Boys of St Gwyneth's

by Dominick St James

The Gazette Interview

We return now back to Poppy and his boyfriend, Bailey. In drama at school Poppy does tap dancing and he's good. One evening whilst out with his mother and Bailey, he gives an impromptu tap performance amongst the other dancers. He is caught on camera and the video and photos are sent to the local press. We take up the story as the photos and his story are published.

There was a large response from young readership, when a few days later, Poppy's dance photo was published in the Tharlsmorton Gazette. Kids sent in e-mails and there were numerous phone calls clamouring for more photos and info to be published about him. A journalist from the paper phoned Poppy, and telling him about the interest he'd aroused, asked for an interview and more pics. The idea thrilled Poppy to bits and after readily agreeing, the journalist phoned his school for on site permission, which they gave.

Pymmey who'd been in class during the press call, was even more enthusiastic than Poppy to see what they'd published, as Poppy had only given him a brief outline of it. When the paper came out on the following Saturday morning, the pair were at the newsagent first thing and eagerly opened it between each other as they started to saunter home. The piece was a centre page spread and as they held it up, scanning the takes first, Pymmey started to screech.


Adorable and fetching, Faversham 'Poppy' Popplethorn, not quite 12 years old, is a tip top tap artiste and the newest boy talent on the showbiz dance scene. The gorgeous young heart throb Poppy, began learning tap dancing at primary school and now has tip top tap awards in it for music interpretation and improvisation. Our arts correspondent, Bob Harris was invited over for an interview with Poppy at his school, St Gwyneth's Independent Day School for Boys.

Bob takes up the story:

"Yes, Poppy is a beautiful adolescent boy, very cute and talented, but sensible, who says he knows already what he wants out of life. So I went along to Gwyn's to chat with him, and his boyfriend...

"Poppy, you make tap dancing look so cute and easy – is it all just happy feet and clickety clack?"

"You can call it that because of the sound, but that's just the percussion from the shoes. You've got to be able to dance properly first, and make all the other dance movements too, like with your body and arms, as well as legs."

"And you do it so beautifully. I suppose the music's important though, yes?"

"Yes, if it's got a good rhythm for dancing, specially jazzy or Latinish. But you've got to learn to do it 'a cappella' as well – with no music."

"With the rhythm in your head?"

"Yes, you've got to keep a good tempo and synch your steps to the beat."

"So, when we spotted you, what dance numbers were you doing?"

"The organist guy was playing stuff I can dance to, like what Westlife do with old Art Deco swing jazz, which is my favourite, specially 'De Lovely' and 'Keep Young & Beautiful'. So that's why I went for it. Soon as they started noticing me, I put everything into it, plus cute French stuff. I did slapdowns, wiggles, jump twists, shakes, flips, high toe steps, with palming and even bum-slaps. Plus changing to double and triple tempo, then half tempo. After that they played latin numbers for me, but I only did about four numbers altogether."

"Did you have the floor to yourself, Poppy?"

"Um, well there were people dancing, but most just stopped, soon as I started and were just either hopping about or laughing and clapping me. Then I got hugs and applause with stuff like 'clever, dazzling', and 'brilliant, darling' and things."

"Do you want to be another Fred Astaire when you leave school?"

"Um... who is he?"

"He's dead now, but he was a very famous Hollywood tap dancer and movie star."

"Well yes, I probably will be the new tap dancer for Hollywood when I've finished school, if I still want to do it, or be a model. I like to show off lots, so I'd be good in movies too."

"What do you do after school, Poppy. What hobbies have you got?"

"Mainly anything my boyfriend wants us to do, really. I never tell him no, cos we're perfect together and I would have thought of it anyway too. For hobbies, I like games, fashion clothes, dancing, kissing, chatting, tennis, and skating, making out, and any teen stuff really."

"How did you meet Bailey?"

"At school of course. I met him the first day we started here. He's thirteen and very sexy, as you can see. He was stroking my bottom before I even saw who it was, then when I looked I nearly passed out at how gorgeous he looked. Then afterwards we started kissing and chatting and found how much we liked each other."

