Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 12: Is There Truly Justice?

"Shit for real Sam if that didn't feel so good I'd be a bit mad at you." Paavo chuckled reaching down and slipping his satiated soft boy baubles back into place. Rotating around and sitting in my lap facing me with his legs draped over my thighs he leaned his face towards me giving me a very passionate kiss. "Thanks Sam…I needed that first thing in the morning." He chuckled making me giggle as well.

"Hmmm…I'm not so sure about it because I still think it is you being such a fucking horn dog." I teased him pulling him towards me and hugging him tightly while breathing in his sex scent which was permanently implanted into my memory. "Besides I should be thanking you for being so good to Jamie. You have no idea how much that meant to me."

"I know Sam, but I like Jamie. I can see why you like him too. He is adorably cute and I think he is special. We had a boy like that back home in Estonia. He really was a good boy, but some people didn't understand him is all. He wasn't autistic like Jamie, rather having other problems, but Olev and I played with him so he would have someone too." Paavo told me shrugging his shoulders. "Anyway, what's for breakfast?" He chuckled making me shake my head.

It was amazing how time simply seemed to zip by us with Paavo integrating himself into our little band of friends. Of course it was helped along on Monday when we went back to school. Principal Fogerty made good on his word when Paavo came strolling into the lunch room and sure enough another bully began picking on him. Some kids never learn because the word had already gotten out to most kids around school to leave Paavo alone. I started to get up the blood rising inside of me to take care of the situation when Principal Fogerty magically appeared out of nowhere and nabbed the eighth grader berating him in front of the entire cafeteria stating he wouldn't allow such behavior to go on in his school. He then proceeded to berate several staff members in front of all the students letting them know that under no circumstances were they allowed to let such actions slide. He promptly announced that there would be an internal investigation in all the staff members and punitive measures were forthcoming because it was obviously clear they had blatantly disregarded the school's standing policy to intervene in all occurrences on school grounds regarding bullying in a swift and timely manner.

The man was brilliant because he acted summarily. Several staff members were assigned extra duties without pay. Due to unions and such it was always a difficult matter where disciplinary actions were concerned so he had made a roundabout in this regard giving them the option of either being dragged through a long process, which he promised to bring in the entire weight of his wrath involving the media blitz and everything putting their names out in the papers as to their endangering kids, or they could simply volunteer at the school for several hours a week at no pay. Some grumbled, but they caved because they knew perfectly well how dangerous their lives could become once the news media got involved exposing their names saying they were responsible for endangering kids' lives in a school setting. Parents would become livid, and from there it would get ugly.

As for the bully, Principal Fogerty lowered the boom on him setting the example for any other would be tormenting thugs. The boy was suspended for a week, and had to write a thirty five page report on the differences between Estonia and Russia. When the kid returned the Principal read it making the boy revise the report. It took another three weeks of hard work on the bully's part before the man was satisfied with it, promptly making copies and distributing the paper to the entire school making it a requirement that all homeroom classes make a lesson around the topic discussing the pro's and con's of the paper. By the time all was said and done, everyone knew everything there was to know about Estonia. This seemed to lighten the tensions Paavo was receiving.

Over the next several weeks and months our little group settled down as well incorporating Paavo into our activities. Of course the Estonian boy also made friends in his own grade level, but it was with us where he seemed to thrive the most. The relationship between the two of us also seemed to blossom. Every weekend found us spending the night at either my house or his. The passion we felt towards one another deepened. At night curled up in bed together I found myself enjoying the private moments I had with him. For me the sex never progressed any further than us simply cuddling together or kissing, which was a wonderful experience. Not only the intimacy of feeling him so close to me at night, but also our almost obsessive need with our necking sessions. Tasting and breathing him in almost sent me over the edge at times, but I always managed to reign in my urges knowing I simply wasn't ready for things to go any further. Of course I jacked off Paavo on a regular basis, enjoying those moments of intimacy with him, and he tried to push the boundaries with what I would allow, but he did it in a loving and caring kind of way. I knew he wanted more, and so did I, but for now I was simply content with allowing him to be pleasured.

The boy always managed to brighten up my day with his cheery perky personality and quirky little smile. He was also a touchy feely kind of kid, which made things awkward sometimes. In many ways he was like Boxey who loved to lean up against people so Paavo was always brushing up against me and even with Steve, Mike, Carson, and Sylvia. Of course at first it made us all a bit uncomfortable; especially, when it happened out in the open at school. The only one who didn't seem fazed by it was Sylvia, but then again she was a girl so I suppose it wasn't as awkward like with a boy on boy type of situation. Then one day Sylvia pointed out that having Paavo around was like having a little brother, which seemed to ease some of the tensions in this regard.

We couldn't blame the boy though because it was simply in his nature. The more he hung around us the more the rest of our group sort of came to that realization; especially, when they saw how he interacted with his father. Paavo was never ashamed to show his affection towards his Dad, and the man reciprocated lavishing his love towards his little guy. In the end it sort of became the norm with us not even taking note of it anymore. Even at school the gossip in this regard sort of became muted. At first there were most definitely grumblings and whispered comments regarding faggot and such nonsense, but then slowly it simply became a non issue; especially, once the girls began to flirt with the boy. Who could blame them he was beyond handsome. Of course he ate up all the attention, and even flirted back making me smile at some of the antics.

Even though Paavo generously offered up his touchy feely personality to everyone, it began to become obviously clear he lavished more of it on me than anyone else. He literally clung to me and I didn't much mind. Again at first I would see those stares and glares from kids in school, but no one wanted to confront me about it knowing my reputation in regards to being a bit on the explosive side. However, things seemed to settle down in this regard because many of the kids began to view this as sort of a mascot kind of relationship. They figured it was because of how I had came to Paavo's rescue not only once, taking the punishment for it, but also a second time upon my return risking further reprisals. In the end most basically figured it to be a sort of relationship where I took the Estonian boy under my wings since he had been so ostracized when he first arrived. Time seemed to tamp down any controversies, and soon enough Paavo was accepted wholeheartedly in the school as simply another kid.

Just because things seemed to have settled down it didn't mean they were completely all peaches and roses. Soon it became obviously clear to me that Steve was having some issues concerning my close relationship with Paavo. It was almost like my best friend was somehow jealous. At first I simply thought it was because of all the time spent with Paavo, but then it became apparent that there was more to it. I've known Steve practically my entire life so understood him better than just about anyone. For a couple of years now I've known he was gay. He never said anything to me about it, but I was fairly certain that he knew I was aware of this fact. I even knew about his secret boyfriend he had last year.

For several months the two boys had become very close and spent a lot of time together. It meant that we hardly saw one another, but I was fine with it because I understood he had deep feelings for this other boy. Then the other boy ended up moving and it had devastated Steve. He had become withdrawn and distant so I took the initiative to draw him back out. One night I had him over to spend the night like we used to on a regular basis, and when we had gone to bed he began to sob. I simply cradled him in my arms and let him cry himself to sleep. I never asked him about it since he didn't offer up an explanation, but he seemed to snap out of it afterwards. In the morning he had smiled nodding his head saying thanks, and that was that.

