Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 14

The surfer/skater guy caught the older boy by surprise as he pivoted his gaze towards him. I couldn't see Brad's expression, but from the reaction at the back of his head I figured he was sizing the other boy up to see if he was a threat. From my angle I didn't think the new boy was a threat at all. The boy looked to be about the same age and size as me, maybe slightly taller, but it was difficult to tell from my angle and situation at the moment.

The other boy really fit the sort of Californian surfer profile. He had a blistering tan and was very fit with bleach blonde long straggly hair. He had a long oval almost triangular shaped face with large round calming deep ocean blue eyes. He had pouty like full lips, which at the moment were curled upwards in a knowing smirk with very light blonde fine baby like hairs on his upper lip. His face was pleasant as I gazed into his eyes while he looked back at me calmly.

My eyes wandered down his fit and trim torso, like the kind a surfer would have and rested on his package swinging freely between his legs. His ball sack hung loosely with just a few hairs on them and his smallish two and a half inch flaccid tube, which at first glance looked like an erection because it sort of stuck outwards from his body above his sack and slightly to the left, jiggled around a little at his movements. His blonde soft pubes curled around the base of his shaft making his penis look even smaller.

My eyes wandered back up his torso and gazed back into his eyes. Evidently he had just done the same thing with me because we both seemed to smile at each other knowingly. I wasn't embarrassed by my overt scrutiny and neither was he for looking me over critically as well.

I was still dangling in the air as Sean seemed to dismiss the other boy as a non threat. The older boy was as strong as an ox and didn't even strain at the moment with holding me up against the wall. He glanced back at me briefly and smirked before looking over his shoulders to the other boy.

"Why not?" Sean responded to the new boy's insistence that it was a bad move. "It's not as if you are going to do anything about it. Don't even try to talk me out of it either because I'm already kicked out of here so what else could go wrong."

"Whatever dude, but like…isn't he the one that sort of kicked your ass earlier today?" The surfer dude asked him as he stepped forward to get a closer look at the two of us and cocked his eyebrow up almost questioningly.

Sean spun his head so he could keep an eye on the other naked boy. It was bad enough that one boy was naked, now there were two of them kind of close to him. Of course he had to deal with the one he was holding, but that didn't mean he had to have another unclothed boy so close. Thank goodness at least he himself wasn't undressed as well. That would be a bit…awkward. He had seen Kyle head into the showers just a few moments earlier, and figured he could get his revenge before his parents picked him up. That had been a nasty bit of business with his parents laying into him for always getting into trouble. They had told him that a serious discussion about his future was going to be hashed out once they got him home. He knew that this time there was no getting out of the situation and it was all because of this jerk. Now he had an opportunity to take out his frustrations and he was going to enjoy it.

"Well, just stay back so I can finish him off." Sean spat out warningly. "As far as him kicking my ass he sort of cheated and I just want to teach him a lesson before I leave." Sean replied as he started to focus on me again.

"Whoa, really, no way dude. I mean, how does someone cheat in a fight. You fight to win or you end up loosing. Besides I'm not worried about him, I'm more worried about you. Just look at him all smiles as if he knows something. Kinda scary if you ask me." The boy commented as he ran his hand through his hair that had fallen into his face and flicked them back.

Sean looked back at me and his eyes got big when he noticed my smirk. Besides I should have been struggling by now and gasping for air because even he was starting to feel the strain with his arms starting to shake with the dead weight and exertion. This wouldn't do at all he thought to himself.

"You think your so smug, well how about I knock that smirk off your face." He stated as his muscles strained and he lowered me towards him so he could slam me back. This was the mistake I was looking for as my hand shot outwards lightning quick while at the same time I heard the surfer boy comment.

"Whoa dude, you just fucked yourself…bad move," I heard him say as I saw him shrugging and taking a step back. I couldn't help but admire at how calm he was with the whole thing.

My hand darted outwards as I balled up my hand into a fist to support my extended thumb. My thick solid thumb connected at the base of his neck where it was hollow, and buried itself all the way to the first digit. I didn't do any permanent damage to him, and of course I didn't break any skin, but the solid impact caused him to gag reflexively. Sean immediately released his grip on my gullet as he wrapped his hand around his own throat protectively wheezing for air.

I landed on my feet and immediately kicked upwards between his legs. For the second time in the same day I witnessed the large brute crossing his eyes, turning pale, and inhale deeply before crumbling to the ground in a curled up fetal position. The older boy was moaning loudly as the surfer kid stepped up next to the larger boy and patted him sympathetically on the arm.

"Oh dude…that like totally sucks but hey, you brought it on yourself. Just hang for a few dude, because I told some little guy to go get the nurse for you. At first the kid just sort of looked at me kind of funny like, I mean I get that a lot from people in these parts, but then he just sort of shrugged his shoulders and ran off. Hope he went for real to get the nurse for you, but who knows. If not I'll get some help for you after I finish my shower. I'm getting a bit ripe if you know what I mean." He stated as he calmly stepped over the prone figure whimpering on the floor, and settled in next to me under the shower head.

I just chuckled as I grabbed my shampoo bottle and put some in my hand. He looked over to me and to the shampoo container. I noticed he didn't have any for himself so just handed him the bottle.

"Thanks man, I sort of forgot mine and haven't made it over to the canteen yet to buy some. By the way my name's Riley," He stated holding out his hand to me.

"Kyle," I responded as I took his hand in mine which was covered in hair shampoo.

We both laughed as we pulled our slimed up hands away and got some more shampoo lathering up our hair and body, quickly finishing up with our shower. We stepped over the now wet and still moaning Brad, and headed towards the main changing area to retrieve our towels so we could dry off. Just then we heard a feminine voice yelling out.

