Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 3

Bright morning light spilled into the room through the large window at one end of Brendan's room. It took me a few moments after my eyes fluttered open to get oriented and once I remembered where I was I couldn't help but smile excitedly. Marco's warm body was pressed up against mine with his back against my chest as we spooned up against one another.

My mind just wandered lazily as I held him tightly against me with my arms draped around his small body. I could smell his boy odor as the sweat from his nightmares intermingled with the scent of the soft soap he used for his bath last night. My body quivered and I popped a boner that pressed up against the smaller boy but I didn't care in my still sleepy state.

It felt wonderfully cozy to feel him in my arms like this as my hands softly stroked him absentmindedly. My eyes popped open with me wide awake now as I realized my fingers were slowly stroking the boy's small two inch erection and soft fleshy boy pouch. At that instant I froze completely as I looked down and sighed in relief noticing he was still firmly in the grips of sleep. My eyes flicked over towards the clock on the small end table just under the small lamp and I noticed it was still very early in the morning, just barely past five o'clock.

My panic ebbed a bit and I realized I was still holding on to Marco's little hard boy penis. The feel of his two inch hardness in my fingers felt intriguing so I continued to grope him between my thumb and finger. There was a gap under the bed covers and I looked down noticing how his penis looked in my hand and my body shivered with excitement as I released his hardness and slowly played around with his olive sized testicles bouncing them around in my fingers. For some reason being able to see his nakedness held in my hands was exciting as my own penis sort of twitched around against the soft fabric of my pajama bottoms.

Careful so as not to wake the smaller boy I lifted the covers away from him so I could admire his nakedness in its entirety. The boy did indeed look adorably cute as I continued to slowly rub his small little erection before releasing it so I could admire his sleek tanned body. This was the first time I was able to actually admire him up closely and intimately. My hands slowly caressed his silky smooth stomach and chest when I noticed how his skin had lighter speckled areas all along the front side of his body. They were very tiny and only noticeable if someone looked closely. I didn't know if these were some sort of blemishes or what, but his skin still seemed smooth to the touch all over so I was a bit stumped as I once again covered him up and allowed my hands to cup his sexiness in the palm of my hand.

Tearing my eyes away from Marco but still gently rubbing his hardness and ball sack in my hands I looked over towards Brendan. My eyes bulged outwards as they settled on his partial nakedness. He had flung off the light bed coverings and was laying on his back his chest rising and lowering in an even rhythmic motion as he softly snored in his sleep. My eyes wandered lazily down his tight chest and smooth stomach before stopping at the large bulge pressing up against his tight white pair of boy's briefs. His underwear was snug against his body and the waistband seemed kind of low along his torso barely concealing his pubic mound.

It was difficult for my mind to truly wrap around what I was seeing. His dick was hard as a rock and pointed upwards angling towards his left shoulder. We were only about a foot away from one another and I could clearly see the outline of his hard penis pressing against the cottony material. His shaft looked thick and heavy and about three inches long before it flared thickly at the base of his glans which tapered off to a smaller end about one inch in length. In all I figured he was about four inches long in his hardened state and the tip of his penis ended right below the waistband of his underwear as it pushed outwards barely allowing the gummy material to hold it down. The shape, heft, girth, and length beckoned to me enticingly and I don't know what had gotten into me but I slowly reached out towards him with my right hand.

Looking back down at Marco to make sure he still slept peacefully I hesitated about an inch away from my prize. My mouth became dry and I swallowed hard as my breathing became erratic. My heart thundered in my chest as my fingers slowly and lightly settled on top of his hard underwear covered penis. I felt his penis jolt in response to my touch and I immediately jerked away my fingers as my chest lurched in fright.

He was still breathing in the smooth even rhythmic cadence of sleep and I sighed in relief. For a moment I thought he had woken up and caught me perving on him in his sleep. I felt so guilty at the moment with what I was doing but I just couldn't help myself. What happened to me last night, and the subsequent talk I had with Brendan, left me feeling all weird inside and curious about things.

First looking down at Marco, who appeared so adorably cute at the moment, and then back over towards Brendan I finally got my nerve back and reached over towards the older boy once more. This time I was bolder and I settled my fingers around his hard four inch erection through his underwear and once more felt it twitch in my hand. The sensation of it jolting in my fingers was exhilarating as I wrapped my fist around his stiffness more firmly. Even with the fabric of the cottony material in the way I could still feel the heat of his penis as it pulsed wildly in my hand.

Loosening my grip I traced my fingers along the length of his shaft, feeling the flaring edge of his ridge, before continuing to the tip of his penis rubbing my finger along what just had to be his pee slit. His penis seemed to quiver in response to my gentle probing and I could see Brendan's chest start to rise in a more rapid state as if he was excited in his sleep.

My fingers slithered back down towards the base of his shaft and then gently cupped his large round pouch area as I tried to gauge their weight. They did feel a bit hefty but it was difficult to tell since they were tucked up against his body tightly from his tight underwear fitting up snuggly against him. My attention once again focused on that hard length of his as I slowly allowed my fingers to trace its distance to the tip once more and twirled my fingers over his pee slit.

Brendan shivered breathing erratically as the sensations of me touching him seemed to course through his body. Then while I was rubbing my finger against the tip of his pee slit I sort of felt an odd warm wetness through the fabric of his underwear. It shocked me and at first I thought maybe I just forced a wet dream on him but then I realized the area of dampness was much smaller than what had happened to me. It was just a small wet spot, smaller than the diameter of a dime, and just on the tip end where his pee slit was located. The substance seeped through the cottony fabric and I didn't think it was pee because it sort of felt kind of slimy and sticky. Then I panicked as he moaned in his sleep and turned over on to his side facing away from me.

My finger still had a bit of whatever it was that had happened to Brendan on the tip of it so like he had done last night I hesitantly placed it against my nose and took a sniff of it. Now I was absolutely sure that it wasn't pee because it didn't smell like it; however, it also didn't smell like anything I've ever smelled before. The odor was unique and in a way not bad at all. I filed the aroma away for the next time I had a sort of accident of my own like last night so that I could compare the two scents. I had a feeling that it was what Brendan referred to as man juice, yet I didn't know for sure because the way he described things when you have an orgasm is that it was pretty intense and it sort of shoots out of the tip of your penis.

Then I seemed to recall him mentioning something else last night that happens sometimes to guys just before they shoot their baby batter. I couldn't remember what he called it, but knew it had to do with some stuff sort of coming out the tip of our peckers that was similar to the substance we squirt when we have sex, yet kind of acted like a lubricant of sorts. For me all of this was a bit too confusing and my mind began to spin with all the new stimulating information that I had just acquired. So what else was new I whispered to myself.

It was still early in the morning with several more hours of sleep ahead of me. My thoughts raced with the events of last night and now here in the early morning hours. I felt a twinge of guilt at how I had just perved on my two newest friends but I just couldn't help myself. It had been exciting and thrilling and I had been curious.