Now with Paavo I began to notice the glances Steve would shoot towards the younger boy. When we all spent the night over at my house he seemed to relish those moments; especially, if they ended up wrestling around together. The older boy would make a point of brushing up against Paavo's privates now and again in an obscure kind of way, but I knew it didn't go unnoticed by the Estonian boy who brushed it aside not even taking note or making an issue of it. I could tell that when Paavo crawled around Steve that the older boy seemed to relish it even more with their two bodies brushing up closely to one another.

Then one evening I woke up because I could hear Paavo moaning softly in his sleep while rocking his hips into me. When we spent the night together he had gotten into the habit of snuggling up close to me with his arm and leg draped over my body. As I woke up I could feel his stiff erection pressing up against my side while he slowly rocked into me in his sleep. Steve was spending the night as well, so when he was over we all were either in our underwear or pajama bottoms. Normally when it was just me and Paavo we chose to snuggle up together completely naked, but this particular evening Steve was spending the night so we had all cuddled under the covers with something on.

Opening up my eyes I could see Steve's fingers running up and down Paavo's pale smooth naked back making the boy respond in his sleep. Steve was lying on his side, which had lifted up the blanket slightly, and with me lying on my back my erection was clearly visible tenting out my pajama bottoms. Steve was exchanging glances between Paavo's smooth naked back and staring at my rigid pole. Glancing down I noticed Steve was sporting his own erection his stiff missile clearly outlined in his white briefs. The cute Estonian boy continued to moan in his sleep, and I felt his hard tube begin to twitch around against my stomach obviously enjoying the extra stimulation he was receiving from Steve.

I was wide awake now, and I looked over towards Steve face noticing the yearning look he was lavishing on Paavo's sleeping form. Then for some reason he glance in my direction and noticed me watching him. He hesitated a moment before pursing his lips. The corners of his eyes began to well up so I was going to speak up when he simply turned his back on me and settled back down. Even though I was going to speak out I simply didn't know what to say so I let the matter drop. I figured if he wanted to talk about it he'd bring it up to me. So when he did just that it really didn't surprise me other than the fact we never really talked about these sorts of things before. This was different though, so I knew he'd approach me sooner or later.

"Sam?" I heard Steve begin one day soon afterwards when we were in my room studying together for our upcoming end of the school year tests.

Pushing my chair away from the computer I looked up glad for the little break. "Yeah."

"Do you ever…um…you know…fantasize about other kids in school…you know…sexually?" He asks me hesitantly.

I knew this had to be tough for him because he was trying to figure out how to approach me about what happened the other night. "Sure all the time…I mean…I suppose it is only natural for us to do that sort of thing." I respond with us both falling silent.

I could tell Steve was reluctant to go any further embarrassed by everything and a bit worried so I made the effort. "Um…is this about…you know…the other night…with Paavo and…um…you know…looking at my…uh…stiffie." I blushed, now embarrassed myself about pointing out how he had been staring at my little wood. "I mean…it just sort of happens you know…while I sleep…it just sort of gets hard." I managed to get out chuckling nervously while trying to get to the whole issue of him perving on Paavo in a roundabout kind of way.

"Yeah…um…it's cool…the same thing happens to me."

"Yeah I noticed." I giggle while Steve gawked at me. "I mean I wasn't the only one with a hard-on if that big tent in your tightie whities were any indication." I teased trying to ease the tension.

"Why you little shit." He began before smiling and chuckling.

"Listen Steve I know what happened the other night is kind of awkward, but we all get curious about some things…you know." I sighed seeing him looking down nervously. "I just want you to know that I understand and don't care. I mean…even about last year with…you know." I hinted with him glancing up into my face trying to read something there inside of me.

Steve's eyes furled defensively. "You know…don't you? I mean for how long?" He asked cryptically not actually admitting to anything.

"For a while I suppose. I don't care Steve…you know about…um…your preferences."

"Really…you don't mind that I'm…you know…with other boys?" He asked me incredulously.

"No of course not…you're still the same friend I've always known so why should it bother me?" I told him seriously. "Besides I think we all sort of think about that kind of stuff until we get things figured out. It's complicated you know." I exhaled leaning back in my chair pondering my own confusion about such things and my feelings towards both Jamie and Paavo.

"Are you and Paavo…boyfriends?" Steve asked bringing me out of my contemplations, and shocking me because I hadn't expected him to ask me something like that.

"What…I…um…no…I mean we are kind of close like, but I…um…no." I shook my head scrunching up my face wondering if that really were true.

In retrospect I suppose Paavo and I weren't boyfriends per se because we never really committed our relationship to being something of that nature. I'm sure Paavo would like us to be boyfriends, and I had to admit it was appealing to me, but I think we both sort of was holding off on that sort of decision and commitment because of my feelings towards Jamie. Neither one of us had discussed it openly, but we seemed to understand we plainly weren't ready to take that big step of being boyfriends for real, so we had simply left things the way they were understanding that we both cared deeply for one another.

"Geeze Steve…it's kind of complicated you know. I mean even if we were that isn't something I think I'd want to talk about. I mean I didn't say anything to you about…um you know…last year with…," I sighed shaking my head wondering how this had gotten all turned around.

"I know and I appreciate that Sam…it's just I care about Paavo is all." He responded making me bristle misunderstanding how he had meant it.

"I do too you know. What are you trying to say?" I asked wondering if he thought maybe my relationship with Paavo wasn't right because of our age difference.

"No Sam, I didn't mean it that way. It's just I…um…you know…really care about him. I think…shit Sam you are really going to make me come out and say it." The boy sighed baffling me because I really was confused as to what he was getting at. "Sam…I was wondering if maybe Paavo might be interested in boys…you know…maybe with me?" He asked surprising me once more with the turn of events.

Sure I could tell Steve had feelings for the other boy, but to ask me if I thought Paavo might be interested in him wasn't what I expected. After all it just now came out official like that Steve was gay.

"I…uh…I'm…I…shit Steve…I'm not sure what to say. I mean, Paavo's never mentioned an interest or anything…so…I…just…," I held open my hands shaking my head not knowing what to say.

"Why…you don't think he'd be interested…in someone like me. I mean I see how he's all over you and stuff, and since you don't seem to be interested like that I just thought maybe if he knew I was…you know…then maybe he'd think so too…with me." He bit his lower lip nervously.

"Steve…I'm not sure he'd be…," I began before my friend interrupted me.

"What…he wouldn't be interested in me because I'm black?" He stated outright taking me aback by the comment, which came out of nowhere.

Race has always been an issue in our country, but I never thought of things regarding Steve in this way. So when he just came out and said it, simply assuming the worst, it had shocked me to the core. Any more these days it seemed like Black people in general simply bandied the whole race thing around with any number of issues. It mostly happened with those politically motivated or those who had the most to gain by keeping this friction going in our society.

