Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 8

"Uh mom, what's for lunch?" I asked deflecting us away from our current conversation.

I turned around looking towards the back where Evan and Mattie were sitting to see if they where hungry too. They both nodded in agreement as I turned back around looking at my mom. I could tell she was trying to decide by the way she screwed up her eyebrows in thought.

"Well how does some Bar-B-Q sound to everyone?"

I looked back for authorization from the two boys, and nodded my head yes to my mom. There was a fantastic place just off of Main Street called Porker's BBQ Pit that we always ordered from, and my mouth was watering at the idea. I could smell and taste the various succulent selections at the little place, basically just a whole in the wall type of joint that's been around for almost as long as the town itself.

My mom motioned for me to give them a call on the phone so we can just run in and take it home with us, but I had forgotten my phone at home. Most kids my age can't live without their smart phone these days, but I wasn't one of those and frequently managed to forget it before walking out the door. My friends were always frustrated about it when they tried to contact me. Most of the time it was no big deal, because they would just call up someone else, and find me soon enough hanging around with one of my other friends. Thank goodness none of them ever forgot their phones.

"I don't even know why I bought you a phone in the first place. You hardly ever have it on you," she sighed handing me hers.

"I'd think you'd be proud of me for that. Most parents go on and on about how their kids are constantly on the phone texting each other." I replied as I scrolled through the stored numbers and dialed the phone number to the "Pit," as we liked to refer to the place because that is pretty much what it was.

"What should we get?" I asked her while the phone rang.

"Just order the family style meal. That should satisfy everyone." She quipped.

She was right. The family style meal had an assortment of four different entrée's along with BBQ beans, coleslaw, and their delectably delicious warm buttermilk biscuits that just melted in your mouth. They always provided butter and honey to go with the biscuits, but I loved them just the way they were and ate them plain. There would be more than enough for everyone with the amount of food they heaped on to the plates.

Five minutes later we swung into the pit parking lot, mom gave me some money, and I hopped out of the car to pick everything up. A few minutes after pulling into the gravel empty area that the place considered a parking lot, the aroma of the BBQ meal was filling the inside of our SUV making everyone salivate and chomping at the bits for some food as my mom swung back on to the main road.

Mom made the turn that would start to take us out of the main town area past the family cemeteries dating back to the earliest settlers in Kentucky, and the stone walls and rows of trees dotting the landscape just outside of town. A few minutes later mom turned into a small suburb just outside of the town and prior to the route that would see us entering the landscape of various farmlands including old tobacco barns scattered throughout the community. At the edge of this little suburb we turned onto a long private drive that ended up by our house about ten minutes after we picked up our BBQ family style meal.

By this time the aroma emanating from the several small containers containing our lunch was so overwhelming that we literally piled out of the car and into the house. Once inside everyone dug in piling on big helpings of the barbecued shredded pork, shredded beef, chicken, and baby back ribs along with good helpings of coleslaw, still warm buttermilk biscuits, and barbecued beans. Not much was said while we ate, and all you could hear were a bunch of boy's smacking their lips and suckling on their barbecued laced fingers.

"Thanks mom that was great," I said getting up and giving her a kiss on the cheek leaving behind a bit of barbeque sauce eliciting a playful scowl on her part.

Yes it had been a hectic day and things were said, but that's just family for you, and I really did love her very much. I even gave her a hug, and I could tell she really appreciated the display of affection considering everything that's been going on when she smiled back up at me as she started to get things cleaned up.

The boys followed me down the hall as I disappeared into one bathroom to wash my hands, and the boys went into the other one. I finished up and walked into my bedroom picking up my phone off of the small desk. Sure enough I had texts from a few of my friends, along with one from Gabe. Shit, I had forgotten I was supposed to contact him regarding us getting together today. I looked at my watch noting it was a little before one o'clock in the afternoon. Still relatively early I noted as I lay back on my bed, and dialed Gabe's number.

"Fuck dude, where've you been?" I heard Gabe's voice as he answered the other end.

"Shit, I'll explain later. It's been so damn hectic today." I responded noting Evan poking his head around the door.

The boy was deciding on whether or not he should come in, and was about to leave when I motioned for him to come on in and take a seat. He walked into my room looking around, and I motioned him to an empty spot next to me on the bed. He climbed over my dangling legs, and settled in next to me as I wrapped my left arm around him and pulled him close. He didn't resist as he snuggled up to me, and laid his head on my shoulder.

"So what the fuck…are we going to get together today or not?" He asked me knowing I would tell him later about what took me so long.

"Yeah sure, shouldn't be a big deal. Hey listen want to spend the night before I take off tomorrow?" I asked noting Evan looking up at me a little disappointed that I would be having a friend over to hang out with leaving him alone with his little brother.

At that point Mattie decided to join us as he crawled on top of me, and just lay straddled across my body. I heard Gabe respond, but didn't hear what he had said because Mattie had shifted around accidentally bumping into my balls. I cringed as I pushed his leg off of my sensitive spot, and he shifted again this time brushing his curly hair into my neck making me giggle as it tickled.

"Shit, stop wiggling around little man." I scolded him light heartedly and smiled as Mattie just looked up at me giving me his funny pouty look. I knew he was teasing and chuckled shaking my head.

"What?" I heard on the other end.

