Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 6

Bright light spilled into the room when my eyes snapped open and I looked around in a panic before settling down again. It was warm in the room as a smile spread across my features while I recalled the events of the last couple of days. What a fucking couple of days I thought to myself. Who would have ever thought it possible that I would have had such a fantastic weekend? I felt a lot more confident about myself, and even didn't feel so self conscious about the whole nudity thing…well at least where the Cuconato brothers were concerned.

Sighing contentedly, I looked down noticing that Marco was still snuggled up against my body with me lying on my back, and somehow the covers completely shoved away from us. I guess at some point the room had gotten a bit too warm for the light weight bedspread. My fingers gently stroked the younger boy's silky smooth back, and I was rewarded with him instantly popping an erection that pressed up against my right hip. I chuckled silently at the poor little guy. Even while he slept the smaller boy couldn't get away from constantly popping a boner with the slightest stimulation.

My eyes just wandered all over the naked sleeping body that was half draped over my exposed torso like a blanket. His right arm was swaddled over my chest, and his right leg was bent at the knees thrown across my waist. I could feel his rhythmic breathing as his body gently pressed up against me, and his heady boy scent wafted up to my nose making me a bit dizzy.

For some reason the closeness, innocence, and heady boy scent of the smaller boy lying on top of me had such an emotional affect on me that my own fleshy small little boy appendage started to throb expectantly. I could see my thin elongated boyhood straining and bobbing up and down with each one of my heartbeats. I had to admit that my erections really were hard compared to what I've seen on the brothers. Even the bluish tinted veins seemed to puff out along my thin shaft creating a web like pattern all around it.

My body shivered with the stimulating sight of the naked little boy as my fingers slowly traced along his spine before diving between those pale orbs of his. I don't know why I did it, but as soon as my fingers gently eased in between those two soft pillowed cushiony globes the little boy whimpered and quivered. I felt his hard little two inch erection vibrate against my skin as I eased my fingers back out and up his back.

Damn, that seemed so incredibly sexy I thought to myself as I tried to get my own breathing under control. I hadn't realized that the seductiveness of it all had started to affect me as well. My hard penis seemed to strain even further trying to get bigger, but there just wasn't any more there for it to do so. Even my balls started to ache and throb, which frightened me a little because this never happened before, and made me wonder if this is what Brendan meant by blue balls.

With the older boy now on my mind I glanced over towards him and nearly choked. Brendan way laying on his back the covers pulled down and entangled around his ankles. His left leg was stretched out straight while his right leg was bent outwards with his ankle snuggle up beneath his left knee kind of forcing his body to be angled towards the center of the bed giving me the perfect view of his crotch. His nice soft thick sausage lay snuggled up against his small patch of pubes, and angled towards his left shoulder while his balls seemed to sag heavily between his legs. His tanned torso and lean muscular build made him look so damn erotically sensual, not to mention the white pale and pasty looking midsection that offset his suntanned torso.

The older boy was only about a foot away from me so I cautiously untangled myself from Marco, and turned on my left side looking over towards Brendan. The boy's steady rhythmic breathing as his chest rose and lowered made him look so cute in his sleep. His breathing even made his penis sway and roll around a little. Careful so as not to wake up the older boy I reached out with my right hand and wrapped my fingers around his small soft fleshy appendage. It amazed me how in its flaccid state his penis still felt robust and hefty in my hand as my fingers curled around the silky supple thickness.

My eyes were glued on his nice soft fleshy tube and his large sagging walnut sized testicled boy pouch. I couldn't believe how warm and soft he felt as I gently squeezed his softness. Only half of his glans could be seen poking its head out the end of my enclosed fist. As I gently squeezed him Brendan started to respond and moaned in his sleep. I felt his spongy suppleness slowly enlarge in my hands as his girth expanded and his length elongated. It didn't take long before my fist was only able to conceal most of his shaft as the head of his penis slipped out from the covering of my fist. I giggled realizing that the width of my hand was only wide enough to conceal his shaft just on the inner side of the ridge from his glans. The older boy's entire glans stuck out from the side of my fist, and it seemed as if I could barely touch my fingers to my thumb it was so thick now.

Brendan started to moan with excitement in his sleep so I reluctantly released his hard piece of steel, and made my way towards the foot end of the bed so that I could go to the bathroom. My pulsing hard little boy erection was starting to get that achy overflowing burgeoning sensation with the need to take a piss. With my balls starting to throb, and now my small hardened boy pecker starting to dribble a bit, it was all I could do to ease myself out of the bed without waking up the two brothers.

Slipping my leg over the foot end of the bed I stood up and looked down at myself. My penis seemed to throb angrily, and I could see a clear pearly droplet at the tip of my penis as I pinched it trying to stave off an accidental wet explosion like what I witnessed on some of those water slides. Shit, I thought to myself. Why the hell did I have to think about the water slides right now when I needed to take a piss really bad at the moment?

Wrapping my fist around my small pecker, and clamping down hard, I made my way as fast as possible without waking anyone up over to the bathroom. I shut the door behind me, and leaned over the toilet bowl just in time before a powerful stream flowed out the end of my hard shaft. I really had to angle my body so that the power pressured fireman's nozzle aimed towards it target inside the toilet bowl. Both pain and relief washed over my small frame as the golden liquid, which seemed to burn along the inside of my hardened shaft, came exploding out the small nozzle end of my erection, and splashed loudly against the water inside the bowl. I yelped for a moment as the force of the blast splashed outwards out of the porcelain bowl towards me, before I adjusted the angle gaining control again.

It seemed to take forever before I finally managed to drain my reservoir of liquidy fluid inside of me. It almost hurt I had to go so badly, and when I finally finished my boner was still there. That was a first for me. Normally it went away after I took a piss first thing in the morning. My balls still ached, and they actually hurt when I gently cupped them in the palm of my hand. Even my hard three inch dick started to hurt again.

Sighing and hoping it would all go away here shortly, I stepped into the deep tub and closed the curtains. Adjusting the water temperature I started my warm shower trying to get all the scummy feeling on my skin washed away. Even though I wiped off the spunk from my skin with a damp cloth last night I still felt kind of sticky where it had splattered over my skin, and then was smeared around when Brendan had collapsed on top of me after that fantastic late night jack off session. I still couldn't believe he had done that to me, and I couldn't help but smile fondly at the memory.

Flipping open the small bottle of shampoo I had brought with me, I squeezed out a small dollop and soaped up my hair before rinsing it out. Next I started lathering up my body with the liquid soap making sure to take extra time on the sticky areas of my skin. Next, my hand slithered between my legs as I gently started to soap my soft pouch and hard shaft. My skin crawled with the euphoric like sensations my fingers were providing along my sensitive shaft.

Without thinking about what I was doing I sat down on the small ledge at the end of the tub, and leaned back against the tiled walls. The coolness of the tiles made me gasp for a moment, but soon they warmed up from my skin contact as I spread open my legs allowing my balls to dangle between them. Grabbing some more soap I slowly started to lather up my aching balls and rigid pole. I gasped and twitched when my fist wrapped around my hardness.

