Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 13

As soon as the tent flap closed Evan lifted up his hips and pulled off his underwear. He tossed the briefs aside and leaned back as he furiously started pumping his thick three inch hard torrid piece of flesh. It didn't take long before he felt the familiar tingling sensations deep inside of him explode outwards as he bucked his hips and grunted in relief. The feelings were so intensely wonderful that it hurt just as much as it felt good.

"Uuungh, uuungh, shiiiii…ite," he gritted his teeth as a small pulsating dollop of clear liquid gooey substance exploded out of the tip of his penis slit with such force it arced upwards in the air before splattering over his stomach and chest. He felt several more pulses of fluid oozing out of his shaft as he writhed around on the bed his toes curling backwards in euphoric blissfulness. The feelings were insanely intense, more powerful than ever before when he masturbated, and it left him a bit exhausted as his hips settled back down onto his soft warm mattress.

Kyle had worked him up so much that it had taken less than five seconds for him to have an enormous orgasm that was so forceful it had taken every ounce of will power not to scream out loud. Until last night he had always been able to make the wonderful feelings last longer before he actually brought himself over the brink, but ever since Kyle had entered the picture he just hasn't been able to control himself.

Last night had been so extreme that he actually blanked out for a few moments. Holding Kyle so close to him and feeling the older boy's hardness rubbing up against him was too much for him, and it had swept him away like a tidal wave.

Evan looked down at himself as a small puddle pooled around his belly button. Last night he had watched fascinated as the older boy had scooped up his boy sauce, and licked it off his fingers. At first he thought that was nasty, but seeing Kyle's reaction to the taste had peaked his own curiosity.

The young boy, still breathing hard from this intense experience, cautiously reached down and scooped up some of the baby batter on his fingers and held it up to his nose taking a sniff. There was a sort of musky ammonia like smell to the stuff along with a sort of sweet underlying scent as well. He stuck out his tongue and lightly dabbed the tip of it with some of the viscous liquid. He rolled it around in his mouth a little and it didn't taste bad at all so he licked his finger clean scooping up the rest shoveling it all in his mouth at once.

"Hmm, not bad actually," he whispered softly to no one as he smiled wickedly. "I wonder what Kyle tastes like?" He mused as he got up knowing he had a lot to do in a short amount of time.

Looking around Evan smiled to himself feeling a bit bold as he peeled off his underwear standing in the middle of the small canvas covered cabin completely naked. He hesitated for a moment then walked over to the door flaps of his cabin and took a peak outside. The entire area was draped in a warm blanket of silence with everyone still slumbering away in their cozy warm beds. Closing the flaps back up Evan finally looked down at himself scrutinizing his nudity for the first time in a very long time. The corners of his mouth twitched upwards a bit as he continued to gaze at his nakedness.

Making his way over to the lockers he opened the door and pulled out a small mirror before stepping back into the center of the cabin. Moving some things on top of his bunk he settled his mirror into position and stepped back looking at the reflection of his middle torso admiring his fleshy bits. He had been wondering why everyone was trying to sneak a peak at him, and the image he saw reflecting back only confirmed the reason why. He truly did have a sexy looking body, which sort of surprised him. He loved how his older friend looked naked, and he could now appreciate what Kyle saw in him as well. Smiling at this new revelation he also took note that he was actually enjoying fooling around a bit with the sexy older boy. He had fantasized about Kyle for a long time now, but had been too frightened and shy to do anything about it, yet here they were actually doing some of those things together. Coming out of his new found reverie, Evan quickly picked up the mirror so he could get himself cleaned up since he didn't have a lot of time before meeting up with the older sexy boy.

The cool morning hours were a perfect time for me to get a slow paced jaunt in before starting the day and try to make sense about what had happened between me and Evan last night. The day was already starting to warm up, but the forest canopy provided plenty of cool shading as I ran the familiar looping trail with the image of Evan still burning in my mind. There was a nice sheen of sweat that had built up along my torso, but I really wasn't working all that hard with the run. I only had a short distance left and knew that just around the bend up ahead I would be able to see the cross section where I had planned on meeting up with my exquisite twelve year old boy.

There were fluttering butterflies inside of my stomach, and I couldn't believe I was getting excited already at the prospect of being with the younger boy here shortly. We only parted here a little while ago, but I was already missing the little guy. How things have changed in just a few days.

Rounding the corner in the trail I saw the small frame of Evan a little down the trail along with a few other people. I was able to recognize the other small boy standing next to my sexy little guy as being Chase, but didn't recognize the two other larger and older boys that were there as well. As I looked at one of the larger boys something in the back of my mind seemed to recognize him, but I just couldn't place him yet.

For some reason my mind shifted to the fire bowl from the previous night, and then it hit me. One of the bigger boys was that Brad guy who had a little run in with Evan. This wasn't good I thought to myself when suddenly all hell seemed to break loose.

Evan had quickly gotten all of his errands done and had made his way to the spot Kyle wanted to meet up with him. Chase had come along and they were chatting when Brad and some other big lug had unexpectedly shown up. Things went downhill from there and now the smaller boy was getting a bit uncomfortable.

"Stop it Brad," Evan was saying to the older boy as he backed away from the older boy holding on to his sketch pad. He could see Chase step in front of him in a protective manner, but all of a sudden the second boy accompanying Brad grabbed the thirteen year old in a bear like vice grip dragging him away from between his friend and the other little boy.

"What the fuck, let me go jackass," Chase spat trying to wriggle himself loose.

Brad lunged at Evan pulling on the sketch pad, but couldn't pry it loose. Getting tired of the little shit he punched the smaller boy in the stomach and smiled wickedly as the smaller boy crumbled to the ground.

"That'll teach you…you little fucking shit. You think you're hot shit," he barked as he kicked Evan in his stomach for good measure. The smaller boy whimpered when the foot connected, but remained motionless on the ground.

"You're a fucking coward and pussy," Chase shrieked out at the older bully. Something had caught his attention, and he was trying to buy time for his friend. "That's right a pussy because your dick is so small that no matter how much money you have you will still just have a pussy instead of a real cock." He spat out making things up as he went and hoping it would work.

Evidently his words had some sort of affect as the other boy rounded on him and slapped him across the face. It was so hard that it had snapped his head around and he could taste the blood in his mouth.

"I'll deal with you next," he stated as he turned back around towards the smaller boy and lifted his foot. He saw Evan's right hand lying on the ground and he wanted to smash those fingers to a pulp so the little fucker would never be able to draw or paint ever again. With all the force he could muster he started to stomp his foot down, but never made it as he was sent flying through the air.

Witnessing Brad lunging for Evan, my heart leaped up into my throat as I put on the afterburners and ran as hard as I could. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion with the scene further up the trail in front of me, and I prayed I would be in time.

I heard some yelling off in the distance and saw someone moving towards the scuffle, but they were even farther away than I was to the fight. Just when I thought it would be too late, Chase came to the rescue and diverted Brad's attention just long enough for me to arrive in time.

