Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 24

An entire frustrating week sort of slipped by for me because I hadn't heard a word from Gabe. I knew he was mad, but we've never gone this long without talking to each other. Even when I was at camp I had talked with him a few times. Jaden had told me his brother was being a jerk and that the two of them had a pretty big blowup. After he got back home from the overnight stay Gabe had confronted Jaden threatening his younger brother, but Jaden had just blown him off effectively telling his brother to go get bent. I mean 'go get bent'…where exactly did that expression come from I wondered as I sat on the bench perspiring and breathing hard from exertion. It was another hot Saturday afternoon, and our first soccer game against another team. We were up four to zip, and Coach had substituted several of his key players so that some of the other guys could get some play time in. Even though we were this far ahead coach Peterson had always been good about getting players in the game no matter how close the score.

Usually he would substitute them in gradually at various points making sure we still stayed strong, but with the lopsided score he had pretty much taken the entire first string out long ago giving our second and third string recruits ample playing time. I could already tell with this game that we had a very strong team this year. Evan and Jaden's team were playing right after ours as I looked back noticing my precious brown haired angel sitting on the bleachers rooting our team on looking truly handsome in his new Howling Timber Wolves team uniform.

Coach Peterson had really outdone himself with color choices and design on the outfits. The gold colored Nike Rio II Game shorts with green accents looked great. There was the typical Nike Swoosh logo on the left leg in silver, and a small round snarling wolf bust on the right leg done in shades of green with silver highlights. The green accents matched they boy's forest green colored short sleeved Nike Rio II Jerseys with gold accents to match their soccer shorts. The silver stitched Nike Swoosh logo was prominently visible on the upper right chest and a gold two inch wide diagonal line ran on the upper portion of the boys' torsos beginning from the boys' left shoulders all the way across their upper rib cage. On the lower left side of the diagonal line were large silver colored numbers belonging to the boys, and also in silver stitching their last names on the back of the shirt across the shoulders. A large gold colored design with shadings of silver depicting a Howling Timber Wolf was displayed prominently on the backs of the boys' jerseys with their player numbers stitched in forest green within the body of the image. They each had a pair of forest green colored Nike III classic socks that were about knee high with a silver colored Nike Swoosh logo on the front lower shin. Just below the right knee was the same small round snarling golden wolf bust done in shades of green with silver highlights just like on the front of their jerseys, and just below the knee on the left side were the player's numbers stitched in white. I had to be honest and say I was rather jealous of the boys' team uniforms, and as I looked back Evan was making me horny in his sharp looking outfit.

Sitting next to Evan was his mom wearing sunglasses and still looking a bit banged up. It didn't show too badly with her make-up and clothing she was wearing. Mattie was next to his mom, and it seemed as if both boys were a bit clingy, which I guess was understandable in light of the situation. We had picked up their mom last Tuesday and she moved into the old farmhouse section. She was genuinely touched, and had cried in my mom's arm which broke my heart to see her like that.

My mom was sitting with them as well. My dad had mentioned he needed to leave for a while in the middle of my match, but had promised to be back in time for when Evan's game started. He had asked me if it was alright to miss part of my game, and I had told him it was just fine. It sort of worked out anyway since the second and third string players were now playing leaving me sitting on the sidelines to watch and root them onwards. I heard the whistle blow indicating the end of the match, and noticed Jaden climbing up the bleachers sitting down next to Evan while his parents settled in next to my mom. I didn't see Gabe and looked around a bit disappointed until I finally spotted him in the upper section of the bleachers off in the corner away from everyone else.

Shaking my head a bit worried I turned back around to get up and go with the rest of my squad out into the middle of the field to shake our opposing team members' hands. Glancing over my shoulders I noticed Evan had climbed up next to Gabe and the two of them seemed to be talking alone. It took a minute or so to finish congratulating everyone and the opposing coach had come up to me and chatted for a bit wanting to tell me how much he admired my playing skills. I was truly flattered that another coach would take the extra time, and thanked him as I turned to make my way back towards our bench. Glancing up towards Gabe and Evan it looked as if the two boys were having an intense discussion. Not intense as in arguing or anything, but rather as if it was serious.

Coach Peterson gathered us all in to have a chat, and I tried to pay attention to him, but had that sort of nagging feeling making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Several minutes went by as he began his initial assessment comments about our game. He always did this immediately after each game pointing out the more obvious issues giving us something to chew on until our next practice where he went into more details with us. Of course we had won, but no game is without their flaws, and he pointed them out to us not in a bad way but rather as something to improve on. The nagging feeling on the back of my neck made my hairs stand up again forcing my attention to wander back up to the bleachers. That's when I saw Gabe abruptly get up and come bouncing down the stairs as if in a big hurry. Evan just watched him go and my eyes wandered back towards my friend who seemed upset.

"Um…Coach Peterson…I…I've got to go…sorry…but it's important. I'll explain later." I promised him getting up as he nodded indicating it was alright which allowed me to take off after Gabe. He disappeared for a moment around the concession building as I hurried to find him. Just as I rounded the corner of the building I spotted him running towards the side of the bathroom building once more disappearing from sight, but at least I had managed to close the gap and was practically on his heels. I hurried to catch up the rest of the way hustling a little more, and rounded the next corner before coming to a stop.

Gabe was stooped over the large trash bin, and I heard grunting noises as his body seemed to heave. "Oh fuck Gabe are you alright?" I asked pretty concerned for my friend when his body contracted and he lurched again before coming up for air.

It didn't look like anything had come up, but his face was completely white as a sheet. His eyes seemed to burn, and it looked like he was about to say something when he turned shoving his head back down towards the trash receptacle while his body heaved again. I didn't know what to do, but he looked awful so I just walked over towards him and put my hand on his shoulder rubbing his back tenderly like my mom did when I was feeling sick. His body continued to contort and contract with nothing coming out of him.

After a minute or so he seemed to calm down and sighed as he straightened his body out. "Are you alright?" I asked him really concerned and he just looked down nodding his head while wiping the back of his hand across his mouth to dry off the spittle around his lips.

"W…why didn't you say anything?" He blurted out catching me by surprise.

"What?" I asked him utterly confused.

"About Evan…I mean shit, all these years how come I didn't know?" He asked me seriously.

"What…you think I've known about this for years?" I asked him totally baffled. "Of course I didn't…I mean I just found out like a day or so before I left for camp, and that was just by accident. Do you think this has been easy for me or Evan and his family? What the fuck Gabe." I told my friend a bit pissed off at him again as he just held up his hand in a gesture of peace. Taking in a deep breath I nodded my head letting him know it was alright.

"Kyle…why didn't you tell me the other day, or even after you found out?" He asked me shaking his head and tearing up. "For Pete's sake Kyle you have to know that I would have understood and tried to help." He told me seriously looking hurt that I hadn't confided in him.

Sighing about this whole mess I just cursed. "Fuck." I spat out as I walked over towards a tree sitting down in the shade pulling up my knees to my chest as Gabe followed me looking for answers. "I don't know what to say Gabe…I mean it wasn't for me to tell anyone."

"So does Jaden know?" He asked as I nodded my head.

"Yeah…at first nothing specific, but after we got back my parents had to tell Evan about his mom." I replied shaking my head. "It got really bad then Gabe, and Evan blamed me for it all." I looked down fiddling with a twig in my fingers.

"Why would he blame you for something a creep did?" He asked me seriously.

"Because he had begged me not to say anything, but this was just too big and I told my mom." I responded as he nodded his head. "If it hadn't been for Jaden it would have been really bad. I guess that's when Evan talked to your brother and told him everything."

"I just don't understand how no one knew any of this shit was going on for years. How can that happen?" He wondered out loud not really expecting an answer.

"Gabe I'm really sorry for everything, but I just couldn't say anything. Evan means the world to me, and I couldn't take the chance of breaking that confidence again." I told my friend seriously hoping he would understand.

"So the guys from camp knew about it too?" He asked me looking critically at me while I nodded my head feeling guilty that those guys had been confided in first.

"Yeah, in a lot of ways camp was a good thing for Evan. He was able to be himself and not have to worry day in and day out. It allowed him to relax, and with the friends we made at camp he finally was able to let others know who he trusted." I told him shrugging my shoulders hoping my friend would understand.

"And he told Jaden too when you guys got back." Gabe nodded his head understanding and seeming to finally see the time line of events and how it had all unfolded.

"Yeah, he was so hurt by me that he turned to Jaden and thank goodness he did. Gabe you really don't understand what a great kid brother you have. He's the best thing that's ever happened to Evan in my opinion, and it's like the two of them are attached at the hips…almost as if there is something special between the both of them." I spoke gently to Gabe looking at him not wanting to have him getting upset regarding his little brother as my friend just looked at me nodding his head.

"I know Kyle…it's just he's my little brother…you know what I mean." He sighed slumping his shoulders as he looked away off into the distance. "I'm worried is all?"

