Boys of St Gwyneth's

by Dominick St James

Etienne & Frikkie

Frikkie Randall is just turned 14. His dad's English but his mum's Dutch and so is his name, Frikkie. He's a fit boy, with a sturdy nicely turned frame and boyishly all boy. He does like girls, but also likes girly boys as well, like Bailey also, and so falls for Etienne. Frikkie's a catch, a very good looking boy with lank, dark blond, unkempt hair, bedroom eyes, well defined cheeks, turned up nose, with a knowing smile, he's pushy, cheeky, impudent, shameless and stinky horny. Etienne is going to find out he has a nice prick too, a proud 5¾ inch one. Frikkie does gym and play's cricket at school as well. He's also Bailey's best friend.

Here we discover that Etienne has met his dream boy in Frikkie, who has who captured Etienne on his first day of school at St Gwyneth's. Frikkie spies him surrounded by a group of older teens and pushes in amongst them. He gives Etienne a wink and that's mostly all it takes for him to side step the rest and chat to Frikkie alone.

"Wow, Hi, you're new here," said Frikkie and they started to chat, introing one another.

"I've started later in the term cos we were away in France."

"Oh yeah, I get your accent. You'll like it here. It's great if you like other boys."

"I know, I heard, that's why we decided for me to come here. I'm quite a fairy, you know, a pansy and I do want a boyfriend to look after me.

"Yeah, I can tell your a pansy fairy, sort of." Frikkie laughed out of nervousness and eyed Etienne up and down. "I like you and the way you look. You're bloody pretty for a boy, too.

"Thanks. Do you like my clothes?"

"Yeah I do, a lot. They're ace sexy. They're cheeky and woolly and sexy bloody skimpy. You look really hot in them.

"Oh thanks and thanks for rescuing me. You're sexier looking than me though, and you've got a sexy name, Frikkie. Is that Dutch?

"Yeah, it means Fredrick. Your French name's sexy. Erm... do mummy and daddy let you erm... date, yet?" asks Frikkie a bit breathlessly impetuous.

"Ask me properly, then I'll tell you," said Etienne with a pert little smile.

Frikkie paused and gave him a little frown, then grinned and rolled his eyes.

"Can I date you, please. May I, I should say?"

"That's better. Yes, of course you can. I want you to date me. My mum and dad already know I'm going to be dated at school, I told them."

Frikkie gazed at him, with open mouthed wonder at his impudent cheekiness. "Cor, you're so sexy, the way you talk and say things."

"I know I'm pretty looking and sought of Babyish, but I've been fucked a lot, in case you wondered about me. My cousins in France have fucked me since I was 11. If you want us to get to know each we can, I'd like to, then we can fuck."

"Cor, shuddup, my dingaling's gone bone hard.

"Just lets kiss and press into mine."

The kiss, and their crotches rubbing pricks together, nearly singes the hair off Frikkie's scalp.

"Oh wow, baby, I'm up for more of this. You experienced little shit.

"I told you, I've been fucked and messed with a lot. My cousins taught me everything about sex and how to kiss another boy prop'ly."

"So do you like me?"

"Shuddup, wow yeah, of course I do. You're hands down my shorts feel nice on my bare bottom."

I've fucked young chicks, you know, 11 and 12 year olds, they're nice. They know nothing, though, but they're a nice horny fuck for my prick... and tight. But I like you. So do you wanna be boyfriends, or what?"

"Yes please, Friks. So will you be my proper boyfriend? You're what I want, you know, a nice sexy teen boy. And you're just the right age for me."

It was the weekend before Etienne could really get together with his boyfriend and they lived some distance apart. On the Friday, Etienne asked Frikkie if he would like to have a sleepover with him. That afternoon we find them just arrived home from school and in Etienne's bedroom. Etienne stripped out of his pretty woollen top and shorts in a trice then bounced onto the bed all in one move it seemed. Frikkie kept his on, warily of Etienne parents, then followed Etienne and tumbled onto the bed.

