by Dominick St James

Chapter 2

Dating Nice Boys


"Yes, Ma'am."

"Come in then, honey. I'm Shannon's Mum."

Inside, the house smelled expensive, do you know what I mean - leather and a posh scents, flowers, perfume, new carpets, nice smelling food, and something else, too. It was just a posh smell, way, way over my head. I nearly broke down actually, wondering what the hell I thought I was up to. I followed the lady along a corridor then she opened a door.

"Hucksley, here's Shannon." she called out, and showed me into a lounge which looked like their music room, then she disappeared. There was some great looking hi-fi at one end, and a big black piano off another side. I heard music being switched off, then this gorgeous fairy skipped over to me and took both my hands. He was dressed in what I thought was a nightie at first, then I realised it was long coloured tee shirt that came half way down his thighs. Ohmygosh was he gorgeous looking. He had dark brown beautiful eyes and a pretty mouth, and a cute turned up nose. He let go of me and skipped off backwards, then pranced about the big room, in bare feet.

"Hi you... how are you? I have to practice dance routines, that's why I said eleven o'clock," he called out. "I dance to anything, but I'm nearly finished now, just exercising. I'm glad you managed to come over. Wow, but you're nice looking. Sit down then," he said, still skipping about, and laughing, cos I was gawping at him.

I sat down and watched him pose about, stretching and prancing around while he chattered, as his long blonde hair flipped and swished about, as he swished and sashayed up and down the room, chatting to me, batting his eyes. What a gorgeous darling, I thought, and he's tall for twelve, maybe five feet. His voice sounded a bit nervous and it was high and flutey. As he darted about, a nice young body scent wafted from him. I nodded my head off at everything he said, and liked everything about him straight away.

"I guessed why you blatted and blurbed. I saw you in the newspaper first, then in my 'Princess' mag," he said, skipping up to me. "It's cool, I want a boyfriend, too, about your age. Will I do for you? Do you think you'll like me?" As he said that, he pulled at the hem of his tee, putting his arm under it and lifted it all the way up to his tummy button, and he had nothing on underneath.

"Phwaar... nice," I blurted out.

He had a hard pretty willy standing right up against his tummy. It was slim looking and a very nice size for his age. The total beauty of him took my breath away, and I'd already realised he was a gay young fairy boy. He's very slender but not skinny and still has some puppy fat on him here and there, making him look even more sexy, I thought. He started posing about in some very nice naughty positions, playing with his cock, showing it off to me, grinning. I could hardly believe where I was, or what I was seeing. I just gawped, open mouthed.

"Do you like my cock. I'm 12½ but it gets played with a lot. Do you want me to sit down, dude?" he said, giggling.

"Sure, thanks. You're bloody pretty and nice looking, and frikking ace sexy, that's all I know," I said, sitting down on a sofa. He snorted, gave a little giggle, then sprang onto me, astride my lap, wrapping his arms round me. We started to kiss chat with him rocking on me, holding his cock, then he closed his eyes and popped his tongue popped out.

'Wow, yes please, I don't mind at all,' I thought, 'I'm having all of this, as much as I can get before I wake up from this dream,'

I took him into a long deep kiss. He squirmed on me, with his arms squeezing tight round my neck, and easily kept up with my mouth and tongue on his. My hands were everywhere over him. His skin is beautiful too, as smooth as a girl's. Gosh though, twelve years old and like this. I could hardly believe what I'd found.

What have I been doing with my wasted life not having this paradise before, with a pretty 12 year old boy on my lap, horny, sexy, and experienced, letting me have my hands anywhere I wanted. My young school friends aren't like this. I sucked on my hole finger with him grinning at me, knowing what it was for and he lifted for it, holding my neck. I wormed it over his rosebud and eased it up him just a little and he broke off our kissing, and started to moan, wriggling and ramping his bum on it.

"Go up me more," he said, whining for it.