"About what?" I inquired noticing how his eyes glinted as he just glanced at me.

"He's too young to get involved…sexually." He finally admitted to me as I raised my eyebrows at him.

"How do you know he's sexually active at all?" I responded.

"Well…I don't. I mean when I asked him about it he just told me to go get bent. I mean what the fuck does that really mean?" He asked not expecting an answer while he continued. "Anyway, I'm pretty sure…you know…him and Evan…sex…," he told me seriously as he just sort of glanced at me before looking away.

"So what if they are? I mean…you're joking right. Are you forgetting some of the shit we did at his age?" I asked him trying hard not to laugh when he shot me a look.

"That's different and you know it." He asserted getting a bit uncomfortable.

"Don't be an idiot…how is it any different? I fired back a bit perplexed at his attitude trying to understand as I began to recall our heated conversation from last week. "Oh hell Gabe…you don't think him doing that shit makes him gay do you? I mean is that what you are worried about?" I asked him as he looked sharply at me telling me everything I needed to know. "You're a fucking idiot…you know that? I mean if memory serves me right you did a lot of gayish shit with some of our friends, and if I'm not mistaken you are pretty straight as they come. What makes you think Jaden's any different? Hell, he's only twelve you know so just let him be a kid and have fun already. I can't believe you are worried about this shit. Besides, what if he were gay…then what?" I asked a bit perplexed as he just snapped his head up scowling at me.

"What do you mean if he's gay?" He asked me.

"Just what I said…if he's gay…what then? I mean would you hate him?" I asked seriously as he opened his mouth to respond before snapping it shut while I waited for an answer.

It got quiet for a long time before I finally heard him sigh and shake his head. "No I wouldn't hate him if he was gay, but are you sure he's not gay?" He asked me as I just shook my head.

"No Gabe I'm pretty sure he's not, but who knows for sure about these things. Hell I'm not even sure about me anymore." I admitted to Gabe as I bit my lip nervously not knowing how he was going to respond to my admission.

Gabe just belted out laughing and shoved me in a friendly manner. "Good one Kyle, but I've seen you with the girls and know just how horny you get." He continued to chuckle and then stopped when he saw I wasn't laughing. "What the fuck Kyle…for real? I mean…when?" He asked as he just stared at me shaking his head while I just shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know Gabe…but I think I'm in love." I answered him honestly.

"With who?" He wondered out loud when all of a sudden his eyes got really big. "No fucking way Kyle…I mean shit…it's one thing you might be…um…gay…but with someone who's only…," He left it just hanging in the air as he shook his head while it once more got quiet around us. We were all alone sitting under the cool shade of the maple tree so we didn't have to worry about being overheard.

"Well?" I finally asked not able to stand the quiet stillness anymore.

"Well what? I mean how am I supposed to respond to that? I just found out my best friend is gay, and he's in love with a boy the same age as my younger brother. How the fuck am I supposed to answer?" He asked me seriously.

Digging a hole nervously now in front of me with the small stick I just shrugged my shoulders not knowing how he was supposed to respond. "Do you hate me?" I asked needing to know for some reason.

"What…no…I mean…I don't know. I don't think so…at least about you being gay…but Kyle…um…how serious is this between you…and…um…Evan?" He asked wanting to know.

"Pretty serious I suppose. I mean he's admitted to me that he's had a thing for me since he was eight years old. I mean where the fuck was I not to know something like that, and how the hell does an eight year old have those kinds of feeling for another person?" I questioned a bit dumbfounded as Gabe just stared at me.

"For real…he told you this?" He asked shaking his head. "Damn, how the hell didn't we see any of this shit? I mean him falling for you, and then this Don crap." He managed to get out, but I could tell he just wanted to puke regarding the whole Evan getting abused both physically and psychologically by that creep.

"Please Gabe don't let this thing with me affect Evan's friendship with your little brother. I mean Jaden really is a sweet kid and very special. I just wish you can see that because all he wants is to have you be his brother. He's different from you and your older brother Jason…he's a lot more…um…sensitive. You need to show him you care about him, and this would break his heart if you came between his friendship with Evan." I pleaded with Gabe hoping he would understand.

"What…of course not…don't be an idiot. Shit…Evan's been hurt enough with all this shit regarding Don. If anything I'm proud of Jaden and how he stuck by his friend doing the right thing even though I didn't know any better at the time." Gabe sighed shaking his head. "I guess I'll just have to trust you too…after all you've always been there for me and I guess you being gay…and…um…with…you and Evan…um…you know…I guess that is all good too." He grudgingly admitted to me as he sort of smiled letting me know were cool with him…at least where he was concerned. "As for Jaden…yeah you're right and I suppose I do need to loosen up and show him how much I care." He sighed and gave me a shove when he saw my triumphant look. "Don't get all cocky." He stated and then laughed when he realized the play on words. "And don't read anything into that?" He chuckled as he punched me and then climbed to his feet offering me a hand up.

We headed back to the bleachers, and while I headed up the stairs Gabe veered off towards the sidelines motioning for Jaden. His little brother hesitated a moment looking around real quick before heading over towards Gabe. The smaller boy stopped a couple of feet away from his older brother, and they both just stood there not saying a word. Then all of a sudden Gabe just stepped forward giving his little brother an affectionate hug. I glanced over towards their mom and I could see a small smile form on her face as she clasped her hand together and hugged them to her chest ecstatic at the display of affection her boys finally showed one another.

Gabe took Jaden by the hand and led him over to one of the benches where they were completely alone. He sat down motioning for Jaden to sit next to him so they were on a more equal level as they began to talk with each other. They chatted for a long time and Coach Peterson looked over at them, but let it slide realizing this was important for the two boys. A few moments later Jaden leaned in and wrapped his arms around his brother's neck holding him for the longest time before letting go. Gabe patted his brother's left cheek in a supportive manner allowing the boy to get back to his warm-ups.

A couple of minutes later Gabe settled in next to me noticing how Mattie was snuggled up on my lap with my arms around the smaller boy holding him affectionately. "Shut up." He stated seriously as it got quiet for a few seconds before he glanced over at me and just smiled chuckling and shaking his head. "Alright…it did feel good…you know." Was all he said concerning the hug between him and his little brother.

"Have a good talk?" I asked simply.

"Yeah…we cleared the air." Was all he stated responding to my inquiry as I nodded my head.

"And us…we're cool?" I reasserted.

"Yeah…we're all good too." He responded as his lips curled up in a smile and he just shook his head trying to digest all this new information.

Just then I saw my dad dropping off a large box next to the players' bleachers waving at Coach Peterson who nodded curtly acknowledging the package. Coach motioned everyone to come in and gather around the bleacher. Picking up a smaller box that was sitting on top my dad came and joined us.

"What's in the box?" Mattie asked curiously making my dad smile and open up the box before handing over something to the boy.

Mattie opened it up and it was an exact replica of the jerseys the other boys on Evan's team wore. They weren't real soccer jerseys, rather just plain t-shirts, but the colors and design was a perfect match. The small curly haired boy scrutinized his shirt noticing it had Evan's soccer number seven on it, and on the back across the shoulders it stated 'Evan's lil bro.'

Mattie smiled and gave my dad a big hug. "That's so cool." He announced and immediately stripped out of his other shirt not in the least bit concerned being half naked before slipping the new one over his head while my dad handed one out to Evan's mom, my mom, me, and himself. Mine stated 'Evan's big bro,' Aunt Liz's stated 'Evan's mom," my mom's stated 'Evan's Aunt,' and my dad's stated 'Evan's Uncle,' and all of them had Evan's number seven on them.

"Whoa, way cool Mr. Schonefeld." Gabe admitted nodding his head appreciatively at the show of support for Evan.

There was a small commotion going on around the coach when he started passing out t-shirts to all the boys and they all smiled when he told them to make sure and thank the Schonefeld's for the gift. The boys were sent scattering as soon as they received their t-shirts, and they ascended the bleachers handing them out to their parents who were stunned with the nice gesture. One by one the boys came down giving my mom and dad a warm hug thanking them for being so thoughtful.

Jaden came up the bleachers carrying several t-shirts as well. One for each of his family members: his mom, dad, Gabe, and his sister, who wasn't there today because she had a sleepover at her best friend's house. The rest of the players had received one for their parents or guardians. Evidently my dad had talked to the coach and gotten all the appropriate information to make the t-shirts for all the player's parents. He had them done on post at the craft shop, and managed to get it done at cost. Coach Peterson had given him the software that had the design of the team's uniform on it so my dad was able to get it duplicated with the appropriate numbers and names.