There was an electrified sensation that seemed to spiral outwards from somewhere deep down inside of me. In the past this sensation frightened me a little, but not anymore now that I knew what it was. Slowly I started to stroke myself as I had done to Brendan. This was a new sensation for me, and it was exhilarating as the sensual feelings inside of my body slowly expanded outwards. It wasn't as intense as what I felt when Brendan had wrapped his fist around my three inches of hardness yesterday before I rudely exploded. This was more controlled and not as intense. The sensation still felt wonderful, but in a more controlled manner as I set the tempo and pace of what I was doing.

However, despite the control I could still feel myself starting to peak rapidly. With this newfound power was also a sense of being overwhelmed and overtaken by the disorderly ramifications from the onslaught of euphoric blissfulness wreaking havoc on my slight form. My balls were bumping around against my inner thighs and butt cheeks as I slowly increased the rhythm of my pounding fist. My heavy testicles seemed to scream for release when without warning they contracted upwards while my body jolted and bucked, legs stretched and toes curled, and finally my chest constricted and my lungs seized all at the same time.

My mind went blank for a moment, and I could hear a low sounding whimper escape my lips as spittle drooled from my mouth. My eyes were locked on to my small three inch hardened piece of steel in my fingers, which felt extremely hot at the moment as I watched in amazement something shoot outwards from the tip of my pee slit. The euphoric sensation coursing like electricity through my body felt even more heightened by the realization that I was the one who had created these stirring blissful emotional sensations inside and out of my tiny body. For some reason it was satisfying to know that I could bring such a gratifying thrilling feeling to myself.

My eyes tracked that small globular sticky goop as it arched upwards before gravity took over forcing it to splatter inside the tub between my outstretched legs only to be washed away down the drain. My body jerked several more times as my hard shaft and balls contracted trying to spew forth some more of its precious seed without any success. With that first initial and instantaneous explosion my still immature and slow producing grape sized receptacles were drained completely dry.

Gasping for air and releasing my sensitive quickly shriveling up penis I started to rapidly come down from my emotional high. "Wow, that thing really does spit venom like a cobra," I heard a high pitched voice exclaim next to me.

"Shit…what the fuck," I yelped as I quickly covered my now instantaneous flaccid shriveled up angry red looking piece of flesh with both of my hands. "Get the fuck out," I yelled at Marco whose eyes bulged with fright, and flinched completely hurt by my outburst. "W…what the hell are you doing in here…get the fuck out," I repeated harshly and saw his eyes watering up, and his face turn pale with fear as he jumped and started for the door.

My mind froze for a moment in fear as realization settled in that he had completely witnessed me jacking off. With the shower curtains not able to completely close off the tub there was an open space where I was sitting, and he could clearly see what I had been doing. I was so heavily involved with jacking myself off that I hadn't even heard Marco enter the bathroom, and walk right up next to me for a better view. I was shocked, mortified, and stupefied at being caught jacking off for the very first time that all I could do was just react. This came in the form of lashing out at the poor innocent little boy who had no idea that he had interrupted something kind of private.

Marco let out a gasp and hiccupped with teardrops streaming down his cheeks as he twirled around heading for the bathroom door all hurt and confused. I could see his body quivering with fear as he approached the door almost knocking it down when he couldn't stop in time and his body thumped into it.

The small boy started to pull on the door when I finally came to my senses. "Wait…Marco…please…I…I'm sorry…please wait." I called out to him as he stopped with the door knob still in his hands, and his shoulders quivering as he sobbed.

Then without warning he turned and ran towards me sobbing uncontrollably. It caught me by surprise, and all I could do was to twist sideways wrapping him in my arms as his body quivered in sobs.

"P…please don't b…be mad at me, Jackson. I…tell me what I did wrong." He sniveled, and at that moment my heart melted while at the same time I felt so ashamed for yelling at the smaller boy.

Sighing, I just loosened my grip on him and held him out at arms length trying to wipe away the boy's tears with my damp fingers. "Oh my snuggle bug, you didn't do anything wrong. It…it's just that you caught me by surprise and…um…doing something that is…you know…private. I…I was embarrassed is all, but it isn't entirely all your fault either. I…I should have locked the door or something." I told the smaller boy who had stopped sniveling.

"But why…I mean…what was wrong with what you did? I thought it was kind of neat how your dinky sort of spit out like that. How do you do that anyway?" He asked me seriously as he looked down at his own erection scrunching up his face in thought.

The question caught me by surprise because how do I answer that to the smaller boy. "Um…I don't think your…um…dinky can spit out like that yet. It…um…it sort of happens to…um…it only happens when you are a little older. Maybe in a few more years then you can make it do that too." I responded.

"Oh, can Brendan's dinky spit like that too?" He asked me seriously as I burst out laughing.

I just couldn't help it because it was way too funny and precious, if nothing else for his innocence, as he just looked up at me wondering what was so funny. "I'm sorry Marco, it's just you sort of remind me of myself, and that was just like two days ago." I admitted to him as he smiled at me lighting up the room.

"Can I get in the shower with you?" He asked me as he opened up the shower curtain and climbed inside the deep set tub without waiting for an answer.

My eyes followed his nakedness noticing his little boy pouch swaying between his legs when they spread apart as he stepped into the tub. I had just jacked off, and had a nice orgasm, but my pecker still twitched with excitement threatening to inflate once more at the lithe sexiness of the smaller boy's physique. Marco stepped under the warm water' and started to rinse off his small body. His skin glistened enticingly with wetness as he stepped back closer to me.

"Can you soap me up please," the small boy asked bringing me out of my musings.

Shaking my head and smiling at the innocent boy, I picked up the bottle of soft soap and started to lather up his back. My fingers softly massaged his back, and slowly worked downwards stopping just above his globes. I started to breathe heavily as my hands lightly slithered across his pale orbs before sliding between the two halves noticing him shudder a bit at the sensual contact. My fingers slithered back out, and worked their way back up his back as I kneaded his smooth skin in my hands.

Marco sighed contentedly as he looked over his shoulders, and then stepped back kneeling down between my legs with his back turned towards me. Reaching over towards the tubs edge, the smaller boy picked up the bottle of shampoo and handed it to me. Taking the hint I put a glob of it in my hands, and started to lather up his hair. My fingers massaged his scalp, and he just draped his arms over my legs making me quiver with the close contact as I swiveled them up against his body.

I could tell Marco was enjoying the massaging sensation on his scalp, but after a few moments he sighed and leaned his head forward under the warm water so that I could rinse out his hair and back. As my hands once again slid across his smooth tanned skin I shivered with excitement realizing how suggestively titillating this shower had become.

