Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 16: Finding Balance

"Take off your shoes." I order a bit harshly kicking mine off watching the smaller boy doing the same the rage inside of me still roiling like a rattle snake ready to strike.

"Where's the mud room?" I ask with the boy looking at me quirkily because this was a farm term I had picked up during my stay at Blue Meadows so I curse under my breath and try to clarify my request.

"You know where your washer and dryer are located. Oh fuck…please-please tell me you have a washer and dryer in here, and not some sort of community one in the basement." I add a bit nervous now that I might be stuck in these muddy clothes because there was no way in hell I was going to wash my clothes butt naked in the laundry room of the community area.

"Um…no…it is over here." The boy replies nervously showing me the way. "It's in the bathroom." He pointed out.

I follow him into the small room closing the door behind me. "Strip out of your clothes." I instruct him doing the same myself while rambling and cursing under my breath tossing my shirt inside the washer.

"I fucking can't believe this shit. Every time I try to get away from all of this crap someone up and drags me right back into this fucking mess." I yell at no one in particular as I literally throw the rest of my muddy clothes into the washer wearing nothing but my socks and underwear now.

Then I hear Zak sniveling and crying his muddy clothes piled up in front of him also wearing nothing now but his cute little dirty white boy's briefs the colorful characters of the avengers plastered all over them smudged up with mud. He was fidgeting around obviously a bit uncomfortable being half naked in front of me, a boy he's just met. But his fear of the situation was overriding any shyness about his near naked state.

"I'm sorry," he hiccups. "Please don't be mad Sam. It wasn't my fault, not this time. I mean I don't think I did anything wrong." Zak pleads with me while I gawk at him my jaw completely hanging to my chest as huge droplets of wetness begin to tumble from his eyes down the sides of his rounded cheeks leaving a clear trail through muddy smudges.

"What?" Is all I'm able to get out baffled by his reaction.

"I'm always messing things up with everyone. I mean look at your dad and your family. Your dad is a really nice guy, but it totally messed up things between you and him. Even those jerks outside…I'm always messing up." He tried to explain in a way that only an eight year old could understand.

Of course I didn't understand his reasoning. None of this was his fault. I was simply pissed off because those two boys hurt an innocent little boy who didn't deserve any of it. I was frustrated because every time I tried to clean up my act something always seemed to pull me back into that bad place I had inside of me. I was starting to realize that I could do horrible things to other people when I was backed into a corner. I hated feeling trapped like this, and yes sometimes it couldn't be helped, but why was it always me. The huge tears tumbling down Zak's cute round face melted my heart.

The boy flinched when I knelt in front of him scooping him up in my arms and hugging him tightly to me. He felt soft and warm in my embrace, and had that distinctive little boy smell intermingled with the earthiness of the mud caked in his curly locks. His whole body stiffened up for a brief moment before he finally caved in letting his entire weight collapse into my arms crying in earnest now.

"Oh Zak I'm sooooo sorry. I wasn't mad at you. Don't ever think I was mad at you. Not even for what was going on between me and my dad. That doesn't have anything to do with you. You didn't mess up nothing. If anything I'm so proud of you. I saw how you attacked those boys who were like twice your size. That was like one of the bravest thing I've ever seen anyone do right up there with what one of my bestest friend Jamie did. I also heard what you called me to your friends. I mean…do you really think of me as your brother?" I marveled releasing him watching while he wiped away the tears with the back of his hand, which only managed to create a huge smudge.

I almost giggled because of how he managed to smear his face with muck, but didn't because I knew he would misunderstand. The smaller boy tried to compose himself looking down toward his socked feet that were also caked with mud. He finally glanced up nodding his head before looking away a bit embarrassed by the admission.

"Wow…really. I mean…you've only met me today." I exhaled noisily shaking my head. "Why do I deserve to be your brother?" I ask him while he furls his eyebrows in thought.

"Because that's who you will be…I mean when mommy and your dad get married. Besides, despite what everyone says about you it always seems like there's a reason for what you do. I mean, I heard your dad talking to my mom on the phone the other day, about what you did for that Jamie kid. Did you really cure him of an incur…um…you know an incur…," he frowned a bit frustrated while I tried to hide my smile.

"Um…do you mean incurable disease?" I inquired while he nodded his head.

"Yeah…did you?" He asks me as I bite my upper lip rolling my shoulders in thought.

"No Zack that's not exactly how things happened. My friend Jamie is Autistic, and there isn't a cure for it, but there are cases where kids have…um… what they call 'Recovered.' It means he is now normal for the most part, but not necessarily completely cured. For some reason doctors who deal with autism claim it can't be cured even when kids seem to recover from it. I guess it has something to do with being a neurological issue." I tried to explain noticing the boy scrunch up his eyes about the whole neurological thing.

"What I mean is it has something to do with how their brains are sort of wired. It's different I guess from the way us so called normal people are supposedly hooked up, but in my opinion I think a person's brain is capable of overcoming and adapting to certain situations. For example people who have a stroke sometimes lose the ability to talk, but over time though the brain starts to adapt and rewires itself in different ways so they once more begin to talk. I think in a way that is what can happen to kids with autism." I try to explain kind of surprising myself with my simplistic thought process on the matter.

"Oh…well how did that happen…you know him getting 'recovered,' and all?" He asks me curiously.

"Well who really knows how it all happened. I mean when mom and dad sent me over to stay with the Weilers I really wasn't a very nice guy at the time. I was really mad and all at the world. I suppose you probably heard about that?" I ask him chuckling knowing I was alright with it as he smiles and nods shyly.

"Well you see when I saw Jamie I just thought he was some retard or something. Of course we shouldn't be saying things like that because it is a mean thing to do. Anyway, I looked up Autism before I went over and I read a little something about it, but to me it sort of seemed like he was some retard, just like many other people do. Then when I got there I was really mean to him and said some nasty things. It wasn't his fault he was the way he was, but that didn't matter. I was horrible to him. Mr. and Mrs. Weiler confronted me about it, but it didn't seem to help. I was mad at everything, but then things started to change. I noticed things about him that made me wonder if there was more to him than I thought. I went to the library and did some more research. It explained how Autism impacts how the brain develops, and that it was a neurological disorder." I explained noticing his eyes scrunch up still not all that sure about the unfamiliar neurological word.

"Um…remember like I said earlier with how his brain was wired differently so he sort of handles things and communicates differently? You see there are like all of these tiny little finger like thingies inside our brains that sort of shake hands with one another when it needs to send out signals as to what needs to be done. There are millions and millions of these messages going on at any one time…so a lot going on. Well with someone who's autistic, something messes it all up for them. So the information I looked up on the internet talked about all these things we can do to help out, and we slowly did those things for Jamie. Those were all sorts of different kinds of therapy programs that took many hours of work every week. No one really knows if these things help or not, but they seem to have done some sort of good because he responded to those types of things. From what I've read these types of things sometimes help some kids with autism while they don't seem to help others. No one knows why, and I'm sure it can be heartbreaking, but for Jamie some of these things seemed to help." I pointed out smiling at the boy and pausing for a moment so he could digest what I was talking about.

Zak's eyes continued to stare at me waiting for me to finish. "Anyway, then I did even more research. You see the thing with Autism there is so much we still don't understand so my way of thinking was that we should try out whatever we can within reason and in a way that wasn't harmful to him. During some of my research I heard that some people can't tolerate certain kinds of foods. I'm like that too, and I get sick when that happens. Some people figured out that it is the same with some autistic kids where certain food groups actually create issues for them. So I convinced the Weilers to remove all of those bad foods from his diet. It took some time, but he slowly climbed out of his dark place and all of a sudden his brain seemed to work properly again…well mostly. I know things are still a little difficult for him, but not in a way you can really tell because he's much better now and getting even better every single day. I think every case involving an autistic kid is different, and in Jamie's case I believe it was a combination of things which helped him overall. We still aren't sure if the therapy, diet, or any number of other things contributed to his recovery, only that somehow something did, and truthfully that is the only thing which matters." I told the younger boy whose eyes had gotten really big while he stared at me completely amazed.

"Wow, and you figured all that out on your own. You must be some sort of genius or something. That was a wonderful thing you did for your friend." He gushed as he wrapped his arm around my neck giving me a big hug.

His body felt warm and soft up against me with his young boy scent tickling my nose as he continued. "You see I keep telling everyone that you aren't so bad as they say you are. You really are a good boy. Just look at what you did for me." Zak sniveled. "No one's ever stuck up for me before. Those older boys have been picking on me for a long time and they scare me. Thanks Sam for protecting me." He whispers softly in my ear kissing my dirty cheek before pulling away and once more smearing mud over his face with the back of his hand.

