by Dominick St James

Chapter 3

Oriented Outcomes

We were wrecks coming downstairs when it was time for Robin to go, so no being kept off school Monday morning for it. We didn't want to. I'd learned a lot on Sunday about enjoying 17 year old Robin's prick in my hole, satisfying me and what they like and how they like you to be and them, you. I would've though. Staying off school to be fucked... imagine. My mum at my bedroom door knocking.

"Rory... you're going to be late."

"I'm being fucked, Mum... Tuesday's okay."


Robin had said he'd wanted to fuck me soon as he saw me in the park and did guess that we would be in bed soon, just from the way I kissed. Kissing, like not pretending. And Robin is defo gay, not bi, I knew it, even if I still know nothing about girls. I tried to find out how he's got so experienced for only just turned 17. He just tells me how he is with other boys, but not about them, and mainly about what he doesn't like – like been cocksucked for instance. Everybody to their taste I suppose. I mean, who doesn't like being sucked and straight ones are just the same.

I like how lads are with me and how I am with them, gay ones, I mean. It's made me a very happy sissy pansy since I went into print. Feeling like a princess with them. Showing them I don't hold back, even when they think they're getting more than their dreamsworth. Robin is my boyfriend now and I know everything about him. I can read him like a book and he makes me horny as fuck for it the way he plays with my prick inside my knickers. Yep, if I wear undies at all it's boys knickers or panties. So obviously I know what he wants too. Dad lets us fuck downstairs too, now. He just gets up and leaves when he sees any itchy signs even if there's movie on. I don't know whether I could get back on my dad's lap with my vertical prick out now... pro'lly!

After tea, when my homework's done, anyone looking through my bedroom window will see me laid back, without a stitch on nothing on, on top of my silky new bed, my heels tucked under my bottom. I'll be I chit-chattering most likely with one of my boyfriends while my camera takes in what's between my legs and the other boy is on Skype or Whatsapp, showing off, ditto. We wank on-line a lot. I did have to have lots of catch up stuff about my ad, and with the other older lads and younger boys that wanted to be friends, I only contacted them if I really really fancied them. And honestly I just told them straight what I wanted. For the 12 and 13 year olds, I'd be like this...

"I want to kiss you in bed with nothing on."

That got this back, or something like, never abuse.

"Me too... s'what I really want."

Then I might go...

"I want my bare prick right up inside your pretty arsehole and fuck you till I knock you up, that's what I really want."

"I know. You can... and suck my tits. Knocking up... that's making me pregnant, isn't it?"

"Yes... you'd need hardbanging, see."

"What's hardbanging?"

"When I'm fucking your sweet young pussy so hard, my horny bollocks are swinging and banging into your pink crotch."

"You can then. That'll be cool."

With that interesting response from them, I never bothered contacting the 16 and 17 year olds.

During the week after I'd begun my relationships with 12 year old Shannon and 17 year old Robin, I was very busy on my phone and laptop with them, plus Rory and the two 12 year old boys I hadn't met yet, Cassidy and Courtenay. You say it Courtney, by the way, but he is very posh.

Anyway, about Rory...

I quickly got up from the breakfast table and came out onto our patio with Rory pleading with me on my cell, the boy I'd met at the bus stop.

"Please let me see you. I've been waiting and waiting for you to phone. I'm going out of my mind... please Hucksley. I can't concentrate on anything. Please... let me date you, soon as poss."

"I'm with another boy, Rory. I said I'd get back to you, remember. I'll phone you later, I promise. Anyway where do you want to take me?"

"Blushers, near Uni... you know it?"

"Freak of course. So you got bucks to splash then?

"Well yeah. And anyway who wouldn't want to splash on you, if you get my meaning.

"So are you rich, then? I never noticed in between you eating me."

"My dad's the boss of Scott Brothers, you know, that liquor distillers factory."

"Whoa, yeah. My dad knocks it back at Christmas. So how much do you fancy me then?"

