Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 23

My eyes slowly digested the pale sleek boyish figure hungrily as Chase stood there completely naked rummaging through his day pack. My breath caught in my throat when my eyes settled on his soft four and a half inch cut drooping wick swaying between his shapely thighs with his fleshy hairless purse snuggled up tightly to his body holding his two large oval shaped tackle knockers. I felt the familiar stirrings between my legs as my memories flittered back to that wonderful day when I gave the sexy nubile and large endowed boy his very first blow job. My lips twitched upwards in a faint smile, while my soft pliable three inch sleek disco stick began to dance around in my shorts getting stiffer with each heart beat, as I began recalling how shy he had been not so long ago. Mostly this was due to him being raised in a pretty conservative household, and also because he knew he was pretty big down below. His shyness had dissipated quickly enough though while at camp, and the smooth sleek luscious boy standing in front of me didn't seem to mind his own nudity these days. It sort of amazed me how quickly we boys seemed to transition as we got older.

Chase was looking at me quizzically now as my eyes couldn't seem to tear away from him. "What?" He asked holding his plain off brand navy blue board shorts in his right hand.

"Nothing." I smiled as I got up and walked over to the boy unable to resist the urge to give him a hug not even bothering to adjust my full blown erection now as it pressed up against the tightly knit fabric material holding it hostage.

"Wh…what are you doing?" He asked hesitantly but not able to resist as he giggled when he noticed my hard bulge. Even though I've pretty much already had him before he still placed his hands in front of himself instinctively and blushed shyly now.

"Just a hug…is all." I chuckled encouragingly as I reached out wrapping him in my arms. "It felt nice the last time you were naked and I had you all to myself." I laughed good heartedly as I pulled him close to me.

He giggled and returned the hug as I reached down and grabbed his two cute little smooth plump apples giving them a quick pinch for good measure noticing them turn red just like the real deal. Chase squeaked in surprise jerking towards me in response to my firm squeeze burying his fleshy bits into my thigh, but held on seeming to enjoy the heartfelt embrace as he leaned his head in the crook of my neck. We stayed like that for a few seconds before he released me he and turned around in my arms so that he could slip into his bathing suit. Instead of letting him go I held on to him making him squirm a little and chuckle in the process. With my arms now wrapped around the front of him I felt Chase lean back dropping his arms to his side reaching back to hold me sighing as he leaned his head backwards and up against my shoulders.

"I love it when you hold me like this." The smaller boy admitted as he craned his neck looking at me. "It reminds me of my…um…our first time together. That was very…nice." He disclosed as he once more leaned his head back.

Not able to resist anymore I ran my hand down his chest rubbing his dime sized nipples feeling them perk up before roaming downward over his stomach. Slowly I dipped my hand between his legs cupping his large smooth hairless tight lunch box before wrapping my fingers around his heavy thick sausage slowly stroking it and feeling it start to respond in my hands until it was standing straight and upright like the empire state building.

"Damn, I still can't believe how big you get." I giggled as I released his hardness from my hands before things went too far.

Chase chuckled shaking his head letting me wrap my arms around his chest as he reached up and stroked my hands affectionately. "Yeah, well I don't feel bad about what happened at camp, and if it weren't for you I don't think I would have ever been able to get together with Tim." He told me honestly as I nuzzled his neck inhaling his nice musky like scent and noticing his voluminous cucumber stiffness slowly ebbing downwards until it was only the length and breadth of a good sized ripened soft pickle. How I so enjoyed the taste of pickles I chuckled to myself as I slowly released the younger boy and sat back down in my chair so he could slip into his shorts.

Chase was about to slide his leg into his bathing suit when we were interrupted with Mattie bursting through the bathroom door that connected to his room wearing his brand new angry birds swimwear. He wasn't wearing his glasses and he looked sweet in his new outfit. The smaller boy stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Chase standing there naked and just gawked at the older boy with Evan following close behind his little brother almost running him over.

"What the hell Mattie?" Evan cursed while chuckling as he tried to avoid colliding with his younger brother. I had to laugh because I noticed the fabric material of the angry birds swim trunk push outwards because Mattie immediately popped wood when he saw Chase standing there completely naked.

"Wow, that's huge." Mattie squeaked excitedly running over towards Chase for a closer look at the other boy's nakedness.

Chase took a step back when Mattie had run up to him and instinctively covered himself up with his bathing suit. "Awe…" Mattie complained. "Can I take a closer look…please?" He pleaded with the older boy who just stared back for a moment with his cheeks flushing scarlet before glancing up at us a bit mortified and at a loss for words not really knowing how to respond back.

Shrugging my shoulders at Chase I just chuckled while the older Prescott boy rolled his eyes at his younger brother. "Mattie, what the hell?" Evan chastened his little brother. "Geeze, one of these times you are going to get in trouble you know. It's not like you can go up to people and…well shit Mattie…you just can't go around blurting things out like that you know." He admonished his little brother.

"Yeah, but he's like huge and I'm just curious is all." Mattie complained before looking back at Chase. "Well?" He asked the boy again who was still in shock looking like a deer caught in headlights as he glanced back at us wanting to know what he should do. "Here, you can look at mine too if you want." Mattie suggesting reaching down and airing out his little pocket toy as he cupped his bathing suit beneath his small boyish leather pouch.

Chase gasped noticing the small stubby but chunky skin covered spike bobbing up and down in front of him. I could tell this was the first time he's ever seen anyone with a foreskin before, and it seemed to intrigue him. He just hesitated at a loss starring for a moment at the small thick two inch foreskin covered throbber bobbing around in front of the little boy

"It's up to you Chase." I responded while Evan just shook his head chuckling and rolling his eyes at his friend.

"Yeah, it's up to you…," Evan breathed out heavily in a resigned kind of way. "But I have a feeling if you don't get it out of the way now he will probably be just too curious about it the rest of the day." Evan laughed shaking his head at his friend's dilemma.

Chase finally shrugged his shoulder removing his hands letting Mattie get a closer look. He yelped in surprise when the younger curly haired boy reached out and wrapped his tiny fingers around his softness sending a familiar tingling sensation deep within his groin. The effect was immediate as his lance expanded and lengthened in Mattie's small fingers until it topped out at six and a half inches. Mattie's hand looked tiny compared to that monstrosity and his petite fingers barely made it halfway around the boy's thick shaft.

"Damn Mattie…he said you can look not touch." Evan snapped at his younger brother reaching out and removing the boy's hands from Chase's large erection.

"Wow…that was totally awesome." Mattie squeaked. "You should feel how big and heavy it is Evan. It's way bigger than ours for sure. Are we going to get as big as that?" Mattie asked with Evan blushing now completely mortified at his younger brother's behavior as he just stood there for a moment before shaking his head.

"I don't think so Mattie." Evan admitted to his little brother who looked a little bummed for a second before perking right back up.

"Your turn." Mattie announced reaching out and placing Chase's fingers around his much smaller little pocket pistol.

"Oh…um." Chase gulped in surprise and a bit embarrassed as he looked towards Evan wondering if it was alright.

Evan just rolled his eyes, but had to chuckle at his little brother's antics as he secretly kind of wondered what it would be like to touch Chase like that. "Why not…I mean…I guess it's alright since he's been itching to get someone to touch his pecker now for a while." Evan teased Chase who screwed up his eyebrows a bit confused by the comment, but unable to resist the urge to take a closer look at his first uncut penis. Slowly he peeled back the foreskin panting excitedly at the glistening purple knob that popped out before sliding it back into place and removing his hand nervously while Mattie just giggled.

"Wow," was all that Chase could say as he looked up at me and Evan while blushing because he just perved on an eight year old boy.

"Yeah, wow," Mattie agreed and turning to his older brother. "You really should feel how big Chase is for sure. I mean it is really…really big." Mattie giggled looking over to Chase to see if it was alright for Evan to touch it too.

"Um…I don't think that is such a good idea." Evan replied not wanting to make Chase any more uncomfortable with the awkward situation, and then looked up in shock because of his friend's comment.

"Um…I guess it would be alright…I mean if you want to." Chase responded catching Evan by surprise as he looked towards me while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Mattie's right you know. It really is big and heavy." I chuckled. "I should know…I've had that monster in my hand before too so why not. If Chase doesn't mind go ahead." I encouraged Evan who looked back at his friend before hesitantly reaching out with his hand.

Evan's fingers slowly curled around Chase's large trouser snake and jerked his hand back when the other boy's sweltering stiffness twitched reflexively as if it was going to strike. "Shit, sorry Evan…just…um…it sort of felt good…you know." The other boy chuckled encouraging his friend to give it another go.

The twelve year old curly haired boy reached out again and this time didn't flinch as he slowly wrapped his fingers around the pulsating heat of his friend's large erection. He slowly stroked Chase's hardened shaft up and down noticing a small bead of pre-cum forming on the tip of the boy's purple helmet. Reluctantly he released the hard fleshy tube before there was an inadvertent accident embarrassing everyone in the process. Evan's lips curled up in an appreciative smile as he reached down wrapping his arm around Mattie's shoulder.

"Come-on Mattie…this was…um…nice, but we better let Chase finish putting on his swim trunks." Evan smiled at his little brother before looking over towards his friend and blushing at what they had just done together taking one last glance at the naked fleshy bits dangling between the other boy's legs before turning and heading out the door with me close on their heals just chuckling and shaking my head. It was kind of nice finally seeing Evan act more like other boys his age. He deserved to be curious about such things, and not feel ashamed about messing around with other guys his own age. Hell, it seemed as if we were all turning into a bunch of horny slutty teenagers, and it appeared to be contagious because even Mattie seemed to feel the sexual tension around us as his natural curiosity began to influence him as well.

It was a scorching day as it seemed to fly by us quickly. My dad took us on the speedboat giving us all a chance to do some water skiing. Gabe was pretty good having gone out with us several times in the past. It appeared as if no one else had ever been water skiing before so it was slow going for them at first until they got the hang of it. We started most of them out on the bar to help steady them until they got the hang of it before they tried the rope. All in all it was an entertaining and enjoyable time for everyone as we all joked around and teased one another like the typical teenagers we were.