This time I couldn't hold it in as I busted up laughing because of his smeared face and just how affectionate the little tyke seemed to be. "What?" Zak asked curiously allowing me to turn him towards the mirror hearing him giggle at his smudged face and the now dried up globules of mud in his curly locks.

"Come-on Zak, I think we need to get washed up." I tell him scooping up his dirty clothes shoving them into the washer.

"So do you normally take a bath or shower?" I ask noticing him blush.

"A bath." He admits a bit shyly. "I know most big boys take showers." He adds.

"Well I enjoy a nice hot soak in the tub from time to time too, and I think it's long overdue now; especially, all things considered." I admit to him turning towards the tub, plugging the stopper, and turning on the hot water.

"Do you like your water hot, warm, or a bit on the lukewarm side?" I ask with him shrugging his shoulders.

"Hot I guess."

"Me too," I concur smiling at the boy.

Turning to the tub I adjust the temperature before getting up and stepping over to the washer. I peel off my now dried caked on muddy underwear and socks tossing them into the washer before turning towards Zak who's eyes had gotten big and round while he gawks at my soft three and a quarter inch penis, which had literally just recently matured a bit to that size in the last couple of days. He rips his eyes off of my older boy baubles looking up into my eyes before blushing with embarrassment for having stared at my penis.

"It's alright Zak. I used to be very shy too. There's nothing to be ashamed about with looking. We are all curious about those sorts of things when we are younger. Come-on, let's get you into the tub. You don't have to take off your underwear if you don't want to." I offer up stepping towards him holding out my hand so I can lead him to the tub.

Zak looks back down towards my penis before looking up into my eyes. "Um…you won't tease me or anything?" He asks me.

Smiling tenderly at him I shake my head. "No…of course not Zak."

"Promise?" He once more asks hesitantly.

"I promise Zak, besides I'm sure you don't have anything to tease about, but really, you don't have to get undressed if you are shy about it." I reassure him.

The boy bites his lip nervously looking into my eyes. "Yes, but I'm really tiny down there, not like yours." He admits to me so sweetly that I end up barking out laughing making him anxious.

"It's alright Zak," I chuckle reassuringly. "I wasn't laughing because of your so called little penis. It's just…well…I just realized all of us boys tend to say the same thing. I guess most of us guys feel we are too small down there. But for real Zak, of course yours isn't going to be as big as mine. I mean…after all are you as tall or big like me?" I ask watching him process the question before shaking his head no.

"But you know you will grow taller and stronger…right?" I ask again this time with him nodding.

"Yeah…I suppose."

"Well then your penis and boy bag will get bigger too. I've noticed recently mine's gotten a little bigger too, and that took a long time. Besides, right now yours is the size it is supposed to be for your age and height. As you grow taller your penis will get bigger too. Sometimes it won't seem like it, but it will. Then when you get to be around twelve or thirteen you will notice a lot of other changes, but until then those changes will be little ones, most of them not even noticeable…alright?" I ask seeing him get a big smile nodding his head.

"Yeah…that makes a lot of sense. You know you are really good at explaining things to people." He comments hooking his thumbs in his dirty boy's cartooned bikini briefs tugging them off his waist before standing up handing them over to me while I toss them into the washer. When I turn around he's holding out his socks to me so I toss those in as well rolling my eyes which elicits a knowing giggle from the smaller boy.

I turn back towards him and gawk noticing how really cute the small eight year old boy was as I take in his soft fleshy penis and practically non-existent brown boy mound. "Wow Zak, that's really nice. You most definitely have nothing to be ashamed about." I tell him while he blushes with my compliment looking down at himself and tugging on his little eight year old willie scrunching up his eyes like he wasn't so sure about it.

His soft cut penis isn't big or anything looking to be only about one and a half inches long at the moment with an average kind of looking knob. On him it looked about right for his age so I had to assume it was fairly typical of what little eight year old boys had swinging between their legs. As for his little satchel well that sort of seemed a bit odd. It really didn't look like he had one at all except for the small little mound beneath his penis. I couldn't even tell if he had testicles or not. I suppose some boys his age still tended to have tight little nut sacks, and I was assuming his testicles simply hadn't dropped completely down to help weigh down his little purse.

It really didn't matter because on his very handsome features he simply looked delicious. He had an average build for his age coming in around four feet one inch and weighing about fifty five pounds. I suppose he was maybe a little tall for his age, but his weight seemed about right. He sort of had a little darker complexion than a typical white kid, but I knew he wasn't Hispanic. Even though his complexion was darker he didn't have the same kind of brown toning or features like Hispanic kids. If anything I thought he might have a bit of Middle Eastern type of heritage mixed in with his Caucasian side giving him just a tiny bit of that nice toned kind of quality to his skin coloration. In other words he wasn't quite as pale like a white boy, but he wasn't darker toned like the Hispanic kids in my school.

Shifting my gaze up into his face it made me want to reach out and kiss him all over. He was just so adorably all boyish in his features with his round cheeks and round face that curved gracefully into a small chin which jutted out slightly. His round cheeks became even more prominent when he smiled with his lips spreading gracefully into a wonderful huge grin that lit up his entire face. Even his dark brown almost black like eyes beneath his solid black eyebrows seemed to light up when he laughed. His thick black springy hair with touches of dark brown is what really grabbed one's attention because there was a lot of it. The curly ringlets of his locks simply spiraled and tumbled down around his ears at about chin level. He most definitely was all boy, but also very adorably cute in an enticing kind of manner. In many ways his darker features contributed to his charm.

"You really think I've got a nice one?" He asks me while I chuckle shrugging my shoulders.

"Zak it's not like I see a lot of boys running around naked. I have to let you in on a little secret, until about six months ago I've never seen another naked boy other than myself." I winked while Zak gawked at me in shock.

"Really, wow, but you've seen plenty of boys since then?" He pondered innocently.

"Well I wouldn't say plenty, but enough to know we all come in different shapes and sizes." I point out while he continued to look down at himself and then over to me.



"What about my danglies?" He asks bending over slightly pulling up his now hard two inch penis while squeezing his tight pouch between his thumb and finger, and giving it a tug stretching the membrane on it even tighter.

It was then that I noticed two pistachio sized lumps in that little mound of a sack one would consider only as a brown bump formation. "What do you mean?"

"Well mine hardly even shows up. A boy I know that is my age showed me his thingy. It was about the same size, but he also showed me his danglies, and they were inside his stretchy skin that hung down like yours. I mean they weren't near as big as yours, but they hung down the same way yours does, but mine don't. My two lumps are way smaller too." He pointed out a little apprehensively with me sighing and looking him in the eyes.

"Zak all I can say is that things will change when you get older. Some boys your age will have a bigger penis…um…thingy than yours and some will be smaller. It is the same with your testicles…um…danglies and lumps. I think right now for you everything is perfect." I told him sincerely while he glances down and then back up at me with that kind of puppy dog endearing look on his face.

"Promise?" He asked making me chuckle.

"I promise, beside it is hanging between the legs of the cutest little eight year old boy ever." I tease reaching out and picking him up in my arms hearing him squeal in delight before I lower him into the tub while he blushes and giggles nervously at my blatant comment letting him stand up in the nice warm water.

He tested out the temperature before lowering himself down into the tub while it continued to fill up. "How's the water?" I ask him.


"Great, and Zak I think it is cute how you refer to your little boy bits as thingy and danglies, but the proper terms are penis and testicles." I respond walking over to the washer putting in some wash powder looking over the knobs trying to figure out the proper settings.

"Oh…so I should call it penis and testicles?" He asks with me turning and shrugging my shoulders.

"No…I think for now it is alright for you to refer to them any way you want…I just wanted you to know because as you get older there are many terms people will use to describe them including the proper terminology. I just thought it would be nice for you to know the proper way so when it comes up you will know." I offered up.

"Oh…cool." He replied while I finally get the settings adjusted starting up the washer.

Satisfied I turn around heading towards the tub hearing Zak giggling at me. "Yours got hard and way bigger." He chuckled not hiding the fact that he was staring at my boner.

Looking down at my inflated four inch erection I shrug my shoulders while stepping into the tube settling down next to the curly haired boy. "Yeah, it gets that way sometimes where I pop a stiffie for no reason." I blush because I'm still not used to it being so big or exposing myself so much around others while I hear Zak giggling at yet another new word for him to file away.