It frustrated me to no end because often I felt it was being overly used as an excuse to create tensions in this regard when I didn't feel it was warranted. Now that isn't to say there wasn't any racial bigotry going on in our country, but to me it appeared as if this was constantly being brought out in some cases where it wasn't warranted. To me it smacked of reverse discrimination. I saw it practically every day in the news how issues would suddenly turn into a racial one. I hated how it happened because I really didn't think in terms of many problems around me personally being race motivated. If anything, I was the minority in this neighborhood. On the other hand I suppose in some ways I could understand how the black community could believe how things at times might be racially motivated. In this particular regard though I thought my friend Steve knew me better than that, but frankly I really couldn't speak to how Paavo felt about it. After all he isn't from our country so probably viewed things differently.

Shaking away the initial shock I spat back defensively. "Fuck you Steve." I bristled getting mad now at what he was trying to accuse me of. "I thought by now you'd know me better than to use that fucking race crap on me, so fuck you to hell. What makes you think I care anything about that when I could give a fuck about you being gay." I threw back making Steve cringe knowing he had screwed up, and it hadn't been fair to me.

"Shit Sam…I know…I know, and I'm sorry. It's just…shit…this is so fucked up." He began to sniffle making me wince because I really had reacted too harshly.

"Damn Steve I'm sorry too. It's just…I don't know what to say. I don't even know what you want from me. You're like my best friend since we were little, so what are you really trying to ask me?" I countered trying to move on from this whole racially motivated crap that had suddenly crept into our lives.

This was the first time race had reared its ugly head in my relationship with my best friend as I now watched Steve hesitate a few moments before spreading out his hands. "Do you think you could talk to Paavo about it? I mean he looks up to you and all, so I just figured maybe…you know…maybe you could ask him if he'd want to…maybe…with me…become an item together." He asked sounding kind of desperate and having quickly put behind the unpleasantness of the other issue making me realize it truly hadn't been something he thought I was guilty of in the first place.

"I…um…." Shaking my head I didn't know what to say. This was awkward on so many levels because I had feeling for Paavo and he had them for me, but Steve was my best friend so I sort of felt like I had to help him out, and at least broach the subject with Paavo. "Alright, but if he says no, what then? I mean it sort of outs you to him you know…about having those kinds of feelings towards boys. I'm sure he'd never say anything, but I do know he likes you as a friend so how will it affect that?" I asked with Steve nodding his head understanding.

"I know Sam, but I just want to know if Paavo and I are just going to be friends or something more. Even if he says no I still like him as a friend too, and I hope he would feel the same way. I have to take the chance though just so I know for sure." He offered up with me knowing he was right.

This was something very complicated for me to deal with, but I got the opportunity the following weekend while Paavo was spending the night. With what had become the norm for us I had just finished jacking off the Estonian boy's sexy little red hot chili pepper, with him curled up in my arms exuding that sexy heady scent of his. His body was all sweaty from the exertion with his lungs gasping for air while I gazed down smiling at how I was able to please this adorably sweet boy.

His now satiated soft fleshy asparagus twitched momentarily in an enticingly erotic kind of way. It seemed to beckon me not for the first time over the past couple of months to come down on him slurping up the sexy sultry fleshy stalk. The younger boy always brought out that yearning inside of me as I gazed down at the perfection which lay nestled in my arms. It was no wonder that Steve would be interested in the boy. For that matter I've noticed lately how a lot of kids seemed to be chasing after Paavo. It wasn't just his sexy looks, but his sweet nature which appealed to everyone. How things sure have changed for this little boy, I chuckled to myself watching his deep azure blue eyes dancing giddily while gazing up into my own eyes.

"Geeze Paavo…you are just so fucking sexy." I sighed shaking my head. "You do know how much I love you…right?" I asked him seeing the smile blossoming on his features.

"I know Sam and I love you too." He exhaled his breathing finally calming back down as he reached up stroking my cheeks and pulling me down so we could embrace and kiss.

We've both have come to enjoy this part of our relationship. For my part I never could get enough of tasting his mouth. It always tasted sweet and somehow just right as if he belonged to me. From the way he reacted I got the sense he felt the same way. Slowly our lips parted, and we both purred contentedly at the same time making us giggle.

"Paavo, can I ask you something personal?" I began with him sniggering and looking down at his recently satisfied soft tube which was already beginning to inflate because of the stimulating kiss.

"More private than what we just did together?" He chortled pointedly making me chuckle as well because he was right. How much more private can things be than the intimacy between two people in a sexual act.

"Yeah, I know you're right about that, but I have to ask you something important." I whispered softly stroking his soft cheeks sighing not for the first time wishing I could simply get over my hesitation and give both of us what we were truly yearning for.

Paavo nodded his head rotating on his side while I snuggled up next to him. It took me a few moments to gather my thoughts because I truly didn't know how to go about it. Seeing the conflict on my features the sexy Estonian boy basically said for me to get on with it because it can't be all bad. Nodding my head I finally told Paavo how Steve felt about him, and if he'd be interested in becoming a couple.

"What?" Paavo asked a bit stunned. "I mean what about you?" He asked me.

"What do you mean?"

"Just that I know we aren't boyfriends, but you don't want us to be together anymore?" He asked me the fear in his eyes clearly visible while I shook my head.

"No Paavo that isn't what I'm saying. Shit…it's just Steve asked me to confront you and I am. I still have deep feeling for you, and I told him I care about you, but he asked if we were boyfriends and we aren't Paavo. I mean I'm not ready for that, but it doesn't change that I care deeply for you." I answered with him sighing in relief.

His bright smile immediately twitched upwards in his adorably cute face. "Don't do that to me Sam. You scared me for a moment because I thought I had lost you."

"I didn't mean to do that Paavo…it's just I didn't know how else to put it to you. I mean this is like beyond awkward you know. Steve's like my best friend, but I can't tell him about us, or about Jamie. I'm not ready for others to know. I only told you because of…you know…how the two of us feel for each other and I trust you."

"Yeah, I know." Paavo shrugged his shoulders. "But I'm really not into boys or girls…not really. I mean I know I like you a lot…even love you…but other than you I've never really thought about others in that way." The boy stated his eyebrows rising like he was contemplating something.

We both fell silent for a moment until he continued his thoughts. "Sure there are others out there that sort of turn me on in that way, but I don't have feelings for them like I do with you. I do know that I'm not attracted to blacks in that way though because the others I look at and am interested in aren't black. Steve's attractive and even sexy I suppose, but I'm not interested in him in that way." He stated shocking me that he'd simply come out and say blacks don't turn him on.

Thinking on it I had to admit that even my fantasies never included someone who was black. My lustful thoughts included Hispanics sometimes, but never blacks. Even my curiosity about what Steve had between his legs had been just that, curiousness. I've never really thought about it until Paavo seemed to point out the obvious. It made me wonder if I really was racist in some ways after all, but how does that explain the Estonian boy. I'm sure he didn't think in those kinds of terms being from Estonia where those racial issues aren't a factor; not like here in America.

Just as that thought entered my mind Paavo seemed to hit on it as well. "Do you think that's because there aren't any blacks where I come from? I mean I've never really thought about it until you brought it up with Steve liking me, but I simply am not interested with blacks in general in that kind of way…you know…sex. I only see myself with another boy or girl like us. Is that strange?" He asked me curiously while I shrugged my shoulders.

