by Dominick St James

Chapter 1

It Couldn't be Helped

I had the 'talk' with my Dad. It wasn't the full talk, the one with plumbing and babies in it. It was more about fapping. I brought it on myself though, cos of my bed getting more and more noisy when I wank. I've just turned fourteen, but I've fapped in it since I was eleven. Now though, I've stopped being careful due to my gorgeous prick's welfare. My bed is a big metal brass one and it's very soft and comfortable, but it's quite old and loose and clanky. I hardly have to move about much before it's making all sorts of grinding creaky noises. When I'm wanking in it though, ohmygod, it's unbelievable. It screeches and squeals bloody loud, with the metal bedhead clanking and clanging on the wall as well.

The thing is, I love it, it sounds so freaking sexy and makes me want to fap my knackers off, more. And then my voice... I'm loud when I'm wanking and coming off, I can't help it. But why must I feel embarrassed about my bed and my voice. I can't help my bed and voice is only natural, and the hornier I am, the more I moan from my prick. So I'd stopped giving a toss, cos bringing my prick off is more important. I can't leave it alone, I just cannot. So I fap my knackers off in it, or on it, any chance I get. I want to fuck in it though, and ohmygod, I daydream about been fucked.

So, anyway, my talk went like this: I was off out one Sunday morning when Dad pulled me up. He yanked my wrist and pulled me onto his lap. We're close, and I am with my mum too, but more with him and we have a lot of fun. He's very physical with me too, not in 'that way' but he likes pulling me about and making me a helpless screaming heap on the carpet, cos I'm very ticklish and submissive.

"What now, Dad? I'm off out," I said, after he grabbed me. He's looking into my face in a funny way and I stare at him and start to snigger.

"Have you got a travelling circus in your bedroom?"

He sometimes puts things in a roundabout way like this if he thinks it's going to be upsetting, so that twigged me to be prepared and I guessed what was coming, my noisy bed issue. I could have played dumb but I rolled my eyes at him and tutted, and tried to look shocked and annoyed.

"Well, so you're not shy about it are you? Being careful not to be noisy stops you enjoying it, doesn't it, I suppose? It's you're bed I'm talking about, by the way," he said, grinning at me.

I tutted again. "I know what you're talking about, stupid."

"Well I'm going to fix it, it's making me jealous, not to mention your headboard knocking the wall down."

I screeched, laughing.

"You sexy imp, doesn't your cock ever go down?" he came out with.

I buried my face in his chest, shaking. I'm always getting bone rigid and horny. But oh god, it's so good – so wicked nice, and I jizz like a frikking fountain. It's just a shame it's not going where I'd like it to. I kept schtum though, now he'd started.

"Yes I thought so, admission by omission. I can hear upstairs how much you enjoy it, though, can't I. Haven't you got any girls interested in you yet, sweetheart?"

He loves me to bits, so I get 'darling', 'love' and 'flower' from him and 'honey' from my mum. I couldn't care less about girls, though. The thing is I want a boyfriend, but somehow I never seem to get started with them, like I want to. I'm easy either way for younger or older at the moment, or both. I really want to start being dated, and be busy fucking another boy in bed, enjoying me. I'm fourteen and should be dating by now. But that's my main issue cos the boys I like, 12 and 13 year olds, and older teen lads – I just can't get anything started off. I've got school friends in my year, but none that I fancy that way. I so want to have a nice older teen lad in my anus, and I specially also want to have my prick inside a nice younger hole, crazy horny for me.

When I think about myself and how I am, 'gay' comes up like something I've applied for, as in 'yeah, I'm gay, it came through today, so I can be 'gay' now'. 'Homo' sounds like a disease, and 'queer' sounds like I'm mental. So I've decided I'm a poof... a boy-poofter, that's what I want to be. I like that much better.

"Wouldn't you like to have nice pretty girlfriend?"

I'd like to have a nice pretty boyfriend, that's what. Should I tell him... no let him do the talking, and see. I shrugged again but sort of gave my head a little shake.

"What's that mean... don't you like girls yet?"

I rolled my eyes again.

