Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 11: Paybacks Are a Bitch

It was a noisy affair when we first crawled into the back cab part of their beat up old dubious looking vehicle of transportation. Their lackluster beat up truck wasn't as big like Mr. Weiler's, but it did have a small cab in the back where Paavo and I sat next to one another on the small bench seat strapping on our seatbelts. From the outside it looked like a bucket of rust, and I cringed wondering if this little beast actually ran, but when Mr. Kirsipuu turned over the engine it purred like a kitten surprising me as we made our way down the darkened side roads towards my house. There weren't that many streetlamps in this area, but once we got on the main roads the lights helped illuminate our drive.

The closer we got to my house the more somber I became until Mr. Kirsipuu glanced in his rearview mirror. "What's wrong Sam?" He asked bringing me out of my musings because it had become so quiet.

A small hand intertwined into mine, Paavo's fingers curling between mine. I could feel the back of the smaller boy's hand brush up against my erection making my penis twitch excitedly. Despite my somber mood being this close to the eleven year old boy still had me all boned up. I knew that Paavo must have felt my erection; especially, after it twitched radically when the back of his hand brushed up against it. The boy didn't say anything though pulling my hand into his lap.

Then it was my turn to feel his hard erection between his legs with the back of my hand. It sent a shiver up and down my spine. The younger boy didn't even seem to care how my hand was obviously brushing up so lightly against his hard tube. Instead he looked into my eyes concern written all over his face at my obvious mood change.

"Nothing," I whispered none too convincingly getting a frown from both father and son prompting me to try and explain. "It's just…my mom. Remember I told you she just got out of the hospital." I exhaled softly when I felt the car moving over to the side of the road coming to a full stop.

Mr. Kirsipuu turned around in his seat looking at me. "I thought you said your mother is fine now Sam?" He asked looking very concerned now that maybe it wasn't such a good idea for Paavo to come over if my mom wasn't feeling so well.

"No…I mean…she is…you know much better. It's just…her treatments…well she lost her hair and all. I just don't want you guys to freak out or anything because my mom refuses to wear a wig. Her hair is already growing in, but still, it could be a bit…shocking is all." I pointed out with the man smiling at me nodding his head.

"Don't you worry Sam…it does not matter to us. We are just happy your mother is doing well…that is the important thing…yes?" He asked bringing a smile to my face when he ruffled my hair.

Paavo nodded his head scooting closer to me and leaning his head on my shoulder. He held on to me even tighter the back of my hand pressing up even more against his hard tube making me quiver wondering if the boy even knew what he was doing. I could feel the heat of his hard erection through his pants, the sexiness of it all making my body quake inside as the electricity like current flowed throughout my body. His young boyish scent seemed to envelope us making me close my eyes for a moment savoring his unique bouquet. He shifted some more the back of my hand sliding along the length of his shaft and rounded yielding bulge of his boy sack. The material of his clothing barely managed to conceal what lay beneath them making the moment even more electrifying.

Whether Paavo was doing this intentionally or not I couldn't be sure, but when I looked down at him it didn't seem like it. The boy simply seemed happy to be holding on to me with his head lolling lazily on my shoulders his eyes closed looking like he was simply at ease with me. In a way I felt the same way feeling comfortable with him being so close to me. Even the sexually charged manner in which my hand lay in his lap didn't seem to create that normal defense mechanism I tended to get into regarding such situations. It felt natural with neither one of us seemingly upset at the closeness we were displaying.

Stepping through the front door with mom's cooking assaulting our senses I managed to introduce Mr. Kirsipuu to my mom who had secured a powdery blue floral designed scarf around her head concealing her thinned out hair from the chemo and radiation treatments. For his part I thought the man was very considerate complimenting my mom on the beautiful scarf saying how it matched her eyes. They seemed to hit it off as parents, and before long my mom had invited Paavo's father for dinner.

At first the man wasn't so sure about it, but in mom's typical fashion her endearing nature won with her pointing out that despite my dietary needs it most definitely was something they would enjoy. As soon as we all stepped through the door I knew she had prepared tacos. This was perfect because everyone could individually put on whatever items they wanted on top of their flat corn tortilla shells. We preferred the flat ones so that you could pile the meat, refried bean, and all the fixings on top. Of course I didn't eat the corn shells, but mom always fried my shells made from brown rice in coconut oil. They were similar to the flour tortillas, but were kind of flaky unless you fried them up. Then they became really crunchy making for a tasty taco.

Along with the taco's my mom made her own home made salsa making sure it met my dietary needs. Basically, you couldn't even tell it was made differently because it tasted delicious. She always made two batches since she knew I loved it spicy hot. Most people couldn't handle the spiciness so she always made a lightly hot salsa as well. Of course there was also shredded lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. For the guests she provided the regular shredded cheese and sour cream, but for me I had shredded vegetarian cheese. Again, the fake cheese, as I liked to call it, really wasn't all that bad.

After entering the house and all the pleasantries were out of the way I grabbed Paavo by the hand and dragged him to my room all the while him looking around the house. We didn't have a big house or anything, but it was cozy and comfortable. Entering my room I motioned for the boy to take a seat on my bed while he looked around smiling nodding his head appreciatively. It wasn't a large room, but not really all that small either. It was big enough to accommodate my queen sized bed, two dresser drawers, and small desk comfortably without it feeling so crowded.

A few years back we had gone shopping for a bed because my mom felt I was outgrowing my small one. It really didn't matter all that much to me, but it was one of those things my dad seemed to get into one of his snits over. My mom insisted on a queen sized bed versus my father wanting the double size which was one step bigger from my old one, but cheaper overall than the queen sized bed. My dad pointed out that the larger bed also meant more costs in the form of the mattress and bedding material like sheets and blankets. My mom had merely rolled her eyes with her hands on her hips, and huffed exasperated explaining to my cheap ass dad that in the long run it would pay off because once I became a teenager and started growing we'd simply have to flip for a queen sized bed anyway. In the end she had won out, and I got the bigger bed.

Rummaging through my closet I pulled out a large box riffling through the contents. "I like your room." Paavo commented looking around. "Is it always so neat in here, or is it because you just got back?" He asked looking around at my tidily kept room.

Glancing up I smiled knowingly. "It's pretty much always like this. I already put away all my clothes and stuff from my trip. I know," I chuckled pausing shaking my head. "My friends tease me about it sometimes saying I can be a bit anal about my room." I continued to chuckle shrugging my shoulder making him giggle at the word anal lifting up his eyebrows because it was another one of those slang things. "It means I can be a bit too touchy or maybe too obsessive about being a neat freak I suppose." I tried to explain while I turned my focus back to the box with him seemingly getting it.

What I was looking for was pretty much right on top all folded up nice and neat. Gathering them up I started placing them on the bed with Paavo's eyes getting all big and round as the pile kept getting bigger. There were two pairs of brand new Khaki colored pants, two pairs of Khaki shorts, three official school polo shirts, two pairs of official school sweatshirts, and two pairs of official school t-shirts which are allowed to be worn on Friday's at school. The boy eyed the items looking at me incredulously.

"For me?" He asked dumbfounded his eyes almost welling up while I took a seat on the bed with the pile of clothes between us.

"Yeah sure. I mean they're like brand new, never worn. I grew like three or four inches and ten or fifteen pounds in like a couple of month's time, so I never got a chance to wear them. They should fit you just fine even if they are slightly too big for you. After all you are allowed one size too big without the school getting all bent out of shape." I explained noticing him reaching out tentatively towards a pair of pants.

"You can try them on to make sure they fit. The bathroom's just…," I began wanting to tell him he can go and change in the bathroom to see how they fit, but when I mentioned trying them on he immediately jumped off the bed peeling off his shirt and sweater.

At four feet six inches and seventy five pounds the boy wasn't by any means malnourished, but he most definitely wasn't fat like a lot of kids these days in school. He had a sleek body build with long thin wiry hairless arms. His pale porcelain smooth flawless skin defied description because it was so statuesquely perfect. He had the skin like a new born baby with the quality of fine china. It was almost translucent with wisps of spidery blue veins visible just beneath the surface of the membrane all along his unblemished torso. Even his little dime sized nipples seemed to perk up with the tone coloration of light pinkish brown.

Having shucked off his top he immediately unbuttoned his pants my jaw dropping in awe watching them slide down the length of his long thin legs which matched his arms in form. The only difference was that his legs had very slight blond like hairs barely visible because the filaments were so pale and fine. The boy was wearing one of those bikini style boy's brief's, but not like the little boy ones you see younger kids wearing here in the states with the cartoon figures on them.

The powdery blue cottony material was also different from ours. Our boy's briefs tended to be sort of elastic and smooth, fitting snugly against a little boy's bulge. Paavo's pair was more plush and downy with a sort of softness quality to them which settled around his bulge loosely yet clearly outlined his soft penis and pouch. Watching him taking a seat the air caught in my chest when the boy lifted up his leg allowing enough space for his small soft smooth pouch to slip out momentarily. In my brief glance it too was the vision of perfection his soft supple light brown colored boy satchel hanging down slightly between his legs swaying around before slipping back beneath the soft cottony material of his European style underwear.