"Like... I am experienced. I think I know what you'll like. I know how you like being kissed and handled and treated, so I know how gay you must be for prick. I'm your Guy. Please Hucks. D'ya wanna ask me about my prick – it's gay and tall and rude and sexy as fuck, nearly six."

"Yeah, I'll bet. I did say you could have me, right, I know, but I've got a nice boyfriend, now."

"So that's a yes then. What about say, Thursday. I'll pick you up in a a taxi, for 7.30.

"So you've got bucks, a nice prick and lots of imagination... okay I'm giving you a chance, then, but how'd we get into Blushers – it's over eighteens?"

"One of my dad's Rep's can get us in. I've been stacks of times and I can look older older than 16 when I'm dating... I've even dated a twelve year old there."

"So I'm only being picked up in a taxi, not a Bentley?"

"Oh come on, I'm not even sixteen yet."

"Okay, Thursday's fine then. On the dot, and don't get any wild ideas about screwing me in your bed all night."

"Nope, just ordinary ideas.

They weren't. Rory's a very naughty, dirty bugger. Just like Robin actually, it turns out. Except he's got no manners and is ruder. With rude, I mean he doesn't give a shit in public. I'm his dolly, to do with as he likes. I love it of course, even if I am well fucked, every day, but I'm not a slutty dolly. Okay, I am – you can easily be. I let lads that I fancy, in my hole straight away. I'm cute looking and I've got a nice young body for fourteen. They eat me – what's a boy to do?

I don't know what the hell I thought I wanted to be into now, anyway – messing with a fifteen year old as well as Robin of seventeen. My tee was pronging out, chatting on the phone to him, though. But it's been coming up with every nice boy I've been chatting to, and my ad got a lot of results back.

I did like the way Rory took me though, at the bus stop – his hands all over my bottom straight away, kissing and necking like that – having me in public, like that, straight away. What does it mean though? Am I a slut? For fourteen, am I just a horny nympho slut? I can't believe I am.

I stopped wearing underwear on my first date with Rory. He also wanted a chick, a doll. So I went out in a little white silk dress, that you couldn't say 'has he, hasn't he'? Underneath? It was Robin who gave me the idea though cos he sometimes likes to keep me in a long white tee and fuck me in it. It soon got soaked and I have to admit I peed in it here and there too from being tickled dearly to death. The frizzy thing too, was that I liked that and felt really sexy and want to try it out on purpose, next time.

Anyway, back to Robin and my morning after:

Robin had showered first and was down at breakfast with Mum and Dad. As I tripped in, Dad and Robin were having a good laugh at something.

"And..." I said, hoping there was toast left. I said, stood close by them, smiling like an 'innocent' in my long white teeshirt.

"C'mere," said Robin pulling me onto his lap.

"They're discussing snakes – which is the more lethal," said Mum.

"Yeah – whether it's worse to be squeezed or bitten to death. And one doesn't do the other to it, does it?" said Robin.

What mood was at the table, I had no idea. Robin was already nipping my blotchy neck with his arms wrapped round me – so my prick quickly lifted, tenting me up. But Dad and Robin certainly seemed like they'd been getting on like a-house-on-fire, already.

"C'mon then young Hucks, what's it feel like to be bitten and squeezed?" said my dad.

I went crimson. "It's this idiot. He won't leave me alone."

"Oh, hey, Marjory, did you here that?"

"Leave them alone, John... straight out of a magazine. No wonder the lad can't get enough of him."

"I'm not out of a magazine, Mum." Meaning to sound cross, I burst into shaking giggles and buried my face in Robin's neck and the others joined in. My Mum is ridiculous though. She actually talks like that, all the time. But Dad baits her sometimes too.

"Another hopeful, Hucks... on your phone?"

"Leave it, Dad. Yes."

"Another lad wanting you, sweetie? How old's that one?"

While in bed I'd managed to chat with Robin about me getting to know other boys and that he wouldn't mind so long as I... I let him own me. So I said I was his, but I wanted space too. I didn't want some big love affair, but I didn't want to sound like a slut either, even if I feel like one. Robin asked Rory's age then gave me a leering smile when I said fifteen. Dad was holding back sniggering fit to burst, but he behaved. So I let it out round the table.

