Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 5

"No-no-no-no," I heard Evan whine getting panicky.

"Dude, it's alright. It's only an accident," I assured him.

"No…you don't understand… He'll…" he stopped as he once more held out his bedding and looked down. The front of his shorts was soaked in piss, and he was sitting in a circular wet spot on his sheets. I could smell the strong stale ammonia sickly sweet odor from the urine wafting its way to my olfactory senses.

Evan's face was stricken in panic as he realized the consequences, and he shoved past my arms to stand up. Once up on his feet he looked down at himself trying to hide his wetness by buttoning up the front of his shirt. The hiccupping gasping for air began again in earnest as he started to rock from one foot to the other nervously.

"Shit-shit-shit, no-no-no," he whined, followed by a big gasping intake of breath, and more hiccups as a sob wracked through his tiny frame. I saw him wrap his arms around himself and rock back and forth as panic started to take over.

It was so awful that even I started to panic. I mean, shit, what was that fucking dickhead, Don, likely to do to Evan if he came home to see this. Maybe nothing at first, but once alone he might just beat the shit out of the poor kid. Looking up at Evan I knew he was thinking the same thing. My mind started to shut down with panic as I watched Evan continuing to rock back and forth. An image formed in my mind with Don holding a strap, and beating the angelic curly haired boy over and over again creating big red welts that started to bleed it was so bad. The sight of this image made me shudder and I just yelled out.

"No, it won't happen." I said making Evan look at me in a blank kind of gaze as I glanced over to the small digital clock on the younger boy's work desk. It was close to eleven, and I figured that Don and Mrs. Prescott probably won't be back until sometime after midnight, which gave us some time.

"We can fix this Evan. Hurry up and help me," I snapped as I leaned over and snatched his light blanket off the bed. It was dry so I tossed it off to the side. Evan still wasn't moving so I yelled at him again.

"Shit Evan move and help me, or at least get out of your wet shorts and go get cleaned up," I snapped at him as I started to tug on the sheets. Thank goodness they were the kind with the elastic bands around the corners so that it would be easy to change. I rolled them up in my arms looking down at the mattress. There was no mattress cover which for me worked out great. I took the damp sheets, and wiped down the mattress then looked over to the twelve year old boy. He was still standing there not moving his eyes totally glazed over.

I dropped the sheets on the floor and pulled Evan over to me by the bed. "Shit Evan you need to snap out of it if this is going to work. I need your dirty shorts," I spat perhaps a little too harshly.

I kneeled down in front of him and pulled on the waistband of his shorts. I had them pulled down to about his thigh when Evan chose at that moment to break out of his trance.

"What the fuck, stop Kyle, please don't," he cried out as he reached down stopping the momentum I had on the shorts. He was visibly crying and sobbing as he pleaded with me.

"Stop it Evan," I yelled harshly as I tugged on the shorts as hard as I could while butting my head into his stomach and chest throwing him off balance.

I heard him cry out as he was forced backwards onto the bed. His legs lifted up into the air as he landed on his bed and I took the opportunity to yank his shorts off of him while he continued to sob and protest.

"Stop being such a baby, and go get cleaned up while I throw these into the washer. If we're lucky we might just be in time." I snapped at him again perhaps a little too harshly, but truth be told I was frantic with fear, and it was the adrenalin that was making me act this way. Even so, I winced at my words, and they only made Evan cringe backwards on the bed as he desperately clutched at his shirt pulling them over his soft naked boy parts.

My mind was filled with panic that I hadn't even noticed anything about his privates. I hadn't been trying to look at him or anything, and with the state of things it never even crossed my mind to do so. This whole thing was innocent on my part, not me trying to get into his shorts or expose him like this on purpose. His pajama shirt had covered him up enough anyway. My mind was more focused on the image of Evan being beaten senselessly until he bled. I couldn't and wouldn't allow something like that to happen to such a saintly little boy.

I dropped the wet shorts on top of the sheets, stooped over and picked everything up in my arms. Ignoring Evan, I turned towards the door, and stopped dead in my tracks. With all the commotion going on we had somehow managed to wake up Mattie despite his drugged up state. He looked totally disoriented, and was wobbling on his feet as he held on to the doorframe. I could tell he was trying to focus his eyes, but they just seemed to stare off into empty air.

"What's going on," he yawned lifting his hand away from the doorjamb.

When he tried to put his hand back to steady himself again he almost fell, but luckily his shoulder bumped into the door frame instead and somehow managed to keep him upright. I yelped as I leaped towards him, and dropped the wet load on the floor next to the door. I scooped up Mattie into my arms, and turned back towards Evan as he struggled to conceal himself even more, now that Mattie had entered the room.