"Sweetheart... Hucks?" He said that it in his most loving, concerned voice, and petted me and it tore me up. I burst into tears and threw my arms around his neck before I knew what hit me, and I cried like an upset young girl, heaving and sobbing into his neck.

"Love... What's the matter?"

He pressed me to him and stroked my hair and had a long pause. Then it came out.

"Is it other boys you like, sweetheart?"

Shaking and sobbing, I nearly nodded my head off my shoulders.

"Oh... alright... Hey that's not an issue, then, my sweetheart. Come on, no tears now, it's okay."

I looked at him smiling at me, eyeing me from head to toe like I'd changed somehow, but he was just appreciating me in a new way. It felt bloody sexy too and my prick went up rigid in my football shorts and with no undies on.

"So you don't mind?" I said, squirming about, a bit embarrassed.

"Nope, I don't mind. I just want you to enjoy yourself and be happy."

He eyed my pronging shorts and smirked at me. "Is that your naughty dingaling sticking out?"

I smirked back, and looked away.

"Can I have a peek, just to see?"

I blushed my head off at that, which is something I hardly ever do with my parents. He asked again, wheedling me to show him my stiff prick, saying it was the main subject, anyway. I'd got so rigid now, being appreciated and approved of, and felt hot from blushing or sexiness, I don't know which, so I eased my shorts down from under my bum and pulled them off. My prick twanged on the band and then I let them fall off my feet. So there I was sat on my dad's lap with my bare bottom and my bare stiff prick which was sticking straight up so proud and horny. He didn't touch it, just gawped at it.

"Oh you sexy boy. It's gorgeous, flower," he said kissing my cheek. "How big is he, angel?"

"I'm 5½ inches now, Dad."

"It's beautiful, love, I wouldn't be able to leave that alone either. No wonder you're noisy, hey?"

"I know, and I can't leave it alone, Dad. It blisses me out, specially thinking about nice boys that I'd like to be in bed with."

"I see you've got no pubes yet?"

"I do have, Dad, but I shave them off. It feels nicer when I'm stroking it and it makes my prick look longer, and I come harder."

"Oh right, okay. I wonder if that would work for me."

"It might not. You'd be too young for Mum then, Dad," I said laughing.

"Hey, I give the advice!"

"So am I okay?" I said, finishing my giggles.

"I'd say you're more than okay. You've got quite a stalk for fourteen, haven't you"

I grinned proudly and kissed his cheek and made silly little pansy noises, giving my stalk a quick little stroke between my two fingers, but wanting to toss my knackers off. I sat there sniggering and giggling, gawping down at its gorgeousness, watching it beat with my heart, horny rigid, wishing a lad was nursing me on his lap, instead of my dad.

"Are trying for a boyfriend?"

"Yes, sort of," I said, giving my prick another little stroke it to ease it off a bit more. "But... the boys I like I can't get started with them." Then I told him what kind of boys I like.

"Why those ages?"

"Because 12 year old boys are cute and lots of them are pretty, which I like and they're forward and naughty. They smell nice too, and they like kissing and being fucked, and they've got nice bottoms, anyway. 16 year old boys are strong and hunky and they've got gorgeous pricks, bigger than mine."

"Is this what you know from school?"

"Yes, I know two pretty 12 year olds at school, I sit together with them at break sometimes. We neck and fap and come in our undies. They don't want anything out of school with me though, cos they're just into each other. They fuck in bed every afternoon after school. And I know what older teen boys are like – hunky and tall and strong."

Now I made an excuse to get down and pull my shorts up, hoping he'd finished.

"Dad, my prick... I'm aching to fap it. Haven't you finished?"

He swiped my bum and sent me off. I was happy his chat with me went well. I'd come out to him and told him everything and so I felt freer to be just me.

In my room I've got five mirrors, two on the wall and three near my bed and I wank in all the different positions I can get into, on my bed. I like looking at my bum and stroking it in the mirror. I've got a boys' shower wall dildo for my hole as well. It's a battery one that keeps it warm and can slow fuck me. I come so hard with that up me, but I so much want a lad's prick in me instead, fucking me prop'ly.

The following weekend, Dad collared me again...

"I can probably help you get a nice boyfriend, Hucks."

