Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 6

Well, I couldn't do anything about it one way or the other at the moment. I pealed off my sticky shirt and shorts tossing my clothes into the dirty laundry basket. I had jogged back home making a quick stop at the movie rental store to drop off the dvd into their overnight drop box. The evening had cooled down, but I still ran a pretty good pace working up a sweat. I turned around and looked in the mirror admiring my own physique.

I don't know what it is with us teenagers, but we always seem to have a need to check out our bodies. I'm an average typical sized teenager for my age, but I had to admit that physically my body is in very good shape. I don't have a six pack or anything, and when I run my hands across my mid-section it most definitely isn't flabby but instead very firm; so much so that I could feel the tight muscles under my fingers. My chest is fairly muscular, and when I flex my arms I have pretty well distinct muscle definition along there as well.

My eyes wandered down my torso, and I noticed my own soft penis start to bob with anticipation as blood started to engorge the soft tissue all along its length. I looked longingly at the Jacuzzi bathtub remembering how Evan had opted for a bath. Although it wasn't too late for a shower, a bath in the Jacuzzi might make too much noise, so sighing with just a touch of regret; I started the water in the shower stall, and began to adjust the knobs for just the right temperature.

As I've stated earlier, having the original master bedroom has its perks. Not only do I get a large room and my own bathroom, but said bathroom includes a Jacuzzi tub as well. The bathroom is really large with a nice light colored marble top Jacuzzi tub, and shower right next to it. The entire two corner walls of the shower walls have a light colored type of marble tiling, and there is a glass enclosure completely surrounding the open area of the shower stall from the bottom to the top.

The shower glass wall next to the Jacuzzi extends over the top of the marble counter on the Jacuzzi creating a sort of short bench that someone could sit on inside the shower. The main shower head was situated along the far right wall, the same wall that extended past the shower stall, and has a doorway leading into the other bedroom. There was also another shower head that had a metal hose extension so you could remove from the wall, and was located next to the bench seat along the same wall as the back part of the Jacuzzi. The glass doorway to the shower was on the same side as the front of the Jacuzzi, and faced out towards the main area of the bathroom. Basically if you enter the glass door the bench seat was located to the left on the top part of the Jacuzzi, and across from the bench was the main shower head along the same marble tile wall as the other bedroom.

The bathroom was situated between my room and the smaller room across the hall. If you were to walk down the narrow hall all the way to the end, and were to continue through the wall, you would end up walking through the Jacuzzi stopping right in the middle of the bathroom. My room is through the doorway on the right. It is a huge room that extends beyond the border of the back of the house. In other words if you went to the back of the house and looked, my bedroom would extend out about another six feet or so, and then there was an additional four feet extension of the balcony. Not accounting for the extra extension of the balcony, the basic dimensions of my room was approximately a fourteen by fourteen foot square area.

With the water temperature adjusted to the way I liked it, I slipped inside the glass cubicle and enjoyed the hot water cascading over my young firm body. I quickly shampooed up my hair enjoying the slippery sensation of the soap bubbles sliding down the length of my torso and back. I rinsed out my hair, and quickly cleaned my body before I started to focus on my much anticipated needs.

I went to the body soap dispenser and pumped it a couple of times getting a fair amount of soap in my palms. I slowly started to apply the slippery substance to my extremely hard erection, and gasped at the sensitivity of my rigid penis. My body immediately twitched and jerked involuntarily with me not having realized just how horny I had become because of the day's events.

I stopped for a moment so I could settle down before slowly and gingerly starting once more as I began stroking my sensitive tool while my body continued to shudder at the wonderful sensations I was feeling. I could already feel the oozing of my pre-cum as it trickled over my slow pumping fist so knew I had to be careful or take the chance of exploding too soon. That is just how heightened my nether region was at the moment. There was a fire in the pit of my stomach that wanted, no needed to be quenched immediately, but instead I held back the flood gates seeking to savor the sensation of an orgasm for as long as I could.

I started to think about Jenny, but I just couldn't focus on her so I let my mind wander. I leaned my arm against the shower wall, and bent my head on top of it as warm water massaged my back and firm globes. The sensation of the water felt intensified as I slowly sped up the motion on my slicked up penis.

Suddenly my fantasy started to take shape as I remembered how wonderful Evan felt sitting on my lap, and how I had enjoyed watching him play with his own erection during the movie. The scene shifted to me grasping his hard thick shaft through the fabric material of his shorts in my right fist while groping his testicles with my left fingers. The sensation of feeling his rigid penis in my hand, even though it was through his shorts, sent shivers up my spine and I gasped trying to hang on just a little longer before I went over the edge.

My fist pumping my own rigid pole started to increase in tempo as the scene shifted to Mattie lying in bed wearing only his tiny little tight boy's briefs with the hint of that small little bulge showing where his little treasure was hidden. I slowly saw myself pealing off his briefs to reveal what lay beneath, and I gasped at the beauty of the soft uncut penis savoring the sight of it swelling up while I pealed back his foreskin. Quickly I suckled it up in my mouth as my small pointing finger slowly massaged his little boy pussy, and watched excitedly as Mattie had his first orgasm before his small erection slowly deflated with his petite little body glistening with perspiration.