"Shit, hurry up Evan. Get cleaned up and changed while I put Mattie back down in his bed. While you get cleaned up I'll throw the sheets in the laundry. Snap to young man," I commanded using the same tone my father does when he expected me to do as told immediately.

The barking command seemed to work as I saw Evan jerk, and scoot towards the edge of the bed while still tugging the front of his shirt over himself. I didn't stay to make sure he did as he was told. I turned around, and with Mattie's head cradled on my shoulder headed across the hall to his room.

I laid Mattie on his bed, and he held on to my neck. "Mattie boy you have to let go," I whispered to him encouragingly.

His arms loosened their grip, and he settled down on his back. He yawned and looked at me. "What happened to Evan?" He asked innocently.

I didn't want to tattle on Evan, but I also didn't want to lie, so I sort of compromised. "Oh, his bed got all wet with stuff, and we just need to get it cleaned up before Don and your mom get home."

"Oh, o.k., but why is Evan so upset. It's no big thing getting his bed wet. I don't think mom would get mad or anything." He asked as he rolled on his side to get into a more comfortable position.

"I know, but let's not say anything alright? I mean he doesn't want to uh…create any extra work for your mom so we are just going to clean it up before they get home. I think that's pretty cool of Evan, so let's not say anything about it to Don or your mom, alright?"

"Sure Kyle," Mattie whispered as the medication took hold of him again, and he faded off to sleep while I quickly covered up his sleeping little form with the lightweight blanket.

Hurrying back over to Evan's room, I sighed in relief noticing that the boy had done as he was told. He must have gone into the bathroom trying to get himself cleaned up, so I bent over picking up the soiled linen and shorts, and then hurried out the room and down the hallway not even pausing at the bathroom door.

I scampered down the stairs towards the utility room, and stopped long enough at the base of the steps to stoop over and pick up Mattie's underwear that had been tossed there by Evan when Mattie had knocked him over. I reached the utility room with a load full of laundry, and set the mess on the dryer. I tossed Mattie's briefs in the dirty laundry basket, and opened up the door to the washer.

I thanked my lucky stars that it was empty, and started to shove the sheets and gray shorts into the machine. I found the laundry soap, and only put in a small amount as I shut the door and looked at the knobs. I rotated the dial to the shortest cycle and turned it on. We didn't have to put the wash on the complete wash cycle because basically the sheets and shorts only needed to be rinsed out. I figured five minutes should take care of business. Then maybe thirty or forty minutes for drying time since it was such a small load.

I did the math in my head and figured it would be close but not impossible. I just prayed that Don and Mrs. Prescott would be having so much fun that it would take them longer to get home than what it would take to do the wash and dry the laundry, and then to get things put back on the bed, before getting Evan tucked back inside. It was going to be tight, but I had faith we would get it done.

I checked the dryer to make sure it was empty, which thank goodness it was, and then headed back up the stairs. I stopped at the bathroom door listening to see if Evan was still inside, but I didn't hear anything so walked over to his room. When I got there it was empty making me wonder where he was as I made my way to Mattie's room peeking inside not finding him there either so once more trekked back to the bathroom.

The door was closed so I figured Evan must still be inside. I knocked on the door softly and hesitantly cracked open the door. "Evan, are you in here," I whispered slowly opening the door the rest of the way.

The light was on, and there was a figure standing by the sink looking in the mirror. I wasn't sure if the boy was dressed or not so I cautiously peeked inside. I exhaled audibly with relief noticing he had on a blue pair of jersey like shorts that hung down below his knees.

"There you are Evan," I stated as I walked through the door. I was feeling really guilty right now at how things had happened, and wished I had handled it differently. I wanted to apologize to the little guy, and hoped he could forgive me for just ripping off his shorts like that; especially, since I knew how sensitive he was about the whole naked thing. I also needed to apologize to him for calling him a baby.

"Listen Evan I'm…," I started to apologize, but couldn't finish because Evan leaped towards me and held me tight as sobs escaped his lips.

"Please don't hate me Kyle, please…I don't think I could take that, please Kyle. I'll be good I promise. I'll behave, and do whatever you tell me, I'll…I'll even get undressed when you tell me to without…without" He pleaded with me in-between sobs.

He totally caught me off guard, and my heart nearly broke thinking that he would ever believe I would hate him; especially, if he didn't get undressed if I told him to. I held him tightly to me and with us two just standing there in each other's arms I realized just how short and fragile he really was as he buried his face into my chest. I knew that the last part of his statement was due to my barking commands to him about getting undressed, and then scolding him so figured that is what had stuck in his mind. I don't think he seriously thought I would require him to undress whenever I told him to. More than likely it was just him letting me know he was willing for the sake of our friendship, which made me feel even more ashamed about what had happened.

