Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 7

An hour or so later we all found ourselves sitting on those uncomfortable chairs in the waiting room at the doctor's office. We pulled up into the parking lot at the medical facility right at the same the doctor did, and after letting us in he asked us to give him a few moments to get ready before he stopped and looked around.

"Ah, Mrs. Schonefeld I was expecting Mrs. Prescott to be here. I need her here to sign some of the paperwork since she is the boy's parent. I can't do anything unless she is here."

"Oh, that shouldn't be a problem doctor. You see I have power of attorney over the Prescott boys when they are in my care. It also includes making decisions in regards to medical issues. We had the papers drawn up right after her husband was killed in Afghanistan, and she had to leave the boys in our care."

"I see," he said still a little dubious because Liz Prescott was actually here in town, and not off somewhere else taking care of some urgent needs.

"It made us all realize that we needed to do something since we all trust one another with each other's children, and my husband is oversees a lot. So we each had power of attorney drawn up that declares if the parent isn't available even though they are still in the country, that we can make any pertinent decision regarding the boys."

Mom had dug out an envelope from her purse, and presented the power of attorney paperwork to the doctor who looked it over with a raised eyebrow. He seemed to take a close look at one particular section and appeared satisfied.

"Well this indeed is unusual, but since I had talked to Mrs. Prescott on the phone earlier, and she knows her son will be getting a physical…I don't see a problem. The power of attorney is very specific in giving you a complete say in the boy's welfare. I'll need a copy of it along with your signature on the other paperwork as a legal guardian."

"Of course doctor." Mom stated as she started to fill out the paperwork.

The doctor motioned where the copy machine was for my mom to make a copy of the power of attorney, and then he left us as he headed into the other room so he could get ready. This was a small town so only had a small medical facility, but I've known the doctor all of my life and even though I go on post to take care of any medical needs he really is a good doctor. I glanced over towards Evan noticing his knees bouncing up and down in a nervous tick while Mattie began to play with some of the toys located on the table.

My mom was watching the older boy intently a little worried, and discretely motioned me over to her. "Hey you two," My mom spoke up getting the boys' attention. "Kyle and I are going to get something to drink, do you want anything?"

Mattie wanted a juice and Evan just shrugged his shoulders indicating anything would be fine. I followed my mom and wondered what all the secrecy was about as we finally made it to the soda machine.

"What?" I asked my mom suspiciously.

She looked back down the hall and whispered "What's wrong with Evan?"

I looked down the hallway as well noticing how fidgety he was and just shrugged my shoulders in an offhand way. "Um…well you know. It's his first…you know." I shrugged a bit embarrassed about having to tell mom about Evan's first 'real' big boy physical.

"Oh spit it out Kyle, what?"

"Damn mom, sometimes you can be a real pain. It's nothing, he'll deal with it like we all did the first time we had the…you know…'the' physical."

"What are you talking….oh, she said." Finally catching on. "I forgot all about that. Maybe I should go have a talk with him about it."

"NO!" I shouted a little too loud with Evan looking towards our way. I smiled and waved at him giving the machine a little kick trying to convince the boy that it ate my money. It worked because he just looked away.

"Damn mom, it's bad enough when you pull that crap on me. You'll totally freak him out if you 'talk' to him." I stated using my fingers to put quotation marks around the word talk.

Mom just stared at me like she didn't know what I was talking about. She seemed genuinely upset at the way I was speaking to her, but to tell you the truth I really didn't give a shit. I mean I love my mom and all, but sometimes her antics are just out of line.

I reiterated to her, "no…don't you dare…you won't say a thing to him. I already told him about it, and the only reason he is so agitated is because he's so damn shy."

"What do you mean by shy?" Mom asked me.

"Geeze mom, just give it a rest."

"I need to know Kyle with everything else going on."

"No you don't. Some things you don't need to know about because some things are private, and none of your damn business." I stated as I started to walk away.

Mom stopped me and turned me around with a stern look. "I don't know what has gotten…" she started to say before I stopped her.

"No mom, I don't pry into yours and dad's sex life or anything. I respect your privacy. I wish you'd damn well learn to respect some of mine, and most definitely my friend's private life in those regards. Evan's a sweet kid, and you will have to trust me on this. If I tell you about some things he confided in confidence then how can he ever trust me again. Not all boys handle puberty the same way, and for some it's just more difficult. If you are that dense and can't figure this out then I'm sorry, but this conversation is over."

I was pretty mad, and I guess all these years with mom sticking her nose into my private affairs have really gotten me a little bit riled up lately; especially, now that I'm getting a little older and more independent. I mean I had to listen about the puberty lecture from her, about the safe sex lesson, her being right in the doctor's office the first time my little privates were manhandled, and it was all just getting to be a bit too much. Sure I'm pretty open regarding the whole nudity department, but shit, is she going to sit on the couch and watch me the first time I have sexual intercourse. In her mind she probably thought yes, but I just about had it with her in this area of my life, and it was time for me to take a stand.

I walked back to the waiting area leaning my shoulder up against the wall while mom put in the money for the drinks. She handed something to everyone, and when she held out a juice to me her eyes were a little lit up with that 'we are going to have a talk young man.' I took the drink and looking right at her I spoke up for the first time in my life on this issue.