I crashed into Brad like an offensive tackle that is pulled to the other side of the line as a lead blocker for the running back. I used my training from my younger American football days, and utilized my momentum as I careened into an unsuspecting Brad. Just before I mowed him over I had dipped my body lower and lifted up with my legs. As soon as we connected the strength of my arms coalesced at the same time with all the other factors of my move as I shoved outwards. The combined force and angle of my block sent Brad airborne to land resoundingly on his back in a clump of bushes five yards away. At the initial impact between our two bodies the sketch pad he had snatched away from Evan slipped out of the older boy's hand to land next to the younger boy on the ground.

My own momentum almost was my undoing because I couldn't stop. I leaned my body backwards and slid to a halt just in front of the clump of bushes I had sent Brad flying into one moment earlier. The other older boy who had been holding Chase was stunned for an instant, and then gathered together his faculties as he tossed the smaller boy aside like a little rag doll. I winced when I heard Chase's fragile body thump loudly up against a tree. I knew he was hurt, but couldn't help him at the moment.

The other large boy, who was really a rather bulky brutish of a guy came lunging forward intent on crushing me. I didn't recognize him from any of the other years so figured he was probably one of Brad's friends. I didn't think he was a real friend, but more the kind of friend who is bought by a rich brat.

At the moment I didn't care because I had to deal with the situation at hand. This guy was huge and probably used to people backing away from him so was surprised to see me leaping towards him. The initial shock lasted only a moment because he figured either way as soon as he had a hold of me he would just crush me.

He opened up his arms wide to grab me, and I simply reached in grabbing his shirt around his chest and pulled him into me. Once more he was shocked by the move, and couldn't stop as his own momentum did him in. I tugged on him and then lifted my knee making a resounding connection up against his groin.

My plan was to make a solid connection, but to tell you the truth I knew it had been just a tad too hard. I heard the intake and gasp of air the older boy made, and then saw his eyes cross while his face turned several shades paler before he crumbled to the ground. It was like seeing one of those comedy types of movie where the guy gets hit in the nuts, but in this case there really wasn't anything funny about the situation. Personally I knew the guy could be seriously hurt, and even though I hoped that wasn't the case I simply couldn't worry about it at the moment.

Turning back around I noticed Brad had turned over and was struggling to stand back up. I surged forward and grabbed him with my left hand by the nape of his shirt and pulled upwards and back with as much strength as I could muster because he was a pretty big guy. The older boy had been in the process of standing so when I jerked him upwards it had caught him by surprise. His momentum and the added extra force of me yanking on him had the affect of lifting him off of his feet.

The older boy's feet kicked out from under him, and went parallel to the ground about three feet up in the air. Once his feet went horizontal I placed my right hand on his chest and shoved downwards. Brad hit hard on his back, and the air ripped outwards from his lungs. I came downwards with the boy, planting my left knee on the ground next to his right hip, and shoved my right knee into his crotch applying a good amount of pressure.

Brad was gasping for air, but as soon as my right knee pressed into his balls his shoulders lifted up off the ground. I clamped my right hand around his throat and shoved him backwards into the dirt and started choking him. With the pressure between his legs, and the compression around his throat, he didn't know where to begin defending himself.

"Hold still you fucking piece of shit or I'll rip your throat out," I commanded as my grip around his throat tightened even more cutting off the flow of air.

Everything inside my body was filled with fury and hatred, and all I could see was Don, Evan's asshole of a so called father figure, lying on the ground in front of me. How dare he touch my little Evan, my light, my love in a harmful way? He would pay for it, for all of what he had done to Evan. My body shook with rage as the visage of Don shifted to that of Brad, but this didn't help either because he too had just beaten on my angelic little boy. The older boy was starting to turn pale, then blue as tears flowed freely from his eyes when I heard a familiar voice screaming my name.

"Kyle, please…Kyle don't…please he's not worth it, just let him go, please Kyle. It's over he can't hurt me anymore" I heard Evan crying as I looked up, and with him still holding his arm around his stomach, watched him stumbled forward to place a gentle hand on my arm.

My senses snapped back into place, and I released the older boy who just curled up holding his balls in his hand and gasping for air as he coughed hoarsely. I turned my attention to Evan and reached out to my love…my light. The feeling for him at the moment was so intensified inside of me that I never even thought twice about how I had just referred to him within my own mind.

"Are…are you alright?" I asked reaching for him to look him over quickly from head to toe.

"Y…yes, I'll be just fine." He replied simply.

"You sure?" I asked again just to be sure.

"Yeah," He whispered.

At that moment I remembered Chase and rushed to his side. He was writhing on the ground on his back looking pale as his fingers dug into the dirt. His mouth was open as if gasping for air, but nothing was coming out. I knew immediately what had happened to him, and straddled my legs on either side of his body. I reached down grasping the waistband of his shorts, and tugged upwards lifting up his mid-section. I lowered him back down and lifted him up a little further this time, which in one way was a big mistake.

I knew he had the wind knocked out of him because the same thing had happened to me once on the football team. One of the coaches had grabbed me by the waist of my football pants and yanked me up a few times to get me breathing again. Knowing this method worked I wanted to do the same thing, but made a little mistake.

Chase had on a pair of Dockers cargo shorts with an elastic waistband. When I reached down and lifted him by the waistband of his shorts they sort of gave way a little and stretched. When I lifted him up the second time I lifted him up higher and sort of pulled towards me a little.

Well, his mid-section came upwards as planned sort of shoving his hips upwards into the air. The top half of him was lying on the ground with a lot of weight applying gravity, same with his legs, but they were much lighter. When I pulled him up I had also inadvertently pulled towards me as well.

All of a sudden his shorts slid passed the small globes of his orbs because the weight pulling downwards from the gravitational pull of his upper body was too much. When I grabbed the waistband of his shorts my fingers had also wrapped around the waistband of his underwear. His shorts slid off of him all the way down to around his knees along with his underwear.

My eyes flew wide when Chase's boy bits came flopping out into plain view, and damn he was hung like a fucking elephant. His flaccid cut dick was about four and a half inches long, way bigger than my own erection, with a wide flaring mushroom like head. He had a small patch of dark brown pubes, not a lot, but still more than what I even had with large walnut sized testicles in a tight pouch nestled under the shaft of his penis.

"Oh, shit," I stated as I dropped him on the ground, and tried to yank his shorts back up. I heard Evan giggle a moment at the comical sight, but then he got serious as he leaned next to his friend realizing how serious this was at the moment.

When I dropped Chase on the ground it finally knocked his lungs loose from being constricted in his chest, and he gasped for air while I continued to pull up his shorts. With air coming back into his lungs he lifted up his hips and pulled his own shorts up the rest of the way.

Evan was kneeling next to his friend on the boy's left side helping him sit up against the tree he had been slammed into, so I knelt next to him on the opposite side as we held his hands. I glanced over my shoulders to make sure the other two boys were still out of commission, and noticed they were still curled up in a ball when Dmytri came running up beside us.

"You boys be doing the alright?" He asked us gasping for air. The poor guy must have hustled over to us, which was no small accomplishment considering him being such a large guy. He wasn't fat by any means, but just big.

