Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 27

Curious I shifted my position and was able to see inside the room just in time to see Mattie pulling down Grant's underwear exposing the boy's throbbing pulsing fat erection as it seemed to move around on its own in front of Mattie's gawking gaze. "Wow…that's so cool." Mattie giggled while Grant just blushed with being exposed to the young boy.

"Are you sure about this what if someone…," the older boy gasped not able to finish his sentence or thought as his hips hitched upwards when Mattie's lips slipped over his thick Cuban Cigar.

"Oh…umph." The blond boy grunted as Mattie's lips worked the boy's gear shift deftly while Grant began to quiver in surprise at the sensation coming from between his legs.

My eyes focused on the two naked boys lying on the bed, and I was rooted in place as I watched Mattie's mouth stretched open while his lips slathered along the other boy's three and a quarter inch long and extremely thick erection. It was spellbinding to see how a small boy like Mattie could fit something so thick into his small mouth, and still be able to provide such pleasurable stimulation. I could see drool running from between the curly haired boy's mouth now as he slowly ran his lips all up and down Grant's hardness. The thick worm seemed to twitch around while the older boy began to squirm from his first pleasurable sexual encounter of any kind. From our conversations I was fairly sure he had never experienced an orgasm before, and was almost positive he still didn't jack off much less knew what it was since he still hadn't received that talk from his older brother. The kid was still young so it didn't surprise me all that much that he hadn't experienced something like this yet, but by the look of things this was about to change.

Watching the cute ten year old now as his orgasm began to bubble up to the surface was alluring and beguiling all wrapped up together just like the burrito now that began to pulse between Grant's legs. I knew this was a private moment between the two boys, but I just couldn't take my eyes off of this beautiful first time experience event, and was riveted with what was happening between the two young innocent boys who were becoming fast friends. Mattie was already a veteran of sorts regarding certain aspects of the sexual experience at such a young age, and to watch him returning the favor of teaching Grant something in exchange for the other boy's skateboarding lessons yesterday was somehow sexually charging as I felt my own four inch erection pounding away between my legs straining for release. It was a sharp reminder that it has been ignored and neglected over the last several days.

Grant's legs began to twitch as his toes seemed to curl up while his hands snatched at the sheets on his bed. His petite fingers finally wrapped around the fabric and he began to fidget beneath Mattie's slathering onslaught. The curly haired boy began to play with Grant's slightly loose pouch now with his fingers, and I saw the bigger boy lurch as another new sensual stimulation seemed to wrack his insides. Perspiration had formed in tiny beads all along the Grant's stomach and chest now, and I noticed his cheeks had gone crimson in color as if he had just run the marathon while his face gleamed wetly with sweat.

"Oh…oh…shit…stop Mattie…I…I've gotta pee." Grant grunted and started to push against Mattie's head while this only intensified the smaller boy's fervor as I heard him begin to suck and lick his tongue on the thick sausage banger even harder.

Grant began to protest gasping for air, but it was too late and I heard him grunt, his hips literally flying upwards off the mattress. "Eeeh," I heard his young high pitched boy voice squeak out in a really cute kind of way before his voice changed into a more guttural tone typical of any boy in the grips of an orgasm. "Umph, uuumph, umph, uuuumph." He moaned really loudly as his body was thrown into the uncontrollable throes of his first ever orgasm.

My eyes were riveted on the skateboarder's mouth covered thick erection, and I could swear I saw it fatten up even more as Mattie's cheeks puffed outwards. I was fairly certain the older boy still didn't produce any spunk yet, so the puffiness must have been the boy's penis inflating even more as it began to shoot off its blanks. Mattie's eyes seemed to bulge outwards at the same time while he tried to contain the large writhing eel inside of his mouth without being forced to spit it out. I had to give my little boy his props as he was able to hold on to it, and continue having his lips make love to the hard young pole while he persistently massaged it enthusiastically.

Grant's body seemed to roil around like it was in turbulent waters, but not in a thrashing wild kind of way. I noticed that the sexual act seemed to happen in a more subdued manner as Mattie seemed to take control and direct the tempo. Of course the older boy's orgasm was intense, but it seemed somehow more sensual and tender, like it was in a loving versus lustful kind of way. At that moment I was so proud of Mattie for making this more about kindness and tenderness than a need for lustful indulgence. What he gave to Grant for the boy's first sexual act was a sense of love instead of sexual salacious gratification. Of course in the end the older boy's sexual pleasure was most certainly taken care of, but it was satisfied in an atmosphere of caring love which is something I was sure the older boy would treasure forever.

The last of the boy's orgasmic twitches ran its course and I saw Mattie releasing his friend's soft two and a half inch thin sleek damp penis from his mouth. The smaller boy smiled knowingly as he climbed up next to his newest friend. Grant was moaning softly in his own world of happiness gazing over at Mattie with a wide grin on his face.

"W…what just happened," he moaned giddily still feeling the euphoric aftereffects of his glorious first time ever orgasm. "I mean…it was like I had to pee, but nothing came out." He wondered out loud a bit surprised by that.

"Oh you mean the tingly feelings?" Mattie asked as Grant nodded his head. "Yeah Evan and Kyle explained it to me. They said it is called an orgasm and since you aren't old enough nothing comes out yet." Mattie told his friend who just looked at him questioningly.

"What do you mean nothing comes out yet…do you mean pee?" He asked curiously not wanting to get older and piss all over the place in order to get that fantastic feeling.

