Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 25

Cruising at thirty thousand feet in the Embraer E175 two turbo fan jet plane my head was beginning to droop downward as I tried to stave off falling asleep. After my dad woke us up earlier in the morning, I pulled out some traveling cases trying to figure out what to pack for all of us, but I was just baffled not knowing what was going on. Instead, after getting Mattie dressed, who seemed a bit better today, but still very clingy and needy, I put on some clothes and headed downstairs with Evan and Mattie in tow.

My dad announced he made arrangements for us to stay with Riley for a week in Santa Cruz until he got back with Sage from recertification. It had stunned us, but he told us to hustle and just grab the carry on suitcases and pack appropriately to get through the inspection gates. If there was anything we needed we could get it once we were at Riley's house. We didn't have a lot of time because our flight was leaving at seven in the morning and we still had a long trip to get to the airport in Nashville so my dad hustled us to get packed up. Mrs. Prescott helped with her boys since Mattie was still out of sorts.

My dad had to leave as well so gave us a hug and was off with Sage, while we went and picked up Riley from his Aunt's house before heading to the airport a good hour and a half away, which didn't give us a lot of time once we got there to say our goodbyes. We made it through baggage check and hustled on to the plane. Now as I sat there in my seat looking at the information I noticed that we were seated in the Economy comfort section. The plane seated a total of seventy six passengers with twelve in first class, twelve in economy comfort, and the rest in economy class. There was a single aisle in the center all the way to the back. In first class you had one seat on the left and two on the right with a total four rows. They also had larger seats that were leather. In our section, the economy comfort we had two seats on both side of the plane, and three rows. Our chairs were the same as the regular economy ones on the plane, but they seemed to recline more with just a bit more room too. They weren't the nice leather ones, but rather some sort of regular seat cover types. There was WI-FI and electronic device hookups so that was a nice upgrade on the plane.

My dad had managed to get the four seats right behind the bulkhead allowing us to sit in the same row and giving us a lot more room than the other seats in our economy comfort section. I was seated with Mattie on the right side of the plane because he refused to be separated from me, and Evan didn't seem to mind as he sat with Riley just across the aisle from us. We had an hour layover in Chicago, but we weren't going to be changing planes so would be able to stay aboard instead of going through all the hassle of disembarking and finding the correct departing gate. In total it was going to be about a seven hour long flight having us arrive around noon in San Jose. When my dad had told us it was going to be a seven hour flight I had figured on arriving around two in the afternoon, but then remembered there was a two hour time difference between California and Kentucky, which makes sense with us arriving at noon Pacific Standard Time.

Now that we were up in the air and the seatbelt sign was off I unbuckled my belt and reached over to do the same for Mattie who just sat there staring at nothing in particular. Sighing I just pulled up the armrest, grabbed the two blankets and two pillows and tried to make things more comfortable for the smaller boy. Evan looked over at us a bit concerned for his little brother, but I smiled at him setting my curly haired guy at ease.

Wrapping the two pillows with one of the blankets I shoved them up against the bulkhead leaning back and pulling Mattie towards me. I put my left leg up towards the back of the seat so that Mattie could slide between my legs and lay back up against me. I was now in a sort of reclining position with my back up against the pillow supported wall and my legs stretched out on the two seats with Mattie snuggled up and leaning against my chest. I spread out the blanket over the two of us and shoved my hands below the warm fabric wrapping up the smaller boy in my arms. It got nice and cozy warm with us snuggled together like this and the smaller boy immediately began to drowse, which is what I was hoping for. The more sleep he got, hopefully the more he would come out of his stupor. Glancing over towards Evan I saw that Riley and Evan were doing the same thing with the smaller boy cuddling up in the surfer's arms. I smiled at Evan glad that he was getting cozy as well.

Mattie shifted around a little beneath the blanket trying to find a good position as he lifted and contorted around a bit before settling back down. I felt him reaching for my right hand before lowing it between his legs making me just about choke. He had shoved down his shorts and was pushing my hand across his hard two inch penis which felt like a sweltering hot moist pig in the blanket sausage treat. His warm slightly hanging bell with double clappers felt a bit damp as well when I ran my fingers across them feeling the smaller boy tremble in my arms. He relaxed and settled back into me further closing his eyes. Looking up I saw Evan smirking at me knowingly giggling and whispering to Riley who just glanced at me and sort of chuckled as well while he just made a jacking motion with his hand. Rolling my eyes at them admonishingly, I slowly began to rub Mattie's wrapped sausage snack with my thumb and two fingers. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but then again it seemed to comfort Mattie so for the time being I didn't mind giving him some release.

We were safely concealed under the blanket and the people across diagonally from us were already asleep. The flight attendants were busy getting things together up front in the first class section of the galley, so I worked quickly hoping no one would find out what was going on. I felt the small boy stiffen up and start his flight into orbit as his body seemed to shiver as if from a cold wind, yet he was roasting hot beneath the covers. His orgasm seemed to last forever again as I continued to stroke him making me start to worry someone just might catch on. I saw the curtains fluttering as if someone was going to come through, but sighed when nothing happened. Right after that Mattie seemed to slump into my arms and fade off to sleep without a care in the world leaving me the task of pulling up his shorts.

The rest of the flight was uneventful and Mattie slept through the entire time not even waking up when we stopped in Chicago and people unloaded and loaded back on to the plane. About an hour or so before we landed, I gently shook him awake to see if he needed something or had to go to the bathroom. He opened his eyes and they seemed to sparkle again with life making me smile in relief.

"So how's my little soldier?" I asked him as he grinned recognizing our little code concerning not only how he was doing, but also how his little uniformed guy between his legs was doing.

Lifting up the blanket a little and shoving his hand down his shorts so he could grab on to raincoat covered warrior, he looked up into my eyes and whispered his first words since the incident at camp. "Better." He murmured softly before settling back down against me not saying anything else as if he were still trying to find his way out of the fog.

It was a good sign though as I looked up and nodded my head to Evan who had been watching us intently. He breathed a sigh of relief and settled down as well whispering to Riley who nodded his head understandingly and gave me the thumbs up sign. This was truly a step in the right direction, but I could tell Mattie was still closed off from everything and everyone, but at least he was making progress. Maybe the open beaches and rolling waves of Santa Cruz would help bring him out of his stupor.

Even though we managed to get some sleep on the plane we were still a bit tired once we got off. Riley's mom was waiting for us and gave him a big hug. I noticed another boy standing there as well, off to the side a bit looking to be around ten years old. He was kind of cute with a medium build for his age and long thick dark blonde hair that hung jus above his shoulders looking a bit straggly in a kind of adorable way. His hair was straight for the most part, but sort of curled wildly at the ends with some long wisps of strands hanging over the front of his brown eyes. I didn't have a chance to look him over any further because I found myself engulfed in Riley's mom's arms as she welcomed us to California. Her subtle perfume wafted around us lightly sort of reminding me of my own mom and Aunt Liz. Why did women always smell so good? I wondered to myself.

She gave Evan a hug and stooped over towards Mattie who sort of flinched and hung close to me. He allowed her to hug him, but he sort of stood there with his head down not really acknowledging her. She smiled at him and looked at me understandingly. I was pretty sure my parents had explained the situation to her. In the meantime Riley seemed to have walked up to the other boy and gave him a quick hug seeming to catch the other kid by surprise, but who nevertheless hesitantly returned the hug.

"Well…it is finally so nice to meet you boys. Riley's talked so much about you that I feel I already know all of you. I'm Ms. Dobson, Riley's mom, or you can call me Mary, whatever is easiest for you." She told us smiling with genuine warmth. "This over here is Grant…Riley's little brother." She introduced the long haired Californian boy.

Reaching out I bumped knuckles with the kid noticing the same deeply tanned facial features of his older brother, typical of all Californians who run around a lot under the warm sunshine. The boy gave me a shy smile and his brown eyes seemed to come alive before he looked over at Evan giving the boy a knuckle bump as well. Turning towards Mattie he held out his hand, but Mattie just scooted over closer to me. Grant looked up towards me sympathetically while Riley wrapped his hand around his little brother and gave him a quick squeeze, which seemed to elicit another surprised look from the younger boy.

While Riley talked to his little brother it gave me a chance to check him over real quick, and I saw Evan doing the same thing. His clothing looked a bit tattered, but not really old or anything, more like they got a lot of use. His white t-shirt with a jumble of black and silver lettering design looked kind of cool on him and hung around his body loosely. He was wearing tight fitting dark gray black pants that was kind of beat up along with a pair of Fallen shoes that appeared to have flat rubbery soles. The only reason why I knew the brand was because it had the Fallen word logo on top of the tongue that was clearly visible. The shoes were also kind of banged up and scuffed around the toes and edges of the shoes. Other than them being beat up I kind of liked the red and white striping design on both sides of the shoes.

"It's alright Grant, he'll come around." Riley told his little brother. "He's normally really…um…lovable and outgoing…but because…well…remember I told you last night." Riley reminded his little brother quietly not intending for it to be heard as he glanced towards Mattie while the younger Californian boy looked over towards me and smiled warmly as he nodded his head to his brother remembering.

It was kind of strange because Riley had never mentioned anything about his younger brother to us or if the boy had stayed with their Aunt as well while his mom had surgery a couple of months ago. Yet, if he had stayed with their Aunt why wasn't he there the last day of camp and then later at the house when we had the party. I mean of course I didn't say much about my folks either at camp, or my other friends and stuff, so maybe it wasn't strange after all.

We piled into their older late 1970's VW Bay Window Transporter Bus Type II model van with light blue paint, a white roof top, and a rack that had a couple of older surfboards strapped to the top. It had seen better days, but seemed to drive just fine and was roomy with two bench seats. It was old, beat up, made lots of noises as it moaned, groaned, and seemed to fart down the road, but when I thought about it I had to giggle thinking it was perfect for a surfer type of lifestyle. The more I thought about it the more I was pretty sure they had gotten this vehicle because they needed the extra room for Riley's surfing activities and probably couldn't afford anything newer. Thank goodness for the roominess though because with six people in all now it got a bit too crowded for a smaller car.

