Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 4

The little boy was sleeping peacefully as I shut the door leaving it open just a crack. I looked at my watch noticing it had only taken about ten to fifteen minutes to put him down and do my dirty deed on him. I smiled at the pleasant memory before frowning wondering if I'd gone too far, but then recalled how Mattie seemed to have enjoyed the entire encounter wanting more. With that in mind I shrugged off any feelings of guilt and enjoyed the memory of being with such a beautiful boy, which reminded me of my aching bulging nuisance as I reached down and adjusted my still hard four inch erection. I really was going to have to do something about that, but realized more than likely it would have to wait until I got home.

Looking down the hallway to make sure Evan wasn't coming out; I took the chance and shoved down the waistband on my red shorts along with my boxer briefs, and pulled out my penis inspecting it closely. The puffy bulbous head at the end of my shaft was all slippery with pre-cum looking almost deep purplish in color like a blueberry instead of the normal fleshy pinkish color, and I knew it was the result of not attending to its needs. I sighed as I tucked it back into my shorts keeping it in an upright position, and holding it snuggled up against my pubic mound with the elastic band of my boxer briefs so that it wouldn't show as much.

Looking myself over satisfied that everything was tucked away and in order, I slowly headed back down the hallway towards the living room. I stopped for a moment by the bathroom door figuring that Evan should be finishing up by now, maybe even getting ready to step out of the tub. I wondered if I opened the door if I would catch him standing there totally naked. Technically speaking, I should be allowed to walk in on him at least once as a pay back for him walking in on me when I was totally naked. It only crossed my mind briefly before I decided it really wouldn't be fair.

I was ready to continue on my way when I heard some noises on the other side of the closed door. I smiled to myself thinking that he must be going at it. I mean, after all, he had just finished watching a very sexy kind of movie, not to mention having seen me completely naked earlier. Not that I am bragging or anything, but I did notice how he stared at me. It wouldn't be the first time that a twelve year old boy fantasized about another boy. It didn't make him gay or anything, just horny.

When Evan had gawked at me I thought it kind of flattering. Personally I thought my looks and build to be kind of average. I mean at five foot five and weighing in at a buck twenty (120 lbs), I wasn't the biggest kid my age in school but rather more like typical. However, I did have to admit that even though I wasn't buff I was nonetheless very fit and trim unlike about half the boys in my class who seemed to be just a little on the flabby side. I also considered my looks average with just plain old brown eyes and short brown hair. To me, my facial features were still more on the feminine side, yet for some reason I still manage to get those kinds of lusting looks from some of the girls at school. As for Evan, he had that shocked look when he first saw me naked, but he also seemed to like what he had seen.

Coming out of my musings I blushed as I realized I was intruding on something very private standing there by the bathroom door, so started to step away. I turned to head back into the living room when more noises wafted through the doorway. I was just about to walk away when I stopped and turned my ear towards the door to get a better angle for the sound I was hearing. What I heard wasn't the sounds of a boy spanking his monkey, no, it sounded more like crying. Alarm bells started going off as I hesitated by the doorway not sure now what I should do.

I had another dilemma to contemplate for the second time this evening. I mean…I just couldn't burst through the door. The talk I had with both Mattie and Evan had me worried that something serious could be going on, but then again what if it was just something innocent. It could be just some trivial thing boys going through puberty sort of have to work out. 'Shit,' I whispered making my decision. Whatever the consequences, my intentions are for the right reasons.

I didn't just burst through the door though; I knocked softly first, and when there was no reply I knocked a little louder. I didn't hear anything so tried again.

"Evan…is everything alright?" I asked knocking on the door a bit more loudly.

I didn't hear a reply, but I still heard a noise as if someone was whimpering on the other end. Having no other choice I slowly turned the door knob, and was relieved that it wasn't locked. I slowly opened the door a crack, and peaked inside a little as I called out.

"Hey Evan buddy, answer me, are you alright." Still no reply except for the distinct sound of someone crying.

"Fuck it," I whispered to myself as I pushed open the door and stepped inside. I immediately looked towards the bathtub. The curtains were only drawn about a quarter of the way closed, and I could see the partial form of Evan sitting up in the tub with his legs tucked up and his arms wrapped around them tightly. His head was leaning down on his knees, but with the curtains partway closed like that I couldn't see the back half of him. He was sitting in soapy water that came up about three inches or so above his navel.

The sight of his body wracked in sobs held me frozen in place as my mind began to whirl around in confusion. I could hear the audible sobbing sounds now as his wet glistening body just shook with each moan and intake of breath. Even though his head was leaning down on his knees I could still clearly see the wet streak of tears down the left side of his cheek.

"Why me…why?" I heard him bawl out in a hoarse croaking voice.

The sound of his harsh voice pulled me out of my bewildered state, and I rushed to his side.

"Evan…oh fuck…Evan what the hell is going on?" I stated as I kneeled down beside him.

There was a dazed and hazy look to his eyes as I reached out and touched his shoulder. As soon as the boy felt my touch his eyes seemed to come back into focus as he stared at me in panic realizing I was sitting next to him while he was in the tub completely naked.

His senses seemed to come crashing back in on him as he spat, "Wh…what the fuck, get out," he yelled at me hugging his knees closer to himself trying to cover up more of his nakedness.

"No, Evan stop," I commanded as I gently reached out to him and pulled him towards me.

The tub was between the two of us, but that didn't stop me from grabbing him and pulling him close to me so I could hold him. He didn't even struggle as he relented, and leaned towards me burying his face in my shoulder as another round of sobbing came crashing down on the poor boy.

I just sat there silently holding on to him and rubbing his arms as the salty gushing stream continued to pour out from the corners of his eyes, and down his much too adorably innocent flushed cheeks. He held on to me tightly with his knees still bent up, and leaning against the side of the tub. I sat there with my eyes squeezed shut just rubbing his right arm up and down in a soothing manner from his shoulder down to his elbow. He was still crying, but less so when I finally opened my eyes and sighed.

He was clutching at my arm with his face buried in the front part of my left shoulder. My head was leaning on the top back part of his head, and I was looking down his back. I allowed my eyes to slowly come into focus as I stared down at the soapy water bobbing up and down in a lazy fashion around his skin. Evan's back was glistening from the wetness of the steam and soapy water.