I grinned at him and screwed all my finger up him, fucking him with it and wanked him with my other hand. He threw his head back, gurgling and squeaking and began bouncing on the palm of my hand, his blonde hair flying, really enjoying himself.

"Have you had cock in you, yet, darling?"

He nodded, panting and squirming his bum about. So, I thought, this is what rich pretty kids are like. Then with a shriek he jizzed out spurts of young wet spunk onto my tank top, then went limp in my arms and began whimpering and moaning into my neck as his body calmed down.

"Wow, you horny little tart, where'd you... how did you...," I sort of struggled to ask about his experience, but he cut me off, anyway.

"My school friends of course," he said, cooing. "Berenois and Connor. Berenois is my best friend, he's French and my age and Connor's 13. Me and Berenois fuck in bed, every day after school, or on a chair. On sleepovers, Connor bangs us.

"Wow yeah, I'll bet. I'd love to have you as my boyfriend. You'd be the love of my life... I mean it."

He sat up. "Am I that nice for you?" he said, grinning.

"Yes of course... more than."

"Oh well, I would like to have you for my boyfriend, except I know I am very girly."

"Wow... Now I am in paradise cos girly boys are the best, and you're so sexy. I can't stop kissing you."

"Even your name sounds sexy... Hucksley," he said. "I already guessed how you'd be for me, even just from your pic, cos I knew it was a boyfriend my age you wanted. Take your things off. I bet your cock's awesome like the rest of you cos you're so sexy looking. Let me see."

I got up and pulled everything off and posed about in front of him, and pushed out my crotch at him to show it off.

"Do you call it your cock?"

"I mostly like prick, best." I said, kneeling onto the sofa and opening my legs wide for a good view.

"Phwaar," he said, ogling it, then took it in his long fingered pretty hand and stroked my knackers with his other fingers."Wow... it's huge and sexy."

"You think so... it's nearly five and a half inches. It might grow a bit more, maybe," I said, arching my back to push out my pubes even more. "What do you call yours?"

"My willy," he giggled.

"Yeah, nice. You like it a lot, don't you?" I asked, kissing him.

"Yes... and it stays so stiff. I'm stiff all day." he giggled.

"Me too... and as you've noticed I'm queer for boys."

"I know, me too. You're a sexy horny boy. I'm glad I met you. Did you leave your briefs off for me?

"I hardly wear any undies, even at school."

"So you can easily have you're prick out a lot?"

"Yes, and I like the feeling of it coming up in my pants and shorts in front of nice boys. It comes up even quicker without undies on."

He bucked and romped about on my lap, then got into antics, laying down backwards with his head on a cushion. He hooked a knee round my neck and his tee slid up him showing off his crotch between his wide open legs, so frikking sexy. It looked like he was completely used to being letchy and forward. I really didn't need inviting to help my self to it and his boyscent was driving me brainless. My hands and mouth helped themselves to his beautiful bottom and crotch and I played with his cock, bringing it back up in my mouth.

"I wear panties at school. Are you shocked?"

"No... you're a total darling. I've also got some nice panties."

"I'll show you mine, after. At home I'm allowed to go naked around the house if I want to

"That's okay... I'd have to pull your panties off you after school, anyway, wouldn't I?"

"I know, you'd be allowed to. I'm allowed to wank downstairs, also if I want to. They say I should respond to my young body and how I feel about my penis. Do you call it wanking?"

"Yep, but mostly fapping. I think it sounds nicer for how I do it."

I'd been hard for nearly an hour and now my prick was leaky and rigid. I hardly ever get like this – two strokes and I'd be exploding in spunk, but I refused to fap. So I tried to control myself, helped a lot by fear of his mum looking in on us.

"Do you want to fuck me now? You do, don't you? Or I could tease you a bit more?"

Now I grabbed him, rolled us off the sofa and molested him on the carpet, till he shrieked in giggles.

"Duh, do I..." I said, as my travelling mouth devoured him all over, while he writhed, squealing.

