Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 17: The Lake

Once we arrived at the farm Zak was once more bouncing off the walls, his shy side having completely dissipated making me wonder if it had only been because he was smitten with Paavo's unique beauty. The smaller boy was literally asking the long haired boy and the Weilers a million and one questions ranging from what kind of fruit trees they had here to more personal ones regarding Jamie's autism and what it was like. At first I tried to pull in the boy's reigns, but Jamie waved me off indicating he didn't mind answering the boy's questions taking Zak by the hand leading him upstairs to show him the room we would all be sharing. While the curly haired boy was distracted Jamie motioned for me to go ahead and show Paavo around making me suspect he knew the two of us wanted to be alone. I was missing Jamie, but knew I'd catch up with him later.

Taking Paavo by the hand I led him out the door heading towards the barn. The Estonian boy smiled knowingly following me out the door, into the barn, and up into the loft area that I've made into my own private sanctuary. I watched him enjoying how he reacted while he gazed around in awe. Over the months I had rearranged things adding some more homey comfy features like a couple of chairs, a small table, muted lighting, a radio, and even a couple of soft blankets tossing them over some hay bales making a sofa.

Pulling him along I took him over to the large panels along the wall and shoving them open revealed the wonderful expanse of the landscape with the orchard trees disappearing off in the distance blending in with some of the other little forested areas dotting the region. It was pretty much farm land through here with most of the crops being corn or soy. Ours and a couple of others around here were the exception with them being orchards, but there were also forested areas breaking up the landscape. At the moment all the trees were full of leaves with some still in flower while others already beginning to bear fruit.

"Wow, this is so awesome." The Estonian boy breathed in deeply stepping up to gaze out at the expanse totally mesmerized.

Smiling I let Paavo continue to stare out the large un-shuttered window while I quickly pulled off my shirt before undoing my shorts shoving them down around my ankles along with my underwear kicking them off to the side. It felt kind of naughty standing there completely naked, but very exciting because of the anticipation. Paavo was so beautiful from this angle making me wonder why I never paid much attention to him before from behind as I scrutinized his small boyish frame. His body was bathed in the late afternoon sunlight his very light colored blond hair sparkling radiantly in such an angelic kind of way.

There was a tranquility that had settled in the room as I stepped up behind the motionless boy wrapping my arms around his waist. Without a word Paavo leaned back melting into my embrace while my hands dipped down between his legs feeling the familiar stiffness of his rigid erection pressing into my palms through the fabric of his shorts. I nuzzled up against his neck nibbling on his ear feeling the sexy Estonian boy respond and moan softly. I've missed simply being this close to the boy: touching him, tasting him, and breathing in his earthiness intermingled with the slight fragrance of scented soap.

"Oh god Paavo…I've missed you." I exhaled softly applying pressure up against his nice sized bulge pulling him into me so his back pressed up against my chest hearing the blond boy moan excitedly at the sensual contact.

Releasing his boyhood from the palm of my hand I ran them up along the outside of his clothed body pulling off his red colored Transformer's tee shirt tossing them aside. Breathing him in I shivered excitedly having missed his earthy sweaty salty, yet laced with a hint of sweetness, kind of boy scent. My hands began to shake nervously for some reason when I began to slowly undo the ties on his khaki colored Circo boy's cargo shorts. It was a simple overhand loop so I pulled on one of the ties tugging free the knot. His shorts had an elastic waist without a clasp and a fake zipper so I tugged them downwards allowing them to fall around his ankles.

Leaning in I wrapped my arms around the front of him slowly running my fingers up and down his chest and stomach while I nuzzled my lips up against his neck tasting the saltiness of his skin. Slowly my right hand dipped beneath the front of his alternating grey and navy blue striped European style soft cottony bikini briefs with a wide sky blue covered waistband. Wrapping my fingers around his stiff sweltering three inch uncut penis, I slowly slid the foreskin over his knob feeling the boy respond to my gentle touch.

My body instinctively reacted with my hips rocking forward slowly pressing between his underwear covered crevice, the sensation of the soft fabric running along the length of my rigid tent peg making me quiver excitedly. For some reason his little soft boy's briefs felt so erotically sexy, but it was his stiff three inch foreskin covered erection that made my knees buckle weakly as I moaned excitedly. Ever so slowly my fingers ran along the length of his skinned pickle eliciting an excited reaction from the Estonian boy with him quivering in my arms while I slowly began kissing him along the nape of his neck working my way downwards along his smooth back. Damn this was a side of him I had never really paid that much attention to, my soft lips running down the length of his spine while I slowly tugged on his underwear watching them drop to the floor.

My eyes took him in my breath coming in little gasps at the absolute exquisiteness of this angelic creature even from behind. My hands now started to slowly run up and down his sides with me allowing my fingernails to gently scrape along his soft skin in the lightest of touches seeing the goose bumps form all over his body. He had the cutest littlest pale orbs that seemed to draw my attention with me leisurely sinking to my knees. My hands once more wandered around to the front dipping down between his uncovered legs. My left hand cupped his two weighty cherry sized testicled bulky hacky sack pouch while my right fingers wrapped around his scorching hot pipe slowly masturbating his three inch skin flute. Pulling him gently towards me while I leaned forward I buried my nose between his butt cheeks breathing in his very deep earthy aroma.

I've never done something like this before because I thought it would smell bad, but surprisingly it didn't seem bad at all merely having a more kind of sweaty musky odor. Without thinking I hesitantly slipped my tongue along the rim of his little shuttered iris feeling him jolt in surprise at the unusual intrusion before settling down and shivering excitedly. It made me wonder just how it would feel to slip my four inch hardened shaft inside of that slippery warmth with me flicking my tongue up against his tight back door hearing him gasp in surprise once more this time moaning because of the unique sensation it sent tingling along his insides.

To my amazement this was getting him excited because his penis began to thrum and vibrate in my fingers while the damp wetness of my tongue began to flicker even more applying pressure feeling it give a little. Before I knew it my tongue had actually slipped inside of him about a quarter of an inch before it was immediately expelled with his ring muscles contracting forcing it out. This was one area I intended to focus on even more in the future, that is if both him and Jamie were willing.

Unable to take it any more I spun Paavo around with him not even resisting slipping his three inch rigid and sensitive erection right into my mouth making him yelp in surprise because I've never done that to him before. As a matter of fact it was the first time anyone's ever given him a blowjob. His body immediately stiffened up and he jolted when my lips retreated backwards before sliding back forward around his rigid spike effectively skinning him in the process. His sexed up sweaty scent with a hint of soap and the slightly tangy salty taste of his slicked up hard tube made me swoon as it exploded along all of my senses. The smell, texture, taste, and even the slurping noise of me swallowing up his rigid yet yielding spongy tube turned me on as I gobbled him up greedily. My fingers automatically found the warm damp crease of his butt cheeks making him gasp in surprise when I applied pressure against his hot iris. Suddenly I felt something give, my finger slipping inside, quickly gobbled up greedily with his body contracting at the same time when his orgasm immediately slammed into him.

"OH SHIT!" He yelped because it was all happening so fast with his writhing fire hose squirming around in my mouth. Even his sagging pear shaped pouch began constricting upwards banging against the bottom of my chin forcefully while his tightly shuttered iris contracted wildly clamping down in a fiery heat around my pounding fingers heightening the intense sensation. "Aaaaaaaaargh, uuuumph, uuuumph, uuumph." He groaned moaning ecstatically his high slamming through his insides in quick successions.

His climacteric rapture ripped through his body within moments before disappearing just as quickly leaving him completely drained, but totally satiated in a way he's never experienced before. "Oh shit…oh shit." He gasped his fingers having curled around my hair his hips still shoving into my face in rapid succession like a rabbit in heat until he finally softened up with me allowing his wet wrinkly softie to slip damply from my mouth.

The expulsion of my finger from his hot wet insides when I pulled out the battering ram made him moan and shiver with excitement because even that felt wonderful. "Oh god Sam…that…that…was so incredible." He moaned the breathe rasping in his throat as I stood up wrapping my arm around him cupping his damp hot little butt cheeks while pulling him into me both of our sweaty heaving chests and stomachs rubbing up against one another.

This hadn't started out about pleasuring him though, but I didn't regret getting carried away because I provided him with something he obviously had wanted and needed. Initially though this had been about giving him something else; that is, total access to me in a sexual kind of way. We didn't have a lot of time left now because my little excursion had taken up precious moments and we would need to get back before too long. The Weilers had indicated dinner would be ready before long.

Leaning down I pressed my mouth up against his, sliding my tongue between his lips greedily sucking the air from his lungs feeling him begin to respond sexually as his tube once more inflated. I loved sliding my tongue around that empty groove between his teeth where he was missing that canine tooth on the left side of his upper mouth. Once more the passion bubbled up inside of him being roused from its satiated state since no healthy young boy could ever become completely satiated.

Slowly we pulled apart with the Estonian boy gazing upwards his intense starburst pattern of the deepest oceanic blue eyes looking back pleadingly into mine for a silent kind of permission. There was a brief pause, and I didn't have to respond with him knowing it was safe to take what he's been wanting from me for so long. Without a word the blond Estonian boy slowly began to move his lips along my chest spending a few moments exploring my perky little nipples making me giggle, gasp, and moan with pleasure. His mouth was so soft and sensual, the sexiness of the moment intensifying the emotions gurgling up inside of my body. His lips suckling along my little teat nub felt exciting, and I almost whimpered with regret when he left it behind moving downwards before kneeling in front of me. His eyes got big and he gazed up at me smiling in that cute way he has about him, something which looked so angelic on his pale soft features.