"No, we are not going to have a talk about this. I'm done having you poking your nose in my sexual issues. If you've got a problem with that then talk to dad about it. I'm sure you know he'll tell you the same thing. Enough is enough. Also, stay out of my room first thing in the morning. I'm too old for you to be removing my covers like that. For Christ sakes, I could be jacking off or something." I told her smugly as her eyes bulged out of her head, and I made my way over to sit next to Evan.

Of course she knew I jacked off. All boys do, but to be told outright caught her off guard. My words had stung her, but they needed to be said. Her intruding on Evan's sexual awareness and insecurities was crossing the line. If Evan decides to turn to her for advice on his own that was one thing, her just deciding she knows best was something completely different.

A few minutes later the doctor came out of an adjoining room and smiled at everyone. "Well then, you must be Evan Prescott?" The elderly man stated to Evan who was still nervously bouncing around his knees. "I understand we have a last minute decision on going to camp, and you need a physical lickety-split." He smiled reassuringly as he noted Evan's nervousness.

"Ah, I see you are a bit nervous. First time for you with the 'big boy' type of physical?" He asked Evan in a quiet voice. I'm pretty sure it was in a quiet enough voice no one else heard except for me who was sitting right next to my little friend. Evan glanced over towards the others briefly making sure they hadn't heard before nodding his head.

Mom started to step forward because she couldn't hear what was being said, but the doctor held up his hand to hold her back. She was a bit shocked and a little frustrated as I looked over to her with a smug look on my face. She glanced my way and then looked away because this was the second time this day she had been rebuked about something dealing with boys and their little body parts. For the life of her she couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.

"Well then Evan, it's nothing to worry about and nothing to be ashamed about. If you are nervous about being alone with me we could have Mrs. Schonefeld come in with you."

Evan's eyes got big and he started to breathe heavily as he tried to gulp down a lump in his throat. The doctor had dealt with these situations before and every year there were a couple of children who got all worked up about the physical exam. Most were just very shy about nudity, and others a little worried that they may get an erection or that they might be too small or something. Whatever the case they were always a little shy about things at first, but when the exam was finally concluded never had a problem the following year.

"It's alright Evan just take a moment, and you can decide when you are ready." The doctor whispered to him encouragingly while he patted the poor boy's knee encouragingly.

Evan looked over towards me, and I just shrugged my shoulders giving him a little hug for support. He smiled back at me remembering what I had said about the whole situation. The elderly doctor in front of him seemed like a decent man, and Evan felt he would be alright.

"Um…I don't want Mrs. Schonefeld to come in, but is it alright if Kyle comes in with me instead?" He asked the doctor nervously.

The doctor looked a little shocked as his gaze shifted towards me for a brief moment because this was a first for him. But then again, he figured it sort of made sense because boys often feel more comfortable with another boy they are very familiar with to be around them.

"Uh, Evan, I'm not sure if the doctor is allowed to have another minor in the same room like that." I sort of tried to give the doctor an out and also myself. I mean this was something pretty private and all, and shit how was this really going to work when it was time for Evan to drop his shorts. It sort of made me wonder if the boy had even considered this.

"Well," the doctor began, "it's the first time I've heard that sort of request, but I guess it is alright since you two know each other."

The doctor stood up and motioned for Evan, "Alright Mrs. Schonefeld, Evan's ready for his physical, and Kyle is coming with us as well."

"I don't think that is such a good idea, maybe I should go instead of Kyle." My mom stated. Damn, she still doesn't get it, but at that moment I was glad someone else tried to point out some things to her.

"Come-come, Mrs. Schonefeld. Kyle's just going in for moral support, besides no boy at this age wants a mother figure to come in and watch their privates prodded and pocked. That's just as bad as a mother sitting down, and having the whole puberty talk with the boy instead of their father or doctor. Now don't get me wrong Mrs. Prescott," the doctor hastily stated holding up his hand staving off a forthcoming protest from my mom. "Of course it is necessary for mothers to fill in for their husbands or significant other in some of these matters at times, but let's face it this is just too embarrassing for boys at that age."

Mom just stared in disbelief at what she was hearing. After all she did have that talk with me, and now she was really starting to wonder about everything. For the first time she sat down and really started going over my short little life and all of the "sex" talks she had with me. Not just the regular be careful and use a condom type of thing, but really the detailed type of stuff. I could still tell it really didn't all sink in to her because she still had that sort of defiant look about her as she set her purse on her lap, and gave the doctor the 'whatever' look.

The doctor just looked at me and rolled his eyes shaking his head in disbelief. He knew this type of mother well and also knew at times it was no use because every once in a while there is a mother that just didn't get it regarding how boys are different regarding these issues. Shrugging my shoulders towards the doctor I followed him and Evan into the exam room. "Alright Evan, I want you to go over there by the long thin bed and change into the gown I put on it. Just take all of your clothes off, but you can keep your socks and underwear on if you like."

I watched Evan amble over towards the sterile paper covered table, and walked over with him as he picked up the gown to inspect it. He glanced at me rolling his eyes knowing how these gowns worked, and didn't much care for it. I gave him a quick hug for reassurance, and told him I'd be over on the other side of the room with the doctor so that he could have some privacy getting changed.

The doctor looked up when I sidled in close next to him as I looked over my shoulder seeing Evan pulling off his shirt. The doctor could tell something was on my mind and motioned for me to spit it out.

"Um…doc…well Evan is kind of…you know…really shy about being naked. I mean, even I haven't ever seen him…you know disrobed or anything. Hell, I don't even know if his little brother has seen him naked in years."