Chase opened his eyes and smiled at his friend Evan, and then looked over towards me and flushed red realizing the little accident about his exposure.

"Yeah, I think we are all good over here Dmytri, thanks. You may want to check on those jack asses over there though." I told him as I turned my attention back to Chase who was looking away with a few tears in his eyes. I couldn't tell if it was because of embarrassment or because of pain.

"I be seeing everything from up top, but could not be arriving in time. Yes, I go check on stupid boys. I no accept this behavior, I no be teaching ugly boy." He assured us as he got up and scooted over towards the other two boys.

"Are you alright Chase?" I asked him as I rubbed his hand in my own. "I…we owe you so much Chase. You were so brave to stick up for Evan like that, and your quick thinking saved him, you're a real hero in my book."

He looked at me with tears in his eyes then looked away in shame. I didn't know what else to do so I scooted next to him and held him to me. At first he tried to shove me away, and then wrapped his arms around me tightly as he began to cry in my arms. His body trembled as he softly wept on my shoulders, and I just let him get it all out of his system. Evan sat next to him on the other side and just caressed his hands along the boy's back.

"It'll be alright Chase, I promise." I told him as I held him to me.

He finally released me looking over to the others and leaned towards me and Evan.

"D…did anyone else see me…you know?" He asked as he glanced downwards.

"Shit Chase, I'm sorry about your shorts, but it was just me and Evan who saw you. Everyone else was having their own problems concerning their privates," I chuckled with Evan giggling as well.

Chase at first was offended by our laughter, but once he realized we weren't laughing at him looked at us questioningly. I pointed over to the other two boys still moaning on the ground and holding their privates. Chase's eyes got big and he just looked at me.

"What the fuck did you do to those guys?" He asked seriously.

"Well, a whole lot more than I did to you," I teased him as he blushed. "Hell Chase, those guys picked on the wrong people. They picked on my friends so I crushed them, and I do mean literally crushed them."

Chase looked at me and then over to the other boys before just busting up laughing. He had an infectious laugh, and soon all of us were chuckling along with him as we held on to each other. Dmytri looked over towards us, and shook his head reproachfully at first, but couldn't contain his own smile for a brief second before focusing back on the two boys still writhing on the ground scolding them for their actions.

Evan got up to go retrieve his things, and I helped Chase up off the ground. The boy was a little shaken, but nothing serious as I helped him gather up his own things. Damn, the boy was cute I thought to myself and couldn't get the image of his huge cock out of my mind.

I leaned in and whispered in his ear. "Thanks for everything Chase, I promise I'll pay you back proper like later," I told him as I smacked his cute ass. The boy just yelped and then looked curiously at me as if to ask what I meant by that. I just winked at him and strolled over to my lovely angelic Evan who had witnessed the exchange. He just smiled at me wickedly in a knowing way and rolled his eyes mockingly at me. Damn, how I was starting to love that expression on him.

By this time a few other campers had managed to make their way over. It was only around six thirty in the morning so the camp was still relatively quiet with most of them still sound asleep. Only the early risers were up and about, oh, and of course probably all the crazy artists who seem to love early morning light or early evening sunset type of lighting for their work.

A couple of the other boys now mingling around had also witness from a distance the altercation. They looked over towards me sort of in awe at how I had disposed of two big brutes without much effort, while whispering to the others who hadn't seen the squabble what had gone down. Everyone kept glancing at me in wonderment, but I didn't think all that much about the feat because a lot of it had been dumb luck in my opinion.

Sure, I've had some martial arts training. Nothing formal in a Dojo or anything, but more with lessons from my father when he was home. We often sparred around a little with him teaching me a lot of cool practical stuff so I could protect myself. I've never really used anything before that is until today, and even now it was more about the physics of things versus actual moves or anything.

For example, my father has always reminded me that there will always be someone bigger and stronger than me so it is important to use a persons own momentum against him. Never try to force yourself against a stronger force; instead, use the opposing stronger force to my own advantage and your opponents' detriment. That is exactly what I did today.

"What the hell is this?" I asked Evan as I picked up a lightweight large sized looking rectangular box.

"Oh, that's a protective carrier for canvas pieces. He had smaller ones but I wanted the one that holds large size canvas pieces, like thirty inches by forty inches. If I'm going to paint something over here I might as well do it on a large sized canvas. I also picked up a couple of canvas boards for my project." He stated opening up the large containment box showing me.

Dmytri walked over to us at that point and motioned all three of us together. "You boys to be going working on project, yes. Nurse is to be coming to look over silly boys." He stated jerking his thumb in Brad's direction.

"Uh, yeah, we were just getting everything picked up," I pointed out. "Uh, Dmytri?"

"Yes, what is it being?"

"Um…are we like in trouble or anything? I mean if anything I'm the one who actually fought and Evan and Chase are innocent."

"No, no, not to be doing the worrying. I witness all, some others witness. No fault you boys, fault other boys. I will be coming shortly to help lesson Evan and then after Chase. Now go shoo-shoo." He shushed us away.

A short while later Evan and I crested the overlook and I started to peel off my sticky clothes. I got the water bottle out and a rag to start wiping down my sticky naked torso while Evan set up his work area. I finished wiping myself down and looked up just in time to see the younger boy's youthful figure wrapping his arms around my waist and burying his face in my chest as he just sobbed and shook. I was stunned but reacted by just holding him tightly to me. He quickly calmed down but still clung to me.

"What's this all about my little young tiger?" I whispered softly.

"I…I just…love you so much." I heard him respond softly as he stepped back and surprised me by peeling off his own shirt.

My eyes opened wide as he slowly unsnapped his cargo shorts and let them fall to the ground. He was wearing his bright white boy's briefs and I could see the softness of his ball sack and flaccid penis pressing up against the flexible material. I was just gawking at him enjoying his exquisite physique in the early morning light. Evan hesitated a moment and I saw a look of sadness in his eyes as he hooked his thumbs in the flexible waistband and started to tug downwards.

I watched him in fascination totally dumbstruck but when I saw the look of melancholy in his eyes something inside of me snapped. I reached out my hands placing them over his soft pliable fingers and held them in my own drawing him back to me.

"Are you sure this is what you really want?" I whispered softly in his ear as I stroked my fingers through his curly locks.

"I…I think so. I love you so much Kyle and I want you to be happy. I know this will please you." He answered hesitantly.

"Yeah, I suppose, maybe for the moment but then…" I sighed sadly.

"What?" He asked looking into my eyes.

"Then there would be guilt. You don't really want this Evan, not yet and I won't ever force anything on you. I love you too much to do that to you. No, I can wait. When you are ready then, and only then, can you share yourself to me like that, ok." I told him pulling him to me again.

This was by far the most difficult choice I had ever made in my entire life. A part of me just wanted to rip off his clothes and make passionate love to him. My entire body trembled with lust as it struggled to calm down. I knew I was making the right choice because this wouldn't be about making love together; instead, it would just be about satisfying my sexual urges and needs. I wanted more between me and Evan, and when the time came I wanted the boy to give himself over to me freely and without any guilt.