"Wow, you've grown and it looks like you have a bit of fuzz now too." He sighed excitedly reaching out running his fingers along the length of my shaft making me moan eagerly while my erection twitched with the soft light seductively sultry contact.

"Hurry Paavo…we don't have much time." I breathed heavily giving him a friendly reminder, but also reluctantly because I knew he wanted to get a closer look at me like I had just done with him.

The boy gazed up into my eyes his deep aquatic like planets sparkling eagerly with the lighter starburst pattern radiating outwards giving the appearance of a swirling orbit. The boy's lips twitching upwards into a small grin was simply adorably cute, a vision which would be forever more etched into my memories for its kind tender sweetness. Without waiting or prolonging the situation anymore I watched in total rapture while he eased my four inch cut cucumber between his lips and began slurping on it enjoying it like a vegetarian sucking on a raw piece of carrot.

He was clumsy at first his teeth scraping on my blood engorged purplish knob making me wince reflexively, but it didn't matter because seeing my entire four inch stiffness disappearing between his lips was so damn sexy. Paavo immediately picked up on the little nuance of my flinch, so it didn't take long for him to adjust himself properly with an instinct that took over in a way that came naturally for a boy because it was genetically wired into the very fabric of our being. He began running his tongue around my hardness in a way that belied his immaturity, because it was now being done with such expert control.

"Oh shit," I yelped in response to his proficient adjustment knowing full well I wouldn't be able to last long now feeling my hips spontaneously shoving forward slightly wanting to bury even more of myself into that warm wondrous dampness.

He gagged for a moment reminding me once more of his inexperience, but he shifted again in an intuitive kind of way getting serious now knowing we didn't have much time. I couldn't take it anymore so simply grabbed the back of his head and began fucking his face feverishly immediately loosing control. I expected him to resist my urges and try slowing me down, but instead he seemed to enjoy this being slightly rough and merely accommodated me while selfishly slurping me up needing this just as much as I did.

"Oh…oh…shiiiii, uuumph, uuuumph, uuumph." I grunted and moaned feeling my hard little pickle twitching around wildly in his mouth becoming aware of another intense sensation when the sexy blond haired blue eyed Estonian boy's lips started contracting around my rigid tube tightly sending a different tingling milking sensation along my hyper sensitive electrifying wand because of him eagerly swallowing my meager amount of boy custard into his gullet.

It sort of surprised me because of how hesitant he had been to do the same thing for his best friend in Estonia. We had talked about it, and he had been leery of actually swallowing another boy's slimy tangy tasting yogurt. So it kind of surprised me when I looked down at the petite figure between my legs noticing that the boy was actually suckling on my hard tube trying to eek out even more of the slimy wholesomeness. He was so greedy about it that my testicles were actually beginning to ache because his suckling was forcing them to continually pound and leap around in an obscene manner.

Within moments it was over my hard four inch nail softening up with another kind of relief spreading over my body when my now spent soft three and a quarter of an inch tube slipped from between Paavo's lips. The room was still spinning around with the sexy boy quickly standing up and pressing his lips up against my mouth while we once more began to swap tasty fluids. His mouth had always been a treat for me, but now it had become a burst of flavors coated with the lightness of my salty sweet delicacy still lingering in his mouth and breath making me smile that I had been able to do this for the sexiest Estonian boy ever to tread in my life or anyone else's.

Paavo finally stepped back smiling at me. "Wow…that was so much nicer than I thought." The smaller boy admitted giggling about it. "You are just so sexy hot." He breathed heavily leaning in to me his hard erection rubbing up against my spongy satisfied softy which immediately began to inflate once more.

Our bodies were damp and sweaty from our heated passion gliding effortlessly against one another's skin providing yet another stimulating moment between the two of us. "Oh god Sam…that…that…was so incredible." He repeated his earlier sentiment making me smile appreciatively. "Thanks Sam…for everything. I never knew it could feel this good or…uh…taste so…um…delicious." He admitted finding the proper words and giggling. "I didn't think I'd like the taste of…um…you know, but I like how you taste." He sighed his breathing finally beginning to slow down with him looking down between his legs noticing the grinding of our hips had pulled his foreskin back again.

Reaching between his legs he slipped it back into place his legs still a bit wobbly. "We better get back here before they send a search party for us." He giggled giddily.

"Yeah…I suppose…but Paavo…I…um…enjoyed it too you know. I mean…really enjoyed it. I thought I'd feel guilty about it…you know…because of me and Jamie…but I…uh…I think he was right…you know…because of the way we feel about each other. I hope it doesn't bother you…does it…I mean because of me and Jamie being…you know…intimate too?" I asked him a little apprehensively, watching him picking up his clothes getting them straightened out my penis twitching because he was just too damn sexy hot like the sweetest kind of eye candy ever.

Even his higher young boy's voice pitched Estonian accent sounded so damn sexy. "Why should I feel bad about it? If Jamie doesn't mind I don't either. I know how I feel about you, but I won't get in the way between you and Jamie either. Now that surely would make me feel guilty. I care a lot about you Sam, but I know you love Jamie. I also know you care about me too. I'm not sure exactly how much or if it's the kind of feeling you have for Jamie." He shrugged his shoulder shaking his head pausing a moment and gazing towards me his intense blue swirling eyes looking at me tenderly.

I was about to say something, but he plowed forward. "I wanted this Sam, and I think you did too, but I won't mess things up between you and Jamie." He sighed shaking his head. "Let's just see how things go Sam, but I am glad you don't feel guilty about us. That would make me feel bad." He told me getting dressed with me doing the same.

"Yeah…I guess you're right…it's just that this is so new to me. I don't want this to be simply about sex. I told Jamie the same thing. I do understand sex is a part of an intimate and close relationship, but please Paavo tell me this is more than just sex." I begged him knowing if this is all it was between the two of us I'd be crushed.

Paavo gawked at me in shock that I'd even suggest such a thing before his features softened noticing my tears welling up because of the emotions and uncertainties of our relationship bubbling up inside of me. This was so complicated, and I needed more than just sex. I needed their love too, because it was now becoming obvious why I've been holding back for so long. Sex was easy, but love was a commitment, and I wanted, no actually needed, the love part with any of my relationships. I was beginning to discover that for me it wasn't the sex I wanted, even though it was most definitely something I cherished, but rather it was the emotional connection with someone special that I craved.

"Oh Sam…of course I love you. You do have to know that. I mean if I wanted sex I could have simply done more back in Estonia with my best friend. I could have done that with others like Steven over here too, but it is you I care about…it is you I've allowed to touch me in that special kind of way." He sniffled with his eyes welling up now too because his own heartfelt emotions began to come out with the realization that he wanted more between the two of us.

Wiping away the tears from the corners of my eyes I chuckled nervously. "What a pair we are? I mean we both want the same thing, and I know Jamie does too. Why do things have to be so complicated?" I grinned shaking my head while slipping my blue Puma polo style shirt over my head.

"Paavo I think you are really going to like Jamie. He's so special, and I already know he thinks the world of you too. It's strange though because in many ways he's like a little five year old, but in other ways he's so mature. He knew about our feelings for each other saying it was silly not to be with you since we were both willing. It's just hard Paavo because I don't know how something like this is going to work." I admitted with us finishing up before making our way down the ladder on to the main floor of the barn.

Both of us were in our own thoughts as we made our way back to the house. At dinner Jamie smiled perceptively, and beamed knowing full well what had happened between me and Paavo. He chatted openly with both Zak and Paavo answering their questions while filling me in more with what the doctors had said about his condition. Evidently the experts really didn't know what to say about his "Recovered" state other than indicating that in their opinion he was currently at a high functioning level, or rather pretty much a normal kid his age for all practical purposes other than him learning about some of the nuances of life in general that the rest of us all take for granted.

For me this was great news, but I wasn't excited about them wanting him to come back into the hospital next weekend for more tests staying overnight so they could hook him up and scan his brain waves while he slept. He wasn't looking forward to it either, and I had to agree that maybe at some point here soon all these tests needed to be scaled back if not stopped completely except for his usual bi-annual exams. It was something I felt I'd need to ask the Weilers about. Right now Aunt Harriet and Uncle Walt were clearly happy with having Jamie being more a typical average kind of boy as I watched them reaching out and touching the boy affectionately on many occasions. It was as if they needed that contact to reassure themselves. So right now they were more than willing for these tests, but I was also fairly certain their parental instincts would kick in before long putting their foot down for the best interest of Jamie.

During all of this when no one was looking, and while their attention was occupied somewhere else, Jamie leaned over whispering in my ear. "He's very beautiful Sammy. I like him a lot." He confided in me smiling while reaching under the table running his hand up and down my thigh not in a sexual manner, but rather in a tender affectionate kind of way.

Even though I immediately got an erection his light contact made me feel warm and fuzzy inside in a different kind of way, one that was beyond sex yet defied any kind of description. The only other person who's ever been able to make me feel that way was Paavo. This was something I instinctively knew was very special, happening rarely if ever, yet here were two people in my life that loved me in that unique kind of way with me having the same kind of feelings in return. My heart swelled with delight, but also with a little apprehension because having these feelings for two people was complicated, overwhelming, and confusing. At some point I would need to come to terms with my feelings making a decision about how I was going to resolve this sensitive issue.

After eating we sort of puttered around with us all taking a short walk out to the lake. It wasn't quite dark yet since the sun didn't go down until much later now, so it made for a nice little excursion.

