Boys of St Gwyneth's

by Dominick St James

Gwyneth's Lords & Damsels

On the 8:15 morning commuter train, Plymouth/London Paddington, Poppy and Pymmey were scrunched up in a seat corner together, their heads hidden under their school hoodies, They were petting and kissing inbetween their giggly chatter. They'd kicked off flip-flops which now lay strewn on the carriage floor. Their long bare sexy legs were interlaced together, each with a bare foot on the seat, and raised knee, partly to hide themselves and partly to let the other stroke and play when he wanted. The guise hardly helped, as their young balls could easily be seen through the leg ends of their loose mini shorts, especially when the boys shuffled about.

Every so often, Poppy or Pymmey would shriek in giggles at something the other said, and grins and smiles would slide across the faces of half the carriage at the sound of their young laughter, reeking of young high octane boysex.

The carriage was quite full and many of the commuters were eyeing them, especially the mature men, whose eyes flitted hither and thither over them furtively, wanting to rest on pretty bare thigh and delectable body, knowing they shouldn't be eyeing pretty schoolboys, whatever their activity.

As they passed down the corridor to got off at their school station, they heard some muted lecherous growls from one or two, whose eyes followed very fetching young bottoms. Walking off the platform and they screeched in giggles again.

"Poppy, my pussy-hole feels a bit funny, does yours?" said Poppy, as they sashayed hand in hand towards the school quad.

"Yeah, me too, but shush, I'm nearly peeing myself thinking about what's going to happen to us."

"Something sweet and sexy," giggled Pymmey.

"Mmm of course, and it's about six inches long and pushy," laughed Poppy.

"Think they'll want us to do that too?"

"What, be pushy?"

"No... you know... pee," said Pymmey.

Poppy giggled. "Oh please do shush talking about our pricks, will you," said Poppy with a bemused frown.

They came to a halt in quad and stood gazing about at everything, and the other boys beginning to congregate in small groups, chatting and laughing. A soft summer breeze wafted through their loose tops, caressing their nipples, and they looked down, feeling their fritzies make naughty tents again. Fritzie was a word they used for their pricks, coined by Pymmey, in case someone overheard, for they both adored talking about them. They stood together to let the tips of their tents touch and prissied about with each other's long hair, looking like little Dutch rent boys.

Most of the other youngsters were in uniform, but they saw there were at least fifteen other prettily dressed boys in casual clothes around their own age who were stood about in little groups, chatting together. In looks though, Poppy and Pymmey were conspicuously unrivalled.

As they started to saunter over to join them, they were intercepted by a group of five 15 year olds who came up from behind. The lads dallied in front of them, aiming kissy pettings at them with pursed mouths and called pretty endearments out to them. The boys dropped their backpacks to the ground, and grinned pretty smiles at them, swishing about, and blushing.

"Phwaar... Denny, did you ever see such total dolls," said one of the lads. The boys saw that three of the lads were very good looking and svelte, and one was especially cute. The lads petted their mouths at them again and came up close.

"W-h-a-t?" asked Poppy cutely, almost in a whine because of arousal, for he and Pymmey had become used to lads now and what they wanted, and liked about them, and how to respond when you're just turned twelve. Surrounded by lads, a tingle went through his body as he wavered about flirtatiously, and felt his fritzie lifting, then pronging rigid. Poppy so liked teenage lads. His fingers went to his pronging tent and tweaked it while he wavered about, prissying with hair like a girl does. The lads jostled each other about, getting worked up. Were they going to give way and let one of them take him? It seemed not. Were they leaving it to him to make a choice, Poppy mused.

While this was going on, Pymmey was looking another way and smiling at two other lads, Barry and his friend Nicky, who were both 16. They were both dressed in uniform but without hoodies. Their ties hung loosely around the necks of their short sleeved shirts, which hung out over their sexy skinny jeans, aka their 'grey pants'. They were stood to one side, eyeing up the candy.

"That has got to be freaking illegal." said Nicky, coolly, as his eyes travelled up and down the bodies of the two nymphs and the way they were dressed.

"I want the blondie chick, he's mine," said Barry, in a flat cautioning tone.

"I'm easy, the other one's got a sexy smile for me."

"Look at that gorgeous perky arse. That needs my hands to care for it," said Barry, eyeing Poppy up, again.

Nicky waved his fingers at Pymmey and he returned it, then nudging Barry, said, "Let's go for it," and they came up to them, though Poppy was still giggling and making pretty eyes at the others, and didn't at first notice that they were now completely surrounded.

Both lads had each owned pretty damsels before, since turning 14, and before that they'd themselves been eye candy under ownership, but both were now presently free to have some more candy. Nicky greeted Pymmey.

"Hi sweetheart," he said, softly.