"Um…no…other stuff." Mattie tried to explain. "It is kind of a white creamy stuff, and I guess that is how guys get girls pregnant when they shoot that stuff inside of them. They told me it feels even better once you start squirting." Mattie explained as Grant just nodded his head not believing anything could get better than what had just happened as he noticed the smaller boy was softly holding his now limp tool in his hands and giggling.

Grant looked down curiously wondering why Mattie was laughing so cutely. "What's so funny?" He asked smiling happily.

"Nothing…just…um…" Mattie giggled infectiously as his friend began to laugh for no other reason than because Mattie was.

"Just what?" He insisted as he winced when the smaller boy softly fingered his sleek flaccid penis a bit too vigorously taking note that he was a bit sensitive down there now.

"Just that I'm amazed at how something so skinny can get so damn fat and tasty?" Mattie giggled making Grant furrow his eyebrows not really understanding once again.

In a way the older boy was feeling a bit frustrated these days about the lack of information regarding some of his feelings he's been dealing with lately. "Is that unusual?" He asked not certain as Mattie giggled again.

"Yeah…I've never seen a thin diddle get so thick. I mean Kyle and Evan have a couple of friends who are just huge, but yours is so skinny to begin with and it just like gets really fat." Mattie admitted as he leaned in and kissed the other boy on the cheek. "Um…do you think you might want to…you know?" Mattie sniggered as he shifted on to his back and peeled back the skin on his small wick exposing his slicked up knob.

"Yeah…but…I…um…I've never…you know?" Grant whispered to his little friend, but eyed the younger boy eagerly. "What if I…you know…mess up?" He asked a bit nervously.

"What's to mess up? Just don't bite it and scrape your teeth, and it will be just fine no matter what else you do. Believe me it will feel good no matter what as long as you put it inside of your mouth." Mattie offered up encouragingly.

I watched the scene unfold in front of me, the two boys totally oblivious that I was standing just outside the door out of view, as Grant slipped his damp puffy lips over his very first penis. He slathered his tongue along Mattie's short shaft and purplish knob while he gently caressed the soft fleshy pouch. His eyes seemed to light up excitedly as he discovered it wasn't bad at all, and he even seemed to enjoy it. Sighing I left them alone having seen more than enough. The two little tykes left me yearning for my own relief as I padded back to my room. It's been a while since Evan's filled me up inside, and I was so horny now I wanted to feel his hardness deep down inside of me as it pulsed and bumped up against my little love button. Ever since our very first time with him being inside of me we've been slow to engage in that intimate way again. It's only happened one other time, but I was feeling so overwhelmed now with Mattie once more being himself, and with Grant's first wonderful sexual experience, that I felt I needed that from Evan today.

Slipping out of my underwear I snuggled up next to sweet curly haired angel, and slowly ran my hands along his chest and stomach. I could see him responding to my gentle touch as his white briefs strained to hold in his burgeoning erection. My Angelic boy sighed and his eyes slowly fluttered open as he gazed back at me and smiled before glancing around to make sure we were alone.

Leaning down I gently pressed my lips up against his as we slowly kissed before we separated. "How's Mattie?" He whispered softly enjoying our intimacy, but also concerned for his little brother.

"Let's just say he is completely himself again." I smiled at my little love noticing his questioning look so I elaborated. "Well the last time I saw him he was…um…well let's just say he was making Grant very happy." I giggled as Evan's eye's got big.

"No fucking way…why that little shit is turning out to be the biggest pervert." He chuckled and for confirmation we heard Mattie let out one familiar squeak before it was cut off in mid-sound, almost as if he had covered up his mouth with his hand. "Holy crap I can't believe how he seems to always get some sort of action with someone." Evan just smiled shaking his head while I sort of furrowed my eyebrows.

"Yeah, but this time I think it is sort of different." I responded honestly.

"What do you mean?" Evan asked his eyebrows knotting upwards in a cute kind of way.

"I think Mattie really feels for Grant…you know…more than just having sex. I mean with Benji and all he just likes it to get off…you know…sexually. But I saw something different with Grant, as if Mattie wanted this to be more…you know?" I sighed as Evan smiled happy for his little brother.

"That's great news Kyle, but it sounds like you sort of were a bit of a peeping Tom. So is Grant cute…you know…down there?" He taunted as he gave my erection a playful tweak."

"Oh fuck yeah…you have no idea." I chuckled as he smiled slyly wanting details.

We chatted for a few minutes as I described to him in intimate detail about everything including the shower with Grant yesterday morning while Evan just looked at me in awe not believing his ears. I could tell the intimated description of the sexy boy was beginning to make Evan a bit horny. When I told him about Mattie swallowing Grant's thick erection, and how he genuinely was so tender and loving, Evan just shook his head leaning in to kiss me passionately. Hearing how his brother and Grant were falling for one another made him want me even more as he realized it had been a while since the two of us had been able to take care of one another properly. It wasn't long before the two of us were in our own throes of passionate mutual gratification, our two sweaty slicked up bodies grunting, thrusting, and pushing up against one another.

With Riley gone and us alone in the room we were finally able to satisfy our teenage hormonal needs as I slowly rode him gently, but with passion, until we were both satisfied and gasping for air trying to recuperate. It never ceased to amaze me how wonderful it felt to be with Evan on such an intimate level. Each time was like the first time for me, and I got the distinct feeling it was the same for him. As I lay there on my back with my hazel eyed boy curled up in my arms, I just smiled at how fulfilling it had been to feel him inside of me once more. I was glad that we didn't do this all the time so it would remain new and fresh each time, and I wondered when and if he would ever be ready for me to fulfill him completely as well. I knew it would happen, and I didn't want to rush Evan feeling it important for this special act to occur naturally at the right time so it was satisfying not only for me, but for him as well.