"I'm not sure what to say Paavo because until just now I didn't realize I felt the same way. I mean Steve is like my best friend in the world, but he's never turned me on. I've been curious about…you know…his junk…but not in that way…you know…sexual. Even Austin and Jake turns me on sexually, but I've never felt that way about someone who is black. This sort of complicates things here in our country. I mean everything is so much about race and all, so I'm not sure what to say." I admitted truthfully to the Estonian boy who after a moment's hesitation merely shrugged his shoulders.

"Why say anything. It is no different than having personal favorites regarding hair color, eye color, personality, or anything else Sam. I think when it comes to this sort of thing we will all have our preferences, but it doesn't really mean one thing or another. Steve's your friend, and he's black, so what. It doesn't mean he's your type sexually." The boy smiled. "After all I think we tend to know what you prefer." He teased giggling making me smile at his cheekiness.

"Yeah and we all know what kind of perversions you prefer too." I teased back giving his soft fleshy garden snake a gentle squeeze hearing him moan.

"Yes, and I think I'm ready for more now." He begged reaching down placing his hand on top of mine and guiding it to emphasize what he meant, which I obligingly provided him without hesitation amazed at his stamina and insatiable appetite for being pleasured.

After that I worried how we would break the news to Steve, but in true fashion Paavo managed to do that on his own. He simply approached the older boy taking him off to the side letting him know that I had talked to him about it. The Estonian boy in plain terms told Steve that he wasn't ready to have that sort of relationship with him because right now he was trying to deal with other issues regarding how he felt about certain other things. To my best friend's credit he seemed to handle it well enough.

At first things were a bit awkward after everything was laid out in the open like that between the two boys, but Paavo went out of his way not to treat Steve any differently than before. It didn't take long before the two of them were wrestling around as usual carefree and uninhibited with Paavo continuing to lavish the older boy with his warm heartfelt hugs. It was a relief to see my oldest friend move on getting over this hump. Steve seemed to take it all in good stride, and before long his interests began to focus on another boy he began to fancy. It made me happy to see how he managed to bounce back from the friendly little rebuff.

Summer break was approaching quickly with everyone getting excited knowing it was just around the corner. Even though summer was still several weeks away all of my exams were finally completed which seemed to lift up my spirits providing an extra spring to my step. The biggest weight off of my shoulders was getting the battery of Iowa Tests of Basic Skills out of the way. This was the state's exams all of us kids had to take every year to assess our progress. It was bullshit as far as I was concerned because we all knew those scores could be skewed if time was spent on studying for the exams themselves instead of what we actually learned, but of course this was all about politics as usual.

Since my return from Blue Meadows I had worked hard on improving the way teachers viewed my temperament. Many of them had admired the dedication to my lessons, and in most cases sympathized with my issues regarding constantly getting into fights understanding that in most cases I didn't necessarily start it. There were some though who had viewed me as one of those trouble makers who was out of control. Since coming back I had managed to turn most of those who viewed me in a dim light around, but there were still one or two holdouts.

One of them was my homeroom teacher who was constantly riding my case. She was one of those hateful bitches to begin with, but for whatever reasons she had it in for me from the very beginning of the school year. Rumors had it she always selected one kid at the beginning of the school year, and rode their ass until they broke and caved in. It was sort of a power thing in this regard, but increasingly as the school year neared a close her personal attacks were becoming cruel and mean spirited. They weren't even subtle anymore, and even the kids in my homeroom class were beginning to get fed up with her despite being relieved it was someone else who was being focused on and not them.

For my part I had decided to simply ride it out. Of course I pushed back when it was appropriate, which only seemed to inflame her more thinking how inappropriate that was on my part. It didn't get any better when the other kids in class began doing the same thing, and even started backing me up calling her out on several occasions saying she was being unreasonable. I suppose some of this was what began her crusade in earnest because things seemed to go downhill from there with her malice while on the other hand I increasingly earned more and more support from my fellow classmates. It only heightened the tension in the class with her face becoming increasingly sour.

The school day started in the typical fashion with us sitting in homeroom having to listen to Mrs. Franklin drone on and on as usual. She typically sat up front lecturing us about some nonsensical topic making us sit there listening to her dribble unless she challenged one of us, usually me, with some fact or other. Half of the time it ended up being her downfall because for some reason I was pretty good at recalling these types of off the cuff facts, which of course made her furious. After all when it came to my school studies I was pretty much in sync with the assignments paying close attention and keeping up with it.

Most other homeroom teachers were more engaging with their students actually focusing on the student's needs for the day. They provided assistance with some of their student's homework assignments that may not have been completed for whatever reason whether it was because the student didn't understand or simply hadn't done it. These were mostly simple things, but very important.

While sitting there listening to her drone on and on, I heard a little beep on my phone making me jerk in surprise because I always shut off the ringer, but somehow I must not have set it all the way down to the no ring, beep, or buzz setting. I must have set it only far enough to the beep setting. Fishing out my phone I hit the button putting it in the proper setting when I noticed a 911 text message from Austin's cell phone. Opening up the text I read a message that he needed to talk to me regarding Jamie.

Looking up noticing Mrs. Franklin still spouting off her dribble I quickly responded asking Austin what's wrong. There was a little tapping pressure along the back of my shoulders, and I knew it was only my classmate trying to catch my attention during class, but at the moment I was kind of preoccupied so simply ignored it for now. The response came back on my phone that things have gotten real bad and that Jamie is in serious trouble. I was scrolling down through the rest of the message when I felt a stinging sensation across the back of my knuckles accompanied by a loud smacking noise which forced the phone from my hand sending it bouncing on the top of my desk and on to the floor.

"What the fuck?" I yelped in surprise and pain leaping out of my chair and hopping around while cradling my hand to my chest flexing my fingers.

Mrs. Franklin had spotted me using the phone so had crept over smacking my hand with her long wooden ruler. "Oh don't be so dramatic Sam, I didn't even touch you, so don't go making any excuses for using your phone in class when you know it is strictly forbidden." She retorted feeling smug and getting ready to send me off to the principal's office, but I just about had it with her bullshit so finally snapped.

"Like hell you didn't you fucking bitch." I snapped back seeing her smile in triumph.

"That's right I saw it too Mrs. Franklin you really did hit Sam." One of my classmates who was seated next to me spoke out on my behalf.

"You stay out of this if you know what's good for you. If you don't smarten up I'll have you reported to the principal and don't think I don't have enough stuff on you young man." She spat at the other kid who bristled and stood up pointing his finger at her.

"Go ahead you stupid hag. What do you think is going to happen now? The school year is almost over with anyway. The worst that can happen is that I get a first level warning. So who the fuck cares, but I saw you hitting Sam, and I'll back him up on that." He hissed back evidently having just about as much of her crap he could stomach anymore with several other kids standing up at the same time showing support for me as well.

