Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 13: Emotional Explosions of All Kinds

The Weilers followed me to the sheriff's station with Uncle Walt sitting next to me in the small office while I sat there completely out of it not knowing what was happening. The big man had his strong arm draped over my shoulders comfortingly making me feel a little better along with Boxey who was curled up by my feet. The back of my legs and butt were stinging from where Mr. Reardon had laid into me so I squirmed around a little. The sheriff was sitting across the table from us writing furiously every once in a while looking out the door of his small office a bit nervously.

The small sheriff's station was starting to fill up with people making the cramped space look bit crowded now. The sheriff stuffed some paperwork into a Manila envelop and beckoned the secretary into his office who was looking a bit concerned at the crowd beginning to mill around.

"I need you to take this over right away." The man told his secretary who looked at the envelope reading the hastily scribbled information on the front of it.

"He won't be happy…you know what weekend this is?" She asked cryptically making me wonder what was going on.

"I know, and tell him it couldn't be helped. Besides, I think he would want to know. Hurry up before all hell breaks loose in here." The sheriff motioned towards the main lobby with the woman glancing at all the people in the office nodding her head indicating she understood before she wove her way through the influx of obstacles.

There were a lot of people beginning to mill around now. Mr. Reardon had also decided to come down to the station, and was currently talking to a man off to the one side who oddly looked a lot like the sheriff. I had been told that it was the prosecutor, which I recalled happened to be both the sheriff's and Roy Rippner's brother. It was strange how Damian's dad didn't look anything like his two other brothers.

Even Damian was now at the station, but he didn't look all that healthy sitting in the far left chair against the back wall of the other room. His eyes were all puffy, and I was positive they would be turning black and blue giving him two shiners. His head was wrapped up with a bandage running around his forehead, and his nose which was all puffy and angry looking had one of those butterfly kind of bandages plastered over it.

Jake was also sitting in the main lobby area looking all gloomy, just a few chairs over from Damian, with his mom and Mrs. Weiler a few feet away talking animatedly. It appeared as if Aunt Harriet was filling Jake's mom in with what all had transpired over at the school while Jamie rocked back and forth in his chair next to Jake looking a little agitated. Suddenly I saw Mrs. Rippner, Jake's mom, gasp holding her hand up to her mouth glancing over towards her son.

"Jake…is it true?" Mrs. Rippner gazed at her son the room suddenly getting quiet. "Answer me Jake…did Damian hit you?" She asked looking intently at her son who shifted his gaze away his eyes beginning to well up.

It was Damian who spoke up though in his typical sarcastic manner. "So what of it? Who cares if I did or not? He knows if he says anything Dad will deal with his sorry ass like he always does."

"What are you talking about?" Mrs. Rippner asked.

"Damian don't." The prosecutor who was with Vice Principal Reardon told Damian, but the boy merely shook his head and brushed the man off.

"It's alright Uncle David…it's time she finally knows what's what." The boy leered getting a sarcastic look on his face. "Anyway, what I mean is that if it weren't for dad you and your brats would be ass out in the streets probably living in some sleazy trailer park. Everyone knows dad's been carrying the three of you all these years like so much dead weight." The boy's voice dripped with such vitriol hatred.

Boring holes in her son Mrs. Rippner spoke up. "Is this why you and Austin never say anything against Damian…because you are afraid of what might happen to us?" She asked her son who hung his head down, drops of wetness beginning to fall into his lap.

"Geeze…give it a rest already you stupid cow. Let's just get all of this…," Damian began, but was cut short because his head snapped around from the vicious slap he received across his lip.

The resounding noise bounced off the walls having connected solidly forcing the other boy to whimper and reach up to his lip because it stung, not to mention make his already pounding head even worse. He sat there completely stunned for a moment. I couldn't blame him because even I was caught by surprise with how swiftly it had happened.

"What the hell…just wait until dad hears what you did you fucking crazy bitch." He finally managed to spit out starting to stand up, but was forced back in his seat when Mrs. Rippner slapped his face again this time with even more force rocking the boy back into his chair.

Damian began to say something, but Mrs. Rippner held up her hand to silence him. "There's going to be changes in the house young man. From now on you will respect my sons and me. I never should have allowed your father to take over like this, but I thought my boys needed a father figure with a firm hand sometimes, but I was wrong. It is you who needed a mother figure to teach you right from wrong. Your father and I had an agreement, and the first thing we are going to do when we get back is switch out bedrooms. It's not fair that Austin and Jake share the smallest room while you lounge around in the big one with the bathroom. You will get the small one, and will have to use the main bathroom being responsible to keep it clean since guests who come over use that one as well." Mrs. Rippner began laying down the boom.

"Like hell I will." Damian began when his dad showed up asking what the heck was going on.

"For starters Roy it is time we cleared up the air with some things." Mrs. Rippner began calmly when Damian butted in.

"Dad she hit me for no reason. I told her what you've told me all these years, that if it weren't for you that her brats would have nothing, and would probably be living in some trashy trailer park." The boy began to sniffle.

"Damian shut up." His dad barked harshly at the boy. "I told you not to say anything about that."

"So you knew this all along." Jake's mom asked taken a bit by surprise by this revelation.

"Did you hit Damian?" The man tried to change the topic. "We had an agreement." He stated standing up facing his wife expecting her to back down like she always did.

"Stop it Roy…that won't work anymore. Yes we had an agreement about a lot of things, but it seems like I was the only one keeping to those commitments while you plainly expected me to cave in on the things you agreed to, but no more. I should have known better. I want you and Damian out of the house by the end of the day." She commanded making Damian gasp.

"You can't do that the house belongs to us. If anyone is leaving it is you and those brats of yours." The boy stood up yelling angrily.

"Is that what you think…I mean is that what your father told you?"

"Yes it is, so get packing you stupid bitch." Damian sneered making his father cringe.

Mrs. Rippner began to laugh so hard shaking her head. "Well I suppose you and your father have a lot to talk about while searching for a new place.

"Janice you can't do this. If it weren't for me the orchard would have gone all to hell." Roy quipped.

"Yeah right, and I paid you handsomely for all the work too. Hell for that matter you made out like a bandit for all these years buying a new truck every couple of years, dressing up Damian in all his fancy clothes, and going through money like it was an endless supply while I had to pay for all the bills, hardly having anything extra for my boys. Nope, I'm better off without you. The boys and I can manage just fine." Mrs. Rippner replied shaking her head sadly with how she's been taken advantage of all these years.

"If you kick us out I'll sue you for half of everything. We are married; therefore, I get half by law. It doesn't matter to me I suppose. I'll still make out." The man replied arrogantly his true intentions concerning the marriage finally coming to light as he smiled wickedly at his wife. "So maybe it really is time for a divorce." He sneered making Mrs. Rippner laugh once more while shaking her head, which took Roy by surprise because it wasn't the reaction he was expecting.

"Go ahead, sue me if you want, but you can't get blood from a turnip. What I ever saw in you I don't know. I'm just sorry my kids had to suffer due to the lack of my judgment, but I guess in the end the truth always comes out sooner or later. So go ahead Roy sue me to your heart's content because the farm and all the land is in Austin's and Jake's name, even the company is under their names. They own everything, so you won't ever see a dime. Even if you tried I've kept records of all the accounts with how much we paid you for wages keeping you completely out of the loop regarding having any claim to the orchard. You are simply on the books as an employee, nothing more. You don't have a claim on anything."

After that everything seemed to explode with everyone beginning to yell at everyone else. The tension and the hatred in the room could be felt for miles around as people began pointing fingers and talking legal actions in one form or another. Mr. Reardon was talking about the assault, while Roy was consulting with his brother the prosecutor about how he could sue for control of the orchard since he was the Lorenz brothers' father, which Janice then pointed out he never legally adopted them. It had been another one of his mistakes because in his conceitedness he didn't want the Lorenz boys to have his last name. In light of things it had made sense because when he had control over the orchard it would then go to his own son, and the Lorenz brothers would have no good claim to it. This plan now was backfiring on him as well with the entire room erupting into a shouting match.

"Everyone shut the hell up!" I shouted with every person stopping in stunned silence at my blatant disregard for being respectful of my betters. "Can't you see what all of this is doing to Jamie?" I asked with everyone glancing at the boy because he had become increasingly agitated rocking back and forth his hands covering his ears while he grunted in the chair.

Kneeling down in front of Jamie with Boxey by my side I whispered softly to him. "It's alright Jamie. Look at me everything is just fine. Some people just have disagreements sometimes, but I won't let them yell anymore." I promised him glaring at everyone daring them to prove me wrong; especially, looking hard at both Roy and Damian.

They both glared back at me for a moment before looking away making me realize just how much of a coward these two assholes really were. "That's it," the sheriff interjected. "I want everyone out of my office. I don't care where you go, but you are all out." He told them forcefully when his brother, David, spoke out.

"You can't just kick us out of here. We have a legitimate reason to be here, and I won't be kicked out just because you say so."

"I am and you will leave David. In the courtroom you are the top dog prosecutor, but this is my station, and you will leave or so help me…brother or not…I'll lock you up and face the consequences later." The sheriff spoke up forcefully reaching back for his handcuffs to show he meant business.

His brother hesitated for a moment before sighing. "Alright…alright…I suppose you are right. Let's go." He motioned towards Roy and Reardon.

"Walt and Harriet you guys can stay with Sam here in my office, if you need anything to drink the refrigerator is over there, and the pot of coffee is on the table next to it. Jake maybe you and your mother can sit and talk because I'm sure there's a lot you two need to discuss in light of…well…," he sighed spreading apart his hands. "Besides, I need you two to hang around for a while because I'm sure we are going to need Jake's side of the story at some point. As for me…I've got a lot of phone calls to make because I have a feeling things are going to come unglued here very shortly." The man huffed cryptically.

The sheriff disappeared leaving me sitting with the Weilers and Jamie in his office. I thought that it was nice of him to give up his personal space so we could have some breathing room. We began talking trying to catch up on a few things when Mr. Joe showed up knocking on the door. It was nice to see the elderly man again as I realized it's been a while since we've had a nice talk in the dog park. The very place where we met each other for the first time right after I had gotten beat up and was recovering from my bout with pneumonia. That all seemed like ages ago now as I sighed reflectively for a moment.

