Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 11

We tumbled out the door and headed through our little camp site towards the trail. Halfway through our camp I spotted a kid heading our way with a sketchpad held in his hand. He spotted us and smiled as he waved a greeting towards Evan.

"Hi Evan," I heard the boy yell out in greeting.

"Hey Chase," Evan replied as we stopped next to one of the cabins.

Chase was a pretty good looking kid if I did say so myself. I figured he was about thirteen and was of average height and build with dark brown hair that was cut short just above the ears and all around showing off his beautiful youthful face. He had that olive type of complexion which made me wondered if he was maybe from a Mediterranean background. His heart shaped face with a down turned nose and green eyes that sparkled made for a pleasant look on him.

"So is this your benefactor," the Mediterranean looking boy asked.

"Huh, oh yeah, this is my…um…big brother…and benefactor, Kyle." Evan introduced me using my referenced terminology of brother.

"Really, he doesn't look anything like you." Chase responded looking at me critically in a way only artists seem to be able to do.

"Oh, that's because he's adopted," I responded holding out my fist, and getting a knuckle bump from Chase in greeting.

"Really?" Chase asked looking at Evan.

Evan and I just laughed at our silent joke while Chase was all smiles as he just watched us. I got a good vibe from Chase, and I liked him right from the get go. We managed to get our chuckling under control, and explained quickly to Chase how we are sort of adopted through the mutual childhood friendship of our parents, and the fact that each side holds power of attorney over the other's children. Chase seemed to think that was way cool.

"Anyway, Chase, I wish we could hang out a little, but I've got to get that sketch done, and Kyle says he knows the perfect thing. Can we chat later?" Evan asked as we started back towards the trail.

"Sure, no problem," Chase replied as we waved good bye with him heading in the opposite direction towards his own camp.

Evan followed me down one of the rarely used trails, and was panting pretty hard with his load. It was a bit awkward, but he seemed to manage it fairly well. A bit further up the path, I veered off to the side and through a small clearing making my way up a small incline. We were now in the part of the camp grounds hardly ever seen and where there weren't any trails.

"Where the hell are we going Kyle? I mean there isn't even a trail or anything?" Evan asked struggling a bit more now that we were steadily climbing upwards.

"Trust me, you'll love this place, and there is a reason for not going on a trail because if there was a trail it wouldn't be a hidden spot, now would it?" I asked him as I watched him trudging along adjusting some of his things in his arms making it a bit more comfortable. I offered to help him, but he insisted on doing it himself because he would need to come here at some point carrying the stuff on his own. I shrugged my shoulder.

"So, I was thinking when we get there if you like the location then you could draw me. That is if you want to?" I stated turning around, and noticing that Evan had stopped. "What's the matter? Are you stuck…do you need help?" I asked backtracking to him.

"Huh, oh…no, it's just that you offering to pose for me?" He stated shrugging his shoulder.

"Oh, you had something else in mind. I understand." I stated as we both started to move again.

I was a little disappointed, but also knew the boy had to do what he felt was best for this opportunity. The idea of posing for him sort of appealed to me, and it would also mean spending some alone time with him. Somehow that idea had seemed the most appealing to me.

"No Kyle, you don't understand. I would love to draw you. When I did that last sketch, you know the one of you when we were playing soccer, I felt great doing it. There is something calming about you…I mean when I see you and put it on paper. So yeah sure, if you will let me I'll paint you." He stated as we finally crested the hill, and he could see where we were standing. "Whoa, this is like way cool."

We were standing on a rise with the entire valley down below us and the lake in the background. The camp wasn't visible from here, and it seemed like there was nothing but wilderness all around us for miles and miles. No signs of human inhabitants anywhere from this vantage point. There were boulders scattered around making for a nice foreground to the scenery unfolding in the distance like a masterful painting.

Evan smiled at that thought because this is what it was going to be. He could already visualize in his mind's eye what it would look like with Kyle in the foreground on a boulder overlooking the entire valley as the backdrop. Having Kyle in the painting would add perspective to the vastness of the valley. This was perfect, Evan thought to himself.

I smiled at Evan's expression, and snapped some pictures of him with the countryside in the background. He immediately looked out towards the landscape unfolding below us. I had discovered this spot a couple of years ago when we were on the canoe trip. I had brought a pair of binoculars from home, and when we had stopped for a break had looked around. I spotted this little rise with the binoculars, and tried to calculate its location relative to our camp. It had taken me the last few days of that visit to camp that year to find this location, but I've been coming here every year since then. It was like my own little spot of heaven.

