Boys of St Gwyneth's

by Dominick St James

Etienne at St Gwyneth's

Etienne had gone through Gwyn's prospectus with his parents and it of course gave a glowing report of itself and its activities. He then perused some online sites to get a better idea of what to expect as a beginner, and came across a St Gwyneth's school blog entitled 'Lords & Damsels'. Etienne, reading it through, gasped and whooped ecstatically. With his face a picture of delight, he then raced downstairs to mummy.

"Mummy, Mummy... I'm going to be a damsel," he said in gleeful high alto, jumping about.

"Oh goodness my darling, not a damsel in distress I hope."

Since moving to England Etienne had seen some very nice boys whilst out shopping with his parents at the weekends. He was obliged to stay close to at least one of them, until he got to know the malls they visited. Here he met and chatted with a few boys that he liked. It turned out that he didn't much like boys over 14, though. His attitude was that since he was a pansy 12 year old, he didn't want them thinking he was just a dolly boy and saw them as pervy.

Whilst out with his father he met a good looking boy who started to chat him up. Papa minded him not to forget the time and where they were to meet up, for lunch. This boy was Scott, a fourteen year old, found Etienne very fetching, dressed as he was in just pale blue mini and red shorts and top. Amongst other stuff, Scott said he looked gorgeously cute. They were in a large store and Etienne allowed Scott to pull him out of the way, behind somewhere for a quick kiss. This turned into a snog and Etienne let Scott have his hands down his shorts on his bare bottom. This brought the fronts of their shorts up in a tight prong for each other. All they could do then was exchange cell numbers for possible dates and then parted as Ettiene's father had to come and find him.

Etienne wanted to look really nice for starting at St Gwyneth's and as he put it, " I nearly passed out seeing what was available for twelve and thirteen year olds." There were hand knitted woollen mini shorts and matching halter top, which really were naughty as they only just covered his bottom. Finishing at the hips, there was a waistband, but no buttons fastenings or fly and were meant to stay up by being soft and clingy and not meant to be worn with undies, either and the top was midriff and bare shouldered.

Etienne eyed himself in the mirror. The wool was soft and made his nipples hard. His prick had lifted the minute he pulled on the shorts and now pronged out the soft wool and clung to his bottom. Etienne didn't think of himself as a tart, but his attire screamed 'pansy nymph'. Whilst admiring himself in the mirror, stroking his prong up and feeling his bottom, he saw a girl stood behind him.. He turned around and he was stood by a rack posing about and ogling Etienne.

As he says, "She was pretty and about my age and wearing a short mini dress, frilly socks and pretty Vans shoes, over white see-through tights. I blushed my head off and hoped he go away, but he came of closer and said 'hey' to get my attention and then lifted up the front of his dress and I saw he was a boy. He was rigid too and had no panties on, just the tights.

"Ohmygosh, I nearly fainted again. I gasped, then giggled. So we started chatting like crazy. His name's Ashleigh and he's my age and he's also starting in the new term at Gwyn's. He likes dressing like a girl when he goes out, cos he likes pretending, likes the looks he gets and likes dating like that. I told him all about myself and that I'm half French and that I'm very good now, with English cos my dad started me off in it when I was seven. I can keep up with any Brit boy now."

Etienne checked out stuff Ashleigh was buying and had to have some of it, plus the cute knitwear he'd picked out. In the changing room, they sat across the bench and brought their bare pricks together, behaving like the horny young fairies they are. They parted promising to look out for each other at Gwyn's and exchanged cell numbers.

With everything settled for school, Mummy brought Etienne to St Gwyneth's on the third day of the new Michaelmas term. Etienne hadn't taken long to get ready, knowing how a pretty damsel ought to dress to be on offer to a nice special boy. He'd chosen only two small items, plus some pretty canvas girls' shoes and frilly socks. Without panties underneath, Etienne covered his bottom in a pair of the hand knitted white woollen mini shorts that sat a little above his hips and finished a couple of inches below his crotch. The garment had no waistband, buttons, fastenings, or fly, and stayed up only because the wool had a clinginess about it. A matching halter top finishing under the breast, completed his dress. All of Etienne's clothing was naughty French wear, from specialist children's and boy boutiques, and his shorts were designed to be easily pulled off him in a trice by another boy. That special nice boy would offer himself to, and then feel the rapture of the his erect horny young teen cock, impregnating his anus.

Etienne stood before his mirror, grinning at himself delightedly and his conspicuous pronging tent that had risen immediately. He wiggled this way and that, then pulled the top of his little shorts out to look at how stiff and pretty his 4½ inch willy looked. The clinginess was soft and light, and followed every curvaceous contour of his body and nicely showed off the fetching cleft of his sexy young bottom. Etienne's willy hardened to aching now and his grin increased, thinking how his body would delight that special boy. The boy's hands would slip down inside his mini shorts to find he had no undies on, then caress his pert lovely bottom. He thought about Francois and climaxed, then watched his jizz dribble down the mirror and knew it would be twice as much with his pussy-hole filled with a 5 or 6 inch gorgeous cock.