"Oh hi Joe…what are you doing here? I asked with Walt and Harriet getting up and shaking the man's hand.

"Do you mind if I have a little chat with Sam?" The man asked with the Weilers smiling saying they should be checking up on Jamie anyway.

Joe stepped inside the room and sat down next to me. "Looks like you are in a bit of a pickle there young man." He chuckled patting my knee making me smile because despite everything I was glad to see he was still up and about, and in good spirits.

"Yeah a little, but honestly it's all worth it; especially, if it protects Jamie. Besides, Mrs. Rippner finally found out what Damian was holding over her kids and she kicked out Roy and Damian. So at least Austin and Jake will be better off without having to worry about him at home all the time."

"Hmmm, well it is about time. I don't know what took Janice so long to see what a leach that Roy was, and how much better off she would be without the man. But listen Sam…I brought someone with me. His name is Mr. Brown and you need to tell him everything from the beginning to end if he is going to get you out of this mess." He stated looking seriously at me before motioning to his friend.

Standing up I shook the man's hand before sitting back down gingerly. Joe noticed and asked what was wrong so I told him about the whole paddle incident with him visibly wincing looking over towards the other man who he had introduced as some lawyer by the name of Mr. Brown. I was worried about the cost of having a lawyer, but the man told me he was going to work pro bono for me asking if I knew what that meant. When I nodded yes he smiled warmly assuring me everything would work out just fine.

Before Joe got up to leave he reached down to pet Boxey raising his eyebrows questioningly at me when he noticed the muzzle. "Mr. Reardon insisted, so the sheriff asked me to put it on him. I don't think he cares much for it, but he hasn't really complained about it much." I explained feeling the elderly man patting my knee before he called out to the sheriff.

"Hey Jeff, maybe we should get that muzzle off of Boxey? I'm sure the dog could use a drink and maybe something to eat if you have anything around for dogs." He asked the sheriff who looked over towards my lawyer.

My lawyer was also nodding his head in agreement so the sheriff motioned for me to go ahead and remove it. "Could you take Boxey out to Jamie…please sheriff?" I asked him politely getting a raised eyebrow. "Jamie's still upset, and with Boxey around he calms right down. I'm sure Jamie can see to it that he's fed and gets something to drink." I assured the man who smiled at me nodding his head.

"Thanks Joe for everything. I didn't realize that you knew so many people. I guess working around here you meet a lot of interesting folks, but isn't it a lot of work and stuff…you know cleaning up the park, and then going into the courthouse and cleaning up there as well. I thought you'd be retired by now?" I asked him noticing my lawyer looking at Joe and laughing shaking his head while Joe gave the other man a stern look rolling his eyes making me wonder what I had said.

"Sam, at my age I'd be bored out of my mind if I didn't keep busy. I like picking up after the park because it is peaceful and I can clear my thoughts. As for the courthouse there's all sorts of things in there that need cleaning up…believe me. There's so much trash that goes through the place that if I didn't clean up it would pile up so high the whole system around here would come crumbling down." He chuckled motioning for me to continue with my lawyer. "I'll see you later Sam." He promised me.

My lawyer grilled me with what seemed like hours, but it was more like thirty minutes or so. It was like running the fifty yard dash multiple times leaving me disoriented with him probing my statements pausing every once in a while to make a call to some secretary of his ordering her to draft up some legal document or other while instructing her to send over the information immediately to the appropriate personnel on this end. The man was very efficient, and seemed to know what he was doing.

Then just like the sheriff had said earlier it got a bit hectic with him escorting me over to the courthouse. I thought I'd be spending the weekend in some kiddy jail or something since it was a Friday, but Mr. Brown escorted me into a sterile looking courtroom assuring me that I would be going home with the Weilers at the end of the day. I hoped he was right, but the way things stood I wasn't so sure.

Taking a seat at the front with my lawyer I looked over to the other side of the isle noticing David Rippner seated there with his briefcase open and papers piled up in front of him.

"All rise for the honorable Judge Williamson." The bailiff announced with everyone standing up while an elderly man dressed in a black looking cloak resembling those choir attire climbed the small dais taking a seat behind a large desk that sat up higher than everything else.

"Mr. Joe?" I whispered to my lawyer in stunned disbelief with Mr. Brown putting a finger over his lips letting me know to be quiet while he smiled and gave me a wink.

The bailiff droned on in a monotone voice going through his ritual before Mr. Joe, I mean Judge Williamson pounded his gavel calling the court session to order.

Mr. Rippner immediately stood up and was about to speak when the judge interrupted him. "Alright gentlemen this is how it is going to go. I had today off because once every three months a small group of my friends and I get together and host a little gathering at one of our homes. This time around was my turn to host, but in light of these events I thought it important to address this situation right away. Make no mistakes…this matter will be resolved today in short order…any objections?" Mr. Joe or rather Judge Williamson asked his voice sounding powerful while he first looked towards my lawyer who announced no objection before looking towards Mr. Rippner who cleared his throat.

"Your honor this is highly unusual. You haven't given us much time to prepare." The man protested with the judge nodding his head.

"Noted Mr. Rippner, but we aren't here to appease the timetable of your office. After all a defendant has a right to a speedy hearing. So if the defense is ready then we should proceed." The judge quipped.

"That's just it judge…no legal counsel has been assigned to the defendant, and since he is a minor isn't he also supposed to have some sort of advocate from children's services because his parents aren't available." The prosecutor replied smiling triumphantly.

"Duly noted, but as you can see the boy has legal counsel, and if I'm not mistaken Mrs. Hetherington is also here from the county to represent the child's interests on behalf of the state." Judge Joe replied. "That is unless you have objection to the child seeking his own legal counsel." He pointed out.

At this point I lost track because it sort of became a quick ping pong game back and forth until the judge pounded his gavel silencing the heated arguments, and making his ruling on several issues at once. Mr. Rippner did not look pleased at all grumbling under his breath having been taken totally by surprise at the turn of events because this was supposed to be a slam dunk type of affair and nothing was going his way.

"Just who the heck is he?" Mr. Rippner asked no one in particular glancing agitatedly towards my lawyer.

I knew what Mr. Rippner was thinking because my lawyer was an elderly man like Mr. Joe so he must have figured the man to be long in the tooth. Also, since he didn't know him personally he figured it was maybe a lawyer who had retired simply being called in by the Weilers to try helping out. Yet, somehow this man was sharp as a whip managing to twist and turn everything to his advantage. That was something Mr. Rippner wasn't accustomed to. If anything he was the one always making the defense counsel squirm and sweat.

"Oh…I'm sorry I thought we had properly brought Judge Brown's name under the record. Anyway Judge Brown this is prosecuting attorney David Rippner. David this is Judge Brown who sits on the bench in Iowa City." Mr. Joe stated scratching his chin in thought.

"Who…what…no you didn't your honor. You only addressed him as Mr. Brown. This is highly unusual to say the least."

"Pray tell…how so."

"Well…he's a judge."

"Yes so he's very capable of launching a defense. Do you have any problems with that?" He asked pushing forward without waiting for an answer. "I didn't think so." He nodded looking at Mr. Rippner pointedly.

"Now that we have all this silly back and forth between the two of you dispensed with, I'm going to reiterate, I intend to finish this off in short order. Since this is an informal hearing to determine whether or not charges are actually warranted I'm going to bring all parties forward now to sit on one side or the other, and will simply ask each of you to tell me the events as you know it. I'll ask questions in-between. I want to make it clear I won't tolerate any outbursts is that understood?" The judge asked with Mr. Rippner grumbling about the way this was being handled in such a casual way, but agreeing knowing it wouldn't do any good to complain.

"Good, then I want Damian and Mr. Reardon to take a seat with Mr. Rippner. Jake I want you to come over and sit next to Sam. If I need clarification about something I will stop you guys, and if I need to ask someone else for clarification that was involved I will ask them as well." He ordered getting us all situated before allowing us to tell our side of the story.

One by one we went through our story all of them matching up similarly; except, when it came to certain details. Then it varied greatly with Judge Joe making notations. Every once in a while Damian or Mr. Reardon would grumble calling us liars, but clamped their mouths shut when the judge glared at them for such outburst.

"So Mr. Reardon it is your contention that this dog viciously attacked you with no provocation?" Judge Joe asked getting an affirmative from the Vice Principal. "Now according to you the dog was locked up in a janitor's room during lunch so you aren't sure how he got out or who let him into your…um…that is Principal Johnson's office?" Judge Williamson clarified getting a sort of dig in against the Vice Principal.

"That's correct, and if I find out who did it, that person is in deep trouble too." Mr. Reardon pointed out looking out into the courtroom that was filled with several staff members from school.

"Well…I'm sure we can find out who that was, but for now let's focus on something else." The judge nodded his head looking at his notes. "Now you do understand that this is a service dog so what you did was illegal?"

"I don't know any such thing. I've never seen any paperwork regarding that whatsoever…so no I didn't know he was a service dog strictly speaking, and no I didn't do anything illegal." Mr. Rippner replied emphatically.

"Well that is where you are wrong Mr. Rippner. Sheriff is this the way Boxey appeared when you arrived on the scene with his service dog tags around his collar?" The Judge asked with the sheriff stating that indeed it was. "I see so he was wearing tags that identified him as a service dog?"

"So what…that doesn't mean anything without the documentation, and I didn't see it in any of the files."

"It doesn't matter Mr. Rippner because under the law you have to assume he's a service dog allowing him to accompany the person he's assigned to assist. If you are in doubt you have to prove your case first before removing the dog. The burden of proof lies with you so you violated the law. Mr. Johnson I'd like to ask you why you didn't have the documentation on file, and why weren't all the staff personnel informed." Judge Williamson asked with Mr. Reardon turning white as a sheet when he looked over his shoulders noticing that at some point the principal had arrived.