"Oh, sorry what did you say earlier? I didn't hear you because I've got Mattie here crawling all over me. It's kind of hard to concentrate with a little monkey climbing all over you, if you know what I mean." I told him giving Mattie a stern look letting him know it's alright, but to settle down a bit.

"I said yeah, that would be cool…you know about spending the night. What's Mattie doing over at your place?"

"He's going to stay with my mom for a bit while Evan comes with me to camp. Both of them are here with me now. That reminds me; ask your little brother if he wants to come spend the night with us too."

"Which little brother are you referring too?" He asked me.

"What do you mean which little one?" I asked him a little confused because he only had one younger brother.

"I mean are your referring to Jaden or Jason?" He queried.

"Shit, Jason's older than you, I am talking about Jaden." I responded shaking my head and laughing at Gabe's obvious lapse into craziness.

"Oh, you said little not younger…that is…I mean both Jaden's and Jason's peckers are smaller than mine so when you said little, I sort of thought you meant…." I heard him say with a little spastic laughter escaping from his mouth on the other end.

"Dickhead," I stated using Evan's term, and noticed the twelve year old boy looking up and smiling at me.

"Yeah…well like I've said…even my dickhead is bigger than theirs." He responded as I heard Evan giggling at the exchange between Gabe and myself.

My speaker on the phone was set up to high so all of us could hear what he was saying. I just rolled my eyes which made Evan snort as he tried to hold in his laughter. I gave him a little shove as Gabe continued on the other end.

"What do you want Jaden over for? You're not jonesin on my little brother are you? Not that it really matters because it may just be a good thing. I swear that little horny shit of a brother has been whacking off his little junk so much lately it would be good for him to get a proper blow job from a willing partner. Maybe it will get him out of the shower for a while so that the rest of us can have some hot water. Damn, where we really that horny Kyle when we were that age?" He rambled on.

"What do you mean by that horny back then? Shit Gabe, I'm still that horny." I told him laughing a bit.

"What does horny mean and what kind of junk is Jaden whacking?" Mattie spoke up lifting his head and looking at me questioningly. I heard Gabe bust a gut on the other end, and it was hard for me to keep a straight face; especially, with Evan trying to contain his own belly laugh.

"Um…that's just something you will find out about when you get a little older. Don't say anything to my mom, alright little man."

"Yeah sure Kyle." He agreed as he settled back in.

I waited until Gabe picked himself off the floor because knowing him as well as I do I knew he probably fell out of his bed again. After I heard him settle down on the other end I answered his initial question about Jaden.

"I told you, Evan is staying here as well, and I figured the two of them are the same age so they could hang out together when they get tired of us. This way Evan won't feel left out. To tell you the truth I don't mind hanging out with Evan, but also don't want him to think he is a third wheel because we are older."

"Hey, what about me?" I heard Mattie asking, and then heard Gabe respond as well.

"Oh…Gabe says he doesn't have another brother your age, but he does have a little sister and could ask her to spend the night with you." I relayed the message to Mattie whose eyes sort of bulged out at the suggestion.

"No thanks, not a girl." Mattie responded as his whole face screwed up in disgust.

I couldn't help myself as I just busted a gut with Evan and Gabe laughing as well at Mattie's complete rejection to that idea. In all there were three boys Jason, Gabe, and Jaden, and one girl, Janet. I know what you are thinking; all the sibling names start with the letter 'J' except for Gabe. Evidently when Gabe was born they had given him a name with a different letter, but decided they liked the names starting with the letter 'J', but of course it was too late for Gabe.

"Mattie, don't worry, you're just too cool to need anyone your own age. You can hang out with the rest of us." I stated as I heard Gabe calling out to his brother.

There was a short pause on the other end of the phone before I heard Gabe yelling out for a second time to his younger brother. After another moment I heard my friend cursing and grunting under his breathe as he obviously got up out of his bed before hearing him yell out loudly with several expletive curse words followed with what sounded like pounding on a door. Obviously Gabe had walked over to Jaden's room. Their house was one of the other few houses in the area with four bedrooms and with Gabe's older brother Jason joining the military and away from home, it currently left everyone with their own room.

I heard Gabe yelling at his brother on the other end. "Shit Jaden lay off your dick for a minute and open the door."

I heard a muffled "Fuck you," which had to have come from his younger brother, and sounded like it must have been coming from a voice on the other side of a door. "What do you want?" I heard more clearly as Jaden must have finally opened his door.

"First of all zip up your shorts, secondly phone…dickhead." I heard Gabe respond as I heard some muffled fumbling around as if he had handed his phone to his brother.

"Fuck, you could have at least waited until I zipped up dickhead." I heard the smaller boy yell at his older brother as I glanced over to Evan who's jaw had dropped down to his chest as he listened in on the obvious implications of what was being bandied about by the two brothers without a care in the world as to who heard or knew.

"Who'd be calling me on your phone?" I heard him finally ask his brother without an answer forthcoming. "Hello, who is it?" Jaden asked as he held the phone to his ear.

"Hey Jaden it's me Kyle. Sorry to interrupt your uh….well…um…your extra curricular activities. By the way how's that working out for you?"

"Damn, I don't know who's the bigger twat, you or my brother," He responded. "My uh…extra curricular activities as you refer to them are going very well, thank you very much," He stated smugly.

