Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 22

It was still dark and quiet in the room when I heard a ruffling noise and then felt the bed move around a little before another small warm body snuggled up between me and Evan. I knew it was Mattie who must have woken up and decided to join us in bed. I didn't mind and I was sure Evan didn't either as I wrapped my arms around the smaller figure allowing him to cuddle up closer to me as we spooned together. Evan just shifted and turned over wrapping his arms around his brother in a natural kind of way as they faced one another. Mattie squirmed around for a moment and then I felt him relax getting settled in a more comfortable position. I was still half asleep my head slowly sagging forward nuzzling up against the nape of his neck. He had very fine hairs that tickled a bit so I shifted my head closer to his face and gently rubbed my cheek up against his soft skin. His body felt warm, soft, and familiar to me just like his older brother's features, and the little boy scent that wafted up to me was somehow comforting lulling me back to sleep for the rest of the evening.

When my eyes flickered open it was to the morning hours and the promise of a warm sunny day. I could tell it was still very early yet and that we had a couple of more hours before it was time to get up. I yawned lifting myself up leaning against my bent arm, and propping my head up against the palm of my hand. Mattie had shifted on to his back sometime during the night cuddled up in the crook of his older brother's arms who was also lying on his back at the moment. Mattie murmured adorably in his sleep as he sighed and continued to dream while his older brother reflexively pulled his little brother closer getting the smaller boy to calm down. After Mattie settled down Evan seemed to relax and continued to sleep peacefully. Watching the two brothers doze quietly and serenely side by side was so charmingly sweet. It was truly amazing how much the two boys looked so similar even in their sleep. Their sweet facial countenances were mirror images to one another separated only by the years between the two boys.

Not able to resist I pulled back the covers revealing their naked splendor of near perfection. Even their bodies were similar the only main disparity being the difference in size that reflected their age. Both of their bodies had that buttery colored tan separated by the little white pale band across their mid-section. Even the angle of their two soft fleshy flaccid boy-sickles lying slanting off towards the same direction made me shake my head in wonderment at their similarities along with their soft little boy bags snuggled between their legs. Of course Mattie's little breakfast sausage and knap sack was slightly smaller than Evan's, but still the uncanny resemblance was just too much as I watched them breathe in tandem while they slept.

Mattie looked so adorably sweet lying there all opened up to me in his sleep and I couldn't help myself as I ran my fingers softly across his chest running a circle around his right nipple. The smaller boy quivered in his sleep and I saw Goosebumps form along his skin while his nipples seemed to harden. My eyes continued to wander over both boys and I gasped in surprise because Mattie's nipples weren't the only thing that began to stiffen. My gaze flittered between the two boys as I first watched the smaller boy's small sized pocket rocket begin to lengthen and straighten out all the while pulsing with each beat of his heart. It was fun to watch as it slowly enlarged until it maxed out to its full length of two inches. However, this wasn't what had sort of caught me by surprise because while Mattie's began to stiffen up I noticed that Evan seemed to follow right along as his penis also began to pulse and come to life. It was amazing to watch both of their skin flutes bobbing up and down in perfect timing until both of their little soldiers stood tall and proud in salute.

Mattie's little twig stood straight up and down like an arrow at about a forty five degree angle from his body. Evan's slightly larger three inch piece of wood also stood out away from his body at a forty five degree angle, but sort of slanted towards his right shoulder with a slight curvature to his throbbing member. Also visible was Evan's small round little pinhead sized mole by the base of his shaft. Other than that both boys' little packages looked almost exactly alike as I gazed upon their fat juicy sausages pulsing to the beating of their heart.

Mattie's tight foreskin stretched out over the top of his glans, the little piece of nubbin coming to a closure at the tip end. It was so tight you could see the outline of his throbbing head and the bluish like veins just below the surface of his skin. As I looked closer the foreskin covered glans almost resembled an upside down cone shaped funnel with the ridge of his glans looking like the large round opening end of a funnel while the closed off foreskin nub resembled the smaller spout end. The correlation of the imagery made me tremble excitedly.

Taking a quick look over towards Evan I noticed the exact same resemblance to that of an upside down funnel only that it was slightly larger. Just like Mattie, the older brother's foreskin wrapped around the head of his penis so tightly that you could clearly see the outline of his glans. It was almost like his skin was vacuum sealed over the entire length of his shaft and glans. The tip of Evan's foreskin wasn't completely closed off at the end with just a slight opening at the top, but it just made it appear that the spout end of the funnel was bigger to accommodate the volume that would come pouring out.

It made me chuckle since I realized the two Prescott boys' cone shaped tops reminded me of those funnel sets you get in stores that have varying sizes where one fits inside the other. You know…where you get three or four of them from small to large and stacked together. My body quivered excitedly as I scrutinized the two distinct different sizes and shapes of the two brothers' natural play toys lying next to one another. It was strange how the imagery of a boy's little funnel shaped penis tip could make me dizzy with lustful yearnings.

I detected some movement and looking over I noticed Evan yawning looking down at his exposed naked body before glancing over to his little brother's as he just chuckled realizing they were both sporting erections. "Good morning my little sweetness," I greeted my little love as I leaned over Mattie and gave a tender kiss to Evan while the boy extracted himself from his little brother.

Our lips connected hovering only several inches over the smaller boy's naked torso, and I felt the warm sensation of love spread over my body making me quiver in delight. "Suck me Pleeeeease," I heard a soft whisper shocking me and Evan as our kiss abruptly broke off and we looked down at the still sleeping form of the smaller boy whose little joy stick jerked around excitedly.

At first we thought Mattie had woken up unexpectedly, but then realized he was still slumbering and had talked in his sleep. "Damn, the little shit is a horny little fuck even in his sleep." Evan giggled while I just looked down sighing a bit sadly. "What's wrong?" Evan asked me seeing the change of mood in me.

"Nothing…" I shook my head as I looked up into the sparkling hazel green eyes that I've come to love. "It…it's just I feel so bad about it…you know. I mean…it's my fault he's sort of developed like that so fast instead of being still a little kid…you know…not having to worry about this whole sex thing." I told Evan softly.

"That's not true Kyle. I mean he was already curious about that stuff before, and I was just like him back then too." Evan responded shaking his head as if he were remembering.

"Really, you were?" I asked a bit surprised looking intently at him not able to imagine Evan being so curious about that sort of thing back then considering how shy he was about his body. Then I noticed a change in my sweet angel's features as it was now his turn to gaze back at me sadly.

"Yeah…really Kyle. At least that was before…you know…Don made me feel bad about it and all." Evan whispered softly looking a bit ashamed about the admission. "If anything I'm glad you sort of showed him some stuff. I mean for real Kyle he was already like that before you did some stuff with him. I even caught him one time with his friend sort of checking each other out. He wanted to touch and do things with his friend, but the other boy wasn't ready for that kind of stuff. At least you showed Mattie how to enjoy his feelings and what to do about it; instead of making him feel bad about himself." Evan sighed looking down at his younger brother and actually reaching out and skinning the little boy making the sleeping guy sigh and quiver in his sleep.

"Fuck, that's so sexy hot." I groaned making Evan giggle and release his little brother. "I still can't get over how much you two look, even when you guys are completely naked. Shit, did you really look like that when you were his age?" I asked him jokingly shaking my head and not really expecting a reply.

"You have no idea," Evan chuckled as I watched him get up off the bed and walk over to his dresser drawer.

His alluring lithe form seemed to glide across the floor as I gawked at his sexiness from the back. As amazing as he looked from behind he was an exquisite piece of creation when I looked upon him from the front when he turned around after retrieving a small box returning gracefully back towards the bed. His now two and a quarter inch soft fleshy skin covered missile launcher stood on standby pointing a little outwards from his body waggling around as he moved. My eyes never left him as I watched him float across the floor with even strides his dangling fuel receptacles jiggling around lazily between his legs bumping against his thighs and making me shiver excitedly.

Settling back on to the bed Evan opened up the box riffling through the contents, and handed me over a small stack of items. I gazed at him questioningly before looking down and then smiled. They were the pictures he had told me about from when he was Mattie's age. The first one was an image of him sleeping peacefully completely naked. The initial pictures had him all spread out with his soft one and a half inch floppy tube angling off to the side snuggled up on his hairless pubic mound with his spongy fleshy boy bits dangling between his legs. Looking at the pictures it really was remarkable how he looked exactly like Mattie right now, size wise and all. The resemblance was uncanny, and if I didn't know beforehand I'd swear it really was Mattie lying there in the pictures. Then the images shifted to Evan sporting an erection. A couple of them with his small fist wrapped around his two inch hardened rod and a couple with his hands just off to the side as if someone had peeled them off of his little hard breakfast sausage.