Some of the parents came over to offer my dad some money for the shirts, but my dad refused saying it was a gift. One of the parents asked if they could get a couple of t-shirts done up for some of their other family members who always come to all the games in support of their son. They told him they'd be happy to pay him, and my dad said it would be fine taking down their information. When he told them the cost they were stunned asking if he was sure about the price. He explained he got it done on Post at the craft shop so he was able to get them done at cost. Once people found out about it they all came down wanting other shirts for family members as well. My mom, Evan's mom, and Jaden's mom took over at that point getting out a pad and pen taking down all the appropriate information promising everyone the new batch would be done before the next game the following Saturday.

The shirts were a success and my dad managed to bring the entire team family members together that day. From that point forward all the bleachers were filled with the green and gold colors of the Howling Timber Wolves team family members. I had to smile and appreciate such a good thing for Evan and Jaden to experience as I watched them take the field in their sexy uniforms while all the parents cheered them on in their matching t-shirts. Both Evan and Jaden had made the first string players, with Jaden being voted the team captain. I thought it appropriate since he was not only the best player, but also the most respected and considerate one as well.

The game began and we all cheered our players on. Within moments our team was pressing forward against the opposing team passing off the ball to one another in quick succession. The play went back and forth a few times, but the Howling Timber Wolves seemed to be in control for most of that time. Then all of a sudden there was a break as the guys pressed forward. Evan took control of the ball, and as one of the players came in for a tackle he booted it across the front of the goal just as Jaden approached and slammed it with his foot into the net.

The bleachers came alive as we roared and cheered while Evan tackled Jaden to the ground and the rest of the team members piled on top with the referee muddling towards the celebrating boys trying to separate them out. The spectators began to sit down and as I settled in my seat Mattie all of a sudden leaped up, cupped his hands to his mouth, and in a high pitched little boy's voice belted out a howling sound. Gabe and I looked at each other and smiled before standing up next to Mattie and letting loose our own little howling wolf sound in appreciation to our players.

Evan immediately looked up towards the stands recognizing Mattie's voice even though he was howling and waved laughing his ass off while Jaden put his arms around his friend's shoulder and waved to us appreciatively. The rest of the players sort of huddled around giggling at the wolf howl before waving to the little boy appreciatively. Gabe snatched up little Mattie around the waist and held him up high in the air. Mattie belted out another howling racket noise while everyone in the stands began to laugh and started to clap appreciatively.

The ball was put into play again and it became obvious that the Howling Timber Wolves were the stronger team as they quickly stole the ball and pressed forward once more. Within another couple of minutes they once more scored this time with a pass from Jaden to Evan off in the corner as he quickly smashed his foot into the ball sending it off at a quick clip towards the opposite corner of the goal. The ball swished into the corner of the net and the crowd erupted into a cheer while Mattie, Gabe, and I cupped our hands together and began to howl like a pack of wild crazy wolves. It sort of caught on as some of the parents including ours started to howl for our boys. By the time we scored the third goal the entire stands erupted in a maddening howling sensation, which would become the trend throughout the rest of the season.

Coach Peterson started to rotate everyone into the match, and by the end everyone had put in plenty of play time into the game it ended with a score of eight to one, with us winning. The guys gathered in the center of the field as they thanked the opposing team before gathering around the team bleachers. Once gathered together the players fanned out facing the bleachers and their parents, and with Jaden counting down: three, two, one, all of the players cupped their hands around their lips at the same time and howled back at their adoring supportive fans. We all stood up and clapped appreciatively starting a brand new tradition from that point forward.

By the time the second game rolled around news had spread like wild fire and the stands became inundated with spectators and family members. Mattie received a new shirt. On the back were two rows now with the top row still reading 'Evan's lil bro,' and right below that spelled out in big letters, 'The Original Howler.' Mattie was tickled pink, and the other parents thought it only appropriate as he sort of became the unofficial mascot and spokesperson for the team.

After the big route in this first game we all headed out to the local pizza joint for a bite to eat. I couldn't keep my eyes off of Evan, or for that matter my hands as I snuck little gropes under the table while we munched down on pizza. The long benches around the tables were crowded with people so no one even noticed when I slipped my fingers under Evan's soccer shorts leg opening forcing aside his protective cup so I could stroke his hard sweaty erection. It was so damp and moist that my fingers seemed to slide along his slicked up hardened shaft.

Evan glanced sideways at me and just giggled while he shifted a little opening up his legs further. I teased him some more for several minutes on and off before releasing him. I had to chuckle when he looked at me and pouted with those big round eyes of his. It now became a bit uncomfortable for him so he had to reach down and try to slip his hard cup back over his dangling bits and shaft that was still a little stiff. His cup wasn't a good fit like this, and a bit uncomfortable as he now scowled at me for getting him all worked up like that.

"What?" I asked him knowing he couldn't answer with everyone sitting around us, while Jaden, who was sitting on his other side, just giggled knowing full well what we had been playing at. We stayed at the pizza parlor for a couple of hours playing some of the video games in the arcade. There were pool tables, air hockey tables, and even ping pong tables as we gave them all a try. It was just pure fun for everyone involved until it was time to head home.

After saying good-bye to Jaden and Gabe, we climbed back into our car and headed home. I couldn't help myself as I kept eyeing Evan in his dirty uniform. We were both filthy and grimy from our game, but it just sort of turned me on seeing him like that. I could tell this had been a long day for Aunt Liz since she hadn't fully recuperated yet, but she hadn't complained all day just wanting to be with her boys. She was sitting with Mattie on the front bench in front of us, and both of them were dozing with the little boy curled up in his mom's arms.

Evan was leaning up against me as I stroked my hand between his thighs knowing that the action was completely hidden from view. My curly haired boy had his hand shoved down the front of my shorts as he gently massaged my leaking four inch toy. It was a bit difficult with the jockstrap and cup constantly getting in the way, but it still felt nice and I couldn't wait to get him alone once we got home.

Mattie went with Aunt Liz into the other part of the house and Evan followed me into our room so we could get cleaned up and changed. As soon as the bedroom door closed I was all over Evan as I twirled him around so he was facing me and leaned down kissing him lightly on the lips. His sweaty grimy boy scent wafted up to my nose making my jiggle worm wiggle in my soccer shorts. Our kiss became even more heated as he wrapped his arm around my neck and I lifted him upwards cupping his two golden delicious apples while he wrapped his legs around me.

"You are such a fucking sexy turn-on in that uniform of yours." I gasped as Evan nibbled on my lower lips driving me crazy with his dirty musky sweaty scent continuing to seduce me wildly.

Our mouths attacked one another as he constricted his legs trying to hump me with little success because of his jockstrap and cup getting in the way making him get a bit frustrated. Walking over towards the bed I lowered him down on top of the mattress while I grabbed the hem of his shirt and yanked on it. He held up his arms and the dirty filthy material lifted up and over his head easily. I quickly peeled off my own shirt and lowered my shorts and jockstrap to the ground stepping lithely out of them. My penis twitched and jerked between my legs as if enjoying breathing in fresh air. I pushed Evan backwards on to the mattress with his feet dangling over the edge.

My eyes razed him greedily as I knelt down in front of him easing my body between his legs and forcing them slightly apart. Leaning down over on top of him I pressed our chest and stomach together while nuzzling his neck and slowly slathering my tongue down across his chest. My wet little shovel left a trail of spittle around his right nipple and all the way down to his belly button leaving behind a clean trail as I licked away the filth and grime in the process. Sweaty dirt never tasted so delicious. Evan quivered and I could see his cup pressing outwards against the fabric of his soccer shorts knowing full well his thick hard penis was stretching out for some relief.

His cup held his small endowment in place, but it strained to be released as it continued to force his tight jock strap upwards making me giggle. Evan was breathing hard already realizing what I was going to do to him, but waited tolerantly knowing his patience would pay off for him in the end. I placed my hand on top of his solid cup and gently forced it down teasingly against his hard cramped erection and noticed him wince. The firm plastic cup material pressing down on him like that was a bit painful against his burgeoning erection.

Spreading apart his legs a bit further I eased up the fabric material on his right leg until his entire jockstrap and cup were exposed. The tip of his hammer was sticking out on one side completely peeled back making me giggle as Evan lifted his head taking a look and laughing in the process at how difficult his cup made it for him. I dipped my head between his sweaty groin, and nuzzled him along the crease of his legs sticking my tongue beneath the edge of the jockstrap flicking it against his little fleshy boy pouch.

Evan jerked at the sensitive touch and settle back down a bit while I continued to tickle this spot with my tongue enjoying the heady sweaty scent and taste emanating from between his legs. The boy relaxed enjoying himself while I slipped my tongue upwards rolling the tip of it around his crimson colored shapely acorn. Evan gasped and his flesh tower twitched upwards in response forcing the tight jockstrap to bulge upwards even further.

"Shit," Evan gasped as I smiled up at him and he reached down affectionately running his fingers through my hair.

"Are you ready?" I asked him and grinning when he smiled at me nodding his head.

