Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 26

There was some movement waking me up as I heard the front door open and close softly followed by Riley getting up. I yawned and glanced at the clock noting it was after three in the morning.

"Hey sweetie," I heard Ms. Dobson greet her son. "How'd things go?" she asked as he filled her in on what we had done as she grabbed a bite to eat.

The two of them settled down at the table as they talked quietly with one another. "Sounds like everyone had a good time then. Poor Mattie still sounds a bit out of it though. I hope he comes around soon…maybe the sun and the ocean will help him out." I heard her say.

"Yeah me too, but you should have seen Grant mom. He was so sweet to Mattie, almost as if he doted on the little guy. It seemed to work too because at times Mattie just seemed to be himself again." The older boy gushed proudly at his little brother.

From where I was laying on the floor I could see both of them sitting there as she reached over to pat his arm. "That's so nice to hear." She nodded her head.

"Yeah, I'm really glad he came to live with us mom. I know we've had our differences and…problems…but he's sort of grown on me, and I can't imagine him not being in our lives…you know." The older boy seemed to lean back and shake his head. "I wish he wouldn't worry so much about the money situation. It won't be long now anyway. I mean…I still don't see why I can't go pro mom. Are you sure…you know?" He asked her kind of surprising me that he'd be able to go professional."

"Yes…we both agreed, not until you are sixteen, and even then I'm not so sure it is a good idea." She told Riley who just shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, it's not like I will be going to college or anything, so I might as well earn some money from my talent. I mean it kind of sucks that all the prize money in my age group is always in the form of scholarships." He laughed at the irony of it since he had all the education he needed, and all paid for already through intellectual forms of scholarships. "Let's face it I don't need that, but at least I was able to transfer those over into Grant's name, so if nothing else when the time comes he can go to whatever college he wants."

"Yes, most parents worry about college for their children, but at least that is one worry I don't have to deal with. I still don't understand why you just don't tell him about the scholarships sweetie?" She asked her son as he shook his head.

"I don't want him to think I'm trying to buy him off or something. I screwed up really bad with him already mom, and I feel awful about it." He admitted to his mother who just smiled at him encouragingly.

"I know sweetie…just give him time." She stated taking Riley's hand in her own and kissing it lovingly. "He'll come around…I mean he seems to be happier these days. Besides, it is hard for him too…you know loosing your father like that. They only had each other, just like we only have one another too…well, now Grant as well. So give him time alright sweetie?" She asked her son who just nodded his head.

"Yeah…I know mom, but I just don't want to screw it up with him. He's my little brother and it's time I treated him better." He stated seriously before laughing at the face his mom gave him. "Yeah I know already, and I guess I've always known he was my little brother." He just shook his head at his mother's look. "I am trying though…you know…being a better brother, but he just seems to flinch every time I go near him or say something." He smiled sadly.

"Well…I've noticed he doesn't seem to flinch around you so much anymore, and believe me I see it in his eyes that he just adores and admires you." She chuckled while Riley just rolled his eyes.

"Whoa…like why would he do that?" He drawled out in his surfer slang getting a bit of a gentle slap on his arm from his mother as they both chuckled. He knew she preferred him to be a bit more civilized around the house, and not act like such an airhead.

"Don't be that way, and he just does seem to look up to you even though he doesn't show it. Anyway, on another topic, big waves predicted for this morning. Are you heading out to Steamer Lane?" She asked noticing him shaking his head.

"Normally I would, but not this time. Going there would probably just freak them out…you know. The place may not have the biggest waves, but it is pretty dangerous; especially, when it is so crowded during these big waves. I mean it even freaks out Grant, and he's used to seeing guys wiping out or even mullering over there…you know a wipe out of epic proportion." I heard him explain the terminology and also making me quiver with how dangerous this place must be yet doesn't seem to bother him one bit.

"So what's your plan then?" I heard his mom ask him.

"I was thinking the Mavericks. I mean as it is even over there by half moon bay might be a bit much for them if they see me out there; especially, if we get triple overheads, but it'll be totally gnarly and I'm stoked for it since they are predicting massive waves. Biggest waves in the world over there; especially after a big winter storm, which keeps most people away and makes it safer for those of us that can actually handle them. Don't know the last time there's been a huge storm up in the Northern Pacific during this time of year, but glad to get a shot at it. It'll be nice not to have those damn Jet Ski's towing people in keeping most of the idiots away since they don't know how to paddle in to those kinds of conditions. Anyway, I'll wait for you to get cleaned up and then I'll get ready to head out…dawn patrol you know." He stated chuckling and getting up heading back to crawl in for a few more minutes of shut-eye.

Evidently he was getting up early and heading out for the waves making me wonder what he meant by triple overhead. The only thing that came to mind were waves three times as high as a typical guy standing up which sort of made sense the more I thought about it. This was going to take a little getting used to with some of the surfing lingo.

At some point I had drifted off again and when I opened up my eyes it was just getting light outside so I knew it was still pretty early. Yawning I looked around with everyone still asleep, but Riley's spot was vacated. I suppose he had left to go catch some waves, which made sense because it is what he lived for. Unwrapping myself from the warmth of my sweet angel's soft body, I carefully turned over to my other side. My eyes drifted towards the two smaller boys sleeping next to me all curled up snuggly together. I smiled at the two sleeping forms that had cuddled up together sometime during the night.

Careful so as to not wake them up I began to crawl out from between Evan and the other two sleeping boys easing back the covers. I paused for a moment as I gazed at the two soft warm bodies of Grant and Mattie huddled up together in their slumbering sleep. The dark blonde haired boy's body was several tones darker than Mattie's, the Californian sun baking it to a deep smooth roasted golden color. In contrast the curly haired boy's silky skin, although nicely tanned as well, seemed almost pale in comparison with its light buttery golden tones blending in softly with his smooth features. My eyes soaked in the two delicious peaceful forms snuggled up together tenderly, and I could almost taste the sweetness of it as I gazed at their serene faces pressed up lightly together. Grant's left cheek was pushed up against Mattie's right cheek as they continued to sleep blissfully unaware of their surroundings. Grant seemed to even blush while he slept both sides of his round face seemingly crimson in color, while Mattie's porcelain smooth light tanned toned skin stood in stark contrast.