At one point I found myself scrutinizing my long time friend. It was strange, but I couldn't help myself today as I looked at him more closely than I've ever had in the past. It just seemed like I've been scrutinizing guys a lot closer these days and Gabe was not different. Sure I've seen him naked and all, and he's seen me too like that, but for some reason I never really had any of those sexual kinds of feelings for him before. Sure we had jacked off together for the first time, but we never touched each other or did anything in a physical sexual kind of way. He was my best friend, and I knew that he had messed around a little with some of our other friends over the years, but that was before he started to get girls. Of course now he would never admit doing that sort of stuff with other guys, not even with me despite him knowing that I knew all about it.

Even though he had messed around in a physical sexual kind of way with most of our other friends, for some reason the two of us never seemed to do that sort of thing together. It was almost as if we both understood something like that just wasn't in the cards for us. However, as I thought back on it I had to confess this was probably because I never had those types of physical feelings or urges with him when we were younger, and he seemed to know this so we never pursued it with one another. I've never thought of Gabe in a sexual way before, not to mention guys in general, but lately my teenage hormones seemed to have kicked into overdrive, and now I was looking at him and others sort of differently.

As my eyes continued to drift over my friend almost lustfully, I had to admit he looked sharp in his peach colored Arizona Board shorts with self adhesive tie and fly. Across the closure was a white cord that he had tied into a bowknot with two front pockets and a self adhesive back flap pocket. Gabe was tall and lanky with a more masculine rugged kind of look, so the peach colored bathing suit seemed to soften his features. Looking at him this way for the first time made me quiver excitedly now at how adorably sweet he was at the moment as my eyes continued to wander over his features before drifting to the front of his swim trunks.

I noticed the decent sized bulge filling the fabric of his bathing suit with a slightly smaller hump just above the larger one. I turned my head and giggled knowing that the larger lump was due to his ample sized ball sack, and the smaller bump his small pecker that he tended to brag about to all of our friends. It was like an inside joke among all of our friends because we all knew he really didn't have a big pecker or anything, but with his large balls holding massive amounts of reserves he sure could shoot a fair amount of cum out of that snub nosed cannon of his. Continuing to chuckle to myself in my own world as I thought about Gabe, I finally sighed realizing that maybe there had been a missed opportunity with him when we were younger. These days my friend was totally into girls getting enough action to satiate his needs from time to time. I glanced back over at Gabe and noticed him looking at me with a questioning frown on his face. He seemed to be studying me as well almost as if trying to gauge what I was thinking about. He just smiled and shook his head bringing me back to the moment as I looked around at our group of friends having fun and joking around with one another.

It was all I could do to just stay in control of myself with all the teenage hormonal testosterone induced pheromones wafting through the air all around us. It amazed me how different everyone was, yet sexy in their own way. Evan, Mattie, and I were wearing our new trunks we got the other day while Chase was wearing the pair we had seen him pull out of his pack in my room, which tended to reveal his nice sized lump pressing up against the fabric since it appeared like it was a pair he wore last year and perhaps a size too small.

Benji had on a pair of izod cotton red and blue plaid swim trunks with a draw cord waist and no pockets. The wet material seemed to cling to his average sized packaging. Since Tim was rather on the large size between his legs he had opted for a baggier and darker pair of Nike Core Velocity swim trunks. The black shorts with white accents and logo made it sort of classy looking, yet the mesh lining and rubber zipper helped conceal and contain his bulkiness. Although it helped to conceal his endowment you couldn't help but notice what he was packing beneath the polyester fabric. Riley had on a pair of blue, green, peach, maroon, and turquoise color blocked scalloped RVCA Commander Board shorts looking the part of a California surfer. He exuded a sort of confidence knowing girls went all gaga over him when they saw him in his swimwear. Jaden of course seemed to attract the most attention from everyone just because of how naturally sexy hot he looked no matter what he wore, but his sapphire blue Billabong Rum Point board shorts left you breathless with how exquisite he looked in them. They were simple yet elegant with a side pocket, subtle logo in off white on the side of the leg along the seam, and black ties completing the look. They fit him perfectly and seemed to hug his little treasure in a stealthy sort of way revealing the outline of his jewels every once in a while making you yearn for more.

We all seemed to eye one another at various times. After all we were, well other than Mattie, healthy hormonal teenagers. Chase and Tim seemed to be together a lot as they subtly flirted with one another. I noticed Benji and Mattie seemed to have bonded in some ways as the older boy continuously horsed around with the little boy. Evan and I were also constantly leaning and bumping up against one another in a playful manner, while Riley and Gabe seemed to hit it off as sort of new friends. In a way this left Jaden out, yet he also seemed to earn the most lustful scrutiny by everyone by his sultry physique.

I had to chuckle though as I constantly saw Jaden and Evan eyeing one another as if they were attracted to each other in more than just a friend kind of way. It made me shake my head realizing how much Evan still needed to be with others his own age in a way that was healthy for his sexual awareness. Most boys tend to discover things about sex, girls, and other boys by interacting with their own peers. I know we had made a commitment to be in a dedicated relationship, but I began to realize this wasn't fair for Evan and maybe he needed a little nudge on my part. In my opinion Jaden was perfect for him to truly bring him out of his shell and shed the last remnants of any hold Don had over him. I smiled at the two friends as I watched them interact with one another. They just seemed so natural together as if they've been friends forever, and it made me wonder why it had taken so long. I mean Gabe was my best friend, and the two Prescott boys were around our house a lot, so it just made me wonder why Evan and Jaden had never become friends before this.

Movement and the rocking of the boat when some of the guys shifted around made me come back to the moment as I looked over towards the edge of the boat. Riley was the last to go and Gabe had tried to encourage him by giving the other boy some pointers before he got into the water. It seemed as if the two of them had sort of hit it off. Riley's laid back mannerisms seemed to set Gabe at ease, and I'm sure Riley had said something to the other boy earlier about the incident with Jaden that had calmed the other boy down concerning the situation.

"Alright, you sure you got this?" Gabe asked Riley as the other boy seemed to shrug his shoulders and point to the skis Gabe and I had used earlier.

"Yeah way cool dude, but what about those…you know the shorter ones without the fins? Is it alright if I use those?" Riley asked while Gabe shook his head.

"I'm not sure Riley. I mean those are used for doing tricks and stuff, and also for jumping the ramps like Kyle and I did. It's for more advanced users." Gabe told his friend a bit doubtful that the boy should try so soon even though he looked pretty athletic.

"Whoa like gnarly dude…that would be way wicked then." Riley stated as he grabbed one of the shorter ones adjusting it for his foot size while Gabe tried to protest. "Dude relax…you're going to blow out your squeaker." Riley chuckled as he jumped into the water and putting his foot into the ski while Gabe looked towards me a bit baffled.

"What the hell does that mean?" He asked me as I just shook my head and shrugged my shoulders laughing at Gabe's perplexed look along with the rest of the guys.

"Gabe…if there's one thing we've all learned at camp about Riley is you never know about the guy. I mean…he's different so just relax like he said and watch." I told my friend as we watched Riley finishing with slipping his feet into the trick ski while my dad eased the boat forward to take out the slack on the rope.

"Shit Kyle I don't know. I mean maybe if he used the bar instead of the rope to start out with." Gabe commented before he chirped in surprise when my dad unexpectedly gunned the boat engine because Riley had given him the thumbs up.

The engine roared to life with Gabe scrambling on his seat to right himself as we all looked back and watched Riley come up out of the water on his single ski to the applause of everyone on the boat. Then to our utter amazement the guy began to do several tricks launching himself into the air doing one-eighties, three sixties, and even doing some flips as he jumped over the quakes. He even scared the crap out of us when he hit the ramp and did a double flip before landing securely back in the water without missing a beat.

Gabe looked over at me and I just laughed shrugging my shoulders while Evan leaned forward to shout over the roar of the engine. "Oh, I guess we forgot to mention that Riley's a world class surfer, and so probably does a lot of different water sports." Evan chuckled informing the older boy who just gawked at us while we all laughed.

"Ass wipes." Gabe bellowed out clamping his hand over his mouth because of swearing so loud and glancing over to my dad a bit apprehensively.

It was so classic, and we couldn't help ourselves as we just laughed our asses off at Gabe's expense. After his heart managed to settle down Gabe just shook his finger at all of us before settling down to watch the rest of Riley's run enjoying the smooth expert moves as the other boy seemed to glide along the top of the water effortlessly. I could see Gabe studying the other boy intently, and I looked on as well noting the rippling of Riley's muscles as the water sprayed on his butter tanned skin. The guy truly was skilled making you wonder how good he really was on a surf board.

My dad made sure to give Riley a good run, and we could see the crowd of parents that had gathered on the shore to watch the exhibition as they all cheered with each new stunt. Riley then surprised us again as he dropped the ski and began riding the water on his bare feet doing a few more stunts including spinning on his back before getting back up and then letting loose of the rope to slowly sink into the water.

"That was way wicked." I exclaimed helping Riley back into the boat while my dad made his way slowly over to the dropped ski.

"For Pete's sake Riley why didn't you say anything instead of making me feel like some dork giving you pointers?" Gabe complained a little bit flustered.

"What are you talking about?" Riley responded. "I thought your instructions were very sick. I mean for real just chill and look how it helped me go out there all stoked up and ready to shred for real dude?" The surfer boy pointed out seriously making Gabe click his tongue in frustration and wave his hand at the other boy.

"Yeah whatever." He replied as we all laughed at poor Gabe who just scowled at us for making him look like an idiot.

"Whoa dude, like what's with the pouty face. It's not like we aren't having a gnarly time or anything so just chil-ax a bit and have some fun." Riley teased as he tossed Gabe over the side along with one of the skis.

Gabe's lanky body made him look awkward as he splashed into the water none too gracefully. Not even his life vest managed to keep him above water as his head sank below the surface for a moment before he bobbed back up looking around in a bit of a shock.

"What the fuck?" Gabe sputtered having been caught off guard while Riley just pointed at the ski next to him.

"Dude…chill and let's have another go." Riley laughed as Gabe just scowled at him for a moment before laughing at how rudely he had been tossed from the boat.