Reaching up I took a hold of his waistband and eased down both his soccer shorts and jockstrap at the same time. His fishing pole and tackle seemed to sigh in relief as they were liberated from their confinement. I pulled the restricting clothing completely off of him dumping them on top of his jersey. I paused briefly taking in his sleek body and throbbing penis. I reached down almost subconsciously to my own Leaning Tower of Pisa which pointed out from my body in an upward forty five degree angle and quivered in delight as I briefly stroked my thin hard erection.

Evan's skin flute thumped up and down enticingly as I now reached out and slowly eased his tight skin over the ridge of his knob. I nudged my nose against his smooth hairless sagging coin purse pressing my tongue up against his two half dollar pieces making them knock up against each other before slurping them up giving them a bit of a polishing. Evan's hips ticked upwards as I rolled around his two chestnut sized yummy tasting truffles. Letting the sweet treats slip from my mouth I focused on my ultimate prize as I slipped my warm damp lips over his strawberry flavored skin covered swizzle stick. His sweaty slicked up salty tasting treat slipped deeper into my mouth while I wiggled my fingers between his wet crease. His nether region was extremely warm and still damp with perspiration from his game. It was so damp and wet that I didn't even have to lube my finger before I slowly slipped it past his guarded opening.

I've been sliding my finger inside of Evan every chance I got these days, and it seemed to pay off as he remained relaxed allowing it to easily glide past his guarded virginal door. He even shifted slightly giving me more access and started to moan enjoying being fingered like this. I felt his glory tower quiver when I began to wriggle my fingers around inside of him searching out his pleasure lever. His thunder thumper began to leak and I lapped it up with my tongue enjoying the new taste of his musky sweaty funky grime intermingling with his sweet tasting textured cream. Instead of being turned off by his filthy dirty state it only drove me mad as I began to slurp him up in earnest slathering my tongue all over his pale three inch sweaty and grimy hard skewer.

My lips sucked on his hardness as my eyes focused on his pale pubic mound noticing the blue spidery webbing along the flat surface all the way up to his belly button that was increasingly speeding up its spastic contractions as he began to crest in his heightened sensitivity. Focusing on the task at hand I started to pound my finger inside of him further and added a second finger for the first time ever making him gasp and quiver at the unexpected addition as he tried to relax allowing it to slide inside of him all the way. With two fingers inside of him now I began to press around with even more pressure making him lift up his head and gasp while my tongue slathered along the length of his Raphe line on the bottom side of his shaft. I continued to travel along the line until I reached the underside of his acorn shaped head and frenulum which is the skin that attaches his glans.

Evan was dripping in perspiration now his body all slicked up as I lifted my left hand on top of his stomach and slowly caressed his skin making him quiver in delight. I continued to make love to his acute pulsing hard quivering muscle with my lips and was rewarded when he let out a soft gasp his hips hitching upwards slightly while his legs extended outwards stiffly. Wriggling around my finger I found his little release lever and pushed on it moving his orgasm into overdrive.

The feeling of his glans expanding in my mouth was all the warning I needed. I felt the first blast of cream spattering up against my tonsils forcing me to swallow as I suctioned him now like a vacuum making sure to clean up any mess he managed to generate. Evan's orgasm ran through him like a freight train his body stiffening up like a medical board. He was a double donor so when he emptied out his first storage tank I began to work on getting him to open up his secondary facility. It didn't take long because I had gotten good at getting him to disengage the lock and open up his doors as I flicked my tongue up against the tip of his knob looking for the right combination. My fingers continued to wriggle around inside of him as they bumped up against his fun button once more. His second orgasm shot through him a bit faster, this time like a speeding bullet as he was forced to finally empty out the last of his sauce to me. He moaned ecstatically and twitched before his erection slowly ebbed and shriveled up in my mouth. I didn't let his now shriveled up soft penis immediately slip out of my mouth; instead, choosing to leave it inside my damp cave. I made sure not to stimulate his soft penis in any way while I held on to it with my lips, but his soft fleshy limp noodle seemed to twitch on its own now and then. It was a strange sensation and really made me even hornier for him.

The boy's breathing seemed to even out as he finally reached down and gently pushed my head away so his soft fleshy pepper could get some air. I crawled up on top of the bed and lay down next to Evan slowly running my fingers around his stiff little nipples feeling the boy shiver.

"I so love it when you do these little tender things like that." Evan whispered softly as he rolled on top of me so he could return the favor.

I watched him slowly retreat downwards until he eased me inside of his mouth. He knew I was close already getting worked up with tending to his needs. For some reason it excited me to watch Evan work on me as his lips seemed to fold around the circumference of my thin sleek four inch hard tube. I could see the dark thick blue vein pulsing along my shaft and was fairly certain that I had a similar kind of blue webbing all along the length and breadth of my tubular meat just like the other boys had that I've suckled up into my mouth.

Seeing Evan's lips curl around me like that just sent me into overdrive as all of a sudden my body stiffened out of nowhere with my two spunk tanks constricting inside of my body expelling everything I had in one single blast with the other three of four strong contractions having nothing left to offer up. It had happened quickly and unexpectedly catching both of us by surprise as Evan continued to suck up the remaining meager dribbling contents before letting my flaccid weed whacker slip from his mouth. He settled in next to me and I leaned over giving him a gentle kiss licking up some of the milky sauce that had gotten away from him.

"What the hell happened?" Evan giggled as I also laughed just shaking my head at a loss.

"Damn I'm not sure. I think you being so filthy dirty and dressed in your cool soccer outfit turned me on so much that it just happened a bit fast. You don't mind do you?" I asked him a bit worried he didn't have any fun.

"Are you kidding. Fuck that single blast just about knocked me on my ass." He giggled and blushed still a bit shy when things were all said and done concerning what we've been doing together. "Besides it's nice knowing that things are still new and spicy between the two of us." He admitted.

"Yeah…it always seems like the first time when I'm with you my little sweetness." I disclosed to him wrapping him up in my arms just enjoying having him to myself like this.

It still amazed me how I lucked out with having someone special I could hold in my arms every night when I went to bed. "Come-on, we better hop in the shower before someone comes looking for us wondering what we are doing." I giggled both of us getting up and heading for the shower.

Getting cleaned up was just as much fun as I slowly ran my hands across his naked body enjoying the slick feel of his skin. Mattie slipped inside joining us and we simply made room for him without a fuss. Any more it wasn't uncommon for all three of us to shower together like this as we ran our hands over one another. I had come to terms with Mattie and his early budding sexuality. He continued to get erections and enjoyed the sensation of my hands on him, but I just cleaned him up running my fingers lightly over him letting the boy enjoy the brief contact. Sometimes he would jack himself off as I soaped him up enjoying how it felt while I was running my hands over his skin. Evan and I never commented or berated him and just let Mattie be himself. We did remind him though from time to time that this was all just between us. He most definitely understood that most boys his age didn't enjoy this kind of freedom in front of his older brothers, or for that matter at all. Most boys his age didn't even participate in any sexual activity yet. The younger boy knew he was lucky in many respects having two older brothers who understood him and didn't mind that he fooled around and experimented like this with himself and other boys.

Summer vacation seemed to blow by us at a rapid clip now. Mattie, Evan, and their mom settled in comfortably into our lives, and the two boys seemed to blossom and grow even more with a newfound sense of freedom and relief from the stressful years that seemed to have smothered them in many ways. School would be starting next month so there was still plenty of freedom for us boys, but soon enough it too would be quickly over.

From time to time some of our friends from camp would visit or we would head over to one of them for a day. Mattie especially loved it when Benji came over, and believe me he utilized these times to the fullest often taking the boy off to the side so they could be alone for a period of time. Each time both of them returned with flushed cheeks looking very pleased indeed, and it didn't take a rocket science to know that they had been playing with each other in the missile silo.

Chase had come over several times as well, and I had to smile when both him and Evan headed over to the barn where my dad had converted the extra room for Evan so he could paint. Both of them would disappear for hours on end as they worked on projects together. Most of the time Chase only stayed for a few hours out of the day before heading over to Tim who had managed to talk his parents into leaving him behind with his aunt and uncle.

Riley had returned to California, but we had remained in contact and watched him from time to time on the sports station when he had competitions. He was doing really well this year having some wins under his belt and placements as well during the times he didn't win.

Jaden and Evan continued to be inseparable with the boys spending a lot of time together. It didn't happen often, but from time to time the two boys would find themselves intertwined in a sexual kind of way as they pleasured one another. They enjoyed these times together and didn't seem to mind this sort of interaction. I was happy for Evan seeing him just be himself and interact this way with someone else his own age. The two boys cared deeply for one another on many levels, and enjoyed how it felt to be together in a sexual way, but that is as far as it went between the two of them for the moment. I got the impression it was because of what Evan and I had together so they were both just reluctant to let it be anything more for the time being.