Again I gasped as I staved off my own impending orgasm by clamping shut tightly my own little virginal cherry hole as my little pale globes squeezed together as well. The scene changed once again as Mattie's small frame morphed into his larger future looking self in the form of Evan standing in the bathtub as his towel slowly cascaded downwards revealing the most loveliest of forms ever created. My hand was pumping furiously now along my own four inch rigid boyhood as Evan stood there in all his glory, and I watched fascinated as his penis and testicles swayed between his marvelously sculpted legs. The boy looked like a living Greek statuesque masterpiece.

In my fantasy, I watched myself reaching out with trembling hands towards the little Greek Boy God standing in that bath tub. My fingers wrapped around his two and a quarter inch long stubby and thick foreskin covered shaft watching in amazement as it slowly transformed and enlarged until it reached its maximum size and thickness. I had seen that thickness before when my hands had traced along his soft skin under the waistband of his shorts. Combining a part of what I had seen for real with a part that is fantasy I now could clearly see his foreskin stretched tightly over the entire shaft, with thin blue veins showing visibly along its length, and only a small part of the tip of his penis could be seen peeking out from under the hood. In my mind I ran my thumb over his pee slit, and then everything went black for a moment as my entire body was gripped in a seizure the likes of which I had never experienced before.

I felt an eruption of tingling sensations rip through my firm teenage frame as I rose on my toes grunting loudly and unintelligently with an exhalation of air escaping my lungs. My pale orbs clamped down tightly, and my entire body thrust outwards as the first explosion of ejaculate slammed against the wall tilling of the shower stall. My head was thrown back as once, twice, three times I felt myself thrusting outwards with orgasmic release.

My body continued to tremble and pulse with involuntary convulsions as I continued to gasp and grunt my way through the intensity of it all. It seemed to last an eternity as my head collapsed back onto my arm, and my gasping breaths slowly eased into a more rhythmic and even pacing. I was still gasping for air though as I slowly opened my eyes, and looked downwards along the wall.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing as a shit load, well it seemed that way to me, of whitish thick viscous cum slowly slid its way down the wall tiling. In reality it was just a small glob of it, but still it was thicker and much more than I've previously managed to pump out of my thin hard teenage fire hose. My penis was still solid as a rock, and jerking a bit refusing to go down. With trembling fingers I reached down to see if it was maybe broken or something, and as soon as my fingers wrapped around my shaft I was once again gripped in the throes of an orgasm as my throat constricted into a large gurgling moan while my legs wobbled beneath me at the unexpected turn of events. Never in my life had this ever happened to me before, but my entire being was convulsing in a second set of climactic explosion as images of Evan the Greek statuesque God was permanently etched and burned into my memory forever more.

Then as quickly as it started, it was over leaving me gasping for air with tears and perspiration streaming down my cheeks due to the intensity of the experience. I ached from head to toe in the aftermath of the glowing euphoria, but my body still trembled at the excited wondrous feelings that had exuded throughout my entire body. I've heard of guys having multiple orgasms, but never really believed it always knowing that personally after my initial orgasm my body was too spent to go any further with my deflated fleshiness being a bit too sensitive and soft to bring back to life. The more I thought about it the more I felt that this wasn't an actual second orgasm and more like I just hadn't completely finished with my first one. Normally my rapture would come rushing in on me and then it was over, but in my heightened state of horniness throughout the entire day creating such an intense case of blue balls my orgasm must not have run its course; especially, since my penis hadn't even deflated completely.

My trembling hand released my now perfectly unbroken and deflated penis, and rose up in front of my face. I was dumbfounded to note that my second set of orgasmic release had produced another small viscous amount of ejaculate along the back of my hand. It too was thicker and whiter than any of my previous accomplishments, and I held it up to my nose taking a sniff. It smelled stronger, with a hint of ammonia scent to it, than any of my previous times, and I hesitantly stuck out my tongue and took a taste.

I've never tried cum before, but the excitement of the moment had me doing something I've never wanted to do until now as I rolled around a small amount on the tip of my tongue. The taste was a mixture of saltiness and sweetness to it, not really all that bad as I took another sampling on my tongue before swallowing. I've heard of people swallowing cum before, and shrugged my shoulders at the taste not liking or disliking it one way or the other. I started to wonder what Evan's might taste like, and the thought made me stop and pause for a moment about my attraction to the younger boy.

Now that my pent up horniness had been released I started to feel pangs of shame at what I had done to poor little Mattie. I mean the little boy was only eight years old, yes practically nine, but still a little boy. I had taken advantage of the situation, and done something I shouldn't have done. Sure he had woken up and liked it, but would he have allowed me to suck on his penis if he had been completely awake beforehand.

The shame at what I had done to Mattie turned to a little guilt at what was transpiring between me and Evan. The boy was only a couple of years younger than me, but somehow I felt a little guilty at the younger boy's sexual awakenings. I knew that Evan had close emotional ties towards me, but where they of an intimate type or just more like a brotherly feeling towards me.

The twelve year old was in the beginning throes of puberty with his hormones wreaking havoc in his tiny body creating emotional irrationality which could easily be manipulated. I was beginning to realize my own infatuation with the twelve year old boy, but I didn't want him to feel the same about me if it was due to my manipulations.