I've wanted to get bigger down there for so long now and it appeared to have all of a sudden kicked into high gear apparently growing overnight. Now that I've gotten my wish, I'm still not completely comfortable with it. This was so strange because what boy in their right mind complains about their peckers growing. I was still hairless though, well technically since I've discovered some fuzzies now, but I still began to wonder if I was ready for that to start growing in after having wanted it for so long. Why did these things have to be so complicated I thought to myself being pulled out of my reflections with Zak giggling and standing up?

"Yeah, mine gets hard sometimes too." He pointed out tugging on the tip end of his rigid two inch erection.

"Hmmm, and it looks like the nice hot water has loosened up your ball sack…I mean danglies…making your lumps sag down a little more too." I teased, with him looking down nodding his head and smiling while also filing away the other word I had used for his danglies.

"Yeah, my danglies…um…I mean ball sack does that when I take a bath or when I wake up in the morning." He notes giggling at the new word he just discovered with me smiling back and nodding.

"It does that when it is warmer so it makes sense that it isn't so tight when you sleep overnight under the warm blanket. Mine gets softer too." I admit with him sitting back down in the water smiling at me.

"Sam…thanks." He adds with me looking at him questioningly.

"For what?"

"For not treating me like some baby…for everything I guess. I mean even about my stiffie. I'd never be able to talk to mommy about something like this, and I'd be embarrassed to talk to your dad about it since he's so old and all. Ever since I saw my friend's thingy I was a little worried about mine being smaller. I mean not my stiffie thingy, but my danglies. What you told me though sort of makes sense and I don't feel bad about it now. At least you didn't lie and say that all boys' lumps are like mine. Now I know that everyone's is different and mine will get bigger someday making me feel better about it." He admits shyly before leaning in and giving me a big hug.

Our wet naked body rubs up against each other and I could feel his small erection sliding up against my much larger one the contact making my penis twitch. "Oooh, that tickles." Zak giggles noticing my twitching penis rubbing up along his small hard worm before he separates from me looking down at my erection beneath the surface of the water.

Smiling at him because I knew he was curious I didn't make a big deal of it, instead motioned for him to turn around. "Come-on let's get you cleaned up. You've got a ton of goopy mud dried in your hair." I chuckled watching the boy shift around to sit between my legs with his back to me.

Pushing him forward a little so he could lean back with his head in the water I smiled down at him looking into his deep dark eyes which danced around giddily while he gazed back up into my eyes. His knees were bent sticking up out of the water with his groin a few inches below the surface of the water giving me an unobstructed view of his erection just beneath the surface of the rippling water. Slowly I began to run my fingers through his wet matted hair which no longer seemed curly now that they were completely soaked. Getting most of the mud out I reached for the shampoo getting his wet locks all sudsy before rinsing them clean.

With a little nudge from me Zak shifted on to his knees getting into a kneeling position with me doing the same. Grabbing the bar of soap I dip it into the water getting it wet and ran it around in my hands gathering up the suds. Placing the bar of soap back down I reach out and began running my hands all along his shoulders, arms, and then his back completely mesmerized by the smoothness of his darker toned skin. It felt warm and slippery, and I could feel him shivering excitedly at the sensual sensation even though I wasn't making this a sexual kind of activity. Pausing for a moment since I suppose in a way this would feel good the boy craned his neck looking back at me questioningly. Smiling I continued working my hands over his two pale smooth orbs now shivering myself because in a way this was kind of sexy even though I didn't feel that kind of sexual attraction to him.

Zak giggled and I noticed his hand dipping between his legs and tugging on his little willie making me smile knowing it was plainly a natural reaction. Even though I couldn't see it I knew he was probably sporting an erection. It would only be natural considering the nice sensations he was receiving. My eyes focused on his charming little pale butt cheeks the cuteness of them making me shiver excitedly. I've never really paid all that much attention to the back side of a boy before, and I realized in a way this too was very sexy. Of course I've seen Jamie many times during his morning ritual from the back and it even excited me, but now I was yearning to have him in my bed lusting for his cute ass wanting to explore it more closely for some reason. This was something I intended to do once I got back at the farm and in the privacy of our bed with my sexy little long haired twelve year old.

My attention focused back on Zak realizing he was beginning to turn me on a little, even though I knew I wasn't interested in him that way. There wasn't much chance of me losing control over the situation, but still if I wasn't careful things could get out of hand. I was still a little curious though so basically continued running my hand along the smooth rounded curvature of the boy's perky little melons. He seemed to be enjoying it as well, and feeling a little naughty I ran my slicked up soapy fingers of my right hand between the warm damp crevice making him jolt in surprise.

"Oooh," He giggled nervously craning his neck to glance at me while I pressed his back slightly forward with my left hand getting him to bend over a little more so I could get better access down there to clean him up.

The boy bent over slightly the muscles on his two cute little dimpled rosy cheeked orbs contracting slightly before he relaxed. Zak was looking back at me a little tentatively now while I ran my soapy finger between his slightly spread out butt cheeks getting him all cleaned up behind there. He seemed fairly clean back there indicating he took care of himself in a good manner when he went to the bathroom. Even his brown little iris looked relatively clean. Reaching over I grabbed the little cup that was on the small ledge scooping up some water and rinsing off the soap. In his slightly bent over position I could see his nonexistent little boy pouch noticing it really was nothing more than a little brown mound most people wouldn't even recognize as a ball sack. His two inch erection was jutting upwards angling away from my view so all I could see was the base of his shaft just on the other side of his flat ball sack.

Since Zak was still slightly bent over not moving waiting for my instructions I soaped up my hands once more and reached between his legs from the bottom running my fingers over the smooth surface of his flat boy satchel and along the length of his small little eight year old erection. The smaller boy's eyes closed and he shivered gasping at how wonderful the sensation of me touching him like this actually felt. I didn't linger long between his legs removing my hand pulling him back upright and into my chest.

Shivering, Zak leaned his back his eyes still closed while I ran my hands along the front of his body soaping him up and looking down at what I was doing over his shoulder. My hard erection rubbed up against his warm smooth slicked up back, and I could see his two inch erection twitching around while I ran my hand across his chest and stomach before once more running my fingers briefly across his boy package. The flat smoothness of his boy pouch felt kind of strange making me sort of yearn to explore it even more, but I didn't linger long knowing that for him it was kind of intense even though I wasn't doing this in a sexual way. Despite this not being a sexual kind of thing the idea of him being naked like this in my arms while I had complete control over him was in many ways stimulatingly exciting for me. Reaching over I grabbed the cup and rinsed him off scooping up some of the warm water before turning to his legs.

When I finally got to his feet Zak squirmed around and I couldn't resist giving them a quick tickle. He screeched and wriggled around like some slimy eel almost getting loose from me a couple of times, but I somehow managed to hang on with him flopping around in the water his head going under once or twice while he sputtered. I only did it for a few seconds not wanting to create a huge water mess in the bathroom, but it was enough to have us both laughing and giggling our heads off. Once he calmed down he looked towards me with a mischievous smile on his face.

"Your turn." He giggled motioning for me to turn around so he could wash my hair.

Hesitating a moment I gave in thinking it was only fair. I had to chuckle because he pretty much cleaned me up the same way I had done to him, but when he got to my privates he lingered a little longer down there. I really didn't mind, but most definitely let him know he needed to be careful so I wouldn't have an accident by mistake and explode. He had scrunched up his face curiously about my comment, but I didn't say anything more about it with him shrugging and being careful when he held my hard erection in his hand scrutinizing it closely along with my heavy boy pouch commenting how it felt kind of heavy. It was strange having another boy so young messing around with my boy privates. It was odd how only a few months back I was so shy about being exposed like this, and now here I was allowing a little boy who was for all practical purposes still a complete stranger to mess around with my most intimate of intimates. His hands on my sensitive boyhood felt wonderful of course, but it didn't have that sexual kind of tension I felt when Austin, Jake, and Paavo had touched me and most definitely no where near as overwhelming like with Jamie.

Finishing up we get out of the tub with me drying off the smaller boy and wrapping the towels around our waists before rinsing out the tub because once it drained there was a dirty ring around it from the mud. Since it was still wet it was easy enough using the cup to rinse it out with plain water.

"Alright, let's get you into some clothes. Do you wear pajamas to bed?" I ask him noticing how he was looking at me shyly.

"Um…what about you? I mean you don't have any clothes to get changed into." He offered up with me shrugging my shoulders.

"It's alright Zak, besides I think after we get something to eat we will be going to bed anyway. You've had a long and tough night, and hardly any sleep so I'm sure you are a bit worn out. I'm tired too because I had a big party for Jamie yesterday, and then had to get up really early. So let's get you into your sleep clothes, and I'll give my dad a quick call to let him know what's going on. Then we can grab something to eat. How does pizza sound?" I grinned noticing his excitement.