The conversation was fairly casual as Ms. Dobson asked us the usual questions about Kentucky like what the weather was like and how we enjoy where we live. Riley was very animated, but I noticed his little brother was kind of quiet on the ride home yet seemed to listen to everything being said around him. I saw him glancing towards Mattie a few times and he even reached over patting him on the arm in a sort of comforting and 'it is all right kind of way.' Mattie seemed to notice and looked over for a second before looking away leaning back towards me, and laying his head on my lap closing his eyes. Reaching down I ran my hand along his cheek, the one that wasn't bruised.

Grant seemed to watch us closely and I thought I detected some teardrops, but couldn't be sure because he turned away watching the landscape as we drove by. It really was a beautiful drive and before we knew it we had entered into a small suburb that seemed a little older, but very clean and neat nestled in the hilly area of the population. A few minutes later and we were pulling into their driveway along the left hand side of a small cute looking A-frame cottage. Riley's mom parked the car in an open small carport right along the side of the house with a roof overhead for some protection. The small house wasn't big or fancy, but had a nice cozy lived-in looking quality, and was painted yellow with nice white trim. We climbed the couple of steps onto the front wooden deck that led into the front of the house.

Riley led us inside as we looked around in the small cozy space that seemed a bit on the warm side as if the air conditioner barely worked. As you entered the front door on the left forward side of the house the living room stretched off towards the back and to the right of the house encompassing about an area of eleven feet from the door to the back wall and then from left to right about twenty eight feet taking up the entire front side of the house. Across from the living room on the right hand side of the house was the start of the dining room which was open to the kitchen and living room. It was obvious at some point the dining room area had actually been part of the living room making it a bit bigger than it currently was now.

From the front door if you looked straight back there was a wall about eleven feet in and from left to right about eight feet wide making it a sort of boundary for the living room. Past this wall was a spiral staircase that led up into the loft which overlooked the living room. As you continued towards the back of the house it was now obvious that the small curtained of area on the left hand side used to be the dining room right across from the kitchen. It was a space about eight feet wide, the width of the wall you saw from the door, and fourteen feet deep along the side of the house to the back. On the inside of the room along the back of the house used to be a small pantry about 3ft deep and eight feet long making now a small closet for a converted bedroom that belonged to Riley's mom. There wasn't a door closing off the bedroom since it had been an open dining room. Instead, there was now a four foot curtain hanging in place acting as a door. As you walked down this sort of hallway towards the back of the house the kitchen was to the right. Right passed the kitchen was a small closet with a stacked washer and dryer unit inside of it. After that a tiny bathroom with just a toilet and sink, no shower.

After a quick tour of the downstairs Riley took us up the spiral staircase onto the landing that looked down over the living room. The entire front of the house by the living room was glass from the bottom to the top and from this angle I could see all the way down the gentle slopping hill to the beach way off in the distance. The view really was a nice one as I tore away my gaze, but I also realized the downside of such a view contributed to the heat in the house because the sun would glare through for part of the day. The first door led to a small bedroom belonging to Grant, the next one led to the bathroom, and the one down at the end of the four foot wide landing was a slightly larger room belonging to Riley.

Stepping into Riley's small twelve foot by twelve foot room was like walking into the world of surfers. He had boards hanging on the walls along with posters. It was a kind of messy room and I noticed he just had a very low bed right along the floor, which I figured was a futon. His small closet, about three feet deep and six feet in length, along the back left wall was open, and I don't think he could have kept it shut with all the surfer gear he had stashed inside.

"Sorry dude, our house is like kind of smaller than yours Kyle so it might be a bit like cramped and all. It's just me and my little bro here and all, oh and my mom, so just fine for three people, but having friends over can be a bit tight like…if you know what I mean." He chuckled. "Oh, and there is only the one bathroom with a shower in the house so we will need to share that too, kind of like a bummer at times." He added as he made the jacking motion making all of us giggle including his little brother who blushed at the suggestion of jacking off in the shower. "The one downstairs my mom tends to use for her…well girly stuff, but she has to take a shower up here so just make sure to lock the door and knock and stuff." He informed us once more making that jacking motion as I just shrugged rolled my eyes not too concerned about the entire situation.

"Well…we've had tighter quarters than this haven't we?" I chuckled figuring the house was probably around a thousand or so square feet as I hinted about the tight quarters we had at camp while Riley and Evan laughed along knowing full well what I meant.

"Yeah, and the bathroom is a lot cleaner and not as smelly too." He reminded us as we just chuckled. "I figured you and Evan can bunk with me while Mattie bunks with Grant." He stated as we walked over to his little brothers room passing the seven foot by ten foot deep bathroom.

Grants bedroom was smaller than Riley's measuring about nine feet by twelve feet with the same closet space along the right back side of the room. I guess the two closets were just on the back side of the bathroom area on the house plans, which made sense for a closet. It too was a typical boy's room with just a couple of surfing things on the wall as well, but a lot more stuff having to do with skateboarding, which now sort of made sense to me regarding his scuffed up clothing. "Whoa dude." I heard Evan speak up as he looked around.

"Yeah, wow Grant." I agreed with Evan as I looked around the room. "I know Riley is into surfing so I take it you do a lot of skateboarding? That's way cool. Are you any good?" I asked him as Riley seemed to speak up proudly for his little brother, which seemed to catch the other boy by surprise once more.

"Yeah, he's way talented. I'm alright too, but you should see him at some of the skate parks. Man, he's totally awesome to watch and he makes it look so easy." Riley stated noticing Grant blush. "Awe come-on Grant, you know you are way wicked whether you are doing tricks on the street or at a venue." He smiled at his brother who seemed to blush.

"Way cool Grant, maybe you can teach us some tricks sometime while we're here. I'd love to learn. We've got guys who skateboard and stuff by us, but no one really good or anything, just basic stuff you know. It'd be cool learning some tricks." I told him realizing now why his clothes looked so banged up, and also noticing some bruising and scrapes along his arms making me wonder how banged up the rest of his body was as well.

"Oh man that would be way cool for sure." Evan piped up agreeing with me.

"Really…y…you guys would want me to teach you…for real?" Grant asked seemingly surprised as he spoke up for the first time with a sort of sweet sounding higher pitched sing song type of cadence. It made me smile because his voice sort of fit him.

"Yeah of course." I responded settling the matter as I looked towards Riley who motioned he'd explain later.

"Sounds great…but let's grab a bite to eat and then head out. You guys are here like five or six days, but it goes real quick and dude there's like lots to do around here." He told us as I put Mattie's small case down in Grant's room and then turned heading out the door.

Mattie looked at his case and picked it up wheeling it out the door and followed us back inside Riley's room. Looking at Mattie I understood and just smiled warmly at him not protesting that he wanted to sleep with me tonight. "If it's alright Riley and Grant, maybe the first night we can all crash in here. I know it might be a bit cramped and all, but it could be a lot of fun you know." I told Riley who just shrugged his shoulders. Grant looked kind of bummed as if he were being left out. "Why so bummed out dude, I know it will be cramped, but I'm sure all five us will fit just fine inside the small room or maybe we can just camp downstairs in the living room." I suggested.

"Yeah, that would be perfect." Riley nodded his head. "Grant you've got a couple of sleeping bags and I've got one in my closet. We can unfold them on the floor in the living room and then use blankets. Are you going to crash out in the living room with the rest of us?" He asked his little brother who just looked at him a bit baffled.

"Um…really?" His brother looked a bit shocked at his older brother, and then glanced over at me and Evan while we nodded our head that of course we wanted him to join us.

This was kind of strange, and I looked at Riley wondering what was going on, but he just waved it off once more letting me know he'd explain a bit later. Grant went to his room to find the sleeping bags while Riley literally took a nose dive into his closet swimming through small space before coming out a few minutes later looking like he had just swam a mile but smiling triumphantly. Grant met us downstairs as we set aside the sleeping bags.

"Hey mom, we are all going to crash in the living room tonight if that's alright?" Riley announced as she looked up.

"All of you?" She asked looking at Grant who blushed and nodded his head. "Sure, that's perfectly fine and I'm glad to see everyone getting along so well. So what are your plans for today?" She asked Riley who shrugged his shoulders.

"I thought we'd head over to the Museum of Natural History, and depending how tired…um…some of us are," he referred to Mattie indicating it mostly depended on the smaller boy, "then maybe walk over to the boardwalk." He offered up as his mom nodded her head while we took a seat around the small dining room table.

"Sounds like fun and a perfect place to begin. You boys will enjoy it." Ms. Dobson told us as she put some bread on the table, several different deli sliced lunch meats to choose from, and some condiments. Reaching into the cupboard she brought out several different kinds of chips for us. "I hope this will do boys?" She asked as I smiled nodding my head.

"Of course this is just fine…oh by the way my mom asked me to give you this." I told her handing over a small package.

"What's this?" She asked a bit surprised looking up at me.

"Well, it's a gift from my parents. My mom actually made it." I explained to her as she opened up the small box and gasped in surprise as I continued to explain. "She works part time at the craft department on base where she makes jewelry for local shops in the region. She's really a master jeweler and a lot of the finer classy shops always seek her out. The freshwater pearl is Kentucky's gemstone so she wanted you to have those." I told her as she lifted out a strand of freshwater pearl necklace in soft shades of peach and pink with a gold clasp and gold round pieces in between each pearl giving it a soft classy look.

"These…these are exquisite." She gasped her eyes watering up as she slipped the strand around her neck, and then pulled out the matching bracelet and earrings putting those on as well.

"Yeah, what's nice about them is that they can be worn as everyday jewelry to work or even when you get dressed up to go out." I told her as Grant looked up and smiled.

"They really look nice on you. I think you should get dressed up more often and maybe go out to have some fun and stuff sometimes." Grant told her softly as she leaned down and kissed him on the cheek making him blush.

"Oh thanks sweetie, that's just about the nicest thing anyone's said in a long time to me." She smiled warmly.

"Whoa mom, like he's really right you know. Maybe you should get out more often you know. I mean…it's not like we are little kids or anything so don't know what's going on. You know…just go out and let your hair loose sometimes. You've been working way too hard for a Californian gal if you get my meaning." Riley chuckled making his mom blush.

