Boys of St Gwyneth's

by Dominick St James


Etienne Upbrooke is an Anglo-French boy with an English father who is some high up, international media executive, and mummy, a fashion mag editor, from Toulon in France, and they also have an 11½ year old daughter, Driscoll from a previous marriage. The family were rich enough to support two homes, and kept one at Toulon on the French Riviera. Their other home had been near London, but with daddy's high end job now negating pressure as to his locale, they had re-located to the beautiful West Country of England and his father's roots. Once organized, they'd then enrolled Etienne at St Gwyneth's school, rather than boarding him, as Gwyn's was conveniently situated for commuting, and a day school of much high repute.

Etienne, just turned 12, was quite tall for his age, and despite a little puppy fat that remained on him here and there, he stood as slender as a willow with a slim waist and a sweet bottom. He had long graceful legs like a model, that ran in curvaceous arcs at their backs, from ankle to lissom thigh. His hair he wore long, past collar length, and it fell in cascading wavy curls of the palest golden blonde. With his sparkling, long lashed hazel eyes, pert kissable mouth and cute nose, he was an exquisitely pretty boy in both face and form, and a conceited little pansy. Justifiably, he was very vain and full of himself, but also engagingly bossy and chatty, and was adored by his parents.

By the time he was 10½, mummy saw that Etienne was more interested in other boys, and not girls at all, and so did his French cousins and their friends. At that time they were horny adolescent boys of 12 and 13 years old, playing with him, already well inculcated and experienced in the ways of French love making with other boys. His cousins had pulled him about like a doll and had their tongues in his mouth and pretty bottom, setting his body in continual rapture. They called him a chick, a sexy little fairy and a pansy little sissy, in French and within a couple of years, Etienne had become an utterly shameless, and wanton little, gay pansy tart.

And Etienne knew all the words for what kind of a boy he was, in both French and English, and the conceited little pet found it delightful and encouraged their hands all over him. He didn't mind two or more at a time if they wished, and offered himself to them in utter submission whenever he could be available to them.

Bedtime was anytime you wanted it to be, there in Toulon, and their grown ups, his French uncles and aunties, let you do as you liked, with a laissez-faire attitude, knowing what adolescent kids liked best anyway. Why admonish a child in orgasm, screeching in sexual bliss, they thought. They merely rolled their eyes and smirked at one another and marvelled at how much joie de vivre and tireless energy, adolescent boys had for love making, for they had had the same at their age.

At Toulon, the beds squeaked like a Parisian brothel's as you were being fucked, and your feet in the air danced to their tune. And the moaning and prostrating yourself, agile enough with your legs and body to contort, wrap and twist yourself every which way in naked sensual pleasure, jizzing and jizzing in ecstasy.

They bummed, sucked and kissed Etienne three or more with him at a time, in bed and out of it, daily. He was fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked again, they all had him. His gorgeous 13½ year old French cousin, Gregoire, also repeatedly brought him shuddering bliss with slow and sophisticated French sucking and masturbation. But the savoir-faire of the French meant they never rushed, but savoured.

It was a wrench then for Etienne, leaving France as his home and swapping it for England, despite knowing he'd frequently be back holidaying in Toulon. He knew, however, that Gregoire didn't really love him, and that it was only play, for Gregoire had a an astoundingly gorgeous 12 year old boyfriend and the two were deeply in love. But it was the way of the French, that despite being in love, you could fuck around without harming a love affair, especially if it was with family.

With Etienne now in England, he and Gregoire seemed to be keeping in touch more now than ever, via Skype and other media, at least pro tem. But Gregoire's texts always accompanied a photo of his boyfriend, naked, in some lewd and sexy pose. From his last one, with the way he was slung forward protruding his hips, it made the boy look as though he were pregnant. 'He ought to be,' thought Etienne, noticing the glinting wetness of jizz on his thighs.

Etienne reciprocated with pics of himself. With his texts, he sent shots of himself contorted in the most lewd positions he could get himself into, such as arching himself backwards, naked and erect, with both hands and feet on the floor, as he elevated his pudenda up high as he could go. And a video of himself from a camera set up, showing him sprawled back against a pile of cushions and pillows on his bed, wanking his cock with what looked like a long pair of tongs, his tongue hung out with a sexy grin, as he lolled his head to and fro.

