand brushing through Roger's curls must have also felt a bit stimulating for the older teen because his penis began to twitch and inflate slightly despite it having recently been satiated properly.

Sighing I removed my hand before things heated up between the two of us again. This managed to allow Roger to once more settle down as he slowly opened his brown eyes gazing into mine his serene facial features glowing for a second or two before his cheeks suddenly burned crimson. All of a sudden he stirred sitting upright looking around for his shorts. Spotting them he scooped up the loose fitting blue pair of silky like material into his hands and stood up. Sliding in first one leg before hopping around and slipping in his second one I almost giggled seeing his huge sagging nut bag bouncing around against the sides of his thighs before it and his soft floppy, which had also bounced around, disappeared beneath his baggy shorts.

"Shit, I can't believe that just happened…" He mumbled more to himself than anyone else. "I can't believe I let you do that to me." He added looking a bit panicked worrying me now that I had stepped over the boundary since I didn't even know if he was into that sort of thing with other boys.

I've never seen him dating a girl before, but I've never seen him acting in a sexually kind of interested way around boys either. Thinking about it now I didn't know what to think about Roger in this regard, but I did know I began to worry about what just happened considering how he was acting. It had to be blatantly obvious to him I was into that sort of sexual activity with boys so I worried if he would now out me to others. I didn't know why I had done this with Roger, but I suppose when I saw him all flustered and bothered I realized it was like he needed some sort of affection. He had looked very lonely, almost like he was somehow lost. My fears took over now with tears welling up bringing out all of my conflicting emotions about my insecurities and worries of being gay.

Sitting up, I pulled my legs against my body wrapping my arms around my knees and hugging them to my chest. My eyes began to bubble over like a slow leaking faucet. The older teen noticed, hesitated for a moment, before sitting behind me and wrapping his arms around my shoulders catching me a bit off guard how he would do that in light of what had just transpired. I mean I had literally taken advantage of him when he was obviously in a vulnerable position. From all indications he would never have wanted something like this if I hadn't taken advantage of the situation. I felt Roger leaning in holding me tenderly in his warm embrace his bare chest rubbing against my naked back making my penis inflate once more at the sensual feelings flowing through my smaller body.

"I'm sorry Sam…I didn't mean it like that." Roger apologized, catching me by surprise once more.

The older boy was apologizing to me when I was the one who should be doing that as he continued in his soothing caring voice. "It's just that I'm sixteen, almost seventeen, and you're like only twelve Sam. Shit…," he mumbled sounding sad. "I'm not even sure if what just happened is legal. I mean…I could get into serious trouble, and we both know I've had my fair share of legal problems lately." He sighed trying to explain it to me so I wouldn't be so hurt by his reaction while we both fell silent for several moments.

"Roger?" I began hesitantly feeling the boy running his hands up and down my fairly hairless arms soothingly.

"Yeah?" He whispered back.

"I'm gay." I admitted openly for the first time to anyone other than a select few within my inner circle of people who were the closest to me.

It surprised even me as I felt him stiffen up for a moment before he relaxed once more without commenting on my admission one way or the other while the two of us fell silent once more for several seconds until he finally said something. "I…um…I'm not sure what to say." He began pausing again with me not knowing how to take his response feeling the older boy inhaling deeply his chest rattling up against my back.

We both fell silent again for an awkward moment until he chuckled shaking his head while I scrunched my eyes at him quirkily. "Geeze Sam for real though, I still can't believe you did that. I never knew it could feel so good. I mean sure I knew when it finally happened it would be great and all, but I never imagined it would feel as good as it did. Where the hell did you learn to do that sort of thing? I mean I guess you and Austin…well…you know…anyway." He trailed off like he sort of noticed the route the conversation was going while I shifted around a little in his arms so I could look at him better while I furled my eyebrows.

"Why would you think me and Austin would…you know?" I asked with him gazing at me and blushing at the insinuation.

"I…um…it's just I know the two of you are close and he's your age and all? I…uh…I just assumed the two of you…well…you know…together…I mean…you know…that you two may have tried sucking each other off and stuff." He blushed at actually having to say such naughty things before he quickly pressed further looking a bit puzzled. "The two of you haven't…you know?" He asked curiously with me shaking my head no because even though yes I had jacked Austin off the two of us never did anything more than that. "Oh…um…yeah I guess you being from the city and all that you've probably done that sort of thing plenty of times with other…uh…boys over there since you are…um…gay and all." He pressed some more blushing realizing maybe he shouldn't have taken the conversation in that direction.

"What!" I exclaimed a bit surprised at his reasoning. "No…of course not. Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I go around doing that sort of thing. I mean…yeah sure I've done that before…" I admitted surprising myself once more for doing so openly before I rushed forward trying to explain. "I mean…not often…uh…well…really…it's only been recently that I've done that sort of thing, but not with Austin. I mean we all know he's dated a girl and all." I tried to deflect the fact that Austin also liked being pleasured by other boys because I didn't want my friend to get mixed in with this whole gay thing. It wasn't my place to out him like this since he's recently come out to me how he prefers boys. His admission still amazed me considering how adamant he had been about not being gay when we had first met and sort of messed around together that one time.

It got silent again with the only noise coming from the rhythmic gurgling sounds of the small creek when another thought sort of popped into my mind regarding what Roger had just admitted to me. "Roger?" I breathed out noisily looking up at him getting his attention while he smiled warmly trying to ease the tension and awkwardness our entire conversation was creating and nodding his head giving me permission to go on.

"Was this your first time…you know? I mean I don't understand. You're a good looking guy so why haven't you messed around like that before with someone else?" I asked a bit nervously because I knew a guy admitting he was still a virgin at his age was probably a bit embarrassing, not to mention a guy his age never having messed around sexually with anyone else in any way at all.

Shrugging his shoulders the older boy blushed looking away for a moment making me realize that he was a little sensitive about the issue, but he surprised me when he replied indicating he was willing to at least talk about it with me. "I don't know. I mean Sam it isn't like there are a lot of kids around here my own age. Hell, we are like the smallest class size in our school." He pointed out with me scrunching up my eyebrows realizing he was right.

He really did go to a very small school with all grades being taught in the same building, and thinking on it I realized his class was one of the smallest group sizes. There were only like six girls in his age group and four other guys, well three now since Damian wasn't around anymore. So it really was a small group for him to have choices on. Still though, the girls in his age group were really pretty for the most part, and it made me wonder about the ones a year older or younger.

"Oh…yeah…I suppose…but still the girls in your class are cute, and what about the ones a year older or younger than you?"

Looking at me Roger gave me a quirky look. I suppose me saying how cute the girls were must seem odd to him. After all I just admitted I was gay and all.

The older teen's expression changed as he smiled chuckling and shaking his head a bit sadly. "Yeah I suppose you are right, but still, all things considered it isn't as if any of them wanted anything to do with me…you know…because of Damian and all." He sighed sadly making me realize because of his association with the other boy he was sort of given a wide berth from the girls in his class along with others in school.

Still it hadn't been his fault, but I suppose most everyone hadn't understood that until recently. I guess it would have been difficult then for him to have had those kinds of experiences where he could experiment around. Knowing him the way I do now I also realized he would never have tried to force another person into doing something like that with him even though he was considered in the bully group. He had been sort of forced into that group by Damian, but he wasn't the type to force himself on the other kids in that sort of way.

Then another thought came to mind. "Yeah I suppose you are right, but what about Damian. I mean the way he talked I would have thought maybe the two of you would have at least…you know…um…messed around and experimented a little with each other since the two of you sort of grew up together. The way Damian talked it was like he was getting a lot of action and all of some kind." I pointed out noticing the blood draining from Roger's face like he was going to be sick or something.

"No way!!!" He quipped. "I'd never do anything like that with…I mean he was such an asshole, and I hated him. Besides, for all his bragging about his…um…so called endowment it was really tiny. I mean it was even way smaller than Jake's…more like a little five year olds' pecker. I also know for all his bragging he was still a virgin too. Everyone's hated him for a long time so no one would ever do anything like that with him no matter what. The only way he was going to get any action was if he raped someone, and I'm happy to say that never happened, but I'm sad to say he was going to be doing that really soon." Roger tried to explain his hatred for Damian pausing now for a moment as if deciding he should continue with this train of thought.

I could see the conflict on his face, but he decided to push forward. "Sam you need to know that…um…he…uh…he told me he was going to rape Jamie. He was infatuated with him for some reason, and he also admitted to me that he was going to do the same thing to you, just because he hated you. It's why I had to try to stop him. I'm sorry Sam…I guess I should have told someone, but I was so scared." He admitted to me his own eyes welling up so I reached out taking his left hand into my right one.

"Don't ever feel ashamed Roger. If it weren't for you I don't know what would have happened to Jamie. I mean it wasn't like Jamie would have been able to protect himself properly or even said anything if Damian did something so horrible. It would have destroyed Jamie forever…that much I'm sure about. As for me…well he may or may not have succeeded, but one way or other I would have cut his balls off him in the end. I'm no pushover…Damian found that out on more than one occasion." I sighed with both of us falling silently once more for a while with a somber mood settling over us until I began to giggle at something making the other boy look at me and smile despite the seriousness of our conversation.

"What?" He finally asked needing to know.

"Nothing…it's just…when did you see Jake naked?" I asked noticing him blush.

"Oh…it was by accident actually." He chuckled shaking his head. "I…um…sort of walked into the change room at the general store one time by mistake when he was trying on some clothes. He hadn't locked the door, and when I walked in he was completely naked just in the process of pulling on a pair of swim trunks. The funny thing about it is even though I was embarrassed it didn't seem to bother him in the least how I was gawking at that thin small pecker of his. I mean, I've never seen someone with foreskin before, and damn he had like such a long thin foreskin that was stretched out longer than his own pecker." He began chuckling as well now recalling the incident.

"Yeah I know. It really is kind of funny seeing that long fleshy piece of skin like that." I admitted laughing while the older boy looking at me quirkily.

"You've actually seen him naked before too?" He asked a bit surprised.

"Sure, I mean both him and Austin have spent plenty of nights sleeping over and all; especially, when Damian was still around. I think they looked forward to getting away when they could, so yeah we've sort of seen each other…you know naked at times getting changed and all." I admitted trying to make it sound like it had been a sort of casual thing and never anything that happened sexually.