My dick twitched in response to my recollection of how Brendan's heavy hard penis felt in my small hands. The older boy excited me in a way I've never experienced before; even his younger brother sent a thrill coursing through my body at the sexiness of it all. Sighing and setting aside my guilty pleasure, I wrapped my arms around the small sleeping form of Marco taking a moment to enjoy the feel of his nakedness in my hands before releasing his small hard boy dick and fading back off to sleep.

The events of the last twenty four hours was the best ever of my entire life, but damn I was starting to turn into some sort of pervert or something. Even getting punched in the gut didn't seem to bother me anymore because that was what led to my new found discovery of my burgeoning sexuality in the first place. Feeling so contently at peace I fell into another deep slumber with the warmth of little Marco's soft and subtle body lying next to me.

By the time I woke up again it was starting to really warm up in the room. My eyes flicked open and I glanced at the clock on the nightstand noticing it was now a little after eight in the morning. Marco and Brendan were still fast asleep as I slowly untangled myself from the smaller boy and eased my way off the bed at the foot end so that I wouldn't wake them up by crawling over their bodies.

Grabbing on to my hard pecker trying to hold back the floodgates of my bladder, I quickly made a straight line for the bathroom. I fished out my rock solid just shy of three inch pecker from my pajama bottoms, pressed it downward while shoving my butt outwards to ease the tension, and let loose. A strong steady stream exploded from the tip of my flared glans and I shuddered at the wonderful sensation of the golden liquid blasting its way through my short and thin dick. Clamping down my sphincter a few times so that I could squeeze out any remnants of fluid from my bladder, I finally shook my pecker to clear away any droplet remnants and tucked it back away.

My body quivered in relief with that empty bladder feeling and the disappearance of that nagging pressure on my pecker. I washed my hands, and seeing the new toothbrush Brendan gave me picked it up and got cleaned up before ducking back into the bedroom. I slowly crawled back into bed snuggling against Marco as he shifted and opened his eyes.

"Where'd you go?" He whispered to me as he yawned and stretched.

"I just got cleaned up and took a piss." I told him as I noticed his hand shoot down between his legs as he shivered a moment.

Without saying another word he started to crawl over his brother who was lying on his back so he could get up. "What the hell Marco." Brendan moaned and then winced when the boy accidentally kneed him in the crotch. "Watch it." The older boy moaned grabbing his crotch as he opened his eyes looking over at his brother.

The smaller boy turned around, and bouncing back and forth on the balls of his feet responded. "Sorry about that," he apologized while he pinched the end of his two inch pecker with his thumb and finger.

Without another word he made for the open doorway to the room. "After you get cleaned up go and get dressed and then wait for us downstairs." Brendan commanded his little brother who just turned for a second and nodded his acknowledgement.

My eyes settled on Brendan and I noticed he had shoved his hand down the front of his briefs and was stroking his hard erection subconsciously. With his hand shoved beneath his cottony briefs it created a gap and for a brief moment I caught a glimpse of the tip of his inflated penis which sent shivers up my spine. It made me wonder what he looked like all boned up. My own pecker twitched for a moment before I glanced up and noticed Brendan looking over at me. I flushed mortified by having been caught staring at his crotch but he just mistook my embarrassment.

"Oh shit, I forgot Jackson." He chuckled as he removed his hand and covered himself back up with the blanket blushing at getting caught with his hand down his pants so to speak.

"Um…no problem Brendan…I guess I'm getting used to you and your little brother walking around all boned up." I chuckled. "Beside, you don't have anything to be embarrassed about if you know what I mean." I laughed at his shocked look.

"Oh yeah," he giggled as he launched himself at me and started to tickle me all over like he had done yesterday to his little brother.

I tried to fight him off squirming and squealing just like his little brother had done the previous day and not having any success just like the little tyke. At some point I realized I had popped a boner and all of a sudden I felt his hand grope my erection making me yelp in surprise. I struggled some more and felt him grope me again this time getting a good feel as he wrapped his entire fist around both the fabric of the pajamas and my thin three inch erection.

He managed to get me all tangled up and sort of pinned before I stopped struggling as we both continued to breath hard from the exertion and he finally spoke up, "There it is…just as I thought it would look like with your nice little soldier standing up at attention," he teased me as I looked over his shoulder seeing the undeniable outline of my hard little boy pecker pressing against the fabric of my pajamas.

"Shit," I said as he allowed me to shove him off to the side and cover myself up.

Brendan just laughed, "What?" He teased. "For an eleven year old you don't have anything to be ashamed about either. Besides, I had to make sure you don't get too complacent or comfortable around us. I just wanted to make sure we can still surprise you." He quipped laughing.

At first I was a bit upset and mortified that he had groped me and seen my boner, even if it was contained within the folds of my pajama bottoms. Then I recalled groping him too, but while he was asleep, which was even worse. His light hearted and genuine laugh was infectious as I realized it really was too funny; especially, my reaction of him seeing the outline of my boner inside the soft fabric of my pajama shorts.

"Dickhead," I rebuked him but still laughed. "Damn, I can't believe you did that to me." I told him seriously as I giggled with him but still made sure I was covered up properly.

"Hey what can I say? By the time we get done with you I bet you'll be walking around just as naked as Marco." He teased me as I shook my head in the negative.

"No way," I told him seriously.

"Well see." He responded as we both just lay on our backs catching our breath.

After a moment or two Marco stuck his head into the room. "Hey Jackson, are you coming or what?" He asked as both Brendan and I lifted our head and looked over towards the smaller boy who had slipped into his other pair of pajama bottoms but remained shirtless.

It was warm up here in the room. Maybe it was because we were on the second level not to mention the sun was shining through the window. Even the bathroom had been warm when I had gone in to take a piss and get cleaned up.

"Yeah, we'll be down in a minute squirt." Brendan replied using my nickname for the boy.

Marco nodded his head and turned to leave. Brendan rolled over on to his side propping his head up against his hand and looked over at me smiling while he shook his head comically at me. I frowned at him questioningly.

"What?" I asked him.

"Nothing, just that…well…you know that Marco has a crush on you, right." Brendan stated chuckling.

"What…no…I mean…I'm a guy." I gasped a bit surprised.

"So what." Brendan noted scrunching up his face in thought.

"I mean, well I'm a guy…you know." I replied a bit flustered seeing my point finally registering with the older boy.

"Geeze Jackson, I didn't mean it like that. Just because both of you are guys doesn't mean he can't have a crush on you. It's not sexual or anything…he's only eight for Pete's sake, and doesn't even know what to do with his little pecker…you know….sexual like." Brendan sighed shaking his head. "He's just fond of you is all. Geeze haven't you ever had a crush on anyone when you were little?" He asked me looking serious.