"Hi," said Pymmey, softer, swishing about with a cute smile. They chatted and made intros and flirted. Pymmey wanted him, and made it plain to Nicky he stood on offer.

"Hey you dudes, walk off, he's mine," said Barry to the other lads, in a flat matter of fact tone, as he sauntered up.

He placed himself between Poppy and his other 'would be' suitors. Poppy looked at him and thought he was going to swoon. He was the most stunning teenage lad Poppy had ever set eyes on in his young pansy life. Barry was about six inches taller than Poppy with lustrous wavy blond hair, a gorgeously toned slender physique, and with an air of mature authority about him. Poppy knew that if he'd had panties on, he would have wet them., he put his hand to his crotch.

"Oh no, look out, it's Captain Fantastic," laughed Denny one of the other lads, impudently.

"You what, fart face," said Barry.

"We're already in a relationship with the chick, Tregellis." called out Wilson, one of the other 15 year olds.

"Oh yeah sure you are Wilson. You couldn't be in a relationship with a fart, and you're too young for him. She's way out of your class." called back Barry. With that he put himself squarely in front of Poppy, turning his back on them, daring them to make any further move on him. They grumbled and murmured, kicking dirt and slunk off.

Barry's face lit up in a broad smile, quickly eyeing Poppy up and down. Barry gave him his hand as if to shake and he offered him hers grinning prettily as he swished about. Barry took it, but instead kissed his palm, and then kissed along his forearm. Poppy's mouth fell open in a smile of delight feelings frissons of pleasure run through his body, making his fritzie rigid.

"Hi princess, sorry about those dudes. Can we chat," said Barry who knew how to turn on the charm with a pretty boy. Poppy tittered prettily and the sparkle in his eyes already told Barry he was aching for him.

"Hi, yes please, of course. Mmm, sorry but... and I wasn't interested in them at all," sounding sexy and available for him. It was a little lie though, but now irrelevant. Poppy had lost interest in the rest, or anything else around him except for Eros in front of him.

"I'm Barry, Barry Tregellis, and very pleased to meet you, and I think you're the prettiest sweetie boy I've ever seen, and hope you didn't mind me calling you, sweetie and stuff.

"Thank you... um, no Barry, I get called all sorts of sexy things," giggled Poppy, it's cos I am a queer I suppose. It's pansy, mostly and I like that better. I'm pleased to meet you too. You can call me Poppy, but my full proper name is Faversham Popplethorn, It's up to the person I suppose, really, isn't it."

How old are you sweetheart and have you got a boyfriend?"

"I'm coming up to twelve in about a month. I have got a boyfriend, but not like you mean... he's also my age and he's my best friend, Courtenay Pymme, or just Pymmey. How old are you, Barry?

"Sixteen... I'm school cricket captain, and not, Captain Fantastic." chuckled Barry, and Poppy giggled prettily at his joke.

"Lucky me to get to chat with school cricket captain, then, but you are fantastic though, I think," said Poppy, putting his hand to Barry's breast. He took his other wrist and pulled it, subtly pouting his mouth at him in a teasing way, and subtle summed up Barry, who always liked to put the least effort into something for the most output. Poppy wasn't at first sure whether he wanted a kiss, but he did it again.

"Do you like being kissed, Princess?"

"Yes, lots," he said, with a happy smile and threw his hands around his neck. He took him into a deep kiss and ran his hands over his body. Feeling the thin material of his top and little shorts. Both of Barry's hands then slid over Poppy's bottom and he moaned into his mouth as he enveloped it. Barry roamed him everywhere and Poppy pressed himself into his hand as he began to fondle his silk covered tenting prong.

The bell now sounded to begin the school day and Poppy looked anxiously into his eyes.

"You're mine," he said in his ear, then ravished his neck, making him whimper, as his hands pawed over his silky bottom again. Poppy whined in avowal to him.

Where Barry was suave and subtle, Nicky was coarse and up front with damsel boys. He liked to stun them straight away, confidently aware that he cock-dazed their brains, which he did.. He'd moved off a little away from Barry, and was already intrusively feasting his mouth on Pymmey's neck and bare shoulder as he leaned him backwards, while acquainting his bottom and crotch with his hands.

"How do you like being treated?" he asked him.

"I'm just finding out," mewled Pymmey, with a drunken smile.

"I'd take you somewhere quiet and strip you, but the bell's gonna go any minute and you wouldn't like me to carry you into Assembly naked, would you."

"You can carry me naked anywhere you like," said Pymmey, plaintively, then hung his hands on Nicky's neck with his tongue straight out and plunged it back into his mouth. Nicky lifted Pymmey up into his arms.

"I'm gonna fuck my balls off up you, real bad," croaked Nicky, nuzzling into his ear. Pymmey whimpered his approval, wondering how bad was 'real bad'. Was it more than 6 inches?