It was something I felt was too private to admit, not to mention, not right to out my friends like that as I tried to deflect it even further. "You are right though with how Jake isn't all too bashful about being naked in front of others even though he's got a pretty small pecker, but Austin did tell me his used to be like Jake's too until he hit puberty. Now he's got a pretty fat one, which simply baffles me because when I look at Jake and how small and thin it is I can't believe that about a year ago…well a year and a half now…Austin's was just as small as Jake's. I mean his really is pretty fat and thick now, and not so short and stubby anymore even though it kind of looks short because it is so thick. Not only that, but unlike his little brother he's cut without any foreskin." I giggled laughing and shaking my head noticing how Roger was gawking at me.

"Wow…so um…Austin's is…uh…pretty big? I mean…I've always sort of suspected…but you know." He added blushing now realizing he was sort of admitting how he had at least been kind of curious about Austin, which really didn't surprise me because I had looked too when I first saw the other boy in the general store.

Smiling I understood how embarrassing talking about other boys like this could be between casual friends. "Um…anyway…I have noticed how Jake's seems to be getting thicker now too lately. I mean it's still on the thin side and small, but I have a feeling once puberty begins on him for real his will get pretty big too. He's a lot like his brother, but I'm guessing he won't hit puberty until a little older though from when Austin began. I'm not sure of course, but it seems that way considering he's now the same age when Austin began puberty and nothing much has happened yet in that department. From what Austin says his pecker was already pretty fat by that age, and even though Jake's gotten a little thicker it hasn't really begun for him. So I guess we will see." I admitted not realizing I had been rambling on about my two friends so openly telling Roger something which maybe should have been private.

Now after the fact I felt a little guilty about revealing such intimate things about my two friends, but I suppose it had just sort of happened because of the direction our conversation had wandered towards. For his part Roger had merely continued to gawk at me with his cheeks burning red and his face contorting a bit like he were trying to control himself. Suddenly he couldn't contain it any longer and busted a gut rolling on his side with his whole body shaking as he let loose. I had to admit it was kind of comical now that I thought about it beginning to chuckle as well.

"Oh shit Roger…please, you have to promise me you won't say anything about this to Austin or Jake. I mean…that was kind of a private thing to reveal to you about them." I pleaded with the older boy settling down wiping away the happy wetness from the corners of his eyes.

"Oh shit Sam for real…you are just too hilarious." He continued to chuckle wrapping his arms around me. "No I wouldn't do that to you." He sighed shaking his head. "Besides you're my friend." He admitted making me look at him sincerely.

"Really…you mean that…I mean with everything's that's happened and all between the two of us…and you being so much older and all. I mean sure I figured we were sort of friends and all, but just…I don't know…just sort of like casual kinds of friends…I don't know how to explain it." I admitted not understanding our friendship either.

"Of course we are friends, maybe more so because of our history. To be truthful…you are probably my only real friend. I mean because of Damian you were really the only one who treated me like a real friend when all of this crap was going on. You have no idea how much I appreciated that Sam…so yeah…I really mean it with how you are my friend." The older boy admitted making me smile feeling better about things.

"Roger?" I asked hesitantly with the boy unwinding and standing up holding out his hand to help me up.

"Yeah Sam."

"You…um…won't say anything to anyone else about me…you know…being gay and all. I mean…I haven't really told anyone else about it…not openly…I mean…I told my dad recently…but no one else…well not really. I'm sure some of the others kind of suspect and all…you know like Austin and Jake, but I haven't really admitted it. You are the first friend I've done that with." I revealed to him seeing the shocked look on his face.

"I…um…of course not Sam. I'd never hurt you like that…but for real…I'm the first one you've told…not even Austin and Jake?" He asked a bit surprised I'd be willing to share something so intimate with him while I shrugged my shoulders.

Of course Jamie and Paavo knew along with the Weilers, but I haven't openly admitted it to any of my other friends in Des Moines, not to mention Austin or Jake; although, I was fairly sure Austin knew I was gay purely because of my relationship with Jamie. If I thought on it maybe even Jake suspected, but still I haven't openly admitted it to any of them not like I had just done with Roger.

"I'm sure a few of them already know Roger…but it just sort of came out with you because of what just happened. I felt bad about taking advantage of the situation with you…but I also somehow felt comfortable letting you know about me. I can't explain it." I sighed shrugging my shoulders with him reaching out and giving me a quick hug.

"Then I'm glad you trusted me enough with your…um…you know…sexual preference." He stated seriously hugging me tightly to him, his once more hard erection pressing up against my body just above my own erection making me giggle as we separated and I looked down at the tenting in his shorts.

"You sure you don't want me to take care of that again for you. I mean it looks like you are still a bit horny." I giggled appreciating how his erection looked pressing against the blue silky like material hearing the older boy laughing and shaking his head.

"You are one to talk with that nice sized bulge in your own shorts…but no Sam." He chuckled shaking his head. "I'm not sure if us doing that sort of stuff together is the right thing to do considering our age difference and all." He exhaled softly not looking all that convinced as the memory of his rousing orgasm seemed to make him conflicted about the possibility of doing something like that again with me.

"Besides, I think I prefer you better as a friend. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize that because it means so much more to me for us to have that. For me it is more important than the few moments we'd have together in pleasure. Don't get me wrong what you did to me…um…you know…uh…was the best ever…I mean it was like fantastic and all, but I just…I don't know…the two of us…I just don't feel right about it." He smiled softly at me making me realize just how handsome he had become over the last several months.

Roger wasn't the same boy I had knocked on his ass several months back all wimpy like. He's filled out some and grown a little developing into a fine looking soon to be seventeen year old. There was still that quality of youthfulness about him, but his body was slowly shifting to the adult like qualities hinting at what he'd become once he grew into a young man. I'd be hard pressed to knock him on his ass these days I chuckled to myself.

"You did show me something though." Roger continued while smiling at me warmly nodding his head in thought. "Maybe it is time I start making an effort at having a relationship…you know…an intimate one." He admitted making me smile.

"That's great Roger…I'm sure one of the girls in your class would love to go out with you. I mean things are a lot different now since everyone sort of knows what really was going on…you know with Damian and threatening your little sister. So who's the lucky girl going to be in your class?" I asked kind of curious of who he was thinking about.

"Well…I…um…," he stuttered making me furl my eyebrows until I realized maybe it was someone either older or younger since there weren't that many girls to choose from in his age group.

"Oh…um…if it isn't a girl in your class that's cool too. Is it someone younger then?" I asked with him blushing confirming my suspicions. "Well that's cool too." I noted seeing the concern on his face making me wonder what the problem was now.

It didn't make any sense. I mean he just said maybe it was time to try having a meaningful relationship since everyone sort of knew now that he hadn't really been with Damian, but rather was forced into the situation. Then it sort of dawned on me how he might be having issues with the whole age thing.

"Are you concerned because you are older and all? I mean it isn't unusual for guys to date girls and stuff a year or so younger. I've seen that a lot; especially, in high school and all. It's actually kind of normal." I pointed out with him still looking a bit torn about it.

"I know you're right Sam…it's just…," He paused still looking conflicted.

Shrugging my shoulders I gave him a quick hug before trying to offer up what little advice I could knowing he would have to get over this whole age thing hurdle on his own in the end. "Listen Roger I'm sure whatever you decide will be fine, but if there's one thing I've found out over this past year is if you dwell on the 'what if's,' then life will pass you by and you will never know any happiness. I've had to learn some of this the hard way, and almost lost out with the people I really care about. Just think about it is all, and know I'm your friend so will always support you no matter what you decide. I want you to be happy is all." I told him sincerely giving him one more hug before making my way back to my bike, and leaving him to his own thoughts so he could sort them out on his own. It was tough leaving him alone like this again, but he was the only one who could sort through the emotions he was feeling.

The rest of the week simply flew by in the blink of an eye. As had become routine for us this summer, just about everyday we would all meet up at the lake to go swimming for a few hours with our bodies all having become that nice golden buttery glow all over. After a few hours the Lorenz brothers would go home to do chores and help around the orchard while we did the same. Then later on in the afternoon we would meet up at their house or ours, and hang out together for a few more ours. Our friendships seemed to grow and blossom.

Now with us spending so much time at the lake, having become virtual nudists, none of us were sporting any more tan lines, and damn, as each day passed my friends' bodies became more and more salaciously erotic in an exotic kind of way. It was all I could do to keep from jumping one of them and fucking their brains out. It was like that was the only thing on my mind these days with me struggling with those types of feelings. Jamie and I had talked about it extensively when we were snuggled up at night under the covers all alone with Paavo and Zak fast asleep in the other bed, but I really wasn't ready to take that next step because it frightened me. Still it didn't stop me from having those urges.

This now had all pretty much become routine for us. We did different things, but the lake was the main summer event for all of us because it was there where we were always together. The weeks simply seemed to zip by us at a rapid clip. Even the fourth of July had come and gone without much ado. Since it was taking Zak's mom much longer than anticipated he had simply stayed at the farm with the rest of us, settling into a sort of routine.

As the summery days trickled away lazily we sort of fell into a routine, with me and Zak becoming closer together in a brotherly kind of way. Any more the smaller boy was attached to my hips like a flea on a bird dog. He following me around like a little lost puppy, but I didn't mind accepting him and even enjoyed his close companionship as the brotherly love and bond between us continued to blossom and grow. Even though Zak was a constant presence in my life I still managed to find plenty of my own private moments with my two true loves in life.

While my relationship with Zak continued to blossom in a healthy kind of brotherly way, my passion and intimate tender loving connection with both Jamie and Paavo grew even further. The sex between us seemed to get better and better each day to the point where it was simply profound how such a thing could even exist. At night the passionate intimacy between me and Jamie while we snuggled up in bed as the other two boys slept soundly deepened in such a close and personal kind of way. It was no longer about sex for the two of us, but rather the deep emotional connection we held towards one another which was so profound it defied explanation in a reasonable fashion. The sex was a natural byproduct of this, and was intensely amazing with the two of us eagerly waiting for the evening hours where we could snuggle up together beneath the blanket and share our deep insightful love.

In the morning I would wake up completely refreshed and full of life ready to start the day. It's been a long time since I've actually felt such contentment in my life. After breakfast it had become part of the routine that Jamie would take Zak for a bath. I was pretty sure the smaller boy sort of knew I needed some alone time with Paavo in an intimate kind of way, and he basically seemed to accept it, just like he accepted me sleeping with Jamie at night. Besides, he most definitely didn't mind taking a bath with the older long haired boy.

I suspected in a way it was how he could spend some alone time as well with Jamie since he snuggled up at night with Paavo. So in a way he viewed it as sharing time with all of us because during the day he always cuddled up with me, at night he nestled up against Paavo, and in the morning during bath time he snuggled up in the tub with Jamie as the two of them washed each other off enjoying the sensuous kind of innocent touching that came at bath time.

