Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 2

Marco led me into the family room downstairs and plunked down onto the couch as I looked around for a moment and sat down in the easy chair off to one side of the room. The boy found the remote and started to surf the channels before settling on a cartoon station while I continued to look around completely amazed at the casting mold work along the ceilings. I lived in a new house and it was beautiful but I was still drawn to these older style houses that had excellent craftsmanship in a bygone era.

"Do you want something to drink?" He asked me as he got up looking at me and bringing me out of my musings.

"Um sure," I responded as I settled back into the cozy oversized chair.

"Good, what do you like?"

"Uh, anything is fine. Whatever you're having I guess." I told him not really caring so long as it was wet because my mouth was starting to feel dry again due to the dryness in the air.

Marco returned a few moments later and tossed me a couple boxes of juice. He must have known I was pretty thirsty and that one small box wouldn't be enough. I removed the straw off the box and started to insert it into the hole that was made for it.

"So, what grade are you in?" The boys asked me as he sat back down on the couch.

"What?" I asked looking up forgetting about the juice for a moment.

"I said what grade are you in." He repeated as he sipped on his juice.

"Oh…seventh?" I responded as I inserted the straw and took several swallows of the cool refreshing liquid noting that my throat started to feel better.

"One grade below Brendan so that makes you twelve, right." He responded doing a quick calculation.

Shaking my head, "no, I'm only eleven…why are you so interested in my age?"

"Wow that sort of explains things…you know…about your size. I mean you're younger than Brendan's usual friends. Aren't guys in seventh grade supposed to be older than eleven years old?" He asked.

"Who's eleven?" Brendan asked making us jump again as he entered the room.

"Damn, stop doing that," I told the older boy as I placed my hand over my heart feigning a heart attack.

Then my heart did another flip flop in my chest as I noticed what he was wearing. He had slipped into a light blue with black trim adidas Clima Flash sleeveless top that was made from polyester and constructed with a full mesh back allowing moisture to escape. It was the type of shirt that wicks away the moisture which keeps you cooler and dryer in this type of heat. He had also put on the same shade of light blue with red accents adidas printed Aventus soccer shorts that was made from the same material as his shirt. On the outer sides of the shorts was a pattern of contrasting red and blue colors along with the iconic adidas three stripes.

In a word he looked…sizzling hot. Alright that was two words but hot didn't begin to describe how he looked in the outfit. The shirt hung loosely around his torso the hem hugging snuggly just above his crotch helping to accentuate the nice sized bulge beneath the flimsy like material of his soccer shorts. My mouth felt dry again and I tried to swallow as I also struggled to tear away my overt ogling on the older boy's bulging package.

Brendan just laughed and asked again. "So who are you guys talking about?"

"Jackson," Marco replied.

"What about him?" Brendan asked as he sat down next to his brother and eyed the extra box of juice in my hands while I just gaped at the opening between his legs affording me a quick glance at his bulge before the fabric swayed closed when he shifted his angle on the couch.

Sighing I tossed him my unopened juice box having to settle for just the one now. "He's only eleven years old." His brother responded as Brendan screwed up his face looking at me questioningly.

Rolling my eyes I sat up and explained to both of the brothers how me being eleven and in seventh grade came about. It wasn't the first time I had to explain this to someone but I was kind of nervous this time because I didn't want Brendan to think I was too young to hang out with him.

"Geeze, that sort of explains a lot." The older boy stated as he sat back sucking on the now empty box of juice and looking at it in disdain. "Do you want something else to drink Jackson?" He asked as he grunted getting up and heading into the kitchen.

"Yeah, please." I responded. "Um…I hope we can still be friends Brendan…I mean I know I'm one in a half or two years younger than you and all but I was kind of hoping…you know, that we could still hang out and stuff." I stated worried about the answer.

Tossing me a large bottle of flavored water, Brendan took a seat again next to his brother. "What…oh…yeah…um…I mean why should your age make any difference to me? It's not like there are a lot of other kids in the neighborhood and stuff."

"Oh…really. I mean…you really don't mind me being younger and all?" I asked hesitantly still a bit nervous and not sure that he was just saying that to make me feel better.

"No…I guess not. You seem cool enough to me and for some reason this little dweeb over here seems to like you too." He chuckled as he tackled his little brother who started to squeal like a stuck pig.

Just about at that point the front door to the house opened up and Mr. Cuconato walked into the family room with two large boxes of pizza and a bag of groceries. "Hey…hey…what is going on in here," the man stated as he laughed at the scene of his two boys wrestling around on the couch.

"Daddy," Marco shrieked as he untangled himself from his older brother and nearly knocked his father over just as he had done earlier to his brother.

The man barely managed to set down the stuff on the table in time before the small bundle of energy leaped up into his arms. The man held Marco to him and kissed him all over the boy's cute little face just as Brendan had done earlier. I got the distinct feeling this family was all hugs and kisses, just like how it was in my family when we were alone and not in public. Brendan also made his way to his father and as soon as the man set the younger boy down he hugged his eldest son and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"So how are my two little champions holding out?" He asked them eager to catch up on the day's events.

Brendan barely managed to introduce me to his father before Marco piped in telling him all about school. Then he talked about meeting me and what I had told him about the sports rules, which got a raised eyebrow from the man in my general direction. I blushed a bit embarrassed by it because in the process Marco had told him how he was naked during the bath and everything. I sort of cringed hoping I didn't come off as some pervert spying on the naked boy but the man just seemed happy that someone had finally talked some sense into his little nudist. Not that he minded his son walking around naked or anything, he just wanted to make sure it was during appropriate times.

Brendan just smiled and listened to his little brother as he rolled his eyes. While his brother talked he set out some paper plates on the table and we had all sat down grabbing some pizza to munch on. Once Marco finished, Brendan told his dad about our encounter in the bathroom at school, which got a look in my direction again from his father. After Brendan finished his dad looked over towards me and smiled.

"So young man, it sounds as if you've had an impact on my two little tiger cubs over here." He chuckled shaking his head and then got a little serious and sad at the same time. "Listen Jackson, I hope Ezra doesn't give you too much grief. If he does let Brendan know. Ezra's…um…the boy really is a good kid and all…it's just that…" he paused as he sighed and looked sadly at his own sons for a moment as they too had sort of fallen silent nibbling on their pizza. "Listen, Ezra's had a bad year and hasn't been able to deal with it so well. He really is a good kid. What you saw today really doesn't reflect who he truly is so I hope you'll keep that in mind." Mr. Cuconato stated as I nodded letting him know I understood then it got quiet for a few moments until Marco burped loudly setting us all into a fit of laughter.

Leave it up to the little tyke to change a mood in a heartbeat. After that the conversation shifted to a lighter mood as they all asked me more questions about Germany. By the time we were finished we had put a good sized dent into the two large pizzas and I had to admit they were really tasty. The first one was a deep pan covered with all sorts of various meats and the second one was a thin crust smothered in cheese. Wherever he got these from they were excellent and a lot better than any pizza I've ever had over in Germany.