"Well, one scoundrel in a household is enough." She chuckled. "Don't think I don't know what you are up to with all those girls." She shook her head at her oldest while he just smiled. "At least find one girl and stick with her." She huffed crossing her arms, but not able to resist as she leaned over giving him a kiss as well, before giving one to all of us. "Anyway, I may just do that since I have something to wear now with my nice outfits. In the meantime, I will be doing the late shift tonight so won't be home later on, and not until tomorrow." She reminded Riley who nodded making me look at him.

"She's a 911 emergency operator so they have odd shifts. Because of her surgery she is trying to make up for it with extra shifts on the weekends. Single parent income you know, it likes sucks way big time, and more money on the weekends so she takes Tuesday and Wednesdays off instead." He chuckled smiling warmly at his mom not really complaining about it or anything knowing things were the way they were.

"Kyle tell your mom thank you so much for the gift. She shouldn't have, but it is very lovely indeed. I'm going to wear it tonight and show all the girls at work. They will be so jealous." She told me as she ran her hands over the gift truly gushing over them.

It made me smile to know such a simple thing could bring someone such happiness. "She felt it's the least she could do since you are helping us out. She also wanted you to have this." I told her handing her an envelope as she opened it up and she started to shake her head.

"Kyle, I can't do this. I'm more than happy to host you guys." She told me which I was expecting this answer.

"It's alright Ms. Dobson. She knows we will be spending money for activities around here and wanted to make sure our expenses are covered. With three extra boys it isn't fair to put that sort of financial burden on to you, not to mention the way the three of us eat we can put you in the poor house relatively quickly." I told her setting her at ease.

"Alright that's fine then, but I'm going to put it in the drawer here and when you guys need the money for some activity it is there alright?" She looked at us meaningfully as I watched the guys dive into their lunch, which even Mattie seemed to eat with some gusto making me feel better about him.

"Um…Ms. Dobson…is it alright if I take some pictures with you wearing the pearls? I'm sure mom would love to have some of you wearing them and with the guys too." I asked her as she blushed and nodded her head.

Scrambling out of my seat I hustled upstairs retrieving my camera. It amazed me at how much use it was getting and I supposed while we were here in Santa Cruz I'd be taking many more pictures at the beach and some of the sights. I took some of Ms. Dobson alone with her wearing the pearls and then with some of her together with the boys. She made me promise to get her the pictures and that before we left for home to get some pictures with all of us together. She wanted some with just us boys as well, but wanted everyone to be dressed up nicer so we did set up a time and place. She stated if we didn't do that then it would never get done, which made sense as she wrote it down on the calendar.

Before heading off to work Mrs. Dobson dropped us off at the Museum. Since it was Sunday there was a pretty good crowd of kids, and Mattie seemed to respond a little to all of the hustle and bustle of kids his own age.

"Come-on Mattie, let's climb the whale." Grant offered grabbing Mattie by the hand and tugging him along not giving the boy an option.

Mattie seemed to hesitate a moment, and then followed behind Grant craning his neck to make sure I was still close by. He seemed to smile at the life sized whale as kids climbed all over it having a blast. Before long he was sitting on top with Grant's arm draped over his shoulders and a small smile on his face. I snapped some pictures of the two boys noting that Mattie had seemed to relax a little in Grant's arms.

The boys' legs dangled over the sides of the whale as they both sort of looked around with other kids bumping into them and climbing over their bodies making the boys laugh and giggle. It made me happy to see them smiling together; especially Mattie, a sure sign that the smaller boy was starting to snap out of it a bit, and also that the two of them were starting to connect as friends. Evan seemed to snuggle in under my arms looking at me and smiling before we gazed back up to the two boys having a good time on the live sized replica of a gray whale.

Grant's brown eyes seemed lively as he looked around holding on to Mattie, and he had a cute smile with a small nose that broadened out a little at the tip. His smooth butter cream tanned boyish oval face was beaming with happiness now as his thin dark blond colored eyebrows seemed to move around on his face mirthfully matching his hair color. The boy's straggly hair was sort of straight but then kind of curled wildly at the ends hanging down loosely in a haphazard way in front of his eyes. His rounded chin with a small dimple seemed to compliment and finish off his boyish features.

Grant got up hanging on to Mattie's hand pulling the smaller boy up, and waved at us while I snapped a few more pictures before waving back. The boy's dark gray tight fitting jeans made him look really cute accentuating his strong legs and showing off his small little rounded boy bulge leaving no doubt as to what gender he was. As he stood up I noted he was only a few inches taller than Mattie, and figured he was pretty much the typical height and weight for a ten year old boy looking to be around four feet three inches and weighing in at around seventy pounds.

Riley seemed to notice us checking out his brother, and when I looked over I just shrugged my shoulders. "What…we can't help it." I chuckled as my friend just shook his head and smiled.

"Whoa dudes…to be honest I don't think a little fooling around would hurt the little guy at all." He teased back making Evan gawk at him and blush. "What…just saying you know." Riley smiled at us knowingly. "If nothing else maybe little dude there can teach my little bro a thing or two." He continued smiling nodding his head in Mattie's direction making Evan roll his eyes.

"For Pete's sake Riley…now you are just encouraging my little brother to go perving around. It's bad enough as it is trying to keep him in check…besides, what makes you think your little brother isn't perving on some pretty girl or something already?" Evan teased as Riley just shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah…maybe dude…but…," he shrugged his shoulders indicating he didn't think so while Evan just rolled his eyes looking at me shaking his head.

The museum was a blast with Mattie and Grant getting their hands dirty looking for ten million year old sand dollars on the fossil dig. The smaller boy seemed to get quiet and more distant again, but the ten year boy seemed to keep him occupied and digging anyway. It seemed as if Mattie was in and out with his mood continuously changing. After the museum we headed down to the beach where we all took off our shoes and got into the surf allowing it to swirl around our feet and at times getting our shorts wet not worrying about it since they dried off quickly in the warm windy weather. Mattie seemed to respond more positively during this time, and began to act like a typical nine year old. At times he would get a little shy and come running over to me clinging, but Grant would make his way over and softly encourage Mattie to go out and play again. It was a sweet gesture on the part of the long haired blond boy, and even Evan made a remark at what a way the other boy seemed to have with his little brother.

After an hour or so at the beach we made our way to the boardwalk only a few blocks away. It would have taken us literally only ten minutes to get there heading across the San Lorenzo Riverway Bridge that leads right to the park, but Grant wanted to stop at some of the shops he liked along the way before we got to the park. That was perfectly fine with us because we had plenty of time.

Grant found one of the shops he liked and we followed him inside as he looked around at some of the skateboarding gear. There were both surfing and skateboarding items, but the main focus of the store seemed to revolve around skateboarders. He seemed very knowledgeable about the decks as he explained the importance between a long board and a short one. He usually got the short trick boards with hard wheels which made it easier to do tricks because they allowed you to slide. He also pointed out that the trick board has a nose and a tail for a double kick; it also has a concave shape to the board which allows you to have some push back on the deck and it helps to use the curves when you flick off them to rotate the board around.

He really knew his stuff and the salesman seemed to know Grant not saying anything when he went behind the counter so he could pull down some of the more premium ones. The shop owner didn't even pay him any attention as he helped other customers allowing Grant to do some tricks inside the shop. This seemed to get the attention of one of the tourists who asked him what he would recommend for their son who was standing off to the side. After some quick questions directed towards the other boy as to what his experience was, Grant immediately pulled out a skateboard off the shelf, and told them that this wasn't the most expensive one by any means, but would stand up to the abuse their son would give the board. In a year or two when the boy improved to a certain level he recommended another specific board letting them know which one to get next year for him. They ended up buying both and left the shop happy.

The owner smiled at the smaller boy ruffling his hair and thanking him. Grant smiled back saying no problem and he was more than happy to help out since he's been good to him about pricing on some stuff when he needed it. Evidently the shop owner had given Grant some price breaks in the past appreciating an up and coming trick boarder. We left the store and headed into another shop more to Riley's tastes filled with surfing gear. We looked around a bit noticing Grant looking at some items so went over to take a look.

"Kind of cool…huh?" Grant smiled as he held a hand made beaded horn bone and braided hemp necklace up against Mattie who just looked down at himself in his funk again. "These guys hand make all this stuff and they are all one of a kind in design. The way they weave everything together the necklace is so strong that it won't ever break apart, and the material they use looks totally awesome." He stated smiling as he handed it back to the guy behind the counter who showed him another one he had just completed.

"Way cool." I told Grant as he held it up against his neck looking in the mirror. "I like that braided design on you." I admitted as he smiled.

"Thanks man." Grant smiled at the guy handing it back and looking at me. "Yeah, surfers and skaters don't normally wear stuff around our necks as a rule. We tend to be pretty rough with things, and are always afraid we might loose something, but stuff like that is becoming pretty popular because they look cool, are hand made, and won't break on us." He stated as we made our way back to Riley and Evan who were checking out one of the surf boards.

Some guys were whispering a few yards away and finally approached Riley. "Whoa dude…like it's him for real. Hey listen do you think you could sign my board for me?" One of the guys asked Riley who just smiled and looked at the shop owner who chuckled and handed him a sharpie pen.

With a flourish Riley signed his name in big letters across the guy's board, but not just a normal signature but kind of unique. He made a backwards capital 'R' and attached a capital 'D' on the straight leg part of the backwards 'R' letter. Then starting with the backwards 'R' he went from right to left spelling out his first name, Riley, backwards, and then from the 'D' spelled out his last name from the normal way of left to right, Dobson. It was completely unique and looked totally awesome.

After Riley signed the surfboard he posed with the teenager for pictures. The guys chatted a few minutes pointing out that there are supposed to be some huge waves coming early in the morning. Riley told them he had heard already making me furrow my eyebrows as he pulled out his phone and flipped it through about a hundred text messages lighting up his phone.

"Not even in town like a day and getting buzzed already by the guys." He chuckled as they chatted another couple of minutes before we made our way to the park, but not before picking up some Pepsi drinks with both Grant and Riley telling us not to throw away the cans. I didn't understand, but found out why on the way in when the all day ride passes became half price after a certain time if we had a Pepsi product to hand in.