The man looked pale and all sweaty still trying to get over the flu, but he stood up showing respect towards the judge since he was being addressed directly. "Yes your honor. I personally placed a copy in Jamie's files and also one in Sam's. I'm not sure what the issue is there." He stated with Mr. Reardon getting up his face all red.

"That's a lie…I looked for them and didn't see any documentation at all." He spat back giving me a sinking feeling he must have gotten rid of them himself since he had access to the files.

"Your honor I don't know what to say, but I do have the minutes from our staff meeting that I held outlining specifically the law regarding having a service dog in the school. At that time I handed out all the information along with a copy of the certificate authorizing Boxey as a service dog just in case there were any issue." Mr. Fogerty added handing over a large file to the bailiff who handed it over to the judge.

"I…I must not have been there that day." Mr. Reardon asserted.

"Hmmmm, that is strange considering your signature is on the log in sheet that everyone signed that day. I'm inclined to think at the very least you are a liar. Again, that is the very least I'm inclined to believe, and if it comes to light you've tampered with documents I'm afraid that would be egregious indeed."

"It still doesn't prove that Boxey is a service dog. For all we know it was forged or something." Mr. Reardon continued to stick to his guns while Mr. Rippner tried to get the man to shut up because he was only managing to dig himself even deeper into a hole.

The judge sat back pursing his lips. "Alright I've just about had enough of this circular kind of reasoning. I assure you the paperwork did exist and was legitimate. I personally sent in the application for the dog to become Jamie's service dog because the evidence showed he indeed acted in that capacity. I also signed it when it came in making it legal. So unless you want to call me a liar I think this issue is resolved." The judge looked at Mr. Reardon who blanched visibly shaken looking around in disbelief how things suddenly shifted out of his favor so quickly.

"Now, regarding the issue of the paddle and the dog attacking you Mr. Reardon; Doctor Swanson I believe you have an official complaint regarding child endangerment?"

"Yes your honor. I examined Sam and found excessive force used against him. Not only this, but I also understood Mr. Reardon did not have Sam's parent's permission to use such disciplinary actions. Also when I asked Mr. Reardon he freely admitted that he originally was going to give Sam five swats, but when the boy resisted happily announced it would be ten. The markings I found were from only one swat and I'm terrified to think what would have happened if he had done the five swats much less ten."

The judge looked visibly sick and several people in the courtroom seemed to grumble. "I…um…take it you took some pictures of the injuries. I for one wouldn't want to subject the boy to a physical scrutiny on our part." The judge seemed to sympathize.

"Um…yes judge, but I didn't print any pictures out because…well…I think you can understand how embarrassing this is for Sam, and we all know how actual prints can somehow disappear only to reappear in public. So I have it on my memory card if you want to see it your honor."

"Not particularly, but in order for me to make a ruling I have to." The judge sighed motioning for the doctor to bring up the camera, and looking apologetically at me while I blushed totally mortified about it.

Motioning for Mr. Rippner and Mr. Brown to step forward to view the pictures along with him, judge Joe took the camera from Doctor Swanson. "Wait a minute. I should be allowed to see it too. Aren't I allowed to confront my accusers?" Mr. Reardon asked getting a scowling look from the judge.

"Yes you are allowed to face your accusers, but you don't have a right to perv on a twelve year old boy's naked back side. For an educated man I would have thought you'd know that using a paddle on a pre-teen or a teenager could do significant damage not only psychologically, but in a physical and sexual manner as well. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for your actions, so sit down and shut up. I will get back to you soon enough." The judge stated scrolling through the pictures with the prosecutor and my lawyer looking as well.

All three faces seemed to blanch at the images with the judge finally waving away the other two men. "I've seen enough…you?" He asked the other two gentlemen after looking at only a couple of the pictures.

Mr. Rippner looked like he wanted to puke, and promptly nodded his head going back to his seat looking a bit green under the gills. It didn't go unnoticed by anyone that he actually scooted his chair away from his own cousin.

"Doctor Swanson what's your assessment?" The judge asked trying to compose himself noticing me squirming around. "Sam…are you alright?" He asked with me nodding my head.

"I think the medication is starting to wear off." I admitted.

"Doctor?" The judge inquired noticing the man riffling through his bag giving me another Tylenol tablet. "Do you need a break Sam?"

"No…I just want to get this over with...thanks doc." I stated with the man patting my shoulder sympathetically. "Is it alright if I stand for a while?" I asked with the judge nodding his head indicating I should do just that while Mr. Reardon snorted muttering under his breathe with how I was milking the situation which riled up the judge.

"Mr. Reardon you will keep those remarks to yourself. From what I've seen in the pictures I'm amazed Sam has been able to sit in his seat showing this court more poise and courtesy than the lot of you sitting on this side of the aisle. From now on you will keep your trap shut unless spoken to." The judge belted with everyone sitting up a bit more properly except for Damian who simply giggled at his cousin's expense.

"Doctor I think we all pretty much know your assessment." The judge asked getting a nod of approval from Mr. Rippner, the prosecutor, and Mr. Brown, my lawyer. "As for the images I agree that if I were a twelve year old boy I'd be a bit leery about those images getting out. I'd suggest locking the memory card in the police lock up room, but I take it you wouldn't want to take the chance of someone getting to it who shouldn't. Isn't that correct sheriff?" The judge asked with Sheriff Jeff nodding his head while the judge sighed before continuing. "I know the sheriff lock up area is supposed to be secured, but too many people have access to it and I think we all can agree we don't want to take the chance." The judge noted with everyone in agreement.

"We have to…um…you know…keep it somewhere though your honor…just in case." The prosecutor pointed out.

"Agreed…Sheriff, I need you to log this into an evidence bag, seal it, and we will place it in my personal safe at my home. Is that agreeable with everyone? This way if it is tampered with we will know since it is officially sealed up, and let's face it my vault at the house is more secure than the bank. They'd have to tear down my entire house to get the safe out much less get past my security system." The judge offered up with everyone in agreement even though this was a unique approach to the solution. "Sam, when all of this is over I will hand the memory card over to you personally to be destroyed."

It was nice to know that the judge had my best interest at heart because I'd simply die if those pictures got out. "Now, as to the dog attacking Mr. Reardon…does anyone want to fess up who let the dog out of the closet and opened up the door to the office?" The judge asked looking towards Mr. Johnson's secretary.

Sighing, the woman stood up and explained how she had noticed Mr. Reardon going for his paddle. She had personally checked off the box which denied anyone the right to paddle Sam, so knew Mr. Reardon had changed it himself. She knew what had happened in the cafeteria and had been afraid for Sam. So while Mr. Reardon went for his paddle she went for Boxey hoping that with the dog in the room Mr. Reardon would be prevented from abusing the boy. When she got back with the dog it was too late because she heard my blood awful screams. She couldn't take it fearing for the boy, so opened up the door letting the dog in.

The judge questioned her some more making sure that my beating was already in progress before questioning Mr. Reardon who denied everything of course. The judge then pointed out the dog was docile enough and even ordered Mr. Reardon to walk right up to Boxey. The dog became alert his ears twitching watching Mr. Reardon, but he remained placid by my feet. He then had the sheriff bring up the paddle, and as soon as Boxey saw it he immediately sat up, cocked his head, and kept a close eye on the object as the judge picked it up, but didn't do anything more. The judge then got up, walked around the dais, and right up to Boxey who was alert keeping an eye on the paddle, but didn't respond more than that.

"Hmmm it doesn't appear like he wanted to harm me, but did seem bit more alert because of the paddle." The judge commented handing the paddle to Mr. Reardon who reflexively reached out and took it from the judge.

Boxey's demeanor immediately changed as he stood up facing towards Mr. Reardon who was obviously now visibly shaken. The judge ordered Mr. Reardon to approach the dog. At first the man hesitated until the judge ordered him to move forward. Slowly Mr. Reardon approached the dog, but kept the paddle down in a non threatening way. Boxey's hackles rose, but he didn't do anything more except let out a low growl. The sheriff had a tight grip on the leash just in case. Judge Joe then told Mr. Reardon to stop about six feet away from Boxey. He then had me stand in front of Mr. Reardon before ordering the man to lift up the paddle like he was going to strike me.

Mr. Reardon swallowed hard looking at the judge pleadingly before looking at his cousin the prosecutor who didn't say a word in his defense. Slowly he lifted up the paddle, and all of a sudden Boxey leapt into action his teeth snapping and snarling nearly yanking the sheriff off his feet. Mr. Reardon was frozen in place scared out of his mind and shaking like a leaf, but I immediately commanded Boxey to sit, and to everyone's amazement the dog instantly sat down, but his hackles remained raised and his snarling growl could be heard.

"Well I think the proof is in the pudding." Judge Williamson pointed out taking a seat back up behind the dais.

After that things went downhill for the prosecution with the judge shooting holes in Damian's case as well. For the most part the sixteen year old was his own undoing as his pretentious arrogance got the better of him. At times he would deny claims like Mr. Reardon had, and at other times he tried to justify it in ways that simply defied a normal person's point of view. He even claimed that Jamie was a retard and didn't know what was going on so what's the difference.

It became evident in short order that he truly believed everything revolved around him. I don't even think he understood what had just happened between his dad and step-mother. He simply didn't understand that life for him was changed forever, and it would become a struggle from here on out. They had no home, and his father undoubtedly had huge bills from all the fancy toys he bought like a brand new truck, fishing boat, and off road vehicles. His father's greed at having all these things under his name alone would be his downfall. All of it was about to come crashing down around their ears because his father would no longer have the income, and Damian simply didn't get it.

One by one people started to come out of the woodwork adding their input when the judge asked them to speak up with what they knew. It amazed me with just how much the judge knew about what was going on in this town. I kept looking into the courtroom noticing how it had filled up with more and more people as they began to show up. Roger testified to how he had tried to protect Jamie when most of the kids were out of school with the flu, but Damian had cornered him afterwards breaking his arm. He finally also broke down regarding the circumstances of the night in January when Jamie was taken and I was attached. He let the judge know that he hadn't said anything because Damian had threatened to do some nasty sexual thing to his little sister who was only ten years old now. At the time he figured he'd rather take the fall to protect his sister, and if it hadn't been for me he would have gone to Juvie for sure. He was thankful for that so from that point on he never got involved with Damian again; instead, trying to look out for Jamie while I was gone.