My gaze followed the beads of water along his back, and stopped at about three quarters of the way up. Crisscrossing his back were a number of red welts looking to be several days old now, and already starting to fade, yet still looked as if they had been very painful. I was totally confused by what I was seeing. They almost looked like as if someone had taken a strap to the younger boy. I mean, I've heard of such a thing, but I don't know of anyone who had ever been beaten with a strap so the sight just confused me.

By this time Evan had settle down a little, and I eased myself out of his grip as he wiped away the tears and runny nose rinsing off his hand in the bath water. He looked up into my eyes, and when he saw the confusion there tried to look away. I reached out to his face, and forcefully turned him back around to look me in the eyes.

"Evan?" I queried struggling to find the right words, anything. Fuck, this was way out of my league. I'm only fourteen, so what am I supposed to do here.

I looked deep into his eyes figuring I would see anger, despair, hurt, pain, or any number of other similar emotions. No; instead, what I saw surprised me. I saw shame as he looked downwards to fiddle with his fingers.

Once again I lifted his chin to look at me.

"No…don't you dare," I spoke up even surprising myself at the anger I was exuding.

"No Evan, don't you dare feel ashamed about…about that," I pointed to the welts on his shoulders. "Nobody ever deserves something like that no matter what. Did…did your dad do that?" I asked him literally spitting it out like a bad taste in my mouth. Fuck, how I really hated the fucker even more so at the moment than usual.

Tears started to well up at the corners of his eyes threatening to overwhelm the younger boy once more as he wiped them away with the back of his hand hiccupping before he just shook his head.

"He's not my father," he snapped back heatedly catching me by surprise.

Nodding my head I agreed with him. He was correct because his father had died during a tour of duty in Afghanistan. His dad had been a sergeant in the army, and was killed in action several years back. Mrs. Prescott was still pregnant with Mattie at the time, so Evan must have been around three or four years old, and I think I was like six or seven. I still remembered his real father though, and missed him. It surprised me at how well I still remembered the man; especially, since I was so young, but then again my parents speak often of him describing his mannerisms and characteristics. This kept him alive in my mind's eye over the years.

You see, our parents had grown up together not far from here, and they had continued to stay close. When Evan's dad was killed my father kept a constant presence in Mattie's and Evan's life. He was their godfather, and took the role seriously. My mother was their godmother, and Evan's parents had been my godparents. This kind of indicates how close our folks were to each other.

After his father was killed, Don showed up in Mrs. Prescott's life, and about a year or two after Mattie was born the dickhead had moved in for good. They weren't married or anything, but these days it really doesn't matter about those sorts of things. By not marrying though, Mrs. Prescott could keep the military benefits for her sons and herself. Of course she had received money from the military insurance death benefit, along with money from the other insurance policies that he had. Evan's father had been very diligent about making sure his family was well taken care of in the event anything should happen to him.

With the benefits Mrs. Prescott received, the insurance money, and her part time job she was able to survive somewhat comfortably. My father had also made sure to set up a trust fund for the boys with a good portion of the money they had received. I remember my father and Don having a big argument about the money years ago, Don demanding that he should be the one in control of it on the boy's behalf, but all of a sudden the prick had backed down real quick. I don't know what my dad had told him, but I know my father well enough that you just don't fuck with him on certain issues. Even though Don had moved in, it was still my father's responsibility as the boys' godfather to take care of such matters. Besides it's what his best friend had wanted. Don on the other hand didn't like it, but knew well enough that he had no choice in the matter.

From the first day I had met Don, I didn't like him. I was really little back then, and couldn't put my finger on any one thing, but I just remembered not liking him. Being the naïve little six or seven year old that I was, I even told my parents this. I remember the look they gave each other and then me before tying to explain that it was just because I loved Mr. Prescott so much that I didn't want anyone to take his place. Being the dutiful son that I was I sort of let it go, but I still remember getting the distinct feeling my parents didn't like him either.

Regaining my composure I asked Evan once again, this time sternly, "did Don do this to you?"

The firmness of my voice grabbed his attention. "I…please Kyle, don't…don't ask me…I just can't. You don't know what it's like. I…I…just can't." He stuttered trying to work his way through this without saying anything, yet at the same time trying to explain it to me.

He tried again. "Please Kyle promise me you won't say anything…please…" He pleaded as he grabbed me and held me close as a new set of sobbing wracked his body.

"I'm gonna kill that son-of-a-bitch myself," I said angrily surprised I had even said anything out loud.

Evan panicked, "N…no…no don't Kyle. Please promise me you won't say or do anything. You have no idea. I mean Mattie. What he is capable…I mean, just don't." I heard the poor boy plead.

He had almost slipped giving something away, and that admission was close enough for me. Evan must have read it in my eyes.

"Kyle, you have to promise me," He stated more in a command than request. Considering the situation it surprised me at how authoritative and forceful he was at the moment.

I shook my head, "No Evan, I can't promise you that. This is too big." I told him.

If eyes could only speak, Evan's would have told it all as they got big and round with panic and worry. It wasn't the worry so much for himself, but the worry for his little brother. This whole thing made me anxious too, so I tried to find a compromise without hurting his feelings when an idea hit me.

"Rule number six: never promise anything you aren't one hundred percent sure you can keep. Evan, I can't promise that, but I can promise I will really think about this and try to sort it out. You and me bro, together, we will work it out, that I promise, agreed?"

At first he seemed horrified when I mentioned the rule, but by the time I finished telling him we would work it out together, this seemed to satisfy him as he once again hugged me, and then shivered with cold. The bath water must have been getting cold by now so I released him and walked to the towel rack. I picked a towel from the bracket and turned heading back to him with it bundled up in my fist making me realize just how angry I was as I forcibly made my hands relax.

I knelt down in front of the tub, and held the towel outwards so it would conceal his nakedness when he stood up. He smiled appreciatively at the gesture, and slowly rose up out of the water. I stood up with him and held the towel up against his mid-section covering up his little private area.

The twelve year old boy reached down to take a hold of the towel as I released it from my grip. He was so absorbed in his own thoughts that I don't think he realized what happened next. As a matter of fact I know it for sure because he would never have allowed such a thing to happen if he wasn't pre-occupied.