The boardwalk had a glorious old-school Americana vibe, with the smell of cotton candy permeating the salty ocean air, punctuated by the distant squeals of kids hanging upside down on the carnival rides. In many ways it was also a photographer's paradise as my camera shutter kept snapping away. We enjoyed ourselves on some of the more famous rides like the half-mile-long Giant Dipper, a vintage-1924 wooden roller coaster, and the 1911 Looff carousel – both National Historic Landmarks. We also enjoyed the Cave Train with its unexpectedly fun portrayal of cavemen in modern times. Mattie seemed to enjoy the place, and began acting normal more often seemingly snapping out of it at times, but I could tell he was still holding back. It really was an amazing place as we cruised along some of the shops and bought some greasy hamburgers and fries when we got hungry.

We stayed for several hours getting on rides that interested us and just taking in the atmosphere of the place. After a while though we called it quits and by the time we got home it was getting kind of late for us. Well it was around eight in the evening, but for us it was like around ten with the two hour difference between the Kentucky and Californian time zones. We had made good time though, and I had to admit that the bus system in Santa Cruz was really a good mode of transportation and not bad at all unlike many locations throughout our country. Riley mentioned that he got around a lot on the buses getting down to the beaches where he needed to go even dragging along his surf gear. Evidently, that wasn't an uncommon occurrence in Santa Cruz, and I had noticed several kids toting their surf gear on the busses we had taken. Sometimes he had to take a cab from a certain place, but most of the time he got to where he needed to go by bus. It took him a bit longer, but he had the system down pretty well now. With his mom's strange hours he had to use the bus system until he was old enough for a driver's license of his own, and then he would have to find a way to buy a car.

After flipping through some channels on the television not finding anything good, and snacking on some food, we decided it might just be best to get ready for bed. It wasn't even nine in the evening yet, but it had been a very long day. We made our way upstairs and I dug out Mattie's pajama bottoms grabbing his hand and heading into the small bathroom so we could get ready for bed. At the last moment I grabbed my camera because I wanted to take more pictures of his injuries figuring they would be changing colors, and I wanted them recorded just in case we needed them later.

Ms. Dobson had bought new toothbrushes and toothpaste for us, and had set them on the counter. I peeled off Mattie's shirt looking at some of his bruising and scratches wincing at them. They weren't bad, but it still got me angry. The hand print on Mattie's left cheek had mostly disappeared just leaving a bit of puffiness behind, but some of his other bruising on his body would take time to heal. Kneeling down I removed his shorts leaving him in his underwear and set them down on the counter. I turned him sideways and pulled down the side of his underwear waistband a little exposing the big raspberry scrape and bruising mark on his upper thighs and left butt cheek.

"Oh crap, that's a pretty bad looking raspberry." I heard Grant gasp having stopped in his tracks wearing nothing but his white Hanes boy's briefs. He saw me glancing towards him and he instinctively covered up his little boy bulge blushing a bit, but not before I noticed that it was a nice sized one for his age. "I…I've gotten those a time or two as well…um…you know…from wiping out on the skateboard. I…um…I've got some ointment a lot of us guys use when that happens. If…um…you want I can give you some?" He asked looking up into my eyes still blushing with his cheeks burning red giving him a really sweet innocent kind of look.

The boy really was cute as my eyes quickly took in his richly tanned features. He had the typical bruising and scrapes of a hard riding skateboarder, but that only managed to make him look even sexier. He had thin long deeply golden tanned lanky legs that were tight and almost muscular, probably due to many hours of riding and doing tricks on his board. There wasn't an ounce of fat on him, but he wasn't skinny either with a medium kind of sturdy build…very fit…and solid all over.

Smiling appreciatively I nodded my head. "That would be so awesome Grant. We didn't think about getting him anything for it…so yeah that would be great." I told him as the boy seemed to beam and quickly turning back to his room.

Tugging on Mattie's tiny multi-colored Avenger's boy's brief I pulled them down from his waist as he lifted his feet so I could remove them. Mattie's soft fleshy one and a half inch floppy noodle stuck out a little from his body while his smooth lambskin purse snuggled up tightly beneath his worm. I could see the two small protruding outlines of his olive sized berries pressing up against the soft leathery material of his pouch. Standing up I set his underwear down next to his shorts just as Grant made his way back into the bathroom.

"I found the ointment and it really works well on…," He stopped in mid-sentence as he saw Mattie standing there completely naked now without a stitch of clothing on him.

"Oh, hey Grant…that's great. Go ahead and put some on him for me." I responded noticing a slight twitching movement beneath the blond haired boy's white briefs before it began to tent outward in an obvious erection.

Grant looked over at me and opened his mouth to say something when he realized the pressure beneath his underwear. His cheeks flushed red as he blushed when he realized he had popped a hard one. He quickly moved his hands in front of him protectively and looked down locking his eyes on Mattie's fleshy boy dangles. Realizing he was staring at Mattie's tackle and jigger he tried to tear his gaze away, but it was too late as the alluring spectacle seemed to suck him in.

"I…um…" He stuttered not knowing what to say or do as I picked up a toothbrush putting on a dollop of toothpaste.

"Don't worry…he doesn't mind Grant, besides you seem to know about these raspberry thingies so I'm sure Mattie would appreciate your help." I told him as I put some water on my toothbrush and paste before beginning to scrub my teeth.

Watching in the mirror I saw Grant looking down at Mattie as he seemed to just gawk at the smaller boy's flaccid skin covered worm before hesitantly reaching out grabbing a hand towel forcing him to remove his hands from in front of his briefs before unscrewing the jar of balm. This effectively left him exposed once more as my eyes automatically focused on the front of his underwear through the image in the mirror noticing a nice outline of his personal stiff skateboard deck pressing up against the white cottony material of his Hanes underwear. The two distinct round sized boyish treks right below the outline of his nice sized trick board made me smile and chuckle softly as I realized Grant's downstairs apartment was probably a lot roomier than his older brother.

The skateboarder boy seemed to swallow a lump in his throat before kneeling down next to Mattie and focused on the smaller boy's injury. He scooped some balm out with his right fingers and reached outwards. He hesitated with his left hand not knowing where to put them and just settled on placing them right along the smaller boy's lower stomach area and partly on his bare pubic mound so he had some support. He gently began rubbing the balm into Mattie's skin with slow methodical circular motions.

I continued to brush my teeth watching as Grant would glance over at Mattie's soft stumpy candy cane and round little ornaments before blushing and looking away. One time I spotted him reaching down between his legs and adjusting himself glancing up towards me as I quickly glanced away not wanting to embarrass him. When I looked back he was just finishing off with moving his hard little soldier into a more comfortable position, but not before I got a good glimpse of the outlined contour of his nice shapely knob. He released himself and reached up towards Mattie placing his hand back against the front of Mattie's stomach.

He continued to put more ointment into the red scrape and bluish tinted bruise mark when I noticed his left hand dip down and softly brush up against Mattie's little boy dangles. I saw Grant's eyes shoot open as he visibly swallowed before removing his hand away. It had been quick and subtle, but I realized it was probably done more out of curiosity than anything else. I did notice his own little hardened tool twitch in his underwear though when he did it, while at the same time his cheeks flushed bright red from an intense heat that seemed to engulf him as if he realized he had just done something naughty.

He finished up and wiped his hand on the rag all the while taking a closer look at what Mattie had between his legs. I noticed him scrunching up his dark blond colored eyebrows as he closed the lid on the small jar of salve. I could see the wheels turning in his mind as if there were a million questions and I just smiled knowingly. I finished up with my teeth and began to rinse them out.

"I…um…he's done." Grant stated looking up just in time to see me snapping a couple of pictures.

It sort of surprised him, but I explained I was keeping track of Mattie's injuries as I snapped a few more making sure to get images of all his injuries before putting the camera away and tossing Mattie's pajama bottoms at him. The blond boy looked up just in time to catch Mattie's pajama shorts in his hands looking at me a bit baffled.

"Thanks…can you slip those on to him for me?" I asked Grant while I stepped over to the toilet, hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my briefs pulling them downwards, and relieving myself.

There was an audible gasping sound as I looked up noticing Grant gawking at me before he blushed realizing he had been caught staring at me. "I…um…I'm…," He stuttered as I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Don't worry about it Grant…sorry." I told him sincerely understanding how he must be feeling a bit awkward right now. "I know its one thing with Mattie since he's still young, but I shouldn't have just pulled my package out in front of you like this." I told him as I finished and tucked myself away while Grant finished putting Mattie's pajama bottoms on and now seemed to struggle with what he should do next. "What's wrong?" I asked him furrowing my eyebrows questioningly.

"I…um…It's just I've sort of…you know?" He blushed slightly turning away from me trying to conceal himself with the small hand towel.

"Oh…um…yeah…sorry." I told him as I walked over towards Mattie and pulled him towards the sink. "Um…I just need to wash my hands and brush Mattie's teeth. We won't look if you need to get up and take care of…um…you know." I told him as I focused my eyes on the sink with Mattie standing in front of me while I started to wash my hands.

"Kyle?" I heard Grant ask questioningly.

"Yeah." I responded not looking up as I put some toothpaste on to a new different colored toothbrush.

"You won't…um…say…I mean…um…you won't say anything to Riley or Evan…about…you know?" He asked me hesitantly.

"Nah, it's all good. I appreciate you helping out like that and it's nothing to worry about. It happens to all of us.

"Really?" He asked sounding a bit shocked which made me furrow my eyebrows and look up into the mirror at him.

Our eyes locked together as he looked in the mirror into my eyes. "Of course really…I mean we're all boys so it just happens. Believe me it will happen a lot more too once you hit puberty. I can't seem to get mine to go away sometimes." I laughed jokingly, yet also in a serious way for it being truthful, as I rolled my shoulders. "Believe me Grant…it's all good…and really…thanks for helping out with Mattie. Not only with the ointment, but all day. That was really cool of you." I told the younger boy as he blushed and nodded his head gushing at the compliment before leaving us alone to finish while he waited in his room.