We helped clean up and were planning on heading upstairs to play some video games when Mr. Cuconato handed us the bags of groceries he had brought back with him. Marco squealed in delight at all the junk food, snacks, drinks, and fruit inside the bags. There was enough in the bags to take care of a whole school of hungry kids. Brendan rolled his eyes at the little guy and chuckled.

"Come on my little munch meister," Brendan teased his brother poking the little guy in the ribs and was rewarded with a squeak as we stomped upstairs to play some video games.

About an hour later we were still at it in Brendan's room and having a blast. I sat out the following round taking a breather as the two brothers battled it out against one another in ModNation Racers. I had to admit that these two guys were really good and had designed some cool tracks to race around in. We were sitting on Brendan's bed and munching on some snacks…as if we were really that hungry after all that pizza. I had a feeling this was going to come back and haunt us when we got older.

Marco had managed to wiggle himself between my arms as I leaned back against the wall and he snuggled up to me. For some reason the little guy had sort of latched on to me but I didn't really mind as he squirmed around trying to maneuver his way around the race track. I was looking around Brendan's room and had to admit it was pretty cool.

He had gotten rid of the more little boy's type of setup with all the posters and stuff replacing them with a more clean and functional look. Neatly displayed on the walls were some nice artwork pieces and Native American artifacts. In the corner of his room was a hutch that displayed some of his trophies and accomplishments. Then there was his queen sized bed along one side of the wall with a large shelving style headboard that matched the hutch and dresser drawers. His large flat screen television set was attached to the wall with shelving spreading out below it that housed all of his electronics. It was a nice set up for a teenager.

We heard a knocking sound on his open doorway and Brendan put the game on pause. "Hey dad, what's up?" He asked.

"Oh not much boys. I just got a call from my boss and need to head back into the office because I have to get some work sent out to one of our other branches. Evidently his son who was supposed to be on the ball with this wasn't and can't be bothered." Mr. Cuconato shook his head and sighed. "I'll be back in an hour or two, do you think you can hold down the fort for a while Brendan?" He asked.

"Yeah sure no problem dad. You really need to talk to your boss about this. I mean you are always covering for his son and it's not fair." Brendan replied.

"Yeah I know and plan on doing it first thing on Monday because I'm tired of it too. Anyway, Marco I think you need to get to bed son it's getting late. I know its Friday but you should let Brendan have some alone time with his friend so that they can play a bit without you." He pointed out.

Marco looked down sadly but nodded his head. "Yeah I guess." He replied as he yawned. "I'm getting tired anyway and besides we can play some more tomorrow." He agreed.

With that their father left and Marco got up with his brother following him out into the little boy's bedroom. I followed them and stopped at the doorway. "Hey Brendan is it alright if I take a shower?" I asked him.

"Oh sure, that's fine. Besides I need to get Marco all tucked in and I usually read him a quick story so that would be perfect." He stated smiling at me.

Wow, I thought to myself as I turned starting down the hallway towards the bathroom. How many older brothers really look out for their little brothers like that? Brendan took the time to tuck in his little brother and actually read a story to him. I still remember my mom and dad taking turns reading to me at that age too. That type of thing sort of started to peter out at around nine and by the time I was ten it had stopped completely. Don't really know why but it just sort of happened that way so I guess it was just one of those growing out of it types of things.

My mind snapped out of my musings when I heard Brendan's voice carrying out of Marco's room into the hallway. "Marco…what are you doing? You need to wear your pajamas because we have Jackson spending the night. You really can't just go running around naked all the time at home when someone is over."

"It gets too hot in bed to wear pajamas Brendan. How about a compromise…I'll take my pajama top off but leave my bottoms on." The boy piped in hopefully.

"Compromise, where did you get that idea from?" I heard Brendan ask as he chuckled.

"From Jackson…you know…when he told me about the rules and stuff. He told me that sometimes it is better to just compromise." The boy stated.

The boys giggled together for a moment. "Alright a compromise is good. Geeze, you really like Jackson don't you?" Brendan's voice carried down the hallway.

I really hadn't intended to eavesdrop like this but the brothers were just too funny together and I was starting to enjoy their little antics between one another. My fondness for them seemed to stem mostly because there really was a sense of caring and loving between the two siblings. I've seen brothers constantly go at it without any peace and I've always wondered what it was like when they were home. Brendan and Marco seemed the total opposite of what I had witnessed between two brothers.

"Yeah, he's really cool and doesn't just ignore me like a lot of your other friends. How about you? I mean he's younger than you and your other friends. Did you really mean it when you told him it doesn't matter?"

There was a short pause as if Brendan was thinking about it. "Well, at first when he mentioned it I thought it was kind of…weird, but then I realized we were having a lot of fun together before I knew about his age so figured it didn't matter. So yeah, I think he's cool too." The older boy admitted and I found myself sniffling a bit with tears stinging the side of my eyes.

Slipping inside the bathroom and quietly closing the door behind me I wiped away the tears with the back of my hand. It was weird how a simple admission could have such an affect on me. I never realized before how important a real friendship could be to me. With Brendan and Marco I seemed to have found two real friends for the first time in my life. Sure Marco was several years younger than me but there was a sort of brotherly type of connection with him that made me happy. As for Brendan he was a year or two older than me but still he seemed to accept me as a friend not some younger snot nosed dweeb that you find happening in school at the different grade levels.

Pulling off my shirt and bending over to slip out of my shorts a twinge of pain tugged at my gut when I straightened back up. Looking down at my naked body I noticed a bit of bruising around my stomach area and winced when I touched my fingers to the tender area where I had been punched earlier in the day.

It was kind of difficult to get a good look so I started to step up to the bathroom mirror by the sink when I noticed a full length mirror hanging on the back of the bathroom door. That's kind of cool I thought to myself as I stepped up to it so I could examine my bruising a bit closer. It didn't look too bad with just a bit of discoloration and nothing more. I breathed a sigh of relief but it was still a bit tender when I felt around the bruising. I figured it wouldn't take too long for it to disappear and it wasn't all that noticeable.

Scrunching up my eyebrows in thought I inspected my thin sleek body noticing my ribs making me look real skinny. I wasn't really skinny or anything because I did have some meat on my bones so to speak, but still I just looked kind of sleek like almost on the verge of skinny. Yet, with my swimming and diving there was a muscular tightness to my physique.

The full length mirror made me a bit curious about my body as I inspected my bare pubic mound. I've always had that sort of thin light dusting of hair on my pubic mound. It really wasn't pubic hair or anything just that peach fuzz kind of light thin short hairs and not a whole lot of it. While I was still in Germany, and shortly before moving out here, I thought I had detected some hairs that might be a bit thicker and darker so I took a quick moment now taking advantage of the full length mirror to have a closer look.