"Woman on deck gentlemen, cover up," We heard the voice say as we saw a good looking woman strolling through the wash building.

We both looked at each other and then down at our naked torsos. It was too late to get to our towels so we just stood there smiling at one another. The nurse was a good looking woman in her late twenties, and I could see Riley sizing her up staring blatantly at her curvatures. He didn't even flinch at his naked state when she walked up to us and asked what happened. In turn she wasn't disturbed about our nakedness either, as she glanced downward and just shook her head.

My dick twitched at the attention and I had to concentrate not to pop a wood right there and then. I could tell Riley was smitten with her because he immediately spoke up and started to explain what he had witnessed.

"Oh man it was like the coolest thing you know," he started out in his surfer's drawl.

"Anyway, I think this here dude didn't like getting his ass kicked by a little guy so thought he would try again. Man, I really felt bad for him and tried to warn him like, but he wasn't like even listening. I was like hey dude not a good idea, this little guy here already kicked your ass once and just like look at him dangling in your throat death grip all smiling like…not a good idea at all. Looks like he is about to kick your ass again like…know what I mean?" He asked the nurse before continuing.

"So, big dude here gets all mad like and is going to pound little dude here," he continued his story to the nurse pausing long enough to punch me in the arm in a friendly manner. "Big mistake I say to big dude and little dude just shoots his arm out fast like…just like one of those Black Mamba snakes. Have you ever seen them, they are wickedly fast you know, and whoa like deadly…I mean real deadly…and hits big dude in the throat" He stated going off on a tangent for a brief moment.

I was getting dizzy from his back and forth style of speech, and tried to focus on what he said next. "So big dude here goes all like…ugh, grunting like, sounded awful if you ask me, almost like a man drawing in his last breath….you know…like on television when a guy gets short and spits up blood and stuff. Anyways, then big dude here all gurgling like…well then he lets go of little dude and grabbed his own throat like. Big mistake, but this time I didn't say anything because big dude here is kind of stupid anyway, and you know how gnarly hard it is to talk to dense people. Then little dude here kicks him in the nuts and the dude…well sort of dropped right there. You know…come to think of it he hasn't even moved from that spot. Then I step over big dude introduce myself to little dude and we both finish taking our shower and here you are. By the way do you like have a boyfriend or anything. I mean I'm out over here at my aunt's place for part of the summer…real bummer too…and I like don't know any girls around. It's kind of lonely if you know what I mean. Can I like get your number and maybe give you a call or something?" Riley started to ramble and hitting on the nurse to boot, which truth be told made me both admire and also worry me at the same time.

"What…no…of course not. I mean sorry about you being lonely and all, but I…um…am a bit too old for you, and maybe you really should get dressed." The nurse commented to the Riley shaking her head at him admonishingly.

"Oh bummer…man…shot down by the most beautiful girl I've seen all summer." He moaned and started to turn away. I patted him on the shoulder sympathetically and we started to walk away when he turned back around and headed back into the shower room. He marched right up to the nurse who was kneeling next to the injured boy, and tapped her on the shoulder. She looked up at him questioningly and a little put out which didn't last long.

"Oh…hey sorry big stupid dude, but I got a question for the nurse lady here, won't take long promise. Uh, nurse lady if you can't go out with me do you maybe have like a sister my age or something. Maybe…um…you can sort of like talk me up a bit and encourage her to go on a date with me? What do you say…give a bummed out dude a chance here?" He asked the pretty nurse.

"Shoo," she motioned to Riley, "You are such a ham, but I've got to help this stupid b…I mean I have to help this guy so go, besides it is kind of weird you asking a girl out when you are sort of hanging out yourself." She rebuked the boy gently as she turned her head and smirked. He just sighed and turned away shrugging his shoulders at me.

"Had to try you know. I'm all bummed out at being away from the ocean and all the gorgeous girls." He said as he looked down at his naked state. "Guess my tools are a bit small for her. Too bad there isn't anything I can do about it short of cutting it up and inserting things inside to make it bigger. Not fond of the idea of having someone snip at my small little dangling tool." He said wincing at the thought. As for me I instinctively grabbed myself protectively at the thought.

I just shook my head at the boy and despite myself giggled. I've never known anyone quite like him. I don't know why, but I really was starting to enjoy this guy. His mannerisms really were infectious. I could see the nurse behind him smirking and shaking her head in thought.

We both turned to leave and then stopped when the nurse spoke up. "Hey, I've got a niece about your age who lives over just outside of Caddize. I'll let her know about you, and who knows."

"Wicked dudette, so you'll give me her number and all?"

"No…I'll call her first and if she agrees then I'll give you her number but…"

"Oh man, there is always a but?" He complained.

She smiled at him. "You have to be sure to have some clothes on. I don't want to hear you dating her while you are naked or anything. Besides I think she might taunt you about your little soldier there if she doesn't get to know you first," The nurse teased him.

Riley just smiled. "Yeah, seems like I always have to watch out for that sort of thing. They always seem to giggle and laugh at me totally ignoring me if they see that side of me first before my charming ways and my other most handsome of features," He stated as he flicked his hair, turned around, then for good measure and emphasis, wiggled his cute ass at her.

All of us laughed except for poor Sean who was still moaning around on the wet floor. I think I really hurt him awful this time and sort of felt bad for him…well almost. Riley and I headed to a remote area of the change room so we could be alone. I picked up my bag and took it with me as we sat down on the bench and I started to pull out my clothes setting aside my camera.

"Whoa dude, like nice camera," he stated looking at it and flipping through some of the images.