"Wow, this is way cool." Zak stated running down to the dock looking around and laughing when Boxey jumped off and into the lake. "Can we go swimming in it?" He asked with me nodding my head.

"Yeah sure, but let's wait until tomorrow. I figured we'd all go down when Austin and Jake come over so we can cool off. It's supposed to be scorching hot tomorrow." I replied deciding it was finally time to test out the waters since I've been aching to go swimming in it ever since Jamie brought me here with what now seemed like ages ago.

By the time we got back home after puttering around and skipping some rocks on the surface of the lake water it was starting to get dark so we slowly made our way home and up into our bedroom. "Hey Paavo if you are going to take a shower you might want to go now. When I found out you guys were coming I took mine earlier. We only have the one bathroom that has a tub and shower in it. I'm sure Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet are waiting until after we all get cleaned up." Jamie suggested with Paavo nodding his head understanding.

"Well if this here mutt doesn't mind then he can come with me." Paavo smiled indicating Zak. "Besides I'd rather wash the one without all that hair." He teased referring to Boxey making us all giggle except for the smaller boy.

"Hey, I'm no mutt." He pouted looking upset prompting the Estonian boy to start apologizing, but Zak simply giggled before adding. "I'm a thoroughbred." He busted up before blushing because he was glancing over at the sexy Estonian boy checking him out while Paavo smiled looking over towards me rolling his eyes knowing exactly what the smaller boy was after.

I could tell Zak was wondering what the other boy looked like naked if that little bulge in his shorts was any indication, and he was about to get his chance. After his initial bout of shyness because of his infatuation towards the beautiful boy, he had once more become his outgoing bubbly personality. Taking Paavo by the hand the smaller boy literally tried to drag him down the stairs in a bit of a hurry with the Estonian boy smiling rolling his eyes at me once more knowing exactly what was on Zak's mind. He didn't seem to mind though knowing it was simply a little boy's innocent type of curiosity.

With us completely alone now I wrapped my arms around Jamie pressing my mouth up against his soft lips. "I've missed you." I breathed heavily feeling his hands sliding up beneath my shirt making me quiver excitedly.

"Me too," He admitted pulling off my shirt before allowing me to do the same with his.

Smiling I took him by the hand leading him over to our bed pulling aside the blanket before slipping out of my shorts and underwear watching him do the same thing. Crawling into bed we cuddled up into each other's arms pressing our bodies together while we tenderly kissed. It was a simple act, but one that spoke volumes with our warm bodies pressing up against one another feeling the heat rising up inside of us. It was a feeling of such contentment which I never wanted to end.

Our lips separated with Jamie's eyes sparkling lively on his features. "So, how was it…you know…with Paavo. I can smell him all over you, and it kinds of turns me on" He whispered softly catching me by surprise and making me blush.

"I think you know how it was Jamie, but I'm here with you now." I whispered back just as softly feeling the heated passion bubbling just beneath the surface of his body knowing he was in desperate need for release. "I don't want to spoil our moment together, but I promise we will talk about it if you want later." I smiled warmly inhaling him deeply into my lungs and gently rolling him over on to his other side facing away from me getting a confused look from him. "Trust me." I whispered gently to him while my hands slowly began to wander up and down his smooth hairless arm before making its way along his side.

"I'll always trust you." He whispered back shivering when I leaned over nibbling his ear before kissing the nape of his neck feeling his warmth on my lips and once more breathing in his unique boy scent.

Ever so gently I ran my hands and lips all along his back feeling the boy quiver excitedly from my soft touch. These were new sensations in an area I haven't paid much attention to yet, and I wanted to explore more of him now so I slowly made my way down to his cute little white globes. Spreading apart his legs I gazed at the exquisiteness of his beauty for a moment before leaning down and running my tongue along the bottom of his slightly sagging sack that was squished up beneath him and against the mattress making him giggle.

His butt cheeks automatically contracted with this newest sensation, his earthy heady scent intermingling with the slight aroma of soap as it assaulted my nose. It made me giddy as I ran my tongue along the line which ran between the bottom of his nut sack all the way to his rose bud. He resisted for a moment, but finally allowed my tongue to travel between his musky smelling crease.

"Oh…oh…geeze Sammy…that…that…feels so hot." He whimpered beginning to squirm around feeling my tongue rimming around such a sensitive place. "Eeeeeeey," He yelped when my tongue applied pressure and slipped a little inside of him before slipping back out.

Lifting my head from between his butt cheeks I ran my hand lightly over his back and pale dimpled melons purely taking all of him in. He was so damn sexy that it made my insides quiver. How two totally different boys could be such a hot turn on, and so damn angelically gorgeous, simply stymied me as I snuggled up behind Jamie pressing myself up against his warm body.

Pulling him towards me Jamie rolled his back into me and I felt my four inch stiffness sliding between his warm crevice. My left arm slithered under his neck and up against his chest while my right arm draped over his waist my fingers dipping down between Jamie's legs. Slowly I began to masturbate him while my hips began to rock back and forth allowing my erection to slide between his two tightly contracted butt cheeks. It felt so damn sexy hot feeling my hard spike sliding between him like that while my fingers held on to his hard tube. It had only been a couple of days, but for some reason his erection felt a lot bigger, almost as if he had matured some more in that short period of time. Looking down over his shoulder I was amazed to see that indeed it had grown, about a whole inch bigger in his rigid state making me smile happy for my sexy little boy.

"Shit…you've grown…between your legs." I hissed in between gasps because I was feeling really good at the moment.

"Wh…ungh…what?" He squeaked his body shivering because I was jacking him slowly with him trying to stave off his orgasm which was swiftly rising inside of his small body.

"Damn…your cock is so damn sexy hot and it's gotten bigger." I whimpered feeling my own heated passion rising despite having been satiated not all that long ago.

Jamie looked down at himself and immediately gasped his body contracting and his erection fattening up even more. His body began to convulse the heat of his hard tube in my hand feeling strangely familiar with it now pulsating in little convulsive explosions. I felt the familiar slimy warmth sliding between my fingers when a small amount of his precious boy batter oozed out from the tip of his knob. It still wasn't a lot, but enough to create that sort of slick gliding sensation as I continued to pump his inflated tube feeling his body quivering with excited euphoric blissfulness. His warm butt cheeks contracted around my own erection sending me over the edge as well, except I shot blanks since Paavo had drained me not all that long ago and I hadn't been able to replenish myself in the short period of time. At least I was fairly certain I hadn't squirted, and if I did it couldn't have been much more than maybe a single droplet which was quickly absorbed in the wet balmy dampness of his soft fleshy tepid fissure.

The feeling of his tight ass cheeks clamping around my hard butt plug forcing it up against his puckering little virginal chute made me shiver excitedly while my orgasm ripped through my body. I reflexively held him even tighter up against my body shoving my hard erection up against his little brown puckered lips making me wonder not for the first time what it would truly be like to stick myself up inside of him.

Slowly the two of us climbed down from our euphoric blissful state with me feeling his erection softening up in my fingers prompting me to look down at him noticing that indeed he had grown between his legs. How could something like that happen seemingly overnight I wondered to myself eyeing his now three and a half inch softie realizing he had a bigger penis than me once again making me chuckle. Then I realized something else, he was actually flaccid which made me smile because he hardly ever was limp around me, only the one time after having sex with him the other night. In a way it indicated that at least maybe now when I pleasured him it did give him enough relief to put him in a softened state. For some reason him being flaccid really turned me on, and I figured maybe it was due to the fact until recently I've only ever seen him when he was hard between his legs.

The other thing I noticed was his body had now become calm in my arms. Even his pale soft globes had relaxed around my now flaccid three and a quarter inch penis making me sigh with the thoughts of me slipping my hard spike inside of the younger boy still firmly implanted in my mind.

"God Jamie you have no idea how much you turn me on in a way that I so desperately want to insert my boy muscle so far inside of you making sweet love." I whimpered leaning down and nibbling on his ear affectionately.

Shifting in my arms so he was laying on his back the smaller boy gazed up into my eyes with a confused look on his face. "I'm not a girl you know." He whispered now looking down between his legs because my hand had wandered downwards with my fingers wrapping around his sensitive soft tube and fleshy boy sack.

Jamie whimpered at the sensitivity of his soft floppy, but continued to gawk at himself. "Geeze did I really grow that much down there?" He wondered aloud making me smile because even his testicles had gotten bigger feeling to be about the size of chestnuts now hanging down low in his avocado shaped boy bag.

"Yeah you sure did and I love how it feels in my hand." I giggled getting a glowing smile out of him. "And for the record I most definitely know you aren't a girl." I chuckled teasingly giving his large twelve year old package a firm squeeze making him wince before he began to giggle as well.

"Yeah, well then how do you expect to fuck me? You can only do that with girls." He pointed out using a term I hadn't expected him to use, and surprising me at the vulgarity of the sound coming from such an innocent boy's lips.

His statement pointed out a couple of things to me though which I now had to think on. It showed me how there were two sides to Jamie where sex and love was concerned. On the one hand he understood certain aspects of sex to know that guys generally had intercourse with girls, yet was also naïve enough not to know that guys could also fuck other guys, just in a different way. It also made me realize in some ways he still probably didn't understand the difference between sex and love.

"Um…well…I…uh…guys can sort of do that with each other too…just in a different way though. I mean…the way guys do it they can do it with a girl that way too, but most of the time guys…um…have intercourse…uh…you know…fuck a girl in the regular way." I tried to explain wincing at how I was also using the term "fuck" in such an impersonal and vulgar way with Jamie glancing at me all confused now.