Their breathing was steady as they slowly inhaled before exhaling softly. My eyes continued to wander over their near naked bodies sucking in the beauty of youth. I had to smile noting how Grant's arms were wrapped around the front of Mattie's body holding him gently, almost protectively. Mattie of course was sporting his usual erection, and I giggled because Grant's petite fingers were loosely wrapped around the smaller boy's short but thick bulging outline that pressed up against the soft fabric of his pajama bottoms leaving little to the imagination of what he was packing between his legs. Even his soft little boy pouch seemed to press up against the cottony material the oval shaped olive sized testicles creating two distinct outlines just below the thick contoured profile of his hard shaft.

The entire scene was almost sexy in a way even though I knew it was totally innocent. It was just a natural comfortable position for two sleeping boys, and as embarrassed as Grant seemed to be about such things I'm sure he would be blushing once he woke up and realized what he is holding in his hand. I continued to look at the boys and smiled fondly down at their innocence while they slept peacefully wrapped up together safe and sound. Grant really was a sweet kid and had such nice soft smooth skin. Here and there along his body I could see the tell tale signs of slight bruising and scrapes from his falls while skateboarding, but they in no way distracted against his cuteness. Instead it sort of was appealing on him as I continued to gaze down at him.

Mattie's body was slightly angled as he laid half on his side and half on his back in Grant's arms. The dark blond boy's right leg was bent and slightly lying on top of Mattie's right thigh. Grant had thin wiry tanned legs all the way up towards his crotch with a pale area beginning several inches below the leg band of his underwear from where the sunlight never hit because of his shorts. His sinewy legs looked muscular in places due to all the time spent skateboarding, and I could just make out the spidery like blue webbing along his pale skin on the front portion of his upper thigh. The blue thin wispy like netting continued upwards disappeared under the white boy's briefs Grant wore, and just below the lumpy bulge of his boyhood. It didn't look like he had an erection or anything, but there did seem to be a bit of puffiness in the outline of his thin fleshy tube, almost as if he was sort of chubbed up, but not with a full blown erection.

The sweet visage of these two adorably cute boys wrapped up together snuggly made me quiver as my own hard penis began to respond and twitch between my legs. I could feel the rush of blood begin to pulse in my veins and pound its way between my groin. The sexiness of the two boys was a stark reminder that I hadn't been properly taking care of my own needs lately. Sure I had pulled on my wire to some relief last night, but still it wasn't the same and it had only been once. For the last couple of years I've been exercising my equipment at least three or four times a day, and I could already feel the affects of neglect in that department as my body twitched unexpectedly and excitedly when Mattie shifted a little in his sleep. As soon as the curly haired boy's body moved slightly Grant's petite fingers had instinctively contracted a gently around the hardened tube forcing it to flare out while his own soft tube seemed to jerk beneath the bright white briefs he wore snuggly around his hips. In that brief moment I could distinctly make out the outline of Grant's glans before it seemed to settle back down.

Closing my eyes I tried to calm down noticing that my own erection seemed to pulse between my legs. When I looked down I could see a little wet spot where the tip of my hard penis was pressing up against the red colored boxer briefs I was currently wearing. I sighed gradually calming down, and I couldn't help myself as I slowly reached out and with the tip of my fingers traced the outline of Grant's semi-hard tube. It immediately responded and began to elongate and thicken up forming a distinct thick outline in briefs. I shivered excitedly, but pulled my hand back a little ashamed of what I had just done. I hadn't intended to do it, but the boy looked so charming lying there sleeping peacefully.

The pressure between my legs was beginning to build now, not in a sexual way, but rather in a stark reminder that I needed to empty out my bladder. Scooting out from under the blankets, and making sure to cover the boys back up, I made my way up to the bathroom and relieved myself without flushing for now so I wouldn't make too much noise waking someone up. My tube slowly deflated giving me that sense of relief as I gave it a good shake giggling at how it flopped around in my fingers now that it was soft again. I shook my three inch softness even more vigorously allowing it to slap noisily back and forth bouncing off my sagging boy pouch before snapping upwards to smack a couple of inches below my belly button. After goofing around like that for a moment or two I stepped back from the toilet and stripped out of my underwear to take a much needed shower. I was starting to smell pretty rank, and with so many of us having to share this single shower I figured I'd get it done early. Setting my underwear on the hamper basket I looked up just in time to see Grant stumbling into the bathroom rubbing away the sleep from his eyes a nice little semi-hard bulge pressing up complainingly against his tight white Hanes boy's briefs.

When Grant looked up he stopped and just gawked at me for a couple of seconds as we both stood there in stunned silence before he turned his head away instinctively placing his hands in front of himself. "I…um…shit Kyle…I…I'm sorry but I…um…thought you had gone with Riley. I was just going to get an early start on the shower, but I…um…will let you…um…you know." He stuttered while I just started busting up as the memory of Evan barging in on me only a few months back flooded my mind.

From my angle I saw Grant's cheeks turn even more crimson as he wondered what was so funny, and also completely mortified that he had just barged in on me this way. "Um…don't worry about it Grant. I'm used to people barging in on me, just ask Evan." I told him by way of explanation as I could see it begin to register with him that Evan must have barged in on me before as well. "Anyway, he was embarrassed too, but these days he isn't so shy anymore and we tend to hop in the shower together, even Mattie joins us sometimes. So just get undressed and you can hop into the shower with me then we can wake up Mattie and Evan so they can get cleaned up too." I told him as Grant just turned his head towards me in shock before he realized he was looking at me again and turned away.

"Y…you want to what? I mean…shower…together." He stuttered again as his cheeks just seemed to always be in the red shaded mode these days making me chuckle.

"Yeah…why not?" I responded. "It's all good unless you think you are still too young to take showers with another guy. At some point you will be doing that in school, so it might be a good time to start getting used to it. Besides, as crowded as it is with all of us in the house it just might make things easier." I told him as I turned around to adjust the water temperature in the bathtub without watching to see what Grant was going to do.