I looked over towards Evan as his eyes sort of bugged out at the entire casualness of the sexual banter between me and Jaden. He understood that behavior between me and my friend, Gabe, but Jaden was so much younger than me. He also knew I didn't hang around the other boy that much unless I was over at Gabe's so the openness of the younger boy was a little baffling to Evan. I was kind of hoping some of that candidness would rub off on Evan if he saw it coming from another hormonal puberty induced youngster.

"Well you know it doesn't matter how hard you pull on that stumpy wire of yours it won't get any bigger, and if you pull too much it will break off way sooner than a regular piece of wire."

"Yup, it's official. You are the bigger twat. Anyway, what's up?" He asked me as he chuckled good naturedly on the other end of the phone. Having two older brothers he knew how to handle the good natured ribbing he was getting.

"Yeah, I was wondering, do you know Evan who's in the same grade as you at school?"

There was a brief pause on the other end while Jaden tried to sort out the name.

"Oh yeah, I know him. Some of my friends think he's a little…um…well…off…if you know what I mean."

"Oh…really…and you?" I asked looking down at Evan who just looked away a bit embarrassed.

I could almost see the little cute blonde haired blue eyed boy on the other side of the phone shrug his shoulders. Although Jaden has the good looks in the family, I've known him for years, and he never came across as the judgmental type of kid. He was one of the more popular boys in school, not only because of his cute looks, but also because he is pretty good in sports, and has a good way about him with a level head on his shoulders.

Both of Jaden's older brothers are also very well liked by their school mates. They didn't have the nice boyish features and looks like Jaden so were liked for their good nature and physical abilities. I've seen a lot of kids just like Jaden who were conceited because of their talents and looks. I think both of his brothers had kept him from the same fate by keeping him grounded by the constant teasing and well…basically just pounding on him.

"Well personally I kind of like him. I mean I don't really know him all that well…kind of strange huh?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Why do you kind of like him?"

Again I could see the cute looking boy shrug his shoulders on the other end. I looked over to Evan who seemed to have perked up a bit. Mattie had gotten kind of bored, and was now crawling off of me to head out and maybe find some toys to play with in the other room.

"I don't know. I mean he is sort of a loner, well not really a loner…more like quiet, but he comes across as a stand up kind of guy. You know the kind who's all quiet, but will stand up for a complete stranger just because it's the right thing to do."

"Yeah, I know the type." I said looking down at Evan who had put his arm around my chest, and seemed to be listening to my heartbeat.

There was a pause on the other end as if he was wondering if he had answered the question, which for the most part he did. I was just focused on something else at the moment as I looked down at Evan whose eyes were locked on my nether region. I smiled thinking that he was probably thinking about last night when he walked in on me. I decided to give him a little show as I held the phone to my ear with my shoulder, and reached down giving the tip of my soft penis a pinch before giving my balls a good squeeze. I moved my hand back to my penis, and stroked it a little so that the outline of my shaft could clearly be seen. I noticed Evan reach down to his own little fat boy sausage, and squeeze it involuntarily as he continued to watch me slowly stroking myself.

"I don't know what else to say Kyle. Like I said, I kind of care for him even though he beats to a different drum. Kyle, why are you wondering about Evan? I know you and his family have sort of a connection with each other. Is he in some sort of trouble? Are there some other kids picking on him? I'll help if I can. You know that…right?"

"No-no Jaden…I mean…I know you would help him out if he were in a bind, and I appreciate that. No, I was just wondering because he will be staying with me overnight before we head to camp together tomorrow."

"Really. I didn't think he was old enough to go in the same age group as you."

"He's not, but something sort of came up, and the camp made an exception."

"Oh…sounds cool."

"Yeah, anyway your brother is going to spend the night too, and I figured since you were the same age as Evan maybe you'd like to come over and hang with us…you know since Evan is here?"

"Uh…yeah sure, sounds like it could be fun. I mean…that is if he's cool with it too. You know we've never really hung out and all, but if he's cool with me coming over I'd like to hang out with him. Like I said I think he's quiet and all, but to be honest I think he's probably way cooler than most guys think. What are your plans?"

"I don't know, I figured maybe you and your brother could pick up a couple of movies before you come over. We'll probably play around a little with the soccer ball, Evan's pretty good you know, and maybe play some PS3 games, pizza later on, and whatever else. You know just kind of hang out."

"Cool, I was just sort of wondering you know. Oh, should we bring our bathing suits as well in case we go swimming later."

"Yeah, sounds cool. We can do that too if you want to. I just sort of figured we'd play things by ear…you know just hang out and see where things go."

"Great, I like that plan. Here, I'll let you talk to dickhead number two, and you guys can figure out the other details like what time we should come over. Besides I've got to finish my uh…extra curricular activity. I've got to practice-practice-practice…you know to get better at it just like a professional sport." He stated chuckling at his joke as he handed the phone back to his brother.

I heard Evan giggle at what he had heard coming from Jaden, and he looked up at me just shaking his head in disbelief. I noticed he had an erection, and realized I had forgotten that I was still working on my own now very rigid pole. I adjusted myself and released my little boy toy picking up the phone with my hand again.

"Hey Gabe. Shit your brother is becoming more and more the horn-dog. If he keeps this up he'll be a bigger slut than you."

"Yeah-yeah, whatever."

We chatted some more and made all the arrangements. They were planning on coming over around three or four, which gave Evan and me some time to go looking for the paintings I wanted to find. I hung up the phone and looked down at Evan who just stared back at me with a little smile.