You see I was holding the towel outwards so that it was taut; however, my hands weren't holding the towel on the ends but rather about three quarters of the way on either side. When Evan reached down he took a hold of them on either end, and when I released my grip the middle of the towel literally drooped down about six inches clearly exposing Evan's boyhood to the world. Well, maybe not to the world, but without a doubt to me.

I couldn't help myself as I took in the wonderful eye candy displayed in front of my face. His smooth ball sack hung down low from his body due to the magical workings of the warm water, and from the weight of his two chestnut sized testicles. His nice two and a quarter inch long flaccid penis was nestled up over his sagging boy pouch; beyond a doubt much thicker than the thin flaccid three inch of softness hanging down between my legs. Like his brother he was completely intact which sent a thrill of excitement through my body.

Also like his little brother his entire body was tanned in that nice golden bronze tone except the ivory cream coloration right in his mid-section where you could see the distinct line where he wore his shorts. Water cascaded down his body making his body glisten, and I could see droplets trickling off the tip of his penis and foreskin. I shivered at the sexiness of the sight as I continued to gaze at him intently. I couldn't detect any hair sprouting from his pubic mound, wrinkled boy pouch, or anywhere else around his sex tool, and believe me I really took the opportunity to look. However, this really didn't mean anything because as wet as he was it could have easily been imperceptible; especially, if his pubic hair was really fine and light in coloration.

Like Mattie, his foreskin seemed to stretch tightly around his thick shaft exposing the blue veins you normally don't see unless you have an erection. Also clearly visible was the outline from his bulbous head which appeared to make up half the length of his penis.

Other than size, there was one other difference between Mattie and Evan's little boy bits. Where Mattie's foreskin extended past the head of his penis about a quarter of an inch; Evan's didn't completely cover him up, instead, his hood covering his glans had about a quarter of an inch diameter opening where you could just barely see the tip of his penis, and the slit of his pee hole. The hood still completely covered his glans, but the small opening at the end of his foreskin allowed the tip of Evan's glans to be visible. The sight of the twelve year old boy's penis peeking out from behind the hood sent another tremor up my spine. It made me wonder if the head of his penis slid out from under the hood when it got erect, or if the skin just sort of stretched out a little keeping most of him hidden.

Evan was still distracted as he lifted his right foot over the edge of the tub. I watched in fascination as his loose testicles swayed from side to side as he brought out his second foot planting it alongside the first, now completely out of the tub. The swaying motion of both his testicles and two plus inch penis almost made me sway as well in perfect timing. It was just so mesmerizing to see that on such a nice figure of a boy.

Finally the moment was gone as Evan secured the towel around his waist pulling it up snuggly against his body. It may be gone, but the memory was seared in my mind forever. He never even noticed for one moment what had occurred, and how happy he had made me feel at the moment. The sight of this perfect angel was the icing on the cake to the most wonderful experience of my life up to this point.

I mean, yes, I've messed around with girls and even have had some real life sexual experiences with them, but at this moment, for me, both Mattie and Evan where an experience I would never forget as long as I live. The feeling I got when I gave Mattie his first orgasm, and the feeling I got when I saw Evan, the most delectable creature alive, was the best thing ever. This day has been an emotional roller coaster ride of epic proportion for me, but the two Prescott boys mean the world to me, and I vowed to make sure it all worked out as the only marred moment of this otherwise perfect evening was the realization of him being beaten by that fucking asshole, which was a real issue needing to be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

With the towel firmly wrapped around his waist Evan didn't know exactly what he should do since I was standing there in front of him looking a bit dazed. He couldn't even turn around to let the water out of the tub because I might see his backside peaking out from the opening on his towel. I could tell he was a little confused as to why I was even still standing there.

The answer finally came in the form of me stepping forward, and wrapping my arms firmly around his slight form. He hesitated in a moment of indecision, and then holding the ends of his towel closed around his waist with his left hand, he reached around my upper body with his right hand returning the hug.

I held him in my arms for a moment or two as I gently caressed his slick wet naked back with my hands in an up and down motion. "You'll be alright Evan, I promise. We will work everything out," I whispered to him as I continued to hold and caress him gently.

I could feel him squeezing me closer to him with his right hand, and I leaned into his embrace. "I know Kyle…and…thanks…," I heard him whisper.

His comment made me smile, and I just couldn't help myself as I dropped my hands down, parted the back side of his towel, and grasped his two bare ass cheeks in my hands giving them a good firm squeeze.

The boy yelped in surprise, and I literally felt his soft bulge dig into my stomach through the fabric of his towel when I squeezed his bare ass, and pulled him upwards into an even tighter embrace. At first he tried to struggle, but then relented as he too lowered his right hand, and gave my left ass cheek a firm squeeze before shifting his grip to give me a good goosing.

This time it was my turn to yelp as we both released each other, and just giggled as Evan shook his head and rolled his eyes. "What a fuckin twat…you pervert," he teased.

I sighed cheerfully, and replied in all honesty, "You're turning out to be my most sincere and best of friends." I stated intently making him blush as he realized I was dead serious.

"Thanks, you too," he responded as his cheeks burned bright red in that cute way he has about him.

"After you get dressed come on out, and sit with me for a while," I told him as I turned towards the door. I opened the door and stopped for a moment without turning around.

"Evan, I want you to know that I'm really proud of you. I think you are the bravest twelve year old boy I've ever met." With that I exited the bathroom without ever turning around and closed the door behind me.

Just as I was walking away I heard his voice as he replied to no one in particular. "I love you Kyle," came the muffled response through the door making me almost trip over my own feet since it had kind of caught me off guard coming out of nowhere.

The way it was said in such a quiet manner I knew it hadn't been meant for me to hear; rather it was more Evan talking to himself. I don't know why it was so difficult for us boys to say those simple words to someone else who we cared about. We do have those feelings, but saying them out loud to show our affection for another person was just so difficult to do.

"I love you too bro," I responded back in a barely audible whisper after I regained my composure while I continued to walk away from the closed door knowing he couldn't hear me.