Untangling myself from the angelic sexy boy, letting him sleep for a while longer, I walked into the bathroom completely naked and hopped into the shower. I was rinsing myself off when the curtains pulled aside briefly and Grant stepped in next to me smiling from ear to ear in a very good mood.

"Hey good morning," I smiled at the boy as he glanced down at my semi-erection and nodded his head.

"Good morning…how'd you sleep?" He asked me as I chuckled.

"Pretty good…you?"

"Same…I guess." He responded still smiling happily.

"I see…so did you and Mattie have fun?" I ribbed him reaching out to ruffle his hair knowingly as he just looked at me in shock wondering what if anything I knew.

"I…um." He huffed not knowing what to say.

"Yeah…just like I thought." I chuckled shaking my head.

"How did you…I mean how could you…um…know?" He asked a bit mortified.

"To be honest I got up to check on Mattie…I do the same thing at home…and well…um…I sort of saw Mattie…you know…I nodded my head at his midsection which had become very hard at just the reminder of his first pleasurable event.

"You…" He squeaked out then cleared his throat embarrassed how his voice had sort of cracked and gone up in a girlish kind of way. "Um…you…saw us…you know…shit Kyle. I mean…that's kind of embarrassing." He admitted blushing, but still smiling despite having been caught as I just shook my head.

"Yeah…I suppose and I'm sorry that I sort of spied on you…but I just couldn't help it…you know. I mean seeing you like that…um…well…your first time and all was sort of…um…sexy hot." I admitted noticing him flush and looking away as his cheeks turned crimson, and he giggled nervously realizing I knew it had been his first time.

"Yeah…well…um," he cleared his throat not knowing what to say glancing my way briefly before turning his head away again looking so adorably cute in that way of his when he was embarrassed and gushing.

"So…how did you enjoy it?" I asked him as he just snapped his head around in shock looking at me for a moment before his features softened up, and he giggled realizing it was just the two of us. Besides, I had seen him naked and all already, not to mention had taken pictures of him, which he had acknowledged to me he kind of enjoyed posing for.

"I…um…it was totally awesome." He admitted giggling like a little silly girl while I nodded my head knowingly.

"Yeah…I'm sure it was. You know for Mattie it was a lot more than just…you know…sex?" I told the boy who looked down and nodded his head.

"I know…I mean he didn't say anything, but it felt special to me too…not just because of the sex…you know. I mean I suppose the sex is what makes it feel good and all, but I think I know what you mean." He replied as I nodded my head.

"Mattie may be younger than you, but he's fooled around with other guys before, but with you I can tell it is different Grant. It's like he really cares deeply about you." I tried to explain it to Grant who seemed to get it.

"Me too Kyle…I really care a lot about Mattie…and…um…I know it was my first time and all…but still…it really felt special. I mean sure my first time would have been special no matter what if it makes me feel…um…you know…that good, but I could tell that how we did it together there seemed to be something…um…different about it. Shit Kyle…I mean what do I know…it…um…it just all happened so fast and all, but I really do care about Mattie with more than just the sex part of things." He sighed shaking his head as I wrapped my arms around his wet body giving him a gentle heartfelt hug.

"Yeah I know." I told him as I stepped back and looked at him seriously. "I'm truly happy your first experience was so nice." I smiled sincerely as he just looked back at me while I continued. "I'm glad because for you the experience was wonderful not only down there...," I indicated pointing between his legs, "but also for in here." I indicated placing my right hand flat up against his chest above his strong steady beating heart as he nodded at me understanding he really had experienced something special with Mattie.

Removing my hand from his chest I began the process of washing him down enjoying being able to touch him just as much as he enjoyed being touched without it becoming a sexual thing. Of course running my hands along his smooth skin felt wonderful to him, and he got an erection from it his thick penis bobbing and jerking around on its own making both of us giggle. In the end though the act was about us connecting in a close friendship and almost brotherly kind of way so it wasn't about sex, but rather about the closeness between two friends.

"Kyle?" I heard him ask me as I rinsed out his hair.


"Does this mean I'm gay?" He asked me making me laugh so hard I doubled over for a moment while he just looked at me wondering what was so funny.

"Geeze Grant. You have no idea how many times I've been asked that by a lot of my friends including Mattie and Evan, but no, I don't think it makes you gay. You care a lot about Mattie and have deep feelings for him, but you are only ten years old and don't know for sure one way or the other how you really feel yet. You have a lot of growing up still ahead of you, and I'm sure when Riley talks to you there will be some answers for you. Just so you know though you will still have questions…hell for that matter I'm still trying to figure some things out myself. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the feelings you have now though. If you like Mattie and he likes you, then just enjoy it. Fair enough?" I asked him as he smiled and gave me a big hug.

"Yeah fair enough, thanks for everything Kyle. You guys coming here has been totally gnarly." He told me honestly getting a bit Californian on me making me chuckle.

"For us too Grant…and I'm glad you and Mattie are getting along, and that you and your brother are mending fences. Riley's a really great guy and cares for you too. They are lucky to have you in their lives Grant, and I'm lucky to have you in ours as well." I told him sincerely as we finished up.

Making my way into Mattie's room so I could have a talk with him as well, I climbed into bed with him snuggling up close beneath the blanket. He was sleeping so peacefully as I ran my hands along his chest and stomach. Slowly he responded to my gentle touch, and opened his eyes smiling broadly at me. He seemed so happy and I couldn't help but smile because he was so much…well…like…Mattie…with a touch of additional contentment. His scent seemed to wrap around my senses as I detected the odor of sex, and a hint of Grant intermingled along with it making me shudder in an almost lustful way. It never seemed to amaze me how someone's scent could affect me like this, but I suppose for me this will always be the case regarding Mattie and Evan. These two were firmly imprinted into my very being and existence.