Evan had selected an area for his stuff and was already putting up some of his equipment. I was glad he had decided to draw me, and in a way was sort of flattered at his comment about enjoying drawing me. I watched him for a moment just admiring him, not only for his physique, but also for his enthusiasm and love for art. I was glad to see him so jazzed up about something.

"So, how do you want to draw me?" I asked the curly haired youngster as I looked over to a small sized boulder, which looked perfect to sort of lounge on.

Evan opened up a tripod stand to hold his blank canvas when he heard Kyle ask him the question. This was so cool of his friend to do this for him, and also for showing him this totally awesome place. 'I couldn't have asked for a better location or for a better friend,' Evan thought to himself. He continued to mull over Kyle's question, 'how I really wish you to naked.' He mused to himself quietly in deep thought about it before actually speaking up.

"Oh, just sit on that boulder, and I'll be there in a moment to pose you." The small boy giggled returning to his earlier thought picturing Kyle sitting naked with his lovely firm sport like physique, and still boyish smooth skinned torso glistening in the sunlight with just the hint of perspiration. He could clearly see him in his minds eye…not yet realizing that this is what it was…an artist's type of keen eye for detail.

Evan clearly saw the image of the young teenage boy sitting with the sunlight glinting across his torso accentuating certain features while casting shadows and varying degrees of shaded colors in all the appropriate areas. He could see the boy's nice perfectly sized teenage boy pouch with testicles the size of robin's eggs hanging loosely between his legs. The boy's penis, which some might consider to be slightly small for the teen boy's age, yet seemed to the young curly haired boy to be a perfect fit and size for older boy's physique and character, drew the younger boy's imagination to the sight of flawlessness. Evan really idolized Kyle, and thought he was the most beautiful boy on the planet. Yes, his friend appeared to be just average at first glance, and to most people who see him on a daily basis, but to Evan's keen eye, he could see the deceptive perfection concealed beneath the illusory facade.

The young boy finished setting up the tripod and picked up his sketchpad, then turned around so he could get a look at Kyle, and maybe get him posed in a better position. He opened his pad, looked up, and froze. What he saw stunned him, and he literally dropped his pad and pencils on the ground.

"Y…you're uh…naked." He finally managed to get out.

I looked at Evan kind of funny wondering what the hell was wrong with him. "Yeah, you just said you wanted me to pose naked, didn't you?" I asked.

I mean at first when he had asked me to pose naked I was kind of apprehensive, but then I just figured what the hell. It's not like he hasn't seen me that way before, and it's not like anyone is going to see us up here. The place is very well concealed, and we would know way in advance if someone approached allowing for ample enough time to get dressed.

"Oh shit Kyle, I didn't realize I said it out loud." The curly haired boy stated with a confused look on his face, and also a little embarrassed as his cheeks flushed red. He hadn't realized he actually stated aloud that what he wished for was Kyle to pose naked.

I got up off the boulder a little self conscious now. and started to reach for my shorts. "So you…um…really don't want to draw me naked then?" I asked him.

"N…no, I mean yes, shit of course I would 'love' to Kyle…um…but…" He stuttered pausing to get his emotions back under control.

I was holding my t-shirt shifting it around so that I could put it back on. "But what?" I asked him as I started pulling the shirt over my head.

"You would really do that for me, I mean pose naked?"

"Sure I would. I mean when you first said it I sort of had doubts for a moment, but hell Evan, it's not like you haven't seen me naked before, and I do trust you." I stated seriously as I looked at the younger boy standing a few paces away from me.

'I would literally do anything for you,' I said to myself realizing I really meant it, and for the first time truly accepted my feelings for Evan. This just wasn't your typical teenage infatuation I was feeling here, but something much more, something so deep inside of me that it almost hurt it was so strong.

Evan was looking at the older boy closely and saw nothing but sincerity in those wonderful brown puppy dog eyes. When the older boy spoke of trust something inside of him sort of just clicked, and he could feel something swell in his heart and blossom. He could see now for the first time just how much the older boy did trust in him, and the connection the older boy felt. Evan felt his heart melt at the older boy's confession, and something inside of him also seemed to give a little. He didn't quite know what it was exactly, but knew he would recognize it if and when the time came. At the moment he was comfortable with just the acknowledgement of his feelings.

"Yeah but…" I heard my young friend start up again. Really, it was starting to get annoying.

"But what Evan, I mean what more can I say. I really don't mind and I like you…I mean I like you a lot…so much so that I trust you with this. I want you to enjoy yourself this week. Forget about home; forget about everything and everyone else. I just want you to be happy."