"So what do you think about Jaden coming over and hanging out with us a little?"

Evan shrugged his shoulders. He knew about the other boy who was pretty popular in school. He had heard what Jaden had to say and the guy seemed genuinely nice, but still the guy was very popular and he wasn't.

"Hey listen, I've known Jaden a long time. Sure he's popular in school, but he doesn't let that get to his head. He's a pretty down to earth kind of guy. Both of his older brothers made sure of that. I think you'll see what I mean when Gabe and Jaden come over later. You trust me right?"

Evan nodded his head. We both just lay there on the bed for a few moments enjoying the peace and quiet with no real sense of urgency to get up.

"So, the whole thing with the doctor, not all that bad once it is all said and done, huh?" I asked.

I felt a sharp pain in my ribs as Evan gave me an elbow. "Owe what the fuck?" I protested

"You didn't tell me about…about you know?" He blushed.

I was a little shocked trying to figure out what he meant. "I…what?" I asked flabbergasted.

"You didn't tell me the doctor was going to…" He paused looking towards the doorway to my room.

"You didn't tell me that the doctor was going to touch my penis, and pull back my…my foreskin." He hissed in a hushed tone so he wouldn't be overheard as I looked back at him in stunned silence not knowing how to respond so he just continued. "It was embarrassing more so because I got…well it was embarrassing." He stated.

"Shit Evan I didn't know he was going to do that, and he told you plenty of guys pop one during the exam."

"What do you mean you didn't know?" He retorted.

"Well duh" I declared as if it was obvious. "No doctor ever touched mine like that. I mean there wasn't a need to, and besides I never knew before that you weren't…I mean…you know…that you still had your foreskin." Well, technically I did know, but I just realized it yesterday, and how was I to know about the whole skinning the foreskin thing anyway.

"How can you not know…I mean as long as we've known each other?"

"Fuck Evan, think about it. How was I supposed to know? Up until yesterday, have you ever seen me naked before?"

Evan opened his mouth, and then clamped it shut thinking about it. He couldn't ever remember seeing me without any clothes on before. How was that possible?

"Besides even if I knew I wouldn't have even thought about it. I didn't know doctors do that to guys who have foreskin." I told him honestly.

"Oh, I guess your right. How could you know? It's weird how we've never even seen each other naked?"

"Yeah, but hell I sure got to see Mattie today. Damn, he chubbed right up when the doctor touched him."

Evan laughed nodding his head. "Yeah, I did too."

"Fuck, I probably would too if someone starting stroking on my wire. That's just so wrong. I think it would be a good idea if you sort of…you know…before going to the doctor next time around?" I told him making that jacking motion with my hand.

Evan blushed in that cute way, and I saw him adjusting himself as he looked away too embarrassed.

"So, does Mattie look like you did down there when you were his age?"

Evan just looked at me a bit shocked at my candid question, and blushed again.

"Um…yeah, and you have no idea." He chuckled, kind of shocking me at his admission.

"No fucking way. How can you know…I mean who remembers what they look like when they were eight?" I replied screwing up my face trying to think back at what I looked like between my legs when I was Mattie's age without too much success. What eight year old boy remembers something like that anyway?

"Yeah, well a couple of weeks ago I was rummaging around through some of moms old pictures looking for some of dad. Well I came across some pictures my mom took of me one time when I was around eight, and totally zonked out on the couch."

"Oh hell no, she took some pictures of you naked?"

"Yeah, I guess I was already kind of shy about that sort of thing back then, so she took some pictures while I was asleep thinking it was cute or something. She even has a couple of them with me…" He sort of caught himself and stopped.

"What, I asked?" Noticing him blush again. Damn he was so cute when that happened.

"When I was…you know? I mean I don't think she thought anything of it. Me being…well it was probably just something that happened normally in my sleep. Nothing she, you know, did."

"Fuck, no way. You mean you had a boner in some of the pictures, and yeah, it's something that happens naturally while you sleep, but shit Evan I've got to see those for myself," I said smiling broadly at what he might look like in those photographs.

"No way," He replied. "It's…it's already embarrassing enough that you saw Mattie. Seeing him naked is…is well…it's like seeing me at that age. Kyle you have no idea how much alike we look, I mean the way I looked back then was just like how he looks now. Heck, at first I really did think that it was him, but there are…um…one or two things I noticed that were different."

"Really, hmm I guess I'll have to try figuring out those differences. Damn Evan, your brother looked so hot all boned up like that. When the doctor skinned him I thought I was gonna pop my cork, and squirt cum all over myself. I never realized how a guy's uncut penis head looks so different from ours when it is exposed. I mean it's the same, but so much more slick and pinkish like. Fuck, I bet yours looks hot too." I teased him as I purposely looked at his crotch, and reached out as if I were going to take a peak.

"Gawd, Kyle. Is that all you ever think about. For a straight guy you sure are taking an interest in my goods." He teased me as he purposefully slapped away my groping hand.

"What can I say, you make me horny." I told him as I hugged him and kissed his forehead. "Come on, let's go look at that artwork I was talking about.

"Cool." Evan stated as we both got up to head downstairs.

I told mom about Gabe and Jaden coming over to spend the night, and mom was sort of hesitant at first, but after she thought about it figured it a good idea since Jaden would be coming over to hang out with Evan. She decided to go shopping for the rest of the things on Evan's list along with the other myriad of tasks she needed to take care of so left us to our own vises because she would be home late. She handed us dinner money, and told us to be careful if we went swimming in the lake.