The rest of us were already downstairs when I detected Grant looking down at us from the top landing. I noticed that he had slipped into a pair of loose shorts while the rest of us wore just plain underwear with no shirt on, or in the case of Mattie his pajama bottoms, which left little to the imagination as the soft material wrapped around his ornaments. We had pretty much gotten undressed since it was still warm in the house. Riley had apologized, finally explaining that they kept the air conditioner turned down because it gets expensive to keep it running all the time. We understood telling him it didn't bother us that much, and once he opened up the windows letting some cooler air inside it got a lot better inside the living room.

"Hey Grant are you coming down?" I asked him curiously. "We are getting ready to settle in for the night since it's been kind of a long day." I told him as he nodded his head.

"Yeah, I'm coming right down." He told us while we waited to turn out the lights.

We heard him head back to his room making us look at each other and shrug our shoulders. Then I noticed him running down the spiral staircase in nothing but his soft white Hanes briefs making me smile understandingly. He hadn't been sure what to wear to bed, but after seeing the rest of us in our underwear had decided to wear the same thing. He looked over at me and blushed before sitting down cross legged on one of the sleeping bags. I understood how shy he still was since Evan had just gotten over that stage. I glanced over at Evan proud of how he no longer seemed so bothered by walking around in just his underwear.

Riley and his little brother remained on the outside edges of the sleeping sacks allowing us to settle on the main portion of the bags that had been unzipped and re-zipped to one another forming one large piece for us to sleep on. I took the middle and let Mattie sleep between me and Grant since the smaller boy seemed to get along with him. Evan settled down between me and Riley, which seemed to suit him just fine. I noticed Mattie hadn't responded in a while and once he laid his head down on the pillow seemed to fall asleep right away. I hoped that it was just the long day and him being tired that was affecting him. Earlier on it had seemed like he was coming out of his little funk. I mean the small boy hadn't even flinched or sprouted a stiff bean pod when Grant started rubbing the salve on him. The old more outgoing Mattie's vegetable stalk would have immediately straightened up with such tender administrations, but he had just remained still with no reaction his soft fleshy one and a half inch penis sticking naturally outwards from his body.

I noticed Grant wrapping Mattie up in his arms and I let him do it since he didn't seem to mind. At least he wasn't hanging on to me anymore allowing someone else to finally cuddle with him. This allowed me to snuggle up with Evan as I breathed in his heavy musky scent since we hadn't washed off today. I didn't mind, enjoying how he smelled in my arms as I slowly slithered my hand beneath his underwear softly stroking his hard sweaty sweltering meat locker in my fingers. One by one I heard the other boys fade off to sleep as they began to breathe rhythmically before I began to jack off Evan a bit more fervently. I could tell he wanted this knowing he probably hadn't gotten off today, for that matter neither had I as my burgeoning throbber pulsed against my underwear. Evan began to breathe in and out heavily and then tensed up in my arms. I felt a wet substance spread over my fingers and all around his front side before getting caught up in the cottony material of his underwear. We hadn't thought about that part of things because normally it wasn't an issue for us.

Evan looked back at me and giggled while just shrugging his shoulders indicating there was no getting around it. I just hoped it didn't leave that yellowish stain behind embarrassing him in the morning. My sweet angel didn't seem to mind for the moment because I felt his body go limp as he finally slipped into dreamland having taken care of his needs.

I waited for a few minutes before untangling myself from Evan and looking around slipped out of bed and made my way upstairs into Riley room. I opened up Evan's case and fished out a fresh pair of underwear before creeping back downstairs and shaking him awake. He had just fallen asleep and was still a little groggy, but when I handed him a new pair of underwear he seemed to smile appreciatively as he slipped out of his soiled wet ones making sure to dry himself off before handing them over to me. Grant shifted in his sleep and Evan immediately held completely still until it was safe to finish slipping on his fresh pair of briefs. I held up his wet briefs to my nose taking a deep breath making my curly haired boy smile and giggle softly as he desperately tried to not wake anyone up while he rolled his eyes at me.

Evan leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Do you need me to take care of you?" He asked me looking around at all the sleeping bodies on the living room floor.

Shaking my head I motioned him it was alright for now and to go back to sleep. He watched me get up quietly with his dirty underwear as I headed back upstairs. I felt his eyes on me for a few moments and then heard him settle back down under the blankets. I knew he'd be falling back asleep within moments having been satisfied so I set his underwear down with his dirty shirt and socks before making my way into the bathroom.

Standing up in front of the toilet I hooked my briefs beneath my two sweaty date fruits and slowly began to stroke myself. My mind immediately focused on Grant and his cute erection stretching out his Hanes boy's briefs while he ogled Mattie's naked body. I could still see him vividly as he reached down to adjust himself before I had looked away, and then again right at the end as his fingers had let loose of his hard rod. It was then that I had noticed the detailed outline of his knob as it pressed against the fabric of his underwear. His fingers had lingered for a split second and it was during that brief moment that I could tell it had become fairly thick and plump.

This image brought me over the edge as I aimed my four inch erection towards the toilet bowl and let my spunk factory empty out its contents. I felt such a relief of tension spill out of me as my two dimpled red delicious colored apples on my backside contracted powerfully while my body seized momentarily before my spigot shot out its milky substance in short little powerful burst. The stiffness in my wrapped fingers convulsed a couple more times before it settled down and became soft as a calm relief settled over my body. Looking down I noticed most of my mess had emptied into the toilet bowl with a few dribbles having splattered on the outer rim and below on the floor. I got some toilet paper wiping away any spillage around the toilet area before I focused on cleaning my soft red licorice stick, my two hushpuppies, and my stringy curly fries.

Flushing away the evidence I washed my hands and headed out the door making my way to the spiral staircase before stopping. I noticed Riley coming up as he waved me towards his room. I guess he wanted to chat, and to be honest I wanted to as well. It's been a couple of draining days and it would be nice to talk with a friend.

Riley closed the door so we wouldn't wake anyone up and just smiled shaking his head knowingly. "Hmmm, taking care of some business I take it?" He chuckled as he snatched playfully at my now very limp and satisfied noodle that was safely tucked away.

I jerked sideways at his half hearted attempt and laughed. "Yeah, well it's been like all day since I've…you know." I chuckled giving that familiar jacking motion with my hands. "Hell…for that matter it's been almost like twenty four hours. It's not like we had a lot of time this morning to take care of my…um…special needs. Not to mention everything's that's been going on with Mattie sort of put a damper on things in that regard" I winced at the memory of what happened the other day before I shook it away and chuckled half heartedly as we took a seat on the low level bed getting comfortable by scooting backwards and leaning our backs up against the wall.

"Yeah, tell me about it, and in these cramped quarters it's difficult to get much privacy; especially, ever since Grant came and…," he let his comment trickle off making me look at him questioningly.

"Ever since Grant what?" I asked curiously noting how seriously Riley had gotten even in his mannerism of speech turning more somber and straightforward.

Riley looked over at me and smiled hesitantly before looking down. "Um…well the truth is that Grant's only my half brother. He moved in with us about a year ago." He explained as I looked at him while my mind began to sort out this information.

"Well…if he's your half brother why didn't he live with you guys to begin with?" I asked him wondering why Mrs. Dobson would keep Riley and not Grant.

Riley looked up at me quirkily then understood my confusion. "Oh…sorry…I guess I should have explained a little more. Well…um…when I was really small my dad left us and got remarried. They had Grant and I guess it was all good back then for them. At the time my dad didn't know Grant's mom had a history of drug abuse because when they got married she had been clean for a few years. Then for whatever reason she began abusing again and ended up overdosing. After that it was just him and Grant. The last couple of years my dad was sick…cancer you know." Riley explained looking away as I saw him struggling not to cry.

Reaching out I my hand on his arms in a gesture of sympathy as we sat there for another minute or two before he continued. "I really hated my dad…you know for leaving us like that. Of course I was little, but still I understood what was going on and never wanted anything to do with him after he left. He wanted to visit of course and my mom always tried to convince me, but I just didn't want any part of it, and I hated Grant for it. I guess in a way I sort of blamed him for everything." He told me softly shaking his head as he added. "I know it was stupid and he didn't have anything to do with it…still…I guess it was just easier. I did visit now and then with my dad, but we just were never able to connect, and there was always Grant…you know. Every time I saw him I just felt hatred for him." He admitted to me looking ashamed at his behavior.

For me it was difficult to envision Riley actually hating anyone. The boy was just so laid back all the time with just about everything. I knew some of it was just a facade because of how smart he was, and wanting to be just like a normal kid instead of always viewed as one of these elite geniuses. The boy looked at me and his lips curled upwards in a smile knowing what I was thinking.

"Well…anyway…when my dad died my mom took him in saying it was the right thing to do. He's got other relatives, but no one really in a situation to take him in. His great grandmother is in her ninety's, and he goes over to visit her and stuff, and stays for short periods of times like during my mom's surgery, but she's in no position to take care of him full time. His other relatives are either drug addicts, in trouble with the law, or simply just out of the picture not wanting anything to do with him. So we took him in, and of course it's been tough, but to be honest Kyle, I think it's the best decision we've ever made. At first it was rough, and I know Grant knew I hated him, but he's really a great kid. Going to camp and meeting all of you guys sort of opened up my eyes to a lot of things. I saw how you treated Mattie and Evan, your family taking them in like that even though they aren't even related to you by blood. My heart was already softening towards Grant by that time knowing full well none of this was his fault, but at camp all of you guys made me realize how really important it is to have family and support them no matter what. Ever since I got back from camp I've been working to mend fences between the two of us. He's still shy and doesn't trust me all that much because I've said some awful things in the past, but I do love him so much and want to make things right between us. I never got that chance with my dad, but I can do that with Grant." He sighed leaning his head back and closing his eyes.