Flipping up the lever to start the shower spray, I stepped inside the tub and closed the curtain to begin getting cleaned up. I put my hand up against the wall and let the water cascade over my body. I heard a rustling noise sensing another presence behind me and looked over my shoulder noticing Grant checking me out from behind. I turned around so he could get a better look at me and noticed he was holding his hands over his privates, but that didn't detract from his beautiful tanned features. Now under the lighting in the bathroom I could really make out his dark roasted golden tan color from head to toe except for that white pale area along his mid-riff. Grant's eyes locked on to my flaccid tube as he stood there frozen.

I stepped off to the side, reached out and shifted him so that the water was spraying on his back. I tilted his head back and got his hair wet before I reached over grabbing some shampoo. I quickly lathered up his long thick dark blond hair enjoying the silky feel of it between my fingers, and rinsed it out while he just looked into my face not saying a word. Gathering up some liquid soap I began to wash down his smooth firm chest before stepping closer to him wrapping my arms around his back and running my hands down along the length of his spine. He shivered at my light touch and I could tell he was completely hard now despite his hands covering most of his boy bits. He blushed at having an erection, but I didn't say anything so he seemed to be fine with it. I continued to soap up his body running my hands along his thin long strong legs and once more leaned in to reach around behind him feeling the back of his hands bump up against my chest. I ran my fingers along his two dimpled melons before diving between his crease making him giggle because it tickled a little. I allowed the water to run down his back and between his crevice letting it wash away the soapy suds.

The time had finally arrived as I reached out and pulled away his hands from his boy parts. He didn't resist and I just sat there mesmerized by what swayed a few inches in front of my face. His thick luscious juicy bobber stood angling out and a bit upwards from his porcelain white blank slate of a pubic mound which gleamed and glittered with wetness. The boy's dark colored wrinkled avocado sized pouch hung closely to his body beneath his shaft with the distinct outline of two heavy cherry sized testicles trying to weigh down his tight fleshy bag. I guess at times his boy bag hung down a little while at other times it hugged firmly against his body. My eyes focused on the stiff short stick shift taking in his size and girth. It most definitely was very thick, maybe not as thick as Chase's was, but pretty close. It was also slightly longer than Riley's short one, but Grant was only ten years old so most definitely a nice size length wise for his age. His erection looked to be about three and a quarter inches long with the familiar pale blue maze like veins crossing all along the light pastel length of his bulky shaft. His knob took up about half the size of his hard tool, and from this angle it sort of reminded me like one of those speed bicyclists helmet. In a word…it was stunning. To be honest just seeing him completely naked in front of me was a dazzling sight indeed.

"Wow, that's like totally awesome." I told Grant as I looked up at him while he blushed in that cute way of his.

"R…really?" He asked as I nodded my head.

"Oh yeah." I replied chuckling. "That's one adorably cute fat sausage banger for a ten year old. Damn, that's sweet." I told Grant honestly as he just gushed and blushed at the awkwardness of the moment.

Soaping up my hands I reached out and ran them across his fleshy sack and stiff penis noticing now how his boy pouch began to sag a little and loosen up because of the warmth from the hot shower water. He tensed up for a moment when he felt my fingers brushing lightly across his sexy parts, but my intent was to only wash him clean not do anything sexual with him. Despite the intent, my own erection still managed to twitch around excitedly as I ran my fingers around his short but thick hardness. Moving him further under the water I rinsed him off before standing up while he just looked down at my own body parts seemingly mesmerized by what I had between my legs.

It didn't surprise me how he was just staring at me since other than Mattie I'm really the only other boy he's seen naked like this. He finally saw his older brother for the first time yesterday, but being so close to another naked boy made him quiver excitedly. Picking up the shampoo bottle I switched places with him and began to lather up my hair while he just continued to look at me no longer bothering to cover himself up since I had an erection too.

"Wow," I heard the boy breathe out softly as I stopped what I was doing and looked at him.

"What?" I asked him curiously wondering what he was thinking.

"Oh…um…just you've got hair too…you know…down there like Riley." He pointed out as I nodded my head.

"Yeah I don't have as much pubes as your brother. I guess I'm a bit of a late bloomer in that way." I told him honestly as he looked at me a bit confused.

"Pubes?" He asked making me realize again that he was still a bit young regarding some of this stuff.

"Yeah, the hair on my pubic mound…," I began as I rubbed my mound for emphasis, "…is called pubes or pubic hair." I answered simply as he nodded understanding. "But seriously dude I think it is time you and your brother had a bit of a talk about things." I told him as he looked at me questioningly making me shake my head. "Listen, I'm just saying you are getting to that age where you are getting curious about sexual kinds of things. I talked to Mattie and Evan about this stuff, so maybe it is time you and Riley talked about it too. I'll have a chat with him for you first, alright?" I asked him as he sort of blushed not so sure. "Grant, he really does care about you and he can answer a lot of your questions…trust me alright?" I asked him again this time he nodded indicating it was alright. "Good then it's settled." I told him as I began rinsing out my hair.

"Um…Kyle…do you think…I…you know…can I touch it…I mean…your pubes?" He asked using the proper term he just learned and looking down curiously at my pubic hair.

"Um…yeah sure…I guess that would be alright. Just be careful though because I'm pretty hyped up and I don't want to have an accident all over you." I told him as he again looked at me a bit funny not really understanding. "For real Grant, don't you ever talk with other kids your own age about sex?" I asked him as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah some of the other boys talk and all, but I don't understand most…I mean some of the stuff they are talking about and I don't want to look…you know." He told me as I smiled and ruffled his wet hair.

"Yeah, I know." I responded. "Don't worry…before we leave at the end of the week I'll be sure to have Riley talk to you. Things will be a lot clearer for you after that." I told him as I grabbed his hand and put it on my pubic mound so he could feel my pubes.

Grant ran his fingers through my short curls and smiled at me a bit giddily that he was feeling someone's pubes for the first time as he looked down at his blank slate. I removed his hands and put some liquid soap in them before wrapping his fingers around my four inch erection noticing his eyes bulge out at feeling someone else's penis for the first time. His slicked up fingers felt wonderful around my shaft as he soaped it up quickly like I had done with him before he did the same to my sagging bag and heavy walnut sized testicles. Thankfully he didn't linger long, and released me before I lost control. This was a lot of stuff for him to digest anyway, without me adding to his confusion by shooting my load all over him.