"I've got a hole in shorts, over my hole, for lads pricks. You could sit me on you in Assembly and I can sit still. Pymmey, tilted his head prettily, smiling and gazing into his eyes.

"Whoa... your gonna be a handful aren't you," he said to him, with a leering grin. Pymmey grinned prettily back and nodded, then kissed his mouth.

"I know how you want me to be with you, already, Nicky. I promise with my heart I'll please you... I'm begging to belong to you, please."

"Leave it up to my johnson first. See how you like it in your pussy... see how they like it together," when I fuck you, after school, said Nicky, kissing him, then let his down.

Barry shooed them ahead into the school building, for Assembly, with the two nymphs squealing their heads off to each other in giggles. Barry called out that they'd see them at break.

During the new Assembly of first term, greetings would be given to all the new boys, followed by presentations and appointments. All the new intake of 11 and 12 year olds had to present themselves to the Head for a handshake and welcome, and they had all been directed to sit in the front seats of the hall as they entered. One boy, Etienne, was absent, still away on holiday, but was due to arrive in a few days. Only 26 boys were in uniform, the others were dressed very casually, and some quite scantily. Most of these boys were in shorts of various styles with some in pretty ankle socks and shoes, but none were more daring eye candy than Poppy and Pymmey.

As one of the master's ushered the new boys along the corridor, Poppy suddenly felt a hand on his bottom, rubbing it firmly, making the silk of his mini shorts slide about. He knew it couldn't be Pymmey because they were holding hands, and looked about to see if Barry was near, then saw at his other side, a cute and sexy looking boy, dressed in tight, grey denim mini shorts and white sleeveless shirt, aka 'uniform', with his tie dangling loosely. He smiled at him and said "Hi," softly. As their eyes met, Poppy blinked at him and an electric frisson ran through his body that stunned and shocked him. He was a couple of inches taller and looked about 13 he thought. Poppy gulped, feeling some weakness possess him but greeted him likewise and helplessly squirmed his bottom against his hand in approval. The boy grinned into his eyes, nearly mesmerizing him.

Having now reached their chairs, they sat down. Pymmey turned to Poppy and they exchanged a little pet kiss before giving their attention to the Assembly proceedings. But then Poppy felt a hand on his thigh, knowing it was that same boy, aware that he was sitting by his other side, the last seat in the row. Without a word spoken, the boy then put his arm round him and slid his other hand up his inner thigh to his crotch and began fondling him there. Poppy's fritzie came up into his fingers immediately and he gave out a little uncontrollable squeak. his eyes widened as he gulped and hitched in breath, then felt herself turning in his seat to him, as he turned to him. Their mouths collided like two magnets, and they began to neck wildly, entangling their squirming legs against one another's as their heads went round and around one way, then the other.

Pymmey gawped at them with dropped mouth, a smirk creeping over it that faded into an anxious frown. He watched Poppy with his arms now around the boy's neck, as the boy slid his hand up his shorts and found him rigid, unencumbered fritzie, free of underwear.

"Bailey... what's yours," said the boy, suddenly, casually, with hurried breath into his ear.

"Poppy," he managed to whimper in breathless reply, grinning from ear to ear. "You're nice, thanks."

"Wanna be friends, then?

"Yes sure, of course. I'm 'that way', though.

"I know, I can tell. You're cool. I like girly boys."

Not being a new boy just starting at Gwyn's, Bailey should have seated himself two rows back with his class mates, for he was 13½ and in grade 8, but wanted to be near Poppy.

Although there were general murmurings around the hall, even some other boys kissing, a quietness fell around the front as the Headmaster began to frown pensively down at Poppy and his naughty friend. "You've got a beau'iful cock," chortled out Bailey.

The Headmaster now came to stand at the podium. He cleared his throat loudly, tapping his fingers on the podium in patient amusement. Pymmey nudged him and hissed at Poppy and the other boy, Bailey

"A w w w o o o o h a w w w," wailed out Poppy, climaxing, loudly, his treble voice nearly screeching. There was a moment's shocked silence in the hall, for every boy there knew what it was – a newbie being brought off. Boys craned their necks to see who the culprits were and turned to each other frowning. No Lords were seated there. The Headmaster rolled his eyes heavenwards and tapped the podium. Then there was uproar, loud applause, laughter, giggling, calling out and cheering, feet stamping and whistling: the staff and Head had to cover their ears.

Barry and Nicky knew their damsels were sat on the front rows but couldn't see them from where they were. As it died down, the bemused Head called down to them.

"Have you finished," he said, with patience but levity in his voice, followed by more laughter and whistling. Poppy, was now sat on Bailey's chair between his legs, being held with his arm around him, sniffling from orgasm.