I had made sure all the naughty pictures were hidden. He liked the pictures and looking at me said I had a great body and physique which made for good pictures.

"Shit, you look hot yourself," I stated. "Like one of those surfer kinds of guys with those great tans." I said looking down at his naked body and shaking my head at that tan line of his. I mean his was so darkly tanned and then there was that white pale area that seemed to glow where he normally wore his bathing suit. I don't know why, but for some reason I just asked him. "Do…would it be alright if I took a picture of you, I mean…like naked so we can see your dark tan line?"

Riley looked at me sort of funny, and then looked down at himself before shrugging his shoulders. "Yeah I guess, but as long as you agree not to submit it to any like surfing magazines. They would have a field day of a naked picture of me." He stated almost seriously, but flashed me a large smile making me shake my head at him thinking he was such hot stuff that a surfing magazine would want a naked image of him.

"Yeah…yeah. I guess we all have fantasies about being famous and all just like those sports stars." I laughed making him chuckle in return.

He was kind of small in the penis department, but to tell you the truth he had a killer body and his boy bits looked so invitingly cute. The surfer boy posed for me and even started to bone up. I hesitated for a moment, but he just smiled and pulled on his cut penis a few times bringing it up to his full length and girth, which really wasn't all that much bigger than his flaccid tool, and I snapped a few more with him rotating around so I could get him from all angles.

"That was wickedly cool dude, thanks," I stated as we both sat down and he looked through them all smiling himself at the results.

"Whoa, dude, you'll have to make sure I get these for myself. I've never seen a picture of myself like this and it's kind of cool." He stated.

"Sure, but I won't send it over the internet or anything. I'll have to give it to you in person on an encrypted disk when you come to Caddize for your hot date. That's where I live." I told him.

Riley and I got dressed, and I invited him to sit with us at our table for dinner. I had a good feeling about Riley, and this would round up our number to six, a good solid group. We headed back to our respective camps and met up in the dining hall. I introduced Riley to everyone and we started enjoying our meal. Not a bad dinner actually with roasted or fried chicken, whichever you preferred, a selection of vegetables, fruit, and corn bread.

Benji asked how we met and Riley just looked at him and started to recount the story in his fashion of continually straying from the main topic of discussion which made us all dizzy; especially, with his surfer style slang kicking into high gear. Once again everyone was just staring at me, even some kids from neighboring tables who were eavesdropping into our conversation.

"So why didn't you help him?" Benji asked curiously.

"Whoa dude…why should I…sort of looked like a personal issue to me. Besides, it didn't look like Kyle here needed any help." He replied honestly and not offended by the question.

"Yeah but still you should…" Benji started in, but I interrupted.

"Benji, he gave his reason and he's right. Besides he did help."

"No he didn't." Benji remained firm.

"Sure he did. He distracted Sean long enough for me to gather my wits. I mean when he slammed me against the wall I was a bit out of sorts for a minute or two. If Riley hadn't interrupted him Sean would have just continued to pound me to a pulp before I could gather myself together." I responded honestly. Benji seemed to accept it although reluctantly. For some reason he had taken up to defending me.

"Hey little man, don't hate me. It was nothing personal like. Some guys are fighters and some guys are just thinkers, while other guys like Kyle over here are a bit of both. I'm a thinker, that's why my pecker is so small." He stated as he took a bite out of his piece of fried chicken.

A hush fell over our table, uncomfortably so for a few moments. I mean the guy just admitted to virtual strangers that he had a small pecker. I looked around and several of the other tables around us were sort of snickering and joking around now at what they heard. I wanted to change the subject and try to salvage something for our new friend.

Benji just giggled breaking the tension. "Kyle here says most boys think their peckers are always too small so I wouldn't worry about it too much." He stated actually sticking up for the other boy now as well.

The boy was thirteen, but he just turned thirteen a few days back so other than Evan, the youngest boy in camp. In some ways he was still like a little kid where sexual things were concerned, but I admired him for sticking up for our new friend and for taking the lesson I had given him to heart regarding the size of a boy's penis.

"Whoa, thanks for that little bro, but mine really is sort of on the small side." Riley stated shrugging his shoulders.

"No way?" Benji laughed looking at him. "So how small is it then?" He teased the older boy, but not in a mean way.

"Oh, I'd say about two and a half inches."

"That doesn't sound too small to me. Is that small Kyle?" He asked me.

Now I was caught in the middle of this conversation. It was a bit uncomfortable but hey Riley didn't seem to mind so I just shrugged my shoulders and tried to be honest about the whole thing.

"I don't know, maybe just a little. I would say he is below average for his age, which really doesn't mean all that much since when you talk about average you have a high range and a low range so technically speaking he still falls in the range of average."

"Oh, there, see Riley, no worries. You're average just on the low end of average." Benji stated satisfied that he had come to the older boy's rescue. He didn't like other people thinking they were too small down there because he knew how humiliating that felt.

"Thanks little dude but I'm only three inches when hard." He chuckled as Benji rolled his eyes at him. The guy just didn't know when to quit while he was ahead.

"Geeze, sorry dude I'm all out of the helping department," Benji finally conceded knowing a three inch hard-on for a fourteen year old boy really was kind of small.

Riley just laughed at the younger boy and clapped him on the shoulder. "I told you, I'm a thinker and not a fighter; that's why I've got a small pecker."

"Yeah, but that sure didn't stop you from hitting on the nurse, naked and all. Not to mention getting a possible date while you were at it." I piped up and noticed how that got everyone's attention all around us including the kids at other tables who were just snickering at the surfer boy because he had admitted to having a small pecker.