That seemed to do the trick as we all seemed to relax even more and just have fun. Some of the other parents switched off with my dad giving him a break while they took us around giving us turns for a couple of hours before we decided to call it quits with water skiing and made for the jet skis. We owned two Jet Ski's and my dad had rented two more from base for the weekend. Since there were only four Jet Ski's we had to double up on them, but we switched out drivers giving everyone a chance of being in control. At times some of us would just allow the others to go out by themselves. It was pure and simple fun as the time seemed to blaze away from us all. Before long it was time for the parents to leave as we all made our way up to the main house saying our good byes to them for now. When Riley's stomach rumbled signaling it was time to eat we all laughed including my dad who fired up the grill to prepare something for dinner. We had the rest of the night together, and all day tomorrow, before parents would start coming back to pick everyone up.

While dad fired up the grill I figured it would be a good time to get washed up and changed into some other clothes. "Hey…um listen guys while dad is grilling why don't we go inside and get cleaned up." I suggested with everyone agreeing and grabbing their little bags with their stuff in it. "Alright…um…let's see…Gabe why don't you take Riley downstairs into my parents' bathroom and get washed up and changed in there. Evan you and Jaden can hop into the extra bathroom, and I'll show Tim and Chase where the shower is located in the old farmhouse section. That leaves me, Benji, and Mattie in the larger bathroom." I finished off glancing at Evan to see his reaction.

The curly haired boy sort of looked at me contemplating the situation and seemed to think in light of the situation that the pairing off like this was appropriate. He seemed a bit anxious being alone with Jaden as he looked at his friend who looked back and shrugged his shoulders his face flushing a little as if he knew I had sort of set this situation up between the two of them. Since no one seemed to object we all split off in different directions.

After quickly showing Tim and Chase where the other bathroom was located, Mattie literally pulled Benji along obviously eager to get the other boy naked while I followed along a little slower shaking my head and chuckling at the smaller boy. It was a bit cramped in the shower stall as all three of us jostled around under the shower head shoving and pushing against one another, but nevertheless giggling, laughing, and having fun. Mattie wasn't shy at all with Benji as he began snatching at the older boy making him yelp in surprise. At first Benji looked a bit reserved about it constantly glancing towards me, but I just shrugged my shoulders indicating it was alright. After that the two boys began to play grab ass in earnest as they wrestled around, and before long both of them were jiggling around sporting a healthy erection. Mattie seemed to bask in Benji's attention, and the older boy wasn't shy about giving the younger boy warm heartfelt hugs as their wet naked skins slithered against one another no longer mindful of their own burgeoning stiff rods. It was just clean simple fun despite their natural reaction to the stimulation of rubbing up against one another.

Hopping out of the shower stall I began to dry myself off leaving the two boys alone for a few more moments under the shower head. "I've never seen another boy with foreskin before." I heard Benji offer up as things seemed to settle down between the two of them.

"Yeah, I've never seen anyone before who didn't until I saw Kyle last week. I think yours looks nice." Mattie replied.

"Um…thanks." Benji laughed nervously at the compliment. "Come-on we better get dried off the older boy told Mattie as they opened up the shower door stepping out.

Handing Benji a towel I ruffled his wet hair affectionately noticing he had softened up, while Mattie on the other hand stepped out with a nice little woody sticking out and up at about a forty five degree angle from his pale pubic mound. Benji giggled a little getting a quirky look from Mattie who just smiled back not in the least bit embarrassed about his little boy erection.

"For Pete's sake Mattie you've got to try getting that missile silo of yours under control." I chuckled making both boys laugh at my choice of words as Mattie just looked down taking in his smooth tightly wrapped two inch fat shaft and head realizing it really did resemble one; although, a fat stubby one.

Peeling his foreskin back exposing his purplish glans before slipping it back into place he just giggle. "Whoa…that's like wicked." Benji gasped looking at the little boy who just looked back at him and tittered back teasingly showing it to him again while the other boy just gaped at the unfamiliar but unique display.

"Alright you two enough games." I told them light heartedly as I knelt in front of Mattie and began drying him off before shoving him towards his room so I could finish off.

Benji looked over towards me not in the least bit shy about looking me over. "Um…Kyle…can I ask you something?"

"Sure" I responded finishing up and hanging up my towel.

"Um…it's o.k., I mean…you know me and Mattie…the shower and all." He asked me as I looked up and shrugged my shoulders.

"Sure I guess. I mean look at what happened between the two of us. Mattie doesn't seem to mind." I told him honestly cocking my head to the side and looking at him to encourage him to continue knowing he still had some questions.

"What about Evan?" He asked me a bit hesitantly.

"Listen Benji, I don't think Evan would mind as long as Mattie doesn't get hurt. His little brother's been…um…a bit curious about things lately. He seems to like you so I don't see a problem." I smiled at Benji who grinned back nodding his head as he made his way into the smaller boy's room.

Slipping into my shorts and shirt I looked up in time to see Jaden and Evan come prancing into my room as they shoved against one another in fun. The curly haired boy looked up at me and smirked.

"So did you get the munchkin all squared away?" Evan asked as he tossed the towel aside picking up his dry clothes.

"Yeah, he's with Benji in the next room, and I think Mattie is a bit smitten with him." I told Evan who just looked at me and then scoffed.

"Damn, if Benji isn't careful Mattie's liable to get into his pants." Evan laughed shaking his head.

"What…he's allowed to play with Mattie but I'm not?" Jaden complained to Evan who just looked up and chuckled.

"Do you really want to play with him? Geeze Jaden, he's only like nine, well almost, you know." Evan laughed at his friend teasingly.

"Yeah, I know." Jaden replied not in the least bit concerned about Mattie. "Besides, being able to play with you is a lot more fun." He retorted as he pounced on Evan wrestling the boy down on to the bed their two naked bodies writhing around together.

Jaden was stronger and took control immediately reaching down and tweaking Evan's little fleshy bits and was rewarded with a little yelp. "Hey…stop that." The curly haired boy twisted out from beneath his friend sitting up on the edge of the bed checking out his fleshy boy parts.

"Oh sorry Evan, did I hurt you?" Jaden asked a bit concerned for his friend sitting next to him and looking closer for himself.

Evan noticed Jaden's intense scrutiny and just shoved his friend as he laughed. "Geeze Jaden you'd do just about anything to get a closer look." He sneered getting up and slipping into his shorts while Jaden smiled back and sighed a bit disappointed. "Come-on and get dressed. I'm sure dinner is just about ready."

We watched while Jaden slipped into his own clothes, and then headed into the other bedroom snagging the two smaller boys before heading down for dinner. The rest of the guys were already waiting for us just settling in with their plates full of food. Glancing over I noticed Chase and Tim looking very happy indeed. It didn't take a lot of imagination to know that the two of them had a good time together while in the shower. We headed over towards the grill and I thanked my dad as he piled on some chicken and hamburgers on to my plate. Settling down at the table with the rest of the guys we all delved in and enjoyed dinner while we chatted.

We continued to talk and have fun for a while when I noticed Riley had disappeared. Excusing myself I walked back into the house to go find the other boy with Sage padding along for company. I heard some voices in my dad's study and stuck my head inside just as my dad was putting back one of his small presentation boxes into the display case. I knew he was curious about my dad, and had wanted to talk, so it didn't surprise me to find them chatting together.

"Hey Riley, we are going to head down to the lake a ways up. There's a small cove and beach there where I like to hang around and it's pretty cool. I was just coming to get you if you are ready?" I asked him as he smiled thanking my dad for the chat.

As we headed back to the others Riley put his arm around my shoulder. I looked over at him and put my arm around his waist and grinned. It felt kind of natural and nice being close to the other boy like this as he looked over towards me and returned the smile.

"Dude…like your dad's amazing Kyle." He nodded his head somberly.

"What…he talked to you about his…deployment?" I asked him a bit shocked my dad would talk about it.

"Huh…well yeah…it's pretty awesome…hasn't he talked to you about it?" He asked me stopping a moment to look at me as I hung my head down and shook my head. "Dude…why not…I mean…like I'm sure if you asked him he'd tell you." Riley remarked a bit puzzled by it as I just scrunched up my eyebrows kneeling down next to Sage patting the dog affectionately while the other boy waited patiently.

"Y…you don't understand Riley." I sighed glancing up at him a bit sadly before looking away. Kneeling down next to me the other boy just reached out to me placing a hand on my shoulder in a tender way trying to urge me on. "I'm afraid." I stated simply as the other boy truly looked perplexed.

"Dude…I…um…like why?" He asked completely confused now and looking at me seriously as I tried to gather my thoughts together.

"Riley…you…um…just don't understand. He's my dad…you know…different when he's home, and Sage…well…he's just a dog. If I ask him about…that…you know…over there…it will be…different. He's Special Forces Riley…not just that…but their unit is an elite one among the Special Forces group with very specialized assignments, and Sage…well…he's trained to…," I sighed shuddering a little at the thought. "Sage is trained for very specific things Riley. I'm afraid to know what both of them had to do to others in some…situations. This isn't some game they are playing over there…it's real and I…I don't want to see my dad or Sage…that way. It's bad enough to just know the reality of it, but to actually know…for real." I told the boy shaking my head sadly as the thought of my dad actually having to hurt others or even…actually kill someone made my emotions well up inside me.

In his unique position I knew this to be almost a certainty, but he was my dad and I just couldn't picture him that way. There was a stinging sensation forcing me to reach up and wipe my eyes as I tried to remain composed. Riley saw the conflicting emotion I was dealing with, and nodded his head compassionately as he reached out comfortingly and wrapped me in his arms. It was a strange feeling, having a friend hug me like this, but it was also very comforting and I welcomed it as we hung there like this for a few minutes.

A few moments later Riley got very serious as he looked at me with genuine concern etched across his ruffled features, and also in an encouraging kind of way. "I get it Kyle, but your dad also has to deal with some of these things too. There's a lot you don't know about him and should at least talk to him so it shows him that you support what he's doing. That alone goes a long way you know. He's a good person, inside here," Riley pointed to my chest as he continued to talk. "He won't talk about a lot of things with you, but I think just you wanting to know some things and him being able to share a little with you could be a good outlet for him…you know?" He asked me as I looked up getting what he was saying and knowing how difficult it must be for my dad to keep things inside wondering what to tell me and what to keep hidden in order to protect me.