"Sorry sir," said Bailey, sounding very dazed. That brought giggling shrieks from the youngsters at the front. The Head declined to comment, but nodded to the master who'd ushered in the boys, and from one end he chivvied the front row to rise, waving his hands at them.

They left their seats in a troupe, except for Bailey, and began to single file up, which Poppy and Pymmey followed. It proceeded along and up the steps to the stage, towards the podium. As each gave his name he received a welcome handshake as the cute and scanty dressed ones also received whistles from the audience and the cuter the candy, the more the racket.

As the newbies filed back down to their seats, some of the staff were still shaking in mirth, and laughed very quietly as the Head took it all in his stride with merely a warm smile. The new appointments were last, and the Head, reading from his notes, called the new appointments and presentations out. There was a list of appointments for new prefects and those who would continue their prefecture. All these trouped onto the stage for a handshake and got their badges, then filed off again. Then the four final appointments were announced.

"Barry Tregellis is re-appointed School Cricket Captain for the school year, and Barry Tregellis is appointed Head Prefect, for the school year," droned the Headmaster imperiously, to more applause.

Barry, who'd been made a prefect the previous year, was now regarded as senior anyway amongst his peers; for he was friendly and helpful. He thought he'd be in the running for it, and smartly left his seat from the back of the hall and tripped down towards the stage to huge applause. Upon receiving his badge, the Headmaster quietly asked him to wait and remain one side. This pulled him up, wondering why. Then he thought, 'No, can't be,' and refused the thought. 'Nah... last Head Boy hadn't even been a prefect,' he thought, dismissing it again, 'So what was coming now,' he wondered.

"Nicholas Killigrew is appointed Student Counsellor, for the school year."

There was more loud applause as Nicky made his way over. He'd acquired a good reputation for sorting out kids problems and easily got their confidence, and consultations sometimes finished with a kiss, if they were cute.

"And Barry Tregellis is appointed School Head Boy, for the school year," said the Head with finality.

Barry's jaw dropped and he stepped over to the Head to receive yet another badge. 'Head Boy' was the most prodigious award that a lad beginning his final school year could receive. There was a brief pause, with some cooing and tittering as they took in his surprise, then thunderous applause, stamping feet and whooping. Barry was popular throughout the school and known for fairness, kindness and the staunch support of his friends. But even cool Barry, cool as they come, was bowled over by his new status; Cricket Captain, Head Prefect, and Head Boy, all in one, given him one after the other in succession.

The authority of 'Head Boy' was virtually that of a schoolmaster, and even if a master or indeed the Headmaster himself, questioned it, they did so over coffee with him, in a gentlemanly manner of negotiation, as were the case with the quibbles of any master to the Head.

Cheekily, as Barry exited along the stage, he paused opposite Poppy who was now sitting demurely with his hands together, tenting again but praying that Bailey could keep his hands to himself a little while.

Barry leaned forward slightly and blew him a kiss. Poppy's jaw dropped and he blushed deeply. Then, with an embarrassed smile that he covered it with his hands, he turned and stared at Bailey, with an imploring look, mouthing 'no', and gently shook his head at him in denial and negation. Should he throw herself into Bailey's arms and plead with him, he wondered.

There were wolf whistles, whoops and cheering woo-hoos called out, particularly from the other front row nymphs, though many were frowning at Poppy.

"The little fucking slut," murmured the boy next to Pymmey, in disgust, and leaned forward to stare at Poppy as Barry was striding proudly down the aisle, back to his seat.

"Watch your fricking mouth, that's my boyfriend you're rubbishing," said Pymmey. Pymmey looked from Bailey to the other and stared at Poppy, gesticulating his hands at him questioningly. Poppy leaned towards him, kissing his cheek and frowned at him.

"What?" he whined,

"Duh," said Pymmey, tutting, as he eyed him, letting Bailey stroke his thighs, one of which he now slung over Bailey's open thigh.

After Assembly, while the notice boards were being perused in the foyer, there was chatter and gossip as the boys found out where they where they were supposed to be, and a master, Mr Davenport, was handing out laminated timetables, stood by the notice board.

And, like fire swoops through brushwood, everyone there now knew who the Head Boy's damsel was to be. He'd pointedly saluted him on stage, like a gallant knight, and he was bloody pretty, they thought, and worthy of him. So why had he behaved like a little careless slut, letting that boy bring him off in Assembly. What did he think he was playing at, cos Barry Tregellis must have bagsed him on sight, which in any case many of the boys had witnessed, practically as he walked into quad. The boys gossiped between themselves, sniggering about him. And there he was, in the melee, angling to see the notice board.

"Poppy," began Pymmey, by his side, now getting a chance to talk to him. "What do you think you're playing at?" Then Pymmey saw Bailey quickly come up behind him, take up his waist and hugging him, kissed his neck. In his arms, he turned to face him, knowing it was none other.