Mrs. Franklin's eyes got big, but she wasn't backing down having become accustomed to being the big dog in the room waving around that yard stick of hers that she liked to threaten us with. "All of you sit down right now or I'll have security all over you. I'm sure your parents would be interested in finding out just what's what around here." She threatened with me taking a look at the welt across my knuckles moving my fingers around making sure nothing was broken. "As for you Sam I'm going to send you off to the principal's office for some disciplinary action: First for using a cell phone in the class, secondly for using foul language, and third for threatening me." She smiled smugly thrusting her yardstick at me, which I promptly grabbed preventing her from poking me.

"Fuck you bitch, and if you so much as come near me again I'll shove this stick so far up your ass it'll wipe that smug smile off your face and force you to shit standing up for the next ten months. I'm sick and tired of you riding my ass. I was just going to let it go because it is the end of the school year, but I swear to god if you come anywhere near me again I'll make you pay." I told her effectively wiping away that arrogant smile off of her face while she quickly back pedaled obviously afraid of what I might really do.

One of the girls in class stood up confronting Mrs. Franklin as well. "What you did was wrong, and I'll tell the principal what you've been doing. I don't care what you try to do. Sam's done nothing wrong, and you are always on his case. We all know that you always select one student to hassle, but Sam's the only one who's taken that crap from you and dished it right back. We all know you don't like it…well tough shit." The girl spat surprising me because I've never heard her cuss ever.

She was one of those goody two shoes types of girls all prim and proper. After that it just went downhill for Mrs. Franklin because she simply high tailed it out of the class her eyes bulging out of her head. No one in her twenty five years as a teacher has ever dared stand up to her, and now she truly felt threatened and simply couldn't handle it.

Reaching down I picked up my phone. "Thanks for that everyone, but I think we are in some deep shit. If it comes down to it I'll take the hit, but I've got to make a call right now. It's really important." I told everyone clicking on the call button putting it on speaker phone so I could pack up my stuff hearing some low comments of support from most of the kids in class.

"Hello…Sam?" I heard a familiar voice on the other end, but not the one I expected.

"Jake? What are you doing with Austin's phone where are you?" I asked him pausing for a moment.

"Oh shit Sam…I'm in the library at school. I snuck out of class and I hope the librarian didn't hear the phone ringing…hold on." I heard him talking in hushed tones hearing some rustling noise. "I'm good…the librarian must have stepped out for a minute. Oh Sam I'm so glad you answered the phone." He sounded relieved on the other end.

"What's going on and where's Austin?" I asked again.

"He's got the flu and is at home. Hell…half the kids in school are out sick with this nasty bug and that's the problem. It's Jamie." He stated pausing making me worried.

"Is he sick too Jake?"

"No…he's fine…well sort of. That's the problem…its Damian. He's been hassling Jamie for a whole week now. Every day at lunch he's been taking Jamie's food, which also has his vitamins and minerals inside. He then forces Jamie to eat the school lunches. Jamie's been doing really good Sam, but now it's like he's almost back to where he was when all this began. It's just awful. I've tried to help Jamie, but Damian beat the shit out of me this morning so I just had to call. He's out of control Sam, and I'm afraid what he might do to Jamie. He's already bragging about doing something extra special today at lunch time. I'm scared Sam." Jake sniffled.

Looking around the classroom I saw many of the kids listening intently to what was going on. Most of them knew to some extent about Jamie, the rumors having circulated about my time away from school. Of course I've talked to my friends about my time in Blue Meadows and a little about Jamie. I wasn't secretive about it, but I also didn't simply go telling everyone either. It just sort of got picked up along the way by many of the kids when it went through the usual rumor mill. When I had first come back there were all sorts of speculation, but kids began to pick up bits and pieces here and there until the whole story had kind of come out.

"Um…Jake I don't understand what about the other kids. Why aren't they sticking up to Damian and what about Boxey? He wouldn't let anyone like Damian get within ten feet of him…not without tearing them apart." I added.

"Oh Sam…that's just it. Most of the older kids are out with the flu, even Mr. Johnson. Now it's Vice Principal Reardon who is in charge, and he says the lunch room is no place for dogs so has ordered Boxey be locked up in the janitors' room during lunch hour. You know how Mr. Reardon is concerning Damian. The asshole can't do any wrong according to him. He even sees what's going on in the lunch room and doesn't do anything about it ordering the other teachers to stay out of it because the kids can work it out on their own. I don't know what to do Sam." The boy sniffled.

"Did Damian hurt you bad?" I asked concerned now for Jake.

"No just busted my lip is all, but he said if I get in the way later he'd show me what real pain was. I'm afraid Sam, but I'm more worried about Jamie. I'll do what I can, but even Roger tried to stick up for Jamie yesterday and Damian broke his arm."

"Oh fuck…Jake just don't do anything…I'm on my way…I'll be…," I paused when one of the kids who was looking out in the hallway came rushing back in.

"Sam…they're coming…quick hide or something." The boy announced making me click off my phone and grab my bag looking around.

"Out the window Sam…we'll cover for you saying you took off down the hall towards the other side of the school

Tossing my bag out the window, I crawled out crouching down and ducking behind a bush just as I heard a group of adults crowding into the classroom.

"Where is he?" I heard Mrs. Franklin shouting.

"He took off down the hall as soon as you left." I heard one of the kids offer up.

"See I told you…he's nothing but trouble." Mrs. Franklin quipped.

"No he's not. It's Mrs. Franklin's fault. She hit him with her stupid ruler right across the knuckles really hard, and it looked like it hurt." The prim and proper girl offered up with another girl also commenting.

"That's right and I saw a big mark across his hand. Mrs. Franklin says we are lying, but we aren't. She's been hassling Sam all year and he's just been taking it, well this time she hit him and when he told her off saying if she came near him again…well…it's the only time I've ever heard him cussing at a teacher. He told her off Principal Fogerty, but she threatened him again. He was just protecting himself." The girl offered up in my defence.

At that point several other kids jumped in defending me. "Quiet…I said QUIET!" Principal Fogerty shouted getting everyone to immediately clamp their mouths shut. "This is a serious accusation you are placing on a teacher who's been around for many years." He interjected making me bite my lower lip.

"That's right Mr. Fogerty…you know how kids can be. They think they are doing Sam a favor, but they aren't." Mrs. Franklin seemed to croon triumphantly.

"Well?" Mr. Fogerty asked calmly.

I heard a chair sliding backwards, and I guess someone must have stood up. "I don't know about anyone else, but I've had enough of Mrs. Franklin bullying Sam around and then threatening us with blackmail. She keeps a log with all sorts of silly things in it accusing any of us with stuff she's just made up saying it is in her log book so it is proof of us misbehaving. She threatens us with it saying she will report us. I think she just puts stuff in to threaten us later, but I don't care. You can punish me if you want, but I'm sticking up for Sam. She really hit him and I was right there. It made me flinch and it looked like it really hurt."

All of a sudden I heard a lot of chairs being moved and realized everyone was standing up against Mrs. Franklin saying they would support me. "What…isn't it obvious that he's given these kids a chance to bamboozle everyone?" Mrs. Franklin retorted.