Scrunching up my face and shaking my head, I realized that somehow I'd have to find a way to let him know this without embarrassing him or me. Why was it so difficult to just say those words I thought to myself? Maybe it was just because saying it to another boy was just awkward, but then again as I reflected back I don't think I ever said that to Jenny either or at least I don't ever recall saying the actual words. I mean, of course I had to have said that to her, but then again maybe it was just in a different way. Shaking my head of these thoughts I continued to walk down the hallway into the living room.

Making my way into the living room I stopped for a moment and looked around critically. We had already cleaned up our mess from the pizzas earlier before we went out to play so that area looked relatively clean. Mattie's shirt still lay over the edge of the couch where he had tossed it earlier so I picked it up and folded it placing it on the end of the couch. I would set it in his room later. The living room was relatively clean, but I did make sure to put away the DVD movie back into my little pack setting off to the side.

I was still shirtless and a little damp so I picked up my blue shirt from where I had tossed it, and wiped down the moistness off of my body. I wasn't soaked or anything, and the heat had dried me mostly out, but Evan had been wet from his bath, and some of it had transferred off of him and on to me making my skin a little clammy. I spread my shirt over the back of the couch so it could dry off knowing it wouldn't take that long in this heat. Besides I didn't mind being shirtless because it was still comfortably warm in the house even though I knew that it was starting to cool down a little outside.

With one last quick survey of the area, and satisfied all was pretty much in order, I plunked myself down on the chair and started to flip through the channels on the television set. Not long afterwards I saw a squeaky clean little twelve year old boy walking my way.

He stopped in front of me, and twirled his small seventy five pound four foot six inch frame around in a dramatic fashion with his arms held out and announced, "All clean."

He was barefoot and shirtless, and I couldn't help but admire his sleek physique. He had slipped into a pair of cotton gray shorts that came down to the knees. I recognized them from Target, and knew they were the Cherokee brand. The lettering number 93 was prominently stitched in gold along the left leg, and there was a small pocket in the back. The waistband, which was very wide and came down a few inches from the waist, and on Evan stopped just right above his little bulging lump, had a string you used as the adjustable tie down. The sight of that small bulge, and the knowledge of what lay below that cottony material, made my own little tube start to twitch.

I knew that this was what Evan used as his sleepwear, and it was pretty much close to what I would have slept in when I was about the same age; although, at some point during the same time period I had shifted to just sleeping in the nude. It was just so much more comfortable; especially, during the summer months. The only time I wore anything to sleep these days was when I had friends sleeping over and of course at camp when I shared a cabin with a roommate.

I looked up at Evan pretending to be an inspector, and motioned for him to turn around once more but slower. He complied as he leisurely turned, and I had to admit he also had a nice little plump perky butt on his backside. The twelve year old completed his circuit stopping once more, and with his hands on his waist and elbows bent outwards gave me that 'well' look.

"Hmmm," I mused. "Did you make sure to clean your pits?" I inquired.

He smiled and lifted his arms to give his pits a sniff. I knew he didn't have any hair there or anything, but still smiled at the motions he went through. I took the opportunity at that moment while he was distracted with his arm pits to reach out towards his waistband.

"What about your bits?" I inquired as I playfully tugged on the front of his loose waistband, and noticed he wasn't wearing any underwear below the shorts. I had managed to pull them out far enough to get a glimpse of his bare pubic mound before he finally sprang into action.

"Hey," he yelped playfully slapping away my hand and trying to step away as he started to fiddle with the loose shoe string style tie downs, which he had left untied when he put on the shorts. I could tell he wasn't mad or anything as he started to recognize my playful banter with him.

As I said, I've known Evan all of his life so we've played together on plenty of occasions, but now that I have accepted the fact he no longer was that little innocent boy playing with legos or toy soldiers, the way I treated him was now shifting. Our playing had now evolved into that naughty foul language and dirty sexual play typical of teenagers our age. Although he complained about the sexual overtures, I could tell Evan enjoyed the shift in our relationship.

I had wrapped my legs around him so he couldn't escape when he had jumped, and now pulled him inwards towards me and grabbed him. He yelped again off balance, and was forced into my arms as I collapsed into the back of the chair. His string tie all but forgotten, Evan shifted around and ended up in a sitting position on my lap facing me. He straddled both of his legs on either side of me, and placed his hands on my shoulders for balance so he could sit up and face me.

"You're such a pervert," he said rolling his eyes in a dramatic fashion.

"I know," I replied. "It's in my job description."

"Reeeally?" He inquired in the questioningly yet sarcastic manner.

"Oh yeah," I responded mockingly. "It's in yours too, and you'll get the hang of it soon enough," I quipped.

I saw Evan roll his eyes again, and then look at me more intently. That glance was just too much as I burst out in a full on fit of laughter, which of course set off Evan as well. I pulled on Evan, and he resisted for a moment before relenting and wrapping his arms around my neck pressing his body into mine as the chair reclined a little backwards. We continued to giggle a little and it slowly died down, but we continued to sit there as we enjoyed each other's embrace. I slowly stroked Evan's back feeling him quiver, and then heard him sigh at the sensations the tender administrations were giving him. He was feeling totally at ease, and I could feel him releasing his weight up against me as he relaxed letting his body collapsed further into my own.

In our current reclining position he was no longer just sitting on my lap. Instead he was sort of lying on top of me with his legs curled on either side of my hips, and his mid-section snuggled across my stomach. His smaller frame fit nicely cuddled up against my torso as he allowed himself to settle with his head laying partially on my right shoulder and neck. I could feel his soft warm breath tickling along my long thin neckline, making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Although it felt a little ticklish, his warm breath was also almost sexually erotic. The sensation made my little soldier come alive in my silky red jersey shorts.

I wasn't the only one who had sprung a woody. Evan's semi-soft bulging package was pressed up against my stomach just above my belly button, and as I tenderly stroked the youngster's back I could feel it slowly chub up and come alive. His fat stubby shaft seemed to pulse in timing of his heartbeat, and with each beat the tubular member seemed to elongate and thicken even more until it finally reached its maximum capacity poking me in the stomach.

The twelve year old shifted into a more comfortable position, and when he snuggled back into place I could feel his hardness pressing again into my stomach in the same area just above my belly button. As his weight settled back into me I didn't feel it poking me anymore, instead I could feel the length of his hardness pressing between our two bodies as it angled upwards length wise pointing towards our heads. He once more relaxed, and allowed his entire weight to collapse into me as I eagerly accepted his body mass.