It quickly became obvious Zak was enjoying the tender love and affection lavished his way by one and all in our close knit circle of friends. Everyone including the Lorenz brothers completely adored the little eight year old boy, soon to be nine in a few months, and he was literally passed around from one boy to the next. At times I had to smile because we all had become accustomed to hugging and kissing the smaller boy in such an affectionate manner. It pleased me to note it was never in a sexual way, but rather in such a fond little brotherly kind of fashion. It was difficult not to lavish such fondness on the smaller boy because he was just too adorably cute in not only a physical kind of way, but also his personality. In many ways he was like our own little puppy dog.

While Jamie and Zak took a bath, Paavo and I would slip away into the loft which had now been pretty much converted into our little private getaway. The passionate caressing caring love was no less between the two of us than it was between me and Jamie. He satiated me in such a climactic way that it left me breathless each and every time. How sex can still seem so wonderful and new each and every time baffled my sensibilities. I would have thought like with most things in life sex would become another one of those normal hum drum activity where for a fleeting few moments our sexual needs were satiated; yet somehow, like with Jamie, it simply grew and blossomed into something bigger and deeper in meaning. It was a love that continued to grow deep down within the very fiber of our being. I instinctively knew that with both Jamie and Paavo this feeling would never go away. The two boys completed me in a way I never thought possible or even dreamed would ever happen, much less so soon in my life. I knew without a doubt that with these two boys I was…well…simply put…home.

When Saturday rolled around it was routine as usual, but there was also a bit of excitement in the air from Paavo which naturally insinuated itself into the rest of us. His father was coming to visit with us today, and would be arriving right around noon. It's been weeks and weeks since the boy had seen his father last. The man had come down to the farm about a week after Paavo arrived to visit using the ticket I had purchased for him. He noticed just how much his son enjoyed it at the farm so had agreed to allow him to stay for the summer so long as it was alright with the Weilers.

At the lake the Lorenz brothers promised to drop by a little early so they could meet Paavo's dad having missed out the last time around. The twelve year old boy couldn't gush enough about his father, and I had to smile admitting to myself that the beautiful Estonian boy really did have a cool dad which was something the Lorenz brothers and I never really experienced. My dad was no where's near as bad as Austin's and Jake's stepfather had been, but Paavo's dad really was a great father.

So it was no surprise that when we walked back to the farm Paavo literally screamed dropping everything running towards his father who lifted up his son in his big strong arms without much effort. What did surprise me though was to see them both collapsing on the grass out front and squirm around playfully with his father literally pulling the back of the boy's shorts down and biting the little twelve year old blond haired blue eyed bombshell of a fine looking kid right on the ass giving it a good playful nibble. Paavo immediately squealed jerking and wriggling out of his father's grasp his cute little erection and boy balls popping out into view briefly until he tugged up his shorts. It was too hilarious and even Aunt Harriet rolled her eyes at the sexy Estonian boy's brief exposure while we all laughed and Paavo blushed embarrassed about exposing himself in front of another woman like that. It didn't last long because his dad hoisted him up and threw the boy over his shoulders bouncing along the way while Paavo tried to giggle in little spurts because he was being jiggle around fairly roughly. Walking up to the rest of us who were still laughing he unceremoniously dumped his son at our feet.

"Hey!" Paavo complained, but not too loudly since he really didn't mind in the least with it seemingly being a familiar game between father and son.

Zak helped Paavo to his feet brushing him off and of course couldn't resist when he got to the other boys erection giving it a firm squeeze for good measure. "Ouch…hey!" Paavo yelped in surprise shoving Zak's hand away while he glanced at Aunt Harriet blushing about thirty different shades of red, a tad more than a little embarrassed by the obvious erection and grope the younger boy had lavished his way.

Of course it didn't help that his own father suddenly burst out laughing while reaching out giving his son's erection a good squeeze as well while teasing him at the same time. "What…being out on the farm doesn't provide you with enough privacy to take care of your personal boy needs?" The older man taunted his younger son ruffling his hair while Paavo blushed about ready to die, but not seemingly surprised by the comment either.

I suppose such bantering was fairly common in Estonia with parents; especially, fathers teasing their sons in this fashion, but over here it was a bit different. Even I was shocked noticing how both Zak and Jamie also looked on in stunned amazement before we all began to laugh our asses off with Paavo giving me a punch in the arm and rolling his eyes. Glancing towards the Weilers I was a bit surprised at how they accepted the lighthearted bantering between father and son in good stride. They had even managed to bring Jamie into their arms and were hugging the boy up against their bodies with their arms draped over his shoulders and chest affectionately. Ever since Jamie's become more receptive to being touched the two elderly couple have lavished their love on their grandnephew every chance they could. I've even heard them talking to the other boy to see if he'd be receptive to them adopting him officially now that he could understand what this meant. Of course Jamie was beside himself saying as far as he was concerned they were his true parents, so lately they've been talking with Judge Williamson about it and actually getting the paperwork started.

We were sitting at the table eating some lunch when Uncle Walt got a call from Mr. Tom Thompson, the man who ran his garage. Evidently he was having a problem with a big corn combine harvesters needing some repairs as soon as possible from one of the largest corn farms in the region, and needed some help because he was stumped as to what the problem may be.

"I'm really sorry about this Paavo." Uncle Walt addressed Mr. Kirsipuu kind of confusing things because the man had the same first name as his son.

"Oh do not be feeling so bad." The man replied in his deep Estonian accent we've become so familiar hearing with Paavo junior.

It was Aunt Harriet who made the suggestion that catapulted events to follow in a way that would change everything from here on out. "Well, why not drop Mr. Kirsipuu and the boys off into town before going out to the garage?" She suggested which seemed to agree with all of us.

Paavo sat up front with his dad and Uncle Walt while Jamie, Zak, and I buckled up on the back bench of the truck's cab area. I was really surprised to note how easily the truck accommodated six passengers, even though technically Paavo was too young to sit in the front seat. This was farm country though so some things the law tended to turn a blind eye towards. We were driving down the road when I recalled something Paavo had told me about his dad on an occasion or two so figured I'd drop a hint to Uncle Walt.

"Um…Uncle Walt…you know back in Estonia Paavo's dad worked on the military base fixing and repairing equipment. Maybe he'd be able to help you guys out?" I offered up with Uncle Walt turning towards Mr. Kirsipuu.

"Really…you have experience with big equipment like our farm combines?" Uncle Walt asked with Mr. Kirsipuu shrugging his shoulders.

"Well I worked on all sorts of machinery on the base, but I don't really know much about farm equipment." He offered up with Uncle Walt scrunching up his eyes.

"You know I don't really think it matters all that much. I'm sure you had all sorts of different vehicles you needed to work on, and from my experience most engines are fairly typical. Of course there will be differences with how some things operate just like there is a difference between a truck and a jeep, but still the basic way engines and motors work are fairly typical. If you are willing I'd like to have you take a look to see what you think." The elderly man offered up with Paavo's dad shrugging his shoulders thinking it couldn't hurt.

A couple of hours later the job was done. Once Uncle Walt introduced Mr. Kirsipuu to Mr. Thompson the two of them dove right into it with Paavo's father immediately spotting the issue. They didn't have the proper part on hand so it would need to be special ordered, but Mr. Kirsipuu offered up a temporary fix that would work for now until the part came in so long as the farm owner took things easy. Mr. Thomson looked very impressed.

"So is he the one who is going to replace me?" The man asked seriously catching Uncle Walt by surprise as he glanced over towards Paavo's father.

"You know that's an interesting thought." He countered stroking his chin thoughtfully looking at Paavo's father who obviously looked at Mr. Thompson and then Mr. Weiler a bit at a loss because he didn't know what they were talking about.

"Listen Paavo," Uncle Walt began addressing Mr. Kirsipuu. "Tom here is fixing to retire and I need someone to run the garage. The only problem is not many know their way around big equipment. From what I've seen, and Tom seems to agree, you are more than qualified so if you'd be interested I'd hire you in a heartbeat. I think you could make a real go of it earning decent money. We always have way more work than we can handle, and even have to turn some people away because Tom isn't here really full time because he has his own farm. I'm sure though there'd be plenty of business for you to do this full time and earn a really good living in the process. If things work out when the time is right I could even hand over ownership to you for good. I'm getting to that point where I need to hand off the business to the next generation. Tom here never was looking for it since he has his own farm, but at the time it worked out for both of us. Now though I need to find a permanent fix that works for our community. We are the only garage in the region that can do this kind of work. If we aren't here people would have to go to Council Bluffs, and they do a lousy job over there. People trust us with their machinery." He pointed out in all seriousness offering the man a job right there on the spot.

Mr. Kirsipuu gawked in disbelief, staring first at Tom and then Walt not knowing what to say before he glanced at his son who was also standing there in stunned silence. "I…I don't know what to say. I mean, this sounds very good, but where would I even stay? I'd have to find somewhere and pay rent and everything. I'm not sure what this job pays or if I'd be able to afford everything. You know living expenses, finding a home and paying for it. Then there is the whole issue of my Work Visa through our church. This is a lot to think about." Mr. Kirsipuu stated seriously when Uncle Walt busted up laughing along with Tom who knew exactly what his old friend was thinking.

"Paavo, believe me from what your son and Sam have told me I'm sure you'd be making out like a bandit over here. Come…I've got something to show you. Tom?" Uncle Walt looked over towards his old friend who tossed him a set of keys.

We followed Uncle Walt through a door in the back corner of the garage that led out to the side of the building on to a paved sidewalk. Following it towards the back he opened up a tall gated fence which blocked the view to the other side. Stepping through the gate it opened up into a beautiful open landscape with rolling hills which were still untouched. I don't know how many acres this property sat on, but it was a totally different world out back here, and I could see Paavo and his dad staring around in total amazement. Picking out a key from the large ring Uncle Walt opened up a door that led into a beautiful small two bedroom apartment unit with a nice living room, kitchen, and a separate dining room. Off to the side was a small hallway with four doors. One led to the main bathroom and two of the other doors into separate bedrooms. The larger one was the master bedroom with its own full sized bathroom, and the other one was a little smaller, obviously a boy's room from the furnishings inside, which I knew had belonged to Tom's Son when their family stayed here. Uncle Walt then took them through the fourth door which led into a car garage that also housed the utility room with a full sized washer and dryer.

"So, all of this comes with the job." Uncle Walt held out his arms waving at everything. "Even the furnishing stays. Tom and his family stayed here when they alternated their time between the farm and the garage so they will take their personal belongings, but all the furniture, beds, washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove, and some of the other stuff stays." Uncle Walt pointed out leading them back into the house so they could look around again.