Shaking my head in disappointment I had to admit there really didn't seem to be any new developments. I still thought that maybe some of my fine thin light fuzzy hairs might just be a bit thicker but it was just too difficult to tell so figured it must just be my fanciful wishing. Besides, I was still only eleven years old and pubic hair usually didn't start on boys until they were a bit older for the most part.

At least my ball sack had started to drop a bit. At this time last year my smooth boy pouch was snuggled up tightly against my body looking out of place on my sleek figure. It had the appearance of a tight large tangerine sized lump up against my body looking too large up against my small physique. It had also seemed kind of odd looking and kind of funny because there was a very distinct line separating a darker browning pink area of my boy pouch from the paler area of my body.

Now my small boy pouch hung a little loosely between my legs and looked like it fit more appropriately with the rest of my body. I still shook my head at my short but very thin two inch long flaccid penis. Even Marco's small stubby penis seemed thicker than mine and compared to Brendan's mine sort of looked like a baby penis. Sure it was only an inch shorter but it just seemed thin and sleek like the rest of my body.

Thinking about Brendan and Marco's nakedness started to have an affect on me as my thin tubular extension started to fill with blood and enlarge. Before it got out of hand I turned towards the bathtub and started the water adjusting it to the temperature I wanted. Stepping inside the deep oversized carved marble tub I closed the curtains and started my shower. There were two layers to the curtains with one layer hanging down inside the tub and the other layer on the outside of the tub. It effectively closed off any possibility of someone being able to see through them and also helped to keep water inside the tub without any spilling out. However the curtain seemed a bit short for the elongated area and left a small gap where the ledge was that Brendan had been sitting on when he was washing Marco. Still the curtain was long enough that I didn't have to worry about water splashing out.

The water felt wonderful as it cascaded over my naked skin and I sighed in relief as the clean refreshing liquid started to wash away my sweaty sticky grime. They had a bottle of liquid soap and there were a couple of tubes of shampoo on the shelf. Pumping some of the soap into the palm of my hand I started to rub it over my body feeling its slickness glide along my smooth skin. It felt a bit exhilarating and tickled my skin as I soaped myself up really well.

My hands dove between my legs and I made sure to lather up my ball sack and small two inch boy penis. I smiled recalling how cute Marco's boner looked sticking up in the air with the water dripping from its tip and its shaft glistening with wetness. He was the exact miniature version of his brother who also had a nice looking package as I recalled seeing him struggling into his shirt with his nice balls and dick swaying around between his legs.

There was a tickling sensation between my legs as my soaped up hands and then slithered them around between my legs washing up my package. Looking down I realized I had created a full blown up erection thinking about the two brothers, and my now three inch hard penis pulsed to the beat of my heart.

Trying to ignore the throbbing feeling between my legs I left it alone and focused on my hair hoping it would disappear soon on its own. There were two bottles of shampoo and I selected the Pert Plus shampoo leaving the Johnson Baby Shampoo alone. Squeezing out a little dollop into the palm of my hand I started to lather up my wet light brown hair. The suds expanded rapidly along the length of my hair and scalp so I started to pull my fingers upwards making my hair stand up on end. I could imagine how it must look, maybe like one of those spiked Mohawk hair do's that you see all painted up and stuff from those punk rock types of kids.

There was a knocking sound on my door and I swiveled my head not sure if I had actually heard correctly. A moment later I could hear the distinct rapping sound of someone knocking on the bathroom door. Sticking my head around the edge of the curtain I yelled out.

The door handle rotated and the door opened up a crack. "Um…Jackson I brought you a fresh towel and toothbrush. I forgot that between Marco and me we had probably taken all the towels." He pointed out as I looked at the towel rack and noticed it was empty.

"Yeah, you're right they're all gone." I responded as I caught a glimpse of Brendan's face reflected in the mirror and through the doorway. The boy wasn't looking into the slightly opened doorway but instead was looking down at his feet not wanting to appear as if he was trying to sneak a peek through the mirror.

"I…I…um…I'll just set it on the floor outside the door." Brendan stated.

"Oh…um…it's alright Brendan, just come on in and set it on the sink counter. I'm behind the shower curtain anyway." I told him as I watched him hesitantly step into the bathroom.

The older boy looked up and our eyes locked for a moment. Brendan's eyes just sort of bugged out before he started busting up laughing. I couldn't figure out what was so funny and had to make sure my naked body was still hidden behind the curtain.

"What's so funny?" I asked him smiling now because Brendan's laugh was infectious.

"I'm sorry it's just that your hair." He giggled as I caught a glimpse of my head in the mirror and started to laugh as well.

What I had thought would be like a Mohawk hairstyle when I ran my fingers through my light brown locks was way off the mark. Instead I had created spikes all around my head pointing off in different directions with soap suds intermingled all over the place. It was totally wacky and wild at the same time making me look like a real dork.

"Geeze please don't squeal on anyone about this." I begged the older boy as he just shook his head.

"Sure, no problem but it'll cost you for sure." He teased me.

The older boy turned to leave when I called out to him. "Hey Brendan…"

"Yeah…," he responded as he turned back around.


"Uh…yeah sure…I mean for what. The towel or hair style?" He teased me.

"Oh that…well both but also for…um…you know…inviting me over. I'm really having a lot of fun. Thanks…really…I mean it." I told him sincerely.

"Um…yeah sure Jackson." Brendan replied seemingly genuinely touched and a bit surprised. "I'm having fun too and…so is Marco. He really likes you…and…well that's saying a lot since he doesn't really care a whole lot for some of my friends. Well except for maybe…um…well it doesn't matter. He likes you and that says a lot Jackson and…and I'm glad I asked you over too." He finished off as he looked at me his cheeks flushing red a bit embarrassed with the conversation.

"That…means a lot to me Brendan." I told him honestly blushing too as he looked at me kind of funny almost like he wanted to ask me something but then changed his mind.

"Um…yeah…well anyway…I just wanted to give you the towel and toothbrush for later. I'll wait for you in my room and maybe we can watch a movie or something." He finished off as he smiled and then left closing the door behind him.

Sighing I pulled closed the curtain and rinsed out my hair. My boner had finally deflated as I finished rinsing off the rest of my body. Before long I had rejoined Brendan in his room as we flipped through the channels to see if anything good was on. In the end we flipped back over to the video games and started to play.

We were having a lot of fun and just talking in general when Brendan sighed and stopped playing as he looked over towards me. "Can I ask you something?" He wondered.

"Yeah sure, I guess." I responded wondering what he was so curious about.

"You mentioned that you've never been asked to a sleepover before." He quoted me loosely as he looked at me for a reaction. "Anyway, I was just wondering why? I mean didn't you have any friends or anything back on the military base in Germany?"

"Um…well sort of." I shrugged my shoulders.

"What do you mean?" He asked softly as he shifted his weight and sat cross legged in front of me on his bed.