"Thanks Kyle but…," He looked up into my eyes smiling wickedly.

I smiled back wondering what he was up to. "Yeah?"

"Can I…would it be alright if I touched…well uh, you know, can I touch you there?"

I looked at him a bit shocked but eagerly nodded my approval. He didn't wait for me to change my mind as he quickly shoved me back against the low rising boulder forcing me on my back so that I was arched backwards a little. I could see the eagerness in his eyes as he slowly took in my sleek figure. With a shaking hand he slowly placed his soft palm on my chest and worked it in circular motions down my torso.

"Oh fuck Evan, that's so hot," I whimpered.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when his fingers finally found their way to my hot juicy stiffness and wrapped around the torrid shaft. His hand felt so wonderfully soft and smooth swathed around the hotness of my boyhood and I had to clench my teeth so I wouldn't blow my load in his hands.

My body was hot and ready for action, still not having deposited my seed yet this day. I had planned on finding a spot somewhere along the route during my run to take care of my needs, but each time I slowed down something in the back of my mind had dismissed the idea and urged me onwards. It was almost as if I knew deep down that I had to meet up with Evan by a particular time. If I would have stopped to jack off on the trail somewhere who knows what would have happened to Evan and Chase.

My body jerked again in response from the jacking motion Evan was doing on my rigid boy shaft. I couldn't believe he was jacking me off. I just thought he wanted to touch me…that he was just curious, but instead here he was giving me the most wonderful jacking of my entire life. It was much better than I ever gave to myself, much better than anyone had ever given to me, not that many people have ever touched me down there.

"Oh shit, what are you doing? Are you sure…about this?" I grunted as Evan picked it up a notch in response. "Unngh," I grunted at the extra stimulation as the curly boy sped up his pumping motion.

"I've wanted to do this to you for years." Evan exclaimed as he felt my penis twitch in his pumping fist.

My young teenage body was awash with emotional turbulence and sexually charged with the vision of near perfection in the young curly haired boy standing almost completely naked in front of me. His body swayed with the motion of his pumping fist and his tongue hung out slightly from his lips in such a sweet fashion. His bubble butt jiggled and I could see the clear outline of his three inch thickness pressing up against his underwear.

The stimulating sensation of sight and touch were too much for me as I felt the hot juices deep inside my ball sack force its way upward. At the same moment I felt my hips thrust upward and my butt cheeks clenched tight. I could actually feel the heat of my boy sap coursing up my tubular appendage and finally explode out the tip of my little boy slit.

"It's coming," I grunted almost too late. "Fuck, aaaargh," I screamed at the top of my lungs as a huge thick rope of cum shot out the end of my shaft. I watched it in slow motion as it arched upward into the air a good five or six of feet high. The white thick substance continued its outward arch to land with a clumping splatter about seven yards away.

Never in my life had I shot my load so high or far and never before had it been so thick. For the first time in my life I've shot the real deal…man spunk for real. Always before for the last couple of years it had been more clear than opaque in color. These thoughts flickered only for a moment through my mind as wave after wave of twitching orgasmic euphoria gripped my body.

"Uuungh, uuungh, oh fucking shiiiiiit, umph, umph, umph," I screamed, grunted, and moaned at the sheer raw emotional release.

My body finally shuddered for the last time and I sank back against the boulder gasping for air while I melted like butter in relaxation. I opened my eyes looking down at myself taking note of the enormous mess I had created all around me. Somehow I had managed to miss my own torso and Evan completely except for his fist which was completely covered in my spunk.

Evan's eyes were bulging outwards at the enormity of my orgasm and he stared down at his spunk covered fist as he slowly released my now deflated three inch tube. I watched him raise his fingers to his nose, sniff it, and then tentatively lick the back of his hand. At first he wrinkled his nose in surprise, but then a moment later he smiled. He started to slurp his entire hand greedily as he cleared away the last of the substance from his fingers making a happy smacking sound with his lips.

"Mmmm, you taste totally awesome. It's different from mine, much stronger, but after the initial salty like tang it actually ends up tasting awesome," He said looking at me with a sly smile.

"You're so fucking hot," I croaked out through my raw throat.

I couldn't take it any more, the sight of his beautiful sleek body, the sight of his stiffness between his legs, the sight of his spunk covered lips was just too much as I reached out and pulled him towards me. I embraced him and hungrily ate his lips tasting my own lingering seed. He was right, it was much stronger and pungent at first, but the aftertaste left a glowing sensation of richness.

My hands couldn't get enough of his body as they groped his back, his soft pliable ass, and his hot little tube as I squeezed against them lightly. I grunted a moment and I released him briefly before shoving my right hand down the front of his underwear to touch his naked pre-teen hardened flesh for the first time. I gave the tip of his penis a quick pinch and was rewarded with a small pulsing flare noting how his foreskin pulled back from the tip of his shaft a little.

The move had surprised him and he bucked briefly at the intimate contact. I released his shaft and cupped his warm smooth ball sack giving them a gentle squeeze as well before I released them and removed my hands from beneath his underwear. We were both panting heavily now as I opened up my eyes to gaze into his bright sky blue colored orbs. 'Damn, how I loved his eyes.'

"Sorry…about that," I murmured. "I…I just couldn't get enough of you for a moment and lost control."

"That's alright," the boy sighed in reply and leaned his head on my chest. "Your hands felt…shit, they felt wonderful." He giggled at the sensation he had felt.

"Shit Evan, you have no idea. Your hands on me were the best thing that's ever happened to me. I've never felt anything so awesome in my life, and I mean never." I exhaled almost purring like a contended cat perched on a ledge in the warm sunlight.

"We better get you cleaned up and dressed before Dmytri gets here," he stated getting up off of me and watching where he stepped. I just lay there for a moment as I watched him and smiled when he retrieved the camera and snapped a few pictures of me. The camera sure was getting a good workout I thought to myself as I smiled slyly.

"Hurry up," Evan reminded me.

"Shit, I almost forgot," I said smiling at the younger boy. "I hope no-one heard me screaming like that," I chuckled as I got cleaned up.

Evan got his things together and I slipped into the clothes he brought for me; something that would be sort of timeless for a painting. I was wearing a pair of sand colored cargo shorts, a neutral colored button up short sleeved shirt, and my ankle length pair of hiking boots when he had posed me to his liking and started sketching on his canvas board. I asked him why he was sketching me instead of painting me and he just shrugged stating this was the first step.

Dmytri had arrived not long afterward and they chatted about all sorts of artsy kinds of things that were frankly beyond me. Things like fat over lean—a process used so that the oil paint doesn't crack because they dry at varying rates, layering, pallet knives, and brushes, along with different kinds of techniques. Evan took it all in like a sponge. Every once in a while they would include me in their conversations asking me questions that I had interests in, but mostly their talk revolved around art. I didn't mind though because watching Evan and how his face was all lit up was enough for me.