"You fucker," he screeched at me, in spluttering giggles.

I let him free and then got towed out to the staircase, just as his mum was coming from one room across the hallway to another.

"Mummy, we want to kiss in bed now, Can we have juice and goodies sent up, please?"

He wiggled about in front of her, while I dodged out the way. Her musical voice answered him and then she disappeared. Whoa... 'sent up'. Gosh, how posh can you get.

His room is huge, but I took nothing else in except his beautiful satin and lace bed, with a canopy and drapes over it. He bounced straight onto it, pulled his legs up to be fucked and started rubbing some squishy stuff around his hole. I wanted to play with him first, with my face in his bum, but I couldn't hold off. I bounced onto him, got hold of his heavenly legs and pushed my prick into his rosebud. He was easy, and it went all the way in him, but I came nearly straightaway through the deliciousness of it. My thighs and bum locked down, jamming my crotch hard into his and I jizzed and jizzed and jizzed. It was fabulous. He bucked on me, holding my neck and came, gripping his heals round my back, squealing and wailing. It was the most gorgeous total bliss of my life. I fell on him and my prick came out, still hard and I writhed and snogged with him, pulling him on top of me. Then he pushed his hole back down on it, sitting up and shafted on me, bouncing with his hair flying, panting and laughing.

All this stuff, from 12½ year old, amazed me. There was a tap on the door. It opened and a smart teenage girl of about eighteen came in with a tray. Shannon didn't flinch a muscle and neither did she. She was smiling but didn't look at us and put the tray down on a table, then left. I was too much into Shannon to be fazed. We had the refreshments sat up on the bed with our legs round each other.

"You fuck me nice... your prick stuffs me," he said, stuffing his mouth.

"I didn't hurt your pussy, did I?"

"No, you didn't hurt my pussy, I squidged it, he said, giggling, shaking his head. "It was a little bit stingy, though, but it went away. It's bigger than Connor's, too."

"Did you get lots of other boys answering your ad?"

"Aw yes, Shannon, but I like you best. I did get lots of replies, but..."

"I was only asking. Did you get lots of older boys interested in you as well?"

"Hmm... yes. So I picked a lad for dating. He's called Robin and is nearly seventeen and gorgeous looking. I'm meeting him, tomorrow."

We ate, kiss chatting, and afterwards Shannon let me fuck him, all afternoon. It was magic and I could have stayed overnight. I wanted to, but my shorts were badly spunked up by then and my top was covered in jizz stains, too. I didn't want to go home in the morning, looking like that. We boyfriend kiss promised each other for dating and Skyping, and then I got a taxi home after dark.

From how Robin had messaged me, I'd decided it was pretty obvious he fancied me and from his looks on Whatzapp, I practically drooled over him. For my date, I dressed like a sexy pansy in one of my new items from Kidzerama – a pair of light blue denim pinafore shorts. They look very cute on me with a bib front, cross strapped at the back. They're a loose comfy fit and cos of the very warm weather I left off having a tee top on. I eyed my sexy bare shoulders in the mirror and tied on a bandanna round my head, under my hair then slipped on my anklets and flip-flops.

My hair is a sort of goldy brown colour and quite longish at the moment which is okay at school, except you're not allowed to wear it streaked. My bib front just covers my nipples, and my bum is a work of art in these. My prick came up rigid soon as I put them on, and I hopped about with my hands down inside them, holding myself, wanting to wank my knackers off again, even though I'd come off on my dildo, in the shower, only half an hour ago. All I could think of was Robin kissing me, while he creamed my bare stiff prick in his fingers. I popped my phone and wallet into my gym shoes bag, cos there's no pockets in these and went off down. On my way out though, I couldn't escape being checked over by Mum, fussing and nattering over me.

"Let me look at you... haven't you got undies on?" she asked, pulling on the front of my shorts.

