Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 4

My mind went blank for a moment as I started to panic while Brendan seemed to be nearly at his wits end not knowing what he should do as we quickly debated what to do. We could wait our turn getting down that way or we could head back down the stairs fighting our way through people in line and try to find him. By the time we figured out that it was quicker to just go down the slide it was our turn anyway. I took one last look down trying to find the end of the slide and thought I noticed Marco heading away with the two older boys towards the left side of the park.

My heart thundered in my chest as we raced down the slide. It couldn't end fast enough and both Brendan and I jumped out of the water just as we hit the bottom of the run. We looked around for a second seeing if we could catch a glimpse of Marco and didn't have any luck. Brendan was nearly in tears and I knew it was up to me at that point to make a decision.

"This way," I told Brendan as we headed towards the tree lined fence that offered the most cover. "Just before we went down the slide I thought I saw them heading in this direction. You head over there and I'll head to the opposite side and we will meet somewhere in the middle." I explained to him as we both ran in the opposite directions.

Something seemed to tug at me as I made my way to a clump of trees. As I approached I could just make out some voices that sounded like the two older boys. Picking up my pace I made out another voice, it was Marco's and the way he was talking got my attention.

"Please, I want to go back now." I could hear his distinct higher pitched voice carry my way as I now cautiously approached not knowing what I would do once I reached the smaller boy.

"Oh come on little guy. We just want to take a peak at what you've got. If you show us yours we will show you ours. Besides, you don't want us to tell the park officials that you walk around with a boner when you see other boys." One of the boys purred seductively.

Shoving my way past the thick underbrush of this section along the fence line I sighed in relief. Marco wasn't hurt any, but was backed up against another set of bushes, and the older boys were blocking off any possibility of his escape.

"There you are Marco. Brendan and I have been looking for you. Did you run off again? Thanks guys." I offered up hoping they would fall for it as I walked in between the two older boys and hugged Marco tightly to me. I could here the two older boys make comments to one another as I whispered in Marco's ear. "When I give you the word you run for help." He was hugging me so tight and I could feel him shivering in fright as I forcibly made him release his grip on me.

The look of sheer terror was reflected in his eyes and I just hoped that with me standing between the smaller boy and the two older boys that they didn't see the boy's fright as I also quivered completely terrified inside. Steeling myself I tried to convey a positive assurance to the smaller boy that everything would be alright.

"Thanks a bunch guys but we are running out of time and have to get back to report to our folks. You know how it kinda sucks at our age." I tried to chuckle light heartedly as we started to step forward.

Keeping Marco off to my left side I sort of tried to go around the older boy facing to my left. "Well now I guess we have two of you guys to play with if you know what I mean." The older boy I was trying to get around purred maliciously as he grabbed his crotch squeezing his obvious bulge trying to convey his point to us.

The boy moved to keep himself in front of us trying to prevent us from escaping. I did the only thing I could think of the moment as I balled up my fist and punched him as hard as I could right in his sensitive balls. At the same time I yelled, "Run Marco," stunned with how easy it had been to drop the older boy like a sack of potatoes. I froze momentarily as the boy clutched his groin and moaned in pain. As sexually hyped up that the older boy was, my punch struck him like a bolt of lightning as he crumbled to the ground.

As soon as I told Marco to run the small boy had shot out like a bullet from a gun making his escape. Damn that little guy had a set of wheels on him I thought to myself as I started after him. Taking the time to punch one of the older boys made my escape almost impossible, but I thought I might just make it. At the last moment the second boy lunged over his friend and caught me in the face with the back of his hand making my head spin as I crashed into the bushes.

The blow hadn't been a forceful one, but there was a stinging sensation, and then the iron like taste of blood as I tried to scramble back to my feet. The boy that I had hit in the balls was all curled up and holding his crotch, and I could see large teardrops along his cheeks as he moaned in pain. Getting back up on my feet I tried to make a run for it, but by this time the second boy was blocking my way.

"You fucking little dick head." The older boy spat at me. "All we wanted was to just have a little fun. We wouldn't have hurt the little kid or anything. We just wanted to have a little fun and maybe teach him a thing or two if you know what I mean."

My mind started to go into overdrive trying to figure out how to escape as his comments bounced around in the back of my mind. Even though I couldn't put it into words or know exactly what they had planned to do with Marco I still sort of knew what he meant. The tone of the boy made it even more abundantly clear that he had meant it in a sexual way, and to me that meant harming Marco despite the older boy's boasting to the contrary. It made my skin crawl and I could feel a bit of piss dribble down the side of my legs because I was so scared at the moment and it just sort of escaped without me realizing it. The only thing that saved me from it being noticed was the fact my swim trunks were still wet from the waterslide.

"Well this is going to cost you asshole." The second boy scowled at me bringing my senses back to the here and now. "Instead of everyone having a bit of fun and some pleasure out of this I guess we are going to have to settle for a bit of ass whipping. Especially considering what you did to Luke over here." The older boy shouted as he reached out to grab me.

Out of any other options I did the only thing I could think of…I charged towards the older boy. The move surprised the boy as my body crashed into him knocking him off balance. The older boy stepped backwards trying to regain his balance but ended up tripping over his friend Luke kicking him in the face in the process. I heard a sickening thud as the first boy moaned again covering up his nose as blood gushed out.

Now all three of us were on the ground and I tried to get up but was pulled back down from behind as the second boy tackled me. He wrapped his arms around my legs and I tried to lurch forwards but ended up falling face down on the ground. The older boy pressed his weight on top of me and grabbed me by the hair and yanked forcefully turning me over on to my back.

My eyes flew open wide as the boy balled up his fist and was about to hit me when his friend squeaked out to wait. "Pick him up and hold him." The boy named Luke ordered the first boy as he got up on wobbly feet.

The second boy growled and yanked on my hair forcing me to yelp out in pain as he easily dragged me to my feet and then got behind me. I tried to run but he jerked me backwards and put a full nelson hold on me stretching out my lightweight body. The first boy just looked at me with fiery eyes, his nose all but having stopped bleeding, and then pointedly looked at my crotch with a glaring smirk on his face.

"Hmmm, doesn't seem like he's got all that much down there but it doesn't matter. Besides it's not about size anyway. Balls are balls and it hurts no matter how small they are when someone cuts them off." He sneered as he reached into his bathing suit pocket and pulled out a small folding knife.

"Shit, I don't know about this Luke." The boy holding me in a full nelson complained. "Just smack the shit out of him or something and let's get the hell out of here." He commented a bit wary now that his friend had actually opened up the blade on the knife.

My eyes started to tear up and I got really scared as I eyed the small sharp looking knife. My body started to shake and my legs nearly gave out on me. Then the most mortifying thing that's ever happened to me played out in front of everyone as my bladder chose that moment to fail. I felt my insides churn wildly making me feel sick inside before a burning sensation forced its way through my shriveled up two inch pecker. The yellowish liquid blasted out from my pee slit creating a large wet spot in front of my swim trunks despite them being damp and ran down the length of my legs creating a small ammonia like smelling puddle around by my feet.

"Shut up David, it's not your nuts that got smashed." Luke complained still wincing in pain and then noticed I had wet myself. "Well look at what we have here. The little shit pissed himself." The older boy laughed at me as my humiliation washed over me and I slumped in defeat.

"Jackson?" I heard Mr. Cuconato's voice yell out not all that far away.

Before either boy could do anything I yelled out as loud as I could. "Over here they have a knife." I managed to get out before the first boy backhanded me sending my head flailing off to the side.