"That was…like wow Kyle…thanks." He gushed at me as I just reached out and gave him a quick hug our two hard erections bumping against one another making him giggle as we separated.

Stepping out of the shower to get dried up I noticed my camera still sitting on the counter from last night and picked it up in my hands turning around looking at Grant. "Um…is it alright…you know?" I asked him as his eyes flew open wide at what I was asking.

"What…now…naked?" He squeaked as I nodded my head with him getting a worried look on his face.

"I've got some of your brother too from when we were at camp, and also when he came over to my house for the barbeque." I offered up to him as he just gawked at me.

"You…I mean…um…he let you take naked pictures of him…for real?" He asked me as I nodded my head. "But why?" He asked seriously. "I mean why would he let you take naked pictures of him?"

"I don't know…I guess it was sort of naughty and also maybe a bit of fun. It's kind of a strange feeling to have your picture taken while you are naked. I showed it to him afterwards and he really liked it. I guess it is different when you see yourself like that." I told him honestly.

"You promise not to show them to anyone?" He asked me as I shook my head.

"I promise I'll keep them to myself, and I'll give you copies if you want." I replied as he hesitated then smiled shyly nodding his head.

Picking up the camera I snapped a picture of him standing there still dripping wet in the shower stall. His hands were still covering himself up while I snapped several more pictures. I stepped forward, reached out, and removed his hand smiling at the boy reassuringly and took a few more. He was now soft being nervous about it all as I got him to pose in different ways. After a couple of minutes went by with me clicking off pictures he became a bit more comfortable with it, and I saw him begin to slowly chub up as I continued to photograph him. He felt it too and immediately covered himself up, but I encouraged him to just relax and not to worry about it. Slowly he uncovered himself and I began to take pictures again. Once more he began to inflate and I captured each stage of his erection until he was completely hard. That was going to make for a unique series of pictures with him in his flaccid very thin sleek state all the way up to his very thick grand finale.

"Wow that was so hot." I exclaimed as he just gushed at me grabbing a towel to dry off as he just continued to blush. "That wasn't so bad now…was it?" I asked him as he just giggled and shrugged his shoulders. "Thanks for trusting me like that and I promise I won't show anyone the pictures I took of you unless you say it is alright," I promised as he just nodded his head wondering why on earth he would ever allow anyone to see the pictures.

While we fixed breakfast Mattie and Evan hopped into the shower to get cleaned up real quick. Mattie seemed much better today and more himself as he spoke and carried on in his more sprightly kind of way. He still seemed a little reserved, but more outgoing as he hung around Grant asking the other boy questions about skateboarding and things to do around in the area. After finishing breakfast Grant grabbed some gear handing us each an oversized bag that was stuffed full of things including what looked like some boogie boards. We headed out and he led us over to the first bus stop, one of three that it would take to get over to half moon bay. About an hour and a half later we were standing atop a cliff overlooking the most awe inspiring sights in my life. Looking out my jaw just dropped as I gaped at the huge waves that seemed to form out of nowhere off in the distance. They were enormous and frightening even from the safety of the cliff as I watched a surfer riding along the curved portion of the wave. All of a sudden it seemed to collapse upon itself as thousands of gallons of water seemed to pound down on the surfer burying him from sight. I heard Evan and Mattie gasp at what they had just seen, and I had to swallow a huge lump in my throat.

Then I heard Grant yell out excitedly and point off in the distance. "There goes Riley." He exclaimed as the figure on the surfboard, so small in comparison to the enormous wave that just seemed to swell and rise up threatening to swallow him, confidently dove his board into the thick of it.

We watched in awe before I snapped out of it and began to zoom in and take pictures. Riley seemed to swoop down into the swell trying to outrun the rolling roiling wave threatening to collapse in on him riding along his heels. From this distance all I could see was a dark colored outline with a splash of red, but as I zoomed in with my lens it became a bit more defined. It looked like he was wearing one of those black wetsuits with maybe some red design on it. Riley seemed to be doing really well, but at one point it just caught up to him and he seemed to bail out letting the wave wash over him as he popped out on the back end. We saw him retrieve his board and then look towards our direction. He seemed to wave so we waved back to him before he turned his board and paddled back out to the line waiting for the next wave.

Grant pulled out a couple pairs of binoculars so we could get a closer look. "Holy crap Grant…," I gasped in complete awe at the enormous sized waves. "…Is that happening for real? I mean how the hell does something like this happen?" I asked not really expecting an answer.

"Maverick's is known to normally break huge during the winter months, usually after a nice winter storm off the northern Pacific. We lucked out with a freak storm a while back up the Northern Pacific creating these conditions today. It takes a while, days, for a storm that happens thousands of miles away to finally affect the waves we see way over here." He explained to us.

I looked at Grant who seemed very animated and he smiled back at me toothily while he continued his explanation. "A calm or still wind is ideal for this big wave spot, although light onshore or even northern side winds are doable. The problem with offshore winds is that with all the power you already have from a massive wave, any wind pushing up the wave tends to send the surfer airborne. There are two swell directions that will make Maverick's break the best: northwest and west. A northwest swell will generally produce a longer, easier wave, and a west swell produces shorter faster waves. Tides also play a big part in the way this gigantic wave will break. A lower tide tends to make the waves steeper and more dangerous, while a higher tide will keep the danger down to a minimum." He explained the basics to us making me shake my head in awe because truth be told I didn't know what the fuck he was talking about.

Grant seemed to notice our confusion and just shrugged his shoulders. "Um…this doesn't normally happen during this time of year, and usually only during the winter months. As it is these are small compared to the ones we get in late December and January, but still pretty big." He smiled at me toothily as I just gawked wondering how much fucking bigger it really got and if Riley actually surfed it when they got really big like that.

We watched for the longest time on the cliff while I snapped more pictures until Grant motioned for us to follow him down the side of the cliff. There was a well worn path, but we still had to jump down in some spots until we spilled out onto the small stretch of sandy beach. He took us over towards another spot, and we once more looked through the binoculars watching the action.