Etienne stretched out on top of him, twiddling his fingers through Frikkie's hair, and twitched and squirmed his bum as under Frikkie's palms down his shorts, he had his bare bottom caressed and stroked. They pressed their crotches to each other's, and laughed, kissed and giggled.

"Does daddy know you let boys stroke your bare bottom?" Etienne gave out a little purring titter.

"I 'spect so. He knows a lot of things.

"Lets play 'true or false', questions and answers," said Frikkie.

"Okay but no quibbling, me first as well," said Etienne.

"Is it true you can't keep your hands off me?"

"True, my turn. Is it true you squeal like a damsel?"

"True, and is it true I'm your boyfriend, and want to suck your cock?"

"Fuck, you're sexy," said Frikkie gazing at him. "Have you got a boyfriend? Another one I mean. You must have somewhere.


"Or here at school?"

"Nope silly, this is only my second day here," laughed Etienne.

"Nope, I haven't seen any boys I liked. Then I saw you. I like being with a really horny boy. That's why I like you."

Etienne heard his father's car draw up in the driveway and bounced off the bed, and donning a nightie, towed Frikkie off with him.

"Daddy, hi, how are you. This is Frikkie Elphinstone, my new school boyfriend."

"Ooh, sharp," said Daddy, looking from one to the other, then eyeing Frikkie. Etienne giggled delightfully and threw himself into his father's arms who lifted him off the floor.

"Hi, Frikkie. How do you like my naughty prince?"

"A lot, sir. He's a beautiful prince, sir."said Frikkie, standing aside, tittering. He marvelled at how father and son were with one another, and was a little surprised. Daddy let him down, tickled him thoroughly, making him scream, and swiped his bubble bottom as Etienne broke free. Upbrooke sat down and beckoned a finger at Frikkie, who approached him and had his bottom patted as he stood by him.

"How old are you, pet," he said, looking indulgently at him.

"Just turned 14, sir," said Frikkie, with a flushed little smirk at the man's familiarity.

"Ah, right. And you don't look any older than that, either. So Etienne's your pretty sweetheart, yes?"

"Yes sir," said Frikkie, blushing and grinning from ear to ear. "Erm, but he doesn't seem so little, sir, I'm five three."

"No, I meant cute, and he's..." began Upbrooke, but was distracted by his son's antics in the middle of the room, posing about in ballet positions, and called to him. The barefoot sexy young nymph sashayed over to them in dainty steps, with saucy hip swings, like a model, with his arms extended, fluttering his fingers in the air.

"Do you think you're pretty like that?" teased his father.

"I don't think. I know," said Etienne flippantly cocking his head and pursing his mouth into a tight little smirk.

"Woohoo," said Frikkie, laughing in high delight at him.

"With a naughty peg sticking your little woolly shorts out?"

"My horny willy," said Etienne, pushing out his pubes, as he very sexily posed about, fingering his tent with his tongue hanging out. Frikkie screeched, laughing at him.

"Get him!" shouted the nymph's father, shaking and snorting with mirth. Etienne broke into shrieking giggles, darting this way and that, shot into the sitting room with his blonde hair flying, as Frikkie pursued him. Swift and light on his bare feet, he dodged about, screaming, then halting, provoking Frikkie to grab him, but springing out of reach when he tried. He got himself boxed in though and was cornered, and with his whooping bubbling voice in exited agitation, he hopped about, trying to squirm past Frikkie and nearly did, but Frikkie grabbed his waist and hauled him to his father.

His father took Etienne's wrists and drew the boy to him, then clasped him and sat him on his knee. Etienne's face was a picture of delightful panting merriment, his vivacious sparkling eyes and pretty countenance were lit up in glee.