Scrunching up my face in thought I had to admit I don't ever recall having a crush as I shook my head in the negative. "No, not really." I admitted. "You?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah sure when I was, geeze, I guess when I was about Marco's age. There was this girl that used to babysit me and I remember just feeling…well…all warm and fuzzy when she was around. Not in a sexual way…you know…just sort of nice and cozy like when I used to sit on her lap and when she held me and stuff." He admitted chuckling as I thought about him sitting on an older girl's lap just being comforted.

Something he said and the way he talked seemed to spark a memory. "Oh geeze just what you said made me remember something." I told him as he just looked at me smiling. "Man, I must have been like six or seven; I'm not sure but pretty small still. There used to be an older girl who would watch me when my folks had to go out to a function or something. I remember she used to hold me and rock me. It felt so wonderful and safe in her arms when she held me like that." I told him as I smiled at the fond memory.

"See," he chuckled. "So what happened?" He asked.

Shrugging my shoulders I tried to remember. "It's kind of weird. I remember that one day my mom came home and I was sitting on her lap and I never really thought anything bad of it but this time I was in my underwear and I had popped a…um…boner or something. My mom saw us and when the girl left she had a talk with me. It was so embarrassing talking to her about that sort of thing and she said it was inappropriate. I never saw the girl again and I never walked around naked or in my underwear again. I felt so ashamed but worse I really missed feeling all cozy and safe when she was around." I admitted recalling it all now.

Brendan just busted up laughing. "Holy crap that is just so classic Jackson…I mean the whole boner thing and all, not to mention the mom thing. Guess Marco isn't so different after all." He told me in-between his laughter.

"Hey, it's not funny having one of those talks with your mom like that when you're like seven or something. Damn, I'm still embarrassed about it and there really wasn't anything to it. I don't know why I had popped a boner, just did is all. No wonder I had tried to forget about the incident." I admitted to him. "What about you? What happened to that girl?"

"Oh her, well she just lives up the road and is a total hottie with a huge pair of racks on her now." He admitted as he put his hand in front of his chest emphasizing her huge breasts. "I still wish she would babysit me." He chuckled conspiratorially. "Although now I'd rather stick my hot juicy thick pecker inside of her." He admitted grabbing his crotch for emphasis and busting up with laughter as I laughed with him.

"Damn, you guys are just too hilarious." I told him shaking my head in disbelief at his boldness about this whole sex crap.

"Yeah but my point is that even though Marco has a crush on you it isn't anything…you know." He pointed out and I noticed he wanted to say something more but just shrugged it off.

"Yeah I know and I also know what it feels like to have something like that taken away." I told him pointedly.

He smiled at me warmly. "Thanks," he whispered as he got up out of bed and slipped into his pair of soccer shorts still sporting a boner that really looked huge to me. "Shit, I've got to take a piss bad." He grumbled as he grabbed his pecker just like his little brother did and ran towards the door before pausing and looking back for a second since I was laughing so hard.

"What's so funny?" He winced holding his pecker through his shorts and bouncing around on the balls of his feet just like his little brother.

"You," I quipped in between laughter and stopped long enough to explain when he shot me a look. "It's just that you are the spitting image of your younger brother including the way you guys hold on to your peckers when you gotta take a piss."

"Fuck you," he complained, then blushed when he looked down and realized he was pinching the tip of his dick just like his little brother had when he jumped out of the bed. Looking towards me for a second he just giggled as he turned for the bathroom leaving me to laugh it off on my own.

Laying on my back my mind was just whirling around with a myriad of thoughts. I found myself liking how open both Brendan and Marco were about their bodies. Neither one of them seemed self conscious about what they had between their legs as I shifted my gaze downwards at my body lifting up the waistband of my pajama shorts to look at myself.

I've never really looked at myself before…I mean sure I've seen myself naked and stuff, like last night when I examined myself for pubes, but never actually really just looked at my own dick and balls critically. Reaching down I slipped the front of my pajamas down tucking them below my fleshy warm sagging ball sack and slowly took my pecker into my fingers as I looked closely at my thin three inch erection. The pinkish fleshy head of my penis flared outwards a bit thicker than my pale looking shaft. Running my finger between my pee slit I shivered from the sensual sensation marveling at how things seemed to have changed overnight for me.

Scrunching up my face in thought I wondered why mine was so thin compared to Brendan's. Sure he was a year or two older but hell even Marco's shorter penis seemed just as thick as mine and he was way younger. Brendan had said I didn't have anything to be ashamed about with my size. I've never seen anyone else's before except for Marco's, but he wasn't my age so I really couldn't compare myself to him. Sighing I tucked myself away and got up not wanting to take the chance of getting caught like this.

Walking out of the room I stopped at the bathroom door and watched Brendan brushing his teeth. The tenting in the soft polyester material of his soccer shorts had disappeared which sort of made me a little sad. I had gotten used to seeing that bulging sight in his tight fitting pair of underwear and well…I had to admit it was a bit thrilling seeing him half naked like that, even watching Marco running around naked seemed exciting to me.

Brendan looked absolutely stunningly gorgeous standing there without a shirt on and wearing nothing but those loose fitting pair of soccer shorts. His athletically tanned seductively smooth skin looked enticingly sultry on him and I once again felt the twitching sensation between my legs. Before I lost complete control of myself I looked away and just fiddled around with my fingers wondering not for the first time why I was having these weird feelings lately. Hell that wet dream of mine didn't help matters any and I started to wonder about my infatuation with boys.

Having these same feelings about girls was one thing because I knew that was normal and supposed to happen, but now I was having the same exact feelings for boys as well. This confused me because boys having feelings for other boys wasn't natural, or so that's what I always heard people say. That dream of mine last night with both Brendan and Marco completely naked threw me for a loop and was totally bewildering.

"Are you alright?" Brendan asked me as he looked at me a bit concerned and bringing me back to the moment.

"Huh, oh yeah I'm fine. Just thinking I guess." I told him.

"Geeze, it's the weekend you aren't supposed to be thinking." Brendan teased as he pushed me towards the stairs.

We made our way lazily down the stairs and I could hear a cartoon program playing on the television set. Entering the family room I sat down in the easy chair while Brendan sat down next to his brother who looked up and smiled.

"It's about time. What took you guys so long?" He complained as he yawned.

It was still fairly early in the morning and it was Saturday so we just lounged around. After a few moments Marco got up and climbed into the easy chair with me. Brendan just looked over at me and smiled knowingly while I just rolled my eyes at the older boy. Marco settled in between my legs and leaned back trying to get comfortable. I wrapped my arms around his small frame and nuzzled my face up to him as I gently kissed his cheek.

Brendan saw the affectionate display but didn't say anything. I wondered if I had taken things a bit far but just shrugged it off. I knew what it felt like to have someone to cuddle up with when I was little so didn't want Marco to feel out of place with his emotions. After all he really couldn't put into words what he was feeling towards me. I didn't say anything and just snuggled up with him holding the smaller boy in my arms so that he could experience what I had all those years ago cuddling up on my babysitter's lap.