Gregoire sent his appreciation, and upped the ante with two videos of himself with his boyfriend; one was of them sat upright in a chair locked together fucking in a steady and earnest rhythm, and the other showed his boyfriend's feet in the air. Etienne without a boyfriend, couldn't keep up and dropped it.

Bored and alone in England, in the expectant interim before school at Gwyn's, the very spoiled and pretty Etienne paraded himself about as a flagrant little cockteaser, and was soon pestered and propositioned by other boys. With kids he didn't like or want to chat with, he could be snotty and haughty, and with older teens beyond 14, extremely insulting, for he didn't like their English crassness and, well versed in the English vernacular, spouted out a potty mouth at them. He was too well aware that grown men too, as well as boys ogled him wherever he went, and so he naughtily provoked them too. He naughtily accentuated his girly sissy mannerisms and behaviour, often lewdly, too, knowing it drove them wild. Then if they dared proposition or importune him, he made an enormous scene, and screamed his lungs out in a huge humiliating tantrum for them.

Etienne badly started to miss France and French cock, which he'd had every day after school. He missed necking in bed with Xavier, laid naked on top of him, whilst Francois sandwiched him and pair leisurely creamed in his hole, one after the other, all afternoon.

English boys seemed to have little finesse of manners about them, thought Etienne, yet he liked their directness, though was very fussy about giving it acknowledgement. But at bedtime he particularly missed having another boy close to him. He had English cousins on his father's side but they were either much older or younger than he and lived far away. Besides, thought Etienne, he wanted a boyfriend's mouth on him now, not a cousin's, but was adamantly resolved it wouldn't be any rough provincial teen. In his dreams it was always Gregoire.

Though only the same age as Poppy and Pymmey, he was now already well experienced with other boys, and had, with his cousins care and attention, been well fucked in every sexual position a boy can devise. Since he'd enjoyed unbridled fucking and being fucked since the age of 11, it had brought his spermarche forward and he was now copiously spunking jizz when he climaxed. Though Etienne tried things in his bottom now for compensation – a carrot, a parsnip, rubber toys, or anything cock like, his masturbation and romping left him weepy and frustrated.

Both his parents knew Etienne was 'that way' about other boys and knew he had romped openly in Toulon, making no secret about what joy and utter sexual bliss his boy cousins had wrought in his body. Etienne didn't dislike girls, he had a sister and found them amusing and liked to copy their ways, especially their attitudes towards boys, but in sexual ways he was as crazy about boys, as they were.

One evening, Etienne wept his heart out on his father's lap, bringing out all his sexual frustrations. They were very close, and Papa adored and loved him. He comforted and caressed him and told him sexy school stories and re-assured him that at his new school, he'd quickly have so many boyfriends aching for him, it would be embarrassing. However, for the moment, daddy suggested that they see a child psychologist, who would at least give good and helpful advice. So Papa duly took Etienne along to see a certain Doctor Hammond, a gentleman of late forty something who specialised in adolescent boy issues.

Hammond's receptionist ushered them into the consulting room to find him not sat behind a desk, but in an armchair, with a vacant chair facing it. As they entered he stood and greeted them, and his eyes, falling on his young client, nearly popped out of his head. He swallowed hard. Etienne was dressed in a pair of white silk mini shorts, finely piped in pale blue. They had the effect of clinging to his bottom, but were also loose legged. His top matched and was a loose fit too, but terminated above his midriff to reveal an entirely bare waist and tummy button.

Hammond offered Upbrooke a seat towards the back of the room, then patted the vacant armchair for his client to seat himself. Hammond quickly erected, stiff as a jackpole, gulping as he watched the boy's long naked beautiful thighs and the way his bottom wiggled, in mini shorts, as Etienne sashayed to the seat. And Hammond could tell by the fineness of the silk, that the boy had no underwear on. These thing a pederast picks up, thought Hammond to himself.

"My, my, Etienne, your daddy told me what a pretty darling you are, and I see he wasn't lying, you're a stunningly lovely boy, aren't you. Absolutely a knock out," said Hammond, a keen connoisseur of attractive adolescent boys. He took his seat opposite Etienne and repeated some of his endearments.