There hadn't been a lot of force behind the backhanded swing since Luke just reacted trying to shut me up, but it still stung a bit on my cheek. The second boy, David, didn't have the stomach for any more of this mess so he just released me as he jumped behind the bushes along the fence line. I heard the fence rattling before David yell out to his friend. Luke looked at me with a venomous like hatred for a moment but when he heard the rustling sound of approaching feet he too disappeared behind the bushes.

Mr. Cuconato shoved his way past the grouping of trees and bushes and ran to my side as I clumsily tried to stand back up. "Are you alright Jackson?" He asked me with a look of concern in his eyes as he pulled me to him and held me tightly.

"Yeah I'll be alright. Is Marco with you? Is he safe?" I asked him a bit concerned as he released me from his firm grip checking me over for any serious injuries.

"Yes…yes…he's just fine. Come on let's get you cleaned up and report this to the park officials." He told me as he hugged me tightly to him once more this time not releasing me. "Thank you so much Jackson. You did a very brave thing for Marco and I hope he has learned a valuable lesson. Brendan told me about the bad vibe you had over those boys. Thank goodness you were here to protect Marco." He told me as he squeezed the air out of my lungs.

It was then that it hit me as his comforting embrace allowed me to finally let loose. It began slowly as a single teardrop slithered down the side of my cheeks, followed yet by another one, and before I knew it I was holding on to Mr. Cuconato and quivered as I bawled my eyes out like a little baby but I just couldn't help it. In between sobs I told him everything. How frightened I was for Marco and what the boys had indicated doing to him, and about how they threatened to cut off my little boy balls.

"I…I pissed myself." I told the older man as I hung my head down in shame.

There was a moment of silence and then I felt the man place his hand under my chin forcing me to look into his eyes. "You have nothing to be ashamed of Jackson. What you did was very brave." He told me reassuringly as I just nodded my head but still a bit embarrassed about it.

"It was awful Mr. Cuconato. All I could think of was how to get Marco out safely. I…I could have cared less what they would do to me but what they wanted to do to Marco was just awful." I told him I told him softly and then looked around making sure we were alone. "P…please don't say anything to Brendan and Marco about…you know." I whispered now afraid how this would all look with me crying like a little baby and pissing myself.

The man just looked at me sympathetically and nodded. "It will be our little secret." He told me as he hugged me tightly not in the least bit worried about me having wet myself. "Thank you so much Jackson for being such a good person to look out for Marco like this. If anything happened to him both Brendan and I would just be crushed." He told me sincerely as he released me and tried to smile comfortingly at me.

We remained like that for a few moments and it made me feel much better inside and not so much frightened anymore. "Here, let's get you cleaned up and get you out of here. The boys are probably worried sick now about you. I told them to wait by the building and if I know Marco he is probably chomping at the bits to get to you." Mr. Cuconato tried to tease me gently as he used a towel to wipe away the dried blood from my nose and clean up my tear streaked face.

It wasn't a bad injury and had only been a glancing blow. My nose had stopped bleeding almost immediately but it had dried and caked on around my nose and lips so he took the bottle of water and cleaned me up a bit. He even washed off my legs from the pungent smelling urine and then handed me the damp towel so that I could clean myself off beneath my swim trunks. I turned around and opened up the front of my swim suit and dumped some water around my now shriveled up pee smelling penis and ball sack before wiping myself dry.

Turning back around I looked at Mr. Cuconato who just shook his head. "No one will ever know Jackson." The older man assured me as he took the empty bottle of water and towel from me.

We crawled out from between the overgrown foliage where Brendan was standing holding back his little brother who struggled about twenty yards away. Once Brendan saw that I was safe he released Marco and I was immediately beset upon by the little boy as he flung his arms around me and started to cry.

"I…I'm so sorry Jackson. P…please forgive me…I was so stupid to go with those older boys. I didn't really like them and they sort of creeped me out, but I thought they were our friends because you and Brendan seemed to like them. They tricked me and said you were going to meet us over here for a surprise." He cried in my arms as I knelt down in front of him and held him to me noticing how soft and vulnerable he felt in my arms.

Such an overwhelmingly intense emotion threatened to overwhelm me as I held the boy protectively to me. The smell of chlorine invaded my senses but beneath it all was the subtle hint of Marco's scent that made me quiver and hang on to him even tighter. All I wanted to do was hold him tight and never let him go, and in that one moment I knew he had captured my heart forever and that things would be inextricably different between the two of us from this point forward. Exactly what this meant I had no clue but whatever this feeling was between the two of us I would make sure to nurture and treasure it always.

"Oh my little snuggle bug." I whispered in his ear so that no one else could hear my little term of endearment for the smaller boy. "It's alright and it wasn't completely your fault. I should have told both you and your dad about the two older boys. I knew something wasn't right about them but didn't say anything." I finished off peeling his arms from my neck and wiping away his tear streaked face. "I promise next time we will let you know about these things." I told the smaller boy somberly as I kissed him tenderly but briefly on the lips not caring who saw it.

"No Jackson it was my fault. You warned me and I should have known better." Brendan piped up as he wrapped his arms around both of us. "Thank you so much Jackson. I…I'd just die if something happened to Marco." He admitted. "Especially since last year when…," he trailed off as Marco just stiffened up for a moment.

The admission and reaction caught me by surprise even though Mr. Cuconato had just indicated something similar only moments ago, and I began to wonder what was going on, but just shrugged it off figuring if they wanted me to know they would tell me. We just sort of huddled around each other for a few moments. Mr. Cuconato soothed and consoled us; assuring everyone the important thing was that we were all safe. We made a quick stop to the bathrooms before heading to the first aid building and security office because Marco's small bladder was about to burst, and even though I had just emptied out my bladder in the most humiliating way, for some reason I had to go as well.

"We are going to have to call your parents Jackson to let them know what happened." Mr. Cuconato pointed out as he dialed them up on his cell phone.

Fidgeting and biting my lower lip a bit nervously, I just groaned at the prospect of my mom going ballistic over this entire incident. Sometimes she could be too overprotective. Brendan held my left hand in his reassuringly which I thought was kind of sweet of him, while Marco did the same with my right hand. If one were to ignore the difference in my features from the Cuconato boys people would have thought all three of us to be brothers for sure as we transitioned from my left to right in age and height just like siblings would do naturally.

Of course my mom wanted me to come right home, but I told her it was alright. She insisted several times until I almost exploded telling her to stop treating me like a baby while I glanced over at my watching audience and flushing red with embarrassment. The entire Cuconato clan was watching me sympathetically but didn't say anything at my sudden eruption not wanting to embarrass me any further.

My outburst had caught my mom by surprise as we both fell silent for a moment. Audibly sighing I explained to her that I was having a lot of fun at the park and I begged her not to ruin things with my new friends. She still just about freaked out until my father stepped in and told her to calm down. He told me that it was alright but he wanted me to drop by at home first before heading over to the Cuconato's for the sleepover.

"Please dad, don't make me stay at home?" I pleaded with him.

"Jackson I promise you can spend the night with your new friend and his brother but your mother is beside herself and needs to see you first." He pointed out.

Rolling my eyes from all of the overreaction, I finally conceded the point and handed the phone back to Mr. Cuconato who smiled sympathetically at me as he ruffled my hair gently and reassuringly. My parents chatted with him some more and he just praised me up and down pointing out how responsible I had been and how thankful he was that I had been looking out for Marco. He explained the entire situation to them and I think it made my parents feel better about the whole episode. He had taken all the necessary precautions with his instructions and rules. It had just been one of those weird off the wall incidents.