"N…no…no Evan, I could never hate you, no matter what," I soothingly told him as I held on to his slight frame which just shuddered with his wracking sobs.

"I'm the one who's sorry Evan. I shouldn't have yanked off your shorts like that; especially, since I know you are shy about that sort of thing, and I shouldn't have called you a baby. I really do think you are the bravest twelve year old boy I've ever met, much braver than I was at your age. It's just that I sort of panicked thinking about Don beating you, and when I saw you just standing there I didn't know what else to do. Please I promise, I wasn't even looking at…you know. I mean I didn't see anything because I was too frazzled to even notice anything, so will you forgive me?" I asked him seriously as I continued to squeeze him tightly.

"What?" He asked looking up into my eyes as his hiccups died down.

"I asked if you'll forgive me for being such a dickhead," I reiterated in the teenagers layman's term.

"Uh, yeah, I guess. I mean I thought you hated me, and was mad at me." He stated as he continued to hold on to me.

'Shit for a guy who is shy about displaying affections to someone, he sure has a funny way of showing it,' I thought to myself as I hugged him back.

"Shit no, you're like my best bro now. I mean I've got a lot of friends my own age, but I have to admit that I really like the person you've become. To tell you the truth we are really a lot alike. It's kind of taken me a while to realize it, but I've been thinking about it all day, and I finally had to admit that you've sort of been my best bud all these years without me really knowing it. Kind of weird…huh?" I said even surprising myself at the admission, but once it left my mouth I knew it was the truth.

The buzzer went off on the washer downstairs, and we both jumped in fright. With the seriousness of the moment passed, and with both of us jumping like two silly girls, we just giggled at one another.

"That was fast," Evan stated about the laundry.

"Uh, yeah. I just put it on a short rinsing out cycle. It's not like it was a dried on stain or anything. With everything still all wet all we need to do is just rinse it out with a little bit of soap. I'll go put the sheets and your shorts in the dryer for about thirty or forty minutes. Hopefully it will be dry before everyone gets home." I stated as we headed out the bathroom door.

I hurried downstairs while Evan went into his room. I quickly transferred the wet laundry into the dryer, set it on high, and then turned on the timer for thirty minutes. If it wasn't completely dry by then, I would put it in for a little longer praying we would still be in time. I double checked the dials to make sure everything was set correctly, and satisfied all was in order headed back upstairs to Evan's room. He was sitting on his chair with his left leg drawn up, and smiled at me as I entered his room. He looked so sweet sitting there in those loose blue colored shorts, and the same pair of pajama shirt which somehow had escaped getting wet.

"Blue suits you," I stated pointing to his shorts.

"You think so?" He asked looking down at himself.

"Yeah, it makes your eyes turn blue and all sparkly," I answered honestly.

I saw him blush in that cutesy kind of manner he has about him as he swiveled his chair back and forth a little. The chair was one of those computer types of chairs that were adjustable and spun around. I could tell my comments sort of embarrassed him a little so just stood there in silence for a moment.

Evan swung his chair so that it faced his desk, and I slowly walked over behind him. I put my hands on either side of his head, tilted it backwards so he was looking back up into my eyes, and pressed my lips up to his brow giving him a kiss. I released his head, and wrapped my arm around him clasping them together in front of his chest.

I sighed softly and whispered, "kiddo, whatever the outcome, we've had one hell of an adventure today with all the ups and downs we could ever want on a roller coaster ride." I stated all philosophically.

"You really are weird," I heard Evan reply as he giggled.

"Yeah, but admit it, you love me anyway whether I'm weird, a dickhead, or even a twat." I whispered in his ear as I held him tight, and then flicked my tongue into his ear.

This caught him off guard as he flinched in my arms. "Yuck, what'd you do that for," he protested wiping at his ear.

"Well, earlier we supposedly checked your pits and your bits, but I never asked about your ears."

Evan giggled and responded, "Yeah, well you're supposed to ask if I washed behind the ears, not inside of them," he quipped.

My tongue lashed out and took a swath behind his ear this time as he yelped again trying to break away from my grip.

"You're such a little douche bag," he protested as he twirled his chair around towards me, but still had that quirky smile on his face letting me know he wasn't mad or anything.

"Well, you did say behind the ears so I had to make sure that area was clean."

Evan rolled his eyes which was fast becoming a part of our communication process. He just shook his head as if resigned to the fact that I'm just a weirdo. Well if he thought that was bad he was mistaken as I continued with our little game.

"Hey, don't make those rolling eyes at me. You're the one who came out of the bathroom announcing you are all squeaky clean and made a big show of it. We've inspected everything including your pits, but we still haven't checked out the whole 'bits' part" I teased as I reached towards his shorts.