"Are you playing?" asked Bailey, grinning brightly, confidently knowing from the way Poppy was allowing his mauling hands everywhere, that he wasn't.

"Aww Bailey, there you are. Why are you leaving me alone now," whined Poppy, throwing his arms around his neck and they fell into passionate snogging again, squeaking in lust, and this time Bailey slipped his hands down inside his shorts and enjoyed his bare bottom.

At Gwyn's, this was the supreme acme of conquest: your hands on his yielding bare bottom as he, your damsel pressed it against your caressing hands in wanton supplication. Poppy moaned into his mouth, feeling exquisite, and pressed his crotch hard into him as well, lest there was doubt. Pymmey glowered at them, exhaling open mouthed in resigned frustration, then looked about the crowded foyer, knowing the pair would be an incendiary bomb if Barry or even Nicky should appear and see them glued to each other like that. 'So... he obviously doesn't want Barry now... gawd, he can be so irritating,'

Bailey Sydenhay looked about an inch or so taller than Poppy and any one could see he was no sissy dolly boy, but a cute young stud, asserting himself as a rival contender in the Lords and Damsels stakes.

He was just 13½, only some eighteen months older than Poppy and beginning his second year at Gwyn's, since starting at 12. He'd avoided the damsel thing so far because he felt more like minded of their assailants than the damsels they assailed. He'd had flings though, but didn't want to be owned; he saw it was more fun, owning. In any case he had boy cousins drooling over him that he spent many happy hours in bed with. But he'd ogled the chicks at Gwyn's throughout his first year; some of them were gorgeous little tarts, like Poppy, and fricking provocative with it, like Pymmey. At that time, they didn't want him though, but what's more the seniors derided his lust, he had seemed just too young.

But in that year, Bailey grew into a fit, sexy good looking boy, taking up extra curricular gymnastics. He took care care of himself, neither wanting to be a muscle maniac, nor a wimpy stripling. Now he was nicely proportioned and with a hidden strength and stamina that wasn't overt but gave him a beautiful body. In looks, he had untidy neck length hair, not of any particular style, that was neither ginger nor blond but inbetween both and he had a freckly open boysome face with a cute nose and mouth. He looked and acted 'all boy', for he was, and had all the characteristic qualities and bravado about him, redolent of any typical 13 year old. He was cheeky and earthy, impetuous and exuberant, impudent and wanton, and as horny as they get., so so sexy it leached out of his every pore, with a brazen concupiscence.

Despite this, he frequently had passes made to him by the seniors and let one or two take him and, loving girly boys as he did, knew how to behave at being one. He found the more girly you behaved, the more they wanted to satisfy you. He submitted and enjoyed it, but all the while he wanted to possess his own sexy damsel boy and feel him prostrate in ecstasy from his cock, as he clung to him, half out of his mind.

Girls found him irresistibly sexy, too and he knew he could have them any which way and however he wanted. He liked them but avoided dabbling. They were supposed to be sexy for boys, but they didn't cut it for Bailey. Sexy wasn't a girl. Sexy was a girly boy that ached for a boyfriend. Bailey knew he was now 'that way' about boys, and at Gwyn's, now seriously pursued his want.

"Oh gawd," said Pymmey, as he now saw Bailey push Poppy against a wall, away from the crowd. The pair were beside themselves with lust for each other. Poppy's rosebud itched indecently for Bailey's jake, and though not knowing how big he was exactly from fondling his crotch, it felt very nice. Bailey was rigid for him and knew he'd cream his shorts if they squirmed any more against each other.

Since first creaming at 12, Bailey had never held off; it was just so ecstatic to let go and bring on, and in any case found that he could have cake now and cake later, in less than fifteen minutes. Then, as his body became more toned and taught in his 13th year, he started to jizz more and more copiously when he climaxed and spunked intensely for nearly half a minute, every time. Inside a pretty girly boy's bottom, especially one that knew how to use it, Bailey could now go into full orgasm five or more times in a single hour, resting inbetween, but still erect, before it properly wilted. But the ecstasy of his boyjoy made him very vocal too, and had him honking most indecently, in loud gurgling moans when he climaxed.

Anyone could see they were ballistic for each other and could hardly wait to fuck. Poppy climaxed again, and though not stifling his mouth, Bailey covered it with his mouth and hand, grinning at him then showered his ear in salacious comments. Poppy didn't want to hold back anything from him, and Bailey badly wanted to bum him, and knew it could get bad, aching for it, but for the moment tried to calm himself down.

The Master by the notice board now spoke up, and Bailey let off him as they both listened. "Come, come now boys, lessons time" said Mr Davenport.