Yes, of course I had those brotherly feelings towards him, but I was also starting to have those lustful yearnings for him as well. I shouldn't say lust because that just makes you think about sex…no rather it was a deep passion and perhaps something more that I was feeling for Evan, and now I have to come to terms with this emotional attachment to the younger boy. Not only because he was a couple of years younger than me, but also because he was in fact a boy, which was a first for me. Previous to this I've only had feelings like this for girls, which when all is said and done was making me feel a bit inadequate at the moment, ergo my guilty feelings.

The pangs of shame and guilt washed over me just like the warm water cascading over my body at the moment, and I sighed biting my lip nervously as I slowly peeled myself away from leaning up against the shower tiled wall. With my own youthful lust taken care of I now was confronted with the shame and guilt at what I had done this day. Reluctantly, I realized my actions would have to be addressed and accounted for sometime soon. If I get the chance I'll have to talk with Mattie and make sure he understands that what I did was wrong, and that it won't happen again.

However, Evan was a different story. With the emotional rollercoaster he was on at the moment there were other matters which needed attention. I didn't know what to do about the whole Don situation, but maybe I would be able to come up with something tomorrow, and before I leave for camp. I've made a commitment to help Evan with some of his other issues along with soccer, and I intended to keep those obligations, but I would also have to try making sure that I didn't get into a situation where we became sexually involved with one another since he was in such a frail state at the moment. Knowing how powerful my yearning had become for the boy, I knew this would be difficult indeed once my satisfied state of being at the moment subsided and waned.

Personally, I didn't know how I was going to act around him. Shit, as a teenager we are constantly bringing up sexual innuendos, and if I stopped now he would be suspicious and maybe even hurt. He might think I am treating him like a little kid again, and that would complicate things even more. No, I sighed shaking my head, I would have to keep treating him the same way I started today, but would have to make sure if anything sexual started to occur between us that I put a halt to things so that it didn't go too far, and make him do things he wasn't ready for at the moment.

I scrunched up my face deep in thought as my internal debate ran through my mind while I finished cleaning myself up. I quickly washed away the cum splattered tiles on my shower stall, and turned off the water as I grabbed a towel. I finished toweling myself dry, brushed my teeth, and climbed into bed totally naked. My King sized bed felt wonderful as I stretched out, and almost immediately dozed off into the pleasantness of dreams. Evan of course was the primary character in my slumbering dreams, and I slept peacefully throughout the night all the way up to early morning when that racket coming from my bedroom door finally intruded in on me.

I woke up in a hazy fog and sat up in bed. I could hear pounding on my bedroom door, and my mom yelling for me to get up. I looked over to the clock and it read eight in the morning. 'Shit, what's with all the fuss,' I asked myself.

"Kyle sweetie, you need to get up. We've got a million things to do today before you head out for camp tomorrow." I heard my mom yelling at the now open door to my room.

She was standing in the doorway with her arms crossed over her chest in that typical hurry up look. I just shook my head, ducked back down under the covers, and turned on to my stomach.

"What's to do? I only have to pack a few things and I'm ready. It's not as if I don't already have everything I need for camp." I stated as I started to go back to sleep.

"Alright then, I've got things that need to be done, but I want your help?" She stated coming over to the bed, and shucking off the blanket revealing my bare ass.

I didn't even bother to move. It's not as if she hasn't seen me naked or anything. To tell you the truth I'm not all that shy about being nude around the house. I'm careful regarding the whole boning up thing, but just walking downstairs to the laundry room naked to get some clean clothes or at other innocent times, I never really even gave any thought to those times. First thing in the morning is a tricky thing though, and my mom will sometimes remove my blanket to get me up and moving, but never when I was lying on my back. I think she at least understood about the whole morning wood thing, and I was happy for at least that consideration on her part. Still, I was starting to get too old for her to be doing that to me at all, and made a mental note to talk to her about this.

"For Pete's sake Kyle, you really should at least wear a pair of boxers or something to bed. I don't know why you insist on still walking around naked and sleeping in the nude."

"Because it's comfortable, and if you wouldn't barge so rudely into my room and remove my covers it wouldn't be an issue, would it." I replied a little testily. 'For heaven's sake it's summer vacation. Who the heck gets up this early? Not to mention why she insists on removing my covers when she damn well knows I sleep naked.' I moaned to myself trying to wake up some more.

"Oh come on sweetie, I really do need you to get up and help out this morning." She pleaded starting for the door, and turned around to make sure I was getting up.

Looking over my shoulder a bit bleary eyed I exhaled moodily before rolling over and scooting towards the edge of the bed. Thank goodness I didn't have my morning wood or this could have been a little embarrassing. Since I was so tired I didn't even think about that situation, and just reacted to my mom's request. I had worked my penis so hard last night that it was in a very pleased and harmonious state this morning.

I caught my mom taking a peak at my young body as I got up, turned my back to her, and started to slip into a pair of shorts. I could tell she was happy and proud at the sight she was seeing. I surmised she was probably thinking that her young little boy was growing up into a fine looking young man. Just by the way she had scrutinized me I could tell that she was proud of what her and her husband had created, but I was beginning to get annoyed at her constantly sneaking peaks like that. Now that I was getting a little older it was starting to get embarrassing and humiliating.