He squealed in protest slapping away my hand, and giggling while trying to back up his chair which didn't go too far as it bumped up against his desk. I smiled at him wickedly as I grabbed both sides of his chair so he couldn't escape. He continued to laugh in a bubbly kind of way, and clamped his hands down across his shorts so that I couldn't pull them down.

"Oh, so now all of a sudden you are going to welch on your promise to me?" I teased him.

"What promise is that?" He asked me still smiling.

"Didn't you say you'd get undressed whenever I told you?"

"What, you mean…you want me to…you really want me to let you pull down my shorts?" He asked incredulously.

"You promised me, and I do have to inspect your bits." I stated simply.

"You really goin to keep me to that promise?" He asked turning a bit pale with a little quiver of his mouth as he slowly removed his hands from the waistband of his shorts.

I nodded my head yes as I slowly reached out, and hooked my fingers in his waistband. I looked up and saw Evan looking down with his lips quivering trying to be a man about this as I started to slowly tug on the waistband.

"Now lift up your hips a little so I can slip them over your butt," I said gently, and watched as he complied, but turned his head away in shame. I could see his little bulge pressing up against the silky fabric, and slowly pulled on his shorts about an inch before stretching the waistband outwards on both sides and letting them snap back into place with a resounding smacking noise.

"Ouch," I heard him yelp as he looked back to me, and I just burst out laughing.

"Geeze dude, do you really think I would force you to do something you don't want to do." I quipped in-between my fits of laughter.

I watched him roll his eyes and smile at me warmly as he just stated, "twat."

That did it, and I couldn't help myself anymore as I started rolling around the floor in a fit of laughter. Evan stared at me for a moment before taking the opportunity to pounce on me. I was bigger and stronger than he was, but he still surprised me with his wrestling skills. The kid was fast and wiry strong, but no match for me as I let him have his way for a few moments before rolling him into a ball, and pinning his back.

"I give, I give," he giggled but I kept him that way for a moment longer. I couldn't help myself because I had a good view of his crotch squished up tightly against the fabric of his shorts. Instead, I slowly counted to three before releasing him so that I could at least enjoy the eye candy for a moment or two.

We both lay together side by side on our backs looking up at the ceiling trying to catch our breath from the impromptu workout. I felt Evan reach out and put his hand on mine giving it a squeeze. We just lay there in our own thoughts.


"Hmmm," I responded.

"If you want you can um….I mean if you want to look." He whispered softly.

This sort of shocked me, and I rolled onto my side propping my head on my left hand as I looked at him questioningly.

Evan pursed his lips scrunching up his eyes, and still looking up towards the ceiling said, "I mean, it's only fair since I saw you earlier…you know when you were getting ready for a shower."

This was my moment. Evan was literally giving me permission to actually look at him in all of his glory. I swallowed as I looked admiringly at the beautiful little boy stretched out on the floor. I know I keep saying it, but he really does look so angelic and gorgeous all opened up like that.

My hands shook as I gently reached over and cupped his chin with my right hand forcing him to look into my eyes. There were no tears there; no shame in what he offered me, just acceptance of his decision.

He was serious about his offer, this much I could tell, but still I held back. "No Evan," I whispered which seemed to shock him.

"Why not? I mean…don't you think I look nice. I know I'm small…I mean not with the height, that I know, but…you know down there," He stated nodding to his nether region.

"Of course I think you look nice, and why do you keep putting yourself down like that. I told you that you don't have anything to be ashamed about. Shit Evan even though no one sees your pecker in the buff doesn't mean people can't sort of tell what you have between your legs. Your penis length is pretty average for a boy your age, but believe me it is a whole lot thicker than most of the guys your age. There, I've said it; does it make you happy now?" I told him seriously.

I know that I've seen him naked accidentally when his penis was flaccid while he was getting out of the tub and also I saw a part of his naked rigid erection beneath his shorts earlier, but I didn't want to tell him that, I just wanted him to know he didn't need to feel like his package was too small or anything.

"Yes…I mean no…but…it's just that Don says mine is…you know?" he stated turning away.

"What?" I said starting to get really angry and annoyed at what Don was doing to this sweet kid.


"No, not this time Evan. What did Don say to you? Has he been touching you…I mean…you know sexually and not just hitting you?"

With his cheeks burning bright red with embarrassment it was all Evan could do to stutter out an answer. "Uh…hell no…I mean…that's sick even for him, why would you even ask me something like that?" He responded seriously even though he was truly embarrassed at the moment.

"Well shit Evan, he's hitting you, and you're a pretty cute kid and all, so when you started to talk about how Don is making comments about the size of your pecker, I just sort of thought…you know?"

We both sort of sat there desperately trying not to be so embarrassed.

"So what did he say, I mean Don, about you're…uh…package?"