"This is very impressive and much bigger than where we are living now. So how much is this going to cost us?" Mr. Kirsipuu asked starting to seriously think this could actually work.

"No rent no nothing just whatever utility bills come in. The job is a package deal." Uncle Walt countered also getting serious and down to business seeing a golden opportunity where everyone makes out in this sort of deal as he continued to explain.

"Later on if you decide to buy the place then we will figure something out. Truthfully, when that time comes I don't think it would change things all that much because right now I get a percentage of what comes into the garage and you get the rest. Tom will stick around showing you the books with all the finances involved and how to run the business. I'll be there as well, but for the day to day garage operations he will stay until you are comfortable with taking over the business. As far as the finances and stuff I am the one who really takes care of the accounting issues, but you will be responsible for it as well on some level. I'm sure once you see the books you will be pleased with your income. I promise you, what you earn here will be more than enough to live on." Uncle Walt stated confidently.

"This is almost too good to believe. I've always wanted to work in a garage, but to actually maybe own one is beyond something I've been able to dream of. My only concern now is a Work Visa because mine is through our church." He pointed out.

"I don't think this will be a problem. I'll work things out with Judge Williamson. This is a critical skill and job set for our region so getting a visa won't be an issue." Uncle Walt stated confidently. "As a matter of fact on the way into town we will drop by the courthouse. It's Saturday, but he's usually in his office in the afternoons catching up with paperwork. If he says it isn't an issue do we have a deal?" Uncle Walt asked point blank while Mr. Kirsipuu looked at Paavo who was beginning to get excited now at the prospect of actually living here.

"Yes…I think we have a deal." Mr. Kirsipuu announced and then jumping in surprise because suddenly all of us boys who had been standing around in silence literally began jumping up and down yelling at the top of our lungs at the happy news making Uncle Walt and Mr. Kirsipuu chuckle. Even Tom who had just entered smiled figuring a deal must have been struck.

Holding out his hand to Paavo's dad, Mr. Thompson congratulated the man. "Believe me Paavo you won't regret this deal. I had taken it on so I could pay for my son's college education, but he's got a full scholarship so I can pretty much retire instead." He teased. "I'm sure you will find out you can make a go at it earning a good living here, and the people in these parts will be happy to have a first-rate mechanic on hand; especially, once word gets out what you just did for us here today. People around these parts are very open and friendly so long as they know you are an honest decent working family man. I'm sure you and your son will fit right in. He already has good friends who are well known and liked by the folks around here, and well you can count on me and Walt to have your back. I'm sure Walt told you I will stick around until you are ready, and even then I'll be available part time if things get backed up for you. Between me and Walt I think you will find yourself in good hands." The man pointed out which made everyone feel really good at what just happened here today.

When we got to town it didn't take much convincing for us to get Judge Williamson out of his office with Uncle Walt promising to treat him to a nice little Sundae at the soda fountain in the general store. That is when and if he managed to untangle himself from mine and Jamie's embrace, the old man chuckling and blushing with embarrassment. To us Mr. Joe was like a grandfather, and he seemed to relish the hugs we lavished on him. It reminded me I needed to be more mindful, and take the time from my own schedule to be with the man. He really was a nice guy, and even though he was a judge with tremendous power and influence in this region I still thought of him as the average "Joe" I had met in the park.

Making our way to the general store it seemed a bit crowded. Now with summer in full swing the place was always busy as a beehive these days even for a small town like this. After ordering, a group of young kids got up from one of the few tables offering it up to us out of respect for the judge who simply rolled his eyes but thanked them for their kindness.

"So young man." The judge smiled directing his attention towards me. "I understand you have a birthday coming up." He smiled nodding his head in thought.

"Oh yes, next Monday and I'm having a party for just close friends and family so you have to come, even if it is just for a little while. There really isn't an official start time, but Uncle Walt is going to have a big barbeque for everyone so I figured anytime in the afternoon." I told him seriously with him looking at me a bit shocked. "Really Mr. Joe, you are more like family to us." I pointed out with the judge smiling at the little curly haired boy who had unceremoniously plunked himself into the older man's lap without a care in the world as to who he really was other than someone I cared about deeply.

All Zak knew was that I had hugged and given the man a kiss, which in his view meant the man was family. It was just that simple for the smaller boy who immediately took a liking to the older man. I had introduced the judge to Paavo as one of my closest and best friends from back in Des Moines along with his father, and then introduced Zak who had swiftly added the little brothers title to the aspect of things prompting the man to furl his eyebrows questioningly at me. I quickly explained how we had adopted one another since it looked like his mom and my dad were getting married at some point.

I smiled watching the judge lean down and give Zak a kiss on the cheek knowing full well that for some reason people who I knew automatically seemed drawn to cuddling and kissing the younger boy. "Well then I think I can wrap up things a little early in court that day for your party. So…what should I bring…you know gift wise? It's been years since I've had to think of such things…you know…for kids and all." He stated in all seriousness literally embarrassing me.

"What…no…I mean…my party is no gifts allowed." I announced with the judge squinting his eyes questioningly. "Um…well you see…I…uh…a few years back I started having my birthday with only close friends and family. In my neighborhood most kids can't afford much so I started having a no gift birthday party. This way no one had to worry about it. Ever since I started doing this I've had the best times at my party because no one had to worry about it, and we simply were able to have fun together." I explained with the judge smiling and nodding his head.

"Good, then it sounds like a plan…but we still have to talk seriously about another matter." He added waving me off when I looked at him questioningly indicating it wasn't important for now but we'd get to it later making me wonder what on earth he had up his sleeve now.

After that Uncle Walt explained the situation about Mr. Kirsipuu, and by the time we finished our little ice cream treat and were heading home everyone was comfortable with what had been discussed. The only sad part about it all was Paavo would be heading home with his dad. The good part though was Mr. Kirsipuu promised to have him back before next Monday for my birthday party. They didn't have much to pack up, but he needed to get things settled with the church he worked for, and didn't want to leave them in a bind. So both Paavo and his dad would spend the week back in Des Moines getting things in order, and since they didn't really own much would pack everything up into the back of their truck and head over here to Blue Meadows on Saturday. This way we could help them get squared away on Sunday, and Paavo could be there for my party on Monday. Even though the party didn't officially start until later on in the afternoon, for me and my friends it would start with us spending time at the lake. That had become a constant fixture now in our routine, and one I enjoyed a lot.

With Paavo gone it was like a part of me was missing, but at least Zak and Jamie were still with me. I didn't know what I was going to do after summer. If my mom decided not to move here I was going to be totally lost. I knew my place was with her, and even though I had insisted on coming back here, if it was going to be a choice at the end of summer between here without my mom and Des Moines with my mom it was going to have to be with my mom. This worried me because I would be lost without Jamie and Paavo since the blond blue eyed Estonian boy was now going to move here. Then there was the issue with Zak; if we stayed in Des Moines then I'd have the eight year old boy, if I stayed here in Blue Meadows then I'd have Jamie and Paavo only to sorely miss my little brother. Why did things have to be so complicated?

It was a difficult agonizing week without my Estonian lover. With him gone it also created some other issues. For one thing Zak snuggled up with me and Jamie at night cutting into our sexual escapades. Without Paavo my usual morning trysts also had been cut out of my schedule. That isn't to say Jamie and I didn't manage to get some alone time, but we most definitely weren't together as much in an intimate sexual way. In some ways I didn't mind because I loved cuddling up at night with my little curly haired angel who now shared mine and Jamie's bed. Besides, my love for the long haired boy didn't depend on sex; although, it was a nice added bonus which I didn't mind acting on every chance I got. After all I was a typical twelve year old horny boy.

When Saturday finally did roll around there was an air of excitement because Paavo would be arriving later on in the day. For some reason even Boxey was acting strange all morning whining and literally pawing at Jamie becoming almost clingy if such a thing were possible for a dog making me wonder if our excitement had him all wound up. I've noticed in the past how Boxey tended to be very sensitive to how I felt, and now that he's so attached to Jamie I suppose the dog was in tune with the other boy's moods as well. Several times the long haired boy had to gently shove the intrusive dog away glancing my way questioningly with me just as baffled. Pausing from the keyboard on my laptop I looked up and smiled noticing Jamie yawn making me chuckle.

"That's what you get for staying up half the night chatting with Zak." I teased with the other boy smiling and yawning once more while I became momentarily distracted with what he was wearing.

The boy looked absolutely delectably delicious in his athletic blue colored Ralph Lauren Muscle Tee made of polyester with a crew neckline, sleeveless silhouette along both sides, and the signature metallic Big Pony logo in a smaller size on the left chest. He had also slipped into a pair of Lazulite colored Epic Threads Plaid cargo shorts making me salivate with lust. The shorts were basically a pair of overall plaid print shorts with varying shades of checkered blocks ranging from a light gray blue to a medium gray blue along with a solid blue shaded blocked pattern matching the color of his athletic blue muscle shirt. The cotton shorts with a zip fly had an elastic waist band, side slant pockets, and flap cargo pockets at the side legs. In my opinion the varying shades of gray blue and solid blue coloration of his clothes really went well with his deeply toned skin coloration and gray blue eyes.

The outfit he was wearing radiated an aura of boyish sexuality which made my penis twitch excitedly in my own pair of zip fly button up cotton moonbeam beige colored Levi Huntington cargo shorts and matching D-ring belt, side angled pockets, and cargo pockets with button closure at the sides. I had also tossed on the exact same muscle shirt as Jamie, but mine was red. I noticed the other boy glancing at me lustfully at times as well making me chuckle at our raging hormones.

Shaking the lustful cobwebs from my brain I sighed realizing that the two boys really hadn't stayed up that late, but I guess with us getting up earlier than usual this morning it had some of us a bit more tired than usual. I suppose we couldn't sleep in any longer due to the excitement of Paavo coming in today, and this had my long haired little sexy tiger a bit on the tired side this morning. I had stayed up as well, but I guess these days I tended to sleep much better once I fell asleep feeling completely refreshed first thing in the morning. Even Zak had admitted to me that ever since he's been snuggling up with Paavo, and now with us, he's been sleeping better than ever. I knew how he felt because with Jamie curled up in my arms at night it was like a natural sleep balm lulling me into a deep state of refreshing slumber.

Currently Zak was out in the barn with Uncle Walt waiting for me and Jamie to join him so we could go to the lake. Jamie was smiling and shoving some towels into his small backpack for our daily trip to the lake with Boxey pacing around nervously and even whining. Sighing and shaking my head figuring the dog was also itching to go to the lake I finished up with my journal and shut down my computer standing back up and stretching the kinks out of my body.