"Mum!" I said, blushing and tutting, and past her, sat in an armchair was Dad covering his mouth, trying not to laugh.

"Leave him, Lydia. He wants to look fetching and sexy for his boyfriend."

"Never mind about fetching. I don't want him fetching a chill home if it turns cool later... going out like that with hardly anything on, or a top. What about your new undies?"

"I'm fine, Mum."

"He can't take panties off in the park, Lydia."

"Dad, shush!"

Dad laughed behind his hand, making me giggle.

"You do look very cute and fetching, sweetheart. Invite Robin back for tea or supper, so we can meet him, alright. Do you want to?"

"I'll see, Mum." I said, making a cue to leave. Gosh... parents!


I went off into the park at the top end and crept my way along leafy shade, close enough up to get a look at Robin, but kept hidden from view in shadows and leaves. And there he was sat on a bench near the big fountain, with his phone in hand, cute and good looking. His hair is a sort of fair ginger – wavy and bushy on top, but cropped round the sides. He had on some tight grey denim cuff shorts, a jazzy tee and feet in blue Converses. Ohmygosh, I stared and stared... he's so frikking stunning. As I turned to track back from further up, my phone went off with a message from Cassidy... 'Yes please, I'd like you to date me.' I answered him with, defo for me, and that I'd get back to him tomorrow, after school.

I hung about a bit till my prick eased off, which was helped by nearly bumping into an old lady w walking her dog. Then I came out onto the path and walked along to him with a sexy wiggle as he spotted me.

"Hi, are you Robin?"

"Wow... yeah I am... Hucksley Nolan?"

"Yes... thanks for being here."

"Whoa, no problem. I think I could've prob'ly waited a lot longer," he said, ogling me up and down. His eyes, ohmygosh, they are such an awesome blue. I laughed nervously, standing in front of him, grinning a mo, then I quickly sat down. Now what?

"I've hardly got any older friends, which I'd like to have and...," I started to blurt.

"I've got no young friends that I'd like to have, but I like the look of you. Wow, you do look nice," he said, cutting in, ogling me up again.

"Oh great, thanks. Me too, I like how you look as well."

"Do you want... is it like... I mean... a relationship... I mean, that's what I thought?"

"Oh, mmm... yes, I don't mind. I mean I don't mind if that's what you want."

"I want a chick your age, definitely, for a relationship."

I giggled and sort of flirted my legs about, opening them wider, then closed them and hunched down, blushing my head off. A chick?

"A boy, you mean?" I asked, in a croaky squeak, hoping I was on the same page.

"Yes, you... Do you want?"

I nodded, still hunched up, then heard him petting his lips at me.

"Hey," he said, pulling on my wrist. "Come stand here then, let me look at you prop'ly."

I moved to where he wanted me, stood between his legs and frowned a blushing smile down at him. He sat forward and began running his hands up and down the backs of my bare legs, stroking my thighs up, then up inside my shorts to my bare bottom.

"Whoa, you've no underpants on... phwaar!"

"I don't like them."

I was tingling all over, and it went straight to my prick and making me prong rigid. I twitched about, unable to keep still and edged myself forward, showing him I liked how he was handling me. When he nosed into my crotch, I arched it into him, moaning, as he rubbed into it with his nose, and I felt a tingly throb go up my pussy hole.

"Am I okay, feeling you up like this. Do you mind? You're frikking gorgeous."

"No, I like it, you've got nice hands. I like boys hands on my bare bottom," I said, wiggling my legs about as he stroked me up, over my naked bum.

I've never been asked for a date at school, but I get pulled about and kissed and I let them have their hands down my pants. I do like being kissed and pulled about and I try to show them not to be rough to let themselves enjoy me more. You know what's it like at school though. Straights are rough

I rubbed my crotch in his face, showing him I liked it

"I hoped you'd be this way with me."