Evan looked away from me for a minute before turning back. "He said I was a puny kid for my age, and that I had a small pecker and balls. He says I might as well be a little girl instead of a boy. That I'm a little sissy boy, and that I shouldn't show myself to anyone or they would tease me and start calling me sissy girly boy."

"Fuck me?" I whispered in shock.

Evan looked at me seriously, "Evidently I'm not big enough to fuck you."

I looked at Evan as he stared back at me, and saw the edges of his mouth twitch upwards. 'That little shit's playing me,' I thought to myself, and decided to play along.

In a role reversal I rolled my eyes and said, "You're a twat."

Evan looked at me for a moment and busted up laughing with me following suit. He turned towards me and gave me a punch in the arm as we settled down.

"Shit Evan, don't pay Don any mind. I don't know why he's got it in for you, but what he told you is wrong. Not wrong in that it is wrong to do so, well actually that part is wrong too. What I mean is he's wrong about your package being small, and kids calling you a sissy girly boy if they see you naked."

Evan just sighed and looked at me. "Yeah, I guess your right."

"Damn straight I'm right. That fucker's going to get what's coming to him soon enough."

"Please Kyle, don't, I mean…I'm really afraid."

"I know bro, but we have to do something before something really bad happens." I told him as I reached over taking his hand in mine giving it a reassuring squeeze.

We both rolled back onto our backs, and just stared at the ceiling in our own thoughts. When I set out to babysit earlier today I never would have dreamed so much would happen. I was thrilled about a lot of things with the Prescott boys, but I was also very afraid with the entire adult like shit that was going on. I wasn't equipped to handle something this important, and I was starting to worry I would fuck things up really bad.

"Kyle," I heard Evan call my name breaking me out of my musings.

"Yeah bro."

"Are you gay?" He asked.

'Whoa,' that totally came out of the blue I thought to myself. "What…where the hell did that come from?" I asked him as I turned towards him.

He shrugged his shoulder as he turned towards me as well. "I don't know just that…well you've been kind of you know…checking me out…teasing me by pulling on my shorts…hugging and kissing…and some of the other sexual kinds of stuff. I mean it just sort of seemed kind of like gayish sort of stuff."

I chuckled at his logical thought process. "Shit, would it matter to you if I were gay?" I inquired kind of curious to see what he would say.

My question wasn't what he expected, and he had to think about it a moment. "No, I guess not. You really haven't done anything I don't want so I guess it doesn't matter."

I nodded at his response. It was a fair enough answer. "Dude you do know that I've been dating girls. I've had several girlfriends the last couple of years. I just broke up with a girl before school let out."

"Oh, I didn't know that. Shit, to tell you the truth I've never really paid attention to that sort of thing about you." He stated looking towards me, and then I saw his face screw up with another question, "Why'd you break up?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "I went out with Jenny for about six months, but just before summer vacation we both decided it probably wouldn't work out. I mean it's kind of hard having a girlfriend who lives fifteen miles away, and you don't have a car and won't be able to see for three months during summer vacation."

"Then what's with all of that sexual stuff, and the hugging and kissing, and some of the other stuff?" He asked.

"Shit dude all that sexual horsing around is called puberty, get used to it. As far as the hugging and stuff it just seemed to me that you needed it. Didn't you like it, or did it make you feel uncomfortable?"

Evan thought about it for a moment. "Well at first but then I sort of liked it and appreciated it especially when I was…you know…crying like a little baby. Also, I kind of liked it when you…uh…rubbed me and stuff when I went to bed because it felt…really nice." He stated looking away and blushing, and then getting a little worried expression on his face which made me wonder if there was more to his initial question about me being gay.

"So, do you think you are gay?" I asked him watching his jaw open and clench shut as he wondered how I had read his mind.

"I, uh…no I don't…I mean yes, maybe, I'm not sure." He tried to explain a little frustrated at not being so clear, and also a little afraid that he just may be gay.

I nodded my head in understanding. "So what makes you think you're gay?"

He looked at me, and got all flushed in the face as he looked away just thinking for a moment.

"Look Evan, I could care less if you are or not. I've got a couple of friends who are gay, and we still horse around and hang out together. It's no big deal to me."

"Yeah but I," he scrunched up his eyes, and then tried again with his lips quivering a little. "I liked seeing you naked and got all excited and…and hard. Then when you touched me like you did when I went to bed I got all hard and started to think what it would feel like if you sort of…you know touched me kind of sexually. I also got hard when I saw those naked boys in the movie." He gulped down a big lump that had formed in his throat, and seemed to be on the verge of crying with his admission.

"Shit dude, none of that means you're gay. I get hard sometimes too when I see a naked guy. This whole puberty thing sucks at times. My advice to you is to just experiment around with things you are comfortable doing. You're only twelve years old and aren't supposed to know yet if you're gay or not. I mean, I know some boys know for sure at your age, but I think most are still just confused. Hell, I'm still baffled about the whole thing myself."