Dmytri even gave Evan a large watertight canvas tarp to cover up most of his things at the overlook so he wouldn't have to drag everything up and down every day. Basically he would just have to carry a few things along with the paintings themselves because they are to be stored in Dmytri's climate controlled cabin.

When the artist finally left us, Evan switched out to a new canvas board and had me strip naked. He smiled greedily at me as if he wanted to do something more, but I just shook my head and wagged my finger at him. We both laughed and he started in on his nude sketch of me.

A couple of hours later we were making our way into the dining room for breakfast and a little break for me. We would return after breakfast to work some more before we both would have to call it quits. I had other events to go to, and he had to report to his art class for some lessons and then head out to one of his other activities before lunch.

Chase was sitting at a table off in the corner all alone so we made our way over to him. The boy smiled broadly as we sat down next to him. We were having a really great time and I smiled as the two younger boys started chatting about art. At one point they took a little breather to enjoy a bite or two of breakfast.

"Thanks Chase, you know for earlier. I thought I was a goner there for a minute. How's your face?" Evan inquired noticing the slight swelling on the corner of the boy's left mouth.

Chase put his hand to his lip and probed it gingerly. "Oh, it's alright, just a little puffy is all. After all what are friends for if not to help each other out. I'm just glad that no one saw my, uh… well you know when my shorts sort of…" He stated lowering his voice and looking around with a look of embarrassment about the incident.

"Shit dude, when that happened I totally freaked. I mean, there for a second I thought a huge snake had popped out." I stated trying to stifle a giggle. Chase didn't look too happy about the reference. Evidently he must have been teased a lot in the past so I decided to let it go and not get him upset.

Evan hadn't picked up on it so he piped in as well. "Hell, not just any snake, huge like a cobra, you know flaring head and all." He giggled at his inflated head reference and I couldn't help but laugh because it really was too funny which spurred me on as well forgetting all about Chase's shyness in this matter.

"Nah…not just a regular cobra, but one of those spitting cobras. They rear up their inflated head and spit their venom at you. I hear their aim is pretty accurate." I busted up laughing with Evan not able to contain himself either. It really was hilarious and even Chase finally conceded and chuckled with the good natured humor at his expense.

"Awe come on guys, that snake wasn't that big," Chase admonished us.

'What snake," Tim asked us finally making it to breakfast and joining us in the middle of the conversation.

We all looked over at him and then back to each other before roaring into laughter. Tim's timing was impeccable and he just stared around at us with a big grin wondering what was so funny, which of course made us laugh even harder.

"Oh hell, you're right Chase, it really wasn't as big as a cobra," I stated seriously conceding to the smaller boy. The dark brown haired boy looked satisfied at the concession, but Evan just rolled his eyes knowing I wasn't done. "Yeah, it was more like one of those huge pythons. I've never seen a young one as big as that," I blurted out laughing.

Chase had been in the process of taking a drink of his cool-aid when he nearly choked and a bunch of it spurt out of his nose. He started coughing and Evan thumped him on the back in-between fits of laughter. Tim didn't know what the hell we were talking about but he didn't mind thinking it was all an inside joke; however, he did bust up laughing when Chase spewed out red colored cool-aid from his nose.

"Fucking dickheads," Chase admonished us when he could speak. "And you, not even sticking up for me after I saved your life this morning," He continued shoving his tongue out at Evan, which made us laugh even harder because it was totally red from the cool aide. That is everyone except for Tim who just looked at us in confusion regarding the whole Chase saving Evan's life reference.

"What the hell is he talking about? What did I miss now" He asked looking at us. We couldn't help ourselves as we just burst out in another round of laughter.

I noticed a lot of kids looking our way. We were having a lot of fun and making a lot of noise attracting some attention. But that wasn't the only reason why we were getting some looks. It appeared as if our morning incident was spreading like wild fire and the gossiping was already in full swing. It looked as if the only one who didn't know was our friend Tim who at the moment just stared at us. I apologized to him and filled him in on the confrontation.

To say he was pissed was putting it mildly. He wanted to get up right there and then to do some pounding of his own. He was real upset when he heard Evan had been hit and kicked, but when he heard what had happened to Chase and how he had stuck up for Evan he seemed really impressed.

"Whoa little tiger, you are wickedly and totally awesome," He gushed over the smaller boy and seemingly looking at him hungrily. It had lasted only a moment but I had noticed something in that look. I smiled at my older friend and he just looked at me.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing, just thinking is all," I replied.

At that moment and to Tim's relief we were interrupted by another one of the campers. He looked to be about Chase's age, maybe thirteen and on the small side. We looked over to the boy and he sort of shifted around on his feet looking a little embarrassed and sort of looking everywhere except for at us.

"Uh…hey…how's it going?" I asked the boy. "Did you need a place to sit or something? You're more than welcome to join us." I told him.

The boy shook his head nervously. I didn't know what else to say so we all just sort of sat there quietly waiting for the other boy to say something.

"Uh," the boy managed to squeak out before clearing his throat. "Is…is it true that you, uh, you kicked Brad's ass and Sean's too?" He asked us.

"Who? I mean I know Brad but who is Sean?"

"Oh, the other big guy who always hangs around with Brad." He stated sheepishly.

"Oh, yeah, I guess so. I mean it was more dumb luck than anything else."

"That's not what I heard, and Stephen saw it all," the boy stated shoving Tim forcing the older boy over so he could take a seat for himself prompting a smile from Tim who sort of looked at the younger boy shaking his head good naturedly. "Steve said those guys were beating on those two," he pointed to Chase and Evan, "and you just plowed over Brad sending him flying through the air, then turned around and dropped Sean like a sack of potatoes before turning around and finishing off Brad. Steve said if your friend hadn't stopped you," the smaller boy paused long enough to point towards Evan before continuing, "Brad would probably be hurt really bad," he recounted the story rapidly.

I looked at him with my mouth open and then noticed the dining hall had gone real quiet. I quickly gazed around the room becoming self conscious and felt my cheeks go flush with embarrassment.

"Well, uh, Chase is a real hero you know. If it wasn't for him Brad would have really hurt Evan. And I'm glad Evan stopped me because no one deserves to be hurt no matter what. If he wouldn't have stopped me I could have really hurt another person, and I'd hate myself for that. Besides I really didn't do anything all that special." I stated as I started to get up.

The boy leaned over and put his hand on my arm. "Thanks for getting rid of them. You're way nicer than most guys, but those jerks were bullies, and…and hurt me too. I'm just glad you were there to stop them from hurting someone else." He whispered as he got up and left with tears in his eyes.

I was shocked for a moment and thought I better go after the boy to soothe him, but noticed a couple of other boys around his own age go over to him and comforted the guy. Evidently they all knew each other. One of the other boys looked over to me and nodded his head once at me in appreciation. I didn't know what else to do so just nodded back in acknowledgement.

My friends followed me out of the building. We walked a little ways down the trail before stopping as I sighed in relief at being out of everyone's scrutiny. Tim walked over to me sensing I was out of sorts and ran his hand on my back.