Having slipped his pants from one leg he lifted up the other one, his thighs coming together slightly, smashing his boy package together creating a nice little bulge beneath the fabric of his briefs. Standing up he fumbled around with one of the polo style shirts shaking his head to get some stray wisps of hair from his eyes. With a full head of thick layered white blond hair that hung down to his neck line, and was combed over the right of his forehead slightly over his eyes, he was the vision of Nordic perfection personified. He was absolutely drop dead gorgeous, and I couldn't stop gawking at him while he slid the shirt over his creamy smooth torso. Next came his khaki pants as he slid them lithely up over his legs tugging on them slightly while shoving his hand over his crotch adjusting his young boy bulge into place. Snapping closed the clasp, he pulled up the zipper finishing off by tucking in his polo shirt inside his pants.

"Well?" I heard the angelic voice asking in that sort of sing song way he had about him.

"What?" I asked dumbfounded for a second having been pulled out of my stupefied gaze. "Oh…um…yes." I managed to get out finally looking him over with a critical eye.

The clothes fit perfectly with them being slightly on the bigger side allowing him some wriggle room to grow. Even so he looked strikingly stunning in the Khaki colored pants and light powdery blue polo style shirt.

"Wow." I managed to get out before I was suddenly swallowed up in Paavo's tight embrace which knocked me over backwards with him squirming himself between my legs pressing his entire body weight into me.

"Thank you so much." Paavo tittered excitedly his body pressing firmly into mine.

With me firmly planted on my back the smaller boy had wrapped his arms around me securely his face buried in my neck with his thick layered blond hair tickling my nose. His boyish scent drifted around my head, the intake of breath filled with his heady aroma that made me quiver excitedly. My full blown erection twitched around between my legs bumping up against something else just as stiff. The back of my legs were draped over the edge of the bed effectively putting me in a very compromised position; especially, with an erection which was now very noticeably creating a decent sized bulge.

The eleven year old boy shifted slightly our two steel like blades rubbing up against each other feeling like a fencing match and making both of us quiver excitedly for a moment. My arms acted reflexively returning Paavo's hug, my hands sliding down the length of his back while he pressed his crotch into mine. I was pretty sure it was more reflex than anything on his part as our bodies simply reacted naturally trying to rub up against one another. Before I knew it my hands were all over his smooth round globes, and without thinking I gave them a firm squeeze getting a squeak out of him.

"Hey…," he protested giggling and loosening his hold on me lifting up and resting his weight on his elbows so he could look down into my face.

Our eyes met and I began to loose myself in the swirling blue earth like tones you see in pictures that were taken from space of our planet. I was so wrapped up in his eyes I almost missed the kiss he planted on me. It was very similar to the one I had seen him give his dad, but it was still soft, warm, and very pleasing, not to mention tasted …nice. Still it was a bit shocking, but it didn't even seem to phase the boy with him settling his weight on top of me embracing me tightly while his head rested on my chest.

"Oh Sam…thank you so much. I don't know what to say." The boy sighed contentedly so happy with something so mundane as clothes.

"I'm glad it makes you happy Paavo. I feel bad how you've been treated." I told him seriously once more sliding my hand up and down his back in a gentle way that for some odd reason felt so natural and wonderful for me.

We stayed like that for a moment or two completely happy and content until I finally had to break the moment. "Come-on, I'm sure dinner is ready, and I know your dad will want to see how smart you look in the new threads." I teased the boy, wincing when he bumped into my groin hearing him giggle at my expense while I rolled my eyes at him.

Dinner ended up being such a treat because Paavo made it so special. The boy was such a sweet little guy as he eyeballed me eating my rolled up taco which looked more like a burrito. My mom had stuffed my shells with the meat and beans along with my vegetarian cheese frying it up in coconut oil for me. While everyone prepared their flat rigid corn tortilla shells with the meat and all the fixings I piled on top of my burrito all the fixings I liked and ate it with a fork and knife. The burrito crunched noisily catching Paavo's attention.

When it came for his second tortilla shell the boy had simply looked over towards my fried up burritos. "Um Sam…is it alright if I try one of yours?" He asked sweetly with me arching up my eyebrows.

"Um…yeah sure I suppose, but maybe we should just fry you up another one that has the other cheese instead of mine." I pointed out.

"Why? Does it taste bad?" He asked making me chuckle shrugging my shoulders.

"Actually, I don't think it's all that bad. They've done a pretty good job of making it taste like regular cheese I told him watching the boy reach over and pick up one of the taco burritos belonging to me.

Paavo began reaching for the extra spicy salsa I had used on my first one when I stopped him. "Um…that one's really spicy Paavo. I'm not sure if you would like it." I pointed out with the boy shrugging.

"I like spicy foods too." He replied.

"No…you don't understand…I mean it is really spicy hot." I emphasized.

"Sam…it is alright." Mr. Kirsipuu gestured towards his son. "This one here simply loves trying new things. His mother was the same way. He knows that if he doesn't like it he doesn't have to eat it."

Shrugging my shoulders I reached over for the remaining taco burrito piling on my toppings noticing Paavo mimicking me, but also adding sour cream on top of everything else which I didn't since I couldn't have it. I watched the boy take his first bite his eyes lighting up and smiling brilliantly.

"Wow…this is really good. It's so crunchy and I love the salsa." The boy commented making me giggle since he seemed to enjoy it. "Papa, you should try it." The boy stated cutting off a piece and handing the fork over to his father who gobbled it down nodding his head.

"Sam this isn't so bad at all. Paavo's right it is very crunchy." He added.

"Yeah the trick is that you have to rub some water on it and heat it up in the microwave for about twenty seconds. This way it softens it up so you can roll it up filled with your stuff. Then you can fry it up with coconut oil. It's not bad fried up, but if you eat it plain it's like eating cardboard. Heating it up in the microwave keeps it from breaking apart because it is really flaky and brittle otherwise." I told him.

My mom smiled warmly at our guests adding her two cents worth. "Frankly, I don't mind it either when I fry it up so when it is only the two of us we tend to just use his shells. I only make the other ones when he has his friends over." My mom admitted. "Would you like another tortilla shell?" My mom asked.

"Actually I was thinking I wouldn't mind having some of the other shells like Sam and Paavo…that is if it isn't too much trouble." Mr. Kirsipuu stated.

"No of course not." My mom chuckled getting up and preparing additional taco burritos, as I like to refer to the tasty treat.

While my mom busied herself making one more each for her, Paavo, and myself along with three more for Mr. Kirsipuu the man asked something else which was on his mind. "So Sam I would have thought perhaps meats were something you would have problems with as well?"

"Oh yeah, it is something else I watch out for as well. I mean I don't eat any of the regular store bought meat unless it is hormone free. Most meats at some point have had the animals pumped full of hormones. There are places where you can get organic meat that are hormone free. We also use a lot of Bison meat. That meat is federally regulated to be one hundred percent range fed and hormone free." I explained the man arching his eyebrows.

"Bison?" He asked making me chuckle.

"Yeah it tastes great. As a matter of fact the ground meat in our tacos is Bison."

"Oh…alright, but what is Bison?" Paavo asked taking a closer look at the ground meat in the bowl. "It looks like regular ground beef." He added.

"Yeah, it's similar but I think it tastes way better. It's also way healthier and a leaner kind of meat than beef. As for Bison if you've seen those cowboy and Indian movies it's those big animals that they used to kill by the thousands on the prairies. They have these huge heads and horns like cattle almost." I explained.

"Oh you mean buffalo." Paavo piped up with me nodding my head.

"Yeah exactly, but the proper name is Bison because those are only in North America. Buffalo are actually from Africa and Asia, whereas, the North American Bison live here in the United States. There is a small population related to the North American Bison that do live in some remote parts of Poland though. The European Bison look similar to the ones over here, but ours are bit bigger." I added for clarity.

After dinner Paavo and I headed to my room and began playing some video games. I had a gaming system with a few games to go along with it, but it wasn't anything fancy and it was hooked up to my small television set. It did the job just fine though with us lounging together on my bed our bodies huddled closely together rubbing up against one another as we bumped, rocked, and wove our way through some of the games. There were several he wasn't familiar with, but began picking up on them like a pro, giving me some stiff competition. A short while later his father knocked on the door entering my room to say goodnight to Paavo. I watched as the two of them hugged and kissed on the lips. The affectionate display seemed odd to me because I simply never see fathers around here doing that with their sons. In a way I felt kind of envious because I didn't have that kind of close relationship with my own dad.

Before leaving Mr. Kirsipuu even bent over giving me a warm hug and kiss on the forehead. "Thank you so much Sam. I know Paavo is so happy to have finally met you, and that the two of you have become friends." He smiled ruffling my hair before heading out of the room saying goodbye to my mom thanking her for a wonderful meal and pleasant evening.

"Is that pretty common by you guys?" I asked Paavo getting a bemused gaze from the boy. "You know kissing on the lips and all?" I asked curious with the boy shrugging his shoulders and exhaling looking at the television screen.