She finally turned and left me to finish dressing, get refreshed, and head down for breakfast. I was in a very foul mood when I sat down on the kitchen bar for some breakfast, and of course my mom picked up on it right away. She sort of glanced my way several times as she scurried around trying to get everything together before she left for who knows where. My foul mood didn't stem from getting up so early, although I had to admit it was a contributing factor, but most of it originated from my thoughts as to what I was going to do about the whole Don beating on Evan thing, with a little annoyance at this whole peaking at me while I am naked. The more I thought about the whole Evan and Don issue, the darker my mood became, and the more I realized I was just going to have to tell someone.

"Oh come now sweetie, I told you I'm real sorry about you having to get up so early; especially, after the long night watching over the Prescott boys, but I really do need you to be up," she stated as she tried to get me to lighten up a bit.

I just scowled at her not really listening; instead, remaining deep in my own thoughts. My mom was looking at me seriously now because I wasn't the type of person to remain moody about something as trivial as getting up so early. She continued to scurry around as she answered some text messages, and put out some meat for dinner later on tonight. Finally not able to take it any longer she just went ahead and asked me.

"Alright, what's on your mind?"

I looked up because she had come up to me, and placed her hand on my arm. "Huh…what?" I asked totally confused because I had been brooding in my own world.

"I asked sweetie, what's on your mind?"

"Oh, I don't know," I replied just shrugging my shoulder, and wondering if I should just tell her.

My mom could tell something was really bothering me so she tried to encourage me to talk about it, "Oh sweetie, come on it can't be all that bad. I mean if it's about Jenny or maybe something sexual in nature…." She started in but I stopped her.

"Mommmm, it's not like that at all, geeze, is that all you ever think about when there is something wrong," I admonished.

"Well, actually yes, I mean what else could it be other than love or sex in a young teenage boy's life," she answered quite honestly and sincerely.

I looked at her a bit shocked at her candor. I mean she was my mom for goodness sakes.

"You know I'm right Kyle, well for the most part anyway," she continued.

I just rolled my eyes at her, and had to stop myself from laughing because it reminded me of the numerous exchanges the previous night between me and Evan. What was even funnier is that now I realized where the heck my sexual innuendos came from, not my father, but rather my mother. It was funny and disturbing all at once because truth be told it is a bit different when friends tease one another about sex, but coming from a mom, shit that was just getting kind of too weird.

I just shook my head and looked at my mom deciding to take the plunge. "Don's whipping Evan and he's got red welts all over his back."

My mom looked at me in stunned silence for a moment, and then got up looking for her purse. "Oh, is that what is bothering you. Well I knew about the welts on Evan's back."

"What?" I asked shocked, "and you didn't do anything about it?"

"Of course not sweetie. Your Aunt Liz told me all about it. Evidently Evan's being bullied."

"Wait, you knew about him being bullied and everything."

"Of course I did. Your Auntie didn't want to make a big deal out of it, and said it was being dealt with."

"What, how?" I asked really confused at the turn of events.

"Well Liz said Don was working it out with Evan getting things all squared away. She feels it is something a man should handle, well at least that is what Don told her."

"What…she's…um…she knows about Don and he's telling her it's something a man should do?" I asked her completely confused and really starting to get upset with Auntie Liz now for allowing this monster to do this to Evan. Something wasn't right as I changed my tactics. "So hold on a minute, Don is taking care of it. I mean how…he's the one hitting Evan for Pete's sake." I spat getting a bit worked up over this whole issue.

This got my moms attention as she looked back to me. "What do you mean Kyle, who told you that? Did Evan say Don was hitting him?"

"Well no, not exactly, but it makes sense and he hinted at it." I said getting a little frustrated. That Don guy sure is a prick, but he's also a smart prick because despite it all he somehow managed to twist things around in case it became known.

My mom was now looking for the car keys, and started getting a little flustered. "Kyle, I know you don't like the man, and to tell you the truth neither does your father or me, but at least he is making an effort in this circumstance. I think it is nice of him to help out Evan, and it might be a good bonding situation between the two of them," she stated finding the keys and holding them up triumphantly in her hands.

Fuck I couldn't believe it. Don the fucking prick is going to get away with this whole thing. My mind raced to come up with something, anything, to convince my mom that Don is the one hitting Evan. Mom was getting ready to leave and I just panicked.

"Alright sweetie, this is what I need you…" she started in with her instructions for me.

"He wet the bed last night," I blurted out.

I heard the keys hitting the hardwood floor, and watched my mom slowly bending over to pick them up. "Who was that Kyle, Mattie?" She asked with a quivering voice as if afraid of the truth as she slowly stood up, but looking like she already knew the answer.

"No, Evan." I whispered cringing that I had just ratted out on Evan, and how embarrassed this whole thing could be for him. "But please, don't say anything about it mom." I added real quick pleading with her.

My mom walked over to me with a serious look on her face setting down her purse and the keys on the counter.

"Spill it Kyle," she simply stated as she sat down giving me a stern look.

I was caught off guard by her reaction. I mean 'spill it,' spill what I wondered and just sort of sat there for a moment a bit dazed. Mom must have picked up on my confusion because she reached over and stroked my hand.

