Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 21

Flipping on the light switch as I plunged through the bedroom door my gaze fell on the single queen sized bed in the opposite corner of the room. I could see Mattie huddled up in the corner with his knees drawn up tight against his body looking up at me with wild eyes and a bit frightened. He didn't have his shirt on, and his tight little boy's briefs with images of a green Hulk plastered around everywhere hugged his body tightly. I could distinctly see the small outline of his boy lump bulging slightly between his legs that were bent at the knees. His arms were wrapped around the front of his toned limbs with his darkly tanned colored chest and stomach pressed up against them. Evan was beginning to thrash around all tangled up in his blanket starting to scream as I rushed to his side.

"Don't worry Mattie; he's just having a nightmare." I whispered kneeling down next to Evan as his hand shot out nearly clipping me in the face.

"Stop…please don't…," I heard the older boy yell out at the top of his lungs still firmly in the grips of his nightmare.

"Evan wake up sweetie…," I surprised myself by using a term that my mother would use on me while I continued to croon gently but firmly enough getting a bit of a response from my little angel as the thrashing slowly subsided.

The boy's contorted facial features gradually softened as I ran my fingers through his dark curls that were plastered damply against his forehead. Leaning down I kissed his lips softly and watched as his wet eyelids slowly fluttered open revealing his beautiful hazel colored eyes that glanced around in a bit of bewilderment.

Just then my father came bursting through the doorway looking a bit disheveled in his open robe that was fluttering around wildly revealing his naked torso and the green army boxers he was wearing. It amazed me how fit my father was as his sleek stomach revealed a set of six packs with a smooth slightly muscular chest and strong broad shoulders. I haven't seen him in years without a shirt as I noticed the scarring along his chest and shoulders from where he must have been wounded several years back.

As he burst through the door my father quickly looked around closing his robe and tying it off. "What the hell is going on?" He spoke up in a strong voice that seemed overpowering in the small room as his gaze quickly swept around the room for any signs of danger.

His booming voice made me flinch reflexively, but Evan literally jolted in shock and scuttle backwards until he was huddled against the head of the bed holding his blanket up against him tightly as if to hide behind the flimsy material. "P…please don't hurt me," Evan started to hiccup as big round clear droplets of tears tumbled onto the bedding, and his eyes glazed over as if he had somehow retreated away from reality.

My father stood about a foot inside the bedroom doorway in complete shock watching as I cautiously reached over and wrapped my arms around the older brother. "Evan…sweetie…it's alright." I gently told the boy holding him to my chest as he wrapped his arms around me not caring that my father had just heard me using a term of endearment. "It's only my dad Evan…not Don." I told him encouragingly feeling the tension slowly dissipate from his body as if he was finally coming back from wherever the cold darkness of nightmares had propelled him.

Releasing my tight hold on the boy I gently eased him away from me and reached up gently wiping away the wetness from his face with my fingers and fleshy part of my thumb as I smiled warmly at him. His eyes locked on to mine and wouldn't look away as I leaned in and gave him a caring gentle kiss on the forehead. He gave me a meek smile as I placed the palm on my hand on his cheek before wrapping my fingers under his chin.

"Another nightmare?" I whispered softly to him as he just nodded his head releasing his eye contact from me for the first time, and looking down in shame his small hands balled tightly around the fabric of the blanket holding it up against his chest.

His knuckles had turned white because he was holding on so tight, and his body had tensed up again as if he was recalling his nightmare living through it once more. I reached over and placed my hand on his fist rubbing it softly waiting for him to look back up at me. As soon as my hands enclosed over his knuckles the boy flinched for a moment before relaxing and then gazed up almost apologetically into my eyes.

"It's alright Evan…you're safe." I whispered as I reached for the blanket.

The boy shot an embarrassing look towards my father before looking back at me pleadingly. "Don't worry Evan…I just need to take a quick look." I whispered encouragingly as he continued to hold on to the blanket embarrassed about having it pulled away.

"Alright then…I'll just reach inside for a moment." I told him reaching beneath the blanket and running my hands down the front of his bare stomach and along the front of his pajama shorts he had worn to bed.

His shorts were completely soaked through and through, and I could feel the wetness all along the length of the bed where he had been sleeping. Smiling up at him I removed my hand and sighed.

"It'll be alright Evan. Nothing that can't be fixed." I whispered to him as his eyes began to water up with shame. "Shhhh…shhhh…trust me Evan…it's alright. Just like at camp remember. Just get up out of bed and go into the bathroom so you can get cleaned up. I'll take care of Mattie and the bed." I told him softly reaching out for the blanket, but he just huddled up under it even more glancing towards my father.

He was mortified, just like at camp, and didn't want to be seen naked and in this state by my father. Looking around I noticed his dirty jersey from his soccer tryouts lying next to the bed so reached down and slipped it over his head watching closely as he shoved the rest of his tiny frame into the oversized shirt under the blanket. Giving me a quick hug he darted out from beneath the blanket pulling down his jersey protectively over his slim body to conceal himself before disappearing behind the bathroom door.

"Come over here Mattie." I encouraged soothingly towards the smaller boy who had remained so quiet and brave huddled in the corner of the wall.

The smaller boy unwound from his position and literally leaped into my arms holding me tightly and softly crying into my shoulders. "What happened to Evan?" He sniffled concerned for his older brother.

"It's nothing Mattie. Just something he has to work through…a bad nightmare." I whispered in the boy's ears trying to calm him down as I turned my head kissing the nape of his neck affectionately noticing him slowly calming down.

"Is it because of what Don did to him?" He sniveled releasing his grip from me so I could gently ease him back a little, and look into his eyes.

"Yeah…little man…it is, but it's nothing you have to worry about alright?" I asked him as he just shook his head no letting me know he was still worried. "Mattie trust me…Evan will work it out and it will get better…I promise." I told him softly.

"You promise…like for real…you know rule number six?" Mattie asked making me smile that he would be remembering those silly rules I had invented.

"Yes rule number six. I don't promise anything I'm not hundred percent sure about, not to mention rule number eight. I am being truthful or wouldn't say it at all Mattie when I tell you that Evan will work it out somehow." I assured my little guy as he just nodded his head.

"Yeah, but he just seems so hurt, then there's mom, and also Don's still out there." Mattie started to panic getting a bit overwhelmed himself as another thought occurred to me in how I could calm him down.

"Shhhh…shhhh…Mattie. Remember rule number five…just take it slowly and deal with these problems one at a time, alright." I told him soothingly watching the smaller boy take in a deep breath nodding his head. "We will work things out together…as a family," I assured him watching him start to calm down. "You and Evan are both here with us now, and next week your mom will be coming home too so we will deal with these things one at a time. Just remember that my mom and dad are here…and me too…and we will work it out together so that it isn't too big for any one person." I told him encouragingly repeatedly letting him know we would work things out together so it would sink for him. "Now why don't you go with dad and let him tuck you into my bed. We will all sleep together tonight." I told him as he smiled and nodded his head giving me a quick hug before untangling himself from me and walking towards my father.

My dad had stayed out of the exchange remaining quiet when he had seen Evan's reaction. He hadn't wanted to upset the boy any further so had been content to watch me handle the situation, and now smiled at me proudly as he picked up little Mattie giving the boy a hug and kiss on the cheek. It made me smile warmly seeing how openly my father exhibited his affection towards all of us. My dad might be a tough and gruff soldier, but when the man was home he was very warm and loving towards me and my mom. He never shied away from displaying his love towards us as he hugged, cuddled, and showered us with kisses.