Evan couldn't help himself as he walked up to the older boy and held him tightly to himself feeling so at ease and comfortable with the older boy. He had known for years now that he felt a special bond to the older boy, but never really understood it, and never really knew what to do about it. He had waited patiently to figure these things out, and now for the first time everything was starting to click into place for him.

The embrace sort of caught me off guard, but I didn't mind and even loved it when he did these things on his own. Just a few days ago he would never have even thought about giving me a hug, and it made me happy to see him slowly come out of his shell like this.

"Thanks Kyle, but…" He heard me sigh, and giggled as he continued. "But, you do know that Dmytri will be seeing the sketch?"

"Huh…oooooh," I paused as realization dawned on me. "Oh shit, I hadn't thought about that." I stated as I pondered over the situation for a moment. "Uh…will it only be him and no one else?" I asked Evan who furrowed his eyebrows.

The younger boy stepped back and cocked his head. That was a strange thing to ask he thought to himself. "Yeah, I think so." He mused out loud to no one in particular even though he was answering the older boy's question.

"Dmytri is looking at everyone's work one at a time. Then he will be helping each of us at our chosen locations during different times throughout the day and throughout the entire week. It's not like a typical art class where everyone sits around doing a painting of some sort. Instead, it is more like a private tutoring on location. It's kind of neat if you ask me, and kind of makes sense now as to why he limited the size of the class."

His passion made me smile, and without saying a word I stripped back out of my clothes sitting back down on the boulder. "Well what are you waiting for…get to it? We are wasting time and daylight here." I told him in a patronizing kind of manner before just smiling at him letting him know it really was alright, and that I'm only teasing him.

The young boy shook his head and smirked a bit as he approached me so that he could pose me to his liking. I smiled as the younger boy tenderly touched my skin while he slowly shoved or scooted me into a way he thought would look nice. He took a step back, and smiled as he subconsciously reached down to adjust himself. I could tell he was sporting a semi-erection, and had to look away before my own tube inflated.

I was starting to feel a little self conscious again about posing naked, and felt really exposed out here. To take my mind off of not only this, but also Evan's adorably cute lively little soldier in his shorts, I started to think about some of my soccer moves I've been working on. I realized it wouldn't be long before practices began for the summer league. As a matter of fact the first practice is scheduled a couple of days after I get back from camp. My thinking about soccer helped out a lot, and I was able to stave off getting a full blown erection.

The curly haired boy returned to his tripod and art supplies then stopped a moment and picked up my camera. Adjusted the zoom on it to reflect what he planned to sketch and paint, he snapped a picture. He started to set it back down before shrugging his shoulders adjusting the zoom on the lens, and snapping another picture. He adjust the zoom several more times snapping pictures as he did so before finally setting it on the ground. I made a mental note to hide those pictures. At first I felt uncomfortable then flattered that he would take such an interest in my nakedness.

"Um…Kyle," I heard Evan question me bringing me out of my musings as my eyes focused back on the younger boy.

"Yeah, now what?" I asked him giggling a little noting how he was just full of questions sometimes.

"Well…um…this might take a bit, and…um…well you are kind of…you know white…um…down there." He nodded his head in the direction of my nether region. "What if you…um…well burn you're…um…you know?" He asked me stuttering a lot embarrassed about bringing it up while all of a sudden it dawned on me that getting burned down there would be a bit painful.

"Shit, I didn't think of that," I told him getting up real quick forgetting all about how he had taken up so much time to get me posed in the correct position. "Oh fuck, now I screwed up the pose you made me get into." I protested while Evan just shrugged his shoulders.

"No problem I can always get you posed back correctly; especially, since I have the pictures to go by." He admitted not too concerned. "But what about getting sun burned?" He asked a bit more worried.

"Oh, no problem." I told him as I squatted down next to my day pack rummaging through it for a moment.

There was a snapping noise and I looked up noting Evan had picked up my camera taking a few more pictures of me. I had to chuckle because I could imagine how it must look with me squatting like that and my junk hanging down loosely between my legs. Shaking my head I focused back on the items in my bag and pulled out a tube of sun-block lotion. It was rated SPF 55 so I knew it would be more than enough protection as I stood up and started applying it to my mid-section paying close attention to my sensitive boy bits. The entire time Evan kept snapping pictures of me including when I had to sort of wrap my fist around my semi-hard erection slathering on plenty of lotion all along the length of my shaft. If it wouldn't have been for Evan standing there I would have been tempted to jack myself off until I climaxed.