"No way dude," Tim exclaimed getting caught up with the whole surfer slang as he drawled out as well. I just rolled my eyes. Here we go before long everyone at this table will be speaking surfer.

"You asked the nurse out on a date…while you were naked? I mean, like completely naked and not naked with a towel wrapped around you or anything?" Tim gasped in shock and bewilderment.

Riley just shrugged his shoulders. "Well, that's like a first for me too dude. Usually I don't like to show my goods to the girls until they get to know me first for my other finer qualities. Once they see me naked it sort of makes them giggle…if you know what I mean…so if they know me first then it isn't a problem; especially, after I fuck them."

Everyone at that moment either gagged on their food they were eating or spit out their drinks at the straight forwardness of this surfer guy. Chase, as seems to be his fate, spurt cool-aid out of his nose which set Tim off laughing. The older boy seemed to think that hilarious, either that or just cute. Evan and Benji had to take a drink because they almost choked on their food, and my fried chicken slipped from my hands to land on my plate.

Tim was still laughing at Chase, but I just stared for a moment at Riley, and just started to chuckle. "Fuck dude, you're just too much." I stated shaking my head.

"Just saying you know, I mean once I get them in bed they just can't seem to get enough of my little soldier when it is standing at attention. I guess guys with little dicks have a lot of stamina, and girls seem to love this in a guy. Evidently it takes a lot more for a girl to orgasm than it does for guys. Fuck, we can bust a nut in our shorts just seeing a pretty tit pop out of a girl's blouse." Riley commented without a care in the world as he scrutinized his mostly eaten fried chicken carcass and shaking his head as if he wanted more.

Everyone got quiet around our table as we just stared at Riley. As a matter of fact about a third of the dining hall had gotten quiet, and I noticed a lot of little glances directed our way. Damn, this Riley guy really was a character. I didn't know how to respond to that as I frantically sought for a way to get off topic. In the end it was Benji who rescued us.

"Damn, I wish I had a small pecker now." He stated seriously as he leaned back, pulled his waistband out, and looked inside his shorts just shaking his head. "Are you sure I'm average and not small like Riley?" He asked as he looked up at me, and pointed down to his package nestled in his shorts.

I just rolled my eyes and looked down. A lot of kids were looking at us now with their jaws dropped to their chests. I made a point of pulling his shorts out a little wider to get a good look at his three and a half inch erection that was now pointing upwards and twitching. Evidently Riley's sexual comments had boned the little guy up.

"Sorry kiddo," I stated shaking my head. "You'll just have to suffer like the rest of us average sized pecker dudes." I drawled in the surfer style speech. "I guess its quick fucking action for you just like the rest of us." I teased as I released his waistband hearing it smack back into place with a resounding slapping noise.

"Ouch," the younger boy yelped followed by, "Damn, that totally sucks."

About ten tables erupted into a roaring laughter all around us at the comment. Benji looked up a bit confused, and blushed realizing a lot of kids had heard the exchange. At first he was a little embarrassed, but then started laughing too as he realized the absurdity of the whole situation. Oh well he thought to himself. If Riley can be so easy going about having a small pecker size he could handle the good natured ribbing he was sure to receive from some of his fellow campers.

At that moment an adult counselor entered the dining hall, and made a b-line for our table. Fuck, what now I thought to myself. We can't be in trouble for just some good old fashioned teenage sex talk. I nodded my head towards the counselor heading our way to my friends sitting at the table, and they looked over.

"Whoa dude, I think you might just be fucked with the whole fighting thing. Don't worry bro; I'll stick up for you." Riley stated not too concerned as he continued to nibble on what remained of his chicken carcass. I just shook my head as nothing seemed to rattle the boy.

The counselor conveyed the message that Evan, Chase, Riley, and myself were to report post haste to the camp director's office as soon as we finished eating. He turned to leave then looked back at us and suggested we hurry. I didn't like the guy's tone of voice no matter if he was an adult. The guy tried to stare me down, but I just looked back calmly at him. He was a young counselor who had a little power so thought he was all that.

"Anything else?" I asked sort of making a dismissive motion to him.

"Listen you little shit…," he began, but I just about had enough of this 'little shit' crap being thrown around.

I snapped up my hand in his face in a stop fashion as I heard Riley speak up, "Whoa dude big mistake," he stated taking another nibble out of his chicken.

"What?" The counselor retorted looking at the other boy.

"I'm just saying dude, the last guy who called him a 'little shit' ended up on the floor with his balls smashed up inside his bowels. Maybe you should like just sort of leave…you know quiet like…and let us finish dinner. Hell, it ain't like getting kicked out of camp ten minutes later will make any difference…you know dude." Riley stated as his attention shifted in that indifferent manner, and he focused on his fingers before deciding to lick them clean.

The camp counselor sort of sputtered as if to say something, but I just stood up and saw his eyes go wide with fear. The guy turned and beat a hasty retreat not looking back once as I settled back into my chair. I could hear the muttering all around us and some snickering because this particular camp counselor was one of those guys everyone seemed to hate because he was always bossing the younger kids around. I had a feeling this no longer was going to be the case seeing how he had just shown his true colors; that is being a yellow belly and plain ole coward.

Evan looked over towards me and watched as I continued to eat. I could tell that he was nervous about the situation and blamed himself for what had happened.

"Maybe we should just go." He said quietly.

"Listen Evan, I wouldn't worry about things too much. This happens every year to someone in camp, and nothing really comes of it. We are not going to get kicked out or anything for having a little spat. Dmytri saw everything and knows we aren't at fault." I said, but still got up having lost my appetite.