He seemed relieved that I wasn't upset about him getting a hard-on when he saw me naked, or getting hard seeing the boys in the movie, or even enjoying his massage along with his fantasy.

"Hey Evan?" I inquired in a role reversal from the norm between the two of us.

"Yeah?" He responded.

"Did you get hard when you saw the girls in the movie?"

The little guy just looked at me kind of shocked. "W…what?" He stuttered.

"I asked if you got hard when you saw the…," I started to repeat when he interrupted.

"No…I mean I heard you…it's just that it sort of caught me by surprise…but…uh…yeah I guess I did." He responded as he scrunched up his eyes biting his lower lip while he thought about that aspect of things.

"See, you're just so fucking horny you'll take just about any ugly mug that comes your way. Shit I always tell my friends I don't care how ugly someone is as long as they want to play. I can always put a paper bag over their head."

"Geeze Kyle you really are a twat," Evan stated as he once again rolled his eyes at me.

We both laughed and giggled as we got back into another wrestling bout. This time I let him almost beat me before I cheated by reaching over to his crotch and giving it a good squeeze.

"Hey, you perv," he stated as he reached over and tweaked mine as well.

We both stopped and laughed. "See, that's what I'm talking about. You need to lighten up a little. Don't you and your friends horse around like this?"

Evan sort of shrugged his shoulders. "I don't have a lot of friends," he admitted to me.

"Quit joking," I teased him, but noticed he was serious. "I don't understand Evan. Shit, you're a fucking cool guy, why don't you have any friends."

He just sort of shrugged his shoulders, but didn't say anything.

"Well then, I guess we will have to change that this summer. You're going to hang with me, and I'll introduce you to some of my friend's little brothers. You're pretty good with soccer so I'll get you on the league's soccer team this year. Sports is always a good way to make friends. When I get back from camp we will have a sleepover at my house with some of my friends, and some kids your age. By the time summer is over if you haven't gotten a blow job from another boy your age then I will call it quits."

I watched his reaction the entire time I was planning out his summer for him, and slowly he started to smile at the thought of what I was telling him, that is until the end.

"What, wait, when the hell did this whole boy giving me a blow job thing enter into the equation? You just said I wasn't gay or that I at least didn't know at this point."

"Yes I did, but let's face it; even adorably cute as you are this whole boy-girl thing at age twelve just doesn't happen for most of us. Well, that then just leaves horny twelve year old boys taking care of business and helping one another out. Of course it has to be the right twelve year old, but no worries I'll help you out with that."

Evan couldn't tell if I was serious or just joking. Just when he thought he had figured me out I threw a curve ball at him. I felt wonderfully smug at the moment.

"Good then, it's settled. We'll make you popular before summer's end, and get you blown by another cute boy to boot."

"Wait…" Evan started to protest not knowing if he should be liking where this whole thing has just headed.

"Nope, I'm afraid it's too late, besides I'm invoking golden rule number seven. Learn how to be popular during puberty."

"Shit, now I know you are making up these rules as you are going along. You're such a dickhead."

"Hmmm, well see about that when some cute little boy is bobbing on that thick piece of sausage you keep hiding in your shorts, and when you pop your cork."

Evan just rolled his eyes at me in disbelief. "You sure you're not gay?"

"Hmmm, I'll let you know when I figure it out," I teased him as I reached over giving his thick sausage another tweak.

This time instead of protesting he just rolled his eyes again, calmly slapped away my hand, and then reached inside his shorts to adjust his slightly engorged penis into a more comfortable position. I smiled at his obtrusiveness, and was beginning to enjoy how he was starting to give in to some of this sex play. I was hoping that by summer's end it was a fourteen, or more accurately, a fifteen year old boy who was bobbing up and down on his fat little chubbed up penis instead of a twelve year old boy.

The way things were heading, and with his admission of fantasizing about me, it left me very hopeful. I could tell he had feelings for me, but even though he was fantasizing about things I wanted to make sure he was ready for something between us. I cared for him too much to just take advantage of him when he is all sexed up, and I wanted him to be comfortable with the decision when he finally decided to allow things to go further.

"Kyle," I heard the boy whisper as he looked over to me.

"Hmmmm?" I asked him still looking up at the ceiling.

"Thanks for not…you know…my offer about…um…looking at my…you know?" He finally managed to get out.

Shaking my head in resignation, I rolled over on my side looking at him. "Evan, I'd never do anything you weren't ready to do for real because I don't want you to ever feel things were forced on you. I care for you too much to do something like that to you, understand?" I asked him seriously as the boy just gazed at me intently before nodding his head letting me know he understood what I meant.