"You're a little 12 year old scorcher, aren't you, or am I wrong?" said Hammond, warming to his subject.

"Mmm, well I don't know what a scorcher is but Papa's always kissing me everywhere, so I suppose that could be the reason."

"And do you like your papa's kisses everywhere?"

"Not when he kisses my bare bottom," smirked Etienne, "I just want to toss more. It makes me so stiff." Etienne turned his smirk to his father, but Papa had engrossed himself in some reading matter. Hammond suppressed a gasp at the thought of kissing Etienne's bare bottom.

'I say, my darling, shall I wank you while I'm kissing your bare bottom, or do you want to do that, while my nose and mouth savour your sweet pussy,' mused Hammond to himself. "Ah, alright, and Mummy and daddy say you can't leave your willy alone?"

Etienne's eyes glinted at him, alert to the familiar signs of a man sexually attracted to him, eyeing his pronging crotch.

"I never had to before, when we lived in France. Now my prick's stiff all the time, thinking about them," said Etienne, wistfully.

"So you didn't masturbate so much in France?"

"Noh, I didn't have to masturbate with my cousins at all."

"So did they suck your stiff willy, my pet?" asked Hammond, who took a loving delight in having discussions with adolescent boys about their willies.

"Yes, and it didn't matter if I was so stiff all the time, because it was only that I wanted to be sucked then."

"Of course, and you're in love with your stiff willy, yes?" Hammond smiled lovingly, hearing Etienne's giggly denial giving himself away, as he scanned eyes over the boy's long bare legs, flawless, but for a few fading hickies on his thighs, his neck also, making him look more than delightful, sexual candy "Did you enjoy them sucking you so much?"

"Weh.... why yes, of course." Etienne giggled his answer and Hammond watched sunlight from a window, trick out highlights in the boy's beautiful locks, shimmering like pale liquid gold as he tossed his head.

"Alright then. Can you tell me me more about your life with your cousins in France?" he asked.

"I've got five boy cousins. Two are 12, one is 13 and one is 14 now, and they are fantastic. I love them to pieces. So we started to try to let my hole have them when I was about ten and a half. From school, I undressed everyday. They did it, then we went to the bedrooms. I remember it was... I laid over his head, Gregoire's for my prick in his mouth. Then I start fucking while he suck and Francois go into my hole with tongue. Now while do this, Xavier is sucking my feet, then he comes up over Gregoire, then we make lots of kissing. Then they were having my hole after I was eleven. It was so easy then, so Jean-Baptiste was fourteen and having my hole too, But I was always sucked and kissed, too.

"Afterwards Gregoire got a nice boyfriend and they're in love now, So I played with Xavier, sucking and kissing, giving me bite love, while my other cousins were fucking together on the bed. Xavier fucked my arsehole with his finger while we snogged and that was also... how you say, I don't know. He got me so horny I nearly went out of my brain, my whole body was shaking, so I used to scream my head off.

"It is so fucking good, sir. They teach me all – what a boy can have, if he wants to have it. It was terrific for us, everyday in Toulon. Do you know it sir?"

Hammond shook his head and shrugged. "In the south of France, but I have never been there." He noted the fluency of Etienne's vernacular English and listened attentively to his bubbly effeminate voice and cute French accent, expressing his sexual joy, devoid of shame or modesty. He watched the boy's body language, his animated mannerisms and gesticulations, the way he ran his hands over himself, repeatedly stroking and cosseting an obvious tented prong, conspicuous visible through silk mini shorts, devoid of underwear. In any case he could hardly wear boxer shorts and had never tried them.

Hammond wondered what was coming out now, and shook his head smiling.

"Yes it is so special. It was a place, a good place to learn... how to fuck," Etienne giggled."We can pee the bed, kissing. No not so much though, but on the sands, yes. You think your wet shorts are from the sea, no they are not. They are from the Pepsi-Cola." Etienne's giggles effused through Hammond's office.

"And did you enjoy that."

"Aww ha, very much. It is so good to be peeing very much. We didn't care. Kissing and peeing, it was drenching, and so good playing like that too in his fingers."