"Yeah, pizza sounds good, but what about you. I thought you can't eat that kind of stuff?"

Shrugging my shoulders I ruffle his hair which had dried and once more curled up flowing down around his face accentuating his cute boyish features. "Well…I can cheat a little on very special occasions." I tell him smiling.

"What special occasion?" He questions scrunching up his nose.

"Why one of the best special occasions ever. I mean after all I just discovered I have a little brother." I tease him seeing his face light up at the comment.

"Really…I mean…are we like brothers for real now?"

"Of course we are. We've just went through all the tests didn't we." I offer up cryptically noticing him frown in thought wondering what I was talking about while I grinned mischievously. "Well let's see, we both protected each other in a fight just like brothers, and we just took a bath completely naked. I know it won't be official until your mom and my dad marry, but still, we both know for us it is official now…with the two of us being brothers…don't we?" I smiled giving him a wink while he suddenly leaped forward wrapping his arms around me catching me by surprise for a moment, but the wonderful swelling I felt inside my chest was overwhelming as I returned his heartfelt warm embrace.

"Then I won't get dressed either. Besides, I kind of think it's a little naughty." He giggled while I rolled my eyes, but figuring it wasn't worth worrying over since there really wasn't anything naughty going on.

With that settled I called up my dad telling him we are staying here before also explaining to him hesitantly about the incident. He remained silent for many moments while I tried to tell him about the bullies that had attacked Zak. Then the smaller boy took the phone out of my hands noticing the concern on my face and realizing it wasn't going all that well. He finally confessed to my dad that the boys had been bullying him for a long time now, and how he shouldn't have run ahead before I had a chance to pay the taxi driver admitting it was entirely his fault. Of course that's when I interjected scolding him for always blaming himself when it isn't his fault.

At that point I hear my dad on the other end saying it was alright and we can talk about it later since it is obvious the incident couldn't have been avoided, but was wondering why we didn't go home so I had to tell him about getting soaked in mud with my clothes in the dryer right now. I tell him that I might as well stay here with Zak until tomorrow, and that I'll order some pizza for us. I'll have a slice or two for myself, but I'm sure I could also find some other things in the refrigerator to eat as well so that I don't overdo it with the pizza.

My dad offered to order it for us putting it on the credit card, but I knew how touchy he was about putting bills on the card since he was trying to pay off so many debts. I tell him I have enough money, and he asked if was sure. I tell him yes and he promised to pay me back once he got home. It really didn't matter to me, and I was more than willing to pay for the pizza, but I let it drop knowing that even though he was separated from my mom that he still felt responsible for the bills. It sort of reminded me about what Uncle Walt had told me about many fathers being dead beats, and that he had to respect my dad because at least he hadn't turned his back on us. I was beginning to understand a little better about what he had meant. Of course dad wasn't perfect, and there were a lot of things that he was at fault with, but at least he was trying.

After I ordered a small sized pizza I began to look around at the small apartment noticing a small framed picture with Zak and two women. There was the young woman in the picture that I recognized as Zak's mom from when I had seen her with my dad that one day. I winced because even in the picture she looked kind of slutty with her boobs barely concealed and looking like they were about to slip out of the flimsy dress that was holding them in place. Shaking my head I couldn't believe how Zak could be the son of some floozy, much less how my father could fall in love with a woman like her.

The smaller boy had wandered over and glanced at the picture in my hand noticing I was looking at the younger woman in the image. "Your dad is kind of afraid of her. I mean my aunt can be a bit…um…slutty." The boy admitted giggling at the naughty kind of word and catching me by surprise as I gawked at him.

My incredulous look made the boy flinch as he added. "Um…I mean…that's what everyone else always says about my aunt. I mean…I guess slutty is kind of a bad word and all." He admitted apologetically. "Um…Sam…are you alright. I mean…I'm sorry for using a bad word." He added a bit timidly now misinterpreting my shocked look.

"Huh…oh…um…yeah…I…no worries, but that isn't why I was kind of shocked. I mean…this woman here," I pointed to the younger woman in the picture with those big bosoms threatening to knock some poor unsuspecting guy on his ass if flung about. "She's your aunt?" I asked with Zak nodding his head.

"Yeah…and that's my mom. They really are completely different, but mom always says it is because she's much older than her younger sister. Many people say my aunt is the pretty sister, but your dad always says that isn't true because he thinks mom is way more beautiful not only on the outside, but inside as well. He says mom is the complete package where my aunt is shallow." Zak smiled swelling with pride while I nodded my head.

"My dad's right you know." I admitted taking a closer look at the other woman in the picture.

She was older, but had similar features like her younger sister. She was more reserved and even in the picture you could tell there was more depth to her and a type of beauty that began from the inside radiating outwards. In many ways it reminded me of my own mom, and for some reason it didn't seem to bother me, not as much as the slutty aunt which suddenly sent a flood of relief throughout my body knowing that the woman I originally had thought was my dad's love interest was actually someone my dad didn't care about in the least even finding her a bit disgusting, even though her looks sort of turned me on in a sexual kind of way. That sort of feeling made me uncomfortable and a bit confused as it had the last time I had seen her with my dad.

Setting the picture back down, I ruffled the smaller boy's curly locks. "Your mom is really pretty Zak, and I'm looking forward to meeting her. She sounds like a really nice lady. Besides, it sounds like both of our moms get along so I suppose it's why we are getting along as well." I finished with the curly haired boy smiling happily as well.

The pizza guy showed up at the door a short while later, with us sitting down to eat. While I was waiting for the pizza I had put together a bowl of salad slicing up some fruit to add to it along with some crushed almonds. Instead of regular salad dressing I prepared some vinegar and oil for my topping. When we finally sat down to eat I saw Zak hesitating looking a bit sad about being able to eat the tasty meat-lovers pizza while I really couldn't. Sighing, I let him know he shouldn't feel so bad, besides I was having a slice as well which is a real treat, not to mention I've really got a great salad with the fruit and almonds. Zak still hesitates so I shrug my shoulders taking a big bite out of my one slice of pizza. The smaller boy smiles and finally digs in with us chatting away getting to know one another better.

Even though the smaller boy was tired he grumbled about going to bed so we curl up on the couch with me switching the station to the Disney Channel. Zak snuggled up on my lap leaning his back up against my chest with my arms wrapped around him enjoying the warm contact of our smooth naked skin rubbing together. When his eyes finally begin to droop I arrange some of the pillows laying him down with his legs draped over my lap thinking he'd simply fall asleep soon enough.

It's quiet for a while when Zak yawns. "Sam?" He starts out making me smile down at him with me rubbing my hand up and down his smooth calf in a soothing kind of way.

"Yeah buddy…what's up." I chuckle realizing he's struggling to stay awake so was trying to talk, a tactic I used against my mom plenty of times when I was little too.

"What did you mean…you know earlier when we were taking a bath?" He yawns again seeing the puzzled look on my features.

"You know when you told me to be careful or you might have an accident and explode. You weren't going to pee on me or anything…were you?" He pondered making me grin shaking my head.

Chuckling I try to answer. "No I wasn't going to pee on you."

"Oh…then was it about sex…you know the tingly feelings and stuff?" He suggests making me a little nervous about the topic of this conversation since I felt he was still a little young to be discussing these sorts of intimate details.

"How do you know about that sort of stuff?" I ask trying to buy a little time to gather my thoughts.

"Well from my friend. He's the one who showed me his thingy and danglies. He wanted to see mine too, but I was too ashamed so didn't. Then he started doing other stuff with his thingy and told me that when you do that it gets all tingly." He admits making me a bit alarmed because this wasn't what eight year old boys tended to know about.

"Geeze Zak, how old is your friend? Is he older?" I ask him with Zak thinking about it a moment.

"Well I guess. He had a birthday a couple of months ago and I don't turn nine for another few months…why?" He asks wondering what age had to do with it.

"It's just kind of strange that your friend is doing these things and wants you to do it too. It makes me wonder where he learned this kind of stuff, and maybe you shouldn't hang around him so much. Does he live around here, and did he tell you how he knows about this kind of stuff?" I add seeing him scrunch up his face a little uneasy now.

"I didn't do anything Sam…I promise." He stated with me leaning over giving him a hug and quick kiss to reassure him.

"Zak I'm not saying you did anything wrong. Doing those things your friend did isn't wrong one way or the other just that I think there is still plenty of time for you to do that when you are older…understand?" I ask with him nodding. "So, did your friend tell you where he learned that stuff?"