"How's my little soldier doing?" I asked Mattie as he smiled, lifted up the blanket taking a good look at his stiff dinky, then turned towards me giggling.

"Well…he seems to be doing just fine." He chuckled at our little game of the 'little soldier' not only referring to him, but the one between his legs as well.

Laughing at the boy's energetic sparkle I just pulled him closer and gave him a hug. "Yeah so I've gathered. I had a nice little chat with Grant." I told him as Mattie scrunched up his eyebrows. "Don't look like that he didn't say anything. I already knew because I came to check up on you like I always do…and well…you guys were already at it." I explained to Mattie who nodded his head and smiled impishly at me making me roll my eyes.

He didn't really mind if I knew or not, but for him this had been intimately personal and sweet, and he didn't want Grant to just go around talking about it somehow making it seem not as unique. "Oh alright…I guess that's cool." He replied to my explanation seeming to make him feel better about it.

"You know this was his first time Mattie?" I asked him as he thought for a moment and then nodded his head.

"Yeah, I guess I do know that. He didn't say anything, but yeah, I guess I sort of knew." He admitted as I confirmed it for him.

"For him this was very special Mattie. Grant seems a bit different than most kids…you know sort of sweet and sensitive even though he doesn't show it. I mean look how he connected with you when you were hurting. He has deep feelings for you…I mean not only because the sex was nice and all, but also in here." I told him pressing my hand up against his chest like I had done with Grant.

Mattie's eyes watered as he nodded his head. "I know." He whispered. "I've got the same feelings for him." He breathed out softly as he snuggled up close to me while I ran my hands softly and gently down the length of his back making the smaller boy quiver in delight.

"I'm happy for you Mattie…that you've found that. Enjoy it for what it is with no regrets afterwards." I told him approvingly.

"Yeah but what about when we leave. I'll be heartbroken." Mattie admitted as I nodded my head.

"I know Mattie boy, but there is always video conferencing on the computer, and maybe even visits in-between. At least several times a year." I told him sincerely.

"But they can't afford the costs of plane tickets. Isn't it expensive?" He asked me as I shrugged my shoulders.

"Sure it can be…but there are always deals going on and with you having a place to stay here, or them staying with us, it doesn't cost as much. So don't worry, you guys will get to spend plenty of time together, and when you do it will be even more special." I promised him as he seemed to like the idea and began to feel much better about it as I encouraged him to get up, grab his older brother, and wash the sex stink off of him. When I mentioned the last part he just giggled looking at me knowingly forcing me to tickle him real quick for his pretentious attitude. As he was walking out the door I called out to him and told him to get Evan to wash of the sex stink as well. This prompted Mattie to roll his eyes just like his older brother, and then giggle at my admission to my own little sexual escapade.

We all sort of fell into a comfortable type of routine during our stay in Santa Cruz. Riley would get up early in the morning to go surfing. This left some alone time between Mattie and Grant, and me and Evan. After our sexual play with our little sexy boyfriends, Grant and I would let Mattie and Evan snooze some more while grabbing a shower together. It was always innocent, but I was beginning to grow very fond of the little guy enjoying being able to touch his nakedness without any guilt for either one of us. I noticed Grant seemed to enjoy the closeness as well, at times just reaching over and giving me a warm embrace. Afterwards we'd wake up the two brothers allowing them to hop into the shower and get cleaned up as well.

After a quick breakfast, we would then head over to whichever beach Riley was surfing on watching him totally in awe of his amazing talent. He truly was a world class surfer, and people from all around would sit in amazement as the younger boy would ride the waves as if born to it. After a while he would make his way in spending time with tutoring Evan on the finer points of surfing while Mattie, Grant, and I just tried our hands at it doing the best we could. It was all fun, but sometimes we would just give it up and enjoy ourselves body surfing or boogie boarding. I had to admit that Evan was getting really good at surfing, and it was a lot of fun watching him blossom under Riley's capable tutelage.

Afterwards we would head back home to grab a quick brunch or lunch depending on our mood since it would still be early enough for either one before heading back out. We would make our way to one of the local skateboarding parks or somewhere local that accommodated skateboarders, and had fun with Grant. Mattie always seemed stoked during these times, and I was tickled pink watching him have so much fun. It was nice watching both Mattie and Evan excel as their tricks smoothed out, the younger brother busting out more difficult tricks with Evan holding his own. However, it was during this time where it was totally sick and off the hook watching Grant in his element as he just seemed to grind the obstacles in diamondz. After that we usually ended up doing something totally new as they took us around to the different sights and sounds of the region. There really was a lot to do around the Santa Cruz area, and it was a very beautiful place.

Two days after Grants first sexual encounter with Mattie I got a much anticipated phone call from the surf shop, and also a large envelope sized package from my dad, which just seemed like perfect timing and meant to be I suppose. I discretely asked Ms. Dobson if she could take me over to the surf shop, and I was excited by the time we pulled back up to the house with the guys wondering where I had gone. I explained that I had gotten a call from the surf shop and had to pick up some necklaces for several of our friends back home. Riley and Grant thought it was a cool gift to give our friends because it really did portray the laid back setting of the area and was becoming a popular item among both surfers and skateboarders alike around the area.

