An Ordinary Boy

by Hamster

Interlude: Summer Term

After the drama of half term Mike was relieved when things went back to normal. His classes went smoothly although the boys were beginning to think more of the summer holidays than school work. He also kept up with marking essays and homework, trying as much as possible to complete this in his classroom before going home. He had long believed that it was less stressful for him to separate out work and pleasure so he tried as hard as possible not to take work home with him.

One advantage of not having to do work at the weekend meant that he could make up for his lost visit to the gay clubs in Southampton. On both of the weekends he had gone there he had hooked up with someone and they had spent the night together in a hotel. While he hadn't met up with anyone like the insatiable Filipino, the sex he did have was pretty good. His only regret was that there really wasn't any emotion: meeting people in a club was pretty much restricted to one night stands, and he felt a little empty when he drove home the next day.

Mike was thinking about all of this while staring out of his classroom window after school one day. He got bored reading a series of not very good essays and decided to indulge himself in one of his secret pleasures. His classroom window overlooked part of the school sports field, and on most afternoons he could watch boys practicing athletics. His favorite was watching the long distance runners. They tended to be slim, with long legs and narrow hips, quite a contrast to the rugger players he had watched in the winter and who were of little interest to Mike.

The boy he really liked to watch was obviously the best runner. He could run laps at a steady pace, leaving his teammates trailing him with apparent ease. He was sixteen or seventeen, he was quite tall, he was blond, he was slim, he had broad shoulders and narrow hips, he had long legs and, of course, he wore a singlet and those tight little running shorts which left very little to the imagination. If Mike had to describe the type of boy he really fancied, that one would fit the bill. From a distance he looked absolutely gorgeous and Mike wondered if you could manage to get a closer look at him.

Suddenly Mike was aware of someone else in the classroom. He turned and saw Josh standing next to him and looking out of the window.

"I knocked twice, sir, but you didn't answer so I came in anyway. You seemed pretty caught up watching those boys! Fancy any of them? The tall blond one is pretty sexy, isn't he?"

"That's quite enough, Josh. Remember, we're in school now."

"Sorry, sir!"

"That's OK, Josh, just as long as it's just us two. I was just daydreaming. I got really bored marking your dreadful essays so I took a short break. What's up?"

"There's a couple of things I wanted to talk to you about. Have you got time?"

"Yes, of course, Josh, no problem."

Josh was silent for a little while, collecting his thoughts before he spoke.

"Mike, I owe you an apology. I'm sorry for what I did."

"I don't understand. What are you sorry for?"

"You know I was trying to get you to have sex with me over half term. I got you to massage me, I walked around naked, I managed to get you to watch me wanking, and all those things. I really wanted to get you into bed. But I never really thought what it would have meant for you if we did stuff together and somebody found out. You could have gone to jail and been fired and everything. It was stupid, and I'm sorry, and hope you aren't angry at me."

"Josh, nothing happened. Yes, you did try to come on to me pretty strong but I just put it down to teenage hormones and I didn't really take it seriously. And, as I told you, I have this mental block about underage boys and sleeping with my students, so you weren't tempting me very much."

"Maybe just a little?"

"Maybe just a little. But not enough to make me do something stupid. But I really appreciate you coming and telling me that you feel bad. That took a lot of guts on your part. So, apology accepted, thanks, and let's not talk about that any more. OK?"

"OK. And thanks, sir."

Josh let out a deep breath and he seemed to cheer up.

"There's something else, sir."


"I'm leaving school at the end of the term and I'm not coming back."

"Oh, what happened?"

"I'm going to Australia. My mother has decided she likes it there, she's made friends, she got a job, and she and my dad have made up and want to start over in Melbourne. So I'm going there the day we break up here at school."

"That's great news about your parents. I'm happy for you. Are you looking forward to moving there?"

"Yes, I don't like boarding school, and I don't like it being all boys. I'm going to a regular school and it has lots of girls so I'm hoping to get lucky."

"I'm sure you'll make out just fine, Josh, you have a pretty persuasive personality!"

"Maybe. It didn't work on you, though, did it?"

"No, it didn't. But I'm older and wiser than most teenage girls so I think you'll do just fine!"

"Thanks, Mike. Even though you wouldn't have taught you next year, I'll miss you. You've been very kind and patient towards me."

"I wouldn't have taught you anyway. You know I'm also leaving at the end of term!"

"Oh, yes, I forgot. Did you like it here?"

"Not particularly. My job here was always temporary. I just filled in for two terms. I've got a much more interesting job at Shelburne Academy starting in September."

"The boys will miss you. You're very popular. You know everyone calls you 'Wordle', don't you?"

"I didn't know that! That's funny!" Mike chuckled. "But, Josh, please don't tell anyone I'm leaving. I'd prefer not to let anyone know until the end of term."