"No…not really. Some of my friends back home would tease me sometimes." He admitted. "But anymore I don't care. He's all I have since mama died. I love my Papa, so I don't mind. Papa tries not to do it with other people around though because he knows it is…," he paused looking for the right word.

"Embarrassing?" I asked with him nodding. "But he did it several times now with me around." I pointed out with Paavo shrugging his shoulders.

"He does it when close family and friends are around. He likes you and trusts you." The boy responded.

"He does…I mean we just met."

"It doesn't matter. You helped me out twice already. What more is there to know?" He declared staring at me pointedly.

Shaking my head I leaned into him giving him a friendly shove with my shoulder letting him know it's cool and that I wasn't poking fun at him for the whole kissing thing. Besides, he kissed me too and I had appreciated it. So Paavo and I continued to play video games taking breaks in-between for snacks and simply goofing around. He really had a great sense of humor telling me about some of the antics him and his buddies would get into back in Estonia. There really weren't all that many differences between kids in general over there and here. Of course, as with all kids our age some of the conversation revolved around sex with us laughing at some of the different slang words that were used to describe various activities and body parts. We roared in laughter at the obvious naughty conversation whispering in hushed tones with our heads pressed up closely together. Glancing at the clock Paavo noted it was starting to get late.

"Do you mind if I take a shower?" He asked with me shaking my head and chuckling.

"Of course not you dolt." I replied rolling my eyes not bothering explaining the meaning of 'dolt' because he pretty much understood. "Just act like this is your home now too. You can get something out of the fridge if you are thirsty or hungry. You don't have to ask just simply act like you would at home." I told him watching the boy getting up making his way to my door.

Damn he was so sexy hot even from behind his cute little butt cheeks moving around in his new Khaki colored pants. He moved so gracefully like a panther on the prowl, his elegant legs padding silently across my wooden floor. My penis twitched between my legs inflating at the sumptuous little morsel swaggering lithely across my room. Opening up my door he disappeared across the hallway into the bathroom making me wish I was joining him. Closing my eyes and recalling the image of him sliding out of his pants, while his boy pouch rolled out of his underwear, made me shiver lustfully in a sexual way for the younger boy.

Shaking my head I grunted getting up off the bed and changing out of my school clothes, and into one a pair of Calvin Klein pajama bottoms that I had left at home when I stayed at the Weilers. Normally I would have changed out of my school clothes into something more comfortable already, but since Paavo seemed happy with his new threads I didn't want him to feel like he had to change out of them so had left mine on as well.

My pajama shorts were sort of grayish white with a black band around the waist and orange Calvin Klein lettering. The main trunk of the bottoms had guitar images splattered all over them. Some were gray while others orange along with the words Calvin Klein interspersed throughout. They hung a little loose around my waist and legs settling around my boy package giving a hint of what I had without revealing too much. Pulling on a plain sweatshirt I sat down at my computer checking out some of my emails. I could always check emails on my phone, but for some reason I always preferred to do that on my computer. Even with texting I rarely used that feature on the phone only doing so because my friends always sent me messages. Clicking open my email screen there were a few messages from Austin and Jake making me smile.

Finishing up I made my way back over towards my bed grabbing the remote for my television set just when Paavo came walking into the room looking all clean and refreshed. He had a white towel wrapped around his waist, and his clothes folded up neatly in his hands. Setting down his clothes on top of my dresser drawer he turned towards his little bag and unraveled his towel from around his waist allowing it to float to the floor. My jaw dropped, right along with the towel, in stunned belief because the boy was now standing in front of me completely naked.

Earlier I had described him as statuesquely perfect, but now that somehow seemed…well…such an understatement. Everything about his nakedness hinted at a classic average boy for his age, but there was most definitely nothing typical about him at all. His nakedness exuded an air of exciting strikingly exotic eroticism. He was stunningly beautiful forcing you to pause and take notice, which was exactly what I did my eyes not able to resist from gawking soaking up the vision of beauty like a sponge wicking up water.

His porcelain like flat stomach, with the "V" formation along his hips, floated seamlessly to his equally flat pale bare pubic mound devoid of anything except the same light blue spidery pattern just below the surface of his translucent membrane. His silky like pinkish brown two and a half inch uncut flaccid boy tube curved slightly over his smooth supple light brown colored soft leathery avocado shaped boy satchel. It was about the size of a Hacky Sack hanging slightly loose beneath his fleshy tube. His foreskin was nowhere near so long as Jakes with it extending past the tip of his penis just enough to give it that graceful tapered appearance the tip angling ever so slightly to the left.

The heat inside my body kept rising making me perspire with my pulse quickening and my chest constricting tightly. As soon as Paavo's towel had dropped to the floor my erecting had swelled hardening to its maximum size, which currently rubbed up against my pajama bottoms. This sent a shock of electricity coursing through my bloodstream making my skin tingle all over. My senses were on overload in a state of hypersensitivity. Paavo shifted forcing his adorably cute small Hacky Sack sized boy baubles to sway sideways bouncing off his thigh. It was too much for me my body seizing and sending me over the edge with my eyes fluttering into the back of my head and my body swaying slightly. I couldn't believe this was happening to me, the silent orgasm ripping through my body. It was potent enough to make me scream in euphoric blissfulness, but nothing came out because the air in my lungs was constricted cutting off any of my moaning groans of ecstasy. It was a powerful orgasm, but a calm one all things considered with my body only quivering slightly while it rapidly ran its course.

To say I was shocked at the turn of events was an understatement because I've never heard of such a thing. This magnificent boy had managed to give me an orgasm without me ever being touched in a stimulating manner. How was such a thing possible? Sure I've been kept hard most of the day while he's been around me. We've even brushed up against one another, and been touching each other in incidental kinds of way, so maybe I was in a state of hyper sensitivity, but still, to have an orgasm by simply seeing another boy naked overwhelmed my sensibilities, even more than I already was concerning my feelings towards other boys. I've accepted the fact I might prefer boys or maybe even be gay since I do love Jamie in that way, but this was a bit too much to handle right now.

Slowly the world came back into focus with me noticing that Paavo was staring at me confusion written all over his features. "Sam…are you feeling alright?" He asked me still standing there naked as a jaybird with my eyes glued on to his boyhood while I tried to clear the cobwebs from my mind.

Paavo followed my gaze before glancing back up at me and smiling. "Oh…I'm sorry Sam. I've forgotten that most boys here do not have their foreskins. Would you like to see it?" He asked me not waiting for an answer and walking right up to me his soft boy bits wriggling around between his legs with each one of his graceful steps.

Stopping about a foot away from me the boy didn't even appear to be shy about his nakedness. The scent of cleanliness permeated his immediate presence. It was a sort of soapy kind of smell that I recognized since it was the same kind I used. I suppose it made sense because he did use my shower just now.

"See, it's not really all that different from what boys have over here. Of course we all have different sizes, and other than my foreskin it is the same underneath." He pointed out demonstrating what he meant.

Spreading apart his legs slightly, and grabbing his soft penis, the boy easily slid the membrane over his glans exposing the slicked up pinkish colored knob before sliding it back into place. "You can touch it and see for yourself." The boy offered up in a more clinical kind of way like he was making a point.

Just then the headiness of his personal blend of boy scent interjected itself into my senses overriding the soapy fragrance from his recent shower. It must have been kicked up when he spread apart his legs slightly. There was a sort of musky kind of undertone to it which was familiar in some ways triggering my memories. It was the unmistakable scent of sex. It was subtle, but most definitely there making me wonder if he had just jacked off in the shower. In my addled state I obeyed his request my hands snaking out brushing up against his smooth pubic mound noticing the same fine blue webbed like pattern the rest of his pale skin seemed to have over his entire body.

"It's so smooth and hairless." I commented with him looking down and chuckling.

"Yes of course it's hairless. I'm only eleven you know." He giggled making me smile.

"I know." I replied with my hands dipping downwards taking in his warm soft fleshy tube between my fingers.

The boy flinched with what I knew were those tingling sensations coursing through his body. I could feel his penis stirring in my fingers with it beginning to inflate from my contact as I slowly pulled back his foreskin revealing his pink wet knob. He had a standard bright wet pink smooth shaped knob that was both arched and a bit pointed. The head was larger at the base than at the tip, and the underside of the head curved smoothly. I watched in amazement while his soft tube elongated and thickened up. It had a good weight to it now in its hardened state looking to be about three inches long slightly thinner than my own erection, but way thicker than Jake's.

Even though I didn't have much experience regarding the size and shape of a boy's penis I figured the thickness of his tube was probably pretty typical for a boy his age with his penis head about the same width as his shaft. Although it was probably average, there most definitely wasn't anything typical about this sexy beguiling young boy. In his current hardened state his penis angled upwards. It didn't point straight up like many younger boys' erections tended to do, but rather slightly away from his pale hairless pubic mound, which was almost translucent revealing the blue hair like veins I keep noticing just beneath the surface in a dizzying array of patterns.

Slipping his smooth membrane back into place over his knob I noticed it no longer completely covered it up. In his hardened state his foreskin remained slightly open revealing Paavo's slit at the tip end of his penis. It was like the boy was teasing me with the little glimpse of what lay beneath the hood. Allowing my hands to slide downwards I cupped his decent sized boy pouch surprised by its loose and spongy like quality. Once in my hands his bag felt kind of small with a little bit of weight to them, but it was his two small testicles which held my attention making me giggle.

