Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 12

It was a quiet evening and the boys slept comfortably with the sounds of the gurgling stream only a few yards away from their cabin. Kyle lay on his side as he always did when he fell asleep, and was dreaming of his newest affection, Evan. They were at the fire bowl sitting back and enjoying a beautiful sunset curled up with each other under a blanket. Before long they were entwined in each others arms in the throws of making passionate love. Kyle reached behind Evan and eased down the boy's silky blue shorts. Slowly they slid down the small boy's legs as Kyle rolled him onto his back and leisurely caressed his way down the sleek smooth torso. He was so close to his prize as he gently reached down with his hand. In the back of his mind he started hearing buzzing noises to stop. The noise seemed to become clearer as it started to plead asking to be left alone and to go away.

Slowly the fog of sleep receded from my mind, and I started hearing some garbled mutterings in the background. I sat up and looked around realizing Evan was having another bad dream. I pulled back the covers from my lightweight sleeping bag, and knelt next to the boy gently shaking him awake. Evan immediately woke up when I shook his shoulder, and looked over towards me with tears streaming down the corners of his eyes.

"It's alright," I whispered to him gently. "It was only a bad dream." I reassured him and watched as he pulled up his covers.

I smiled at him gently trying to calm him down a bit. His eyes looked a little glassed over as if from a bit of a shock, and I could hear him sniffle a little as he looked away ashamed. At first his reaction confused me then I smelled something familiar. I sighed sympathetically as I pulled back his covers and saw the little wet stain.

" It'll be alright Evan, just get up and we will get everything cleaned up with no one finding out." I assured him.

Evan got up out of his cot and I gathered up his sleeping bag, then one of the small little plastic wash basins that were part of our required equipment to bring with us. The wash basin was just big enough to put some clothes in water and soap so we can clean and hang a few clothing items while we were at camp. With my arms loaded up I walked out the back of our small cabin and towards the little spring a few yards away. I noticed Evan had followed me out as I knelt down to gather some water.

"Why don't you head inside and get out of your soiled shorts. I'll bring some water in so you can wash yourself down and I'll take your wet shorts and wash them out." I told him as I turned my attention back to his sleeping bag.

Evan turned to head back inside as he was told, but for some reason just stopped and looked back at his friend, his big brother. Something inside of him sort of clicked and melted as it had done earlier in the day, and he just sighed as he pulled off his shorts with his back turned towards the older boy. Shrugging his shoulders he just tossed the soiled shorts next to the older boy and even though his back was turned towards the larger boy he covered his embarrassment up with his two hands. 'Why not,' he thought to himself. If the older boy trusted him to do a nude painting of him, then he should at least have faith in the older boy not to do anything inappropriate. 'Besides, it's not like he can see my important stuff, he can only see me from the back,' he contemplated.

My mind was focused on the sleeping bag, and I heard Evan move so was surprised when a pair of soiled shorts landed next to me. I glanced up and noticed the younger boy standing with his back to me, but still covering up his crotch area with his hands. He looked so vulnerable standing naked in front of me, but I still couldn't help myself as my eyes wandered over the backside of his nakedness noting how adorably cute he was from the back as well. It was a clear evening with a three quarter moon shining down on us brightly accentuating the smooth curves of the boy's buttocks. His silky bare skin looked pale under the moonlight, and I shivered at the enthralling vision standing before my eyes like an angel visiting in the night.

" Um, oh, alright, when I finish up here then I'll bring the water inside for you," I croaked tearing away my gaze from him, and quickly focusing on his sleeping bag and shorts. I only rinsed out the wet area on the bag, and then dunked his shorts in the water cleaning it out. I turned to my right, opened up the sleeping bag and set it on the ground in an open area. I kept Evan's shorts planning to take them with me back to our cabin to dry out there figuring he might want them in the morning.

I picked up the plastic square wash basin, dumped out the soiled liquid replacing it with fresh water, and turned around only to nearly run over my cabin mate. "Oops, sorry Evan I didn't realize you came back out. You should probably wa…Oh shit, you're still naked." I finally noticed as the boy seemed to hunch over a little more out of nervousness with the situation. His back was turned to me and I had nearly run him over because he appeared only as a small almost imperceptible pale figure against the dark background.

The entire situation caught me off guard, but I managed to say something. "Oh, alright then, how about I wash down your back real quick, and then you can do your front? How does that sound?" I asked still confused about the situation and what I should do.

There was a short nod as Evan turned his head and glanced back towards me. The look of relief and thanks flickered across his features as I smiled back warmly to reassure him, and bent over placing the basin of water on the ground. I dipped in his shorts and wrung them out. My movements were quick and methodical as I wiped down his back and legs being careful when I went in-between them not to get to close to his boy bits. Even though he had his back to me, and his hands were covering his testicles and penis, I was still able to see the bottom of his smooth little boy pouch dangling between his legs.

The only place I hadn't cleaned was his round smooth orbs. I hesitated a moment then placed the damp rag on his creamy white smooth globes quickly wiping them clean before running my fingers and rag between his butt crease. His body quivered with the innocent but intimate like invasion. I swiftly finished and then dipped the rag back into the water, rinsed it, and wrung out the excess liquid. I was still behind him and kneeling on the ground when I reached around his torso and handed him the rag.

Now it was my turn to tremble as I watched him from behind slowly washing himself clean. His hands slithered down lower towards his crotch, and he slowly dipped his body downwards while spreading apart his legs. My eyes flew wide in shock because from my current vantage point I could clearly see his cute smooth boy pouch and the tip of his penis dangling between his legs as he slightly squatted downward and spread apart his legs.

I swallowed down the hard lump in my throat, and quickly got up ashamed at how I was gawking at the boy during one of his vulnerable moments. A few moments later he was done. The younger boy looked over his shoulders giving me a shy grin before tossing me the rag and quickly turning his head back around so he could cover himself back up. I smiled noting just how cute, sweet, and innocent this had been for us.