Noticing how he shrugged his shoulders biting his lower lip I added. "It's important Zak because someone way older than him may be doing some things they shouldn't with your friend." I point out with Zak's eyes getting big.

"It wasn't like that Sam. I mean he told me he walked into the bedroom one time and his older cousin was doing something strange. He's way older…you know like in college and everything. Anyway, his cousin didn't want to tell him, but he was curious is all so his cousin showed him how to rub his thingy. My friend wanted him to do it to him, but I guess his cousin told him no way. My friend wanted us to try it against each other, but I was really scared. Did he do something wrong?" Zak asked me.

"No I don't think so, just maybe you shouldn't hang around him. I don't think his cousin should have shown him that kind of stuff, but at least he didn't touch your friend in that kind of way." I told him with Zak scrunching his face looking a bit worried now.

"Yeah, but the two of us just touched each other. Was that wrong?" He asks with me starting to get worried; especially, if he were to say something to someone.

"Um…Zak maybe I shouldn't have touched you down there, but I was just washing you up and not trying to make you get all tingly down there in a…um…well I don't know how else to say it than I wasn't trying to do anything in sexual way. I know you were curious about mine too, which is normal at your age, and that is why I let you touch me down there, but told you to be careful so I didn't get those tingly feelings. Does that make sense about the difference between wrong and good touching?" I asked him.

"I guess so. Does that mean it wasn't wrong for me to be curious and all about…you know your thingy and danglies?" He wondered which indicated he seemed to understand somewhat, but not necessarily grasping it completely.

Scrunching my eyebrows trying to keep this simple I tried to explain it a little more. "There's nothing bad with you being curious about people's bodies along with sexual kinds of things, but Zak there are some things I think you should wait to do until you get older. You shouldn't worry about all of this sex stuff. If you are curious and have questions that is alright, but I think maybe you should wait for a while before actually doing things in that way until you are a little older." I pointed out pausing for a few moments letting him digest what I just told him.

"Also, I'm more than happy to talk with you about these things, but it should be private just between the two of us. If someone touches you down there in a sexual way then you need to tell someone. I mean…you know…just for now until you get a little older and understand more about sex and stuff. In a few years things will start to change and you will then do sexual things with yourself, and maybe even others your own age which is perfectly fine. When that happens then it should remain private. I know it is pretty complicated right now, and that is why I'm telling you to wait until you are older for all of this sexual stuff. Does that make sense?" I ask him.

"I think so. Um…Sam…how…uh…how old do we have to be before we can have sex?" He asked catching me off guard because how do you answer something like that.

"I guess it just sort of depends…you know. It's different for everyone I guess, but I think the longer you wait the more you realize just how wonderful and precious that sort of thing is to share with someone else. Then it is more about love and not sex." I offer up.

"Does it really feel good?" He wondered.

"Oh yes Zak, it's the best feeling ever." I offer up.

"So…you've actually had sex before…and…um…how old were you?" He wondered making me squirm now because these were good questions, but a little private as well.

"Um…Zak…these questions are a little personal, but I guess it is important for me to be honest with you. So the truth is that yes I've had sex and it happened not all that long ago. I sort of waited until the perfect person came along…a person I really cared about in that way and who cared about me. So even though I had sex it was more about the love we had for each other. That is the most important thing Zak, to have love and not just sex. Other than that I don't want to talk about specifics regarding this because it is private." I answered him noticing the boy nodding his head understandingly.

"That's cool I guess. So us touching each other was alright then since it was just you washing me and not sex like what you had with the person you care about?" He wanted to know for sure. "I mean…it's just when you touched me it felt really nice."

"I know Zak and that is normal…you know…with it feeling good when someone else touches you. It is why I tried to be careful and wanted you to be careful too when you wanted to get a closer look at me. Maybe we shouldn't have done that, but I knew you weren't touching me sexually. I suppose it is different with you though because you are still a little young to really understand, but I don't think it was wrong since what we did wasn't about sex. Are you alright with it?" I asked him seeing the boy smile.

"Yeah it's cool. It didn't feel like we did anything bad." He shrugged his shoulders making me chuckle falling silent for a moment. "But…what about just goofing around and all? I mean…in school sometimes I see older boys wrestling around and teasing each other about…you know…what they've got between their legs even grabbing at each other."

"Well yeah there's that sort of thing too between friends and stuff. It's the kind of touching where friends sort of goof around and tease each other. You know…just like you said with maybe like when two guys are wrestling around and sort of grope each other to tease their friend. I guess that sort of thing is alright as long as both of you know it is only goofing around. We've all done that sort of thing before…we're guys after all." I chuckle seeing the boy grinning and nodding his head.

"I really think it's cool that you talk to me about this kind of stuff. You are the best big brother ever and I hope I'll be just as good a big brother at it like you." He offers up making smile happily until something sort of began to nag at me regarding his comment.

"Um Zak…what did you mean by you hope you will be a good big brother?"

"Oh mom just found out a few weeks back that she is pregnant." He tells me noticing my confusion getting tense again that maybe he shouldn't have said anything. "You didn't know?" He confirms as I shake my head no.

"No one ever tells me anything Zak." I sigh sadly not sure how I feel about the news.

"I'm sorry Sam. I'm so stupid. I'm always messing things up." He starts to sniffle thinking he was always being so stupid.

It makes me mad that he feels this way. "Stop it Zak. You've got to stop blaming yourself for everything." I admonish him leaning over giving him a little kiss on his cheek and hugging him giving him some comfort to let him know it was alright and not his fault.

We fall silent for a few moments with me sitting back up and running my hand across his stomach and chest which he seems to really enjoy. Even I have to admit that I've fallen for the little boy. If there had been any resentment whatsoever to begin with, it most definitely was completely gone now. There was this swelling emotion inside of my chest for this little boy with me understanding that there was a place for him in my life. It dawned on me that from here on out he wouldn't be anything less than my little brother for real.

These thoughts now made me wonder what things were going to be like from now on. After all, soon there would be yet another sibling for me to contend with whether it be a boy or girl. I wasn't mad or anything about it, and when I thought on it I sort of relished the idea of having a baby enter our dysfunctional family. Yes, we were a dysfunctional and disjointed unusual kind of a family, but I knew from here on out it would be filled with love. Now that Zak had settled down I focused my attention back to him so I could reiterate that I wasn't mad at him.

"Zak, you do know I'm not mad at you right?" I ask while he nods his head.

"Good, because you really do have to stop blaming yourself anytime something goes wrong." I tell him seriously with the curly haired boy biting his lip and nodding his head.

"Yeah…I suppose. I guess I messed up again." He states exasperating me.

"Zak…didn't I just tell you that…," I pause catching his cheeky expression.

"Why you little turd," I grumble as I pounce on him and start tickling him all over realizing that the boy had just played me like a master musician.

I was going to have to be on my toes with this little guy. He really did have a quirky sense of humor about him, not to mention he was quick as a whip with a sharp mind. Up until now I hadn't realized just how smart this little guy was. His questions were always innocent enough, but he always soaked up the information like a sponge, and knew a lot more than he was letting on. His questions were always asked with purpose, and with a well thought out type of reasoning. My heart swelled with pride at this revelation as I continued to lay into him.

The smaller boy squirmed in my arms with his towel coming loose from around his waist revealing his soft little eight year old boy baubles. His little one and a half inch flaccid tube suddenly woke back up inflating immediately until it maxed out at two inches. He squeaked playfully reaching for the towel trying to cover himself back up with me chuckling finally releasing him so he could tuck the towel back into place around his waist. Zak smiled at me his eyes glittering at his brief exposure, but didn't seem too worried about it. After all it wasn't like I didn't know what he had between his legs.

After that things got a little quiet so I picked up my phone to talk first with the Weilers. Jamie was a bit worn out as well, but happy to hear about my mom. He hated having to go in for all those tests saying some of them were really lame. Then he got really quiet, and I could hear him going upstairs to his room before whispering in my ears.

"Sammy…they've even been asking about sexual things. You know if I knew about such things and all before I came out of it, and then asking me what I knew about those things after I woke up. It was so embarrassing, but I told them right from the beginning that I wasn't comfortable talking about those kinds of things since it wasn't any of their business. They seemed to listen, but then sort of tried slipping those questions into the conversation. I'm not sure what to do about it." He explained making me a bit worried for him because I felt that was a bit inappropriate.

"Well, it's all over with so I wouldn't worry about it." I responded.

"That's just it Sammy…they want to do more tests because they told Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet they needed to figure out as much as possible because it could help other autistic kids in the future. They even want to hook me up to these machines to monitor me while I sleep. I'm not sure if I like this at all." He sighed with me trying to soothe him as we continued to talk for some time.