"Oh, I see" said the doctor.

"Well, I know you have to see him naked and all, and I think he's fine with it because it just has to be, but I don't know if he'd really be comfortable with me seeing him naked. I mean I think he would be alright with it in the end, but I mean, it really isn't fair for him to have to be forced into that type of situation. The only reason why I'm here is because he trusts me, and I…I just don't want to break that trust." I stated very seriously.

Then something else came out of my mouth. I don't know why, but it just did. "I…I just…you know…um…care for him too much for that. We've known each other all our lives, and both Evan and Mattie are more like brothers to me. It…it's really hard to describe, but I'd rather die than have anything bad happen to them or lose their trust."

The doctor raised an eyebrow at my sincerity, and gave me a little hug. "You truly are a friend and brother to that boy. It's not only blood that can tie two boys so closely together, but the bond and trust between them. You are more a brother to that boy than most brothers who are related by blood. Don't worry, when the time comes I'll see to it he has enough privacy, yet still have the moral support with you close by, alright?"

I sighed in relief. Sure I'd love to be right there when the doctor groped the younger boy, but my deep affectionate feelings for the well being of Evan meant more to me than seeing the boy in all his naked glory.

We walked back to the table where Evan was just finishing putting on his gown. I decided to lighten the mood a little as I stepped next to him, and just took a quick peek at his backside.

"Damn Evan, I didn't know you had such a cute little ass even in those briefs." I stated teasingly even though it really was cute.

Evan just glared at me, punched me in the arm, and rolled his eyes, which set both of us off in a fit of laughter.

"You're such a dork you know that?" He shook his head and giggled.

"Yeah you keep reminding me of that." I responded as I rubbed my arm where he had hit me none too lightly.

The doctor was chuckling and gave me an appreciative look as he piped up as well making his own quirky joke, which to tell you the truth, for an old man was pretty good.

"Alright you two youngsters. There'll be no groping between the two of you. If there is going to be any man handling around here it'll be done by a licensed professional. I take any handling of genitalia very seriously around here." He stated giving us two a wink.

"Damn Evan and you thought I was a pervert." We both just busted a gut, and even the doctor shook his head appreciating the good natured humor.

The elderly man began his examination with taking Evan's measurements like height and weight. He took his blood pressure, and had him remove his gown and sit on the table so he could listen to his lungs and heartbeat.

The sight of Evan in just his tight little white briefs was so damn adorable. I mean he really was just so damn cute, and the white tight briefs didn't hide much of his shape and size in the whole genital department. I just sat and watched the doctor work, and saw Evan sneaking glances at me. I smiled encouragingly at him, and he seemed to be alright with his state of undress. Then the moment arrived.

"Alright Evan we are going to do the uncomfortable part now. Don't worry it won't hurt or anything, and I'll go through the process relatively quickly and in a professional manner." The doctor stated as Evan glanced towards me while the doctor smiled at him reassuringly before continuing. "The young man over here mentioned how sensitive you are about exposing yourself in front of others, including him, so we both agreed I would bring around the drapes so that you will have a little privacy, but he will be close by if you need some moral support. Is that acceptable to you?"

Evan looked over towards me and whispered thank you, but I could see the beginnings of tears at the corners of his eyes so I walked over to him and gave him a hug. He just held on to me and managed not to cry as he released me and smiled appreciatively at me for the moral support.

"The doctor's right Evan. It'll be over real fast. I know it's weird but hey, with as many peckers he sees in a year there's no way he will even remember your sorry little thing you claim is a penis."

"Hey," he protested as he took a step towards me, punched me in the arm, and rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, hey," the doctor protested. That's not fair to me either. True, but still not fair he quipped.

Now it was Evan's turn to look at the doctor. "What…so now you are agreeing with Kyle that my sorry ass penis is too small and not worthy of being remembered by you?" He teased.

The doctor gave him a mock hurt look, and then grinned. "Well then… I guess that is still to be seen huh?" He stated as he stood up and pulled the curtains around.

"Alright Evan I need you to pull down your underwear now while I put on some gloves."

I could hear Evan sliding his underwear down his legs, and could see the shadowy form of his naked body through the curtain. I could even see the outline of his penis and boy pouch, and realized the shadowed show I was receiving was sort of sexy in it's own way.

"Oh I see your foreskin is still intact. Alright then has anyone talked to you about how to clean yourself properly since you have a foreskin?"

"Um…yeah," Evan replied glancing up at the curtain in my direction, and I could only imagine that he was a bit embarrassed of me hearing that part of the conversation.

"Um…my dad showed…um…talked to me about it before he died. I was really little at the time, but still know how to keep myself clean."

"Oh good then. What about your little brother. Did anyone ever have a talk with him? I mean you said he died when you were really young?"

"Um…I'm not sure. I mean when we both were little we used to take baths together, and I cleaned myself and he saw me, but I never…you know…talked to him proper like and I don't know if mom did either."

"Well, no problems. Since he's here today I'll bring him in and have a talk with him as well. Do you think that would be alright with him?"

"Yeah, he's still pretty little and not that shy about those sorts of things. I mean the little shit walks all around the house naked all the time anyway, so I guess it wouldn't be a problem with him." Evan stated as I heard him giggling with this last revelation about his little brother as the doctor chuckled as well.