"Geeze, if you keep that up you might have to change professions and become a nudist photographer." I teased him as I looked up finally finished making him blush.

"Oh…um…sorry…I just couldn't resist." He stammered as he put away the camera and walked back over to me so he could get me posed properly again.

He made a couple of trips back and forth to the camera looking at the posed image he had taken earlier to make sure I was once more in the correct position. I continued to watch him noting just how adorably cute he really was when he got so serious. After a couple of minor adjustments he stepped back nodding to himself seemingly satisfied with the results before turning around towards his equipment.

My gaze watched him closely as he sat on the ground with his legs crossed scissor like, and began to sketch what he saw. I smiled over at him glad to see him so happy and content. The worries seemed to have melted away from the younger boy as if the focus on his work, something he appeared to enjoy thoroughly, had managed to chase away the boy's demons even if only for a short while.

I sat there for about forty five minutes and was feeling totally relaxed. The soft rays of the sun felt warm and comfortable as it bathed my supple skin with light and held my body in its deep caressing embrace. In the beginning I sort of still felt a little self conscious about the whole situation, but sitting there watching Evan work on the sketch was somehow reassuring.

Several times the younger boy had looked at me critically, and even stared a time or two at my young boyhood bits, but each time he focused back on the task at hand as his fingers seemed to flow over the sketchpad. I loved watching him sit there in his crossed leg scissor position. Every once in a while he would shift, and I could actually see between the leg openings of his shorts as parts of his own little boy parts would peek out at me almost teasingly.

I think I got as much pleasure at watching him as he did looking at me. He shifted again, and this time his shorts hiked up really high on his legs completely exposing his adorably sweet boy pouch with bulging chestnut sized testicles as it spread out from its confinement. I watched in fascination as his flaccid penis flopped out, and leaned towards the left up against his leg. The boy's jacket on his penis covered his glans, but just visible and peeking out from the hood was his penis slit. I shivered and tried to stave off my impending erection.

The young boy was taking a look at his work and looked up towards the older boy. His leg had cramped up a bit so he shifted his weight a little to ease the stiffness. The older boy seemed to be so relaxed and calm sitting there, and then his expression seemed to have changed a bit. Evan noticed the beginning stirrings of an impending erection on the older boy. He didn't want Kyle to feel embarrassed about the situation of popping an erection so decided to call for a break. Besides he figured it was probably time to head down for dinner anyway.

"Alright Kyle, I think we can both take a break, it's alright for you to move now," he stated to the older boy setting his sketchpad off to the side and for some unknown reason looked down at himself. He didn't hear the shutter from the camera click off a couple of times because he was so focused on what he saw.

His eyes flew wide open when he saw himself. As he had set the sketchpad down he noticed that his boy sack and penis had flopped out of his shorts. Now he knew why Kyle had started to bone up. He got a little embarrassed that the older boy had sort of seen him, and quickly pulled down his shorts as he glanced at the older boy. He was glad to note that the older boy wasn't looking at his boy bits at the moment because he seemed focused on taking pictures of the scenery below, but figured his friend must have seen him nevertheless.

After tucking himself away he started to think about the incident, and was surprised at himself for not feeling angry or anything that Kyle had peeked at his balls and pecker. He still felt a little embarrassed, but how could he feel angry at his friend when the older boy trusted him and was completely naked in front of him so that he could draw him. Actually he wasn't even feeling ashamed anymore about the incident, and in a way it kind of excited him that the older boy had sort of seen him real sudden like. He still wouldn't feel comfortable being naked in front of the older boy, but still this little bit of exposure was sort of exciting and he didn't mind it.

Evan smiled to himself at this revelation. The older boy had been teasing him for days, and constantly groping at him trying to sneak a peek. The older boy never pressured him into anything, which in many ways showed how true of a friend he really was to him. Of course the groping and teasing was just teenage play, but he could tell Kyle still would like to do more with him, and for some reason Evan didn't seem to be bothered by it anymore. The younger boy felt totally at ease and comfortable with the older boy, and was actually starting to like all of the sex play.

There was a feeling of relief that Evan had called for a break. It came just in time and I quickly got up to stretch, feeling my stubborn little friend start to settle down between my legs. I thought I detected a note of shock register on Evan's face when he had set aside his pad, and I had managed to pick up my camera and snap a few pictures of him, but then he seemed to have just shrugged it off. No doubt he had realized his little package was hanging out taking a break of its own I thought to myself as I recalled the wondrous sight unfold in front of me. I scrolled through the pictures he had taken, and then the ones I had just snapped and smiled happily at all of them. Of course I hid all of those as well.