"Can we cum in lessons, sir?" said Marais, a 13 year old in uniform, to much sniggering

"You can accommodate any of those needs out of the classroom, young man."

"I've got needs now, sir," he retorted back to much young laughter.

At that moment Barry and Nicky entered the foyer, and on hearing the master's instruction, Head Boy Barry, with raised voice addressed the boys milling around there.

"Chaps, Mr Davenport's telling you nicely to go to your first classes. Don't let me have to collect names for him, please. You've seen where you've to be now, so scoot. And Marais, if I hear you cheek a master like that again, there'll be trouble... know what I mean?" said Barry.

"Yes, Head," said Marais, meekly, and scooted off. (As masters often addressed the Headmaster simply as 'Head', so the boys addressed Head Boy as 'Head' when speaking to him).

"Oh fricking shit," murmured Pymmey to himself as he saw the lads appear, then darted up to the pair on the far side of the foyer, and took Poppy's arm.

"Leave off... Barry's here..." he gasped out to them, then more afraid, he discreetly pushed the pair through a nearby glass sliding door stood ajar, which he slid open.

"I'll cover for you... go back round inside... we've got maths, room nine... go," he croaked to Poppy, wanting to 'read the riot act' to him too.

The mated, laughing pair, found themselves jettisoned out adjacent to the school gardens and playing fields. Bailey took his hand and led him out towards them. Pymmey quietly slid the door closed and flitted away from it into the dispersing melee of boys.

Mr Davenport smiled and nodded to Barry as the loitering boys starting to shuffle away. Pymmey was tagging along behind them when the lads spotted him, and Nicky pulled him to one side then hoisted him off the floor into his arms. Pymmey was flustered and blushed deeply, but managed a sheepish smile.

"Hi... um, I was just going off to class," stammered Pymmey, eyeing Barry out of his eye corner. Nicky kissed his mouth.

"Oh... not going off with me then?"

"Mmm yes... you mean now?"

"No, just joking. I'll take you to your first class."

Mr Davenport who'd been perusing the notice board, turned and eyed Pymmey, then with a smile, looking circumspect, walked out of the foyer, shaking his head with a little chuckle. The foyer was now empty except for the three of them and Pymmey biting a nail eyed Barry again.

"Nicky can I talk to you privately please. It's urgent," said Pymmey.

"Where's Poppy," asked Barry, interrupting.

", he's um... he's already gone." Pymmey blushed, stuck for a reasonable explanation.

"I've got a meeting with the Head now," said Barry looking at his watch, "I'll see you guys at break... tell Poppy." As Barry strode out of the foyer, Pymmey burst into tears.

"What's wrong," asked Nicky and sat down with him.

"Poppy's with another boy," wailed out Pymmey.

"Oh.... Gosh that was quick. Sheesh what happened then, tell me." Pymmey sobbed out what he'd seen, how they were behaving, but didn't know who the boy was and couldn't get any sense out of Poppy."

"What will he do," he asked, "Barry, I mean."

"Stop fretting, he won't kill them. He's Head Boy, not a bully boy. I'll speak to him. Though... I suppose he'll be upset, he's a gorgeous little princess and you are too."

"Do you know who the boy is?" asked Pymmey, after some further description.

"Mmm... sounds like cute young Sydenhay, Bailey Sydenhay. He's a cheeky and perky young stud. He must be a grade 8 boy, because I know he's 13 plus now. I wonder if they're still outside."

"Dunno... I've never seen Poppy like this before, but it looked like he has it really bad for Bailey."

"Come, let's take a look then. I'll have a few words, if we see them," said Nicky, as they exited outside. "Don't fret about missing a lesson sometimes, by the way, it can happen with me a lot. Me and Barry will be taking A levels this year cos we're 6th form. A lot of our time is just studying by ourselves though, and I get horny a lot when I've got a nice chick in school, like you. So sometimes I'll need to keep you back after break or lunch, see, when I haven't finished with you."

At that, Pymmey giggled delightedly, bending forward cupping his crotch and hopping about "You're impossibly fricking sexy. You're making my goolies ache, that's all I know."

"Oh, so you don't want to be kissed either?"

"I want my fritzie kissing and sucking, I know that."

Bailey had towed Poppy off some way, and they'd chatted about themselves and Gwyn's. Poppy now sat on a chair under a tree with Bailey stood close over, up in front of him, legs parted. Poppy ogled Bailey's bulging crotch.

"I've got a nice full crotch for thirteen and some, haven't I," said Bailey, grinning lasciviously as he stroked the full pouch in his mini denims. Poppy groped and felt his bulge, up and over it and Bailey lifted a leg for Poppy's hand, for more access under it. If truth were known, Bailey at 13½, had the most gorgeous teen pudenda of the whole school. It was a beautiful whopper of a johnson at 6¾ inches, and of unutterable benefit to boykind. And really nice full balls too, all downy but without full pubes yet.