From time to time even I hooked up with Jaden when he needed some extra attention and wanted it from me instead of just from Evan. It rarely happened, but I could tell he had feelings for me as well and sometimes it just boiled over. To be honest I also enjoyed those special moments with the fit young boy. Jaden was open and accepting of my relationship with his best friend, but sometimes yearned for my company as well enjoying our quiet and alone time together. Sometimes I felt a bit guilty because I knew Gabe wouldn't approve what Jaden and I did together, but it was Jaden's choice and I really did have feelings for the younger boy too. It seems as if Evan and I had consented into allowing Jaden into our inner sanctum, and had accepted him without any reservations as part of our sexual relationship.

After the initial incident between Evan and Jaden during the weekend of my birthday party, I had sat down with my brown curly haired boy to discuss what had happened. He wasn't upset that it had happened, and truly appreciated the incident, but seemed concerned about how this would affect our own relationship. I had to be honest with him and tell him that I really felt it was the right thing for him to pursue his feelings for Jaden. The two of us were together and that wasn't changing anytime soon, but he had never been able to experience things with other boys his own age like he should so I encouraged him to truly give it a chance between him and Jaden. I also reminded him that at some point even a girl might end up being something he may pursue in the future. He was still young and really didn't know what he wanted at this stage in his life so many things were still possible for him.

After our conversation he seemed to open up more and accepted Jaden into his life in a reserved kind of sexual way, and not just only being friends. Jaden didn't mind in the least and actually seemed to crave this type of relationship as he explored his own sexuality. In a way this casual and slow paced sexual encounter between the two boys was truly a blessing as it really did allow Evan to open up and be more his own age. It also gave Jaden what he so desperately needed with another boy his own age at this time. It made me happy to see this sort of bond forming between the two boys. This was a bond that nothing would ever be able to tear apart. There might be tensions and strains from time to time, but Evan finally had a friend his own age that he could trust and count on.

As for soccer we were blazing a trail with both teams still undefeated. It looked as if both of our teams would be heading to the State finals competing for the title in our respective categories. Newspapers have been picking up the story of Coach Peterson's success with the two divisions, and people were responding to the Howling Timber Wolves as their unique game-time traditions seemed to sweep through the state. Both teams still had one more game to play for the regional title before we were eligible. If we won, then it would be off to the State Final two weeks later.

Early during the week we received a phone call from Dmytri, the artist from camp, announcing Evan had won the overall first place prize. The news really wasn't unexpected but the boy was still ecstatic and so were the rest of us. Dmytri explained there would be a showing at the campgrounds open to the public Saturday afternoon beginning at three in the afternoon until six that evening. It was the same day as our regional finals; however, we might just be able to make it in time. My game started at ten in the morning and Evan's right after that. It might be a close call and we may be a little late, but we had assured the artist that we would be there for sure.

Dmytri said it wouldn't be a problem if we were a bit late because it opened up to the public at three in the afternoon and it wasn't until around five that the official recognition ceremony presenting the awards would be held. This worked out great for everyone, but Dmytri did say it would be nice if we got there as soon as possible because people would want to meet and chat with the artists. We agreed and said we would get there as quickly as possible.

Somehow news got out and during the week Evan was interviewed by the news media. There was a flurry of activity around our place throughout the week. An article featuring Evan with an image of him and his painting made several local newspapers. The camp was inundated with phone calls trying to get more information about the event on Saturday and it looked like it just might end up being a big crowd that day. All the attention made Evan a bit self conscious and nervous. Of course we all teased him to no end making him blush shyly while also making him a bit nervous. Everyone from our group of friends called and congratulated him. All of a sudden he became the most popular kid in our small community, and kids who had ignored him or had given him a hard time in school in the past started calling him up wanting to be friends all of a sudden. Evan took it all in stride though, but remained loyal to his true friends who had accepted him from the beginning. Of course there were some kids from school that were sort of his friends to begin with, and he made sure to recognize them, but as for the others he was civil but sort of steered clear of them.

Saturday was a bustle of activity as we got ready. The stands were full at the regional playoffs by the time the starting whistle blew beginning our game. Everyone from our friends at camp, except for Riley, showed up to show their support and would be hightailing it to Evan's art award after the game. Riley may not have been there physically, but we knew he was there in spirit, and all the guys understood he couldn't be there since he lived so far away. He had left an email though congratulating Evan and also giving a shout out for our upcoming game.

In short order my team showed full dominance and the final score ended up being four to one. Up next were Evan and Jaden as the stands swelled with the gold and green ranks of the true loyal fans. The boys took the field and within the first three minutes of play scored their first goal. A high piercing sound emanated through the air as we all stood up and howled like a big pack of Timber Wolves. By the time it was all over the Howling Timber Wolves players were standing in front of the crowd howling back at us in a sign of support and complete victory. Throughout the season they showed complete dominance over other teams as they won by large margins.

What was unique though is that they never gloated or showed disrespect to the opposing teams. They celebrated together when they scored as was expected, but not one single player ever taunted or teased any players on the opposing team. From the start Coach Peterson had expressly forbidden any such behavior and warned he would cut anyone immediately from the team he caught misbehaving in an inappropriate and unsportsmanlike fashion. Most of the kids on the team weren't even like that to begin with so it hadn't even been an issue. Jaden had also set the tone from the beginning always making sure to congratulate fellow team mates and never take full credit for anything he did opting to share the glory with his buddies. He was a natural leader, and he conducted himself in the most sportsmanlike manner at all times.

We skipped the awards ceremony our coach understanding saying that he would make sure to get with us afterwards. We rushed home as we quickly got cleaned up, foregoing for the first time our normal passionate sex play. It had become a tradition for me and Evan to pleasure one another after the games as a reward, not to mention he just simply made me horny to no end when I saw him out there getting filthy and grimy in his sharp outfit. There was just something about having sex with him when we got home after one of our soccer games as we literally tore into one another. I think I turned him on the same way because even though our sexual interludes were always passionate, during these moments it seemed even more powerful.

We arrived at camp and it was already brimming with people coming to see what all the fuss was about. As we approached the main building Mattie all of a sudden shot out and literally leaped into another boy's arms.

"Riley…you're here." The smaller boy shouted as we just looked on in amazement.

"Whoa…Evan dude…you've sort of shrunk on me." Riley teased the curly haired little tyke in his arms as Mattie leaned back and smiled at the older boy.

"I'm not Evan you silly ninny…it's me Mattie." The smaller boy quipped as Riley got a serious look on his face and then reached down pulling out the waistband on Mattie's golden soccer shorts and snuck a peek at what he had hidden beneath the fabric.

Mattie had left his Howling Timber Wolves jersey and shorts on as Riley took a closer look at the boy. "Hmmmm…I guess you aren't Evan. I've got it on good authority his good little soldier is a tad bigger…so I guess you really are Mattie." Riley teased as Mattie squirmed in his arms trying to get loose.

"Hey…no fair." Mattie retorted clamping his hands over his shorts concealing himself while Riley finally released him with both boys chuckling at the interplay.

"I know but I just couldn't resist." Riley smiled down affectionately at Mattie as he ruffled the boy's curly locks.

"Riley it really is you…how did you…" I began as I walked up to my friend giving him a warm embrace.

"Yeah, well I couldn't miss out on this event. Sorry I couldn't make the soccer match. By the time my plane got in and my aunt picked me up it was too late so we came straight over here." He explained as everyone gathered together giving him a welcoming hug.

"Oh Riley, this is Mrs. Prescott. Mattie's and Evan's mom." I introduced Riley as he stepped up giving her a warm hug.

"Um…I hope you don't…you know." Riley smiled nodding towards Mattie and what had just happened.

Aunt Liz just waved it off. "No Riley it is just healthy boy banter and no call for any worry. Besides, I think Mattie enjoyed the extra attention." She smiled looking over at Mattie who just blushed about being caught enjoying these little types of sex games.

"I…um…whatever." He sighed as he settled in next to Benji who wrapped his arm around his smaller friend and smiled at the boy's little predicament.

He was saved though when Dmytri saw us and herded us all inside. From that point on it was a bustle of activity as everyone made their rounds enjoying the festivities. Evan spent a lot of time with his painting as people made their way through the impromptu gallery asking him questions and chatting. It was a fun time with all of our friends gathered together once more. The awards ceremony was brief and after a while people started to filter away.

There was still a good group of people hanging around as it got close to six in the evening. I was chatting with some of our friends from camp joking around with Dmytri when I saw a disheveled Evan approaching me looking a bit out of sorts and very frightened. He ran up to me and almost knocked me over as his eyes were spread open widely the whites of them showing his fear. He was clutching a green and gold baseball cap in his hands looking around as he clung to me tightly.

"W…where's Mattie." He squeaked out in a panic releasing me and looking around. "Is he with mom or your folks?" He asked me obviously shaken as I tried to calm him down.