"He's just chancing me, I only met him on a bus," I said, about Rory's call.

"Why, your lad here, Robin, hardly looks fifteen or sixteen, with his smooth legs and face."

"What Mum, shush. You don't know what I'm talking about."

"We don't mind what you young teens do, within reason, do we Dad?" said my Mum.

"Well we've got one Mum, a right healthy one, too," answered Dad."

There was more chat, but we were finishing eating and Robin started breathing heavy into my ear and on my neck, pretending not to be too intimate, of course.

"C'mon squeaky voice, I know you wannit... so... back to bed," he went on in my ear. I couldn't believe how he was talking to me at the breakfast table, or behaving so sexed up in front of my parents and how they were taking it.

"Shush, can't you. You'll just want to fuck me all day," I whispered.

"Wow, clever as well."

He shuffled our chair further under the table, cos by now I was across his lap, facing him. At first just wanked my aching prick over my tent. Then it was me who pulled on his hand to do it prop'ly. But now I couldn't help starting to jock into his fingers.

My parents seemed to have left off noticing us now, at the table. What was I though. What were they seeing? A horny fourteen year old chick with nothing on underneath, letting his boyfriend do as he liked with him? I don't usually come downstairs like this.

"Tell Mummy I'm wanking you under the table but you want more throttle in your pretty arse and that I've had my cock up your tight sweet pussy all night, making you scream your head off in Nirvana."

"Stop it. I don't think they need to be told." I said slapping his hand away, trying to sound cross, but I tittered. I'd told him he could own me, so I'd done it now. I wish I'd known how pansy attractive I am to lads like Robin, I wouldn't needed to have splatted my self in print all over Bristol.

"Tell Mummy and Daddy I'm keeping you off school tomorrow. Say, you'll learn more."

The next thing was, Robin stood up from the table with me in his arms. I was pulling my tee down over my bum, cos now you could tell I had nothing on underneath.

"He says I have to carry him upstairs to his room, cos he's still a bit tired and eaten too much."

"Go on, yes, take him back upstairs," said my Mum. "

He carried me, taking big strides up the stairs, then bounced me onto my bed and I was the one who was breathless.

"So what we going to do now?" I said, and didn't know why I asked. I wanted to sound... sarcastic. Already pulling my knees back, so that, between my legs you could already see everything. With my head on my pillow, I was nearly bent double but had a full view of him. I squirmed about, holding myself all over, moaning.

He gave his johnson a slow push into my hole and I came, and then he came as well, damn it before I'd got my legs prop'ly round him.

"Wait," I said, as he collapsed onto me. We shouldn't have gone for breakfast. "Keep in me and wriggle round with me and I'll shaft it on you. You know how much you like that."

I wouldn't let just any hunky lad own me. Not like this one. I kept it nice and steady with him and kept, playing with my nightie and watched myself being wanked under it, arching my back and letchy lewd stuff. I brought him off up me as much as I knew how.

I don't want to tell you any more about Robin, yet, and what we do. It's pro'lly what you do with yours I would guess. Our pricks are stiff, mine's rigid, and we're lied on top of the bed with him busy with me, making me sound like a girl, when my voice goes up. He's eating up my leg, from my toes and kissing then deep necking me while he finger fucks my hole. I keep cumming and cumming and it's a fabulous sexy teen life with my loving seventeen year old hunk.

Dating Rory:

It's Thursday evening and I'm sat in my room in front of a mirror, waiting for the taxi. While looking like a nice, pretty, young teen boy in my dress, I'm wondering if this is going to be such a brilliant idea. Rory's an uptown boy from Westbury, don't you know. I hope he doesn't throw a blue fit at me. I know I'll always prefer Robin though, whatever lad I meet – he's just got something I can't describe and if Rory does make a scene, Robin's promised to pick me up, pretty damn quick. Fortunately my dad's out and Mum's wrapped up in her TV shows, so I won't have to sneak out, although they do know I am dating tonight.