Only in these latest pictures, and only if you actually knew the difference between the two boys, could you actually now differentiate between the two brothers. Looking down at Mattie I could see his little bookworm pulsing and throbbing with the beating of his heart. It stood a bit out a little from the barren wasteland of his pubic mound, but remained straight as an arrow pointing true north. Glancing back at the pictures Evan's erection looked almost exactly like Mattie's as it too angled outwards a little away from his pale hairless pubic mound, but with a slight bend and curving a little towards the left, his right shoulder, giving you an unobstructed view of his small little birthmark just to the right, his left, and up at the base of his shaft.

"Damn, you were so fucking sexy hot back then Evan. How the hell could I miss that?" I asked him amazed at how I never noticed his erotic sensuousness back then; especially, since he admitted to having a crush on me.

Of course I was only ten or eleven at the time myself, but still, how doesn't someone notice something like that. I know I was a late bloomer regarding those kinds of things, but I'm sure Evan had probably tried to get my attention in a sexual kind of way back then before Don had stepped in to mess things up for the smaller boy. It made me wonder what could have been between the two of us over the years.

"That's alright." I heard Evan giggle as he leaned in for a kiss. "It only took me three or four years, but you are finally all mine." He finished off giving me a tender kiss before we separated and I continued to look at some of the other pictures.

It appeared as if Evan's mother had taken pictures of him during various stages of his development while he slept. In the other pictures he was already wearing pajama bottoms or underwear to bed as a result of Don's abuse forcing Evan to become extremely shy about his body. Yet, in all of the different stages she had also managed to get a few pictures with him completely naked while he slept. In some of them she must have pulled off his pajamas or underwear at some point allowing for her to snap some images before pulling them back up on him because I'm sure if he woke up completely naked he would have been a bit mortified at that age. The pictures actually began when he was around five or so and then abruptly ended when he was ten. In a way they were kind of strange, but I had a feeling they were more with his mom just wanting memories of her sweet innocent little boy before he grew up. I guess by the time he was around ten she realized it wasn't no longer appropriate so had stopped.

"Does it bother you that she took these pictures?" I asked him as he sort of glanced over at me thinking for a moment and then shaking his head.

"No not really. I mean she's got other naked ones of me when I was little until I got too shy about it…you know…because of Don. I guess the ones of me sleeping were just something she probably thought was cute like the other ones. So…no I guess not. I think she must have realized how shy I had become so stopped after a while. In a way it is kind of sad because I do like how I looked while I was sleeping. It was like I no longer had any worries, and I could escape just for a little while from Don…you know." He admitted to me as I handed him back the small stack of pictures and he tucked them away in the small box that I noticed contained other little trinkets that had belonged to his dad.

"Yeah, thanks for sharing those with me." I told him seriously as he just looked up at me and smiled nodding his head.

"I…I don't mind since it's you. I'm glad now that she took those pictures and since you've been taking pictures of me it sort of carries over…you know. I think I will appreciate that sort of thing even more maybe when I get older." He smiled a bit sheepishly.

"Speaking of pictures…um…today, that will be alright with you? I mean it should be kind of cool putting it all together." I asked him about our plans for the party as he thought for a moment and smiled nodding his head.

"Yeah, I think it is going to be fun; especially, since the guys are like family…you know? I've been missing everyone already, and I think today is going to be a lot of fun." He smiled approvingly and looked down when Mattie shifted in his sleep.

"You know…I was also thinking about those pictures you just showed me. Maybe I should scan them and add them to the rest of the pictures I've taken of you…if it's alright with you." I asked as he seemed to nod his head with approval.

"Yeah, that would be great. Um…actually there is a memory card in there that might have the original images on them. Check that out first instead of trying to scan them. It would be cool to have all my…um…special pictures together in one spot." He told me giving me permission to look later for the card in his box once more glancing down when Mattie moaned and shifted in his sleep.

The smaller Prescott boy's little two inch stiff boy penis sort of jerked around for a moment making me appreciate his beautiful body as I reached down and wrapped my fingers around his hardness. The curly haired boy moaned softly in his sleep and I slowly peeled his tight foreskin over the bulbous purple colored helmet watching it glistening with wetness once exposed. I heard Evan giggling and looked up into his eyes sparkling in the morning light and shaking his head at me.

"It doesn't bother you…I mean…you know…me touching Mattie like this?" I asked a bit hesitantly since we had agreed to be exclusive together and didn't know if this would bother him.

Evan just shook his head. "No…of course not. I know you love Mattie just like I do." He stated simply.

'Why does that four letter word "love" roll so easy off the tongue when we refer it to other people, yet when it comes time to profess our own love for someone in person it just sort of gets stuck in our throat?' I wondered to myself as I slowly eased Mattie's foreskin back into place over the tip of his bulbous acorn shaped knob making it once more look like the shape of a funnel.

All of a sudden Mattie bolted straight up into a sitting position clamping his own fingers over the top part of his knob and swore. "Crap…quick move," he yelped as he literally tossed himself over his older brother, and with his fingers pinching the top of his penis made a b-line straight for the bathroom. A second later we could hear the tell-tale splashing sounds of the smaller boy emptying out his bladder.

Evan began to laugh while I just giggled to the sound of Mattie's piss splattering into the toilet bowl gurgled its way out into our bedroom. It was kind of funny at first because the small boy had literally sprinted to the bathroom awkwardly, but now it became hilarious as it just continued on like an endless supply sounding very similar to the tumultuous emptying out of Niagara Falls. I mean it really was loud as his incessant stream seemed to pound into the already half filled toilet bowl.

"Fuck dude, does he always have to piss this much?" I asked Evan who just looked at me shrugging his shoulders.

"How the hell should I know? By the time he got up I was already out and about." Evan laughed shaking his head. "But for real, I think we better stop having him drink so late or he might end up having accidents in the middle of the night just like I've been doing lately." The older boy mocked lightly at his own expense making me smile that he was taking the whole bed wetting thing in stride.

Ever since he began sleeping with me again he didn't have any more nightmares or accidents in the bed. Evan knew what I was thinking as he scooted over and snuggled up against me appreciatively. Anymore, his warm body felt so familiar and comfortable to me as if it was the most natural of things. I could feel and hear him inhaling deeply, and knew he was taking in my scent just like I always did with him. I guess breathing me in like that must be just as comforting to him as me breathing in his mixture of sweet and musky boy scent.

"Thanks Kyle…you know for being there." He whispered alluding to his nightmares.

"I know." I murmured back leaning down and kissing the tip of his nose making him giggle.

Mattie must have finished up finally because we heard the water faucet turn on for a moment, and then watched as he bolted out of the bathroom before stopping at the foot of the bed. He stood still for a moment before wandering closer to the side of the bed still continuing to gaze up above my headboard. I glanced up craning my neck briefly seeing the painting we had left up there before looking back down at Mattie. His soft little fleshy tool started to once more inflate and get hard as he began to fiddle around with it absentmindedly using the tips of his fingers. In a way it was just so cute watching the smaller boy pressing and pinching himself as he coaxed his little stump back to life. Evan on the other hand just chuckled at his little brother's reaction watching the little boy bone up again.

"You're so beautiful Kyle." Mattie finally managed to breathe out. "I wish I could paint like you can Evan." The little boy complained a bit still admiring the painting. "You made Kyle look so pretty…like in real life." He declared the corners of his lips twitching upwards into a cute little daydreaming kind of way as he smiled pleasantly at what he was seeing.

"Yeah, we can tell." Evan giggled as he reached over tugging on Mattie's arm making the boy squeak in surprise.

Mattie's spread out his arms to stop his fall while Evan wrapped his little brother up in his arms. The little boy giggled playfully as the two boys began to wrestle around a little their naked bodies pressing up against one another. The smaller boy wrapped his legs around his older brother's hips, his arms around the older boy's neck, and squeezed tightly hanging on for dear life since he was outmatched by his much stronger older brother. I watched the two boys roll around on the bed completely naked before they just settled down with Evan on his back, and his little brother cuddled up on top of him still giggling.

"That was fun." Mattie chuckled while Evan just nodding his head.

"Yeah, it was." He sighed as he hugged his little brother affectionately gently stroking the smaller boy's spine.