I know what you are thinking, and yes it is an embarrassing moment for young Evan, but still it is also a big step in trust the younger boy had managed, not to mention a tender moment that I will always remember. I rinsed out his shorts that we used like a rag, and tossed out the water from the basin back into the creek.

I placed my hand tenderly on his shoulder with a small caress and felt him flinch a little at the light contact. The recoil wasn't a rebuff towards my contact, but more due to just being startled. He immediately calmed down and placed his palm on top of my hand that was resting on his shoulder.

"Alright, I'll wait here while you head back to the cabin and duck behind the lockers. Once you are inside I'll come in." I told him so it would give him plenty of time to conceal himself.

Evan was shocked at his own reaction towards this entire incident. He was totally embarrassed but appreciative of how the older boy had handled the entire situation. Kyle had helped him get cleaned up, and did it in a way which allowed him to retain his dignity and modesty. He could tell that the older boy had deeper feelings for him and wanted more from this relationship, but had remained honorable throughout this awkward situation not taking advantage of him. He had similar desires for the older boy as well fantasizing about him all the time, but he just couldn't bring himself to completely surrender himself over to those intimate needs.

The smaller boy felt a gentle caress on his shoulders from the older boy, and it had shocked him out of his musings. That innocent contact conveyed so much to him in that one brief moment that he started to tremble with his own emotions. It conveyed the message that all would be alright, that someone cared about him, that there was nothing to be afraid of, and that he was loved.

The sympathetic tender caress sent a shiver coursing through his young body so deep down inside of him that another one of his small dams seemed to finally give way. He could hear the older boy saying something to him, but it was drowned out from the roaring surge of emotions coursing through his body like a tidal wave of water thundering its way inland sweeping aside anything in its path.

There was a flurry of movement which caught me by surprise as Evan turned around and flung himself tightly against my torso holding me forcefully against his small frame. After the initial shock I managed to wrap my arms around his body and slowly stroked his naked back in a soothing manner. He had his face buried in my chest and slowly raised his head up to me. I looked down into his pleading eyes, and bent down to lightly brush my lips against his forehead.

Our faces were only a few inches apart now as we looked at one another. I could feel Evan's naked young stiff tool pressing up against my bare thigh and shuddered. I realized my own covered erection was pressing up against the fabric of my shorts and the younger boy's bare stomach sending another shiver up my spine. There was no doubt in my mind that the younger boy could feel it up against his bare stomach just as I could feel his naked erection pressing firmly against my leg. There was nervous energy surrounding us as our eyes engaged in a dance of expectancy with our rigid tools pressed firmly between us.

I lowered my head and felt Evan rise up on his toes as our lips softly touched and lingered. I received another shock as the younger boy's tongue flicked against my mouth. I parted my lips and accepted the slithering protrusion as we exchanged our heated passion with our probing tongue. This was naughty but also exciting, exhilarating, and sensual. It was happening too fast, and it didn't feel right. If we continued something could happen that Evan might regret.

Our lips parted as we gasped for air. "Evan…I don't think…," I started to say but the younger boy wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled me towards him.

His tender lips pressed firmly against mine as he fervently leaned into me. The emotions bubbling deep inside of me was intense and euphoric; it was a heated passion between the two of us as my hands gently caressed his sweat slicked back slowly moving downwards feeling his boyishly sleek physique. My hands drifted passed the small of his back resting on his smooth orbs and gently squeezed them. I heard him grunt, and felt him push his groin into me. I lifted him up and he quickly wrapped his legs around my sleek teenaged waist as his rigid erection pressed up against the lower part of my chest while his smooth dangling boy pouch settled up against my stomach.

Our lips parted, and I slid my mouth around to kiss the soft skin of his neck just below his ear feeling the tickling of his fine neck hairs brushing up against my cheeks. I heard the curly haired boy sigh with pleasure and felt his warm breath tickling against the back of my neck as his hips slowly rocked up against me. I could hear the grunts of pleasure escaping his lips as I felt his rigid twitching shaft slide up and down my skin. I was beginning to perspire now as the heat of our passion started to well up inside of me. He slid downwards a little now giving me a better angle at holding him up as he continued to rock up and down slowly in a fucking motion all along the silky smoothness of my stomach. With each slow wiggle I could feel his penis slide out of his foreskin along my skin sending a thrilling quiver coursing through my amped up teenage body. With each downward stroke the crease of his butt would swallow up my own rigid shaft, fabric and all. It was sexy hot; this shy and conservative boy was slowly fucking my abdomen. I knew we had to stop before something happened, which he might end up regretting later, but it was difficult and I struggled to clear my mind of it's teenaged sex crazed lustful state.

He was grunting and pumping his hips against me in earnest now, with both of us breathing heavily against each other. "Evan…," I finally managed to gasp trying desperately to remain in control without allowing my ragging hormones to overwhelm me. "We better stop before…," I managed to get out before I suddenly felt his butt cheeks go taut.

"Uuuhnph, uuugh, shiiiii…," I heard him grunt and moan as he lost control.

It was only a moment or two since he had begun rocking his hips with force, but this was his first experience with another person and his young body was sexually charged with electricity and tension. When his butt cheeks went taut I also felt his legs wrap tighter around my waist and he grunted euphorically as his young rigid erection pulsed repeatedly against my abdomen. He twitched a few times, and then I felt something warm as a small amount of Evan's boy sauce ejected from the tip of his penis in one forceful blast to splatter between us.

This experience was intense, too intense as my own mind went blank and I finally lost control of my senses to the primal forces of teenaged nature. For the briefest of moments time seemed to slow down as something seemed to well up deep inside of my body like a dam trying to stave off the inevitable. Then everything burst back to life as my senses and heightened state of being came crashing back down on me.

My knees buckled as my fabric covered penis, still shoved between Evan's warm contracting globes, exploded in the biggest orgasm of my life. Never in my life had I ever experienced anything so intense; no jacking sessions with myself or someone else, nor any other sexual act even came close in comparison. My penis pulsed and exploded expelling a large amount of my baby batter in the initial blast from my hot teenage tube to splatter up against the fabric of my shorts where I could feel it dribbling out from the leg openings of my underwear, and down my legs.