"That was a cool thing you did in there for that kid, not to mention for our friends here." He stated then walked over to Chase giving him a hug and kissed the top of his head catching the other boy by surprise. "And that was a very brave thing you did for Evan," he stated before walking over to Evan and giving him a hug as well. "And I hope those fuckers didn't hurt you too much, they better pray I don't see them or unlike Kyle here I'll literally kill them," he stated softly.

We sort of stood around awkwardly for a moment and then giggling at the entire episode put it behind us and made our plans for the rest of the day. We all were busy for the entire morning but we would get together at lunch. Then right after lunch Tim had some free time today but we didn't. We all had free time at around three in the afternoon but Tim didn't today so the three of us who were free decided to go swimming later. Tim was kind of bummed about it, but his schedule was different tomorrow and he would have time to go swimming with us then. With plans set we all headed out to have some more fun.

The rest of the morning just flew by us and we met up at lunch time. We were all chatting when I noticed the young boy from breakfast time step into the dining room and look around. He grabbed his tray of food and sort of glanced our way as if trying to decide something. He made his way over to us, and sort of stood there with the tray in his hand shifting from one foot to the other a little nervously. Without saying a word I just scooted over giving him room to join us.

We introduced ourselves to him and he introduced himself saying his name was Benjamin or Benji, whichever we preferred. I liked how Benji sounded so just called him by his nickname. He seemed to like it and we all fell into a casual conversation.

"Uh, Benji?" I inquired.

He looked over at me smiling and nodding his head for me to continue.

"You mentioned earlier that Brad had bullied you, do you mind if I ask why and what he did?" Everyone at our table got real quiet, and then looked at the boy who seemed a little embarrassed at the moment and trying to decide if he could trust us.

He looked around him making sure no one was listening and then leaned in and whispered real quiet. I could barely make out the words before he sort of leaned back with his eyes downcast. I mulled over in my mind what he had told us.

"Do you think that as well?" I asked him. The boy looked at me kind of funny wondering why I would ask that question instead of a million other possible ones.

He thought for a moment then shrugged his shoulders, "Maybe," he whispered. We were all silent for a moment.

"Geezus, why do all of us younger kids always think our peckers are either way too small or for a select few," I amended looking towards Chase who blushed, "who think theirs is way too big?" I asked softly and to no one in particular.

I was a little frustrated because over the last several days it seems as if people I know have been horribly teased about their boy bits. Evidently Brad had teased Benji telling him his dick was puny and had repeatedly groped the younger boy in a not too light of a manner. Not the typical teenager good natured teasing but actually pure meanness. Frankly, I was getting tired of it.

"Let's see it." I told him.

"What…now…here." He stammered looking around a little shocked.

"Sure, just get up and sit between me and Tim and pull it out. No one can see you just look around you. Can you see anyone under the table and table cloth?" I pointed out.

Benji looked around him and then shrugged his shoulders as he got up and sat between us two older boys. He hesitated a moment looking around the room and pulled out his junk. I looked him straight in the eyes for permission and he nodded so I looked down. To tell you the truth I'd say he was probably average for his age. He had a few light colored brown pubes around the base of his two and a half inch soft and cut penis. All in all just average so what the fuck was up with Brad I thought to myself as I began to wonder if he was just perverting on the boy.

"Shit Benji, nothing special there. If anything it is more average looking. Not too big, not too small, just right for your age if you ask me. If I had to guess I think Brad was being a pervert and probably wanted your dick." I told him bluntly looking over towards Tim who had also looked and nodded in agreement. Benji looked from me to Tim and sighed in relief when he knew we weren't joshing him.

I noticed Evan rolling his eyes at me and Chase sort of trying to stave off a giggle.

"What?" I asked innocently.

"Yeah, just another excuse to see someone's little cock-let," Chase teased me which set everyone off to laughing, even Benji joined in. He seemed relieved at how we all sort of teased one another in a free spirited kind of way. He felt comfortable around us and wasn't even offended by Chase's use of 'little cock-let,' and knew it was just a phrase and nothing personal.

"Yeah, you just wait until I get my hands on you later," I teased back. "Maybe a couple of tugs on your long hose will teach you some manners."

Chase blushed as we all laughed. Of course only Evan and I really knew about his so called long hose, but it was still funny and even Benji got into the mood with a few jokes of his own. He fit in with us quiet well. We were now five and I liked our little group.

We found out Benji had some free time after lunch so Tim thought it would be cool if the two of them went down to the lake for some swimming now that someone else in our group had some time. The rest of the three of us headed out to our other activities for the day.

Time seemed to fly and before I knew it Evan, Chase, and I were having fun at the lake just being typical teenage boys. That is until all of a sudden during one of our wrestling matches Chase gasped and shuffled away from us looking sort of embarrassed.

"What's the matter?" I asked. "Did you pop wood or something?" I tease him and both Evan and myself giggled at him, but he seemed to turn beat red so I stopped ribbing him. Evan noticed the exchange as well and we both sidled up slowly to the other boy.

"Chase, you know I didn't mean anything by it?"

"Yeah but I don't want to…I mean I know you understand and all, but Evan…" He stated but I didn't know what the hell he was talking about and looking at Evan I knew he didn't know either.

He sighed, looked around to make sure no one was close or listening, and then focused on Evan simply stating, "I'm gay."

"You are?" Evan and I stated at the same time looking towards each other and laughing at our inside joke of being more and more like brothers.

Chase looked at both of us and then just me, "You didn't know, I mean…what about last night?" He asked me cryptically glancing at Evan not wanting the other boy to know about the groping, but surprised I hadn't known he was gay because of it.

I looked at Evan and he understood that he shouldn't mention that he knew about last night's groping incident. He also sort of excused himself so that Chase and I could talk privately. "Hey listen guys, I've got to go do some more painting, so I'll catch you two later. Chase, I don't give a fuck if you're gay or not. You're still my friend and it doesn't change anything." He stated as he headed towards the shore.

I could tell that Chase was relieved that Evan didn't care about his sexual preference. "So, I don't care either, but what makes you think I knew about you being gay?" I asked him seriously.

"Well, you know because of me feeling you up last night. Aren't you gay too?" He asked me.

To tell you the truth I really didn't know one way or the other now that things were heating up between me and Evan. So I just answered him the only way I knew.

"Well, I've dated a few girls and just broke up recently with one. I've had some sexual experiences with them, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy fooling around with boys too. Hell, right now I don't know one way or the other. I just want to have fun until I find out for sure." I told him as I reached over and dunked his head under the water.

He popped back up sputtering with his back turned to me so I jumped him and reached around to give his pecker a good pull. He yelped at the playful tug shoving away my hand, but not before I felt it swell up in my hands.

"I told you I was going to yank on that long hose of yours," I teased him lightheartedly.

He seemed a little put out and a bit embarrassed so I just asked him about it.

"So why are you so damn shy about your pecker? I mean fuck it isn't puny or anything and your gay, so why aren't you showing it off?"

"What?" He asked me surprised at my boldness.

"Why…" I started before he cut me off.