There was a familiar twitching between my legs as once again the leg opening in Brendan's shorts flared open. My eyes automatically flickered towards his crotch as I shivered involuntarily when I saw his bright white tight fitting underwear snuggling firmly against his boy bits. There was a distinct outline of his flaccid penis scrunched up over his bulging ball sack and once again I had to look away for fear of getting caught staring at his crotch.

Shrugging my shoulders I could feel his gaze on me as he patiently waited. "It was sort of hard for me." I started to explain as he continued to look at me. "You see my dad was the wing commander which meant our house was in a section of the base for high ranking officers. There was just our assigned house and the base commander's house in this section, which sort of left me without any other kids my age around to play with. Even in the close by high ranking officer's quarter's there really weren't any kids my age, most of them were all older. In school I'm a year ahead in grade so no kids my age there either, and finally…well I'm kind of shy about making new friends and all." I told him softly as I looked down at the controllers hoping he would understand.

"It sounds like it sort of sucked, but what about other things…you know sports or something like that. I'm sure there'd be plenty of kids your own age and stuff." He piped in as I looked up and noticed him fiddling around with the controllers in his hand as well looking as if he might have gone too far with the questioning thing.

"Yeah I guess." I responded.

"Heck, it's not like you are some dweeb or dork or anything like that." He chuckled shoving me in a friendly manner as I looked up and giggled as well.

"Thanks for that and I did have friends like I said but still…it was just sort of different…you know…friends but not like a 'real' friend. To tell you the truth it never really bothered me or anything, but sometimes I would have liked to have a cool friend or something…you know just to talk to about stuff." I told him as all of a sudden he got real quiet and cocked his head to the side.

"Shit," He yelped as he jumped off the bed and sprang out the door nearly giving me a heart attack.

His sudden reaction caught me off guard and it took me a moment to react and follow him out into the hallway. I saw him disappear into Marco's room and I quickly hustled down the hallway and ducked inside the room. Marco was moaning and almost crying in his bed while Brendan was trying to wake him up. I stood there for a moment before stepping back out of the way sitting down on the other bed in the room. My eyes flickered on the end table and I noticed a picture of Marco from about a year ago or so. Earlier I had noticed a similar picture next to his currently occupied bed but it was more recent.

Marco snapped awake and looked around disoriented for a moment before he saw Brendan and then he just hugged his older brother tightly as he shivered uncontrollably. "It's alright Marco." Brendan whispered softly. "Was it the old dream again?" He asked the smaller boy who sniffled a bit and nodded his head as his bleary eyes flickered across my features for a moment in this dim light.

The boy seemed to tense up for a moment, "Marcel?" He asked timidly as Brendan extricated himself and looked over towards me.

"No Marco its Jackson. Remember…he's spending the night." Brendan whispered softly to his little brother tucking him back down under his lightweight bedding and stroking the boy's forehead.

"Oh yeah," the boy whispered back looking at me and smiling. "Sorry if I'm ruining your sleepover Jackson." Marco apologized sweetly yawning as I got up and sat down next to the boy while Brendan scooted out of the way so I could say hello to his little brother.

"No sweat…my little squirt." I teased him light heartedly as I ruffled his sweaty short cropped hair and received a small smile as a reward. "You could never be a problem and no apologies are necessary."

"Thanks Jackson. Um…do…do you think you could stay with me…just for a minute…you know until I fall back asleep." He asked imploringly as he picked up my hand and held it in his own.

Looking over towards Brendan the older boy just nodded his head but still looked a bit concerned for his little brother. The smaller boy shifted over in his bed giving me some room as I lay down next to him so he could snuggle up next to me. Brendan got up and headed out of the room to wait for me in his own room.

"Can you tell me a story?" Marco requested as he yawned closing his eyes.

Thinking for a moment I shifted so that I was lying on my side facing towards Marco. "Hmmm, have you ever heard the story called the Happy Prince?" I asked him as Marco smiled shaking his head no.

Gathering together my thoughts as I recalled the story told to me when I was younger by my mother. One in a collection of stories that sort of had accumulated over the years with me falling asleep to the sound of my mom's or at times even my dad's voice. This story by Oscar Wilde was a tale of a metal statue who befriends a migratory bird. Together, they bring happiness to others, in life as well as in death.

Before long Marco had fallen back asleep and I silently crept out of the room and into Brendan's room where he was flipping through the channels on his television set. He smiled up at me as I sat down on the bed next to him not saying a word for a few minutes.

"Does he get nightmares a lot?" I asked him as he glanced over my way and set down the remote.

"When he was little never, then something um…then last year he started having them for a while before they went away. It's been a while now since he's had a nightmare." Brendan whispered as he looked away to wipe away some tears.

It got quiet again and I didn't say or ask anything further. It was like Brendan wanted to tell me something but just didn't know what to say. I didn't want to push him on the subject so I just left it alone but the silence was starting to get awkward. At that moment Mr. Cuconato stuck his head in the doorway.

"What's with all the long faces," he chuckled as he stepped into the room. "Did you guys run out of junk food or something?" He teased us.

Brendan smiled jovially at his father glad the mood had passed us by and so was I. "Nope, plenty to go around even with the munch meister eating non stop. I swear dad I don't know where he puts it all."

We all chuckled. "Well I hope he at least behaved himself and didn't give you guys any problems."

"No, we just put him back to sleep." I piped in.

Mr. Cuconato looked at me questioningly and then over to Brendan who just sighed. "He had another nightmare but Jackson told him a story and he fell right back to sleep." Brendan told his father.

The man looked a bit concerned for a moment and then smiled warmly at me. "Well then it looks as if Marco has become attached to our newest clan member here. Thanks Jackson for helping us out today with a number of our issues concerning our wacky little tiger. That boy can be an enigma at times I tell you and sometimes too much to handle," he joked around as he kissed his eldest son goodnight and ruffled my hair before leaving to go and check on his youngest son.

Brendan and I were talking quietly about school and stuff when Mr. Cuconato poked his head inside the room again. "Goodnight boys and Brendan try not to stay up too late. Remember we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow." He pointed out which made me kind of wonder what they were doing tomorrow.

"No problem dad, I think we were probably planning on going to sleep anyway. It's getting late already." Brendan admitted looking at the clock and noticing it was getting close to eleven already.

Mr. Cuconato shut the door and Brendan got up and stretched while I looked on intently my little boy pecker once again doing a little dance in my shorts as I saw his bulge pushing outwards against the fabric of the polyester material. "So, how do you normally sleep?" Brendan asked me bringing me out of my musings with me blushing hoping he hadn't seen me gawking at him.

"Um…what?" I asked a bit baffled as he just chuckled.

"When you go to bed what do you normally wear?" He asked me curiously.

Blushing bright red I sort of shrugged my shoulders which made him belt out laughing. "That must mean you usually sleep in the nude. And here I thought Marco was the naughty one." He chuckled.