"Uhhhh…Uhhhh…oh…umph…uuuumph….uuuuuuumph…," I grunted as quietly as I could burying my face in Evan's shoulder while I continued to moan and groan until there was nothing left to give.

The initial blast had pretty much depleted my teenaged boy supply, but that didn't prevent my orgasm to continue on its course as my penis and body continued to twitch around wildly, with my still young two little factories trying to produce some more product for release. At the same time I could feel the heat from Evan's small exquisite body pressed firmly up against me continue to twitch in its own throws of ecstasy as he clutched at me tightly. The torrid passion seemed to have gone on forever, but I knew all of this probably lasted only a few mere moments in the grand scheme of things.

Slowly my senses came back to me as I realized that somehow we had ended up sprawled across his sleeping bag with me lying on top of him. Evan was breathing hard and still moaning with the aftereffects of his initial orgasm as I lifted my head forcing my stomach up against his now soft fleshy deflated penis. The added pressure of my stomach sliding against Evan's softness was too much for him as it immediately got rock hard elongating along my skin. His hips jerked upwards against me, forcing his thick glans to slide free of its tight sheath, and his body seized in a second round of intense orgasm. I watched his features closely as a range of emotions flickered across his sweet adorable face during the experience. His body jerked a few times, and he grunted as I held him tightly against me, finally going stiff while his thick hard unsheathed penis pulsed wildly between our sweaty sticky bodies before spewing out another dribble of warm boy sauce.

'Holy cow,' I thought to myself, 'how the hell did he do that?' How fucking cool was that being able to cum twice in a row? I've never heard of that before, well that wasn't exactly true. I mean I hear guys bragging all the time about that sort of thing, but pretty much knew it was guys just bragging and all. Then there was the other day when my penis was so fucking tender and sensitive with my blue balls, that I too had a second orgasm, but that was just a fluke because of the situation and I wasn't exactly sure if it had truly been a second orgasm or just that I had stopped too soon since my penis hadn't softened up yet. But with Evan, it had actually happened for real in my opinion because he had most definitely been done with his soft penis snuggled up against my body and then once more inflating when I rubbed up against him. To me the whole incident was just fucking damn hot and sexy.

I was leaning on my elbows and looking down into Evan's face as beads of perspiration glistened along his face making his features glow in the moonlit night. He was so angelic in the aftermath of his euphoric orgasm, and it made giddy with happiness. Slowly his heavy breathing ebbed and he opened his eyes. I gently kissed his sweaty forehead, and smiled down at the young adorable boy. He looked up at me and smiled shyly back, his cheeks flushing red as he realized what had just happened.

Evan couldn't believe what he had just done, and he was so embarrassed by the entire situation. Not only because of him actually doing a sex act with the older boy, but because it had all happened so fast. He figured he had probably lasted less than a minute before his body had betrayed him and released a climactic wave of euphoria coursing through his tiny frame. It was intense, better than anything he had ever felt in his life. Not only had it happened once, but twice, a first for him.

What happened left him drained, confused, and now vulnerable as he realized he was lying naked under another boy. He couldn't and wouldn't blame Kyle for this or what might happen now; he had initiated the entire incident. He even heard the older boy try to stop what had transpired, but it all happened so fast. The act itself was embarrassing, but what if the older boy wanted more now that he lay there naked, and if so how could he possibly refuse. Worse still what if Kyle rejected him now, what then?

As our eyes locked I could see some sort of conflict playing across Evan's sweet features, and he wasn't the only one because now I'm totally confused about the entire incident and my mind was racing for answers. I knew this wasn't what he had planned, but it had happened nonetheless. So the question now was how best to proceed from here. I didn't think adding any more frustration or uncertainty on the little guy would do him any good, so I needed to find a way for him to get out of this with some sort of dignity intact.

I leaned down and lightly brushed my mouth against his soft lips and he graciously accepted returning my offering with a genuine one of his own. He tasted so good to me, and it made me happy to know that he still trusted and accepted me. Our lips parted and I looked down into his eyes as I slowly lifted my hips off of his deflated boyhood giving him some room to move around.

Without thinking I started to look down between our two bodies, but stopped looking back up when I heard a small whimper escape Evan's beautiful blood red lips. He had turned his face away from me as I settled back down on top of him for a moment.

"Sorry," I whispered to him as he turned his face back around towards me with a small puddle of tears forming at the edges of his eyes. "Please Evan, I…I forgot just how shy you were." I told him sincerely as he just shook his head.

"N…no Kyle. It's just I…I'm so ashamed and I know it is silly…but please…," he stuttered turning red with embarrassment as I nodded my head in understanding and tried to put him at ease.

Smiling encouragingly at the smaller boy I lifted up my hips once more giving him enough room to move around. "Cover yourself up so I can get up off of you," I whispered gently not taking my eyes away from his.

Evan hesitated a moment and then he smiled back at me appreciatively as his hands covered up his crotch accidentally bumping into my own soft fleshy teenage boy bits. I winced at the contact, but didn't say anything as I rolled off him and sat up looking down at myself. I could see his small puddle of warm boy juice gliding along my stomach, and I couldn't help myself as I reached down and wiped my fingers through the clear sticky gooey substance. There really wasn't all that much there and I figured it must have just been recent where he started to be able to squirt his boy juice as puberty started in on him in earnest. I held my fingers to my nose and sniffed noting the heady aroma of Evan's boy musk with a hint of sweetness. I touched the tip of my tongue to the substance, and smiled at the taste before licking my fingers clean.

"Mmmm, so sweet, so tasty, so fantastically absolutely the best," I whispered softly enjoying the taste and sensations as the slimy material slid across my tongue, down my throat, and deposited warmly inside my stomach.