It was sometime after lunch when they were shown into the Headmaster's study for a little introductory chat, after which, Mrs Upbrooke, left. The Headmaster then summoned Head Boy Barry to his study.

"This is our Head Boy, Barry Tregellis, Etienne." Etienne stood and they shook hands and Barry gazed up and down at him, and thought he'd never seen a boy of such gorgeous beauty in all his sixteen years of life before.

"Our late arrival, Barry... bringing up the rear," said Headmaster, the double entendre of which was not lost on Barry, but the Head emphasised it with a broad beaming smile and raised eyebrows. Barry tried to keep his composure whilst ogling the pretty nymph.

"I think it will be a very nice pleasure to have you around," said Barry.

"Oh thanks, I hope so," returned Etienne.

'Here's your better chance, Barry,' thought the Headmaster to himself, for though he remained discreet and aloof, the Head was perfectly well aware of what went on with his 'Lords & Damsels'.

Digressing, the Head advised Barry that the afternoon break was to be extended to an hour and a half, as he had called a staff meeting at short notice, and Barry was to mark that down on the foyer white board, before showing Etienne around briefly, and where he had to be after break.

Barry, escorting Etienne along, glanced at him and flushed. 'Wowee, this is a dream... wait while I show him off to Nicky,' thought Barry.

In the foyer after scrawling out the afternoon break announcement, Barry dallied with small talk as he ogled Etienne's exquisitely pert and perky bottom. On some indulgent pretext he slipped a hand to Etienne's waist then let it slide down his back to stroke his bottom.

"Gosh you're a pretty darling... the prettiest in school...," began Barry, as Poppy, his lost damsel, crossed his mind. Etienne though, quickly cut Barry off in his presumptuousness, no mistake. He twirled round on him, standing his ground.

"Get off me will you please, and stop touching me," he said, enunciating it with distinct emphasis.

"I'm a young boy, and you're 16, and touching me up. You awful perv. Keep your hands off me," said Etienne haughtily, then swished about and felt his own bottom, as his fingers went into his cleft to check that Barry hadn't disturbed the appearance of his shorts.

"I don't let any boy even touch me who's more than 14. You're too old for me, so there," said Etienne, indignantly, and twirled out of Barry's reach.

Barry, stunned and utterly gob-smacked, glared at him. 'You fucking mouthy, haughty little brat,' thought Barry in shock, but held back from openly bad mouthing him, thinking the child would come round, once settled down. The boy was so truly exquisite, thought Barry, that it eclipsed his haughty mouth, and rendered him even sexier. Never the less, Barry gave him back a sharp retort. "Oh do excuse me, you impudent little tart but who do you think you are?"

"I can be rude if I want to be, because I didn't say you can touch me, did I. So keep your hands off my bottom please, and I don't care if you are Head Boy either, so there. My young body is for nice horny 13 year old boys that I like. I don't like older boys, so there."

Barry laughed at him. "Dressed like that, you're going to be eaten on sight and you won't have time to ask his age."

"That's not your problem," said Etienne, individually checking his nails out, like a girl. "I like being eaten, but not by teen boys your age, so there."

'Oof... wait while I tell Nicky,' thought Barry, sniggering. "Fine then... but by the way you've got the wickedest, sexy young arse I've ever seen on a pretty damsel chick, so there."

Etienne gave him a long haughty side glance, then snapped his head away like a coquette. "Will you just show me where I have to be after break, thankyou," said Etienne, crisply.

One afternoon at break, as the new term got underway, Poppy and Bailey were sat outside the cloisters, idly chit-chatting, when Poppy idly raised an issue.

"When am I going to put down for tap?"

"I'll have to take those shorts off you, they're covering up your bottom and that's not right," said Bailey, his mind elsewhere. Poppy squealed in giggles at him.

"They're only thin and short."

"I know, but why cover up your bottom up at all. You do have the most bubblicious arse any boy has ever had or stroked. Why hide it?"

"What do you suggest, Master Arse Professor?"

"Hey, don't get cheeky," said Bailey, sharply, arresting him with the mock hauteur that he found so impishly sexy about him. Poppy's eyes widened with lust and his face lit up, sparkling with mischief. He wanted to pounce on him and eat his crotch and breath it in till he passed out from bliss.

Poppy stared into his eyes until his arresting expression collapsed into cheeky playfulness and then like lightning, threw herself on him and stabbed his tongue into his open laughing mouth and they rolled around locked in a snogging embrace.

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