"We better get down and have dinner. Do you still need to do some more work on the sketch?" I asked Evan.

The younger boy nodded as he started to gather up his stuff. I motioned for him to leave it so that we could go directly to the dining room and then come back. About twenty minutes later we were standing in line for a hot meal. Nothing fancy, just typical camp fare, but not bad either. Tonight was cheeseburgers, fries, corn on the cob, mixed fruit, and for desert some cookies.

Evan spotted his friend Chase and asked if we could sit with him. I nodded sure and we sat down with the other boy. The other teenager seemed glad to see us when he looked up from his plate as we sat down.

"So how's it going with your sketch?" He asked Evan.

"Oh man you won't believe it, Kyle took me to the greatest spot ever, and he's posing for me and everything. I still have a little more to do, but I think I'll finish on time even though it will be a really rough sketch…you know time wise and all. How'd it go with you?"

"Great." Chase responded looking at me in a strange way as if he were sort of checking me out. I smiled back at him and winked. He blushed having been caught staring and looked back at his friend. I still caught him taking a glance at me though and I chuckled.

"Dmytri approved my drawing, and pointed out several areas where I could have improved on my work."

"Awe man…that is totally awesome. I knew you would do great. I mean I can tell he really likes you because of how you stuck to your guns earlier today." Evan complimented the boy, and I watched fascinated by the exchange at how Chase seemed to gush over the compliment.

Just then Tim sat down next to us as well. We made introductions all around, and we just seemed to hit it off as a group. Here on one side you have two artistic kinds of geeks joking it up with two sporty kinds of jocks sitting on the other side of the table. We were having such a good time laughing it up that we were getting looks from other people around us. Not the bad kind of looks, but the kind where people sort of smiled because they recognize a table having a good time.

Tim told us all about his time at the CCMT track for orientation, and that he actually got to have some time on the motorcycle. At first he sort of felt guilty talking about it, but I urged him on letting him know I didn't feel bad about it in the least. I told him about my time with Evan, not the naked part of course, and it sort of set him at ease to talk about the track.

Evan was nervous as he walked up to Dmytri's cabin. The boy had returned with Kyle to the overlook and finally finished his sketch, well finished as much as was possible in the time allowed. With the sketchpad held firmly in his hand he knocked on the wooden door.

"Ah, I see it being you my smallest and youngest of students." Dmytri smiled in greeting. "Do be coming inside and let us be looking at sketch, yes."

Evan sat down nervously and handed over his pad. He watched Dmytri flip open the pages, and then stop at the newest drawing. His eyes sort of flew open for a brief moment as he looked up towards the young boy and then he looked back on the sketch in a critical manner. Every once in a while he would nod or make some indecipherable sounds, and it was starting to make the younger boy a little nervous. Finally the big man sat back and sighed as he looked towards the younger boy.

"So I…be…um…," He looked at Evan and then towards the sketch.

"I need to be knowing, who is boy in sketch?"

"Uh, my brother Kyle, um well sort of?" Evan muttered.

"Brother…Kyle…sort of…I do not be understanding. Boy is here, in camp, yes?" Evan nodded his head, and explained about Kyle and their two families.

"Before we proceed I need be speaking with boy, in drawing," He stated as he walked over to the phone, and dialed a number he got from the list next to it.

"Yes, Mr. Johnson, this is Dmytri. I need to be speaking with boy in camp; his name is being Kyle…" He looked towards Evan who muttered Schonefeld. "Yes Kyle Schonefeld…" there was a short pause, "yes I need be speaking to boy now, please to be sending him here."

A moment later you could hear Kyle's name being called over the megaphone system that was set up throughout the camp to report to the guest artist's cabin. While they waited the big man continued to flip through Evan's other sketches looking them over critically with an artist's eye and perspective. The boy was starting to get frightened, and the man noticed it so assured him that everything was fine, but he needed the other boy here since he posed for the sketch.

I was surprise to hear my name over the sound system and everyone in our unit camp sort of looked at me as I jogged passed them heading towards the guest cabins. Unlike ours, these staff cabins were actual little wooden structures with homey amenities and air-conditioning. A few moments later I arrived and knocked on the door.

A large man ushered me inside and I could immediately tell something was wrong. I walked over to Evan and kneeled next to him noticing that he looked on the verge of tears as I pulled him to me.

"What's wrong Evan?" I asked him as he held on to me.