Not realizing what I was doing I reached over towards Evan and wiped my fingers across his bare pubic mound to gather up the rest of the clear runny like substance. It was a bit of a challenge because he was covering up his boy bits with his hands, but I managed to get a good dollop of the substance on my fingers. Other than briefly stiffening up before relaxing once more when I had reached over; the other boy didn't even flinch as he watched wide eyed not saying a word while I spooned up his spunk, and lapped it off my fingers so it could join the rest of its little brothers and sisters inside of my warm gullet.

This time it was my turn to blush as I realized that not only had I just reached over to him without asking permission, but also ate his spunk. "Sorry," I whispered to him as I got up, and retrieved the tub and damp shorts.

"Here…use this to clean yourself up," I said tossing the damp shorts to Evan while I turned around and removed my own shorts.

Making my way over to the stream I started to rinse out my shorts and wipe away Evan's sticky leavings from my body. A few moments later I heard something landing next to me, and realized it was the younger boy's shorts. That pair of shorts certainly was getting a good washing this evening I thought to myself recalling how often I had dipped it into the wash basin to rinse them out over the last ten to fifteen minutes. With my back still turned away I picked up his shorts and rinsed them out one last time. After finishing I slowly turned my head to make sure the coast was clear and that Evan had retreated inside the cabin.

Grabbing up the tub and clothing I managed to get back on my wobbly feet, and make my way back to the cabin. I opened up the tent flap and walked straight to my bunk sitting down on the edge. A moment later Evan peaked around the corner keeping his body hidden, and smiled at me as he tossed me a pair of clean shorts. I smiled back happy to see that he wasn't bummed about the entire incident. I have to admit I was a bit worried about how he would take what had just occurred between the two of us.

Slipping into my shorts I was thinking what this all meant? I mean, I've never felt this kind of emotional tug for another boy before, much less even another girl, and until a few days ago never even had any kind of sex with a boy or ever even considered doing anything with one. Now, within the span of two or three days I was falling head over heals for another boy, and not only that, but for one who was a few years younger than me. 'How is this all going to work,' I wondered?

Evan finally emerged from behind the lockers, and I gasped at the perfection walking towards me in nothing but a pair of bright tight white boy's brief that looked brand new, but about one size too small for him. He stopped a moment in front of his bunk with the realization finally sinking in as to what he was going to do about sleeping. He turned around to sit on his bunk, but I reached out and grabbed his hand bringing him towards me. He stepped between my legs with his crotch and now flaccid tube hidden beneath the white material of his underwear a mere few inches from my face.

I couldn't help myself as I leaned my forehead against his stomach gazing down at the small lump with a definite outline of his soft penis completely visible under the white cottony fabric. I breathed in deeply his boy scent, and felt his fingers brushing through my hair. I looked up at him and he smiled appreciatively back down to me. The look told me everything I needed to know for the moment. I could tell that he was alright with what had happened, and he appreciated me allowing him to retain his dignity and pride intact. He was still shy about his body, and I knew he wasn't ready to completely give himself over, but for the moment he was just thankful that I hadn't taken advantage of the situation, which was the last thing I wanted to do to him.

I buried my face in his stomach and kissed his belly button. It took complete will power on my part not to go lower and wrap my lips around that small bulge protruding invitingly from the white fabric of his boy briefs. I heard him moan pleasurably, and I reached around him gently pulling him forward. His hips slowly eased towards me and I felt his crotch settle under my chin as I gently suckled on his belly button running my tongue around the inside of it. I felt him shiver and detected his soft shaft pulse a little as it started to react to the stimulation. I backed off not wanting a repeat of what just happened, but filed away the knowledge of how my tongue flicking around his "innie" made him react.

Releasing him I reached up and held his hand in mine as I crawled inside my sleeping bag and pulled him next to me. I scooted over lying on my side, and he settled in next to me with his back snuggled up against my chest while I wrapped my arms around him. I felt him back up closer to me as we lay side by side, and we finally settled in for the night with him wrapped up safely in my arms. We didn't say a word; none were needed, as we quickly drifted off to sleep. I felt happy and at peace, and I hoped Evan did as well. Dreams, wonderful dreams, soon followed as we both slept peacefully and uninterrupted cuddled up together on the small sized bed.

Soft gray warm light filtered through the cabin, and I could hear the rhythmic breathing of sleep in the stillness of the early morning hours from the soft bundle lying wrapped in my arms. I smiled recalling the sweetness of seduction and passion under the blue subtle light of the moon and stars during the late hours of nightfall. It was a little cool this early during the first gray light hours of morning, but the silky soft body lying next to me radiated heat outwards keeping me warm.

I shifted a little so I could look down on the gentle features of the boy lying next to me. His soft facial features looked peaceful without any furrows of worry along his visage. Sometime during the night Evan had shifted in his sleep and was lying on his back with the covers just below the waistband of his bright white boy's briefs barely concealing his modest boy bulge straining against the tight cottony fabric. His silky-smooth tanned torso was like caramel candy to the eyes, and to me the beautiful landscape of Evan's body was the eighth wonder of the world.

Reaching out my hand cautiously, I affectionately ran my fingers lightly along the middle of his chest slowly caressing the boy all the way down to his belly button. I ran the tip of my pointing finger in a slow circle around the inner edge of the small opening before stopping to lightly float down to the edge of the sleeping bag. Ever so gently I lifted the covers and flicked them aside so that I had an unobstructed view of his little boy bulge pressing against his one size too small pair of briefs. The sight made me quiver with delight as I realized that what lay beneath had rubbed up against my naked torso only a few hours earlier.

Peeling away my eyes from the bulging eye candy I focused my attention on the soft yet firm upper body of the boy lying next to me. I placed my hand lightly on his chest and slowly caressed his skin in small little circular motions. He was still sleeping soundly, and I heard him sigh with contentment from my soft administrations. I also noticed his little bulge start to inflate and press even more against the tight cottony material as it began to create a little tenting affect.