We continued to talk some more as he explained the situation with Grant and how any saved up money his dad had set aside had dissipated because of the medical costs. It was tough for his little brother not only because he lost his father, but because he sort of felt like a financial burden on Riley and his mom. He expressed his concern on how it was affecting the boy and wished he could assure the little guy that this wasn't the case, and that they really wanted him in their lives no matter what the money situation. He could care less if they ended up in a one room apartment as long as they were together. He also talked about his dad, and I was surprised to find out that their dad had been in the military. He ended up having some injuries so was honorably discharged. I got the sense that this is where Riley's interests in the military came from. In a way even though he wasn't talking with his father it was a small way for him to connect with the man.

Sighing Riley just looked over at me. "What am I going to do about that kid? I love him a whole bunch Kyle, but it's like we've got this big gulf and hurdle between us. I'm sure he blames some of the issues of our dad's health and dying on me." He shook his head sadly looking down in his lap. "I just hope we both can get over our past and move forward. I just want him to know that I really do care about him." He admitted softly.

"I'm sure he does Riley. Just don't give up on him and I know it will all work out." I told my friend encouragingly.

After that it got quiet once more so we decided to head down and get some shut eye. Mattie was curled up in Grant's arms sleeping soundly, while the older boy seemed to be happy as he smiled and dreamed. Evan was curled up on his side also asleep now that his little hormonal needs had been taken care of. Riley slipped under the covers on the far side while I settled back between Mattie and Evan snuggling up against my curly haired wonder boy breathing him in noting how comforting his scent was for me. After a few moments I slipped away into the world of dreams where almost anything was possible.

It was still late when I woke up for no real reason other than my bulging lizard needed some much needed drainage as I scrambled up out of the bed heading for the bathroom upstairs. I glanced at the clock by the stove before heading up the spiral staircase noticing it wasn't even midnight yet. With all the soda pop I had inhaled today; especially, while at the boardwalk, I was just bursting at the seams as I pulled out my semi-hard erection and released the flood gates. I shivered and sighed while my stream thundered loudly splattering inside the porcelain bowl. It took a while, but I finally managed to squeeze out the last droplets from the tip of my slit when I detected some movement by the door.

It was Grant looking half asleep and cupping his own burgeoning gear in his hands as he stumbled into the bathroom glancing around for a second looking a bit lost before realizing he wasn't alone. "Oh…um…s…sorry Kyle. I…um…I didn't see you there." He mumbled instinctively glancing down at my mid-section noticing my flaccid tube still firmly held in my hands before looking away and blushing. "I…um…I can come back." He whispered his cheeks flushing with embarrassment and not able to help himself as he yawned at the same time.

"Nah, it's all good. Besides I'm done and it looks like you are about to bust." I chuckled noticing the large bulge in his little white briefs. "Go ahead." I motioned towards the toilet as I tucked myself away securely beneath my underwear while Grant hesitated a moment, but ambled towards the vacated spot I had left open for him.

Sliding over towards the sink I began washing my hands noticing Grant hesitating again. I guess he was debating on whether or not to go ahead and take a piss exposing himself in front of someone else, but must have decided he didn't want to act so immature since him barging in on me hadn't seemed to bother me. He turned his back slightly towards me concealing himself a bit more before pulling aside the fabric of his underwear along his left leg so he could grab himself and take care of his bladder issues. I noticed his body movement as he sort of stuck his butt outwards a little while he reached inside along the left side of his underwear to pull out his business end of things. I did the same thing sometimes instead of lifting down my waistband; especially, if I was fishing my rod out through my zipper or something. He found what he was looking for and shifted his hips back into place and sort of leaned outwards now allowing the stream to begin flowing.

From my angle I couldn't see too much, and between the fabric of his underwear and his fingers most of him was pretty well concealed from view. The only thing that wasn't concealed was his somewhat thick purplish knob and I got the feeling he was in a more semi-hard kind of state just like I had been when I took my piss. He glanced over his shoulders noticing me watching him, and he blushed a bit but didn't say anything as he continued taking care of business not knowing what else to do. He finished up and I noticed him pocking his butt outwards briefly tucking himself away before flushing the toilet and making his way over towards the sink to wash his hands while I continued to watch him.

I noticed him glancing down at me again and then looking up blushing with his cheeks flushing red at getting caught again, but I just smiled warmly at him reaching over to ruffle his hair and letting him know it was alright and only a natural impulse. "Um…Grant." I began as he looked away and started drying off his hands.

"Yeah." He whispered back as if he were almost afraid of what I was going to say.

"Thanks again for everything…you know with Mattie and all?" I told him as he just looked over at me a bit surprised at the compliment before his features seemed to soften.

"I…um…is…uh…is Mattie going to be alright?" He asked me looking almost as if he were going to cry.

It was then that I realized Grant really had a very sensitive side to him making me wonder how often he must have gone to bed since coming to live here with his half brother and the woman his father had left behind, and cried himself to sleep at the guilt and hurt he must have been feeling. It broke my heart to see him like this because it was obvious he cared for Mattie and even the rest of us despite having just met. Grabbing him by the hand I walked over to the toilet, put down the seat and sat down in front of him so I wasn't looking down at the boy.

Taking his hand in mine I just sighed as he looked down at me waiting. "Listen Grant, I don't know how much Riley told you about the situation with Evan and Mattie?" I asked him as he shrugged his shoulders biting his lips contemplating how he should respond.

"Please don't say anything because Riley asked me not to tell you guys that he told me. He…um…when he got back from camp he talked a lot about all you guys and how you all became close friends. Then when this happened with Mattie he sort of told me a little about what happened to Evan." He stated as he looked down ashamed he had spilled the beans about Riley telling him the situation concerning Evan and Mattie. "Kyle, please don't be mad at Riley. Things are bad enough between…um…it's just he wanted me to know because he didn't want us to goof up things regarding Mattie because of what happened to him." Grant told me seriously concerned about it getting back to his older brother.

I smiled at him encouragingly and squeezed his hands. "Don't worry Grant it's alright I suppose. It really isn't for Riley or me to tell other's about Evan, but I suppose because of the situation your brother did the right thing letting you know. Besides, you've really been a big help and that wouldn't have been possible if you didn't know." I told him encouragingly as he seemed to breathe out in relief. "As for Mattie, yeah I'm sure he will be alright. He's just a little shocked and not himself right now. He seems to be getting better though thanks to you, and I'm sure before long he will be his giddy self once more. I think once he is better you will like his outgoing personality because it's kind of infectious." I smiled at him encouragingly. "So I'm hoping you will stick with it and continue to help out. Can you do that?" I asked him as he smiled and nodded his head. "That's good." I told him as I surprised him by wrapping my arm around him and giving him a hug feeling his soft boy bulge pressing up against my lower chest.

The kid stiffened up a moment in my arms not used to getting hugged like this, but then I felt him loosen up and return my innocent affection. "I wish Riley were more like you." He whispered as we separated making me wince inwardly at the boy's comment and how hurt he seemed to feel about things between him and his older brother.

Getting up I grabbed him by the hand and led him out the door into his room shutting it behind us so we could talk. He looked at me a bit nervously wondering if he had upset me by his comment, but I motioned for him to take a seat on the bed while I settled down next to him. He watched me closely as my eyebrows furrowed in thought.

"Grant…um…Riley told me about…you know…you're dad." I told him as he scrunched up his eyebrows thinking.

"I…I thought you didn't even know he had a brother so when did…," Grant asked me questioningly a bit confused as I chuckled.

"Well, right after everyone fell asleep we ended up talking a bit…like you and me now. We didn't get much of a chance to do that in Kentucky with everything that happened. So after you guys fell asleep we went to his room and just talked, and that's when he told me." I replied as he nodded his head looking down nervously.

"He hates me doesn't he?" Grant breathed out as I noticed a single little drop of wetness making its way down along the side of his nose before it dripped onto the bedspread.

Reaching out I pulled him into my arms and just held him for a minute as his shoulders trembled. He was trying to control his emotions and I just held on to him for the moment. After a few seconds I released him and scooted backwards getting into a more comfortable position as I motioned for him to join me. As he shifted back I pulled him between my legs so he could lean back against me. This allowed me to wrap my arms around his front so we could be closer and cuddle a little. This was something new for Grant, and I could tell at first he was uncomfortable, but he seemed to settle into me a bit more leaning his back against my chest. We just remained like that for another minute or so until he seemed to get comfortable with it.

"You better?" I asked as he nodded his head. "That's good…listen Grant your brother doesn't hate you." I began as he just shook his head not agreeing. "No really…it's true…he told me that himself." I whispered softly in his ear as I hugged him to me for emphasis.

"Really?" He asked me craning his neck looking at me as I nodded my head.

"Really Grant. He really truly did tell me so himself. Yeah…it's true that at first he did have bad feelings for you Grant…but he's glad now that you moved in with them. He feels bad that he never really made up with his dad about things, but he wants to make sure he doesn't make the same stupid mistake with you. He cares a lot about you and what happens, but most importantly he wants you two to be brothers. It's not easy for him and his mom, but he told me even if you guys had to live in a one room apartment he didn't care as long as you three were together." I told him as he seemed to digest the information.

"Yeah, I know it has to be hard on his mom." Grant finally responded back. "I mean she's been really fantastic making sure I have what I need and even showing how she cares about me treating me the same way she does Riley. Did you know that she gave up having her own room so that I had my own space?" He asked me as I shook my head no, but it making sense now with her converting the dining room downstairs into a bedroom.

"Riley's been different too. I mean before he just seemed to tolerate me being around, but ever since he's gotten back from camp it's like he's been really trying hard…you know. I just thought that maybe his mom was making him do that or something…you know." He admitted to me as I nodded my head letting him talk out his thoughts. "Riley told me about your dad. Did he tell you our dad was in the Special Forces too?" He asked me making me scrunch up my eyebrows.

"Um…he said your dad was in the army, but never mentioned about the Special Forces." I told him honestly as he nodded his head proudly and smiled.

"Yeah, but that was before I was born. He got hurt and had to get out. I asked him about it a few times, but my dad really never wanted to talk about it. I guess some bad things must have happened." He paused gathering his thoughts.

"Yeah…I don't ask my dad about it because I'm afraid of what he might say." I told him as he looked back at me questioningly.

"Why would you be afraid?" He asked me seriously.