"Phwaar, sexy," was all Robin managed to come out with and carried on enjoying me, nosing all over me and under my crotch, with his hands sliding over my bottom and up and down my thighs, while he groaned. I was gasping, enjoying him so much, and swayed about, pushing into him. Then he slid a hand up the front of my shorts to have my bare prick and pulled on the loose waistband with his other, to have a look at it and I arched my pubes forward for him. I was going to cum like this if he kept it up, though. Instead he pulled me across his lap, and I flung my hands round his neck.

"I'd like to be a lad's chick... um yours. So do you want me, then?"

"Cor...yes please, every which way Princess... you're off the wall."

Wow, 'princess', I'd never been called that before. He took my mouth into deep necking with him, my head going round this way and that and I was lost in heaven, breathing in his sexy cologne. I let my bib front down off me, making it easier for where he wanted his hands in my shorts again. As we kissed he stroked me up and I fucked into his fingers as he wanked me. This was the bliss I'd dreamed of. I crushed my mouth onto his and started bouncing my bottom up and down on his firm thighs.

I came off so hard, and the biting spasms in my knackers and crotch went straight up my hole. I creamed and creamed into his fingers with a loud horny moan into his mouth.

Laying relaxed into his shoulder, shuddering and giggly, nearly sobbing, I felt as sexy as fuck. He nursed and pampered his stroking hands over me.

"What did you think of my ad, did it sound slutty to you?"

"No, not slutty. It is sexy though, and I guessed it was a boyfriend you wanted, not just some new friends."

"I know...I suppose it looked obvious." Then I told him more about myself and what I liked and wanted, and about Shannon and that Shannon had guessed me out, too. "So would you mind me having a young boyfriend, as well as you?"

"No of course not. It's frikking sexy. I wouldn't mind how many young boyfriends you had, except..."

I cut in , knowing what was coming.

"Except... I'd have to belong to you and I can't date other older lads, right?"

"And you want to, right, cos you've got others lined up?"

"I liked you the best of who answered my ad and I like the way you kiss and handle me. Being with you like this is just... you're so awesome."

"So are you going to be my princess-boy, then?"

"Yes of course, but so will you look after me, and be a nice proper boyfriend for me?"

"Every which way, Princess. You've got a stunning nice bottom, as well. Are you going to let me have my cock in it?"

I nodded, petting his mouth, then he took me back into deep kissing, while his fingers played down my shorts again with my wet prick, bringing it up rigid for him again.

"Your neck's covered in hickeys. Are they all young Shannon's?"

"Yes, and I gave him just as many," I said, but I didn't want to mention Rory who'd been eating me as well. Sheesh... nothing for ages, then boys all over me now in both my holes!

"Are you always called, Hucksley?" he asked, stinging a fresh hickey on my neck.

"Only by my mum. I just get called Hucks at school and by my dad."

"I want to call you Princess. Can I?"

"Mmm, alright then, yes please. Do you think it suits me?"

"Of course, cos you're a sexy, sissyboy, aren't you?"

I shrugged at that like I thought a sissy princess-boy would.

"Do you like girls, as well?" I asked. It sounded like a dumb question with how much he liked my body, my prick and my mouth... but I had to ask.

"Mmm... some, yes. I like ones with pointy young titties, just starting off, with no bra on."

"Aw... you pervy letch," I giggled. "Eleven and twelve year olds wanting you?"

"Why pervy? It's nature... they want it. Haven't you seen how they like sitting on bollards – and boys, too. It means they want cock."

I giggled my head off at him, but I wasn't interested in anything to do with girls.

"I don't like how their crotches look, and anyway young ones like that are aggressive and silly."

"I like how your crotch looks, and your gorgeous bum."

"That's cool, then."

"Have been fucked yet?"

"I've been fucked in our school gym by a prefect when I was thirteen. He was nice with me, too, but I've never had a proper boyfriend in my hole yet."

Robin started wanking and kissing me again, but I broke us off.