This I wasn't expecting. What he suggested was putting my pic, and an ad in various places, sort of in a pen-pal-wanted kind of way. Dad is the print manager of the 'Somerset Morning Herald', and the print works also do free papers, mags and glossies, and kids mags. So we made out this blurb together to go under a nice pic of me:

Friends Wanted

Fourteen year old Hucksley Nolan is wanting some nice new friends to hang out with. He's into soccer, video games, skateboarding and swimming. He'd love you to text him on Whatzapp, with your pic, if you're a cool attractive boy between twelve and thirteen, or sixteen to seventeen years old.

It didn't sound actually slutty but I still thought it was slightly weird, specially the different ages. Anyway I agreed to give it a try out. I put in my cell number and hoped for the best. For my pic, Dad took a nice casual one of me in a cute tee and shorts, half sitting on a chair arm. I'm showing lots of bare leg and a bare midriff gap. It's quite cheeky and sexy but only in a normal way. I didn't have any undies on, but I wasn't pronging.

It did seem like I was advertising myself though, but any kid looking at me, who's into other boys, is defo going to fancy me. I've been told I've got gorgeous looks by girls at school. They tell me I've got a dolly face and a sexy mouth. Hmm, maybe. I'll just have to be careful of the weirdos and paedos chancing me, that's all.

Dad pulled a few strings at work to get it in the 'Herald' kids section, but only for the following week. It also had to wait about a week to go in the kids mags, but there are five different ones including girls' pop mags, cos some boys read them, too.

By now, Dad had updated my mum about me, which was a relief, but now she fussed over me more than before, and now tells me I'm cute and pretty! I was getting more attention from both of them. You'd think from the way my dad handled me that he was into me, 'that way', he isn't, cos I know the difference, except for my prick that's got other ideas. He's just strong and affectionate, loves kissing and molesting me and thinks the sun shines out of my arsehole.

So, I thought, all this new special attention can be good for a wheedle. I wanted some nice new clothes to date in, so during the week, after school, we went to a Kidzerama store near Bath and I binged out. I headed straight to the boys clothing department with my parents, then pulled up sharp, looking at the ad displays. 'Carefree young and sexy' and 'Pansyboy' were two that got my attention straightaway. I blushed my head off in lust, looking at what the 'Pansyboy' was wearing, and how he was posing in it. So I told my parents to leave me and would they like to go look at other things, like bikes, playstations and watches, while I browsed.

My prick was rigid for 'Pansyboy'. His top half was loose, short and frilly and below that, short, tight and clingy, all in white silky stuff. The little pretty twat only looked about twelve and he was slouched back on a chair with his legs right up, gaping open. It looked dead sexy, sort of all 'designer casual'. He had a forefinger in his mouth and fingers resting on his wide open crotch, which looked quite lumpy and his whole attitude and the look on his face was like, 'Do me, I want it up me, please'. I bet model kids like that get well fucked, anyway. So, I started browsing through the racks, then heard this girl's voice behind me.

"Can I help you, sweetheart."

I turned to see a smart dressed girl of maybe about eighteen, smiling at me. 'Freak,' I thought, 'What's a teenage girl doing on this section.' But I saw that she was staff, wearing a Kidzerama badge on her blouse.

"Are you looking for anything special, pet?"

I just shrugged, hoping she'd go away, but she held hangers out to me, and was very nice and friendly, asking my name, telling me this and telling me that, and how old was I.

"I'm starting to date..."

"But you haven't a proper boyfriend, yet?"

"No, not yet, I'm still looking around, and..."

"Is it older boys or younger boys that you like?"

"Both really."

"And you want some nice sexy things to show off in?"

"Mmm, yes please."

"Okay, so I think you ought to start with the basics then, Hucksley." She headed to underwear and I followed.

"You're ravishing, sweetheart, every inch of you, aren't you? I'm surprised you're not being dated already. What undies do you like to wear, pet? We've got some nice Pansyboy knickers... they're very pretty and sexy."

Before I could get an answer out, I was totally stunned by what she showed me... white silk panty knickers with a pouch and a silk tube thingy above it. The end was open and it had a tiny little frill round the edge. I nearly passed out, gawping at the sexy rudeness of them. She put her finger through the tube thingy, to show me.

