Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 5

My mind just froze, not believing what I just heard. Brendan killed his own little brother and Marco had a twin. It all started to make sense now. Marco's bad dreams, the extra bed in Marco's room, the extra dresser drawer, that picture on the end table from last year depicting Marco…no make that Marcel, his twin brother. They were identical twins. Marco had lost his twin brother at the same time he lost his mother. For Marco, the two closest people to him in his entire life were gone forever. But what did Brendan mean by it being his fault.

"I…I don't understand Brendan. H…how is all of this your fault." I whispered in stunned silence.

"It was my fault because at the last moment I switched seats with Marcel. He complained about sitting in the middle, so I caved in even after my mom complained we were running late and that I always let the boys talk me into doing things I shouldn't. If I had listened to my mom, if I hadn't taken up the extra time, we wouldn't have been in the accident. If nothing else, then it would have been me, and not Marcel who died. It was awful seeing him like that with…with that small steel rod buried in his little beautiful body. My own heart broke when I saw it." Brendan sniffled and wiped away the tears with the back of his hand as he recalled the gruesome sight.

My mind tried to grasp all of this information and I was going to say something when Brendan spoke up again. "Jackson it was horrible. Marco was screaming and bleeding wanting comfort from me, but Marcel…he was dying…and I couldn't let Marco see any of it. I blocked Marco's view with my body while he remained strapped in the seatbelt and turned my back to him. I turned my back on one brother so I could be with my other brother. I…I just ignored Marco completely leaving him all alone, and I know he could see mom in the front seat, but I couldn't protect him from that. Marcel just looked at me and smiled. He knew he was dying, and he whispered for me not to let Marco see him like this. He kept whispering 'don't let him see…don't let him see,' several times. I held his small precious little hand in mine as he just continued to smile at me. His smile was so beautiful and alive for that one moment. Then his face changed as he whispered that he loved me, and I whispered back that I loved him too and to please not leave. I begged him, I promised him it would be alright, but he just smiled one last time and said…'Good-bye,' then closed his eyes and was gone. I…I didn't even get to say good bye to my little brother. It happened so fast." Brendan whispered in the soft glowing lit room.

My heart ached and I cried as I held Brendan lovingly. How horrible it must have been to go through something like this. It was even worse since he had to make decisions that no young boy his age should ever have to make.

"Brendan it isn't your fault. None of it was your fault. Not your mom, not Marcel, and definitely not Marco. Thank goodness you were able to at least shield him from what happened to Marcel. I don't know how he would be able to sleep at all if he saw that Brendan." I whispered to my friend as I gently stroked his chest.

He just sighed and gently began to run his fingers along my back. "I know that Jackson. Everyone tells me the same thing…you know…my dad, my doctors, everyone. Both Marco and I had to get professional counseling, and of course they told me it wasn't my fault. I'm not an idiot, and I know it isn't my fault, but still…you know." He told me gently as he shrugged his shoulders and we both fell silent listening to the even rhythmic breathing of Marco lying next to us on the bed. "Jackson…um…could we keep this just between the two of us?" He asked me as he looked down at me.

"I don't understand." I responded honestly.

"I…I've never told anyone about…Marcel…I mean…those last moments." He admitted to me.

"Oh that." I whispered a bit shaken by this revelation. "Sure…but why not, I mean why don't you want to tell anyone else about it?" I asked him.

He just shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. I guess because it is just something private. Something I shared with Marcel. It is just something that I have for my own with my little brother." He pointed out as he wiped away the tears from his eyes with the back of his hand.

"Oh, like Friday when you played basketball at the courtyard. You went there to be alone." I responded feeling bad now about interrupting him that day. "I'm sorry that I followed you and interrupted your private moment. I didn't know that you wanted to be alone since it was the one year aniver…um…since it was one year when they died." I amended at the last moment.

Brendan just looked at me and smiled warmly. "I'm not." He whispered as he chuckled at my confused look. "I'm not 'sorry' that you interrupted me Friday. There was just something about you that made me happy. When you sat next to me there wasn't any judgments coming from you or anything. It made me feel better about things. I was struggling all day in school…you know…sort of like in a funk or something then you sat down next to me, offered me a cold drink, and didn't even press me for any conversation. You were just happy to be there, and that made me happy too." He admitted.

"What?" I gasped a bit surprised. "I mean, don't you remember that you were the one who helped me out. You know…the bully at school. When Ezra and that other kid started to pick on me I just thought this new school year in a new school was going to be more of the same like my old school. Then you came into the bathroom and saved me. You gave me hope that it was going to be better. If that wasn't nice enough you then invited me over to your house and to spend the night. Both you and your brother are the best friends I've ever had in my life." I responded as I noticed him just smiling and shaking his head.

"Why do you do that?" He asked me.

"Do what?"

"You know…deflect any compliments. I mean you made me feel better, yet you blow it off saying that it was me all along. Just like your orgasm. You made it into a bad thing for yourself. I mean…so what…who cares you just exploded like that so quickly. You should be happy that you had your first real life orgasm, and that it felt wonderful. Instead you made a whole big deal about how embarrassed you were because it happened so fast. I mean, didn't it feel totally awesome for you?" He asked me.

"Yes…of course it's just…I'm such a dweeb…you know about sex and all." I responded.

"See what I mean. Yes or no, did you enjoy it?" He asked me.

Shrugging my shoulders and fidgeting a bit, I just groaned. "Yes." I responded as he just smiled quirkily at me making me laugh. "Yes…yes…yes…it felt totally awesome." I giggled as I stated it more forcefully the second time around.

We both just giggled at the silliness of it all as I reflected on those precious moments. It really had been wonderful, and had been made all the more so because it was Brendan who had done that special deed to me for the first time. I looked up at the older boy and noticed his perky good natured glow was back replacing the gloominess of only moments earlier.