He really missed me, and was a little worried about getting any sleep tonight since I wouldn't be there to cuddle up with him. He teased me a little describing what he was currently doing to himself making me blow up between my legs until I told him to stop before I blew my cork. After that I talked a little to Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet letting them know how my day went along with some other things I needed to ask them. Now that I knew mom was doing better I wanted to visit with her tomorrow before heading back so I wanted to know if they could pick me up. There were a few things I wanted to take care of while I was here so I figured on taking the afternoon train heading their way so it should give me enough time tomorrow to visit with mom.

My next call was to Paavo who was ecstatic to hear from me, but sad to find about my mom. We talked for such a long time, and I began to feel lonely for him. I finally asked him if he'd be willing to come to Blue Meadows with me tomorrow. When he hesitated I lied to him and said he couldn't say no because I had already bought his train ticket. He was a bit worried telling me to hold on getting his dad. When Mr. Kirsipuu got on the phone he asked me how much the train ticket was, but I simply told him that it wasn't all that much and I paid for it myself because Paavo was doing me a favor. I told him how I've been missing Paavo so I was being selfish. I broke out all the stops knowing that money was tight for Paavo and his dad, and I didn't want them to feel guilty about spending money for the Estonian boy to come visit. I even told Mr. Kirsipuu that I had gotten two tickets for the price of one so that over the weekend the man could also come down for a visit. I wanted to introduce Mr. Kirsipuu to the Weilers who were looking forward to his visit.

While on the phone with the Weilers I had asked them if it would be alright to bring along some friends to stay with us for a while. They were ecstatic saying it was absolutely perfectly fine since it reminded them of when Trevor had his friends staying over during the summer months. It took some arm twisting, but Paavo's dad finally caved in noting how his son's been lost since I've gone back to Blue Meadows. It would be a nice little excursion for his boy. I could hear Paavo on the other side screaming and hollering excited about tomorrow with his father laughing handing the phone back to his little boy. After that Paavo went to his room so we could have some privacy. He told me all about what's been going on also mentioning how Steve was getting on with his new boyfriend, which thank goodness had left him off the hook. The Estonian boy admitted that when I left Steve had hit on him a couple of times, which Paavo teased how he almost caved in because he had missed my hands all over him.

Rolling my eyes I grumbled that first it was Jamie and now him making me hard with all this sex talk. Paavo knew how I felt about Jamie, and I had called him up the other day confiding in him that the two of us had become intimate. Of course Paavo had been happy for me, but had also wondered what that meant for the two of us. I had promised Paavo that even though Jamie and I were together that the long haired boy also knew about the two of us, and knew the types of feelings I had towards the Estonian boy. I even told him what Jamie said about how I shouldn't be afraid to do things with him. Of course my blond blue eyes sexy foreign boy had immediately joked asking when we can all get sexed up together making me laugh; although, I got the feeling he was a little serious about it as well.

By the time I hung up the phone looking at the clock I was surprised to note I had been on for over an hour. I was also surprised to note how my hand had crept beneath Zak's towel and was slowly playing around with his little boy bauble's. He was fast asleep with his legs spread open slightly giving me more access to his privates. I immediately stopped blushing a bit embarrassed about what I had been doing, but now I was really curious so slowly undid the towel around his waist pulling it aside gazing down at his small hard two inch eight year old boy erection.

Reaching out I picked his little stiff asparagus up in my finger and thumb feeling it twitch momentarily taking a closer look. I had to admit that it kind of seemed to suit him. At two inches I suppose it was kind of small in the grand scheme of things, but I had to admit that it was probably pretty typical for an eight year old boy. Even his cut penis head that was both curved and a bit pointed looked kind of normal on him with the width being slightly wider than his shaft. The head was larger at the base than at the tip with it narrowing slightly at the tip end while the underside of the head curved smoothly. Even the dimension between his shaft and knob seemed typical with his shaft taking up about three quarters of the overall length and his glans taking up about twenty five percent.

It was his little boy satchel that really had my attention with me releasing his hard tube and running my thumb and finger over the slight curvature of the tight membrane. It was pinkish brown with the skin on the little bulge looking completely level and without any wrinkles. It even felt completely silky smooth beneath the tips of my fingers making me shiver excitedly at the odd sensation. Even Zak shivered in his sleep making me wonder if I might be giving him those tingly feelings. With that in mind I continued my scrutiny, but knew I'd have to be careful so things didn't get out of control.

Leaning over for a closer look I scrunched my eyebrows because I've never seen a boy's pouch that was so tight with no sag whatsoever, or even heard of anyone like that before. His boyish aroma distracted me for a moment as I inhaled the clean soapy fragrance, which was intermingled with the unmistakable boy scent, deeply into my lungs. Exhaling I began running circles around the outer edges of his ball sack with the tip of my fingers noting how it really felt strange because I never knew a boy's pouch could be so wrinkle free and smooth. Running my finger over the silky surface of his satchel I felt the two small little lumps that could only be his testicles. Initially when I had first seen him after he took off his underwear in the bathroom I had thought maybe his testicles were up inside of him. Now I knew that they were simply small with only a portion of them snuggled up inside of him because of the tightness of the membrane hugging his body.

Using my thumb and finger I gently pinched the area surrounding his left little nut noting it was probably the size of a pistachio maybe slightly bigger. Releasing his little boy nut I now pinched some of the skin on his wrinkle free membrane pulling it out before releasing it noticing it immediately collapsing back inwards. There was a small wrinkle for a few seconds before the elastic membrane stretched and smoothed back into place. The only reason why someone would even know it was a ball sack was because it had a slight bulge to it with a darker coloration. In a way his unique small satchel was kind of sexy with my own tube getting excited now so I released him before I did something foolish. Of course I wasn't really attracted to him in that special kind of way, but it didn't mean that I couldn't get turned on by the smaller boy in a sexual kind of way.

Reaching over for the edges of his towel I notice his erection had deflated with his one and a half inch softie now shriveled up closely to his body with it now being mostly his knob that pointed upwards. It was kind of cute seeing nothing but his glans pocking up from his body just above his little boy bag lump. It was like his penis had shriveled up collapsing inside of his body cavity making me giggle because between his nonexistent boy mound and his hardly noticeable boy penis it looked like he was getting smaller not bigger. I suppose lying on his back this way contributed to his penis seemingly collapsing inwards. Tossing the edges of his towel loosely over Zak's waist covering him back up I gingerly scoop him up into my arms feeling the towel separating from in front of him as I hugged his body towards me. The boy's arms draped naturally over my shoulders with him snuggled up tightly against my chest. Standing up and heading towards the bathroom the smaller boy smelled deliciously wonderful with his body feeling toasty warm against me as his little softie snuggled up against my tummy.

My dad had warned me to make sure Zak took a pee before going to sleep because sometimes he had an accident in the middle of the night. Setting him down on wobbly legs I turned the half asleep boy towards the toilet bowl the towel dropping around his ankles. Wrapping my arm around him to help support his weight I whispered in his ear trying to wake him up enough to take a pee.

"Hey buddy you need to take a pee now." I spoke softly with his head lolling from side to side.

Without grabbing his pecker Zak began to pee with it simply spraying about without any aim. I yelped in surprise because it wasn't hitting the toilet bowl, and immediately reacted trying to grab his tiny pecker, but it was still snuggled up tightly against his body. I had to tug on it a little before gaining enough meat so to speak in order to grab it properly and point it in the right direction. By this time he had managed to pee on my hand, around the toilet bowl, and on the floor. It was a good thing I had reacted so fast because the amount of liquid that came out of his little boy pecker simply amazed me. This reminded me of when I had peed Austin with it feeling kind of strange as the liquid flowed out of Zak's little soft tube.

The smaller boy finished off by reflexively squeezing out the last amounts his penis jerking with each contraction forcing out some liquid in little spurts. Leaning over I wrapped the towel around his waist before unrolling some toilet paper cleaning up the little puddle on the floor dumping it in the porcelain bowl and flushing it all down. Somehow I managed to keep him propped up in my arms as we now shifted over to the sink so I could shove my hand under the faucet washing them off.

Scooping him back up in my arms we made our way into his room. Throwing aside his bed covers I removed my towel letting it drop on to the floor. Taking a seat on the edge of the bed I removed Zak's towel as well watching it fall on top of mine before pulling him into bed with me. Zak shivered a little while I pulled the blanket over our bodies feeling him snuggling up to me enjoying the closeness of his body. I've gotten used to huddling with other boys under the covers whether it be Austin, Jake, or Paavo, and of course lately Jamie, so for me it was comforting having the smaller boy cuddling up to me. Zak moaned in his sleep tossing his left arm and leg over my body while nestling his head on my chest. It amazed me that he didn't even wake up. He was all warm and soft burrowed up in my arms, and before long I had nodded off as well.