It didn't take long for me to get checked over at the first aid station and for us to report the incident to security. While I was at the first aid shack security reported that there had been a hole cut into the fence which was concealed by some of the brush on both sides of the fence line. They already had plans in place to clear out the fence line after the season closed down, which was next week. In the meantime they would take care of this section immediately. They informed us that they were also going to take a look at the security camera tapes to see if they could get a clear image of the boys to report to the police. They would contact us of any further findings and told us the police will probably want to talk to us as well.

"So boys," Mr. Cuconato looked at us when we left the first aid building. "I think maybe we should go ahead and get packed up." He announced.

"Please Mr. Cuconato. I don't want this to spoil the rest of our time here. I know we don't have that much longer but can we at least do that last water slide. We didn't make it to that last one." I pleaded with him as he just looked at me with concern in his eyes.

"Oh please daddy," Marco begged as well, while Brendan piped in supporting our idea of a last minute run on the water slide.

Mr. Cuconato conceded but tagged along so he could keep an eye on us. Of course we didn't mind as we ran towards the last waterslide that we hadn't taken yet at the park. Climbing the five stories of stairs to the waterslide Starflight, we whooped it up as we took one of the two twisting enclosed double-tube rides through the inky darkness before splashdown. Brendan and I took turns with taking Marco on the ride with one of us while the other person rode down solo.

During those moments all thoughts of what had just happened disappeared for us as we went back up several more times. We alternated between the two different tube choices and each time we splashed down at the bottom Mr. Cuconato was there to cheer us on. He even snapped a few pictures of us as we came down the slide. It was totally awesome and saved us from having a wrecked day. The entire time at the water park had been a blast for all three of us boys with just that one little bit of time marring an otherwise perfect day. In the end though we all agreed it had been the right choice to take the last rides down the waterslide before the park closed.

The time finally arrived though when the announcement came over the loudspeakers that the park would be closing here shortly. We made our way back to our Cabana and unlocked the large lockers that held our bags securely. This was another great feature of having a rented Cabana.

"Alright boys let's get changed into regular clothes before we head out to eat." Mr. Cuconato announced as he grabbed Marco and headed to one of the back corners of the small Cabana.

Brendan grabbed his bag and went to the other back corner leaving me to follow behind. I was a bit put out that we were going to just get changed inside the Cabana but it afforded enough privacy to get away with it. I wrapped the large beach towel around my waist and opened up my bag pulling out my underwear that just so happened to be sitting at the top of the heap.

Turning towards the corner of the Cabana with my back facing towards the opening of the unit, I pulled off my bathing suit from under my towel wrapped body. I took a moment to dry off between my legs without removing the towel and then quickly slipped into my underwear before turning back around.

Brendan was only a couple of feet off to the side of me and he had dropped the towel onto the ground. He was facing the wall of the Cabana like I had done but he was butt naked as he slipped his feet into the leg openings of his underwear. My jaws dropped as I saw him straightening up which gave me an unobstructed view of his beautiful three inch cut penis and sagging ball sack swaying below a small light brown patch of fluffy downy curly hair.

My eyes were glued to Brendan's crotch for a moment before my mind seemed to click back into place as I realized I was standing there ogling the older boy in nothing but my white pair of boy's briefs. The older boy glanced my way but didn't say anything when he saw me gawking at his nakedness. He just smiled at me warmly and continued to pull up his underwear not bothering to conceal himself from me. Smiling back at Brendan appreciatively for not saying anything, I just rummaged through my bag and pulled out a pair of light blue Sea Galleon colored cotton material Cherokee shorts. I really loved the greenish blue, almost turquoise like color of these shorts and the best part is that they had an adjustable waist which helped them stay on my slim waist line.

After climbing into my shorts I pulled out a three button Shaun White short sleeved polo shirt that had two different alternating shades of broad horizontal stripes. The first shade was the same color as my shorts with a contrasting navy blue color striping. There was a small navy blue colored pocket on the left chest with the color on the collar being the same darker shade of blue. In addition, each navy blue stripe had a small thin golden stripe on either end of the darker blue shading. It went perfect with my shorts and by the time I slipped into my Sea Galleon colored and navy blue converse shoes I was looking really sharp.

Brendan had slipped into a pair of picante red cargo shorts and the same shade of red jersey shirt with a dark blue wavy logo design plastered along his chest. He put on a regular pair of tube socks and his Nike shoes. Brendan and I had gotten dressed in record time and when I glanced over towards Marco I noticed he was completely naked while his dad searched through the younger boy's bag for some clothes. My lips curled up into a smile at the cute sexiness of the younger version of Brendan.

"Um dad…how about if Jackson and I head towards the car and start loading it up?" Brendan asked his dad who looked up for a moment noticing we were already dressed.

Marco heard Brendan and he scurried over to me and hugged me which made me blush since he was completely naked. "Please don't leave Jackson. Wait for me to finish getting dressed." He begged me as I hugged him back.

Ever since the incident he had been hanging on to me and hardly letting loose. When we stood in line at the water slide he had slipped his tiny hands into my warm small fingers and held on tight. The only time he let go was for the ride down. Once he found me at the bottom of the slide he immediately latched back on to me.

"It's alright Marco. Let your dad get you dried off and changed into some clothes. It won't take you too long, by that time we will have the car all loaded up." I promised him as he stepped back and I couldn't help but notice he was sporting a boner. "Really Marco," I teased him as he just sort of shrugged and giggled. "Scoot already," I told him as I turned him around and smacked his naked ass for good measure while the smaller boy yelped but smiled impishly at me.

Mr. Cuconato looked up from his bag and smiled just shaking his head as he watched his youngest son running back over to the corner sporting a boner. He handed his car keys over to Brendan and helped us gather up most of the items except for what he would need to get both him and Marco changed into some dry clothes.

Although Mr. Cuconato hadn't gone to the slides with us, he had ventured out a time or two taking a ride here or there. He mostly spent his time around the Cabana and would slip into the wave pool every once in a while to cool off. The man hadn't wanted to wander off too far from the Cabana and considering what had happened today it had been a good plan.

Brendan and I exited our Cabana and started to make our way over towards the main gate. There were several other private Cabanas lining our route and I noticed a lot of families getting changed like we had done. For the most part people just slipped on dry clothes over their wet bathing suits. As we passed one Cabana my jaw just about dropped because inside was a teenaged girl about sixteen years old completely naked from the waist up.

She didn't even bother getting covered up as her nice perky luscious breasts jiggled around out in the open. Brendan had also noticed and I just about tripped over him as both of us faltered in our steps. The girl looked up and noticed us staring at her but didn't' say anything as she just smiled seductively before turning her back to us and slipping on a shirt.

"H…holy crap," I stuttered as we walked passed the Cabana very slowly before picking up our pace again.

"Y…you can s…say that again." Brendan stuttered as well.

My mind was like a complete blank and I didn't even hear him as I once again stuttered. "H…holy crap…did you see that?"

"Yeah, oh my gawd…she had a set of racks on her. Did you see her nipples?" He responded.

"H…holy crap," I repeated.

"Yeah, you already said that," He stopped and grabbed my arm forcing me to stop as well. "Are you alright Jackson?" He asked me as I leisurely turned towards him and slowly came out of the fog that had gripped my mind.

"Huh…oh…yeah," I finally managed to get out and smile at my friend. "T…that was like…um… well my first real live boobies." I told him honestly.

"So I see and I gather you liked what you saw?" He quipped at me.