After a while Grant pulled on Mattie's arm urging the boy to try out the boogie board. The blond haired boy slipped out of his khaki shorts revealing his Junk Food Wolverine board shorts. The bottom part of his trunks all along his legs and up to the midsection of his crotch were sky blue in color, and yellow from mid-crotch to his waist. The yellow section of his trunks had geometric designs and lettering depicting wolverine, x-men, and champs among others. Along the bottom of his right leg was a screen-printed and embroidered patch of the wolverine and on his left leg just below the yellow section was letterings on three lines stating 'Wolverine; Pack Leader; No.1.' It really looked sharp on him and suited his personality. We followed Grant's lead and slipped out of our regular shorts wearing our bathing suits my mom got us at the beginning of summer. As I looked at all three of the boys I had to admit they made for a cute little group in nothing but their bathing suits.

Evan joined in grabbing a boogie board, and I even made some runs at it enjoying the small waves along the shoreline making it a perfect kind of fun for us to enjoy the water and small surfs. It really wasn't all that difficult with the small board, but I imagined it was a big difference from real surfing as I watched some beginners in the smaller surfs sort of goofing around. At one point Evan had wandered over making some new friends as they allowed him to give real surfing a whirl. I was really surprised because he seemed pretty good at it immediately able to get up on the board, stand up, and ride some small waves. He took to it immediately, and I had to smile appreciatively at his athleticism. It was still really early in the morning; I'd say not even seven yet so the beach was mostly void of people other than us early risers, the small group of beginning surfers, and those diehard surfers catching the Mavericks.

A short while later I got thirsty so made my way back to our bags. Evan had seen me get up so came in and ran up to me as I knelt down by our things. Rummaging through one of the bags I pulled out some water handing a bottle to Evan while Mattie and Grant continued to goof around. I looked over towards the huge waves watching some of the surfers out there picking out Riley's smaller form. It wouldn't surprise me if he were the only teen out there because from what Grant indicated this area was pretty much surfed only by some of the best in the world when the waves got this big, and I believed him.

There was a scuffling kind of noise over by Mattie and Grant, and when I looked over I saw that a group of boys around twelve or thirteen had surrounded the two smaller boys as if they were hassling them. I had seen these boys walking along the beach earlier, but hadn't thought anything of them. Now one of them punched Grant in the gut when the boy stepped in front of Mattie protectively. The other boys immediately grabbed on to Grant pulling him up. I dropped the bottle of water and ran over towards them just as one of them punched Grant again, but this time missed when the dark blonde haired boy instinctively dropped down to his knees bringing several boys down with him in the process.

Now there was a real all out brawl going on by the time I made it over there and started tossing the boys aside. "What the hell is going on around here?" I snapped threateningly as I helped Grant up to his feet making sure he was alright.

The boy nodded that he was fine and then pointed a finger at the other older kids who now had sort of gathered around and began to confront us. "They accused us of being a Barney and a Kook, no better than a Sponge with our boogie boards out here. They said that this is their beach and we have to leave." He glared aggressively at the group of about fifteen boys all around twelve or thirteen years old. They had us by sheer numbers, but I was trying to make sense of what all the hoopla was about.

"What? For Pete's sake speak English." I asked Grant a bit confused as several of the other boys just laughed at my naivety.

"See I told you…these guys aren't even locals." One boy wearing red shorts and shirt spat out in an accusatory tone.

Grant just glared at the other boy while trying to explain. "Basically they were making fun of us not being real surfers and indicating we were idiots. They think anyone who isn't a local doesn't deserve to be here; especially, if we are going to be idiots on these boogie boards." Grant translated as I nodded my head getting it now.

Just then I saw Riley stepping up to us with his surfboard in hand setting it upright in the sand. I couldn't help, but take in his wet sloppy image as my eyes roamed over his Springsuit. I had learned from Grant a lot of guys wear these short types of wet suits that have the short sleeves and the short style legs down to mid-thigh during the summer months. Riley was wearing an O'Neill two toned black and gray Springsuit with a splash of red along the top of the shoulders and short sleeved suit. On the chest was the O'Neill logo and along the back next to the length of the zipper was the written logo spelling out O'Neill. Along the bottom part of the left leg was also a splash of red and the written O'Neill logo. On his feet I noticed the same style of black and red O'Neill Reactor Beef Boot. He looked sharp in his outfit as it hugged his body snuggly yet seemed loose enough for him to maneuver around in while catching those monster waves.

"What the hell is going on?" Riley asked no one in particular, but the local boy piped in.

"Out of towners." The boy spat contemptuously. "We were just telling them to hit the road…that they are trespassing." He stated smoothly as Riley looked over towards his brother.

"You alright?" He asked a bit concerned, which must have meant he had seen the altercation, and explains why he had come in so quickly.

Grant nodded his head. "Yeah, but they went after Mattie and I had to step in." He replied glaring at the boy who seemed in charge of the group while Mattie seemed to make his way over towards me and cling to my side his eyes looking around him wildly and a bit frightened.

Kneeling down next to the small curly haired boy I just wrapped him in my arm and whispered softly in his ear. "Hey little man…it's alright…no worries. Just sort of a little fender bender or bump in the road. You alright?" I asked him as he nodded his head, but still hung on to me.

The kid in red just laughed and pointed. "See…out of towners and gawkers…just wish they'd all fucking stay away."

"What the fuck dude. Geeze, it's not like these guys are hurting anyone." My friend protested talking to the other boy as the larger group seemed to step up in support of their comrade and began glaring at all of us, including Riley now since he was siding with us.

"Yeah, well just who the hell do you think you are, and if you feel that way just take you're out of townies and leave." He threatened as Riley began to get riled up, which was a first time me seeing him like that since he had always been so easy going.

"Fuck you assholes. If I ever catch you fucking with my little brother again I'll kick your ass." He threatened catching even me by surprise at the total transformation from the most laid back guy I've ever known to someone all fired up and itching for a fight.

"Whoa-whoa guys. Let's just take it easy." I interjected trying to calm things down.

The boy in red was about to respond when we saw several of the surfers climbing out of the water with their surfboards in tow as one guy in his early twenties shouted out. "Hey Riley…is everything alright?" He questioned with ten other guys following him.