"Brendan, are you alright? You know, with everything?" I asked him without actually mentioning his mom and brother.

"Yeah, I'm cool with everything. It was just a moment…you know. I will always be sad at times, but I really am happy you know. Especially with a quirky little munchkin like you hanging around me now." He teased as he tickled my ribcage.

His tickling made me jerk as my hips thrust into his side. I had almost forgotten again that I was naked, but at this moment I didn't seem to mind so much as my soft penis pressed up against his naked skin just above his underwear.

Brendan stopped tickling me, and I settled my weight back down on top of him as he began to gently stroke my back, which sent tingling sensations all up and down my spine. "Good…I'm glad, because who else is going to teach me about jacking off and stuff." I teased him as all of a sudden he rolled me over on to my back and pounce on me.

"Why you little horn dog. Geeze, it was only as recent as today where you would just blush at the mention of sex, and look at you now. One little orgasm, and all of a sudden you are all 'that' regarding sex." He teased me as he started to tickle me in earnest.

"Stop…Brendan stop before I explode again." I told him which immediately made him stop because he noticed my penis had inflated again.

He looked down at me while my now rigid penis pulsed wildly, and then back up into my eyes smiling tenderly at me. My powdery blue eyes had followed his gaze, and I was surprised by the fact I didn't mind him seeing my naked erection anymore. In a way it excited me to no end as I started to breathe raggedly, and my blood began to boil inside of me. He was holding himself up on his elbows lying between my legs while I looked up into his soft features.

There was a hungry look in his eyes, but I didn't recoil from it. Instead I urged that hungry look hoping he would respond. We hung there suspended mere inches away from each other, and just when I thought things would end he lowered his face towards me kissing me on the lips. My mind exploded with fireworks as electricity coursed through my veins sending a shock wave through my insides. I felt his hands all over my sides and hips as he ground his groin into mine and slowly rocked his hips.

His hardness pressed up against mine sending me reeling with emotions as my small hard penis twitched against his much larger one. He still had his underwear on, but there was no mistaking his hardness or the hunger of Brendan as our lips released and he started to nibble on my ear.

"Oh fuck Brendan," I breathed hard feeling my insides roiling with intensity. "P…please stop before it's too late." I grunted. "Oh shit that feels so good." I whimpered as he ground his hips into me and I felt my insides start to rise. "Stop…" I grunted as I managed to roll him off of me, and ended up lying on top of him myself.

Brendan whimpered as he slowly backed his urges down leaving us both gasping for air. "Oh shit Brendan that was…oh shit…totally awesome." I groaned as he whimpered again from having to stop so soon.

"Jackson…I…shit." He whispered hoarsely as he gulped down another lungful of air. "I…I'm sorry. I thought you wanted…you know." He whispered.

"I…I do…but shit I thought I was going to explode again." I admitted.

"Shit…I'm hard as a rock, and I think I'm going to end up with blue balls." He admitted as he chuckled.

I wasn't exactly sure what he meant, but did have sort of an idea, and I felt bad for him so I decided to compromise. Slowly easing myself off of him I started to gently rub his chest noticing how his skin seemed to shiver under my tender administrations. Just like he had done to me I slowly traced a circle around his chest and made them wider until my fingers were tracing all the way down to his belly button. Brendan looked down at me and smiled contentedly.

Slowly I tightened the circular motion around his belly button. I could see his large penis throbbing against the cottony fabric of his briefs as my fingers flickered under the waist band easing forward towards the ultimate prize. Brendan gasped with excitement, and I felt his hard inflated boyhood jerk in my hands as I wrapped my fingers around its thickness.

My heart thundered in my chest as I took the first ever naked boy cock in my hands from a boy who was completely awake and willing. Of course I had touched Marco, but that was somehow different. Brendan knew what was happening at the moment and was a willing participant. It was a thrilling sensation to have this much control over someone else's manhood. Brendan groaned loudly as my fingers squeezed him gently.

"Oh fuck Jackson that feels so fucking hot." He moaned as his body twitched involuntarily.

At first I thought he was going to explode like I had done, but somehow he managed to hold off for a while longer. Releasing him with a whimper of complaint I slowly tugged on the back of his underwear, and was rewarded with him lifting his hips up into the air just as I had done for him. Gently I eased his underwear off of his hips clearly seeing for the first time ever his large erection as it lay snuggled up against his pubic mound on top of a few curly light brown hairs. This was even better than seeing him when he did that nude dance for me.

Pulling down his underwear past his ankles I focused my attention back to his four inch hardness as my small fist once more wrapped around its thickness. "Oh fuck yeah Jackson that feels so good." He responded as my fist concealed his thick shaft while his one and a half inch long angry looking purplish pink colored glans seemed to puff outwards a bit wider.

It felt amazing to have something so hard yet silky soft at the same time in my hands. There was an intense oven like warmth emanating from that piece of hardness. It also felt a lot heavier to me than I thought possible. Now I was very curious as I reached out with my other hand and cupped his sagging boy pouch. This was a different sensation for me, but his walnut sized testicles weighed heavily in my hands.

"Shit please Jackson start stroking me. I need you to jack me off." Brendan croaked as he looked at me, and then down towards his aching balls.

"I…I," stuttered not sure about what to do.

Brendan reached down and wrapped his own fist around mine and slowly started a pumping motion up and down his shaft. "Oh Yesssss…shit that's feels so good." He purred as he released my hand allowing me to once again take over for myself as I finally got the sense of what to do.

"Just squeeze me a little tighter, but not too tight," He commanded and I automatically obeyed noticing how another involuntary shudder coursed through his body while his testicles jerked slightly upwards.