Marco shivered a little. "Are you cold?" I asked him as he nodded his head.

It was cooler down here than it had been upstairs and we were all naked from the waist up. I reached back, and grabbing on to the small blanket draped over the back of the easy chair, I leaned forward slightly and pulled it down covering both of us with the warm soft material. I looked over and noticed Brendan doing the same thing with the small blanket from the couch.

After a few moments Marco turned slightly and smiled at me. Brendan was already starting to doze off as I eased the chair back into a more reclined position. Marco looked up at me and smiled as the chair eased backwards. Without warning he just turned around lying on top of me with our two bodies pressing up against one another. He laid his head on my chest, draped his legs on either side of me, and wrapped his arm along my torso holding me gently. I couldn't help myself as I slowly ran my fingers up and down his back as he purred contentedly at my soft administrations.

My mind was starting to drift off as I delicately stroked his back slowly and then I felt something poking me just above my belly button. "Really Marco…" I chuckled softly as my fingers now ruffled gently through his short cropped hair.

"Sorry, I just can't help it." He responded softly not bothering to move or adjust his erection.

We settled in again with Brendan already snoring lightly. After a few moments I couldn't take it anymore so reached down between our two bodies. Marco lifted his hips automatically giving me more access to him and I slipped my hand under his pajama bottoms. He winced when my fingers wrapped around his torrid piece of erection and tugged trying to get it untangled from the soft fabric. I eased up a little and gently untangled his two inch hardness allowing it to settle up flatly against his bare pubic mound. Removing my hand he gently settled back on top of me without his erection poking straight into me.

He just giggled as his body shifted back into place and looked up at me. "What?" I asked him pointedly.

"Nothing…just that you touched my dinky is all," he continued to giggle.

"Yeah…well it was poking me and sort of hurt." I whispered back at him not wanting his brother to wake up and find out what I had done.

"That's o.k.," he replied as he put his head back on my chest and closed his eyes.

We got quiet for a few moments when I sighed. "Marco?"


"Let's not tell anyone about this…you know me…um…touching you down there." I told him as I blushed at what I had just done.

"O.k." he whispered back to me as he looked up again. "I…I love you Jackson," He murmured quietly with a strange look in his eyes as he settled his head back down.

The soft words registered in my mind and sort of caught me by surprise. Who says that to a virtual stranger, someone you just met? Not to mention what kid would even say something like that to another boy I wondered a bit shocked at the turn of events.

Despite all of this flashing through my mind I responded back in kind. "I love you twice as much snuggle bug," I whispered back as I kissed the top of his head totally confusing myself in the process. Why the hell would I even say that I wondered to myself; especially, since I had just wondered how Marco could say that to me?

The boy giggled and looked back up at me. "What?" I asked him hesitantly.

"Nothing…I just like snuggle bug. Sounds kind of cool…but…," he blushed as he glanced towards his brother before looking back at me.

"But what?" I asked looking down at his adorably cute face.

"Um…can we keep that just between the two of us? It kind of sounds…you know." He asked blushing.

"Of course snuggle bug." I responded and without thinking gave him a quick peck on the mouth noticing that strange look in his eyes again not to mention confusing me even more.

Now it was my turn to blush as he just giggled. "Shit, sorry Marco." I told him as I noticed him flushing red as well.

"That's o.k., I kind of liked it." He responded back.

We both settled down again and before I knew it I was dozing in the chair with Marco acting like a human blanket spread out on top of me. The scent of boy sweat and soft soap intermingled making for an aroma therapy that lulled me into sleep.

"So what do we have going on in here?" I heard an adult voice speak out loud rousting me out of a nice comfy nap.

Brendan moaned and looked over towards his dad. "We woke up and came down to watch some cartoons because it was getting hot upstairs, but it was still a bit early and cool down here." The boy stated shucking off the warm blanket and stretching. There was an obvious tenting in his shorts but he seemed to ignore it as the thing slowly deflated while he adjusted himself. "I guess we must have fallen asleep. What time is it?" He asked.

"Um…just after nine in the morning." His father replied and whose casual appearance looked kind of strange and out of place to me.

He wasn't wearing his work clothes and was dressed in just a regular pair of cargo shorts and loose fitting t-shirt. The boys' father was very fit and trim and it sort of gave me a glimpse of what his boys will look like when they got older. The man seemed to have maintained his boyish features yet still had those chiseled characteristics of an adult.

We followed him out into the kitchen wondering what he had in store for us regarding breakfast. I heard my stomach rumble and the two brothers just giggled at the noise emanating from my mid section. Marco and Brendan motioned me over to a bar chair by the light colored granite kitchen isle counter. Evidently they made a lot of use out of it opting to eat there instead of the large dining room. It sort of made sense because it was only the three of them for the most part.

"So…what was with all the noise last night? I thought I heard some yelling or something." Mr. Cuconato asked us questioningly as he looked towards his eldest son. "It didn't last long or anything so I was just wondering if something happened." He pointed out casually.

Brendan had to think a moment trying to recall what it might have been and then his eyes seemed to get bigger as he remembered what his dad was talking about. "Oh yeah, I guess you could say that." Brendan giggled as I shot him a look not liking the mischievous gleam in the older boy's eyes. "Jackson over here received the shock of his life last night." Brendan couldn't contain himself as he giggled openly and continued trying to explain it to his dad. "Evidently Marco decided to crawl into bed completely naked and snuggle up to Jackson who obviously was shocked once he realized Marco wasn't wearing anything." Brendan busted up laughing thinking it completely hilarious.

"Hey," Marco complained. "It's not my fault…I had a nightmare and Jackson said it was alright to climb into bed." The smaller boy complained panicking me because I figured that his dad would freak out since I had told his naked youngest son to join us in bed.

"Yeah, but I…um…I didn't know you were naked at the time. Why'd you even take off his pajama bottoms?" I asked Brendan a bit peeved now that he had stripped the smaller boy making me seem like some sort of pervert or something.

"Hey don't look at me. His pajama bottoms were soaked and I was just drying him off. If you remember I was going to put him back into his own bed." He answered still laughing his ass off and not in the least bit concerned.

"I…I'm sorry Mr. Cuconato. Really…I didn't know Marco was naked." I told him a bit frightened.

"It's alright Jackson, Mr. Cuconato assured me. Knowing Marco the way I do it was bound to happen." He chuckled as he shook his head.

"Y…you're not mad?" I asked him.

"Of course not. Don't worry about it Jackson. You are both boys and it doesn't much matter. Besides, boys will play; especially, younger inexperienced ones." He quoted laughing and shaking his head as he winked at Brendan and then turned towards the kitchen getting stuff out of the fridge.

Leaning over towards Brendan I whispered into his ear. "What exactly does he mean by that?" I asked him seriously as I watched his father gathering together some eggs and then break them open into a bowl.