When I heard the apartment door opening and closing I stirred briefly before fading back to sleep. I was a lot more tired than I thought so simply slipped back into dreamland until I felt a soft touch along my brow brushing away my hair followed by a gentle kiss, something my mom always did to me when I was asleep. The warm body of Zak stirred a little as well with me finally opening my eyes noticing my dad kneeling next to the bed smiling softly at me.

"Hey Sam…I hope he didn't give you too much problems with going to bed?" My dad smiled looking down at Zak who was sleeping comfortably in my arms. We must have shifted in our sleep because he was facing away from me on his side with us having spooned together. "He hates having to go to bed." He added while I yawned shaking my head.

"Nah, no big problem. I just let him sit on the couch until he nodded off. It didn't take long." I whispered back with my dad nodding. "You should have warned me though about the whole bathroom thing." I sighed shaking my head seeing his confusion. "He pissed all over the place." I added with my dad shrugging his shoulders apologetically.

"Oh sorry Samuel." He replied having forgotten about my name, but I didn't mind so much knowing he was tired and it was late. "Normally his mom does that so I didn't know he did that." He admitted noticing me chuckle and realizing I had been teasing about it making him smile as well.

He rolled his eyes and then looked down picking up the towels from off the floor gazing at me questioningly. "My clothes are in the dryer…remember? I told you they got all muddy so I had to wash them." I reminded him noticing the kind of quirky look he gave me as if realizing I was in bed with Zak completely naked making us both blush with the disclosure. "Um…anyway dad about tomorrow." I began watching his reaction closely while he motioned for me to continue. "Uh…I was just thinking that I want to visit a little with mom in the morning, but then catch the train back to Blue Meadows on the afternoon train. I already ordered my ticket and one for Zak too." I stated seeing him jerk at this information.

"You what…I mean…I'm not so sure that's a good idea." He added trying hard not to get into one of our heated arguments.

Shrugging my shoulders I sighed shaking my head. "Listen dad you've got summer sessions at the University, mom is in the hospital, and Zak's mom is gone to take care of her mother. I already talked with the Weilers and they said it is perfectly fine thinking this would take some of the pressure off of you. Otherwise you'd have to find a sitter and that would probably be no fun for Zak. There's lots to do by us and with Jamie being better now we can all have a lot of fun. There's also Austin and Jake who hang out a lot with us, and there are a few kids around the area Zak's age that we can arrange for some play dates. Besides Paavo's coming too so it will be just like a sort of summer outing or whatever. It'll be fun to have a lot of friends around dad and even though Zak is way younger he's kind of cool and all. I'd feel a lot better about it if you didn't have to worry about Zak so that you can help mom get better." I tried to reason with him noticing how he was looking at me a little funny.

It was a strange look he gave me and I didn't know what to think. "What?" I finally asked a little nervously with him shaking his head.

"Nothing…it's just I was worried how you'd react with the news about Zak, and here you are offering to help watch over him." He noted.

"Geeze dad it's not like Zak's fault with what's going on, besides you should have seen him with those bullies when the two of them ganged up on me. He jumped the biggest kid and went wild saying…and I quote…'you leave my brother alone,' so who can argue with that." I chuckled seeing my dad grin.

"Yeah, well this whole bullying thing is something I'm going to have to get squared away." My dad got all protective.

"No don't dad." I responded seeing him start to get defensive. "What I mean is not right now. Let's just see how things go with the bullies. I kicked the snot out of them so I'm not so sure they will want to mess with Zak anymore. I'll talk to Zak telling him he needs to tell you if they try something again. If you get involved now they may end up teasing him because they have to, and the worst that can happen to them is a tongue lashing. Right now though they are scared if I show up again and kick their ass." I pointed out with my dad thinking on it for a few moments before exhaling.

"Alright we'll do it your way, and Zak can go with you tomorrow as well if he agrees. Tomorrow's Monday and I've got classes, but I'll take a trip up to the farm on the following day to check up on Zak just in case he gets homesick or something." He nodded coming up with a plan.

"Why…don't you have to teach on Tuesday?" I wondered aloud with him shrugging.

"It's the summer sessions, and I'm teaching two classes this time around. They each are two hour classes, but are only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I normally have to be there all five days to do all of the lesson plans and prep work and all, not to mention taking care of everyone's assignments and appointments, but I can get away on the off class days if I have to. Besides, I didn't leave you guys on good terms the last time around, and I need to sit down and talk with the Weilers. They are good people and have always treated me with respect; despite the issues between your mom and me…you know…the separation." He added glancing up at me to see my reaction.

I winced because it still stung, but things were the way they were. "Anyway," he continued. "I owe them an apology, and one to you too Sam." He added getting my name right this time making me smile.

"I know dad and I'm sorry about some things too. I want us to get better at it." I sighed unable to hold back the yawn with my dad smiling and reaching out to pat me on the cheek.

"Me too Sam and I will really try. You'll have to be patient though because I have a feeling I'm a much worse case than Jamie. From what I've heard you've got a lot of patience and persistence. You'll need all of your skills because I'm a hard ass at times." He teased ruffling my hair.

"Tell me about it, you've been a work in progress for years." I teased back seeing him look at me in mock shock. "Hey, I'm not the one who says that…mom's been working on you for a lot longer." I added cheekily with my dad simply looking at me in shock and rolling his eyes before laughing so hard in a way that I haven't heard in years which was really nice to see, but I was worried about him waking up Zak.

"Shhhh, you'll wake up Zak." I hissed chuckling because he was laughing so hard.

He was shaking his head. "Don't worry if you can't even wake him up to take a piss I doubt he'll wake up with us talking." He stated but still calmed down.

"Dad…I…um…we need to talk…for real." I started pausing for a few moments with him looking at me intently. "I mean when you come over to the Weilers I need to talk to you about some things. It's important, but I'm a little afraid about it." I stated cryptically noticing the worry on his features so tried to alleviate some of his concerns now. "Um…it isn't really bad or anything, but it's important that you and mom know some things is all."

My dad stared at me for a few moments with a myriad of emotions displaying across his features before he finally softened up. "Alright son…I'll be there then on Tuesday and the two of us can sit down together. I want us to be better at talking like we used to, but please tell me it isn't anything bad like you going to jail or anything." He added trying to lighten up the mood a bit with the whole debacle of the court and all a few weeks ago.

"No nothing like that, but I'm still nervous and all about it so you will have to be patient. I hope you are cool with it?" I asked with him nodding his head.

"Yeah I guess so, besides I'm sure if it was something time pressing we'd hash it out now, but maybe waiting until Tuesday is for the best because I'm feeling about as tired as you look. I need a shower and then I'm off to bed too. Do you need anything before I say goodnight?" He asks while I shake my head cuddling up closer to Zak again with him looking down at us smiling and shaking his head. "Unbelievable. If I'd have know all it would take is to give you a little brother I would have given you one long ago." He teased.

The following morning had us all getting up very early in the morning. Moaning about having to get up so early in the morning I helped Zak get dressed into one of his cute pairs of cartooned boy's bikini briefs. The way his small eight year old boy morning boner pressed up against the fabric of his tight fitting underwear made me giggle before I wrapped one of the towels laying on the floor around my waist to cover up my own stiffie. Taking a peep out the door I darted into the bathroom to grab my own clothes out of the dryer hearing Zak giggling now because of my obvious display of shyness. Even though lately I've been getting better at being more open about my nudity in certain situations I still couldn't completely get over my nakedness.

Zak followed me into the bathroom wearing only his little boy's briefs his obvious little boner still pressing up against the cottony fabric. He giggled watching me wriggle into my maroon colored Hanes boxer briefs my own erection clearly outlined in the tight fitting fabric before I slipped into my blue pair of Epic Thread's cargo shorts with the matching blue colored Puma polo style shirt. It was one of my favorite outfits now, and I was glad that the washer had managed to get it sparkling clean including the wide band white colored belt.

"You look really nice." Zak commented while he stepped up to the toilet bowl pulling down the front of his briefs and grabbing his little two inch erection with his thumb and finger before letting the strong yellow stream flow from the tip of his little knob sighing in the process with his little boy stiffness slowly deflating now that the pressure was relieved.