You see what I hadn't mentioned earlier is that we owned a lot of property which had a lake on it. My father had acquired the land, which had all been farmland belonging to an old man, a little at a time over the years. My father had worked on the farm for several years when he was a young teenager, and had struck up a friendship with the man and his late wife.

The farmer didn't have any family members to give the land to except for a nephew who only wanted the land for selfish reasons. So over the years the old man let my father purchase as much land as he could afford. Of course he sold it at a very low premium price, including all the land surrounding the small lake that butted up against the state protected park and forest land. It was prime real estate, and the old man knew my father would try to keep it in the state it was in while the old man was alive. He didn't want it to become some big realty area. Of course my father couldn't buy all of the land, but the farmer made sure he bought the best parcels of land, and slowly over the years my father managed to gobble up most of it.

In the end my father did sell some of it back to be developed, but only so he could afford to keep the rest of it, and only the land that wouldn't affect the nature of their agreement together. I guess my father and the old man had talked extensively about it all, and the farmer knew that at some point some of it would have to be sacrificed for the greater part of it all. Most of all the important land structure remained the same including the entire lake, and all the land extending the entire way up to the state park and forest.

The money the old man made from selling the land to my father allowed him to live a comfortable life in retirement. When he died he donated the bulk of his remaining money to charity, and gave his nephew a small amount on the condition he didn't contest the living will or the property he had sold to our family, and in general stirring up any problems. The nephew was pissed to say the least, but his lawyers informed him that he very well could loose everything if he did pursue the matter because of the strict stipulation in the living will. Besides, the old man had been smart by drawing up a living will instead of a regular will so that it couldn't be taken through probate or contested. In the end the greedy nephew let it go, and took what was there for him to take.

Our house was built next to the old farmhouse which stood on a little rise overlooking the lake. The main floor was on the level ground, and when my parents had the basement built they carved out the hillside where their bedroom was located so that they had a perfect view of the lake. My parents' room had big bay windows that overlooked the lake, and opened up onto a patio. My room faced the lake as well with a big deck, but was on the farthest end from my parent's room. So between the rest of the hillside blocking them from the rest of the house, and the distance between the two bedrooms, we both ended up having a lot of privacy. They couldn't see my room, and I couldn't see theirs giving me every teenager's dream of being isolated from their folks when needed.

Evan and I were looking through all of the paintings, and the twelve year old boy seemed to be really impressed by the quality and some of the artists. He especially liked one of the paintings that matched the ones in his room.

"Geeze Kyle, this is a really nice piece of work." Evan commented about the large framed painting of a canyon and river lit up with early morning light or maybe even twilight.

As we held it up to the light I could see the mood of the painting shift with the varying levels of illumination shifting at the various angles, and I thought it looked so cool. The painting was larger than the ones he had in his room. The paints on the art piece also looked thicker and deeper than the ones in Evan's room, and I commented on it.

"Oh, well that is because the artwork we have at my house are embellished, signed, and numbered giclee's, really not the real thing. Yours is the original painting."

"I don't understand." I told him honestly as I looked at the painting.

"Well they take the original, like yours, then scan it and make high quality reproduction on canvas through really high end printers. The artist then goes back and adds some paint to it so that it has a deeper effect. He limits the amount which is reproduced in each of the different sizes, and numbers them so that it can maintain a good value to it."

"If he has to add paint to it anyway, why even bother?"

"Because it doesn't require as much work or paint. It's faster, and he still makes good money with the original and some more with the reproduction."

I continued to look at the painting and agreed with him that it was a good one to hang up in my room. I didn't think my folks would mind, and Evan suggested hanging it up on the nice bare space above my headboard. The indirect lighting coming from the bay windows would provide a unique lighting situation where the painting could change throughout the day without harming the original paint through direct lighting conditions. A little while later, with Mattie getting in on the action in supervising us, we had it all hung up and were admiring the piece. I had to admit that my sterile room was already starting to warm up. Evan had noticed a couple of other smaller pieces that would go well with the larger piece, and described where we could hang them up after we get back from camp.

A short while later Gabe and Jaden showed up, and we ended up having a great time with what was left of the day. We played some soccer, went swimming, and watched some movies while we munched on some pizzas. I really enjoyed swimming in the lake with Evan and little Mattie rubbing their wet bodies up against me while they tried to dunk me. Even Jaden got into the action as he wrapped his surprisingly strong legs around my back. One time he wrapped himself around me so tight that I could feel his rigid penis press up against my back. He wasn't even shy about his erection as we laughed and teased him. Even Mattie got into the spirit of the typical teenage boy type of blatant sexual play as he grabbed his own little bathing suit covered erection thrusting out his hips at everyone. Seeing the little guy thrusting around his hips displaying his scrunched up goods set everyone into stitches. The little guy was just way too adorable.

The day slowly wound down as we sat around the small living room that had belonged to the old farmer. We were all filled to the gills with pizza and snacks as the movie we were watching came to an end. Mattie by this time was crashed on the couch completely asleep from his medication, and was lying on his back with an obvious erection in his red shorts. He had peeled off his shirt earlier because it was a little warm in the room, as had all the rest of us by this time while we sat around munching on some more snacks and drinking something cold to cool off. To tell you the truth the display of young hormonal and testosterone filled room made for a sexy charged setting.

