An Ordinary Boy

by Hamster

Chapter 8: A Night to Remember

When Mike opened the front door to the bungalow he was hit by a blast of hot air.

"Oh shit, I forgot to leave some windows open. It's stifling here. Matthew, why don't you help me by opening the windows in the living room there, and in the two rooms on the other side of the corridor, and I'll open the rest. That will help cool things down a bit. Oh, and if it's alright with you, I'm going to change into something cooler."

"OK, Mike, I'll open those windows. And, if you don't mind, I've got some shorts in my gym bag."

"Oh, that's good. You can change in the spare bedroom, then come to the back of the house. I'll get plates and stuff for dinner."

Mike opened the windows in his bedroom and all of the windows and french doors in the back of the house. Then he got out some plates, glasses, spoons and forks, and opened a bottle of beer for himself. As he was laying the table he heard Matthew.

"Can I come in?"

"Of course! Make yourself at home!"

Mike turned round and almost dropped his beer. Standing in the doorway to the kitchen there was Matthew standing there looking like a blond teenage Greek god. He was dressed in a short light blue singlet and matching skimpy light blue running shorts, the type with slits up the side to give complete freedom when running. And he was barefoot so Mike could see all of his long tanned legs.

"I hope you don't mind me wearing these, it's all I've got apart from my school clothes."

Mike was virtually speechless. This was the boy he'd been ogling out of his classroom window and now that same boy was standing right in front of him. It was like a dream come true for Mike, and he immediately felt a stirring in his groin. This was a boy he would love to sleep with, and there he was, standing in his kitchen wearing next to nothing, with a big welcoming smile on his face.

"Um, no, er, it's just fine!" Mike really wanted to say that it was perfect, and that Matthew was the sexiest thing he's ever seen, but he didn't want to scare the boy. "You look a lot more comfortable in those clothes!"

Matthew smiled again. "Thanks! Is there anything I can do to help?"

"No, I think we're all set. Sit, and let's eat. Oh, what would you like to drink, Matthew?"

"Could I have a beer, please? Is that OK with you? My parents let me have beer or a glass of wine at home."

"No problem! Help yourself, they're in the fridge."

Matthew opened the fridge, took out a beer, and then looked around. "Opener, please?"

"Over there. And there's a glass in the cupboard to your right."

Matthew grabbed the bottle opener, popped off the cap, then reached up to get a glass out of the cupboard. As he reached up, the bottom of his singlet rose up, and Mike had a close up view of the completely flat stomach, an innie navel, and the faintest trace of a blond treasure trail going down into the waistband of his shorts. As he looked up, Mike could see a small tuft of somewhat sweaty blond hair in Matthew's armpit. It was a good thing Mike was sitting down so that the table hid his rapidly swelling cock.

Dinner was delicious. They were both starving, and they didn't talk much while they were eating. Eventually Matthew leaned back and rubbed his stomach.

"That was great! Thanks, Mike. I was starving!"

"So was I! I don't have much for dessert, I'm afraid. I wasn't expecting company."

"No, I'm fine."

"Tea, coffee?"

"No thanks. I'm good."

Then there was a long silence. Mike looked at Matthew wondering how he could raise the possibility of them going to bed. Matthew looked at Mike, wondering how to raise the possibility of spending the night with him. He was worried that if Mike took him home he'd never see him again, and he didn't want that to happen.

The silence continued. Eventually Mike broke it.

"I supposed I'm going to have to take you home. I've really enjoyed our time together, Matthew."

Matthew looked Mike straight in the eyes. "You don't have to take me home. And I don't want to go home, Mike, I want to stay here with you."

"How long can you stay? Don't you have to be home at some stage?"

"No, I don't. As long as I let my parents know where I am, I don't have to go home. What I want to do is stay all night with you, Mike. Remember what Josh said about me being different from him? I'm sixteen so I'm legal, you're not a teacher at my school any more, and I'm gay."

"Are you sure?"


Mike paused for a moment. "Um, Matthew, if you stay the night you know what's going to happen, don't you?"

"Yes, I do. And I can't wait!."

"I'm still not sure about this, Matthew."

"I am. I'm texting my mother right now." And he picked up his phone, quickly tapped in a message, and pushed 'send'. "Wait a couple of minutes and you'll see it's OK."

Very shortly afterwards, Matthew's phone beeped. He read the message and passed his phone over to Mike, who read the reply from Matthew's mother: 'have a good time. talk to u tomorrow. ❤️'.

Matthew stood up and walked around the table and stood next to Mike. "Come on, Mike, don't be shy!" He held out his hand and pulled Mike to his feet.

Mike could see a large bulge in Matthew's shorts, and was conscious that he too was tenting out his shorts. He looked at Matthew, took a deep breath and then moved closer and kissed him. Matthew kissed back, and then they got into a serious kiss with tongues dancing together. Matthew was in heaven. Mike couldn't remember when he was last so horny.

Matthew pulled back a little. "Can we go in your bedroom right now?"