Now as Hammond digested the boys diatribe and was about to continue, Etienne now closed his eyes, and wrenching his head to one side, began to hitch and sob. "We were like that every day in France... it made me cry sometimes, my body was so happy."

He began to weep openly, and Papa hearing him, dropped his magazine and came over, then lifted his treasure into his arms and sat and nursed him on his lap, kissing and caressing him, petting little kisses on his neck.

"Aww... Etienne," said Hammond, sympathetically.

"Darling... there there now, my sweetheart. Listen to what doctor says," said Mr Upbrooke, wiping away his son's tears.

"I want a boyfriend," Etienne now wailed, hitching in louder sobs.

"Yes, of course my pet," said Hammond. "And I'm very sorry you're upset, and missing your cousins but I'm told you'll shortly be attending a new school, St Gwyneth's Boys. I am very familiar with it and it's ethos, and there, I am certain you will be pursued by boys wanting to court you. In fact, you are so pretty, I am sure you will be pestered by many, and you will have a dozen boys wanting to be your boyfriend. They'll wait for just a wave of your pretty hand to be allowed to undress and please you, my pet."

Mr Upbrooke smiled in agreement, and in his son's head, images of being pestered to be fucked, and having his body rendered in exquisite sexual joy, swirled across his mind. He slouched back against his father and brought a foot up onto the seat, lolling his thigh wide open against his daddy's arm. Grinning and simpering at Hammond, he put a hand to his naked young balls, which were being made visible through a leg opening of his mini shorts. He had no undies on, and his stiff young prick then also popped out, springing straight up. Etienne gave out a little sniggering giggle and began to toy with it, then opened his thighs across his father's lap and started full blown fapping.

"Hey, Etienne now, stop it, please," said Upbrooke, tapping his thigh.

"It's alright," said Hammond and watched the sun glinting off the boy's hair again, and off the pretty blonde down on his skin, as Etienne contentedly wanked, without a care in the world. 'Oh gawd... what a sublime beauty. I'd beg and grovel in filth to have my cock up you, my gorgeous young darling,' thought Hammond. 'What a bounty you'll be for some lucky stripling at Gwyneth's. One wiggle of your pert bottom and you'll wreak havoc.

"Have you chatted with Etienne about health?" continued Hammond, trying to remain calm and urbane, as he watched the palm of Upbrooke's right hand slowly glide back and forth along his son's under thigh, while his blonde treasure ramped its hips in abandon, masturbating on his lap.

"We had a little chat about... um, size."

"In his bottom?"

"Yes, I said he oughtn't to have more than six inches. His cousins were about that, between five and six I believe... so we've talked about boyfriends and penises, etcetera.

As Hammond was about to comment, Etienne climaxed, wailing and moaning in rapture with his tongue out, and jizzed out adolescent cockspunk a foot into the air, which fell, splattering his crotch and his father's trousers, between Etienne's open thighs. Hammond groaned almost audibly, thinking it one of the most beautifully erotic sights he had ever seen in his consulting room. The pungent odour of adolescent jizz, mixed with exotic musky boy scent and some other girly fragrance he had on, nearly had Hammond gasping.

"Oh for goodness sake, Etienne," said Upbrooke. Etienne's body went limp against his father's chest and he started to giggle. Hammond looked at him bemusedly, and swallowed hard.

"Are you okay now, young prince?" he said, giving the boy a most winsome indulgent look.

"I couldn't help it, when you started talking about teen cock," spluttered the giggling Etienne. "And, I'm a princess. I want to be one, not a prince. In England, I want to be fucked," giggled Etienne.

'Ah... "I couldn't help it," a signature to every pre-amble I hear. No my darling you cannot. You're head is in a cock-cloud, princess and your own beauty drives you wild,' thought Hammond, as he reached in a drawer and passed Upbrooke some tissues.

Hammond ruminated, then got up, and from a cupboard withdrew a carton labelled 'BoyJoy' on it.