"OK, my lips are sealed."

"Anything else, Josh?"

"No, that's it."

Josh moved close to Mike and gave him a quick hug.

"Thanks, Mike."

Mike smiled. He thought how odd it was that the ordinary boy had turned out to be so likeable.

"You're always welcome, Josh. Anytime you need to talk about anything, my door is open for you."

"Thanks, Mike."

Josh started to turn to leave the room but he saw the tall blond boy running around the track. He glanced at Mike and saw he was watching the same boy.

"He's really cute, isn't he! He's in Year 11. And rumour has it, he's gay."

Mike turned and looked at Josh.

"You really are a piece of work, aren't you, Josh. Now get out of here before I spank you for being cheeky!"

"Oooh, I like being spanked! Can we do it later?"

With that Josh gave Mike a big grin, and left the room laughing. Mike turned back to the window, but the blond boy had disappeared.

A couple of weeks later Mike was at his desk marking more uninspiring essays. He heard a knock on the door.

"Come in!"

Mike looked over at the door and watched as Josh came over to his desk.

"Too bad it's raining, Mike, the runners aren't out today!"

Mike chuckled.

"You never give up, do you, Josh? What do you want this time?"

"I came to ask you a favour, Mike."

"That sounds like you're plotting something!"

"Not really. You know I told you I was going to Melbourne the day we break up. Well, I wondered if you'd be willing to take me to Heathrow and make sure I get on the plane."

"I thought the school provided a bus to take boys to the airport."

"Yes, they do, but I wanted a chance to say goodbye to you properly. You've been kind to me and just saying goodbye in school doesn't seem proper. And anyway, there's a couple of things I want to say to you that I can't say to you in school. They're rather personal and I'd rather wait till I'm not a student and you're not a teacher."

Mike looked at Josh for a few moments. He seemed to be thinking over the pros and cons of agreeing to Josh's rather unusual request.

"I'll have to think about it, Josh, it's a rather unusual thing to ask. And I don't think I can do it without getting permission from the Headmaster. And I'd definitely need to have your parents' permission. Teachers aren't supposed to take boys in their car, and definitely not a single boy. They're worried I might molest you."

Josh just laughed.

"Well, you didn't molest me yet, so why would you start now?"

"I didn't say I was going to molest you. I said others might think I might."

"Whatever. Anyway, my parents have already agreed, Mike. I texted them and they said it would be really nice if we could go together given how you looked after me at half term. And they can email the Headmaster if you think that would help."

"Let me think about it. I'm sure he'll agree if he doesn't think it will be a big breach of school rules. And anyway, we're both leaving so he may feel that might make it possible. I'll let you know if I decide to ask him."

"Thanks. I'm sure he'll let you. After all, we did him a big favour getting rid of the Blimp."

"True. I'll let you know."

With that promise obtained, Josh left and Mike went on with his marking of really boring essays.

Mike did think about Josh's request, and after a couple of days he finally decided to ask the Headmaster for his permission. So he got an appointment to see the Headmaster after classes one afternoon. It was with some misgivings he knocked on the Headmaster's door.

"Oh, come in, Mike, it's good to see you!" The Headmaster stood up from behind his desk, walked round to shake Mike's hand, and gestured for him to sit in one of the easy chairs kept for special visitors. "I hope you've come to tell me you've changed your mind and are going to stay on and teach here next year."

"Sorry, Headmaster, nothing like that. I've been happy enough teaching here, but I'm really excited about starting at Shelburne Academy. It's going to be a lot more fun teaching creative writing to year 12 and 13 students than teaching English grammar to the Junior School."

"I understand. But we'll miss you, you've done a great job, and you seem very popular among the boys, Mike. Or should I call you 'Wordle'?"

Mike laughed.

"Oh, so you heard about that. I hope I didn't step out of line."

"No, it was all done in a good spirit, no harm done. We needed a little levity here after the Colonel left. He was pretty staid and old-fashioned. I don't think anyone misses him."

"I agree. And I think you've really made the school a better place in the last few weeks. I hope you're going to stay on as Headmaster now that the Colonel has decided to retire."

"Nothing's been decided yet, but I think I'm going to be confirmed as Head for next year. Anyway, what brings you here?"

"I've had a bit of an odd request from one of the boys and I wanted to see if you would let me follow up or just say no."

"Go on."

"It's from Joshua Wilkins, you know, the boy that had to spend half term with me."

"He's never far from getting into serious trouble, is he. But he did cope with that half term episode with unexpected maturity. I heard he's leaving for Australia at the end of term."

"Yes, that's correct, Headmaster. And he wants me to take him to Heathrow to put him on the plane. I don't mind doing it, but it's sort of against school rules and policies for me to have a boy in my car with me without a chaperone. I told him that, and said I'd have to check with you. He said his parents had no objection."