"I can't help unless I know exactly what you know and how you know it," she whispered gently. "I promise Evan won't be in any trouble, but right now I just don't know what I can do unless I have more information so just take a deep breath and start from the beginning."

My mind raced as I tried to sort out my thoughts. Shit, I couldn't tell her everything, but how was I going to get around certain parts without giving anything away I shouldn't. I did as she asked, and took a deep breath and began to tell her what I knew. I started with Mattie and what he had said to me about being worried about Evan. I left out the puberty stuff from the conversation, and found that if I stuck to just what was pertinent then it was easy to go on without giving anything else away. I then told her about talking with Evan and telling the boy how Mattie was concerned about him being so sad all the time and stuff. Then I mentioned how Evan stated Mattie is on new medication.

"Really mom, we need to find out about that too because what I saw with Mattie really scares me."

My mom nodded her head, "yes I'm worried about that too because Liz didn't say anything to me about the new medication, and if it really is affecting Mattie like you say it is I'll have to talk to Liz about that too. But right now we need to focus on Evan."

"Oh yeah, right," I stated as I once again tried to orient my thoughts.

I told my mom that we watched a movie, then I put Mattie to bed, and then I explained to her about the bathroom incident. She asked me some specific questions trying to get me to remember exactly what Evan had said before letting me continue. I told her about the wetting incident, and then even though I was torn about it I even told her what Don had said to Evan about his 'privates,' and that he might as well be just a sissy girly boy.

I was worn out by the time I finished telling her everything, well almost everything. It was more tiring trying not to say anything damaging and embarrassing than it was to tell why I thought Don was guilty of hitting Evan.

"Please mom, you have to believe me, Don is hitting Evan. Telling Aunt Liz that some boy is bullying Evan is just a ploy to redirect his guilt. I mean common, whose going to think Don hit Evan if he convinces them it is a bully, and that he is helping Evan out of the bullying situation?"

My mom held up her hand to silence me, and she was shaking her head sadly. I thought in the end she didn't believe me, and I was on the verge of crying myself just like Evan had done last night. For the first time in my life my own mother didn't believe me, and of all things this was the most important time of all.

"Kyle, I've got a lot to do." She declared as I hung my head down feeling the beginnings of tears on the corners of my eyes start to form. 'I'm so sorry Evan,' I whispered to myself. 'I failed you.'

"I don't know what I'm going to do about Evan." I heard my mom whispering out loud to no one in particular. "I need to see if I can get a hold of your father. We both know he's supposed to be back in a few days, and for all I know he is on a plane right now heading back home. I need you to start getting your things ready and packed up because things might get a little dicey here today, and I don't want to worry about that at the last minute." She stated looking at me with a worried expression on her face, and also looking a bit worn down at the moment. Her apprehension got me all nervous as well.

"So you believe me then," I asked with a few tears trickling down my cheeks.

"Oh Kyle, I'm so sorry. I should have believed you from the start. I know you aren't the type to just make things up, but Don did throw a curve ball, and it is because of you that I really know the truth now." She stated as she got up wearily from her seat, and gave me a hug.

"Thanks mom, I'm so worried about Evan. I didn't know what to do, but knew it was the right thing to tell you or dad. I would have waited until dad got home, but I'm really scared for Evan."

"Me too sweetie, now go do as I asked."

I watched her pick up her things, and head for her room downstairs where she could make some calls. I went back to my room and just sat on my bed not in the mood for camp anymore, but decided to pack like my mom had asked me to. It actually didn't take all that long, and when I looked at the clock it was about ten in the morning. The day has hardly started I told myself, and I didn't even know what else to do.

I thought about giving Gabe a call, but decided against it. Even if he were up already it would still be pretty early. At least there was one guy who could catch some sleep during summer vacation I thought to myself as I started to look over my things for the fourth time trying to keep myself occupied. Just then I heard mom calling me into the living room, and I hesitated for a moment before quickly getting up because I was curious to hear what she had to say, but also a bit concerned.

When I arrived in the living room my mom looked really haggard, but had a very determined look on her face. She was sort of pacing a little, and when I entered the room she looked up giving me a brave look.

"Get dressed Kyle; we are heading over to Liz's house to pick up Evan."

"What…we are?" I asked a bit shocked and apprehensive. "You talked to Aunt Liz, and she wants us to take Evan with us for a while?" I asked with the only answer I could think of to her statement.

"No…yes, I mean sort of." She acknowledged trying to sort through her thoughts.

Mom finally sighed and motioned for me to sit down. She told me what dad had suggested, and what she had managed to get done. What she proposed was quite bold, but I was game and really hoped it would work. To tell you the truth I was really impressed with what she had managed to get done in just about an hour and a half period of time on her phone.

Mom had managed to get a hold of my dad, which I knew wasn't an easy thing to do. With him deployed oversees in a combat zone it wasn't like he had a phone number or anything. I had a feeling she had to call some high ranking people on post telling them it was an emergency. She had never done this before, and everyone at the combat situation room on post knew my mom, so I'm sure when she said it was an emergency they had probably dropped everything and made the appropriate arrangements. When she told my dad what was going on he was really pissed to say the least. This was a very dangerous situation so he gave her a plan of action, and she had followed his suggestion by making some phone calls.