"Does Bailey date you?"

"Duh, of course. I was with him on a date, in that first pic of me at the restaurant."

"Where else do you go on dates?"

"Well he likes his hands and mouth on my bare bottom a lot, so you can guess, can't you. It's the first thing we do after school, cos we usually can't wait. I like being in bed mostly. At weekends we're busy all the time after homework. I make him lazy, but it's nice, cos he says I look so sexy, doing 'you knows' on it. When we decide where we want to go for real dates, Bailey's mum drops us off somewhere, like for a movie, discos, ice skating which I'm also great at, or other zillions of stuff. Or we bike or walk somewhere and find another place that's nice for kissing and making out. I never remember where though."

"Can you dance, Bailey?"

"It depends. I can move, but I can't keep to steps."

"Alright. What do you think about Poppy's dance talent?"

"Um well, it was a surprise cos I knew he'd got dance class but I'd not seen him actually doing tap. Then when my mum took us to his cousin's restaurant where you can dance as well, cos they've got a big theatre organ, Poppy said he was taking his tap shoes. I thought it was just one more cute thing about him. But then after we'd eaten, there was dancing, so the next minute, Poppy had dashed off and put his shoes on. And he was in a really sexy skimpy little outfit, too. Then the next thing, he was on the floor, tap dancing like some movie whizz kid, hair flying, skipping and hopping about, crazy sexy, with his beautiful bum. I was just totally stunned. I could hardly close my mouth and I got so stiff watching his legs and bottom. When he did 'Keep Young & Beautiful' with a sexy naughty face, I creamed my pants. He's totally fantastic at it and so fricking cute and cheeky as well, you know. Everybody was clapping and whistling."

"Are you cheeky with it, Poppy?"

"Mmm... well he never tells me I'm cheeky, just other stuff. And that top as well, only just covered my tits and in the routine it kept coming up over my nipples. But so when I was coming over to sit down again, I saw he was upset cos his mum was hugging him and he was sobbing. So he didn't say anything at first, and she had that mothering look, you know. So then I started to cry as well, cos I was so confused. Then his mum whispered something to him and he sat down and pulled me onto his lap and said he was in love with me."

"Was that a big surprise for you, Poppy?"

"We knew already we both were, except we didn't say. It was sort of frightening you know. So then I told him how much I was already in love with him. Then his mum kissed us both. The scary part was afterwards, it's like being in a cloud, and we're so stiff all the time."

"Do you find it scary, Bailey?"

"Nope, not at all. I really love Poppy to bits and what we're in."

"What's your favourite music, Bailey. What do you like to listen to?"

"I like to listen to my chick when we make out." (They both giggled).

"You say chick, Bailey, do you see Poppy as fem?"

"Well he's very pretty and cute for a boy, as you can see, and he loves being my pretty pansy. He makes me so stiff and wet. We both liked other boys a lot before we got together, but I like pretty ones who are girly and sexy, and Poppy likes boys who are cute but totally boyish, which I am. So that's how we are with each other. Poppy's my total crush and the prettiest boy ever."

"How about you, Poppy, do you agree with Bailey?"

"Yes, I'm very happy being who I am, and I'm not shy about being girly and being treated like a pretty pansy, cos I love it. I am crazy for Bailey cos he is my dream boy and drives me wild, but I wouldn't want to be a real female girl, like with the medical stuff and that. I don't mind being a girly boy, and anyway just because I'm pretty you can still tell I'm a boy. Bailey doesn't want me to be a real girl either cos he likes to have my you know in his mouth, and I like his too, and all boys like that anyway, don't they. So um... we don't want to change anything."

"How do you handle sex and passion, Poppy?"

"Well he never complains about my voice. I've started to like lots of bedtime with my boyfriend, even if I'm not 12 yet, cos we don't just kiss. So I have it everyday, even at school if we can't wait. So yeah, that's handling passion, isn't it. But I don't know what you mean really, handling it. Passion and sex is just there all the time really for us... so I handle it like that."