"These are very popular with cute young gay boys, pet. The pouch sackie holds your testicles snugly without being tight. Is your cock coming up stiff all day, Hucksley?"

What a question from a girl shop assistant. I nearly screamed. I put my hands over my face, shaking inside my tummy. Ohmygosh, now I knew why they didn't have a guy on this section, he'd be trying to make out with me by now. I nodded, squeaking out giggles as I pulled my hands down off my face. What else was she going to come out with! It seemed like her normal sales patter, cos she kept it up, straight faced, only smiling.

"Your cock will love being in this silky tube, then, sweetheart. It's stretchy and silky, very sexy to masturbate in and for your boyfriend to play with you. These panties will keep you stiff all day of course, feeling how sexy they are, and you don't need to take them down to pee, either. They're made of very fine cotton, so they let your skin breathe, too."

I couldn't control my squealing. I was nearly screeching in giggles, anyway. So I thought if she can come out with stuff, so can I.

"I'd be rigid in them all day with my prick inside that. Erm... you are a girl aren't you?"

"Yes, of course, but I know what boys are like between themselves. They tell me they're very nice to have on."

"Wow, yeah, I can guess. I haven't worn undies since I was twelve, though. I like it free and horny. I've got a 5½ inch one now and it prongs me out terrifically, specially in shorts."

That didn't faze her, she just nodded, smiling. I couldn't shock her and I was hard up in my school pants now, anyway. I pushed my tent prong out at her, showing off.

"You sexy monkey... stiff and beautiful aren't you, sexy bum." She patted my bum, making me giggle. "You young tween and teen boys are all the same with your cocks."

"Thanks... your ace for a teenage girl. I wouldn't mind you as a sister." She laughed and nodded.

I took seven pairs of the boys' knickers and she helped me with other stuff as well till I had a whole arm full of sexy boys wear. I found my parents, and Dad stopped Mum going ballistic at the checkout, for spending six hundred and eighty two quid on me, but later I got well roughed over by him.


On the following Friday when everything was due out, I was too nervous to take my phone to school and I wouldn't have been able to concentrate anyway, so I left it at home. In any case I waited while Dad came home and then we scanned through the messages on my laptop.

Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh! Yikes, was I popular. I'd got thirty six replies already and the stuff had only just come out. Dad had brought all the mags and papers home that I was in and in some of the papers my pic was only about 2 x 3, but in the kids mags it was proper photo size. Seeing how they looked in print, I half wished I'd posed sexier, with short mini shorts on.

There were some really nice boys replying with pics and messages, and some stunning ones, too, that caught my eye straight away. I picked out two twelve year olds, Shannon and Cassidy, both 12½, and one 16 year old, Robin. Shannon was the knockout though, a total dream doll.

"There you go then... I expect you'll want to marry that sweetie."

"Dad, we've to chat first, meet and get to know each other and that's all before I find out if he likes me 'that way'."

"Oh come on... you can see what he wants – a nice older boy to take care of him. He's a little sweetie, look at him."

Shannon's looks are cute and pretty. He's a freckled blondie but with that sexy naughty streak in his face. I could fap just looking at his hair – lank streaky blonde, just hanging down, past his collar. His message just said, "We like the same things and I am 12½. I'd like to meet you, you look nice." But nah... he prob'ly just wants to play trains and go skateboarding with me. Next.

Me and Dad discussed the the ones I liked the look and sound of, and there was Courtenay too, nearly 13. For all the others I sent a message back, "Thanks, I'll get back to you." I did so much want Shannon though, but tried to keep the 'boyfriend' idea out of my head for now. My dad said the same thing about 16 year old Robin, and that he'd prob'ly want to screw me senseless just from my looks. Well, he didn't exactly put it like that, but that's what he meant. Robin's message was, "Wow, can we meet please, I'm nearly 17, but I'd like a younger friend." Robin's a really hunky looking lad with nothing faggy about him and an 'all boy' look, gingery fair hair and lots of freckles and the bluest blue eyes I've ever seen, at least from his photo. I instantly liked him. Out of the blue, I then I asked my dad a personal question.