"What's wrong Evan?" I asked him trying to remain calm, but knowing something must have happened while Sage became alert hanging close to my legs.

"He's here." Evan looked around in a panic as the rest of our group instinctively looked around for nothing in particular.

"What…I mean who Evan? What's going on?" I tried to remain calm, but the way Evan was behaving it began to frighten me too as my heart thundered in my chest.

"Don…I…I saw him…I mean I'm sure it was him…but I panicked and ran back…and…and I found Mattie's hat on the ground." Evan way crying now as others began to mill around wondering what was happening.

My heart leaped into my throat as I tried to remember where everyone was at the moment. My folks and some of the other parents had gone out looking around the camp. Mattie had been with us for a few minutes, and shortly after Evan had stated he was going out to take a breather, Mattie had disappeared as well. Shit…this wasn't good because I figured he went looking for our folks.

Everyone was speaking at once now and I couldn't think my mind was becoming mush as I started to panic. I felt Sage nudging up against my legs nervously as I suddenly spoke up taking control.

"Guys…quick fan out find my dad. Evan take me to where you found the hat and Dmytri come with us." I commanded as everyone hesitated. "Move." I snapped making everyone jump before they dispersed while I grabbed Evan by the collar and shoved him out the door. Dmytri was close behind us along with several other people who were caught up in the moment. I pushed, shoved, and urged Evan forward since he seemed a bit dazed and panicky when he suddenly stopped and looked around.

"I…I think it was here." He told me as I gazed all around for any clue.

It got noisy again and people started to talk all at once. It was making my head spin and it was difficult to think. It was impossible because all the excitement was affecting my focus with what I was trying to concentrate on. "Everyone shut the fuck up." I commanded. "I can't think and this is important." I stated making Sage stand up and growl menacingly thinking I was in trouble and trying to find the source so he could protect me.

It got quiet as Evan began to rant. "Kyle…we've got to find Mattie…let's go." He started to panic and leave when I reached out and grabbed him holding on tight and shoving him towards Dmytri.

"Quiet Evan let me think. Dmytri no matter what happens don't let him go." I stated pointedly noticing Evan start to squirm and scream.

"Let me go I've got to find Mattie." He yelled all beside himself upsetting me even more.

"Evan shut up already I can't think straight and I have to get this right or we are all screwed. Stop fighting and stay put because I can't worry about both you and Mattie at the same time. I promise…I'll find Mattie. Rule number six and five…remember" I told him grabbing him by the collar and shoving my face in front of him while other people shifted around a bit nervously.

Evan looked into my eyes and put his head down nodding. "Yes I remember. Never promise anything you can't keep, and tackle one problem at a time." He sighed looking back up at me pleadingly.

"I'll find him…I promise." I reiterated as I sighed taking the hat away from him. "Sitz" (pronounced zits) I commanded for Sage meaning 'sit' and giving the appropriate hand signal to him making sure I had his full attention.

I heard someone start to speak and I swiveled my head around looking in the direction of the voices. "Quiet. This isn't easy you know. If I don't give the proper commands in the proper order something bad can happen. I need to think…it's not like I do this sort of thing all the time." I snapped a bit too harshly as a sort of nervous stillness fell over all of us while I searched my mind for the proper words and hand sign for the dog to obey.

Once given he would obey it explicitly, and I didn't want to screw this up. These were commands given out in wartime and in some ways a bit different to this situation yet also slightly similar. I've gone with my dad several times when he went on base to train with Sage, and knew several commands having watched often enough, but I've never given them personally, and it wasn't easy to focus in this pressured position. I needed to concentrate not only so I could find the appropriate words, but also the hand signals to relay the importance of my command. Of course Sage didn't need both, but when done in tandem there would be no confusion as to the intent of the command.

Sage sat still listening attentively and watching my every move acutely as I took a deep breathe collecting my thoughts, stepped forward, and placed the cap under the Malinois nose so he could get a good whiff of Mattie's scent "Such verloren…Mattie" (sue-kh fur-loren) I commanded in the foreign language meaning 'to search for lost article,' in this case meaning Mattie, and giving the appropriate hand signal before once more letting Sage smell the hat. "Pass auf…Mattie" (paws owe-f) which means 'watch over' and once more giving the hand signal. "Schutzen…Mattie" (shoe-tz-en) meaning 'protect', with the appropriate hand signal. I repeated everything methodically once more hoping I had done it right before barking the command "Geh" (gay) meaning 'go' sending him off on his assigned instructions.

I sighed in relief when Sage immediately got up and sniffed around. He seemed to pick up a scent and tore down the trail in the opposite direction of the main buildings. I sprang after Sage as he led the way about ten to fifteen yards ahead of me. Some people had started to follow me, but I was a long distance runner and most people were just plain out of shape; especially, the parents. It didn't take long before it was just me and Sage as I stretched out my legs running after the large Malinois, but keeping a nice pace so I wouldn't get winded after only a short distance.

The war dog was highly trained and sensitive immediately figuring out the appropriate speed to maintain while instinctively knowing the pace I wanted to set. We seemed to eat up a lot of ground very quickly, and then I thought I detected some movement up ahead. I noticed Sage had honed in on it and was itching to be released from his constraint. The only thing holding him back was his training and a voice command giving him permission. "Geh…Los" (gay…lowes) I shouted releasing him as he immediately tore away from me and I too went all out taking off in a sprint. I was fast, but the dog was like lightning as he sped over the small rise out of sight and he let loose a snarling growling barking sound along the way.

The movement I had detected was way up ahead, but I knew it had to be Mattie and I wasn't taking any chances. As for Sage, he knew this was a mission to protect and understood that barking from him would more than likely create a reaction on the other person to just release the captive individual and run for it. Sage's instructions were to protect, and this was one tactic he seemed to instinctively recognize. Moments later I heard the vicious barking and snarling noises and headed right for it. Two minutes later I spotted Sage as he stood guard in front of a huddled figure snarling at something unseen in the distance. This was yet another tactic in training to deter anyone from changing their minds and returning back.

By the time I arrived I was winded and sucking in air, but I ignored it as I knelt down next to the crumpled figure on the ground that was whimpering in fright. It was Mattie and I scooped him up in my arms protectively whispering to him soothingly. He flinched when I touched him, but immediately recognized me and clung on to me tightly not letting go. Sage continued to snarl wanting to be released once more. Turning towards the dog I was about to command the dog to kill, but my father came barreling down the trail and ordered Sage to lie down.

He had seen me about to give out a command, and he must have known what it was going to be. "No Kyle…let it go. He's probably long gone." My dad stated, which seemed to be confirmed when we heard a vehicle engine revving up as if barreling down some unseen back road. My father was breathing hard a bit winded from his full on sprint. "Damn Kyle…you never told me you were such a good long distance runner. I spotted you way back, and couldn't catch up to you." He smiled hesitantly as he knelt down next to us and reached out towards Mattie. The boy flinched and clung on to me whimpering and still crying in my arms.

Dad looked over towards Sage and simply said "yes" the command for a good job and Sage's reward. The training method always implemented a reward system of both voice and a treat in the form of a toy. Sometimes he was rewarded with a toy, sometimes with a verbal gesture, and sometimes both. The verbal reward my dad just gave was good enough for Sage as he muzzled up against my father, and then against Mattie as if to tell the boy it was alright now. I smiled at the dog and patted him for good measure.

"Help me up dad. I don't think Mattie is going to let me go." I sighed as I held on to the boy.

My dad noticed something in Mattie's hand, and managed to get the boy to release it. To me it looked like a piece of someone's shirt. Mattie must have torn it from Don. "Let's go," my dad motioned as he tucked the piece of cloth into his shirt pocket.

It was a long walk back with me literally stumbling into the outer edges of camp completely spent and barely able to hold on to Mattie anymore. I tried to set him down a couple of times along the way, but he just gripped on to me even tighter and started to cry hysterically. I could see a big welt on the side of the small boy's face. Don had hit Mattie so hard that it had left his hand print on the poor little guy's cheek. It made me wince and I nearly lost control of myself wanting nothing more than to sit down and cry. My dad had urged me on, and was helping as much as he could understanding how tired I was getting.

Spotting a bench I stumbled over to it and sat down. "I can't go any further dad. Go get the others while I catch my breath." I told him as he motioned for Sage to stay by our side and ran back to the main building for help.

"Oh my poor sweet little Mattie boy." I sighed as I rocked him tenderly. "What did he do to you?" I whispered softly in the boy's ear while he just cuddled up to me and closed his eyes not answering or responding.

Breathing heavily I just continued to rock him gently and tried to recuperate. My entire body ached and my arms felt like lead as we swayed gently back and forth for a few moments. I heard some noise and when I looked up I saw Evan running towards us nearly knocking me down as he threw himself on to me wrapping his arms around both his little brother and me.