I was looking forward to meeting up with Austin and Jake so I suppose the dog wasn't the only one looking forward with heading out to the lake. I began stepping away from my computer when suddenly I heard Boxey giving out a sharp bark followed by a little yelping noise which immediately grabbed my attention because it was something he simply never did. I looked up just in time to see Boxey insert his body between Jamie and the floor as the boy toppled over with the dog taking most of the brunt from the heavy body. The dog scrambled out from beneath the boy and immediately settled down next to him.

At first I stared not understanding what just happened when I noticed how Jamie's body had gone completely rigid and stiff almost like he was having an orgasm, but most definitely different and absolutely in no way looking like he was enjoying the experience. His muscles began to contract all throughout his body, and even his face began to twitch with him sucking air in little gasps sounding like hiccups while his head wobbled around in little jolts. His arms were bent to his chest stiffly, jerking around spastically in little twitches along with his legs. It took me a moment to realize he was having a seizure because it's nothing like how they depict this sort of thing in movies where someone violently thrashes around. This was just as horrifying though, maybe even worse because his whole body had become stiff as a board with it twitching around. The blank expression on his face is what truly alarmed me to the very core of my being.

Fear gripped me with immobility in a way I've never experienced before as the horrific scene unfolded in front of me. It's like I was frozen in place for hours, but I knew it was only a couple of seconds because it was the wetness of my bladder emptying out and trickling down the sides of my legs that brought me immediately back into the land of the here and now. I hadn't even realized I was screaming for Aunt Harriet with my voice fading into nothingness while I finally managed to get my legs to move. My shouts for help must have been heard because there was a loud crashing noise downstairs like something had been dropped and shattered into a million pieces on the floor.

Rushing to the boy's side, ignoring the potent ammonia like stench of my urine forming puddles along the way on the wooden floor, I immediately knelt down next to my sweet innocent precious miracle. I was absolutely horrified and beside myself with worry, the panic beginning to take hold once more fueled by a deep seated fear which began to bubble up from deep down inside of me. My mind began to work a million miles an hour trying to think of what I was supposed to do in this type of situation while I tried to force down not only my fear, but the bile inside of my throat as well. Taking a deep breath to calm myself a memory tickled at the back of my mind. Taking another deep breath I tried to remember when it suddenly leaped into my mind. A kid at my school back in Des Moines had a seizure in the cafeteria, and afterwards we had a big assembly explaining what to do in a similar situation since it had scared the crap out of many students and staff alike.

Closing my eyes I recalled the illustrated images they had displayed on the big screen up into my mind ticking them off one by one. Protect the person from injury by first, keeping him from falling if you can, or try to guide the person gently to the floor. Well Boxey took care of that one I noted to myself. Second, try to move furniture or other objects that might injure the person during the seizure. Well he was in the middle of the floor with nothing else around so that was good. Third, if the person is having a seizure and is on the ground when you arrive, try to position the person on his or her side so that fluid can leak out of the mouth. But be careful not to apply too much pressure to the body. Jamie's body was still rigid, but I managed to gently roll him on his side. Third, do not force anything, including your fingers, into the person's mouth. Putting something in the person's mouth may cause injuries to him, such as chipped teeth or a fractured jaw. You could also get bitten. Well that one was self explanatory. Fourth, do not try to hold down or move the person. This can cause injury, such as a dislocated shoulder.

Whimpering and biting my lower lip knowing I couldn't do anything else at the moment I sat next to Jamie on the floor keeping a close eye on him trying to remember everything I could about the event in case the doctor needed any information. "It's alright Jamie, I'm right here and so is Boxey. Here comes Aunt Harriet," I whispered soothingly rubbing his arm gently.

This had all taken only seconds with Aunt Harriet literally sprinting up the stairs like a teenager cresting the top and taking in the scene in a split second. "What happened?" She asked kneeling down next to the boy glancing over my way when she smelled the pungent odor noticing the large wet spot in the front of my shorts, but not saying anything about it.

I quickly explained in detail what happened getting up at the same time heading for the stairs. "Keep him on his side, time the seizure, and don't hold him down or anything." I ordered rounding the corner to the steps getting ready to head down, but pausing for a moment to complete my instructions. "When his seizure is over with and only if he is having a hard time breathing then clear out his mouth and throat with your finger. You don't have to worry about loosening his clothes since he isn't wearing anything tight, but don't give him anything to drink or eat right away." I barked out the order pounding down the stairs, out the door, and into the barn yelling the entire way.

Bursting through the barn door Uncle Walt was already hustling towards me having heard my screams. "It's Jamie…he's having a seizure. Hurry up Aunt Harriet needs you. He's upstairs in the bedroom." I yelled out noticing Uncle Walt bolting out the door and literally dashing into the house like an eighteen year old sprinter amazing me that these two old couple still had a bit of spring in their step.

Grabbing Zak who had simply frozen into place, I hoisted him up into my arms and ran after Uncle Walt back into the house. The boy wasn't all that big, but I was only a few years older so he was a pretty heavy load for me, yet somehow like Uncle Walt I had managed to sprint back into the house and up the stairs without realizing I had been carrying the boy in my arms the entire time. Both Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet were next to Jamie now and to my horror he was still having the seizure.

"Is he still having the seizure?" I asked setting Zak on to the ground and grabbing his arm pulling him towards the opposite side of the room.

Uncle Walt was on the phone with the doctor explaining the situation while Aunt Harriet answered my question. "No, it only lasted a couple of seconds longer after you headed down the stairs, but then right when Walt came back up he had another one." She replied with me nodding my head hearing Uncle Walt on the phone now.

"I…I'm not sure how long the first seizure lasted Doctor Swanson, but this second one is just now finishing so that one is about fifteen seconds." He replied.

"Thirty seconds." I shouted out opening my belt buckle and unsnapping my shorts letting them drop to the floor.

"What?" Both Aunt Harriet and Uncle Walt asked at the same time before looking over towards me with my Aunt's gaze automatically taking in my nakedness.

"I said, his first seizure lasted only thirty seconds. Boxey noticed it first and barked out a warning before breaking Jamie's fall on to the floor." I replied ignoring Aunt Harriet's shocked expression concerning my nakedness, which lasted only a split second before she composed herself.

It's amazing how six months ago I wouldn't have dared strip in front of anyone else; especially, not another woman, but at the moment I had to get out of my soiled shorts, and anymore being seen naked by the Weilers no longer felt so strange. In many ways they had become more like family to me than anything so I didn't feel so self conscious about it when I knelt in front of Zak tugging down his swim trunks as well catching him by complete surprise.

"Hey, what gives?" Zak protested glancing towards Aunt Harriet who was still gazing at us before she looked away while the smaller boy tried to cover up his little boy bits.

He blushed a crimson red, but realized it was too late with Aunt Harriet having seen his little eight year old boy's little thingy and danglies. He wasn't wearing a shirt, only a pair of red polyester Quiksilver Boys' Junior G Board Shorts with a tie at waist, new short fly, and a flap cargo pocket along the right leg. He had looked absolutely so adorably cute in them, but now looked stunningly sexy in his golden tanned naked state.

Zak was staring at Jamie completely horrified, but also looked like he was about to cry because he was standing there completely naked and totally confused why I had stripped him. "Listen Zak," I began to explain hearing Uncle Walt relay to the doctor what I had told him. "Jamie's really sick so we are probably going to be heading to the hospital. You can't go dressed like that, and I have to get cleaned up because I…um…had an accident…you know…wet myself. It was scary seeing that, but Jamie's going to be alright." I explained quickly opening up my dresser drawer rummaging through it picking out some clothes for myself before grabbing several things for Zak at the same time. I had paused only long enough riffling through the clothes trying to pick out something nice for both of us.

Shoving the pile of clothes into Zak's hand forcing him to uncover his privates while he blushed glancing towards the two elderly couple who were occupied at the moment, I picked him up into my arms feeling the boy wrapping his legs around me. I immediately ducked into the bathroom setting him back down unceremoniously. He stood there watching me while I grabbed a rag, got it wet, and ran it quickly over the area where I had messed myself first before rinsing it out and running it over the rest of my naked body figuring a sponge bath would have to do since it would be a long day.

"Sam and Zak, make it quick." I heard Uncle Walt shouting just beyond the door before grunting with what I figured was him picking up Jamie into his arms. "We are heading to the main hospital in Council Bluffs to have Jamie checked out there with some tests. Doctor Swanson is calling ahead, and will meet us there as well." He shouted out with me replying we will be done in a minute.

Rinsing out the rag I quickly sponged off Zak as well, the boy still in shock and sniffling because things were happening so fast, but not complaining in the least. "I'm sorry Zak I…I shouldn't have stripped you naked out there in front of everyone. I know how sensitive you are about that sort of thing, and so am I, but with Jamie…it…it's just I had to hurry with things." I apologized when I felt the boy suddenly wrap his arms around my neck hugging me tightly.

"I…I don't care about that…well not too much." He sniffled releasing me so I could finish up while he explained. "It's just…Jamie…is…is he going to be alright? I'm scared Sam." He admitted while I paused briefly to give him the attention he needed at the moment.

"Me too Zak," I confessed pausing long enough to wrap him up in my arms again, kissing his cheek, and holding him to me comfortingly. "But I'm sure it will be alright. Jamie didn't get hurt, but we need to find out why he had the seizure. It's a scary thing to witness, and it even made me wet myself because I was alone with him when it happened, but thank goodness Boxey was here as well to break his fall. He must have known all along because he was acting weird all morning." I stated picking up the boy's clothes, and despite the seriousness of the situation smiled because somehow I had managed to pick out an outfit that completely matched.

I had to admit that Zak's mom had great tastes because he was going to look stunningly adorable in this still brand new never worn outfit. Somehow the colors had attracted my attention, and I selected them because I knew they would match his new sneaks I planned on him finally wearing. When we had packed up some clothes for Zak at his apartment before coming here, I had basically tossed a little of everything into a bag, but I noticed a set of new clothes with the tags still attached so had thrown those in as well. When the boy had seen me toss in his new outfit he also shoved in his new matching sneakers. For some reason he never got around to wearing the new outfit until now.