It got quiet as all three of us just seemed to relax and enjoy the stillness of the early morning hours before anyone else was moving around in the house. Glancing over towards the boys I noticed Mattie's hips rocking into his older brother and Evan seemed to be responding as their hips ground together. It kind of surprised me for a moment as the boys began to breathe heavily all the while their two little hard garden snakes slithered together forcing their skins to slide back and forth. It was kind of sexy seeing these two brothers who appeared so much alike in every sense of the word sexually stimulating one another.

"M…Mattie…s…stop." Evan gasped out clamping his arms around his little brother trying to hold him in place so he would stop grinding into him. "Mattie!" Evan huffed admonishingly finally getting the younger boys attention.

"What? Didn't you like it?" Mattie asked his brother.

"Of course Mattie but we…um…we can't do…you know…that…um…together." Evan told his little brother as he continued to hold on to him gently stroking the smaller boy's back sympathetically.

"Why not?" Mattie asked innocently.

"Because we're brothers and it isn't right" Evan responded seriously.

"Yeah but you and Kyle do stuff together…and…um…he's our brother too." Mattie whined a bit disappointed.

"You know that's different Mattie. He's not our real brother so that is completely different than the two of us…doing anything naughty together. I love you Mattie, but we can't do something like that together no matter what, alright?" He tried to explain to his little brother who seemed to be so frustrated by this whole sex thing.

"Yeah I know…it's just the two of you always together makes me feel so…I don't know. It's like I can't stop thinking about doing stuff with you guys, and my dinky is always hard not wanting to go away until I get those tingling feeling." Mattie complained as Evan began to giggle noticing his little brother's hard little sausage pressing against his thigh.

"Geeze, alright already Mattie, maybe you should just go and make that hard dinky of yours go away like Kyle taught you." Evan laughed shoving his little brother off of him. The smaller boy rolled onto his back giggling and started to go to town on his little two inch hard tool. "Damn Mattie I didn't mean right here and now." Evan exclaimed, but it was too late because Mattie was so hyped up that he was beginning to squeak and squirm around between us before all of a sudden stiffening up and groaning loudly as his orgasm ran its course.

To say it was steamy hot watching an eight year old get his rocks off and having a dry orgasm would be kind of strange indeed, but to be honest it really was despite it being over within moments. Seeing a miniature version of Evan jacking off, his foreskin sliding up and down over the length of his short hard stumpy shaft exposing the glistening purplish colored knob of his glans truly was a mesmerizing sight. Then to see Mattie in the throes of an orgasm was truly exquisite.

The smaller boy lay panting on his back now looking down at himself his hardened pale colored steel spike pulsing around wildly with the throbbing of his heartbeat. Slowly it began to deflate in perfect timing of his heart as it bobbed and weaved until it completely shriveled up to lie floppily and snuggly closely to his body. It was sort of sticking out in a way that is so common for little boys as he just sighed feeling much better.

"So…better?" I asked the small curly haired boy who just looked at me and nodded his head. "Good, now scoot over so that me and Evan can snuggle up and try getting some more sleep before we have to get up." I told Mattie shoving him over so that Evan could climb over his little brother and cuddle up with me.

Evan smiled hungrily at me as he pressed his lips up against mine and kissed me passionately. "Geeze you guys…get a room already." Mattie giggled thinking it funny how our two naked bodies looked as we intertwined together kissing passionately.

His comment made me giggle as I leaned back and looked over at the little boy. "Well…If I recall this is our room, and you are the one who is crashing in on us." I sniggered at him giving the boy a little wink as he just giggled.

"Yeah…I guess your right. It doesn't look like you guys are going to sleep anytime soon so I think I might just go back to my own room." Mattie yawned and then stuck his tongue out at me as he got up and made his way through the bathroom into his own bedroom.

Evan couldn't help it as he began to chuckle shaking his head watching his brother leave the room. Leaning his head down on my shoulder he just continued to laugh making me wonder what was so funny.

"Why are you laughing?" I asked him as he just looked at me.

"Nothing…it's just that him seeing us like this…you know…naked together. Shit I wasn't even embarrassed about it." He chuckled happily making me smile. "I guess maybe I'm not as shy anymore like I used to be. You were right about things getting easier." He sighed as he leaned in rubbing his groin into me while he ran his fingers down my sides.

His erection pressed up against my body and I could feel his foreskin slithering along my skin. It sent shivers along my spine as I rolled on the bed until I was lying on top of him gazing down into his beautiful soft gaze. "Damn, you make me feel so happy." I whispered to him as I pressed my mouth up against his lips.

His body felt so soft and warm beneath me as we separated and I began to run my lips along his neck and chest. Evan sighed contentedly enjoying the attention. I knew how much he loved me doing these things to him, and I didn't waist any time to suckle my lips around his circular smooth innie belly button flicking my tongue inside making him squirm in my arms. My tongue continued to head down southward licking and slurping along the way as I puckered up my lips and planted them softly along his smooth porcelain pubic mound right at the base of his shaft.

The heady old musky aroma of sex scent from our love making the previous evening wafted upwards as I breathed it in deeply noticing the subtle scent of new sexual awakenings with our current intimacy. Evan quivered as I pulled my lips away from his smooth pale skin taking a good look at the prize only inches away from my nose. His hard little pocket flute thrummed with expectations as I focused on the head of his foreskin covered glans, in particular the small little opening at the tip of his glans. A tiny perfect round clear bead of pre-cum had formed at the tip end of his funnel spout. It looked extremely inviting as I slipped my tongue out between my lips flicking at the tip. I scooped up the little beaded transparent colored substance into my mouth relishing the taste from the small little opening at the tip of his slightly opened foreskin. It was almost like a drug, and I was addicted to it as I ran the substance inside of my mouth savoring its texture and taste.

The incidental contact of my tongue flicking across the tip of Evan's glans at the funnel opening of his foreskin sent shivers coursing through his body as he jolted and gasped in surprise. "What the fuck," He managed to wheeze out as he gritted his teeth when his body locked up on him.

Pausing I looked up as his entire body seemed to stiffen up and his hard three inch penis jerked and contracted up against my chin and mouth. "Are you alright?" I asked him tenderly easing my body back up towards him so I could hold on to him.

"N…nothing…I think." Evan moaned slowly unwinding his stiff body managing to finally relax as he breathed out softly. "Man…that was so fucking intense. It was like a jolt of lightening striking me…um…down there." He giggled looking down at his now soft two inch penis lying at an angle sticking out a little from his body. "It sort of burned and then sent a jolt of electricity throughout my entire body." He chuckled. "Damn, the things you are doing to me." He laughed shaking his head.

"You think?" I chuckled. "Geeze, you're not the only one who is experiencing a lot of new stuff you know." I retorted as we both stared at one another before we began busting up holding each other tightly. "Yeah…anyway…maybe it is better if we just get some sleep. We've got a long day ahead of us. Besides…um…last night was pretty intense." I told him smiling.

"You think?" He stated more than asked teasingly this time playing on the same phrase I just used. "But yeah, that really was…um…special last night." He admitted as he wrapped his arm around my neck placing his head softly on my shoulders while we cuddled up closer together in one another arms.

"Yeah…special." I agreed as I closed my eyes enjoying his closeness.

Evan's breathing evened out as he shifted a little running his soft fingers over my skin making me quiver delightedly. "Do you think we should take down the painting…you know just in case one of your parents come into the room?" The smaller boy asked me questioningly as I sighed debating whether or not I wanted to get up or just lie here snuggled up with my comfortable little boy.

"Yeah, I guess we should. It'll only take a couple of minutes and then we can get some more sleep. You sort of wore me out last night you know?" I teased him as he just looked up and punched me gently in my chest. "Owe what the hell?" I taunted him as he just giggled.

"Well if I remember correctly I'm the one who was doing all the work last night so I don't see why you should be so tired?" The smaller boy goaded me as I just gasped at him as if I was surprised by his comment before I returned his friendly punch.

"You wish because if memory serves correctly I was the one on top getting all sweaty doing the hard work." I stuck my tongue out at him making him giggle animatedly.

"Hmmm, so it sort of makes you wonder doesn't it. You know…who's in charge and who isn't…in the sexual kind of way." He mocked smiling sheepishly and making me laugh shaking my head.

"To be honest Evan, as long as I'm with you I don't care who's the so called man in charge when we make lo…v…um…when we have fun together." I amended as I groaned getting up so we could put away Evan's painting, and replace it back to the other one of the red canyon walls, green slow moving river, and blue sky.