"You're kidding." Brendan sniggered at my naivety shaking his head. "Um…I'll tell you about it later." He responded when he realized I really wasn't joking and totally confused. "Geeze you really are clueless about…sex." He whispered the last word into my ear conspiratorially.

"What?" I asked him shocked and blushing brightly almost afraid of what he was going to tell me later.

Brendan just brushed it off as if it were no big deal. I shrugged my shoulders and thought about it some more and figured it had to do something regarding sex, but if the older boy wasn't worried about it then I figured I shouldn't be either. Besides, I've already learned a lot more about the topic over the last twelve hours or so than I thought ever possible.

"So boys are you ready for later?" Mr. Cuconato asked his two boys who looked at him questioningly for a moment while he placed some glasses in front of us and filled them up with orange juice.

Then Brendan seemed to recall, "Oh yeah, I almost forgot…Splashtown."

"Whoa, way cool." Marco whooped as he bounced around excitedly and then remembered me. "Can Jackson come too?" He begged as I looked on in total confusion.

"Well…it just so happens I talked to his parents about it this morning when I got up." He paused as he focused on what he was doing.

"Well…what did they say?" Brendan asked irritated that his father had stopped talking and just as excited about it as his little brother, which made me smile even though I didn't know what was going on.

"Oh…yes…well they agreed as long as they can treat the two of you to something next weekend." He turned watching fondly as his two boys whooped it up and did an exploding fist bump as they wiggled around their fingers.

Marco turned to me and gave me a big hug. "We are all going to Splashtown." He yelped excitedly.

"Um…great. What exactly is Splashtown?" I asked a bit stupidly.

"Oh yeah, that's right you don't know about it being new and all. It is a huge water park. Not as big as Schlitterbahn, but I think way better because it isn't as crowded. Dad, did you rent one of the Cabanas?" Brendan inquired after he had told me about the huge water park.

"Yes I did, I got one of the ones by the wave pool so that it will be easier to get to some of the water slides." Their dad pointed out.

"Cool, that'll be perfect." Brendan nearly squeaked as his little brother concurred and I looked on still a bit confused about the turn of events.

Mr. Cuconato noticed my bewilderment and just smiled. "We rent out a Cabana so that we have a place to relax and eat and stuff. Also if we get separated we all know where to go. I also require the boys to show up there at regular intervals so that I can make sure you get hydrated, eat, put on sun screen for protection, and to check in. It makes things a lot more convenient." He explained to me.

"Oh cool, but…um…I don't have anything to wear with me." I pointed out.

"Oh, no problem. We are heading over to your place on the way out. You will need to put your bathing suit on and pack some clothes because your parents said it would be alright for you to spend the night again. I explained that we usually stay until it closes, which is six in the evening this time of year and since it is Sunday. Then we go out to eat and some shopping at the mall in San Antonio." The boy's father explained.

Marco squealed in delight once he heard I was spending the night again and his older brother just smiled but rolled his eyes at his younger sibling. "Yippee, Jackson's spending the night again." The smaller boy yelped excitedly which sort of made his father raise his eyebrows.

"Now settle down Marco, I think tonight you should sleep in your own room."

"But why?" The smaller boy complained. "Jackson doesn't mind…do you?" He looked at me pleadingly.

My mind was spinning from all of this information because it was happening too fast for me to answer so Brendan stepped in. "Come-on little man. You got to spend last night with us and Jackson even told you a story and everything. Besides, how would you feel if one of your friends came over and I spent all my time with them instead of them spending it with you?" He pointed out to his little brother. "Also, we are going to be together all day too, so I think you can give us some private time to ourselves when we get back home."

The smaller boy pouted cutely looking at me for help and then to his dad. "I still don't know what is so important that you have to be alone." He whined.

"Oh come now Marco, you're brother is getting older and will be talking all this yucky nonsense stuff about girls and everything, and you don't want any part of that now do you." The boy's father pointed out which made me blush and I noticed Brendan didn't seem too comfortable with where this conversation was heading either.

"Oooh, yuck. You mean sexy girly stuff." Marco made a face as if he knew exactly what his father was talking about.

"Marco!" Brendan exclaimed as his face flushed.

"Oh come on son, your little brother is only teasing but still try not to make too much of a mess in your room tonight." The man winked at his eldest son who just about fainted with embarrassment while I on the other hand just about choked on my juice.

This whole conversation about girls and sex was almost too much for me to handle. Even I understood what was being implied here and I was pretty inexperienced about the whole sex situation. Well at least I got what they were implying about this whole girl thing but I didn't understand what he was getting at concerning the whole messy room thing. It wasn't as if I was going to trash Brendan's room or anything.

Brendan glanced over towards me and noticed how mortified I looked. The older boy didn't look any happier about the nature of the conversation either as his face continued to turn a deeper shade of red. Marco was just smiling smugly and made another attempt for later tonight.

"Please Brendan, I won't get in the way, I promise." He pleaded.

"Marco, enough." Mr. Cuconato admonished his younger son. "Let the older boys have some fun alone tonight. Their type of play is too old for you." He finished off.

"Geeze dad, stop it already." Brendan complained. "It's getting too embarrassing right now especially in front of Jackson. He's…well…he is sort of…you know…shy about that sort of thing." He finished off seemingly completely mortified, which was no where's near what I was feeling at the moment having been brought so bluntly into this part of the conversation.

Mr. Cuconato stopped what he was doing and looked over at us and just rolled his eyes. "Um…dad, maybe we should just change the conversation to something else." Brendan suggested.

"Oh…yes…good idea. Jackson do you have any idea what your father has planned for us next weekend?" The man asked looking over at me as he dumped the scrambled eggs into a hot fry pan and started to stir them around.

"What?" I asked still a bit dazed about everything.

"Well, your father stated he has something planned for you boys since I am taking you guys to the water park, but he wouldn't tell me stating it was a surprise." He pointed out to me.

"Oh…um…I think so but I'm not sure." I responded.

"Well?" Both Marco and Brendan spoke up at the same time.

Smiling I looked at them conspiratorially but just shook my head. "If I'm right you guys are in for a real treat, but I don't want to say anything yet. I think my dad wants it to be a surprise for you guys. Besides, if it isn't what I'm thinking I don't want it to be disappointing." I responded.

"That sucks," Marco pouted as I wrapped my arm around him to console him.

"Oh come on Marco don't be so sad. Besides, surprises are a lot of fun and the suspense can make it even more exciting." I told him as he looked over and then smiled warmly at me.

"Alright, at least we may get to spend the night with you over at your place, right." He responded still a bit annoyed about missing out on tonight.

Shrugging my shoulders I responded back to him. "Maybe, I don't know for sure it all depends on what is going on at the time."

There was a swirl of activity after breakfast as the Cuconato's gathered up their stuff for the trip to Splashtown and then later dinner and shopping at the mall. Following Brendan up the stairs we entered his room as I gathered up my shorts and shirt sitting down on the edge of the bed. I watched Brendan as he sorted through his dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of sky blue Cherokee Swim trunks with two navy blue broad stripes on the right leg and three navy blue palm tree prints on the left leg. Without saying a word he turned his back to me, pulled down his soccer shorts and underwear, and slipped into his bathing suit.