Smiling at the boy I held up a spanking brand new pair of orange colored cotton boy's briefs with the Calvin Klein logo written in orange along a broad black waistband. Zak slipped his legs into the openings and I tugged them up until the material snuggled up against his body making me smile at the cute little bulge in front. I couldn't resist reaching out and giving them a little squeeze making Zak blush and giggle a little at my affectionate display breaking some of the tension we were both experiencing. Next came his blizzard blue colored flat front Tommy Hilfiger Boys' Kent Shorts. They had a zip fly with button closure; belt loops with a wide white cotton D-ring belt, and slant-front pockets. Sitting him down on the toilet seat I helped him slip his feet into a pair of orange ankle puma socks with gray logo graphics at the soles, arch, and ankle. Finally I slipped his orange colored Nautica Boys' Big J Class Solid Polo shirt over his head. It was a preppy style two-button placket polo shirt with the coolest embroidered number "8" patch at the right sleeve, contrast ribbed collar and sleeve trim, and sail shaped logo on the left chest all of which matched the same light blue coloration of his blue shorts. The shirt was so damn adorably cute on him, and when the boy stood up I had to admit he was a sexy hot little eight year old looking boy.

With Zak dressed I quickly slipped on my regular white pair of Hanes boy's briefs before sliding into another one of my Levi Huntington cargo shorts, this one in a mineral red color with a matching colored wide D-ring mesh belt. Next I slipped on a biking red colored short sleeved button up Sean John Boys' Work Woven Shirt that matched my shorts. It had a point collar button-front placket, button epaulets at the shoulders, flap pockets with button closure at the chests, stripe trims at the short arm cuffs, and button tabs at the sleeves. Sitting down I pulled on a pair of black Ralph Lauren color blocked quarter socks with red colored toes, gray colored heel, and a red colored embroidered pony logo on the side. I had to admit I looked pretty sharp too all courtesy of the Weilers when they had taken me clothes shopping a while back.

Both Zak and I headed out into the bedroom while I helped him slip into his grey, white, blue, and orange colored Nike Boys' Free 5.0 Running Sneakers from Finish Line that matched exactly the color of his underwear, shirt, and shorts perfectly. The Upper part of the shoes was a synthetic orange colored mesh with orange lacing and a light blue tab holding the upper two laces on the tongue of the mesh. The mid-soles were made from a material called Phylon with the same blizzard blue color of the highlights on his shirt and his blue colored shorts. The large white Nike swoosh logo ran across the blue colored mid-soles. The white colored rubber outsoles with free flex grooves were separated by a thin yellow line from the mid-soles. When the smaller boy stood up testing out his shoes he smiled pleasantly pleased watching me slip into my tan colored Hush Puppies dress sneaks with the upper portion made from nubuck suede leather, a lining made of micro fiber, and an outsole made of thermoplastic rubber.

Picking up one of the bags I shoved in a few more items into it before hurrying into the bathroom gathering up our toiletries. I didn't know how long we would be staying or if the hospital would want Jamie to stay overnight, but I wanted to be prepared just in case. Grabbing Zak by the hand I paused long enough to realize my soiled clothes had already been picked up, probably by Aunt Harriet, so hustled downstairs noticing Mrs. Weiler also holding a small overnight bag waiting for us at the door and locking up behind her. We hurried towards the truck that was waiting for us with Mr. Weiler cradling Jamie in his arms by the back door of the truck. Boxey was whining and pacing with his head held down looking extremely upset.

"We can't leave Boxey." I stated opening up the back door to the truck ordering him inside, with me and Zak climbing in as well on to the bench seat.

I ordered the Lab to lie down on the floor while I buckled us all in tossing my bag up front. Uncle Walt put Jamie in as well letting him lay down across the length of the seat between me and Zak. I cradled Jamie's head and shoulders in my lap while Mrs. Weiler hopped into the truck up front getting strapped in. She shifted in her seat looking back towards us and reaching out to Jamie who was fast asleep rubbing his cheeks before turning back around when the truck lurched forward and we sped towards the hospital.

It really hadn't taken us all that long to get ready. When I looked at my watch I noted it had only taken about ten to fifteen minutes from when Jamie first had his seizure to us flying down the long driveway and on to the main road. Shoving my hand into my pocket I pulled out my phone scrolling through my numbers and selected the name I was searching for. When Austin picked up on the other end I quickly told him Jamie had a seizure, and we were on our way to the hospital so we wouldn't be making it to the lake. Of course he was worried, but at the moment I didn't have much to tell him promising my friend I'd call later when we had more information. I also reminded him how Paavo and his dad were probably on their way from Des Moines so asked him to let them know as well. I also asked him to get the phone number for the garage at Paavo's place so I could call him later on as well. I felt really bad about not being able to be there to help him move into his new place, but Austin promised him and his brother would be there, and for me not to worry because Paavo would understand.

At first when we arrived at the hospital we were worried about what we were going to do about Boxey, but then we realized the dog had free reign everywhere since he was a service dog. Even at the hospital no one said anything with the Lab curled up on the floor next to the small sofa Zak and I occupied in the small waiting area. A few kids came and went playing with the dog when I indicated it was alright their parents smiling appreciatively at the little distraction for their kids.

The excitement and stress of the day had Zak all tuckered out so he was snoozing with his head in my lap while I absent mindedly ran my fingers through his dark brownish black curls enjoying how they felt twirled around my fingers. Leaning over I gently kissed him on his rosy colored cheeks allowing my fingers to run through his curls once more while also running my other hand gently up and down his arm.

The boy was sleeping soundly when I sensed another presence next to me. Glancing over I smiled when Aunt Harriet wrapped her arm around me. "I haven't thanked you yet for earlier today. I know it had truly frightened you, but in the end you came through for our little boy once again." She sighed running her fingers through my hair affectionately while I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation, but also feeling them well up when my emotions finally let loose and I leaned into Aunt Harriet crying my eyes out.

"It wasn't me Aunt Harriet…it was Boxey. We should have paid closer attention to him because he was warning us. Don't ask me how I know…I just do. All morning he was whining and pawing at Jamie…and…and just before he had his…his…," I hiccupped as another flood of tears poured out of me feeling Aunt Harriet hug me tightly to her gently running her arms up and down my shoulders with Uncle Walt joining in now as well.

The man looked exhausted, but he smiled encouragingly at me. "Sam…you can't blame yourself for this. Look at everything you've done for Jamie. Both you and Boxey…this is all so new, but now we know what to expect. You can't let this get you down Sam. Instead, we learn from this just like we've been doing. Besides, we don't even know if this was a fluke or what, but I just don't understand how Boxey could have known Jamie would have a seizure." He reached out patting my cheek affectionately.

"Well…I'm not exactly sure either. I mean he hasn't been trained for it or anything, but he wasn't trained with the whole autism thing either. I guess it's like he instinctively knew is all. I've heard some dogs have all sorts of senses like drug dogs, bomb dogs, and even service dogs in certain situations. I think Boxey's become so attached to Jamie he sort of sensed the seizure coming even though no one else did. I also don't understand how he knew to brace up against Jamie and break his fall. I mean if he hadn't done that I'm sure Jamie could have hurt himself. We were lucky Boxey was around, but I don't think we could have kept him away if we tried because he was so worried about him." I sighed shaking my head.

"Then it is a good thing Boxey was around, but we are so proud of you too Sam. That was such a brave thing you did, and how on earth did you know what to do?" Aunt Harriet asked with me shrugging.

"Back in Des Moines at our school there was an incident with one of the kids, so afterwards they had an assembly and told us all what to do. At first I was really scared and couldn't think even…um…well you know…wetting myself." I admitted blushing with Aunt Harriet chuckling while Uncle Walt excused himself getting up to once again check up on Jamie's status. "Anyway, after that I just sort of jumped in, and it all came back to me. I'm so worried Aunt Harriet. What if the things we are doing because of Jamie's autism is creating his seizures. We can't simply go back because I don't want to lose him. I can't let that happen. Why does everything have to be so hard for Jamie? He's the gentlest most kindest person in the whole world. He doesn't deserve this." I sniffled focusing my attention on Zak when the boy moaned and shifted in his sleep.

Gently I rubbed his temple running my fingers through his curls before leaning over and kissing him on the cheek. "It's alright Zak," I whispered softly to him. "Just keep sleeping." I encouraged him noticing the boy drifting back to sleep never really having come fully awake.

"You sure care about him don't you?" Aunt Harriet asked.

"Yeah…I really love the little guy." I admitted glancing over towards Aunt Harriet noticing the rotund woman arch her eyebrows.

"Oh…you do now. Is there something I should know about?" She asked seriously making me squirm now a bit uncomfortably because of how it had come out.

"What…no…not like that Aunt Harriet. I mean not the same way me and Jamie…um…what I mean is that Zak's only like….you know eight. How could you even think…the two of us…you know?" I blushed realizing I was just tripping all over my tongue when I heard her chuckling making me realize she had just been teasing effectively taking my mind of the seriousness concerning Jamie. "Geeze for real Aunt Harriet that was mean." I told her, but couldn't help smile as well.

"Yes…I know Sam, but I couldn't help myself." She chuckled leaning over and kissing my cheek. "Our little Jamie is one lucky boy indeed." She offered up with me confused now considering everything that's been going on.

"How so?" I asked seriously.

"Well for one thing he couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend." She whispered in my ear making me blush. "I've always known you were beautiful, not only on the inside, but on the outside as well. But after today, now I really know how lucky he is. I mean you are one very beautiful boy Sam Burke, and if I were sixty years younger I'd give Jamie a run for his money." She smiled noticing me get flushed while gawking at her comment.

"AUNT HARRIET!" I exclaimed looking around and panicking at her straight forward comment realizing she was referring to my nakedness earlier in the day before lowering my voice. "I mean for real…that…um…that's like really…um well…it's kind of creepy." I admitted with her shaking her head.

"For Pete's sake Sam, why are boys always so embarrassed about their nudity? I mean you most definitely don't have anything to be ashamed about. If anything I now see why Jamie is so attracted to you in that way. I have to admit he really knows how to pick them, and he's one lucky boy in that regard with you." She teased with me still blushing and shrugging my shoulders.

"Well, if anything I'm the lucky one. Jamie's everything a person could ever want and hope for in a…a…partner." I whispered to her keeping my voice down in case people were listening. "You have no idea how beautiful Jamie is." I admitted not knowing why I was even confiding something so personally intimate to her noticing the woman nodding her head.

"I know Sam. Believe me I know how beautiful he is." She sighed noticing my confused look. "Listen Sam just because Jamie is all shy doesn't mean I don't know what he's got…you know…between his legs. It isn't like I was spying on him or anything, but let's face it his little morning rituals weren't exactly secret either. I tried not to bother him when he was in a compromised situation, but when you live together like this there are times we sort of bump into each other so to speak at inappropriate times. Just like earlier today with you and getting out of your soiled clothes. Now that was a pleasant surprise despite the situation." She offered up making me gawk at her again shaking my head while she laughed it off as if to point out again about us boys being so shy about our bodies.