My hands continued to glide smoothly over the smaller boy's skin while he leaned back, stood up briefly, and then sat on my lap draping his legs over mine so that they dangled around freely. He leaned back against my stomach, and then looked over his shoulders smiling at me as he shifted around trying to get comfortable. I knew what he was smiling about as my erection pressed up against his pale globes forcing me to quake as electricity shot along my body from the close almost sexual like contact.

Looking down at Marco I just watched as he reached for the bottle of soft soap and squirted some across his chest and stomach. He started to lather himself up, and I couldn't help myself as I wrapped my arms around his body and gently squeezed him up against me. His slippery smooth skin felt warm against me as I leaned down and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before I slowly ran my fingers across his chest and stomach lathering up the soap along his skin.

Marco sighed contentedly, and leaned his head back against my chest closing his eyes allowing his arms to hang down loosely along his sides as they bumped against my hips. I snuggled my face next to his settling my chin on his shoulders as my hands slowly ran circles around his chest and stomach a few times before my right hand dove down between his legs briefly. The smaller boy's body jerked involuntarily when my fingers cupped around his small fleshy boy pouch, and then my fingers swirled around his small hard shaft before wandering back up across his bare pubic mound and stomach.

There had been nothing sexual about the groping as I had only soaped up his boyhood, and it had lasted a mere fraction of a moment, but the unexpected contact had made the smaller boy react as he finally managed to relax his body again. My fingers wandered lightly across his torso before wandering down to his thighs. I placed the thumbs on both of my hands along both of the boy's inner thighs while my fingers settled along the outer edges of his thighs. Applying a gentle pressure I ran my fingers along the length of his upper legs all the way to his knees before returning my direction. The soft soap allowed my fingers to glide smoothly along the boy's supple skin.

When my fingers reached the boy's knees I rotated my hands so that my thumb and fingers were now all on his inner thighs, and with the same gentle pressure slid my hands back towards his body. The back of my fingers brushed up against his smooth slightly sagging boy pouch eliciting another quiver from the smaller boy, and I saw his little penis jerk while his small hazel nut sized testicles contracted upwards before my fingers ran back up his stomach. I knew that his small little boyhood was just responding involuntarily to the contact, and this time Marco had remained relaxed in my arms enjoying the sensation of his body being lathered up with soap.

Running my fingers around his chest and stomach one final time with my left hand, my right hand once again slithered down between his crotch as I gently rolled around his small testicled soft pouch with my fingers. Marco gasped and I released them quickly twirling my fingers around the tip of his glans. With just the tip of my fingers I ran them downwards from the tip of his penis, along the length of his shaft, and bumped up against the base of it feeling the tip of his glans bump up against my palm before reversing direction. Just as I was going to release his short thick stiffness, having finished cleaning and soaping him up, something unexpected happened.

Without warning, Marco's entire body stiffened, and his hips bucked upwards as the boy gasped out loud in a soft moaning voice. Instinctively my left arm clamped around his chest while my fingers fastened around his soft pouch and quivering hard boy penis. This only managed to make things worse, but I was afraid of him slipping off my lap and falling into the tub. The grinding contact on the smaller boy's sensitive erection only managed to set him off more as the rubbing sensation almost acted like a masturbating kind of stimulation. His body writhed around in my arms as I held him tightly while the boy continued to thrash around in the throes of his first ever orgasm.

My mind went blank with disbelief at what was happening. It hadn't been my intention to do such a thing to the smaller boy, and I berated myself for not understanding the signs earlier that I was bringing such a heightened state to Marco. He continued to squirm around in my arms for several seconds, and I could actually feel the intense contractions of the boy's small testicles while his penis thrummed all along his quivering hot iron rod. It was so sensually stimulating to me as well, and it was all I could do to prevent my very own second orgasm of the morning from overwhelming me as well and accidentally dropping the smaller boy. It was so sexually and stimulatingly hot feeling the younger boy in the throes of an orgasm that my own body quivered and heaved with my second orgasm of the morning as Marco's slicked up body continued to grind up against my rigid torrid penis.

My breathing became shallow, and my penis quivered erratically snuggled up tightly against the boy's grinding pale soft plump orbs. Thank goodness Marco started to settle down as his chest heaved for air, and his body slumped up against me in total exhaustion while I too started to calm down in disbelief and bewilderment at what had just happened. We remained that way for several moments while we both recuperated. For me it was more from shock than the intensity of the experience, while with him it was from the powerful onslaught of his first orgasm.

My mind went wild with thoughts about what had just transpired. I was ashamed and frightened at the same time for what I had just done to the unwitting smaller boy, and how he had made me orgasm without really touching me. He didn't know what had happened to him, or to me for that matter, and in a way I had just robbed him of some of his boyish innocence. For me this was a shameful thing to do to the younger boy. I was also afraid of what might happen if he told his father about it.

Pushing aside my thoughts I gently eased Marco up off my lap, and his legs wobbled a bit under him. I held on to him so that I could steady him a bit as I quickly rinsed off the soap from his slicked up body. Taking extra care not to touch his small little boy package, I grabbed the cup and filled it with water before allowing it to splash around his privates. The boy seemed completely oblivious to what was going on around him, and he just sort of looked around in a daze. I was at least thankful that I had just ejaculated my entire contents from my receptacles just moments prior to my second orgasm so at least I hadn't squirted my baby batter all over his backside. That would have been truly humiliating.

Getting us both out of the tub, I toweled him off and wrapped it around his small waist before drying myself off, and then combing our wet tangled hair. By the time I got to his hair it was all but dry since it was so short. Running the comb through his hair a few times I sighed putting it away, and scooted the smaller boy towards the bathroom door. Marco absentmindedly reached out and took my hand in his own as we made our way towards the bedroom. Just as we reached the bedroom I glanced down and realized I was still completely naked. Fuck, what the hell has gotten into me over the last couple of days I wondered to myself shaking my head as we entered into the warm room.

Brendan was just crawling out of the bed and stretching his lithe body with his extremely hard erection swaying around in front of him. Seeing him all boned up and sexy looking made my own dick twitch between my legs once more, and it started to inflate into a semi hard-on. Damn, I thought to myself, I'm getting just as bad as Marco with popping a boner even after two orgasms. The older boy noticed and smiled as his fingers pinched the tip end of his penis. I was pretty sure he had that typical morning pressure from his bladder, and probably had to go pee.

He looked at my naked body appraisingly and just smiled smugly at me as he shook his head and chuckled. "What?" I asked him looking down at myself wondering what was so funny.

"Oh nothing…just that two days ago you swore up and down you'd never be walking around all naked, and look at you now." He teased me seeing how clearly unabashedly I had just been walking around all naked in front of him and his brother.

"Shut the fuck up dickhead." I told him blushing a bit self conscious now as I sighed realizing he was right, and once again wondering what the hell had changed so much over the last two days.