We marched into the small office space and looked around for a seat. Brad was already sitting in the office with two large fellows sitting next to him. I assumed one of them was his father, but wondered who the other guy was with them. They sat on one side of the room, and we sat on the other side with Dmytri and Mr. Johnson sitting behind the desk.

It was a sort of awkward moment as we sat around silently no one trying to talk first. I looked over to Brad who seemed to look all smug and glared at us. I sat there a little nervous trying not to show it, but Evan and Chase were fidgeting while Riley who hadn't even sat down looked around the office at some of the pictures and certificates. He seemed completely oblivious to what was happening around us. I wished I could be so calm about things.

"Well," Mr. Johnson began looking towards Riley and just sighing not knowing what to say about the other boy's demeanor. "Anyway boys, Brad's father here brought his lawyer with him, and I contacted all of your parents or guardians, and received permission to proceed with this formal complaint Brad and his father have filed against you guys."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This dickhead was the one who instigated the situation, yet he's now trying to blame us for everything. I guess that's how rich folk operated.

"So, since there was another incident involving you Kyle along with Sean, perhaps we should get that squared away first. Sean isn't here because of…well obvious reasons," Mr. Johnson began, and I noticed Brad flinch and reflexively reach down to hold himself remembering his own encounter with his balls getting crushed. I couldn't help myself as I smirked at the bigger boy who saw me and looked away a little nervously now. Good I thought to myself.

"Anyway," Mr. Johnson continued, "Since we have a witness to that incident we might as well get it out of the way. Uh Riley, hello…," Mr. Johnson sighed getting the absentminded boy's attention. "Do you think you can focus over here for a minute and explain what you saw?"

"Oh yeah sure…um…Mr. Head counselor dude, anyway…," he began as he recounted the incident seemingly embellishing the story even more and taking bigger side track tangents, which left all of our heads spinning by the time he was finished.

"See I told you," Brad stated grinning now. "These guys are all a bunch of air heads. Open and shut case for us," he pointed out to the lawyer who spoke up for the first time now looking very confident.

He started to spout of some legalese type of stuff trying to impress everyone with his knowledge. Every once in a while he would look towards Brad's father, and got even more animated when he received an encouraging nod from his boss. By the time he finished everyone was just scratching their heads; everyone, except for Riley who didn't even seem concerned about the matter. I was starting to get a bad feeling about the entire situation because it seemed as if most of this was directed at how wacko the boy was and wouldn't be such a good witness. Hell even I would have been offended.

"I do not be the understanding nonsense talk from big shot lawyer. My English be not so good, but big shot lawyer the English talk to being even worse." Dmytri stated causing me to even cringe some more.

"So, Alex, please do be stating what stupid man over there to be saying?" Dmytri asked of a guy whose name I didn't recognize as I looked around the room trying to figure out who he was talking to.

Then we heard another voice from the phone sitting on Mr. Johnson's desk introduce himself as some lawyer out of New York. This seemed to get Riley's attention as it looked like he was recalling the name or something. When the man finished introducing himself Riley just looked over sympathetically to Brad's lawyer.

"Whoa dude, you're like totally fucked." He stated as Brad's lawyer started to take offense, but Mr. Johnson spoke up first.

"Now Riley, you shouldn't cuss like that; especially, around respectable individuals." This seemed to appease the other side.

"Oh, sorry Mr. Head counselor dude, I'm just saying this Mr. Lawyer dude from New York is a wickedly cool dude, and totally from one of the best law firms in the country." Riley commented and just continued to look at some of the pictures around the office before stooping over to look at the book shelf behind Mr. Johnson's desk. I noticed him selecting one of them and start thumbing through the pages.

"Anyway," Alex continued, "First, Evan I just wanted you to know that I thank you on behalf of our firm for your father's service to our country. He paid the ultimate price for his service, and on behalf of my firm we salute your father and send you our condolences. He has been sorely missed." He finished pausing for a moment.

Evan had tears in his eyes, but sat up straighter as he responded. "Thank you sir, and yes he is missed tremendously." The small curly haired boy responded turning his head away to wipe away the tears.

"Kyle, I wish to thank your family as well for the sacrifices you all make while your father is off fighting for our freedoms. It is truly an honor to know the son of sergeant major Kevin Schonefeld." Alex was stating to me as I noticed Riley jerk upright at the mention of my father, and look towards me with a sort of weird look as if he were sizing me up or something. "He truly is a hero and inspiration for his fellow special forces team and the military in general." Alex finished off.

"Whoa dude, your father is Kevin Schonefeld, how wickedly awesome is that. He's like one of my biggest modern time soldier heroes, and maybe even one of my most favorite soldier of all times, period. Do you like think I could like meet him. I know we just met, but still dude, I'd be like totally bummed out if I didn't get to meet him." Riley was rambling again.

"What?" I asked him. "I mean how the hell do you know my father? I'm sure Alex's firm has researched all of our family background, but why would you know him?" I was totally baffled by the whole incident. I mean Riley really was a strange character, and I had a feeling there was a lot more to him than meets the eye.

"See dad, I told you, all of them are a bunch of whack jobs." Brad piped in using the twirling around finger sign next to his temple to indicate crazy, and totally confident about how things were progressing. I even had to admit things were kind of screwy, and as I looked towards Evan and Chase they too seemed to be out of sorts. I reached over and squeezed Evan's hand reassuringly, and he smiled back at me.

"Whoa dude, you are like one angry big guy. You should just chill-axe a bit. You know let your hair hang loose and enjoy the life around you. Besides you shouldn't judge a cover by its book." Riley stated.