One by one other kids testified how he had bullied and threatened them in one way or another, usually with their little brothers or sisters. Then Jake spoke up recounting what had happened beginning last week until today when he called me truly concerned for Jamie because Damian had made direct threats with doing something more after school regarding the autistic boy. When pressed, Jake finally broke down and admitted Damian had stated he was going to do something sexual to Jamie which created a gasp from everyone in the room because this was just beyond sick. How he planned to do something like that with a boy who would go ballistic, only Damian knew for himself, but the implications were real and the testimonies from others regarding his lewd behavior supported the idea he was dangerous in this regard.

Then there was the issue with Jamie's dietary needs. The judge tried to point out to Damian that such behavior is just as dangerous like taking away someone's medication or altering the dosage. Kids have allergies to certain foods that could also result in death. In Jamie's case the dietary needs were in the nature of his personal growth and well being since it appeared by all accounts removing certain items helped him process and integrate with others in a more interactive way. Thus the diet meant it was a necessity for the younger boy, and not merely a nutritional or sustenance need; therefore, his actions amounted to child endangerment on some level.

Throughout the process both Mr. Rippner and my attorney jockeyed around with legal fencing back and forth, but it was obvious that the prosecutor was outclassed and outmaneuvered by a much more experienced Mr. Brown. For his part Mr. Rippner was fighting for his nephew now knowing this could spell disaster for the boy. Yet, as the process unfolded revealing the true nature of his nephew in pure and simple terms he appeared to become loath with the idea of the boy getting away with what he's been doing. The only hope he had now for his nephew was to try salvaging his life by seeking out professional help. You could see it in how he began to approach his objections, which didn't go unnoticed by Judge Williamson.

"Alright enough gentlemen…I've heard enough. My ruling is that no formal charge against young Sam Burke is warranted, and I throw out all charges against him because it is obvious he was either acting to protect himself or others in a defensive manner. Some may argue that he actually attacked Damian, but I see it as he did so to protect another person who has a disability and was incapable of defending themselves. I think no one can argue that Jamie is one of the more vulnerable in our society; therefore, at times need extraordinary actions to protect his innocence. In regard to the service dog Boxey those accusations are baseless because the dog was doing what is in his nature protecting those he sees threatened with harm. The dog in question attacked another person only because that said person was attacking an innocent. Let there be no doubt that this indeed is a service dog; therefore, it is utterly illegal to hinder him from anyplace his charge goes. To do so will receive swift action from me." The judge ruled to the applause of practically everyone in the room.

"Now there are a few more matters I will take care of immediately. Mr. Reardon I find there is enough evidence to warrant you being remanded in custody for child endangerment. I will hear arguments for bail on Monday when a hearing can be arranged." The judge ordered getting a moan from Mr. Reardon because this meant he would be locked up over the weekend. Everyone in the courtroom seemed to nod their heads in agreement because many didn't approve of his behavior.

"As for Damian I assign Mrs. Hetherington to be his advocate, and to have him turned over to the state hospital for psychiatric evaluation." Judge Williamson began when Roy jumped up and began cursing the judge, while Damian's face contorted in total confusion, and for the first time ever showed sincere fright.

"Dad?" He whined his eyes bugging out reaching for his father while the man immediately renewed his yelling and accusations completely furious.

"Like hell you will. You have the nerve to do this crap to my son. You've been sitting on that bench for years trying to find something on us, and now you take the word of this fucking city kid who's a known liar. My son's not a mental basket case…that piece of shit sitting right over there is though." He pointed to Jamie. "He's the retard…not my son. I'll kill you before I let you do this to my son. I swear to god Joe…I'll kill you for this if it's the last thing I do. Everyone here knows I'll do it too you fucking bastard." Roy shouted menacingly, threatening the judge with bodily harm for real before he was confronted by his brother, the sheriff, and the bailiff.

Sheriff Jeff, shaken to his core with the blood having drained from his face looking crestfallen because he knew what was coming next, glanced over to the judge. This couldn't be overlooked because it was a real threat, and even though the judge regretted it he ordered that Roy Rippner be placed under arrest with the charge of threatening to take the life of a sitting judge. This now became a federal offense with a mandatory sentencing of imprisonment if convicted. No matter the circumstances of the situation there were too many witnesses who knew Roy well enough to know he meant it. There was also the issue of it being legally documented by the court recorder since we were still in session.

"Sheriff Rippner you are to remand Roy Rippner into custody with the felony charge of threatening a sitting court judge's life. We will have to make arrangements to have this case transferred out of my jurisdiction on Monday." The judge looked at both David and Jeff Rippner apologetically, but both men seemed resigned knowing they had lost their brother a long time ago, and this had been only a matter of time.

Roy immediately began to resist, but it was useless because both the sheriff and bailiff managed to subdue him. Within moments they had him in handcuffs, and pinned up against the wall. The man struggled for a few more moments before finally calming down realizing it was now useless. Throughout the incident all the blood in Damian's face seemed to have drained out of him until he looked pale and scared to death. A look I've never seen on him before.

The judge focused his attention back to Roy's son now with a stern look on his elderly features which brooked no further disruptions. "Damian Rippner I remand you into the care of the county child care services where they will commit you to the state psychiatric ward for evaluation. At such time when it is deemed fit, a court will hear your case. In light of what just transpired with your father your case will also be reassigned."

In one last ditch effort the prosecutor spoke up. "Your honor these entire proceedings were highly unusual to say the least. I'm not sure if this outcome is considered due process. I believe you may have crossed the bounds of your duties." The man protested with the judge nodding not in the least bit offended. He's been sitting the bench for many years so knew how the process worked.

"So I gather you wish to take this in front of a panel of judges asking them to look into my behavior." Judge Williamson stated with the prosecutor nodding his head.

"Well I can save you time. The panel who would judge me is sitting in the back of the room along with Judge Brown. We all get together once every three months to talk about the judicial system and to unwind." He pointed to four distinguished looking gentlemen in the back of the room while also nodding to Judge Brown. "Well…what would you suggest to our fine prosecutor…don't be shy you can be brutally honest." Judge Williamson chuckled shaking his head looking at the men in the back of the room, specifically one person in particular. "I know you would have a strong opinion on this Jeremiah, since we tend to have opposing views on a lot of personal beliefs." He added asking his friend to step forward.

A distinguished elderly looking man stood up looking directly at the prosecutor. "Yes…um…that is true Joe, but I would tell the prosecutor the way things were handled could be viewed as a bit unorthodox, but in the legal sense everything was above board. He can seek our intervention and a review would be conducted, but in the end there most assuredly would be no change in the findings of today." The man offered up with Prosecutor Rippner accepting it and thanking the man for his honesty.

With that the judge ordered the case closed ordering me freed without any consequences before dismissing everyone, but asking me to remain for a moment longer. I watched everyone getting up to disperse with the Weilers giving me a quick hug saying they will be waiting right outside, and that they would call my parents letting them know what's going on.

"Well young man…," Judge Joe chuckled removing his robe and making his way down the dais. "It looks like you've managed to accomplish in one day what people have been trying to do for years. It's a shame though how it had to come about, but Sam in a way it was for the best. We can only hope that maybe Damian's life can be salvaged, and he gets some much needed help." The man sighed shaking his head while I hung down mine not believing everything that just happened.

"A judge?" I asked shaking my head. "And here I thought you were some maintenance guy, janitor, or some such thing. " I admitted with the man smiling at me.

Joe's eyebrows rose upwards with a bemused look on his face. "Would that be so bad…you know being a janitor or some such thing?" He inquired.

"No…of course not…I'm just saying...I didn't know is all. I mean you even talked about having to get fresh air because of the cleaning detergents." I countered in my defense.

The man chuckled nodding his head. "Well actually I didn't lie about that because this courtroom does get a bit noxious when they are using cleaning detergents, so yes; I often have to get out for some fresh air. However, I suppose in some ways I did mislead you somewhat because I wanted to remain a bit more anonymous since I enjoyed how casual our conversations were together. Most people get a bit more formal because of my position. Besides, I enjoy going out to the park and being useful with cleaning up after it. The work helps keep me focused with what is important in this world. Of course it also allows me to bring my dogs with me from time to time. During the cold winter months I don't venture out there as often anymore, so I usually drop of my dogs at a neighbor's who looks after them while I'm in court." The man stated wrapping his arm around my shoulder with us catching up on things.

It was really nice chatting with the judge, and he appreciated me not getting so formal now that I knew of his important position in the community. He told me that it was refreshing for a change not to have someone be so deferring to him, and it often irritated him to no end because people never acted like themselves around him.

We both fell silent for a few moments when the Mr. Joe spoke up again. "Sam…speaking of dogs…I was wondering if the Weilers mentioned to you that I borrowed Boxey right after you left?" He asked with me having to think on it a moment.

"Oh yes…he told me that a breeder wanted to use Boxey because of his laid back disposition, and other special unique qualities rare in many dogs. I didn't see any harm in it, but I didn't know it was you who had been interested in it." I responded with the judge smiling.

"Yes I wanted to breed him with one of my Labrador's. Molly is a sweet and gentle girl, and I was looking into perhaps breeding some puppies to train as different kinds of service dogs. There's such a need for dogs like this and since Boxey seems to have that sort of personality and inclination I thought I'd give my hand a whirl at breeding some puppies that I could provide to other families in need."

"Really?" I asked a bit stunned not knowing what to say at the moment.