"What…oh, well I guess so," I responded trying to act nonchalant about it all.

"Hmm, I think something else is telling me that you were more than just a bit excited by seeing that girl's titties." He giggled at me.

"What?" I looked at him wondering what he was getting at.

"Well, that full blown boner of yours that is pointing at everyone who walks by is proof enough." He stated hooting with laughter as I looked down just gaping and quickly covering up my small boner pressing up against my shorts.

Thank goodness I was wearing a sort of stiff cottony material instead of the flimsy material. At least my shorts managed to contain most of the tenting effect instead of just allowing it to poke completely outwards. Looking over at Brendan I noticed he had covered himself up as well with his bag but from my angle I could definitely make out his much larger sized erection pressing up against his shorts.

"Well I'm not the only one," I pointed out as we continued to walk towards the park entranceway.

"Maybe not but at least I had enough sense to cover up my boner before a few dozen or so people walked passed us pointing out your boner." He quipped with a smirk.

"What…no way." I protested as I looked over my shoulder hearing Brendan laughing his ass off.

"Shit Jackson you are just so damn classic. I don't know why the hell you are so damn shy about yourself. Shit, you are going to have to jack off for sure later when we get back; especially, now since you've gotten your first view of a real life wiggly and giggly set of titties." He teased me as my cheeks flushed red.

In a way his comment sort of frightened me because I was sure to have a wet dream now since I've seen that gorgeous girl with her large naked breasts. Just thinking about it made my dick twitch around just like it did when I saw Marco or Brendan naked. My mind went into overdrive now trying to figure that one out. Brendan had mentioned that this sort of feeling was natural but for me it was confusing. I wished I could be more like Brendan with this whole sex stuff. I just felt so useless about it all, which brought me to my other dilemma.

This other predicament came in the form of me still not understanding completely this whole concept of jacking off. The way Brendan had described it to me sounded totally awesome, but what exactly does jacking off entail. He hadn't provided any specific details other than I would be touching my penis and stroking it…but stroking it how I wondered. My mind was whirling around in my own thoughts and I hadn't realized Brendan was even speaking to me until he grabbed my arm again.

"We're here," he commented to me as he scrutinized me. "Are you alright?" He asked me again for the umpteenth time. My mind must just be mush lately since I just seemed to be completely out of focus.

"What…oh yeah…I'm fine," I responded as I shrugged my shoulder by way of an explanation before helping him load up the SUV.

We opened up the doors to let the car cool off and then sat with them open waiting for Marco and Mr. Cuconato to arrive. We didn't have long to wait and in short order were back on the road heading towards downtown San Antonio and something to eat.

We stopped at this quant little Mexican restaurant, just a little hole in the wall sorts of joints. At first I was a bit leery about the looks of the eatery, but it was just a small family owned business. The elderly man and woman who ran the place welcomed the Cuconato family with open arms as they all chatted like old friends. Evidently they have known one another for many years. Introductions were made and Mr. Cuconato ordered a family style meal for all of us without giving anyone a choice.

The brothers didn't seem to mind and hadn't even bothered with the menus. Evidently they came here often enough to know what was coming. What came out of the kitchen was absolutely amazing. Instead of individually made up plates, the owners brought out bowls of food just like you would do at home. There was a bowl of red rice, beans, corn tortillas, flour tortillas, several different types of spiced meats, and all the fixings. We could make our very own fajitas, tacos, or tostados. Whatever we wanted with whatever types of meat and fixings. The food tasted absolutely delicious and I ended up trying a little bit of everything.

Mr. Cuconato eyed me appreciatively and so too the owners. "Do you always eat like this?" The boy's father asked me.

"What do you mean?" I asked with my mouth full as I held my hand in front of it so I wouldn't accidentally spit any out making a fool of myself.

"You know trying everything?" He asked me seriously.

"Oh that. Yeah all the time because of our traveling there are a lot of times we end up in a place that I don't have a clue what is being served. For the most part it is always delicious though…so I always try a little of everything." I responded.

"Wow, that's amazing. You even eat stuff you don't know about?" Marco inquired.

"Sure thing little man because you never know what tastes good until you've tried it." I told the smaller boy who seemed impressed with the idea.

"Yeah but what if you try something that you don't like?" He asked as he took a sip of his soda pop.

Shrugging my shoulders and taking a big bite of my taco I chewed for a moment before swallowing. "Then the next time you don't eat it."

"In that case I'd rather not try at all." The little boy responded as both Brendan and his father rolled their eyes.

Shrugging my shoulders again I just responded without any criticism. "I guess that is one way to look at it, but then again you might just end up missing out on the best tasting meal you've ever had in your life." I pointed out as I saw Marco looking at me to make sure I was being serious.

We didn't comment on it anymore and continued to enjoy our meal when all of a sudden Marco piped in evidently having thought further on the subject. "I think from now on I will try everything so that I don't miss out on anything that might be totally awesome. Besides, if I don't like it I don't have to eat it." He announced.

"Good man," I told the boy honestly. "After all I would never have thought this place so damn good if you guys hadn't brought me here."

After dinner we all went to the mall. Mr. Cuconato bought some new clothes for the boys and I even managed to buy some new outfits as well. I bought more items for the warmer weather since I had enough cooler weather outfits for now. From what I've been told the average temperature around the winter months ranged around the low end of forty degrees up to sixty degrees, and it wasn't unusual for it to get even warmer than that on several days. Of course it got a little cooler at night and a bit warmer in the afternoons.

It was a little after nine in the evening when we finally pulled in to my parking lot. I led our small group into my house and my mom immediately smothered me in a hug as she checked me over from head to toe making sure I had come to no harm. Of course it embarrassed the hell out of me, but I put up with it since my dad was allowing me to stay over at the Cuconato's tonight.

"I still think you should just stay home Jackson," she stated forcefully as my dad also hugged me warmly.

I blushed embarrassed since I was standing in front of my new friends. "Now you know he will be just fine." My father interjected coming to my rescue. "You have to stop smothering him or he will hate you for it later sweetheart." My dad continued as he sighed and took a closer look at me. "So, the boys bloodied up your nose a bit, but it doesn't look like any real damage." He commented as he tilted my head one way and then the other.

"No sir just nicked me is all and Mr. Cuconato took real good care of me and then insisted I get checked out at the first aid building just to be sure." I responded.

"Well good then. I hope you gave back just as good as they gave you." My dad continued as he smiled at me proudly.

"He sure did Mr. Elborn. He smashed that older boy's nuts and he fell in a heap on to the ground." Marco piped in as my mother's eyes bulged out.

"You did what?" She shook her head admonishingly while my father interjected himself again.

"Well good for you son. There is no shame in using that tactic if there aren't any other choices, but I think maybe we should start you in some self defense class or something." He shook his head thoughtfully. "I'm tired of you getting bullied in school just because you are younger. Maybe if you knew how to defend yourself better…," he pointed out.

"But dad, Brendan says that there is a diving team that practices at the school." I interjected knowing I wouldn't have time for both self defense classes and the diving team.

"What? I thought the school didn't have a program." He interjected as did my mom.

They really didn't like me devoting so much time to diving but I just loved it. I enjoyed the rush of it and the routine of the practices as you try to master a particular dive. It was a sport I excelled at and my small size really didn't matter all that much because it was all about technique. Of course my parents always supported me but they didn't really think of it like a sport. My dad was more into the manly stuff like football, baseball, or even soccer having gotten hooked with this last one while we were in Europe.