I realized there were a lot of things I just didn't know about my dad. For instance when he's home and we are on base together there are always people who we don't even know coming up and shaking my father's hand. Even officers acted differently around him than they do with other NCOs (non commissioned officers) or enlisted men. As a Sergeant Major there is a level of respect from both enlisted and officers alike, but with my father it was different…almost as if he was being treated deferentially for some other reason.

"Yeah, I know Riley." I responded smiling at him and standing up. "But for now…let's go have some fun." I told him as we joined the rest of the guys, and after gathering together some supplies took them down a side trail that led off to a nice cozy hidden spot on the lake.

It was a sweet location with a nice soft sandy beach area, a small dock, and shallow waist high water that extended outwards a ways. The water was always pleasantly warm in this area, and there was a spot set aside on the beach area with some logs and boulders surrounding a small stone ringed fire pit where you could just sit and lounge around comfortably. We've been sitting here for about an hour now roasting marshmallows over the small fire we had built for S'mores and munching on other snacks and drinks. It was just casual as we chatted and relaxed.

Mattie just finished roasting a marshmallow adding it to his Hershey chocolate bar and graham cracker before cramming it down his mouth. It made me chuckle watching the little boy wolf down the snack as if there were no tomorrow. The treat was a bit too rich for me to handle more than two or three at a time, but this must have been Mattie's sixth by now as I stretched out my legs along the soft sandy seat getting into a more comfortable position as I leaned back up against the log.

The smaller boy saw me watching him so just grinned as he wandered over towards me and sat down across my mid-section facing me with his legs straddling on either side of my hips. "Hello." I giggled at Mattie who just leaned in giving me a quick kiss on the lips and a big hug.

"Thanks so much Kyle." My curly haired little soldier boy sighed as he held on to me tightly pressing his small body in snugly leaving no doubt he was all boy as his little pudge started to fatten up and poke me in the stomach. "Today's been a blast." He finished off as he eased up giving me another kiss before leaning back up against my now upraised legs supporting his back so he was now in a more lounging seated position.

"Mmmm…you're kisses always taste so sweet." I teased him as I smacked my lips making him and some of the other guys giggle as they looked over towards us.

"Really?" He asked as I continued to smack and lick my lips.

"Hmm, let's make sure." I told him as I reached out and pulled him towards me giving him another quick kiss on the mouth along with a smattering of them all over his face making him squirm and squeal delightedly as he pushed himself back up and once more leaned back while he caught his breathe. "Yup, most definitely sweet." I told him seriously smiling at the boy. "But now I know why." I stated a bit cryptically as Mattie just looked at me waiting for an explanation.

"Well?" He finally asked.

"Well what?"

"Why are my kisses always so sweet you ninny." Mattie asked a bit put out now that I had forgotten so soon.

"Oh, that, well it has to be all those chocolaty marshmallow treats you cram down your mouth." I teased the other boy tickling him now as he squealed and begged for mercy.

Everyone seemed to chuckle and smile at our interplay as I finally stopped tickling Mattie and told him to hold still for a moment. Licking my thumb I reached out and wiped away the sticky chocolate and marshmallow substance from around his mouth like my parents had done all those time when I was little. I stuck my thumb back into my mouth and sucked off the gooey substance I had removed from Mattie's mouth.

"Oh that's just gross." I heard Gabe spit out as he looked on shaking his head in disgust.

"Whoa dude…just chill." Riley chuckled. "It's just his little bro…you know." The other boy laughed trying to get Gabe to relax and ease up.

It was as if my best friend was just so wound up today, and for the life of me I just couldn't understand what had gotten into him. I could feel the tension in him build up at various times throughout the day. One moment he was the Gabe I knew, all laid back and having fun, then moments would pop up and he got sort of all pissy like.

"Yeah…whatever…it's kind of gayish though…and it's not like Mattie and Evan are Kyle's real brothers anyway." Gabe responded not in a harsh way or anything, but in a very un-thoughtful one as I saw the hurt look on Mattie's face.

Pulling the smaller boy towards me I gave him a gentle hug as I whispered into his ear. "Don't listen to him Mattie…he doesn't mean anything by it." I told him as the smaller boy got up and sat next to his older brother who wrapped him up in his arms as Gabe continued to talk without realizing how it was coming off.

"Sure, I know they are friends of your family Kyle, but it's like they've moved in and think they are now your brother for real or something." Gabe persistent as he drew a design with a stick in the sand not realizing some of the looks he was getting from everyone.

At this point Jaden got up and took a seat on top of me that Mattie had just vacated. He could see the hurt in my face so leaned down and gave me a big hug. "Don't listen to that idiot brother of mine. I think you make a cool brother and I'm with Mattie. I had a lot of fun today." He finished off as I wrapped my arm around him appreciatively enjoying the feel of his warm body up against mine making me forget all about Gabe's little snit just now.

The smaller boy ground his hips into my stomach making me giggle as I realized that just like Mattie the elevator below his waist began to rise to the top level. "So you're having fun are you?" I asked Jaden who nodded his head.

"Uh-huh." He sighed contentedly making me laugh even harder.

"Well I guess if that hard little sausage of yours is any indication I guess you really did have a good time." I was busting a gut for real now as Jaden just sat up looking down at his obvious bulge pressing up against his shorts while the rest of the guys looked over and laughed as well noticing the nice little boner pressing up against the soft spandex like polyester material of his light blue soccer shorts.

"Hey…it's not small, besides I can't help it if my Willie is happy to see you." He teased as he pulled down his shorts hooking the waist band beneath his smooth sagging pouch and leaning back exposing his hard erection to me even more. "See, it's not small at all." He teased wriggling around his hips while the rest of us gawked at his exquisite three inch hard flagpole that seemed to quiver around as if on a gusty windy day.

There was dead silence for a few moments until Riley started belting out a huge belly laugh rolling on to his side because it hurt so much. It was immediately contagious as we all just busted up laughing so hard and I couldn't resist as I reached out and snatched at his naked boyhood. Jaden yelped and giggled in earnest as he tried to pull my hand off of his hard fleshy tube. I constricted my fingers for good measure around his erection being rewarded with a squeaking sound Mattie would make which just set everyone off even more before I released him while I continued to chuckle.

Jaden clamped his hand over his bits protectively as I just shook my head. "Damn Jaden that was so classic, and don't look so shocked. That's what you get for trying to show off." I teased while the blonde haired boy reached over punching me in the shoulder as he just giggled at his own expense not minding in the least he had been manhandled and the butt of the joke.

It all came to an end though when Gabe spoke up again a bit disgusted. "For Pete's sake Jaden put that thing away already and stop acting so gay." He blurted out as Jaden just glanced over at his older brother before getting up off of me not bothering to tuck himself away in defiance as he crossed his arms.

"Whoa dude…like just chil-ax already." Riley chirped up looking at Gabe and rolling his shoulders in a languid kind of fashion. "The little dude is only having a bit of fun. Besides, we're all guys here and have goofed around like that with our friends at one time or another…right? It doesn't mean little dude here is gay or anything…not that it would really matter." Riley finished sort of looking around now a bit dumbfounded, and then smiled triumphantly when he found what he was looking for holding his can of soda pop up before taking a sip as if nothing at all had just happened.

Gabe opened his mouth as if to say something and then just shrugged his shoulders getting up. "Whatever," He sighed looking at his brother with a scowl. "I've gotta get going anyway, but behave yourself." He admonished his brother hesitating for a moment and not able to stop himself pointed towards Jaden's exposed pecker. "And I'm serious put it away already."

"Go screw yourself." Jaden squared off with his older brother who now looked around a bit flustered with the situation.

"Be that way, but expect a call from mom and dad when I tell them you are getting all gay out here." Gabe threatened his brother as he bent over to pick up his stuff.

"No problem, but you better be prepared to tell them about some of your special toys in your room. Now that's gay for sure," Jaden shot back as he stomped over towards Benji taking a seat next to the boy his now flaccid little tally-whacker still hanging out the front of his shorts.

Gabe didn't say a word as he scowled at his younger brother his cheeks burning red before he turned and headed back up the trail. I jumped up and ran after him. "Fuck Gabe hold on a minute." I shouted as I caught up and started to walk with him back towards the house.

We didn't say anything for several minutes, and I could tell Gabe was all pissed off, but for the life of me I just couldn't understand why. After a few moment of silence I just couldn't take it anymore.

"What the fuck Gabe." I stated simply as Gabe finally looked towards me still smoldering. "Geeze Gabe what's got you so worked up?" I asked truly at a loss.

"Me, what about you?" He shot back rounding on me and stopping just shy of the house.

"What? I mean…I don't understand." I replied a bit perplexed.

"Of course you do. Shit Kyle you've got your hands all over Evan and Mattie, and you've been pawing at my little brother too, and don't give me that little brother crap. Mattie and Evan aren't your little brothers so you don't know what it's like to be so worried." He spat at me a bit disgustedly.

The hatred in his voice took me by surprise. This wasn't like him at all, and for the life of me I couldn't understand why he was so mad at me. We've known each other for years, and I thought he would know by now that I wouldn't do anything to hurt his little brother.

"It's not like what you are thinking Gabe." I told him honestly since in a way he was telling the truth, but also it wasn't like I was taking advantage of the other boys. "And that's not fair because you don't know what's going on with Mattie and Evan." I told him a bit shaken and hurt because of what he was thinking and how I couldn't tell him the truth about what's going on right now.

"Yeah, well it sure looks like you were getting a bit…" He stopped unable to say the rest, but I could see some sort of conflict rippling across his facial features which confused me. "I mean are you like gay or something?" He asked me catching me a bit by surprise, and also pissing me off.

"Fuck you asshole. With all the shit we've done together for the first time. I mean we've jacked off together at the same time, had our first dates with other girls together, and you are going to ask me shit like that? What about you? How gay are you? After all I'm not the one who got blowjobs or gave them to some of our other friends." I pointed out to him watching as he opened his mouth to say something, and then shut it not able to defend himself because we both knew the truth. If he was going to throw shit at me I knew enough dirt about him as well.

"Yeah, well Jaden's my little brother and he's only like twelve so shouldn't be messing around like that?" Gabe finally managed to get out.

"Are you fucking shitin me? Don't be a fucking ass-wipe, and think about what you are saying. How old were we when we first started messing around like that; especially, some of the shit you were doing?" I asked him seriously.

"That's not the same and you know it." He snapped back at me smoldering.