Sage scooted over towards me as I patted him gently while I watched my dad shift Mattie in his arms and began to feel his pajama bottoms to see if he was wet. "Are you dry?" He asked the boy who just nodded his head and looked down at himself just to be sure. "That's good," my dad grunted as he teased the boy by pretending to let him slip from his arms.

Mattie giggled as my dad's left arm wrapped around his leg while his right arm wrapped around his upper thigh allowing the boy to swing like a pendulum with his head pointing towards the floor. The disheveled boy giggled happily while I just smiled and shook my head. The maneuver had sort of pulled his pajama bottoms along his legs with the waistband hugging the smaller boy tightly right along lower part of his pubic mound. All that was keeping it in place at this point was his little bulge that threatened to pop out at any moment.

"Oops, we better straighten you out before that little birdie of yours escapes from its cage and flies away forever taking its little baby eggs with it." My father teased Mattie as he tried to shift around his arms to grab on to the boy a little firmer while he continued to taunt the curly haired eight year old. "If that happens we will have to start buying you dresses instead of britches. I much prefer you as a little boy instead of a fussy little girl." My dad teased as he began to straighten out the still chortling little rug rat while in the process giving the boy's nearly exposed little pecker a quick squeeze for good measure nodding his head. "Yup, you most definitely are still all boy…for now." My dad chuckled making Mattie squirm while he squealed and giggle at the unexpected grope.

Even I had to laugh seeing my dad just be himself with the young little tyke, and not in the least bit guilty at what he had just done. I still remember him teasing me the same way when I was Mattie's age, and in a way it was nice seeing him treat the curly haired boy that way, as if he truly were his very own son.

Mattie yelped again when my father gave him another quick squeeze for good measure to prove his point. The little guy jerked and tittered in his boyishly high pitched voice as he reached up just in time to clamp his two tiny hands over his little baubles as they slipped free from the confines of his cottony pajama bottoms.

My father roared in laughter as Mattie's floppy bean bag and stiff little chubby popped out into view before the boy managed to cover himself up. "Hang on tight and don't let it fly away or we're in serious trouble." My dad began to shake hysterically. "Besides your little birdie looks spitting mad and a bit hard headed." My dad taunted the boy as he almost dropped him because he was laughing so hard when he saw that little hard spike burst stiffly into view realizing Mattie had popped wood. He finally managing to cradle the little guy in his arms as both of them began pulling up the pajama shorts protectively over his little boy bits. "That's a good boy, is it still in there?" My dad asked seriously, watching Mattie cautiously pull out the waistband of his jimmies. The boy took a quick peek inside before swiftly covering himself back up as he looked up into my dad's eyes and nodded his head. "Whew, that was a close one for sure." My dad whispered jokingly. "We've got to be more careful in the future." He chuckled playfully, with Mattie enjoying all the attention while my father carried him out of the room.

Sitting down on the floor and leaning my back up against the bed I wrapped my arms around my knees that were tucked up to my chest and leaned my forehead down on them taking a deep breath. I could hear the droning noise of the shower being turned on behind the closed bathroom door, and I just closed my eyes for a second as I tried to calm down as well. My blood was boiling with hatred at what Don had done, and is still doing to Evan and his family. It broke my heart having to see my sweet angelic boy go through such a hard time. I remained that way for a minute or two collecting my thoughts together before I finally got up off the floor and began stripping the soiled linens off the bed. I heard the shower turning off knowing Evan had just jumped in real quick to rinse off the salty scummy feeling of urine from his body.

Dropping the soiled linen next to the bed, I made my way over to the small dresser that the boys were currently sharing. Opening up a couple of drawers I found what I was looking for and pulled out a pair of shorts and t-shirt for Evan to slip into. I was really tired and worn out, but I took a deep breath gathering up my composure for my sweet little angel, and knocked on the door softly.

"Evan? It's just me." I spoke softly through the door. "Can I come in?" I asked hearing him reply that it was alright.

Slowly opening the door I peeked inside watching him turn towards me with a towel held in front of him protectively concealing his nakedness. He glanced over my shoulders looking into the other bedroom and seemed to sigh when he didn't see anyone on the other side of the door. I walked passed him setting down his shorts and shirts on the counter before turning to face him. Evan had continued to watch me turning his back towards the open door so that he continued to face me.

The look of sheer hurt and shame was plastered all over his sweet countenance, and I couldn't help myself as I took a hesitant step towards him not wanting to spook him while he was in such an awkward state mind. I should have known that I didn't need to worry about him being embarrassed with me being there because all of a sudden he quickly stepped forward wrapping his warm arms around my waist burying his face into my shoulder. The towel dropped between us as I wrapped my own arms around his naked torso and just held on to him gently rocking him back and forth.

At that moment I saw my father taking a peek through the doorway his arms filled with the dirty linen. He must have come back into the room to take the soiled sheets with him downstairs to the laundry room, and just wanted to make sure everything was alright. It was a good thing Evan's back was turned or the boy would have been mortified at being seen naked like this, but as it was, my own cheeks burned red having been caught holding on to Evan while he was naked and me barely in a pair of flimsy shorts.

"It's alright Evan." I whispered to my little sweetness as his body quivered.

I buried my face in the nape of his neck smelling the damp cleanliness of water against his naked skin as I held him to me even tighter no longer caring if my father saw us this way. When I looked back up I didn't see him standing there anymore so continued to hold on to Evan for another minute or two before finally releasing him and looking down into his face. His cheeks were damp and I just smiled down wiping away the wetness with my fingers.

"Better?" I asked him as he just nodded. "Come-on, let's get some clothes on you and then get you tucked into my bed, alright?" I told him as he just nodded at me watching me get his shorts from the counter.

Kneeling down in front of sleek firm naked boy, I felt his hands steadying himself on my shoulders as he stepped into his bright red pair of shorts. I couldn't help but smile appreciatively as his flaccid little sausage and ball sack disappeared beneath the silky like fabric of his shorts.

"Geeze, you're such a perv." Evan managed to chuckle noticing my blatant gaze and feeling a bit better now about things.

"I can't help it." I told him honestly standing up and giving him a soft kiss on the lips. "You're too beautiful to ignore." I whispered softly in his ear before retrieving his shirt pulling it over his head.

"Thanks Kyle," He sighed looking really tired as he stepped forward getting closer to me and wrapping his arm around my waist.

"It's alright my little sweetness." I acknowledged softly wrapping my arm over his shoulders pulling him closer before just sighing. "Will you be alright for a minute while I finish cleaning up?" I asked him as he just nodded his head. "My dad put Mattie into my bed already so why don't you crawl in next to him while I take some of the soiled items downstairs into the laundry room." I told him as he finally released me and turned to go through the door into my room before pausing, turning around, and giving me a sweet tender kiss on the lips before releasing me once more and making his way into my bedroom.

My eyes followed him for a moment while he walked through the other doorway that lead into my bedroom before I bent over picking up his urine soaked and smelly underwear and pajama bottoms along with his dirty jersey before going through the doorway into the extra bedroom to take a quick look around. My dad had taken the bed sheets with him so I stooped over gathering up the rest of Mattie's and Evan's dirty clothes from earlier in the day. Making my way downstairs towards the washroom I heard the muted voices of my parents. When I entered the small room they looked up and smiled at me warmly while my mom relieved me of the boys' dirty clothes before tossing them into the washer.

"So is Evan doing alright?" My father asked me as I just nodded my head and sighed. "Was he like this at camp too?" He continued to question me as I just shrugged my shoulders and scrunched my eyebrows.

"Yes…I mean no." I replied getting a curious look from my folks. "I don't know how to answer that to be honest. I mean the first night he had a nightmare, but after that he started to sleep with me in my bunk and it didn't happen anymore." I told them honestly as they just nodded their head.