"Hey, I'm not like that at all." I complained. "At least I'm alone when I go to bed like that." I finished off.

"Geeze Jackson, lighten up I was just teasing. I normally sleep naked too because it just gets too hot despite the air conditioning. My dad's room is down in the basement so it is way cooler down there and if we kick on the air conditioning it gets freezing cold so we don't set it so high at night which means our rooms up here remain somewhat comfortable but at times still gets hot." He finished off as he peeled off his shirt exposing his tight chest and stomach.

"Oh…um cool…I mean I see." I responded.

"Well," Brendan continued as he dropped his shorts leaving him in nothing but his tight white boy's briefs and made me gape for a moment at how sexy he looked in that snug fitting material. "When I have friends over we usually just sleep in our underwear." He finished off as he looked over towards me with a funny look.

"Um…yeah sure I guess that sounds alright." I told him as I got up hesitantly.

"What's wrong with you?" It's like you've seen a ghost or something." Brendan chuckled as he sat down and watched me.

"Oh…no…just." I hesitated.

"Oh shit I forgot Jackson…you know about never having a sleepover before. Listen, you can sleep in your shorts and shirt if you want to. It doesn't matter to me and I can put on something else as well." He offered me as I blushed and then just shook my head.

"No it's alright Brendan. Besides it'll probably get too hot then." I told him as I boldly pulled off my shirt and then dropped my own shorts exposing myself to him in my own pair of snug fitting boy's briefs.

Brendan didn't bother hiding the fact that he was looking at my near naked body and he smiled at me. "Wow Jackson, I thought I was the only kid who still wore regular underwear. All of my other friends wear like boxers, regular shorts, or boxer briefs and stuff." He admitted.

"Oh…they do?" I asked as I sat down in front of him not so self conscious anymore.

Heck, it's not as if I've been seen half naked before by other people. I was after all on a diving team that wears those skimpy little bathing suits. Yet this seemed different somehow, maybe because there were just two of us sitting so closely together. Brendan smiled at me as my eyes sort of fell on his bulging package that pushed against his tight fitting underwear. I could just make out the almost fleshy looking outline of his three inch flaccid penis as it struggled for release from its confinement.

"Yeah and they sort of tease me about it and all saying they can see what I've got and everything." He just sort of chuckled as he shook his head. "Shit, it's not like they haven't seen me naked anyway." He told me as he crawled up under the lightweight summer covers.

I smiled at him as I just shook my head in disbelief. Chuckling I climbed in under the covers as well settling down at the other end of the bed keeping some space between us.

He seemed to have noticed my disbelief. "What?" He asked me curious now.


"Oh come on. What's on your mind?" He asked as he turned on his side facing me.

"Nothing really…it's just…don't you get embarrassed when you say stuff like that?" I asked him.

"I don't understand, like what?"

"You know how they've seen you naked and all." I responded as I blushed.

Brendan seemed to think about it for a moment and then shook his head. "No not really. We all grew up together so have seen each other naked plenty of times. I mean it's not like you haven't seen other guys naked before and stuff too?" He teased me and then got quiet as he looked at me. "Oh hell, really…I mean you've never ever seen 'anyone' naked before?" He asked me seriously.

"Um…no…I mean well not until today." I admitted to him.

"Holy crap," he laughed and then noticed my hurt expression. "N…no I wasn't laughing at the fact you haven't seen anyone naked before but just that…well…that means Marco was the first one you've ever seen naked. No wonder he almost gave you a heart attack." He chuckled shaking his head and then remembered something else and smiled impishly at me. "Hell, not only did he expose himself to you but he was sporting a boner to boot. If that wasn't a shock to your system I don't know what would be. Geeze no wonder your jaw dropped down into your lap when that happened." He laughed so hard this time that he almost fell out of the bed.

It took me a moment but the more I thought about it the more funny it became to me as well. Hell it's one thing to see another boy for the first time but to see a full blown up little boy boner to boot is just too hilarious. We were both laughing so hard that my sides began to hurt and it took several minutes for us to settle down.

"Oh hell Jackson, you are just way too classic and hilarious. How the hell do you get around without ever having seen another boy naked before?" He asked seriously but then held up his hand. "I know…I know already. Damn, this whole having no real friends thing really must have sucked." He admitted a bit sadly to me.

Twisting around to face him I winced as pain shot through my gut. The tenderness from where I was punched with the combination of the belly laugh had left me a bit sore. Brendan seemed to notice and looked at me.

"What's wrong?" He asked me as he noticed me holding on to my midsection for a moment.

"Nothing." I smiled weakly at him as the pain ebbed away.

Not convinced Brendan scooted over towards me, pushed me on my back, and shoved down the covers below my underwear which left my small little bulging boy package sort of pushing upwards against the fabric of my underwear. I felt a brief sense of embarrassment at being so exposed to his scrutiny like this but then I realized he wasn't gazing at my bulge; instead, he was focused on the bruising along my midsection.

"What happened?" He hissed all upset.

Blushing I just turned my head and shrugged my shoulders. "Did…did Ezra and his stupid jerk of a friend do that to you?" He asked me as tears started to well up at the corners of my eyes. "Fucking son of a Bitch." He hissed as he covered me back up understanding how uncomfortable I felt about being exposed like this.

The older boy rolled on to his back a mere few inches away from me and I could feel the heat of his body we were so close together. I glanced over at him as he seemed to scrunch up his eyebrows in thought. He must have felt my gaze because he looked over at me with some tears of his own.

"I'm sorry Jackson…I didn't know." He whispered apologetically which shocked me since he wasn't the one who punched me.

"What…I mean why…it's not like it is your fault or anything." I told him sincerely as this time I cautiously rolled on to my side and watched him do the same thing.

"It's just…" he looked at me and shook his head sadly. "I've known Ezra for years Jackson and I never thought him capable of…this." He admitted pointing towards my bruised stomach.

We both fell silent for a little while each in our own thoughts. My mind was spinning with emotions. Here I was spending the night with the most popular kid in school and we hardly knew one another yet he was actually mad at someone he's known for years and probably was also a friend of his.

Not able to stand the silence anymore I spoke up. "Brendan?"

"Yeah," he whispered as he looked at me tenderly.

"I'm sorry." I told him which seemed to get a shocked reaction from him.

"For what?" He asked me sincerely totally confused.

Not really knowing how to respond I just shrugged my shoulder. "Is Ezra a friend of yours?"

He looked at me a moment and sighed. "Yeah, at least I thought so…I mean I hope we still are." He admitted.

"Then I'm sorry and please don't be mad at him. You've known him for years and you hardly even know me so I understand." I told him knowing that since the two boys were long time friends that maybe the two of us won't be able to be friends anymore.

"What are you talking about?" He asked me getting a concerned look on his face.

"It's just that I understand if we…you know…can't be friends anymore." I whispered as I closed my eyes with tears running down my cheeks.