Then I felt something else. There was a slickness oozing out from the tip end of his glans that now worked their way onto my pumping fist. It seemed to make things glide a bit easier, and Brendan started to moan now as his hips also began to sway around, and at times twitch upwards.

"Don't stop until I tell you to Jackson, and pick up the pace." He commanded as I once again did what I was told, and started to pump him furiously while he squirmed in delight on the bed.

My eyes were glued to his dark purplish dick head as it disappeared and reappeared in my pumping fist. It looked totally awesome, and my own penis twitched wildly between my legs at the sexiness of it all. He was moaning loudly now, and I don't know what made me do it, but all of a sudden I slowed down my pace instinctively knowing this was the right thing to do.

Brendan started to whimper and complain as he calmed down a bit before I started in on him again. My sudden move caught him by surprise as he yelped, and started twitching erratically, squirming around as I worked him. Reaching over with my other hand I took his boy pouch in my fingers, and started to roll them around. He purred delightedly as his hips lifted up off the bed. I slowed down my pumping action allowing his hips to lower again, yet letting him still enjoy the sensation I was giving him through his boy pouch.

"Oh shit Jackson you are too good." He grunted as I increased my tempo and decided to end his suffering.

Pumping for all I was worth I focused on his hardened piece of steel. It felt hot in my hand as my right fist pumped along the length of his shaft. I adjusted the angel of my fingers so that my thumb rubbed along his ridge and pee slit and that was all it took as all of a sudden Brendan's hips shot upwards, and I felt his penis writhing around wildly in my hand.

"Oh shit Jackson, I'm gonna spew." Brendan managed to croak out before his body became rigid. "Oh shiiiii, umph, umph, aaaaah, umph," he grunted and moaned at the height of his euphoric blissful orgasmic release.

His large testicles contracted nearly jumping out of my left hand, and just like one of those medieval cannons shooting its load, his hard penis jerked allowing a clear whitish blob of liquid to spit out of his pee slit. The substance shot out like a cannon ball as I watched it curving through the air only to land squarely on his chest along with several small little droplets surrounding the main puddle. I felt his penis jerk several more times to his grunting pleasure, along with the contraction of his testicles, before he started to ease off. Only a little more fluid oozed out of the tip of his pee slit, and then nothing more dribbled outwards despite his balls continually trying to spew forth his precious seed. His receptacles were completely empty now despite how desperately he wanted more to come out.

Brendan just moaned now as his body twitched one or two more times. I stopped pumping on his torrid erection, and felt it start to deflate while I watched on just mesmerized by how magical this small piece of our anatomy truly was for us. He had instructed me to keep going until he told me to stop, but I instinctively knew he was finished at this point and to continue would be painful now. So instead, I just continued to hold him, and enjoyed the sensation of how his now warm plump softness felt in my small fingers.

The sensation of his hard erection in my hand had been a wonderful experience, but feeling his softness now was just as pleasurable for me. Sadly though I slowly released his flaccid penis knowing it was the right thing to do. It shriveled up in front of my eyes, but Brendan's overall expression was one of blissful contentment.

Slowly he opened his eyes and smiled warmly at me. "Thanks Jackson. That was the best ever. I swear…it's true. It always feels good when someone else jacks you off, but you…oh shit…I thought you said you didn't know how to jack off." He giggled teasingly as he complimented me.

"You've been jacked off before by other people?" I asked him a bit shocked by the revelation even though I knew I really shouldn't be.

"Of course I told you a friend taught me remember?" He reminded me gently.

"Oh yeah, it just didn't really register is all." I giggled at him. "Did I really do a good job?" I asked him wanting to know the truth, and so desperately wanting to please my new friend.

"Fuck yeah that was totally awesome dude. Shit that was the best ever for me. That's really not saying a lot though because it isn't like I've had a lot of people jacking me off and all. It's only happened a few times, but shit, sometimes I wish I could have this happen to me all the time. You can do this anytime you want because you've got the best hands ever." He laughed at me as he got up and retrieved a dirty rag.

Picking up an old water bottle he dampened down the rag and started to clean himself up. He got all the cum wiped away from his chest then he settled down on his bed and leaned back opening up his legs. He wiped off the mess from his now shriveled up flaccid three inch boy penis and empty balls. Looking over towards me he folded his rag over to a clean spot, wetted it down, and started to clean up my chest. He shoved open my legs gently wiping clean my dried up cum down there as well. I started to protest, but there was nothing sexual about it, and even though my hard dick throbbed a bit I managed to control myself without exploding.

Brendan looked up at me after he finished and purred. "Good boy…yes you are, just like a good little puppy. Before you know it you won't be having any more little accidents." He teased me using a voice you would use when congratulating a puppy dog for a good job.

"You're a fucking dickhead," I told him as I punched him in the arm and giggled while I just shook my head at him in disbelief.

He yelped and rubbed his arms as he got back up and headed towards the dirty laundry bag. I noted it was starting to get pretty full and I just chuckled. Brendan tossed me a fresh bottle of water, and I fluffed up my pillow before settling in a more upright position as I covered up my nakedness. Brendan just shook his head at me, and I shrugged my shoulder.

Opening up my bottle of water and taking several swallows to hydrate myself I just looked back at Brendan's expression as the boy rolled his eyes. "What? You never know who is going to pop their head in on us." I griped.

As if one cue there was a light tapping on the door as it slowly swung open, and a cute little face peeked inside. "Shut up," Brendan quipped to me as I laughed and watched Marco hesitantly step inside the door.

"Can I sleep with you guys tonight…pleeeeease." Marco begged not in the least bit surprised at Brendan's naked state.