"Whatever." I told him shaking my head a bit pissed off as well at how this seemed all messed up. "What's really bothering you? I mean are you like jealous or something of Jaden?" I asked Gabe as it got real quiet all of a sudden, and I began to think I was really getting to understand what was bothering him. "Oh fuck that's it, isn't it? I mean you look at Jaden and he's like got it all. I mean he's a sweet kid, sensitive, has a killer body, is athletic and good in sports, does great in school and is smart, and everyone including both guys and girls not to mention adults just love him for who he is. You're envious of him so you do the one thing you know will hurt him. Gabe your brother loves you so much, and all he wants is to have you just be his brother and be with him. That's why you can't reach out and hug him, that is why you are so pissed off at me…just admit it." I told him as I looked towards him.

Gabe looked at me for a moment as his cheeks turned red, and a conflict of emotions seemed to ripple over his features. "Fuck you Kyle and stay away from Jaden. Y…you just don't get it." My best friend finally blurted out and grumbled as he turned walking towards the house with me on his heels trying to stop him.

It was no use as he skirted around to the front of the house just as his dad pulled up. "Gabe don't be like that." I shouted as he hopped into the car and shut the door not even looking at me. I could see his dad asking what the problem was even though I couldn't hear anything, but Gabe just shrugged it off and must have said everything was fine because they pulled away.

"Damn." I cussed not at all happy with how Gabe had left, but figured we'd work it out like we always did in the end.

Turning around I sort of stopped in my tracks because there was someone standing at the front door. It was a girl about my age and her standing there caught me by surprise as I looked around a bit baffled. It took me a moment to figure out who it was, and then it all clicked.

"Oh hey…um…Christina…right?" I asked as her name seemed to come to mind.

"Um…yeah…I…I hope it was alright to come over. I mean…Riley…um…we've been sort of chatting with each other on the phone…and…um…he mentioned your party." She stated standing there a bit awkward having seen the little altercation between me and Gabe. "I…um…hope everything is alright?" She continued.

"Oh…that…um…yeah…it's all cool. Gabe and I argue from time to time, and then it's all over with. To be honest I can't remember the last time we had a fight, so I guess it was due." I chuckled at her reassuringly. "So I guess your aunt from camp filled you in on Riley, and when he called you up things sort of was alright?" I asked her still a bit confused by why she was here.

"Um…yes…that's why I'm here. I can only stay for an hour or two before I have to go." She stated looking at the package in her hand and holding it out towards me. "Oh here…that's for you…I mean your birthday gift." She stated handing me the small package as I smiled up at her.

"Wow, thanks Christina, but you didn't have to bring a gift. Did Riley know you were coming over?" I asked her as she shook her head. "Oh…I see." I responded while she looked at me as if maybe I didn't want her here so I quickly spoke up to reassure her. "Um…come on in while I put this away, and then I'll take you over to the lake. We are kind of all hanging out down there relaxing, listening to the radio, and just snacking and stuff." I told her as I took her inside while I ran to my room.

Tossing the gift on to my desk I scrambled around for my phone and scrolled through it finding Tim's phone number. I dialed it and was surprise that he actually had it on him much less picked it up. From the sounds in the background it seemed like Gabe's outburst hadn't left the rest of the guys in a bad mood as I heard them all giggling and having a good time.

"Hello" I heard Tim's voice.

"Geeze dude it's me. Put Riley on the phone real quick." I told him as I heard the phone change hands and Riley come on the other end.

"Wuz up? I hope whatever was bothering that Gabe dude today sort of went away." Riley stated optimistically.

"Nah, but don't worry. He's really a good guy and it will all blow over. I'll tell you guys about it later, but listen dude you won't believe who I have waiting for me in the living room." I chuckled as a quick conversation ensued before I made my way back out into the living room, grabbed Christina, and led her down to the lake to meet everyone else in our group.

She was really a pretty girl with soft facial features, light brown curls, a very trim and shapely body, and small perky breasts that showed beneath her revealing tight fitting shirt. Riley was smitten with her immediately and she didn't seem to mind what she saw either. At one point surfer boy surprised us as he began to dance with her when an upbeat tune blasted over the radio we had sitting on a log. They both seemed to move effortlessly and in tandem as they sailed across the open sandy beach. It was infectious and before long we were all dancing around having a great time with one another.

After a while we sort of broke off into small little groups just chatting away. Riley leaned down whispering something in Benji's ear before taking Christina by the hand and walking down along the lake shore until they were out of sight. I watched as Benji focused his attention back on to Mattie stroking him affectionately while the smaller boy nodded off to sleep. I imagined Riley had told Benji that he was taking Christina for a walk just in case someone asked about him.

Chase, Jaden, and Evan were sitting off to the side their heads huddled together as the talked softly amongst themselves leaving Tim and me sitting together tending to the fire. "So how are things going Tim? I mean…you know with moving and all?" I asked him as he just shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm not sure. I had a long talk with my mom and dad telling them I don't want to move again, and that I wanted to finish off High School with my friends. I asked if I could move in with my mom's brother and his wife during the school year, and then go stay with them during summer vacation and holidays." The older boy responded hopefully.

"That's great Tim." I told him as he seemed to smile.

"Yeah, I also finally talked to them about…you know…being gay." He admitted surprising me as I looked at him to see if this was good news. "They didn't take it too well at first, but I think mom already knew so it seems like my dad is alright with it now. It's still kind of strange, but we will see how everything pans out." He sighed as we were interrupted by some noises off in the distance that seemed somehow vaguely familiar.

It was coming from the direction Riley had taken Christina, and as I listened to it I began to giggle understanding what was going on. "Holy crap…you don't think that Riley's…you know?" I heard Jaden assert with everyone at first looking at him questioningly before finally catching on as the squeaking, grunting, and general love making passionate noises bounced off the lake water making us all giggle and shaking our heads at Riley's boldness.

It seemed to go on forever as Riley's grunting could be clearly distinguished from Christina. Then her voice was clearly audible as she panted out commandingly. "That's it…faster…harder…oh shit Riley…yes." She gasped as the tempo seemed to increase when all of a sudden we heard her squeal out with her obviously having an orgasm while Riley still seemed to grunt and pound at her before finally gasping out with his own orgasm.

"Holy crap…he wasn't kidding that girls seemed to love him so much because he got them off." I giggled with everyone else chuckling as I looked around realizing someone else was missing. "Where's Benji?" I asked needlessly because we now heard a new set of grunting noises going on.

Christina's sex noises were recognizable, but there was a new male voice that was somehow younger. "No fucking way?" Jaden giggled as we looked at him. "Don't you get it?" He asked as my eyes flew wide. "Yeah…that's Benji and he's getting himself a piece of action." Jaden laughed shaking his head. "How the hell does a little shit like that get it on with a girl like that." He stated rhetorically as he began laughing so hard he just keeled over.

All of a sudden we heard Benji squeak like a little girl, and then it was over making us roar in laughter because it had lasted all of about ten seconds. "Holy crap that was quick." Chase chuckled while Jaden just looked up at him and grinned.

"Yeah, but ten seconds longer than any of us ever had." Jaden retorted as we all laughed our asses off shaking our heads. "For real guys, why Benji?" Jaden asked again this time truly wanting a reply as we all looked at each other remembering the promise from camp while the sandy haired boy looked back at us getting the feeling we all knew the answer. "Well?" He asked as we all shrugged our shoulder telling Jaden he needed to ask Benji about that later.

The boy just accepted our reply as a brief silence settled down around us before we once more began to chat amongst ourselves in more hushed tones for some reason. A few minutes later a dazed looking Benji wandered back into camp, but he sat down on a boulder by the edge of the lake. The others were still talking and hadn't noticed so I quietly got up and wandered over to the other boy sitting on the boulder next to him.

Benji looked up at me a bit bemused before smiling with his cheeks flushing red. "Well?" I asked him as he just looked at me a bit confused.

"Well what?" He asked hesitantly.

"Do you still think you are gay?" I teased the brown haired boy as I put my arm around his shoulder while he blushed recalling our discussion on the way up to the hidden lookout. The conversation where he asked if I thought him enjoying getting jacked off by another boy meant he was gay.

Benji swiveled his head looking out over the water a moment and giggled before turning his head back towards me. "No…I guess not." He replied as he bumped his body into mine teasingly while I hugged him closer in my arms.

"That's good." I responded as he surprised me with his next comment.

"But I still enjoy fooling around with other guys too." He admitted giving me a toothy smile. "Well at least for now until this whole girl thing becomes more regular." He clarified making me laugh at his smarminess in return nodding my head understanding how he felt.

"Yeah I hear you there. It's not like girls just give it up to us guys just like that, well at least us normal guys, Riley doesn't seem to count." I chuckled still at a loss how a guy like him managed to pull that kind of thing off with girls. "In the meantime us guys have to look out for one another." I teased shaking my head just as another round of sex noises began to flitter across the lake water with Riley and Christina going at it again.

"Holy crap the guy is like a sex machine." I heard Jaden giggling while everyone seemed to laugh at his comment and the fact that indeed Riley was at it again with just as much gusto as the first time.

"How the hell did Riley get Christina to agree with allowing you to…you know?" I asked Benji who just grinned and giggled.

"Um…evidently this is the first time a guy's managed to get her to…you know…um orgasm. I guess she wanted Riley to do it again, but he said he needed a small breather to recuperate. She was actually begging him Kyle. I mean I've never heard of that before. Anyway, he said he'd do her proper like again if she agreed to do me first so he could recover. I mean…to be honest it kind of shocked me that he even asked her, and I never thought she'd agree, but she did…and well…shit Kyle I don't know how Riley does it. I mean as soon as I slipped…um…you know…slipped inside of her it was all I could do not to explode right there and then. Damn, it felt so fucking awesome." Benji told me as I just sat there and listened to him.

He looked at me and blushed for having said a bit too much. "Don't worry Benji I won't say anything to the others." I promised as I pulled him towards me and we both giggled.

Several minutes later I saw a smiling Riley making his way back with a disheveled but content looking Christina snuggled up in his arm. She looked at us and blushed as we all sort of gazed away and tried hard not to laugh.

"Um…it's been nice meeting everyone." Christina smiled at us hesitantly. "I…um…have to get back though. I've got to get back home and my sister should be picking me up here soon at the house." She stated as I nodded and got up.