That night as we prepared for dinner with everybody sitting around the table I brought down a small bag with me and joined them. "Hey guys I need to talk to you about something important." I began as they looked over towards me. "I told you guys I had several necklaces made as gifts for all my friends, and that includes you guys too." I began as I started pulling out necklaces that were all similar in design with slight differences and reflecting a bit about their personality. I handed Riley and Evan a necklace with a surfboard attached to it since they both seemed to have connected with one another in this sport, and for Mattie I handed him one with a skateboard on it since he had just blossomed under Grant's watchful eyes.

This left just Grant as he took a closer look at Mattie's necklace letting the boy know just how off the hook it looked on him. He didn't even seem to take notice that he was the only one without a necklace as he took in turn a closer look at Riley's then Evan's necklaces approving of the color choices and objects.

"Um Grant…I…um," I sighed as he looked at me questioningly then shrugged his shoulders.

"It's cool Kyle…I mean you're Riley's friend and all, and Evan and Mattie are a part of your family." He stated sincerely not at all offended as I shook my head.

"You don't understand Grant. You…um…you've been like a fresh breathe of air to all of us, and I wanted to do something special for you. I wasn't sure what to do so I…um…here." I stated handing the large flat envelope sized package to him my father had sent as he looked at me questioningly and opened it up. "It's you're dad's military record with all of his awards and everything. He earned the Purple Heart, and he's got some combat awards as well, not to mention a bronze star. My dad found out he had served in the same Special Forces Unit as him; although, he didn't personally know your dad." I explained as Grant slowly opened the package my dad had sent him. Inside were not only his dad's military record, but also copies of various images from his father's time in the military. He could be seen in group photos, formal pictures, and then just general pictures in the historical archives of the unit and men he had served with.

Grant's hands shook and his eyes watered as he shuffled through the information treating it like some precious item while Riley scooted over looking through it with him. "This…um…thanks Kyle." Grant jumped up and threw his arms around me. "This is the best gift ever." He whispered in my ear as he just held on to me for a long time his body trembling with emotions while Ms. Dobson and Riley rubbed his shoulders and back knowing how important this information was to the smaller boy. When Grant finally released me he sat back down while I pulled out another necklace setting it on the table.

"Guys, this necklace here to me is a masterpiece, and the old Marine who made it honors the Special Forces Group." I stated as I pulled out the necklace and my challenge coin setting it on the table while everyone leaned over to take a look at both items; especially, the coin. "Does anyone know what this is?" I asked them as Riley looked around, and nodded his head.

It really didn't surprise me that Riley knew what this was as he explained it to everyone in great detail while I listened to his explanation. "Whoa, that's like way cool." Grant exclaimed having listened closely since the coin was from the same Special Forces Unit as his and Riley's dad.

"Yeah it is Grant, but this challenge coin is different from the two official designs." I told him as he looked at me questioningly. "This one was designed by my dad." I explained as Grant scrunched up his eyebrows in thought.

"I thought Riley said that a Special Forces guy can only have one of the two official ones or it isn't considered a challenge coin." He countered as I nodded my head.

"Yeah you're right Grant, but there is one exception to the rule, and I'm sure your brother knows what it is." I told him as the younger boy turned towards Riley questioningly who in turn nodded his head.

"A soldier who earns the Medal of Honor, the highest military honor awarded for personal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty, can design his own challenge coin. Kyle's dad earned this several years back and almost died in the process Grant. Almost half of the soldiers awarded this honor was presented it posthumously. Do you understand what that means?" Riley asked his little brother who shook his head no, noticing Evan and Mattie also shaking their heads. "It means they were awarded this honor after they died. Those who earn this medal have done so during times of extreme danger and against all odds. It is why there are only a handful of people who earn this award, and still few who are alive to receive it. Kyle's dad almost died and was in the hospital for many months due to severe injuries he sustained. Somehow he managed to make a full recovery and continue his duties. He's a rare bread in the military or anywhere." Riley finished as I smiled warmly at him for his explanation, and he managed to do it without his typical surfer drawl making his mom nod approvingly. "Oh one more thing," he interjected. "Guess who presented the medal to Kyle's dad?" Riley asked the boys who just looked around at each other blankly.

Grant just shrugged his shoulders and jokingly said, "Who…the President of the United States?" Prompting a giggle from both Mattie and Evan.

"Yup…exactly." Riley retorted seriously making the boys pause for a moment as their eyes got really big.

"Whoa…that's like way awesome for real." Grant gasped as he looked back towards the coin sitting on the table. "Sooooo…this is a real challenge coin then?" Grant asked as I nodded my head showing him the difference, and how my dad had combined elements of the two official Special Forces Challenge coins into his design, and then added the initials 'MOH' on the back side along the scroll.

There are only a handful of these around Grant so I had a special necklace made thanks to you. I needed something strong so it wouldn't break, but I needed to follow the rules too. So the Marine at the surf shop knew exactly what I needed because he has his own challenge coin. Maybe the next time you two are in there you can ask him about his challenge coin. Anyway, he designed this necklace and holder for it." I explained as I pushed the necklace over and showed them how it worked.

I've seen those metal bands that fit around a coin and has a screw that tightens the band around the edges of the coin. This was similar in nature, but since it had to be done so that I could remove the coin easily the Marine had made a special band design that fit around the coin and locked in place so I wouldn't loose the coin. Slipping my coin inside the bezel band, within the small edge that helps hold the coin in place, I pushed it tight around the coin while I also pinched closed the two curved clasps on the crown releasing the lock mechanism. I then swiveled the coin and band completely around so the other side of the coin was facing me effectively tightening the band around the coin before pulling on it downwards feeling it click into place. I was then able to releasing the lever on the crown locking the setting in place keeping the band snuggled up tightly around the coin. It was a triple safety kind of latching. In order to get the coin out I had to push the clasp on the crown releasing the locking mechanism, push the coin and stem upwards releasing the swivel lock, and then rotate it completely around so that the bands released from the mechanism and loosened from around the coin allowing me to remove it. It was an ingenious design as everyone watched in amazement how simple yet extremely secure it truly was. The owner of the surf shop told me that he had made sure the crown and bezel were completely secured together and strong enough so it would not break as well. He assured me it would last a lifetime, and then some, and I believed him as I looked on the creatively crafted workmanship.