The older boy really was sexy hot as his now recuperated and no long shriveled up three inch flaccid cut dick hung over his smooth sagging boy pouch. I just loved how his small patch of pubes just on either side of the base of his penis looked on him. There were really only a few strands, but they were dark enough to be noticeable. His sleek fit torso with tight skinned muscles looked divine on him, and reminded me of those Greek statues I've seen in some of our history books.

"I…I don't want to be alone." Marco pleaded nearly in tears.

"What's wrong Marco?" Brendan approached his little brother, and knelt in front of him hugging the boy to him. "Are you still afraid of what happened at the park today?"

The smaller boy just held his older brother tightly, "No…well sort of." He sniffled.

"Then what is it?" Brendan asked as he released his brother and held him out at arms length looking at him.

Marco looked hesitantly at me, and then back to his brother. "I…I miss him…you know." He sniffled. "Friday was…you know." He looked down at his feet as he bounced from one foot to the other a bit nervously.

"I know squirt, and I miss him too. Jackson helped me with it though, so I guess maybe it is alright for you to stay with us. It's getting late anyway." Brendan conceded to his little brother.

Marco just wrapped his arms around his big brother, and sighed before letting him loose heading towards the bed. "Since you are naked too Brendan can I get undressed?" The smaller boy asked as Brendan looked down at himself.

"Yeah, why not just don't give Jackson a heart attack?" He chuckled at his little brother.

"Why would he have a heart attack? He's already seen me naked, and now you too." Marco pointed out as he shucked off his pajama bottoms and crawled under the covers heading straight for me.

The boy latched on to me and accidentally kneed me in the crotch as he hugged me. "Damn Marco you've got to stop doing that." I grunted as I winced from the sharp stabbing pain in my groin.

"What? I thought you didn't mind me hugging you?" He asked as he quickly backed off a bit hurt by my comment.

"No, I don't mind the hugs, but I do mind you constantly kneeing me in the balls." I told him gently realizing I had come across a bit harsh.

"Sorry," Marco apologized as he lifted up the covers without thinking to take a look at me.

"Shit," I jumped and quickly covered myself back up.

"Wow, you're naked too." Marco quipped as he looked up innocently. "Can I see your dinky? I didn't get a good look at it just now."

"What? No…I mean why would you want to see me naked?" I asked him.

"Why not? You've seen me naked and Brendan too, so what's the big deal. I just want to see if it looks different from mine and Brendan's." He responded innocently.

The smaller boy was only curious is all, and I knew it, but still it was a bit weird for me. Sure Brendan just saw me, but until today no one else has ever seen me naked, not even my parents now for several years.

"Is there something wrong with it?" Marco pressed me.

"No!" I replied sharply and with a squeaky voice, surprised he would assume something like that. "I mean no of course not, it's just that…well…it's been a long time since someone's seen me naked is all." I tried to explain to him.

"If there's nothing wrong with it why would you hide it then?" He asked me as I looked towards Brendan for help, but didn't see any sympathy from his older brother.

Instead Brendan just looked at me, and then winked at his little brother. "I don't know why he is so shy Marco. He really does have a nice dinky." Brendan giggled using Marco's word for penis. "I think he believes it is small, but I told him for his age it is really nice and not small at all."

"Really, oh please Jackson let me see. I'll tell you if it is small or not for real. I won't lie. Besides, who cares if it is small? Mine's a lot smaller than Brendan's, it is even smaller than my friend Jason from across the street." He admitted and wasn't even fazed that he admitted to comparing sizes with other boys.

"Geeze, alright already. I can't believe I'm allowing you guys to perv on me like this." I told them as I threw back the covers.

"Wow, that's really nice Jackson…for real." Marco insisted as he ogled my package. "It really isn't that small Jackson. I mean it's smaller than Brendan's, but still longer than mine. It's skinny though, but I like how it looks on you. I don't think a fat one like Brendan has or like mine would look good on you. Mine's shorter than yours, but about the same thickness I think. I like how it is nice and thin, and I like how long it is. I like the size of your marbles and its pouch too. I wish mine would sag down some more, but Brendan says it will later, oh, and that my dinky will get bigger too. Geeze you really look nice Jackson." He cooed over my penis and boy pouch in rapid fire succession as he reached over to pick it up in his fingers.

My body immediately jolted with electricity at his touch as I shoved his hand away. His touch made me react even more intensely than his brother's touch had done to me. My dick immediately sprang to life as my hard thin piece of rod immediately inflated and elongated to its maximum hardened length of three inches. It surprised me that it went from completely soft to completely hard instantaneously. I've never seen it do that so fast.

"Shit, don't do that Marco," I gasped trying to recover.

"I…I'm sorry did I hurt you." The smaller boy asked concerned.

"N…no it didn't hurt it just…um…never mind." I sighed as Brendan started to laugh his ass off.

"Just do what he tells you Marco, and don't try to touch him like that. He's real sensitive down there when someone touches it, and the doggone thing will spit at you like one of those spitting cobras." Brendan told his little brother as he continued to laugh about it.

"Fuck you Brendan," I told him a bit upset.

"Really it spits at people. You don't mean he will pee on me or anything?" Marco looked towards his older brother with disgust.

"No of course not, he actually spits that sort of whitish looking stuff like those cobras do, but his isn't poisonous or anything so you don't have to worry. It's just kind of sticky and gooey is all." Brendan explained to his little brother while I shot glances like daggers at him.

Marco had scooted down closer when I was giving Brendan the stare down, and I was taken aback a bit not knowing what to do about his face being so close to my crotch. "Wow, you have some hairs like Brendan." Marco pointed out.

"No, mine are really fine fuzzy hairs that have always been there, but your brother actually has some real hair growing down there now.