It was a good thing too because after we crawled back into bed and fell asleep time slipped by all too quickly. Things seemed to become very hectic that morning after my dad banged on our door waking us up by yelling that it was getting late. After being woken up in a fright both me and Evan hurried to gather up our things so we could get to soccer practice on time. Grabbing a few pop tarts and some juice on the way out the door, it was a mad dash to the practice field at the park. We barely managed to make it in time, and then it was difficult to focus in the beginning because seeing Evan out there in his cute navy blue and white adidas striker 13 soccer shorts and matching blue jersey made me quiver excitedly reminding me that I still hadn't taken care of my teenage sexual need this morning. My eyes kept roving over the boy hungrily, not to mention many of my other fellow team mates and some of the other boy's in Evan's group; especially, Jaden who looked scorching hot in his pair of plain white puma power 5.10 short soccer shorts with a blue puma logo emblazoned on the side. His yellow Adidas Tiro II soccer jersey with the white Adidas logo just above his right chest, white stripes along the length of his shoulder and short sleeved arms, and two white diagonal accents along the rib cage finished off his outfit and looked scorching hot on him.

Speaking of hot, the morning hours now were getting warmer and warmer as summer began in earnest making us all sweat profusely during practice. At first I thought having to work out with the younger more inexperienced group would hinder us, but soon I discovered in many ways it helped improve the older guys skill level as we were expected to teach the younger boys some of our techniques. Having them intermingle with us improved our level of play because we had to compensate for sloppy passes and missed opportunities. In a way as a group we had become lax in our game expecting more precision and timing, but now we had to once more focus on stepping up our game when these things just didn't pan out forcing us to bend and make things happen despite when things went wrong.

For the younger boys their level of play had improved significantly because they were constantly challenged and kept on their toes trying to compete against a higher level of skill in us older boys. In addition they got used to competing against a much older group of boys which could be overpowering for the younger boys. No matter what team they would come against in the league they would never feel intimidated after competing against us. I began to see the logic in Coach Peterson's reasoning behind putting our two groups together other than the fact it made things more convenient for him time wise.

There were compromises as well though for all of the players on both teams. We all had to agree with extending practice an extra half an hour to accommodate having such a large group together because we still had to break off for a portion of the time to play in our individual age brackets. It was then that Coach Peterson and Coach Henderson would alternate between coaching the younger and older groups. This too ended up working in all of our favors because it allowed us to benefit from two different styles of coaching methods. Coach Peterson was secure enough in his role as Head Coach that he never interfered with Coach Henderson when he was coaching us. In a way I saw how it brought the two men together as well with them both respecting one another's abilities.

It was just after eleven in the morning when we got home all sweaty and filthy from our workout. "Why don't you go ahead and jump into the main bathroom for your shower." I told Jaden who had just come home with us bringing his small bag containing a change of clothes for the party, which would be starting here shortly with our closest friends showing up before too long.

Today's party would be just our friends from camp along with Jaden and Gabe who were our best friends, but my parents were discussing maybe having a larger party at the end of the year for all of our friends from school, soccer and of course camp along with many others who we knew from the post where my father worked. It would be a general type of party for all of our friends.

Today's party would be starting here soon with everyone's parents being invited as well and lasting until about six this evening, but Tim, Riley, Chase, and Benji our friends from camp would be spending the night along with Jaden since he was Evan's best friend. I asked Gabe to spend the night too, but he had to work later on tonight so wouldn't be able to stay having to leave around five or six o'clock. It was really starting to affect me being away from my best friend so much, but I did understand him wanting to earn a little extra money during summer vacation. He was only working part time, but it still seemed to take away a lot of time from us due to both of our conflicting schedules, and I was starting to really miss him.

As Evan and I headed down the hall towards my room I could feel Jaden's eyes following us as if he were a bit sad he couldn't join us in the shower. I looked over my shoulder and caught him staring at us his white shorts tenting outwards with an obvious erection. He jerked in surprise instinctively covering his embarrassment with his hands, his cheeks flushing red that I had seen him watching us, and then his lips curled upwards smiling and shrugging his shoulders apologetically before turning and heading into the other bathroom.

Chuckling I just shook my head in response as it was becoming clear that Jaden was starting to become enamored with Evan. I didn't know if it was just lustful desire or if he felt something deeper for his buddy; however, I got the feeling it was more sexual in nature. Ever since Jaden and Evan had become friends the honey blond haired boy has been sexually enthralled with his curly haired pal, but had respected his friend's apprehensiveness about such things. He had gotten a little taste the other day when he had hopped into the shower with the other boy and was finally allowed to see his friend naked and to touch him, but I think it might have just made Jaden want Evan even more. Of course he wouldn't pursue it any further since he knew how Evan felt about me, and also how shy his friend was about such things considering what all had happened to him.

Lately though Evan has opened up more allowing some of his defensive walls to crumble one layer at a time. This was evident now as he slowly stripped for me in a teasing kind of way before hopping into the shower, and then smiling hungrily at me as I followed him into the booth. I was immediately hard shaking nervously as I stepped under the warm water while he wrapped his arms around me affectionately. I don't know why I was nervous; maybe it was because he was the one making the moves finally. In a way it was kind of nice as I felt him step back picking up the soap and started to slowly clean me off. He took his time as he ran his soft warm hands all over my body. When he was done he looked at me his eyes sparkling hungrily before he knelt down while I watched him slowly slip his lips over my throbbing four inch erection. My knees buckled so I instinctively reached out placing my hand against the cool smooth tiled walls to remain standing as I felt his tongue slipping around my bulbous purple helmet playing my little flute expertly, and slowly coaxing me to climax so he could receive his prize. It didn't take much enticement because I was already sexually hyped since we didn't have time to take care of our early morning teenage indulgence.

A pleasurable burning sensation surged throughout my body starting deep down inside of me. It sizzled outwards up through my stomach and chest, down along my arms, and through my fingertips while at the same time flowing downwards through my legs, feet and toes. My fingers convulsed spastically while my toes curled a fraction of a second before the burning sensation smoldered along the length of my shaft expanding the head of my glans bursting outward. My tube convulsed explosively inside of Evan's eager warm wet mouth while my own throat constricted as I threw my head back emitting one single garbled squeaky word, if you could call it that.

"Eeeh," I yelped as my body seized and I pumped my fiery seed deep down his throat.

Evan instinctively began to swallow; his constricting lips, slathering tongue, and natural suctioning motion sending another wave of euphoric excitement through my rigid cylinder making me convulse intensely as my testicles contracted pumping out their entire contents in one final blast before I grunted nearly collapsing on top of my sweet little angel. Swaying unsteadily my sweet boy sat me down on the little ledge so I could recuperate.

"Oh fuck Evan. Each time seems to get more and more intense with you." I panted as I held him to me wheezing for air and trying desperately to recuperate.

We just sat there for a moment with him sitting in my lap until I picked up the soap and began to wash him down like a little boy. It didn't take long and I didn't waste any time as I shifted laying him on the shower floor looking down at my prize greedily as he spread apart his legs for me. I reached out peeling back his tight foreskin as I leaned forward taking his thick bulbous head into my lips. Evan responded letting his hips rise reflexively thrusting himself deep into my mouth as he quivered expectantly. I could taste his sweet pre-cum as it trickled out the tip of his penis enjoying the flavor and texture as I rolled it around my tongue.

Slowly I began to masturbate his tepid meat thermometer with my lips feeling the temperature rise quickly around his fatness and enjoying how it made him react. I reached down between his ripened melons and slowly inserted my finger feeling the heat already burning hotly as his little tunnel wrapped around my digit. The small curly haired boy moaned at the intrusion, but didn't reject it. Instead he seemed to embrace it as he shifted his hips giving me even more access to his tight virginal opening making me quiver with excitement at the possibilities of doing other things down there in the future. I began to slowly insert my finger even deeper making Evan groan with excitement until it was buried all the way inside of him.

This is when I began to wriggle around my digit inside of him, and slurp on his little rocket in earnest feeling the heat rise up inside of him. All of a sudden his missile seemed to blast off burning its thrusters while the tip of his head seemed to explode shooting off its load into my gaping maw and anticipating taste buds. An explosion of flavors and texture seemed to engulf my senses as I slurped up his meager offerings like some drug addict taking heroin as a means of escape. The effects of his personalized exotic designer drug were very similar for me as well because it sent me off to a place of sheer happiness and joy. I wrapped my arms around his naked body even tighter lifting him up from below and trying to shove my finger into him even further in order to stimulate and milk him for more of his prized exclusive boy juice.

Evan's body jolted upwards and he banged up against the shower stall as his orgasm blasted its way through his body while he grunted and squirmed. "Aaaaaahhhhhh, umph, umph, umph." He gasped as his arms spread outwards against the wall for stability.