"Can I see your cock... show me." I asked it in a pretty-please voice. He went to his fly and I sat back down on the bench as he pulled it open. We'd started to get a lot of interested attention from kids nearby. Girls were giggling and boys calling out, whooping and laughing and gawping at us. But I liked the way Robin didn't give a fig who was looking. He was rigid for me of course, I could see that through his briefs. I got up and crouched down between his legs as he brought his cock out and the boys went, 'cor' and 'phwaar'. I didn't pass out or faint or anything, just gasped at how beautiful and horny it was.

"Aw... Robin... wow, it's awesome." I gently held it, goggling and cooing. "How big are you?" It was thicker than mine, and had a curve to it.

"Six and a half inch, last time I had it next to a tape measure."

He leaned back with his arms spread back against the bench back with his arms spread across it, just so cool, showing it off then lifted his bottom up and down, advertising what he was doing.

It stuck straight up out of his briefs, throbbing in pulses. I gave it loving little kisses and felt his balls up too, which were also out of his briefs. He's got quite a bit of pubes and they're dead sexy on him. I licked down the side of it, ready to suck him and wanting him in my itching pussy/ The other kids sniggered and whooped nearby and some of the cuter boys were rubbing their crotches while hopping about. Of course there were also plenty of adults about, too, but they only passed glances and kept to themselves, like grown-ups do now with kids, whatever we're up to. I know I'm going to be allowed to be fucked in bed by a boyfriend anytime I like, but you couldn't do that when my dad was a boy. I wondered if Robin would want to keep me off school sometimes for it, too. I expect so.

"Do you want me to?" I asked. "I cocksuck at school," It was true I had cocksucked, but only twice, and not one 6½ inches.

"I don't really like it much by itself. I've never come off in a mouth. I like fucking it in a warm wet twat. Do you know of one?"

I giggled my head off at him and kissed up his prick again.

"I know my twat wants it and I know it's warm and wet. I've got a nice horny pussy you can easily have it in." I said, so cheekily.

With that he yanked me back onto his lap and had his mouth all over my body, holding me up with my knee hooked over his arm so he could push a wet finger up me through the leg of my shorts. I came straightaway, soon as he went in my hole, squealing my head off and spunked in my shorts again.

Robin nursed me, then asked me to put his cock away for him and tidy him up, so I bobbed down between his legs again. He was rigid and leaky, and it jerked in my fingers when I handled it, but he wouldn't let me wank him. I had to admire how he controlled himself, knowing he wanted to plough my brains out. I so wanted him in my anus, too, and it wouldn't take much persuading of me to let him fuck me in the park, and even have me bounce on it, naked, sat up. I really wanted to be in bed with him though, in my pussy, fucking me for the rest of the day and all night, too. Fuck school in the morning. I zipped him up and he pulled me back onto his lap, but then stood up, lifting me up in his arms and walked off, carrying me onto the green.

"Are you going to fuck me in the park, you're not are you?" I asked, giggling.

"Would you let me?"

"Noo, Robin," I giggled. "Okay, but where though?"

He put me down and I dashed off to pick up my flip-flops that had fallen off me. Now he'd taken his tee off and laid it out on lush grass behind some bushes for me. I sat and let my straps fall off my shoulders again and pulled my bib down, watching him watch my sexiness while I ogled his nice bare chest. He's not a muscle boy, but for going on 17, he is strong and fit. I laid down on his tee and he lay beside me and slid a hand down into my shorts again to have it under my bare bottom. He propped up on an elbow and petted my mouth as I ran my fingers over him.

"How'd you get to be so rude with a boy?" I joked, grinning at him and as I squirmed my bare bum on his hand and stroked his chest.

"It's not my problem," he said, going down with his mouth onto my tits.

"Whose problem is it then?" I asked, sort of squealing and laughing. I felt his hands slide up under my shorts onto my bare bottom again, and I spread my legs open for his hands, cos I'm a nice homosexual boy with nice manners. Rule number one – quickly accommodate, don't have him waiting the slightest. Rule two - show him who you belong to.