"Yes, and I just wanted you to know that when you get a chance I'd like you to come over and meet the puppies. Some of them show a lot of promise in different ways already. I've even hired an expert who is donating his time in getting them trained properly. It'll still be a while before they can go to any owners as a service dog, but we will be fostering them out to various families soon to get them acclimated to people. It is part of the training process. Of course I'm not in it for the money, but there usually is some sort of compensation for stud fees and all. Walt said he wasn't concerned about it, and that we could get it squared away later. Anyway, I just wanted you to know is all, because technically Boxey is still your dog despite the situation with Jamie. Frankly, I should have asked you first about breeding Boxey with my Molly. I just wanted you to know that we can still make arrangements to compensate you for us breeding your dog." The judge offered up.

My eyes looked at the elderly man incredulously. "You've got to be joking. I mean it isn't like you are making any money or anything off the puppies so why would I even ask you for any compensation. Besides, I'm sure Boxey didn't complain any about the…um…well you know." I chuckled blushing with Joe roaring in laughter nodding his head.

"Fair enough Sam, and if you are willing I'd like to breed Boxey with Molly again since they've seemed to have produced a good batch of puppies with service dog characteristics. It won't be for a while though because I want Molly to have plenty of time in between pregnancies. Dogs usually go in heat twice a year so I'm thinking maybe we can wait a year." He finished with me shrugging my shoulders indicating it didn't much matter to me while he patted my shoulder motioning for me to go on and join the others because we could discuss it further later.

Making my way towards the exit of the courtroom I wasn't really concerned about being compensated for breeding Boxey to one of the judges' dogs; especially, since he's indicated after the puppies were properly trained they'd be placed for free with families who had certain needs for a service dog. Stepping through the courtroom doors I noticed Uncle Walt talking to Mrs. Rippner about the orchards. It sounded like they were all going to pool their resources which would help everyone. That would mean three orchards under one umbrella. I suppose by combining resources it would make things easier overall.

Aunt Harriet was on the phone reassuring my folks everything was alright, and when I spotted Jake off to the side looking around a bit bored I immediately ran up to him. "Jake, I'm so happy to see you. I've missed you guys." I told the younger boy wrapping him up in my arms and squeezing him tightly to me noticing the boy wince in pain before I released him. "Oh crap…I'm so sorry Jake. It looks like Damian gave you more than a simple bloody lip." I sighed looking the boy up and down critically while he merely waved it off like it wasn't a big deal.

The smaller boy stepped up once more closing the gap between us his turn to give me a hug wrapping his arms around me holding on tightly returning my genuine warm embrace from just a moment ago. Burying my nose in his thick strawberry brown colored hair his scent smelled delightfully delicious as it wafted up into my senses making me quiver with its familiarity. We held one another like that for several long moments before I loosened up my grip and firmly planted a kiss on the boy's cheeks making him blush with them turning several shades of red. Everyone was looking at us, and I could tell it was a bit embarrassing for Jake, but I wasn't concerned about who saw us because I really did care a lot for the younger boy.

"I missed you too Sam. It's so good to see you." He sniffled, his arm snaking around my waist remaining close to my side and leaning in no longer worried what people might think with me holding on to him just as firmly for another several moments before releasing one another and giggling nervously.

Just then I caught a glimpse of Roger heading down the hallway with his folks. "Hold on for a minute Jake?" I apologized to the boy shouting out for Roger who didn't seem to hear me.

Shoving my way through some people I ran after the boy shouting out his name once more. "Roger…wait." I yelled.

This time the older teen must have heard me because he seemed to hesitate a moment looking around. His body turned around just in time to brace himself when I slammed into him before wrapping the boy up in my arms with the top of my head snuggling up under his chin and neck. "Oh Roger…thank you so much for what you did." I told him sincerely pressing my upper body into his holding him tightly to me.

The boy had a more headier scent making my penis twitch a little with the familiar kind of boy scent I've become accustomed to despite this one having a bit of maturity to it. I've never really noticed before, but Roger was growing into a handsome looking teenager. This thought made my penis start to chub up, but I tried to tamp down my emotional urges succeeding in keeping it from blowing up completely creating a scene within my pants.

The older boy flinched for a moment and stiffened up, but seemed to sigh wrapping his arms around me returning my warm embrace. I thought about giving him a kiss on the cheek like I had done with Jake, but decided against it figuring it would only freak him out. We did stay like that for a bit too long with what would be considered appropriate, but I didn't care, and by the way he was holding me in return he didn't seem to mind either.

Finally I pulled back from him noticing how a bit of wetness had formed on the corners of his eyes. "Thanks for being so brave and testifying Roger. I'm really so sorry about your arm, but I'll never forget it because you stuck up for our Jamie. I'm so thankful of everything you've done for him and also because today took a lot of guts." I whispered softly to him finally noticing his little sister standing next to him so I turned my attention to her.

"You have such a cool older brother…he's the best and so very brave." I told the younger girl who reached over taking her big brother's hand, the one that wasn't broken, in her fingers nodding her head. "Promise me you will take good care of him. He's had it a bit rough you know…but you and me…we both know why…right?" I asked her noticing the little girl nod while her cheeks blushed a bit shyly. "Good…so you'll take good care of him?" I asked with her nodding again. "Good girl…is it alright if I give you a hug too?" I asked because she was simply too adorably sweet with her curly brown locks tumbling down her cute little rounded cheeks.

The smaller girl batted her big brown eyes at me for a moment looking up to her brother who smiled and nodded his head indicating it was alright.

"It's alright Suzie…Sam's a nice guy." Roger smiled at her reassuringly.

With permission given the girl opened up her arms and the two of us hugged while Roger's parents looked on smiling at me appreciatively. It had been tough for them as well, and I could tell they were thankful for how I had stood up for their son several months back when no one else was willing. Now they stood by their son proud of how he had come forward to do the right thing even though it had been a difficult choice, and had even cost him a broken arm to boot.

Entering the rambler style house I looked around while Jake kept tugging at my arm trying to hurry me along. I've never been over to his house before so I was trying to get my bearings. After chatting with Roger and his parents for a couple of minutes I had walked back over to my Aunt and Uncle. Jake was begging his mom to let him sleep over with me at the Weilers' place, but she hesitated a little because of all that was going on today. After watching Jake and his mom go at it for a few moments I spoke up saying it was fine with me, but first I wanted to visit with Austin since he was sick. The Weilers agreed having Jake over was alright letting us know that they'd have dinner ready after our visit with Austin.

The rambler style house had originally been a two bedroom home, but a third bedroom had been added in what used to be a root cellar. It was actually spacious and had been made into a master bedroom with a walk-in closet and bathroom that had a Jacuzzi in it as well. Jake tugged me along through the living room while I continued to look around. Off to the right was the kitchen and dining room while to the left a hallway led to the two bedrooms and a small bathroom. Jake led me down the hallway a few steps before pointing to the room on the right. I saw another door at the end of the hallway and I knew that had to be Damian's bedroom which used to be the old master bedroom with its own bathroom. On the opposite side from the door Jake had just pointed out was another door which led into the main bathroom.

Stepping through the bedroom door I looked around at the tight quarters. It was a tiny room barely enough for one person let alone two, but somehow the Lorenz brothers had managed all these years. Along the right wall was a small dresser drawer, and along the left wall was a small closet with sliding doors. Along the back wall in the middle was the single sized bunk bed with two small windows on either end close to the side walls. Jake turned on the light inside his room, and I saw Austin lying on his back drowsing with his face all sweaty and pale looking. The smaller boy smiled allowing me to go over first.

Picking up the damp towel from one of those little fold-up dinner tray tables I dunked it inside the bowl of water wringing it out and wiping Austin's brow. The boy slowly opened up his eyes and smiled feebly at me.

"So you decided to come back and visit." He sighed trying to prop himself up while I helped him easing the boy back up against the pillows noticing how much even this little bit of effort took out of him.

Taking a moment to recuperate while I wiped his damp sweaty forehead he nodded his thanks and smiled at me. "So did you kick Damian's ass? Just before mom rushed out of the house she told me there was a big fuss at the school…something about you decking Damian with a stack of trays knocking him out cold. I wish I would have thought of that sooner myself." Austin turned his head coughing with his chest rattling a little.

Jake all of a sudden sat down on the bed next to his older brother a bit concerned until Austin smiled at him indicating he was alright. The smaller boy smiled back and began telling his brother everything that happened. The excitement in the little boy's voice kept rising until it was almost making squeaking noises while he became increasingly animated. In short order he told Austin all about their mom kicking out Roy and Damian while also letting him know that the house actually belonged to the two of them. It had been in their dad's family for generations, and their father had it in the Will if anything happened it would belong to his sons. Then he told Austin about the court order regarding Damian and Roy.

"Wow…and I missed it all." Austin chuckled looking at his little brother affectionately reminding me just how close the two of them were. "Listen Jake since you are spending the night over at the Weilers' with Sam you might want to see what mom needs you to do before you go. This way Sam and I can visit some more while you get them done real fast." He suggested to his little brother who didn't complain knowing things were starting to pile up with the chores since Austin's been sick.

I offered to help but both brothers declined. Jake indicated since he would be visiting with me later that it was only fair I visit with his brother some now. The look I got from Austin indicated he wanted to chat with me in private so I smiled and held out my hand in a sign of defeat.

Jake got up heading out the door so I turned back towards Austin to visit with him some more until his little brother finishes up with the chores. "Um…Sam…I…uh…could you do me a big favor?" Austin asked me once his brother disappeared down the hall.

"Yeah sure…what's up?" I responded.

"Well…with my fever and all I've been drinking like buckets so I kind of need to…well I just need you to pee me?" He chuckled his cheeks blushing catching me a bit off guard.

"You want me to what?" I asked looking around to make sure no one was around.

"Yeah, I've been peeing in a bottle and its so humiliating, but I can't walk to the bathroom on my own. Do you think you could…you know help me get there?" He asked while I hesitated a moment squirming around nervously in my seat.

It wasn't like I haven't seen him naked before and stuff, but still I wasn't exactly sure what he meant by the whole 'peeing him' thing. Since I hadn't said anything Austin reached down tossing aside his covers. He was shirtless with beads of perspiration all along his torso wearing his usual boxers which were a checkered green color this time around. The damp cottony material clung to his ample sized package showing of his nice fat floppy. Somehow it seemed a little bigger since last I had seen him, but then again it was difficult to be sure.