"You're such a dork, that's supposed to be judge a book by its cover, not the way you said it." Brad laughed at Riley.

"I don't know dude, I always felt differently about it." The other boy stated as he went off on another tangent explaining his theory on how it should be the way he mentioned it. I mean it really sent my head to spinning. Just when I thought I would explode with dizziness Alex finally piped in.

"Hey Riley that's all good and well, but let me just interject here so we can wrap things up, shall we?"

"Oh yeah, sorry Mr. New York lawyer dude." I saw everyone rolling their eyes at how he referred to everyone. I just chuckled thinking it kind of cool myself.

"Anyway," Alex began as all of a sudden another round of legalese was bandied about having everyone wishing for Riley's tangent style of speaking again. The only people who seemed to take interest and understand what was being said is Alex of course since he was talking, Brad's lawyer who was paying close attention, and for some reason Riley who just nodded his head every once in a while. About three minutes later Alex stopped speaking and the room became silent.

"Yes, but what is this to be all meaning?" Dmytri finally spoke up a little vexed at his lawyer.

"Dude, it just means that the rich daddy lawyer dude over there is fucked." Riley stated simply focusing his attention back to the book he had started to read.

"Riley…what did I say about the whole cursing thing?" Mr. Johnson interjected as he just shook his head at the other boy.

"Just saying you know because of Dmytri's deficiency with the English language. Actually Dmytri I think your English to be doing the pretty good, much better than many of the other's to be born over here." Riley complimented Dmytri, and teased him a bit too by converting into the artist's style of speech.

"I think you to being a naughty boy, and maybe too much of the brain." Dmytri admonished.

"Yes, Dmytri has a point," Alex pointed out.

"Mr. New York lawyer dude, just saying you know. I liked your response and thought it brilliant like…although I would have gone a different route." Riley pointed out as all of a sudden he started getting into a legalese style of communications himself, speech pattern and all, which astounded everyone around the room.

After he finished Dmytri just stood up a bit irritated. "Ach, what you all to be saying, speak the English or nothing," He spat. "Everyone is to be making big fuss over nothing but stupid boy over there being the brainless. I no teach stupid boy, this is to being final. Alex, so what is other boy, Riley, to be saying? He is to be making my poor mind to be swimming."

Alex just laughed on the other end of the phone. "Calm down Dmytri, it means that Brad, his father, and their lawyer are all fucked, as our young surfer boy just pointed out to all of us."

Riley laughed and pointed towards Brad's group. "Whoa, now that is totally funny dudes. Hey Mr. New York Lawyer dude, you should just let things hang more often, you are just too funny, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha." Riley just giggled.

I sat back trying not to laugh at the absurdity of the entire situation. Chase and Evan were just looking at each other wondering what was going on, while over by the other side of the room three people were bristling at the insult.

"Riley where…I mean…how the hell do you know all this stuff?" I asked him seriously.

He just shrugged his shoulders holding up a book. "Oh…I…um…like sort of read a lot…you know?" He commented shrugging his shoulders as if that explained everything.

Brad was pissed and stood up pointing a finger at Riley. "He's a fucking stupid idiot and you should be able to crush him. If not then my father should just fire you. Why don't you say something? I mean anyone can see the guys a complete moron."

"Whoa, way harshness dude, just hang loose like Mr. New York lawyer dude." Riley just leaned back away from Brad's angry pointing finger.

Brad's father tried to calm down his son as the lawyer tried to sooth him by assuring the boy they would do just that. The lawyer insisted that this was just a momentary set back, and once they got Riley on the stand they would prove he was a bit weak in the head.

I heard Alex laughing on the other end of the phone at the comment as Brad's little group just stared at the small electronic device. "I don't see what's so funny?" Brad's lawyer got all defensive.

"Hey Riley, are you like THE RILEY from Santa Cruz, California?"

"Oh dude, please tell me you didn't just like Google me…like how humiliating?" Riley moaned which got everyone's attention.

"Yeah I did, and what I'm seeing is pretty impressive." He stated.

"Oh man dude I kinda don't like to brag about my trophies and stuff you know. I mean the last tournament I sort of lucked out on with that last big wave. If it weren't for that there's no way I would have been able to rack up the points, you know." He commented as his cheeks turned red talking about it.

"What…no…not that…what are you talking about?" Alex responded at the boy's tangent direction to the discussion.

"I'm talking about my surfing titles, what are you talking about?" Riley asked seriously.

"Really…oh yeah…I see that on here now. Wow really impressive I didn't know…I mean I was talking about your academic achievements not your surfing achievements." Alex pointed out obviously typing on his computer looking up other stuff. "Wow dude, I do have to admit though that wave over there by Rincon Santa Barbara you are riding on looks wicked.

"Oh yeah, that was a pretty wicked day, lot's of fun you know. But why would my academics be so important. Hell, it's just degrees and stuff you know."

"Yeah right, a doctorate degree plus three Master's not to mention who knows how many Bachelor's degrees and you are only like fourteen years old with an IQ score that would make most genius' blush in embarrassment. It says here you scored a 175 or some such thing."

"Nah, they got that wrong." Riley pointed out.

"Yeah, more like 75, an idiot," Brad replied under his breath as we all ignored him.

"Oh…so what was your real score then?" We heard the voice over the phone asking completely ignoring Brad's comment.

"Well, they said 180, but how do you score something after 140. I mean it becomes sort of a mute point after that because it really is unreliable after that stage."

"Oh, right. Anyway, I think my point here is that this conversation is over with as far as the second incident is concerned. As for the first there is even a stronger case for us so I suggest you guys just pack your things and leave. Oh, and by the way if there are any slander issues from this point forward I will bury you guys so hard that even poor people will have more money than you. Do I make myself clear?" Alex stated.