First, she called the camp where I was going to for a week, and managed to talk the camp owner into allowing Evan to attend it with me even though he was only twelve years old. Of course there was always some spill over age wise depending on when someone's birthday was in the calendar year, but Evan didn't fall into that category so the owner truly did step up to the plate on my mom's behalf. The camp owner was a friend of ours so when she told him the situation he agreed to the idea as long as she had all the proper paperwork signed and completed. He then sent her the appropriate documents in an email, and mom started on her next call.

She managed to get a hold of the family doctor here in town, and he agreed to give Evan a physical today so he could attend camp. It took some calling around to get in touch with the old coot because he was getting ready to head out of town for a ten day fishing trip. Without giving the doctor too many details, because he was obligated to report anything he regarded as suspicious, she managed to convince him it was for a good cause. She told me to remind her to tell Evan that if the doctor asks about the welts it was because of a bully. She said she had told the doctor it would be a good way to boost Evan's confidence because he was being bullied by someone older than him who had beaten him up.

I admonished her for lying, and she smugly replied she didn't lie per say because someone older really was bullying Evan, and she couldn't help it if the doctor inferred that it was older school boys or teenagers doing the bullying. Besides the white lie was for a good cause she assured me.

Then she had made a phone call to Liz, and told her we were coming over to help Evan get packed up for camp. 'How the hell did she manage to convince Aunt Liz to let Evan go to camp,' I thought to myself, and then being shocked at what mom told me next.

"Alright Kyle, here comes the tricky part. I told Liz that the camp called with a last minute cancellation, and needed someone fast to fill in the gap. Don't look at me like that because it isn't a complete lie since a boy or two had cancelled, but I'm not letting her know that is pretty typical. Anyway, I had suggested Evan go even though he is a year younger than the age bracket. The camp counselor agreed as long as the proper forms are filled out, and the physical taken care of. I told her not to tell Don anything yet so that it could be a wonderful surprise for him because they would be able to spend a couple of days together alone while I took care of Mattie over here. Then when Kevin shows up from his tour she can take Mattie back with her so that I can have some alone time with my 'hubby' before you guys get back from camp. It's a win-win situation for everyone."

My jaws dropped at the enormity of it all. "You lied to Aunt Liz and she bought it?" I asked incredulously.

Mom just looked at me a bit perplexed. "I told you it wasn't exactly a lie, and of course she did. What sane person in their right mind doesn't want to have some alone time with the man in their life? This way it gives her time with Don, the kids are safe, and in Liz's mind when the man in my life comes home I get to have some alone time with him. What she doesn't know is that there is no way in hell that Mattie and Evan are going back as long as Don is around. I need your father home for that part, so yes, technically speaking it might be considered a lie, but you are going to go along with it. Please Kyle…it's the only thing your father and I were able to come up with in such a short critical time."

"Ok," I stated simply as I got up to get changed.

"That's it," she asked me incredulously.

"Yeah sure, I mean there's no way I'm leaving for camp a whole week knowing Evan and Mattie are in the same house with that dickhead."

"Hey watch your mouth young man. I don't care if he really is a dickhead, but I won't let you get a potty mouth while you are around me. 'Dickhead,' where do you kids come up with that stuff?" She muttered more to herself than to me.

I just rolled my eyes, 'mothers,' as if she never used that same term during her teenage years. I mean let's face it, 'dickhead's' been around for like…forever.

I got dressed and met mom out by our candy apple red SUV. It was already starting to warm up outside, and the day promised to be even warmer than yesterday, which meant stifling. Maybe later I'll get in some swimming time I mused as we pulled in Aunt Liz's driveway. Mattie answered the door looking cute as a button wearing a red pair of Levi style of canvas shorts with the elastic kind of waistband, and no shirt on his tiny frame.

"Hey Kyle…Aunt Judy…what are you guys doing here?" He asked, but smiled happily at the unexpected visit.

Mom wrapped her arms around Mattie as he gave her a big hug. "It's a nice surprise for you and your brother," My mom replied in regards to his earlier question.

"Oh, I love surprises," He quipped releasing my mom, and then scooting over to give me a hug. I stooped down and picked him up in my arms with my mom looking over and raising an eyebrow at me.

This was a new development, and it looked to her like was starting to grow up by taking the little guy in my arms caring for him in an adult like way. In the past we had always sort of given each other a little hug in greeting, but this was the first time I actually scooped him up in a more affectionate manner. Mattie seemed to enjoy the turn of events as well as he wrapped his arms around my neck and snuggled up closer to me while giggling in his little boyish fashion.

With Mattie all snuggled up against me we headed inside for our little visit. Auntie Liz was in the kitchen, and came out to greet my mom giving her a warm sisterly affectionate embrace. I walked up the few stairs with Mattie still in my arms, and headed down the hallway towards Evan's room. I knocked on his door hearing him give permission to come in so opened the door setting Mattie down, and walked over to his desk where he was sitting focusing on something in front of him.

"Hey Evan, what are you working on?" I asked as I peaked over his shoulders.

"Oh, hey Evan," he replied looking back up over at me kind of surprised to see me. "I'm just working on doing some drawing. What are you doing here?" He asked as he turned his attention back to his work.