As for my mom I just think the skimpy outfits had her a bit more concerned. Come to think about it, I started to realize where all my shyness stemmed from regarding this whole nudity issue. I loved my mom dearly, and she really was a good mother, but at times she was very overbearing and too protective over me. She was also a bit of a prude where nudity was concerned being more old fashioned about exposing yourself in public. Never in a million years would she have even considered allowing me to get changed in the Cabana, towel or no towel covering me up.

"Oh they don't." Brendan pointed out. "There is a select diving team that practices at our school. They're actually a pretty good team and go all over the state to compete. They have a great coach, although a bit of a snob at times, who even participated in the Olympics himself several years back. He really knows his stuff."

"Oh, well I don't know Jackson. I mean how would you even qualify? I know diving is a popular sport in Europe and you did fairly well in Germany but still…" He pointed out making me bristle a bit.

"My couch told me I had improved a lot this past year and that I was very good, dad. He stated that this would have been my year had I remained because my technique had started to blossom. Please dad, I want to try out for the team. If this couch is half as good as Brendan tells us then this is the chance I've been waiting for." I begged him.

"Well I think we can discuss this tomorrow when you are at home, but in the meantime I think it is starting to get late; especially, for young Mister Marco here," my dad pointed out as he ruffled the younger boy's short hair which didn't have much affect on it. "Anyway, if you want to spend the night, and it is still alright with Mr. Cuconato, then you had better head on out." My dad looked at me as he held on to my mom who was about to protest but bit her lower lip nervously instead. It was a habit that I had picked up as well over the years.

"Thanks dad, I'll be home sometime tomorrow. Probably early afternoon…it just depends on what time we get up." I told him as I hugged my mom goodbye and then my dad making sure I thanked him before we all headed back out to the car.

It was almost nine thirty by the time we arrived at Brendan's house, got everything out of the car, and put away in their proper place. "Marco I think it is bath time and then off to bed with you." Mr. Cuconato pointed out to the smaller boy as he motioned his son towards the bathroom.

"Awe dad, I wanted to play some video games with Jackson and Brendan," He complained.

"I don't know Marco. I have a feeling Jackson and I are going to get cleaned up and head for bed too. It's been a long day and a bit hectic as well." Brendan pointed out.

"Come on let's go." Mr. Cuconato insisted.

"Can Jackson give me a bath instead?" Marco pleaded with his dad who just looked at his youngest son shaking his head.

"Dad, how about Jackson and I get Marco all cleaned up and in bed. We are probably going to call it an early evening as well. Besides, by the time we all take a shower and everything it will be late anyway." Brendan pointed out.

"Alright, but Marco right after your bath it is off to bed and no arguments." Mr. Cuconato insisted as he started to head towards his own bedroom and hot shower. "Oh and Marco, that is your own bed." He insisted looking meaningfully at his youngest son.

"Oh alright," the little boy rolled his eyes at his father before grabbing my hand and leading me upstairs.

Brendan just shook his head at his little brother as we all piled into the small bathroom. Brendan peeled off Marco's clothes while I started putting water into the warm tub. While I was testing the water temperature a naked Marco leaned up against me and hugged me tightly.

"Come on little man," I told him as I lifted him up into the tub.

The smaller boy eased his naked body into the warm water and I had to smile as I watched his small boy pouch and penis disappear beneath the surface. While I sat there and chatted with the smaller boy Brendan worked briskly and started to shampoo his brother's hair. Before long he had the boy's hair all rinsed out and told his younger brother to straighten up on his knees.

Marco did as he was told and I watched as his hard two inch penis poked above the water surface along with his small sagging boy pouch while Brendan scrubbed the boy's back. "Here take the soap Marco and clean between your legs. I don't want you to get a rash from all that chlorine at the water park." He commanded his brother who obeyed.

My eyes were glued to Marco's small boy package as he methodically soaped up his little ball sack and penis twirling his fingers around the stiff shaft and head before dipping his slicked up hands under his pouch. The smaller boy paid particular attention to his hazel nut sized testicles as he squeezed his pouch gently getting it all soaped up. He splashed some clean water over himself to wash away the soap and then inspected his penis more closely while Brendan used a cup to rinse off his back.

"Alright, all done." Brendan announced grabbing the towel and lifting him out of the tub.

While Brendan dried off his brother I drained the tub. Another minute or so went by and then Marco was all finished up.

"Are you coming?" Marco asked as both he and his brother started to head out the door.

"Um…I think maybe while you get all tucked into bed I'm going to take a shower." I told the younger boy. "By the time you get to sleep I'll be done and then your brother can get cleaned up."

Marco looked a bit disappointed but nodded his head as he followed his brother out the door. I sighed and started to get up so I could gather together my stuff when Marco rushed back into the bathroom butt naked and nearly knocked me over with a big hug. It just amazed me how it didn't even disturb me anymore that he ran around naked.

"Goodnight Jackson. I love you." He whispered into my ear as he held me tightly to him.

Those three simple words threw me off a bit because being a boy it was difficult for me to say such things to someone else. I mean sure I've said it with my mom and even my dad at times, but it was just something boys tended not to say so much to other boys. Yet, for Marco I felt an overwhelming urge to make an exception.

"I love you twice as much my little snuggle bug." I whispered back. "Sweet dreams and I promise we will play for a while together before I go home. How does that sound?"

"Way cool," he announced as he let go of me when his brother started calling out to him.

Heading into Brendan's room I rummaged through my bag and got out my toiletry bag along with some clean clothes. I paused a moment to look through my bag making sure I had everything and then grabbed one more item.

When I returned to the bathroom I closed the door and peeled off my clothes setting them off to the side. I turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature and jumped into the deep customized marble tub making sure to close the curtain so that water wouldn't spill out everywhere. I didn't want to waste any hot water because I didn't know how large their water tank was and Brendan still needed to get cleaned up as well, not to mention their dad.

Picking up my small bottle of shampoo that I had taken out from my toiletry kit, I quickly lathered up my hair and rinsed it out before starting in on my body. I had a small container of soft soap and put a dollop into the palm of my hand and started to soap up my soft skin. I paused a moment looking down at my small two inch softness before taking it in hand and slowly soaping it up. There was a tingling sensation in my groin area as I gently rubbed my now hardened just shy of three inch erection, which sprang to life as soon as I soaped it up, and soft boy pouch.

I've had these tingling sensations before but I didn't want to pee in Brendan's bathtub; especially, since he was hopping into the shower after me. I knew that the urine would wash away, but still it was just the idea of me having taken a piss in their bathtub. I stopped what I was doing and rinsed myself off before turning off the shower to conserve the hot water for Brendan.

Grabbing a towel from the replenished rack; I quickly dried off, combed my hair, brushed my teeth, and slipped something on before heading out the bathroom with the towel wrapped around my waist. I stepped into Brendan's room as the boy looked up from his bed. He was reclining against the pillows and just smiled at me as I entered the room.

"Wow…that was pretty fast." He admitted to me.

"I didn't know how much hot water you guys had and I didn't want to leave you with just cold water." I told him seriously. "Besides, I also wanted to show you this." I announced as I seductively and slowly opened up one corner of the towel.

Brendan looked at me a bit confused and then slowly smiled as I did a sort of sexy like dance that I had seen in movies with those smutty kind of girls. I slowly peeled away the towel revealing a portion of what lay underneath. Brendan giggled and I noticed he popped a boner. He seemed excited by my seductive display. I danced around some more as I teased him before finally letting the towel drop to the floor. I could hear him gasp as I stood in front of him in nothing but my tight pair of red, white, and blue Force diving briefs.