"Yeah…well maybe we better keep your crush for me to ourselves. I'd hate for Uncle Walt to find out about your little infatuation because he might be the one crushed." I chuckled understanding that Aunt Harriet was only teasing me, which also kept me occupied from being so worried and blaming myself for Jamie's situation.

It made me appreciate what she was doing as she continued the game. "Well now I have to admit if Walt were sixty years younger too I'd be hard pressed choosing between the two of you. I'm sure I'd have you both mooning and fighting over me in a heartbeat." She teased seeing me once more gawk in amazement at her brashness. "What…I was a good looking girl back in the day with a very nice figure. Ask Walt?" She smiled making me realize just how long the two of them have known one another.

"Yeah…well you are forgetting something." I added looking smug now while she seemed to smile knowingly.

"Oh yeah…what's that?"

Looking around to make sure no one was listening I whispered quietly. "I'm into boys." I countered smiling haughtily.

"Well that wouldn't have stopped me, and believe me you'd have been hard pressed saying no despite your…um…preferences." She chuckled shocking me yet again.

"Geeze for real?" I asked a bit shocked. "I mean, how could you even…oh for Pete's sake…why are we even talking like this. It's kind of creepy you know?" I added sitting back in the chair totally baffled at the direction our conversation had taken us feeling Aunt Harriet's hand on my arm as she looked at me sympathetically now.

"I know Sam, but there is something to learn from our conversation." She sighed shaking her head while I furled my eyebrows at her questioningly. "You really have no idea just how much of a beautiful boy you are, but girls do, and soon enough you will have more than your fair share chasing after you. Have you thought about how you are going to deal with girls constantly trying to get down your pants?" She offered up crudely yet pointedly making me blush about thirty shades of red for the umpteenth time in short order.

"I…um…what?" I stuttered shaking my head and totally flabbergasted not knowing what to say to that with Aunt Harriet still looking towards me critically.

"I'm serious Sam. Soon enough girls will be chasing after both you and Jamie. At some point people are going to start putting two and two together when you both begin to turn away these girls who will be pining after you boys. It's something you have to consider. Both Walt and I don't really care about how you two feel towards one another, and we are happy for you both, but there will be some hard times as well if you guys don't think about these things now and prepare for it." She offered up with me knowing exactly what she meant.

Sighing I nodded my head. "I know Aunt Harriet, and I have thought about it some already. Of course I haven't come out and said anything openly, but I do know some of my friends already suspect and don't seem to mind. Jamie and I are really lucky in that way…you know with having good friends. I know you are worried about Jamie, but I'm sure things will work out." I tried to be positive with her nodding her head.

"Good then sweetie. So long as the two of you are prepared for things then it will be alright. Walt and I will be here for you as well." She promised with us both falling silent once more.

The doctors had been in and out all day long talking with us and asking questions in between tests. They had gone ahead and assigned Jamie to a room so we ended up staying with him when he wasn't being ferried somewhere for more tests. I know how he hated those sorts of thing, and I was glad both Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet had put a stop to all those tests back when the all the specialists wanted to test him after Jamie had "Recovered" from his autistic state.

Now when we chatted with him in his room he seemed himself again, but couldn't even recall having a seizure. When I told him about Boxey the boy beamed proudly praising him as the dog licked the boy's hand for good measure. The Lab seemed much happier at the moment, and by the way he was behaving it didn't appear like we had to worry about another seizure happening any time soon.

When the doctors talked to us they noted that their records indicated Jamie had been diagnosed with autism, but from what they could tell he was like any other normal boy his age. When we explained what had transpired over the months they all shook their heads completely baffled looking towards Doctor Swanson who confirmed the transformation filling them in even more with his condition and state up until things began to change six months ago. It was early evening when Doctor Swanson finally joined us once more with another doctor in tow who had been assigned to Jamie's case.

The new doctor introduced himself before simply coming out with what he had to say. He came across as a very compassionate doctor, but also very business oriented when he needed to pass on important information doing it without beating around the bush.

"Alright here is what we know folks." He began as we all gathered around Jamie's bed. "First off young man I just have to say I am totally impressed with how well adjusted you are all things considered. Until today I've never met a 'Recovered' autistic." He smiled reaching down and brushing a stray strand from the boy's eyes and winking at him trying to set him at ease.

"Anyway, it does appear like you've had two seizures today, and they were fairly serious from all indications. Now as to the cause we aren't sure yet. We also may not know right away until all the tests come back. What this means is at some point you may end up having to take some medications to control the seizures if it is determined this will be a regular occurrence. Now it isn't unusual for kids who have autism to have seizures. Statistically speaking about a third of all autistic kids do have them. Now I know you haven't had any until today, but it could be due to how things have changed for you. We simply can't be sure." He offered taking his time, pausing now so we could ask questions.

No one spoke up at first so I decided to start things rolling. "Um…what about the medications? I mean he's on such a strict diet, not to mention some of his ongoing therapy programs. What if the pills mess him up and he ends up…you know…like before? Not only that I've heard some of these medications could make him feel a bit out of it as well…you know…not really himself." I swallowed back a sob with the doctor looking at me sympathetically.

"I understand and this is a possibility, but we simply don't know when and if Jamie will have another seizure so depending on what his tests show he might have to be on medication, and it is a chance we will have to take. Of course we will monitor things and adjust his medication if necessary." The man offered up with me seriously beginning to worry as I glanced at the long haired boy now who looked so full of life afraid he will once more leave me disappearing into the depths of his own mind.

Going back to the way things were before wasn't an option as far as I was concerned. "Well what if there is a way to tell if he's going to have another seizure. I mean is there medications we can have to give him before he has one?" I asked with the doctor looking at me questioningly.

"Sure I suppose, but if there's a way to tell ahead of time then there are also other ways to possibly stop the seizure from happening in the first place. We've known patients who's bodies sort of give them certain cues, and they take it easy until the danger passes, but with Jamie it doesn't seem like he knew it was coming, which is how it works for most people." He pointed out.

"No…you're right, but Boxey did." I countered and when he looked at me questioningly I explained how the dog behaved today pointing out the lab was Jamie's service dog when he had issues with autism.

This seemed to get the doctor's attention with us launching into another big discussion until finally the man stated for now we simply didn't know anything for sure. He pointed out there were several possibilities. It could be this was a one time incident, it could be something which will happen every once in a while, or finally it may happen more often. Right now we plainly didn't know, so he wanted to keep Jamie overnight for observations. In his opinion the boy was out of the woods and it didn't look like he needed to be concerned, but it was better they keep an eye on him overnight; especially, in light of him having back to back seizures which was highly irregular.

So in the end we all said our goodnights with me lingering a while longer after everyone had left so I could give Jamie a proper hug and kiss good night. It was difficult to say goodnight and leave him alone, but I knew he was in good hands. I wanted to leave Boxey so Jamie wouldn't be alone overnight, but the boy insisted I take him with me so the dog wouldn't be cooped up in the hospital room getting nervous with the nurses coming in and out all night long to check up on him for some reason or other.

Making our way to the truck we were all very quiet and a bit downtrodden. "So now what?" I asked breaking the silence while we all climbed into the Ford F-150 pickup.

"We find a hotel. I don't see any sense in driving all the way back now just to come back first thing in the morning to pick up Jamie. I know it will take a little while before he is released, but I want to start the paperwork first thing in the morning. He hates hospitals and I don't blame him." Uncle Walt sighed starting up the truck.

Even though the Alegent Creighton Mercy Hospital was a top ranking hospital in all of Iowa I couldn't blame Jamie all things considered. Even I breathed a sigh of relief when Uncle Walt turned East on Broadway before hopping onto Interstate 29 heading south passing several good hotels along the way. It made me wonder why we were driving so far away from the hospital when he exited on to Nebraska Avenue. I suppose we really weren't all that far away, but still it confused me.

"Where are we going?" I finally asked with even Aunt Harriet looking quizzically towards her husband.

"Well on the way in I saw an advertisement and figured we could all use a nice distraction." He commented cryptically when we approached a big building with big large yellow lit up lettering indicating it was the Mid-America Center.

Entering through one of the gates the place was packed with cars as I glanced at this huge neon billboard which read 'Andrew Casto and His Musical Time Machine.'

I've never heard the name before. "Who is Andrew Casto?" I asked with Zak also looking around getting a little excited now.

"He's a kid that actually lives not too far away from Blue Meadows. Evidently, he's supposed to be some sort of kid genius on a piano." He announced with me trying to place the name from kids at school because anyone living around by us all went to the same school.

"I don't recognize the name. Wouldn't he go to our school if he lives that close?" I asked with Uncle Walt nodding his head.

"Yes, but I hear he's home schooled. I'm not exactly sure of the whole story, but I seem to recall something which had sort of made the rumor mill about it. You know how things are in our little community…there are always some sorts of gossip or other going on. I can't remember exactly what it was, but it wasn't like something scandalous or anything." He announced looking around for a place to park the truck.

Finally spotting an empty spot he parked the truck and we all climbed out with me hesitating a moment because of Boxey. It was still hot outside because the sun remained out late during the summer months, and I was worried about the Lab overheating.

"Um…Uncle Walt I'm not sure this is a good idea. It's still hot, and I don't want to leave Boxey out here in this heat." I pointed out with Mr. Weiler shrugging his shoulders.

"He's supposed to be able to go anywhere since he's a service dog, but put on his vest so it is clear what he is. I mean this place accommodates the handicap, so I'm sure they can accommodate Boxey as well." He reminded me. "Oh Harriet, it might be cold inside so grab a couple of blankets." He suggested with us heading up to the ticketing booth.

The ticketing agent looked at the dog and shook his head. "I'm sorry no dogs allowed." He promptly announced with Uncle Walt pointing out Boxey was a service dog so it was against the law to exclude him.

The teller looked dubiously, but shrugged his shoulders figuring he'd let the entrance personnel deal with the situation. The man brought up his computer screen shaking his head saying most of the seats were sold out and he couldn't find any four seats together. The man pursed his lips looking on the screen when he suddenly smiled and looked at us.

"Hey…um…having a service dog is like a handicap situation…right?" He asked cryptically with Uncle Walt rubbing his chin and nodding his head.

"Yeah…I suppose it is." He admitted with the teller smiling and promptly announcing that he could seat us in the handicap section even saying in his opinion they were actually great seats.