I continued to lightly run my hands all along his back as my fingers gently explored his naked skin and worked their magic. I stroked him, twirled my fingers in his curly locks, and even moved them down across his soft little butt cheeks. The first time I gently massaged his little globes he had tensed up a little, but then settled back down and enjoyed the sensation. I continued to move my hands all up and down the back length of his body for quite some time.

"Mmmmm," I heard him moan softly as my left fingers massaged his scalp and twirled around his curls while my right fingers gently but slowly scratched upwards along his spine. His body shivered at the tingly sensation I was giving him all up and down his spinal column.

I shifted direction and now both of my hands slowly worked downwards until they rested on his two soft globes. I constricted my fingers gently, and felt him respond as his hips pressed into my midsection, and his stiffness rubbed upwards on my stomach about an inch or two. I slightly released my grip on his globes and felt his hips moving back down along my stomach right back to where we had started. I applied pressure to his globes again, and once more his body responded as he pushed his hips upwards rubbing his shaft an inch or two along my stomach. I continued to compress and release his globes as Evan slowly ground and gyrated his hips in a humping motion along my tightly stretched abs. I could feel and hear him starting to breathe heavy, and decided I better slow down before something happened by mistake.

I knew if I continued he might end up popping his cork, and I didn't want to do that to him because I knew it would embarrass him to no end. I don't think if that happened he would be able to forgive me for the naughty deed. As shy as he was about the whole thing I knew he just wasn't ready for something like this, so instead I released his little globes, and felt the sexual tension in his body relax as he once again collapsed his entire weight on top of me.

This had taken a lot of will power on my end because I wanted to so desperately have him. I knew I could have probably worked him into a big enough sexual frenzy that he either popped like I mentioned or I could have stopped right before that point and done almost anything else with him. After all he was only twelve years old, and his body was newly wakening up to the sexual stirrings of the hormonal imbalances in his tiny little frame. It would have been easy to just get him all stirred up in a state where I could have sexually manipulated him into allowing me to take his juicy fat chubbed up little sausage in my mouth until he climaxed, or maybe even get him to masturbate me or give me a blow job before I finished him off.

No, if any of that were to happen I'm sure that once the heightened sexual urges had abated and then vanished all together, the twelve year old boy would have never looked at me the same. Of course, knowing him the way I did, he would never tell anyone what had happened, but our relationship with one another would be tarnished and soured forever.

The boy wasn't ready for something like this, so I had backed off being content with the state we were in at the moment. I wanted him really bad, but there was just too much going on in Evan's life at the moment to force another set of emotional roller coaster ups and downs on his shoulders. I got the sense about him that things might be possible in the near future with the boy, but not now.

Besides, I had to take a step back myself because I couldn't believe that I had gone from a teenage boy who was straight as an arrow just earlier this morning to one who was lusting sexually after a boy. I wondered if this made me gay or maybe even bi, or if this was just a sexual phase with me. I mean it could just be a sexual lusting for the youngster sitting on my lap because truth be told I didn't even seem to have any sexual urgings for other boys in general, just for Evan. Of course there was Mattie as well; although, I got the sense that with Mattie it had more to do because of his uncanny physical characteristic similarity to his older brother. Don't get me wrong I love the little tyke, and enjoyed what had happened between the two of us, but I didn't have that type of 'feeling' towards him like I had with Evan.

No, I surmised, this felt more like sexual lusting to me. The kind of lusting that starts in a lot of boys at around twelve or so. I've never had these urges so extreme before, but maybe that was because I had been a pretty late bloomer. After all it's been only about a year since I've started getting my little bushy pubes. Even now my pubic hairs were thin and wispy, sparsely spread out around the base of my shaft.

At around twelve, actually closer to thirteen, I had sort of started to sprout a hair or two with the rest of them being so fine and small that they were pretty much undetectable. That's the way it remained until just a month or two before my fourteenth birthday when they started to become fuller and thicker. Even now as I head into my fifteenth year, my light colored blondish brown pubic hairs are so soft and silky, like the soft downy hairs on a newborns head.

Of course I started jacking off in a serious manner at around eleven and twelve, my climax producing a drop or two of translucent pearly beads that increased to just a clear trickling rope by the time I reached fourteen. Lately what I generated was a little thicker and a bit more in volume, but it was still more translucent than the opaque white viscous gluey stuff most teenagers my age turn out.

We sat there a while longer cuddled together as Evan slowly came down from the stimulating high I had recently generated deep inside of him. We were both just content to remain snuggled up together, and I continued to slowly caress his small frame. As the tension gradually receded from his body he could no longer contain himself as the flood gates once more opened up inside of his slender petite body.

I heard him whimper almost hiccup like, once…twice, and then his body started to tremble as once more the tears welled up to trickle down his face, and onto my neck. I almost panicked thinking that I had gone too far, but the rational side of my thoughts kicked into high gear, and I noted if that were the case he wouldn't be clutching on to me so tight. I knew it had to do with the red welts I had seen on his back.

I didn't know what I should do, so I just held him and didn't say anything as I rocked the chair back and forth trying to soothe his inner aching. He was crying so hard that he could hardly catch his breath as the hiccups wracked his tiny torso. I held on to him trying to soothe him by just being there for him.

After a few moments he pulled back a little, and tried to speak up in-between his sobbing hiccups.

"I…I…don't know…," 'hiccup, hiccup, gasp, hiccup,' "I don't know why I'm crying like a little baby," he wheezed before another round of sobbing hiccups wracked his body.

"Sshh, sshh, sshh," I whispered in his ear as he collapsed back into me, "Just let it out sweetie, just let it all out," I whispered in a soothing manner.

I don't know where the whole 'sweetie' thing came from. I mean it's kind of embarrassing for a fourteen year old teenager to be whispering that to a twelve year old boy. It had to be from all those years my mom and my dad soothed me when I was sad or hurt when I was little. I guess it was just something my parents had instilled in me over the years as my protective instincts kicked into high gear. Wherever it came from I had to admit that it had the desired effect because Evan started to calm down with my continuous soothing nonsense talk that I maintained in a soft tone.