"What? Paavo asked looking down wondering what was so funny.

"Nothing I was just thinking is all." I told him getting a look from him which seemed to ask me 'what.' "Really it's just that your name seems to suit you at the moment." I told him cryptically smiling at him mischievously.

The boy screwed up his eyes. "What…the name Paavo?" He asked a bit confused.

"No Kirsipuu. Your father said it means Cherry tree. Well I've just discovered two very sweet and ripe cherries between three branches." I told him chuckling indicating his two legs and his stiff penis, while giving his cherry sized testicles a little squeeze for emphasis.

This sent Paavo in a fit of laughter punching me in the arm. "You are so weird Sam." The boy stated making me shake my head.

"Me…you are the one telling me to perv on you." I replied getting a confused look forcing me to give him a quick explanation making him giggle. "I mean do you show off your body to just anyone?" I asked him chuckling.

"Of course not…I mean not really. Of course my friends have seen me naked plenty of times, and I've even fooled around with my best friend a little." The boy blushed at his admission while I looked at him dumbfounded wondering exactly what the two of them had or hadn't done together.

"Anyway," Paavo continued. "No, I do not just allow anyone to…um…perv on me." He giggled using the new slang word he had learned.

"But Sam in my country we aren't ashamed about our bodies either. When we go to the saunas or spas we go naked. During the summer months it isn't unusual for younger boys to swim naked in the lakes and rivers or even the local pool sometimes. When we get a little older we cover up more often. We still swim naked around our friends, but once we get to a certain age then in public places we begin to cover up unless we are at a nude place or area that is clothing free." He added making me wonder why boys here in the United States tended to be so prudish about our bodies.

Even I was hesitant about my nudity. No one's seen me naked for many years until recently. "You are so sexy hot." I chuckled reaching out and running my hands over his body again for emphasis. "Damn, I can't believe how smooth and soft you feel." I told him honestly getting him to shake his head.

"I told you Sam, I'm only eleven years old so of course I'm still hairless."

"I know that Paavo, but that isn't what I meant. I mean you have such smooth pretty skin…but still…don't you wish you had pubes already. I know I do. I don't even squirt yet." I admitted wondering why I was even telling him something so private blushing realizing my slipup in this regard with Paavo giggling at my admission because it meant I also jacked off. I suppose this made us even since he blundered earlier about jacking off, and just now regarding his best friend.

"I don't know why you are so worried about it." Paavo stated taking a seat next to me his boy bits getting squeezed between his legs. "I mean it will still be a couple of years before you grow any hair." The boy offered up.

"What are you talking about? I'm already twelve going on thirteen." I replied a bit bewildered by his response wondering why he thought I was still so young.

"Of course, so you still have a year or two before you grow any hair down there. Everyone knows that boys go through puberty and get hair around thirteen, fourteen, or even fifteen years old. Thirteen years old is still young for many though." He pointed out making me gawk at him.

"Geeze really? I mean by us a lot of boys begin getting hairs and squirting around twelve or thirteen, even younger sometimes. I mean I know there are a lot of kids in my classes at school that already have pubes and all. I mean they didn't really tell me outright or anything, but for real haven't you noticed how many kids my age even have mustaches already?" I giggled with him laughing as well.

"Yes and I wonder if black boys and the Hispanic boys mature faster than us…you know?" He wondered out loud making me frown because I really never thought about it.

"I'm not sure if it is necessarily that though. I mean it sounds like boys in Estonia mature slower than most boys here in the United States by a year or two, so maybe it is something different." I wondered with him shrugging.

"Maybe it is your diet. You say you don't eat things with hormones in it, and in our country they don't allow hormones in the food we eat. Our country does not buy meat from your country because we do not allow hormones in our meat by law. We are told it can lead to boys and girls developing sooner along with other health risks. So maybe it is taking longer for you because of your diet. Besides having hair only makes things messy when we…you know." Paavo giggled blushing at his suggestion.

"Geeze Paavo I can't believe you are turning into such a horny little perv." I barked pouncing on the boy tickling and wrestling him onto his back pressing my weight on top of him

The boy giggled and squirmed around for a few moments before we both settled down with me gazing down into his eyes. "You've got such beautiful eyes Paavo. The first time I saw them when I helped you up just before Christmas break my knees went weak. It was like swimming in a deep ocean. I can't believe how deep blue they are." I admitted to him while he scrunched up his eyebrows shrugging his shoulders.

"By us just about everyone has blue eyes. As a matter of fact ninety nine percent of Estonians have blue eyes." He admitted shocking me with such a statistic.

"Really? Wow, over here you don't see too many kids around with blue eyes." I told him honestly.

"Well yours are blue too."

"Yeah, I guess, but with your very light blond hair your eyes seem to suit you more." I told him leaning down and planting a kiss on his lips shocking me that I would simply do something like that out of the blue.

My penis twitched excitedly when our lips pressed up against each other, and I could feel his own erection doing the same thing. Our lips lingered for a few seconds too long before I pulled away from him. The boy was smiling at me the small gap on his upper left mouth where his canine tooth was missing making him look adorably cute not to mention with the way his eyes danced around lively.

"Well…um…I think I better take a shower now as well. It's getting late." I cleared my throat crawling off of him and getting up turning my back to him quickly so he wouldn't see my obvious boner.

It wasn't like he didn't know it was there, but still I was a bit shy about it. Bending over to pick up his towel off the floor I quickly made my way out my room and into the bathroom. Shutting the door behind me I leaned back against the wood panel shaking my head in bewilderment. It was like the kid had woven a spell over me or something. It's been less than five minutes since I've had my unexpected orgasm, and I already felt the surge deep down bubbling to the surface in a way where I would need to take care of my urgent needs.

Then another thought struck me with the realization that at least this was one time I was glad I didn't squirt yet or else my earlier orgasm could have been extremely awkward and difficult to explain away. Maybe Paavo was right in how we should be glad because things tended to get messy when we started squirting. Groaning and shaking my head I sighed because these thoughts were not only confusing, but also starting to get weird.

Slipping out of my pajama bottoms and shirt, I turned on the shower head and jumped in. Before long I had the soft soap in my hand wrapping my fingers around my hard three and a half inch nail, which was already twitching around excitedly. I began to slowly stroke myself allowing the soap to act like a lubricant adding to the sensuality of the moment. My thoughts immediately gravitated to the image of Paavo returning from his recent shower with the towel wrapped around his waist. Now my left hand was cupping my unusually low sagging pouch kneading my chestnut sized testicles while I ran my thumb across the ridge of my glans. The image of the towel floating around Paavo's ankles revealing his flawless nakedness immediately sent me over the edge for my second orgasm literally within mere minutes of one another.

I heard my guttural grunts feeling my thick shaft twitching in my right hand while my testicles jumped upwards in my left hand. It was a quick jolt coming unexpectedly because I hadn't even managed to get to the part where I was fondling the sexy boy's penis skinning his tube. It was over just as fast as it happened sending a euphoric relief throughout my system. I rarely had two orgasms so close together usually being satiated after I climaxed for at least several hours, so exploding for a second time with it seemingly coming from out of nowhere had me a bit perplexed for a few moments while I recuperated.

Feeling much better I finished getting cleaned up before hopping back out and drying off. Tugging on my pajama bottoms and shirt, I slipped back into my room noticing Paavo already in bed snuggled under the covers. I didn't mind because it was already getting late not to mention I was tired from my first day back in school and with all the excitement. At least we could sleep in tomorrow I thought to myself shucking off my shirt leaving me in my pajama bottoms while I lifted up the covers so I could crawl into bed next to Paavo. The boy was still completely naked having slipped under the warm blanket without putting anything on and laying on his back with his semi-hard tube lying heavily across his blank slate. It made me hesitate for a split second before I crawled in next to his toasty warm body shivering slightly from both the sexiness of the moment, and the initial chill I always felt when going to bed. At least Paavo's body was warm as he shifted in bed facing me.

"You're cold." He whispered snuggling up to me his semi-hard tube rubbing up against my crotch.

Feeling the closeness of him immediately had the affect of making my own fleshy pole rise excitedly despite its recent satiation. I could feel Paavo's penis twitch as well inflating to its most hardened state. With his arms wrapped around me, and his head lying on my chest I inhaled deeply breathing in his clean boyish scent. It made me quiver excitedly and respond by slowly rubbing my hands up and down the skin on his silky smooth back feeling the little ridges along his spine.

It truly felt natural holding him in my arms as a sense of overwhelming feelings began to bubble up to the surface. Embracing the boy to my body I began to experience a sense of protectiveness and something more which was both familiar and strange. It felt like when I was around Jamie. It was the same overpowering emotions that bubble up deep inside of me when I was around that special boy from Blue Meadows. This same kind of passionate emotion I'm having now for Paavo confused me because I knew without a doubt that I loved Jamie in that deep intimate kind of way.