"And are mummy and daddy fine with everything?"

"With sex stuff – yeah of course. My dad says we have to enjoy ourselves, which we do. He smacks my bare bottom though, when he catches me with no clothes on, but just for fun. Our mums sometimes shout to keep our racket down when Bailey's... um 'you knowing' me. Otherwise yeah, my parents are cool guys."

"Thankyou Poppy and you too Bailey for this super interview and great pics. You're a very talented and delightful boy, Poppy. We wish you and Bailey all the best for a great future."

"You're welcome."

Next to the write-up were pics of Poppy dancing. Poppy and Pymmey read the piece, with Pymmey cooing dreamily and kissing Poppy's cheek after nearly every paragraph, then looked at his pics again.

"Woohoo, Poppy that's a fantastic interview... so sexy and romantic. Shoo, I bet it gets round the whole school and your pics definitely will. They'll be on every kids phone and the tube.

"That's okay, but they better not start being jealous and horrible."

"Why worry about that with the boyfriend you've got. In any case I'd just tell Nicky to sort them out for you. Flip though, you're gonna get pestered to death for autographs and you'll get a few more idiots wanting to date you."

"Do you like what Bailey says?"

"Yeah, he's really cheeky isn't he... hehehe... you make him so 'stiff and wet'. That's porn." laughed Pymmey. "And then you... 'I have it everyday, even at school if we can't wait.' You're as bad as each other. I love the 'if we can't wait, bit"

"Well sometimes we can't."

"I know, me neither sometimes.

"Straight after, he fucked me on a gym mat. I was nearly in tears for it."

"And this one with your foot lifted up on the chair. You can see his hand is nearly on your crotch – in a public restaurant... you naughty boy."

"It was, cos he was wanking me through my mini shorts – but I moved his hand off."

"You're so freaking sexy, Poppy."

"I wanted to be, specially in a Lambo."

"You're kidding."

"Nope, it's his mum's car, a red V12 with wing doors.

"Jeez, what's that like?"

"Totally wicked... it's a beast. Bailey's so freaking cool though. When we turned onto the highway, he goes, 'mum, peg it a bit, to show Poppy.' So I'm staring at the clock and the readout's already on 70 from zilch. It was like formula one. It growled and the tyres screeched and we got crushed back in our seat and the speedo zonked up to about 185, like between breathing in and out and it's supposed to max at 230. It was totally wicked. I screamed my head off."

"But for how long was you at that speed?"

"Only for a few seconds, but we were already parking at the restaurant in less then twenty minutes."

"Gosh Poppy, what a sexy life you've got now."

"Nothing's changed... except more of it."

"Yeah, I'll bet. You look so good together, like you were made for each other. He sort of oozes with sex, as well."

"Yeah, he does. Can I ask you something Kit – do you come off all the time with Nicky, like when he's busy with you?

"I'm same as you. He has me half out of my head," said Pymmey.

"I mean, I'm cumming all the time, even with just his hands and mouth on me. He makes me jizz just from sucking my nipples, like crazy. Oh... and yeah, and I forgot to tell you, yeah I'm jizzing now."

"Congratulations. So how does that feel. When did you start?"

"It just happened – when I had his cock in me the second time, I came straight away and started jizzing. I went crazy. It's much more wicked. You go rigid much harder and feel like your balls are on fire, then aching and biting, then I jizzed like a fricking cow getting milked, forcing my crotch up at him real hard."

"Like Bailey, spunking?"

"Agh noo. Mine's sticky but not thick, but I jizzed about five times. He said he'd make me start to spunk from the way he fucks me, and he did."

"What way?"

"The way he holds me and things and works his cock in me on my prozzy."

"What's it like when he comes, with all his spunk up you?"

"Fricking unbelievable. He makes it last ages too, just totally wicked. I came six times while he was fucking me the second time."

"You swear more now, like you're getting really tarty, but he hasn't made you lose your voice yet any way."