Noticing me getting a bit uncomfortable with the overt ogling the older boy shifted his gaze towards his younger brother. We both watched the smaller boy curiously as he sort of dazedly made his way towards the bed. Without a word Marco unhooked the towel from around his waist, and let it fall to the floor as he crawled on top of the bed. He allowed his body to slump on top of the covers as he just lay there on his back gazing up at the ceiling with a sort of bemused, but very content look on his features.

"What's up with him?" Brendan asked me curiously as I just stood there, and looked over at the smaller boy a bit nervously.

"He…um…I…ah…he…um…had a….uh…you know…orgasm." I managed to get out as I flushed red with embarrassment from the tip of my hairs all the way down my naked body to the tip of my toes.

"He…you…oh shit…you actually…?" He asked me as he made that jacking motion with his fist.

"What…no…I mean yes…um…no. Shit…it was an accident." I nearly yelped out nervously. "He…um…wanted a shower…and…I…um was just cleaning him when it just happened…you know…" I responded a bit more calmly.

Brendan just looked at me a bit confused so I had to tell him what happened. I explained how all boned up I was first thing this morning, and decided to try taking care of the problem, which worked like a charm I had informed him. Of course Brendan thought that was totally hilarious, and after a few moments pause managed to get his laughter back in control so I continued with the story. Naturally he busted up again moments later when I told him about Marco walking in on me right when I shot my load. After another short pause so Brendan could compose himself again, I told him the rest with me yelling at the younger boy, apologizing to him for my outburst, him wanting a bath and asking me to wash him. I told him everything including how he ended up having an orgasm. I did however leave out the part of my own orgasm because quite frankly that was a bit creepy.

"Holy crap, that little bugger doesn't even know what happened to him does he?" Brendan asked me as he looked over towards his little brother lying on his back completely naked staring up at the ceiling with a sort of smug and content look on his features.

"What of course not…I mean shit Brendan he's only eight so what is he supposed to know about it?" I asked him seriously

"You mean you didn't talk to him…you know…after it happened?

"Of course not…look at him." I told him as we both gazed towards the smaller boy. "He's totally whacked out over it…besides; I figured that was your problem. After all you are the one who asked me to teach him how to jack off, even though this…um…it was by accident, but still, I figured it is your job to teach him…you know the other stuff." I teased Brendan as I laughed feeling he deserved that for laughing at what had happened to me.

"Sure leave me with the hard stuff." Brendan groaned.

"What are you talking about? I'm the one who showed him about jacking off and that is the hard part." I told Brendan seriously before we both looked at each other, and started busting up laughing realizing what we had just said.

"Yeah, I guess you are right. You really did have the 'hard' end of things." Brendan teased as we both busted a gut at the truth of it all. I really did have Marco's hard dick in my hand, so of course I had the 'hard' end of things.

"What are you guys laughing at?" Marco asked making both of us jump for a moment.

"You and that hard thing between your legs," Brendan responded as both of us giggled, and tried to stave off another round of laughter at the smaller boy's expense.

"Why? What's wrong with my hard dinky?" Marco asked as he looked down at himself finally having come out of his dazed state, and noticing his small soft shriveled up penis head sticking out like a little button with the rest of it seemingly having disappeared somewhere. "Besides, it's not even hard." He protested seriously sending both Brendan and me into another fit of laughter.

Not able to hold off from taking a piss any longer, Brendan just sighed and headed out the door towards the bathroom to get cleaned up as well. I watched as his sagging balls swayed between his legs while he walked, and smiled appreciatively at how smooth and confident his gate was as he disappeared into the hallway. Marco had fallen silent, and was yawning on the bed with his eyes drowsing a bit.

Realizing it was still really early in the morning I crawled up into bed next to him on the left side, and pulled his smaller naked frame towards me. We both shifted on to our sides, and I spooned him from behind as my right arm draped over his small body across his chest. I could feel the warmth of his body up against mine, and smelled his clean sweet smelling boy aroma intermingled with the scented soap making me a bit lightheaded.

"W…what happened to me…you know…in the shower?" Marco asked me bringing me back to the moment.

I groaned inwardly and shook my head too tired to really get into things. "Something I didn't intentionally want to happen. Don't worry about it Marco your brother will talk to you about it when the two of you are alone. J…just don't say anything about it to your dad or anyone else, alright?"

Marco looked over his shoulders at me, and scrunched up his eyebrows while I looked gently back at him. "Sure Jackson." He shrugged his shoulders not asking anything further, and taking things on faith to not say anything.

The smaller boy grabbed my arm that was draped over his body, and snuggled in closer to me. He felt so soft and warm in my arms as my face leaned on the back of his neck, and I nuzzled him affectionately even giving him a soft peck along the back of his earlobe. He giggled a bit, and then exhaled softly as he closed his eyes seemingly content with the world at the moment.

"I love you Jackson," He murmured to me slowly fading off to sleep.

"I love you twice as much my little snuggle bug." I whispered back no longer surprised at this little exchange between us as I closed my eyes, and before I knew it fell asleep feeling wonderfully refreshed.

There was warmth all around me, and a feeling of happiness as I slowly woke up. At some point Brendan must have slipped back into bed as well spooning up behind me because I could feel his warm body keeping my back and side warm. His arm was draped over both mine and Marco's torso, and in a way it made me feel all giddy at the cozy and affectionate feeling I felt with both brothers snuggled up against my body keeping me warm. I smiled at the realization that the brothers had me sandwiched between them, and that we were all naked. The heady aroma of both boys surrounded me with that same sort of familial scent. Brendan's was a bit muskier than his smaller counterpart, but I could tell the similarities between the two brothers. It made me wonder what Marco's twin would have been like in the mix, but that sort of thought saddened me a little, and reminded me of our intended task for the day.

Taking a quick glance at the clock I noticed it was around nine thirty and time to get up. The hour or so of additional sleep had made me feel much better, not to mention the quick jacking off session. At first it had made me a bit tired, but now I felt so alive. It truly had been an amazing couple of days spent here at the Cuconato's, and I wondered if we would be doing something like this again any time soon. Exhaling noisily, I gave Marco a little shake to wake him up, and gently stroked Brendan's arm. Both boys moaned and complained, but slowly rolled away from me.

It didn't take us long to get dressed and downstairs for some breakfast. Marco seemed to be perkier than usual, and even Mr. Cuconato mentioned this as he fried up some bacon and fixed us French toast with blueberry and strawberry toppings. I almost thought the smaller boy was going to out us, but he didn't even seem fazed just shrugging off his father's inquiring questions. In the end he did admit he had snuck back into our room. His father admonished him, but we assured him it was later in the evening, and we had all gone to bed anyway so it was cool.

We finished with our breakfast, and I gathered together my gear before we said goodbye to Mr. Cuconato. He didn't ask where we were heading so I figured the boys did this a lot. I guess living in a small close knit neighborhood made it possible for the boys to head out on their bikes fairly often.