Trying to make sense of it, I was forced to set it aside because I felt Paavo's warm lips brushing up against my chest and stomach making me gasp with the thrill that went coursing through my body. If I hadn't just recently had an orgasm I was sure it would have sent me over the edge now. Such intense feelings confused me because no one's ever had such an affect on me, not even the Lorenz brothers when they had touched me.

"Paavo…I…shit," I hissed feeling him sucking on my boy nipples making me quiver. "Oh shit…what are you doing?" I hissed hearing him giggle.

"I want to see yours…it's only fair since you saw mine." He teased running his lips downwards towards my stomach.

"Oh…I…alright…but…but…this is more than looking Paavo." I stated reaching down and cupping his chin forcing him to look up into my eyes.

At some point during this process Paavo had managed to roll me on my back and was crouched between my legs on his knees with the blanket draped over his back creating a sort of fort around us. Looking down between us I could see the large tenting in my pajama bottoms with the Estonian boy following my gaze and smiling. He reached out hooking his fingers in the waistband of my Calvin Klein pajama bottoms tugging on them slightly prompting me to lift up my hips.

This was very naughty, but for some reason I didn't feel so shy about it, not with Paavo. This seemed strange to me considering how timid I was regarding my nudity. Of course I had my moment with Austin and Jake as well, but it had been fleeting with me feeling uncomfortable about it afterwards. Somehow this felt different with Estonian boy, almost like it really didn't matter so much to me that the blond boy was interested in what I had.

Tugging on the hem of my shorts the waistband snagged briefly on my hard tube. I heard Paavo giggling knowingly before he gave another firm tug releasing my pride and joy with both of us watching my hard twitching disco stick slapping up against my bare pubic mound. With a little wriggling the sexy eleven year old boy shucked my bottoms off to the side gazing down at my three and a half inch cut erection with my semi soft egg sized pouch huddled between my legs.

"Wow, it is so beautiful." I heard Paavo whispering reaching out and cupping my boy sack with his left hand while wrapping his small right fist around my hard spike. "It's really nice Sam…I've never seen another boy without skin before." He admitted.

"I…um…thanks," I managed to whisper back while swallowing a huge lump in my throat.

The boy holding my erection was forcing my body to react despite its recent satiation, threatening to bring me over the edge for a third time if this continued for too long. I've already had two orgasms in such a short span of time, so it kind of surprised me that I would be able to have another one this soon after my other two. The boy was still on his knees slightly hunched over my body giving me a clear view of him from the chest all the way down to the sweet morsels dangling between his legs. In his hunched over state my eyes were glued on Paavo's erection which rubbed up along his own blank pubic mound his foreskin slipping up and down slightly at times revealing more of his slicked up knob. His Hacky Sack sized satchel swayed lazily between his legs looking even slightly larger in the way the sexy eleven year old boy was positioned.

Then the vision disappeared replaced by that white mop above the boys head when I felt his warm breath brushing against my erection and crotch. To my amazement Paavo had his nose buried deep in my crotch breathing me in while his lips brushed up against the side of my fleshy boy satchel. The heat began to rise inside of me, and I could feel my cheeks burning while my mind went numb. It was as if all sounds were muted while I began to drift inwards towards something I've never experienced before. No ones ever been this close to me in such an intimate way. The overwhelming emotions I was experiencing shocked and bewildered me while I continued to watch in slow motion Paavo running his mouth along the crease of my crotch. Feeling my penis rubbing up against the boy's face with my testicles snuggled up next to the corner of his mouth, I instinctively knew what was next. Ever so slowly I watched him lifting up his head slightly, turning it towards my hard tube, and opening up his mouth as if to gobble me up.

My limbs felt like lead and I couldn't move. My mind screamed "NO" that I wasn't ready for this yet, but I was locked in place, everything frozen preventing me from moving. This couldn't be happening I heard myself state in utter shock. It's not like I didn't want it; especially, with Paavo. The boy turned me on like no ones business. The only other person who overwhelmed me like this was Jamie, but he would never be able to do what Paavo was doing. He'd never have the ability to be intimate with me. Deep down I knew I had the same feelings for Paavo that I held inside my heart for Jamie, but somehow this didn't feel right to me.

In my frozen state I watched the lithe young boy who was hunched over me begin to wrap his lips around my hardened tube. Then it seemed to happen with everything rushing back to the surface. Once more I could hear things around me; especially, the heavy breathing from both Paavo and myself. With my chest heaving I managed to get my arms to move intercepting the boy just before he managed to slurp me up. With my voice whimpering I managed to cup my hand beneath his chin, tugging him upwards.

The look in Paavo's eyes was that of bewilderment and uncertainty. I pulled him up into my arms his body settling on top of mine. I wrapped my arms and legs around him feeling our two erections sliding up against one another. This too felt exhilarating, even more so because Paavo began to rock his hips into my groin creating further friction between our two erections. I could even feel his foreskin sliding up and down the length of my shaft exposing his knob which rubbed against my glans. This almost set me off as well forcing me to clamp down my arms and legs around him effectively stopping him from continuing the stimulating motion.

"I…I'm so sorry Paavo…but…I…I just can't." I managed to get out my voice rasping in my chest while I gulped in air trying to calm myself down.

"What's wrong don't boys in your country have sex to help each other out? I thought you liked me? I like you in that way, so I just thought?" He asked me seriously lifting his head and looking at me as if that was all there was to it.

"What…no…I mean yes…no…I mean…shit Paavo." I stuttered trying to collect my thoughts seeing the bewilderment in his eyes. "Of course I like you Paavo…a whole lot, and yes you turn me on…you know…that way…but…um…yeah I suppose other boys do…um…together…you know…but for real Paavo its not something…well…um…," I paused again because I was tripping all over my tongue not really knowing what to say. Taking a deep breath, I tried again. "It's not something we talk about and we keep it private. Besides, I've never…um…I've never done that with anyone before." I admitted blushing noticing him glance at me in a bit of shock.

"Really…no one?" He asked furling his eyebrows with a puzzled look on his features, which made me wonder why he would be so surprised about something like this.

"No…of course not. I mean it's kind of a private thing you know, and like I said people are kind of cautious about such things."

Paavo looked up into my eyes scrunching up his eyes shrugging his shoulders. "It's the same by us too. We keep it private, but everyone knows boys are doing these things together. Parents even tell us these things will happen and turn away from it not asking any questions. They know that we do these things until we get older and become interested in girls. So everyone knows it happens, but we keep it private too when we are alone. Adults and other boys don't make a big issue over it…well most of the times." The boy replied kind of shocking me that where he lives parents would encourage such behavior.

"Yeah, well over here no one wants to admit something like this, and if we get caught it can get really ugly. Parents begin to panic and other kids will tease the hell out of you calling you faggot and stuff. I mean look at what was happening with you and kids starting to think you were a fag or something. That is most definitely not something you want to be tagged with." I told him candidly getting that blank stare until I realized he didn't understand what I meant by 'tagged,' so quickly explained it to him.

I was discovering that the Estonian boy's English really was pretty doggone good, but it was the slang and the unique types of phrases we used that he didn't have a firm grasp on. Paavo placed his head on my chest mulling over my comments trying to work it through. He seemed just as confused like I was by this whole thing. Why did sex have to be so damn difficult? I thought to myself.

Everything inside of me screamed for the pleasure I could have with this wonderful boy, yet there simply was something holding me back. With Austin and Jake I could sort of understand, but with Paavo I was beginning to feel like it was more complicated. On the one hand it felt right and natural to have that sort of relationship with him, but on the other hand something held me back making me think it was my feelings for Jamie.

"Geeze Paavo I still can't believe it. Where you going to give me a blowjob for real? I asked chuckling still not believing what had almost happened when I noticed his bemused look.

Exhaling and rolling my eyes I knew I'd have to explain again. It was strange how we tend to take the little nuances of our language for granted. For as good Paavo was with speaking English it was those little quirky phrases or terms that confused him.

"Um…you know suck me off." I reiterate along with sticking my finger in my mouth pulling it in and out to demonstrate what I meant.

The sexy blue eyed white haired blond boy giggled in that charming way he has about him understanding exactly what I meant blushing a bit shyly now after the fact. "Man for real Paavo." I chuckled shaking my head. "I mean where the hell did you learn how to do something like that?" I continued to giggle scrunching up my face wondering why on earth I was even asking him about this. It had simply slipped out of my lips without a second thought.

"From Olev." The boy responded spontaneously with any pause like that explained it all.

"Who's Olev?" I questioned.

"Oh…I'm sorry…he's my best friend, or was back home."

"Oh…so the two of you…um…you know?" I asked shoving my finger in and out of my mouth before adding, "Together…with each other?"

"Oh…um…well not exactly. I mean we both talked about doing that just before Papa and I moved here…but…it's…um…I don't like him in that way. I mean we were best of friends so helping each other is fine, but…um…'sucking' someone off," he smiled having gotten the term correctly, "is a little more personal and…uh…intimate." He nodded his head like that explained it.

"Yeah, but you were willing to give me a blowjob." I pointed out with him blushing.

"I know, but that is different. I mean…I…um…really like you…you know…a lot." He emphasized blushing at his admission.