"Whoa, that is totally amazing." Grant exclaimed as I held it up then slipped it around his neck. "Wh…what are you doing? This is the coin your dad gave you…the special one." Grant stammered completely stunned as I smiled warmly at him.

"Yes I know Grant, and when I got it from him it had helped me through the tough times when he was so far away from me. It was a part of him that I could hold on to. When you need your father just hang on to the coin and know he is always with you in here." I told him pointing to his chest as I continued. "My dad told me that he has only passed these out to a handful of people who he felt deserve it. You've earned this Grant…by the way you treat everyone…for how you helped Mattie…for the way you care about all of us…and because your father was in the Special Forces Group. You've earned the right to wear this challenge coin Grant, and if anyone ever says anything about it you explain what it means and how you came about having it in your possession. You let them know you understand what it means, and how the rules work. If they say it is a fake, you tell them about my father. In this way you not only honor my dad, but yours as well. If you can do this, then the coin is yours." I told him as he just gawked at me. I could see the emotions welling up in him with his shoulders trembling before he suddenly burst and began to sob uncontrollably.

Riley immediately held his brother in his arms, and rocked the boy trying to get him to calm down. The simple gesture was overwhelming as Ms. Dobson came over and gave me a heartfelt hug for such a huge honor. She understood what this meant to Grant, and knowing more about his father in some ways helped him heal and deal with his passing. I had given the boy something to hold on to and treasure; I had given him the gift of the memory of his father, and what the man stood for. Of course this same man had left her and Riley because they had their differences, but she had long ago accepted it, and had moved on laying no blame on her ex husband for what had happened. It was just one of those things in life where two people had grown apart. She recognized that Riley's dad had tried to reconcile things for years with his eldest son, and she supported and appreciated the efforts. When he passed away she had no problems accepting Grant into their lives. She had never felt an ill will towards the boy, and indeed loved him as if he were her own.

She leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. "Kyle thank you so much…this means the world to all of us. You boys have been such a blessing, and we have been honored to host you in our home. Riley has managed to choose true friends, and you are all like family to us." She whispered as she reached over and gave Evan and Mattie a hug as well.

Wiping away the tears Grant got up and walked over to me. He climbed up on top of my lap and held on to me tightly laying his head on my shoulders as he whispered so softly in my ears that only I could hear him. "I love you Kyle Schonefeld with all my heart, and don't ever forget that." He breathed out pausing for a moment before kissing me gently on the cheek and hugged me once more tightly before getting off my lap. He hesitated a moment looking over at Ms. Dobson before walking over to her.

"Mom…did you see the…," He began to ask her when he just all of a sudden froze and glanced over towards Riley who just sat back and smiled.

"Well it's about fucking time." He laughed at Grant's expression getting a reproachful look from his mom for his profanity and who had also frozen for a moment at Grant's slip of the tongue. "What…I'm just saying is all. I mean damn…sure Grant and I had our problems, but you have been like a real mom to him so it's about time he just calls you mom." Riley stated shrugging his shoulders.

"Y…you're not mad at me, and you really don't mind?" Grant asked a bit fidgety.

"Nah…I told you it's about time, and I think you should if you want to."

"Oh…," the smaller boy responded frowning as it sort of sunk in, and he slowly turned to Ms. Dobson. "Um…is…you know…would it be alright with you too?" He asked hesitantly. "I mean…to call you mom?" He clarified as Ms. Dobson replied by way of reaching out and hugging the boy tightly in her arms.

"Oh yes sweetie…I'd love that very much." She responded as Grant looked up at her smiling and then showing her the coin.

Ms. Dobson took a close look nodding approvingly, and then Grant turned walking over to Mattie hugging his friend to him as he once more began to cry unexpectedly when the emotions once more boiled over. Mattie just held on to his friend for a moment at a bit of a loss before leading him away upstairs so they could be alone. Riley reached over and placed his hand on top of mine giving it a squeeze while Evan wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"I hope you don't mind that I gave the challenge coin to your little brother Riley. I know how interested you are in those types of things." I told him honestly sort of feeling bad as he just shook his head.

"No Kyle, I think you did the right thing. I know how special Grant is, and I'm glad other people see it too. He's got a tender heart and is a very caring type of person. He's had such a tough time, yet he never has a bad thing to say about anyone and always treats everyone with respect. Loosing his dad was the most difficult thing of all, and even when I treated him like crap he never complained or had anything bad to say about me. It took me a long time to see what you saw almost immediately. He's a lot like Mattie you know…so no wonder they've become attached." He shook his head as he patted my arm before sitting back in his seat. "So…what about you?" He asked me making me scrunch up my eyebrows questioningly.

His whole demeanor was sort of unsettling in some ways. I mean he had sort of dropped his surfer drawl and with it his easy going mannerism. Of course when I thought about it he was still easy going, but somehow his Californian surfer drawl was part of his charm. Riley seemed to notice as he just smiled at me.