We took our time as the brothers showed me some of the different places around town. Every once in a while Brendan would stop and chat with someone he knew along the way. It didn't take us too long before we started our way up a lazy winding road that took us through a tree lined park. It was nice and cool under the large canopied trees that lined the roadway and various small trails. There were actually quite a few people out and about enjoying the park that ran all along the small hillside and overlooked the multi earth toned colored wasteland in the distance. There was a sort of contrast with all the lushness of greenery and water in the park that overlooked a barren and dry land in the distance.

The park was surprisingly and deceptively large as it meandered all along the hillside. We wound our way through the park as the boys pointed out the various amenities of the lush oasis. The cemetery was situated at the top of the hill with the best view of the entire valley below. It was an ancient location, and the church, which was the oldest building in the region, was tucked away protectively against a natural like barricade of surrounding hillside at the far end of a little rise. The cemetery spread outwards in all directions with three different road access points coming into or exiting the hilltop from various points back down into the park that encompassed this small hillock.

The cemetery was relatively large with the oldest graves located up around the small chapel. It was an old place, and the graves spread outwards with small roads lazily winding their way around the place. There was a sense of peacefulness when we passed through the open gated road. It too was a lush green landscape with trees lining the small winding roads. I was a bit surprised to find people leisurely walking through the cemetery along the winding roads under the cool canopied trees. It was as if they used the cemetery for their daily walks.

We stopped a moment by the small guardhouse close to the entryway, and grabbed some water from our bags. While I chugged down the cool liquids I looked around and started to understand why people came up here. The views were breathtaking, and the quiet lush greenery lent a sort of peaceful aspect for a leisurely walk. It was also rather large so people were able to get plenty of exercise; especially, if they began from the parking lot down below in the park, and took one of the three roads or trails up the slow rising hilltop into the cemetery. Once they crested the hill various pathways lent themselves over for a lazy stroll allowing people to enjoy the various vantage points under the relative coolness of the canopied trees and small windy breezes.

After the quick water break Brendan lead us over to the small walled in chapel. In a way the location sort of reminded me of the castles and churches dotting the landscape in Europe. When you drove through the countryside in Germany, fortresses or churches would occupy just about every major hill or mountain top. Back during the feudal times these fortifications would offer protection to nobles and their subjects from attacks. Churches were often built on higher ground as a beacon of power to the people in the region, and also as a place for offering protection because in many cases they too were fortified.

Although this chapel at the cemetery was small, I suppose it also served as a beacon and ray of hope to the local inhabitants during its day. The castles and churches in Europe were monumental undertakings of construction and architecture, where this little chapel, which was constructed in the adobe style of clay and straw, was large enough to only accommodate a small group of people. Of course there was a small attached structure that housed the priest in charge of the church, but it too portrayed how difficult things were back in the day.

The small chapel and attached housing structure was surrounded by a low wall, and inside the courtyard area was a nice garden sector with various blooming plants and herbs, along with a pond that was fed by a fresh water spring. I could see the water gurgling out along the back hillside wandering down into the pond before continuing its way along a centuries old waterway course beside the outskirts of the cemetery. From there it disappeared from the hilltop, and continued to crisscross the entire length of the small hillock and the now lush park area. Back in the day this small waterway provided the necessary moisture for surrounding fields of crops for the ancient community in these parts.

Making my way around the structure enjoying the scenery I finally ambled back to where Brendan was studying the lay of the cemetery. "What's wrong?" I asked him.

"Um…nothing…just trying to remember where…um…," he sighed shaking his head. "It's been a while since I've been here Jackson. I…I hope I can still remember where they are…" He stated gazing off in the distance, and finally nodding his head as if he remembered something.

Brendan looked around and spotting his brother called out to him. "Let's go Marco, I think I remember now." The older boy stated as he slipped his feet back into the bike peddles.

Both Marco and I followed suit, and soon all three of us were winding along a narrow road until we arrived at a spot that was on a small rise overlooking the northern region of the valley. The view was breathtaking as I stepped off of my bike and looked around for a moment until I heard Brendan call to us that he had found the gravesite. Marco looked up at me hesitantly, and I smiled warmly at him as I took his left hand in mine and we walked somberly over towards his older brother.

Stopping just short of the two marked graves I allowed the two brothers to approach on their own. There were no gravestones standing up in this section of the cemetery. For that matter there was only one central location close to the small chapel that had gravestones or markers that stood up. In all the newer section the grave markers were flat on the ground and made from various materials. Being flat it made for easier maintenance of the place, but it was still nice. The Cuconato's grave marker was made of a bronze like material, and had a beautiful design on each one.

Their mother's had a beautiful angel with outstretched arms, and Marco's brother's had one of an angel holding a child's hands walking away. All around there were similar style of markers sitting flat on the ground, and some had an attached vase stand. Looking closer at the Cuconato's grave markers I noticed a round plug at the top edge of the plaque, and figured that it probably unscrewed and the vase could be pulled out, flipped over, and reattached allowing someone to place flowers inside of it.

It was hushed as I looked on, and then I got a sort of tingling sensation as if being watched. Rubbing the back of my neck I started to look around when my gaze was drawn towards an older man with two smaller boys about Marco's age in toe way off in the distance. They were heading down the path back towards the park, but it wasn't them that had given me that odd sensation. My gaze wandered off towards the side a short distance away from the older man and two boys, and it was then I noticed an older boy looking towards our direction. He looked familiar, and I couldn't quite put my finger on the reason for it.

We seemed to stare at one another for several moments before it just sort of came to me. I don't know why I did it, but I lifted up my hand, and waved to the other boy who seemed to flinch a moment and then hesitantly waved back to me. Looking back over towards the brothers I noticed that Marco was sitting cross legged at the head of both grave markers while Brendan just stood motionless by his brother.

"Hey Brendan," I asked quietly as the older boy looked up at me questioningly. "Isn't that Ezra over there," I started to point, and then had to look again because the boy wasn't there anymore.

"Where?" Brendan asked stepping up next to me, and looking off in the same general direction.

"Oh, over there," I pointed out noticing that the other boy had started to run towards the same direction where I had seen the older man and two boys.

Brendan looked in the general direction I had indicated, and just then, the boy I was trying to point out disappeared from view. "I don't know…maybe." The older brother responded shrugging his shoulders having gotten only a quick glimpse before the figure had disappeared from sight.

Scrunching up my eyes trying to see if I could get another glimpse somehow, I finally gave up. At first I thought it was odd that the other boy, my bully from school, would be up here, but then as I looked around it didn't seem so strange anymore. All along the walkways were families taking a leisurely stroll around the entire area. They popped up from one of the entryways before wandering around, and then popping back down into the park. It appeared to me as if Ezra was chasing after that old man and the two younger boys. Maybe he was here in the park with his family. It was Sunday after all, and a beautiful day to be in the park.