"I can't help you with a boyfriend, Etienne, but I have something here for you which you can enjoy until you get one, or indeed at any time, with your boyfriend or alone. It's... um, in schoolboy parlance, a wanking machine," he said, withdrawing the device from the box. "Though it's actually not a machine really, but electronic." Hammond put the device on his desk, and unwrapped plastic from it. Upbrooke's jaw dropped and Etienne grinned.

It was a plastic, flesh coloured, two piece item, connected together by a flat sliding bar. At one end was a realistic looking, 5½ inch silicone boy penis attached to a pair of silicone hands, and at the other end was a silicone doll's head, with cute 'boy features' that had a functioning mouth, complete with soft realistic lips and tongue.

"You will see how it can be used, Etienne, yes?" Etienne giggled and played with his nipples idly, under his top while staring at it.

"Daddy, it looks so naughty," he said and broke into more giggling.

"Well you've got a naughty willy haven't you," said Upbrooke, kissing his son's neck indulgently, as he wiggled a forefinger in his damp crotch.

"Etienne, you can use it lying down or sat up. It has instructions, but I'll just go through them. The jake, as it calls it, you sit down on or carefully push it into your bottom, so that the hands are on your bottom cheeks."

Etienne flung his arms around his father's neck and screeched in giggles, burying his face. Hammond waited while he settled a bit and continued.

"It has it's own control, and it will... excuse my parlance, fuck your hole like a proper penis would, and you can also have it vibrate, too. For it to suck your willy, you move BoyJoy's adjustable head into position, so that your willy is inside its mouth. The mouth will then look after your stiff willy like a real boy would, sucking and licking with its lips and tongue, and hands, and the tongue and lips can also vibrate."

Etienne was rapt and stared at the device with an open mouthed grin. His father had a hand half covering his face, beneath which he quietly laughed, shaking in mirth.

"The whole device is adjustable and you can have the mouth working without the jake, or vice versa and they both heat up to body temperature, when the device is switched on. The adjustable head will also extend up to your head and can french you whilst you're being fucked. Do you like snogging whilst you're being fucked Etienne, yes?"

"Yes, by two boys," said Etienne, smirking.

Hammond then showed them its remote control. "This, you can keep in your hand, or by you. It controls both jake and head so that your hand's are free from the device, to let it do its pleasuring. And also, it is programmable, so that when you get used to its workings, you can set the whole thing up to work on you in various ways, for as long as you wish. Slowly at first, perhaps, then as you're driven hornier, it can work you more thoroughly."

"Yo, daddy, its like alien robot sex," squealed Etienne in excitement.

"It won't give him bad dreams, will it?"

"Goodness gracious, no. Possibly very nice erotic ones, though. You can also use it lying face down, Etienne, on a pillow pile, together or separately. And excusing my parlance again, once you have it in position, it will allow you to fuck and romp your body, your willy and your bottom, any which way in it, as much as you wish. It comes with a gel which you must use; that's very important. You apply it to your hard willy and inside your bottom, as I am sure you will know already, and the jake and mouth also, but not when its snogging you, of course."

"Can it suck itself," enquired Etienne out of the blue, smirking naughtily.

"Now why would you want it to do that, young man?" said Hammond, and stared at Etienne with a trace of a smirk himself, until the boy's expression electrified and he erupted in giggling mirth.

"I just wondered," blurted out Etienne, bubbling in laughter. Hammond looked to his father, and shook his head with a grin.

"Boys, tut, tut. Yes, young man, it will attempt to do that, but as soon as the mouth senses Jake entering, the BoyJoy device will cut off."

"Oh, so it won't explode," sniggered Etienne.

"I'll make you explode," laughed Upbrooke, squeezing him.

Hammond paused, smiling broadly at Etienne. He then picked up BoyJoy and switched Jake on. They watched, fascinated as it went through its fucking and sucking sequences, very slowly, up to very rapidly, as Hammond controlled it. As he demonstrated the head with its moving mouth, lips and tongue, Etienne went into screaming giggles and nearly had hysterics, finishing up in father's lap with his legs around his neck, and head hanging back over his knees. Hammond now stared at Etienne's uncovered titty nipples and went into a muse again. 'Sweetheart, do you want to cum like that, because your titties need sucking, don't they, then you can ejaculate in my ear.' Hammond gulped, then composing himself, carried on.