"Horny pretty ones, advertising their cocks and bums at me."

"What, you think I'm pretty?" I said, forcing my crotch down on his.

I know at 14 I am still very cute looking, and I was a really pretty 12 year old, so I was happy he thought so. And with him calling me 'princess', he made me feel so sexy and special.

"Yes, and fresh looking, and I like how you're just dressed in pansy bib shorts. Your making me so effing horny for you. They make you look a year younger. But look, you don't have to play catch-up. I know how you want to be.

I told him about my shower wall dildo then, and how I'd been aching for a real lad like him in my anus, instead of a rubber knob, but that I'd worked my hole on it a lot, in case I met one from my ad who wanted to fuck me. I also told Robin that I want to be fucked a lot, and if he didn't mind, by other lads too.

We talked about fucking, and dating, and that he'd had three other boys before me since he turned 15, but that I was his dream. Then he showed me what position he was going to fuck me in, my first time. He laid behind me with one arm holding round underneath me, with his hand on my crotch, and with his other hand under my knee, he lifted my thigh up.

"Ooh, that feels letchy and sexy."

"Yeah, you need to be letched."

"Will you be able to have all of your johnson up me, Robin?"

"Yeah, sweet. Nice and deep up you."

We made out again, hectically, with my arms hung round his neck, wanting to laugh and snog at the same time. Then he went down with his mouth on my nipples. I hadn't had this yet with another boy and I moaned my head off, ramping my bottom, fapping into his fingers and came hard again, panting and screeching from the bliss of him.

"You hunky horny letch," I said, as I calmed down, and let out girly giggly noises and bucked against him as he rocked me, then we laid petting and chatting. He'd told his parents that he liked girls and boys, but that they weren't really too cool with him having a boyfriend. I said that mine were very cool with me and wanted to meet him.

"You can fuck me in my bed, as much as you want. I sort of said to them how much I want to be a lad's plaything in bed. I know how good my body is too, and how good it feels being gay. I just want to be eaten and sucked."

"You forgot licking and teasing. I'm good at that.

I rolled onto my back, wiggling my tongue out at him, but really looking about for somewhere to let him fill my hole. My prick was rigid as fuck and I pulled his hand up the leg of my shorts to take it.

"You horny little nympho... yes please, I'm going to fuck you as much as I want."

We snogged while he played with it and wanked me, showing him all the time whose I was. He left off though, and said he was shuddering for a fuck but wanted to hold off in the park. I phoned my mum's cell and said that I was bringing Robin back for tea, but that I wanted to be alone with him in my room for a bit. It's only a ten minute walk to our house from there, but my shorts were wet with spunk and I'd peed in them a bit, too, crushing out, so he got us a taxi.

At home, I quietly let us in, and saw that Mum and Dad were out on our back patio, so I bounced off up to my room with him, not giving a fig about tea. We were both panting and Robin stripped off like he had a fever. I just made the straps of my shorts fall off my shoulders and stepped out of them, cute and dead sexy.

"You beautiful sexy dolly," he said, sat on my bed with me naked, stood between his legs. He ran his hands up and down the backs of my thighs and over my bottom, as he kissed my prick. I swayed, smiling down at him, stroking his hair, and reached over for my gel on my dresser. He finger-fucked it up my pussy and I jumped, then got pulled down onto my bed.

As we wriggled about on my bed it clanked and squeaked and squealed. Robin loved the row it was making.

"Phwaar... f-r-i-k-k-i-n-g sexy . It sounds like you're fucked in it everyday. I bet you are, really, aren't you?" I giggled my head off at him. "Noo, not yet," I said, pushing my bum back at him as he wrapped me in his arm, then I held my leg up for Robin to have my hole and he was in me in no time. "I've just fapped my knackers off in it since I was eleven, that's why," I said, excusing the bed. As he pushed up me, my whole being went ecstatic. I can't describe how good and nice and real I felt and I came really, really hard the first time he went over my prozzy. I was cumming and cumming and cumming after that. He gasped and moaned, nuzzling into ear.