"Alright Evan I am going to put some pressure next to first one testicle, and then the other. When I tell you to, please turn your head and cough." I heard the doctor instructing Evan as it got quiet for a moment. "All right turn your head and cough." The doctor asked Evan and I heard the boy cough. He did the same for the other testicle.

"You are doing just fine Evan, but since you have a foreskin I am going to slide it back to take a quick look to see how clean it looks, and if everything else is alright with the progress of how it slides or not. Boys who have foreskin develop at different rates in regards to how soon their foreskin slides back and is detached from their glans, you know the head of your penis. Ready?"

I heard the doctor shift and could see the shadowy form of him as he reached out and touched the twelve year olds' penis. I heard Evan gasp a moment, and saw what looked like his penis twitch upwards real quick before it settled back down no longer twitching yet remaining in what appeared to be an erection as the doctor pulled back the foreskin.

"That's alright Evan; it happens all the time and nothing to be embarrassed about. We're done with this portion of the exam. I just need you to bend over the table real quick." Evan bent over the table and I could clearly see the outline of his rigid penis as it bobbed up and down with the increase of blood through its tissues while it slowly deflated.

The shadowy form of the doctor on the curtains showed him applying something to his pinky finger, and I new it was that cold gel all doctors use before shoving their fingers up your rectum. "Alright Evan this is the last part of the exam. You are going to feel a little pressure in your backside, and I need you to relax while I do this."

I heard Evan gasp as the finger was inserted in his ass, and saw his shadowed penis twitch back into a rigid erection. Damn, this was almost like being there for real, and I had to adjust myself into a more comfortable position.

"Alright Evan you are all done. There that wasn't so bad was it? Now do you have any questions about anything? I know it is embarrassing, but sometimes it is easier to talk to a doctor about some things."

"Uh, not really. I mean I know some things about what happens during puberty and all, and when school starts I have health class so unless there is something not covered in that class then I guess I don't have too much to ask."

"Good then. I know most boys have questions about their height and weight, and other things as well, so I will just go over those things quickly with you. Now that you have your underwear back on we can open up the curtains, and let your friend in on the conversation if that is alright with you."

"Yes please. I'm so embarrassed right now I don't know what I'll remember." I heard Evan say as the doctor opened the curtain, and he flung himself into my arms. He was shaking a bit, and I just sort of held him close to me for a moment before we both stepped back to listen to what the doctor had to say.

"Alright then Evan. Well you are a little short on the height and weight side of things than other kids your age, but I think you already knew that. This doesn't necessarily mean anything though because most of it has to do with genes you inherit from your folks. You are a healthy twelve year old boy that has the perfect height and weight where you should be in your stage of development. You are more physically fit than about ninety percent of other boys your age so you shouldn't be worried about that either alright."

"I don't understand, if I'm smaller than most kids why am I considered just fine for now?"

"I told you it has to do with the genes you inherit from your parents. You're healthy and physically fit. That's all there is to it."

"Oh, ok."

"Now, here is the important information most boys your age want to know." He stated as he looked up to Evan to make sure he had the boy's attention.

"You have about an average penis length for a boy your age, maybe on the short end of average, but still average; however, you are thicker around than most boys so basically what I am saying is you are pretty well set for a boy your age and have nothing to be worried about."

Evan's jaws dropped at the doctor's candor, and I could see his cheeks start to blush red.

"Geeze doc I've been trying to tell him that, but he won't believe me. I told him that just because no one sees him naked that they can't tell what is swinging between his legs. But I'm glad that a licensed professional such as you has seen him in all his glory, and has given their expert opinion on the matter. Maybe in the future he won't be so damn sensitive about his cute boy package." I stated almost falling out of my chair.

"You're a dickhead," Evan stated as he pounced on me and we started to roll around on the floor.

"Hey…hey you two, you are getting my floor all dirty," the doctor chuckled as he watched an almost naked Evan try to pin me on the ground. I reached up and gave his crotch a squeeze so that he would relent, and the doctor just busted a gut as Evan yelped realizing he was still half naked.

Evan quickly got up off the floor and looked slyly at the doctor. "See what I have to put up with. I mean…isn't there some sort of pervert pill or anything you can hand out to this dork so he keeps his hands off of me?" Evan teased as it was now my turn to punch him in the arm.

"Hey…I can't help it if you are so tightly wound up about your body." I protested as the doctor just shook his head.

"Sorry boys…there just isn't any real practical cure for puberty, so you will both have to suffer through this period of perverted-ness." The doctor laughed out loud at our expense while we looked at each other and laughed along.

"Damn, that was a good one doc." I complimented the man while Evan nodded his head in agreement.

Evan just sighed sadly and started to get dressed as he looked over to the doctor. "Well if there isn't a pill maybe there is like an insane asylum or something that perverts like him belong in?" He asked the doctor as he just chuckled good naturedly. "If not you should be able to charge him with some sort of crime, after all he is handling the goods without a proper license."

"Alright you two." The doctor chuckled at our continued playful bantering. "You're done Evan, and believe me I won't be able to forget your nice little package as it is now firmly etched into the tired ole memory bank." He teased and chuckled as he pointed to his head.

Evan stuck his tongue out at me. "See mine is special after all."

I rolled my eyes, "I've been telling you that all along." I retorted as the doctor just shook his head and chuckled at the two of us.