We stayed there for about twenty minutes. It was amazing to watch the transformation on the little boy. At first he started to talk in halted sentences, but then he got more confident and animated as time went on. Before long he was sitting there chatting up a storm with his twin brother and mother as if it wasn't odd at all. The boy introduced me to them, talked about our weekend at the water park, and how I had rescued him from those nasty boys. Even Brendan smiled warmly at his little brother nodding his head when the smaller boy would ask him if he got things right with the details of their weekend.

All in all it really was amazing to watch the smaller boy become more vivacious as time went on. Finally, Marco grunted softly and got up saying it was time for them to go, but that he would be back again.

"Brendan?" Marco asked as he brushed himself off.

"Yeah, what's up?" The older boy responded as he helped brush off his younger brother's back side.

"Do you think it would be alright if we come back…you know…sooner? I mean…it's just I don't want to wait another year?" The smaller boy asked looking up hopefully at his older brother who just smiled reassuringly.

"Sure, I don't see why not. I bet if we asked dad he would come up here with us too." Brendan pointed out.

"You really think so?"

"Yeah sure, I don't see why not. Maybe next time we come up we can bring flowers or something." The older boy continued.

"Sounds great, but where would we put it?" Marco asked looking down at the flat markers.

The older boy smiled, bent over, and just as I had suspected unscrewed the small round plug. The smaller boy looked on curiously, and then beamed excitedly when his older brother lifted out a small upside down vase attached to a chain. Flipping the vase over and sliding the chain inside the hole, he reattached the vase.

"Cool," was all Marco could say as he admired the bronze like vase that had a nice patterned design that matched the flat bronze like headstone.

"Yeah, maybe you can even get one of those Styrofoam cones, and shove it inside the vase. This way you can put some of those nice fake flowers inside" I mentioned off handedly before clamping shut my mouth.

Both brothers were just looking at me kind of weirdly, and I thought maybe I had overstepped my bounds. "Um…I'm just saying is all…you know. I mean the fake flowers last a lot longer, and there are some really nice ones out there. You could change those out periodically with new ones, and at Christmas time maybe you could put in one of those small fake evergreen trees." I stated trying to justify my reasoning. "Of course it's just an idea, and you can put in real flowers instead if you'd rather have those."

Not knowing if I had gone too far I started to fidget a bit when all of a sudden Marco ran over to me and hugged me tightly. "Thank you so much Jackson." He sniffled as he held on to me.

"Yeah sure, I guess." I responded a bit taken aback by the small boy's reaction.

"You're just the best. I'm glad you spent the weekend with us so that we could come here and visit. I love your idea about the plants and the small Christmas tree. I'm sure mom would love having nice flowers like that." He commented to me leaving out his brother.

"Well, you know maybe you could put up one of those bare branched type of trees…you know so you can hang up some small toys like cars and stuff for Marcel." I told Marco who looked up at me and beamed.

"That would be so wickedly cool. Do you think Dad will let us do that?" He asked his older brother.

Brendan just looked at me and smiled approvingly. "I don't see why not squirt. I'm sure Marcel would love something like that. Actually, I bet we could get most of what we need at the 'Dollar Tree,' store. They have all sorts of items like the fake flowers and stuff, not to mention lots of toys that we could get for Marco." The older boy told his little brother as the two of them smiled and nodded their heads.

We took our time heading back, and spent some extra time in the park. The boys showed me around, and I really enjoyed wading around in the shallow brook feeling the cool water around my toes. It really was a pleasant time as we just enjoyed being kids. It was mid-afternoon by the time I finally rode my bike up the driveway to my house. I was happy to be home, but still a bit sad that the best weekend ever for me was over.

"Hey Mom…Dad, I'm home." I shouted out as I entered the hallway and started to head to my room.

Halfway up the stairs my mom yelled up at me. "Jackson sweetie, your father and I want to have a chat with you after you get cleaned up.

"Sure mom," I replied wondering what that was all about, and just hoped they didn't want to bring up the whole water park incident.

Entering my room I noticed it was still a bit messy from when I came in the other day and ransacked it real quick to find some of my stuff. Scrunching up my eyebrows I grunted and looked around deciding to clean it up a bit by shoving the open box into a corner figuring I'd empty it out later before finally putting things away. There were still a few boxes I hadn't unpacked yet, and decided tonight would be the perfect time to do just that. Opening up my gym bag I started to take out my dirty clothes throwing it over into the corner by my bed where I normally tossed my stuff that needed to be washed.

The last item I pulled out were my swim briefs, and I started to head over to my dresser drawer to put them away, but then smiled to myself. I peeled off my clothes and slipped them on intending to head out to our pool and get in some laps. Brendan said he would find out about the diving team, and I figured since it was hot outside I might as well get in some laps and practice some dives on the spring board.

Our house was located on a dead end cul-de-sac, and it had a huge backyard because of where it was situated, and completely private. There was a fence that surrounded our property but it really wasn't necessary because no one could see us back there because of how the house was situated. Still it made it nice just in case someone wanted to come around to the back. Even though we had a fence, our property sloped downwards towards the back, and since we were up high we could see the entire bare landscape off into the distance as far as the eye could see. I had to admit it truly was a beautiful location for a house.

All the houses on our cul-de-sac had pools along with several others in this neighborhood because it was so hot most of the year. Dad knew how much I enjoyed swimming, and since we had this huge yard changed the original plans to the pool making it twice as big. He made sure it was done to the proper safety regulation for diving regarding depth, length, and width. He also had them install heating capability for the short stretch of cooler weather we had during the winter months. I thought that was pretty cool myself that he was thinking about me.

Grabbing my small shammy, which is a thirteen by seventeen inch water absorbent towel, I made my way back downstairs. My parents were sitting in the living room, and looked over at me as I walked in. I could tell my mom didn't approve of me walking around half naked like this, and in the past I probably would have slipped on a pair of shorts and t-shirt until I got outside to the pool.

"What up?" I asked them as I took a seat on the coach and leaned back curling my left leg under me.

My mom sighed and looked over towards my dad who didn't really look all that pleased that he had to take the lead on this. "Your mother and I were talking about you trying out for this dive team Brendan had told you about?"

"Yeah…," I asked a bit hesitantly not liking the sound of where this was going.

"Well we just thought that maybe you should try some other sports…you know like maybe basketball or even soccer." He continued.

"But why? I'm not good in those sports." I whined a bit.

"Well, you've never given them a try either. I understand the school has a good soccer and basketball sports program." My mom interjected.

"Yeah, but I'm way smaller than those kids in my class, you know that." I explained getting a bit upset. "I don't understand why I can't try out for the diving team." I continued.

"Come-on Jackson, it isn't as if you were all that good at it…well you were good, but not compared to some of the others you competed against." My mom gently told me.

"That's not fair and you know it. You heard what my coach said before I left. He felt I had really improved, and that it would have been my year." I pointed out.

"Of course that's what he said sweetheart, but he was just saying that because you were leaving anyway and didn't want to hurt your feelings." My mom replied.