It got real quiet in the room again that seemed to last forever. Even the thundering of my heart in my chest seemed deafening as I finally got the courage to open up my eyes. Brendan was just staring at me as tears slipped down his cheeks as well.

"Why would you even say that Jackson? I mean I'm mad at Ezra for what he did to you. I…I really like you Jackson and of course you are my friend. Maybe we just became friends today but still…we're friends now and I wouldn't just throw you off to the side because I've known someone else longer…that…that's just stupid." He assured me quietly as he rolled on to his back scrunching up his face in thought.

"Please don' be mad at Ezra, Brendan. I…I don't want you to hate him for this. It…it's just something that happened." I told him feeling bad that I might get between him and his friend.

Brendan rolled on his side again and looked at me. "Why would you stick up for Ezra?" He asked me seriously.

"Because…" I responded not really knowing as I thought about it. "Because he's your friend so he can't be all that bad." I told him honestly.

Just in the short period of time that I had gotten to know Brendan I knew that any friend of his would have to be a good person. The boy was so easy going and didn't pre-judge anyone yet seemed to have standards as well. He was a person who cared about others and wouldn't put up with anyone who wasn't a good person as well.

Brendan just looked at me and shook his head sadly. "Jackson, I don't know what to say. I mean Ezra really is a nice guy and all and we are really good friends. It's just lately he's…I don't know." He looked down sadly as tears seemed to stream down his cheeks.

The emotion that gripped Brendan seemed kind of intense. More than the little incident of me getting a little beat down from the other boy warranted. It confused me so I stayed quiet for a moment allowing the older boy to calm down.

Sighing, Brendan finally whispered, "Don't worry Jackson…I'll talk to Ezra about it so that he won't bother you again."

"N…no please don't Brendan. I…I don't want the two of you getting into a fight over me. I…I'll talk to him and I'm sure we can work it out." I pleaded with him.

The older boy looked at me and started to say something before remaining quiet. Neither one of us said anything but he reached out and took my hand in his giving it a squeeze. Nothing else was said as he released my hand and rolled over to his side of the bed facing away from me. Before long both of us were asleep.

It was still dark when my eyes fluttered open at the sound of some quiet voices. "What's going on," I moaned softly.

"Oh, sorry Jackson for waking you up." Brendan whispered. "It's Marco, he had another nightmare. Damn you're soaking wet Marco, hold still for a moment so I can dry you off." Brendan spoke softly and gently to his little brother.

"Can I sleep in here with you guys?" Marco pleaded.

"Oh I don't know Marco." Brendan whispered softly to his brother. "Let's just get the sweat wiped off you and let me tuck you back in to your bed. I'll sit with you until you get to sleep and I'm sure you won't have another nightmare." He told his brother soothingly.

Yawning with my eyes closed and still half asleep I spoke up. "It's alright Brendan just let the poor guy sleep with us so he can get some rest in peace and quiet without being afraid." I told him as I heard Brendan sigh.

"Just behave Marco," I heard the older boy tell the younger boy as I felt and heard some shifting around.

The bed shook a little and I could sense Marco jumping into the bed before wriggling under the covers. A moment later I felt a warm body snuggling up to me which made me flinch for a moment a bit surprised before I sighed and settled down. The younger boy must have decided to cuddle up with me which I guess was alright but he started to wiggle around trying to find a comfortable spot as he squeezed in closer to my body forcing me to drape my arms around his naked back since he wasn't wearing a shirt.

Marco shifted a little more and I winced as his left leg bumped against my small little boy pouch before draping over my left leg. His warm body was now partially draped over my left side and firmly pressed up against my skin. I could feel a poking sensation on my left hip so I shifted a little as he wiggled around as well before we both settled down and then I felt that poking sensation again as I tried to figure out what it was. It sort of felt fleshy, warm, and hard up against me.

My eyes flew open wide and I yelped in surprise. "What the fuck, are you naked?" I snapped at Marco as he looked up at me startled and a bit frightened.

Damn, the fifth shock of the day for me. Well at least I think it was still Friday and if not close enough. This just seemed to be a day of shocks and as late as it was hopefully it was all over for sure.

"Y…yes b…b…but Brendan took off my pajama shorts because they were soaked." He stuttered in shock at my reaction and genuinely frightened.

At that moment I felt ashamed at myself for yelling at the younger boy and shaking my head I settled back down as I heard Brendan sniggering next to us trying to contain his laughter. "It's alright Marco I'm not mad at you…just surprised is all." I admitted as he seemed to calm down but still looked at me nervously.

Brendan just couldn't hold it in anymore as he busted up laughing. "I told you that you just might regret spending the night over here with us." He stated for the umpteenth time.

"Shut up." I told him as I pulled Marco back towards me trying to ease his mind.

The boy settled back down up against me without his boner but I could still feel his little fleshy protrusion up against my skin. I stroked his back gently to ease his mind as the boy sighed contentedly and of course popped a boner.

"For Real Marco?" I teased him as I chuckled.

"What?" The little tyke asked me innocently knowing exactly what I was referring to as he pressed his little two inch hardness against my skin pushing it up along my side as he just giggled.

Brendan looked over at us and smiled knowingly as he just chuckled shaking his head. "Alright you two if your through playing with each other let's get some sleep." He admonished us playfully.

I groaned at his comment hoping that he wouldn't say anything to anyone at school about this incident. "Please promise me you won't say a thing." I pleaded with him.

"What happens at the Cuconato's stays at the Cuconato's." Brendan quoted as he turned away from us to get some sleep.

Draping my arm around the naked little boy plastered up against my body I couldn't help it as I popped a boner of my own. Sighing I reached down and adjusted myself thankful that at least no one could tell I had popped a hard-on with a naked boy lying next to me. However it didn't stop me from being a bit wicked as I dropped my arm that was draped over his back down to the boy's naked butt and gave him a squeeze and was rewarded with a little squeak.

Marco looked up at me and smiled before settling back against me as he leaned his head on my chest. Brendan didn't say anything but just chuckled before he too settled down once again. I closed my eyes and before I knew it I had faded back off to sleep.

Surprisingly I felt so wonderfully comfortable lying next to Marco snuggled up against him and my body shivered almost excitedly by the contact. My mind drifted off with pleasant dreams to the sounds of the rhythmic breathing of the little boy and the sense of thrill coursing through my insides.

My dream was vivid as I watched first Marco in the bathtub playing around with his little two inch erection seemingly wiggling around in front of him and his small boyish pouch swaying enticingly between his legs. I could distinctly make out his small hazelnut sized testicles bouncing around inside the pouch. His pinkish brown glans was thick around the ridge and tapered off thinly towards the tip of his pee slit. He smiled wistfully at me as he reached down with his small fingers and rubbed his glans before my vision shifted to an older yet similar looking boy.