The boy continued to cry on my shoulders, but he was no longer wracked with those uncontrollable sobbing hiccups and gasps for air. He just cried and cried until he no longer had any more tears to shed. Throughout the episode he clung on to me, and I rocked him gently trying to console him as I soothingly stroked him tenderly.

"I…I'm sooooo sorry Kyle," I heard the barely audible whisper from the poor little guy.

"I'm not Evan. That was probably long overdo," I whispered back to him meaning every word of it. 'The fucking twat is going to pay for what he did to Evan…that's a promise,' I told myself.

We sat there for a few moments more before I finally sighed, and gently peeled him back from me. His eyes were a bit puffy, and he looked a little rumpled, but other than that he looked alright to me.

"How…how does my back look?" He whispered almost too embarrassed to even ask.

I smiled comfortingly at him, "Not too bad anymore." I didn't know when this had happened to Evan, but they were almost all healed up already. "Looks like they've been healing up pretty well and I'm guessing that they will be gone in another day or so."

He nodded his head as he peaked over his shoulders trying to see the welts. He could see some of the ones on his shoulders, but most were along his upper back where he couldn't see them too well.

"C'mon," I said. "Let's get you to bed. It's been a hectic one for you, and I think maybe you should call it an early evening tonight, how about it?" I asked him.

I could tell he was wiped out, but as was typical of little boys they usually don't want to go to bed so early if they don't have to. Evan thought about it for a moment, and then just nodded his head in agreement and climbed off of my lap. Even though I was worried about him, and upset at what was going on, this still didn't stop me from admiring his beauty; especially, that nice little bulging area protruding from the front of his gray shorts. Due to the heat and the wetness of our skins his gray shorts were a bit damp now, which made them cling to his body showing off his cute little boy toy. It was totally deflated now, but it still looked gorgeous to me; especially, since it was on the angelic features of one named Evan.

I followed Evan to his room and looked around in stunned silence. The ten foot by twelve foot room was spotlessly clean, almost too clean for someone so young. I was pretty diligent with my room, but in Evan's room everything was perfectly situated. I didn't recall it looking like this the last time I was in it, but when I thought about it, I was struck with the fact I hadn't been in his room since he was about Mattie's age. Back then his room was pretty similar to what Mattie's looked like now.

His walls didn't have any posters on them, but rather some pretty nice artwork of soft glowing canyons, and rustic campsites reminiscent of the mountain man days, during the twilight hours or maybe even early morning. The room had a more sophisticated feel to it, similar to the style I would appreciate my own room looking like.

My room at home was pretty sterile without any posters or anything else hanging on my walls; whereas, a lot of my friends have all sorts of sports stuff or skimpily clad girls plastered all over their walls. They're kind of cool in a way, but every time I thought about doing something similar to my room I just couldn't find myself doing it. Seeing Evan's room reminded me that we also have some oil paintings stored away in our house that isn't being used. Over the last year or two I had thought about asking my folks for permission to hang them up in my room, but never got around to asking.

I guess my friends would think it a bit too sophisticated and dorky, but now that I'm seeing Evan's room, and how nice it looks, I made up my mind to take the plunge and get some of those paintings hung up on my walls. The kid seemed to have the same kind of taste I liked in artwork, and I seemed to recall seeing some similar style of work stored away in our house.

"Wow, this is really nice Evan. I like your taste in artwork." I said appreciatively.

"Really," he asked a little astonished. "People seem to think it's dorky."

I giggled, with him giving me a sort of 'here we go, I knew it,' look.

I held up my hand "No dude, I wasn't laughing at your style, just that I have similar artwork as well, and had been thinking about putting them up on my wall, but thought my friends would think it too dorky."

He smiled at me appreciatively as he yawned and pulled open his dresser drawer. Finding what he was looking for, he pulled it out and started to slip into his short sleeved button up pajama shirt over his torso, but left it unbuttoned.

"Isn't it a little hot for those," I stated noting how warm his room felt. His window looked out on the side where it got the afternoon sun, so it took the longest to cool down.

"I normally don't wear a shirt to bed, but I don't want mom to…," he hesitated a moment realizing he had given something else up that I had been wondering about.

'So,' I thought to myself, 'she didn't know.' Somehow that made me feel better because if she had known, and allowed it, what would that say of his mom.

I nodded my head letting him know I understood as I watched Evan yawn again, and rub his eyes trying to clear away some of the grit and crud that was the result of his salty tears. I motioned him over to the bed as I pulled back the lightweight blanket getting it prepared for him. I watched the lithe boy crawl on top of his mattress to lie down on his back while I pulled up a chair next to his side.

I leaned over and cupped my left hand on his head softly stroking his forehead with my thumb, and running my fingers through his curls. My right hand reached for his right hand, and we clasped then together with each of our fingers wrapped around the other's thumbs.

"I'll stay here with you for a while, and we can talk or whatever until you fall asleep, alright?"

He nodded appreciatively and gave just a hint of a smile as his lips curled upward, and then tried once again to suppress a yawn with the back of his hand held to his mouth. He was looking up at me just lost in his own thoughts. I looked back down and smiled gently as I looked into his hazel colored eyes that had shifted towards the softer green coloration. I had always been a little jealous of both Evan's and Mattie's eye coloring, and how they tended to shift colors depending on their clothing, mood, or surrounding colors.

Evan shifted a little as he closed his eyes and curled his left leg up under his right one. His shirt had slipped open to either side of his torso exposing his tanned bronze colored chest and tight stomach. The wide waistband of his shorts seemed to highlight Evan's little bulge as the cottony fabric huddle up around his crotch. I could detect a small half inch wide smooth creamy white ring along his waist where the sun hadn't been able to reach in order to tan.

I lowered Evan's right hand settling it down up against his side, and reached out towards his chest. He flinched a little at the unexpected touch, and his eyes fluttered open looking up at me as I gently ran my fingers along his small muscular chest. He was a small guy for his age, but had a pretty athletic build to go along with that sleek frame of his. The twelve year old watched me intently as I ran circles around his pale pink dime sized nipples that seemed to perk up at my touch. I could see him shiver a little from my gentle caress, and goose bumps appeared around the pale pink nipple areas.