"Yeah, so do you. I know what the difference is because I have those fuzzies too, see." He stated as he sat on my chest his pubic mound a mere few inches away from my nose.

Running the fingers of his right hand across his naked pubic mound while holding aside his hard two inch pecker with his left hand he showed me what he meant. Sure enough he had a light dusting of very fine hairs along his skin on that pale patch of skin. It was kind of intoxicating with him sitting there so close to me as I breathed in his crotch aroma. It was the same kind of aroma I had smelled on him before, but just stronger now that I was closer to the source. The moment passed when he crawled off of me, and then careful so as not to touch my hard penis pointed out a couple of thicker like hairs on my pubic mound. They were still very light in coloration, but just a little thicker and longer than my other fuzzies.

"Wow you're right no wonder I'm sperming." I said out loud realizing my outburst a bit too late as Brendan just busted up laughing his ass off again and for the umpteenth time.

"You're what?" Marco asked.

"Never mind squirt." I told him as I covered myself back up and settle in for the evening. "It's getting late so maybe we should just go to sleep." I stated.

"Yeah Jackson's right…and Marco…don't say anything about what happened right now. I mean maybe it should just stay between the three of us. Besides, you see how shy Jackson is about his dinky and all." Brendan stated as he crawled under the covers.

"Not even to dad?" Marco commented innocently.

"No…especially not even to dad. This is private stuff just for us older kids, and we allowed you to be a part of it…but if you say anything about it like little kids do then we won't let you do this again with us." Brendan told his little brother.

"Oh goodie, does this mean I get to sleep with you guys all the time now?" He asked seriously.

"No." Brendan admonished. "Just sometimes, but you've got to promise to be like a big boy and not say anything."

"I promise Brendan. I won't mess this up."

"Good then." He finished off as he reached for the light switch and clicked it off.

"Jackson?" I heard Marco pipe up questioningly.

Sighing, I just turned towards the little guy and stroked his cheek. "Did Brendan tell you what happened last year?" Marco asked me.

"Yeah, he told me and I'm really sorry. Is that why you had your nightmares last night?" I asked the younger boy.

"Yeah, I can't sleep because I miss Marcel. I never got to say good bye to him. I was such a baby crying and all, and I didn't even know he was hurt so bad. He was very brave you know." He finished up. "I wish I could say good bye to him."

"Didn't you say anything at the funeral to him?" I asked innocently and now even Brendan turned towards me interested in the conversation.

"He's dead Jackson how would he even have heard me?" Marco asked me curiously.

Shrugging my shoulders I just responded the best way I could. "I don't know. Some people say that the spirit of our loved ones visit us sometimes and can hear us. People often go the gravesite where their loved ones are buried and talk to them. There must be some reason for them to do that at the gravesite. Maybe it is because it is easier for the spirit to come to where they are buried, and listen to people who are still alive. Some people also say that when we are asleep they come visit us in our dreams telling us things." I told him.

"Really, do you think he would be able to hear me?"

"I would hope so, after all you are his twin brother so I'm sure he'd come and listen to you. Even if you don't see or hear him I'm sure he would be there." I told him.

"Why can't we see them for ourselves?" He asked me.

"Maybe it is some rule or something. When we leave from here we have to go somewhere else, and can't come back physically. We can come back to visit, but it wouldn't be fair to allow others to see us. Anyway that is what I think." I told him.

"Yeah, I guess it sort of makes sense."

"Good, maybe you guys can go tomorrow and visit your mother and brother?" I asked looking over towards Brendan.

Marco looked at his older brother who just smiled. "Sure, it isn't too far away, and we can ride our bikes there. Besides I would like to say hi to them as well. I've been missing Mom and Marcel too." The older boy nodded his head thinking it all a good idea.

"Jackson you come too. I want to introduce you to mom and Marcel. I know he will like you a lot especially after I tell him how you saved me at the water park today." Marco stated not even asking me and with the matter all settled.

Brendan just shrugged his shoulders at me and I sighed. "Sure that will be fine since it was my idea to begin with." I agreed. "Now let's get some sleep." I stated as I yawned and Marco snuggled up to me.

The smaller boy squirmed around a little trying to get comfortable, and just ended up with half of his body sprawled all over mine as I lay on my back. During his squirming around he had crawled over me and slipped on my right side next to the wall. His right leg was bent over the top of my hips and rubbed against my penis keeping it hard and stiff, but I just let it go figuring if I made a big deal about it he might end up keeping us up longer with more questions. His own little hard pecker pressed up against my hip while his head rested on my chest.

The room got real quiet and I knew that Brendan, who now lay on my left side, had already fallen asleep as he breathed in rhythmically, and I could here the soft snoring sounds emanating from his direction. My hands softly caressed Marco's back as he purred contentedly at my administrations. His little body quivered in my arms and his small erection pulsed against my hips twitching every once in a while when my fingers hit a sensitive spot on him sending a thrill coursing through his tiny frame.

I started to wonder what it would be like for a boy his age to have an orgasm. Picturing him flailing around with his body arching and jerking looked kind of comical on someone so young. I didn't even know if someone his age could orgasm. I know Brendan stated he had dry orgasms when he was only ten years old, so I supposed it was possible for Marco to have the same thing happen to him.

"I love you Jackson," I heard Marco whisper quietly half asleep.

This time his statement didn't seem as odd so I responded back to him. "I love you twice as much my little snuggle bug."

"I like it when you say that." He responded.

"What…snuggle bug?"

"Yeah that too," he sighed as he faded off to sleep and I smiled as I realized he enjoyed my little comeback about loving him twice as much.