"I see, but how the hell did you manage to get him cleaned up without others knowing?" My mom piped up as I just shrugged my shoulders explaining the layout of our cabin in our campsite.

"Alright, but that still doesn't explain how you managed since he's so shy about his body, well at least with everyone else." My dad replied still a bit curious.

"You have no idea." I chuckled shaking my head while my dad just scrunched up his eyebrows. "Listen, he's alright like that with me now, but it just didn't happen you know. I mean the first night we were at camp I had to keep my back turned to him he was so damn shy, but after a while he just sort of opened up and trusted me I guess. It doesn't bother him as much anymore. I mean lately he's even taken a shower with Mattie, which he never did before, and even Jaden's seen him naked when the two of them got cleaned up, but other than that I don't think anyone else has seen him like that." I told them truthfully making sure I pointed out Mattie and Jaden so they didn't get suspicious about me and Evan. It seemed to do the trick as they nodded their head.

"Well at least he is coming out of his shell a bit." My mom pointed out as my father agreed.

"Yeah, but still what are we going to do about Evan's nightmares." My father pointed out looking at us both.

"I don't know dad. Maybe we shouldn't put him in a room alone." I suggested.

"Well, that didn't seem to work now did it?" My mom pointed out. "I mean, he still wet the bed tonight even with him and Mattie together." She implied.

"No…I know that mom…what I'm saying is maybe he should just stay with me in my room. I mean it isn't as if there isn't enough space for the two of us, and Mattie will be in the extra bedroom. This way we also don't have to worry about packing up your workroom." I suggested as my mom just shook her head at me.

"I don't know if that is such a good idea sweetie." She replied looking over to my dad who seemed to be contemplating the suggestion. "Right honey?" My mom pressed my father bringing him out of his musings.

"Why not?" He finally asked my mom. "Kyle's right. For some reason Evan feels safe when they are together, and I don't see what's so wrong with Kyle sharing a room if he wants to." My dad nodded his head as if coming to terms with this solution.

"Huh…what do you mean you don't see what's wrong with it? I mean Kyle is at that age…well you know…and Evan…well he's probably there as well. I mean what if Kyle needs some…alone time." My mom pointed out making me roll my eyes a bit mortified about her bringing up the whole puberty issue and what boys our age tend to do about it.

"Geeze mom…really?" I asked her as she crossed her arms over her chest glaring at me.

"Yes…really, and I still don't understand why you boys are so sensitive about that sort of thing. It's only natural." She pressed again as I just shook my head and rolled my eyes.

"Because sweetheart. That is something private for boys and Kyle was right to lay into you last week about it. You really do need to back off a bit on that honey. No boy in his right mind would put up with what you keep doing. It's like rubbing salt in a wound so I won't have you talking like that to Kyle, Evan, or Mattie for that matter anymore." My dad told my mom firmly letting her know that issue was settled before moving on to the next one.

My mom began to say something but he held up his hand indicating he wasn't done. "I shared a room with my own cousins when we were all teenager for almost a whole year. We figured out a way to have some privacy for certain things so I'm sure Kyle and Evan will be able to figure things out too." My father pointed out getting a nasty look from my mom. "I mean it Judy. From now on any of those kinds of issues involving the boys I will deal with it…not you. I should have spoken up a long time ago about this, but my mind is made up now with it. Evan will room with Kyle…for now…until we see how things go. In the meantime I'll get some counseling set up for both Mattie and Evan." My father stated flatly as he kissed me good night before giving my mom a stern look. "Well?" He asked her as she sighed and rolled her shoulders shaking her head.

"Alright, but I still don't understand why this is such an issue for boys." She continued to stubbornly cling to her odd way of thinking.

"It doesn't matter sweetheart. All that matters is that I know why it is such a big issue, and that you will respect my decision in regards to this matter involving men." My dad smiled at her as he guided her out of the laundry room.

Looking down at Sage I just shrugged my shoulders. "Well, you heard the man, it's settled then." I sighed while the dog just twisted his head at me as if to say 'well duh.' The look from Sage made me giggle as I knelt down next to him scratching the back of his ears, and giving him a hug before getting up and making my way back up the stairs.

It was late, and I was dead tired as I trudged up the staircase detecting Mattie's little higher pitched voice making me pause for a moment at the top of the stairs. The boys were talking about Don, that much was clear, and I hesitated not knowing if I should give them a couple of minutes to themselves. It seemed appropriate since they were brothers to get some things worked out between the two of them so I took a seat on the top step.

"You should have told me." Mattie was telling his older brother.

"Tell you what?" Came the response.

"That Don was hurting you. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because…," Evan seemed to respond a bit gruffly.

"That's no reason and you know it. You should have told me what Don did to you, or at least told mom." Mattie pressed his older brother. "Why didn't you tell us?" He insisted.

"Just let it go Mattie!" I heard Evan snap a bit harshly at his little brother as an unsettling hush loomed around all of us in the darkened early morning hours of just past midnight for several moments.

It was dark where I sat on the steps of the main floor with only a little splash of light illuminating Sage from the small night light in the hallway. It swept over my small features as well creating a little shadowy figure down the steps. Sage and I remained still for another minute, and I was just getting ready to stand up figuring their discussion was over when I heard Mattie's insistent little voice once more.

"You should have said something." He whispered adamantly. "I just don't understand why you didn't?" He spoke out gently as if he were trying to soothe his older brother. In my minds eye I could see him reaching out to his older brother as if to console him.

"Mattie! I just didn't because…" Evan grumbled before he just sighed resignedly. Even though our time at camp had bolstered his confidence, and in some ways cleansed his soul from what had been done to him by Don; what the man did to his mother afterwards had still affected him. "I didn't say anything Mattie because he threatened to hurt you. He told me if anyone ever found out they would think I was lying, and then he'd have to hurt you. He warned me that if mom ever found out the truth he'd have to hurt her too." Evan told his little brother softly with just a little whimper as he tried to hold back from crying. "Don't you see Mattie…all of this is my fault?" He continued as I now heard him start to cry at the admission.

"No…I don't understand Evan." Mattie pointed out to his older brother. "I mean… what's your fault?"

"Mom…I mean if Kyle hadn't found out from me and said anything…mom wouldn't have gotten hurt by Don." Evan was crying softly now as he tried to come to terms with his mom getting hurt.

"No Evan, that wasn't your fault. Don would have hurt me and mom sooner or later. You do know that right?" He asked his brother surprising me at how mature he seemed to grasp some of these things.

"I…I don't know anymore Mattie. I feel so awful because I blamed Kyle, but the more I think about it the more I feel like it's my fault. I mean Kyle only figured it out because he saw the marks on me." I heard Evan sniffling as he blamed himself for everything and started to cry.

"Please don't cry Evan, and it wasn't your fault…about mom. I'm glad I know about Don now…and I'm glad Kyle told his mom. I don't care about anything else. All I care about is that Don isn't hurting you anymore, and can't hurt mom anymore. Please don't cry Evan…it really wasn't your fault…none of it…just like it wasn't Kyle's fault either." I heard the smaller boy tell his older brother softly, acting much more mature than his eight almost nine years.

"You really mean it Mattie. I mean…you really don't think any of this was my fault?" Evan asked his brother seriously.

"Of course not you silly ninny." I heard Mattie grumbling scathingly, and then heard some movement as if he had moved closer and they were hugging.

Now that the boys had worked some things out I got up motioning Sage to lead the way. The boys were cuddled up together in the large bed when I finally entered and slowly peeled out of my clothes. I heard Mattie giggling when I slipped out of my shorts and crawled into bed naked. It wasn't as if both boys hadn't seen me like that already, and I felt more comfortable sleeping without anything on anyway so figured what the hell.