"I heard you but…it just shocked me is all. Besides, no one has really seen me naked or anything yet."

"How's that possible? I mean what about school and taking showers and like friends and stuff. Don't you guys have to take showers after gym class or sports?"

"Ah, no, well, I'm home schooled so no…and," He sighed coming to a decision, "You guys here at camp are the only real friends I have. I live in the middle of nowhere so there aren't any kids around."

"Oh," I simply stated as another thought occurred to me. "How do you know that you're gay then?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "I just get boned up when I look at guys on the television set or when I see them in magazines. Girls don't do anything for me."

"Oh so you just jack off and stuff to pictures of boys and stuff." I stated more to myself than him, but I notice him blushing and shaking his head.

"Uh, I've never…I mean…I've lived with my aunt and uncle since I was two years old after my parents died, and they are sort of old fashioned and strict about those things so I've never tried to…you know."

"Fuck, no way dude." I stated in total shock.

I can understand a thirteen year old still being a virgin, and not having done anything with anyone at all, but what thirteen year old doesn't even spank his monkey, pull his wire, jack off, or in layman's terms plain ole masturbate I thought to myself before reaching over and tugging on his arms.

"Let's go." I said.

"Where are we going? We still have plenty of time before dinner." He complained getting a little worried that I thought him too weird.

"Trust me." I said as we walked out of the water and retrieved our stuff. I motioned for him to put on his shoes and we got up and headed out of the camp area and down a side trail.

I set a brisk pace and about fifteen minutes later veered of the trail in the general direction of the lake winding my way through some rocky little canyons. We were heading towards another little hidden gem that I knew about. After scrambling over some boulders we crested a rise and entered a little protected alcove completely tucked out of site from the main lake. There was a small patch of sandy area and a deep cool pool.

I dropped my little pack of stuff off the edge of the boulder we were standing on watching it drop onto the small beach area, and then stripped out of my still damp bathing suit. I scrambled over some larger boulders with him close on my heels and then leaped off of them into the deep blue cool waters below with a hollering whoop.

Chase just stared at me as my head popped out of the water. "Come on in and join me," I yelled up at him.

"What…here…naked?" He asked looking around. "No way and what if someone walks in on us while we are naked?" He stated

I climbed out of the water and up over the boulders dripping wet to stand next to him. He just stared down at me and swallowed. He was starting to get turned on and I could see the beginning stirrings of his hard-on. He did too and covered himself up.

"I know how to fix that," I said as I shoved him over the edge. He yelped trying to grab onto to me, but I leaped in along with him so it was no use as we both crashed into the water.

His head burst through the water into open air and he sputtered a little mad at me.

"What the hell…" he started to yell, but was cut off as I pulled him towards me and kissed him full on the lips. We both slowly sank back under the water and continued to suckle on each other mouths a little more before releasing our lips and returning back to the surface. He gasped for air as we slowly swam to the shallow end and he turned towards me when we got into more shallow water that was a little higher than our waist line.

"What the hell…" He started to speak again, but couldn't finish because I gathered him up in my arms and held him close as our lips came together once more. He struggled for a moment and then released his feelings to me and melted like butter in my arms. I felt his hands stroking my naked torso and slowly work their way down my back. My penis twitched up against him, and I felt his own penis throbbing just under my nut sack.

I lifted him up and he wrapped his legs around me while we continued to explore each other's mouths. He was heavier than Evan but I only had to go a few feet to a little ledge area jutting out into the water. I set him back down on his feet in ankle deep water and pulled away from his lips. He whimpered, but only for a moment as my lips found his small round firm nipples and suckled some more. He gasped and shivered with the sensation. I continued downwards to his belly button and stuck my tongue in the little opening as I kneeled in front of him. He giggled and I felt him shove his hips towards my face because of the sensations he was feeling.

I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of his bathing suit and tugged them down to his ankles. He instinctively reached down for them, but I planted my lips on his pubic mound slathering my tongue across the bare section of his skin that was still devoid of hair avoiding his small patch slightly lower on him.

"Oh fuck," Chase mumbled as his knees buckled. I held him up enough so that he wouldn't fall and gently eased him down onto his back on the smooth surface of the outcropping. My hands massaged downwards from his chest all the way to his exposed pubic mound. He moaned and groaned at the sensations his now six and a half inch erection sticking upwards in the air at a slight angle towards his left shoulder.

He was feeling the passionate heat now, but his hands still wandered downwards to cover himself up. They never made it there as I reached out my right hand and took his large shaft in my fingers. They barely managed to encircle his cut tubular inflation as it seemed to come alive and increase in girth even more.

"Uuuungh, what the fuck, Oh Geezus that feels, oh shit." He grunted as his hips lifted off the smooth ledge and he gasped for air. "What the fuck are you doing to me," he moaned in obvious pleasurable delight.

"This is called jacking, spanking your monkey, pulling your wire, or just plain ole masturbating," I told him teasingly as I started to stroke the biggest cock I've ever held in my hand.

It was hot and firm in my hand yet felt smooth and subtle at the same time as I slowly stroked it up and then down. He was starting to get into the rhythm of things and I could tell he was on the edge as I started to increase my speed slightly and gripped him firmer in my pumping fist. His rigid tool was huge and it seemed to get even thicker with each of my pumping strokes. His glans started out pinkish, but was a deep purplish color at the moment as it truly flared even bigger.

"Oh shit I think I gotta pee," He grunted as he sat up. I let him as I released him for a moment not wanting him to crest over the edge yet.

He whimpered when I let go and he clamped his right hand over his shaft as he leaned back out of breath. He started to calm down a bit when I started in on him. I started kissing his stomach and slowly worked my way down to his pubic mound. He started to moan again as I removed his hand from the big monster he was holding in check and kissed the base of it along his raphe, the line on the underside of his penis. His hips bucked at the new stimulation and I heard him groan loudly.

"And this my friend is called a blow job followed by busting a nut, blowing your wad, boy seed, boy batter, cum, ejaculate, sperm, or a million other ways of saying it," I told him as my mouth opened wide to take his huge six in a half inch torrid tube in my mouth and went down on him.

"Oh my Gawd," He shouted loudly as his shoulders came up off the smooth surface and his hips bucked wildly shoving his dick further into my mouth.

He slammed back down and quivered as I continued to ride downwards on his large pole with my mouth. It was huge, but I was determined to take all of him. I relaxed my throat and slid him all the way into my mouth and felt the tip of his penis tickling the back of my throat while my nose nuzzled against his pubes. I held back a gagging reflex and inhaled his musky boy smell. I could hear him breathing raggedly as I slowly retreated upwards towards the head of his glans and slathered my tongue around his corona, the ridge around his glans. My tongue flickered across his meatus or pee slit and I felt him buck and heard a deep intake of breath as he shuddered.

I released his engorged shaft for a moment and suckled in his smooth hairless young teenage boy pouch flicking my tongue around his testicles. He was literally writhing around on the ground now totally out of control as he whimpered with a combination of pain and pleasure as he tried to stave of his impending orgasm.