"I…I don't know, he just wants to talk with you." He said clutching on to me.

I looked up questioningly as the big man sat across from us in a cushioned chair. I couldn't tell anything from the man's demeanor as he picked up Evan's sketch pad and held it out to me. I looked at the sketch, and was pleased with what I saw there on that pad. I hadn't seen it yet since we were in a hurry to get back because of Evan's deadline. He came straight here while I carted everything back to our cabin.

"Wow, wickedly cool Evan." I said as I took the sketchpad from Dmytri's hand looking at it more closely.

"So this first time you see sketch?" The man asked me.

"Huh, oh yeah it is and holy cow Evan, do I really look like that? Wow it really is beautiful." I told him honestly not believing my eyes. The details were great and he had made me look totally sexy hot like. No way could I look like that in real life I thought to myself.

"So Evan, I be telling you to sketch what is being real here in camp, but I see you draw boy from mind, and he never even knowing or seeing. This is not what I be looking for?" The man stated.

"What?" We both blurted out. I looked at Evan and just busted up. It took the younger boy a moment to catch on, and I just looked at him wiping away a tear from the corner of my eye. I guess we were getting to be more and more like real brothers.

Dmytri didn't appear amused, and I quickly reigned in my laughter. I guess the guy had misunderstood what I had meant. I gave Evan a reassuring look and squeezed his arm.

"No, you don't understand what I meant. I didn't get a chance to see the drawing yet because he just finished it and was in a hurry to get here. I did pose for him." I stated.

"I see, but I do not be recognizing this place." He pointed out.

I understood his point so both Evan and myself started to explain to him what happened. After some cajoling we convinced him to join us, and we brought him back up to the overlook. He looked around and was duly impressed. I explained how I had found the place a few years back, and that it was my secret little haven hoping he wouldn't tell anyone where it was located, which he did agree to. We were sitting around on the boulders when he finally sighed and shook his head.

"Boys I do not think this is to be working." He stated honestly.

Of course we protested, but he pointed out that he would be here at the sessions in person, and that having a nude young boy pose in front of an adult is frowned upon here in this country. There was also the issue of him possibly getting in trouble as well. Of course in his country he had painted plenty of nude young boys, but over there nudity isn't frowned upon, and there are many places people go to enjoy themselves naked outdoors. Besides, the paintings would be displayed at the end of the week so everyone could see it and would be judged by all of the campers in a competition with prizes being awarded to the winner.

We hadn't thought about that, much less known about the whole competition portion of this art class. Also, even though Evan had mentioned to me the fact of Dmytri seeing the sketch, I hadn't thought about the fact the master artist would be personally present for the sessions. It looked as if everything was for nothing after all because if Evan's sketch wasn't accepted then he couldn't proceed.

"So that's it for Evan?" I asked afraid of the answer but knew it already. The man nodded sadly as we all got up and Evan looked crushed.

We started to head back when I got an idea. "Dmytri, what if Evan drew me gazing out over the landscape with my clothes on? I mean basically it would be similar to the sketch just with me in clothes." I stated being hopeful and looking for another chance for Evan.

Dmytri stood there for a moment as he gazed over the landscape. He looked back towards us and poor Evan. He sighed and looking back over the vista made a decision.

"This would be satisfactory. I accept this…this…how you be saying in English…compromise, yes that be proper word. Yes…this is to be having good compromise." He stated beaming at his remembering such an unusual term for him.

Both Evan and I just smiled at one another. I could tell Evan was still bummed that he couldn't do an oil painting of me naked, but at least he would be able to still get his lessons with Dmytri.

"Dmytri?" I asked a little sheepishly not knowing if I should dare push the envelope.

"Yes, Evan's brother." He teased getting into the spirit of things. I had to smile because this guy was really infectious with his accent and mannerisms.

"I was wondering, is there anything against Evan working on a different painting on his own time. I mean if he still wanted to paint me naked…that would be alright? Would he be allowed to do that, and would he have enough supplies?"

Dmytri stopped and looked at us before he just started busting a gut in the biggest loudest deep throated rumbling belly laugh I had ever heard in my life.

"Evan, you be having the craziest of friends. You will be artist yet. Must have good sense of humor, must be willing to bend rules. Must be willing to be silly boy. Yes, why not. What you do on own time is up to you, but remember, you must be looking to competition painting first, and must have completion in time. If you no work as should on competition painting, I send you packing."

"Yesssss," Evan yelped as he pumped his fist towards his body in triumph.