"Well don't just sit there help me up." He grunted trying to lift himself out of bed.

The poor guy was so week that his legs looked all rubbery like when I helped stand him up. I literally had to hold him up walking to the bedroom door. Taking a peek outside the door noting his mom wasn't around I dragged him across the hall closing the bathroom door behind us leading him up to the toilet bowl. He was literally panting now his hands shaking trying to tug on the waistband of his boxers with me still holding him up. Looking over towards me pleadingly I sighed while he reached out to prop himself up against the wall with his hands. Making sure he wasn't going to fall I released him and slipped up behind him while his body trembled.

"I'm not sure this was such a good idea." I told him hesitating a moment before reaching around his waist and lowering down the front of his boxers with my left hand while using my right hand to pull out his heavy sagging boy pouch before fumbling around with his heavily weighted thick flaccid tube.

This wasn't the first time I had touched him, but I still felt a little guilty about doing this. I had to admit though it did send a bit of thrill through me feeling the damp weighty hot fat burrito in my fingers. Leaning over I looked down between his legs so I could see what I was doing in order to prevent myself from pointing the damn thing in the wrong direction creating a mess. His soft hose looked huge in my fingers compared to what I was used to seeing them hold. It wasn't so much the length but rather the thickness of it.

I also noticed that he still had those few strands of pubes I had seen him with several months back. They might be a bit thicker, but not really so it was noticeable. Then I felt a stirring and an odd sensation when the clear liquid began to flow from the tip of his bulbous knob. It was enthralling to watch it happening while also feeling a bit odd with how the sensations felt in my fingers when the liquid flowed from the thick tube. It was almost like I could feel the vibration of the flowing liquid through the hose, which seemed to go on forever before I felt his penis twitch once, twice, and a third time with him squeezing out the last few drops. His squeezing tube somehow felt wickedly awesome contracting like that in my fingers. It was a little similar to how Paavo's felt when he climaxed while I jacked him off, yet also oddly very different.

"Thanks." I heard Austin pant which was my cue to tuck his junk back into his boxers.

Washing my hands I helped walk him back to his room. When we stepped through the door I noticed his mom had stripped the sheets off of his bed. She looked over and smiled at me knowingly making me blush with embarrassment wondering if she had heard us in the bathroom. She motioned for me to set Austin down in the chair and I busied myself with helping her put on the new sheets while we chatted away. Austin didn't seem bothered about his mom seeing him sitting there half naked in his underwear. The way he was sitting in his loose fitting boxers I could see a part of his boy baubles hanging out the side of his left leg opening. I knew his mom had to of noticed as well, but she seemed to ignore it. I think Austin must have realized that his nut sack was hanging out because he reached down tucking them back inside his loose fitting leg opening. He didn't seem bothered by the fact it had been hanging out for everyone including his mom to see.

Walking over towards her son, Austin's mom tossed a lightweight blanket over him before tugging on his boxer bottoms while he lifted his hips allowing her to slip them off of him. "Come on baby…let's get you into bed so I can wash you down." She stated covering his body back up with the blanket because it had slipped off to the side a little revealing some of his soft boy baubles, which didn't even seem to bother Austin how his mom had seen him naked like that.

"What…no way." He protested while I helped her get his blanket covered naked body over to the bed so he could lie back down.

"What do you mean no way?" She scolded lightly. "It's not as if I don't see you and your little brother walking around naked all the time." She pointed out while I blushed because within a minute's time she had stripped Austin naked, and put him to bed without batting an eye.

It left me a bit confused because I would have been mortified if my mom had seen me naked, much less actually stripped me like Austin's mom had done. Then to find out that both Austin and Jake walked around naked with their mom seeing them was also a bit strange in my opinion.

"Yeah but seeing me and Jake naked when we cross the hallway to hop in the shower is different than actually…well…uh…you know…washing me down there. I mean what if I…um…that is…," he paused blushing at letting slip the whole issue of him popping one while his mom washed him between his legs.

Even I blushed at the little slip of the tongue while Mrs. Rippner seemed to ignore it. Thank goodness for that because if she would have said anything about the obvious implication or even asked him the 'if you what' question inquiring into what he meant then it could have been a bit awkward. It also answered some of my other concerns regarding the whole nudity matter. I guess it wasn't like him or Jake actually walked around the house naked, but rather her seeing them in a more incidental kind of fashion when they slipped back and forth into the bathroom for their showers; although, unlike me they didn't care if they were seen. I was also relieved to note that even though he didn't mind her seeing him naked, just like now when she undressed him, that at least he was embarrassed about other private kinds of issues.

"Austin don't be such a baby." His mom clucked her tongue shaking her head at her eldest son. "You'll feel a lot better once you are all cleaned up, besides that little jaunt to the bathroom has you so exhausted that I'm not even sure you could clean yourself if you wanted." She noted picking up the wet rag and little basin moving towards the door to get some clean water while I also had to agree with her because Austin looked really pale and barely able to move around now like he were all worn out.

"No…mom…please don't…I…I…what about Sam…he could do it instead." He offered up pleadingly in a last ditch effort getting his mom to pause and turn around.

"You want…uh…me…what…no way?" I immediately blurted out with my body bolting upright from into a stiff sitting position next to him on the bed glaring at him. Austin shot a pleading look in my direction forcing me droop back into my chair immediately eroding any resistance as I sighed. "Er…that is…um…yeah…I suppose it would be alright…I think." I offered up a bit stunned at what had just transpired.

Hell, this was way awkward; especially, since his mom didn't even seem to bat an eye at the suggestion. I would have thought she'd be a bit freaked out by one of Austin's guy friends touching her son's privates, but she didn't appear bothered by the idea even smiling at me and nodding her head in agreement. It had me a bit panicky, but Austin's been a real good friend to me coming over regularly when I was sick picking up my spirits. A few months ago I would have simply been mortified by the whole idea refusing it outright no matter how much my cute friend batted his eyelashes at me. Sure I was still a bit leery, but let's face it jacking of Paavo sort of set me a little more at ease regarding touching another boy down there; especially, since it was obviously for hygienic purposes. Sighing I got up taking the bowl from Austin's mom.

"Thank you for being willing to do this Sam. I know it is probably a bit awkward, but he's been so feverish lately that he needs to get cleaned up. I hope you really don't mind?" She spoke softly giving me a warm embrace and kiss on the top of my head.

"No I don't mind Mrs. Rippner." I began when she held up her hand stopping me and giving me a warm smile.

"You can use the boys' last name Sam…I don't think I want to use the other one anymore." She admitted making me nod my head understandingly.

"Alright Mrs. Lorenz…anyway…like I was saying...Austin's been a really good friend…Jake too. I know I would have been totally lost and bored out of my mind if it hadn't been for them. Besides, when I was sick he could have simply stayed away and ignored me until I got better, but both him and Jake were always over even when I was totally out of it and asleep. That's knowing you've got the best friends ever." I explained, with her patting my cheek in a motherly caring kind of way.

"Yes, but you've been a good friend to them too Sam…don't ever think otherwise. It means the world to my boys…and me; especially, in regards to Damian. Without you my boys would have been lost for sure. I can't ever thank you enough for that Sam." She sighed stepping out of the room and down the hallway leaving us alone while I glanced over my shoulder noticing how Austin was all worn out and currently snoozing.

Filling the bowl with lukewarm water I made my way back to Austin's bed closing the bedroom door behind me before wiping down his brow with the damp rag. The blond boy's brown eyes fluttered open and he smiled at me. "Let's get you rolled over and do your back first this way when you roll back over on to your back you will be all set." I offered up knowing from experience that by the time I finished up with his back and then front side he'd probably be asleep again. This way I wouldn't have to wake him up to roll him on to his back if I started on his front side first.

Getting Austin rolled over on to his stomach I realized just how much the flu had taken out of him. He could barely manage without my help finally getting settled in tucking his arm under his head and facing me his eyes gazing lazily towards me while I began washing down his back with the damp rag going over it afterwards with a dry towel. He shivered slightly when the warm dampness began to cool on his skin so I tried to dry him off fairly quickly. His pale round butt cheeks looked so adorably delicious when I ran my rag over them dipping between his crevice making sure to clean him up there as well. Austin sighed spreading apart his legs giving me an unobstructed view of his very cute large tight pouch from a different kind of angle. I could make up the tip of his penis and ball sack which was squished up against the mattress stretching out the membrane in an awkward kind of way. It made me smile and I noticed my own throttle begin to chub up because the boy really was very attractive looking. Austin giggled a little and squirmed around making me grin broadly because I knew it had to be a unique feeling having someone else messing around between your butt cheeks.

Finishing up I rolled him on his back noticing his full blown erection wriggling around while he got settled down on his back not in the least embarrassed by the huge thick missile launcher that was in the upright firing position at the moment. "Damn, I hate feeling so fucking exhausted. I can barely move around." Austin sighed closing his eyes.

"Yeah, well you can't be too exhausted, not if that fat rocket silo between your legs is any indication." I teased snatching at his erection before releasing it making him giggle while he looked down at his hard tube. "Damn, for real though Austin did it get a little bigger since I've been gone?" I asked noticing it appeared to be about three and three quarters of an inch long now, and a bit thicker than the last time I've seen him while he shrugged his shoulders.

Running the rag over his body before dipping it between his legs Austin all of a sudden flinched and moaned his hard tube and purse contracting spastically. "Oh shit…," he gasped. "That feels so hot." He admitted panting and settling back down objectionably when I removed the damp rag afraid that I was going to make him climax. "Damn, it's been like days since I've…um…you know?" He giggled. "Um…maybe you could…uh….you know help me out a little?" He asked teasingly yet with a hint of sincerity his voice sounding a bit pleadingly.

"Hah, maybe you should get your girlfriend to help you out there. You can't tell me that Kathy Lee isn't willing to get her hands all over that fat sausage of yours. I know when I left she was more than willing in that regard." I chuckled tauntingly until I noticed him biting his lower lip looking away. "I'm sorry Austin. I didn't mean to make it sound so trashy." I apologized with him turning back to me and smiling hesitantly.