"There is no electrical risk with it, because it has its own power pack. So you see how it will be like two boys busy with you at the same time?"

"What do you think, Papa?" said Etienne, now righting himself and kissed his father's cheek.

"It won't put him off having a boyfriend, will it?" said Upbrooke as he picked up BoyJoy to examine it.

"No, otherwise, at his age, he will just get tired of it. It's not a real substitute, you see, not as good as the real thing, at least not by itself. Schoolboys like to have the jake in their bottoms whilst a real boy's sucking them. I'm told that's nice. And also, the sucking mouth is popular for their cocks when they're being fucked, which can give them dramatic simultaneous anal-penile orgasms." Father and son played about with BoyJoy, as Hammond concluded.

"With or without BoyJoy, his boyfriend, if he's nice, caring and responsible will, I'm sure, fully satisfy him, as he has had in France. I have offered BoyJoy on quite a few occasions to boys of all ages, dependant upon circumstances. When a boy's lust is eating him away for the unattainable, it is very efficacious, and for shy lonely boys... and ugly boys. At that, the Upbrookes hugged and exchanged looks of compassion and sympathy. The consultation finished and Upbrooke casually queried the fee plus the device cost.

"Is it under 10... or what?"

"Altogether sir, my account is 15," said Hammond, smiling at his boy client.

"Give doctor a nice hug, darling," said Upbrooke. Etienne rolled his eyes at his father and looked menacingly at him, then turned to briefly submit himself to Hammond. For one fleeting moment in paradise, Hammond stroked and squeezed Etienne's thinly covered pert bottom and petted a kiss to the boy's sweet mouth, though Etienne had only presented his cheek. Two seconds elapsed, then Etienne, reaching behind himself, in a high hauteur, grabbed Hammond's wrist, threw it off and swirling round, flicked a back hander at him.

"Get off me, you pervy old fucker," screamed Etienne. Hammond's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets but his expression was electric, and as his mouth fell open in delighted astonishment, he exploded in laughter.

"Etienne!" blurted his father, loudly, making himself cough from his surprise.

"I'm so sorry, Hammond, he has a very sharp fiery temper and has also picked up quite a potty mouth here. Etienne, apologize this instant."

"What a cross naughty princess, my my," spluttered Hammond, beaming in mirth at him.

"I will not. He's a pervy twat," screamed Etienne, stamping his foot. Upbrooke could hardly believe that the blue language in his ears was from his own beautiful son.

"I'm only forty two, my pretty princess," croaked Hammond comically, and burst into more laughter.

"I'm sorry, I don't know where he's got that mouth from," said Upbrooke, shaking his head, but caught Hammond's mirth and began to chuckle, himself.

"He was rubbing and squeezing my bottom, Papa."

"Oh it'll get better, don't worry about it. You'll have it rubbed and squeezed by the minute very soon."

"Tosh," said Etienne, dismissively and skipped out of the office into reception, banging the door. Hammond drew Upbrooke aside.

"Don't worry about him. He's in love with himself, his sexuality and his life, and his cock and rightfully so, he's a gorgeous boy. He'll quieten down though at Gwyn's. He'll be fucked so much by his chosen boyfriend that he'll have neither the time nor inclination to misbehave."

"Oh," chuckled Upbrooke, "You don't know him."

"They're all the same at that age. It's cock. Cock fills their brains twenty four seven. But look, BoyJoy will keep him well occupied for the time being. When he gets a boyfriend, show him cordiality and that he's welcome in your family, and let them fuck anywhere, as much as they want. It's fun watching them too – an art form, and your son is an exquisite beauty. Do you like boys, that way... it's nothing to be ashamed of?"

"I have a wife for that." said Upbrooke.

"No offence, but they hardly compare, my friend. I have my neighbour's young tyke over from time to time for counselling. He's twelve and tells me all about his sex life laid on top of me in bed, while I stroke his bare bottom for therapy.

"His, or yours?" asked Upbrooke, seriously. Hammond only laughed and they parted with a handshake.