My right hand continued to swirl around his chest and abs as his breathing seemed to relax a little in a steady manner. Evan closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of my soft tender brush along his skin. My left hand slowly massaged his scalp and forehead wiping away the tension from his face.

Softly and gently, both of my hands worked their magic as they continued to touch and mold his skin gently. My right hand wandered across his tight stomach and slowly swirled around his belly button. From the corner of my eye I saw his little bulging area twitch a little as it stirred awake and started to slowly chub up. I looked away not wanting to get caught staring just in time as Evan's eyes flicked open and looked towards me.

My eyes were focused on his stomach and belly button, and I saw him move his left hand as he placed them over on top of his ever increasing erection. The good sign was that he didn't stop me from continuing on with my affectionate massage or even roll over onto his stomach in order to hide his chubbed up state. He continued to watch me a little shyly as my right hand dropped down lower just above his waistband. I ran my hands down the width of his waist up under his left arm that was crossed over the top of his stomach in a protective manner concealing his hardness.

I rubbed along his waist back and forth a time or two before I slowly delved under his waistband. He flinched a moment, but didn't stop me as he intently looked on to see what I was up to. I was glad that he was beginning to trust me like this as I ran my fingers across his waist just up under the wide band of his shorts, but not any deeper so as to touch anything that I shouldn't. I ran my hands down the width of his covered waist this time shoving them gently past his wrist which were ever so close to his rigid erection, and then back again. I did this a couple of more times being careful not to bump into anything naughty before removing my hand, and working my way back upwards towards his stomach and chest.

Evan continued to enjoy the sensation and closed his eyes drowsily. My right hand rubbed against his chest and shoulders while my left hand massaged his forehead, temple, scalp, and even his ears. I could tell he was in heaven, and enjoying the tender gentle manipulations. I sort of wondered when the last time his mom had sat next to him and soothingly caressed her little boy.

I knew it could be a little embarrassing; especially, if you popped a woody, but I still allowed my mom to caress me every once in a while. Of course I make sure that I am in a more uncompromising position like sitting up bent over a table or lying on my stomach. I'm also glad that my mom has enough sense not to try to get me to turn on my back or tease me about such obvious things. Don't get me wrong she is pretty damn good at embarrassing me in front of others with the whole sexual innuendos things, but I think when it comes to the whole cuddling thing she really backs off because she is afraid I won't want to do it anymore.

My right hand was once again starting its slow decent downwards as they rubbed around Evan's perky little nipples. Then it happened, Evan sighed and slowly removed his left hand from his bulging erection, and I saw it spring upwards from the corner of my eyes. I looked over at Evan, but he kept his eyes closed.

His body tensed up just a little at being exposed in this way, and I could see the tightening around his temples, but my fingers immediately started to stroke his forehead and temples easing his mind a bit. A moment or two later I noticed his body once again relax as he resigned himself to being so openly exposed, and I continued on in silence not hurrying things along.

Slowly my right hand worked down towards his belly button swirling around his little 'innie' sending a shiver rippling across his skin like a leaf settling in the still waters of a pond. I looked over towards his face as I continued to swirl my fingers around his belly button. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked at me. We both locked our eyes together before I broke the contact, and looked down at his prominent bulge.

No longer confined by Evan's hand I could clearly see it throb in timing with his heartbeat. Evan was relaxed so it was a steady up, down, and sort of swaying motion inside of his shorts. Even though his gray shorts were fairly loose on him, I could still clearly see the outline of his penis shaft and head as it pressed up against the cottony material. His rigid penis pointed upwards in the air at about a forty five degree angle and slightly to the left side of his body, which sort of lifted the edge of his waistband a little.

My right hand dipped down just above his waistband, and started to softly work along the side of his waist. I could feel Evan staring at me, and I made sure he could tell that I was taking in his hardness with my intent gaze before I looked back up into his eyes while my right hand continued to follow along the edge of his waistband.

For the first time since I started his massage I spoke up. "Very nice Evan, you really don't have anything to be ashamed of," I whispered to him reassuringly.

The corners of his mouth twitched a little, and I glimpsed a brief grin on his lips before they relaxed again. He looked down at his obvious erection pulsing against his shorts, and I followed his gaze as we both just stared for a moment while my hands went back and forth across his waist, and swirled around his belly button. We both looked back towards each other, and he slowly closed his eyes again so that he could enjoy the mood.

We had reached a new phase in our relationship. He trusted me not to take things too far, and he also didn't bother to cover himself up with his hands when he popped a woody in his shorts. This was a big step for Evan, and I knew how difficult it had been for him to trust in someone this much. My chest filled with excitement at the realization of this faith, and I vowed not to break it. There was enough hurt in this young boy's life, and I was going to be damn sure not to harm him as well.

I wriggled my fingers below his waistband, and looked over to his face, but there was no response or defensive move on his part. At that moment I was so proud of him for the bravery and trust he exhibited. He truly was amazing, and I fell for him even more as my heart thundered excitedly in my chest. I continued to rub his waist just beneath the wide band of his shorts. Without his hand pressing down against his erection and fabric, my fingers were able to glide along un-inhibited. I looked back up to his face, but he still kept his eyes closed without any fear as to how close I truly was to his most intimate of spots.

Confident that he was satisfied with the state of things I focused back on his cute bulging crotch. At one point my hand literally had to cross under the tip of his upward angled penis. I made sure not to bump into him as my fingers easily slid along his waist. It was then I noticed that my hand under his waist band had created a little gap, a space, which from the angle where I was sitting made for an unobstructed view of his pubic mound, penis, and soft fleshy boy sack. I couldn't see the entire length of his shaft because it was angled upwards, and on the inner side of the waistband, which rested up against his waist.

When my hands ran along the waistband it did create that gap providing me with a bit of a view, but not enough to see the tip of his penis. I could however see an inch of the base of his rigid shaft, and I quivered at the thickness of it. His skin was pulled tight over his thick penis, and I could clearly see the bright blue veins all along its length. I recalled seeing him naked for a moment in the bathroom in his flaccid state, and thought his shaft rather thick for a boy his age, but seeing the thickness and stiffness in his erected state was pretty shocking.