I looked at what he was working on, and was really impressed. It looked like a drawing of me, him, and Mattie kicking around the soccer ball from yesterday. The main character was me in a running pose getting ready to kick the ball. Evan and Mattie where in a defensive pose. You could really get the sense of the action in the drawing, and to tell you the truth it was really very detailed. I could see the perspiration dripping from my body, the rippling muscles from the contortion of the moment, and even the shape of a lump in my shorts that held my penis and boy pouch in place. I noticed he had added similar details to both him and Mattie. I was truly impressed with the accuracy of the drawing even though it wasn't completely finished.

"Holy cow Evan…that's like…well totally wicked," I stated in awe as Mattie giggled when he heard my expletive.

"You think so?"

"Shit yeah dude." I stated forgetting about Mattie until he giggled grabbing my attention as I held up my finger to my lips and made a shushing sound letting him know not to tell on me. "Anyway, I came to pick you and Mattie up because you are heading to camp with me. My mom's already made all the arrangements."

"What," I heard the two boys exclaim at the same time. Evan gave Mattie a stern look to be quiet for a moment. The little boy just sort of glowered at his older brother, but remained quiet.

"Why, I mean I don't really want to go to camp." He quipped at me sort of confused.

"Would you rather stay here with…," I started to say Don then remembering Mattie stopped, and just sort of made a fist in my hand instead. Evan knew exactly what I was referring to and shook his head.

"Good then," I stated. "Here's the list of clothes and other things you will need, so you might as well start packing before Don gets home," I stated giving Evan a hint. "Oh, you might want to bring your sketch book as well with some samples because one of the programs at camp is art class."

"Oh goody, where's my list?" Mattie inquired.

"Ah, sorry Mattie, but the camp is just for older guys."

"Yeah, but you said I've got a surprise too," He pouted in a cutesy kind of way making me smile.

"Yep, you sure do. You will be staying with your Aunt Judy, and I hear that on one of your days she's got a plan to go to the Venture River Water Park with you. How does that sound?" I asked him improvising about the water park, and making a mental note to warn my mom about it.

"I guess that's cool, but still I'll be all alone and it won't be as much fun." He managed to protest, but feeling a bit better about the turn of events.

"Well, I'm sure mom will let you take a friend or two along as well. Now let's go over to your room, and pack up some of your stuff as well." I stated as I picked him back up throwing him over my shoulder with him giggling, and gave Evan a meaningful look for him to hurry up.

I walked over to Mattie's room, and set him on the bed so he was lying down on his back with his legs draped over the end of the bed. I kneeled down in front of him, scooted in between his legs, and leaned over his upper body so that I was looking down at him while he was looking up towards me. I needed to have a quick talk with him about last night, and wanted to make sure I had his attention. I put my hands along the sides of his curly locks, and just sort of worked my fingers through them in a loving way. He closed his eyes enjoying the closeness between the two of us.

"Mattie, you know that I really care for you and your brother very much, almost like you are my own real flesh and blood brothers. You know that right?"

"Sure Kyle, we feel the same way about you too. I know Evan doesn't really show it so much, but he does really like you a whole bunch too."

I nodded my head, "I know Mattie, but we need to talk about last night, you know…about what happened between you and me." I started.

"I really loved it, and thought it was really nice. Don't worry I didn't tell anyone." He quipped knowing exactly what I was referring to.

"I know, but I don't think we should be doing that anymore Mattie."

"Awwwe, why not Kyle? I won't tell anyone. I know something like that is sort of private."

'Damn,' I thought to myself. 'This kid really does know more about things than most boys his age,' I sighed to myself.

"Mattie it's just that I'm so much older than you, and it isn't right for me to do something like that to someone who might regret it when they get older. Last night was just a fluke. When I was changing you into your pajamas I sort of got curious, and it sort of happened unexpectedly. I don't think something like that would have happened if you had been awake at the time." I stated trying to gather my thoughts together.

Mattie just sort of shrugged, "I don't know…it might have still happened. Is it because you and Evan are doing it too? I don't care if you are, and it could be fun if we all do it together."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "N…no Mattie. I've never done something like that to another boy, not even your brother." I stated a little shocked.

When I looked down at the little eight year old he seemed kind of confused about something as if I not doing that to Evan was kind of shocking. I could tell he was trying to wrap his eight year old mind around the revelation between me and Evan, and while he tried to work on that he switched tactics on me.

"Oh, that's alright too. I mean, I do like you Kyle, and I'm always dreaming about you. I don't know why, but I do. Please Kyle, I mean Evan gets to go camping with you, and I don't really get anything. Can you at least do it one more time, now that I'm awake?" He pleaded with me.

I was shocked at his plea, and didn't know what to say, but Mattie seemed really determined because I saw him reach down and pull the elastic waistband of his red canvas style shorts over his little boy bulge hooking it beneath his small soft fleshy pouch. My eyes popped open at his little short two inch fat erect penis sticking straight up in the air pulsing up and down with a spidery blue web like pattern of veins crisscrossing all along the length of his stretched skin only several inches away in front of my face.

"Mattie, what are you doing?" I hissed. "This isn't good." I stated while Mattie's eyes were just pleading me, but I held fast knowing this wasn't right.

"You promised last night that you would do it again." He stated insistently while I just shook my head.