"I'll go back with you and Riley. I need to take Mattie back anyway and get him to bed. It's been a long night for him." I told them as I had Tim help me with Mattie.

The smaller boy sighed and snuggled up against my back riding piggy back as I walked back with Riley and his new girlfriend. Well girlfriend for now since he would be heading back to California in a week or two. The two of them chatted quietly along the way while Mattie's head rolled around in the crook of my neck as he dozed.

When we got back I set Mattie down while I spread out the sleeping bag and slowly got him undressed leaving him in his red and blue colored spider man boy's briefs. We were all going to stay in the old farm cottage section of our house, but with the new furniture it was a bit cramped. In a way it was kind of cool because we would all sort of be spread around in some nooks and crannies giving us a bit of privacy.

As I laid the small curly haired boy down I noticed my brown haired sprite's soft petite one and a half inch Bird's Eye little chili pepper had grown and sprouted into a thick two inch hard hot Devil's tongue Habanera that pressed up against his tight little boy's briefs. "Geeze Mattie," I whispered softly chuckling as I gave him a soft kiss on the lips getting a taste of leftover sweet melted chocolate while he drowsily wrapped his arm around my neck snuggling up to me.

"Do you think Benji can cuddle up with me tonight?" He whispered softly half asleep.

"Yeah I guess so." I chuckled as Mattie seemed to smile happily.

"I like him a lot. Do you think he will suck my dinky for me?" He asked reaching down beneath his briefs and grabbing on to his red hot chili pepper as he slowly nodded off to sleep making me chuckle.

"I don't know little man, maybe." I replied noticing he probably hadn't heard me as he slowly breathed in and out completely asleep now.

Fifteen minutes later Riley and I were back with everyone else noticing how quiet things had gotten as the guys lounged around the campfire snuggled up together in pairs except for Benji. Evan was leaning up against Jaden snuggled up between the boy's legs. The sandy haired boy seemed happy with having his curly brown haired friend all wrapped up in his arms. Of course Chase was nestled up next to Tim with the older boy's left arm wrapped around the smaller boy's shoulders and he used his right hand to gently run circles around the boy's darker colored nickel sized nipples and his little innie belly button. Chase was sporting an obvious erection and although I couldn't see what lay between Tim's legs because of the angle I ventured to guess he was no doubt having tent problems as well. Benji was lounging lazily a few feet between both pairs of boys as they all chatted softly amongst themselves in a casual kind of way that is typical between longtime close friends.

Dragging over a log while Riley settled in next to Tim and Chase, I removed the laptop I brought with me and set it up. "I put together a picture slide show from our time at camp." I told everyone as I got it going and settled in behind Benji wrapping him in my arms as he craned his neck and looked at me smiling appreciatively.

The pictures scrolled by at a decent clip as we giggled and laughed at some of the silly things I had captured on film throughout the week. It really was hilarious seeing us goofing around with one another; even during some important events like Tim at his CCMT race. I got some great ones of him ripping through the course and a couple of him grinning toothily his face covered in dirt with his white teeth and eyes being the only clean part on his face.

We were getting towards the end now as I looked around watching everyone's faces. Then all of a sudden I heard everyone gasp as the good juicy parts began. During the week I had talked to everyone getting permission from them to show any naughty images, but I don't think they knew just how naughty I meant. Even my little precious Evan had given permission as his images came up first. The ones of him when he was Mattie's age as everyone seemed to oooh and awe at the whole cuteness of it even with him sporting his small little skin covered erection. To be honest it had kind of surprised me that Evan had agreed to allow me to show his pictures, but it seemed as if he was finally beginning to trust his closer friends and willing to open up some more.

"Whoa dudes that is just so adorably sweet. That little Mattie is so adorably cute…too bad he's already asleep." Riley piped up while I just chuckled.

"That's not Mattie." I responded as everyone looked my way before it finally sunk in that it was Evan.

"No fucking way. Holy crap you really do look just like Mattie at that age." Jaden gasped as the rest of the guys chuckled.

The images suddenly shifted to Evan's younger brother. "Now that's Mattie." I pointed out as they all once again just shook their heads.

"Holy crap even their peckers are the same. I mean not only when they are soft but hard too." Benji spoke up shaking his head as the rest of Mattie's various naked pictures ran their course before it shifted once more back to Evan with him being older.

Glancing over at Evan I could tell he was embarrassed as some very intimate pictures began to appear on the screen in front of us. Jaden bent over whispering into his friend's ear encouragingly and even though Evan was blushing beet red he seemed to come out of his shell a bit and relax as some more sexual ones between me and Evan began to appear on the screen. One by one the pictures were shown from all of us in their entirety. Everyone was enthralled by the naked pictures of all their friends including the intimate sexual ones, but it had gotten real quiet when the pictures of Jaden seemed to pop up on the screen. Watching image after exquisite image of his nakedness flash up on the screen was something pure and everyone knew special. The boy's delicately sculptured body was simply breathless to behold and one by one I saw everyone reach beneath their shorts as they gently squeezed and stroked their own aroused erection. Simply put watching the screen flip through the images of Jaden was like watching Michelangelo create a master sculpture. The boy was that exquisitely awe-inspiring.

Twenty five minutes after the first images of a naked Evan flipped on to the screen it finally faded off to black. I could hear the heavy breathing of everyone around us and realized that I had inadvertently shoved my hand beneath Benji's shorts and had been slowly masturbating him. I jerked my hand away and apologized to Benji as he slowly came down having been brought almost over the top inadvertently.

"That's alright." He whispered back as I glanced over towards Evan noticing that Jaden was rubbing his younger friend's obvious erection as the curly haired boy seemed to come to his senses and slowly pushed away Jaden's groping fingers.

"Shit dude." Riley broke the silence looking over towards me. "Like…now I'm all horny again. Damn I just had sex…twice…and was feeling really gnarly and all…now I'm horny again. Why didn't you show us this earlier dude? At least I could have found an outlet for my frustrations…seriously dude." Riley chuckled as he got up adjusting himself while we all tried to untangle ourselves and unwind.

"Sorry," I giggled as I got up packing away the computer. "I did make copies for everyone of their individual pictures. If you guys want copies of someone else's pictures you need to ask them for it." I told them finishing up with the laptop. "Come-on let's just leave everything here and head back. We can clean up tomorrow. It's getting late and maybe we should get some sleep. We still have all afternoon tomorrow." I chuckled with everyone agreeing as we headed back up to the house.

An hour later I heard the telltale sounds of everyone falling asleep around me. At first there were some noises and plenty of giggling going on as Riley began it all with what most definitely were sounds of him jacking off followed closely by Benji doing the same thing. Benji had curled up with Mattie, who was already fast asleep by the couch while Riley was off on the far end of the room. After Benji started in more noises could be heard as some obvious slurping sounds came from the general direction where Tim and Chase had settled in to. It didn't take much imagination to know they were giving one another a resounding blow job.

Jaden had curled up with me and Evan sort of preventing anything from happening at the moment. I had chuckled because Jaden was game as he obviously reached beneath Evan's sleeping bag and started to grope the other boy playfully. The curly haired boy had giggled, but gently shoved his friend's hand away while we continued to listen in on our friends getting some well needed relief as one by one we heard each one in turn gasp out and finally sigh blissfully as their orgasms overwhelmed their teenage bodies.

Afterwards I could hear the steady rhythmic breathing of the other guys as they quickly nodded off to sleep after satisfying their needs. It was difficult for Jaden and Evan to fall asleep though since they were still sexually amped up without a means of outlet. It was for me too, but at least Evan and I had taken care of each other earlier in the day. As difficult as it was though, after a while the day's events had taken their toll as we slowly drifted off to sleep.

It was still dark when I felt Evan shifting in his sleep automatically waking me up. It was just something I had gotten used to as I checked on him making sure he wasn't having another nightmare. I was a bit drowsy and looking at the clock on the wall I noticed it was just slightly after midnight as I gazed down at my sweet little boy in my arms. He slept peacefully as I slowly pulled back the thin covers revealing his nice little bulge tenting outwards confined inside his cottony shorts. We all had taken off our shirts, but had opted to sleep in our shorts. Reaching out I slowly massaged Evan's fat skin flute feeling it vibrate musically beneath my fingers as he seemed to sigh in his sleep.

Looking towards Jaden now I noticed he was also sporting an erection making me swallow nervously knowing what lay beneath his soccer shorts. Not able to resist I reached over and slid my fingers between his leg openings allowing my fingers to glide upwards. Jaden trembled slightly and moaned in his sleep as my fingers wrapped around his firm three inch throbbing hard boy vein. He started to leak pre-cum so I released him because I could tell just touching him like this in his heightened state was forcing him over the edge even in his sleep.

Instead of doing that to him I gently shook him to wake him up. He moaned and slowly opened up his eyes and looked towards me wincing as he reached down grabbing on to his throbbing boyhood.

"What's wrong," He mouthed the word not uttering a sound being careful so no one would wake up.

Motioning him towards me Jaden leaned his head in while I whispered in his ear as he then leaned back looking at me questioningly before mouthing. "Are you sure?"

Nodding my head Jaden looked down at Evan's noticeable bulge. Hesitating a moment he reached out with a shaking hand unsnapping the other boy's shorts as he once more looked up at me while I just smiled encouragingly. His fingers shook as he slowly unzipped Evan's shorts and slowly pulled apart the flaps. I could hear Jaden breathing heavily now as Evan's beautiful skin covered pocket rocket stood straight up ready and waiting to be launched with two round sagging boosters ready to lend some fiery propellant. When Evan had gotten changed he hadn't bothered with slipping on a pair of underwear, which now gave easier access to Jaden who slowly eased the boy's tight skin over his crimson colored joy knob. The blond haired boy smiled as a small bead of pre-cum formed on the tip of his friends little acorn.