I figured it was a little thicker than my own four inch long erection, which on a twelve year old was pretty fat. As is typical with most young teenagers I've measured mine on more than one occasion not only for length but breadth. The circumference on my own excited shaft was only about three inches, kind of thin for a boy my age and penis length. Sure my pecker was on the thin side for my age, but I could certainly tell that Evan's chubbed up penis was thicker than average for a twelve year old. If I were to venture a guess I would say it was probably about three and a half inches in circumference. His three inch long erection was probably typical for a boy his age, maybe a bit on the short side, but his thickness made him look hung; especially on his small little frame. My eyes wandered down further to see his soft fleshy boy pouch nestled just below his stiff shaft, and angled a little off to his left.

Since Evan's left leg was tucked up under his right leg the bottom portion of his body sort of leaned a little to the left. If it weren't for this I probably would have only been able to see the upper half of his fleshy pouch because it probably would have disappeared straight down from site between his legs. However, he was angled a little to the left, and his soft bag had settled down on top of his left inner thigh giving me an unobstructed view of his heavy chestnut sized testicles weighing down his smooth loose fleshy sack.

I was quickly running out of time so while my hand was making its way towards my direction, I took a quick look up towards Evan's face noticing how calm and relaxed he had become. I looked back down as my hand made its final circuit towards his left side, and paid close attention to everything trying to take note of what I was seeing. I looked closely at his pubic mound seeing that it was bare of any hairs whatsoever; including any thin fine ones that might have sprouted up around the typical areas one gets when they hit puberty. There was no hair along the base of his shaft or along either side of it, no hair on his penis, and no hair on his sack. He was completely bald all around, and for some reason this sent a thrill up my spine.

The only thing I was wondering about was the tip of his penis. I couldn't help but wonder if the head of his penis poked out past the opening of his foreskin, or if it remained mostly hidden under the hood during an erection, but hoped that someday soon I would get to find out. I could have taken the chance, and perhaps lift up his waistband a little further as I passed along close to where the tip of his penis lay hidden, but I didn't want to take the chance of spoiling where we were with each other at the moment. I took solace in the fact the younger boy seemed to trust me, and perhaps care for me in more than the usual sense.

Not wanting to remain too long in this intimate area and create suspicion, I reluctantly removed my hand from under his waistband, and slowly moved my fingers upwards towards his chest. I could tell he was totally relaxed and slowly heading towards sleep so I leaned in closely to him.

"I Luv ya kiddo, you know that don't you?" I whispered softly in his ear.

Evan nodded his head, "I Luv you too bro?" he sighed back in response.

I leaned in closer and softly brushed my lips on his forehead, then each of his eyes before lingering softly on his lips. He sighed at my touch, and returned my tender kiss with his soft lips. Another pleasant surprise for me.

"Mmmm, that tasted good," I heard him sigh as he slowly faded off to sleep.

I watched him for a moment or two as his chest rose and fell in an even rhythm. I exhaled softy getting up off the chair, and putting it back in place by Evan's desk. When I returned to the sleeping form of the twelve year old to cover him up with the thin blanket I noticed his penis had deflated as well no longer stretching out the cottony soft fabric of his gray shorts.

I Chuckled thinking that when tomorrow rolled around he'll have to take care of some very personal business. I had worked him pretty hard stimulating his little body almost into a frenzied state on more than one occasion this evening. If he wouldn't have had that melt down I'm sure he would have had to jerk himself off when he took his bath. I had a feeling that is why he opted for a bath in the first place. With the movie and everything else, he surely would have been able to jerk himself off to an orgasm relatively easy.

Thinking of this reminded me that I too would have to take care of some business once I got home. I thought seriously for a split second about taking care of it right now in the Prescott's restroom, but decided to wait when I could do it in the relative safety of my own locked bathroom, in a nice warm shower, and without worrying about being interrupted.

Sure my mom had interrupted me earlier that morning, but by the time I got home mom would be in bed. If she heard my shower water running it wouldn't be unheard of because I've taken late showers on more than one occasion. I know what you are thinking, and no it's not because of getting up in the middle of the night to wash off the effects of a jerking session, no rather it just isn't unusual for me to arrive home late on the weekends or now during summer vacation.

Before leaving Evan's room I walked over to his paintings, and looked them over. I liked how the lighting in the paintings seemed to shift and change when you looked at them from different angles. Even the reds and yellows on the canyon walls seemed to shift in coloration and intensity. The work appealed to my sensibilities, and I tried to read the artists name written across the bottom. I couldn't quite make it out, maybe Ch undecipherable and then the last name Pab a couple of more letters undecipherable, but I seemed to recognize the signature nevertheless. It might be the same artist from a painting or two we have at home. I took note of how the signature appeared, and would look at our pieces when I got the chance.

I walked over towards the door, and noticed Evan's light switch was on a dimmer switch. 'Odd' I thought as I slowly lowered the lighting level in his room then noticed how this changed the mood lighting within the paintings.

"Whoa, way cool," I whispered to no-one in particular. I'll have to remember this, and get a closer look at the artwork. With that I turned the light dimmer completely off and leaving Evan's door cracked open headed towards the living room to wait for Mrs. Prescott and that fucking dick-wad to arrive home. I was going to have to figure something out for sure. I didn't know what, but with me leaving on Sunday for camp it would have to be soon. I didn't want an entire week to pass by with that danger lurking over Evan's head.

I sat down on the chair and started to surf through the channels. I found something half way decent and started to watch half-heartedly without much interest. I was nodding off a little coming awake now and then only to nod off again. It was during one of those moments when I was half asleep that I heard something which woke me up. At first I thought it might be Mrs. Prescott arriving home, but then I heard mumbling sounds coming from the hallway and one of the boy's rooms.

"Stop, don't…please stop," I heard the muffled sounds of a plea which sounded like it was coming from Evan's room. 'Shit, not that he is having enough problems, now a fucking nightmare to boot,' I thought to myself as I got up off the chair and quickly made my way to his room.

I flipped on Evan's light switch, and saw a bewildered twelve year old boy looking down at his tousled bedding. I hurried over to him, and sat down next to the disheveled boy whose body was glistening with perspiration. His hands were shaking as he held on to his bedding, which had been tossed off to the side, and I could see the beginnings of wetness forming at the corners of his eyes. Then something else hit my senses as I reached over to hug the panicked little guy in my arms.

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