"Didn't you know I'd turn out to be a slut?"

"Technically you can't be a slut from just one boy."

"Second boy, you're my first, not to mention being finger fucked in the park remember."

"A, our fucking doesn't count cos whatever I did to you, you did it to me, so it cancels out, and besides we're best friends, so that's bound to happen. In any case we've stopped, but sluts wouldn't, and B, finger fucking is foreplay, so that doesn't count either."

"What about if he finger fucks me a lot and then fucks hard in a chair, and then he tongue fucks me on the bed, and bedfucks me after that, and then when I get up, I just let his spunk run down my legs to show it off, and leave it?"

"Then you've got issues, but if its with the same boy you're still not a slut."

"Are you Nicky's deputy counsellor then?"

"I pick up one or two things in bed from him, while I'm being counselled," laughed Pymmey.,p> "Okay but what if you behave like a slut and do other stuff with him too? Do you wipe his spunk off?"

"It's with the same boy, so I can't be and he wipes his spunk off me anyway."

"What if I drink lots of Coke then pee my knickers for him with his hand inside them while we're snogging, before we fuck again. Come on, I must be getting somewhere close now."

"Do you pee your knickers on other boys?"

"No, idiot child!"

"Then technically that's still not slutty."

"I might do if they asked me nicely though – no just joking," said Poppy, laughing.

"Anyway what's that like, I might try it with Nicky. Was it Bailey's idea?"

"No it was my idea. We did it outside the first time. He got such a wicked shock. He likes me in panties when we're in his pool, and he had nothing on. But before we swam I was sat backwards on his lap, you know, in a chair, and he had one hand busy on my crotch anyway. Then soon as I let myself start to pee, I put his hand inside them. Cor, he nearly went bananas. It felt really sexy too.

"Bad bananas?"

"No, lechy bananas. So when I want to pee now, I have to do it sat on his lap with panties on, sat on the toilet, because I said I couldn't help what my body did when I'm with him.

"Does he really love you, Poppy, like you love him, like I love you. Does he say it?"

"Yes Pymmey, but I love him different to you now. We've been friends since we were eight, right, and you know it's not the same. We still love each other because... we're best friends and share everything, because we're so like each other in everything. But with Bailey...

"With Bailey it's just sex, right, and you haven't answered my question. Does he really love you?"

"What's wrong with you now. He's even said it in the Gazette newspaper, hasn't he, crying for me."

"Well alright then, sorry. It's all the sex stuff you're telling me. So you don't just love him for sex?"

"I don't know, but what if I do. I love being with him. We're nice with each other, with the way we kiss and feel about each other. He loves me cos I'm pretty and sexy and I tell him he's to die for. And I drive him wild just like he does to me. He makes me feel like a pretty princess which I love being. And everybody always tells me I am, anyway, don't they, including you. And he likes being treated like he's a boy sex god, which he is anyway, and owning me like his pretty princess boy, which I love. So there, that's how we are together, and in any case, you're just nearly exactly the same with Nicky. Deny it if you're different."

"Yep, you lucky fishes, you're crazy in love with each other. And Bailey stole you from Head Boy. That's unbelievable. Would you go back to Barry if you lost Bailey?"

"No way, and I won't lose Bailey. You'll be with your millionth Nicky, first. Barry's too old for me, Bailey's perfect. I just don't fancy older boys any more now. We're not even 12 yet, are we. But you and Nicky go together nice. He's what you want and Bailey's who I want."

"Poppy, you could never be a slut in a zillion years, whatever you do, you just couldn't be. Slutty boys aren't pretty for one thing. Okay they're cute, but tarty looking and faggy. So then they think if they get fucked a lot, by half the school, it's because they're really nice and every boy likes them, so that they can't be sluts, except that's exactly what they are, and everybody knows it."

In the next chapter we return to Etienne and discover that he has met his dream boy who captures Etienne on his first day of school. Frikkie is the ideal teenboy for Etienne, just what Etienne needs in his sex life.

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