I've given Rory his wish and put a dress on, and gosh I feel so hot and wow in it. It's party style in white silk, over a frilly, silky white petticoat, coming to a decent length on my thighs. It's only just decent actually, cos underneath... trallalalah, I've got no dot, dot, dot, on. You fill in the missing word, cos if I have to say it, I'll go back in the bathroom and have to have my shower wall dildo firmly up my pussy again. My dress suits and fits me so well you'd think it was my designer wear, but I've only borrowed it from a girl, school friend this afternoon, whose done my hair nice as well and my nails. And what a sexy little madam I look with my long blond hair done up in one bunch just off centre. I know... I've already had to fuck myself three times. We tried some make-up on me, but I scared the shit out of myself. It was just too good. On my feet though, I've got socks on, matching my petticoat, and they're in my usual Converse shoes, which are a bit pansyish for a boy, cos they're patterned, but I do look like I can pass as for a girl. Hell, I'm better than any 12 and 13 year old minxy. It's a look that says... hmm, defo. I sit down in front of a mirror and just casual like, and bring my foot up onto the seat. Ohmyfucking god... you tarty, erect, dirty little slut... p h w a a r . Am I disgusting?

It gets to 7.30 and I'm downstairs and out the door like a silky fairy. Time for caution, though... is this the end of the world as I know it? The taxi draws up. I hang back and offer a wave. Five seconds later, Rory steps out and shades his eyes to the street lamp.

I step out into the light. And... action. "Hi, are you waiting for Hucks?" I feel nervous, so must look nervous.

"Um yes, do you...." There was a big pause, then:

"It's me, Hucksley," I say, slowly going over to the cab.

"W... O... W."

"I know, well am I okay. It was just a crazy idea... I'll go change, sorry, can you wait," I say turning to go back in.

"Phwaar, no way. What a doll you look. Cor!

I wanted to be in his arms, but managed not to be until the movie started, cos that's where we're going first, before 'Blushers'. Their being the taxi driver kept us in check, especially Rory's hands. But in the movie theatre, as we went into passionate snogging, I re-did my bedroom scene. His hand was already on my thigh as we snogged but funnily enough, as he went to my crotch my prick was limp, and we weren't being watched or anything. Soon as he touched it, he looked, then everyone became aware that there was something definitely surprising about Rory's chick, by his choice of words and tone of his voice he let out across the theatre. I'm glad it started off limp too, do you know what I mean... feeling it come up in his fingers. After that, it can't have been not quite twenty minutes between that and me being on top of his bed. He fucked me in it and I came straightaway. I knew then how gay I was. We had bouncies for the rest of the time. My legs drive Rory wild. What a chick I was, too. My hole afterwards. My dad questioning me again, seeing me in a sexy dress. Me marvelling at Rory's semen trickling down my young teen thighs. But he's kinky too, right – dating a boy in a dress?

I told the young boys of 12 and 13 that I preferred being fucked than fucking, but did they want to threesome and foursome with us? You know the answer. On the school bus, every afternoon, there's Shannon sort of stood-sat across my thighs while Robin has a finger up his pretty behind, (all the way in). While I play with his bare silk willy, I neck with him all the way home. It is a glory. His mummy doesn't like the older lads being round at the house, though after she caught Shannon being kissed by Rory. But Mummy and Daddy are often away weekends – then phwaar, It's more than kisses he gets. What a hot little twat they've got. If he wears a stitch, it's usually a nightie and nothing else, or just proper girls panties. He does like bouncies with me best though. Our other friends, Courtenhay and Cassidy are just as naughty and horny too.

It's a wrap here. You can see what I'm like, and how I've turned out since my public debut, hehehe. It wasn't my dad actually who got me to splurge out about my life before and after I met new boyfriends, it was my uncle Dominiq. He knows a lot of boys, wowish ones I'd love to be in bed with and their stories are out there on a couple of sites in 'A Boys' Cameo, (not complete, yet). Such sexy gay schoolboys.

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