"Am I okay for you, Angel?" he asked me.

I nodded, whining, pushing my bum back at him as we swayed fucking, quicker and quicker. It felt so good and comfortable. I felt so secretly pleased and proud of myself about my shower dildo. Robin knew I was enjoying it and fucked me harder still. I think if you are young and gay and want to be fucked a lot, then get one. Then get the triple pleasure of a live experienced guy busy with you all over, deeply happy – cos I was. I jizzed and jizzed and jizzed soaking his hand and fingers and my linen, screeching my joy out above my whining, moaning bed. Robin sounded like a man when he came up me,

He pushed into my anus and as his knob went over my prozzy button, I straightaway spasmed hard, whining, bucking and honking, then jammed it up me moaning, clutching me so tight. I felt his jizzing and jizzing and jizzing in my anus and I worked my pussy back on him.

I felt like it was the fuck of my young beautiful life.

He slid out of me, still hard, pulling me onto my back and then fucked me again straightaway, with my legs up. I had my ankles round his neck with his hands under my shoulders. I'm sure I came even harder. God, I felt like the prettiest princess in the world. I wailed my head off.

"Aww... Robin," I moaned, sobbing."

"Awww, frikking magic. That was nice. You're mine."

He cuddled me, wrapped in his arms and sucked another burning hickey onto my neck as I snivelled and hitched. Then I sprawled backwards and wrapped my ankles round his neck.

"You'll need to be fucked like that a few times, every day, see. Now it's tea with Mummy and Daddy, innit, princess?" he said.

I mewled in baby talk at him, objecting and giggled sticking my tongue out at him. He took my mouth and snogged me hard into my mattress. I was senseless in bliss from him.

It was getting past six o'clock now and my parents would prob'ly have already had tea, not waiting for us, especially from hearing the din of my bed and my wailing moans, and Robin's. They would know he was fucking me. It couldn't be helped, I'd found my walking wet dream, and I was floating in heaven. In any case, it was Dad who sort of said Robin was going to fuck me senseless, so he wasn't wrong. What a hunky, I thought.

I reached for his cock, it was wet but still firm and I rolled over onto a pile cushions and pillows, getting my prick comfortable in them and brought my bum up high, wiggling it at him for more. He kissed it and finger-fucked my hole, making me cum in the pillows.

"Hssss... aww... Robin... more please, put your cock back in me."

"Will they let me sleep with you... hadn't you better intro me?"

"Yes, of course. Fuck me more, please," I whined.

"I meant with you being fucked in your noisy bed."

"I told you," I pleaded, but gave in. "Oh come on then, lets go down."

I smirked and tutted at him getting up off my bed. I pulled on a tee and a pair of silk shorts out of my dresser as Robin got back into his things. I had to be snogged with his hands down my shorts, first, then we went to face the music.

"Have you been having a lie down?" said Mum, casually, after I intro'd Robin to them.

"Yes... just kissing and um... sorry for being a bit noisy in my room."

"Yes well, you can't help being a noisy boy in your bed, can you."

Robin, standing behind me, sniggered, stroking my bum, then goosed me. My dad with a funny expression on his face, suddenly held up seven fingers. I sniggered and bent the end one in half at the knuckle, meaning Robin's 6½ inch johnson. Dad mouthed 'nice' at me in a question. I made a noise like I don't know what and nearly nodded my head off my shoulders.

"Come then boys, I've a nice salad saved for you on the patio."

Gosh, Mum had done smoked salmon, with walnuts herbs and a creamy sauce, too. We sat down at the little round table and tucked in, after Robin had got my feet comfortable for him to play with between his legs, in his crotch. Our tea was delicious, then halfway through, my phone went off ringing – it was Rory.

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