"Hey Evan?" Jaden looked over at the other boy.

"Yeah," Evan responded glad that both him and Jaden had hit it off.

"What's with the red welts on your back?"

"Oh, nothing, just a fight."

"Oh, ok, just wondering." He stated shrugging his shoulders and then hesitated a moment before continuing. "Looks like someone must have beaten the shit out of you. If I ever see someone at school doing that to you I'll kick their ass for you." Jaden stated seriously.

Both boys were sitting side by side in the large chair. Jaden was a good looking kid, actually more like a sexy looking 'hottie' as girls describe boys like him. He had blonde, not the bright blonde, but more honey blonde medium length hair that had a messy and wild look to it at the moment. The style looked cute on him, and really accentuated his boyish facial features. His long angular shaped face with rosy fair complexion that glows with a hint of pink when he isn't tan, small button like nose with just the small light colored smattering of freckles, full blood red lips, and large bright blue eyes that sparkled with mirth, all contributed to his symmetrical striking looks. The only real blemish he had was a small pin sized beauty mark just to the left side of his philtrum, the small little space or ridge between the nose and upper lip. Instead of detracting from his looks his little pin head sized beauty mark actually enhanced his remarkably wonderful attractiveness.

He was about average in height and weight for his age looking to be about four inches taller than Evan, maybe four foot ten inches, and about fifteen pounds heavier coming in at around eighty five pounds. He had a tight kind of muscular chest and tummy and a great tan. There wasn't one thing you could point to, but when you saw him you just knew he had that boyish good looks quality that made him very appealing to the eye.

If you were to compare both Evan and Jaden side by side you would be amazed at how different they were to one another, yet also wouldn't be able to explain why they both were such hypnotic and attractive looking boys. Yes, each boy was fit and trim, but that is where the similarities ended. In the end the only conclusion you could come up with is this is how boys should look despite their differences.

I looked over to my friend Gabe who was tall and lanky just like his older brother, Jason, and nothing at all like his little brother Jaden. He wasn't ugly by any means, but he looked older than his fifteen years, with his harder facial features and rugged looks. Most would probably say not handsome in the boyish kind of way, but still not bad looking either. His charms made up for his lack of good looks, which were endearing enough to the ladies, and rewarded him with his fare share of dates and action with them.

Gabe was looking towards Mattie surprised at the complete turn around in the younger boy's exuberance only a short while earlier. One minute Mattie was full of liveliness, bright and energetic, and the next moment zonked out on the couch. I could tell that Mattie's antics earlier in the day had impressed both Jaden and Gabe, and my older friend had really taken a liking to Mattie so was totally baffled by what he was looking at not to say a little worried as well.

"Dude what's up with the little man?" Gabe asked picking up on the nickname I used for Mattie. I saw both Jaden and Evan look over as well.

I just shook my head sadly. "He's on new medication that just knocks him out. My mom is going to talk to Evan's and Mattie's mom about it, because we are all a little worried. When Evan told me about the new medication I told my mom, and she doesn't like it either. I'm hoping that by the time we get back from camp it will be all squared away."

"Shit dude, that's too bad." Gabe replied. "I like Mattie, and I hear that kind of shit can mess with a kid's head. Not to mention it can really fuck up a kid's dick size when he gets older."

"What?" Evan asked looking at Gabe to see if the other boy was serious.

"I'm not shitin you. Fuck I heard it can really affect you having babies later on in life too, and can stunt your genital growth during puberty. I mean it looks like the little guy has a lot going for him in the pecker and sack department, and I'd hate to see it all shrivel up like an old man's or something." He stated as he reached over to Mattie and took a peek to see what Mattie had hidden under his shorts.

Mattie had changed into his red pajama shorts after we got out of the lake, and wasn't wearing any underwear so it wasn't difficult for Gabe to see what he had. I didn't even think to stop Gabe or anything because knowing my friend the way I did there wasn't any malice to what he was doing, just simple curiosity.

"Yep not bad for a kid his age," Gabe said as he held up the waistband. "Whoa, the kids still intact, he ain't cut like us." My friend gawked at the discovery.

"No fucking way." Jaden stated getting up off the chair, and scooting over to get a look. "Whoa, that's like way cool." The younger brother stated in awe as he got even closer, and looked as if he wanted to reach inside and touch Mattie's uncut penis.

Evan had been sitting there kind of shocked at Gabe's and Jaden's blatant overtures concerning his little brother's privates. When Gabe had reached over and lifted up Mattie's waistband it had sort of caught him by surprise. Even when Jaden had made his way over he still was too shocked to say anything, but he could see Jaden was close to actually touching his little brother, and he finally managed to speak up. He didn't think badly of Jaden or anything, and recognized his new friend was only curious and didn't have any bad intentions, but still it was his little brother and he had to protect him.

"Hey, leave off. That's my little brother you guys are perving on so stop doing that." He said as he got up, and snatched Gabe's hand away from his brother's waistband before shoving Jaden's hand away as well then sat down next to his brother in a protective manner.

"Yeah common guys it is kind of weird." I stated backing up Evan.

"Hey sorry Evan, we didn't mean anything by it. I mean we are all guys here, and at my house we are always pulling shit on one another like pantsing." He stated demonstrating on Jaden what he meant by actually yanking on the boys shorts, and pulling them all the way down to his ankles.