"Yeah, just a bunch of punks trying to mess with my little brother and some friends from out of town. They are claiming this is their beach and we are trespassing." Riley stated as the group of Maverick surfers gathered around.

"Really?" Riley's surfer buddy asked looking around. "So if this is your beach and turf, what are you doing standing around. Here, you can use my board go catch some Mavericks." He offered up to the ring leader of the group of boys who didn't look so imposing now that they were confronted by the diehard group of surfers. "Yeah, that's what I thought…totally clucked." The fit surfer stated snickering at the wannabees, making me look questioningly at Grant.

The smaller boy smiled at me knowingly and leaned in to explain. "A guy who is afraid of waves." He chuckled as the shoe was now on the other foot so to speak with this punk ass kid looking around completely humiliated as Riley's friend continued.

"None of you have the balls to go out there. Just so you know, if anyone has claim as a local and a Maverick boarder you just pissed off the wrong guy. You guys claim you are locals and don't even recognize one of your own heroes. Do you even know who this is?" The guy asked the ringleader as he jerked his thumb towards Riley while we took note that the boy in red was now getting a bit nervous looking back to his buddies for support, which wasn't coming his way at all leaving him standing there alone.

Seeing that the instigating kid was all alone now, the surfer just chuckled and shook his head. "Why don't you guys just get lost? You don't deserve to be talking to the guy who is currently ranked number one internationally in his surfing age division. Come-on Riley, we've got plenty more Mavericks to catch." He offered up ignoring the other boys, effectively just dismissing them.

The group of thugs immediately dispersed leaving the beach once they found out they had no footing. "Nah guys…its cool." Riley smiled at his buddies as he bumped knuckles with them. "Thanks for backing me up and all, but I've got noodle arms right now anyway. I've been out here for way longer than you guys anyway, so I'm just gonna chil with my bro and friends…cool?" He asked as the guys just glanced over at us nodding their understanding before waving and heading back out for some more waves.

Riley turned to his little brother looking him over real quick to make sure he wasn't seriously hurt. "Dude…you alright for real?" He asked as I saw Grant looking down a bit ashamed and nodding his head.

"Yeah…sorry for ruining your ride today, but thanks…for…you know…sticking up for me like that." He replied softly.

"Whoa for real Riley." I chuckled as I just shook my head. "I mean what about your rule of being a lover and not a fighter?" I asked him coining his term.

"Well that's different. I mean they were fucking with my little brother…you know…and I get it now…you know of how protective you were of Evan at camp when that bully was beating on him. That's the scariest feeling of all not being there when someone picks on your little brother. When I saw that asshole hitting Grant it scared the shit out of me and I turned red. Anyone who fucks with my little bro has to answer to me." He stated honestly.

Grant stared at his older brother for a second not believing what he was hearing. Coming to his senses he suddenly grabbed on to his brother wrapping his arms around him tightly not letting go. Riley was stunned and just froze for a second not knowing how to react until he just gave in returning the affection, hanging on tightly to his little brother. They remained that way just sincerely embracing one another in a loving brotherly hug for several minutes before Grant finally spoke up.

"Did you really mean it…you know about protecting me?" He asked hesitantly as Riley nodded his head.

"Of course I meant it, and believe me I'm not a fighter…just ask Kyle." He chuckled as he rocked his little brother in his arms seeming a bit overwhelmed with emotion.

"So…you really do care about me?" Grant asked as Riley stopped rocking him and they separated looking into one another eyes.

"Of course I care about you Grant." Riley breathed out slumping his shoulders in resignation and shaking his head. "Believe me I know I fucked up big time with being a brother to you all these years Grant, and I'm sorry about that, but you 'ARE' my little brother no matter what else, and I don't want us to be like strangers anymore." He stated as Grant seemed to smile and nod his head. "Come-on, let's go find a spot to sit down and have a chat. I think it is time we cleared the air." He suggested as he wrapped his arm around Grant's shoulder and walked with him a ways down the beach stopping when they got to his gear.

I watched them for a few minutes while Riley wrapped a towel around himself and then peeled out of his Springsuit. I couldn't imagine how tough it was to get out of those tight fitting outfits, but somehow Riley managed to do it and keep himself covered up with the towel. Grant was watching his brother very closely and seemed to pay particular attention to the older boy's mid-section. I'm sure he managed to catch glimpses of his older brother's nakedness. It seemed as if Grant's curiosity about such things had sort of caught up to him. This reminded me about my promise to the younger boy of having a talk with his older brother concerning that all important sex talk. Riley reached down grabbing his shorts and then dropped the towel without a care in the world slipping into a pair of shorts. No one else was close by so he didn't think anything of it, but I noticed Grant taking a closer look at his older brother's goods.

We ended up spending some more time on the beach just goofing around and having fun. The incident had made Mattie a bit on the jumpy side again, but Grant had a way about him of bringing the little guy out of his slump. At one point I managed to get Riley alone while the boys played and had a nice talk with him. He seemed genuinely intrigued about what I had to say regarding the whole shower scene with me and his little brother among other things. Of curse he thought it funny since I seemed to always be in the middle of anything sexual, but wasn't in the least bit concerned about it. In fact he actually seemed pleased that his younger brother was finally starting to get curious about those types of things. I also told him about Mattie's ointment treatment, and how that had been his brother's first real close encounter of that sort with another boy, which now made sense to him regarding other things about his little brother's behavior over the last two days. In the end he agreed with me that it was time for him to have "the" talk with his little brother, and he'd try to do it soon when they were alone together.

Since we had a lot of gear to drag around we were debating what to do when one of Riley's surfing buddies came to the rescue and offered us a ride home. This worked out perfect and after dropping us off we got cleaned up putting on some fresh clothes before grabbing a bite to eat. Riley rinsed out his Springsuit hanging it up inside out to dry, while we just rinsed out our wet bathing suits and tossed them in the dryer. After that we were off to Grant's favorite spot, Santa Cruz Skate Park literally only a few blocks north of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on Pacific Avenue.