"N…no…I mean…last night I said 'maybe,' remember? Besides my golden rule number six says, never promise anything you aren't one hundred percent sure you can keep. Please, Mattie, I care about you so much, and I don't want something like this to hurt you when you get older. Let's just give this some time, and then we can talk about it again later to see how you feel about it, and then we will see. How about it, is it a deal?"

The eight year old just looked at me with those hazel colored eyes that had sort of shifted towards the green spectrum in that puppy dog manner, and all I could do was just scoop him up into my arms and hold him. I really would have loved sucking on his little fat chubbed up penis, and I was so tempted, but I also remembered what I had felt like last night realizing what I had done to the little guy as my teenage horniness had subsided. It really was wrong since I'm so much older than him. Sure even though he was awake now, and wants to do it again, how can he really make this sort of decision without realizing the consequences later on down the road?

"Alright, but we will talk about it again…you can promise that right?" He asked hopefully.

"Yes, little man, that I can promise, and we will talk about it after I get back from camp." I assured him.

This seemed to satisfy his urges for now as I just gazed down into his eyes getting lost in those swirling colors of gray, green, and golden flakes. Damn, the sight of that cute little erection and soft fleshy bulge protruding nakedly in front of him as the waistband of his shorts continued to force them upwards was almost too much for me. Those Prescott boys sure have a tight hold around my heart strings.

"Damn Mattie you have no idea how cute you are, and how difficult it was for me to say no to you, but I do care about you too much to take a chance of hurting your feelings down the road." I moaned as I leaned down and gently kissed his ivory pale colored bare pubic mound.

The smaller boy's little erection twitch beneath my chin making my own teenage boy penis twitch between my legs. Just the feel of his twitching little penis on my skin made me a bit woozy, not to mention the small boy heady perfume that wafted up to my senses from between his legs. It was slightly musky with a hint of sweetness behind the scent, and it took all of my willpower to lean back from the intoxicating heady sexiness. My mind seemed to spin for a moment before I was able to give Mattie a smile, and then finally pull the waistband of his shorts back over his little boy bits tucking them away safely.

My thoughts were bouncing around in my mind as I tried to figure these two boys out. In many ways the two brothers were so much alike, in their looks and in many of their mannerisms, yet, they were complete opposites on many fronts as well. Evan was very reserved and timid about certain things; whereas, Mattie was more outgoing and more expressive. Their differences really show concerning their whole perspective on sexual issues.

"Come on Mattie, let's get your clothes and some toys together for your stay with my mom," I whispered as we got off the bed.

It didn't take long to gather together his things, so once we were done I asked him to go check up on his mom and his Aunt Judy while I checked in on Evan. When I knocked on the older boy's door and entered the room it pretty much looked like he had everything put together as well. I sat on the chair and watched as he went through the list one more time.

"Well, I think I have most of everything on the list. There are a couple of things though that we might need to pick up." He stated as he turned to look at me with a smile.

"So you excited about going now?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I've been thinking about it, and even though I'll probably be the smallest and youngest guy there it still sounds like it could be a lot of fun." He stated not really concerned about how small or young he would be.

"Cool, and don't worry, I'll be there too. Hopefully we can switch around bunk mates, and the two of us can room together. That is if you want to once we get there." I told him giving the boy an out if he didn't like his selected tent mate.

He just nodded his head. "Man, this all seems so cool. At first I was a little worried, but now I think it will be great. Nothing really sounds all that bad about the whole thing." He quipped quite satisfactorily.

"Ah…um…well there's one thing I didn't mention." I stated kind of cringing because I knew he probably would freak out about it.

"Uh…yeah," he queried hesitantly. "I mean…did you just forget to mention something, or just didn't want to say anything?" He continued getting a bit uncomfortable with what I wasn't saying.

"Well…um…that is sort of a rule and all…you know…number eight…always be truthful or don't say anything at all." I made up another rule trying to stall for time not wanting to get him upset, but knowing I was going to have to spill the beans anyway.

"What the hell does that mean?" He asked me a bit testily.

"Well there is just this one teensy weensy little hurdle before you can go to camp." I told him fidgeting about it, and biting my lower lip anxiously.

"I don't think I like where this is going Kyle. Just spit it out."

"Well, we have one stop to make at the doctors office for a physical." Evan looked at me puzzled as if to say, 'so?' "Um, I take it you haven't had 'the' physical yet?" Before he could interject I just continued on, "Well you see the doctor is going to have you get undressed, and he is sort of going to…well…um…touch you down there and make you cough and stuff."

Evan's eyes just bulged out of his head for a moment, and he started asking me all sorts of question as to what I meant about 'the' physical, and the whole getting undressed, touching, and coughing thing. I had to explain to him about the doctor sticking a finger alongside both testicles making him cough, and that he might even put a finger up his back side. At first Evan thought I was joking, but when he realized I was serious he almost panicked. I told him it was all normal, and that it was just the doctor doing it to him. After talking to him some more about it I managed to get him calmed down about the whole thing. Well at least as calm as one could be about having something like this done to them for the first time. Fuck, I still remember my first time. My mom had explained it to me, again embarrassing as hell having her tell me and not my dad, but still more awkward and uncomfortable to have a grown man grope your privates like that and stick a finger up your ass. At least it was a male doctor, and not some female one, which would have been just too much.

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