It was Brendan the almost exact splitting image of the younger boy, but just older. He too was completely naked but he wasn't sporting a boner. His flaccid three inch penis swayed lazily snuggled up over his nice sized sagging boy pouch. The boy's walnut sized testicles seemed to jerk upwards as his penis also throbbed when he reached down between his legs trying to entice himself into an erection. He beckoned to me and guided my hand to his smooth flaccid dick and I shivered in anticipation. I could feel myself shivering and actually feel my own penis quiver and seemingly explode just before I was able to wrap my fingers around the soft fleshiness of Brendan's most intimate of prizes swaying enticingly between his legs.

As soon as I felt the odd sensation between my legs my eyes fluttered open and I gasped tossing Marco off of me while I sat bolt upright sighing and quivering excitedly before once again crashing backwards onto the bed. My chest was heaving and gasping for air at the intensity of my vivid dream that still fluttered inside of my mind.

"Are you alright?" I heard a familiar voice trying to place it as I looked around wide eyed and then remembered where I was. "You were moaning a lot and making weird noises, even muttering in your sleep." Brendan commented the bed moving around a bit as he propped himself up to look over at me.

"I…I…um…" I stuttered as I felt something odd down below the covers and around my groin.

Taking a moment I pressed my hand up against my crotch and felt something a bit cool, clammy, and sticky wet like between my legs. "I…I…shit." I stated as I lifted up the covers.

"What's wrong?" Brendan asked me watching as I lifted up the covers.

Looking over towards the older boy I flushed red a bit embarrassed. "I…I…shit," I repeated my earlier statement not knowing exactly what had just happened and at a loss for words not to mention being totally mortified.

"Did you just have a…um…you know…wet dream?" Brendan asked a bit stunned.

"Um…what? I…what?" I stuttered as Brendan's eyes got big before he just turned reaching out and clicked on the table lamp next to his bed then scooted out of the bed not saying a word as he stood up in the dimly lit room.

My mind went numb and I started to sniffle, a bit mortified that I had wet myself, or rather something else. I was confused about it but started to wrap my mind around what Brendan had stated about having a wet dream. Of course I've heard about this and sort of knew what it was but I still didn't know all that much about it so really felt out of sorts with what happened to me. Damn, is it even Saturday yet I wondered as I glanced over to the clock realizing it was only a few minutes before midnight. I moaned inwardly because this was the sixth shock of the day and I just want it to be over with now because it was starting to get humiliating for me.

My eyes followed Brendan in the soft warm glowing lamplight as the older boy got up with an obvious boner tenting out his white briefs which immediately made my own penis twitch within the sticky wetness of my underwear. Even though I knew he couldn't see it, I flushed red with embarrassment as my own soft tubular extension slowly inflated and hardened between my legs. He quickly glanced at me and tried to smile reassuringly and sympathetically at me.

"It's alright Jackson…it happens…you know." He whispered trying to reassure me about my wet dream not my boner, but my mind was just sort of numb at the moment.

He was standing right in front of me and my mind recalled vividly the dream I had only moments earlier as I gaped at his hardness pressing against the bright white fabric of his briefs. I knew he could tell I was staring at his tenting underwear but he didn't say anything and just calmly turned towards his dresser drawer his erection disappearing from my sight as he turned away from me. I shivered involuntarily as I reached between my underwear feeling the sticky wetness along the fabric and my now slicked up and sticky erection. I still didn't know what to say as Brendan seemed to search for something in one of his bottom dresser drawer. Within moments he seemed to find what he was looking for and returned.

He stopped at the bedside and tossed me something making me flinch. It was a pair of old pajama bottoms and I just looked at it before I looked over at him questioningly.

"Um…you can put these on when you take off your underwear. Just use your soiled underwear to clean up the sticky stuff from your…um…off of your skin." He amended at the last moment.

Looking quickly over towards a still sleeping Marco I sighed in relief. "Don't worry about Marco. Once he's asleep it takes a lot to wake him up, unless he has a bad dream." Brendan noted as I started to wiggle around under the lightweight blanket.

Squirming around under the bedspread I slipped out of my damp sticky underwear using it to wipe off my mess being careful not to get any on his blanket. Brendan just watched me patiently which made me blush but I was thankful that he didn't say anything. I hesitated a moment not knowing what to do about my underwear.

"Um, just toss them to me and I'll put them in my dirty laundry. You can pick them up the next time when you come over." He suggested as I looked at him hesitantly.

"Um…their sort of…you know?" I told him.

"Yeah no worries it's only cum." He responded which stunned me to no end at how he referred to my soiled briefs.

"It's what?" I asked him as I tossed my soiled underwear towards him.

"You know…man juice…baby batter…boy nectar. The stuff that makes babies." He whispered as he held up the underwear in front of his face and then up to his nose taking a quick whiff which made me scrunch up my face in disgust.

Why the hell would he want to sniff it I wondered to myself? I didn't comment on it because I was already looking and sounding like a dweeb. "Yup…nice job Jackson. Damn, eleven years old and already squirting. Shit Jackson, I've only been squirting for a few months myself. You must be an early bloomer." He stated smiling warmly as he headed to the hamper and shoved them inside between his other dirty clothes.

Early bloomer, shit how awkward because now I really needed to know more about this whole sex thing. If that wasn't bad enough when Brendan held up my underwear it sort of mortified me as I saw a nice sized damp spot in the front of my white briefs. It was large enough around to cover the entire area of my boy bits inside my underwear.

Brendan walked back and I noticed he was still sporting an erection and he just smiled at me knowingly. "Geeze Brendan, aren't you embarrassed…you know…about…" I asked pointing towards his obvious bulge a bit apprehensively.

He looked down and just shrugged his shoulders. "Shit Jackson, it's only us so…no not really. Besides what happened to you is kind of sexy hot and this whole puberty thing has me popping a boner at the drop of a hat." He pointed out making me blush.

He sort of looked my way and chuckled but I was a bit reserved about the entire situation. I sort of knew what happened but I was still confused. The older boy slipped back under the covers and leaned on his elbow looking at me.

"Was that your first time?" He asked me unabashedly as if it were every day normal conversation.

"What?" I asked not exactly sure what he was talking about and also a bit taken aback that he would be talking so openly about something so obviously on the naughty side with me.

"You know having a wet dream." He pressed forward not in the least bit self conscious about the nature of the conversation.

"I…um…I think so." I admitted to him.

"You think so?" He asked me a bit confused. "Do you even know what happened to you?" He asked me.

"Um…sort of…I…I don't know Brendan. I'm just so confused and embarrassed about it all. Does this happen to you?" I asked him.

"Nope." He admitted and noticed not only my confusion but also the mortification of being the only one in the room having something so embarrassing happen. "Shit Jackson I jack off a lot so don't have this problem. Just jack off and it probably won't happen to you again either. Besides, I've only been able to squirt for a few months anyway." He explained.

"You what? You've only been squirting for a few months? What does that mean?" I asked him a bit ashamed at how inexperienced I was about the whole sex stuff and flushed red as he just gaped at me and then started to giggle.