"Dad, would my anus be able to have a 7 inch teen cock in it?"

Dad snorted and I thought he was going to choke on his coffee. I only wanted his opinion, in case that's what Robin had.

"Hucks you've got some funny ideas. Sixteen year old boys do not have seven inch penises."

"But I mean... just in case."

"No and no, you're hardly fourteen. A nice considerate lad will be able to give you intense happy pleasure with a penis like yours, or a little bit bigger."

I nearly asked him how he knew that.

"I just wondered. So what must I do now, Dad? Should I phone, message back, or what?"

"Phone Shannon now and ask if he'd like to meet you tomorrow lunch, or you could go visit him. The other one, Robin, is going to eat you on sight, I'd guaranty it. Ask if he wants to meet you in Reynold's Park and then have a Mac or something with him, say Sunday, if your not worn out in Shannon's bed of course."

Reynold's is a city park in Bristol where we live, and not far from us. Occasionally I come here with school friends for a soccer practice, but we haven't a dog and it's not a place I hang out in by myself. When I have been here though, I've noticed it's good for ogling, cos there's always lots of other kids here, so lots of perky bums and legs to see in action kicking a ball about.

When I phoned Shannon I nearly passed out listening to his squealy voice and it sounded so posh. He asked me to come visit him in the morning at about eleven. My mouth fell open at his address though – No.2 Framlingham Park Avenue, Bishops Court.

My family isn't posh, and kids like me just have no reason to be in that part of town, because Bishops Court is the snootiest, most expensive suburb of Bristol, and I've never even heard of the street. Okay, we live in the Clifton suburb of Bristol, overlooking the Avon Gorge, and it's upmarket and popular, but our place used to be three old farm buildings that got converted into a house, and cos there's only me and Mum and Dad, I've got tons of space, but it's no mansion.

Dad knows the Framlingham Park area and gave out a long low whistle, then held his palm up for a five. I smacked it, then he grabbed me and started squeezing and kissing me.

"Moving into the upper class will require a new toothbrush, clean pyjamas, and no masturbating," he said, in a daft voice, laughing and swinging me about.

"Is it that posh?"

"Google it and see."

I did, and ohmygosh, in the pic it's a bloody humongous detached town house. It's in the middle of a huge garden with that 'looked-after' grass lawn, that doesn't look real. Even the entranceway looks wider than our garage. Dad then chirped up with something else.

"Air Commodore Sir Martin Dawnay-Pymme, is your sweetypie's daddy. I've just looked him up on Who'sWho and he's the Commander-in-Chief of the defence division of the British Aircraft Corporation in Filton, Bristol."

"Oh wow... well no wonder the Sweetypie sounds posh then. Hmm... Shannon Dawnay-Pymme... ooh-la-la."

"Happy so far... looking forward to meeting him?"

"Yes of course, who wouldn't be. I'm feeling nervous though."

"Listen... I told you, Hucksley. It's obvious he wants a nice boyfriend, a little older than himself. He'll probably have everything else in his life already. Go careful with him though, Hucks. I've a feeling you're in for some shocks."

Gosh, I so much love my dad. He's a rock, and a really great dad for a boy. I text'd Robin and told him three o'clock, Sunday, by the fountain in Reynolds Park. It's nice and central, so my screams can be heard if I need to be rescued! I went to bed early that Friday and weirdly, my prick hardly twitched, the evening and night through.

It was a beautiful June morning, and already warm as I was up early, getting ready. I knew the look I wanted and it had to say a lot about me so it would break the ice, without being faggy. After all, it really wasn't skate boarding and soccer games I was interested in with another boy. I put on some white silk mini shorts that I'd got from Kidzerama and they're as short as briefs, but the leg openings gape. I'd already tried them on before and they're bloody short, and rude actually. Standing up in them is okay even without undies on, but looking in the mirror, my prick came up in them and lifted one of the leg ends right up, and ohmygod, it showed off all of my five and a half inch prick, and my goolies, imagine! But what could I do, I wanted to give a message that I didn't want to say. Fuckit, I thought, I'm still not having undies on. It's not my problem, anyway, I can't control my prick looking at a boy I fancy. For my top, I put on a short pastel coloured tank top, it makes my tummy button show off but it was going to be a hot day.