"Just who the fu…" Brad spouted hopping out of his chair before his father stood up, and told him to shut up and pack his things because they were leaving. Brad protested, but his father was firm as he shoved his son out the door.

"Whoa, those guys need to learn how to have some fun. Life's too short you know. Oh, so Kyle, do you think you can arrange a meet with your father. I've got lots of questions regarding…" If Alex wouldn't have said anything at this point I think we would have been on another whole different direction.

"Um…Riley and Dmytri, I think we can call it an evening. By the way Evan, when the time comes and you need someone on your side just give me a call. Dmytri be sure to give Evan my direct line so he can call me whenever and whatever hour of the day." Alex stated cryptically before hanging up.

"What do you think that was about?" Evan asked looking towards me.

I just shrugged my shoulders baffled as well. Hell a lot of things the last twenty minutes or so was just beyond me. Here you've got Riley who is either some sort of surfing champion or genius, and then you have the issue with my father being sort of a famous guy somehow, and now this with Evan. I just sighed and put Evan's hand in mine.

"Come on let's just get out of here and go have some fun. Hey Riley and Chase what do you say we head down to the lake tonight and make a bonfire or something, maybe make some s'mores. How does that sound. You, me, Evan, Chase, Benji, and Tim, at the lake with bonfire and s'mores, I think that sounds cool."

"Hell yeah dude, I'm up for anything that is close to water. I'll go gather up Benji and Tim, and we can all go down now and find a good spot. I wonder if we can bring a radio or something…you know for some tunes?" He asked looking up at Mr. Johnson who just sighed and reached into a cabinet handing over a nice radio to the boy.

"Thanks Mr. Head counselor dude, this is wickedly cool."

"No problem, just leave before my head explodes. How the hell anyone can follow what you are talking about is beyond me." He stated holding his hand to his head followed by a smirk from Dmytri.

"I know dude, it's a curse…you know being such a Brainiac and all. I mean like I was telling these guys over here that is why I have such a small peck…" He started in before I elbowed him and cut him off.

"Dude, no one wants to hear about the size of your dick?" I interjected, realizing I had just blabbered out the point myself as I clamped my hand over my mouth while Evan and Chase just snickering at me for blabbing it out.

Dmytri just burst out laughing and shushed us out the door. We all scrambled to our feet and scooted out the door. Even Riley seemed to hurry more than usual. I paused at the doorway and looked back towards Dmytri and Mr. Johnson. They looked over towards me questioningly waiting for me to speak up.

"Um…I…I was just wondering…um…you know about Sean?" I asked hesitantly as Mr. Johnson leaned back in his chair.

"Well, I don't think you will have to worry about him Kyle…if that's what you are concerned about." He stated in a matter of fact tone.

"Yeah, that for sure…but…" I left things hanging not really knowing myself what I wanted to know.

"Listen Kyle, we take these assaults very seriously. We thought sending him home would solve the issue, but now…," he paused a moment scrunching up his eyebrows in thought before sighing. "Well, now we are considering other options regarding Sean. I'll let you know more later if anything else comes of this. In the meantime it also appears as if no major damage was done to the young man's…um…well I think you know what I'm referring to." Mr. Johnson assured me as I nodded my head and made my way outside to my waiting friends.

We stopped by the canteen and picked up all the necessary supplies and food items we were going to need. I decided to go all out tonight and bought a lot more than necessary including drinks for all of us.

It was a fun evening as our little gathering turned into a big party down on the beach by the lake. Before long there were a lot of other fellow campers joining in on the music and all of the fun. Several of the campers brought additional snacking items which were shared equally with everyone. It was kind of cool seeing everyone just having a good time and sharing amongst one another.

We made sure that the place wasn't trashed by dragging several waste containers over so that there would be no excuse for any mess. Sure there still was a bit of garbage thrown around, but several other campers pitched in to help us keep the area relatively clean. After all, this type of event is usually never allowed, but for some reason the camp counselors just let us have our fun for this one night.

Everyone had a great time and congratulated our little group for the victory letting us know how cool it was that we threw this party for everyone. Of course it hadn't started out that way, but hey, sometimes spontaneous sorts of things just kind off happen all for the good. I started taking a few pictures, but before long everyone wanted a picture or two, which ended up kind of nice because I got to know a whole lot of new people because of it.

When it started getting late I called a halt to the festivities, which was a little after eleven that evening. There were some grumbling, but everyone understood that it was time to head off to our respective camp sites before our unit leaders came looking for us and started breaking up the festivities on their own. Besides it had been a totally fun evening for everyone, and something to remember for all of us. On that day our little group became a legend for many years to follow.

Our group of guys stayed behind to clean up. Some of the older campers were nice enough to volunteer and help us, but we thanked them and said the next time it was their turn. Besides, we were the ones that threw the party so should be responsible for the mess. We all bumped knuckles with the small group who had volunteered, and they thanked us again for a great bash before heading off themselves.

It really didn't take all that long to get things cleaned up and put back in place. For the most part everyone had been conscious of maintaining a clean party. Riley picked up the radio and shrugged his shoulders stating he would return it to Mr. Head Counselor dude tomorrow. I just shook my head as I wrapped my arm around Evan and we headed for our own campsite and cabin.

As we rounded the corner to our unit campsite we were greeted by Greg our unit counselor. We weren't in trouble or anything for the party he just wanted to make sure if everything was picked up and put back in place. If not he was going to head down and do it himself while we headed to bed. We thanked him for being so cool about it, but assured him that everyone at the party had been real careful about things, and that we had cleaned everything up before coming back to camp. He took our word for it and ducked back into his own cabin saying good night to us.