"Come over here you little munchkin." I teased Mattie pulling him to me and tickling his sides making him squirm around and giggle. "Thanks for being such a good little stinker tonight." I told him honestly as I leaned in and gave him a quick kiss making the boy blush. "And as for you my little sweetness," I teased Evan turning my attention to him giving the older brother a quick tickle as well making him jerk and giggle just like his little mini-me. "I'm so proud of how you are handling everything." I told him seriously making him look at me blankly.

"I…I don't understand. I mean…I just wet the bed so how can you be so proud of me?" He asked seriously.

"Because Evan, it takes a lot of guts to go through what you did so that no one else in your family gets hurt. I'm glad we are brothers, even if we really aren't brothers, and just pretend adopted brothers. You make me proud to have you in my life Evan. You have a kind and gentle heart, and you make all of us a better person. That's why I'm so proud of you." I whispered in his ear as I pulled him into me and we gently kissed.

"Ewe yuck, go get a room already," Mattie teased us making me turn to look at him quirkily. I mean what almost nine year old boy talks like that.

Evan looked at me with a wicked grin before we both pounced on Mattie making him squirm in delight as we tickled, poked, prodded and twisted him into knots from all angles until he finally lay there barely able to move in a heap of total exhaustion. Lying down on my back Mattie somehow managed to climb on top of me, and despite his exhausted state he still managed to pop wood as his short fat stump poked me in the side.

"Really Mattie, after all that you've got a boner." I stated making Evan look over and laugh at us.

"Well what do you expect laying there all naked like? Geeze for real Kyle, you know how turned on Mattie's been lately." Evan giggled as he reached over and shoved his hand beneath his little brother giving the boy's nail a little tweak making Mattie jerk and crawl off of me. This allowed Evan to snuggle up next to me while his little brother cuddled up to me on the opposite side.

We stayed like that for several minutes side by side before I finally spoke up. "Come-on, I think we've had enough excitement for one night." I sighed reaching over Mattie's small body to turn off the small lamp next to my bed.

It took a bit of shifting around before we all settled down for the night. Evan ended up in the middle spooned behind Mattie while I was spooned behind him. It was nice to see Evan cozying up with his little brother like this as my hands automatically wandered between his legs and beneath his shorts cupping his warm fleshy hushpuppies. The older boy glanced over his shoulders and smiled at me. He shifted his legs giving me more access to him as I breathed in his boy scent slowly running my fingers along the fat length of his stout sausage bringing it back to life. Evan moaned and sighed softly enjoying what I was doing to him, as he slowly faded off to sleep with me gently massaging his little sweltering fleshy sex toy. I could hear both boys breathing steadily now as I too slowly drifted to sleep with my fingers firmly wrapped around his baubles.

The rest of the week just seemed to fly by keeping us all busy. When we weren't at soccer practice we were at Aunt Liz's house getting everything squared away. First we transferred everything the boys needed over to our house. The extra bedroom that now belonged to Mattie quickly transformed into a little boy's room as he added his own unique style. Evan was a bit reluctant at first to bring some of his things over to my room, but I pointed out there was plenty of room for his stuff as well. My walk-in closet was only half full as it was, so by the time he stowed some of his art supplies along with some of his clothes and other things it finally ended up looking the way a closet should, and that is lived in. My parents also bought a couple of dresser drawers for some of Evan's other clothes along with some low shelving units along the wall to keep the two of our things separated giving Evan a feeling of having his own space for things as well.

When it came to the paintings on his bedroom walls, Evan insisted he would prefer the original ones we had discovered in my house to be hung up instead of his giclee's copies that were only embellished. I hesitated because those had belonged to his father, but Mattie settled the matter when he suggested we hang the giclee's up in the original farmhouse section where their mom would be staying, which I thought was a brilliant idea. I had to admit by the time all was said and done the two bedrooms ended up really looking like the personalities of the occupants. Mattie's looked more boyish with all of his toys spread throughout the room, along with some of his favorite posters hanging on the walls. There was no doubt that it was all boy, and at first it almost seemed a bit hodgepodge, but as you glanced around the room it sort of came together and fit nicely reflecting a lot of Mattie's individuality.

By the time Evan finished putting his artistic touch on our room, I had fallen completely in love with it. He had a critical eye for how to layout a room in order to make it appear really classy. It too reflected our two separate personalities, but also incorporated our similarities making it come together nicely. It was almost too clean and classy for kids our age, but I had to admit I liked it that way and could tell Evan did as well. After gawking at the final results even my parents were impressed, asking if he could work on their room next since there were still several original painting to choose from in the basement. Mom and dad really were enthralled with how the paintings shifted colors depending on the lighting conditions in the room, and wondered why they had never noticed this or bothered hanging them up before. In the end Evan spent time not only rearranging my parent's room, but the house as well getting all the paintings hung up on the walls giving our home not only a well lived in and comfortable feel to it, but also a bit of class. He also added some touches to the farm portion of the house where his mother would be staying, and I had to admit that by the time he was completely done with all of it our house and the original farmhouse had truly become something wonderful.

Since the older section was an entire house in its own right, we ended up clearing everything completely out storing it all in the barn, and transferring as much of Aunt Liz's furniture and items throughout including the bedroom. With our help, Evan made sure to hang up all of their wonderful artwork along with some of his father's items that had been put away when Don had moved in. It was almost as if the man had tried to completely erase the boys' father when he had entered into their lives.

Now, with Evan's critical eye for detail this section of the house finally transformed into the Prescott's home away from home. The boys would be sleeping in the main part of the house, but they would be interacting and living with their mom in the other portion of the dwelling. They would even be able to prepare and have their own meals together in the kitchen and dining room, not to mention lounge around in the evening hours watching television or whatever else in their own living room. In a way the space was like their very own personal apartment or home.

It was Friday night now and we all had been working hard getting everything put in order. Tomorrow and a good portion of Sunday would be a more laid back couple of days with our friends from camp coming over to spend the night. We had soccer practice in the morning, but after that my dad was going to fire up the grill and we were going to have a big BBQ. He even told me that while I was at practice he was going to pull out the ramp into the middle of the lake so we could go water skiing and do some tricks. He also mentioned that he was going to allow us to use the Jet Ski's as long as we didn't get too wild on them. The lake wasn't really huge or anything, but with the main part of the lake being fifteen acres with depths of about fifteen to twenty feet throughout it was more than big enough for water skiing and taking out the jet ski's.

We had already put Mattie to bed a couple of hours ago and were lounging around watching television when I noticed Evan had also disappeared. It was getting late so I got up to head for bed as well with my parents shutting off the television and saying their goodnights to me as they made their way down the stairs. When I entered my room I noticed Evan standing by his dresser drawer with a towel wrapped around his waist, and his body glistening with dampness from his shower, fishing around for his pajama bottoms. Even though I slept naked in bed he still preferred to wear his pajama bottoms despite them ending up on the floor next to the bed if we became passionately heated with one another during the night, which was more often than not.

My eyes continued to gaze over his sleek form as he turned and smiled pleasantly at me. He knew I loved watching him like this so just dropped the towel on the floor and slowly stepped into the leg openings of his pajama bottoms pulling them up his lithe legs covering his adorably sexy boy bits.

"Damn, you still turn me on and make me horny every time I see you getting naked." I told him as I stepped over to him wrapping the boy in my arms so we could kiss.

It lingered for a while before I pulled away and sighed heading into the bathroom. Even though I had taken a shower after soccer practice I needed another one since I had built up a sweat working over at the other house. I jumped into the glassy booth and soaped up my body before quickly rinsing off. In the past I used to take my time and enjoyed the feeling of the warm water, but the last several days we've been so busy and I was so tired that I just took care of getting cleaned up quickly.

