An Ordinary Boy

by Hamster

Chapter 7: Heathrow and Back

School was finally over. All that remained was the formal convocation, and then all the boys would flee the school for eight weeks of freedom. The convocation didn't last long. Mr. Phillips knew that the last thing the boys wanted was a long and rambling speech, so he kept it short. At the end of his speech it was traditional to say thank you to teachers who were leaving. Three staff members were leaving, two who had been there for some time and represented the type of teacher Colonel Carruthers preferred. The third was Mike.

The two other teachers who were leaving got modest applause from the boys. Neither of them was particularly popular, and not many of the boys were unhappy to see them go. They probably hoped for more interesting replacements who would be more dynamic and friendly.

When Mike's name was called there was loud applause and one brave soul shouted 'Wordle'. That brought a laugh from everyone, including Mr. Phillips. Mike hadn't really realised how popular he was, particularly among senior boys who he had never taught. Finally the applause died down, everyone sang the school song, the doors were opened and the boys rushed to get their bags, get into their parents' cars, and leave for the holidays.

Mike walked back to his classroom for the last time, picked up his briefcase and a few personal items on his desk, took a look out of the window at the deserted sports field, went downstairs to the staff car park and drove over to Mr. Phillips house to collect Josh and his friend and take them to Heathrow.

When he arrived at Mr. Phillips' house Josh was standing in the driveway with two large bags and a backpack. As they were loading these into the car, Mr. Phillips came out of the front door.

"Mike, it's very sad to see you go. We shall miss you. And as you just found out, you are very popular with the boys. But I expect we'll meet up somewhere, Shelburne's not such a big place."

Then he turned and looked at Josh.

"So you're finally leaving us, Wilkins. Are you looking forward to Australia?"

"Oh, yes, sir, I am. It's going to be fun. There's lots of girls there!"

"Well, you'll be interested to know that Bourne Hall is going to be coed before long. We're hoping for the first set of girls to come here next year."

"Wow, that's almost worth staying on for!"

"Maybe, maybe not. Mike, you're doing us a great favour making sure this little rascal gets on the plane so we don't have to see him anymore. Wilkins, good luck and safe travels!"

"Thanks, sir, and good luck to you as well. Now, where's McDowell?"

Mike heard footsteps behind him, and turned to see the boy. He gasped. Standing right in front of him was the tall blond runner, the one Mike had watched out of his classroom window. He couldn't believe it, here was this beautiful boy standing right next to him, looking immaculate in his school uniform, and with a big grin on his face. Mike suddenly was thrilled he'd agreed to take Josh to Heathrow because he was going to be in the car for several hours with this really sexy boy.

"Hello, sir, I'm Matthew. I hope you don't mind me coming with you. It's very kind of you to take Josh to the airport and bring me back."

"Hi Matthew, it's nice to meet you. I'm happy to have you with us. Now, let's go."

Josh shook Mr. Phillips hand and, perhaps to Mike's surprise, got into the front seat. Matthew said goodbye to Mr. Phillips, saying he would see him in September, and got in the back seat. Mike shook Mr. Phillips' hand, got into the car and they set off for Heathrow. As soon as they were out of sight of Mr. Phillips, both boys tore off their school ties and slipped off their blazers. Josh threw his discarded and never to be worn again uniform into the back seat.

"Thank god I'll never have to wear these crappy clothes again. Ah, what bliss!"

Then Josh got out his phone, checked his GPS, told Mike they should expect to arrive at five o'clock unless they stopped somewhere, and then settled back in his seat.

To start with the conversation was mostly about Australia. Josh did most of the talking, but Matthew made a few contributions to the conversation. They also talked about the school and how much Josh hated being in a boarding school. Matthew laughed.

"You're always talking about the girls you're going to meet in Australia, Josh, but you did alright here in school when it came to having sex!"

"Yes, Matthew, I did but it was only because if I hadn't got lots of sex my balls would have got so big they would have exploded! Ooops, sorry, sir!"

"No problem, Josh, we're out of school, I'm not your teacher anymore, and my name's Mike now."

"Thanks, Mike!"

The conversation continued until they approached the motorway service area.

"Mike, could we stop here, please. I need to change my clothes, and we can get some drinks and snacks!"

Mike pulled into the service area, Josh opened the back of the car, opened one of his bags and took out some clothes. Mike and Matthew followed him into the service station, all of them went to have a pee, and Josh ducked into one of the stalls to change. He came out a couple of minutes later, transformed from a boarding school boy into a typical teenager. He had a tracksuit bottom, a hoodie, and a pair of trainers. Mike laughed.