My bones and muscles ached as I eased out of my clothes. All the physical, sexual, and beat down activities had taken their toll on my sore aching bruised up body. I was dead tired, too tired to even change into a pair of boxer briefs or shorts so just dropped all of my clothes including my underwear right next to my cot. Besides, Evan's seen me naked and even jacked me off so I didn't think there should be an issue with sleeping naked. As it was I hated wearing anything to bed.

Evan seemed drained as well and stripped down to his underwear. He looked so sexy hot in his little white boy's briefs. He turned towards his bunk to climb in, but I grabbed his wrist and turned him around. I pulled him towards me, and buried my face in his stomach gently kissing his belly button while he soothingly stroked my hair. His crotch nuzzled at me invitingly under my chin, and I breathed him in getting a little intoxicated from his boy scent bouquet as I lovingly wrapped my arms around him.

"Geezus, haven't you had enough already," Evan teased me gently. "I mean you got a nice little jacking from me earlier in the morning, and then there is Chase. I know you two did something together, was it nice? Then there is Riley, I'm not sure if anything happened there." He whispered in my ear as he nibbled on them. That was something new and I of course loved it.

I scooted back forcing him to sit and straddle himself on my lap. He looked into my eyes and leaned in giving me a tender kiss as I caressed his back and savored his taste. There wasn't anything sexual about this whole event, well maybe a little, but we just wanted and needed to hold each other. It had been another roller coaster day with highs and lows, and I just needed to hold someone I loved at the moment. Our lips parted and I smiled at my adorable love. How easily that thought wandered into my mind lately, and I also realized how easily the word would just roll off my tongue if it ever came up again.

"No…I can never get enough, especially from you. Yes Evan, something beautiful happened between me and Chase. He's never even jacked off before so I…sort of gave him some lessons. It was a very delicious lesson, but of course never as delicious as you. No, nothing happened between me and Riley. Unlike me he is totally happy with girls, and from the sounds of things gets laid plenty of times with them." I stated chuckling as I recalled seeing him naked and our conversations throughout the evening.

The love of my life was smiling with me as he recalled his own memories. "I should probably get to my bunk so we can get some sleep," He whispered, but I just shook my head and pulled him to me. He wrapped his arm around my neck as we just hugged each other. I could feel his soft boy bits snuggling up against my stomach, and I was sure he could feel my flaccid penis pressing up against his two little orbs.

Shifting my weight off to the side we slowly sank down to the mattress side by side looking at each other. I ran my fingers through his curls and kissed his sweet lips. He reciprocated as he snuggled up even closer. The moment was sweet and innocent.

"No more separate beds while at camp Evan. From now on we sleep together. I can't bear having you so close to me yet not be able to hold you, to snuggle with you, and to breathe you in. I…I…care too much for you, and I need you, alright?" I pleaded sighing a bit angry at myself for actually not being able to say the four letter word of 'love' to him after all.

"Alright Kyle, I…um…care about you too," Evan hesitated with me noting he too couldn't just come out and say the word 'love,' "but just didn't want to take the chance of…you know, wetting the bed." He stated. At first I thought he meant he couldn't take the chance of me taking advantage of him, and my heart had sunk for a moment thinking he still didn't trust me, but then when he stated he was more worried about wetting the bed it had eased my mind.

"I don't care, because if it comes from you it can't be bad. Besides I don't think it will happen again, not with us together, and I'll wake you if you have a bad dream. Maybe you won't have one if I hold you tight."

"Kyle, you are just too much. You're so beautiful and I thought I was going to die with fright when I saw you get between me and those bullies. If anything had happened to you Kyle I would have died. I would rather them beat me to a pulp than see you hurt." He whispered to me.

"You amaze me Evan. Every day you continue to astonish me. How anyone could ever want to hurt you is just beyond me." I stated as I scooted back a little and turned him on his back so I could get a look at his stomach.

There was a little bruising there, but nothing too bad. I ran my fingers lightly across the little discoloration as a teardrop flowed down my cheek. His soft flaccid penis looked adorable all wrapped up in bright white, but I wasn't really looking there because most of my attention was focused on his torso making sure there weren't any other bruising or injuries.

The little curly haired boy was watching me intently as I carefully looked him over critically like a doctor. "Did he hurt you anywhere else baby?" I asked him and noticed him smile curiously at me for how I had addressed him as he shook his head.

Leaning downwards my lips brushed gently across his little boo-boo along his torso causing him to quiver under my light touch. His flaccid little tool twitched slightly and started to inflate. I sighed as I backed away not wanting to get him all stirred up. We were both tired, and although I would love doing something sexual with him felt it best we just take it easy for the time being.

Pulling up the covers around our torso, I leaned in and gave my love…my light…a tender peck on the lips. He sighed and smiled at me as he rolled on his side with his back to me. We scooted together and snuggled up closely as I wrapped my arms around his soft torso. I brushed my fingers along his stomach, and not able to help myself moved my hands downwards and cupped his soft covered genitals in the palm of my hand. He looked over his shoulders at me a moment before placing his hand over the one cupping his genitals and faded off to sleep in a state of blissful peace.

His steady rhythmic breathing was deep and calming in the stillness of the night. I tried to scoot closer to him even though it was impossible and squeezed his softness in the palm of my hand gently just as a reminder that no matter what he belonged to me. Not in a bad way, but a loving way and in every sense of the meaning just as I belonged to him heart, soul, and everything in-between. I breathed him in making him a part of me as I also slowly floated off to sleep.

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