My probing finger brought on a second round of orgasm as I greedily milked him for more of his precious seed until he was completely dry and exhausted. "Take it out," He chirped heavily coming down rapidly from his high as he began pushing at my hand trying to get me to remove my offending digit that was now beginning to hurt more than provide any sense pleasure.

Reluctantly I slipped out my finger allowing him to relax in my arm and quiver in delight at the expulsion of the offending digit which let his high subside in a more natural kind of gradual fashion. Ever so slowly his eyes fluttered open and his mouth twitched up into a smile as he reached out and gently stroked my cheek. I hugged him holding him in my arms rocking gently as if he were a little five year old boy. The temperature of the water was starting to cool off now so we both reluctantly climbed up to our feet and got out to dry off.

By the time we entered our room Jaden was sitting on my bed leaning back and smiling at us. "Geeze, you guys take long enough showers." He teased us as he giggled knowingly. "Think maybe I can join you guys next time." He stated smiling at us optimistically.

Evan threw his dirty jersey at his friend just shaking his head while I shrugged my shoulders. "Anything's possible you know." I told the other boy getting a sideways glance from Evan as his right eyebrow shot up questioningly. "I'm just saying is all." I continued as my little lover boy just crossed his arms looking at me. "For Pete's sake Evan don't look at me like that. It's not as if he hasn't already seen you naked or anything. After all he did manage to get you to blow your wad." I teased sticking my tongue out at the smaller boy who just furled his eyebrows at me.

"Fucking dickhead." Evan retorted throwing his dirty soccer shorts at me before just shaking his head and letting the wrapped towel around his waist drop to the floor.

I heard the audible intake of breath from Jaden as his eyes flew wide at Evan's nakedness looking up at his curly haired friend who just smiled mockingly before walking over to the dresser drawer and pulling out a fresh change of clothes including his new Cherokee bathing suit, the ones with the flames coming up the legs into his crotch. "See…I told you." I retorted making Evan look at me reproachfully. "I'm just saying is all since you've been so shy about your body and all, yet here you are getting naked in front of everyone." I teased my little love.

"Not everyone…um…just family." Evan rejoined back smugly indicating things were different with us, yet at the same time making him ponder over things since this really was the first time he felt at ease getting changed in front of his friend.

"Sure…whatever gets you through it?" I taunted as Evan rolled his eyes at me while slipping into his bathing suit first before getting dressed into his other clothes with me right behind him not minding in the least I was getting naked in front of Jaden. I pulled on my pair of yellow, green, and blue colored Cherokee surfer's bathing suit first as well before slipping my other pair of shorts and shirt.

On the other hand though, I noticed that Jaden's shorts began tenting outward until it stuck out obscenely by the time me and Evan finished getting the rest of our casual comfortable shorts and shirt on. I had opted to slip into a pair of dark brown khakis over my swim trunks, and a yellow jersey shirt with maroon stripes and logo. Evan on the other hand had decided on a pair of sandy colored khakis slipping those over his bathing suit, and a blue jersey with a white logo above his right chest. As for poor left out Jaden, he was lying there in a pair of gray colored chino shorts with light blue plaid cuffs at the bottom of the leggings and along his pocket seams trying to adjust the obscene tenting bulge along the length of his zipper. He was wearing a matching light blue plaid colored button up shirt.

Jaden was excruciatingly beautiful just lying there looking lusciously sexy. Evan was my true love in every sense of the word, and beautiful beyond belief to me, touching my heart and soul in such tender ways both emotionally and physically, but there was just that quality with Jaden that couldn't be denied. Sometimes when you look at something it is almost perfection personified, and at this stage in the boy's development that was Jaden. His soft facial features were a perfect balance of that boyish quality with a bit of feminine look that exuded a sort of sultry exquisiteness. His body was fit and lean with curves and muscles appropriately proportioned. Even his naked sexuality was near perfection with his soft fleshy bits fitting perfectly for his age and size, and when the boy became aroused it was all you could do to keep your hands off of his sensuous salacious love muscle. In a word Jaden was so alluringly captivating, and it just confounded me how the boy still managed to remain completely untouched by girls or boys. Of course he's had sexual encounters now between both myself and Evan, but for the most part he was still inexperienced and in my opinion in need of some additional lessons in the finer points of love making.

My own little albino cave dweller began to twitch beneath my khaki's in yearning once more, and I noticed Evan looking over at his friend now almost greedily as the honey blond haired boy adjusted himself oblivious that both me and Evan were gawking at him lustfully. It made me chuckle realizing that I wasn't the only one who knew just how erotically seductively alluring the sexy boy was as I watched my curly haired boy begin to chub up beneath his khakis while he watched his friend reach beneath his shorts to finish adjusting himself properly. There was an obvious change in the air as if it had somehow become charged in that teenage sexual kind of way, but before things could progress anywhere, and perhaps get out of hand, we were rescued by the sight of Mattie dashing into the room.

"Geeze, what's taking you guys so long?" Mattie squeaked as he launched himself into the air leaping into my arms making me laugh as I caught him in mid flight and crushed him against my chest in a firm hug.

"Whoa little soldier boy." I chuckled as the sexual tension seemed to dissipate when all of us began to chuckle at the little boy's exuberance. "We had to make sure to wash all the stink away from our hard workout you know. We don't want anyone wrinkling their noses at us…do we now?" I asked lightheartedly as Mattie just giggled and stuck his nose in my neck taking a big deep breath before wrinkling up his nose teasingly.

"Well, I suppose it will do, but please try a little harder next time." The boy mocked pinching the tip of his nose. "Now put me down and let's go everyone's arriving already." The smaller boy wriggled in my arms forcing me to put him down as we all laughed.

Mattie led the way with both Jaden and Evan following not too far behind. When Jaden got up off the bed he was still sporting an erection as he reached down to once more try adjusting the little tent in his shorts. Looking up he noticed Evan staring at him and shrugged apologetically before noticing Evan was sporting his own erection. Both boys looked at each other and busted up laughing as they walked arm in arm out the door. It truly was a nice sight to see how Evan seemed to become more comfortable about such things around his best friend. As they were walking out the door I saw Evan's hand slide downwards and squeeze his friend's cute little melons making the boy squeak and jerk in surprise. Jaden giggled and reach over to smack his friend's backside in retaliation.

Chuckling and shaking my head at the friendly play, I followed behind the boys as I adjusted my own little pale bald headed stump grinder. I paused for a moment just watching the two boys interact with one another realizing how well those two matched up as friends. I knew Evan was totally in love with me just like I was with him, but it made me wonder if I was also holding him back in some ways. At this stage of his development he should be hanging around other boys his own age and discovering things about himself that only other boys in his peer group could offer. Of course Evan was learning a lot from our interaction with one another, but some things were meant to be learned with his own group of peers.

We had made a commitment to be exclusive, but for me I've already gone through the stage of self discovery and several other partners so kind of knew how I felt and where I stood. It sort of made me reflect now if this sort of commitment was right for Evan since he's never had that with his own age group or others for that matter. He's only been sexually active with me so didn't know what it was like to be with others. He wasn't interested in girls at this stage, but that also could change here in the near future so what happens then, I wondered to myself as I continued to follow the two boys down the stairs contemplating even further. Sure he's had a brief encounter with Jaden, but to be honest that wasn't really in a sexual kind of context. The sandy haired boy had touched his younger friend out of curiosity at the time, which in turn caused Evan to explode and have an orgasm, but that was mostly just an immediate reaction to being touched and not really done in a sexual way. More like it being an accidental occurrence for Evan.

My thoughts were interrupted as we stepped outside and I noticed a flurry of activity. Everyone had arrived already by this time, and I could see them mingling around with one another while my dad manned the grill with some of the other fathers lending a hand. The aroma of barbequed chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs filled the air setting my stomach to grumbling making me realize I was starving. Mom already had the table decked out with salads, fruits, and all sorts of snacks, and was now laying out some dishes that others had brought with them as the women folk seemed to congregate around one another as well. Of course we told everyone they didn't have to bring anything because there would be plenty of food, but as seems customary for these types of events everyone seemed to bring some sort of dish with them anyway. It was going to be a feast indeed, with way too much food, but then again there was a big group of ravenous teenagers that knew how to devour everything in sight.