"Maybe, but let's take a look at that log shall we, and in the very least I think we will need to investigate these allegations. I do have to caution you though that the other reports I've been getting from Sam's teacher do not support your claims of him misbehaving. If anything since he's come back after Christmas break he's buckled down even more. My mistake in regards to the suspension was not listening to his side of the story in the first place, which had been wrong on my part. I'm not going to do that twice, and if anything, I will have to give him the benefit of the doubt considering there are so many eyewitnesses to what's happened. You better pray we find him safe and sound. Anyway class…," I heard Principal Fogerty's tone change as he addressed all the students, "expect to be hearing from us. There's only another minute or so until the bell so pack up your things and make your way to your next class quietly. Mrs. Franklin I will have someone take care of your classes for the rest of the day. We have a lot to discuss." I heard him saying.

I waited for another couple of minutes until the bell rang, and then made my escape. It was still early in the morning so I got on my phone and connected to the train station ticket agency. I've already done all the research ahead of time just in case I ever needed to get tickets for a visit, so I knew when the trains left heading towards Blue Meadows. There wasn't a stop at Blue Meadows, but it did stop in Council Bluffs, the biggest city that's closest to Blue Meadows and about a twenty or thirty minute drive away. If I hurried I'd be able to make the morning run, but I would also need to stop at an ATM machine to pull out some cash for the taxi ride once I arrived at my destination. I had already downloaded the app for Amtrak on my phone so it was easy enough to book a one way ticket. With my debit bank card that Uncle Walt had given me I was able to purchase my ticket online through my phone without any hassles booking a one way ticket in the general car. I figured with other people around I won't look so out of place, maybe even taking a seat with other adults.

It was much easier than I thought, and I was well underway when I received a call from my dad. I didn't want my parents to worry, but I also didn't want to take the chance of being intercepted so I didn't answer and got on my phone disabling the GPS tracking system just in case the police got involved. Once I got there I'd give them a call to let them know what was going on. I only hoped the kids at school would stall for a while. I kept getting phone calls from everyone including my mom and friends. Then I got a couple of texts from the kids in my class saying they were stalling for time, but they didn't know how long they could hold out. They had all agreed to give me until after lunch, but then would have to tell the Principal about my phone call. I thought that was fair enough because by then I should be in Blue Meadows, and have enough time to take care of Damian before he did something to Jamie.

Being back at the school in Blue Meadows seemed to bring back a sort of nostalgic feeling inside of me. I knew this school just as well as my other one so I made my way inside through a side door marching down the hallway without even being stopped. I had arrived just after the lunch bell so most everyone was already in the large auditorium where they set up all the tables for the kids to sit down eating their food. I marched right inside the lunch room my gaze fanning around noticing the table where Jamie sat with Jake right across from him. The table would normally be filled with our group of friends, but today it looked empty. For the most part even the large room seemed devoid of much activity making me realize just how many kids were out with this flu.

My eyes found Damian right away and I saw him approaching Jamie with a sort of malicious glint in his eyes. Without stopping I marched right into the room reaching out and snatching up several lunch trays all at once. These weren't the typical plastic ones like at my school, but rather the old heavy aluminum ones. Damian was already at the table shoving a tray of the school food in front of Jamie who was rocking back and forth obviously agitated. Jake stood up to Damian, and I could hear him telling the older boy to go fuck himself getting rewarded with a resounding punch in the stomach which made me wince while Damian leered at him calling him a sissy faggot boy and that he would make sure to show him how it is really done. His voice carried making me cringe because he actually began saying in a loud voice that since Jake was so interested in the subject he was going to fuck him good and hard so that he knew what it really meant to be a good bitch. I heard some joviality off to the side, and noticed Vice Principal Reardon actually laughing at what he was hearing and witnessing which only managed to spur Damian even more.

My blood was boiling as I watched him picking up Jamie's lunch and tossing it on the ground before stomping on it. "Hey Jackass," I yelled out swinging the trays in my hands like a baseball bat.

I put the full weight of my force behind it, twisting my body around and recoiling like a spring bringing the stack of trays around to smack Damian right in his face. The boy literally went flying through the air about five feet landing on his back hard not even bothering to brace himself. It wasn't as if he really could because I knocked him out cold with his nose smashed up gushing blood all over the place.

Jamie's eyes seem to fly open wide as I slipped in next to Jake across from the autistic boy speaking softly to him ignoring all the yelling and commotion going on around me. "It's alright Jamie…I'm here now…don't worry…it'll be alright. No one will bother you again." I tried to comfort the boy before feeling strong arms wrapping around my body pulling me away from the table. "Take care of Jamie." I spoke out raising my voice to Jake who was staring wide eyed at Damian limp body lying on the floor.

Looking over my shoulders I could see it was Mr. Reardon who was dragging me away. "Get the nurse to check up on Damian, I'm going to take care of this little brat right now." The man shouted while grabbing me around the arms and shoving me out the door.

Not wanting to upset Jamie any more I simply marched ahead while Mr. Reardon shoved me from behind almost causing me to trip a time or two. We passed through the main office, and I could see Principal Fogerty's secretary's eyes bulge out hanging up the phone. I knew she must have heard what just happened in the cafeteria because she glanced over to Mr. Reardon making sure he wasn't looking and silently mouthed the words I'm calling Walt and Harriet. I nodded my head in appreciation, but didn't know if they would get here in time or not.

Slamming the door behind him, Mr. Reardon shoved me to a seat in front of Principal Fogerty's desk. I suppose now that Mr. Fogerty was out with the flu Vice Principal Reardon was making himself at home. I needed to buy some time so I tried to think and not panic.

"You little shit…just what the hell were you thinking. This is going to land you in a world of hurt young man." The obnoxious oaf yelled at me furious. "Just who the hell do you think you are coming into this school and attacking another student who didn't do anything to you? I'm sure Damian is hurt really bad, but even if he isn't I'm going to make sure charges are brought up on you." He threatened me while I sat there not saying a word afraid of what he was capable of doing in this enraged state.

I've heard stories of how he had a wooden paddle that he loved to dish out punishments with towards other students. Around here some parents allowed it, but I was positive he didn't have that sort of permission in regards to me. The Weilers would never allow such a thing and neither would my mom. Maybe my dad, but I was sure even he wouldn't allow such a thing when all was said and done. There was no way my dad would ever take the chance of facing my mom's fury if he did something like that because he very well knew how my mom felt about schools doing corporal punishment.

Yanking open the file cabinet Mr. Reardon pulled out a file and dropped it on the desk taking a seat in front of me. Opening it up he seemed to peruse through it rifling through the pages leaning back and smiling sarcastically at me.

"Well it looks like our dear Principal Johnson left a few details out of your official files. It's a good thing I've got the keys to his locked files, and I've found something very interesting regarding you. It would appear that you aren't so squeaky clean like Mr. Johnson and the Weilers would want people to think." He chuckled holding up the file. "Well, what do you have to say for yourself?" He asked me.