Of course my favorite pastime when I got wet like had been flogging my dolphin, which used to help ease the sexual tension within my hormonal pubescent body. However, Evan's been helping me out a lot with that issue lately, and I've been noticing that it usually ended up being at the oddest times throughout the day. Most of these times were quick trysts to be sure, but still daring and exciting. In a way it was electrifying as we discovered ourselves in new ways and during various impromptu moments, and to be honest it felt much better when he took care of my needs so I had pretty much stopped jacking off during showers. Besides, as tired as we've been lately between soccer practice and the work at the house we just ended up falling asleep curled up and naked in each other's arms once we crawled into bed getting a bit frisky for a few minutes. This was just fine with me because being able to hold him closely to me…to feel him…to breathe him in was the most beautiful feeling I've ever known. During this time he belonged completely to me and I to him. For us these were the best moments because it allowed us to be ourselves with one another without any worries.

Hanging up my wet towel I didn't bother getting dressed as I opened up Mattie's door and walked inside. The small boy was stretched out on his bed completely asleep his blankets tossed off to the side. Shaking my head I sat down next to him noticing the undeniable small little hard bulge pushing up against the fabric of his pajama bottoms. I couldn't help myself as I reached out and ran my fingers across his cloth covered trouser trout briefly chuckling in the process as it sort of lurched beneath the soft cottony fabric. I noticed that wasn't the only thing that had lurched as my own weed whacker seemed to have come awake and was throbbing between my legs. It had only been a quick grope, but I just hadn't been able to resist the temptation of copping a feel of that cute fat little adorable caterpillar. Releasing his hardness I slipped his legs under the blanket, tucking him in, and leaned down giving him a kiss on his soft supple lips. It had become routine now for me to give him a goodnight kiss before crawling into my own bed, and I noticed Evan was doing the same thing. It made me happy to see how the two brothers were bonding even closer to one another.

Mattie shifted in his sleep and slowly opened his eyes smiling up at me as he reached out towards me. "Will you hold me a little?" The smaller boy sighed longingly wrapping his arms around my neck and pulling me towards him.

"Yeah sure my little man." I told him crawling under the covers with him feeling my throbber start to ebb away.

The smaller boy wrapped his arm around my waist and sidled up right against my body getting as close as he could while he squished my now flaccid tube up against my pubic mound when he shifted his thigh into my crotch area gingerly. I held him tightly and leaned down kissing the top of his head while he ground his hips into my stomach. Sighing I just shook my head.

"For real Mattie you are getting just as bad as Jaden." I chuckled as the boy just scrunched up his eyebrows questioningly.

"Why's that?" He asked a bit confused.

"He's always walking around with a boner too." I teased him as he just shrugged his shoulders and thrust his hips into my stomach making me giggle as his little stiff chubby kept bumping up into me. "Alright already, Mattie." I snorted getting him to settle down.

"I can't help it Kyle." The smaller boy complained.

"I know and don't worry about it…I was just teasing is all. Just go to sleep, alright?" I told him as I gently pushed him onto his back and slowly ran my hands across his chest and stomach shaking my head as his hard stubby bobber pulsed up against the fabric of his pajama bottoms.

It was something I had started to do in order to get him to fall asleep. He enjoyed the sensation it sent throughout his body, and it seemed to calm him down at times despite it giving him a throbbing gristle. Mattie seemed to squirm around for a moment trying to get comfortable, and then I heard him begin to breathe steadily as he settled down. That's when I almost lost it because when I looked back down the length of his silky smooth torso my eyes snapped open wide at the sight of his little hard acorn shaped slicked up knob poking out the top of his waistband. How the hell did he manage to do that I wondered to myself shaking my head. Somehow his coonskin cap had slipped over the head of his purple helmet when his happy stick slid past the waistband of his pajama bottoms. It now sent a shiver of excitement coursing through my body forcing blood to pump vigorously through my own tube making it inflate to hardness once more. 'Damn, I'm just as bad as Jaden and Mattie,' I chuckled to myself as I reached down and pulled on my soft bag freeing them since they had sort of gotten a bit scrunched between my thighs. Within moments Mattie was completely asleep so I lifted up the waistband of his pajama shorts gently sliding his cheese wrapper back over his wet glistening button that had become exposed to the elements before tucking everything away for him.

I eased myself out of his bed and got him covered up the rest of the way noting how my bumper thumper didn't seem to want to go away. I took a moment to gaze down at Mattie's sweet innocent face noticing the similarities to his older brother. It never ceased to amaze me at how much the boys looked alike in so many ways. It truly was like looking into the past as if it were Evan and not Mattie lying there on the bed. In a few years the younger boy will be just as old as his older brother was now, and I began to wonder how that would make me feel seeing him at that age. I was sure it would bring back memories of my intimacy with the older boy, and my first real true love for another person. My stump grinder began to pulsate at my thoughts, and I sighed tearing away my gaze from the sweet little luscious boy.

Turning my back to the sleeping boy I made my way back into the bathroom and ran some cold water over my mug which seemed to make the pounding below my belt slowly go away. Wiping the wetness off of my face, I put the hand towel over the hook and headed towards the door leading into my own room.

When I opened the door I almost yelped in surprise because Evan was waiting for me just on the other side with a wicked smile on his face. "Geeze, you scared the crap out of me." I whispered to him blushing a bit embarrassed and chuckled shaking it off.

"Sorry, but I just have a little surprise for you." He grinned wickedly as he held up a folded bandana in the air. "But first I have to blindfold you." He whispered mischievously as he reached up and tied it around my head covering up my eyes.

There was a thrill of excitement running through my body wondering what kind of game he was up to. In a way it was kind of stimulating making me wonder what he had up his sleeves for me, or rather for us. My now calmed flaccid tubular hose once more began to rise in anticipation and yearning. This was so fucking sexy and I couldn't help myself as I reached out blindly and wrapped my arms around the sexy boy giving him a soft tender kiss which he eagerly returned before we separated for air.

"For real Kyle…you're getting just as bad as Mattie." I heard the boy tease me before I jerked in surprise when I felt him squeeze my hard Twinkie for emphasis.

"Shit, I can't help it." I replied snorting as I realized I just had the same conversation with Mattie. "Besides, this is kind of turning me on…you know." I told him honestly as my mind started to envision all sorts of things that might be on Evan's mind.

"I know and don't worry about it…I was just teasing." I heard Evan reply which made me almost loose it as I began to laugh hard almost making too much noise because I realized just how close all three of us really had become with one another since Evan's words were practically word for word with what I had told Mattie only moments earlier.

"Shhhh, be quiet already Kyle. Geeze, you are going to have everyone coming into the room wondering what the hell is going on, and I don't want to have to explain to your parents; especially, not your mom." He shushed me quiet as I controlled myself and apologized.

"Shit, sorry…just…um…what are we doing?" I asked him as I subconsciously pulled on my hard willy hearing Evan giggling as I realized he could probably see my reaction.

"You'll see. Here let me take your arm and bring you into the room." He whispered softly in my ear guiding me along the way so I wouldn't bump into anything.

His soft touch around my waist made me quiver with anticipation, and I could feel my rigid blue steel pounding between my legs expectantly. I didn't know what he had planned, but I was starting to get really horny despite being all worn out from the day's activities. Tomorrow would be a long but fun filled day and I wanted to get plenty of sleep, but this was just too exciting, and I was looking forward to some action.

"Alright, stand right there." I heard Evan whispering softly leaving me standing there alone as I felt him step away from me for a moment. "Take off your blindfold," My sexy little boy spoke softly a few feet away making me hesitate in confusion for a moment before I reached up and took off the bandana that was wrapped around my eyes.