Brendan's eyes just took me in as he ogled my near naked torso and allowed his eyes to settle on my mid-section where my small little bulge was pretty much revealed. The skimpy diving briefs left little to the imagination and I knew he could definitely see the three inch outline of my erection as it stretched against the flexible material of my tight fitting diving briefs. At first I felt a bit shy about it, but instead of it embarrassing me I almost felt invigorated as I jiggled around my hips and thrust them forward a few times.

"Damn, you fucking tease," Brendan giggled as he got up and unabashedly slipped his hand beneath his shorts and adjusted himself. "Thanks, that was like…wickedly cool." He told me smiling warmly. "Just for that I think I will have to treat you as well." He told me as he rummaged through his dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of similar style bathing suit. "During the summer months I race on a local swim team," he admitted as he waved a plain peach colored swim briefs in front of my eyes before disappearing for his shower.

While he was gone I slipped out of my bathing suit giggling as my erection slapped against my mostly bare pubic mound. I heard the water getting turned on in the bathroom and knew Brendan had just hopped in. Somehow an image of him all naked in the shower flashed in my mind. In my mind's eye I could see his soft penis slithering around in the older boy's hand as he started to soap himself up. I tried to imagine him boning up but I just couldn't do it since I haven't seen him naked with an erection yet. I saw the outline of his erection in his underwear while he slept but haven't seen him naked like that.

Sighing I shrugged my imagination off to the side and looked down at my pubic mound. I ran my hand over the area but couldn't see any thicker pubic hairs like I had seen on Brendan. All that I could see were the thin fine hairs that I've always seemed to have had for years now.

Finishing up inspecting my non-existent pubic hairs I took a closer look at my penis as I pulled it downwards. The skin on my hard penis seemed to stretch out angrily and kind of hurt a little so I released it watching curiously as it smacked up against my pale skin with a resounding noise. There were fine blue veins crossing along my bare pale pubic mound, and I noticed the same kind of fine blue colored veins crossing along my now almost three inch long hard shaft, well actually two inches because about one inch of it was my purplish like glans. I also noticed that my ball sack seemed to sag more than usual. I cupped my testicles and they seemed to be heavier than normal, but then again I never inspected them all that closely before so couldn't be sure about this latest development.

Smiling satisfied with my inspection, I released myself and decided I better put something on before someone stepped into the room unexpectedly. I wasn't sure if Mr. Cuconato would come up to say goodnight or maybe even if Marco would decide to leave his bed and come into Brendan's room. With this in mind I slipped into my white boy's briefs and tried to get my boner to go away.

Brendan stepped into the room a few minutes later with a towel wrapped around his waist as he headed towards his closet and tossed his dirty clothes into his dirty laundry bag. He turned towards me looking seductive and started to dance like I had done. I had to admit that my interest was peeked wanting to see how he looked in the skimpy bathing suit. Slowly he raised one corner of the towel seductively revealing a lot of skin all the way up towards his crotch stopping just short of revealing more.

My lips got dry and my breathing increased as he continued the show and turned his back to me while he looked over his shoulders. He slowly un-wrapped the towel from his waist and then holding each end outwards effectively hid his mid-section from my view. He wrapped the towel back around him and turned towards me carefully shifting the towel around his waist as he once again held either end outwards keeping the towel between me and his front.

My eyes were glued to the front of the towel trying to burn a hole in them so I could see what was beyond it. Licking my lips I absentmindedly grabbed my now three inch hardened penis as I slowly squeezed the tip feeling a tingling sensation between my legs. The anticipation of seeing him in his bathing suit was killing me as my breathing became ragged.

Brendan knew he had me hooked as he smiled mischievously at me and then just dropped the towel letting it flutter to the floor. My eyes were glued to Brendan's groin area as the air caught in my throat and I forgot to breathe for a moment. The older boy wiggled his hips around just like I had done and I felt myself getting lightheaded at the gorgeous sight floating in front of my eyes.

Just a mere two feet in front of my nose, Brendan's four inch thick erections waved around lazily as his smooth sagging boy pouch bounced around between his legs. My body felt completely numb as I watched Brendan start to thrust his hips forward and backwards his hard penis thrusting towards me before retreating.

My head started to spin with excitement and naughtiness of what was going on and just when I thought I would pass out I forced my lungs to breathe in some air. I gasped loudly as I sucked in as much air as I could in one gulp and started to choke. Brendan's eyes got big as fear gripped him and he leaped over to my side thumping my back.

"Holy crap," I gasped and sucked for air as I repeated myself just as I had when I saw that girl's titties. "Holy crap Brendan," I gasped again as I looked down noticing he was still hard. "Y…you're fucking naked." I pointed out as I continued to stare at his nakedness.

Brendan just looked at me for a moment and busted up laughing. "Oh shit Jackson. I think I done gone and did it now. If Marco wasn't bad enough I finally gave you a heart attack myself. Shit, I'm so sorry Jackson…I forgot all about your hang up concerning nudity. Hell it's your fault because you started it with that show you put on. Damn, I couldn't let you get one over on me so had to up the ante." He laughed as he just laid back on the bed his erection pointing upwards and lazily flailing around.

"Holy crap, that…that's so fucking sexy." I managed to get out and then blushed at what I had just admitted.

Brendan looked at me and just busted up laughing. I couldn't help myself as I started to giggle as well. The older boy pulled me backwards so I was lying next to him as we continued to laugh for a while longer. After a while we just stayed there like that without saying another word and looking up at the ceiling enjoying our new found friendship.

Brendan grunted, got up, and made his way to the dresser drawer. A moment later he had slipped into a pair of white briefs and motioned for us to slip under the covers. Flicking off the main light switch he reached under his small bed lamp and clicked it on. The amber light spilled into the room creating a soft glow around us as he slipped beneath the sheets next to me and sighed heavily and contentedly.

Looking over toward the older boy and his cute features I started to giggle. Brendan looked over towards me smiling and shaking his head. We just stared at one another as I continued to giggle at the vision of him dancing all naked and hard in front of me. His erection was more beautiful than I had envisioned, but I just couldn't help myself as I continued to giggle.

"What?" He asked.

Shrugging my shoulders I just shook my head. "I…I just can't help myself. Damn, your hard dick is so fucking awesome looking and…um…your body is so fucking sexy hot, but I just can't get the image of you dancing around poking your hard dick in front of my nose out of my mind. It…it was so sexy hot yet so…um…hilarious." I admitted to him as I busted up.

"You can be such a dork," Brendan teased me as he giggled at his own expense.

There was just something about the two brothers that were so appealing to me. They made me laugh, allowed me to open up more, and made me feel like I was a part of their family. My heart swelled with warmth as I allowed myself for the first time ever to accept them wholly and completely as my friends, the first ever real live ones in my entire life.

"So did you take care of business in the shower so that you won't have another wet dream." Brendan spoke up bringing me out of my reverie.

"What?" I asked him a bit shocked and confused.

Brendan rolled his eyes in exasperation at my naivety. "You know…did you spank your monkey…pull your wire…for Pete's sake did you jack off?" He asked me seriously.

Turning on my side so that I could look at him I started to stutter a bit embarrassed by the question. "I…um…I just…um…no not exactly." I admitted.

Taking my cue, Brendan turned on his side as well and looked at me critically. "Why not Jackson, I mean there isn't anything bad about it or anything." He told me as he saw me bite my lower lip and start to look a bit frightened.