"Yes, it's against the rules. Let me think for a moment."

Mike waited while the Headmaster stood up and looked out of the window. After a pause of several minutes the Headmaster turned around and looked at Mike.

"I'm going to let you do it if you really want to. You spent days with him at half term and nothing happened, so I trust you. And I owe you both for what you did to facilitate the Colonel's departure. I can't reimburse you mileage because the school already pays for a bus to take overseas boys to the airport. And I'd prefer it if we don't tell others. Let's keep it between the three of us so that there's no whiff of scandal. It's best if you pick him up at my house rather than in front of all the boys and their parents. What time's his plane?"

"He has a nine o'clock flight in the evening to Dubai and then on to Melbourne."

"Perfect. Lots of time. He can wait at my place and you can leave after the mob of parents and boys has left. Please get his parents to send an email with their approval."

"Thanks, Headmaster!"

"You're welcome. And rather you than me stuck in a car with him for hours! Good luck!"

The next day at the end of Josh's class, Mike asked him to stay behind.

"Josh, I talked to the Headmaster yesterday. He has given me permission to take you to Heathrow as you wanted."

"Wow, thanks, Mike! That's great! I'll try to make it worth your while!"

Mike thought that a rather strange comment but didn't say anything about it.

"But there's three conditions, Josh. First, the Headmaster doesn't want others to know just in case somebody decides to ask questions about why you're able to go in my car by yourself. So please keep it quiet. If you tell anyone else, the trip will be off and you'll have to go on the school bus. Second, he wants an email from your parents giving him, and me, their approval for you to ride with me. That should be easy. Third, he wants you to go to his house after dismissal and I'll meet you there rather than in front of all the other boys and their parents. You can just say your parents arranged a special ride for you. Can you live with all three conditions?"

"Absolutely. No problem at all. Thanks, Mike, it's going to be a great trip together!"

"OK. Now run along or you'll be late for your next class!"

Mike watched as Josh grabbed his backpack, ran to the door, turned and gave him a huge grin, and disappeared.

A couple of weeks passed with nothing unusual happening. Then, when there were only a couple of weeks left before the school broke up for the summer holidays, Mike heard another knock on his door after classes were over.

"Come in!"

Mike turned and watched Josh come in through the door and walk up to his desk.

"Too bad the athletic season has finished. You've got nothing to distract you!"

"Jeez, Josh, you've got a one-track mind, haven't you! So what is it today? You want me to hold your hand all the way to Melbourne because you're scared of flying?"

"Christ, no! I'm hoping for some really sexy girl to sit next to me so we can make out all the way, and maybe I'll join the Five Mile High club!"

"You're gross, Josh. It won't happen."

"Probably not, but it's good to have fantasies, isn't it?"

"Maybe. So what brings you here, Josh. Another favour to ask?"

"Yes, another favour. I'd like a friend to come with us to Heathrow. I'd really like him to come and say goodbye to me properly instead of in front of the whole school. Do you think you could do that?"

"I don't know. And what would I do with him after I drop you at the airport?"

"You'd have to take him home."

"And home is where?"

"Shelburne. He's a day boy."

"Do I know him?"

"No. But he's really nice and he'll keep you company on the way home. I think you'll get on OK. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't someone I think you'd be OK with."

Mike sighed, stood up, walked to the window, and looked at the empty sports field.

"It's a good thing you're going to Australia, Josh. My life will be peaceful and be free of drama once I get you on the plane. OK, I'll ask the Headmaster. What's his name?"

"McDowell. Matthew McDowell."

"If the Headmaster agrees then the boy will need permission from his parents."

"They're already OK with it."

"You don't leave me much wiggle room, do you, Josh?"

"No, Mike. If you give people wiggle room they can find excuses and wiggle and not do what I want them to."

"So you're going to be a politician, are you?"

"No, probably an unscrupulous businessman. I'll make a lot of money."

"And the girls will flock to you!"

"Ah, you finally understand, Mike. It's all about girls!"

"Out of here, now!"

Mike laughed as Josh waved and ducked out of the door. He went back to his desk and sent an email to the Headmaster asking for McDowell to be added to the trip.

To his surprise, he got a response back within a few minutes. The Headmaster approved that McDowell could join them on the trip to Heathrow as long as he had permission from the boy's parents, and that Mike took him straight back to his home. The Headmaster added that he was very good friends with the boy's mother so he knew there wouldn't be any problems for Mike. He said that the boy was quite mature and responsible, and was surprised he had made friends with Wilkins.

That was the last visit Josh made to Mike's classroom after classes had finished. Mike only saw him in class after that and didn't speak to him privately until finally they reached the last day of school.

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