He had directed me to the foot of my bed, and I was facing towards my headboard where we had put one of my favorites, and the largest, oil paintings above the headboard with the soft red colors of the desert canyon walls, cool green river water, and deep blue skies. It was one of those mood shifting ones when the lighting conditions in the room changed, and one of my favorites because it was just warm and evocative. Evan had insisted that we put up one of those lights with a dimmer switch so my father had called in an electrician during the week while we were working on the other house to come in and install some of the lights throughout my room, and also throughout the house where Evan had indicated it would be necessary.

My eyes fell immediately on to Evan as I looked at him a bit questioningly. He looked sexy standing there in the soft lighting of the room wearing nothing but his tight little white boy's briefs. At some point he had dimmed down most of the lighting in the room, and his butter colored tan body seemed to glow softly, warmly, and invitingly. My gaze paused briefly on his nickel sized beige colored perky boy nipples before they continued to wander over his naked sleekness. I smiled sheepishly as I took note of his cute little innie style belly button, and then the smooth rounded curve only a few inches below held in place by the bright white cottony fabric of his underwear. Seeing him stand there sent shivers all up and down my spine as our eyes locked together and he smiled warmly at me with a bit of apprehensiveness behind that gaze.

There was much more going on here than I realized so I began to look around, the air catching in my chest with surprise when my eyes settled on the painting hanging above my headboard. He had switched out the large oil painting with one that was a little smaller, but in my opinion much more breathtaking. It was the nude one he had painted of me while we were at camp. I was seeing it for the first time, and like the other one he had painted at the encampment it was a vision of mastery. In many ways it was very similar to the first paining of me gazing over the expanse of the valley, but this one just somehow seemed to capture my pure youthful innocence and beauty. It was almost as if I was looking at someone completely different instead of my own naked body lounged peacefully on the warm golden colored rocks overlooking the entire expanse of the lake, river and trees in the valley below.

He had managed to capture the essence of the location and the boy, me, sprawled lazily on the rocks. The countenance of my facial features reflected peaceful innocence as a gentle breeze seemed to ruffle through my hair and my pubescent boy like body glistened with droplets and beads of perspiration. The details were so strong that not only could you see the small sparkling pebbling of beaded sweat bubbling up on my sleek body, but also a little rivulet of perspiration as it ran along my chest trickling down my stomach before pooling together to drip lethargically on to the ground. It was details like this that evoked a sense of time…a sense of being in the moment.

My gaze continued to wander over the exotically charged depiction in the painting as my eyes settled on the image of supple thin curled fingers wrapped gingerly around my soft fleshy boy bits as I lounged lazily on the rocks gazing off into the distance with a dreamy kind of look on my face. Even though my fingers were wrapped languidly around my flaccid smooth tubular piccolo and elastic plump boy pouch, Evan hadn't spared any details including the downy soft light colored tufts of pubic hair along the base of my shaft. Most of my floppy pleasure pump was still clearly visible including my bulbous glistening purplish colored acorn shaped head from the ridge up…some of the fine spidery blue web like pattern throughout the girth of my shaft…and the dark raphe line that ran along the underside of my penis. The darker fleshy color of my boyish tonsil shaped leather satchel holding the outline of two walnut sized giggle berries was safely tucked along my inner thigh and held securely in place with some of my fingers cupping around it just as you would in real life. It was an innocent kind of action and pose as my eyes continued to follow along the contours and details of a sleek athletic teenage body. Even my feet and toes weren't spared any of the finer details of Evan's critical artistic eyes as they curled slightly backwards.

"It's beautiful," I whispered as I stepped a little forward trying to get a closer look at the details.

The mood of the painting seemed to shift as I got closer and Evan adjusted the lighting on the painting revealing more details making me quiver excitedly. At first glance the painting was deceptively innocent and pure like, but as I got closer, and he shifted the illumination, more details were revealed and I could feel my own Mr. Happy twitch excitedly between my legs with the change in disposition and emotion that the painting evoked inside of me. Of course I was gazing at my own naked body in the painting, but this was somehow different, unique, and very sexually stimulating. It was almost like looking upon someone else entirely as the painting shifted from a naive adolescent boy reclined lazily there in naked youthful virtuous splendor to that of pure unadulterated pubescent teenage seductively erotic and vampishly sultry sensual sexiness.

At first glance the countenance on my face was one of wholesome innocence, which upon closer scrutiny shifted to that of pure pleasurable euphoric blissfulness. The extreme change in mood now began to evoke a sense of erotic passion as some of the earlier nuances began to completely transform into something entirely different. Intermingled now with the translucent beads and droplet of perspiration were the undeniable tell-tale signs of my typical dense opaque dappled globules of splattered pearl drops.

As the image sucked a person in, it became clearly distinctive how the mood had shifted within the painting as a result of the obvious preceding climactic event, which were now prominently captured in the countenance of my facial and body features. In the moments immediately following the aftermath of my orgasmic explosion, my now still throbbing but soft fleshy love muscle began to reveal the remnants of the slickness from the boy joy milk oozing out the tip of my pee slit. It had spread all around my deeper crimson colored and slicked up purple nozzle, which almost seemed to continue pulsing with life, and in turn forcing the slimy substance to slather along the rest of the entire length of my shaft.

Splattered all over the entirety of my naked torso was a small pattern of tiny beaded globular scattered ejaculate spray. Some small droplets had even managed to splash on the surrounding boulders, and down below on the rocky ground. You could almost feel the exact moment when all the anxiety and tension in the boy within the painting was released with that one orgasmic explosion. The painting was so real and lifelike capturing a single magical moment in space and time that it forced emotions to bubble up to the surface of one's being. Then it hit me that this had truly happened between me and Evan together on that secret overlook of ours, and this knowledge brought to bare such strong and forceful feelings deep inside of me that my legs shook and I became week in the knees forcing me to cry at its sexually charged wholesomeness. It was amazing how Evan managed to capture that one unique extraordinary moment in my life, and how he was able to reveal these details slowly as the lighting shifted and danced on the surface of the painting.

"You're not mad…are you?" I heard Evan asking softly only a few feet away and bringing me out of my trance as I turned my head to gaze at him noticing he had been biting his lower lip nervously.

"What?" I managed to breathe realizing I had been holding my breath the entire time while the painting held me spellbound.

"I asked if…" He began before I cut him off.

"N…no…of course not…I mean…why…um…should I be mad at you?" I asked seriously as he looked down towards the floor while I turned my attention back to the painting not able to keep my eyes off of its purity in nature. "I…I can't believe…," I choked up for a moment continuing to gaze at the near perfect form of the sexually stimulatingly charged teenage boy in the painting. "Is that really me? I mean…it can't be…can it?" I asked breathlessly at the elegance of the nude boy in the painting. "That can't be me…I…I don't look that…," I paused searching for the right word. "Um…that exquisite." I breathed out softly shaking my head a bit baffled with my choice of word usage before swiveling my gaze towards Evan when I felt him slip his arm around my naked torso.

I had to smile when I looked down noticing Evan's obvious erection as it seemed to pulse, pound, and strain against the tight waistband of his snug white boy's briefs. There was a small quarter inch diameter wet spot where the tip of his hooded one-eyed wonder worm pressed up against the cottony material of his underwear. The painting, or the memories it gave the small curly haired boy, seemed to turn him on, and to be honest I had to admit that it was a turn on for me as well. Even my own bald headed cave dweller seemed to pulse and thunder loudly between my legs at the evocative emotions the painting seemed to elicit deep down inside of me as blood was sent coursing excitedly throughout my body.