Uncle Walt thanked the man and paid him with the teller saying we better hurry because the event was about to start. Making our way over to one of the entrance area we presented our tickets, but the young guy took one look at Boxey and refused to let us in. We were arguing with the guy who looked to be about eighteen or nineteen years old when a man in a suit overheard us and paused before making his way over.

The distinguished looking gentleman knelt down next to Boxey and scratched the dog behind his ears. "Wow, aren't you a nice dog." He chuckled when the dog began to huff and whine appreciatively with the man seemingly knowing exactly where to scratch him in all the good spots even locating that area making Boxey's back leg begin to twitch in that scratching motion he tended to do when I did that to him. "So, what kind of dog are you?" He asked looking up at us.

"Um…he's a Chesapeake Labrador and Boxer mix." I offered up noticing the man checking out the vest and tag before standing up.

"It's alright Don, I'll take these folks to their seats. This is a service dog and it's illegal to turn them away from all public places and facilities. These dogs are protected by law, and anyone refusing any entry could face some hefty fines." The man informed his counterpart not in an admonishing way, but in a way which educated him.

"Oh…I didn't know Mr. Wimberley." The younger kid announced allowing us to go through.

"It's not your fault son, but it is something I will have to include in our next meeting so this mistake doesn't happen here at our venue again in the future." Mr. Wimberley smiled taking the blame for himself indicating to me he was probably one of those responsible supervisors who knew how to lead by example.

Taking a look at our tickets he smiled nodding his head. "These are good seats, but we better hurry because the concert is getting ready to start here any moment." He promptly announced quickly leading the way while I heard an announcer making an introduction followed by a lot of clapping.

Mr. Wimberley opened up two large doors which swung outwards towards us, and we stepped through with me looking around in complete amazement at the pact arena. Our guide noticed our expression, and smiled knowingly. "The arena holds about nine thousand people." He announced with my focus on the small figure on the stage.

It was a small boy about the same age as Zak speaking to the crowd in a little excited high pitched boy's voice his eyes settling on us since we were moving down the aisle. He seemed to pause for a brief moment like we had somehow interrupted his train of thought, but even at his young tender age he was a pro so immediately picked up where he left off. He promptly introduced one of the local High School Choirs that were already on the risers behind a large piano that set on center stage. We were only partially down the aisle when he instructed everyone to rise for the National Anthem, and promptly began to play it on the piano which simply looked huge compared to his small frame. The notes tumbled effortlessly off the smaller boy's fingers while I tried to figure out if his feet were even able to reach the foot pedals.

Once he began playing the National Anthem, with the melodic powerful booming crescendo of a choir that raised their voices in perfect synchronization to the sweet harmonious keys on the piano, we all froze in place raising our right hand to our hearts. In the background was a huge screen with little snippets of video images matching the words of our National song making my heart swell with pride. It was like the images depicted all that was good about our country, and who we were as a nation. It was hard not to cry with emotion because the boy played the piece masterfully along with the choir, the images of the videos conveying the heart and soul of our country.

After the song was over with we quickly found our seats and settled in while the young boy began to entertain us with the skillful mastery of his talents. How such dainty delicate fingers could fly effortlessly over the piano's ivory keys was simply beyond me. He made it look so graceful, even with his body bouncing around on that bench seat. Right after the first song he motioned for someone to bring him a bottle of water excusing himself to the audience saying he had to keep hydrated and forgotten to bring one out with him. He briefly spoke to the man who had brought him the bottle as he smiled looking around at the audience his gaze settling over in our section briefly with the man nodding his head.

Once more apologizing to everyone he introduced the next group with such perky enthusiasm. Throughout this part of his performance he introduced different choirs from schools around the region playing different melodies in a way that complimented the various skill levels of each chorus group. Somehow he managed to bring out the best in these other kids who had every right to be proud of their performance as they sang their hearts out. His bubbly personality was contagious as he laughed joyfully while he played the piano not in a distracting kind of way, but in one that exuded confidence in the others. He even made catchy little comments at the appropriate times right in the middle of their performance as he "oohed" and "awed" them when the choir hit a particular difficult section saying things like "there it is," or "wow, did everyone hear that?"

They were simple comments where in most professional performances of this caliber would be frowned upon, yet somehow seemed so very appropriate to this venue since it only managed to make those choir students puff up with pride at the way the talented young perky brown haired and brown eyed boy recognized the difficult moments, and how they had nailed it. At some point Zak ended up settling on my lap snuggling up to me leaning back with the blanket draped over us because it indeed was a bit on the chilly side in the arena since they had kicked on their large air conditioning units.

We actually had a great view without anyone obstructing us. The handicap section we were in was spacious with an empty spot right next to the aisle for a wheelchair, followed by two seats then two more empty places followed by another two seats. Basically our section also took up like two rows so essentially we had a blank spot right in front of us giving our seats an unobstructed view. I suppose they made this section wider so a wheelchair could go through unimpeded. We were the only ones in this section taking up the empty seats with Boxy lying down next to the aisle while me and Zak occupying the first two seats next to the dog. Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet had settled into the two remaining inside seats after the two blank spots next to my seat.

With Zak's warm body snuggled up with me I began to watch the young boy perform on stage. I was glad Uncle Walt had decided to come because the music took me away into another whole realm as I relaxed and soaked it all in. Throughout the performance the younger boy would constantly talk to his audience explaining a piece of music or about the choir providing the others with the audiences' focus, deflecting some of it away from him so his guests could embrace some of the glory.

My eyes soaked up the adorably sweet brown haired boy, and I had to admit he looked so adorably cute in his medium grey colored Calvin Klein Boys' Mini-Stripe Suit Jacket and Pants which gave him a streamlined look. Even from where I was sitting I could tell the jacket was fully lined with a notched lapel, two-button closure, single chest pocket, front flap pockets, and a three-button cuff. His pants had a zip fly with hook closure, belt loops with a brown leather belt, side slant pockets, and button-through back pockets.

What really made me smile though was his orange colored cotton and polyester Nautica Boys' Dress Shirt and Tie because it matched Zak's colors today. His shirt had a point collar, button-front placket, left chest pocket with an embroidered white colored sail logo, and a button cuff. He had a matching polyester plaid design tie in various shades of orange, browns, white, blues, and greens matching his shirt perfectly and going well with his suit. On his feet he had on a pair of black Sperry Boys Miles Dress Shoes made from full grain leather with a flexible non-marking rubber outsole, removable molded foot bed with heel cup for added comfort, and an adjustable hook and loop strap that provided ease of entry and a secure fit.

Something about him; especially, his boyish high pitched voice seemed to pique my interests for some reason. The way he moved around on the stage all perky and full of life seemed to tickle at something familiar. Uncle Walt mentioned he lived in our area so I was trying to figure out if I met him at school or something. Even though he was home schooled I'm sure they had to report to the local school on some level so I must have seen him around somewhere a time or two. Our school was a small one, and I knew most of the kids going there, but I had to admit I didn't know everyone per se, simply knowing those people more by sight than anything so I guess it wouldn't be all that unusual for me not to have taken notice of him before. If nothing else they had to come into town every once in a while to do some shopping like everyone else so since I didn't know him I must have just seen him around without realizing who he was at times.

Watching the boy on stage made me smile, and without realizing it the time simply zipped by with me noticing a movement in the aisle next to Boxey. Glancing over to the side I saw Mr. Wimberley kneeling down next to Boxey scratching the dog behind the ear, and looking up at me smiling. He showed up just as Andrew was finishing up his last song before a short intermission break.

The boy had been up on the stage a good hour so I suppose he deserved a little break, and from the little pamphlet in my hand I had read the second half of the performance was done by him alone with the support of The Omaha Area Youth Orchestras (OAYO) which was established in nineteen fifty eight, and consists of six ensembles that provide instruction and performance opportunities for over five hundred and fifty students each season. The full orchestra would be his backup accompaniment making me wonder what all he planned on playing.

With the boy waving and stepping off to the side exit an announcer came up to the microphone declaring Andrew Casto would be returning after a short intermission so he could take everyone through his musical time machine. People began to slowly get up and stretch milling around while some made a dash for the restrooms and the snack vendors in the general lobby area.

Stepping forward Mr. Wimberley motioned towards us and smiled. "So how are you enjoying the performance so far?" He asked us noticing how we all were grinning from ear to ear.

"Wow, he's like totally awesome." Zak offered up. "Is he really like only nine? I'll be nine here next month." He declared with the man smiling and nodding his head.

"Yes indeed…he's only nine years old. He's been performing concert like this since he's been six years old and started playing like when he was three years old. They say he can learn a difficult piece after only listening to it for a minute or two. He's absolutely brilliant and has already memorized hundreds of different musical pieces so doesn't even need sheet music. He even writes his own songs, and from what I understand he will be playing a couple tonight." The man commented pleasantly with us shaking our heads in amazement at such talent from someone so young.

"That's simply amazing." Aunt Harriet noted with us nodding our heads and agreeing.

"Anyway," Mr. Wimberley began. "Why don't you guys follow me so we can get you out of this crowd?" He offered motioning for us to follow him as he headed in the opposite direction of all the other guests who were making their way to the back where the lobby was located.

The man forged ahead in the direction of the stage, and everyone heading towards us simply parted noting his official venue suit and name tag figuring he worked on the staff. He sure looked the part moving through the crowd with confidence. I also think Boxey had something to do with it as well because people noted his red service dog vest, and instinctively gave the dog a path to go through.

The man directed us around the stage and into a side door making me wonder where he was leading us. After a couple of turns down some halls it became apparent we were now in the back stage area where many of the performers gathered before coming out on to the stage. There were so many kids hanging around getting changed out of their choir clothes getting ready to head out to make room for the orchestra who were starting to pile out now on to the floor area in front of the stage which was cordoned off for an orchestra.

When people saw our small group trying to shove through they shifted to the sides of the walls giving us some room. Some even greeted Mr. Wimberley along the way so I suppose he had some pull here in this facility. We kept making our way down the hall with it increasingly becoming less occupied and crowded. I was holding Boxey's leash in my hand when he suddenly tugged loose and ran up ahead rounding a corner and out of sight surprising me because he never acted this way.

"Boxey!" I shouted, immediately giving chase rounding the same corner only to notice him ducking into a doorway.

The man who had been standing there jerked in surprise with the dog slipping past him before he could react. Of course the huge guy who must have been some sort of security guard immediately gave chase, but it was too late because I all of a sudden heard a high pitched boyish voice squeak in surprise making me panic for a moment.

The barking yelp suddenly turned into a big high pitched giggle with a boyish voice exclaiming proudly. "BOXEY! It really is you…see I told you it was him."

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