"You look a lot more like a human being dressed like that, Josh!"

"Yeah, it's great. I couldn't imagine flying to Australia in my school uniform. Yuk!"

They loaded up on bags of snacks and soft drinks, got back in the car and headed for Heathrow. After a little while, Josh looked over his shoulder.

"Mike, Matthew's asleep. So can I say a few private things to you?"

"OK, go ahead."

"First, I really want to say sorry about what I did at half term. It wasn't very nice of me."

"We've been over that, Josh. Nothing happened. Yes, it was a little frustrating for me with you running around naked and stuff, but it all worked out in the end."

"Weren't you tempted just a little bit?"

"That's a very personal question, Josh, you shouldn't ask. But seeing I probably won't see you again, yes, I was tempted, once when we were on the beach and I was putting sunscreen on you, and once when you were wanking with the door open. Naked boys do turn me on."

"Let's hope the girls in Australia won't be as stubborn as you! But there's something else I want to say."

" OK, shoot!"

"You told me you had two reasons for not having sex with me, first I'm underage so I'm illegal, and second, I was your student and you won't sleep with the students at school. I understand that now, although I didn't think it through before. I know you like teenagers, and I think you should try to meet some during the summer and see what happens. You're very attractive, lots of the boys at school thought so. So if you meet someone who's sixteen or older and won't be your student, you could have a lot of fun, and it would be better than going clubbing and having those one night stands with people you don't really know."

Mike turned and glanced at Josh, who was looking completely innocent.

"You cheeky little brat! Don't you think you're a bit young to be telling me how I should organise my sex life?"

"No, Mike, I think I know you well enough! And I trust you not to get mad at me for saying what I did."

Mike continued driving, and thought about what Josh had said. Yet again Mike was surprised how the boy who he had thought ordinary and uninteresting was actually quite perceptive. Mike had started to feel frustrated with going clubbing, enjoying the sex, but not having a relationship. Finally he replied.

"You're right, Josh, I probably do want to get into a somewhat more stable relationship. But it's not easy to meet people who are similarly minded. But maybe I'll try to do something about it in the next few weeks."

"If you do, Mike, remember the three things you need to look for: they have to be at least sixteen, they mustn't be students at your school, and they need to be gay. I wasn't any of those things."

Mike looked at Josh, smiled and nodded, and then focussed on driving because they were getting near the airport and the motorway traffic was getting very heavy. As they approached the parking garage Josh turned round and shook Matthew to wake him up. They parked, found a trolley, loaded it with Josh's bags, and walked to the departure area. Finally they reached the barrier beyond which only Josh could go. Josh turned to Mike with a few tears in his eyes.

"Mike, I'm going to miss you! You've been like a father to me, you've been really kind to me, and you've taught me a lot about life and how to behave. Thank you for everything!"

With that he gave Mike a huge hug followed by a big kiss. Mike also felt tears in his eyes. He hugged Josh back, returned his kiss, and then watched as Josh and Matthew got together to say goodbye. They got into a long kiss, had lots of hugging, and a great deal of whispering between them. Finally Josh broke the embrace, turned and waved to Mike, grabbed the trolley, and he was gone.

They both stood there looking at the doorway. Then Mike turned to Matthew.

"Well, that's it. The last of Josh. Shall we go? I need a pee before we head home."

Matthew also had a pee, they bought a few more snacks, Mike got some coffee to keep him awake, and they returned to the car.

"OK, Matthew, what does our arrival time in Shelburne look like?"

Matthew got out his phone, tapped away and turned to Mike.

"Bad news, I'm afraid, Mike, there's been an accident on the M3 so it looks like sometime around eight thirty."

"Oh crap. But there's not much we can do. Let's go."

They drove out of the airport, and promptly got stuck in traffic on the M25.

"So, Matthew, are you going to miss him?"

"Josh, you mean? Not really, we weren't that close as friends. So I was a bit surprised when he asked if I'd come to the airport. I mean, he's nice enough but he's rather immature and he's not gay, so we weren't really close. And we definitely didn't have sex, he was too young and not my type."