The small curly haired boy was now starting to breathe more rapidly as I continued to softly caress his firm little muscles along his abs. The little guy really was very fit as I detected the little six pack muscles just under the skin along his abdomen. It wouldn't surprise me that with a little workout focus on this region his six-pack would stand out and be noticed.

"Mmmm, that feels so good. What are you doing?" I heard a small voice whispering along with a contended sigh.

"Just enjoying the view," I whispered back in response as a pair of pale blue eyes looked up at me, and a wispy smile flickered across a bright sunny smirk. Little did I know at the moment that this would become a daily ritual for us during our stay at camp.

Evan's eyes sparkled in the early morning light, and for the first time I really studied them up close. He didn't flinch from my gaze and just smiled contentedly as I studied him. His hazel eyes were confounding to me as they turned different colors and I sought out his secret. I noticed his eyes had concentric rings, with brown around the pupil, then a ring of green which seemed to shift one moment to gold and then the next moment to gray depending on the angle of his eyes.

'Interesting,' I thought to myself. I detected flecks of varying colors of gold, darker green, brown, and even blue. The effect of directly looking in his eye close up was like a kaleidoscope pattern with only an overall impression of one color or another depending on the angle of light or reflection of surrounding colors.

"What view are you talking about," I heard the little boy murmur as he yawned.

He looked so sweet lying there all soft and tender like. I chuckled, "you…you little ninny. Watching you in the early morning light is like watching the sunrise on a tropical island."

I continued to trace my fingers along his smooth abdomen, and then gently ran my fingers over his briefs, across his bulging penis, and cupped his testicles.

Evan gasped and shuddered, "Oh fuck, that feels so good," he hissed as I released his boy bulge, and worked my hands up his stomach and chest. He looked into my eyes and blushed embarrassed about the touch and his own reaction.

I smiled reassuringly at him conveying it was just a playful groping, and not going any further than that unless he wanted to. He continued to study me more out of curiosity and not out of guardedness, and smiled at times when he found something interesting. I didn't probe or question his inquisitive gaze nor did he question mine. We just enjoyed the silence for a while longer, but we both knew that we needed to talk.

"So about last night, are you alright…you know with uh…what happened?" I asked him hesitantly.

He sighed and smiled back at me. This was embarrassing for him and his cheeks flushed red, but he still nodded. "Yeah, I guess. It's just…" He sighed as he pursed his lips looking for the right words.

"Go ahead; you can say anything to me. It won't hurt my feelings, really Evan." I encouraged him to continue thinking he really did have some objections about the entire incident.

"No…no, it's not like that. I mean…it's just I'm sorry I didn't last longer for you, but everything sort of happened so fast, and then it was over. It took all of ten seconds before I…busted a nut all over you." He admitted as he turned his face away ashamed at his inexperience.

"What, you're embarrassed because you exploded too soon. Shit Evan, that…that was the most…I was so freakin turned on…I mean shit you were so fucking hot that I busted my own nuts as soon as you exploded all over me. Fuck, I'm getting all worked up just remembering." I told him honestly.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing from Evan. He was more concerned that he went over the top too soon rather than the actual act itself. That was a bit confusing to me considering how shy he was about being naked and all.

"Really…you really um…liked it last night. I didn't even know I was going to do that, and I was nervous that you might…you know see me all naked, but you were so cool about it. I would have died if you actually saw me…you know, or worse rejected me."

I was totally confused now. 'Shit, I mean he's alright with fucking my stomach, but seeing him naked is what he gets all freaked out about. Where the hell is all of this coming from, and why was he alright with having sex with me…well sort of having sex?'

I think he could tell I was struggling with some questions, and he looked away trying to come up with some answers that would make sense to me.

"Kyle, I've wanted to do that with you since I was like eight years old. I didn't know why I was having those feelings back then but I think…I…I think I kind of like you…I mean you know…like-like you…you know like…um…a whole lot." He admitted to me as he looked away afraid of my reaction.

The revelation was shocking to say the least, but somehow when I thought about it, his admission didn't really surprise me. "Where the fuck was I back then?" I asked more to myself than actually asking Evan.

"Shit Kyle you were like ten or eleven and not even interested in little boys like me, but I do remember the first time I realized how special you were, and how much I really wanted you for myself." He stated smiling at the memory.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

Evan just looked at me for a moment before he tried to explain. I couldn't believe what he was telling me. Evidently, we were at the park one day and my friends were there wanting to play. They had been teasing Evan all day for being a pest, and finally refused outright to play with him anymore because they felt he was just in the way. Since they didn't let him play with them I refused to play with them. They called Evan a little baby, and asked why I wanted to play with little babies. I had responded by saying Evan wasn't a real baby, but rather my baby brother, and there was a difference. I had stuck up for him at the expense of my own friends making fun of me as well. I had ignored them, and played the rest of the day with the eight year old.

I shrugged my shoulders honestly not remembering the incident. "That doesn't make me special," I stated.

"Why do you do that?" He asked.


"Put yourself down. You are always sticking up for me and Mattie. You are always sticking up for other kids against bullies and everything. Kyle, don't you see…you really are special." He stated as he wrapped his arm around my neck and leaned in for a sensual kiss.

"Oh fuck Evan, you are just so fucking hot," I whispered as my hand reached down and lightly squeezed his rigid boy tube in my fingers which sent shivers along both of our skins.

I stroked his torrid stiff penis in my fingers totally turned on by his sexiness until he slowly reached down and gently moved my hand away. We were both breathing hard as our lips parted, and we leaned our foreheads together.

"Oh shit Evan, I'm sorry…I just got caught up in the moment." I whispered in between breaths.

"I…I just…I need us to take things slow Kyle. Really, I…I loved how it felt, but I don't want us to get carried away like last night. I…I don't mind you…touching me there as long as I'm not…you know…like naked, but I just want to take things slow, is that alright?" He gazed at me with a hopeful look on his face.

I smiled because he had just made another concession. I can now freely grope him as long as we didn't go too far with things. He was lying back down on his back again, and my eyes wandered over his torso taking in his exquisiteness finally resting on his pulsing bulge beneath the white cottony fabric of his boy's briefs.