"Oh, for a lot of reasons I guess. I mean for one thing he still gets deployed so knowing…um…certain things can be frightening because of how dangerous it is over there. For another…well…he's my dad when he's home, and I'm sure he's had to do some awful things over there. It is war and terrible things happen. I don't want to think of him that way is all." I admitted to him as he nodded his head.

"I never thought of it like that. I mean for my dad it was over, but for you and your family he still has to go. I guess I'd be afraid too of not knowing from day to day if he is still safe, hurt, or…um…worse. My dad really was a good guy you know. I mean I guess it wasn't fair for Riley…you know…and it probably wasn't easy for him. I know that…but my dad was a really kind and decent man and I know he loved me a lot. I just wish Riley could have known that too I guess." He sighed as a hushed stillness fell around us once again.

"Kyle…um…can I ask you something personal…I mean about Mattie?" He asked getting off the somber mood.

"Yeah…I guess." I responded.

"Well when I was…um…you know…putting the ointment on him I noticed…um…I saw…I mean…well he's different…you know…down there. I mean…I guess he's different…at least different from mine and…um…yours." He blushed at admitting to have seen mine too. "Is that normal?" He asked me nervously.

"Oh…um…so he's the first boy you've seen that is different?" I asked Grant as he nodded.

"Um…yeah I guess…I mean I've never really seen anyone…um…you know." He whispered softly a bit self-conscious.

"Oh…really…no other boy…not even your brother?" I asked him a bit shocked at the revelation, but in a way not really too surprised as he just shook his head no.

"I mean…not really. You know just some quick things like someone getting changed, or like you today in the bathroom…that kind of stuff but no…not really." He told me honestly as I ran my fingers through his hair making him giggle and scrunch down his neck at the display of affectionate friendship I was showing towards him making me smile at his somewhat shy self consciousness.

Chuckling I just shook my head at how things always seemed to revolve around our bodies when we are so young. Grant looked at me wondering what was so funny and hoping he hadn't made a fool of himself by bringing something like that up.

"Well…I guess it all sort of depends. Mattie still has his foreskin attached to his penis. A lot of European boys are like that, but here in America many boys are circumcised. His penis still does look like ours and when you pull the skin back he has that same kind of knob like you and me have." I told him as he scrunched up his eyebrows making me realize there evidently was a lot of things he didn't know. "Um…how do I explain this? Well when we are all born we have the skin covering our penis like you saw with Mattie, and for most the skin is attached to the head of your penis. At some point the skin does become unattached. For most it happens by the time they reach their teenage years. Some like Mattie it happens pretty early so when he pulls his skin back it looks just like ours. Many parents here in America choose to have the skin removed so the doctor cuts it away." I explained as I saw Grant wince and instinctively grab his soft bulge as he brought his legs together protectively.

"Ouch…no way…doesn't that hurt?" He asked no one in particular.

"Yeah I suppose, but as a baby we don't remember and I'm sure they put something on our skin to numb it so I guess we don't really feel anything.

"So why do our parents have that done to us?" He asked curiously.

"Well for many they do it for hygienic reasons. I mean in the modern world there really isn't a need for ninety nine percent of us having it done, but it can become an issue regarding cleaning and stuff. There are more parents here in America opting not to have it done to their babies, and I think any more it ends up being a personal preference one way or the other; except, for those boys who need it done for whatever medical reasons." I told him as he seemed to think about things while I noticed he began to get hard.

"I think I like how it looks on Mattie better…I mean…um…," he blushed at the admission of liking how another boy looks naked and then realized he was starting to get hard.

The boy pulled his legs up and covered himself up. Reaching down I wrapped my hand around his wrists and lifted them up and apart forcing his legs apart at the knees at the same time exposing the nice tent in his underwear. He didn't resist, but blushed knowing I was taking a look at him being hard.

"Well nothing to be ashamed about down there huh?" I teased him as he craned his neck looking up at me a bit puzzled like he really didn't understand what I meant by the comment.

"Yeah…but it's just kind of embarrassing because I'm…you know?" He shrugged his shoulders looking down at himself for emphasis while I felt his body getting warmer as if this was a bit uncomfortable for him.

"What…hard?" I asked him as he nodded his head. "I told you earlier it happens all the time." I assured him as I pulled him tighter against me while I sort of lifted my hips upwards so he could feel my hard erection along his back as well. I felt him stiffen up for a second a bit shocked at what he felt before he sort of leaned back and giggled. "See…I told you. It happens to me all the time too, but I do understand it can be a bit awkward at times so wouldn't recommend flaunting it." I teased him as I ruffled his hair while he continued to chuckle and blush about this whole conversation.

It wouldn't surprise me if this was his first time talking about something like this openly with someone. This was something I would have to talk to Riley about because I was sure there were a lot of things Grant was curious about. This was most definitely an area the older boy needed to take time with regarding his little brother and a good way to also bring them closer together because something like this involved having trust in one another because it was so personal and intimate in nature.

"Yeah, well what do you call this?" Grant retorted about our dialogue and referring to the whole flaunting thing as he smiled making me chuckle as well at how he seemed to be more comfortable about the conversation now. It never seemed to amaze me how guys tended to feel more comfortable about this topic with one another.

"Well…I call this two friends just being open about it with one another, and not making a big deal out of nothing. Besides, just be glad that at least you didn't get that nice bulge of yours from your dad's side of the family." I chuckled making him look at me quizzically not understanding what I meant as I just shook my head and smiled down at him enjoying his smooth innocent boyish features. "Well…let's just say Riley is pretty small down there so you guy's most definitely do not share that part of the genes from your dad's side of the family. Hell from the looks of things you are probably even bigger than him and you are only ten." I chuckled making Grant blush again, but he couldn't help himself as he giggle at my comment, and in some ways seemed a bit more proud about his boy bits as well.

"How do you know that…I mean…about Riley's size…you know…down there?" He chuckled as he once more covered himself up with his hands bringing his knees together being embarrassed by me seeing him like that even though I've already seen all there is to see while he was still wearing his underwear.

"How do I know about you, and how do you know about me or Mattie?" I teased him as he just looked at me and continued to giggle realizing sometimes there just isn't really an answer one way or the other that made sense. He just shook his head as his mind continued to digest some of this new information that I've been willing to reveal to him. I decided to take it even further and confide a little more about what happened to us while at camp with him. "Nah, to be honest at camp there isn't a lot of privacy and the showers are those public kinds with a few private ones so we tend to notice things about one another." I chided as it made more sense to him now. "Did he ever tell you how we met?" I asked him as he thought for a moment and shook his head.

Laughing at the memory I relayed the story to him as he just sat there completely enraptured and totally amazed about the incident as I described it in intimate details. "Oh hell no…he just walked up to the nurse completely naked. Damn, I knew he was popular with the girls and all, but…for real…naked? You're not just joshing me are you?" He asked me as I shook my head and held up my hand swearing it was the truth.

"Damn, I've got to respect him for that." He giggled as he pictured the event in his mind. "Um…what ever happened with that girl and phone number?" He asked me as I just laughed and shook my head.

"Dude…you are just going to have to ask him yourself about that one, but trust me when I say he did end up getting a lot of action in that regard…if you get my meaning?" I chuckled as his eyes bugged out of his head.

"Damn, the way he has girls all over the place I sort of knew that he was…you know doing stuff…but…?" He just shook his head seeing his older brother in a different light now not only because of the sex and the girls, but also because of his actions at camp. I made sure he understood that Riley had saved my ass that day as Grant continued. "What I don't get is if he's so small…um…you know…down there…then what do all the girls see in him anyway?" He asked but not really expecting an answer back.

"Well…part of it is his personality…you know…and I guess it really doesn't matter how big you are, but I have to warn you what he lacks in size he makes up for it with…um…let's just say gusto." I told him as he seemed to scrunch up his eyebrows thinking that one through. It reminded me that Riley had indicated his little brother might still be a bit innocent regarding the whole sex stuff. He seemed to understand the whole relationship types of things and coupling and all, but an overall knowledge of sex and what it entailed was still a bit out of his realm of knowledge. "Um…what I mean Grant is that for a lot of girls it is difficult for them to get that good feeling when it comes to sex, but with guys it's much easier. Well, I'm just saying your brother is very good at making sure girls get to feel it too. So, even though he is small down there, he makes up for it in other ways." I explained to him as he just looked at me and mouthed the word 'oh' as he finally sort of understood what I meant. I mean I got the distinct feeling he was at that stage where he knew some things, sort of knew other things, and was totally clueless about most everything else when it came to sex.

It was fun just being able to talk with him about some of the things going on and I found myself really beginning to like him as a friend forgetting he was still only ten years old. We continued to chat for another half hour or so about his brother as he seemed to get more comfortable with the idea that the two of them did have a lot in common and that Riley really was wanting for them to get along better. I was kind of happy about getting to know a little more about their dad as well, and I gathered from what Grant was telling me that he really seemed to connect well with Riley's mom. He confided to me that because of this in many ways it had felt like he had a home here, but that at times it was a bit constrained because of the anxious relationship with his older brother. He did indicate though that he was happy knowing how Riley really felt so that they could truly make a go of it as a family.

After a while our conversation sort of fizzled out as a lull seemed to engulf us. One moment I was awake and talking the next moment my head snapped up having somehow fallen asleep. Grant was slumped in my arms also completely asleep as his chest rose and fell in an easy persistent cadence. Looking down at him his face seemed so at peace without a care in the world. For the first time I really looked at him as I ran my fingers through his long thick strands along his forehead flicking them aside so I could get a better look at his face. He really was cute in that typical kind of boyish way with a sort of gentleness about him. Even though his body was bruised and battered in the usual way of most skateboarders there was a kind of softness about his features that was tempting.

My eyes flowed downwards taking in his sleek yet firm legs. His left leg was stretched out straight with his right one bent at the knee and tucked under his left one in a relaxed kind of fashion. There was a maze of pale blue veins all along his inner thighs in a spider like webbing pattern that spread upwards beneath his briefs and up along his stomach in the characteristic way of most boys at a young age. My eyes settled on his small bulging protrusion forming a nice little knoll on top making me quiver with curiosity.