My tongue worked further downwards along his perineum, the line between his nut sack and rose bud. I was lying in-between him now and draped his legs over my shoulders leaning forward exposing his little bud between his cute little orbs. My tongue flickered across it tasting him. He bucked and moaned at this new sensation and I pushed up against his brown eye and inserted my tongue.

"Oh fuck, stop, I need to pee," He moaned as I eased my tongue out and he sighed.

I didn't stop though as I leaned over him and took his pre-cum leaking tool back into my mouth. The pre-cum tasted a little sweet as I slowly rode my mouth downwards again. My right thumb started to caress his little virginal boy hole in small circular motions. My mouth bottomed out a little and I started my slow rise back upward. I could feel his penis start to inflate and that is when I pounced. I shoved my thumb into his tight hole all the way into him.

I heard him yelp as he reflexively clamped down on my thumb. I started to wiggle it around wildly as my tongue slathered around his shaft and I sped up my bobbing motions up and down his long thick tube. I no longer went all the way down instead stopping about three quarters of the way and started sucking him hard.

"Oh fuck, stop, I've got to pee, please…" He groaned, and then it happened all at once.

My wriggling thumb hit against his prostrate and he just exploded. I felt his long cannon explode inside my mouth as his penis inflated even more and his glans expanded before a sticky gooey substance slammed in the back of my throat. It was thick and slimy as it oozed into my gullet. Rope after slimy rope was expelled from his torrid shaft almost all at once; a whole warehouse full of backorder that he had been hording on to and was sitting around for a long time now waiting for the first excuse to ship out. Once the large retracting doors where opened the whole stacks and rows of precious seed came rushing outwards to deposit into my mouth as he bucked wildly while I held onto him tightly. The amount that came spilling out of him all at once had caught me by surprise, and it was all I could do to keep up with the backlog of spunk. I never knew someone who was still that young could squirt so much cum. I mean I hear guys bragging about that sort of thing all the time, but I know better, yet with Chase, here was this young boy spewing out his white lava like Mount Saint Helen's when it blew its top on May 18, 1980.

"Oh shiiiiiiit, oh sweet Geezus, holy fuckin….unnngh, aaargh, uuuuumph, uuuuumph, oooooh, uh…uh," He moaned no longer able to speak intelligently as he heaved and rolled in a tangled mass of arms and limbs before finally slamming backwards and arching his back one last time trying to burry his shaft even further in my mouth.

Holding his hips in my arms I let his obscenely long and thick rigidness slide deeper in my mouth as it twitched and pulsated. All of a sudden his entire body went limp and his penis just shriveled up inside my mouth as it deflated having literally expelled everything in the storehouse. His body dropped out of my arms and his soft penis with him. I gawked at him amazed as I licked some of his boy batter from my lips. His penis had shriveled down to a mere three inches and his ball sack seemed to have snuggled up under his shaft even more so.

For the first time in a long time Chase felt completely drained, not only physically but also inside his testicles. Chase looked at the older boy and smiled at him. Never in his life had he dreamed something like this could feel so good. Of course he knew the basics about sex and all, but his uncle and aunt had been so strict with him that he had been missing out on some self pleasuring.

Crawling on top of Chase, I straddled his hips, wrapped his hand around my four inch firm pole, wrapped my fingers around his hand, and started to jack myself in front of his face using our entwined fingers. It didn't take me long as I was hot and ready. Sure I had been jacked off by my sweet little boy earlier in the morning, but I was a young teenager and ready to go. A few strokes later I was depositing my seed in Chase's mouth and lips. As soon as I had felt myself coming close I commanded him to open his mouth, and deposited my cargo inside the gaping maw.

Chase knew what was coming, and for the life of him didn't know why he obeyed, but as soon as Kyle told him to open up he just opened wide and accepted the offering. At first he just wanted to spit it out, but the older boy finished off quickly, and then leaned over to kiss him. They exchanged tongues and soon enough he was swallowing down the viscous material. He wanted to gag in the beginning, but then he started to enjoy the flavor and feeling of it sliding down his throat and landing in his gullet.

"Thank you," Chase whispered to me.

"For what, the jacking, the blowjob, or feeding you?" I smirked at him.

"For everything," he replied as he grabbed me and started humping my dick with his now smaller three inch flaccid tube. I felt him starting to inflate and smiled at him.

"Why you little horn-dog." I stated as we kissed passionately.

I let him bone up to his six and half inches, and then got up to retrieve my camera. At first he didn't want me to take any pictures, but after I begged him and assured him it would remain hidden he conceded with a wicked smile and really got into it as he started to pose for me. After a while he deflated allowing for a few more pictures in his normal flaccid state of four and a half inches before I put away my camera and rewarded him well for his good behavior. I don't really know why I started to take pictures of my close friends like this, but didn't think anything bad of it since they were just for me and not for distribution. That is something I would never ever do to someone. I promised myself to make sure all my pictures like this would forever stay locked up and encrypted away from prying eyes.

Chase and I enjoyed the warmth of the sun on our bodies for a little while longer before making our way back to camp. Grabbing my shower kit I made my way towards the shower facilities. The warm water cascading over my body felt heavenly as I stood under the shower head. I wanted to get cleaned up before heading to dinner. Chase and I had some wild fun at the hidden little lagoon, and had cleaned up our sticky bodies, but I still felt like I needed some warm water to ease my unused sex muscles. I was surprised at how many different muscles I was using lately. Since I was having a lot of new sporting activity workout, which I mean the sport of sex, I've noticed that I had some muscles which I didn't know existed getting a little sore.

Leaning up against the wall in the main shower area I just smiled as I reminisced about all the sex I've had lately. All of them boy on boy of course, but nevertheless, a lot of fun and all of it feeling fantastic. I was so focused on my musings that I hadn't notice anyone else enter the shower room. I noticed a couple of other boys in the changing area getting ready for a shower themselves as I stepped into the main wash corridor, but just was in my own world at the moment to notice anything else.

Before I knew it my body was slammed up against the wall. I was caught completely by surprise and only my quick reflexes saved me from getting my head caved in as I quickly brought up my arms and turned my head. The brunt of the force was absorbed by my chest and forearms which started to sting a little from the impact.

I bounced off the wall and I turned trying to get my bearings when I felt thick strong hands wrap around my throat and lift me into the air slamming me back up against the wall. I grunted as I flattened myself out instinctively to spread out the force of impact but it still rattled my insides. I almost laughed as I visualized my naked self suspended in the air with my balls and dick wriggling around freely.

My father's training kicked in as I went slack and tightened my neck muscles scrunching them down into my collar. This allowed me to breathe without choking as I looked into a pair of dark brown angry eyes and recognized them as belonging to Sean. For some reason I didn't even panic which I thought strange as I just concentrated on a way to get out of this mess. From the corner of my eye I saw another naked boy enter the wash room, and just look towards us calmly before he spoke up in a calm voice.

"Whoa dude, like I really don't think that's such a good idea there," He said sounding like one of those Californian surfer or skater guys all drawled out and sort of hippiesh if you know what I mean.

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