Mike didn't say anything but put his arm over Matthew's shoulder and guided him towards the doorway. In no time at all they were lying on Mike's bed locked in an embrace and grinding their groins together. Matthew freed one of his arms and managed to pull Mike's teeshirt up and over his head. Then he pushed Mike back onto the bed, undid the button on his shorts and slowly pulled the zipper down. Mike responded by pulling off Matthew's singlet, and them slipped both hands up into the back of Matthew's shorts, grasped his bum and pulling Matthew done on top of him. Matthew managed to roll over so that Mike was lying on top of him, and hooked his legs over Mike's back. Mike leaned back and very slowly pulled off Matthew's shorts. Matthew was as hard as an iron bar. His almost six inch cock was pointing upward, and there was a lot of precum oozing out of his slit. He had a respectable bush of blond public hair, and nice sized balls underneath. Mike managed to push down his own shorts and underwear, so his cock was pointing straight at Matthew's hole. He leaned over towards his end table, opened the drawer, took out a tube of lube, and squeezed some on his fingers.

"Are you sure, Matthew?"

Matthew didn't say anything, just nodded his head, and squeezed his legs together. Mike gently pushed one finger into Matthew, who winced very slightly and then smiled. "More, please, Mike!"

Mike added a second finger and soon Matthew was moaning.

"Please fuck me, Mike, right now!"

Mike withdrew his fingers, placed the end of his well lubed cock on Matthew's hole and gently pushed. He went in with almost no resistance and was soon full in, feeling his own pubes pushing hard against Matthew. He started a slow rhythm but Matthew urged him on, begging him to fuck him harder.

Neither of them lasted very long. Mike hadn't had sex for a few weeks, and Matthew was in heaven as Mike pounded into him.

"Harder, Mike, fuck me, Harder, fuck, fuck, ohh, Jeez, aargghh…"

Matthew came and came, spurting up between them. As Matthew's hole contracted around his cock, Mike couldn't hold on any longer and he came as hard as he could ever remember, spurring several times into Matthew's beautiful tight arse.

Slowly they both caught their breath, looked at each other, smiled and then laughed. They lay there, Mike still hard inside Matthew. Neither said a word, they were both too happy to want to spoil the moment.

Eventually nature took its course and Mike slipped out of Matthew, who sighed a little bit in disappointment. But they stayed locked in an embrace, giving each other gentle kisses on lips, necks and foreheads. When they weren't kissing, they were smiling and looking into each other's eyes.

Then Matthew had to go to the bathroom, and that broke the spell. Mike stayed on the bed, watching this fabulously beautiful boy walk naked into the bathroom, broad shoulders, narrow hips, nice tight buttocks, and those lovely long legs. He was in heaven, and he couldn't wait for Matthew to come back and get into bed with him again. A little while later the boy returned, and this time Mike got the full frontal view, a flat stomach, the signs of a firm six pack, and the lovely half hard cock surrounded by his blond pubes, and his balls hanging down below. The boy stopped and smiled.

"You like what you see?"

Mike nodded. "Come here, I've missed you already!"

Matthew laughed. "I've only been gone a couple of minutes!"

"Whatever. Get in bed!"

Matthew slipped beneath the sheet and immediately they were locked in another embrace. Then they were both hard again and eager for more. But this time, they didn't fuck. They made love, gently and slowly now that they'd both passed the stage of uncontrolled lust. Mike was thrilled that Matthew had had enough experience that he was a responsive and fairly skilled lover, while Matthew relished being with a real man for the first time in his life and someone who knew how to make love rather than just bang away like the schoolboys he'd slept with before.

Afterwards, they slept for a while, and then later in the night they made love again. Each time was better than the last as they got to know each other, learn what they liked to do, and meet each other's needs and desires. Then they slept the sleep of innocents, hardly moving as they lay there locked together dreaming and hoping that this was just the beginning.

When Mike woke up in the morning he sensed something was wrong. He was so sleepy he couldn't think clearly until he opened his eyes and saw a blond head in his groin licking and sucking his cock. He realised nothing was wrong, indeed everything was perfect and for a couple of minutes he just lay back and enjoyed the sensations. Then, very quietly, he asked Matthew to turn round so he could reciprocate. For a while they both sucked and caressed each other's rock hard cocks, and then it got slowly more intense and before long Matthew cried out and spurted several times into Mike's mouth. This turned Mike on so much that he very quickly returned the favour, filling Matthew's mouth with his own spurts.

Matthew turned round again and they had a long kiss where they exchanged each other's sperm. Matthew looked up at Mike, smiled, put his head on Mike's shoulder, closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Mike dozed off for a while but then nature woke him up, telling him he needed to pee badly. Reluctantly he slipped away from Matthew's embrace, got out of bed, had a long and satisfying pee, then he decided to take a shower, after which he returned to the bedroom. Matthew was lying naked on the bed, just his feet under the sheet, eyes closed, gently breathing and with a perfect blissful smile. He looked so innocent and so content Mike didn't have the heart to disturb him, so he grabbed his shorts and went out to the kitchen to make coffee.

When the coffee was ready he went and sat outside on the patio to collect his thoughts. He couldn't believe what had happened in the past few hours. Yesterday he'd been a single schoolmaster whose sex life had been one night stands with people he'd just met in a club, and here he was with the boy of his dreams who he knew was perfect in every way. He was smart, he was incredibly good looking, he was fantastic in bed, and he seemed to really like Mike even though they'd only just met. Mike didn't want this to be a one night stand, he wanted the boy to stay and share his life with him. He sipped his coffee savouring his situation, thinking that this was indeed a night to remember.

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