"Yeah, wow. You're so fricking hunky for 13½ and anyway, you are all over." simpered Poppy, reverentially, looking up at him. They're like a 17 year old's but with out lots of pube.

"Alright, wait, don't bring me off in these, I've got no briefs on." he said, hopping about, adjusting himself.

"You're mine, right?" said Bailey, as he stood close up to him again. "Mine... my Damsel."

"Yes, Bailey, said Poppy. "I promise."

"So okay, I own you now, not Barry Sackville, even if he is Head Boy. I always get my way with fresh pretty chicks, and you're one, and mine."

"You're my Head Boy and my prince," said Poppy, passionately, "I promise, honest."

"Think you can handle me?" grinned Bailey.

Poppy merely grinned. Bailey hunkered his hips forward into his face.

"Wanna see what I've got, then?" he said, with a seductive naughty boy grin. Poppy nodded enthusiastically and went for his zip.

"No wait, let me do it. My zip in these, goes right under the back of my balls so I can have my full nadgers out, see."

"Waa... uttered Poppy, grinning at his crotch like a dreamy noodle. Bailey stood back a little and pulled his zip down and under himself and let lout his vertical erect johnson and full nadgers. Poppy gasped and nearly passed out against the bench back, looking at Bailey's full pudenda thrust forward like that, in full beautiful rigidity.

"Wowish, Bailey. You have to have the biggest, most beautiful johnson of anyone. You're fucking gorgeous Bail."

It was vertically rigid, but with only a sparse downy fuzz of pubes, pale gingery blond looking.

Bailey slunk his hips forward at him and raised his shirt up. "Nice, huh, or what?"

"You're a nice prince, darling," gasped Poppy as his mouth dropped open, otherwise he just gawped in amazement. Bailey, holding his shorts open, let them fall to the ground: denims but lined with satin silk, and no briefs underneath.

"Clean, aren't I. I never have skid marks."

"Me neither" Poppy sniggered.

"Dad says it'll probably get a bit bigger'n this even, when I'm an older teen." Poppy, simpering, goggled it, and felt Bailey up with both hands. "I can give 12 and 13 year olds, baby bellies with it, easy."

"Oh wow, yeah, I'll bet... fucking magic beautiful, Bail... you're the most beautiful sexy, hunk I've ever seen," said Poppy, idly stroking Bailey's bare bottom and thighs as he petted gentle kisses along his rigid johnson, then took his balls up. "Not a 12 year old boy?"

"Yeah, easy. That's what I meant. A girly pretty one who'll let me in his pussy without asking, like you're gonna." Bailey alternately put a foot on the bench seat, then the other, to give Poppy a handful to stroke and caress all around and under. "I'm gorgeous, aren't I, for only thirteen. Do I smell sexy as well?"

"Aww yeah, Bailey... strong... like a stud boy." Poppy had no idea what he was saying now. Bailey looked around, wondering whether to pull his shorts back on, or grill Poppy a bit more. There was time.

"Are you gonna take?" asked Bailey. Poppy tried to gather his wits.


"Are you gonna take my prick in bed?"

Poppy could only simper in affirmative, nodding, open mouthed.

"You gonna let me knob you, whenever, like when I wanna."

"Yeah, I said so. And you can do anything with me.

"Have you got a pussy?"

"Yeah, for other boys." Poppy giggled.

"So can I fuck you, then?"

"Yeah, fuck me after school. I want yours."

Maybe no real pair of boys could go on like this before they'd be fucking on the school playing field. But it's marvellous how they contain themselves in such a situation anyway. This tryst concluded with Poppy in demi-heaven. They exchanged places and Bailey, the young gentleman that he was took Poppy's bare arsed bottom and sucked off Poppy into delirium. In these exchanges of course, fair is fair....

"Toss me off now,"

With that, Poppy held an arm round Bailey's waist his waist, squeezing him, and started stroking up Bailey's johnson with his other hand, then wanked him firm hold in a rhythm, the way he was happy and comfortable about. Bailey rubbed his bum on the seat as he fapped and fucked into Poppy's fingers.

"I'm... c – u – m – m – i – n – g! Bailey wailed out in a loud screechy cry.... "Aw aw aw aw aw aw aw AW AW AW AW AW AWW-W-W..." Bailey moaned out in honking, gasping groans with his legs and bottom went taught, throwing his head back, enjoying his cock in Poppy's firm pretty fingers with a speedy wrist action, then went stiff as board. He creamed out in pulsing spurts which Poppy felt, and so milked him as he spasmed, jizz after jizz.