"It's not that Sam…it's…um…we broke up a couple of weeks ago." He stated catching me by surprise because when I had left the two of them were a very hot and heavy item at school. He seemed to notice my look and shrugged his shoulders. "It…um…well…it just didn't work out is all. I think we both realized we were in it for the wrong reasons, and I didn't tell you sooner because you had other stuff going on at your school without worrying about me too." He admitted turning his head away from me his eyes welling up a little making me wonder exactly what that meant.

Looking down I sighed shaking my head before reaching down taking Austin's extremely warm and thick tube in my hand. It felt so damn heavy and huge in my fingers as I slowly began to stroke him feeling the younger boy stiffening up, his penis jerking around in my fingers. Austin slowly turned his head towards me beads of sweat forming on his brow whimpering slightly at the tingling sensations I was providing him. With my left hand I ran it along his pubic mound sliding my fingers through his sparse set of brownish blond fibers noting how silky smooth the strands felt on my finger tips. My right fist was pumping his thick tube in earnest noticing how it felt with my fingers running up and down along the smooth part of his shaft before gliding over the ridge of his short but fat rounded knob. Using my left hand I began to squeeze his large satchel rolling his walnut sized testicles in my fingers. Even that had gotten bigger since the last time I've seen him. My fingers seemed to glide a little smoother with me realizing he must be oozing some pre-cum making me curious because I've never experienced something like that before, so I took a closer look wanting to see what it looks like.

All of a sudden Austin grunted catching by surprise as he let loose with his testicles jolting upwards while his slicked up penis began to squirm around in my fingers. "Uuuumph, uuumph, aaaaah, uuuuuuumph," he groaned a little too loudly making me panic for a second until I realize his mom was running something that made a lot of noise in the kitchen at the same time.

My eyes were riveted on his fat juicy sausage noticing how the tip of his currently purplish blue glans began to inflate revealing the small little hole at the tip. It flared opened emitting an oozing clear translucent flowing glob that surged slowly over the rounded head of his glans like flowing lava before soaking into my pumping fist. It wasn't a huge amount, and it was more clear and fluid than gooey, but there was no mistaking that this was most definitely boy batter, spermies, jizz, or in layman's terms…semen.

"Oh…oh…shit…," Austin gasped his body shuddering and bucking one last time with me feeling his fireman's hose jerking around before settling down and slowly deflating into its final flaccid state of about three and a quarter inches, also a bit bigger than I remembered. "Oh shit Sam…that felt so awesome…way better than with Jake that's for sure…the best ever." He sighed closing his eyes enjoying the aftermath of his rapture while I took a closer look at my fingers.

Noticing Austin's eyes were still closed I held it up to my nose taking a sniff, detecting a unique odor. It didn't have that sort of ammonia smell to it like piss, but rather an almost earthy kind of scent making me wonder what it tasted like. I was tempted to try it, but remembered he was sick with the flu giving me enough incentive to resist the temptation. Glancing back at Austin I realized he was staring at me and grinning.

"What?" I asked smirking back while he shrugged his shoulders. "I'm just curious you know. It's not like I've seen this before since I don't…you know?" I replied while he chuckled making me smile even more. "Um…Austin…," I began with him looking at me. "Uh…have you ever…you know…tasted it?" I asked with him scrunching up his eyebrows a bit hesitant at first before realizing it was me he was talking to so knowing he could trust me.

"Yeah, and before you ask it's kind of hard to describe what it tastes like. I suppose it is something you have to experience for yourself I guess. I mean it isn't bad or anything, not really, just strange I guess. Personally, I don't care much for it, but I've heard some do and others sort of come to like it after they get used to it. Who knows for sure?" He admitted with me nodding my head slowly cleaning up the small mess he had created.

He really hadn't spewed out a lot, and it hadn't even squirted or blasted out like you always hear about; instead, it had merely oozed from the little hole between the fleshy slot in the front of his knob. The last time I had watched him ejaculate he had only managed one little drop that stuck to the tip of his pee slit. He was emitting slightly more now, but still not enough to actually make it squirt out with force catching air.

Rinsing out the rag I started wondering about his remark with how this had been the best ever. It made me curious with what he meant by the comment since I figured he had to of done a little messing around with Kathy Lee. She most definitely had appeared interested in that sort of stuff with the cute boy that was currently snoozing completely exhausted and finally satiated now with his much needed release. The only explanation I could come up with at the moment is that maybe he hadn't taken care of his pre-teen urges for several days so it had built up inside of him until I came along finally giving him the release which liberated the dam.

Austin's flaccid heavy floppy lay curved over towards his right thigh while his large satchel sagged down slightly between his legs. Not able to resist I lifted up his soft hose in my fingers rolling it around taking a closer look. It didn't look so smooth now with the pinkish brown digit looking a bit wrinkled. Even his fat stubby knob didn't seem so smooth anymore having shifted from the deep purplish blue hue to the more natural pinkish brown tint. Sighing I released it from my fingers finishing up with cleaning off Austin before covering his pale smooth body with his blanket.

Getting up I took the bowl and rag with me to the bathroom rinsing them both out thoroughly making sure to get rid of any lingering evidence of what we had just done. Surprisingly I didn't feel all that guilty about helping my friend out, and in a way it was kind of exciting. I suppose my little sexual trysts with Paavo in this regard sort of got me over the little hump of helping out my closest friends if they wanted something like this. I still knew though that for me I wasn't ready to actually engage physically with someone else allowing them to reciprocate. It somehow didn't feel right to go that far.

Returning back to the room I noticed Jake sitting next to his brother looking concerned. "He'll be alright Jake, he's just exhausted. I helped your mom change out his sheets and moving him around had him all worn out." I pointed out purposely not mentioning the other stuff regarding me giving him a sponge bath and jacking him off. "Come-on, let's grab your stuff and let him get some rest. I want to get home and cleaned up. It's been a long day, and I'm a bit hungry too because I haven't had anything to eat since breakfast." I admitted with Jake perking right up now that he knew his brother was only snoozing.

Standing under the warm spray of the shower head it felt good on my body. I hadn't realized just how tense the day had been as I rinsed out my hair. Mrs. Lorenz had dropped me and Jake off speeding home not wanting to be away so long from Austin since she already had left him alone earlier. Having already been gone so long earlier in the day had made her realize just how vulnerable Austin really was at the moment, but at the time she didn't have a choice.

After dropping us off, Jake and I entered the house only to realize that Aunt Harriet and Uncle Walt were out in my mom's orchard doing some much needed work. They had left a note saying that Jamie was upstairs playing some games on his I-pad and that there was some roasted chicken and potatoes in the oven. While I read the note Jake had gone upstairs and I followed a few moments later finding him playing some of the games with Jamie. It made me smile realizing that while I've been gone that the Lorenz brothers had continued to come over and interact with the autistic boy. I even grinned when I saw Jamie smile and pat the other boy on the leg.

"Good…good…Jake…good one." Jamie stated seemingly swinging back to how things were before the incident with Damian while Jake glanced over at the long haired boy and smiled impishly making sure not to touch him.

I informed Jake I was going to hop in the shower, and then we could eat leaving him with Jamie who seemed very happy to have the other boy around sharing the game with him. Soaping up my body now, I dipped my hand between my legs doing what came naturally to boys the world over. Unlike Austin, nothing for me had changed all that much down there in that department having me once again wondering if I was ever going to mature. My mind shifted to the image of Austin's soft features and his sexy looking large fat penis while my hands became a blur between my legs. I could feel myself already building up knowing it wouldn't take long now. Seeing myself stroking that sexy cartridge belonging to Austin with that stubby thick knob of his had me gasping a few moments later when I felt my testicles jerk upwards while the barrel of my little pistol quivered in release shooting blank bullets. In a way I thought it felt a little painful not being able to shoot anything out of my sleek rifled tube.

Slowly I came down from my high, the water from the shower head flowing over my back while I leaned up against the wall. Several moments later I heard the curtains opening and closing making me smile knowing Jamie must have decided to take a shower as well just like we used to before I had left back home for Des Moines.

Slowly I turned around and stood there in shock because it wasn't Jamie, but rather Jake standing there with his thin hard one and a half inch asparagus sticking straight up into the air while his one inch flexible foreskin drooped curving over towards the front making for a unique perspective with the yin and yang of hardness and softness. Without waiting for me to respond the smaller boy stepped up giving me a warm tender hug rubbing his smooth soft body up against mine before taking a step back and tilting his head up planting a heated kiss against my mouth. His lips felt soft and supple with me not able to resist returning his passionate kiss while running my hands up and down his naked body before we separated.

"Oh shit Sam…I've missed that." The younger boy grinned nervously with me returning his smile nodding my head.

"I know…me too." I replied shifting positions so he was standing under the warm water.

Reaching out I began to rinse off his body without saying a word. Jake stood there watching me intently while I shampooed up his hair enjoying the fact that I was willing to wash him personally. His hard erection swayed around stiffly while his soft foreskin appeared to flap around like a flag in a brisk wind as I scrubbed his hair and rinsing it out before turning his body around facing away from me so I could soap up his body from behind. Wrapping my arms around his waist I pressed up my body against his back feeling the smaller boy begin to quiver excitedly at my soft touch before gasping and stiffening up when my soapy fingers dipped between his legs. His soft little tight pouch quivered with his testicles contracting upwards when I ran the small little grape sized marbles around in the fingers of my left hand. Reaching over with my right hand I slowly pulled back his extremely long foreskin along his sleek slightly curved stiff erection exposing his sexy little knob that was for all intense purposes just like his older brother's only much smaller. Jake whimpered in my arms while I craned my neck around his body watching what I was doing to him.

He felt so sexy hot in my arms managing to make me hard despite having just taking care of my own urges. Jake's penis was much smaller and thinner than Austin's with a slight bend to it, but it too seemed to have fattened up a little more since I last saw him. It hadn't grown a whole lot, but still enough to make me wonder if he was at the beginning stages of finally maturing more between his legs.