Looking into his eyes the man began to squirm a little because for someone who is in deep shit I didn't seem to care. I was shaking inside, but I wasn't going to let on I was a bit frightened. I suppose it was the boiling rage inside of me that kept me from being afraid the way I really should at the moment.

"About what?" I asked being a bit sarcastic infuriating the man now as he stood up leaning towards me across his desk.

"You are either stupid or so out of control that you don't realize any better. Either way I'm afraid we are going to have to do something about that attitude of yours." The man stated coming around the desk heading for the door. "Stay put and I'll be right back." I heard him order me as he closed the door behind him.

There was a rattling noise on the doorknob and I knew he had locked me in. "Fucking bastard." I whispered fishing out my phone real quick and sending off a text message to my mom. I kept it simple saying I got a call saying Jamie was in trouble and when I got here Damian was threatening Jamie and Jake. I finished it off by simply stating Mr. Johnson is home sick with the flu, and I'm in trouble with Mr. Reardon. My mom knew pretty much about Damian and some of the other people involved so I was fairly certain she would know I was in deep shit.

Hearing a jingling noise in the door I tucked away my phone and stood up facing Mr. Reardon while he stepped into the room. He was holding something in his hand and he had that leering look on his face which made my heart sink with dread.

"Well young man, I've never paddled anyone more than three swats, but since seeing the nurse said you broke Damian's nose and that he might have a concussion I think five swats are in order…if you are lucky." He sneered at me while I shook my head.

"I'm not letting you paddle me…no way. My parents didn't sign a waiver so you have no right." I told him backing up a little my voice shaking with fear feeding into his sadistic nature even more.

"Well it doesn't much matter. I'll simply say that your files reflected permission was granted. If you look into your files you'll see that the box is checked off. I can't help it if there was a clerical error." The man hissed at me taking a step forward.

Looking around I tried to find something to defend myself with, but there was nothing around so I simply stood my ground making the man pause for a moment not so sure about things now. "Look boy, we can do this the hard way or the easy way. Either way this is going to happen so you might as well just accept it and get it over with."

"No way…I didn't do anything wrong and you know it. How could you let Damian do that to Jamie?" I spat make making the man shake his head.

"Listen boys will be boys and let's face it Jamie's…well…he's a bit on the dim side of things and no matter what you guys think that won't ever change. Yeah sure everyone thinks he's made progress, but that's just a bunch of crap and you all know it." The man stated making me sick to my stomach that assholes like this were allowed around school with kids.

"You're sick." I replied not backing down.

"Me…you are the one having everyone think that Damian jumped you. There's no way he did that because he was somewhere else that day." He spat at me referring to that day when I had been jumped from behind when Jamie was taken as he continued. "He told me that and I believe him. Besides, that Roger kid was the only one around, and he never accused Damian because he knew it wasn't my little cousin at all."

"That's a lie and you know it. I've talked to Roger and the only reason why he didn't say anything is because Damian threatened his little sister. Don't you get it, Damian's going to hurt someone for real if he keeps getting away with this sort of thing? He's sick and you guys are never going to forgive yourself when he really hurts some little kid. He's a bully, and all the kids know it. If you'd get your head out of your ass you'd see it too." I told him noticing how Mr. Reardon's face got all red.

"Why you little shit." He yelled grabbing on to me with his left hand trying to push me over towards the desk.

He was a bit on the fat side, but he was strong and when he yanked me he literally lifted me off my feet. "Let me go you fucking asshole." I yelled lashing out with my feet connecting on his thigh and kicking as hard as I could.

The force was enough to separate us with him being shoved against the wall while I fell on the floor trying to scramble up on my feet. Turning around I got as far as my knees when I felt him tugging me up and shoving me against the desk pinning me down. Glancing back I saw him raising the paddle and watched in horror as it came down. I literally saw stars and screamed out in pain because he hadn't held back. He hadn't totally connected to my ass either, the wooden paddle coming down on my lower butt cheeks and the back of my legs. My eyes immediately welled up and I could see him lifting up the paddle again to let loose on me for a second time.

The way he was putting the force behind his whaling I wouldn't be able to hold out for five licks that's for sure. As it was I could barely breathe because everything was on fire. I struggle forcing him to pause for a second, but he slammed me back down across the desk lifting up his arms.

"STOP," I wailed as loud as I could. "I'm going to kill you mother fucker if it's the last thing I'm going to do." I yelled in-between sobs

"You fucking little shit…just for that I'm going to make it ten licks." He shoved me hard up against the desk once more, grabbing me by the hair lifting me up and slamming me back down.

I managed to put my arm out in front of me protecting my head, but to my horror I saw him lifting up that god awful paddle. I whimpered because I knew this was going to hurt, and the worse thing was I knew there would be eight more to follow after this one. My eyes were glued on to the paddle watching it rise up in the air. Everything seemed to be swallowed up in the moment. I couldn't hear a sound around me because I was gripped in fear and hatred. He'd pay for this if it was the last thing I ever did I heard myself say in my mind as I continued to watch the paddle in his hand. The fucking asshole knew I could see it coming, and he simply dragged it out. He started his downward stroke when all hell broke loose.

The door to the office suddenly opened up and closed. All I heard were snarling, snapping teeth, and a god awful scream. Suddenly the firm grip that was around my hair let loose and I was free so I quickly pushed off the table. My heart was racing and I couldn't understand what was going on. The inside of my head was exploding when suddenly all of my senses seemed to come crashing back with my eyes surveying the scene unfolding in front of me.

It was Boxey, someone had let my dog inside the office, and he went totally mad trying to protect me. He must have seen the paddle in the man's hand because Boxey had his teeth clamped around Mr. Reardon's wrist tearing into it with a vengeance. The fat idiot was screaming bloody murder squirming around on the floor trying to get some sort of leverage, but the dog kept one step ahead of him constantly adjust his angle and tugging on the man keeping him off balance. There was blood all up and down Mr. Reardon's arms now as the man begged someone to get the dog off of him.

If I didn't do anything I was sure Boxey would tear the man's arm off so I barked out a command for him to stop and reached out grabbing him by the collar. "Down Boxey." I told the dog wrapping my arms around his neck. "Good boy." I whispered softly to him noticing Mr. Reardon sitting up and glaring at me.

"You fucking little shit…I'm going to kill that damn dog. Whatever possessed anyone to allow that filthy beast into the school, and who the hell let him out of the damn janitor's closet." He hissed reaching for the paddle to make good on his word.

Boxey immediately stood up taking several steps forward growling and snapping his teeth at the man his hackles bristling warningly along his back. Mr. Reardon froze in place his eyes glaring with hatred towards me, which only managed to get Boxey even more upset. Just then the Sheriff stepped into the office followed by the Weilers.

"Oh thank god you guys are here." Mr. Reardon sighed. "Jeff shoot that damn dog it just attacked me." He ordered the sheriff who simply looked around in stunned disbelief with his hand on his weapon, but keeping it in the holster. "Did you hear me, shoot that damn crazy dog." He ordered again.

"He's lying. The only reason why Boxey attacked him is because he was hitting me with that damn paddle. He knows he doesn't have permission to swat me, but he said no one would believe me because he marked it in my files, and he'd simply claim it was a clerical error."