"Dude, like don't get all fussy like on me. Like it's just a simple question you know…so?" He pressed confusing me even more.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"Dude the necklaces…like did you get a gnarly one for yourself?" He asked me as I nodded my head mouthing an "oh," and pulled it out showing it to him making it his turn to look back at me questioningly.

"Dude…like what the fuck?" He shook his head getting an admonishing reproachful comment from his mother.

"Riley Dobson…don't think you are too old for me to wash that potty mouth of yours." She scolded her eldest son who just rolled his eyes but still looked at me for an answer.

Shrugging my shoulders I explained. "Well just because I don't have a challenge coin anymore, it doesn't imply that there still isn't any meaning for me. My challenge coin holder is just simply empty is all…for now. Maybe one day I will earn the right to put another one inside of it." I explained as he nodded his head sympathetically.

Since I wasn't in the military I didn't have a right to one unless it was given to me, so maybe one day I would earn the right to one, by way of if I decided to join. In the meantime I would always know that at one time I had earned the right to the coin, but I passed it on to someone who I felt needed it more and was more deserving. That was the honorable thing to do, and in the spirit of the meaning behind the coins.

"Alright guys," Ms. Dobson interrupted us. "I want you boys to go get Mattie and Grant, and then get dressed up nice so that I can drive us to a special spot and take some nice pictures with all of us together. You promised Kyle, and I would really appreciate it because I want to wear something nice with the beautiful pearl set your mom made me." She suggested getting us into a more upbeat mood as we did just that, and actually enjoyed it as she drove us up to a sweet spot in a park overlooking the entire valley with beautifully sculpted trees, bushes, and flowers.

The rest of our stay in Santa Cruz seemed to fly by quickly, and it seemed that Grant and Mattie became extremely close to one another, more than just casual friends. Then our last day finally arrived as we all sat around eating lunch since our plane wasn't due to leave for another several hours. Grant kept glancing over towards me and Evan, and would just giggle every once in a while before looking away and blushing. It made me chuckle as well recalling exactly what was making the boy giggle every time he looked at us.

Earlier that morning after Evan and I had woken up we decided to hop into the shower since Riley was still sleeping and had opted not to hit the surfs today because it was our last day. As we padded silently past Grant's and Mattie's room we heard the familiar sounds of two boys having a bit of fun. Evan paused a moment, and not able to resist had stuck his head inside the door to take a peek. It was all I could do to keep from busting up because the look on Evan's face was priceless as he just stood there gawking while beneath his underwear I saw a lot of twitching going on. Before long there was the familiar large bulge as his burgeoning thick three inch erection pressed up against his underwear. Damn he looked hot standing there totally rooted in place all swollen between his legs. I swallowed hard and was tempted to just rip off his clothes right there and doing him in that very spot. Shaking my head I reached out and pulled Evan with me to the bathroom

"Holy crap," Evan whispered once we were safe behind the closed door. "Damn, you warmed me about Grant, but fuck Kyle, that is pretty damn thick." He giggled as we both hopped into the shower.

"Yeah, I know and seeing you there gawking made me horny as fuck." I shuddered excitedly as Evan just looked at me mischievously. "It's nice coming to visit and all, but I swear Evan I'm about to go out of my mind since I haven't been able to take care of myself on a regular basis." I protested as I watched Evan drop to his knees and take me into his mouth. "Shit that feels good." I gasped as I began to rock my hips. "We have to be quick though because Grant usually comes in to take a shower with me once him and Mattie finish…um…you know…uh…finish their calisthenics." I giggled while Evan paused a moment also chuckling as he recalled their unique style of exercise.

Sure enough we had just finished each other off, and were cleaning up when we saw the shower curtains opening up. We watched as Grant stepped inside the tub looking rather pleased with himself. Evan couldn't help himself and chuckled when he saw the look of contentment on Grant's face, not to mention the now small sleek two and a half inch soft floppy hanging over a large bulging pouch that at the moment snuggled up tightly against the boy's body. Evan still seemed kind of surprised though because for a ten year old boy even his flaccid state was a pretty decent sized one and slightly larger than his own two and a quarter inch flaccid penis currently dangling between his legs.

Grant looked up hearing Evan laugh and blushed realizing that the other boy was currently in the shower with me as he instinctively covered himself up. "Um…I…shit…sorry guys…I just thought." He mumbled as Evan reached out and pulled him under the shower head.

"Don't worry about it Grant." Evan giggled as he began to lather up some body soap in his hands while I began to shampoo the boy's hair.

Grant didn't know what to say as me and Evan began to attack him scrubbing him clean. Our hands all over him felt great, and he began to relax and even removed his protective hands from in front of himself no longer worried as it began to enlarge and throb because of the wonderful stimulation he was getting.

"Holy crap Grant…I can't believe Mattie gets that fat thing into his mouth." Evan giggled as he just ogled the large fat stubby Leaning Tower of Pisa pushing outwards from the smaller boy's bare landscape and slightly angling outwards, almost as if it were leaning off to the side.

Grant once more instinctively covered himself up as he stuttered. "I…um…please don't be mad at Mattie…it…it wasn't his fault I made him do it." Grant pleaded laying the blame on himself covering for his friend as he must have realized Evan must have seen him doing some things with the younger boy.

"What…no Grant…why would I be mad? Geeze, it's cool with me as long as Mattie wants it too. Besides, I've noticed he's calmed down a lot ever since he's fallen head over heals for you." Evan giggled as Grant's jaw just dropped.

"Really…I mean…you really think Mattie…um…you know likes-likes me?" He asked as Evan just busted up laughing.