Mom got up out of her chair when she saw us coming out of the doctors office filled with mirth. She looked relieved that things had worked out with Evan, and had been a bit anxious that since she wasn't there to soothe him he would be traumatized by the entire event.

"Alright Mrs. Schonefeld, you can tell Evan's mom that she has a very healthy young twelve year old boy. Not only physically, but mentally as well. He's got a great sense of humor, a bit shy, but nothing to worry about. All in all he's a typical twelve year old boy."

"Oh wonderful doctor, anything I need to know or should talk to him about, you know concerning…"

The doctor did know and he held up his hand and shook his head stopping her train of thought. "Oh, heaven's no. Yes he's a bit shy about things, but overall he's quite well adjusted with that whole puberty thing and sex and all, and he knows how to clean himself correctly, and everything is working properly. My recommendation is not to embarrass him because he is sensitive enough about the whole situation."

Mom looked a little put out, and I looked over to Evan who blushed a little at being talked about like this in front of my mom. I gave him a nudge for encouragement, and he smiled back at me knowingly. He just seemed so much more confident about himself. I was glad for him, and I also was proud that he had trusted me like this. Mom glanced over at me and I knew she was wondering about Evan's back, but the doctor hadn't even said anything so I shook my head and mouthed 'nothing.' We both smiled a little relieved at that.

"Well then," the doctor said looking towards Mattie. "So how old are you?"

"I'm eight going on nine."

"Hmm, that is an excellent age. Now I noticed some things about your brother, you know about his penis and having a skin over the top of the head part, and he informs me you are the same so I figured maybe the two of us should have a little chat. Also maybe I should take a quick look to make sure everything is working properly and is alright, just like Evan. Would that be alright?"

Mattie looked over to Evan, and then to me, before shrugging his shoulders not exactly sure what the doctor was talking about. Not surprisingly mom piped up again.

"Uh, I don't know doctor. Maybe I should go as well." She stated looking at the doctor, and smiling at Mattie.

"Are you going to take a look at my 'dinky,' and I'll be all naked?" Mattie asked once my mom suggested going with him.

"Yes, just for a moment so I can take a quick look to make sure everything is working properly. I did the same with your brother, and it's just something doctors do for health reasons. Will that be alright?"

"Yeah I guess, but…"

"Yes, what is it?" The doctor inquired cocking his eyebrows.

"Can Kyle come like he did for Evan instead of Aunt Judy? I mean I'm sort of getting too old to just let girls see my 'dinky' and all." He stated and blushed at my mom. "Please don't be mad Aunt Judy, it's just I'm not a little baby any more."

My mom couldn't do anything about the truth coming out of an innocent's mouths, and sighed in defeat. "Sure sweetie I understand." She said, but I could still see she didn't, which really confounded me because how many people have to tell her the same thing.

"Will you come with me Kyle?" Mattie asked me.

"Why me Mattie…I mean maybe it would be better if Evan went with you instead." I told him sincerely.

Mattie shook his head no. "But you went in with Evan so I want you to come in with me too." He asked me seriously as Evan just shrugged his shoulders at me and laughed knowingly while I sighed and scooted over behind Mattie, bent over his front, and lifted him up and over so his legs slipped past my shoulders with his chest was pressed up against my chest and his head pointing down to my feet. He squealed like a stuck pig and giggled as I twirled him around walking towards the exam room.

Once we were inside I lowered Mattie back down and the doctor turned towards him before sitting down in front of him. "Alright Mattie I need to ask you a question about your penis…um…'dinky,' is that alright?"

Mattie looked over to me and I nodded. "Yeah, I guess it's alright?"

"Well, has anyone talked to you about how you should clean your 'dinky,' or anything?"

Mattie looked a little confused. After all he's been bathing all his life, and didn't realize there was really a proper way to wash his 'dinky.' When he was real little and bathed with Evan he never really paid all that much attention to that part of the bath process. He wasn't exactly sure where all this was going so just shook his head no.

"Hmm, I see. Alright well I guess we should get you undressed so I can just take a quick look, and then we can talk about how you bathe your 'dinky' properly. Will that be alright?"

The eight year old boy just shrugged his shoulders and stated," sure I guess," as he started to pull down his shorts without a care in the world who saw him naked.

"Did you want to go behind the curtain so Kyle can't see you undressed?"

"Why, he's a boy isn't he? It's not like he's a stranger or anything. I've known him all my life. It's ok, besides I want him with me in case I don't understand what you are showing me."

The doctor looked over to me and smiled shaking his head at the thought processes of little boys. He also gave me a questioning look to see if I was alright with the situation as well since I obviously had some concerns with Evan. I shrugged my shoulders, and nodded my head that this would be alright. Little did I know what I was going to be in for with this whole thing.

Mattie pealed off his clothes including his underwear and stood in front of the doctor with his flaccid one and a half inch penis hanging over his soft slightly hanging fleshy boy pouch. My heart skipped a beat at the beauty of what was standing in front of me.

"Well, I see not only does he look like his older brother, but he's built similarly as well. For a boy your age Mattie your penis is about average in length, but really thicker than most."

Mattie looked down at himself and then over to me. "What does that mean?"

I laughed and ruffled Mattie's hair a little. "It means that the length of your 'dinky' is about the same length as most boys your age, but it is a lot fatter than most of them."

'Oh,' he mouthed as he looked down, and then back at me as if to ask if that a good thing or bad thing. I couldn't help but laugh at his look.