Glancing over towards the smaller boy I watched him taking a piss for a few seconds smiling because even though I wasn't attracted to him in a sexual way it was still a little stimulating seeing him fingering his hard tube. "Thanks…I was a little worried about it not cleaning up. I kind of like my shorts and shirt." I admitted stepping next to Zak so I could relieve my own bladder noticing the smaller boy was completely done, yet remained in place watching me unzip my fly, reaching inside pulling aside my underwear along my left leg with my right fingers, and then reaching inside with my left fingers to grab a hold of my own four inch erection.

The smaller boy giggled prompting me to ask. "What's so funny?"

The eight year old shrugged his shoulders with his eyes glued on to my large erection while the yellow stream flowed out of my tube making me shiver with relief. "Nothing…it's just I've never seen anyone take a pee like that…you know pulling their thingy out that way." He admitted reminding me of something I had wondered about as well in the past.

These days most boys tended to undo their pants shoving aside the flaps and pulling their underwear down in front of them when taking a piss. It made me wonder why boys did that instead of using the zipper which is why it was there. Anymore I wondered why even bother having a zipper these days because it just seemed like most boys didn't even know how to pull out their peckers between their fly. I had noticed this a few years back, and the only thing I could think of was that more and more boys were being raised by moms, with more and more dads not teaching their sons how to pull out a pecker using their fly. I suppose when boys are younger and their mothers pee them they simply unsnap their pants and pull down the front of the underwear so boys sort of learned to go pee that way.

Smiling at the curious boy I chuckled shaking my head. "Well that's why we have a zipper in our pants. This way all you need to do is unzip and fish out your thingy instead of undoing your belt and pants. Then when you are done all you have to do is shake it off, tuck yourself away, and zip up your pants." I instructed him while also showing him the process. "You can also do something similar when wearing shorts or whatever that don't have zippers." I pointed out.

"Really?" He asked a little puzzled so I slipped up behind him to show how it was done.

Tucking his underwear back into place I reached around his waist and pulled aside the hem of his underwear on his left leg with my right fingers. With my left fingers I reached inside fishing out his rapidly inflating tube and pointed it towards the toilet bowl before tucking it back away.

"You do the same thing if you have regular shorts on without a zipper, but you pull aside both the shorts and underwear at the same time." I added with him turning around and giving me a big hug surprising me.

"Wow…way cool. No one's ever shown me that…thanks Sam. It's so easy. Why don't other boys do that?" He asked me a bit perplexed because it was such a simple thing.

"I'm not really sure. Maybe it's because most kids don't have a dad or other male role model teaching them this sort of thing. I mean…why didn't you know?"

He stared at me and then giggled blushing because he seemed to understand something. "Um…I guess because mommy taught me how to go pee." He admitted.

Slipping back into his room I helped him choose something to wear. He tugged on a pair of comfortable pale sky blue colored C9 Champion Boys' core polyester mesh knit shorts. They hung a bit long and baggily around his legs, but that was simply the style of shorts these days. He then slipped into a simple gray C9 Champion Boys' tank top with a small white logo on the left chest. It was simple, comfortable, but looked adorable on him, but I suppose just about anything would look cute on him. Finally, he pulled on a pair of regular gray colored ankle socks with some black and green colored highlight design around the ankles, and a regular pair of no name brand sneaks.

After telling Zak about him coming with me to Blue Meadows we somehow managed to get some things packed up for him despite the boy bouncing off the walls with excitement. We went and visited with mom for the rest of the morning before going over to my house so I could pack some of my things. I had already decided I would be staying with the Weilers for the rest of the summer maybe coming home once or twice to be with mom hoping she'd come to visit me as well at the farm. After packing some essentials along with the more important electronic items we met up with Paavo at the train station. When I introduced Zak to the Estonian boy, the smaller eight year old boy suddenly seemed to become a little shy around the handsome blonde twelve year old. Sighing I shook my head sadly because I had missed Paavo's birthday the previous week. It seemed like everyone's birthday was relatively close because mine was coming up in a few weeks as well, followed with Zak's and Jake's evidently in another month or so.

The smaller boy was all excited about his very first train ride, but every time Paavo turned his attention to the eight year old boy he suddenly became a little reserved. "What's the matter with you?" I questioned the smaller boy when Paavo said he'd be right back having spotted a vending machine and wanting something to drink.

"N…n…nothing…it…it's just he's…he's…um…really pretty." The dark brownish black curly haired boy blushed looking away making me laugh out loud, which embarrassed him even more making me feel bad I had laughed at him.

"I'm sorry Zak, it's just I sort of reacted the same way the first time I saw him. I mean…yeah…he's absolutely drop dead gorgeous, but let's keep that between us because we don't want him to get a swelled head about it." I teased ruffling Zak's hair.

After that the smaller boy seemed to relax around the other boy who he seemed to be a bit smitten with. Once we got on the train he was so excited that we had to tour the entire train from one end to the other taking a brief stop in the café car with me treating the two of them to lunch. It made me happy to be able to do something like that for them, and with me getting a decent kind of allowance from the Weilers because of the work I do around the farm I could afford it. Zak felt bad though when I went back to get my sack lunch since I couldn't eat what they had in the café, but I just smiled ruffling his hair telling him I was used to it, besides I'd rather feel good and hang out with them than take the chance of getting sick. Paavo had already become used to the fact that I simply couldn't enjoy some of these eating pleasures like others so had patted Zak's back comfortingly saying he understood.

After Zak's initial high from all the excitement, his early morning start began to catch up to him so we found a couple of seats and got comfortable. The seating on the train was really comfortable with cushioned chairs that reclined backwards. There were two wide seats on either side of the isle, but Zak ended up snuggling on top of my lap with his legs draped over my thighs. The train was actually a little chilly, but I had noticed that on my earlier trips so I pulled out a light weight blanket from one of my multiple bags, the small day pack, covering us up. I had reclined the seat slightly backwards so it would make it more comfortable for the smaller boy with him snoozing comfortably his chest and stomach pressed up against mine and his head turned sideways on my chest. With the blanket draped over his back the boy was now toasty warm with his hard erection pressing up against my stomach. I couldn't resist running my hand slowly up and down his back just beneath his grey shirt even running them beneath the fabric of his shorts. He had such soft little fleshy buns, and I even felt him shiver when I ran my finger between his butt cheeks unable to resist flickering them across his small tight puckered little shutter bug before coming back to my senses removing them.

Then I noticed something else which made me giggle and look over towards Paavo. He was snuggled up next to me on the right side under the blanket as well. His legs were curled up on the seat off towards the side with his right hand around the front of my waist. Somehow he had managed to undo my D-ring belt, unsnapped my pants, and pulled down my zipper with his right hand now firmly shoved beneath my boy's boxer briefs. The tingling sensations of his warm fingers wrapped around my hard four inch tube made me moan excitedly. I've never allowed him to touch me before, well at least not in a sexual kind of way. It felt wonderful and I could feel my insides begin to squirm around with him slowly jacking me off beneath the blanket. I panicked for a moment looking around, but there weren't that many people around us, and we were in the back corner with no one paying us any attention.

"Oh god that feels so good Paavo, but you have to stop before I blow my cork." I whispered softly with him looking at me a bit disappointed because I've always rebuffed his advances before, but this time was different for me.

Jamie knew about us and we had talked some more about my relationship with Paavo. He insisted that I allow Paavo to be more intimate with me since this is what the boy wanted. I hadn't been sure I was ready for that since I had such intense feelings for Jamie, but being this close to the sexy Estonian boy finally ate away at my resolve.

"Paavo, it's not that I don't want to do this…it…it's just I…um…," I began looking around nervously making sure no one could hear me. "Um…to be honest Paavo I've started to…um…you know…squirt." I admitted to him seeing the blond boy perk right up and smile at me. "I mean…if you can wait until we get to the farm…then…if you still want to…then…I…um…I'd love to…you know…the two of us." I whispered to him my voice shaking in my throat because this was another major step for me.

"Oh Sam…I am so happy for you." Paavo gushed in his cutest Estonian accent. "But…um…are you sure you are alright with me…um…doing things with you? What about Jamie?" He speculated nervously. "Aren't the two of you…uh…together?" He pressed with me smiling and nodding.

"Yes…but he also knows the two of us have feelings for each other and he didn't think it was fair that I was doing things to you, but not allowing you to do things to me in a more intimate way. He thought I was being selfish…so if you still want…then when we get a chance later…um…maybe we can…," I started when he suddenly leaned over giving me a quick kiss on the lips making me blush looking around to make sure no one saw before I giggled like a silly school girl. "I take it that's a yes." I added with him nodding energetically while I reached down, removed his hand, and closed up my shorts.

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