"Mattie," Evan whimpered noticing his little brother flinching before settling back down when he released us. "Thanks so much Kyle…I…I'd just die if something happened to Mattie." He sniffled wiping away the dampness that had threatened to overwhelm him. "Is he alright?" Evan asked looking his brother over, but having a hard time since Mattie just held on to me refusing to let go.

"I don't know Evan. I mean he looks a bit banged up…nothing serious, but he refuses to let me go." I stated as Evan just nodded his head.

"I know the feeling." He sighed sitting down next to us and just stroking is brother's back gently.

Aunt Liz showed up a minute or so later looking pale as a sheet with my parents and a few other people in tow. Mrs. Prescott knelt down next to her little boy and reached out to him. He didn't flinch at her touch, but still refused to let go while one of the other parents stepped forward to take a look.

"Let's have a quick look then." He began. "I'm a doctor and I just want to take a quick assessment." He told Mrs. Prescott who nodded her head giving permission.

The man looked Mattie over real quick taking the boy's pulse and some other vitals, before checking out his cheek wincing at the hand print. He spoke gently trying to get the boy to answer while he methodically and professionally looked the small boy over as best he could. After a few minutes he stood back up and smiled reassuringly.

"Why won't he let go?" I asked the doctor as he just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"It could be any number of things. Maybe he trusts you, or maybe it is because you found him first, but one thing is for sure he's in shock right now. It's perfectly natural, and if that's what he wants for now just let it be. He'll be alright, but I recommend a good nights' sleep, and then see how he is doing in the morning. I'll write out a prescription to help, but I'm sure he'll be much better come morning." The man assured us as Mrs. Prescott sighed in relief.

It still took a while before we made it back home. The police had shown up taking everyone's statement and taking pictures of Mattie's face, well as best they could because he refused to release me the entire time. The police seemed to think that with Evan being so prominently presented in the newspaper lately that Don, or whoever since they couldn't confirm it had actually been Don, must have picked up on it and had taken this opportunity to try something. More than likely when the perpetrator didn't have a chance with Evan he just grabbed Mattie. The police complimented me and said if it weren't for Sage and my quick thinking it could have been really bad. Afterwards we had said good-bye to our friends promising to call them up for an update tomorrow."

Mattie slept curled up in my lap the entire way back home. He finally walked by himself into the house, but clung on to me refusing to let go needing to have contact with me in some shape or form at all times. We gave him some sort of medication that the doctor prescribed. The man had said it was a very mild sedative and wouldn't do anything except help Mattie relax a little and perhaps allow him sleep more soundly. He cautioned us about having doctors prescribe anything stronger saying it wasn't necessary, and some tend to overdo it on medicating children. What he prescribed wasn't any stronger than an aspirin, but different, and would just help to relax Mattie physically and mentally.

"Come-on sweetheart…let's get a bath going so we can get you cleaned up." Mrs. Prescott bent down next to her son, but he just latched on to me not wanting to be separated.

I was about to say something to Mattie in order to encourage him to go with his mom, but she just smiled and shook her head. "It's alright Kyle. You heard the doctor. If it's you he wants then it will be just fine." She smiled reassuringly at me as she leaned over and hugged me to her. "Thank you Kyle for meaning so much to my boys. I can't thank you enough to have been blessed to have you in our lives." She sniffled and then released me wiping away the wetness from her cheeks while my mom hugged and consoled her best friend.

"It'll be alright Aunt Liz. I can take him with me and get him cleaned up. I don't mind going to bed early since to be honest I'm totally wiped out myself." I told her seeing if this would be alright.

"Thank you Kyle…I really appreciate that. I'll come in after you boys are in bed and tuck you in…if that is alright?" She hesitated asking to make sure it was alright since I was much older and no longer needed to be tucked in.

"That would be nice." I told her leading Mattie away and into our bathroom while Evan headed into the other one thinking it might be easier for me to take care of Mattie saying he would be coming to bed too after getting washed up even though both of us had taken a quick shower earlier.

Turning on the shower I let it warm up as I peeled out of my sweaty damp clothing rubbing my sore arms. Mattie just stood there the entire time watching me intently as if in a daze. When I looked into his eyes they seemed dull, no longer sparkling with life and vitality that he seemed to always exude during his waking hours. He was always bubbly and alive, but now it had all been sucked out of him making me sad and angry at the same time. As if that fucking asshole hasn't already done enough damage to this family; first Evan, then the boys' mom, and now Mattie…poor sweet innocent Mattie. Thinking about all of this was making my blood boil, and I had to calm down so I wouldn't inadvertently scare the smaller boy even more.

Kneeling down next to my sweet innocent little curly haired guy, I slowly peeled him out of his dirty filthy clothes. The state of his outfit almost looked like Don had half dragged and half carried the boy. Of course the police said there was no proof that Don had done this, which they had said the same thing about the incident with Mrs. Prescott when she got beat up. They held that it was her word against his.

Evidently there was some legal wrangling going on over the last several weeks or so with Don having gotten lawyers and making some sort of claim against Mrs. Prescott and the boys. I didn't know what Don was up to, but when there were these sorts of legality issues involved the police didn't want to jump into the fray taking sides or making any conclusions. They had taken everyone's statements at camp, but couldn't do anything officially against Don since no one other than Evan had supposedly seen him, and even then it wasn't a one hundred percent certainty that he had actually been there since there were so many people at the event.

Sighing I tried to shrug these thoughts from my mind as I slowly removed Mattie's clothes. I lifted his shirt up over his head tossing the shirt aside and taking a quick look at his body. Mattie just stood there letting me run my hands over his chest, stomach and back checking for bruising and scratches. There were all sorts of scratches, and some bruising along his body, so I got up with Mattie following me and grabbed my camera taking some quick pictures making sure to put the date and time stamp digitally on the images for recording purposes just in case we needed them.

Next I removed his socks and pulled down his soccer shorts leaving him in his colorful cartooned red boy's briefs. There were more scrapes and bruising on his legs and thighs so I snapped some pictures of those as well. Figuring I was finished I pulled down his underwear and gasped at the large bruising on his left upper leg running between his lily white butt cheek, over the front, and up towards his pubic mound and inner thigh. Basically his midriff, the area that a boy's underwear would cover. Sighing I grabbed my camera snapping some close up images of his bruise trying not to get his intimate bits in them.

"Here Mattie cover yourself up." I whispered softly taking his hands and making him cup his little boy bits. Satisfied, I got up and took some full length pictures of his entire body so the images would show him in his entirety letting there be no doubt about the bruise and who it belonged to before I zoomed in closer taking just his upper half of his body so the bruise would show even more along with showing his face. Putting away my camera I rummaged through some stuff for a second finding what I needed. I started up my computer, plugged in my digital memory card and downloaded the images putting them in an encrypted file before wiping away the images off my digital card and sending them off securely into a safe place before shutting down my desktop.

Taking Mattie by the hand I led him back into the bathroom as we stepped under the warm water. I quickly washed off my body before tending to the smaller boy. Slowly and gently I washed and rinsed his hair before running my soapy hands across his body. Mattie just stood there rooted in place not saying or doing anything as my fingers ran across his skin. While I soaped him up I noticed he began to get an erection as it slowly increased in size bobbing up and down along the way each time his heart pounded in his chest. I thought this was a good sign and continued to wash his legs and feet before coming back up and gently running my fingers over his erection. Sighing I pulled back his foreskin so I could wash off his glans and noticed the first signs of life when he all of a sudden placed his hands on my shoulders for support while his hips sort of hitched upwards and he let out a small groan of pleasure.

The small boy quivered as I wrapped my right arm behind him giving him some support. I felt him rubbing my shoulders affectionately as I slipped his hoodie back into place. He whimpered when I removed my hand and I watched as he gently reached down taking his small erection in his thumb and finger peeling himself back again and just rubbing his thumb against his knob. He just stood there as if waiting expectantly. Sighing I removed his hand and I slipped his skin back over his glans as he whimpered again and then looked down at me pleadingly.

"Mattie…I don't think this is such a good idea." I whispered to him softly as he just stood there staring at me. Sighing, I just shook my head and leaned down taking his succulent little two inch fat shower eel into my mouth and slowly masturbated him with my lips. Running my tongue around the ridge of his glans seemed vaguely familiar, reminding me of Evan on so many levels as I felt it swell and heave around in my mouth. It didn't' take Mattie long at all before he was moaning softly his entire body stiffening up briefly before it began to quiver and ripple with his orgasm. It seemed to last a long time, even longer than I remembered, as I kept suckling on his blank shooting pistol feeling it jerk around in a rapid fire kind of fashion. It was as if all of his bottled up emotions was being released through a small funnel taking time before it could all empty out. Finally his orgasm seemed to run its course with his body slumping on top of me and the tension seemingly leaving his body. He appeared much more relaxed now and responsive as I let his soft fleshy stumpy penis slip from my mouth and stood him back up.