"Oh…I…um…but why? I mean how can you feel that way when we just met?" I asked puzzled because deep down I felt the same way.

The boy shrugged his shoulder laying his head on my chest pausing for a moment. "Maybe, but I've known you for weeks now ever since the first time we've met. I've been…you know…thinking about you when I…um…pihku…uh…masturbodia." He stated reverting to Estonian lifting up his head looking at me before making that universal jacking off sign.

"Oh…when you jack off or masturbate." I pointed out understanding the last word he used since it sort of matched our proper term.

"Yes…exactly…," he chuckled with both of us blushing realizing what he had just admitted while he continued. "I think I would still have done it just for him, but then I was also a little afraid because shortly before this he had his first…um…what is the word…oirgarche…," He reverted to Estonian again scrunching up his face at not knowing the proper words for some of this stuff before explaining. "Um…anyway the first time he started having stuff come out of him when he got those tingly feelings. It really wasn't a lot or anything, but the first time it happened I got frightened because I didn't understand until he told me what it was. I had been told that stuff was really thick and white so at first thought his was something else, maybe pee, but he told me at first it is really thin and clear, and not thick like the way I thought.

It really wasn't all that much maybe just a little drop, but when that started I was a little frightened. I thought if I sucked him that maybe more would come out because it is supposed to feel even better. I do not think the idea of me sucking him would have been all that bad to me if I actually liked him in that way though." The boy explained while I looked at him in stunned silence because he was speaking so openly about something so private.

My mind was trying to decipher all of this information when something he told me seemed a bit off. "I don't understand Paavo. I thought you said boys don't start squirting and getting hair until they are maybe thirteen, but usually more like when they are fourteen or fifteen years old in your country." I pointed out with Paavo frowning while I slowly exhaled knowing I had to translate for him again. "You know…squirt…that stuff that came out of him. I thought you said it doesn't happen until you are older."

"Oh…yes…that is true. Um…my friend Olev is fourteen years old almost fifteen." He admitted, his comment almost making me retch because of the age difference.

"Paavo!" I exclaimed getting a worried look out of the boy. "I mean…don't you think he is a little old to be doing that stuff with you. I mean, I'm only a year older, and I'm a bit worried that maybe doing stuff with you is kind of wrong even if I really do like you." I pointed out with Paavo smiling.

"You really like me?" He asked me making me smile as well despite the seriousness of the moment.

"Of course you silly goose. That's one reason out of many why I'm so worried about doing that sort of thing with you. I mean sure with the two of us it is only one year, but with sex it makes a big difference between someone who is eleven versus twelve. In many ways there are a lot of differences. I suppose when you are a lot older so little age difference doesn't matter, but Paavo…how old were you when the two of you began…you know?" I asked a little concerned that maybe this older boy had taken advantage of a vulnerable youngster.

"Sam…it isn't like that. I mean the first time happened when I was ten, but it was because I walked in on him while he was…um…," he scrunched up his eyes trying to remember the proper words. "Um…yes…I walked in on him one time by mistake when he was jacking off. He was right in the middle of his…his…," he paused getting frustrated.

"Orgasm?" I offered up with the word sounding familiar to him.

"Yes…that's it. You say it the same way we do. Anyway, he was thirteen years old when I walked in on him. Of course we've seen each other naked since we were both little. We've even seen each other hard too, but we never really thought about it when we were little. Even though he must have been doing that sort of thing for a couple of years now, he never did anything with me. When I caught him and saw how much he enjoyed it I asked him about it. He really was a little embarrassed about it at first…you know that I had caught him. He also wasn't sure he should be the one to tell me about that sort of thing, but we were best friends so he agreed to tell me what it was about. After he told me I begged him to show me until he finally agreed to teach me how to jack off. It did feel good, but I didn't get that tingly feeling he was talking about. I tried real hard, and it didn't go any farther than just feeling good. So he decided to jack me off himself in case I wasn't doing it right for some reason, and it felt better than me doing it alone, but it still didn't give me an orgasm." He sighed glancing up and chuckling at the look I gave him.

"Really…after getting jacked off by someone you didn't get an orgasm. That's kind of weird don't you think?" I sniggered feeling him punching me before settling down.

"No…I was only ten Sam. I mean…what did I know about sex when I was only ten? Most boys at ten don't really start that sort of thing or even really think about it all that much except for what they see in movies."

"Yeah, I guess your right. I mean I really didn't start up until I was eleven, and then it took me a long time to actually reach that point where I got those tingly feelings. I mean now it doesn't take as long…actually sometimes it just sort of happens at the drop of a hat." I chuckled teasingly without bothering to explain the whole drop of a hat thing thinking he could figure it out while recalling how seeing him naked had busted my nut.

Paavo giggled nodding his head. "Yes, well after trying for a few weeks it finally happened for me, and by complete mistake. It happened early in the morning and we've been trying so much that I thought I would become raw." He giggled. "Anyway, one morning I was half asleep and Olev was just playing around with my hard penis. Well all of a sudden it happened without me realizing it until it was all over. It left me breathless and felt amazing. After that it was easier for us to help each other out." The boy finished off looking at me now to see if I felt differently about Olev being so much older.

"I suppose it sounds like he wasn't really taking advantage of you after all Paavo, but I still think it is a little weird with him being so much older. Didn't you have other friends closer to your own age? I mean its one thing to fool around with kids your own age, but someone much older is just…I don't know a little creepy I guess." I reflected thinking it strange someone so much older would be friends like that even if they did grow up together.

Paavo shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know Sam. I don't think age should be such a big factor unless it is some adult with a child, then yes, but the two of us have been friends forever, and he's not that much older than me. As for friends my own age of course I had some in school and all, but where I lived there weren't so many kids around. My small building had mostly older people living in it. Olev and I grew up together and he looked out for me. Sort of like a big brother and friend all in one, and I don't mind what we did together. He is a good friend Sam. Besides I'm not interested in doing those things with just anyone. I enjoy it, and it feels really good, but this is something special. Olev is the only boy I did these things with because we are close friends and I trust him." He explained with me nodding in understanding supposing the age thing was different since in actually both of them were still kids.

A calm silence settled around us for the longest time in my room with neither one of us moving or saying anything. I could feel his warmth with the weight of him lying across my body. It was comfortable, and I actually enjoyed having him this close to me feeling our hard erections sliding against each other with each inhale of breath. My fingers ran up and down his spine, and I could feel his penis twitching in response while mine jolted around with the heady fragrance of his boy scent which made me quiver with lust.

"Sam?" Paavo whispered so softly I almost didn't hear him in my drowsing state.

"Yeah," I exhaled enjoying the feel of his smooth skin plastered up against mine with our chest and stomach connected in a warm embrace.

"You know I like you a lot right. I mean I've known Olev forever and care for him…but with you it is more. I don't know how to explain it. Do you think this is a bad thing?" He asked his breath brushing up against my chest and left nipple making me quiver.

Pausing for a moment in thought I sighed shaking my head. "No…I don't think it is a bad thing Paavo. I like you a whole lot too. I mean…I really like you in a way I can't understand. It's nice though. So no…it's not a bad thing. Why would you think that?" I asked him feeling the boy shrug.

"It's just when I wanted to…you know…I mean I really wanted us to be together. I'm so…um…so…," He paused searching for the words. "Um…horny," he giggled using the strange word. "And I was wondering if you could…you know…jack me off? Please Sam. I've never wanted something so much. It's like I need you to do this with me." The boy pleaded.

"I…oooh Paavo…please…I…I just don't think that is such a good idea." I told him not knowing how I could explain it since I couldn't really answer it for myself.

"But why…I mean do you think this makes us gay?" He asked me sniffling making me realize he thought since his admission I must think there was something wrong with him.

"What…of course not Paavo. I don't think this makes us gay or anything, but even if you were gay or whatever it still wouldn't make me care about you any less. I don't care about that sort of thing. It's just…I…I've never done anything like that, and I'm a little afraid I guess because I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do. I…um…I really want to do something with you, and I do mean…really…really want to do something…nice." I answered him truthfully.

"Please Sam…for me." Paavo begged lifting up his head and leaning into me with our lips pressing up against one another.

His kiss was warm, soft, tender, and very passionate forcing the heat inside of me to burn hotly like a furnace. My fingers slid down his silky soft back until I gently rubbed his cute little luscious melons which felt soft and ripe for the taking in my hands. The kiss seemed to last for a long time before we slowly separated and he slid his body off of me grabbing my arm along the way until I was snuggled up next to him lying on my left side. He had shifted on to his back now, and I wasn't able to resist anymore allowing my hand to run along his chest and down to his stomach.

Paavo shucked off the blanket making me shiver slightly at the chill in the room, but my body was so hot it hardly affected me. The boy gazed into my eyes his electrifying oceanic orbs dancing around giddily knowing what was coming while his stiff three inch skin covered giggle stick did a little dance of its own pointing upwards slightly above his pubic mound. There was yearning in those swirling blue eyes which dispelled any last remaining resistance on my part. Glancing downwards I took in and accepted all of the beauty opened up in front of me from the shimmering skin the color of pale alabaster, and the velvety softness of it like a bowlful of whip cream. The boy epitomized perfection personified his skin devoid of any blemishes or moles on any part of his body. It was wholesomeness incarnate taking the breath away from me.