Now I was getting a bit nervous and wondered if that were really true. "Is that what he told you?" I asked starting to wonder, but then remembered how much time the coach had been spending with me before I left, and how much I really had improved.

"Well no, but he wouldn't just say that to us." My mom admitted.

It was then I started to get the feeling there was something else going on. "What's the real reason mom? I just don't understand why you want me to quit if I have a chance to keep going. I know I'm pretty good, I could tell just by the way the coach was spending more time with me on my dives."

My mom looked over towards my dad who sort of gave her this is your idea so you are on your own types of gazes. My mom scrunched up her eyebrows a bit frustrated at my dad for not saying more. It was then that I realized if I could convince my dad then he would get her to back off.

"Sweetie, it's just that…well…you are getting older, and your body is changing. I…we…don't think it is appropriate that you run around…well half naked in that skimpy swim suit of yours." She finally managed to get out.

It was then that I realized what was really bothering her. I just didn't understand her hang-up with this whole showing your body thing. She grew up in these parts so I was pretty sure when she was a kid plenty of boys walked around shirtless and half naked most days. Why was she such a prude concerning me?

"Geeze mom, why are you so worried about what people may think I have hanging between my legs? Besides, it's not as if I'm walking around naked or anything." I told her.

"Jackson…" my mom gasped at the way I was talking.

"What? I mean…what are you going to do when I have to start taking showers after gym class in school? I'll have to get naked then in front of a lot of other boys. What then?" I asked her seriously turning the conversation to what was really bothering my mom, and not the fact she wanted me in a different sport.

"Jackson…," she gasped again and turning a bit red with embarrassment at the turn of the conversation. "It…it's just your father and I feel you are getting too old for you to walk around displaying yourself." She tried to justify herself.

"I don't understand…I mean at first you say I'm too young to run around naked, and now I'm too old. Admit it mom this is your hang-up and not mine. I hate the fact you made me feel ashamed of my body." I quipped back at her.

"What…why…I mean since when did you think that…and why all of a sudden now you aren't?" She asked screwing up her face. "Did something happen while you were at the sleepover?" She wondered getting suspicious.

"What…no…I mean what are you talking about? What would have happened?" I asked her a bit shocked.

"Who knows…I'm just wondering is all since all of a sudden you think it is alright to go prancing around all naked and stuff." She stated sternly leaning forward and looking at me intently.

"Who said anything about prancing around naked, and no nothing happened over at Brendan's house other than the fact the boys aren't worried about how they look to others. They are brothers and walk around naked in front of each other all the time. How would it be around here if I had a younger brother? Would you be embarrassed if I saw him naked or something? Geeze mom why are you such a prude?" I spat back defensively.

"Now wait one minute young man. How dare you speak…," my mom started to get up in a huff before my father interjected.

"Hold on one minute Nancy, sweetheart. Jackson is right. I for one am glad he is finally getting over his shyness. Next year he will be taking showers, and I for one don't want him to feel ashamed about his body. I'm also glad he is finally making friends with other boys. You are just going to have to get used to him changing like this because I have a feeling a lot is going to start to change. For one thing having friends will start him talking about girls, sex, and other things that may embarrass you, sweetheart, but it is all part of a boy growing up." My dad finally spoke up having enough of my mom treating me like a little baby.

"What are you talking about Jeff?" My mom asked my dad incredulously just about having a heart attack with mixing in sex and girls into the same sentence.

"I'm trying to tell you that all these years you've been trying to embarrass Jackson about his body, and worried because he is younger than the kids in his class. Well, he is going to have to deal with it and yes, if he has friends they are going to talk about all these so called dirty things. I did it when I was a boy with my friends, and this has been going on forever. Deal with it sweetheart, and also deal with the fact that if Jackson wants to compete in diving that he can go to the tryouts." My dad sighed having said more concerning this issue on my behalf than ever before.

"But…," my mom started to protest.

"Enough already, Jackson go outside and enjoy your swim or practice or whatever it is that you were planning on doing. Your mother and I have some things we need to discuss. It is time she understands what it is to be a boy your age. I've sat on the sidelines far too long; well actually it really isn't all that fair to your mother since work kept me away a lot. Anyway, your mother and I need to talk, and then later tonight the two of us are going to have a man to man talk." He stated looking at me meaningfully.

Nodding my head I turned and headed out the door with a huge smile on my face. I was happy that dad finally put his foot down. In the past he always let my mom have her way with things when it concerned me. It would appear that with him spending more time at home now he was taking a more active role.

Of course he also wanted to have a man to man talk, which meant about girls and sex of course. I think if he would have said this to me a few days ago I would have been really nervous, but to tell you the truth after this weekend I really wasn't all that worried about it anymore. As a matter of fact, in a way I was looking forward to it.

Making my way towards the pool I glanced back and noticed my mom standing over my dad and yelling at him animatedly. He just sat there calmly and seemed to give her a few moments before he got up holding up his hand palm outward indicating for her to take a seat. I could tell he wasn't pleased with her attitude as they both sat back down.

Having been in the military for a long time with many personnel under him my dad knew how to handle himself and take control. I watched them for a few minutes a little worried that this would turn ugly, but after a few moments I could tell the conversation had taken on a milder tone.

Sighing in relief I focused on the task at hand. First I needed to get a bit of exercise in and see how out of shape I've become since our move. Usually I would either jump on the trampoline, jump rope, or jump stairs to get my cardiovascular exercise in. None of those options were available at the moment so I resorted to some of the more traditional exercises of lunges, jumping jacks, and sit ups to get my heart pumping and warm up my muscles. I did this for about fifteen minutes before starting my stretching exercises to get me all limbered up.

The stretching exercises focused on the flexibility of my legs, shoulders, toes, and wrists. In addition, I did exercises that helped to keep my core, or stomach muscles strong. After finishing up with the exercises I was really happy to notice I hadn't lost all that much flexibility, and felt it wouldn't take too much to get me back into peak shape.

Next on my agenda was to work on my dry land diving drills. This entailed working on my kick-out drills, entry drills, and finally position drills. First up were the kick-out drills, which help a diver for knowing how to come out of a dive properly. There are different ways to come out of a dive that depend on several factors: Direction of the dive, simplicity of the dive, and/or position of the dive. Because of this, there are several kick-out drills that I always performed. Next were my entry drills, which is a way to help improve my entry into the water. Finally, I performed several position drills designed to help improve my skills of various positions while in the air during my dives. This is critical for looking good in each position when doing such maneuvers as tucks or pikes.

After a good forty five minute workout and drill, I was quite happy with how in shape I still was all things considered. I felt wonderful and my body seemed to recognize immediately the different stages I put it through. Feeling all limber and ready to go I got up on the diving board and started putting myself through some basic dives. My body immediately went into diving mode, and I was surprised at how easily I was nailing them with a minimal amount of splash during my entry. I put myself through the paces before calling it a day. Tomorrow would let me know just how out of shape I really was, and hopefully I wouldn't be too sore.