The smaller boy's grip loosened up on me and I squirmed further down under the covers until my face was only inches away from his. He looked so peaceful and beautiful, his face so innocent looking without a care in the world. All his troubles seemed to have disappeared. Leaning forward I gently pressed my lips against his, and sucked in his breath savoring the sensation of having a part of what had been inside of him now inside of me. His breathe tasted delicious and I sucked him in again enjoying how it made me feel. I saw the corners of his lips bend upwards in a cute little smile before I too closed my eyes and faded off to sleep.

It had been a hectic day and I was exhausted. The day spent at the water park had worn out my body in a typical kind of kid way. My mom always complained how I was just bursting at the seams with energy, and that a day spent outdoors with vigorous activity was the only way to ensure a good nights rest. Well, there was plenty of that today, and it indeed helped lull me into a deep slumber. I've never slept so peacefully and soundly when in the back of my mind a thought occurred to me. Not only was a full day spent outdoors crucial to such a deep slumbering respite, but also a wonderful sexual gratification session. For all of its intensity and body locking dynamism, my entire being seemed spent in a unique way as my body tried to recuperate and regain its strength.

Sex had a unique way about it regarding the affects it had on the human body. On the one hand it added vigor and vitality to one's being, but on the other hand it completely drained you in the shortest period of time, and even made your mind go completely blank for several moments. On the one hand there was such a great surge of tremendous power welling up inside of you, while at the same time all control of one's body was whisked away without a choice as the most euphoric blissfulness filled up your entire being like never before. Nothing else mattered in those few moments as the physical body heaved and contorted in ways you never thought possible, while your insides roiled with fire and electricity all having the affect of forcing all of your focus and energy in one small space of time. In the end, it basically just drained a person inside and out, mentally and physically. The only recourse is at the end of the day for the mind and body to shut down into sleep mode so it could recharge its batteries.

That is exactly what happened to me. Having my very first wakeful orgasm took everything out of me that going to the water park all day had missed. My mind floated freely without a care in the world as my body just seemed to float on a cloud of darkness. There was even the gentle rocking motion as the cloud shifted around lulling me further into the depths of blissfulness. Every once in a while the cloud would adjust so that I could be shifted around in comfort. I felt myself shifting once again adding to the deeper euphoric sensations as my insides began to roil in earnest again. It was a familiar feeling and I enjoyed it tremendously giving myself over to it completely as I heard my own voice start to moan in strength.

My body started to quiver as the tingling sensation between my legs started to intensify. My breathing became ragged in my chest and I started to gasp for air. Instinctively I knew something wasn't quite right, but I was feeling so wonderfully euphoric that I didn't want my deep slumbering blissfulness to end. There was a nagging buzzing sensation in the back of my memories as if trying to remind me about something.

The only thing I could bring to mind was the idea of a wet dream. This made me moan with concern as my subconscious struggled to maintain control while my conscious mind warned me of the impending consequences of staying asleep. I didn't want the embarrassment of another explosion while I slept, so ever so slowly I crawled out of the depths of my carefree slumbering, and forced my eyelids to flutter open.

Gasping for air as my eyes snapped open, I found myself staring into the most beautiful oceanic deep blue waves of Brendan's blissful gaze as he looked lovingly down at me. He was grunting and groaning with a look of such intensity as small droplets of sweat beaded his forehead. My naked body was already starting to perspire and my legs reflexively clamped around Brendan's naked hips while my heels bumped tenderly against his pale bubbly orbs. His hips were snuggled up tightly against my body in between my legs as I looked down at my crotch.

My breath caught in my chest as I noticed his right fist not only clamped around my three inch erection, but also around his longer and thicker appendage as our two erections rubbed up roughly against one another. Seeing what he was doing to me almost made me cum right there on the spot, but I gritted my teeth as my hands clamped down on his thighs and my hip jerked involuntarily. A loud whimper escaped my lips as Brendan's eyes flickered brightly looking at me intently.

"Just a bit longer Jackson," Brendan grunted as his fist jacked both of our erections at the same time.

The older boy was slightly bent over me and I could feel the slapping of his heavy ball sack as they bounced up against mine sending a shiver of excitement through me once again almost making me orgasm too soon. As he jacked us off he started to pound his hip into me in a rocking motion catching me by surprise, and I grunted giving him a bit of a warning as he eased up on his thrusting motion.

My eyes locked on to his pumping fist as I watched mesmerized and completely surprised that I hadn't spewed yet. Just watching his fist as it worked our hard erections almost sent me over the edge, but somehow I managed to hold of for a while more. I guess knowing what to expect regarding the intensity of the electrical like sensations between my legs afforded me a bit more control this time around. Then I began to wonder if having an orgasm not so long ago had anything to do with it as well.

"Damn, that looks so fucking hot," I croaked out as I watched both of our pinkish to deep purplish cut glans slithering in and out of the hole Brendan had created in his fist.

My blood started to really boil over now as we both squirmed with the sexiness of it all. Damn, never in a million years would I have thought I would wake up to being jacked off like this. The first time around had been so wonderful, but too sudden as I had exploded from the unexpected gift Brendan had provided me. This time around was different as I somehow managed to hold off the inevitable, well for a little while at least because I knew here very shortly something else would take over complete control of my body.

"Oh shit Jackson your dick is so fucking hard right now and burning hot like a toaster oven." Brendan growled loudly.

"Brendan I…oh shit what the hell are you doing to me?" I grunted as my hips bucked upwards reflexively again. "Oh…oh shit…I…I think…I can't…"

"Yesssss…now Jackson….now." Brendan commanded as all of a sudden I exploded right at the same time that I felt a jolting action coming from his own penis. Brendan rocked forward forcefully as I watched in amazement while both of our testicles contracted and unloaded their cargo erratically in a forceful and powerful explosion.