My dick twitched between my legs as he bent over sticking his smooth pale orbs out at me. From the back I could see his silky sagging ball sack swaying between his legs before he stood up and slipped the bathing suit over those puffy pale orbs of his. Tearing away my gaze from his beautiful body I fiddled with my fingers nervously as I looked at my pair of shorts and then down at myself with my pair of pajama bottoms.

"What's the matter?" Brendan asked as he turned around gathering up his dirty clothes and shoving them into his burgeoning dirty laundry bag.

"Oh, just…um…my underwear." I replied as way of explanation as he turned towards me screwing up his face questioningly. "I…um…I don't have anything on beneath my pajamas."

Brendan looked at me for a moment confused and then all of a sudden seemed to understand my dilemma. "Geeze, you really are shy aren't you?" He just chuckled with me noting he didn't seem to have that sort of problem. Just a moment or two ago he had simply turned his back to me, stripped, and put on his bathing suit without a second thought about it. "Just slip on your shorts over the pajamas. When you get home and change into your bathing suit just slip them in your bag. You're spending the night again anyway so you can just drop them in the dirty laundry bag when we get back home here." He suggested which made me sigh in relief.

"Thanks," I told Brendan thankful that he was so understanding about it all.

"No worries," he replied. "Besides, you've come a long way since that shy kid from yesterday." He chuckled as he reached out giving my pecker a quick squeeze as a reminder that he already had a pretty good idea of what I had between my legs.

That didn't stop me from flinching and yelping in surprise. "Fuck, stop that already," I complained but not all that convincing as he just pounced on me giving me another quick squeeze. "Dickhead," I yelped as I chuckled and threw him off of me. "Damn, you've got to stop doing that to me." I complained.

"Alright already Mr. Prude," He laughed as he got up off the bed allowing me to pull on my shorts. "Jackson?"

"Yeah," I responded looking at him as I straightened out my pajama's inside my shorts.

"You really don't have anything to be embarrassed about you know…I mean for eleven you've got a pretty hot body." He told me seriously as he sat down and looked at me while I tried to tuck everything away in my shorts.

His compliment made me blush and I didn't know what to say. It caught me by surprise and we both just stared at each other for a moment until his little brother popped inside the room shattering the awkwardness.

"What's taking you guys so long?" He whined looking so adorably cute in his pair of red, orange, and yellow warm toned scenic board shorts depicting a beach sunset with a silhouette of palm trees and a surf board.

"Alright already my little squirt," Brendan chuckled as he smothered his brother with a huge bear hug and growling at him while plastering the smaller boy's face with little kisses.

Marco squirmed and giggled like a little girl as his big brother man handled him. It really was a warm display of affection between two brothers and I just smiled at how easy they made it seem to be so open and unashamed about their feeling towards one another. Of course it was no surprise that within moments there was a small little tenting in front of Marco's bathing suit from all the excitement.

"Stop it Brendan," the younger boy whined but still giggled as he pulled on his little pecker trying to adjust himself while his older brother just laughed at the state he was in.

"Let's go already," he teased his younger brother. "Weren't you the one complaining about us taking too long?" He yelled back as he ran down the hallway making his way towards the steps with his small duffle bag in tow. Marco was close on his heels with his own little bag full of supplies. I made up the rear snapping closed my shorts and pulling on my shirt as we all thundered down the stairs.

Fifteen minutes later I was stomping up the stairs and into my own bedroom as we made a quick stop at my house. I had made a speedy introduction to everyone and then slipped upstairs. Rummaging through my own dresser drawer I started pulling out some clothes shoving them into a small navy blue with red and white striped colored duffel bag. One that I've taken to all of my diving matches in Germany.

Taking a moment to think, I had to find one of my boxes that I hadn't unpacked as of yet. Rummaging through it I pulled out a couple of pairs of swim trunks. The first pair was my Force diving briefs. These fit snuggly on my body and were a bit embarrassing at times since they didn't conceal all that much of my little boy package.

From a spectators point of view there was a diagonal field of blue along the front left side, which would be my right side, with two rows of white stars. Diagonally along my crotch there were several broad red and white stripes. On the backside of the briefs there was an image of an Eagle bust in several shades of blue along the left butt cheek area while the rest displayed the same red and white stripes similar as on the front side.

Setting my Force briefs off to the side on my bed I held up the second pair of swim trunks. These were a pair of white and light blue plaid Hurley Boys Puerto Rico Board shorts. Stripping out of my shorts and pajama bottoms I quickly pulled my board shorts over my thin frame jiggling around a bit tucking away my boy bits inside the netting of my swim trunks. Just as I pulled closed my draw string I heard a light tapping on my door.

"It's open." I yelled out as I started rummaging through my duffel bag making sure I had everything I needed for later.

"Hey Jackson," I heard Brendan's upbeat voice call out as he slipped into my room.

"Whoa, this is like…well wickedly awesome." He exclaimed looking around before continuing his line of thought. "Damn, this room is like…well three times as big as mine." He stated as he poked around a bit opening up the door to my walk-in closet and then the door to my very own bathroom.

"Yeah…it's pretty cool. I've never in my entire life had a room as big as this. Evidently this was the upstairs master bedroom and my folks had a wall over there knocked down into the smallest bedroom up here which extended this room even further making it just huge. My parents also had the builders extend the downstairs area creating a master bedroom of their own. It is totally awesome with a large bathroom, sauna, hot tub, and two walk in closets; one for my dad and one for my mom. So this one up here ended up being all mine." I told him admitting I was pretty lucky.

After all these years spent in the military there had always been sacrifices our family had to make. Of course we always had officer's quarters, but let's face it even then it wasn't like having a nice home. Even Brendan's home had been better than most of our housing assignments. The one in Ramstein Germany was a nice housing assignment, almost as good as Brendan's house but still relatively smaller. I had to admit our current home was absolutely fabulous with a lot of perks.

"Geeze, you guys must be rich or something," Brendan pointed out.

"I don't think so. I've never lived in a house like this before. The last one at Ramstein was really nice but still even smaller than the one you guys live in." I admitted to him honestly.

"Really, I would have thought you guys lived in luxurious houses with your dad being an officer and all." He shrugged his shoulders a bit surprised by this new set of information. "How many bedrooms does this house have?" He inquired still looking around.

"Oh, it still has just four bedrooms. It started out with four but then my parents had the builders make the add-on to the house downstairs for a Master suite. That made it five bedrooms, but when they knocked down the wall over there in my room it ended up dropping it back down to four bedrooms. So my parents sleep downstairs in the Master Suite, I sleep in here the Master bedroom, then my dad converted one room into his office, leaving a fourth room that we made into a guest bedroom."