"Of course it is…you silly ninny, and why would you think you aren't that…um…exquisite?" Evan smiled seemingly liking the term I used to describe the boy in the painting. "That's how I see you." He whispered softly in my ear bringing my attention back to the painting and making me shake my head before I suddenly jolted stiffening up as I realized something else.

"Oh shit…Dmytri…he…um…I…mean…he saw…that?" I asked looking down at Evan and gulping my face starting to burn with embarrassment.

Evan's eyes got big with fear at that point. "I…um…Kyle…please don't be mad…I…I couldn't help it. I mean after we…um…after I…um…you know…did that to you I couldn't help notice how beautiful you were at that one specific moment. I had to paint it Kyle because it is how I see you. Don't you see, you truly are this beautiful, it's just people don't really see it, but I do." He tried to explain getting a little worried at my reaction.

The look of fear on his face made me immediately soften up and regret my hasty reaction because I hadn't intended to worry him about the painting. It started to make sense as to why Evan was so hesitant to show me the piece to begin with. This was something very personal and intimate, and he was afraid I'd get mad at capturing such a private moment in my life, despite it being so sexily astonishing. Even though it was embarrassing to know that Dmytri had seen the painting, and knew what we were doing, I wasn't mad at Evan for capturing the moment.

"No my sweetness…it…it's stunningly beautiful." I assured him. "It's just…well…um…it's kind of embarrassing to know that Dmytri saw it and knew what we were doing together." I told my blossoming Master Artist who just scrunched up his eyes. "Don't you get it Evan? If I'm posed like that…you know…with splattered creamy yam jam…the only way you would paint it like that is if you were there with me, and let's face reality, it doesn't take much to figure out you'd be a participant and not just an innocent bystander who happened to see me hammer handing my piddle. We were up there throughout the week and he saw you adding these things throughout the week so had to of known it wasn't just a one time deal." I pointed out to curly haired boy making it his turn to gasp and cuss.

"Shit…um…shit." Evan just gaped at me and then the painting. "Shit…no wonder why he was always teasing me, and shaking his head and finger at me during the group class sessions, not to mention how he was always smiling like he knew something else was going on while we were up there at our special place." Evan looked totally mortified now making me giggle as he just punched me in the arm.

"Owe, what you do that for?" I asked him teasingly.

"For embarrassing me." He chuckled shaking his head as I shifted behind him and wrapped my arms around him lovingly. "Y…you really like it?" He asked me hesitantly and sighed when I leaned in and nibbled on his left ear.

"No." I breathed softly suckling on his earlobe making him quiver in my arms before I shifted my head to nape of his neck and then over to his right side. "No…I don't like it at all." I breathed making his fine like hairs stand on end along the nape of his neck as I began to nibble on his right ear. "I totally love it." I breathed again making Evan's knees buckle for a moment at the stimulation he was feeling when my hands slithered along his torso and across his small nickel sized nipples. I felt them respond in my hands as they seemed to stiffen and harden.

"Oh shit…I love it when you do that sort of crap to me." I heard the small sleek boy in my arms whimper as he seemed to release his body over to me.

"It's your turn to trust me now." I told the boy wrapping the bandana around his eyes. "No peaking." I told him as I felt him quivering up against my body.

Slowly and gingerly I kissed the nape of his neck noticing how the hairs back there stood up as if electrically charged. I was behind him and for some reason this seemed so erotic to me as I slowly ran my lips all along his shoulders and down his spine until I was kneeling down kissing the small of his back. I could see the Goosebumps all along his skin, and heard him moan softly as I hooked my thumbs in his tight waistband and slowly tugged downwards. The elastic caught briefly on his hardened chubbed up joystick pushing it downwards before it suddenly released and smacked firmly against his bare pubic mound making that distinct slapping noise. It sent shivers up my spine as I watched Evan's strong firm legs stepping lithely out of his briefs kicking them off to the side.

This was truly the first time I really studied him from behind, and I was finding it sexually invigorating as my fingers lightly ran along the small of his back noticing a small tiny moon shaped blemish just above his right pale dimpled melon. My fingers shook as I slowly ran a circle around the small crescent shaped mark before slowly wandering over his soft doughy croissants. Evan was trembling now as my hands sashayed around to his front and I slowly wrapped my fingers around his pre-cum slicked hardened piece of three inch rod gently easing his hatband over the tip of his doorknob.

Evan whimpered softly and leaned back into me as he felt my fingers slowly milking his throbbing hardened steel shaft and softly squeezing his chestnut sized stones. I could tell he'd blow his wad in a matter of moments so released him hearing the boy whimper in protest at the suddenness of my shift in attention as I know began to knead his fleshy icy pale hummocks pulling them a bit apart so I could get a glimpse of that small little pink colored virginal iris. A soapy clean but musky smell wafted up to my nose as I pulled apart his fleshy mounds releasing his heavy pent up boy scent.

It was beautiful and the first time I was really in a position to look at him closely from this angle. The sight drew me in and I was surprised to find my puckered mouth firmly planted up against the small round set of lips between Evan's pale pillowy orbs. It seemed to shock him as well, and he immediately tensed up moaning at the sensual feeling it sent coursing through his small body. His fleshy mound contracted against my face and nose as I inhaled his heady scent so close to the source.

"Oh shit," I heard him murmur clamping down around my face momentarily before he once more relaxed allowing me to run my tongue around his rim.

It surprised me how it didn't taste bad at all. I knew he had just taken a shower so was clean, and it excited me to see how this new sensation stimulated my little sweetness. I flicked my tongue up against his tight puffy bottom dweller lips eliciting an excited response from the boy as he moaned and quivered bending over a little more. I guided him on to his knees and bent him forward on to the mattress giving me even more access to his back door as his warm fleshy hillocks pointed outwards automatically pulling his cheeks slightly apart. Letting him lay there for a moment, completely opened up to me like this and still blindfolded, I reached over to my night stand and pulled out a tube of lotion.

"What are you doing?" He whimpered softly as my fingers slowly slathered the cool substance inside his two soft feathery pillows.

"Trust me?" I whispered softly as I slathered some of it on my own penis and between my butt cheeks.

Slowly I inserted my own pre-cum leaking and lotion slathered four inch hardened love knuckle between his crease and slowly bumped up against his reinforced steel door slightly rubbing it all around. The small boy quivered expectantly, and even though he wasn't ready for this I knew he had given himself completely over to me as I wrapped my arm around his waist and slowly slathered some lotion along the length of his rifled barrel feeling him shake at the sexually electrical sensation it sent coursing through his three inch gun.

"Oh shit Kyle…," I heard Evan whimper as his body trembled uncontrollably.

He was waiting for me to steal his virginity, but that isn't how I wanted to have him, and I had promised I wouldn't take it until he was ready. With the greatest force of will I slowly backed off replacing my sleek plunger with one of my fingers as I slowly inserted it past his locked door feeling the tumblers turn and open up for me. I heard Evan gasp and shiver, but he didn't complain or ask me to stop as I gently inserted it all the way inside of him before stopping.

Beads of perspiration had formed all along the back of his nape and spine as I gently began to finger him through the tight opening allowing it to wiggle around before I completely removed it from him. As my finger exited the steel trap door I heard him softly whimper and cry as if he had lost something precious and wanted more. That was enough for now because I wanted him to slowly get used to having something inside of him so that when the time finally came he actually craved and needed me to insert myself into him.

I guided him further up the mattress and turned him around on to his back allowing his legs to hang down over the edge of the mattress below his knees. His thick stiff stump grinder stood up erect in the air slightly bent and curved towards his right shoulder pulsing wildly yearning for some attention. It gleamed wetly from the slickness of lotion as I slowly climbed on top of his sweat slicked up body straddling my legs on either side of him bending over to run my hands over his tight stomach muscles and chest. His nipples seemed to perk up and I tweaked them a bit getting Evan to wince and jerk sporadically his hip and groin bumping up against my plump padding.