It was fun seeing our friends from camp as we all gathered around and started talking rapidly as if we'd been separated for years. I had to smile because Riley had automatically picked up Mattie into his arms and was teasing the little boy who didn't seem to mind one bit as he wrapped his arms around the older boy's neck and hugged him affectionately as if they've known one another their entire lives. My heart soared with happiness as I knelt down patting Sage who was leaning his body up against my leg. When I looked up it was just in time to see Gabe coming around the side of the house. I motioned him over and introduced him as my longest and best friend of all time to the rest of the group who immediately accepted him as one of their own just as they had done for Mattie and Jaden at camp.

While Gabe answered some typical type of teenage questions the others were asking I knelt back down giving Sage some well deserved attention as well. The dog licked my ear briefly before shifting so I could scratch his back legs which for some reason he always enjoyed. I knew what the dog liked and began to scratch his thigh giggling as the dog lifted up his leg a little and reflexively began jerking in an imaginary scratching motion his feet twitching around rapidly.

I've known Sage as a pup when my dad had first acquired him and began his training sessions. For some reason the dog had bonded with me in a special kind of way despite the rigorous training he had undergone through the military. He was my father's dog and belonged to the military obeying commands as any other trained soldier during combat, but when he was at home it was like he belonged to me. I got the distinct feeling that if I were to give him a command he'd obey it over any command my father would give him at the same time. It was strange the connection we had, but I got the feeling it happened when he became sick as a puppy.

Sage had picked up something that made him violently ill and the veterinarian had to sedate him giving him some sort of antibiotics. Sage was sick for several days barely able to stand or even eat. My father had tried to nurse him back to health, but Sage barely ate or even moved during those several days. At night when all was quiet I would sneak into the living room and curl up with him on the floor. Slowly Sage began to eat as I gently fed him some treats getting stronger over the next several days and recovering from whatever had made him so sick. I think it was at this point in time that the two of us had bonded in such a close way. It was almost as if he had imprinted himself on to me and became family.

We were all having a good time both parents and boys as there seemed to be a flurry of movement everywhere. The men folk had seemed to gather around the grill, while the women folk congregated around the tables chatting away and exchanging embarrassing stories about us kids for sure. The rest of us had made our way down to the lake and were sitting around on the gentle sloping hill beneath the cool shaded canopied oak and maple trees along the banks. A small breeze rippled across the water running through our little clearing cooling us off even further making it just comfortable while we sat in the shadows protecting us from the heat of the sun.

Chase was sitting between Tim's legs leaning up against his chest with the older boy's arms draped over his shoulders casually and across his chest. Mattie had settled into Riley's lap snuggled up comfortably in the older boy's arms leaning his head on the boy's chest. Sage had settled down comfortably by my feet, and I had my right arm hanging around Evan's shoulder while he leaned into me with his back up against my chest just like Chase was doing with Tim. Somehow Benji had managed to wiggle himself under my other arm making me smile affectionately at the boy as he leaned into my left side. Jaden looked kind of sullen and alone sitting cross legged on the ground next to his older brother who in turn seemed completely clueless to the closeness the rest of us were all sharing with one another at the moment making the honey blond haired boy seem kind left out.

Sighing, I leaned over and whispered into Evan's ear as he just sort of looked up at me questioningly before glancing over towards his friend. Seeing how Jaden was looking kind of forlorn Evan unwrapped himself from me nodding his head as he sat up crossing his legs in front of him. I extricated myself from Benji who just shrugged and sidled up behind Evan as he pulled the younger boy up against his chest. Evan craned his neck smiling up appreciatively at Benji, and just leaned back enjoying the warm companionship. Sage followed me as I made my way over towards Jaden stopping long enough to smack Gabe lightly on the back of his head while I settled behind the sandy haired forlorn looking younger brother.

"Hey…what was that for?" Gabe complained as I pulled his younger brother into my arms protectively and snuggling up to him comfortingly.

Jaden twisted his head and looked back at me appreciatively allowing me to give him a quick peck on the cheek which didn't go unnoticed by Gabe. "For being such a dork you little twit." I responded to Gabe's inquiry while he just looked back a bit baffled. "Geeze you're so clueless sometimes Gabe. Would it kill you to interact with your little brother a little bit?" I told him not wanting to get into it with everyone sitting around yet giving him enough of a hint with something I've talked to him about before.

Gabe seemed to stare at me for a moment as he glanced around noticing how everyone had seemed to come together with one person or another. It wasn't in a sexual way or anything just sort of casual, but also in a close knit friendship kind of way. My friend seemed to blush a little looking down a bit embarrassed by the type of affection everyone seemed to be displaying. It was as if Gabe just didn't know how to show this kind of warmth towards his brother Jaden who in turn so much craved that kind of relationship with his older brother.

Sage had sort of followed us over and licked Jaden's ear as the boy squirmed before the dog changed his focus sticking his nose in the boy's crotch getting a good whiff making Jaden yelp at the intrusion. Everyone busted up watching as Jaden tried to push the dog's head away only making more of a scene because Sage buried his head even deeper growling in a playful way thinking it was now a game.

"Geeze Jaden are you leaking cum or something?" I teased the smaller boy who immediately jerked when Sage seemed to lick his crotch forcing the boy to clamp his hands over himself as he tried to protect his little boy treats from the dog.

Everyone busted up laughing at the timing of my comment and the dog licking him with Benji piping up adding to the insult. "Dude, next time just take care of that problem before coming out in public." He taunted while we all continued to laugh at Jaden's expense and I pulled his arms out away from his body giving Sage complete access to his nether region forcing the boy to squeal, twist, and laugh in my arms as he tried to get away.

It had now officially become a game for the dog as he continued to push up against Jaden making the boy squirm in my arms even more. Jaden was laughing so hard by this time totally helpless and at Sage's mercy since my arms and legs held him in place. He wasn't the only one since all the guys were busting a gut now because it was just too funny seeing how even the damn dog seemed to want to perv on the succulent little boy. A few moments later Sage seemed to have enough and backed off lying down by our feet.

"Holy crap," Jaden continued to chuckle as we sat back up and he reached down pulling out the waistband of his shorts to take a quick look.

"Well?" I asked as he looked back still holding out his waistband.

"Well what?" He responded.

"How much is left?" I teased taking the opportunity to reach beneath his shorts and grabbing on to his hard erection making the boy yelp in surprise as we once more squirmed around together sending everyone off once more in a round of laughter.

Everyone that is except for Gabe who seemed to look at me a bit strangely as if latching on to Jaden's jewels was a bit too much. I released Jaden who just elbowed me in a good natured way as we sat back up and he continued to chuckle. He reached back and goosed my balls in retaliation making me yelp in surprise this time around. Once more Gabe seemed a bit put out by our antics, but no one else seemed bothered by it as they continued to laugh at our innocent like bantering.

"Whoa dude, like you just got a blow job by…like a dog." Riley taunted sending us once more in a fit of laughter at the silliness of the whole event.

"Shit Jaden…Riley's right. Your first blowjob and it was Sage who gave it to you. How did it feel?" Evan teased his friend laughing while wrapped up in Benji's arms as the rest of us continued to laugh.

"Well I'm sure it feels just like the blow job you got from your lap dog not all that long ago today in the shower, and who said it was my first blowjob." Jaden retorted firing back at me and Evan as he looked at us giggling knowingly.

Gabe kind of shifted around a bit uncomfortably finding out for the first time that his little brother just might actually be sexually active already, but still having to chuckle because it really was funny. Evan on the other hand looked mortified his cheeks turning scarlet while the rest of us just laughed as I called a truce since it was getting way out of control and I could see how it sort of bothered my curly haired love.

"Damn, Jaden that was supposed to be a secret." I stated trying to be serious as Jaden's eyes got real big in an apologetic sort of way for going too far while Evan shot me off a look of fear.

"I…um…shit Kyle…I…I'm sorry but I just…," Jaden stuttered and stammered as I smiled wickedly making him realize too late that I had just set him up again.

"You know I don't like people finding out about my shape shifting abilities into a lap dog, much less my superb skills at giving blowjobs in my shape shifted form." I mocked him as he just shook his head and punched me in the arm while everyone just chuckled at how I had managed to get out of a potentially embarrassing situation. When I glanced over I noticed that I had even managed to get Evan to chuckle as he relaxed while things sort of wound down a bit for us all.

Jaden leaned back into my arms comfortably reaching down and adjusting his erection eliciting a muted giggle by several of the other guys who looked at him knowingly. Jaden just smiled back not in the least bit embarrassed before snuggling up further into my arms. Gabe shot me a look, and I just shrugged my shoulders not in the least bit sorry for how the smaller boy seemed to enjoy cuddling up so closely with me. Hell if this is what it took to get Gabe to wake up then why not.