"Geeze, I didn't know you liked seeing me naked that much," I quipped as Evan gave me a dirty look and elbowed me in the ribs, all to Dmytri's amazement.

"Dmytri?" I asked sort of chuckling at how now it was me asking questions of someone else instead of Evan incessantly asking me questions.

I heard the man sigh. "I think I will be regretting this, but yes my comical friend?"

"Would you still give advice to Evan…that is…if you happen to come across him doing the second painting and saw something you could help him with?"

"You are being a naughty boy now." He stated as we walked for a while in silence, and then I heard him say, "We will see."

Both me and Evan looked at each other and giggled before looking back at the large man trudging along behind us. He was a pretty big guy, but didn't seem to be having any problems navigating around on the rocky uneven ground. I was amazed at how easily he made his way through the forest. The man just looked back at us and shook his head giving us a naughty grin.

"Boys," we heard him quietly quip. "Ah, to be so young again…so naughty."

We made our way back to camp, and I decided I needed a shower so grabbed my small bath kit and towel. Evan thought about it a moment, and decided it was a good idea. I could tell he was a little nervous, but he quickly settled down once we actually got there. The building was pretty much empty, and there was only one shower cubicle being used, so I showed Evan the section where he could take a shower without being bothered by anyone. Since I was there already I decided to stay in that section, and hopped into one of the small empty cubicles.

Right before I stepped into the small stall I saw Chase coming out of the one a few down from me, and he seemed kind of surprised to see us. He looked really cute without his shirt on, and just a pair of wet baggy shorts. I briefly looked down and noticed a good size lump between his legs as the wet shorts sort of clung to his goods. I thought he might be sporting a woody so I glance away from his crotch real quick before I got caught gawking at it.

It was too late because Chase saw me glancing at him, and he blushed but still managed to say hi before turning towards Evan. I heard the boys chatting a little with Chase congratulating the curly haired boy with the acceptance of his project. Since he was now accepted as well the two of them chatted excitedly.

"Hey Evan," I shouted while I shampooed up my hair. "We got that big campfire down in the fire bowl coming up here in about a half an hour."

"Oh shit Chase, I've got to hurry up. I'll see you at the fire bowl." Evan muttered as he scrambled into his little cubicle area that had a small door he could secure from the inside.

A short while later a group of us arrived at the fire bowl for the official kickoff ceremony. As we entered the small arena to find a seat I noticed an older boy kind of scowling at us, and I got the sense he didn't seem to like us or something. The kid was pretty big, not in a sporty kind of way with muscles and all, just kind of brutish big, and a bit on the flabby side. I ignored him as I spotted some of our unit members up top and off to the side, and made my way towards them with the rest of our group following.

The fire bowl was sort of like a big carved out area with rows of stone benches in an arch all along the hillside. If you think outdoor theatre then you sort of get the hint. At the bottom was a huge circular area with logs piled up high ready to be lit. I was sitting with the rest of our group enjoying our chat when I noticed that brute scowling in our direction, or more correctly towards Evan who had also noticed.

"So what's with the Neanderthal?" I asked Evan.

He shrugged his shoulders and looked back at me. "No one really, just one of the guys in our art class."

"Oh, is he the one who sort of got into it with you and Chase? He doesn't look happy about it."

Evan shrugged his shoulders again as if dismissing the other boy. "Well, it's not like we will be seeing much of each other. We have class lessons every day around mid-morning to learn some of the principles to oil painting, but other than that we won't be seeing much of each other."

We were distracted from our discussion as Chase showed up, and asked if he could sit with us. Soon afterwards the opening ceremony began, and we all started singing and enjoying the skits that the staff members performed for us new arrivals. There would be another ceremony at the end of the week where each camp unit will have to perform a skit of their own.

Towards the middle of the performances Evan crawled over to me, and snuggled up under the small blanket I had brought with us. Past experience had taught me that it could cool down enough at night, and get a little chilly if you were just wearing a pair of shorts and light shirt. I wrapped the blanket around us as Evan snuggled up closer leaning back against my chest. By this time we were both comfortable with cuddling up like this, and quickly found a comfortable position. Having him this close to me felt exhilarating, and I was even able to enjoy the occasional rubbing up against his crotch with my arm. We were on the last level of the bowl at the very top so could lean back against the wall.

A short while later Chase sort of scooted closer to us trying to get a little bit of our body heat. Without saying a word, I removed the blanket from around me and Evan, and placed it on top of all three of us spreading it out so it would include Chase. He looked up and smiled appreciatively as he scooted right up against me, and leaned his body inwards. I wrapped my left arm around him, and shifted Evan over onto my right side with his left leg draped over my right leg. He didn't mind the adjustment and leaned his head on my right shoulder.