"Don't worry Mattie. It's something to be proud of, but not something you should brag about to other people either. You might hurt their feelings or something, ok."

"Yeah sure, I mean who would I tell anyway?"

"Alright Mattie, I'm going to see now if your skin slides back over the tip of your penis, alright."

"Of course it slides over it." Mattie stated as he reached down and demonstrated by skinning himself.

I couldn't help myself as I just laughed at the entire innocence of it all.

"Oh…well…ah yes, that is good Mattie, but I need to do it so I can inspect it for health reasons, alright."

Mattie shrugged his shoulders looking up at me as if to say what's the big deal? I ruffled his hair and indicated he should humor the guy.

"Oooh," that tickles Mattie giggled as he immediately popped a woody in front of the doctor.

"Um…don't worry Mattie this is normal, and nothing to be embarrassed about." The doctor stated using a term he's used thousands of times in the past. But what he heard just about threw him for a loop.

"Why would I be embarrassed. This happens to me all the time. Doesn't it happen to all boys? Doesn't yours get hard too?" He asked looking first at the doctor and then me.

I couldn't help myself as I laughed so hard, and grabbed onto the little boy giving him a hug. The boy leaned in forcing the doctor to loose his grip.

"Well?" He asked looking at the two of us.

I had to give in. "Shit yeah, little man. I pop one all the time." I stated looking at the doctor.

"Um…well…of course it is only natural for all boys and men." The doctor replied bit uncomfortably which made me laugh that he was on the receiving end for once.

"Geeze doc, it is perfectly natural and nothing to be embarrassed about." I teased the older man as he just shot me a look before shaking his head and smiling knowing someone had finally gotten him after all these years.

"Oh ok, for a minute I thought maybe mine was broken or something." Mattie stated seriously.

I just couldn't contain myself as I just laughed so hard that my insides were turning around. Even the doctor was laughing so hard at this point, that is after he picked his teeth up off the floor because his jaw had dropped to the ground.

"Oh damn, this truly was a first for me. Remind me to thank your mother for making me hold off my fishing trip another day. Hell for that matter who needs to catch a fish when I've caught two lively little boys today."

Everyone settled back down and the doctor reached back over to Mattie's full blown erection, and skinned him so he could get a better look. Damn, the bright shiny deep pinkish red head popping in and out of his foreskin was a sight to behold.

"Alright Mattie I'm going to teach you the proper way to clean your little 'dinky.' It really is easy the doctor said as he got warm water in a small container. If you want to use soap on the outside you can, but only use mild soaps alright, and a soft hand towel." The doctor demonstrated how to wash the outside of his penis.

"Now at least once a week you should pull your foreskin back, and only use clean warm water. No soap. Now remember you should be the only one pulling back your foreskin to clean the head of your little 'dinky.'"

"Oh, why?"

"Well, I know your skin comes back relatively easy considering how tightly it is stretched across your penis, but someone could pull it back maybe too far and hurt you. Only you really know how far you can pull it back. If you are not comfortable at first cleaning the head of your penis you can get your mom or somebody else who knows how to do it properly to help you. But I don't think it will be too difficult for you to do it on your own. Here, now show me what I taught you." The doctor stated as he retrieved another bowl of just plain clean warm water.

We watched as Mattie pulled back his foreskin and took the warm water to wash it clean. He dipped his hand into the warm water and did it a couple of more times.

"Why only once a week?" Mattie asked the doctor who shrugged his shoulders.

"For most that's all it takes and sometimes washing it too often has it's own problems. You will know how often to wash yourself like that here soon enough, but you should do it at least once a week, more often if it doesn't create other problems." He explained to Mattie who absorbed this tidbit of information.

"Can Kyle do it now too for me. He comes over and baby-sits, and it wouldn't bother me if he washed me or at least took a look to make sure everything is alright. Other than Evan, I think he is the only one who knows now." Mattie asked a little worried now because he's never cleaned himself like this before. He always just washed the outside, but now was worried that if he didn't do it right he might catch something and his little 'dinky' would fall off.

The doctor looked over at me, and saw the shocked look on my face. "Um…well sure I guess it would be alright, but Mattie there is nothing to worry about. Everything is fine with your 'dinky' it's just as you get older you need to take care it is cleaned properly. We both just watched you clean yourself, and you did just fine." The doctor told the smaller boy.

"Yeah, but can Kyle do it now so he knows as well, please?" He pleaded innocently.

The doctor shrugged his shoulders telling me it was alright, and to just go ahead and do it. I looked over at Mattie's erection, and was a little hesitant about grabbing it like that. I mean what if the poor kid had an orgasm right there and then. The doctor sensing my hesitation grabbed the bowl from Mattie, and started to demonstrate how to do it swiftly and without much ado.

"Here Kyle, all you do is have Mattie pull back his own foreskin like he has it now, and just use some warm clean water and swish it around the tip of his penis so that it washes away any dirt and grime. This is especially important if you go to the beach or something where there is a lot of sand. Your turn."

I blushed as I took the bowl from him, and reached out with trembling hands. I scooped up some warm water, and swirled my fingers around Mattie's bulbous head. I could see the smaller boy shivering with pleasure as I removed my hand, and smiled encouragingly at the young boy.