We heard a shout from my dad that lunch was ready and we all scrambled to our feet starting our way towards the tables. Gabe was stilling sitting down looking a bit dejected, and I saw Riley lagging behind as well scooting over next to the other boy as he settled down sitting crossed legged in front of my friend. I felt a twinge of regret at how I had just treated Gabe, but I was beginning to become sick and tired of him being so thick headed, and not see how much his little brother missed him. Looking back a few seconds later I saw Gabe and Riley getting up and following behind us as Gabe chatted with Riley who gave the other boy a friendly shove. I hung back a little and let Gabe catch up to me as Riley just smiled and walked past giving us a moment together.

"You alright?" I asked Gabe who looked at me, then nodded his head giving me a smile.

"Yeah, just that sometimes I forget you know." He replied as I looked at him questioningly not understanding. "It's hard for me Kyle is all. I mean I get it you know…but still…it's hard for me to be as open with Jaden as you are with Mattie and Evan." He responded as I nodded my head and reached out to Gabe wrapping my arm around his shoulder as he sort of flinched at first before giving me an appreciative smile.

"I know Gabe…but do try. He's different than you and Jason, but your older brother is deployed oversees with the military so all he has is you. He misses you is all, and wants to connect with you like he sees me, Mattie, and Evan doing." I told him sincerely as he nodded his head.

"I'm sorry Kyle and I'll try, but I see you spending time with Jaden, Evan, and Mattie and it is so hard. With me working I sort of feel left out this summer. I mean even your new friends from camp seem totally awesome, and I'm kind of jealous because I can't spend the night with you guys and get to know them better." He sighed sadly.

"I know Gabe and I miss you too, but I understand you wanting to work and all for some extra spending money. I promise that we will try to find some time together this summer, just the two of us. In the meantime we've got all afternoon together and the guys already like you and all so it should be a lot of fun." I told my friend as I gave him a friendly shove.

"Sounds cool, but for now let's get some food because I'm starving, and then find a spot to sit with the rest of the guys. Seems like a good group of friends you've made at camp, and any friend of yours is a friend of mine." He smiled at me not holding anything against me for what all had happened earlier with Jaden; although, I got the distinct feeling he still was a bit reserved about the whole sexual stuff regarding his little brother even though it had been innocent banter. Not to mention he seemed a bit uncomfortable with me getting frisky with his little brother.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time as we munched down on the food. I of course put a little bit of everything on to my plate, which ended up leaving it piled up pretty high. I didn't take a lot of anything in particular just small portions, but there were a lot of different things so it added up quickly. I wasn't one of those picky eaters and I tended to enjoy most all kinds of foods including vegetables and fruit; however, my all time favorite foods tended to be on the spicy side so I did add more of the extra spicy beef yakisoba that someone had brought with them.

My belly was full by the time I finished, but I did heap on another small helping of the fiery yakisoba dish. Sweat was dripping from my forehead and my face was flush from the spicy noodles which had hardly been touched by others because it truly was blisteringly hot. I noticed only a few others had even delved into this dish having been warned how spicy it was, and all of us who had taken some reacted the same way as the spices made us sweat profusely. Taking a last bite I finally sat back in my chair and burped.

Gabe just looked at me and laughed knowing how much I loved spicy dishes. "Well I'm glad you enjoyed it." He chuckled shaking his head. "I had mom make it extra spicy for you just the way you like it." My friend confided in me as I smiled appreciatively at him since I hardly got a chance to eat such fiery foods because my parents tended to enjoy their spicy foods a bit on the milder side.

"Thanks it really was great." I responded noticing that Jaden was one of the few other ones who had enjoyed the sharpness of the dish as much as I did.

"Well I hope you left room for cake." Jaden belched as well his red hot lips burning brightly as he shoveled the last of the spicy noodles on his plate into his mouth.

"Crap, I don't know if I can eat anything else, besides I didn't see any cake just some of the other deserts and I already ate some of that too. If I eat anything else I'll explode for sure." I responded as I burped again freeing up some space inside my stomach making me feel just a tad better.

"But you've got to have some cake." Mattie protested as I looked over at the little boy who seemed to be pouting now.

"Why is everyone talking about a cake?" I asked a bit curiously not really thinking anything of it other than I hadn't seen any to begin with.

"Because…," I heard my mom say from the sliding door leading into the house. "It's your birthday." My mom chuckled shaking her head as she brought out a large sheet cake with a number fifteen lit candle and the simple message of Happy Birthday Kyle scrawled on top.

I'd almost forgotten all about my birthday with everything else that's been going on. Officially it wasn't until this upcoming Wednesday, but we always celebrated our birthdays on the weekend anyway, but I had figured we'd do that next week since today was the party for our group of friends. This caught me completely by surprise, and I just looked around blushing in shock as everyone began to sing happy birthday to me while my dad rolled out a small table piled up with boxes of gifts that everyone had brought for me.

After blowing out the candles I carved up the cake offering them either a large slice from the chocolate side or the plain side depending on their tastes. We all sat around joking and enjoying the cake while I slowly opened up the presents. I was really humbled by the unique gifts everyone gave me. These weren't really expensive gifts, which didn't really matter to me anyway, but they weren't cheap either; rather, they truly were thought out ones picked with a lot of consideration and personal touches showing you how much your friends really cared about you.

"I really don't know what to say guys, these are really nice." I told everyone smiling and thanking them truly appreciating the wonderful thought that went behind the presents.

Mattie stepped up to me nervously and gave me a hug. "I'm sorry that me and Evan didn't buy anything like the other guys. We…um don't have that much money." Mattie looked a little crest fallen that he wasn't able to buy anything for me as I reached out and pulled him into my arms.

"Oh Mattie I don't care if you guys don't buy me anything because you guys just being you and being around is all that matters to me." I told him as I cuddled with him giving him a gentle kiss on his cheek while he wrapped his arm around my neck giving me a tight squeeze.

"We did make a gift for you though." Mattie replied as Evan walked over handing me a wrapped package.

"Really?" I asked looking at the two boys who smiled shyly at me making me giggle at the reflected mirror image of likeness between the two boys.

"I know it isn't much." Evan nodded his head as I tore off the paper and gasped.

"Evan drew the picture and I made the frame and matting. Your dad took me on base and the nice lady in the craft shop helped me make the matting, frame, and cut the glass. I picked out the color and design." Mattie spoke up chewing on his lower lip just like his older brother always did when he was nervous.

Their gift was overwhelming as my hands shook stroking the framed sketch that Evan had drawn of us playing outside together. The one I had first seen him working on just before camp, and when I discovered he could draw. It was the depiction of me, Evan, and Mattie kicking around the soccer ball from the day I had watched over them when their mom and Don had gone out. It was a black and white stark elegant drawing made all the more so by Mattie's choice of matting and framework. The rectangular shaped frame was just a simple wooden matt black colored border holding a one inch wide plain gray matting all around inside. Inside of the gray matting was another quarter inch strip of matting in the matching black color of the main wooden frame. The matting was a rectangular shaped cut on the inside holding the sketch, but on all four corners it had a cut staircase like design instead of just the regular cut into corners. In addition on the top matt about an inch from the inner opening was another simple straight cut made all the way around with a diamond cut on each corner allowing the black to show up in the gray matting adding to the contrast. The colors worked perfectly contrasting the main white background of the image along with the varying shades of gray and black of the sketch itself. The frame and designer cut matting was elegant, sleek, and sucked the viewers eyes right in to the action of the drawing itself.

The first time I had seen the sketch it was already a very detailed piece of work, but not yet completed. Now when I gazed longingly at the finished product I could really see the time and effort it had taken Evan to depict all the finer facets that were missing the first time around. Those very exquisite details now seemed to pull and draw the viewer in. The main character was me in a running pose getting ready to kick the soccer ball. Evan and Mattie where both in a defensive pose, bracing themselves against my imposing onrushing form. You could really get the sense of the action in the drawing, yet it wasn't too overpowering and seemed kind of done in a balanced way with a delicate touch. I could see the perspiration dripping from my body, the rippling muscles from the contortion of the moment, and even the detailed shape and size of the lump in my shorts; which left little to the imagination of what I had swinging between my legs.

My eyes continued to gaze at the masterful illustration wandering over to the images of the boys noticing Evan had added similar details to both him and Mattie with extreme accuracy in both shape and size. I was truly impressed with the precision and meticulous finer points of the drawing. It was a happy and tender moment when all of Evan's problems disappeared for a while, and when I was innocently oblivious to the younger boy's hardships. It was also a stark reminder of a darker time in Evan's life, and a transition marker for things yet to come.