Glancing back up into Paavo's churning deep blue oceanic eyes my right hand slowly dipped down between his legs my fingers curling around his entire boyhood feeling the scorching heat in the palm of my hand. The smaller boy trembled and his eyes seemed to get that far off kind of gaze of a boy about to enter into a trance. Ever so slowly I wrapped my fingers around his silky smooth yet rigid three inch foreskin covered flute. His body quivered and I could see the little ripples across his skin like the wave of an earthquake. Glancing up into his face I could see beads of perspiration already forming on his forehead causing his hair to plaster up against his brow. Feeling the boy in my fingers and having complete control over him gave me a sense of heady giddiness.

The Estonian boy was already hyper sensitive, and I knew it wouldn't take long for him to explode, but I wanted this to be something special for him so I began to work him slowly hearing a little whimper escape from his lips.

"Faster," He hissed needing a quick release or perhaps because that is what he was used to getting.

Ignoring him I made him squirm while I slowly worked his foreskin pulling it down past his knob. My fist was a little too big for him so I adjusted my grip by curling my pinky finger into my palm and using my other three fingers and thumb. This seemed to be just about right allowing me to have enough of a hold on his torrid cannon, and giving me enough space to slowly work his steel like barrel up and down in a jerking motion.

"Hurry," I heard him gasp feeling his hips thrusting upwards in an attempt to get more of that tingling sensation since I was going too slowly for him.

Leaning over I kissed him shoving my tongue into his mouth taking his mind off his penis for a brief moment. I shivered when I rolled my tongue around sliding it between the gap in his teeth where his canine tooth was missing. For some reason it set my blood to boiling while he seemed to relax momentarily with our tongues dancing around tasting one another. The boy tasted sweet and his tongue made me giddy for more as they danced around inside of his mouth. Releasing his lips I scooted downwards so I could get a better look at what I was doing.

Paavo's smooth foreskin slid easily back and forth revealing that cute little slicked up button. It was so sexy watching it pop in and out of view while his two cherry sized testicles seemed to spasm in little twitches now and again when he approached climax. I watched him closely slowing down at the appropriate moments drawing it all out for him. He began to squirm around with his legs going stiff every once in a while. Even his cute little toes would spread apart at times when the feelings started to become too intense. Every time I noticed these small tell tale signs I would back off allowing him to calm down a little before picking up the tempo again.

He was super sensitive now so I removed my fingers from his hard tapered wand noticing how his pinkish brown skin had turned and angry crimson color in some areas along the length of his shaft. His knob had turned completely purple now as if it was completely engorged with blood threatening to explode his bulbous glans. He protested, but then suddenly crooned when I began to run my fingers around his fleshy pouch. His cherry sized testicles leaped in response to my hands before settling back down low inside its satchel. I rolled them around in my fingers hearing Paavo giggle and twitch before releasing them and running my finger along that line that ran from his boy bag to his rose bud.

"Oooh!" Paavo gulped and jerked making me believe he's never been touched there before. I traced the line down and back up before once more wrapping my three fingers and thumb around his nice plump tapered stump.

This time I began to work him in earnest feeling the boy squirm around in my arms. His chest was heaving and his stomach seemed to cave inwards trying to intensify the feelings he was receiving. His body was covered in sweet now, literally dripping off of him, when I decided to do something a little different. Pulling his foreskin over his shaft as far down as it would go the pressure made his penis stick outwards and pull slightly backwards making it look obscenely naughty. Running my thumb around the fleshy part of his knob the boy began to go ballistic over this unusual turn of events. I continued to rub his knob with my thumb and now placed my finger between the two fleshy parts of his pee slit and gently rubbed the tip of my finger across the sensitive area. That did it because he suddenly gasped, and I could feel his body lurch in the height of his orgasmic release. He didn't utter a word and hardly grunted, but I could see his face turning colors, the same crimson purplish hues of his glans, almost like it was about to pop. Even his toes curled backwards when suddenly his body lurched once, twice, and for a third time before settling back on the mattress his chest heaving for air.

Releasing his spastic jolting hose I leaned over his still twitching body with his legs bent outwards and took a deep breath of his powerful sex essence. It was lighter than both Austin and Jake, but somehow seemed way more potent, almost sending me for a loop and then some. It was all I could do to keep from burying my nose into his crotch trying to breath it all in. Slowly I managed to pull back and settle down next to the recovering boy nuzzling up my face against his damp nape. He was simply too sexy as a twinge of guilt began to come over me at what I had just done. Pushing it to the background I cuddled up to the boy covering us both up.

"Thanks," I heard him whisper noticing he was fading fast.

I suppose the events of the day, the excitement of meeting me, and now the twenty mile marathon he just ran in under two minutes with the orgasm I gave him was simply too much for him to hold on. Cradling Paavo in my arms, the boy shifted draping his left leg over my hip and pressing his still damp body into me. I could feel his soft soggy fleshy tube rubbing up against the side of my stomach. Closing my eyes I tried to fall asleep as well since it was already late, but what I had just done began to eat away at me.

Rolling over away from Paavo's slumbering form the emotions became too much for me. Sniffling I wiped away the dampness from the corner of my eyes. Without realizing it I began to tremble with little sobs escaping my lips. I muffled them not wanting to wake up Paavo, but it was too late because I felt a warm body pressing up against my back with a small arm wrapping around the front of my chest holding me tight.

"Sam…what's wrong…are you alright?" Paavo whispered softly in my ears the warm breath brushing up along my cheeks.

"Um…yeah…I'm alright." I whispered back wiping away my tears from the side of my cheeks and turning over so I was facing him.

The Estonian boy's soft features were so sweet with his electrifying eyes gazing at me tenderly. "Did I do something wrong?" The boy asked me a little worried that somehow this was his fault.

"Oh no Paavo…it's nothing." I replied trying to smile comfortingly.

"Then why are you crying? Is it because of what we just did?" He asked making me frown.

"No…I mean…it's just I feel guilty Paavo." I tried to explain.

"Why Sam…I mean I wanted this…and…uh…I mean…I really wanted this…so I don't understand. Is it because you don't care about me…you know…in that special kind of way. I mean if that's what it is I'm sorry." He whispered softly breaking my heart because this wasn't his fault.

"No Paavo…it's not like that. I mean I care a lot about you too, and I suppose I wanted it just as badly as you. Feeling you in my arms…well…it turns me on. It's just…," I exhaled pursing my lips in thought.

"Maybe I shouldn't have asked you to do this. I feel bad about it now." He admitted.

"No don't say that Paavo. I mean did you like it?" I asked him the boy nodding his head brushing away the wetness on his own cheeks.

"Very much Sam. I've never felt so good ever. I never knew how it could really feel and I think it is because I…I…um…love you. I mean…I think…you know…I'm so confused Sam. I mean I'm pretty sure I love you." He admitted sniffling now himself at the way his emotions were making him feel all jumbled up and bewildered inside.

"I know Paavo and I feel the same way, it's just…I liked it Paavo. I mean I liked making you feel good. It made me feel good inside to know I could make someone feel like that." I sighed biting my lip, reaching out, and cupping his right cheek in my left hand.

The Estonian boy's sad eyes gazed into my very soul. "Then why are you feeling so guilty. I really want to do this again with you…I just wish you'd let me do something for you in return. I care a lot about you and want all of you." He sniffled making me feel bad at how this was turning out. "Why won't you let us be happy like that?"

"Oh Paavo, I'm so sorry." I sniffled holding him to my chest coming to a decision. "I need to tell you something." I managed to get out swallowing the lump in my throat.

The boy looked at me a bit frightened about what I may have to tell him, but I smiled reassuringly letting him know it wasn't anything bad. Slowly and hesitantly I began to tell him about Jamie, and my feelings towards the boy. How I've fallen in love with a boy who could never share that sort of love for me. I told him everything about Jamie, and then some, with everything that happened while at the Weilers. I even told him a little about Austin and Jake trying to be as honest as I could without giving away too much intimate details, but I think he was able to read between the lines but didn't say anything about it.

"Oh Sam I'm so sorry. Maybe you're right and I shouldn't have asked you to do something so intimate with me."

Shaking my head I couldn't let him feel that way. "No Paavo…you asked and that was the right thing to do. I let it happen, but I think maybe I'm wrong to feel so guilty about it. I mean did you really like it?" I asked seeing him nod briskly leaving no doubt.

"Yes…very much Sam. It was something special. I always knew when Olev and I did things that there was something missing. With you it just felt…somehow right." The smaller boy sniffled making me nod.

"Yeah…I know what you mean. Well maybe for now from time to time if you…um…feel the need then maybe I can…you know…help you out. I won't mind because the truth is that I enjoyed it too. So maybe for now we can leave it at us snuggling together and me helping you out. How does that sound?" I asked him with the boy shrugging.