"Umph, uh, uh, uuuuumph, shiiiii, aaargh, oooooh," I grunted as my body twitched and flailed around noticing Brendan's doing the same thing.

At first I thought it was just my moaning and grunting noises, but then I realized we were both making guttural noises not to mention shooting off our cannons as I watched in fascination two blobs arcing towards my chest. The smaller blob belonging to me landed just below my chest, while the larger load belonging to Brendan splattered up against my neck and chin as I flinched reflexively. A second smaller splotch from Brendan splattered right next to the first small offering, which had belonged to me, mingling together.

With another small spastic sputtering of our bodies I whimpered exhausted as Brendan just collapsed on top of me. The air whooshed out of my chest as I struggled to breath. Slowly I managed to get enough air as Brendan just groaned, and slowly eased his legs into a straighter position. During the entire episode he had been sitting with his knees bent under his body, and now they ached from being abused and locked up like this for such a long time.

"Oh fuck Jackson thank you so much. I've fantasized about doing something like this forever, but I never dreamed it could be so fucking awesome…not like this." Brendan moaned blissfully.

"Oh gawd, what the fuck was that all about?" I moaned questioningly. "I don't know if I'll be able to move tomorrow. Shit what time is it anyway?" I complained.

"About five in the morning."

I just groaned and wanted to cry. "Shit Brendan how am I going to be able to do anything here in a few hours." I protested as I shoved him off of me and winced. "Shit, I think you rubbed me raw." I grunted as I leaned back against the pillow looking over towards Marco to make sure he was still asleep. "What would you have done if Marco woke up?" I continued to berate Brendan.

He was just looking at me shaking his head and shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe ask him to join us." He giggled as my eyes bugged out.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah sure. I learned when I was ten it hasn't harmed me any. Maybe you could teach him since I taught you. It would be a fair trade-off." He giggled as he saw my expression.

"You…I…um…you want me to what? No…I mean I can't do that…he's only eight." I pointed out a bit shocked.

"So what…who cares? I don't think he would mind especially if it was from you, and you wouldn't do it in a bad way or anything. I don't think it would have any bad affect on him to know about it if it comes right down to it. Besides, it would be a bit awkward for me to show him since he's my little brother." He shrugged his shoulders looking at me sincerely, and I knew he wasn't kidding around or anything.

He really wouldn't mind me showing his brother about this stuff. Nodding my head to myself, I guess it wouldn't harm him any as long as it was done in a good way. Still, I don't know if I really could do something like that to his little brother. I mean, yes it did excite me last night when I groped the younger boy and felt him up, but still, the boy is only eight years old, and I wasn't completely convinced it would be the right thing to do.

I motioned for Brendan to turn on the lamp. He clicked on the switch, and I glanced over towards Marco real quick to make sure he was still asleep before I inspected myself. Brendan got up to get me something to clean up with since most of our baby batter splattered up against me, which was another thing I wasn't too thrilled about. I would have to take a shower when we got up for sure I thought to myself. I moaned in relief noting that although my soft penis was a bit shriveled and angry red looking that he hadn't chafed me raw.

"Well?" He asked me as he tossed me a damp rag while he started to clean himself up as well.

"It's fine," I told him shaking my head and smiling. "Shit Brendan that was…intense." I chuckled letting him know that I was cool with it.

He smiled back at me as he sat down next to me. "You're not mad at me?" He asked hesitantly.

"How the hell can I stay mad at you…I mean that was…um…totally awesome in retrospect. It's just that shit, this weekend has been a bit much for me to chew on if you know what I mean. In the sex education department there's been a steep learning curve for sure if you know what I mean." I chuckled at him. "Thanks Brendan for teaching me this stuff. I feel a lot better about myself now…but shit…I'm like totally wiped out. Let's get whatever sleep we have left." I grunted a bit stiff as I crawled back under the covers.

"Don't worry Jackson. We can sleep in as long as we want. Dad won't get up out of his room until he hears us, and Marco will sleep until at least ten because it had been a long day. So don't worry about getting up so early, alright." Brendan stated as he slipped in next to me and clicked off the light. "Shit you are one fucking hot stud muffin Jackson. The best ever." Brendan giggled before getting quiet.

I just moaned a bit stiffly as I closed my eyes feeling myself pulled towards slumber land. Who would have thought little ole me was such a hot stud muffin to the likes of Brendan. Somehow it made me feel so much more powerful and confident about myself. The older boy made me feel so special. He could have any girl in school, most likely just about any boy, yet he wanted this with me.

Rolling over on my side I looked towards my new friend and sighed. "Brendan?"

"Shit not you too. I think Marco must be rubbing off on you." The older boy grunted as he rolled on his side looking at me. "Yeah…," he inquired.

Now that I had his attention I was getting second thoughts as we both just looked at one another. I could tell he noticed my hesitancy as he just continued to look at me, but didn't push or try to rush my thoughts.

Screwing up my eyebrows I just screwed up my eyebrows together and asked him straight out. "Are you gay?"

The room seemed to get quiet all of a sudden as he just looked at me like I was crazy, and then he just all of a sudden burst out laughing. I winced and looked over my shoulder towards Marco who sort of shifted a little before settling back down to sleep. Evidently he must be used to having noise around him when he fell asleep.

"Why would you even ask me that?" Brendan inquired. "I mean would it even matter if I were gay?"

Shrugging my shoulder and thinking about it I just shook my head. "No of course it wouldn't matter, I was just curious is all."

"Why, because of what happened between us?" He questioned further.

"Yeah I guess, and the fact that…well…you seem to enjoy that sort of thing and have done it before." I told him honestly.

"Shit Jackson…this is just…you know fun, and it feels great and all. As far as I know I'm not gay though. Hell if I could get girls to do this to me I'd be more than happy for it to happen." He answered me a bit giddy that I had asked him this question.