"So…it's alright then if I do this," I chuckled as I lightly brushed my fingers along the shaft of his penis, and then slowly wrapped my hand around his erection, fabric and all.

Evan reacted as his hips thrust upward and he moaned at my gentle touch. I released his pole, but continued to trace along the length of his shaft getting a good gauge on his size and girth. Fuck, it felt awesome touching him like that. It was the next best thing to actually touching him naked and for now it was enough for me.

"Oh fuck Kyle that feels so amazing. We've got to be careful though because I don't want a repeat of last night, but I guess this is alright…in moderation," he amended as he smiled wickedly at me.

I rolled on top of him and he spread his legs apart so I could settle my body on top of him as I ground my own covered erection on top of his wiggling my hips around a bit. We snuggled, kissed, and entwined our bodies being content with just being together. I whispered encouragingly to let him know how much I cared about him, and that everything was alright. After a while I just remained quiet as my head lay on his chest listening to the rhythmic thumping of his strong young heart.

"Why are you so afraid?" I whispered to no one in particular.

"I don't know." He responded quietly, "but I do know that when I am with you I am not so much afraid anymore. No one makes me feel as happy as you do Kyle."

"What happened to you, why is it so hard for you to…" I left the words unspoken but he knew I meant why it was so hard for him to let anyone see him naked. I was positive I already knew part of the answer, but I wanted him to tell me the rest for himself.

"What did Don do that makes you so ashamed of yourself? You should know by now that you can trust me. If you care at all for me…" I whispered knowing it wasn't fair of me to state it that way as I stroked my hands along his sides. I felt him shiver as my fingers slid smoothly over his body.

"That's not fair," Evan whispered back with a small sigh of contentment from my administrations.

We both just stayed that way for another few moments before he finally spoke. I listened in horror at what had happened to him when he was only eight years old. He used to walk around his house naked all the time, which didn't sound too corny to me because I had done the same thing at his age, but evidently Don didn't like it so had his own remedy for the rambunctious little boy.

One day while his mom was out with Mattie the dickhead had taken a naked little Evan out to the car and driven them into the city where he took them to a park. The only thing the curly haired boy had on was a pair of red colored rubber rain boots. When the man parked the car Evan refused to get out so Don told him to get on his knees, and then reached back and smacked his ass really hard. The boy yelped and the prick then grabbed him by the hair yanking him forward and told him if he didn't do as told he would get a spanking much harder than that.

He forced the sniffling younger boy to walk through the park naked, and when they reached a group of about seven or eight boys, around twelve or thirteen, he stopped in front of them so they could all gawk and tease him about his nakedness. They all laughed at how his hose didn't have a nozzle, and that he was so tiny down there.

Don then forced him to turn his butt to them and wiggle it around as the boys came up to smack him on the ass, grind their groins against his butt crease, and then reach around to tug on his little Willy and squeeze his little boy pouch. They didn't do it hard, but they all teased him as they did it. He was so ashamed and crying at being man handled like that. Afterwards Don handed all the boys five dollars each telling them they all did a good job of teaching the youngster a proper lesson.

That was bad enough, but their day hadn't ended there. Instead, Don took them to a seedy part of town and started driving by all these women in short skirts and high heeled shoes with their faces all painted up. The man rolled down the windows and forced Evan to shove his hips out the window so that all the women could see his little boy bits. As they slowly drove by these women they all would laugh and point while whistling at him, and calling out saying things like 'come here little boy, we'll make a man out of that little thing yet.'

Afterwards he drove them to an empty parking lot and stopped the car. He hopped out and opened up the trunk returning with some clothes. He tossed them to little eight year old Evan, and said if he ever caught him walking around the house naked again that he would turn him over to those boys or women, and leave him there.

I listened quietly throughout the story not daring to interrupt him and just held him tightly to me while he recounted the tale. I heard him sniffle as he recalled that horrible day, and it suddenly dawned on me that not only was the man a prick for currently physically abusing an adolescent boy, but also for psychologically abusing an innocent young child for years now. No wonder Evan was having issues with nudity and sex.

He was running his fingers through my hair as I shifted and looked up at him. There was a small teardrop making its way down his right cheek as he looked upwards towards the roof of the cabin. It broke my heart seeing him like this.

"Oh Evan, I'm so sorry. I don't know what pisses me off more that he beat you or that he…," I just put my head back down on his chest and held him even tighter not able to finish the sentence.

We just lay there in silence, each of us in our own thoughts. I noticed Evan's little erection had deflated during the recounting of his unpleasant incident, and frankly so had mine. I continued to stroke him gently along his stomach and chest, but it was more for comfort than anything sexual.


"Yes, my lo…v…I mean, yeah…" I whispered almost saying the words for the first time surprising myself in the process. It just sort of slipped out, and made me pause for a moment wondering where that came from. I could feel the breath catch in Evan's chest as he heard those intimate words almost spoken out loud in completion.

"What…I…I…um, what does this mean for us, you know now that we sort of…you know?" He asked me wondering how this was going to go for the two of us.

I really had to think about it for myself. Evan was still young and deserved to be able to just be a twelve or thirteen year old. An intimate relationship between just the two of us could be a complication for him, not to mention for me due to the obvious age thing. I've had intimate relationships and it is hard, and I think more so for someone like Evan who thinks they may be gay, but not sure.

How could Evan know for sure unless he kept the door open for a relationship to happen with a girl? Hell, I wasn't even sure about things myself, and look at me lately. I've been messing around with other boys now since I've sort of come to accept the fact that it is kind of cool to have these feelings, which brought me to another dilemma. Evan had shared his secret with me, and now I felt it only fitting I let him know about the last few days.

"Evan, I just don't know. All I know for sure right now is that I have completely fallen head over heels for you, the most amazing boy of all time. You continue to amaze me every day, every hour, every minute, and every second of my time spent with you. We are taking things slowly, but to tell you the truth I don't want you to feel trapped about being only with me. You're still young and need to be able to experiment a little with girls too you know, just to be sure about things." I told him honestly as I looked up at him.