Leaning over I shook my head. "Damn, this is so embarrassing Jamie. You are really going to make me explain some of this aren't you?" I asked with him grinning playfully and nodding his head.

Slowly I began to tell him how guys can actually do that sort of thing slipping inside another boy in his butt. I tried to explain the process to him including about something supposedly inside a boy that can make him feel good if the boy doing it to him bumps his penis up against it. Of course I told him I've never done that sort of thing so wasn't exactly sure of the entire process only knowing what I had heard about it. I was worried he'd be turned off by it, but to my surprise he seemed genuinely curious, maybe a bit too much.

"Well why don't we find out?" He asked making me flinch in response because his matter of fact way about it surprised me while also making me a bit sad because it was simply coming off as sex and nothing more to it for him.

"What…no.!" I shook my head emphatically seeing his confused look followed immediately by one of hurt feelings. "Jamie…I…you don't understand." I began with him looking at me like he was wondering what the issue was, almost like somehow me saying no meant I didn't care about him.

Reaching out to him I brushed my hand up against his cheek shaking my head while whispering softy and tenderly to him because I loved him so much. "Jamie it isn't that I wouldn't love us to do something like this, but…doing that…is such a big step. It's not something we should jump in and try because we are horny, curious, or want to do it for the sake of sex. I've told you before I care too much about you to do that sort of thing. It needs to be something special…a precious gift we give to one another. If we do this it is like when a girl gives up her virginity, but for us it is doubly so. If I make love to you in that way for the first time it is you giving up your boy virginity to me while I also have my virginity taken away in the same way like if I were doing it to a girl. Then if you make love to me in that way it is me giving up my boy virginity while you also losing your other type of virginity. When a guy does a girl a guy only looses one kind of virginity, but when two guys do that sort of thing together they loose their virginity in two ways. Do you understand?" I ask him noticing how Jamie had been hanging on to my words with him leaning in and hugging me tightly.

"I…I think so Sammy." He sniffled, crying softy in my arms because he knew in many ways he was still learning about some of the subtleties about puberty, sex, and love. I really couldn't hold it against him because it was confusing even for me. "It's just sometimes I feel like I want more of you. I want to have all of you Sammy." He admitted to me while I held him in my arms holding him tightly my heart swelling so much for the love I felt towards this precious innocent soul.

In many ways I was responsible for him because of the love we had for each other. "I know Jamie and I do love you very much, but this is a big step, and when we are both ready we will take it together. I suppose in many ways we both are ready for it now because we love each other so much, but I think we also have to be careful because it can be painful." I sighed getting a frightened look from him now.

"Painful?" He asked with me chuckling.

"Yeah, but from what I know it is in a good way if we are careful about it Jamie. That is why we have to truly be ready for it. If you really think this is something you want then there are little things we can try first to see if it is something we both are ready for. The last thing I want to do is hurt you, and I don't necessarily mean physically, even though I don't want to do that either. What I mean is hurt you emotionally later on. For me I know this is something I'd be comfortable doing with you, but it is different for you Jamie. It isn't a bad thing for you; just that you still have some catching up to do is all. I mean, look at how overwhelming it has become for you with us having sex together. It was intense and happened so fast it was like you almost got lost with it. I know you love me Jamie, but at first sex was simply something to get you off, and I don't want this to be the main reason between us when we do that." I whispered softly to him feeling the boy relax in my arms as he began to understand what I really meant.

A silence settled around us with Jamie finally speaking out softly his cute little young voice carrying to my ears. "How did I get so lucky with finding you Sammy? I…I love you so much that my heart aches sometimes. If it weren't for you I'd still be lost, and even now you care so much for me that you are doing what is best for me." I heard him whisper gently feeling his hand rubbing along my chest before settling his ear over my heart. "You've got the most gentlest of souls Sammy…not many would have done so much for me, and would have probably taken advantage of me." He stated cuddling up closer to me while I wrapped my arm around his shoulders.

"Jamie there are other people out there just like me who care deeply about you, but yes there are others out there who don't understand the difference with what we have together and would hurt you if you let them. It is why we have to be careful, but I'm sure you will know who you can trust to be your friends just like I do." I reassured him with the two of us falling silent again.

We must have dozed off because the next thing I knew was being suddenly roused by an exuberant Zak who smelled and looked all squeaky clean as he hopped on the bed throwing of our covers bouncing around excitedly. "Hey…why are you guys naked? Are you two boyfriends?" He asked innocently with me grabbing him and pulling the younger boy between me and Jamie hearing him screech in surprise.

He was shirtless and wearing his pale sky blue colored C9 Champion Boys' core polyester mesh knit shorts. I could tell he wasn't wearing any underwear simply by the way his shorts settled around his small boy penis that seemed to be in a semi hard state because of his excitement.

Tossing him between me and Jamie I began to tickle and kiss him all over his face unable to contain myself as the brotherly love I felt for him bubbled over. He began to giggle and titter trying to stave off my loving affection for him, but seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did even returning some of my kisses until he couldn't because he was laughing so hard. My lips and hands were all over him and even Jamie began lavishing kisses on the smaller boy.

Zak ate up all the attention squirming around in our arms before yelping in surprise when I dove down between his legs pulling down the front of his shorts and burying my face in his crotch. I puckered up my lips planting it firmly on his small rounded mostly smooth flat fleshy boy bag mound and blew the biggest mouth fart against his two pistachio sized testicles. The boy immediately bucked squealing and squirming in delight at the ticklish sensation my blow fart sent throughout his body. It happened so fast with me tucking away his now erect two inch penis and boy balls back beneath his shorts before climbing up next to him and cradling him in my arms. Jamie cuddled up as well smashing the boy between the two of us still giving him little kisses on his cheeks and nose allowing Zak to catch his breath.

Zak had such a cute expression on his face with his smile lighting up his features. "Is Jamie your boyfriend?" He asked me innocently for a second time with me looking at him seriously and shrugging my shoulders in a non committal kind of way.

"He's a very good friend and he's a boy…so technically yes, but it is something we shouldn't talk about with others because how Jamie and I feel about each other is kind of private?" I replied not really giving him a true answer, but enough to let him know it is a sensitive issue for me. "I promise I'll talk to you more about it later when I'm ready…alright?" I ask with him nodding his head not overly concerned about it as he now glanced down at Jamie's nakedness his eyes bulging out.

"Whoa…Jamie you are like totally huge." He gasped noticing Jamie's hard five inch erection that had simply grown overnight with me kind of surprised as well at just how big it had really gotten.

Zak immediately got on his knees reaching out and taking Jamie's erection in his fist making the twelve year old boy jerk in surprise and then giggle when the smaller boy also cupped his ample sized boy bag. "Geeze, I think you are even bigger than Paavo and Sam. Mine's really small though." He adds while pulling down the front of his shorts. "See." He points out tugging on his full blown two inch erection. "And I really don't have much of a dangly." He sighs shaking his head. "Kind of puny huh." He states a bit sadly while I reach over pulling his shorts back into place.

"Zak we talked about this a little the other day. You should be more careful about this sort of thing…you know about being curious and gawking at other boys. Some people might not understand it even if you don't mean any harm by it. Besides we already talked about how yours is small because you are younger." I pointed out with him nodding his head.

"I know Sam, but Jamie was yours small like mine when you were my age?" He asked curiously making me roll my eyes because my words simply seemed to have gone in one ear and out the other.

"Zak…stop it already. Besides Jamie has Autism and for him things were different with what he noticed and didn't notice." I pointed out looking at Jamie to see if I had hurt his feelings, but the other boy shrugged his shoulders indicating what I said was kind of true.

"Oh…I'm sorry Jamie I sort of forgot since I didn't know you back then. Anyway, did you know that Paavo's thingy is different from ours? He's got skin on his called a foreskin, and it's so cool…huh Paavo." Zak asked looking towards the other boy who had stayed off to the side smiling and watching our interaction. "Show them." An excited Zak stated jumping off the bed crushing my nuts in the process making me wince and cup my tenders gasping at the suddenness of Zak's movement.

Without missing a beat Zak pulled the older boy over and simply removed the towel from his waist. "Hey!" Paavo yelped in surprise blushing because he hadn't expected the eight year old boy to actually pull away his towel like that exposing him in front of Jamie.

It wasn't like he was embarrassed by his nakedness, but he wasn't sure how Jamie would feel about it. "What?" Zak asked sincerely not understanding what he had done wrong.

"Geeze for real Zak the two of us most definitely need to have a little chat." I admonished the smaller boy who now blushed because he realized in his exuberance he had gone a little too far.

"Whoa." I heard Jamie exclaim as he sat up on the edge of the bed. "Why is yours different from ours?" He asked with Zak piping up feeling a little justified now while I rolled my eyes.

"See…I told you." The smaller boy giggled while Jamie scooted to the edge of the bed getting a closer look with Paavo also eyeing the other boy completely enthralled by the twelve year old huge five inch erection. "Besides, it's really not all that different…huh Paavo. I mean his skin pulls back, and underneath it is just like ours…show him." Zak offered up proud of how he was instructing us all about his new discovery of a thing called foreskin.

Paavo blushed, but pulled the skin back on his exquisite three inch erection exposing his glistening pink knob making Jamie gasp in surprise. "Whoa, that's like way cool…can I…um…is it alright if I try that?" He asked curiously with Zak having crowded in getting a closer look totally enthralled by Paavo's exquisite unique tool.