Tired of lying on the floor I got up, and wandered over to some of the artwork. I was curious about the lighting, and how it all affected the mood in the paintings. Evan was happy to see someone else interested in the art, and got up too so he could tell me all about them. The paintings had belonged to his dad, and he had found them stored away falling in love with the rich earth toned coloring of the canyon scenes, and the rustic campsite of a bygone era, so hung them up on his wall.

He accidentally discovered the whole lighting mood situation when he was looking at the paintings one day while the sun shifted positions towards the evening. His mom had made Don install the dimmer switch so he could create the different moods whenever he wanted to. He showed me how it all worked, and we just enjoyed each other's company and similar taste in style of artwork.

I told him about the paintings stored away in my house, and he promised to come over tomorrow so he could take a look at them with me. If I had time he would even help me find an appropriate spot to hang them for the best affect. He smiled and was so happy that I was eager to allow him to help me, and I think it made him feel important, which to me he really was.

I looked at my watch, and decided to check on the dryer. Evan followed me down looking nervously out the living room window to make sure no one was still coming. We got to the utility room, and I opened up the dryer door scooping out the sheet. It was hot in my hands, and I motioned for Evan to help me as we each took an end and held it out. I snapped the sheet in the air a couple of times so it would cool off, and then felt for any dampness along the cottony fabric. It felt dry to me so I looked up at Evan with a smile letting him know we were in time.

We rushed back upstairs, and scrambled to put the sheets on over the mattress. I folded up the gray shorts, and set them off to the side while Evan jumped into bed. I grabbed his lightweight blanket, and with a flourishing motion in the air, fluffed it upwards so that it could settle lightly on his torso.

I smiled down at him. "Will you be alright now, or do you want me to sit with you?" I asked him tenderly.

He yawned and shook his head. "No, I'll be alright, besides I don't want you to get caught sitting next to me in my room. It would…create questions," he replied.

I leaned over and cupped my hand on his head as my thumb stroked his forehead. He smiled back appreciatively as he closed his eyes while I brushed my lips across his forehead, then each of his closed eyes, and finally up against his soft lips. Our lips lingered for a moment before I pulled back.

"Mmmm, that tasted good," Evan breathed out softly with the corners of his mouth twitching a little into a quick smile.

"Good night Evan."

"Good night Kyle, and thanks…you know for everything. I'm glad you came over to babysit tonight."

"Me too bro, I'll talk to you tomorrow morning," I whispered quietly as I stepped out of his room leaving the door open a tiny crack.

I walked across the hallway, and peaked inside of Mattie's room. The small shaft of light from the hallway spilled on to his small sleeping form, and I noticed his right leg had rolled off the side of the mattress forcing him to lean precariously over the edge. I snuck inside his room, and gently lifted up his leg shoving him over towards the middle of his mattress.

His eyes were moving under his eyelids, and I knew he was dreaming. I hoped it was something nice and pleasant. If the bulging stiffness in his shorts was any indication, I pretty much fathomed that it must be a good one. That little guy was turning out to be such a horn-dog, and I couldn't help myself as I leaned over placing my hand on his crotch getting a good feel of his warm stiff stubby but fat erection through the soft fabric of his pajama shorts. His little rigid boy pole twitched when I touched him, and I heard a soft moan escape his lips. I giggled at the little guy's horniness, and released his stiff little boy penis tucking his sleeping form beneath his lightweight blanket. I gave him a kiss on the forehead, and he murmured something indecipherable before rolling over on his side into a little ball.

About ten minutes later I was sitting on the chair flipping through the channels when the front door opened. I shut off the television set, got up retrieving my bag, and headed towards the steps. Mrs. Prescott greeted me warmly giving me a hug while Don looked at me a bit bleary eyed like he had a little bit too much to drink, and seemed in a bit of a sour mood. 'The fuckin prick,' I mentally stated to myself. It was all I could do to pretend I didn't loath the man.

"Hi sweetie," Mrs. Prescott said releasing me from her warm embrace.

I pointed my thumb in Don's direction and whispered, "What's with old sourpuss over there."

She rolled her eyes and whispered back, "I wouldn't let him drive."

I almost busted a gut at the whole eye roll thing realizing where Evan got it now, but instead I just silently mouthed the word 'Oh.'

"What r' yusss twosss…sss…whisp'r'in about," Don slurred demandingly.

"Oh sweetie, just leave it go," she dismissed him as she turned back to me. While her back was turned to Don he gave her a scowling look as if to say you will pay for that. Alarm bells started going off in my mind.

"So Kyle, how'd it go with the boys? They can be a handful at times." She inquired.