Riley mentioned that after Grant and the rest of us did some skateboarding that we might just head out to the park since it was so close by. No sense in wasting a good trip, which Grant seemed to agree with. I inquired about all the skateboarding gear Grant seemed to have shoved in several of the bags concerned with what we'd do about it when we went to the boardwalk, but Grant shrugged his shoulders not too concerned. He explained that we'd be able to drop them off at the surf or skate shop since they knew the owners, and they had been willing to do it for them before. Sounded like a plan to me so we made some sack lunches for everyone to keep some of the costs down making sure to grab some Pepsi's so we could get our half priced tickets. Of course we would also be enjoying some greasy junk food, but the food at the park was really expensive so we figured it was better to only get stuff over there as snacks versus something more solid to eat. After grabbing some money from the envelope to pay for everything we headed out to catch one of the buses.

By the time we got to the skate park it was only late morning, but it sure as hell seemed a lot later. I had a feeling we were all going to be sleeping hard tonight with having gotten up so early, and with it probably ending up being a long night. I smiled as Grant seemed to be in his element pulling out helmets and gear for the hands, elbows, and knees to protect Mattie and Evan. After putting on his own gear he helped out Mattie while Evan managed to figure out his own. The younger boy seemed to be on the quiet side again, but Grant was just brilliant with him.

"Alright Mattie," Grant began as he set out about six of his boards in front of the smaller boy. I was really impressed because what kid has six boards unless they were really into it. "Which one would you like?" He asked Mattie while the smaller boy just frowned. "Um…how about I make a suggestion for you, but first let me show you something." He smiled warmly at Mattie since the smaller boy wasn't able to focus on making a decision.

Picking up an old beat up looking board with plenty of scuff marks and the graphics on it literally shred apart, he dropped in on the course from a small ramp ledge and began to carve and shred the park. It was amazing to watch him do tricks along the way as he began with some of the basics like doing an Ollie or Tailgrab, progressively going into harder tricks such as Flips, Slide, Grind, Lip/Stall, Balance, Ramps, and Aerials. He seemed to transition throughout his run with ease. He fell a time or two sliding on his side, knees, or even on his ass, but immediately got up and continued on his way as he made a loop around the various obstacles before returning back to us a little out of breath.

Walking over to Mattie he kneeled down in front of him and smiled holding out the beat up board. "This is my favorite board Mattie. It doesn't look like much, and is all banged up, but it is the board I learned most of my tricks on. It is getting a bit small for me so I've been using other boards, but I think it would be the perfect board for me to teach you some tricks on. That is if you don't mind it being all banged up, but like I said it is my all time favorite board?" He asked the smaller boy who looked back at him and smiled.

Reaching out Mattie took the proffered board from Grant and held it close to his chest. "Really…you don't mind?" Mattie asked once more seeming to come out of his little funk as Grant laughed rolling his shoulders at the boy and shaking his head.

"No I don't mind Mattie…I think it will be perfect for you. Come-on guys let's go bust out a session." Grant beamed referring to getting out there and skating.

For the next several hours the boys skated their hearts out, and even Riley got out there dragging me along getting us in on the action as Grant taught all of us some basic tricks starting with the Ollie. It was really surprising at how with some basic instruction we were all doing basic tricks our very first time out. Of course our tricks were a bit sketchy, meaning not so well done, but still we managed to make a decent showing our first times out. Mattie just seemed to excel at it picking up on the nuances of the tricks relatively fast leaving us all behind in that regard as he began carving and grinding on the course in no time as if he'd been doing it for years. It was like he just seemed to blossom in front of our eyes leaving behind the trauma of what had happened to him. Once more he was the Mattie of old: outgoing, lovable, huggable, and rambunctious.

Of course Riley was much better at it than us since it had been a major mode of transportation for him around the neighborhood when he was younger. He pretty much could do most tricks Grant showed us, and they were for the most part smooth, but not quite diamondz like Grants tricks were when he performed them. I had to chuckle because by the time Grant finished with us we were all talking like skateboarders becoming familiar with the slang.

At one point I was getting a bit tired as I sat back and watched Mattie actually perform a grind riding both of his trucks, the front and rear axle assemblies that connect the wheels to the deck, over a rail successfully before sliding off and landing on his butt. It didn't faze him though as he got up and tried the difficult trick again making me beam proudly at my little man. I didn't want to force the others to stop having fun so I asked Riley if he could meet me at the surf shop down the road that we had gone into yesterday. I wanted to check out some of the necklaces they had there because I thought they were pretty cool and was thinking about having one custom made. He nodded his head that it was no problem, and we set a time to meet up in about thirty or forty minutes. Hopefully by that time Grant and the others would finally be all tuckered out.

After checking up on Mattie and Evan I headed down the street for several blocks and stepped into the surf shop. A younger guy greeted me when I stepped up to the handmade necklaces asking how he could help me in a kind of quirky accent. He looked like one of those Islanders from the Pacific, maybe like Hawaii, Samoa, or even the Philippines or somewhere. Pulling out my wallet I fished out the challenge coin my dad gave me and set it on the counter.

"Yeah, I was wondering if you could make some sort of holder for this and make it into a necklace. I have to be able to detach it from around my neck, but I also want to make sure I won't loose it because of the necklace breaking or something. It needs to be very strong for someone who is active in tough sports. Oh and you aren't allowed to drill holes into it…that is also part of the rule." I told the guy who scratched his head looking at the coin not sure about it.

"Well maybe Bra…," he replied in his Islander type of accent, "…but it might take a day or two if you want to leave it behind." He pointed out looking at the strange coin that he held in his hands.

"I…I'm not sure I want to leave it behind." I told him honestly as he continued to scratch his head before he craned his neck looking through a doorway that led off into the back of the store behind the counter.

"Hey Uncle, can you come out here for a moment Bra. I've got a strange request." He shouted out as he placed the coin back on to the counter while some noises could be heard coming from somewhere in the back of the storage room.

A few moments later a gentle elderly looking man made his way out into the main store looking at his nephew quizzically. "This is the owner of the store." The younger clerk stated as the elderly man looked down at the coin sitting on the table and his eyes furrowing up. "Uncle this kid wants us to make some sort of holder for this coin and have it put on one of our woven necklaces. He says it has to be able to come off and that he needs to make sure the necklace doesn't break for guys who are very athletic and into sports. He also says there's some rule about not drilling holes into it." The younger man told his uncle as the elderly man picked up the coin from the table taking a closer look as he just hissed and looked over at me.