Evan moaned and his mouth twitched in a cute kind of smile as he dreamed happily in his sleep. Jaden hesitated for a moment looking up at me as if asking for permission and I nodded my head encouragingly. I knew Evan really wanted this, but was too shy to let it go this far. He had put up so many walls over the years and even though many had crumbled and fallen over the weeks there were still a few left in place. Until all the erected artificial walls were brought down Evan would always be hesitant about being a twelve year old boy.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head as I watched Jaden slowly slip Evan's thick three inch hard salami between his lips. I almost blew my own wad as I watched the sexiest boy I've ever known give my own little love angel a blow job. Jaden's soft lips slid up and down Evan's thick shaft slowly and effortlessly savoring the moment he's been looking forward to for so long now. He was kneeling between Evan's legs and from my side angle I could see Jaden's own erection quivering in the boy's hands as he fingered himself excitedly having shoved his right hand beneath his shorts.

He removed his hand now as he began to gently kneed Evan's heavy chestnut sized giggle berries. Jaden began slurping on my sexy little angel in earnest now his head bobbing up and down as I felt Evan's chest beneath my hands begin to rise and lower more rapidly. He moaned softly in his sleep and slowly opened his eyes as his fingers wrapped tightly around the blanket in a kind of death grip. He looked up into my eyes and I gently pressed my lips up against his mouth as he began to realize what was happening to him. He moaned softly and whimpered as our lips separated and he looked down to see Jaden pleasuring his little love muscle.

He glanced over at me his eyes getting big and round in surprise as he gasped trying to hold off the inevitable. "Shhhh just let it happen." I whispered softly in his ear as he bit his lower lip and moaned softly trying to remain quiet and not wake anyone up.

Then it happened as Evan's hips shot upward and a soft barely audible whimper escaped his lips. I pressed my mouth against his while he quietly moaned and writhed around. Jaden kept slurping on Evan as the boy released his load into his friend's mouth. The sandy haired boy greedily swallowed it up, and in one final heave Evan sighed crumbling back on to the floor. Jaden released Evan's still throbbing and slowly deflating tube from his mouth as he looked up smiling his eyes glittering happily that he had finally managed to have a bit of proper fun with his friend.

I knew my curly haired little angel had more to dish out for us, so I gently pushed aside the sexy little blond boy slurping up Evan's soft wet bamboo stalk up into my mouth and slowly began running my tongue along the underside of his shaft. I could taste Jaden's mouth all over my brown haired boy's penis as it immediately got hard once more with me urging him to offer up some more of his precious fuel. It was kind of sexy tasting both boys like this at the same time, and I had to admit I enjoyed the mixed flavor. My tongue rimmed around Evan's exposed bulbous head and flicked against the tip of his acorn trying to persuade him gently. It paid off because the curly haired boy squeaked and released another volley into my mouth before once more settling back down as I let his little soft noodle slip from between my mouth.

Evan was breathing heavy and I could hear a rasping sound from his chest as he gulped for air while Jaden settled down next to his friend with his own throbbing meat thermometer pressing against the fabric of his shorts. Now that it was all over Jaden had a concerned look on his face for what he had done to his sexy friend. "Are you alright?" He whispered hesitantly before reaching down and wincing at the sexual tension he felt throbbing between his legs while his friend just looked over towards him thinking for a moment and then nodding his head that it was alright. "Are you sure?" Jaden asked not wanting Evan to feel bad at what he had done to him while he slept.

Evan's answer was to lean over and gently press his lips up against Jaden who at first flinched in surprise, and then leaned in as well returning the kiss. They separated and Evan rolled on top of the other boy, and looked down into his eyes feeling his friend's erection pressing up into his thigh.

"Your turn," He whispered as he eased himself between Jaden's legs while the boy's eyes glittered expectantly watching his friend closely as the boy began pulling down his shorts revealing the most exquisite looking three inch erection on a twelve year old boy. Evan took a moment to run his fingers through Jaden's sparse little hairs along the base of his shaft while the pulsing three inch throbbing spike quivered in delight. He looked back up into Jaden's eyes and slowly slipped his lips over his friend's three inch bald-headed butler. Jaden's hips immediately thrust upwards as it was now his turn to try remaining quiet with the intense feeling that rushed like an oncoming rogue wave throughout his body making him shiver in delight. Evan wasted no time knowing his friend was already on the edge as he began to slurp in earnest running his tongue expertly along the boy's thinner and slightly shorter stiff spike.

Scooting closer I leaned in and began to slowly run my hands along Jaden's torso stimulating him even more until I just couldn't take it anymore. I slipped off my shorts and underwear, and stretched out my hand grabbing up one of my dirty socks. My own thumping four inch erection was already glistening wetly with my pre-cum coating my bulbous head and part of my shaft. Wrapping my fingers around my sweltering little Ferrari I began to work them up and down my slicked up stick shift feeling the familiar roiling sensations between my legs start to boil over. Working quickly I managed to shove my sock over my pumping fist so it could act as a catcher's mitt while I glanced back over to what was happening with the two sexiest boys around.

Jaden's eyes were glued to Evan watching his friend's every move as he clutched his hands into the carpet on the floor. There were beads of perspiration now on the boy's brow and body as his chest rose and lowered in quick short little breathes. Then just like with Evan, it happened very quickly as he let out a fairly loud squeaking noise before clamping his hand over his mouth, while he writhed around spilling out his precious seed into his friend's mouth. He had been yearning for this moment for a while now, ever since he really got to know this unique boy a couple of weeks back, and it seemed to happen so fast as his heightened sexed up teenage body was driven into overdrive. He wanted to savor this precious moment, but it was too overwhelming, and his lustful need at the moment was just too much for his body to contain for any length of time so he just accepted it and allowed it to happen.

My eyes took it all in as my sweet little angel made beautiful sexy love to the most superb and fine specimen of a boy ever created. I watched intently as Evan's soft ruby colored lips slid effortlessly along the pale colored slicked up two and a half inch shaft and then around the plump half inch purple colored racing helmet shaped knob trying to entice it to release its prize. Jaden's buttery tanned smooth chest and stomach heaved and contorted as his pale colored midriff seemed to glow in the darkness in stark contrast to his richly tanned torso. His stomach muscles rippled now and his toes seemed to curl and spasm as his body heaved expelling in one explosive moment the hot liquid lava that had been bubbling and churning for this one single moment of time deep inside of his two separate round volcanic earthen lumpy mounds.

Watching the sexy boy in the throes of his explosive orgasm sent me over the edge at the same time as my own thin sleek stick pulsed, fattened up, and spit out its sticky goop literally making the back of the sock jolt outwards as it slammed against the cottony material securely captured. My little Throbber pulsed several more times spitting out its warm liquid like fluids forcefully one or two more times before it just oozed out slowly covering the back of my hand with its slimy texture.

In the meanwhile Jaden's two round yam bags contracted upwards and his giggle stick vibrated in Evan's mouth tickling the other boy's tonsils. He instinctively shoved his spike even deeper into the brown curly haired boy's throat making his friend chuckle for a moment before suddenly stopping as he focused on swallowing the warm mild tasting cream smoothie spilling out from the three inch balmy spout. Evan's eyes bulged as he smiled happily at the contents blasting out of his friend's tasty breakfast sausage.

Gradually the sexy blond boy's body unwound and he slowly sucked in air before he began to relax. Reluctantly Evan let Jaden's floppy damp cream-sickle slip from his mouth as he crawled up next to his friend not bothering to pull up his own shorts that had wrapped around his thighs. Both boys' little damp wrinkled floppy disks were now limp as the two friends hugged each other affectionately their soft pliable bits pressing up against one another. Evan's was slightly thicker and longer than Jaden's, but not by much, and I smiled at the luscious sight in front of me because both boys were so angelically adorable wrapped in one another's arms. Jaden's soft sculptured lighter features were pure and striking compared to Evans darker yet supple pliable attributes. Despite the differences the curly haired boy was still just as equally arresting to his counterpart, but in a different kind of way. It really didn't matter though because as I gazed upon both boys snuggled up next to one another their features seemed to meld together in a harmonious kind of way, as if they belonged together. The boys continued to snuggle with each other delighting in their embrace as they just looked deeply into one another's eyes, no words necessary for what they had experienced together.

"Thank you Jaden." Evan finally broke the silence whispering softly as another dam had stealthily dissipated that had been put up over the years. He had felt it melt away in a tender and soft way as he had opened himself up to his best friend. Evan craned his neck looking towards me his lips curling upwards in a gentle smile. "And thank you too Kyle." Evan sighed softly reaching out to me and pulling me into their embrace. "I understand why you did this for me, so thanks because I would never have been able to let it happen on my own." He whispered into my ear as he sniffled happily.

"You're welcome Evan. I'd do anything to make you happy." I told him honestly as I felt a wetness trickling between our two cheeks. I didn't know if it was his tears or mine, or perhaps both together. "Besides, rule number six." I whispered back softly making Evan furl his eyebrows questioningly as I giggled. "I made a promise that by summer's end I'd get a boy your age to blow you." I laughed seeing Jaden look at me a bit shocked at the promise I had made while Evan's lips just curled upwards and he giggled shaking his head. "I think I more than delivered on that promise since I managed to get the most beautiful and popular boy of all to come down on you." I laughed softly as Evan just continued to giggle at the silliness of the rules while Jaden just gasped in mock hurtfulness.

"So all I was is just an ends to a means." He taunted not in the least bit concerned he was used in this fashion; especially, not since he got what he had been yearning for in the process.

"What can I say?" I shrugged my shoulders. "In a way it sort of takes care of rule number seven for Evan too." I chuckled while Evan continued to giggle shaking his head at these rules while Jaden just looked at me not familiar with them as I continued to explain it. "Well I told Evan I'd teach him how to be popular during puberty; well, I think I have effectively taught him that too since he managed to get the most popular and best looking boy around to fall for him." I laughed teasingly as Jaden just blushed knowing his secret was out concerning his feeling for Evan.

This made him start to wonder if his older brother was right. That what he was doing was gayish, maybe making him gay too. I could see the flickering doubts start to well up in the other boy's features and it kind of made me mad that Gabe was starting to make his little brother doubt himself.

"Jaden," I whispered getting the other boy's attention. "This doesn't make you gay, even if you have feelings like this for Evan. It just makes you the typical horny teenager. Don't let Gabe ruin how you feel. Besides, he's done plenty of gayish stuff too when he was your age." I smiled affectionately at the fine sculptured looking boy.

"Really…I mean you and Gabe…together?" He asked me as I just smiled but shook my head.