Paavo looked over towards me as if asking what he should do, but things had sort of progressed on their own so I shrugged my shoulders letting him know it was his choice. "Um…yeah sure…I guess…that is if I can touch yours too." He added with Jamie nodding his agreement reaching out towards the boy who was standing in front of him and hesitantly wrapped his finger and thumb on the warm fleshy tube.

"Wow…it feels a lot like Sammy's, but different too." He admitted looking towards me and blushing before focusing back on Paavo's nice looking skin covered erection.

Slowly he skinned the boy's erection his eyes getting big with how easily it slid back exposing that cool slicked up looking knob. He ran his thumb over it gingerly noticing how Paavo flinched at the sensitivity of his light touch before he slid the skin back into place. He pulled the skin back and forth a few more times before also checking out Jamie's nice Hacky Sack sized boy bag swinging freely now between the boy's legs from the warm shower. Glancing towards me he smiled broadly while I rolled my eyes because I knew exactly what he was thinking in regards to me having had sex with this delectably delicious looking blond blue eyed boy.

Now it was Jamie's turn to be inspected as the two boys switched positions with Paavo taking his time totally mesmerized by the heft and weight of the long haired boy's hard erection and chestnut sized testicles. "Whoa you really are pretty big Jamie, but it sort of suits you." The Estonian boy noted with Jamie smiling back at him.

"Yeah, but you are like totally sexy hot." Jamie admitted with both boys giggling.

"Can I touch it too Jamie?" Zak's voice cut in pleadingly.

He had watched the two boys closely and wanted to get a feel of Jamie now too since he's never known anyone who had such a big one before. He had touched mine when he had looked at it curiously when we took a bath together, but the way he was acting I knew I'd have to have a chat with him. In this sort of setting I didn't mind if he was curious about these types of things so long as it was with friends he could trust, but it was still a bit alarming. I most definitely needed to talk with him to find out if he truly understood about how private and dangerous something like this was if not in the right kind of setting. For now though I didn't want to make a big fuss about it as he looked at Jamie wondering if it was alright before glancing towards me biting his lip a bit timidly.

Jamie looked towards me, and I nodded my head indicating it was alright, but gave him a cautionary look which he picked up on. "Yeah sure Zak, but be careful alright, and as long as you promise not to tell anyone." Jamie stated with the smaller boy getting a serious look on his face nodding his head in agreement.

"No way…I won't tell anyone." He promised looking towards Paavo now and blushing. "I know I shouldn't have said anything Paavo, but I also knew we could trust Sam and Jamie since they are really close to us. Besides, they were already naked in bed. I'm still sorry though and should have asked you first instead of dragging you over and pulling away the towel. I just got excited is all." He added a bit anxiously with Paavo ruffling his hair.

"I know Zak, but you do need to be careful in the future…alright?" He indicated with Zak smiling and leaning in reaching out hesitantly towards Jamie's large erection wrapping his tiny fist around it.

"Whoa…that's like really big because my fingers barely fit around it." He giggled wrapping his other fist around it as well noting it took both of his hands side by side to take up most of Jamie's length.

Again for Zak this was more about curiosity than anything else as he scrutinized the other boy taking it all in with an expression of complete innocent awe on his features making me smile. He took his time inspecting Jamie's erection and heavy satchel rolling around the boy's chestnut sized testicles before finally releasing him completely satisfied. Reaching down beneath his shorts the eight year old tugged on his little erection before releasing it giving Jamie a hug and thanking him.

"Alright let's take a look at what you brought for your sleep clothes." Jamie offered up getting into his shorts covering himself up with Paavo pulling on something as well while I got out my pajama bottoms slipping into them before motioning for Boxey to come with me for a shower. It's been a while since Boxey had a bath so I figured I might as well take care of it now.

When I came back up Jamie and Paavo were each sitting in a chair in front of the computer. They were playing some sort of game with Jamie at the controls while Zak was sitting on Paavo's lap with the Estonian boy giving him a hug and kissing him tenderly in a brotherly kind of way. I could tell that Zak truly adored both boys and loved the attention he was getting from them because when it was Paavo's turn at the game the smaller boy simply got up sitting in Jamie's lap. I watched now as Jamie hugged the curly haired boy kissing him on the cheek as well.

Not wanting to mess up the mood I slipped into my bed getting under the covers. After a few minutes Zak looked over his shoulders noticing me in bed and wandered over climbing in next to me and snuggling up closely. I wrapped him up in my arms and leaned down lavishing kisses on him. He was too adorably sweet, and I found I was falling in love with him in a brotherly kind of way. It made me realize just how much Austin and Jake meant to one another. The love I felt for Zak was different from the kind of love I felt for Jamie and Paavo, but it was no less as potent filling my heart with such a tender and warm kind of feeling. My heart swelled inside of my chest as I drew him closer towards me.

"Sam?" Zak whispered softly.


"You're not mad at me…are you? I mean…you know about Paavo and Jamie?" He asked a bit uneasily.

Running my fingers tenderly through the boy's black curly locks I inhaled deeply looking softly into his dark colored eyes. "No of course not Zak, but you really do have to be careful you know. I mean most people wouldn't understand how you are only being curious, and would think what you did was a bad thing." I paused smiling lovingly at him letting my words sink in for a moment.

The smaller boy scrunched up his face his cute little rounded cheeks even more emphasized on his features before I continued. "It isn't…you know…bad for real…I told you this before, but it is dangerous though if the wrong people find out. Not only that, but someone could take it the wrong way and do awful things to you which you aren't ready for. I'm not mad, just worried about you getting hurt Zak." I tried to explain to him feeling the boy cuddling up to me even more.

I could feel him running his fingers across my naked stomach and chest. "Oh…alright…I'll be more careful…I promise Sam." He assured me making me smile.

We continued to talk about it some more with me letting certain aspects sort of come out in a more natural kind of way. He did understand to a certain degree when we first started talking about it, but there were still some things he hadn't been sure about. Because of what happened I had to explain how people could take advantage of him in a sexual way and hurt him in the process. I also explained to him how people could take this sort of interest in the wrong way creating problems for all four of us calling us names and teasing us in a bullying kind of way. I kept our conversation in simple basic terms so that by the time we were done he had a good sense of how dangerous it could be for him in certain ways, while also providing him with a good understanding of how it was important to keep some interactions private because it was a part of his natural progress of growing up and exploring. So long as what he did with someone else was done in a way which didn't harm anyone, and all parties agreed to such activity, then he had a right to keep such things private.

"I love you Sam." Zak whispered hesitantly to me blushing at such an admission even though he's made it before getting a smile out of me.

"I love you too bro." I replied enjoying how it sounded to have a little brother while also noticing how he beamed happily at the comment.

"Thanks Sam." He gushed giggling. "Where am I going to sleep tonight?" He asked yawning.

"Well I figured you could cuddle up with Paavo in the other bed on the other side of the room if that's alright with you." I replied with him nodding.

"Yeah…I like Paavo so I don't mind." He yawned again leaning over and kissing me on the cheek.

Smiling I pulled him to me and planted a very soft and tender one right on his lips enjoying the taste of his mouth and making him smile. "Goodnight Sam." He sighed getting up and making his way to the other bed climbing in.

Paavo noticed Zak heading towards the bed and motioned for Jamie that maybe it was time to hit the sack. I motioned him over and he climbed on to the bed while I held out my arms to him. He leaned down and I gave him a kiss on the lips before leaning my forehead up against his.

"Mmmmm, you taste so good." I giggled seeing him flash a nice smile at me. "Anyway, I told Zak you would cuddle up with him if that's alright with you. The bed's a little small though, so I hope you guys will have enough room?"

"Yeah sure…I like the little bugger, and I'm sure there's plenty of room for us." He chuckled getting up and turning to head back towards Zak when Jamie surprise him by wrapping his arms around him and planting a soft tender kiss on his lips.

I watched the interaction noticing how the two of them seemed to respond in a deep affectionate kind of way. There most definitely seemed to be some sort of connection between the two boys making me wonder if perhaps there was something more beginning to happen for them. To my surprise I didn't feel jealous about it or anything, but rather found myself hoping there truly was a deeper connection forming between the two of them.

"Mmmmm, Sammy's right Paavo…you do taste good." Jamie teased with just a hint of seriousness making the Estonian boy blush a bit nervously as he glanced my way while I chuckled indicating I didn't mind the two of them getting frisky together.

"Well…," he smiled his eyes dancing around playfully. "You two taste pretty sweet too." He chuckled including me in the observation. "Anyway, try not to make too much noise tonight." He taunted sticking his tongue out at us before climbing into bed next to Zak who had already fallen asleep while Jamie crawled in next to me cuddling up.

Morning seemed to arrive quickly even though we had slept in really late. After getting up we gathered together some things including snacks before making our way out to the lake where we were going to meet up with Jake and Austin. Along the way I paused, allowing Jamie and Paavo to walk ahead a little ways so I could talk with Zak.

"Hey listen buddy." I began getting the smaller boy's attention. "Um…we are all planning on going skinny dipping at the lake…you know…swimming naked instead of putting on bathing suits. Are you cool with that? I mean, if you don't want to we can all wear bathing suits." I explained to the boy.

Zak glanced at me scrunching up his eyes shrugging his shoulders like asking what the big deal was about going swimming naked making me chuckle because all of a sudden he had become a nudist. "Yeah that's cool. I don't know why it would be such a big deal. It isn't as if there are any girls around." He pointed out making me chuckle remembering back to his age where girls where simply creatures who had the cooties.