"Why you fucking asshole." Uncle Walt stepped forward his fists all balled up forcing Mr. Reardon to back up.

"Now just hold on Walt. You have no idea what that brat's done here today. He attacked another student so I had to remove him from the situation. The punishment calls for a paddling if the Principal, or in his absence, the Vice Principal deems it necessary, but he refused to comply, but when I began to paddle him that dog came out of nowhere and attacked me."

"He's full of shit. He was allowing Damian to threaten Jamie and he even punched Jake when he tried to stick up for him, not to mention broke Roger's arm yesterday. Damian's been taking Jamie's lunch from him and not allowing him to take his vitamins and minerals. What's worse is that he's been forcing Jamie to eat the school lunch, which messes up his diet. Damian wouldn't be able to get away with it if Boxey were allowed to stay with Jamie during lunch, but he locks him up in the janitor's closet. Boxey's a service dog and it's against the law to do that." I yelled trying to defend myself.

"Who says he's a service dog…the kid? I searched the records personally and haven't seen any paperwork regarding that dog being a legitimate service dog, and it is bad enough the dog is allowed to roam the hallways, but I draw the line in the auditorium where the kids are eating lunch so I locked him up since he was creating problems in the lunch room because he was begging for food from the kids. I had no choice, and now I think it was the right decision considering how the dog attacked me so viciously."

"That's a lie and you know it. Besides the law states you have to prove Boxey isn't a service dog, until you do, you can't impede his duties no matter what your opinion." I told him getting pissed off by the second at how he tried to twist and turn the truth.

Just then Doctor Swanson came into the room, and seeing Mr. Reardon's torn arm immediately began to exam it. "Well it looks like Damian's going to be having a headache for the next several days, and will need to see a dentist. He had a broken nose and his upper left tooth was knocked out. It took him about ten minutes to come to so someone will just have to keep an eye on him for the next couple of days in case of a concussion. Other than that he will be alright." Doctor Swanson stated while bandaging up Mr. Reardon's arm, and helping him to his feet.

"As for your arm it is tore up a bit so I will want to take a closer look in my office when we get a chance to make sure it won't need any stitches." The doctor sighed looking towards me noticing how I was wincing.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked me a bit concerned and walking over towards me.

"Nothing just Mr. Reardon hit me with the paddle. My thighs are killing me. He only got me once, but he really wailed on me like he was trying to kill me." I responded wincing now because it really was starting to hurt.

"Don't be such a baby." Mr. Reardon sneered at me. "I still owe you some swats, and we will be taking care of that in short order."

"Like hell you will." Aunt Harriet interjected. "I swear to god if you so much as lay another hand on Sam I'll bury you where you stand. I don't care if I have to spend the rest of my life in prison for it either. I've always known you were sick in the head, but today simply confirms it without a doubt."

"Alright if everyone is done being rooster of the hen house then I can get to checking out Sam's backside." The doctor interjected.

"What…here…no?" I huffed at him shocked and nervous that he was going to have me drop my pants in front of everyone.

The doctor raised his eyebrows and sighed motioning for everyone to step out. Even though everyone had left the room I still felt awkward about dropping my pants; especially, knowing someone could simply step back inside because the door wasn't locked.

"Alright, turn around and drop them." The doctor commanded. "Oh come on…the sooner we get to it the sooner we get it done." He assured me, so sighing I unbuttoned my school khaki pants and pulled them down letting them fall around my ankles. "Your briefs too Sam."

With my cheeks blushing, not only on my face but my ass as well, I lowered my briefs so the doctor could exam me. The elderly man gasped making me worried so I craned my head around trying to see what was going on. I couldn't make out too much on my ass, but there most definitely was a welt across the back part of my thigh.

"That stupid son of a bitch." The doctor hissed shaking his head. "Sorry Sam…it's just I think you are right. He used excessive force on you…there's no doubt in my mind. How many times was he going to paddle you?" The doctor asked rummaging through his bag for some ointment that would help with the bruising and stinging sensation.

"It was five, but when I resisted he said it was going to be ten." I told him honestly.

"That son of a bitch." The doctor cursed again before apologizing for his language.

The man put some cream on me asking some additional questions which kept me occupied because I hadn't even noticed him snapping off some pictures until it was too late. "What the hell…no stop. What are you taking pictures for?" I asked him with the man looking at me shaking his head.

"I'm sorry Sam, but I have to take pictures in case this ends up in court or something. Besides, I have to officially report this sort of thing…it's the law." He stated making me blush while I immediately pulled up my pants.

"Please…I'd die if those pictures got out. It's embarrassing, and you have no right." I countered with the doctor trying to calm me down.

"I promise Sam I'll be very discreet about it. No one will see it unless something comes of it, then it will only be very few people like the judge and maybe the prosecutor. Besides, I was very careful not to show anything else. I angled the camera so nothing showed up between the legs from behind. You have nothing to worry about." The doctor promised chuckling.

"Yeah, says you, but you aren't the one who just had a picture taken of his ass for others to gawk at." I huffed nervously, shaking my head while he led me back into the main office area.

There was a heated argument going on between the Weilers and Mr. Reardon, and the sheriff didn't look none too pleased about it. "How is he doc?" The sheriff asked.

"Well he will live, by the way…," the doctor began looking at Mr. Reardon and chuckling making me kind of cringe because he seemed to be getting all buddy-buddy with the jerk. "I suppose Sam must have been a handful not wanting to take his punishment like a man. How many licks was he going to get for knocking that cousin of yours out cold?" The doctor chuckled shaking his head.

"Humph…you are telling me. At first it was only going to be five good licks, but that turned to ten when he hauled off and kicked me." Mr. Reardon laughed making me sick to my stomach. I only got one lick in, but I put a little something extra behind it, that's for sure." He stated still laughing thinking it funny while Aunt Harriet seemed to get pale with rage.

"I see, well I'm going to have to put in a formal notification sheriff. From my examination, and with what Mr. Reardon just admitted…well…what he did borders on physical child abuse." The doctor stated formally catching everyone by surprise enraging the Vice Principal.

"That's ridiculous. Besides, sheriff you need to arrest Sam for assault on a fellow student and assaulting an adult. In addition you have to lock that dog up until we can determine when it can be destroyed." The man had the gall to command, but when I saw the look on the sheriff's face my whole insides caved in.

"I'm sorry Sam, but I have to take you into custody, and considering it is Friday, we may have to hold you until the judge can see you on Monday." The sheriff apologized placing his hand on my shoulder. "We don't want any problems with Boxey so can you make sure to get a muzzle on him." He asked me while I nodded my head completely baffled how a jerk like Mr. Reardon could get away with something like this, but then again it shouldn't since Damian's been getting away with crap for years.

I suppose him and Damian really were two peas in a pod. No wonder the two of them got along so well. Kneeling down I slipped the muzzle the sheriff handed to me over Boxey's head, and fastened the buckles. The dog didn't even seem to mind trusting what I was doing which made it even worse.

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