Upbrooke, stepping into reception to settle his account, saw Etienne's silk top and mini shorts discarded in the exit doorway. He fumbled with his card at the desk, craning his neck to see through the open door, and glimpsed Etienne in the car park. He was stark naked but for shoes and socks, and was shuffling about in little steps, hither and thither on tip-toe, with interlaced fingers on top of his head, humming to himself whilst looking down at his willy, that was vertically erect again.

Upbrooke paid, and swiping up Etienne's skimpy attire, stuffed them into his pocket, then grabbing the BoyJoy carton, hurried outside. He paused, and watching his beautiful naked darling son, sashay about, mused on Hammond's remarks and started to chuckle. As he put BoyJoy on his car back seat, Etienne skipped up to him and scanned his father's expression of acceptance and amusement, feeling a frisson of delight run through his body, then smiled in a wide pretty grin, mischievously.

"I'm so sexy, Papa, aren't I" he said wiggling his hips and flicking at his erect young prick.

"Huh... says who, and why have you taken your clothes off?"

"Ask anyone. I just wanted to show my prick off outside, I'm horny," he said, skipping away, giggling. Then he turned around.

"Daddy... watch me piss," said Etienne, and with legs astride and hands on head again, he pushed out his wiggling hips indecently, and began pissing out a golden arc of streaming pee as his willy subsided. His appearance in the car park hadn't gone unnoticed either, as their were others around and the men and youths about went quietly rigid, wanting to penetrate Eden.

"You bad fairy," growled out Upbrooke, and went for him. With a piercing shriek, Etienne, fleet as a sprite, darted away from him in a gale of giggling laughter. A fourteen year old, eyeing him, who had already come in his pants, came in them again, as Upbrooke tore after the naked eye candy that was his son. Etienne slackened pace, enough to be caught, and captured, was then squeezed half to death, to a flutter of applause.

"You see... you've attracted an audience."

"Cos they're horny for me," said Etienne, nonchalantly passing it off as he bathed in his father's embrace, wriggling about, and the fourteen year old creamed his briefs a third time. Upbrooke hauled Etienne off to their car.

"How come you've got a naughty mouth now, by the way, you bad fairy?"

"It's Gregoire and Xavier on Buckface, messaging me and being rude. So, I have to find out what it is in English cos you said I have to stick to that now."

"So stop chatting with them then, and I didn't say you had to swear."

"Okay.... Papa come, I want to have BoyJoy on me in the car. Come and do it for me," he said, tugging on his fathers hand.

Etienne lay back in the front seat of his father's expensive AMG Merc, completely naked with his hands behind his head and a bare foot on the seat, letting his thigh loll open. He gurgled blissfully, feeling BoyJoy's jake filling his pussy, and squirmed and wriggled his bare bottom on its palms. His father crouched down by the open door, and fiddled with its head.

"Hurry up Papa, I want to have everything switched on."

"All yours," said Upbrooke, handing Etienne its remote control. "Press the 'on' button, then the 'start' one. I've only programmed it for its head to take in your willy, then start you off slow."

Etienne started to feel Jake get warmer in his bottom and it began moving about in his anus, and BoyJoy's head moved along, via the connecting bar to find his willy. Etienne squealed, sounding like a sexy little maiden, and began writhing his bottom on the hands that now contoured themselves on it, as Jake started to gently fuck him.

As the AMG smoothly pulled out of the car park, BoyJoy's head came into position and the mouth went down on Etienne's stiff young prick, red from aching arousal, and started to gently manipulate, suck and lick it, as it bobbed about. Etienne gasped as BoyJoy serviced him with thorough deliberation, and he very shortly went into an anal-penile climax, clasping its head to himself, spasming and shrieking in chaos. The mouth sucked in his squirting jizz, as he felt the taught convulsions of orgasm in his crotch, radiate through his body, making his bottom arch off the seat with the Boy Joy.

Jake and the mouth, having detected orgasm from Etienne's clenching rosebud, and the spunky wetness in its mouth orifice, subsided, then gradually stopped. Etienne lay back limply, panting, sobbing and snivelling, realising he hadn't had it so good since Gregoire and Xavier had been busy with him, nearly three months ago. Yet though it was satisfying, in a way it wasn't.

"Did you enjoy that, horny little nymph," said his father, with raised eyebrows in mirth, trying not to laugh too much for fear of him sounding mocking.