"Yeah I hear you, but…um…I also talked with Jake and Austin on the phone about you…I mean…you know…letting them know that you are kind of curious about things…um…down there." I chuckled lightheartedly nudging my head towards his nether region noticing the smaller boy's cheeks getting flushed, but also furling his eyes like I shouldn't have revealed something so private.

"Oh come on Zak don't look at me like that, I just wanted them to know you might be curious about some things; especially, regarding Austin." I sighed noticing Zak's expression change when I pointed out Austin specifically making me chuckle knowingly. "You'll see what I mean. Besides they understand because they've been curious too when they were your age about this sort of thing. Anyway, I just wanted you to know so it doesn't become awkward if you have questions about something or are curious about anything…alright?" I asked seeing Zak's face light up and nod.

"Yeah…cool…I guess. I mean…it's cool how you sort of thought about that sort of stuff for me. It's just…kind of awkward though…I mean…you know…with you going around telling people and all." He pointed out.

"I know Zak, but you'll see that Austin and Jake are really close friends just like Jamie and Paavo so they won't tease you or anything, and will keep this all a secret. They won't blab around about us all going skinny dipping. I promise it isn't something I plan on going around and telling people about…you know…with you being so curious and all. Besides, this is all kind of new to you so I'm sure things will kind of settle down a bit once the novelty of it all wears off." I explained seeing him give me a quirky look at the word 'novelty,' but not asking further sort of getting what I meant by it even though he might not exactly know the true definition of the word. That was one thing about using new words in sentences; you may not understand the word itself, but when used in a sentence you sort of get the gist of it.

Catching up with Jamie and Paavo we walked the rest of the way to the lake chatting excitedly with each other since this was going to be our first foray this summer swimming in the lake. I'm not sure why I haven't come down sooner, but I suppose there was a lot going on. Cresting the small hill we all paused looking down at the lake nestled in a natural like hollow between the small sloping surrounding hills. The small creek emptied out into the lake on this end before once more picking up towards the other side. The water looked cool and refreshing as we all ran down the embankment kicking off our shoes and putting our toes into the water testing out the temperature.

To my relief it wasn't freezing cold or anything, simply kind of a comfy temperature. It was cool and refreshing without it being too cold where we would literally freeze our balls off. I was sure out in the deeper portion of the lake it would be a bit cooler, but by the time we swam out that far our bodies would have gradually adjusted to the change in temperature. This was going to be totally awesome I thought to myself when I was distracted by shouting off to my left. It was Jake and Austin cresting the hill on their bikes. It was a friendly reminder that I haven't taken a bike ride in a while.

I watched as the two boys rode their bikes down towards us with Jake literally jumping off his bike and leaping into my arms giving me the biggest hug. "I've missed you so much." The smaller boy gushed making me roll my eyes shaking my head because I really hadn't been gone that long.

Austin seemed to have been thinking the same thing. "Geeze for real Jake, he's been gone all of like two day." The older brother chuckled giving me a knuckle bump by way of greeting before stepping up to Jamie and giving him a hug.

Up until recently it was a gesture none of us would have thought possible as I watched smiling while Jamie returned Austin's hug. Jake suddenly squirmed away from me so he could give the other boy a hug as well literally shoving his older brother out of the way prompting all of us to laugh. After that I introduced Paavo and Zak to everyone noticing Jake literally eyeing the Estonian boy up and down almost salivating at the exquisite pale Nordic like features before he turned his attention to the youngest member of our group.

"So you are the little munchkin that Sam's been gushing about. You know he can't say enough about you. I mean you'd think he's never had a little brother before…oh wait…I guess he never has." Jake chuckled ruffling the boy's hair in the process. "For real though Zak, he seems to think you are a pretty cool little guy so any friend of Sam's is a friend of ours." Jake welcomed the younger boy leaning down and giving him a warm embrace surprising the little guy for a moment before he returned the hug.

I've been noticing that Zak's been getting a lot of hugs and affection lavished towards his way, and it made me happy to see how all of my friends were welcoming and accepting him so openly. He really was so damn adorable with such a sweet personality that it was difficult not to want to hug and squeeze the little guy to death. I just hoped that Jake would reign in his horniness around the younger boy. Even though sex was so prevalently out there in the social media, television, news, and everything else it was still something I wanted to protect Zak from hoping to keep him a little boy for as long as possible. Sex wasn't a bad thing per se, but these days it seemed like we were becoming more and more exposed to it at such a younger and younger age.

On the one hand we had our parents, schools, church, and other types of groups making us all paranoid over it saying how it was such a naughty, dirty, and nasty thing, but then on the other hand sex was being blasted towards us in movies and other social media with it coming across as not being such a big deal cheapening what it was all about. I was beginning to realize sex was something wonderful to experience and a precious gift, but it was also very confusing and could be hurtful emotionally. I wanted Zak to experience sex in his own time when he was ready for it, but I also wanted to expose him to some aspects of it in a natural way that was age appropriate for him so when the time came he would be more comfortable with what he was experiencing physically and emotionally.

Looking back on my own experiences with sex I began to appreciate how I had waited longer without actually doing certain things. It had always been a struggle for me; at first because I was so shy about my body, but then later simply trying to hold off on my urges and fantasies which were too overwhelming at times.

"How's the water?" Jake asked tugging on the hem of his shirt, pulling it over his head, and dumping it on the ground before shoving down his shorts and underwear in one fell swoop kicking them off to the side not in the least bit shy about his naked body.

"Actually it feels perfect." I replied tugging off my own clothes noticing everyone doing the same with Zak simply gawking at all the naked bodies focusing on Jake's pink boy pouch and thin hard one and a half inch long tube with an added extra inch piece of soft floppy skin extending past his hard rounded knob while he slowly got out of his own clothes his hands covering himself up his own erection as he blushed a little embarrassed.

Jake noticed and smiled warmly at the smaller boy. "What's wrong?" He asked ruffling Zak's hair while the smaller boy shrugged his shoulders and continued to blush.

"Nothing…it…it's just that my thingy and danglies are so much smaller than everyone else's." Zak complained not for the first time making Jake chuckle shaking his head.

"Let's have a look." He stated removing Zak's hands before shrugging his shoulders.

"Well to be honest Zak you've got a bigger erection than mine." Jake pointed out with Zak looking up at him like he was joshing. "No for real see." Jake stated pulling his long foreskin over his knob. "Without my extra skin yours is about half an inch longer than mine, and a little thicker too."

"Oh…yeah…I guess that's true, but aren't you worried about yours being so small?" Zak asked innocently with Jake laughing and shaking his head.

"Nah…my brother tells me his was like mine at about my age. Then it sort of got bigger and thicker. He says mine will probably do the same thing; although, I have to admit his started doing that already when he was my age, and I haven't begun it yet. Austin says it is probably because I will go through puberty a little later than he had. I guess everyone sort of goes through that sort of thing at a different age. He started right about the time he hit twelve and who knows how long it will take before I start it. I mean look at Sam, he hasn't even gotten his pubes yet, and Austin already has a nice little patch around that fat sausage of his?" Jake pointed out seeing the blank stare from Zak realizing some terms the boy didn't understand so I sort of stepped in while I began to put some sunscreen on his body so he wouldn't burn.

"Zak, what Jake means is that all boys go through what is called puberty. It's something you will learn more about when you get older, but it basically means your body sort of goes through some changes in certain ways including what happens between your legs. When puberty begins your penis and balls…um…thingy and danglies start to get bigger. As time goes on you then get hair like Austin has around his, and then even under your arms. There are other changes too, but right now like Jake points out he hasn't gotten to that point yet, but he will get there soon just like Jamie and Paavo. Since Jake and Austin are brothers things that happen like that will be the same in some ways. Austin was just like Jake and his got really thick and a bit longer too so it will probably happen the same way for Jake." I pointed out smiling as I put more lotion into the palm of my hand and now ran my hands across Zak's cute perky little dimpled apples making him giggle for a second while Jake's eyes glittered and he pinched the tip of his knob excitedly.

"Exactly Zak, so you see I wouldn't worry too much right now because you are only eight and things will change for you too." Jake pointed out.

"Yeah, but still why are my danglies so small. Everyone else's sort of either hangs down or looks like a little ball or something under their thingies?" Zak pointed out looking between his legs while Jake laughed nodding his head.

"Yeah…well I wouldn't worry about that either. Mine were just like that all smooth like when I was your age. I kind of miss it because when I ran my hand across it the skin was really soft and smooth, not wrinkly like it is now." Jake pointed out reaching out innocently running his fingers over the boy's smooth little brown colored mound making Zak giggle because it tickled a little while I gave him an admonishing look.

"Oh…um…sorry Zak. I shouldn't have done that without asking first. It's just I really did like how it felt all smooth like when I was little." Jake added looking towards me apologetically for having lost control of himself.

"It's alright Jake…it kind of tickled. Um…can I…you know…pull your skin down. Paavo has skin like that too, and I think it's kind of neat." He pleaded looking at the other boy who laughed but nodded indicating it was alright.

"Yeah sure why not…just be careful though. I don't want things to get…um…never mind…just be careful." Jake added trying not to make this into a sexual encounter, but also mindful that I had warned him how Zak was curious about such things.

"Why do you have skin and your brother doesn't?" Zak asked the other boy.