My eyes blurred as a stinging wetness seemed to burn them. Small little droplets fell into my lap as I gingerly stroked the masterful framed image for what it truly represented and meant.

"You don't like it?" Mattie asked me a bit disappointed.

"W…what?" I asked him having been lost in my own thoughts.

"The drawing and frame, you don't like it?" He asked me again sounding a bit sad that he couldn't afford anything better.

"N…no…I mean of course I like it Mattie. It's beautiful and the best gift you guys could ever give me." I told him seriously trying to wipe away the wetness from my cheeks looking down at the picture fondly.

My chest welled up and I couldn't contain myself anymore as I began to cry in earnest holding on tightly to the drawing and hugging it closely to my body. This was just so touching with so many powerful memories flooding back to me from that fateful day. This drawing was the connection to everything that has happened from that day on.

"Kyle…I…I'm so sorry." Evan stuttered wrapping his arms around me. "I didn't mean for it to upset you." He whispered in my ear as he hugged me along with Mattie.

Everyone around me seemed somehow shocked and rooted into place not knowing what to do. They didn't know exactly what was going on, but the ones who knew about Evan sort of understood it had something to do with it. Looking over towards my parents I saw the look in their eyes of softness as they waved for everyone to leave the three of us alone for a few minutes. My friends paused for a moment giving all three of us a hug before heading down towards the lake giving us some privacy so we could work this out.

After a few moments I finally sighed and let out a little laugh of relief as I inhaled deeply. "I'm so sorry for making you sad Kyle." Evan began as I leaned back shaking my head and wiping away the wetness from my cheeks.

"No sweetness, don't feel bad. This truly is the most wonderful gift anyone's ever given me." I told both of the brothers sincerely.

"Then why were you crying?" Mattie asked me a bit shaken up as I gave him an assuring hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Because Mattie this for me is the most important day of my life…well other than being born. Don't you see this is the day where everything between the three of us came together? It's the day I really understood what you guys mean to me. We've always been sort of together in a close kind of way, but on that day I really understood you guys were family. It doesn't matter that we aren't related by blood, but I realized with a certainty we belonged together." I told both of them nodding my head as they looked at me somberly knowing it was all true as I continued. "Mattie it was also the first night we did something very private and special together. I don't regret it either, not anymore, and I'm glad we could share that together." I whispered softly to Mattie letting him know that I truly feel something special for him. "Evan this was the day I realized I hadn't been a good friend to you because this was the day I discovered what has been happening to you for years. It was the first time my heart truly broke inside of me for having failed at something so important in my life…I failed to protect you. I'm so sorry for that Evan, and I hope you can forgive me for letting you suffer all these years." I told my lovely little precious boy as he wiped away his own tears nodding his head.

"That wasn't your fault Kyle and I'm glad we have each other." He told me as he reached over giving me a tender hug.

"My heart broke that day Evan, but you made it whole again because it was the day I discovered we both had feelings for one another; a deep kind of tender feeling, and something so sweet and innocent. You made me the happiest boy in the world and still make me feel special every day. You too Mattie." I told the younger boy so he didn't feel left out as we all cuddled together for a few moments before I gathered myself together.

"Come-on, let's show the rest of the guys the drawing and frame work you guys put together for me before I go hang it up. I know exactly where I want it to go so that it will be something I see every day. This is something I will always treasure, just like I will always cherish having both of you in my life." I smiled affectionately at my little family, my brothers, my boys.

Entering my room with the picture in hand I walked over to my computer desk looking at the blank wall just above my work station. It would be the perfect spot for this exquisite drawing. After my embarrassing breakdown I had made sure to go around showing everyone the beautiful gift my two sweet little angels gave me. Gabe had been a bit concerned for me and we had chatted for a few minutes as I tried my best to explain what had happened. I told him that for me this was the day that I truly realized how blessed I was to have Mattie and Evan in my life. He was still confused, but seemed to begin to understand as I explained how yes of course their family and ours have always been close, but things happened that day to make me realize that the two boys were more like family than just close friends. We talked some more as I tried to explain things to him without giving up any confidences that belonged to Evan and my friend seemed to accept the explanation for now, but could also see that he wanted more from me. Something I couldn't offer up to him at the moment.

Gabe in turn had been truly impressed with Evan's sketch, and also appreciated Mattie's choice of frame and matting. He even told Evan and Mattie how wonderful the gift really was, and way better than any of the other gifts anyone had given me that day. The other boy's in our group agreed with Chase scrutinizing it in a way only another artist can do. He was even impressed with the fine details as he smiled appreciatively at my nice little package pointing out how Evan had managed to capture it with such precision. Of course this set off a round of lighthearted teasing by everyone including Gabe who teased that Evan must have embellished a little bit on that particular aspect of me rewarding him with a resounding thump on the arm as I punched him a bit hard for the comment, which sent everyone into another round of laughter.

I made my way around to the adults as well apologizing for my behavior. They seemed to understand as they watched me interacting with Evan and Mattie as if the two boys truly were my very own little brothers. Many of them took the time to chat with me for a few moments letting both Evan and me know how they truly appreciated us becoming friends with their boys. I responded that for me this truly was the best summer camp I've ever been to, and had made the best friends ever.

When I made my way over to Benji's folks and chatted for a bit, his dad took me off to the side wanting to thank me for what I had done for his son. Evidently Benji had told his dad about Brad, and how he had been bullied and teased about his privates. The boy had told his dad how I had taken care of the older boy, and how I had taken him under my wings helping him overcome his embarrassment about his privates. Of course I blushed that Benji had told his dad about some of those things, and was a bit afraid that maybe he had told his dad about other things as well, but was relieved when it became obvious that the younger boy hadn't mentioned anything about his sexual encounters with some of us that had happened to him while at camp.

Now as I hung up the sketch and stepped back I had to smile. It was a perfect spot to hang the drawing and would be a reminder for me every day how blessed I truly was to have the Prescott boys in my life. As I gazed at the sketch I noticed something and stepped forward for a closer look. Funny how I hadn't noticed before, but on the bottom right of the sketch was Evan's signature done in pencil and sort of incorporated into the drawing so it wasn't obvious. He had also put a date on there and making a quick calculation I realized it was the exact date when I watched over them and when we had played together in the yard. Then I also noticed another signature in the bottom right hand corner on the gray matt done in a fine silver metallic color, which blended in unobtrusively with the coloration of the matting. It was Mattie's name and I was impressed with the penmanship of the eight year old. Below his name were two dates. The first one must have been the day he made the matt, frame, and cut the glass, and the second one was today's date with a little notation indicating it was my birthday gift. This was perfect because it recorded everything for future reference. Stepping back I had to smile at this nice little touch as I sighed getting ready to head back outside with the rest of my friends who must be already waiting for me.

Glancing down I noticed a memory card sitting on my desk. Hesitating for a moment I picked it up as I sat down at my computer, and slipped it into the appropriate slot smiling at the images that popped up on the screen. This was the memory card Evan had talked about, and the images that popped up were several pictures of not only him but Mattie as well. I opened up my drawer and got out my flash drive plugging it into the USB port on my computer. A few moments later I had all the pictures transferred over to my computer and the appropriate changes added to my thumb-drive.

As I was finishing up I heard some commotion going on in the hallway, and realized it was Mattie and Evan. "What do you mean you don't know what you did with it Mattie?" I heard Evan ask his little brother as their voices became muffled when they evidently went into the boy's smaller bedroom. "It's got to be somewhere…" I heard Evan continue. "We just bought your new bathing suit the other day for Pete's sake so what did you do with it?" The older boy was asking his little brother making me chuckle.

"Um…Kyle?" I heard a voice at my door making me jump in surprise and look over.

It was Chase as he hesitantly stepped inside with a small daypack in his hand. "Oh hey Chase, what's up?" I asked turning my attention back to the computer so I could shut it down.

"Oh…um…well everyone else already seems to be wearing their bathing suit…but I saw Mattie and Evan coming inside so followed them thinking there might be somewhere I could change?" He asked me as I turned back around.

"Oh sure…anywhere you want Chase. If you need some privacy you can head into the bathroom." I suggested pointing towards the door leading into the bathroom while I turned my attention back to the computer. Removing the flash-drive from its slot and sliding it into my laptop bag before shutting down my desktop; I turned and literally froze in place as I gawked in stunned silence at the delicious sight standing a few feet away.

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