"Good then. Mattie you will do this at least once a week, and when Kyle baby-sits, he can check in on you while you take a bath to take a look for you. I'm sure before you know it Mattie you won't need him anymore, alright?" The doctor asked looking at the two of us.

"Uh yeah sure, but I just want it known right now I don't want anyone to know I did…um…you know…did that." I pointed to Mattie's pristinely clean erection.

Both Mattie and the doctor laughed, but nodded in understanding. The doctor just shrugged thinking that I was more a brotherly or fatherly kind of figure for little Mattie. He certainly could tell from the looks of things that is how it really was, so he was alright with me handling the little boy's needs in the cleaning department.

I watched Mattie get dressed before picking him up in a rough house kind of manner as we headed out to the waiting room. I had the poor boy laughing in stitches, and he was screeching for mercy by the time we reached the other room. I set the little boy down, and looked over towards Evan and my mom. Evan wasn't looking too happy, and was trying to get up and away from my mom.

"Um…Aunt Liz…please…I…I don't think we should talk anymore." He was saying as he literally put his hands to his ears.

"Mom, stop it!" I yelled at her.

I watched my mom giving me a nasty look as if to say don't interfere, but I just shook my head. The doctor was over by Evan's side trying to console the poor guy.

"Doctor, do you mind if I take my mom into the other room for a minute?"

"What…oh…um…sure Kyle…I think that would be a good idea." He replied trying to console Evan.

Without asking I just turned around and headed into the other room waiting for my mom. She sighed following me into the sterile like room, and watched as I closed the door.

"Listen Kyle, I don't understand what the big deal is about this whole puberty thing. You boys just seem to make it into such a big worry when there really isn't anything to it." My mom stated looking a bit flustered.

I didn't say anything and just let her have her say as she kept digging herself in a deeper hole. She made a few more comments before stopping and looking at me. Without a word I walked over to her, grabbed her purse, and rummaged through it locating what I was looking for.

"What's gotten into you Kyle," My mom stated looking at me in shock.

I held up the phone so she could see it, and handed it to her.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" She asked me flabbergasted.

"I'll make you a deal," I started and waited until I knew I had her attention.

"What deal?" My mom finally asked.

"You can talk to me, Evan, and even Mattie until your blue in the face about puberty and any sexual thing concerning us, but you first have to make one phone call. All you need to do is call your dad and tell him all about the first time you and dad had an all blown out sexual orgy. Tell him how dad stuck his dick up your pussy and started to slowly fuck you while his hands groped and squeezed your little tits. Tell him how you were feeling when dad slowly thrust himself deeper inside of you, and how your body trembled as he increased his tempo thrusting his dick hard up inside of you. Tell him how you moaned and screamed as dad lost all control pounding your pussy so hard…." I never finished as my head snapped over to the right when my mom's hand connected to my cheek.

My mom's eyes were furious with me as she gasped at what she had just done. I reached up with my left hand to rub gently across my left cheek. It still stung.

"That…What…What is between your father and myself is private Kyle. You…you have no right."

"Exactly," I replied simply.

"This…this isn't the same."

"What, so now you are changing the rules. I thought you told me I could talk to you about anything concerning sex. I guess what you meant anything concerning my sexual acts. Anything that only pertains to my dick and pleasures. Shit mom, do you know how embarrassing it is for you to come into my room constantly without asking or into my bathroom while I'm taking a shower to put away some towels."

"Oh for heaven's sake Kyle, so what…so you might be masturbating or something. I don't know why you boys make such a big deal about it?"

"Alright, then pick up the phone, and have that puberty conversation with your father."

"Oh Kyle, what are you talking about, I'm an adult."

"So what? Have the girly puberty conversation with him. Let him tell you all about the changes in your body. About the woman's cycle and how you bleed once a month. Have him come over and sit you on a toilet, and show you how to use a tampon correctly and actually shove it up inside of you."

My mom's face blanched white as she almost threw up with the image. Her eyes bulged out as she ran towards the faucet and turned on the water. She splashed her face with the coldness of the stream coming from the spout, and when she regained her composure she turned back around to face me.

"It's not the same Kyle. It's different with a woman."

"You're right mom. I should have said think about him doing that to you when you were ten, eleven, or maybe even twelve. How would you have felt as a little girl having that conversation with him instead of your mother?"

I watched my mom's face blanch white as she tried to hold back the bile.

"It's different," she still tried to convince me.

"No mom, it's not. Why was it so important for you to be the one giving me all these talks? Hell, dad could have done it before he deployed or it could have waited a couple of months until he got back. Why did you have to come to me when I started dating and tear open a condom packet so you could "teach" me how to put it on correctly. Why did you want me to get undressed and get an erection so that you can actually place it on for me so that I would know for sure how it worked? Thank goodness I drew the line at that and I only had to just suffer the humiliation with you showing it to me on a banana. Shit mom, if anything these are conversations I should have had with dad, not you. Did you ever think you took something away from dad and me? Did you?" I asked her harshly.

I was mad, angry, and frustrated with my mom at the moment. I mean I love her and things really aren't as bad as I was making them out to be. To be honest she also did allow me to have a lot of my own privacy, but she was just too forceful in some aspects of my sexual aspirations. These were just specific areas where she had crossed the line so to speak. I think in a way it was a means for her to remain in control of my dating habits.

Mom had leaned back against the counter as well just absorbing all the things I had just confessed regarding her intrusions into my private life. I could see her recalling all those conversations with me, and it was finally sinking in how it may have been a bit on the embarrassing side.