Shrugging his shoulders Jake laughed. "Everyone always asks the same thing when they see us naked, and it just sort of happened that way is all. Sometimes Austin says he wishes he still had his skin and sometimes I say I wished I didn't. In the end I guess it really doesn't matter one way or the other. I have mine and he doesn't, that's all there is to it." Jake pointed out noting how my hands were now in-between Zak's legs slathering on the cool creamy lotion on his small boy bag and two inch erection.

Zak began squirming in my arms and giggling. "That tickles…stop." He managed to wriggle himself out of my grasp with me chuckling knowing he was probably right.

"Here then put some on your hand and rub it on yourself because that is one place you most definitely don't want to get burned." I teased him getting up to rub some on myself while the other guys huddled around getting some as well after hearing me talking about our peckers getting sunburned.

No one wanted their penis a balls to get sunburned so they made sure to rub plenty of it around their sensitive parts. It was a bit more difficult for Austin because his bush really had grown in some. It was now a tight patch of curly brown hair nestled all around the base of his penis and part of his pubic mound. Even Zak noticed the hair taking an interest in it.

"Um…Austin…is it true that you were small and hairless just like Jake last year?" He asked innocently with Austin nodding his head.

"Yeah sure…well actually about a year and a half ago. I was small down there just like Jake, and when I was your age my ball bag was flat like yours. It was kind of embarrassing when I found out some of my friends were bigger down there, but then it all changed. Now mine is thicker than most of my friends, but about the same length as many of them. Some of my friends also have pubes…you know hair down there like me, and others like Sam haven't gotten theirs in yet, but I did notice Sam seems to be starting now." He chuckled nodding towards my little fuzzies making me blush.

"Yeah…well you know…there's been a few things over the last couple of days that have sort of begun to change for me." I noted getting a smile out of Austin because he knew exactly what I was talking about.

"Ha…it's about time. I know you've been waiting like forever on that." He teased while I noticed Zak was still focusing on the little patch of hair on Austin's pubic mound.

"Would you like to touch it?" Austin offered up with Zak's eyes lighting up.

"Can I…really?" He asked with the older boy shrugging his shoulders.

"Sure…go ahead. We might as well get it over with or you will only be curious about it the rest of the day." Austin chuckled letting the other boy get a good feel of not only his pubes, but also his fat erection and his heavy walnut sized testicles.

It was purely innocent with what Zak was doing, but Austin was right, we might as well get all of the curiosity crap out of the way for the curly haired boy. I knew that once the smaller boy was able to satiate his inquisitiveness it wouldn't be an issue from here on out. It wasn't like Zak was attracted to us in a sexual kind of way, which was a relief to me. Sure seeing all of these naked bodies probably excited him if his erection was any indication, but the excitement he felt was more along the lines of this being a bit on the naughty side, and a new kind of experience for him.

While Zak was checking out Austin I noticed that Jake was now scrutinizing Paavo his fist slowly stroking his own little erection. I could tell Jake was turned on by the sexy Estonian boy. He's seen Jamie on many occasions and was turned on by him as well, but Paavo was a new boy standing there in all of his naked beauty, and it was almost too much for poor Jake who suddenly yelped in surprise when I darted for the dock.

Screaming at the top of my lungs I launched myself off the edge. "Last one in is a rotten egg." I managed to get out before the coolness of the clear water slammed into my body for a split second making me shiver momentarily.

My head popped out of the water just in time to see the other boys all leaping off the edge of the dock at about the same time; except for Jamie who stood on the edge looking into the water. It was hilarious seeing everyone's boy baubles wriggling around at various angles before their bodies plunged into the coolness of the lake. One by one their heads popped up as they all sputtered and giggled with a water fight naturally starting off our exuberant fun until I remembered Jamie was still standing on the edge of the dock.

"What's wrong?" I asked with the other boy shrugging his shoulders.

"I…um…I don't know how to swim." He replied making me feel totally stupid because how would he know considering his autism.

It's not that autistic kids couldn't learn to swim I suppose. I'm sure there are plenty of autistic kids who went somewhere like a swimming pool and lake or some such place learning how to swim, but Jamie never liked to be touch so it would have been difficult to teach him.

"Oh shit…I'm really sorry about that Jamie. Here, let's go where it is shallower and you can hop in. I'll teach you how to swim. It's not hard once you get the basics and the gist of it. I promise…before we leave you will at least know how to float and maybe even swim a little."

Austin joined me offering to help teach Jamie; while Paavo, Jake, and Zak goofed around and had fun. Both me and Austin worked with Jamie for a good hour making him feel comfortable enough to the point where he could actually swim around a little. To my surprise he picked up on it really fast, and I got the feeling most of this was due to the fact he wasn't afraid of the water. Once he became somewhat decent with at least floating and swimming around respectably enough there was no stopping him from joining in on the fun with the rest of us.

After Jamie finally joined in on the fun we spent another good hour or so swimming and goofing around just like normal kids our wet naked bodies sliding up against one another making our play a bit on the naughty side. There most definitely was plenty of groping going on with our play, but I did notice how Jake tended to do that quite a lot with Paavo. At one point Jake attached himself on to Paavo's back rubbing his erection up and down along the boy's back while reaching between the Estonian boy's legs slowly jacking off the hard three inch skin covered erection he found swaying around down there. Paavo's breathing began to increase and he moaned enjoying the sensation of being masturbated, but it only lasted for a few moments before the Estonian boy reached down removing Jake's hand whispering into the other boy's ear. Jake looked a little disappointed, but respected his new friend's request simply keeping it more playful afterwards.

Climbing out of the water I found a nice shady spot under some trees and spread out a blanket taking a seat. Austin noticed what I was doing, and made his way over taking a seat next to me. I continued to watch Paavo and Jamie taking turns tossing Zak up into the air before he came splashing back into the water giggling and having a blast. Smiling and shaking my head at the boys' obvious fun, I glanced over at Austin noticing the melancholy look on his face following his gaze over towards the other side of the dock where his little brother had swam over to where there were some large boulders for some privacy. He had ducked behind an outcropping of boulders, and had scuttled up on a small ledge leaning back against one of them with his legs dangling in the water.

From our angle we could see him stroking his sleek erection his small body beginning to twitch as his orgasm began to bubble up to the surface. "Geeze for real Austin your little brother is such a horny little shit." I chuckled with Austin looking away, blushing, and looking a bit contrite.

"Yeah…I know and I feel really bad for him because it's probably my fault." He replied sighing while I looked at him questioningly. "It's just now with us having our own rooms I haven't been…you know…helping him out and all." He commented while I continued to gawk at Jake jacking off totally enthralled with what he was doing.

"Well that sort of makes sense." I finally responded nodding my head.

"I suppose, but he still comes into my room at night wanting to do things, but lately I've been brushing him off." He sighed.

"Oh…I see, but why?" I asked with him looking at me a few tears welling up and him blushing.

"I think you know why. I mean…it's kind of wrong…you know…with us being brothers and all. I feel really bad about doing that to him when he was still so young. In a way I think it's my fault with the way he acts sometimes…you know being all horny and all." He sighed placing his head on his knees the teardrops dropping down between his legs.

"Geeze Austin it isn't completely your fault. I mean it isn't like you started out to do that sort of thing…it just sort of happened. I mean Jake sort of caught you…um…you know…jacking off and all, and well let's face it we would all be curious about it at that age. Besides, it's a lot more fun when someone else does that to us." I teased with him turning his head and gazing at me flashing a small smile, but still looking a bit sad about the situation.

"I know Sam, but still I don't want him to feel like this kind of thing is normal…you know? I mean sure it started out innocent and all, and yes there is nothing wrong with experimenting like that and all, but lately it's as if it's gotten to be a normal type of thing, and truthfully it's gotten kind of creepy Sam. Jake deserves more because I shouldn't have started him so young with the whole sex thing. I'm glad you are being more careful with Zak." He sighed making me nod my head knowing what he meant.

I had been concerned about the relationship he was having with his little brother, but I'm glad to know now Austin truly realized the difference between what was healthy and what wasn't. When I had first found out about it the idea was a little creepy on the one hand, but I also understood how something like this could happen in an innocent kind of way. Austin was right though about Jake because his little brother was kind of on the horny side of things, and thinking on it the older boy could be right in his assessment with some of this stemming from starting a little early in being sexually gratified at such a young age.

"Well at least he's got enough sense to take care of his urges in private." I noted as I watched Jake's fist pumping furiously now on his small hard erection with him suddenly jerking and jolting around his body writhing around when his orgasm shot through his small body. It was kind of sexy watching the boy from a distance cresting and climaxing, and still amazing me at how long he managed to hold on to his orgasms. "I have to admit I was a little worried with him getting carried away with Zak." I confessed getting a scowl from the older boy.

"Geeze Sam I can't believe you." Austin shook his head a bit heatedly.

"What?" I asked a bit surprised by his reaction.

"You're right…my little brother is a horny little shit…but he wouldn't do something like that with another eight year old boy. He knows right from wrong Sam. He'd never hurt another boy like that, and I thought you knew Jake better." He scolded me softly shaking his head.

"Come on Austin don't be like that. Of course I know he wouldn't do something like that purposely, but you have to be honest and admit things happen sometimes too without it being intentional. I love Jake, and he's like a little brother to me. I know he'd never hurt anyone intentionally, but let's face it when it comes to our peckers it is difficult to control ourselves." I chuckled with him scowling for a moment longer before giving in and giggling as well knowing I was right.