"Are you feeling better now?" I asked him as he responded for the first time just nodding his head and hugging me instead of latching on to me. "Good, do you remember what happened?" I asked him as he scrunched up his eyebrows and then got a little scared looking around a bit frightened. "It's alright Mattie you're home and safe with Evan, your mom, and all of us." I reassured him noticing him calming down. "Can you tell us what happened?" I asked him again as he sort of just looked at me pleadingly making me sigh and smile at him. "It's alright Mattie…we can talk about it later. Are you ready for bed?" I asked him as he hesitated looking towards the door which lead to his room. "Would you rather sleep in my room tonight?" I asked him noticing him nodding his head before hugging me. "Alright, let's hop out and get dried off. Your mom is going to come in and tuck us in alright?" I asked him as he smiled nodding his head.

Evan was already waiting for us in bed as I slipped in next to him noticing he was naked as well. "Are you alright Mattie?" Evan asked his little brother as he snuggled up closer to me since I was in the middle.

Mattie was staring up at the ceiling when he heard his name and scrunched up his eyes at his brother questioningly without answering before rolling his left leg on top of my body. "He's alright Evan." I responded instead. "He's not speaking yet, but he does remember what happened. Let's just give him time." I told Evan as I leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips.

There was a soft knocking sound on the door before Mrs. Prescott looked in and smiled. "Hey guys how are my little men doing?" She asked as she knelt down by the bed and lifted up the bed covers tossing them aside wanting to have look at Mattie.

Evan and I yelped scrambling to cover ourselves up as Mrs. Prescott's eyebrows shot upwards at all three of our naked bodies pressed up against one another before she looked away. "Oh…um…I'm sorry Kyle…I…I didn't realize…um…I just wanted to check Mattie out to see if he was hurt." She stuttered realizing that we all had slipped into bed naked.

"Um…it…it's alright…I guess. I mean it's nothing you haven't seen before." I responded tossing the covers back over our naked bodies while Evan just giggled unable to help himself.

"Well…um…yes…but not for a while." Mrs. Prescott smiled shaking her head. "You've…um…grown up some since then." She teased making me smile and blush. "So…you boys…um…sleep…like this…you know…naked all the time?" She asked a bit curiously now as Evan began to blush realizing his mom had sort of caught us even though we weren't doing anything…bad.

Looking at Evan I just blushed and nodded my head. "Um…most of the time…I suppose." I told her honestly as she just smiled and nodded her head.

"Is it alright if I take a look at Mattie?" She asked as I nodded my head and peeled back the blanket trying to keep my nakedness covered.

For the most part I was successful being able to cover up my bits, but Mattie was draped over me and had cuddled up refusing to move again so my whole left side was a bit exposed. I watched while Mrs. Prescott cringed at the large bruise on Mattie's left side. Evan had looked as well and gasped at the nasty bruise.

"That's the only real bruising I saw Aunt Liz. Most of the other ones are just small scrapes and small little bruising. It's almost as if Mattie was dragged across the ground, which was smart on his part because it slowed Don down enough where we could catch him. Thank goodness Sage was around so we could find Mattie quickly." I stated as Mrs. Prescott covered us back up and kissed Mattie before doing the same for me and Evan.

"Yes, and thank goodness you were around Kyle." She whispered softly shaking her head. "Listen, I'm sorry about the…um…blanket…you know." She offered up chuckling.

"Yeah…um…you won't…" I began before Mrs. Prescott reached out taking my hand into hers.

"Don't worry Kyle I won't say anything to your mother. We all know how she can…well…we all know how she is." Mrs. Prescott chuckled as she patted my hand. "As long as you boys don't do anything you don't want to or do anything to hurt each other. I'm perfectly fine with it Kyle…just keep in mind that things change in life." She stated looking at me and then her son, Evan, meaningfully.

"We know Aunt Liz…and we've talked about it." I assured her feeling comfortable enough with her to talk about it since she seemed to understand our feelings for one another. "You're…um…alright…with…you know…us being together?" I asked her timidly noticing Evan blushing with the turn in the conversation.

Mrs. Prescott leaned over and kissed Evan on the cheeks. "Evan I know you've had feelings for Kyle all these years, remember, you told me when you were like eight. I should have known how you are about things, and should have realized that sooner or later you would…" She sighed shaking her head as she smiled at us. "Yes Kyle I'm alright with it, and I know your parents would be too so keep that in mind because at some point you are going to have to let them know if this is truly what you want." She stated nodding her head knowingly at me. "Like I said I won't say anything, but keep it in mind sweetie." She patted my hand. "Evan remember Kyle is older so once school starts things may change, just keep that in mind, alright?" She asked Evan who blushed and nodded his head. "I trust you Kyle and know you wouldn't do anything to hurt my boys. You've proven that to all of us time and time again so if this is something they want then I'm perfectly fine with it." She sighed looking at me letting me know I have her permission as long as her boys want this sort of relationship. "Good then…enough said for now…but if you need to talk…either one of you…I'm here…alright?" She pointed out to us as we both nodded back letting her know that we understood.

Leaning in she gave Mattie a tender kiss tucking the boy in who had just lain there snuggled up to me. She smiled fondly at her youngest boy as she stroked his hair lovingly before she leaned over giving her eldest boy a soft kiss stroking his hair in the same loving fashion. Looking down at me she leaned in and kissed me lightly on the cheek as well running her fingers through my hair. "All three of you boys are my children." She whispered softly. "Thank you for protecting them for me Kyle. You mean the world to me as much as my own boys…remember this alright? I love all three of you with all of my heart." She told us as she got up and left us alone in our own thoughts.

A few minutes later my mom and dad came walking into the room with Sage close at hand. "That was a very brave thing you did today son." My dad praised me as he placed his hand on my cheek lovingly. You know that we love all three of you boys?" He asked us as me and Evan nodded while Mattie just lay there by my side not responding, but still listening.

My mom leaned in giving us all a hug and kiss. "Kyle, your father has to leave tomorrow." My mom stated making me suck in my breath in shock before she held up her hand to alleviate any bad thoughts about him being deployed already. "It's nothing like what you are thinking Kyle, but you're father has to go get recertified." She told me as I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Recertified for what?" Evan asked curiously.

"I have to get recertified every year as a war dog handler or they can reassign Sage to another handler. I've already held off too long because of what is going on, and if I don't go now we will loose Sage and I don't want that to happen. I know its bad timing, but it can't be helped."

"That's alright dad I understand and I think we all can agree that making sure Sage remains a part of our family is important." I responded as Evan nodded concurring with my sentiment.

"Thanks boys…I'll be back in plenty of time for the State Championship games though, so there is at least that, but I'm worried about what to do in the meantime. With me gone and Sage not here to protect you boys you all have to be more vigilant, understand my meaning?" My dad asked us seriously as we nodded our heads and understood perfectly. "Good then, we just wanted a quick chat and wanted you to know in case you wake up and I'm gone already. I have to leave early in the morning." My dad told us as he leaned in giving us a hug and kiss followed by my mom doing the same.

They got up and turned off the lights closing the door behind them. "I'm scared Kyle." I heard Evan whisper as I wrapped my arm around him.

"It'll be alright Evan." I told him as I breathed out softly and felt him throw his right leg over my body so he could cuddle up closer like Mattie was doing.

"Yeah, but what if Don comes back while your dad is gone?" He asked shivering in my arms.

"Don't worry he won't. Besides, he doesn't know my dad and Sage will be gone, and I think we scared the crap out of him today so he won't be coming by anytime soon. It's not like being out there in the middle of nowhere like at camp." I assured Evan as he remained quiet for a minute.

"Yeah…I suppose. Thanks Kyle…you know for Mattie. I…I'm sorry for the way I acted at camp." He whispered softly.

"Why…you didn't do anything wrong." I replied.

"Yes I did…I almost messed everything up."

"Don't say that. If you wouldn't have come right away and told us then it could have been worse. You immediately thought about your little brother and that got us to look for him right away. You did the right thing Evan and don't ever distrust yourself again. You are a lot stronger now than Don realizes so don't fall into his trap by doubting yourself. He will get what he has coming to him one of these days. He doesn't know who he is messing with." I told Evan confidently and with conviction looking down at him while he nodded his head. "Now let's get some sleep I stated yawning despite it still being early.

It seemed like I had just fallen asleep when my dad shook us awake. "Get up boys and pack some things." He told us when my eyes fluttered open and I looked around.

It was dark outside indicating it was still very early in the morning, and I looked over at the clock noticing it was four in the morning. "What's going on?" I asked my dad rubbing away the sleep from my eyes.

"I'll tell you during breakfast, but I need you boys to pack some things up in you're carry on cases. Enough for five or six days. Hurry up and get dressed then come down for something to eat. I'll explain everything." My dad stated smiling at us before getting up and walking out the door so we could get up.

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