"Way cool. Anyway, I like how you decorated your room. Are those paintings from Germany?" He asked pointing to some oil paintings of castles and churches with the mountains in the background.

"Yeah, I had a lot of wall space so I asked my folks if I could have some of the oil paintings they bought while we lived in Germany from some of our travels to surrounding countries. Although I had some problems because of the mixed sorts of themes I have here in the room." I pointed out as Brendan looked around.

"Still, you did a really good job and sort of dividing your room into sections makes it work…if you know what I mean?" He noted.

He was right and it was only after fuming over it for a couple of days that I finally managed to figure out how to solve my dilemma. Here in the main section of my bedroom I gave it a more grown up flair with putting up the oil paintings on the walls. My bedroom had high ceilings with a ladder on one side that led upwards into another sort of storage section above the walk in closet. I converted that area into my trophy room and it was where I hung up all of my sports posters. The area that used to be another bedroom is where I put my entertainment section with my stereo, television, computer, and play station. In that section I put up all my paintings and posters of these military fighter jets, bomber planes, and transport vehicles. It was perfect for the setting of my entertainment room. All in all I was happy with how everything had turned out.

Brendan turned his attention to my bag noticing my pair of swim briefs lying on the bed and picked it up smiling wickedly at me. "Wow, I bet you look totally hot in these." He admitted as he chuckled.

"Shit," I yelped as I snatched them away from him.

"I hope you are going to bring those along, you know for later tonight." He giggled as he saw me frowning. "Just saying is all because it would be totally cool if you posed in them for me." He busted up laughing as he got up heading for my door.

"Geeze what is it with you and your brother?" I commented frowning at him. "It's like the remote control for you guys is constantly set on sex mode or something." I laughed as I shook my head and picked up my bag.

At the last moment I hesitated then picked up my diving briefs tossing them into my bag making sure to shove them all the way to the bottom. I don't know why I did it but it was too late to change my mind now. It wasn't as if I was going to wear them here in the states or anything. Over in Germany it wasn't unusual for boys to wear these types of swimwear just to swim around in. Sure they wore board shorts as well just like here in the states, but those skimpy bathing briefs weren't uncommon either in many of the European Countries. However, over here no way would kids be caught dead wearing these swim trunks unless they were involved in some sort of water sport like racing, water polo, or diving competition.

After chatting with my parents for a few minutes and them tucking some money into my wallet for some food and shopping, we all piled back into the Cuconato's SUV and we were off for the water park. Thirty minutes later we arrived just in time with the staff of the park opening up the gates. We found our rented Cabana and us boys settled in for the usual adult to kid instructions that we've all heard a million times. We were to report in every hour at the Cabana and if Marco was with us we were all to stick together no matter what.

With the instructions out of the way our first stop was right across from the Cabana at the wave pool. We had a blast as the large pool cycled through different stages from gigantic rolling waves to soothing bubbly breakers. We must have spent a good thirty minutes there before moving on to a different ride.

After a quick group discussion we decided that we would start at one end of the park and make our way around until we hit all the different attractions riding them a few times before moving on to the next one. At the end if we still had time we would hit the ones we liked the most for a second go around. The only hitch to the plan is that Marco was technically two inches too short for a couple of the rides so we would have to see if we could sneak him on to those. Brendan had assured me that for the most part it usually wasn't a problem because he was pretty close to the height requirement if stopped and most of the time they just didn't even bother checking him.

We skipped over the Siesta Del Rio which was just a winding tree lined waterway flow that took people around on their tubes through the park. Instead we made our way to the ride called the Head Rush. It was the only head first mat ride in San Antonio and at first it was a bit scary but totally a blast as the bumpy slide bobbed us all the way down to the bottom.

By the time we finished the ride it was time to check in with Mr. Cuconato. We made our way back to our Cabana and were surprised to see the table laid out with sandwiches, drinks, and snacks. We didn't realize how hungry we were already so laid in to the food like a pack of ravenous wolves. It was surprising to see how fast we made all that food disappear.

"Thanks Mr. Cuconato, that was great." I stated as I started to chug on some Gatorade to hydrate my system.

"Yeah dad this was perfect," Marco agreed as he got up and sat down between my legs and leaned back against me while I lounged back to let my food digest a bit.

"Can we go back to the rides now dad?" Brendan asked anxious to get back to the fun.

"Why don't you guys give it another ten minutes or so before heading back?" Mr. Cuconato suggested.

"Yeah but dad that means we would have to report back here so soon after we got back to the rides." Brendan complained.

"Well I tell you what, how about you don't report in at the next hour which will give you some extra time but I want you guys to be sure to drink plenty of liquids and keep a close eye on Jackson. He's not used to this kind of heat and you guys need to watch over him. How does that sound?" The boy's father made a concession to the reporting in on the hour rule.

"Wow, was that a compromise?" Marco piped up having learned all about it last night.

"Yeah squirt that was a compromise." I told the smaller boy who just smiled proudly at learning all about this method.

Mr. Cuconato smiled at me as I wrapped my arms around his youngest son. He seemed to approve of our friendship and didn't seem to mind how his little boy had sort of latched on to me. I was self conscious so I continued to look over to Mr. Cuconato still a bit jittery about hugging his son like this in public. However, when the man looked over he just seemed to smile at us warmly and even seemed to come across like he appreciated how I treated his son so affectionately.

Before we knew it we were back on our rounds as we made our way over to the five story speed slide called the Wedgie and boy did they name this ride aptly. We sped down the slide which abruptly brought us to a halt forcing our suits up against our crotch and up our butt crack.

We busted up laughing noticing how poor Marco's little boner decided to make its presence known. The poor boy did a funny dance trying to straighten out his bathing suit while at the same time trying to hide his boner from a few girls who were looking our way and giggling.

"Y…you don't think they…um…saw me…you know." Marco asked me under his breath as he turned his back to the girls and made a final adjustment.

"Oh so now all of a sudden you get shy." I teased him as his older brother just busted up laughing.

We decided to skip going down this ride again and started making our way over to another ride close by. Marco finished up and as we turned to make our way over to the next ride I glanced over to the side and noticed two teenaged boys huddled together and sort of laughing and pointing in our direction. They looked older than Brendan but not by that much so I figured they were probably freshmen in high school.

It was just a quick observation as we made our way through some people and hopped into line for the next ride called the Hydras. This was another five story tower that had cork screw turns, steep drops, and everything in between. It was a blast and we ended up riding it several times. As a matter of fact we spent the rest of the time there until we had to report back in. Marco got stopped several times because of the height requirement but each time we managed to get him past the attendants who just smiled knowingly and rolled their eyes.

We were having a blast and I felt so at home surrounded by all this water. It made me miss having my diving practice. It was then that I decided to check into the school's swimming program. I didn't think they had a diving program so I asked Brendan about it.

"Hey Brendan, does the school have a swimming program?" I asked him while we waited in line.