"I know Sam, and I'm sorry for dumping on you. I guess it's just I'm a bit mad at myself for how I've sort of taken advantage of Jake, but now with me being…you know…gay…it's just awkward and creepy. He's such a good kid Sam, and I love him to death. I worry about him sometimes though with what we've done and how it will affect him later on. I mean he say's he's gay, and I know he's turned on by guys, but I'm not sure he really knows or is old enough to know if he is one way or the other." My friend set his forehead back down on his knees making me feel bad for him because he simply seemed a bit confused about things.

Why did sex have to make things so complicated? I asked myself for the umpteenth time reaching out and wrapping my arm around his shoulders watching now as Jake swam back to the other boys who were still playing. He looked more relaxed around the other sexy boys as all three of them know took turns tossing Zak around until they decided to play chicken with Jake hoisting Zak on to his shoulders while Jamie crawled on to Paavo's back. I had to smile because Jamie leaned down giving Paavo a quick kiss on the cheek as the Estonian boy giggled happily. I enjoyed watching how the two of them seemed to be getting along so well. Sighing I got up I positioned myself behind Austin and snuggled up to him wrapping my arm around him and pressed my chest up against his back.

Leaning in I kissed my friend on the cheek tenderly and held him tightly to my chest. "Austin you have to let it go. What happened between you and Jake is something that just happened. He doesn't feel bad about it and you shouldn't either. You didn't feel that way when you didn't think you were gay, and nothings really changed since then even though now you are gay. Jake's a great kid and he will be just fine." I whispered in his ear. "So how long has it been since you've been pleasured…you know…by someone else's hand." I teased running my hand between his legs grabbing his thick four inch erection.

Like me and Jamie, he seemed to have grown overnight between his legs. Even his pubes have thickened and spread out a little more. "Oh shit Sam." Austin moaned as he leaned back into me his legs spreading outwards giving me more access to him. "Oh shit." He repeated whimpering. "I…I…shit…what about the others?" He asked whimpering with me glancing at the lake noticing that the boys were totally focused on their own little game.

"It's alright, but we've got to hurry." I whispered hearing him already breathing hard while I reached down with my left hand cupping his walnut sized testicles giving them a little squeeze while my fingers began to pump along the length of his hard fat sausage.

His erection felt warm and heavy in my fist. Even his purple knob seemed to flair out widely making it look more like a bulb on the end of a thick stemmed flower stalk. He was close and I could feel a slickness now sliding along my fingers as his clear runny pre-cum began to flow along the tip of his knob being picked up by my pumping fist rubbing all over the length of his shaft. The slickness of the substance now created that sort of sexy familiar squishy slapping noise associated with the act of masturbating making the moment even more seductively sultry. Damn, Austin's thick erection felt so damn sexy hot in my fingers as I now began to rotate my first around providing him with a new sensation. This was finally enough to send him over the edge as I gawked in sheer fascination when a glob of creamy white substance came screaming out from the tip of his penis. I watched in amazement as it arched upwards into the air to splatter along his chest with another smaller amount blasting out right after the first one with his testicles contracting upwards to send it on its way. The second round didn't get far as it arched upwards briefly only making it about two inches past his spitting little barrel to land on his pubic mound. The substance quickly oozed downwards getting entangled in his small patch of pubes.

Austin writhed around in my arms before finally settling down his chest heaving and his brown eyes slowly opening and gazing up at me. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly into a grin as he sighed watching me scooping up some of his thick creamy pudding. This was the thickest stuff I've seen up to this point, and when I stuck it in my mouth for a taste it was a lot stronger as well. Austin most definitely was maturing as I ran the thick goopy material around on my tongue noticing the sharper tang and saltiness of the substance. It still wasn't all that bad, but it most definitely would take some getting used to if I were to swallow all of it down.

The older boy gazed down towards the lake nervously before glancing back at me shaking his head. "Shit for real Sam that was like totally awesome and I needed it in the worst way. Thanks." He sighed sitting up and looking down at the mess he had made all over himself. "I mean it Sam…thanks for that. I know it's Jamie that you are into and all…you know with helping each other out and all, but I do appreciate you being willing to help me out too." He smiled at me appreciatively not really fully knowing just how much Jamie and I truly meant to each other.

For Austin he simply viewed our relationship like the one he, up until recently, had with Jake. The only one who knew there was much more was of course Paavo, and this was because of the situation I had with him. Then of course there was the Weilers who had actually witnessed the love Jamie and I had for one another blossom in front of their eyes. I wanted to confide in Austin, but I had never really found the right time not to mention I wasn't really ready to admit that sort of relationship to any of my friends. I'm sure at some point there will be a select few who I will reveal my secret to, but right now I wanted to take things slow and cautiously revealing this part of my life only to those I felt needed to know.

Austin giggled shaking his head once more looking at the mess he had made on himself. Grunting he stood up and made his way back down to the lake to get rinsed off with me following so it wouldn't look too suspicious. We had sort of gotten away with it since the boys were too occupied at the time to have noticed, but it was something I needed to be more careful about in the future. Besides, Austin was right because it was Jamie who I was in love with in that kind of way. Well, that is him and Paavo which still had me a little worried with what I was going to do about that entire situation. In a way this was all new to me as well having only begun pleasuring others in a sexual kind of way. It was strange how not all too long ago I wouldn't have even thought about jacking someone else off, much less giving a blow job to another boy. Still, I wanted to reserve the more intimate acts for Jamie and Paavo. I didn't mind pleasuring Jake or Austin by jacking them off because they were really good friends, but anything more sort of felt like cheating on Jamie and Paavo. I had confided in both of them that I've done some things with both brothers, but let them know it hadn't gone beyond me pleasuring them by jacking those two off and nothing more. I made it clear how it was them, Jamie and Paavo, who I wanted to be intimate with on a deeper level. I suppose Austin knew my feelings, well at least towards Jamie, so understood it wouldn't go any further than what I had just done for him.

After wading into the lake and rinsing off, we joined the other boys in some more games. A couple hours later I finally announced we should get out for a bite to eat. Getting dried off I put some more cream on Zak noting that it was time for him to put something on so he wouldn't burn with the same holding true for all of us. Actually both Jake and Austin reminded me they would have to get back home soon to do some chores so we all ended up getting dressed and sitting down for a relaxing lunch before we all had to go home. While we sat eating snacks I asked Austin and Jake how things were going at home. They said everything was much better at their house now; especially, without Damian and his dad around. They would have to go into the main town for some legal things which they really couldn't explain so I let it drop knowing all this type of stuff was just mumbo jumbo anyway.

Also, since they've joined up with the Weilers regarding running the orchard things have gotten better in this regard as well. They've been able to pool their resources hiring additional workers. Since my mom's orchard had a small housing area for workers it was easy to hire people who were more willing to work since they had a decent place to stay during the season. There was plenty of room to house everyone there who would take care of all three orchards.

There was a small two bedroom house that used to be for the foreman in days gone by, but these days it sat empty just like the main house on the other side of the farm. It actually sat farther away from the rest of the quarters hidden and tucked away behind a couple of hills and plenty of trees with its own fenced in area and everything which gave it plenty of privacy from the other workers. In the past it was a perk for the foreman to have his own little private area so he could bring his family with him, and it was far enough away from the main barracks where the foreman and his family could have privacy without seeing or hearing the other workers. These days a foreman wasn't required because Mr. Weiler saw to the day to day running of the workers during the harvesting season.

The barrack style facilities were still used though by the workers the Weilers employed. They even hired a cook to work the place so that the personnel didn't have to worry about that sort of thing after they finished for the day. The cooks made breakfast for everyone each morning before they headed into the orchards, and even provided them with a sack lunch. At night after the workers had a chance to get cleaned up there was always a hot dinner waiting for everyone. It wasn't fancy cooking, but by no means was it nasty either. Hardy meals were provided that were tasty and well prepared. Uncle Walt made sure to always hire a qualified cook to see to those needs.

Even though the workers stayed in a barracks style facility each one had their own private space with low walls surround their little niche. Each barrack had its own toilet and shower facility which they were responsible in maintaining themselves. In most cases this wasn't an issue because Mr. Weiler made sure they made some sort of cleaning schedule rotating around the responsibility. He always pointed out to them how this was their own home and space so they should take pride in it and keep it clean for everyone since it was the healthy thing to do.

There was one separate building that was the kitchen and dining room area along with a common's room where there was a pool table, a foosball table, some regular tables with chairs and three television sets located strategically around the room with plenty of movies for them to put into the DVD player. Every year the Weilers would add new movies. Along with the regular television stations it was enough to keep everyone occupied with something they could enjoy and watch. It was a place where the workers could unwind and relax.

Of course since each worker had their own private space, if they wanted a small refrigerator or anything else in their room it was perfectly fine as well. Each room had plenty of shelving space, a closet that locked, and plenty of electrical outlets to make their little cubby into their own home away from home. It was one of the reasons why finding people to work our orchards was relatively easy. We paid them a decent wage, and they had a comfortable place to stay. We even provided them with air-conditioning to make the building relatively comfortable during the day time when it began to get hot.

We all had a blast at the lake, but after relaxing for a while and eating our lunch we finally said our goodbyes. The Lorenz brothers had to get home, and so did the rest of us, but all of us agree it was a good idea to come out often throughout the summer months. My dad was planning on coming over today and I know Zak was eager to see him so he could find out what's going on with his mom. I was also looking forward to seeing my dad because I wanted to know what was going on with my own mom hoping she would be out of the hospital and back home soon. Not only that, but I really needed to sit down with him somewhere alone where we could finally talk. It's been a long time since we've been able to do that sort of thing and it was important.

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