"Oh yeah…trust me. You're probably the best thing that's happened for him." Evan stated as he reached over and gave Grant's fat tower a quick squeeze making the other boy yelp and giggle.

Grant smiled appreciatively at Evan as his eyes slowly roamed over my luscious Angel's physique affectionately. I stepped up behind Grant and whispered in his ear. "Take a close look…that's Mattie in a few years." I breathed softly in the other boy's ear as he just took in Evan's beautifully molded body and his three inch long and fairly thick skin covered erection.

"Beautiful," he breathed out his own hard erection seemingly twitching of its own accord. "I can't wait." The other boy quivered involuntarily as he began to stroke himself.

He seemed to come to his senses realizing he was masturbating in front of us, and blushed completely mortified as he tried to turn his back to us, but wasn't having any success since I was standing behind him and Evan in front of him. Finally Evan came to the rescue as he stepped up and wrapped his arms around the other boy both of their erections bumping up against one another.

"It's alright Grant…I…I'm sort of flattered…you know…that you are going to be pleased with how Mattie looks in a few years. It's kind of…um…you know…sexy." He whispered in Grant's ears as he chuckled making the other boy giggle as well.

"Can I…um…you know…touch it?" He asked stammering while now it was Evan's turn to blush. "Please…I…I'm just curious is all." He finished off as Evan looked towards me making me laugh and shrug my shoulders indicating why not.

"Um…sure…I guess." Evan nodded as he watched Grant reach out slowly and taking his own version of the Eiffel Tower into his hands.

Evan winced as the familiar sensations began to stir between his legs. He didn't want this thing to become a sexual issue so tried to control his urges allowing the other boy to have a closer look as he felt his tight foreskin being peeled over his bell.

"Wow, it's just like Mattie's…only bigger. It's kind of cool how tight your skin still is." He smiled up at Evan releasing the older boy's erection satisfied with what he had seen and felt. "Do you really think Mattie's going to look like this in a few years?" He asked curiously.

"Yeah…I'm pretty sure." Evan blushed and reached down sliding his foreskin back into place making Grant blush as he realized he had been perving on the older boy fantasizing it had been Mattie.

"Um…sorry?" Grant apologized softly as Evan just smiled and once more gave the boy a quick hug letting him know it was all good, and that he understood this moment between them had been more the typical kid curiosity about their sexuality.

Now as we sat around the table eating Grant couldn't help himself as he would first glance toward Mattie and then over to Evan before giggling as naughty thoughts flittered through his mind. It was kind of funny because Mattie would just look at Grant wondering what the boy was going on about, but when Grant looked at him he just shrugged letting the boy know he would explain later.

After finishing up eating we had spent our last morning just walking along lazily on the nearby stretch of sandy beach. It had been a sweet morning for all of us as we chatted and got along. At one point Riley and Grant were sitting next to each other with the older boy's arm draped lazily over his little brother's shoulders. "So is this going to be the habit from now on." I heard Grant speak up knowing he was setting up his older brother as Riley just looked over at his little brother questioningly. "You know all kisses and hugs now." He giggled teasingly not really minding the situation at all.

The older boy just smiled at his younger brother and not able to contain himself anymore pounced on the younger boy wrestling him to the ground. It was an all out tussling match as the two boys squirmed around, and even groped one another's packages trying to get some leverage with us cheering them on loudly. It really was hilarious to watch because until recently neither one of them had even seen the other one naked, and here they were snatching at each other's crotches until they finally just lay crumpled in a heap breathing heavily in each other arms completely spent. It truly was a brotherly type of moment, and I had captured it all on camera. The two boys just looked at one another and I could tell both of them knew that this had been another special moment for them with their deepening relationship.

"I think we are going to need that special chat as soon as Kyle, Mattie, and Evan leave." Riley suggested as he nodded his head at Grant's obvious erection that had sprouted while they were wrestling around together. He reached out and softly stroked Grant's cheeks affectionately. "It seems as if you've been very busy this week," he hinted as he glanced over towards Mattie's direction making both boys blush understanding that Riley knew what was going on. "So I suppose it is high time." He sighed as his little brother continued to blush in that cute way he had and shrug his shoulders, but still agreed.

We were sad, tired, but also happy by the time our plane landed and we got back home in Kentucky. Our parents had met us at the airport and the ride home was very animated as we all spoke up at the same time recounting our time there. Mattie beamed proudly at the beat up skateboard that Grant had given to him as a gift before we left, the boy's favorite one, while Evan talked about surfing. As for me I just enjoyed it all; especially, the time spent with everyone and the cool places we visited. To be honest I had fallen in love with Santa Cruz, and I was already trying to plan my return trip there.

By the time we got home it was already late so we headed off to bed. I slept soundly that night in the comfort of my own bed with Evan snuggled up safely in my arms. We would have probably slept most of the morning away as well, but an incessant ringing of the doorbell woke us up as we rolled out of bed to see who it was. My parents were already up for several hours letting us sleep in, but now I slowly slipped on a pair of shorts making my way downstairs.

There was a stranger at the door that I didn't recognize. Yet somehow he seemed oddly familiar and I couldn't figure out who it was as he talked with my father for a moment seemingly introducing himself before my dad invited him inside. Then it seemed to click as I figured out it was the voice that sounded familiar.

My dad saw me standing there and motioned me over. "Oh hey Kyle, this gentleman says he knows you and Evan. He says he's here because of something you sent him and also to protect Evan's and Mattie's interests. Do you know what he's talking about?" He asked me as I looked down and nodded my head a bit shocked about the unexpected visit, and also uncomfortable about not having said anything to my dad earlier.

"Yeah, sort of." I responded.

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