It was comfortably warm now with the boys sitting around me. I was leaning back on the stone wall so had a little chill on my back, but the heat radiating out from the boys kept me warm enough so it wasn't an issue. I was so focused on the performances that at first I hadn't noticed anything, but then a little nudge around my crotch region got my attention. It appeared as if Chase was starting to get a little frisky and curious about what I had under my shorts. I thought about maybe just kind of giving a subtle hint that he should stop by maybe moving my leg or something, but then just sort of figured what the hell.

I mean it was turning out to be such a strange summer anyway with all of the sexual tensions floating around me, so I figured I might as well let him enjoy himself. I moved my left leg a little outwards giving him more access to me. I felt him jerk his hand away real quick, and he glanced up at me. I looked back down at him and winked. Even in the darkness and with his olive complexion I could see him blush. I reached over and grabbed his hand placing it right on top of my semi-hard erection. I could see his eyes bug out for a moment, and then the boy looked over to Evan making sure the other boy didn't know what was going on.

I felt soft fingers softly stroking my penis until it was fully erect before moving down further to get a feel of my soft pouch beneath my shorts. I could tell Chase was getting excited so thought I might just up the ante a bit. I subtly reached down and snaked my fingers between the leg openings of my shorts. I reached up inside and scooped out my package.

Chase had noticed my movement, and figured I had to adjust myself so patiently waited until I was finished before continuing his exploration. I heard him gasp, and look over to me when he realized what I had done. Moments later I felt his soft touch as he slowly worked his fingers along my hardened shaft. It was sort of stimulating and exciting due to the naughtiness of it all, and I smiled enjoying our little game.

I held the dark brown haired vixen closer to me, and he didn't resist as he got into a better position. My left arm wrapped around his small waist, and I slowly reached out and wrapped my fingers around his own boy bits. My move had caught him by surprise, and he immediately removed his hand from me and covered himself up. I guess he was the shy type too so I stopped my intrusion on his body parts, but not before I got the sense that he was pretty big in the package department.

The boy looked up at me apologetically, but I just grabbed his hand and placed it back on my erection letting him know it was alright. He smiled at me enthusiastically as he continued to do his own exploration. After a while he removed his hand seemingly satisfied, and I allowed my erection to deflate and plop back under my shorts.

The rest of the evening was uneventful except for the occasional teasingly squeeze I gave Evan and his little boy package, which didn't seem to bother him. I even noticed him looking at me a time or two smiling when my hand lingered on his boy bits a little too long. He just seemed to blush in that cute way he has about him at the overt attention, but didn't move my hand away. I guess we had sort of entered another phase of our relationship. Of course I was a bit conflicted because I had promised not to push things with Evan, but with the new boy getting me all hyped up I became a little bolder with my curly haired Greek boy god.

It was late by the time we all crawled into our respective bunks. It had been a busy first day at camp, and with me agreeing to pose for Evan it looked as if my mornings would be early ones. I grunted and sighed shaking my head figuring so much for sleeping in during summer vacation. Oh well, if I have to get up that early I might as well get in my training sessions doing some cross country running before meeting up with Evan and my painting sessions.

The younger boy across from me was already asleep when I closed my eyes. Sleep didn't come to me immediately as I thought about the last several days. It all started with Evan, and my sexual hormones kicking into overdrive, which led to Mattie, then Jaden, and now something going on with Chase. In-between all of this my only real thoughts kept going back to Evan. Sure I was fooling around with some of these other boys, but it was Evan who I truly wanted and needed. I could feel it deep inside of me, and I knew that I was falling head over heels for my curly haired boy also getting the impression Evan felt the same way about me.

Before falling asleep Evan had gone over and given his older friend a hug, and cuddled with him for a moment before kissing him on the lips and jumping into his own cot. He had felt Kyle's hands all over him at the fire bowl. At first he was a little embarrassed by it, but then felt thrilled that the older boy would take so much interest in him. He also felt flattered that the older boy trusted him with doing a nude painting of him. All these emotions were a bit overwhelming, but one thing he knew for sure is that he felt safe with Kyle.

So when the older boy started to touch him, Evan hadn't stopped the sexual groping; instead, he had allowed it to continue, and was surprised at himself for not feeling uncomfortable about the situation. 'Well,' he thought to himself, 'it's not like I am naked or anything. He's just playing around like typical teenagers do. So what's the harm in that?'

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