"I don't appreciate you young generation treating this sort of tradition in this manner; especially, with a counterfeit challenge coin young man." The guy looked at me accusingly. "Normally I take these and destroy them since they disrespect the men and women in uniform." He continued as I reached over to snatch at my coin very frightened now at the prospect of it being destroyed, but the other man was a lot faster than he looked and pulled his hand back quickly.

"Please don't destroy it. The coin isn't fake honest." I told him a bit in a panic as he just looked at me.

"I know the two different coins that the Special Forces Units use son, and this isn't one of them. Sure it has aspects of both coins on it, but that is what makes it fake." He held steadfast.

"Please, it isn't fake…it belongs to my dad." I pleaded as I looked around trying to figure out how I was going to get my coin back.

"There's no Special Forces around here son." The man insisted.

"I'm from Kentucky. My dad is stationed at Ft. Campbell…please sir don't destroy it." I pleaded as he flipped the coin over looking at it closer as he seemed to spot something unique.

"You're father gave you this?" He asked looking up at me as I nodded my head biting my lip nervously before he looked back down at the coin, and returned it to the counter top where he had picked it up from.

My hands were shaking as I snatched it and turned to leave. I was halfway to the door when I heard the man shout back to me. "Hey." He stated as I stopped and turned afraid that maybe he had changed his mind.

The man reached into his pocket and I heard a distinct audible noise as he tossed something on the counter top. Hesitating a moment I walked over and took a look. Sitting on the glass casing was an old worn U.S. Marine Corps challenge coin. Picking it up I looked closer at it getting a sense of age to it before I set it back down on the counter where I had picked it up while the old man looked at me quizzically.

"Your dad teach you that?" He asked indicating that I had replaced his coin on the counter as I nodded my head.

"You're not doing a coin challenge against me…are you? I mean the Special Forces Coins can only be challenged by other Special Forces." I pointed out a bit baffled as he just started laughing and shook his head.

"No, I guess your father did teach you all about the traditions. I just wanted to show you mine so you understand." He told me as I nodded my head. "Do you trust me enough with your coin now?" He asked me seriously as I just looked at him.

"You believe me that it is real?" I replied making him laugh and nod his head. Making a decision I set the coin on the counter as he picked it up in his hands while his nephew looked on wondering what was going on and what all the big to do was with a stupid coin. "What changed your mind?" I asked him as he flipped it over and pointed out the "MOH" initials on the back side of the coin.

"This son. Only someone who has earned this has earned the right to design their own challenge coin. I respect that, and I'm honored you will trust me with the coin. I promise to do the right thing by it according to the rules." He stated as he put the coin on the counter and motioned his nephew to pick it up.

The younger man picked it up and looked it over still confused as he looked at his uncle. "Bra…you are holding something sacred, something you probably won't ever hold in your hands again. Only a handful of people earn the Medal of Honor my boy, and you are holding something that is a very personal item for that individual. You will respect and honor this coin while it is in our shop, and you will guard it defending it against anyone wanting to handle it. From here on out only you and I will work on this order…do you understand?" He asked his nephew who just looked down at the coin nodding his head before looking back up at me as a sense of wonderment seemed to engulf him.

"Now, do you have anything specific in mind for the necklace?" He asked me as I just shook my head.

"No not really, I just don't want it to break and loose the coin is all. I like the style you guys are making for like the surfers and skateboarders with the horn beads and knotting of the hemp cord. Do you think that would be strong enough?" I asked him as he smiled.

"Yes, hemp rope is used in the navy to hold their anchors. It is strong stuff if woven properly, but are you sure you want something so…main stream. It's alright for you now, but what about when you get older?" He asked as I smiled.

"Then I will have to return and have you make another one. After all who am I going to trust?" I told him as he just laughed nodding his head.

"Then I tell you what…if you will trust me, and give me a couple of days, how about you let me surprise you with a design for the coin?" He asked me as I nodded my head.

"Yeah, sounds cool." I responded as we shook hands and talked some more with me asking about other designs as well. After we finished talking for a few more minutes he picked up both his and my coin heading off into the back room with it.

While I waited for the other guys I browsed around a bit. I didn't have to wait long for them to show up, and after they looked around a bit we made our way to the boardwalk. It was late by the time we got back home with Ms. Dobson greeting us. She had been putting in a lot of overtime working on the weekends so she had the next couple of days off, and would be able to spend some time with us. Mattie was asleep in my arms when we got back, with me being thankful that the bus stop was only a block away. The long day had worn him out, not to mention the rest of us, so we all decided to just go to bed.

Since my little man seemed to be doing much better we were all going to be sleeping in the bedrooms with Mattie bunking together in Grant's room. I got Mattie into his pajama bottoms with Grant staring at the younger boy's nakedness and openly gawking still enamored by the whole newness of the nudity thing. I just shook my head at the older boy's thick erection pressing up against his underwear as I tucked Mattie in next to him. I smiled warmly at Grant as he wrapped his arms around the smaller boy snuggling up behind him. By the time I gave them each a goodnight kiss on the forehead they were fast asleep all tuckered out by the long day's events.

As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out for the evening with Evan snuggled up in my arms also fast asleep. I was so tired I hadn't even heard Riley get up heading out early in the morning to catch some waves. The boy truly did live and die for surfing so I guess it shouldn't have surprised me that he was used to having such long days getting up early in the morning and staying out late.

It was still really early in the morning, but I wanted to check up on Mattie to make sure he was doing alright. I should have known everything was fine, but I had gotten used to checking up on him, even when we were at home. Gently unwrapping myself from the warmth of Evan's body I stretched and got up padding softly towards Grant's room. Light was spilling into the living room through the huge bay windows making me pause for a moment at the breathtaking view of the ocean off in the distance.

While I took in the view I heard some whispering noises and turned towards the sound stopping at Grant's slightly open doorway. "I…I'm not so sure about this Mattie?" I heard Grant whisper softly as there was some rustling noise going on.

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