I started to respond, but Don interrupted, "Yeah sssspecially Evan, he can be a bit clumssssy and dorky for a boy hissss age, and can't seem to sssstay out of trouble."

Mrs. Prescott was going to say something, but somewhere deep down my hatred for the dickhead started to boil over, and it was all I could do to contain my rage. However, I was able to speak up before Mrs. Prescott said anything.

"No trouble at all. They really are great kids, and Evan's got a great sense of humor. I babysit a lot of kids, and both of your boys are always the best behaved from any of the other kids I look after. I don't know why you think Evan is so clumsy; as a matter of fact I was going to ask you if he could join the soccer team this summer. We were kicking around the soccer ball, and he's got some pretty good skills."

"Did you hear that," Mrs. Prescott beamed at my comments about Evan as she spoke to Don.

"Yeah, well what do yews…um…know about soccer skills anyway?" He asked me sarcastically seeming to come out of his little drunken stupor a bit.

I shrugged my shoulders, "Not much if being the captain on the soccer team that won the regional title, and came in second for State." I stated a little smugly.

Don just glared at me as I deflated his whole claim at how clumsy and girly like Evan was supposed to be. He gave me that I'll get you for this look as he swayed on his feet.

Mrs. Prescott had missed the entire exchange as she focused back on me. "Do you really think Evan is that good?"

"Yeah I do. I told Evan he was good, and he seemed to like the idea of trying out for the junior soccer team this year. If it's alright with you I'll talk to the coach so we can get him out to the tryout session."

"That sounds exciting Kyle." She seemed to beam with pride. It made me wonder why she didn't notice these things about Evan.

"Great, I'll even work with him and teach him some moves. When we were messing around he seemed to pick things up pretty quickly." I told her making a commitment right there and then to spend more time with Evan. This didn't seem to sit so well with Don.

"I don't think that would…," He began before he was cut off by Mrs. Prescott.

"That would be great Kyle. I'm sure Evan would appreciate you spending extra time with him." She exclaimed as she looked towards me and away from Don.

With her back turned towards him Don took the opportunity to glare at me, and opened his jacket a little letting me see the concealed weapon he had on him. In a very deliberate motion, he pointed a pretend gun at my forehead, and pulled the trigger giving me a wicked smile. It was a little unsettling for a moment before I regained my composure and resolve.

"It'll be fun, besides maybe even Mattie can pick up some moves. The coach is always scouting around for future players." I stated getting Mattie into the picture as well, and looking directly at Don, I smirked at putting another thorn in his side. I wanted him to know he couldn't push me around like a little kid.

"Thanks Kyle that would be so wonderful. The boys really enjoy it when you are around." She smiled happily at the turn of events this evening.

"So, anyway, here you go Kyle," she said as she dug into her purse, and pulled out some money. It was a fifty dollar bill, and I just sort of gawked at her as she tucked it into my pocket not letting Don see it.

"That's too much Mrs. Prescott," I whispered so that Don couldn't hear.

She kissed me on the forehead and whispered back, "No it isn't sweetie. You are important to Evan and Mattie, and they so much enjoy it when you come over to see them. They look up to you and admire you. Evan loves you so much, and you are all he talks about all the time after you leave. I can see how happy he is after you have come over to visit with him. You treat him like he should be treated, with respect, and not just a…a dorky kid," she whispered looking back meaningfully at Don.

Don was swaying on his feet his head drooping as if he were going to fall asleep. My mind wrapped around what Mrs. Prescott had just told me. I thought that maybe she was starting to realize there were some odd things going on with Don, and that she would come to her senses about the man. At least that is what I was hoping for.

I also started to think about what she said about the boys, and how they looked up to me. I wondered why I had never realized that before and why it was only now that I was starting to understand how close our families really were to one another. When I saw the marks on Evan I felt so much anger and hatred, and felt a need to protect him as if here my very own family member…as if he were my flesh and blood brother. This feeling extended towards Mattie as well, and for the first time ever, I started to realize how much like family the boys really were to me.

I gave Mrs. Prescott a hug and kiss. "Thanks Auntie Liz," I whispered in her ear using the term I used when I was a little child up until I reached Evan's age. She blushed and smiled at me tenderly appreciating the little endearment on my part as I headed down the stairs pushing past Don and heading for home.

A short while after leaving the Prescott's, I found myself staring in the mirror and going over in my mind the day's events. It had been a roller coaster ride of a day with my emotions flying freely in the air one moment only to have my wings crumble under me and come crashing into the ground in a million pieces. My body trembled at my encounter with Don because it was rumored he had some serious connections to mafia types. I had always just shrugged them off as stories he might have told to make himself look important, but now I really wasn't so sure anymore. The look he gave me was really quite frightening, not to mention him having a concealed weapon under his jacket. Maybe some of the stories were true.

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