"Kyle, was I really that bad? I mean, look at you, it's not as if you turned out bad or anything, and I really was trying to help out Evan."

I just shook my head. "No mom, you weren't all that bad. It's just I wish that sometimes you would have looked at it from my perspective. Most boys get over the embarrassment their parents put them through with the whole puberty thing, but Evan's different mom. You can't do this to him. You really don't understand."

"Then tell me Kyle. I want to understand."

I shook my head. "Mom, you never really will understand because you are a girl, just like I won't understand a lot of things about you because I'm a boy."

"Please Kyle. With everything else that is going on with Evan I think it is important to know what is bothering him."

"Don't you get it…the one thing has nothing to do with the other. The problems with Don has nothing to do with the shyness Evan has about his body." I stated as I sighed trying to gather my thoughts. I could see my mom was trying to encourage me to continue, but truth be told what could I say.

"Listen mom, just don't have any more sex talk with Evan, for that matter Mattie either, and make sure you leave Mattie alone when he takes a bath. I think he made it perfectly clear he isn't comfortable with any girls around anymore when he is naked." I started and I saw my mom raise an eyebrow because Mattie was in the mix as well now.

"Um…well it's different with Mattie because of other issues at the moment, but trust me just leave him alone in regards to anything sexual, during bath time, or anything having to do with him being naked. Promise me mom because I won't have his back, and be able to intervene on his behalf for a whole week."

My mom rolled her eyes at me, but did promise as she prompted me to continue about Evan. Shit, I still didn't know what to say.

"Well, I'm really not sure how to explain things any further mom. I mean the gist of it isn't such a bombshell or anything. Basically he is shy about being naked in front of anyone, and to tell you the truth I don't think he's gotten undressed in front of anyone for years now." I told her not wanting to let her know how it was probably due to Don's meddling and humiliation. "The doctor's probably the first person he's exposed himself to, and who has seen him nude now in years. It's a miracle Evan even allowed the doctor to see him undressed at all because he was so nervous about it." I said trying to explain to my mom just how shy Evan was about the whole situation.

"Well what about you. I mean Evan wanted you there so you saw him as well."

I shook my head. "No, I knew Evan would sort of freak out a little too much so I told the doctor, and when it came time for that part of the examination, the doctor drew around the curtain. Evan only asked me to come into the room because he trusts me. It's also probably why Evan even allowed himself to have a physical exam because I had talked to him about it so trusted me. That and he really is afraid of what Don is going to do to him. Hell mom, I didn't even know Evan still had his foreskin until…well you know?" I explained to my mom, but fudging a little at the end. I already knew he had foreskin before the doctor's exam, but only by one day. I didn't know for all of these years.

"What, how could you not know? I mean all this time. What about the bathtub incident last night?"

"Oh, well he was sitting in water with his arms wrapped around his legs. Then he covered himself up with a towel before he got up and out of the tub. To tell you the truth I've never seen Evan naked for his entire twelve years." I stated once again twisting the truth, but staying within bounds. It took me twelve years to even see him a little bit last night.

I explained to here that even though we played together a lot there still was enough of an age difference. When the boys' diapers were changed I never stuck around, what little kid wants to. I've never bathed with Evan or Mattie, we never had a sleep over together, and when they did spend the night they were in a separate room. When we went swimming they got changed in a different room, and when all was said and done I never before had a desire to even see them naked. My mom just shrugged her shoulders incredulously in disbelief.

"If this is true, why does Evan trust you so much?"

I just sighed and held out my hands not really knowing what to say. "I don't know…maybe it is because he knows I care about him, maybe because I treat him appropriately for his age with enough teasing and seriousness when needed, maybe because I was there for him and had his back during the most difficult periods. Maybe because I didn't try to force him into anything he doesn't want to do, and accept him for the person he is. Shit mom, who the hell knows; all I know is that I care for him as if he were my very own little brother, I won't break his trust, and I will always look out for him."

"Anything else?" My mom prompted.

"Yeah, a shit load of things, but like I said, I won't break Evan's trust. Some things are just personal, and you will have to trust me on this. From now on you stay out of all our private affairs…that is regarding this whole sexual thing…alright?"

My mom didn't like it, but did reluctantly agree. This had been a day of revelations for her, and it was bad enough just having to deal with the situation concerning Don beating on Evan, but now she had to also deal with the reality of not interfering so much into my private life; especially, when it was sexual in nature. She would also have to deal with not interfering in Evan's or Mattie's sexual situations. From now on it would fall upon an appropriate adult, like either having a doctor talk with me or the boys, or maybe her husband, my father. If appropriate, that is where both Evan and Mattie are concerned; there might even be situations that I would address with them. I could tell my mom really wanted to stay involved in these situations, but she also seemed to finally understand it could be too much for the two younger boys to deal with the embarrassment when mothers got too involved. So from now on she wouldn't say or do anything unless I or one of the boys came to her on our own.

With my mom apologizing to a now calmed down Evan, we finally climbed into our SUV, and headed for home. It was just past noon, and our stomachs were starting to growl in protest for the lack of appropriate feeding. In the end after everything was over, the only complaint she really had was my potty mouth. "You really do need to watch your language young man." She had stated to the glances and giggling of the two younger boys in the back seat who thought it was funny me being scolded like that.

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