"Damn…you feel so sexy hot." I breathed softy my warm breath brushing against the boy's neck making him shiver excitedly. "I swear you've gotten a little bigger down here." I whispered forcing the boy to whimper nodding his head in agreement not trusting his voice at the moment because I was already stroking him, something I've never done for him before.

This was something Jake's been begging me to do for a while now. I could tell he was a bit surprised, but he was also enjoying the sensations I was giving him as he leaned back into my arms giving me complete access to his small endowment. Looking down over his shoulders I nuzzled my lips against his neck running my tongue and lips against his earlobe making the boy sigh contentedly. Using my pointing and middle finger, along with my thumb I began to masturbate him in earnest. I had pulled his foreskin completely over the tip of his knob allowing the end part to slip up and down along the entire length of his slightly arched shaft and glans. His foreskin slid easily along the entire length slipping over the tip of his glans along the upward stroke before retracting once more on the downward motion.

Jacking off Jake with his long foreskin was a little different than Paavo because I peeled it all the way down where with Paavo I didn't have to do that because his foreskin already seemed the perfect size allowing me to work him without any adjustments. With Jake it really wasn't that big of an issue, and it was still sexy hot as the smaller boy now began squirming around in my arms.

"Oh shit…you are simply so sexy hot." I crooned to the slender petite boy noticing how my whispering sweet nothings seemed to turn him on. "Oh yeah…so hard…and I love that nice long piece of skin. I love how it slides along your sleek hard piece of steel." I whispered noticing the excitement build up inside of him as he began to thrust his hips in response. "Oh yeah…that's it. Work that needle of yours like a sewing machine on steroids. Oh fuck yeah that's it…faster…work it baby…work it hard. Oh hell yeah, so fucking sexy hot and studly." I crooned when the boy suddenly squeaked when I ran my thumb along the tip of his knob while clamping down hard around his short thin shaft.

The sensation was too much for him as I watched the tip of his purple knob flair outwards while feeling his two small cherry sized testicles jerk out of my squeezing left hand. "Eeeeeeey, uuumph, eeeeeeey, Eeeh, eeeeeeeey, he squealed not holding back being louder than even when his older brother jacked him off all those nights they spent over here behind the closed door of the bathroom upstairs.

Jake's entire body jerked around in my arms several times heaving upwards one moment and then slumping down heavily in my arms before going through the process again. It was actually a little frightening because his body was all slicked up and slippery making me worried he might end up falling down. It also lasted for the longest time making me panic that he'd never let down. I've never known anyone to have an orgasm this long. I've heard stories, and even heard Austin exclaim on several occasions about it while servicing his little brother, but always believed people were full of shit for the most part because I've never lasted longer than a few moments, not even twenty or thirty seconds my high coming quickly and dissipating within moments. I'm sure Jake's orgasm didn't really last all that long in the grand scheme of things, but it seemed like forever to me as I now held on to him while his body continued to twitch until he finally sighed and sagged completely worn out in my arms.

Slumping down on the floor I held the strawberry brown haired boy in my arms with his chest heaving for air while the warm water continued to splash across our bare heaving bodies because even for me it had been a bit of a workout trying to hold on to the slippery naked boy. I was leaning up against the back of the tub with Jake curled up in my arms, his head leaning up against my chest, and his now flaccid one inch plus floppy and one and a half inch foreskin snuggled up between his legs. Even his small satchel seemed to hang down softly now, more so than I've ever seen it before, all snuggled up just beneath his long thin worm. Slowly Jake's blue green orbs opened gazing up at me with a slow smile spreading across his features.

"Sam," He whispered softly. "Thanks sooooo much." He breathed out slowly shaking his head. "I never knew." He added his eyes closing for a moment before opening back up while I frowned still a little concerned.

"Knew what?"

"That it was supposed to feel this good. That was…that was way more intense. Way better than with Austin. Oh shit Sam…I…I never knew it could be so intense. It felt so great that it kind of hurt. Even my pecker and balls ached." He sighed smiling up at me. "Do you think we can do that again?" He asked while I looked between his legs noticing how soft he was still down there with Jake following my gaze and chuckling realizing what I was thinking. "Well…maybe not just yet, but still…soon?" He asked hopefully making me bust up laughing.

"Shit dude…I'm not sure that would be a good idea because you should of heard yourself. If I did that while anyone else was around they'd hear you for sure. Damn for real Jake…we are going to have to be careful if we do that again. Not to mention you scared the crap out of me because I didn't think your orgasm would ever go away. Does it always last so long?" I asked him trying to recall how long it had taken him when he used to spend the night.

"Well…um…lately it seems to be lasting a little longer and all, but not like this. I mean today was…uh…well…intense." He offered up while I nodded thinking it must have been because he had been wanting this from me for so long now, not to mention maybe like his older brother he hasn't been taking care of his urges over the last couple of days.

Nodding my head I sighed giving him a quick hug. "Alright buddy…maybe we should get up and dry off before the Weilers get back home. We'll have to be careful in the future if we do this again." I offered up seeing the boy light up.

"So does this mean you will jack me off again? Do you think maybe you could give me a blowjob too? Austin refuses to do that for me, but maybe you could…you know. I mean I'd be willing to give you one too." He chuckled reaching over wrapping his fist around my hard erection catching me by surprise with me squeaking nearly blowing my cork.

"Oh shit…STOP!" I yelped shoving his hand away from me a bit roughly. "Geeze…for real Jake." I scolded him a little bit too harshly with the blue green eyed boy blinking his eyes biting his lower lip. I hadn't intended it to come off that way so I tried to explain better. "Damn Jake for real…it's all I can do just to jack you off and all. I like you a lot, and you mean the world to me so I don't mind helping you out sometimes, but I'm just not ready for more. I can't explain it Jake because I don't really know why I feel that way…only that I do. Please Jake it's so hard to…um…you know…resist, but if I did more I'd feel guilty and awful about it afterwards. So if you are up for it I'll help you out from time to time, but we need to be careful is all. I love and care about you so much, and I don't want to loose you as a friend. That's the most important thing to me." I admitted feeling the love I felt for the younger boy swelling up in my chest.

It was a different kind of love I felt towards Jamie and even Paavo. For me the kind of love I felt for Jake and Austin was more brotherly, yet also slightly different, somehow more. Both boys did turn me on to no end, yet I knew getting intimate with them would change things for us. I suppose I didn't mind messing around a little, but I was beginning to realize that for me a sexual relationship with someone meant so much more to me than most other boys. Of course for many of us boys, sex was about getting off, but I was beginning to think that for me it somehow meant much more. I think with how Paavo explained things to me regarding the sex he had with his best friend back in Estonia sort of opened my eyes a little. He had admitted that he enjoyed fooling around to a certain extent, but when it came to becoming more intimate he simply didn't feel that sort of connection so had resisted the urge to suck off his best friend. I think for Paavo, deep down he wasn't ready for such a big leap either realizing something like that was sort of an important step. I suppose it made sense to me now realizing if and when I ever did something like that it should be with someone I felt that sort of special connection with.

"I know Sam…I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that." He apologized truly sorry for going too far, but also thinking I wouldn't be willing to jack him off anymore now too.

"It's alright Jake…really. At least you asked first which I appreciate. I just want you to understand how I feel, but I am willing to do some things with you, but let's just take things a little slow is all. I know for you this is a big moment, and I want you to be happy so stop pouting already." I chuckled running my hand between his legs noticing how it began to chub up. "I'm really happy for you Jake and you have no idea how glad I am that I can do something special for you because you are precious to me." I finished off leaning down planting a firm kiss on his lips feeling him respond to my tender affection.

We continued to kiss enjoying the closeness of our naked bodies rubbing up against one another. He felt small and vulnerable in my arms while I slowly ran my hand up and down his smooth silky body. I couldn't believe how truly lucky I was to have such wonderful friends. They were all special as I began to realize that I truly could be content living out my days with any one of them…sex or no sex…but sex would an added bonus.

We ended up going to bed early which was perfectly fine with me. I hadn't realized just how exhausting the day had been. Jake was curled up in my arms sleeping contentedly having been satiated by me once more after we had crawled together under the covers. Jamie had fallen right asleep so I had reached over initiating the sexual act which seemed to please the younger boy as he glanced over towards Jamie making sure the other boy was asleep before throwing off his covers exposing his little slightly curved spike that was sticking up stiffly gently sloping away from his bare pubic mound. I had worked him slowly observing his reaction closely while taking note of his shifting features trying to anticipate his needs. His face was like an open book, and he was so adorably cute. I somehow managed to make it last for about ten minutes before finally letting him climax.

This time Jake managed to control his little squeaking noises keeping them toned down, but it was still cute hearing them come out in little short bursts of puppy like yelping sounds. His orgasm also didn't last as long this time, but it was still powerfully intense dragging on longer than any of mine ever have. Afterwards he had snuggled his toasty warm body up against me his sex scent surrounding us making me even hornier. Jake seemed to notice looking up at me sadly shaking his head still not understanding completely my resistance, but respecting my choice. After a while we both settled down with him falling into a deep sound sleep.

Looking down at the smaller boy I ran my hand up and down his smooth naked body admiring just how beautiful this little eleven year old boy truly was lying in my arms. I knew he'd be twelve here soon, but wasn't exactly sure when his birthday was making me pause a moment to mentally remind myself to check up on that later.

His body was starting to get that golden buttery like toning since it was already getting hot outside. He already had that wide pale striping across his waist between the areas of his sun tan where his shorts had protected his privates. His pasty hairless pubic mound looked enticingly delicious, so I reached out running my hand softly against the blank slate before dipping down between his legs cupping his small cannon and two little round shots noticing how the small size of his boyhood fit comfortably in the palm of my hand. The small sexy boy moaned in his sleep stirring slightly making me sigh lustfully, so I pulled the blanket back over his nakedness cuddling up closer to him while nuzzling my nose into the crook of his neck. Jake's soft scent finally lulled me into a deep gratifying sleep leaving me feeling completely refreshed.

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