"Jackson there is nothing wrong with jacking off. If you don't you might have more wet dreams. It doesn't mean you will if you don't jack off but still there really isn't anything to it." He told me soothingly knowing I was a bit shy about all of this.

"Yeah but…" I started to speak up before going silent as I blushed with awkwardness.

"But what….just tell me." He insisted.

"I…I don't…um…I don't know what to do." I finally admitted to him.

"Oh," he stated simply and then realization seemed to settle in on him. "Oh shit…you mean you don't know…um…you don't know how to do it. Shit Jackson I didn't realize it last night. Fuck…right…how are you supposed to know when you've never seen it done before." He admitted as he thought for a moment.

Scooting over towards me he gently pushed me on to my back and without saying a word started to gently run his hand left hand over my chest. I shivered as the sensation of his fingers on my skin sent electricity coursing through my body. I gasped at the sensory overload as my hands wound around the bed sheets and my toes started to curl.

His hands and fingers felt electrifying as they slowly and softly caressed my skin in a circular motion slowly easing their way downwards. My breathing became ragged as he eased the covers off my body and continued to gently stroke my skin around my bellybutton. Looking down at myself I could see the hard bulge in my tight fitting underwear as my erection pressed against the cottony fabric. A whimper escaped my lips as I was frozen in place unable to move or do anything.

All I could do was watch as his hand gently traced the waistband of my underwear. He shifted his body into a better position and I watched helplessly as he hooked his fingers into my waistband and tug gently downwards. At that moment my hips gently lifted up allowing him to slip the backside over my butt cheeks. I don't know why I even did it, or how, but now it was too late as he slowly eased the front side of my underwear over my hardened penis revealing it for the first time in many years to someone else besides me.

Another whimper escaped my lips as I saw Brendan's eyes get big while he licked his lips and gasped in surprise. He eased my underwear down past my ankles and left them at the foot of his bed. Slowly he traced his fingers along the inner part of my legs as once again I whimpered but couldn't do anything except watch as his hands made their way upwards towards my crotch.

My penis twitched wildly in the air as unusual sensations filled my insides and breathing became difficult for me. My hands wrung the bed sheets as my fist clamped down around the fabric tightly and my legs started to quiver wildly. My insides seemed to roil with all of these intense sensations. It was so euphoric, blissful, yet frightening at the same time because I was also frozen in place unable to move.

Brendan was also shaking now as his eyes settled on my exposed nakedness and he once again wet his lips. "Wow," he whispered as his fingers brushed up against my sagging ball sack making me gasp and jerk as a jolt of pure blissful sensation shot through my insides for a moment. The only sound in that moment was another whimper escaping my lips.

"It looks so fucking hard," Brendan softly remarked hardly audible to the ears. "Beautiful," he whispered again as he reached outwards towards my erection. My eyes were glued to his outstretched hand as he slowly engulfed my small just shy of three inch erection in his large fist.

At that moment my entire world faded to black as nothing but silence seemed to fill the void for a split second before the world came crashing back down into me all the way to my core before recoiling outwards in all direction like a huge volcanic explosion. The most intense blissful feeling of my entire life took a hold of me as I started to panic with fear.

All I could do was survey myself like bystander as my body refused to obey my commands. My eyes watch Brendan's large fist clamp down onto my small just shy of three inch erection as it disappeared from sight. At the same moment the electricity coursing through my small body forced my hips upwards shoving my erection past Brendan's fist exposing the tip of my glans. All of a sudden I felt my testicles contract upwards towards my insides and something exploded from the tip of my penis splattering up against my chest in several small droplets. My body buckled several more time but nothing else seemed to explode out of me although my testicles contracted intensely and my penis twitched around wildly in Brendan's fist. My dick felt a bit slick in Brendan's fist but other than that there wasn't any more of my baby batter that was of any note. The only evidence of my ejaculation capabilities was just the slickness of my penis in Brendan's damp fist and the few droplets on my chest as a small whimper escaped my lips.

Before I knew what was happening it was all over ending just as abruptly as it began. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest now as I gasped raggedly for air and whimpered from the intensity of it all. My mind seemed to come back into focus as I realized what had finally happened to me.

Brendan had wanted to teach me how to jack off, but I instantly knew that the process had never even occurred because I had an orgasm too soon. I was completely mortified as I realized I was completely exposed to someone who now just looked on in amazement and bewilderment. If that wasn't bad enough I had an orgasm even before anything special happened and I instinctively new this was due to my inexperience. How could I ever live down the humiliation of shooting that quickly and all over Brendan without even giving him a warning.

The older boy had released my now flaccid shriveled up little boy penis from his fist. He looked over towards me and I was too mortified to look back at him as I flushed red with embarrassment all over from head to toe. Reaching down I grabbed the bed covering and curled up beneath them turning my back to my first ever real friend. I was so mortified at what happened and didn't think he would ever be able to get over the shock of me having an orgasm without him even jacking me off. How the hell does something like that happen I wondered to myself as I closed my eyes feeling the stinging sensation of tears.

There was a sad sigh next to me and then I felt the bed shake around a bit as I heard a sort of soft paper rustling sound. I realized it was Brendan wiping off his sticky hand from my gooey boy juice. Then I heard the audible click from his night light as the room fell into darkness. I sniffled a moment trying to get my emotions back under control. The sensations that had coursed through my body had been so intense yet felt extremely delectably delightful. Even now in the afterglow of it all my body still felt so wonderfully good. Yet the intense emotional rollercoaster was taking its toll on me as I wrestled with my emotions trying to make sense of what had just happened.

Despite my active mind and the confusion of my feelings I could feel myself starting to drowse a bit. My mind was finally starting to relax when I heard a sniffling sound next to me and the distinct noise of someone whimpering as they cried. In my state of half sleep it sounded kind of strange and made me wonder if Marco had slipped into the room. Slowly I came back to wakefulness and realized that the sounds were coming from Brendan and it sort of shocked me for a moment and then I felt guilty.

Thinking back on the events of a few moments ago I guess it would appear as if I had rebuked the older boy probably making him feel like what had happened was completely his fault. Now I really felt ashamed about everything. Not the actual act itself but the reaction from me afterwards. At the moment I felt so ashamed at how I had treated my very first and only real friend ever.

Looking over towards Brendan in the darkness of the room I could see he was sort of curled up on his side with his back turned towards me. His body quivered for a moment as a tiny sob escaped his lips. I crept over next to him and wrapped my arm around him.

"Brendan please don't cry. I…I'm so sorry. It…it wasn't you it was me. I…I just was so embarrassed by what happened. No…I mean not by what happened but by me. You know, just sort of exploding so soon and all. Not to mention…um…being seen all naked like that. I'm just so ashamed by how small I am and that I…I'm like such a dork about all of this. I…I can't even learn how to jack off right." I admitted to him as I hugged him feeling tears streaming down my cheeks at having to admit to my experienced friend how immature I still was regarding sex.

We both lay there for a moment in the stillness of the evening when I felt Brendan turn towards me and shift around so he was facing me. Our faces were only a few inches away from one another and I waited for the rebuke I knew was coming my way. My eyes were closed and I just continued to wait for the inevitable, but nothing was uttered as it got extremely quiet for what seemed like forever.

Slowly I opened my eyes and looked straight into the tender and warm glowing blue eyes of Brendan. His lips quivered a moment and then smiled warmly and pleasantly at me. He stroked my cheek and just sighed.

"Shit Jackson you really have no idea do you?" He whispered softly.

"I…I'm so sorry if I hurt you Brendan. I…I was just so confused by everything." I admitted to him.