Evan was shocked at what he saw a mere foot away waggling around stiffly in front of his nose. Jaden was wearing a blue pair of jersey like shorts, the kind with the netting in them so he wasn't wearing any underwear. When Gabe yanked them down to the ankles the younger brother's three inch cut erection popped out, and stood up at a forty five degree angle in the air like a flag waving around in the breeze.

I looked over towards Evan, and noticed that the twelve year old couldn't help but stare at the gorgeous site standing at attention in front of eyes. Even I was a little smitten by the sight, and couldn't help but gawk. In Evan's eyes one of the most popular and good looking boys in his school was pretty much standing naked in front of him, boner and all. Jaden's penis was about the same length as Evan's, but not as thick. His pinkish flared cut glans looked nice and perfectly designed on him, and there were a few blue veins clearly visible along the length of his shaft. He had a decent sized boy pouch for his age, but they didn't hang down low, rather they were snuggled up closer to his body. Still his testicles looked to be about the same size as the twelve year old Prescott boy, almost like little chestnuts, which looked so delectably delicious at the moment as if they were in dire need of a bit of nibbling. The main difference was that he had a small amount of fine light colored strands of pubic hairs at the base of his shaft on either side. Not a lot, just enough to notice the soft fluffy brownish blonde puffs of wisps on either side of the boy's rigid penis. It was…'beautiful' I heard Evan whisper softly enough where I was the only one who heard him say it, and I concurred.

"Hey," Jaden complained, but didn't seem the least bit embarrassed about being naked in front of us other boys. He didn't even seem ashamed of the fact he was sporting an erection.

Evan seemed to be fascinated by the other boy's nudity and calm demeanor as his new friend just bent over, and slowly pulled up his shorts. Jaden had tied his shorts very tightly against his waist because they were a little large for him, but now he found he couldn't get them back over his nice shapely pale bubbly globes and stiff erection. He pulled them down a little so he could get to the string ties and work on the knots.

"You've got pubes." Evan heard someone say, and then realized it was him.

"Huh, oh yeah, I started getting them about three or four months ago." He replied as he glanced up and then back down to focus on the knot.

"How about you, do you have any yet?" Jaden asked innocently. When he didn't hear Evan reply he glanced up for a few seconds, and realizing the answer must be no continued. "Don't worry about it. You'll get some soon enough." He stated as if it didn't matter, and I could tell it really didn't matter to him hoping Evan realized it as well.

"Shit dude, tuck it away already. What's with the whole boner thing lately?" Gabe teased his brother breaking the little tension we all could feel in Evan while he reached over and actually gave his little brother's stiff erection a tug, which in turn elicited a grunt from the younger boy who just ignored it for a moment still concentrating on the knot as he finally looked up and smirked at his older brother before responding.

"What?" Jaden smiled. "It's just happy to see a familiar mouth." He stated as he grabbed the back of his older brother's head, and thrust his hips out shoving his crotch into the older boy's face, and rubbing it all over his nose and mouth.

"Shit dude," Gabe protested as he shoved away his little brother. He was laughing so hard he could barely get out his next question. "Don't you ever wash that thing?" He asked as he pretended to spit out whatever was supposed to be dirty.

By this time we were all having a good time and laughing at the brother's antics. That included Evan who was no longer so shocked at the nakedness of Jaden, and seemed to be a lot more comfortable about the typical teenage sex horseplay.

"Of course I do." Jaden replied in a mock hurt tone as he stood up straight and put his fists on his hips. It made for a cute scene as he puffed out his chest turning his head slightly to the side in an upward angle as if he was giving that macho Superman kind of pose. His dick seemed to imitate him with a similar pose standing up strong and tall just like him. "Why just last night you did a very good job of licking it all clean for me, cum and all."

We all laughed so hard, none more than Gabe who in the end was the brunt of the joke. It took a bit for us to calm down as we watched poor Jaden continuing to try getting the knot undone.

"Shit Jaden get that thing put away already. If you keep it out waving in the cool breeze much longer your poor dick is likely to catch a cold." Gabe stated as he looked at the knot creating problems for his little brother.

"Fuck, when you pulled down my shorts you accidentally made the knots tighten up. I can't get them undone." Jaden replied.

Gabe grabbed the shorts and pulled his brother closer to him so he was standing in front of him and shoved away his hands. He bent over getting a better look, and started working on the knots. In a way it was kind of funny to watch as the tip of Jaden's penis rubbed up against his brother's forehead and hair. It's a good thing he didn't have hanging balls or they might of bounced up against his older brother's eyes and nose.

"So Evan, do you have your foreskin too just like your brother?" Gabe asked innocently while he continued to work on Jaden's knot.

I could tell Evan was a little shocked by Gabe's comment, and didn't know what to say.

"What the fuck Gabe. Can't you see he's kind of shy about that sort of thing?" I spoke up in defense of Evan since he seemed too stunned and totally embarrassed now.

"Geeze, what's the big deal. I think it's kind of cool. Sometimes I kind of wonder what it would be like if I were uncut."

"I know, but still. Anyway, I guess it's safe to say he's uncut." I answered in response to Gabe's query.

Now it was Jaden who piped in since his brother was focused on the knot.

"I know you don't have hair yet, but do you squirt? I did before I had my hair so I was just curious." Jaden asked looking over to Evan, even Gabe stopped for a moment to look at the older Prescott boy.