"Really…I mean I see how all the girls at school act around you. I just figured that if you wanted you could have any one of them. They all seem to go all gaga over you."

Once again he just busted up laughing. "Shit Jackson you really are classic. Hell if it were that easy for guys our age we would be getting laid all the time, but fuck how do I get girls to spend the night at my house. I don't think that would happen any time soon. It's not all that easy to get some real alone time with girls so that I could make out with them or anything, and even if I did get alone time almost all of them aren't willing to just have some fun with sex and all." He tried to explain to me.

"How hard could it be?" I asked naively.

"Shit Jackson, girls aren't that easy you know, even if they do like you. They aren't willing to just have sex with boys. It is more complicated you know. I mean we pop our cork at the drop of a hat, but they just don't orgasm like that. To tell you the truth I really wouldn't know how to please them even if they asked me at the moment. The whole boy and girl thing is way more complicated, and a lot more difficult to get them to have sex with us." He commented to me as he reflected about this whole situation as well.

"Oh…alright…does this mean I'm not gay either?" I asked him feeling a bit relieved.


"You know since you aren't gay and enjoyed what we did, does that mean I'm not gay too?" I asked him innocently.

"Shit…um…I don't know Jackson. Hell I don't even really know about myself. I know you popped a boner when you saw that girl's naked titties, so I have to guess that you like seeing naked girls and stuff." He admitted to me caught a bit off guard by the turn of our conversation. "Do you really think that doing what we did automatically makes you gay?"

Looking over at him and shrugging my shoulders I got a bit on the quiet side again but did answer. "Well…I don't know…I guess." I admitted with a soft whisper.

Brendan scooted over and hugged me to him noticing how I was a bit flustered by the entire overload in information. "Jackson I don't know if you are gay or straight, and to me it really doesn't matter. I'm still trying to work things out for myself, but if I were you I wouldn't worry about it too much. You're only eleven, and I think it is still too early to tell one way or the other, not to mention too early to even worry about it. As for me, I just want to enjoy how it feels to have some sex and fun. Besides, with you it is so fucking sexy hot and the best feeling I've ever had, but I am still looking forward to having sex with a girl some day." He told me honestly.

"Yeah but I really liked…um…seeing you all naked and even seeing…um…" I trailed off a bit embarrassed.

"Even seeing what?" Brendan pressed me as he became curious now.

"I mean you get me all horny and stuff; especially when you are naked, but even seeing Marco naked gets me horny." I admitted to him afraid that having these feelings not only for him, but a younger Marco was somehow a bit weird.

Brendan just busted up laughing as I just cringed. "Sorry Jackson I don't mean anything by it." He soothed me noticing how his laughing at my admission hurt me. "Even I have to admit that Marco really is so damn cute and adorable when he's naked, and if he weren't my brother I'd probably do stuff with him too I suppose. So I guess I can't blame you for feeling that way. You are worrying about this stuff too much Jackson." He told me seriously.

"So you really don't think me getting turned on by your little brother is weird or anything?" I asked him.

"Shit, who knows anymore. I just got done telling you a little while ago that I wouldn't mind you teaching him about jacking off and stuff, so who is weirder?" He questioned as this time it was my turn to giggle recalling his earlier statement.

"I guess we are both just a bunch of weirdoes then." I told him as we both chuckled.

"Well, if that is true I imagine there are a whole bunch of us weirdoes out there then. Come-on, let's get some sleep for real, and don't worry about this whole gay thing. There is plenty of time to worry about all of that later. My suggestion is that if you get a chance to have some wholesome clean fun with a friend, then enjoy it." He stated as he yawned.

"Alright, so…um…does that mean…you know…we can have a lot more fun like this in the future?" I asked him yawning as well since he had yawned, and we all know how contagious those yawns can be.

Brendan chuckled, "Damn, not so innocent anymore are you? You've finally grown up a bit my little horn dog." He teased me as he ruffled my hair.

"Well, I learned from the best." I teased him back as I reached down and squeezed his balls being rewarded with a yelp from the surprised older boy as he just chuckled and shook his head.

We both fell silent for a moment. "Well?" I asked him.

"Well what?" He responded screwing up his eyebrows a bit confused.

"Well…can we…you know do more stuff again sometime?"

"Geeze Jackson…you really are turning into a horny toad. Yeah sure I guess, but for now let's just get some sleep. You wore me out." He giggled giving me a playful shove.

My mind was whirling around in disbelief. Did this conversation just happen I wondered to myself. I couldn't believe that I just asked another boy to have more sex later. I was feeling overwhelmed with a bevy of emotions not understanding what was happening to me. I was excited and happy about the prospect of doing some more sex stuff, but still a bit frightened at my overpowering feelings for wanting more. It just amazed me at how these two brothers managed to bring me out of my shyness so quickly. Well at least I wasn't shy around them anymore, but I didn't think I'd be stripping down in front of others anytime soon here.

Brendan rolled over on to his other side with his back turned towards me and settled in for the evening. I rolled over as well, but scooted up against little Marco as I wrapped my arm around his tiny frame. His soft velvety skin felt warm and cozy next to me as I huddled even closer to him. The smaller boy purred in his sleep seemingly happy with the close contact I was making.

My left arm draped over his smooth body and without realizing it I reached down and cupped his naked balls and small flaccid penis in my left hand. At the last moment I realized what I had just done, but this time it didn't freak me out. Instead, I snuggled up to him closer, and just held his flaccid nakedness in my small hands allowing my mind to drift. Before I lost consciousness I felt him wiggle around a moment getting into a more comfortable position, and smelled that heady boy aroma of his before finally falling asleep.

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