Evan was still blindfolded but I could see the look of sheer happiness and contented trust in his features as a small smile spread across his face when I bent over and brushed my lips up against his. We kissed passionately our tongues dancing around intimately against one another before we came up for air and I sat up straighter. Lifting up my hips I wrapped my fingers around his hard thick Bubba Gump watching him react to the touch as it seemed to jerk and spasm slightly before settling down. Slowly I eased myself on to his thick bum tickler until it butt up against my own virginal glory hole and gently eased the cuff over his bell.

Evan was squirming around a little now as he felt my soft pillowy cushions tightening around the length of his handle. This was a new sensation for him and he instinctively lifted his hips slightly as he slowly moved it around inside my crease allowing it to bump up against my closed ring. I had slicked us both up with lotion so now his solid bone seemed to glide around smoothly providing a new rousing feeling for him as I watched his face slowly light up with elation.

Then it happened as his hips lifted up slightly and I loosened up allowing the tip of his fat toggle to slip past my iris opening. "Oh fuck…," I heard him rasp his voice rattling in his chest as his arms automatically reached up and wrapped around my waist while he tried desperately to stave off his impending orgasm.

His face had contorted in that singular moment with pure blissful rapture threatening to overwhelm him as we both held firm not moving a muscle. "Oh shit Kyle…oh shit," I heard Evan sob ecstatically and squeak as he wheezed for air.

Within moments he was back in control of himself as I leaned forward slightly getting into a better angle and pressing my palm against his chest. The slight movement made Evan quiver and pant again as he slipped inside of me even further. We stopped again long enough for him to gain control, and for me to slowly get used to the pain of his stoutness being inside of me. Evan's cylindrical sex piston wasn't as long as mine, but he had a lot more girth. We were both perspiring profusely now as I watched beads of sweat dripping from my body on to his chest. It seemed to take a long time, but I finally felt his bare pubic mound pressing up against my two firm melon sized globes.

"Oh Gawd, you feel so fucking wonderful inside of me," I managed to croak out through a dry throat making Evan whimper at the slight movement.

Slowly I started to roll my hips around feeling his hard toy slithering around deep inside of me. He was breathing erratically now as I tried to get used to having his fat chubbed up sausage buried to the root inside my grotto while he tried to remain in control. It was both erotically stimulating and painful all rolled up into one, but before long the pain started to ebb replaced by the wonderful warm sensation of his vibrating trombone pulsing inside of me. Reaching out I slowly slipped the bandana from around his head, and watched his hazel colored eyes blinking before their gaze settled on my own. They seemed to dance around giddily as a slow smile of shear joy spread over Evan's features. Ever so slowly his eyes wandered over my naked body and stopped briefly to gaze appreciatively at my steel thunder sword which had somehow managed to stay rigid and was throbbing to the beat of my heart.

He glance back up at me briefly and smiled happily now knowing how much I was enjoying this new experience as well before he finally gazed completely down between our two bodies seeing his love muscle fully buried inside of me.

"Oh shit Kyle," he whimpered as tears of joy began to form at the corners of his eyes. "This is so beautiful," His voice rasped dryly in his throat as I slowly began to raise my hips sliding slowly upwards along the length of his shaft.

Evan's eyes seemed to enlarge as he saw more of his own thickness becoming exposed before disappearing from sight once more when I reversed direction and slowly came down on him. Reversing directions once more I began to slowly lift off of him as his facial features seemed to contort in pleasure. I could feel his hard three inch tapered missile quivering inside of me as he slowly began to raise his hips trying to bury more of him inside of me as I began to lower myself downwards. Within moments our two bodies became one as we synced up rhythmically with one another. It was difficult to describe the wonderful sensation he was sending all up and down deep within the core of my being.

Then something wonderful happened as all of a sudden I felt something entirely different when he abruptly thrust his hips upwards bumping up against something that made me yelp and quiver in delight. My body immediately seized up and clamped down around his hardness. At this same moment I could feel Evan going completely stiff as a liquid like warmth seemed to spread deep inside of me while his thick hard three inch boy vein writhed and pulsed around wildly inside my bowels. My own bladder seemed to empty out all of its contents in that one moment as well making me gaze in wonderment as a large spray of pearly ejaculate erupted from the tip of my purple tuber to splatter resoundingly against my stomach and chest before it dripped downwards onto Evan's quivering body pooling around his bellybutton while he writhed around in his own orgasmic explosion.

Our two voices seemed to intermingle with one another as we writhed, bucked, and wheezed for air. "Uuumph, uuumph, oh shii, ummph, umphhh, aaaargh, ummph, uumph, umph." We both seemed to pant at the same time our electrically charged moaning voices becoming one as our two separate ecliptic explosions ran their course deep within our small boyish fit bodies.

With one final gasp I heaved and literally crashed on top of Evan's smaller body. I could feel him gasping for air so I tried to sit back up. This only managed to set of the curly haired boy with his second round of orgasmic explosion making him literally lift his hip off the mattress as he tried to bury himself even further inside of me before coming crashing back down as my weight forced his weakened body to give up. His whoopee stick quivered inside of me spitting out several more blasts of his seed before it finally stopped leaving him gasping for air. Beads of sweat had formed all along his brow plastering his curls with wetness as I gently reached out to run my fingers through them. Evan's eyes sparkled mirthfully at me as I felt his hardness slowly deflate and shrivel up inside of me before making an almost squishy small popping sound when it finally slipped out of me.

Rolling off of Evan and lying next to him on my back we both turned our faces to one another and smiled as we tried to recuperate. "Oh fuck Kyle…that was…wonderfully intense." My lovely little sexy boy whispered appreciatively at me.

"Yeah it was," I admitted allowing my body to cool off and looking at the mess I had made on Evan's stomach.

The smaller boy looked down and giggled. "D…did it really feel that good. I mean it didn't hurt?" He asked me as he ran his fingers around his wet sticky belly button.

Shrugging my shoulders I sighed. "Yeah at first…you know…it sort of hurt…but once I got used to you inside of me it felt…somehow fitting…you know. I mean it is hard to explain Evan, but I knew that what we were doing was right. It hurt and felt wonderful all wrapped up in one, and then it was just amazing without the pain anymore. It was incredible Evan…you were incredible Evan…and I loved every moment of it." I told him seriously as I looked at him.

A small glow of happiness and joy seemed to spread over my little angel's features as he seemed to realize that this event had not only simply given him sensational pleasure, but also he had done something very uniquely special for me as well. He was pleased that this had been intimately cherishing for the both of us. "Thanks Kyle…for all of this." My little sweetness sighed softly smiling at me warmly.

"No Evan, thank you for being so distinctively extraordinary." I chuckled teasingly, yet at the same time being serious as I reached out and took his warm hand into mine lifting it to my lips giving it a gentle kiss. "Come-on, we better get cleaned up. I can feel your splooge inside of me, and I'm afraid it might leak out and make a mess on the bed." I giggled making him laugh with me as we both got up to get cleaned.

By the time we made it back to bed we were both exhausted, but in a sweet blissful happy kind of way. We looked at the innocent yet sultry painting for a moment deciding we'd switch it back out first thing in the morning. We were both too tired at the moment to mess with it so slipped under the covers snuggling up with one another contentedly and slowly faded off to sleep wrapped up happily in one another's arms. Tomorrow would be a special day for both of us as all of our friends, both new and old, were coming over for a fun filled day at the lake later in the afternoon after we got back from soccer practice.

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