I could see Evan was in complete shock at these questions the two brothers were asking, but somehow the words just sort of tumbled out of his mouth. I don't think he had any intention of saying anything at all, but he did nevertheless.

"What…um…yeah…well sort of. I mean just a little, you know it's sort of more like the clear stuff than anything, and just sort of like a few drops."

"Oh that's cool Evan. Mine's still sort of runny clear too, and I still don't squirt that much yet either. Do you think I could see your uncut dick? I've never seen anyone with foreskin before until just now with Mattie, but it looks kind of cool. Does the skin move back and forth over the head, and how does it feel? Did it always move back and forth or does that sort of happen later? If it doesn't move back and forth does it hurt when you pull on it? What do you do when you have to take a piss?" Jaden asked in rapid fire succession curious about this similar yet different sex tool.

I could see Evan starting to cringe, and pull back towards me a bit overwhelmed as I wrapped my arms around the poor guy. This was just going way too fast for Evan, despite Gabe and Jaden being just curious about the whole thing and it being really completely innocent like. The two brothers didn't mean anything by it, but it was still starting to freak out Evan.

"Hey-hey Jaden slow down." I stated as Jaden looked over seeing Evan trying to squirm under my arms to hide from the onslaught of questions, and I could tell Jaden felt bad about pestering his new friend like that.

"I'm sorry Evan. I was just curious is all. I won't ask you anymore about your package. I forget sometimes that it's different for a lot of my friends. With two older brothers constantly teasing me about my pecker and marbles, and always pantsing me in front of everyone, I just sort of gotten used to it being a natural thing…you know…being naked in front of others. I forget that it's kind of embarrassing for a lot of my friends." He said giving Gabe an intentional glare.

"Alright already, I shouldn't have pantsed you in front of Evan. Sorry, and I'm sorry to you too Evan about embarrassing you like that and sneaking a peak at your little brother. But damn, you've got to admit it, for an eight year old he's smoking hot."

"Damn straight he is, just like his older brother." Jaden reiterated then realized how it had sounded, but Gabe distracted everyone from the comment as he shouted in triumph at having undone the knot. Finally Jaden was able to tuck himself away as he tied a bow knot to keep his shorts up. With a little adjustment to his still rigid penis he walked back over to the chair motioning for Evan to join him so they could start a video game.

I was glad to see Evan get up without hesitation, and join his new friend on the oversized chair. I also noticed that Evan genuinely seemed sad when Jaden had finally tucked away his rigid boy toy out of sight. I think the smaller twelve year old boy liked seeing the naked slightly bigger twelve year old boy. In a way I was glad he was able to see another boy his age naked like that so he could see that the boy's penis size was about the same as his. Not as big around, but about the same length. Whereas Evan's penis was bigger in circumference the other boy already had pubes. In this regard it was a good lesson for Evan because he could see that there would be some similarities and some differences with all the different boys his age.

A short time later mom got back home, and stuck her head inside the cabin house to see how we were all doing. The evening was slowly winding its way down, and we all had sort of settled down and were just lounging around. Mom asked if she should take Mattie, and I shrugged it off telling her that we would take care of him letting her know that if he did wake up in a separate room from us he'd be bummed out. She smiled at us understanding, and then bid us a good night making sure to remind us we had to get up early so she could take me and Evan to camp.

We decided to pop in one more movie before going to bed. It was about ten in the evening by then, and we all figured when it was finished so would we. The two younger boys were sitting together in the large chair with their heads together whispering about secrets only important to twelve year old boys. I was glad to see that Jaden and Evan had it off so well.

Gabe was lying on the floor with his long legs lazily swaying back and forth. He was on his stomach facing away from me and as his legs rocked back and forth I noticed how his butt cheeks would contract and pucker up. Every once in a while I could see between the leg openings on his shorts, and see his large teenaged boy pouch as they were slowly constricted and released when his legs swung from one direction to the other. He really did have a nice physique from this angle.

I was sitting on the long couch on the opposite end of were Mattie was sleeping. About a quarter of the way through the movie I saw Evan whisper into Jaden's ear, and get up to join me. I scooted over to make room, but he just sat on my lap and snuggled up against me in a similar position as last night when we were cuddled up on the chair. I wrapped my arms around him, and started to slowly run my hands in a caressing manner across his stomach and chest. I heard him audibly sigh with contentment as my fingers worked their magic.

It was a very sweet moment for me, made all the better because it had been Evan's choice to come over and cuddle with me. Moreover he didn't seem to mind who saw it either. Every once in a while I would catch Jaden looking over towards us. He didn't seem jealous or anything by our closeness, rather he seemed a little sad as he watched us, and then looked over towards his older brother almost as if he wished the two of them could do the same thing before turning back around to watch the movie.

It was midnight when the movie finally ended. We all were beat by then as we got out the floor mattresses, and some blankets we always kept tucked away in the entryway closet. I put one mattress down for Evan and Jaden to share, and one for Gabe. I picked up Mattie, and asked Evan to help me with pulling out the bed from the sleeper sofa portion of the couch. With the little man still in my arms I walked over to the light switch as everyone settled in to their respective sleeping assignment, then turned out the light allowing darkness to descend over us before crawling into the bed with Mattie snuggling up to the warm little body of my little charge. A few moments later we were all fast asleep.

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