Looking into his face to make sure he was still asleep I reached down with my left hand in front of us and gently lifted up the front of his white Hanes boy's briefs. His bare pubic mound had that same pale blue webbing all along the front and around the base of his nice sleek slender two and a half inch flaccid bald headed cave dweller. I was really surprised at how thin his shaft was, including his glans, which looked almost bullet like in shape as the entire length stuck outwards from his pubic mound. For some reason I thought it would be bigger, but then again it really wasn't short or anything just very thin. In a way it just seemed perfect on him, and at least around the same size as Riley in its flaccid state which was saying something. I guess when all things were considered, length wise it was pretty typical for his age.

My eyes continued to gaze beneath his soft large caliber bullet taking in his dark colored soft fleshy avocado looking boy pouch, wrinkles and all, hanging slightly loose holding two cherry sized distinct shaped outlines. His scent wafted up to me making me shiver because I had become so in tune with a boy's scent these days. His was somehow lighter than even Mattie's was with a bit of saltiness. Strange how I picked up on the salt, yet it just seemed to register. Intermingled with the salty tang was the freshness of an ocean like quality to the scent. Maybe that was the reasoning behind the saltiness of the smell.

Reaching down I picked up his thin smooth plastic like stake and rubbed his glans between my thumb and two fingers. It jerked in my hand, but I was expecting this, and looked up into Grant's face when a soft moan breathed out from his lips. I gazed back down noticing the thin rope like strand begin to elongate and thicken. It finally topped out at around three and a quarter inches, slightly larger than his older brother's, but it continued to spread outwards and thicken. It was just mesmerizing at how thick it got in my fingers. How something so thin could just fatten up so much was a bit mind boggling. It really was a very fat juicy sausage; thicker even than Evan's, and if I were to guess I'd even swear it was as thick as Chase's erection…well maybe…since it was difficult to tell from this particular angle.

I couldn't believe my eyes, and to be honest I got really horny at that moment staring at that thick stump sticking out from a completely otherwise forestless blank landscape. It was like a cut off tree in a desert wasteland just sticking out all forlorn and alone just waiting patiently for some attention.

"Holy crap Grant." I whispered and chuckled to no one in particular as the boy seemed to moan happily in his sleep. "Well one thing is for sure; whoever you got those genes from the girl who gets to have that is in for one hell of a ride." I giggled as I just shook my head at the image of him sticking that stumpy thick thing inside of a girl, or anyone else for that matter.

Hell it almost made him look kind of on the short side of things in the pecker department until you just realize that this was an optical illusion due to the thickness of his shaft and glans. Taking one last look I noticed his bullet shaped head had now transformed looking more like a fat juicy cherry making me giggle as I pictured myself popping that into my mouth and nibbling on it like a sweet tasting fruit. I forced myself to release his warm torrid erection and gently I eased the waistband back into place before wrapping my arm around him and cuddling with the smaller boy for a moment.

I felt my own erection subside and looked down noticing the swelling between his legs had also gone down. "Hey Grant wake up sleeping beauty." I gently spoke in his ear running my fingers through his wavy hair.

"Oh hey Kyle…did we fall asleep?" He asked me as he yawned.

"Yeah, just for a couple of minutes. We better head back down. I want to get Evan and Mattie up so they can go take a piss. I don't want there to be an accident." I admitted as he nodded his head.

"Yeah…that could be a bit embarrassing. Um…Kyle?" He asked me as we scooted off the bed and stood up.

"Yeah." I responded my turn to yawn.

"Thanks." He stated simply as he stepped forward giving me a hug. "For everything."

"No problem Grant, but you are the one doing all the hard work. Me and Evan do appreciate how you've protectively taken Mattie under your wings." I told him returning his embrace before we headed downstairs.

First I picked up Mattie in my arms and motioned for Grant to follow me. I wanted him to see what a boy looks like with foreskin when it is peeled back. Mattie remained half asleep in my arms as I set him down on wobbly legs and held him up from behind. He leaned back into me, but remained standing with his eyes closed. I pulled down his pajama bottoms, grabbed his one and a half inch penis and pulled back his raincoat. Grant gasped next to us and actually knelt down getting a closer look at the wet acorn like knob while I whispered in Mattie's ear encouragingly. The smaller boy responded looking down briefly taking note of standing in front of the toilet before once more closing his eyes and releasing his bladder.

After he finished I tucked him away while Grant just looked at me and smiled. "Thanks Kyle…but do you think…I mean…was it alright for me to see him…you know since he was asleep and all?" He asked a bit anxious that maybe it had been somehow wrong.

"Nah…don't worry Grant. Believe me if he were himself he wouldn't have minded at all. He's kind of open about his body…well as long as there aren't any girls around." I chuckled light heartedly as Grant nodded his head.

"Yeah…I guess I'd be mortified too…you know…with girls…but he really doesn't mind other guys seeing him?" He asked wanting to be sure.

"No, besides you've already seen him when you put that ointment on him. I just thought since you've never seen someone with a foreskin that it might be a good thing to see what it is all about. Chances are you won't see another one unless you go oversees. Well…that's not all true since more parents around here are not having their kids be circumcised. Anyway, at least you've gotten a chance to see one for now. Who knows depending on Mattie he might just allow you to have an even closer look in a day or two." I chuckled while Grant looked at me a bit puzzled not getting the joke, with me thinking he'd find out soon enough if I didn't know Mattie any better.

After putting Mattie down, with Grant snuggling up to the little boy, I shook awake Evan. "Hey Evan wake up sweetie." I whispered in his ear softly so Grant wouldn't hear my affectionate endearment for my little angel.

Slowly Evan opened up his eyes and smiled briefly before clamping his hand down around his leaky faucet. "Shit…I've gotta take a piss real bad." He hissed jumping up and literally running up the spiral staircase not even bothering closing the door.

Grant giggled when he heard the other boy moaning in relief as a loud pounding surf like noise crashing on the beach filtered out the door and down to the rest of us in the living room as Evan spilled his gusher. Riley seemed to groan and open his eyes for a moment.

"What's going on?" He yawned looking over towards me while I pointed upstairs.

"A tsunami by the name of Evan." I giggled as Riley listened and chuckled.

"Yeah all the damn soda pop." He chuckled getting up his little chubbed up member creating a small tent in his underwear.

I noticed Grant looking at the small tenting in his older brother's shorts and sort of chuckled. Riley looked over to his brother and then down at his small boyhood trying to show off.

"What I can't help it dude. Not like you haven't gotten one yourself a time or two." He yawned and stretched before pulling down the front of his boxers not caring who saw him as he pinched to tip of his three inch erection.

Grant's eyes popped out of his head seeing his brother naked for the first time and realizing I had truly told him the truth, but it was the other thing that had truly made him gawk. "Whoa, you've got hair…you know…down there." He stated simply making Riley look down at himself and then back up to his little brother while he scrunched up his eyebrows.

"Um…duh…dude I like thought you knew that?" Riley scratched his head as he tucked himself away a bit baffled by his younger brother's behavior.

"Nuh-uh…I…I've never seen you naked before." He stated honestly while Riley just stared at him a bit perplexed as he scrunched up his eyebrows in thought.

"Really?" He asked seriously as his little brother just shook his head. "Whoa…well duh I guess that makes sense because come to think of it I've never seen you naked either." He admitted scratching his head as he bent over his little brother and quickly lifted up the boy's briefs taking a quick peek. "Whoa, like nice one dude." He stated getting a close look at his brother's full blown chubbed up oak stump truly impressed with what he saw.

The move had caught the smaller boy by surprise so he didn't even have a chance to react, or for that matter protest as Evan began climbing down the stairs. This prompted Riley to release the boy's underwear and stand up making his way over towards the now vacated bathroom taking his turn at relieving his bladder. The look on Grant's face was too classic, and I just busted a gut as I held on to my sides. Evan walked over and stopped in front of us looking a bit confused as he looked down at us.

"What's so damn funny?" He asked looking at first me then Grant as he smiled wanting in on the joke.

"Him." I said pointing to Grant in-between my laughter and while I tried to breath some air into my lungs so I could explain.

Even Grant began to laugh as the giggle infection swept over him and what had just happened began to register in his mind. At first he was surprised when he saw Riley completely naked for the first time with his shaggy clean bush, boulders, and lonely little tree standing upright barely visible through the mounded tangles. That though wasn't the kicker; instead, this was reserved for when his older brother had just walked casually over to him reaching down to snatch at his underwear as if it were no big deal. It had happened so fast he couldn't even say or do anything, and completely froze when his brother just pulled his briefs outwards so he could take a closer look at the obvious boner concealed beneath the fabric of his Hanes briefs. It shocked him that the older boy would even do something like that and act as if it was no big deal. Now though as he thought about it this truly was just so damn funny, not to mention his brother had truly been impressed with what he had swinging between his legs. In a way it made him feel proud that he could make an impression on his older brother like that.

I continued to point towards Grant as I explained the situation to Evan, including the part about neither brother ever having seen one another naked. My little angel laughed so hard that when he sat down next to me he had inadvertently popped a hard one himself. He looked down at himself and then up towards Grant laughing even more when he saw the smaller boy's eyes pop out of his head at the obvious boner he was now sporting in his own underwear.

"Yeah, sounds like Riley." He continued to giggle while Grant just stared at both of us and our hard tent poles created a nice little roof in our underwear. "Dude…don't sweat it I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it. Besides believe me he is totally into girls…but for real…how do you guys go without having ever seen one another naked after all these years? Hell, even though I was really shy there for a while I know Mattie's seen me a time or two." Evan continued to laugh with Grant finally loosening up and laughing again with us after having ogled our hard tent spikes realizing the entire incident really had been too funny.

After Riley finished up we settled down cuddling back under the covers with me promising to fill Evan in with the entire story. He seemed happy with that as we shifted around into a more comfortable position. Evan grabbed my arms wrapping them snugly around him and giggled again as he thought about Riley and his little brother. How he wished he had seen the smaller boy's face, but he sure enough could imagine it. After a few minutes I felt him relax in my arms as he faded away. One by one we all dozed off slipping into a deep comfortable sleep totally happy and content for the moment.

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