I got my little gold Sagittarius pendant out, then my coloured loom bands on one ankle and put some on my wrist. Then I put my Vans on with some pretty socks and checked myself out.

"Oh you cute delicious pansy," I said into the mirror, petting myself a kiss as I stroked my tight bum, and my tenting prong came up, stiff and horny, lifting up the leg of my mini shorts. Oh gosh, I looked like a rude young slut, but it couldn't be helped. I waited till it went soft and then sat down. I looked okay, but I like to sit with my knee bent with my foot on the seat and ohmygod, when I did that you could see everything I've got, and then it came up again in them, ohmygod. Even when I put my leg down, it was gaping my shorts up. Then, ohmygosh, when I wriggled, the leg end fell off the top of my prick and it went absolutely rigid. Oh god, and I'm going out like this – but it couldn't be helped. I'll just have to sit with my hands in my crotch, getting there.

I dabbed my A&F boy cologne on and a dab of Mum's Chanel on my throat, and went down. At breakfast, Dad took one look at me and wanted to put me in a taxi, for safety. I giggled and said I was taking the bus, of which I had to get two, to Bishops Court. I wanted to see what looks I'd get from other boys, on the way, if any. On the bus I text'd Cassidy and Courtenay, the two other nice younger boys I fancied. My message to each just said, 'Can I date you', that was all. I just laid it on the line, like that, with nothing to lose.

Then, oh wow, on the way to the plush end of town I had one nice experience. I got off at the station and made my way to another stop. I've got a wiggle in my walk, cos I slink on my hips. It's something I like to keep in check though, cos I don't always want to be flirty, but today, no way.

Anyway, while I was stood there waiting, I felt a hand slide over my tight bum and turned round to see a good looking boy of about fifteen, grinning at me. I grinned back and he pulled on my wrist, and the next thing, if you can believe this, we were in the shadows behind some ad thingy with my hands round his neck, hot kissing and making out with him, with me letting him stroke up my bum and he was stroking my bare rigid prick up which came out the leg of my shorts. Gawd, I was nearly in ecstasy. I wiggled it in his fingers, encouraging him. We'd not spoken a single word either, and he was getting hotter into me, as I was with him. Then my bus arrived and I pulled away, saying sorry, I have to go.

As I got on and paid, I felt him behind me again with both his hands on my bum, rubbing it, then his arm slid round my waist. He held me and managed to pay without letting me go, then he hugged me and asked in my ear if I 'wanted to'. I nodded, whatever and he pulled me onto the back seat. Sat with him, I completely gave in, nearly sat on his lap. We started chatting and panting, when we could stop making out, and he was easily into my shorts, straight away. He got my bare prick out again, and went ballistic with me, pulling my legs up to kiss down them, nipping my ear lobe, and he put a big hickey on my neck, and we were getting quite a few looks on the bus, especially both of us making a noise.

He asked to date me and I nodded and we exchanged names and cell numbers, and he asked if he could fuck me, and I nodded to that too. On the bus I wanted to let him bring me off in my shorts, but how would I have looked with a wet crotch and jizz trickling down my thighs meeting a pretty 12 year old? My stop was coming up too, and my mind was in total confusion.

He got off with me and asked to fuck me in Framlingham Park. Now I slapped his hands off me and said if he pestered me now, I wasn't going to do anything with him, and told him I'd phone him later. He shrugged and agreed, and then I got pulled into a sexy parting kiss with his hand under my crotch, which okay, I'd opened my legs to let him have. Then we parted with promises.

Phew, I didn't know I liked being taken like that, but I do. What a perky little slut I'd discovered in me. And he, Rory, is only 15½. What's Robin, nearly 17 going to be like with me? I should have started all this at least a year ago, that I do know, now. Walking off, I prayed for my prick to go down decently, which I had to have my hand over and looking at my watch it was nearly zero hour and I was still hard from Rory. I got to Shannon's house comfortably and rang the doorbell. It hardly made a sound outside, then a thirtyish something lady opened the door.


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