"You're a bad fairy," began Upbrooke, dramatically slow and serious, changing the tone of his voice to a hoarse growling whisper, as he squeezed Etienne and glared wide eyed into his eyes. Etienne glared back at him in bubbling mirth. "And you're punishment," continued Upbrooke, with Frikkie drawing up to them, fascinated, "Is banishment, to the isle of Kandalor, the smallest, most isolated island in the world, inhabited only by a tribe of giant slithery penises," at which point, both boys erupted in merry giggling laughter, "Who feed on only two things, the balls of captured cabin boys, and the willies of bad fairies, like you" said Upbrooke.

"Then they won't get hardons anymore, Daddy."

Frikkie gasped at him. Upbrooke smiled and rolled his eyes at Frikkie. Its alright, this nymph is a terror, but I put up with him and we don't have any prohibitions here. In any case if your anything like this monkey, cock is on your mind all the time.

Frikkie blushed, but smiled nodding. 'Wow, what a dad,' thought Frikkie.

"The thing is I do like girls, sir, but..."

"You like cheeky girly boys as well, like this one?"

"Yes sir, and um... I think he's so pretty for a boy."

"I am very pretty, aren't I, Daddy?"

"Yes, rascal, you know you are and if you really like Frikkie, look after him, else he'll go off with a girl." said Upbrooke, winking at Frikkie.

"I wouldn't sir, not now."

Etienne's behaviour, showing off in front of his father got more flagrant.

"Daddy, can Frikkie fuck me?"

"Now child, enough of this. That's for you two to decide. It's nothing to do with me."

Frikkie had covered his face and was laughing into his hands, blushing again.

"I don't know about that, sir," he said, knowing all the while he did, and had had it on his mind the whole of the day. He expected it to be a weekend of unbridled sex, banging Etienne in bed, day and night – the little tart, working him up to this, thought Frikkie. And eyeing him in that nightie, almost see through, with nothing on underneath was working his prick into a rigid chair leg. Etienne had a hard erection too and kept fingering it most openly.

"Now say sorry," said Upbrooke.

"Sorry then. You can fuck me in a minute."

Upbrooke slapped his thigh, but it didn't do any good. The next instant, Etienne had raised his gown and was giggling, showing off his beautiful rigid willie of 4¾ inches.


"I was just showing how big mine is," he said with a cheeky smile, to his father, then covered himself. Now his father wondered about the size of Frikkie's tool that he was going to have inside his son's anus, and thought to get the matter out of the way with in this opportunity, which blew away even Upbrooke's savoir faire.

"Yes, Etienne, but it's a bit coarse to speak of such things in polite conversation. I expect your boyfriend has... um. Yes well anyway.

"I think it will be a nice one Papa," urged Etienne who also hadn't yet had a glimpse. " Show him, Frikkie. We'll be in bed a lot, I expect, Papa."

Frikkie shrugged. "Do you want me to, sir?"

"Only if you want to, pet. I..."

Frikkie saw what was on Upbrooke's mind. 'Well alright then,' he thought. 'It's going in his pretty monkey's pussy, whether he likes it or not.' He stood and opened his jeans, then carefully, so's not to twang it, lifted the top of his briefs over it, and down, and it sprang out.

"PHWAAR," shouted Etienne, then broke into giggles. But Frikkie just stood there, legs apart ans stroked himself up.

"There sir, that's as big as it gets. I'm 6¾ inches in bigness at the moment sir."

"Yes, yes, tuck him back, that's it. Are you happy now, monkey?"

"Cor, Papa, I love it. It's so fucking gorgeous, Frikkie."

"Hey, hey now!"

"So is it okay, Papa," asked Etienne in his tinkling voice, then broke into giggles again.

"Take him, Frikkie, I've had enough of the naughty monkey."

"Wow, yes sir, thanks. I don't mind at all." Etienne leapt at him, laughing and found that Frikkie could hold him in his arms and carry him. Rigid for each other, Frikkie carried him away, back to Etienne's bedroom to fuck, and then date.

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