"Alright Sam, but I really wish we could do more together. I truly care about you in that special way, but I guess for now if we can just be together and hold each other it is fine. I can wait for you however long it takes, but I don't want you to do something just because of me. I need you to want it too. I don't want to get in-between you and Jamie. What you have with him is special too." He replied snuggling up into my arms closing his eyes.

Before long I could hear the steady rhythmic slow balanced cadenced flow of his breathing. Being all curled up together like this felt right to me, and my decision to be with the boy did too. Somehow letting him know about Jamie had lifted a weight off of my shoulders, and before long I was fast asleep as well.

I didn't wake up once in the night so when I opened up my eyes I was kind of surprised it was already outside with a soft glow sifting through my window. Looking down Paavo was snuggled up next to me on his back my arm draped over his stomach. Pulling aside the blanket I gazed at his naked body in the light of day. He was absolutely gorgeous, his straw blond hair all tousled around his adorably cute face. He was breathing steadily his chest rising and lowering on his creamy smooth body. Reaching out I slowly ran my fingers down his stomach and across his flat silky smooth pubic mound. I was totally fascinated by the maze like blue wispy veins, my fingers tracing along some of their wavy lines. There was no rhyme or reason to them, but I suppose it didn't matter. His fleshy soft tube was curled over to the side drawing my attention. It really was a very beautiful piece of equipment making me smile because lately I've been seeing nothing but erections so it was kind of nice to see this exquisite softness.

It amazed me that until a few weeks ago I've never seen another naked penis soft or hard except for mine, and now they seem to be popping out everywhere. Slowly I pulled back his foreskin amazed by the ease in which it retracted revealing the most gorgeous knob I've ever seen in my life. Jamie was beautiful no doubt about it, but there was something about Paavo that bespoke of perfection.

Slowly the Estonian boy's penis began to inflate and fatten up in my fingers. "What are you doing?" The boy asked stretching out his body while gazing down at himself smiling and enjoying what I was doing.

"Oh nothing much…just enjoying a vision of perfection." I teased, but deep down feeling that was exactly what I was looking at.

"Hmmm…I like it when you do that…I mean touch me like that." He sighed gazing into my eyes while I leaned down giving him a soft tender kiss enjoying the sensations I felt going up and down my insides.

"You taste…nice." I whispered breaking off our kiss which had lingered.

Looking down into his face in this lighting I couldn't help but smile studying his cute features. He had an evenly proportional oval shaped face with a small narrow chin. His thin mouth with a straight smile revealed startling white slightly crooked teeth, but not overly so making it kind of appealing on him. His upper third tooth, his canine, on the left side was missing, which was only noticeable when he smiled broadly adding to the charm. Even though the small gap was an appealing quality on him, I knew when it grew back he would still have that adorably cute smile. His small thin celestial nose had a very subtle upturned tip giving him that almost tinker bell or angelic quality, which was enhanced even further by those piercing deep set medium to dark combination of Air Force and Azure blue eyes with silver highlights in a starburst kind of pattern. His eyes were the most intense kind of blue I've ever seen on anyone, which is what had drawn me to him in the first place. That and the thick layered whitish blond hair that hung down to his neck line and slightly over his eyes completing his Nordic looks and features.

Leaning over I give him another kiss which he returned with a bit more passion before making me yelp when his fingers snaked around my erection giving it a nice soft stroke.

"Shit…you little perv." I teased pushing his hand off my erection before something happened which I wasn't ready for.

"Hah…you are one to talk." He chuckled back making me roll my eyes.

"Well just remember paybacks are a bitch." I offered up noticing how he understood this phrase making me smile. "Anyway, hurry up…I want you to meet someone." I told him cryptically slipping on my pajama bottoms.

"Why are we meeting someone so early?" He asked yawning and stretching while watching me get into my pajamas with me noticing how he looked a bit confused because who would we meet while still undressed for the most part.

"Because he's a morning person." I stated cryptically chuckling.

The boy crawled out of bed and slipped into his powdery blue bikini briefs following me over to my laptop and sitting in front of me between my legs. He looked at me shrugging his shoulders making me smile because I kind of enjoyed having him so close sitting in front of me on the chair. Firing up my laptop I opened skype and clicked the video call waiting for an answer. After a couple of rings Uncle Walt's face appeared on the computer screen all smiles with Aunt Harriet leaning in as well.

"Hey guys…this here is my good friend Paavo. He's from Estonia, but we are trying to make him into a good American." I chuckled introducing everyone to each other.

We all chatted for a few minutes before I finally asked. "How's our little munchkin doing?

"Oh Sam he's doing really well. We started him on those minerals and vitamins the doctor suggested, and he just seemed to improve so much. It's like all those hours and hours of his special exercises with speech therapy, behavior therapy, and all the other things are starting to pay off. Anyway why don't you talk to him? He's doing really well this early in the morning." Uncle Walt stated getting up off his chair while speaking to someone in the background.

"Hey Jamie go sit in the chair. Someone wants to say hello to you." I heard Aunt Harriet telling the little boy.

Before long I saw Jamie taking a seat in the chair in front of the computer I had set up for the Weilers. The boy's eyes settled on the screen, and stared at me for several seconds before they flittered away and he began to rock back and forth slightly.

"Hey buddy, your Aunt and Uncle tell me you are doing really well. Anyway this here is my good friend Paavo. I hope someday the two of you can meet in person. Maybe the next time I come to visit he can come with me?" I asked the boy simply for conversation purposes.

"Sammy…Sammy…Sammy…Paavo…Sammy." The boy replied looking into the computer screen again.

"Hello Jamie…yes I'm Paavo." I heard the Estonian boy respond making me almost cry at how he seemed to pick up on Jamie's behavior and not get so bent out of shape like others would. "I hope we can become friends because Sam has told me all about you."

"Paavo…Paavo…Paavo…Pretty…Paavo." Jamie belted out catching me by surprise with the whole "pretty" comment even if it were true while I noticed the Estonian boy blush.

"Um…I…oh…thanks…I think?" Paavo giggled glancing over at me.

"Sammy…Sammy…Boxey…Sammy." Jamie responded making me smile.

"Yes Jamie I left Boxey with you." I smiled pleased to see Jamie so talkative.

"No…Sammy…Boxey…up…Boxey up." The boy commanded tapping his lap with the dog placing his front paws on the boy's lap and looking into the computer screen totally shocking me. "Boxey…good boy." Jamie added rewarding the dog with a little treat.

"Oh Jamie you've been teaching him new tricks. That is so wonderful. I knew you could take care of him." I beamed proudly.

"Sammy good boy…Paavo good boy…Paavo come visit?" He seemed to ask once more shocking me because he was actually engaging with us on some basic level.

The boy never seemed to amaze me making me tear up while nodding my head. "Yes Jamie…when school is over in the summer I promise to bring Paavo with me." I told the boy sincerely wrapping my arms around Paavo who stroked my arm tenderly understanding how much this moment meant to me.

After that Jamie once more seemed to zone out so Uncle Walt got Jamie busy with other things before sitting back down in front of the screen with Aunt Harriet. "Wow from what Sam's told me this must mean Jamie's doing really well." Paavo pointed out starting a conversation with the Weilers to their total surprise that someone who didn't even know Jamie would take such an interest.

They began asking Paavo about Estonia, which left me free to do something a bit mischievous. Reaching down in front of Paavo while he talked with the Weilers I reached down between his legs and wrapped my fingers around his underwear covered soft giggle stick which immediately inflated doing a disco dance in my fingers. Paavo's voice squeaked at that point, but he recovered quickly continuing to talk with the Weilers. Not finished yet I fished out his nice soft boy baubles and hard skin flute from his the side of his bikini briefs and leisurely began to masturbate him while he talked.

Slowly Paavo began to loose his train of thought and started to squirm around in his seat. His breathing became a bit ragged, and he felt hot in my arms. I was careful not to take him over the edge, but he was getting close until Uncle Walt asked him if he was feeling alright. The Estonian boy swallowed hard nodding his head managing to say that he was fine, but hadn't gone pee yet since we got right on the computer when we got up. Knowing what was coming next I began to work on Jamie's hard tube even more my fingers gliding along the surface of its smooth silkiness his foreskin sliding back and forth in a stimulating fashion over his slicked up knob. Uncle Walt chuckled shaking his head saying maybe it was time to sign off because Jamie was getting a bit antsy as well making me wonder if he kind of knew what was going on at the moment between me and Paavo. I didn't think so because the video setting was zoomed in only on to our faces so he couldn't actually see what was going on. Uncle Walt waved at us saying from the way Paavo was squirming around he must have to go pretty bad. So he said goodbye to me, and I promised to call again next week.

Clicking the red phone button, the screen shut off and Paavo all of a sudden bucked his hips upwards his body quivering in sheer ecstasy. The orgasm that had been building up for the last couple of minutes was finally released surging through his body like a typhoon during the wet season in the Pacific. The boy moaned softly in my arms while his erection squirmed around like a writhing snake in my fingers. I had to giggle because his testicled lurched around spastically bouncing along the back side of my fingers. Slowly the boy began to recover looking up into my eyes with a questioning look.

"I told you…paybacks are a bitch." I chuckled getting a cheeky smile out of him.

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