He didn't seem to mind my answer as he nodded his head. "But does that mean we can still…uh…you know…fool around?" He asked shyly surprising me as he smiled wickedly at me.

'What the fuck?' I thought to myself. 'Did he just suggest we mess around…sexually?' I shivered with excitement at what he was proposing. I didn't know how this would work since he was so shy about the whole me seeing him naked thing, but I guess we would be able to do other stimulating things.

"Are you suggesting, I mean…really?" I sort of turned the question back to him.

A worried look passed over Evan's visage. "Only…if you want to. I…I'd understand if you don't, but yeah, maybe we could sort of take things slow and mess around with each other…if it's alright with you."

"You're shitin me…fuck yeah I'd love that, but…" I hesitated knowing I still had to confide in him about the last few days.

Evan got a little worried that I might back out because of the whole naked thing. He didn't know how to work out that little problem, but he figured Kyle was older and more experienced knowing how to do some other stuff that didn't actually require him to be totally naked in front of the older boy.

"I…I understand if we can't…you know do anything because of…ah, the whole naked thing." Evan finally managed to blurt out.

"N…no, it's nothing like that I…I…fuck. Evan I need to tell you something and I hope you don't get mad or anything, please hear me out completely before you say anything." I pleaded with him.

I could tell he was a little confused, but he agreed so I took a deep breath and told him everything. Well, mostly everything. I'm not the type of person who talks about my sexual exploits with others, but I thought it was only right he understood certain things that had happened over the last few days.

I started with Mattie explaining what had happened and how horny I had gotten that night with him sitting on my lap. I quickly explained about the shower incident, and that I had discussed some things with Mattie letting him know that I had been wrong and it couldn't happen again. I then told him about Jaden leaving out the part about him actually wanting and needing so badly to get off because he had been getting boned up so hard and it wouldn't go away. I also told him about Chase and the fire bowl. I told him everything, well at least the pertinent stuff without going into a lot of details with the actual sex portions, and when I had finished I just lay there next to him waiting for his hatred comments about how I had become the biggest slut and cheater.

"All of this coming from someone who is supposed to be straight." I heard a soft voice finally respond, one I hadn't expected.

"Uh, yeah I guess…you're not mad?" I asked him.

"Not really, shit, maybe a little confused and a little jealous. Hell even my little brother has sex before I do, not to mention he gets a blow job to boot; and Jaden, I totally thought he was straight." He stated looking at me a little silly.

"Well, uh, as for Jaden I'm pretty sure he's totally straight, but since he isn't getting any from girls at the moment, and since he is a typical horny twelve year old, I don't think he minds having a little same sex type of fun." I responded to Evan smiling at him teasingly.

"Yeah, but still, my little brother, I'm soooo jealous." He admitted as he tugged on his now re-inflated rigid tool. All this sex talk had made him forget about Don, and he was starting to get horny again.

"To tell you the truth Evan, while I was blowing Mattie I couldn't help constantly thinking of how this must have been how you looked at his age. Shit, if it wasn't for the difference in age I'd swear you two could be twins. Besides, now that he is so sexually hyped up I really need to talk to him some more for real when we get back." I told him honestly.

Neither one of us said anything more for a little while as we just lay there in our own thoughts. It was really early yet, and most of the camp was still a couple of hours from completely coming awake. I only woke up this early because I wanted to go for a run before starting the day. I always ran here at camp in the early morning hours. There was a very nice looping trail, not all that difficult, but just nice enough to get my heart pumping.

I noticed his not too small of a tent in his white cottony briefs and couldn't resist anymore as I leaned over to him and gently kissed his warm lips. He responded immediately as he rolled into me and opened his lips while his own tongue passed between mine looking and searching for its companion. We suckled like that for a few moments while my hands wandered down his torso and lightly brushed against his cotton covered erection. The boy shivered in my arms at the stimulation.

Our lips parted and I slowly suckled on his dime sized nipples then continued downwards to his belly button and then just above his waistband. I adjusted my body inserting myself between his legs as I licked and suckled along his waist. I moved my hands under his hips and beneath the back side of his waistband raising him upwards a little as I cupped my hands on his bare orbs. I heard him whimper at the contact, but I wasn't finished yet as I tugged downwards a little forcing the waistband of his shorts to scuttle around his upward pointing rigid penis holding his underwear in place.

Instinctively Evan reached down to pull up his underwear, but the agreement between the two of us stated things were alright as long as his intimate nether region was covered, and technically speaking his penis and boy pouch were covered. Before he could reach his underwear my face dove down on his bare pubic mound and my mouth started slathering along the pale ivory blank slate.

I was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath as Evan gasped from this new stimulation and writhed on the cot. My tongue lathered him up with my saliva, and darted for a second under the gathered material to briefly touch up against the base of his shaft. I felt him jerk from the contact, and then he settled down to just squirming as I felt his fingers brushing through my hair.

My mouth continued to work on his pubic mound for another few moments before I opened up my jaws and inserted his rigid penis, cottony fabric and all, inside my gaping mouth. I went all the way down on him before closing my mouth around his twitching pulsating covered tube.

"Oh fuck," I heard him grunt as his hips bucked off the cot, and he grabbed the back of my head shoving my nose deeper down on his hairless pubic mound.

I gagged a little because of the cottony material brushing against the back of my mouth when he shoved his fabric covered thick rigid penis further into my throat. I quickly pulled back off of him not wanting to bust his nut, and slowly worked my way back up his body. He was whimpering at the unexpected little intrusion over his penis and the rapid retreat away from it as well. I knew he had been close to blowing his wad, and this had left him with blue balls, but I wanted to get him horned up wanting more along with also not wanting his first blow job to be through his underwear. Once I left for my run he could finish himself off leaving him wondering about possible things to come later.