Mike swallowed and took a huge deep breath. Here was this really beautiful boy sitting next to him, he was almost everything Mike could ask for in terms of his looks. He was tall, slim, blond, handsome, smiley, and incredibly sexy. And he just told Mike he was gay, just like that. And they were in the car together for the next few hours. Mike realised that here was an opportunity just like Josh had said, a legal gay boy who wasn't his student and who lived nearby. And he decided there and then that he was going to try his utmost to get that boy into bed with him. Three hours or so to try to seduce the boy of his dreams. It wasn't much time, and he would have to go slowly so as not to frighten the boy.

Matthew glanced at Mike as he negotiated the stop-start traffic. He thought Mike was very handsome, he liked the idea of being with a somewhat older person rather than being with boys his own age who he found rather shallow. He began to wonder if there was a chance they'd become friends, or even boyfriends, but he wasn't sure how he could achieve this during the three hours or so it would take them to get home.

"So, tell me something about yourself, Matthew."

"Um, I'm not sure what to say. Er, I like running, I'm pretty good actually, and I like being outdoors, and I like cooking. But otherwise I'm just a schoolboy with typical schoolboy interests."

"Are you sure, Matthew? If you're gay you probably like books and movies and things that other boys don't. Name some of your favourite movies, for example."

"Well, I loved 'A Beautiful Thing' and 'Call Me By Your Name' and 'Handsome Devil'. Have you seen those?"

"Yes, I have, and I really liked them. What else?"

"Well, recently I saw an indie Belgian film about two young teenagers. It's called 'Close'."

"I've not heard of that. What's it about?"

"There are these two thirteen year old boys and they've been close friends for ever, and they do everything together, and although I don't think they had sex together, they were completely inseparable. Then they start a new school and a girl asks if they're gay and one of the boys says no and decides to make friends with other boys and his friend feels isolated and is heartbroken. I won't tell you the rest if you haven't seen it. I cried for ages. It was so sad."

"I think I'd like to see that. What about TV?"

"Heartstopper, Heartstopper, Heartstopper. It's fabulous. It captures gay teenage romance perfectly. Well, almost perfectly, I think those boys would have had sex together, but maybe they can't show that on TV so much. I liked the early part of 'Sex Education' but not so much the latest series."


"One of my favourites in 'The Folding Star'. Have you read that?"

"Yes. Why do you like it?"

'Well, it's about conquest. Edward gets obsessed with his student Luc, and a lot of the book is about how he manages to get closer and closer to the boy and then finally has sex with him. And then the conquest is over, and Edward loses interest in Luc. It's sort of like a warning to people to make sure that they know the difference between lust and love."

"Wow. Sounds like you're pretty perceptive about a lot of things. What about your love life?"

"I don't have a love life. I have sex with boys, and I like that, but I don't think there's any love there. Most of the boys I've slept with are straight, they're just there for sex, so I haven't met anyone yet I could say I've gotten close to emotionally."

"You're still young! Plenty of time for that!"

"Maybe! What about you? Everyone at school knows you're gay. Is there anyone special?"

"No. I had a longer term friend in college but we split up. Neither of us were committed to the relationship. Now it's mostly one night stands, sex but no emotion."

They both remained silent for a little while, thinking about what each other had said, and wondering what their next move might be. It was Mike who broke the silence.

"What are you going to do about dinner, Matthew? I'm sure everyone at your house will have eaten by now."

"Well, Mummy's in London overnight. She's a book editor and she's meeting the publisher and author of a book she's supposed to edit. Daddy will have eaten and gone back to his den. He's the Chief Financial Officer at the Southern Ford dealership. And my brother Hugo is probably at a friends house playing video games and making up stories about girls that they really haven't fucked. I'll probably find something to cook."

"Why don't we do this? I haven't got anything at home either. So let's get a takeaway and we can eat at my house before I take you home."

"That's a great idea, Mike! I'm up for that!"

"Chinese, Indian, Thai, fish and chips?"

"Indian. I like spicy things."

"OK, when we get about thirty minutes from Shelburne we'll call it in, pick it up and then go home."

They both fell silent again. Mike thought that getting Matthew into his house would make it easier to get into his pants. Matthew thought going to Mike's house was a great idea because it would give him a better chance to seduce him.

For the remainder of the drive they talked about almost everything: sports, politics, education, gay life, food. The conversation just flowed, one of those memorable times where there was no shyness or hesitation. Mike had never known a teenager be so easy to talk to, while Matthew was thrilled to have an older and somewhat more experienced person to talk to. Matthew's phone beeped to tell him they were approaching Shelburne. After a brief discussion with Mike they agreed on what they wanted to eat, Matthew phoned it in, and they continued the journey. They collected the food, then Mike took them back to his house.

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