"Uh…yeah sure…why?" He asked me.

"Just wondering is all. In Ramstein I used to be on the diving team but I don't think they have one here at the school. No one's mentioned anything about it." I told him seriously.

"Oh, well that's cool. We do have a school swim and polo team. There is also a dive team but." He started to tell me before I interrupted him.

"Really, a dive team? Why didn't they have that on the school curriculum?" I wondered because I hadn't seen it posted.

"Oh, because officially it isn't a school team. There is a dive team that practices at the pool but it is only for those kids in the region that are really good and compete all over the state. Sorry but I don't know any kid at our school who is actually good enough to be on the team." He admitted to me.

"So is it open then to anyone who wants to try out?" I asked him.

"Um…I'm not sure but I can find out for you I guess. Are you any good?" He asked me.

Shrugging my shoulder I didn't answer. He looked at me and was going to ask me something but then just let it drop. We had time for one more go at this ride before we had to report back in. I gazed around and noticed those two older boys from earlier a few people behind us. They were just horsing around like the rest of us so I just shrugged it off but for some reason I was getting a bad vibe in the pit of my stomach.

It was just a feeling and I got them from time to time. Maybe it was a sort of self preservation talent that I had cultivated over the years from being bullied at school a lot or maybe it was just my imagination. Either way these vibes had helped me at times in the past so I never discounted them. When I thought about those two boys it could be that they were doing the same thing as us and just sort of making a circuit of all the rides. Despite it all I still always paid attention to these types of feelings so just figured I would keep my eye out for them just in case.

We made our last run down this slide before heading back to the Cabana. We made sure to hydrate and eat some snacks. Before we left we added more sun block to our skin as Mr. Cuconato inspected us closely to make sure we weren't burning. My skin was the most sensitive but I had made sure to use a lot of sun block so at this point my skin was doing just fine.

We skipped both Kid's Kove and the Crystal Falls because those were mainly for little kids even smaller than Marco. Instead we hopped in line to the Serpentines, a high speed tube ride that twists and winds down eight hundred feet. This tower offered up three different choices between the Viper, Python, or Cobra. We took turns going down each tube several times as we whooped it up. With having three choices available to us it made for a lot of fun as we just chattered away deciding which one was our favorite out of the three of them.

It was during this particular ride that the two teenaged boys seemed to end up in line with us each time we made our way up the winding stairs to the top. They started to chat with us and joke around during the times we had to wait for a few minutes before it was our turn to go. Something about them just didn't seem right to me despite them being friendly enough with us even making sure to include Marco in some of their jokes and rough housing.

There was a sigh of relief from me when it was time to go report back to the Cabana. As we made our way back I let Marco walk ahead of us while I held Brendan back a bit. He looked at me questioningly as I glanced around.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked me talking quietly getting the feeling I didn't want Marco to hear us.

"Do you know those guys…you know those two high school kids?" I asked hesitantly because it seemed almost as if Brendan just might by the way he was acting around them.

"No not really…I mean I've seen them a time or two over here and figure they probably spend a lot of time at the park. More than likely they have season passes just like we do. Why?" He asked as he started to look around as well now.

"I…shit." I hesitated.

Brendan looked at me a bit concerned now noticing my scowl. "Jackson just spit it out for Pete's sake."

Biting my lower lip nervously I stopped now that we were close to the Cabana and I could see that Marco had made it there calling for his dad. "I don't get a good feeling about those guys. I…I sometimes get these vibes from people and…shit…I don't know Brendan. It's just a feeling…you know what I mean? I don't think we should hang out with them." I told him seriously hoping he wouldn't think I was some sort of sissy or worse weirdo.

The older boy just looked at me and could tell I was sort of freaked out about it all. "What exactly are you feeling about these guys?" He asked me as we saw his father stepping out of the Cabana and waving his hand at us but leaving us alone for the moment.

Shrugging my shoulders I couldn't really answer it specifically. "I don't know Brendan. It…it's just a feeling that something isn't right about them. I…I don't want to spoil your fun or anything…but…I just wanted you to know is all." I told him feeling kind of awkward about it all.

"Alright, we will just ignore them if we see them and I'll keep an eye out if they are around. But what do you suggest we do if they hop in line with us at a ride?" He asked me seriously as I noted he was a bit alarmed now at the prospect of these older kids hanging around us.

Shaking my head I just ended up shrugging my shoulders by way of answer as we made our way to the Cabana. We took a ten minute break listening to Marco excitedly tell his dad all about the rides we had been on. I think he was having the most fun out of all of us because this was the first time he was able to hang out with the older kids for such a long time. I got the distinct feeling in the past Brendan and his other friends would put up with him for a little while and then dump him off with his father.

It kind of surprised me that Brendan hadn't complained about his little brother hanging out with us. I looked over at him and he seemed to have read my mind.

"You have to excuse Marco about being so excited because usually my friends complain about him hanging out with us and he ends up getting dumped off with my dad." He explained to me.

Marco looked over at his brother and then over towards me and had an expression of worry that maybe his older brother was hinting at leaving him behind for the rest of our time. We only had a couple of hours left before the park closed.

The smaller boy walked over to me and gave me a hug. "Please let me stay with you guys?" He pleaded with me as I held him for a moment before releasing him.

"Who said we were going to leave you behind?" I teased him as I ruffled his hair.

"Really…I can really stay with you guys?" He asked me as he gazed into my eyes and then over towards his brother.

Brendan just shrugged his shoulders. "Hey I don't mind Marco. You know it's usually some of my other friends who complain about it. They really don't mind you and all; just that you are so much younger is all."

"So…" the smaller boy looked back over at me.

"So what?" I inquired.

"So I can stay with you guys?"

"Sure, we only have a couple of hours anyway. So let's get cracking." I told him as I shoved him towards the direction of the second to the last water ride we planned on hitting.

"Yippee," The smaller boy yelled excitedly as Brendan and Mr. Cuconato just smiled warmly at me.

"Thanks Jackson for including Marco like this." Mr. Cuconato stated as he waved goodbye to us.

Our next stop was the Luge that was over two football fields in length and seven stories high. The Lonestar Luge had two different paths to choose from and carried up to three passengers at a time on a Texas-sized water bobsled ride. This was perfect because it allowed all three of us to ride together. I think Marco had the most fun as he got to sit with both of us on this ride.

We saw the two older boys but avoided them for the most part. They seemed to get the hint and sort of kept their distance. We made several trips down this ride but it was getting close to about the time when we had to report in. We only had enough time for one, maybe two more times as we stood in line on the winding staircase waiting for our turn.

Brendan and I were chatting away as we took another step closer to the slide when all of a sudden I noticed Marco was missing. I looked around in a panic and Brendan noticed my concern then also realized Marco wasn't standing next to us anymore. At that moment I saw Marco's smaller form hopping on the tube with the other two teenaged boys who we were trying to avoid. I yelled out but it was too late.

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