I gave him a quick peck on the mouth before crawling over him to get up. My own teenage tube twitched with excitement as it rubbed against his pulsating penis reminding me that somewhere along my run I too would have to take care of my own needs.

"I've got to get up for a run, my little sweetie pie." I told him as he giggled at my little pet name for him while I walked over to the locker to put on some running clothes.

Evan's eyes never strayed away from me until I disappeared around the corner. I had left him totally disoriented and out of breath. I slipped out of my cottony shorts and slipped on my underwear, shirt, and shorts before going over to the table and chair with my shoes and socks.

"That's not fair," I heard Evan whimper about how I was just leaving him there hanging.

He hadn't even bothered with pulling up his underwear and I could see a little damp spot on the cottony material at the tip of his penis where some pre-cum had forced its way out of his rigid tool. I couldn't resist as I grabbed my camera off the table and snapped a few pictures. I got up and ducked back behind the lockers as I rummaged through it.

"Evan, how much money do you have with you?" I asked him.

The curly haired boy was a little surprised by the question. He didn't have a lot of money, only about twenty dollars on him, but he knew Kyle had spent a lot of money so he could take the art lessons. If the older boy needed money he didn't mind giving what he had to the boy.

"About twenty dollars, if you need it you can take it out of my wallet on the upper shelf." The younger boy stated as he heard the older boy move over to his locker.

"I'm putting a hundred dollars in your wallet for you. I know you get some basic art supplies with your lessons, but I noticed a whole bunch more stuff you might need that could help you." I told him while I shoved the money in his wallet.

"Holy cow, Kyle, that's a lot of cash. I…I can't take that; especially, since you spent so much money already for me." He stated a little shocked at the amount of currency I was shoving in his wallet.

Evan had shoved his hand under his underwear, and was slowly stroking himself enjoying the sensations he felt. The state Kyle had left him in meant it wouldn't take much for him to orgasm so he had to consciously slow himself down before he blew his gasket.

"Well Dmytri has stocked up on all sorts of supplies and evidently is selling the stuff cheap since he has good suppliers and is a famous artist. Get what you need, but try to make the money stretch as far as you can. A hundred dollars for an entire week here really isn't all that much."

"Are you sure Kyle, I mean do you have any money left for yourself?" He asked me a little worried.

I thought it really sweet of him being so concerned for me. "Yeah, I've got about the same amount as you so don't worry about it. It's going to take me about forty five minutes or so for my run. I'll meet you down by the main trail where the smaller one meets that heads in the direction of our secret spot." I said smiling as I walked over to him noticing how his hand had crept under his briefs and the stroking motions he was making.

The young boy looked adorably cute and totally sexy hot like that when I knelt beside him giving him a quick peck on the mouth. Damn, how I loved his kisses, so sweet, so delicious. I reached down and gave the tip of his penis, the part not covered by Evan's pumping fist, a little squeeze for good measure getting some of the gooey stuff on my fingers that had seeped through his underwear. Without thinking I licked my fingers savoring the sweetness of the taste.

"Unngh," I heard him gasp trying to stave off an impending orgasm. He shuddered for a few moments, and had stopped pumping his fist to get himself back under control.

"Sorry I wasn't thinking, you alright?" I asked him as he nodded back to me.

I couldn't help myself as I snatched up my camera and snapped another couple of pictures with his hand shoved down his underwear and out of sorts. He just smiled at me.

"You know we are going to have to hide all these naughty pictures we are taking really good so no one sees them." He stated seriously.

"You bet your ass, and no showing anyone at all, along with emailing, texting, or any other kind of sharing. That's what gets people in trouble, and how things spread like wildfire over the internet." I lectured him seriously making sure he understood. He nodded emphatically in agreement.

"Bring whatever clothes you want me to pose in for Dmytri's painting and shove them in my little day pack. If you can manage to get all of your stuff and my pack to the trail I'll help you carry everything up to our lookout spot. Once we are up there we can probably leave some of the things up on top when we come back. I don't think anyone will bother it there, not that anyone else besides Dmytri knows of the location." Evan nodded his head thinking it a good plan.

"Kyle?" I looked over towards him and he continued. "Can I use your cell phone to call Jaden real quick, and let him know how things are going; also my mom and Mattie?" He asked timidly.

"Sure, no problem, I put your name on the card at the counter in the recreation room just in case you wanted to use my phone." I told him.

Evan smiled thinking how cool Kyle was to him. How did he ever get so lucky ending up with someone like him?

The camp monitored the amount of cell phone use along with any other electronic devices. Everyone had a small locker in the recreation center, and had to sign out their devices. Anyone caught using such gadgets without authorization meant immediate expulsion from camp not only this year, but the following year as well. Of course you could use them anytime you wanted, but the staff at camp just wanted to create a setting where you aren't totally reliant on electronic equipment. This was a place to leave those things behind.

Getting up to leave, I turned around by the door flap noticing how he had started to increase his pumping motions. It caught him by surprise and his cheeks flushed red. He had been in a hurry and didn't think I was going to stop and turn around.

Flashing a big grin at him, I just slowly gazed at him taking in his adorably cute sexed up body. "Remember, it will take about forty five minutes, maybe an hour since I hadn't run the route lately. It should be plenty of time for you to bust your nut, get cleaned up, go see Dmytri about the supplies, gather up your stuff and my stuff, give Jaden a quick call along with your mom and Mattie, and then meet me at the main trail." I told him smiling at his reaction when I told him about busting his nut.

"No…really…I wasn't…um…," He stuttered still not wanting to admit to something so intimate and private as he blushed bright red making him even more adorable.

Shaking my head and giggling, I left him to take care of his needs knowing it would probably take me longer than forty five minutes because I would be stopping along the way as well so I could bust my own nut. The thought of jacking off made me realize that I couldn't wait for the day when we could both do things together without any of his inhibitions. He said to take things slow, but I was finding out that his idea of slow was a lot faster than he was letting on. Shit, I had just swallowed his thick hard erection, sure it was inside his underwear, but still no way that would have even been a remote possibility only a few days ago.

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