Making my way up the stairs I caught a glimpse of my mom who just looked my way, and after a moment's hesitation sighed and then smiled at me warmly just shaking her head in amusement. Whatever dad had said to her must have worked because she just chuckled as if entertained by some odd thought. In a way it kind of made me nervous wondering what he might have told her. All sorts of things started to flitter through my mind including masturbating, which made me blush and immediately discard any more thoughts about it because quite frankly it was a bit too awkward thinking she just might know something like that about me.

It didn't take me long to get cleaned up and changed into something comfortable. Pulling out my traditional tighty whities, I slipped them over my sleek tiny frame before rummaging around in my dresser drawer. Finding a matching pair of athletic shorts and shirt, I stepped over to my bed and sat down breathing a sigh of relief as I held on to my clothes in my lap. The after effects of the workout was starting to catch up, and I felt a bit weary now, but it was a good kind tired.

Picking up my denim blue colored C9 short sleeved compression shirt, I slipped it over my head and it settled around my waist. The small circular darker sapphire blue colored patterns on the shirt added a nice touch and contrast to the moisture wicking polyester and spandex fabric. Standing back up I pulled on my matching navy blue loose fitting polyester C9 shorts that hung down to my knees. The clothing was airy and felt cool on my body; perfect for the Texas style of heat. I still couldn't believe how warm it was over here in September, but I could get used to it for sure if it meant more time out in our swimming pool.

The aroma of dinner wafted up into my room reminding me I hadn't eaten since breakfast. Picking up my pile of dirty clothes in my arms I headed down stairs and into the kitchen where my mom was fixing spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad. Along the way I deposited my dirty clothes in the laundry room.

My mom smiled at me and indicated I should set the table for dinner. Opening up some of the cupboards I retrieved our plates and fished out some silverware out of the drawers. Within moments the table was set, and we were sitting around the table enjoying a wonderfully prepared meal.

"So, how was your weekend over at Brendan's house?" My dad asked me casually.

"It was a lot of fun dad. Brendan's really cool, and his little brother is just so comical, like a miniature version of his older brother." I chuckled shaking my head.

"So what all did you boys do?" My mom asked me genuinely interested.

It appeared that whatever my dad had said to her it managed to calm her down quite a bit. She didn't seem bothered any more about the whole half naked and diving tryout incident. I only hoped that she would loosen up a bit. In a way I almost wondered if her behavior stemmed from the constant pressure of my dad's military stint. Appearances went a long way towards advancing an officer's career in the military. Now that he no longer had those concerns I hope it would be a bit different now with his new job in the civilian world.

While my parents listened on intently I told them all about the video games and Splashtown Water Park. I described all the rides in detail, and told them about the Cabana Mr. Cuconato had rented out as well. Of course I left out any sex details that happened over the weekend, which they didn't need to know about anyway. They seemed genuinely happy that I had a wonderful time, which brought me to our plans for next weekend.

"So I take it we are heading out camping somewhere next weekend? Mr. Cuconato was curious as to what we would be doing, but I didn't want to spoil it for Brendan and Marco. Have you found a place yet?" I asked him.

"Yeah, it should be a lot of fun. I want to find an out of the way place where we can do some fishing. I've gotten several recommendations from people so I'm looking over the locations. Some of them are pretty rugged, but I'm sure it won't be an issue." He commented.

"So, did everything finally get shipped over here, and is it all ready to go? I mean, we still have to find all our camping and fishing gear. I'm not sure if Brendan and Marco have anything, so we will have to make sure we get enough stuff packed up just in case. When do you plan on telling Mr. Cuconato?" I asked him, my mind going into planning mode like it always did when we got ready to go on a major trip.

"Yes, I finally got a buddy of ours from Ramstein to fly the last of our stuff over on one of his flights back to the States. I promised him one of your mother's famous dinners the next time he and his team are over. It was a quick flight for him and his crew this time around, but he thinks he will have to make the trip again next month." My dad stated as he winked at my mom who just rolled her eyes.

"Sure, you guys get all the perks, and I end up with all the work." My mom huffed good naturedly as she just chuckled while we continued to munch down on her fabulous spaghetti for emphasis to her great cooking skills.

"Yes we know Sweetheart, and we do appreciate it." My dad smiled gratefully at my mother for everything she does for us. Turning his focus back to me he continued. "We got everything unloaded, and I just have to check over our stuff. We will be ready to go by next weekend. I plan on talking to Mr. Cuconato to see if it would be alright to keep you boys out of school on Friday or Monday. This way we can either get an early start to the weekend or a casual layover on the back end. I'm just going to tell him we are going camping and fishing, but won't tell him where we are going or anything else until we get ready to leave. This way it can be a surprise for the boys." He commented.

We continued to make our plans and finally finished up with dinner. After helping clean up the dishes and putting them away, I excused myself so I could head upstairs. I still had some homework, but it wouldn't take all that long to complete. After homework I plopped down on my computer to look up some things that had gotten me curious over the weekend. I stayed away from all those weird sites, and stuck to legitimate ones that could answer my curiosity about certain issues honestly. There was a lot of material on puberty in general, and time just seemed to fly by quickly. At one point I looked at the time and sighed knowing it was time for bed. Shutting down my computer I got ready for bed.

I slipped out of my shorts leaving me in my clean pair of white briefs, and just as I started to peal out of my shirt there was a knocking on my door. "Yeah, come on in." I shouted out as I started yanking on my shirt pulling it over my head and tossing it into the corner.

My dad stepped into the room and smiled at me while he looked me over. I don't think he's really seen me like this in years. His eyes settled on my mid section before he chuckled and shook his head.

"Maybe we should do something about that?" He pointed at my mid-section.

For a second there I panicked thinking I had popped a boner or something, but when I looked down and didn't see any of that tell tale sign I just looked back at him questioningly. "I don't understand." I responded honestly.

"Your underwear…maybe it's time we got you some boxers or boxer briefs." He pointed out.

Shrugging my shoulders and pulling back my bedcovers I slipped under the lightweight sheet and settled in. "Yeah, I guess, but I don't mind my regular white underwear."

"Yes I know Jackson, but you are getting older. I'll pick up a few for you, and then you can let me know what you prefer." He chuckled as he sat down next to me on the bed and ran his finger along my forehead removing some of my hair from my eyes.

"Sure…sounds cool." I told him shrugging my shoulder not really concerned one way or the other. Besides, it's only underwear.

My dad smiled at me, and ran his fingers in my hair which felt really nice. We hadn't been like this for many years now. I was starting to like the idea of him retiring from the military, and with his new job he seemed to be home a lot more. Even having an office at the house allowed him to spend more time with us, and less at the company in San Antonio.

"So, I think we need to talk a bit about boys, girls, and sex." He finally sighed in resignation as he continued to affectionately run his fingers through my hair and smiled encouragingly at me.

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