Brendan just shook his head sadly at me. "I wasn't crying about that Jackson?" He whispered back as he just looked away confusing me even more. "Jackson for being eleven years old you are so damn sexy hot. Shit, when I saw that pecker of yours I was completely shocked. It was…so damn incredibly awesome…and…fuck I've never seen anyone with such a hard dick before in my entire life. Those huge puffy veins bulging out the sides of your dick made you look so damn hot and…well really studly. Then when I actually touched it…" Brendan quivered for a moment and took a breath. "When I touched it the damn thing felt like it was on fire." He admitted to me as he smiled trying to ease my mind, but I was still so ashamed for what happened after he touched me.

"Yeah it was so hot and exploded all over the place like a volcano. I…I don't know why it happened so fast. I…I guess I am just a dweeb or freak or something." I admitted so ashamed for even talking about this, but I knew I had to explain to Brendan that it wasn't his fault.

"Jackson you aren't a freak or anything. I don't know why you just had an orgasm so fast…I mean I know because it felt good but I don't know why so fast. Things like that just sort of happen and sometimes we just can't control things. You'll do much better next time, trust me." He encouraged me as I just shook my head not so convinced.

"Damn Jackson you are just so fucking sexy hot and maybe so is your sex drive. Believe me you don't have to be ashamed about anything. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life and I'll always remember it." He chuckled as he just pulled me closer to him while he shifted on to his back.

"Really…you don't think I'm sort of like a freak or anything…and…and you aren't mad at me? I mean we can still be friends?" I asked him with hopeful anticipation.

"Geeze Jackson of course not…I mean of course I'm not mad or anything, and yes we are friends. I wish you would stop beating yourself up about things. I think you are pretty cool, besides who else is going to stick up to a bunch of High School bullies who pick on Marco. That was so brave of you Jackson and I'm so glad you were there when my little brother needed you. I…I'd just die if something happened again…" He responded as he just got quiet.

We both just stayed like that with me curled up in his arms. He smelled like his little brother, just maybe more heady and musky. The same type of sweaty smell with the soap but the sweat aroma was stronger, not in a bad way rather actually appealing. His body was smooth and soft yet the skin felt tight on his frame. He was most definitely an athlete as my fingers ran over his chest and tight stomach. I was content just to be so close to him and I felt safe in his arms. Something I've never had before and wondered if this is what it was supposed to be like when you have a friend. Then the last part of his statement sort of sunk in along with his earlier comment that he wasn't crying because of what happened with me.

"Brendan…what were you crying about?" I asked him.

The boy looked down at me for a moment before looking away. I could see the wetness of tears around his eyes as we both fell silent again. I didn't want to say or ask anything again because I got the distinct feeling that this was something very private and that maybe I had overstepped my bounds. Then I felt him shift a little as he reached over and turned on the small lamp on his end table. The amber light filled the small space in a gentle glowing soft light.

Sighing Brendan just continued to look up at the ceiling and pulled me closer towards his warm body as he shivered slightly. "Friday was one year." Brendan whispered before falling silent again.

My mind sort of buzzed around trying to decipher what he was saying. I remembered how he was sort of acting a bit strange on Friday. He was so perky and cheerful at school, but then so sad and worked up afterwards at the small outdoor courtyard.

"Is that why you were so sad at the courtyard…you know after school?" I asked him.

Brendan looked down at me for a moment with tears flowing unabashedly down his cheeks. I didn't know what to do and it started to freak me out. In the end I draped my leg over him and placed my head on his chest as I just hugged him. I was covering up half of his body with my own slighter body, almost like a blanket. All I could think to do was just hold him and show him that I cared about him. After a moment I felt his body shudder briefly and then his arm draped over my naked back. I had almost forgotten that I was completely naked and for some reason it didn't bother me anymore. All that mattered was Brendan.

"This time of year it can rain like cats and dogs." Brendan stated for no apparent reason. "Last year it was so bad that you could hardly see anything. My mom was driving the car and…and it was rowdy in the back seat like it always was with us arguing and everything. It seemed like the only time we ever argued was when we got in the car. My mom kept yelling at us to stop bickering; that we were brothers after all and shouldn't always be bickering like this in the car. Then out of the blue it just happened." He whispered before falling silent.

The pit of my stomach caved in on itself. Instinctively I knew that was the day he lost his mother. I wanted to console him to help him through this…but how. What do you say to someone who lost his mother like that? Instead I remained quiet and almost jumped when he started to speak again.

"It was there, you know, there by that spot they have that blinking light. Well, before the accident there wasn't a blinking light there. They put it in afterwards. It really wasn't anyone's fault you know. At first the police wanted to blame the other driver, they said he had been drinking, but I never believed it for one second. Later we found out the other driver wasn't drunk at all. He had a beer at lunch time a few hours earlier, but that was all. I knew it…and I told them…and even hated them for accusing the driver. It wasn't fair to the other family." He told me falling silent again.

My mind was trying to keep up with him. Some things were making sense but other things not so much. I wanted to ask him questions, but it just didn't feel right, so I decided to remain quiet and just provide him with support.

"He was driving one of those construction trucks…you know with a whole bunch of stuff in the back?" He asked looking at me and all I could do was nod. "Well at the last moment he saw us and tried to avoid hitting our car. His truck skidded sideways and we crashed into the side of his truck. Stuff was flying everywhere and…and right through the front windshield. The steel rod it went right…it killed my mom instantly." He whispered as he fell silent again.

My eyes stung with the salty teardrops as the flowed down my cheeks. It must have been a horrific scene for Brendan to witness, and then I gasped as I realized Marco was in the car as well. He must have seen it too. Now his nightmares made sense to me. This was the one year anniversary since their mother's accident so no wonder the smaller boy was having difficulty coping.

"The force of the accident was so severe that the iron rod went right through my mom. I…I tried to shield Marco from the horrible scene. It was awful to watch someone you love slowly die in your arms. It was all my fault you know." He whispered as tears streamed down his cheeks. "All I could do was to try shielding Marco so that he wouldn't see. It was awful. Pieces of glass went flying everywhere and Marco was bleeding from scrapes and cuts all over his body. If you look closely at his body there are little cut marks all over him. They've mostly gone away and his tan keeps them hidden but if you look closely he has all these tiny little cuts from the glass and from the bucket of nails that flew over on his side. Thank goodness nothing serious happened to him, but the rest, it was entirely my fault." He sighed as he got quiet.

For the first time I spoke up because how can an accident be his fault. "No Brendan, it was an accident. What happened to your mom was an accident and not your fault." I tried to soothe him but he just shook his head.

"You don't understand, it was my fault that…" He sighed looking at me with tears streaking down his cheeks as he tried to explain. "I switched seats with my little brother. He was complaining so much that I caved in and switched seats with him before we took off on the road, and then the argument followed with all the whining and complaining that I just lost my temper and told my little brother that he was a fucking spoiled little brat. How could I have done that Jackson? My own little brother, I yelled at him just before…just before the accident." Brendan sniffled as his body shook and large tears flowed down the sides of his cheeks like a broken faucet.

"It's alright Brendan. I mean look at Marco he's doing just fine. It was only scrapes and cuts and they healed right up, you said so and he doesn't seem to mind that you yelled at him. You guys are brothers so of course you argue sometimes." I told him.

"What?" He whispered looking at me confused.

"Marco, he's alright Brendan." I told him gently.

"N…no…you don't understand." He whispered looking a bit dazed and confused. "Marcel…Marco's twin brother…I…I killed him." Brendan blurted out in between choking sobs.

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