"No, we've done a lot of things together, but never anything physically sexual together, but we've got other friends you know." I responded not wanting to talk about Gabe's sexual exploits specifically, but still wanting Jaden to know that things had happened to his older brother too and it was only natural.

"Oh…I see." Jaden smiled as he reached over and gave me a quick hug feeling a lot better about things now, and determined not to ever let his older brother make him doubt himself again.

"Come-on, let's wake up the other guys, but not Mattie. There's one more thing we all need to do tonight." I told the two boys as they looked at each other and giggled excitedly as all three of us pulled our shorts up.

Everyone had looked at us quietly a bit baffled, but had followed us outside. I led them all down the trail to the little cove and small dock by the lake, and grinning at them wickedly as they just looked at me wondering what was going on, I lowered my shorts and whooped out loud as I ran across the dock and leaped into the cool liquid waters. It was a bit nippy, but felt great on a warm night like this. The others had watched in shock for a moment, but were all close on my heels as they stripped naked and followed me into the lake. Looking back I noticed Evan standing there alone hesitating for a moment as I climbed out on to the dock and padded over to stand next to him while the others swam around.

"What's wrong?" I asked him as he just looked down for a moment hesitating. "Listen Evan you don't have to strip naked if you don't want to, but let's face it everyone here has pretty much seen what you've got dangling between your legs. Not only that they've seen you in some fairly private intimate ways to boot. I mean…seeing pictures of you getting a blow job and squirting you're cum all over the place is pretty revealing if you now what I mean." I chuckled as Evan just punched me in the arm before dropping his shorts and running across the docks in plain view of everyone watching him. His little boy bits looked funny flopping around in front of him as he launched himself off the edge of the dock and into the water a few feet away from his friends. I was close behind him landing right next to him in the water.

Evan sputtered as his head popped out of the water and he giggled happily as the last of his forcefully erected protective walls simply faded away leaving behind only the natural barriers of a twelve year old boy.

Riley smiled at Evan and swam up next to the smaller boy following him as they swam towards the shallows. "Whoa dude like you look wickedly hot and most definitely don't have anything to be ashamed about. I'd slurp up that noodle of yours for sure." The older boy teased Evan who splashed some water at him playfully as they both laughed. "So dude…how does it feel?" He asked knowing the story behind Evan and feeling happy for his little friend at another obvious victory.

"It feels great Riley…like I'm finally free…you know what I mean?" He asked the other boy as we all listened in on the conversation.

"Yeah I know." The older boy smiled fondly at his friend as he reached out and affectionately stroked the boy's shoulder and back before pulling him in for a quick heartfelt hug before releasing him.

It made me smile realizing I had such great friends willing to show their fondness towards one another as Evan sighed shaking his head. "I mean…I'm still scared you know…but it's different now. I'm scared he might hurt Mattie or mom, but I'm not scared with him being able to manipulate me anymore. Does that make sense?" Evan asked all of us as we nodded our heads.

Swimming over I wrapped him up in my arms as I stood on the sandy bottom with the water level slapping up around my chest. "Yeah…it makes sense Evan and I'm so glad to have you back for real…and I mean all of you Evan…up here and here." I told him sincerely pointing to his head then his heart as he nodded understanding what I meant. He wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs around my hips giving me an affectionate hug.

His little fleshy slick soft boy bits pressed into me and I felt Evan's body quiver as I gently stroked his back affectionately. We just remained like that for a long time while the others left us alone for a few minutes. My little boy felt soft and warm pressed up against my body, and his subtle damp laced boy scent wafted up to my senses. For the life of me I still couldn't understand how another boy's scent could be so intoxication. Evan's was unique to me and would be forever imprinted on my psyche as we both quivered our bodies reacting in a natural way as our two soft fleshy bits began to pulse and wake up. Sighing I unwound my arms from him and smiled at my sweetness while he smiled back knowingly as he untangled himself from me and we rejoined the rest of our friends.

We swam and horsed around some more before getting out of the water and sitting around the fire we had coaxed back to life. We sat there completely naked not in the least concerned about our nudity talking for a long time with each other. We were all spread around cuddled up with one another completely exposed to the elements and relaxed in a cozy kind of way. I noticed Evan looking around gathering up details as if he were painting them for memory's sake. Smiling knowingly at Evan I got up and rummaged through my bag I had left on the beach. This was a very secluded and secure place so I wasn't afraid of anything being stolen. I pulled out my camera and walked a short distance away. I had been taking pictures all day everyone having gotten used to it by now. I set up the small tripod I had stashed away in the bag and the special timer attachment cable my mom had gotten me for the camera. I attached the flash setting it to provide enough light yet also allow the fire to show up, and then set the cable attachment to take about ten pictures in ten second intervals. Pressing the button I snuggled back up next to Evan allowing the camera to snap off a few pictures while everyone just sort of relaxed and continued to talk casually not in the least bit concerned that we were all naked gathered around a small campfire completely exposed to the elements. A short while later with us completely dry by this time it was finally time to head back. "Come-on we better get back and get some sleep." I told the others as I put away the camera and we gathered up our shorts heading back for the house.

Along the way I looked over towards Benji. "Oh by the way Benji…Mattie asked if you could suck his dinky." I stated as he stopped in his tracks his head snapping up.

"Wh…what? I mean…I can't do that." He stuttered taken off guard.

"Why not?" Riley interjected. "I mean you do a pretty good job of it." He chuckled remembering the blow job the boy had given him at camp.

"He's like nine…I mean he doesn't even squirt yet." Benji gasped in surprise at what the guys were even suggesting.

"So what?" Evan spoke up.

"So what…I mean he can't even get off so what good would it do other than waking him up?" Benji looked around at us a bit flustered when we just laughed at him.

"Geeze Benji you do know that boys can have dry orgasms?" Evan pointed out to his friend.

"They can…for real. I mean Mattie's only nine he can really have an orgasm?" Benji asked a bit dubiously.

Shaking my head I wrapped my arms around the boy. "Listen Benji first of all he's eight going on nine, and secondly I just told you because he told me he really likes you and wanted to know if I thought you would suck his dinky. You don't have to if you don't want to, but believe me he's had orgasms before. It's just different for him since he isn't old enough to squirt, but everything else is the same for him. Even how wonderful it feels. So it's up to you." I told him as we entered the house and we all settle in to our respective spots.

The room got quiet as everyone settle in for the night. A few moments later I heard some rustling noise and had to smile as the familiar sucking sounds drifted through the air in the general direction of Benji and Mattie. We all began to giggle when we heard Mattie start to squeak and gasp. It seemed to happen quickly as all of a sudden Mattie grunted noisily when his orgasm wracked over his body for several long moments. Even though the smaller boy climaxed almost immediately his orgasm seemed to go on forever as Benji was forced to continue slurping on the younger boy. Then we heard one final grunt before everything got quiet.

"Holy crap," Benji giggled. "Dude, like that's the longest orgasm ever…I'm so fucking jealous." The boy continued to chuckle as the rest of us laughed as well.

"Really?" Mattie asked as he seemed to snuggle up to his friend happy that someone had sucked on his dinky.

"Yeah really and I love the fact you have skin over your…um…dinky. That's like totally awesome, and not disgusting like a lot of people say it is."

"Cool, but why would it be disgusting? It's not like I don't clean and wash it or anything." Mattie giggled. "Can I suck yours now?" He asked as I heard Evan belt out laughing his ass off.

"Fuck Mattie, don't you ever give in?" Evan continued to chuckle.

"Well?" Mattie asked Benji who had gone quiet.

"Oh for Pete's sake Benji just say yes or you'll never hear the end of it, and none of us will get any sleep." Evan laughed at his friend's expense.

"Um…yeah…I guess. Have you ever done that before?" He asked hesitantly.

"Uh-uh." Mattie replied. "Do you squirt like Evan and Kyle?" He asked

"Um…yeah…but not a lot. But…um…well just be careful of your teeth because it hurts if you scrape me…alright?" He asked as all of a sudden he gasped letting everyone know that Mattie must have already gone bobbing for apples. "Oh…oh…shit…yes….that's so fucking hot." Benji gasped out as the little tiger went to work on his rod and tackle.

The familiar slurping noises were loud as Mattie didn't back off or cared who knew what was going on. Even though Benji had just lost his virginity with a girl only a few hours earlier it didn't stop him from having a resonating orgasm as his body seemed to thrash around while he grunted boisterously expelling his meager donation into Mattie's predatory mouth. A few moments later Mattie was giggling happily as he sighed with contentment.

"That didn't taste bad at all." He whispered as we all just chuckled.

"That's good Mattie now go to sleep…we are all tired." Evan groaned at his little brother as we all just laughed shaking our heads at how accepting Evan was with letting his little brother have this kind of older boy fun.

I nuzzled against my little angel's neck as he sighed a bit tiredly now while the room became quiet once more. Jaden rolled over on to his right side facing his friend as he cuddled closer forcing me and Evan to adjust our position slightly. In the end the two boy's bodies were intertwined together snuggled up closely facing each other while I pressed up against Evan's back my right arm cradling both of them protectively. I quivered excitedly as the two boy's aromatic body fragrances intermingled and combined forming a new scent that seemed somehow uniquely balanced. This was going to get interesting now that Jaden seemed to have been finally accepted by Evan as a sexual partner. It was obvious the two boys cared for one another deeply while at the same time Evan being deeply in love with me. My feelings for Evan ran deep, but I could tell that both Evan and I were also beginning to fall for the sandy haired boy snuggled up under the bed covers with us.

Sighing I just shook my head wondering what was to come. Evan's mom would be coming home in a couple of days, Don was still out there posing a threat even though no one seemed to know where he was, and now my friend Gabe was on my mind. I knew he would be upset if he knew how things were developing sexually for his little brother. He was my best friend in the whole world, and I didn't want him to be upset, but Jaden was his own person and we were all still so young living in the moment. I knew at some point this would all probably come to a head with Gabe, but I was hoping my friend would come around accepting things for what they were, and perhaps allow himself to finally draw closer to his younger brother. I didn't believe for a second Jaden was gay, but I did believe he had deep feelings for Evan and me on many levels including in a sexual kind of way. For now I thought this was perfectly fine and completely alright for the other boy. Things change quickly in our young lives, and I wanted to live for the moment and enjoy what we each had to offer one another.

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