"Cor Papa that was freaking awesome," returned Etienne in a rather dazed voice. "It didn't last long enough, though." He eased Jake out of his bottom. "I don't think I'm going to have them both one me together next time."

Upbrooke laughed and tousled his son's shaggy hair, proud of everything about him really, particularly his down to earth, realistic attitude at 12 years old. Etienne relaxed into a nap.

Etienne's father was his god and he adored him. Upbrooke knew it and respected it, even though Etienne could effortlessly twist him round his little finger. He was his parent's darling, denied practically nothing and permitted virtually anything. Upbrooke though, didn't want to involve himself in his son's sex life, or have sex with him, no matter how Etienne provocatively pushed at the boundaries. Where the line was rather grey for Etienne, it was certainly black for his father. Yet in a way it was grey for him too, but Upbrooke as a 41 year old mature adult, could easily handle himself and Etienne, whereas the boy's head was in a cock cloud and he didn't have the same rules.

Upbrooke realised they'd spoiled him dreadfully and encouraged his concupiscence, but it had been unavoidable; he was breathtaking and they both doted on him. In their Toulon home, nearly every morning at about seven o'clock, since he'd turned nine, he'd tripped stark naked into their bedroom, with his blonde wavy curls in his face and willy standing up, then bounced onto their bed exuberantly and clambered inbetween them. There, he got tickled and kissed and pulled about, shivering and quivering in juvenile immature orgasms when mummy or daddy's fingers alighted on his crotch. Mummy soon had enough of his voice and got up to do breakfast.

Now he had Papa all to himself, to dedicate his body to, for more intense singular play. Every inch of it, nook and crevice he could now enjoy feeling his father's mouth and hands on. He was Daddy's dolly then, to have his feet and fingers, genitals and bottom and crotch on or in Papa's mouth as he was pulled and thrown about, screaming in delight. Then puberty unfurled its sexual petals in his body, and Etienne gave his body to his boy cousins.

They intoxicated him and made him drunken from exquisite sensual joy, with Etienne enjoying it more and more. The family was close and they all lived nearby one another. The boys didn't differentiate homes and always got together, being freely allowed to stay where they wished. They lived so intimately, that 'sleeping over' was a superfluity.

Little changed in the Upbrooke's lifestyle, until they moved to England. Etienne though, was now approaching 12, and in the full flower of puberty, he was now a concupiscent little wanton. Yet his adoring parents still indulged him, and treated him the same. Now they teased him about his constantly stiff willy, which was now of 4½ inches, and about what he was getting up to with his cousins. Etienne told them everything, and lewdly and openly masturbated in their bed, showing off his spunking to them. But again, when mummy got up, he flirted outrageously with his father, showing off his body in every position he could. Daddy pulled him about playfully just as before, but Etienne took full advantage, sitting on his face, then crouching astride his shoulders. He provocatively masturbated in his face, while Daddy admiringly stroked his beautiful thighs and bottom, but refused to open his mouth. Now settling down in England, Etienne enjoyed BoyJoy servicing him.

He'd got the hang of everything it could do now, to suit his every mood and whim. He lay naked on a recliner in the TV lounge, with legs splayed open resting on its arms, as he watched a movie, while Jake, set on 'lento', languorously screwed his anus. He found that was a comfortable sexy mode, nicely stimulating his prostate enough to keep his willy rigid, without it pushing him over the edge, until he wanted to be.

He brought the head up to snog with from time to time, but soon found that tiresome and uninspiring. Now he only had to increase Jake a little, giving a few more strokes of his prick, and that sent him over the edge to have an exquisite anal-penile climax. He could repeat this one after another, perhaps two or three times. Then at bedtime he had the device fully screw and suck him into delirium, making him wail in bliss.

But better than this was soon to come, at St Gwyneth's School.

Well, so there we are about Etienne. He's rather naughty and precocious, isn't he. What a catch he'll be too, at St Gwyneth's. Will he be Poppy's rival at school? Will he be the Head Boy's Damsel? In chapter 4, to follow, we shall learn how it's concupiscent, young pretty tarts rule the roost there. Will Etienne get a boyfriend, who will he choose.

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