"Good one Jackson. I almost fell for it. Damn, you're so convincing you ought to be an actor." He chuckled and then stopped when he saw me in near tears. "Oh shit Jackson, you really don't know. Shit, please…I didn't mean anything by it…really." He told me seriously but I was just so overwhelmed with everything that I started to sniffle as I tried to hold back my tears.

It was just so humiliating being so immature about all of this stuff. Through my teary eyed bleariness I watched Brendan climbing over his little brother and then just hug me towards his body. His body felt so soft, warm, and smooth, yet also firm, as I shivered noticing how my penis twitched at his closeness. Then I almost fainted when I felt his hardness pressing up against my skin and then rub against my own erection. Sure he had underwear on but I could still feel his large hard tubular accessory pressing up against me and it felt scorching hot to me making my smaller sized penis twitch around radically inside of my fresh pair of pajama bottoms.

He held me tightly and at first I stiffened up before I finally relented and returned his hug as I quivered uncontrollably with emotion. We just remained like that for I don't know how long before he finally released me but remained close to me. In a way it made me feel sad when he let me go and all I wanted to do was crawl back over to him and snuggle up with the older boy.

"Jackson, how much do you know about what happened to you?" He asked me seriously bringing me back to the moment.

"I…I just don't know." I admitted to him as I sighed. "I mean I know some stuff but I've never had anyone to talk about this stuff with before. My dad has talked to me about it some, but I don't understand why this happened tonight. Is…is it normal?" I asked him seriously hoping he wouldn't freak out at how childish I was about this whole thing.

"Of course it is. I mean you're a bit young and maybe that's why your dad hasn't talked to you about it yet." He told me soothingly.

"W…why did this even happen? Is…is this sort of thing going to happen to me every night now?" I asked him starting to panic about wetting myself like this every night from this point forward.

How the hell was I going to keep something like this from my folks…shit; especially, from my mother? She's sure to find out about it sooner or later when she does the laundry one of these times. Then how the hell am I going to explain that to her. All these thoughts were a bit overwhelming as I tried to listen to what Brendan had to say. Hopefully he would provide me with some insights into all of this without thinking I'm some sort of little baby.

"No of course not. Hell as for why, who really knows? More than likely it was probably due to all of the…you know…sexual tension. Hell…you know…with seeing Marco naked and all not to mention him laying on top of you all naked pressing his little hard pecker up against you. So…well…it just sort of happened for you I guess." He finished off as I gaped at him.

"N…no, I mean…I didn't…Marco…um…no…I…" my mind raced in panic at what he was indicating as if I was perving on his little brother.

Brendan looked a bit confused and then it sort of hit him. "No of course not Jackson. I didn't mean anything by it; I'm just saying it has more to do with all this sexual stuff going on like seeing someone naked and all. It wouldn't have made a difference if it was a girl or a guy. When we go to sleep it really doesn't matter it's just what happens with puberty. I've popped a boner seeing a naked guy just as much as I've popped a boner when I see a nice set of racks on a girl." He giggled as he looked at me and I had to chuckle as well picturing him popping a boner when both guys and girls were around.

"It all sounds kind of complicated," I moaned as we put some more space between us.

He just shrugged and looked at me. "Just think about it like rules to a baseball game." He teased as way of explanation like I had done with Marco while trying to hold back his laughter at the same time.

I couldn't believe he just said that to me and I scowled at him for a moment before I busted up laughing then held my hand over my mouth remembering Marco was still sleeping. The smaller boy shifted a little behind his older brother and tried to snuggle up. The older boy sort of jerked upright and gently pushed his little brother away from him.

"Damn little horny twerp is trying to shove his little pecker up my back side." He giggled as I looked at him smiling but not completely understanding. "Damn Jackson, you really don't know all that much do you?" He asked me as I just shook my head but not so much ashamed anymore knowing that Brendan really didn't mean anything spiteful about it.

"Alright then I'm going to try to explain some things to you. Too bad they didn't put you in health class. The one class you really need to be a year ahead in and that was the one they decided to not let you be a year ahead of." He shook his head and I had to giggle at the truth of it.

We spent the next thirty or forty minutes with us talking about just some of the basic stuff concerning puberty. We talked about what happens when a guy goes through puberty including wet dreams. He also talked about jacking off which totally amazed me with how he described the supposedly wonderful sensations and the resulting outcome of what happens to our body once we start to squirt. The whole orgasm thing had me both excited and worried as I tried to determine if that was the feeling I had felt for a moment when I had my wet dream. I didn't exactly remember it specifically but I had gotten the sense that it had felt good. It kind of scared me too with what happens to the body if I were to jack off. He made it sound kind of cool and fun, but I was still a bit weirded out about it.

After a while he started to constantly yawn so told me that maybe we should call it quits. He tossed in the fact that if he told me too much I might end up having another wet dream. We both chuckled about it and then fell silent for a bit.

"Brendan?" I asked as he yawned once more.


"Thanks." I told him as he just shrugged his shoulders.

"Sure, but no worries. You had to find out about this stuff sooner or later."

"How old were you when you jacked off for the first time?" I asked him curiously wondering if I was still too young or not.

"Oh…I must have been about ten or so."

"No way…for real. But you said it's just been only a few months since you've been squirting your stuff." I told him a bit shocked and confused again.

"Geeze you silly ninny. You don't have to be able to squirt in order to have an orgasm. It's just when you get older you start to squirt stuff when that happens." He told me yawning again and I could tell he was almost all done in for the rest of the evening.

"How did you know about jacking off?" I asked him.

"Oh…um…from a friend of mine." He answered. "He sort of learned it from some of the older kids who told him all about it where he lives and we sort of tried…well…um…well that is when I learned about it." He answered a bit vaguely.

Not wanting to press him about more details regarding how exactly he learned how to do it I just dropped it hoping maybe we could talk about it at some other time. "Thanks for talking to me about this stuff. I'm still confused about some things but a lot more makes sense to me."

"That's cool." He responded as he climbed back over his brother so that he could be on the outside of the bed while I looked at him questioningly why he would move to the outside. He saw my questioning look and rolled his eyes, "Sometimes when he sleeps with me if he is on this side of the bed he falls out because in his room this side is up against the wall. When he is asleep, and without thinking, he sort of likes to lean up against the wall in his room to cool off." He explained which now made sense to me.

By the time I nodded off to sleep I was feeling a lot better about what had happened. I shoved my hand down between my new pajama shorts and tweaked my pecker smiling at the sensation of how it felt. Brendan didn't exactly explain how jacking off works but I hoped that I might be brave enough to ask him and then he might be able to explain it even further. With this thought in mind I slowly faded off to sleep. At one point in the still hours of the evening I felt Marco's little body snuggling up against me once more. Sighing contentedly I wrapped my arm around his small frame and pulled him tightly up against my body.

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