Nicky and Pymmey now saw them. They held back, and peered from behind nearby trees. Pymmey was loving the spectacle and grinned at Nicky as they heard the pair.

"Aw... you horny beautiful prince."

Bailey collapsed back against Poppy and he wrapped his arms around him and sucked a love hickey onto his neck, holding Bailey's still stiff wet johnson.

"Wow...," murmured Pymmey, grinning at Nicky. "Is Bailey human?"

Bailey felt very pleased with himself: he'd shown another chick how gorgeous he was. He giggled, still feeling the euphoria of being fapped off jizzed in the chick's long fingered hand. He stroked it and watched and felt it stiffen up again, rigid in his fingers. Poppy cooed and simpered, feeling it up again and sucked another hickey onto Bailey's neck. They'd be in his bed straight after school, he knew that. But he wanted it up his hole now.

"I think I'd better go back rather, and see Barry," said Nicky Its break in half an hour – so no point in you hurrying back now," said Nicky, into his ear.

"I'll see you then... um, want some of that, Nicky, what Poppy's giving?" said Pymmey, brightly, tittering.

As Nicky walked off nodding fervently, Pymmey thought he'd better back track and slowly approach them anew, allowing for Bailey to gather himself together.

Watching them from some way off, Pymmey saw that Bailey now had his shorts back on and they were stood kissing, Pymmey began calling out.

"Poppy, are you out here... Poppy." He pretended to look about, then seeing them look, waved and approached.

"What're you doing out here. Didn't you go to maths?

"I was with Nicky," said Pymmey, sheepishly.

"Have you guys been having fun?"

"Just normal boyfriend stuff," said Poppy. Then narrowing his eyes at Pymmey, scrutinized his friend's face that was giving him away, and, as a smirk slid across his face, pointed an accusing finger at Pymmey and began waving it.

"You've been watching... you perv."

Pymmey grinned and flew at Poppy, grabbing him. "You're a beautiful couple," he said Pymmey, with fond enthusiasm for his best friend.

As the three tripped back into school they met Nicky again.

"Go see Barry in his study, you chaps," he said.

"For what?" asked Poppy.

"Just to have a word," said Nicky, vaguely, and went on his way. Poppy snorted and rolled his eyes.

"Lets get it over with," said Bailey. At Barry's door, he kissed Poppy and patted his bottom, then knocked.

Bailey cut to it with Barry straight away, soon as their eyes met. "He's my damsel now, Head. He doesn't want you," he said pugnaciously, hugging Poppy to his side, who was looking at Barry with some trepidation.

"Woohoo Sydenhay, who do you think you are. Its no bloody problem anyway, my friend Nicky's already told me."

"Head, I'm...," began Poppy, before Barry shushed him quickly with a finger to his lips.

"I'm only going to say this, then drop the whole issue," said Barry, then took on a deeply serious tone, and leaning forward in his chair, glared at Bailey.

"Sydenhay... if you hurt Poppy in any way, or drop him for no good reason, I'll make your life here a hell, understand?" he said, with emotion creeping into his voice.

"Yes Head, but..." began Bailey.

"Just shuddup," said Barry loudly, jibbing his chin at him as he cut Bailey off, then jerked his head at the door for them to leave.

As had happened with Poppy and Pymmey, most of the the new, cute and pretty boys of 11½ and 12 year olds had already been seduced and bagsed by the older lads., twenty, come lunch break of the first day. Though not exactly tarts, the youngsters quite easily gave in... you just had to be pretty, slender, not too tall or short, and behave like a girly pansy and have a bubblesome inviting bottom. They were just bowled over by the hunky suave, lookers of fourteen years plus. That is apart from young Bailey, of course.

As far as the boys were concerned, one's own parents favouring Gwyn's for academic reasons, was an incidental. When you knew you were a desirable young pansy that ached for a nice boyfriend, even at 11 and 12, the sexual environment of Gwyn's was your main attraction.

During lunch many of the cute and pretty damsels who had already been bagsed, were sat covetously on their lord's laps sharing their lunches with him, while they were being groped, checked out and kissed. If you liked the lad, you showed it. Get huffy about anything at a crucial moment and you could find yourself bummed off to another less attractive suitor, or alone. It was just that kind of school and if at that time, you were 'that way' you not only knew what to expect, but had open arms for it. If, however, you did find yourself alone, there were always enough other 'loners' at Gwyn's who would have none of it either, to be friends with.

By 12:30 the dining hall was often empty, but today many were remaining, and lunch finished, were now seriously making out. Some lords brought out their stiff cocks, or their inquisitive chicks got them out, and in the process of fondling and necking, the chick's pants and undies were pulled off. Throughout the hall, all that could be heard were giggles and moaning.

Poppy's panty shorts were on the floor and he was mewling and moaning on Bailey's lap with his legs wide open for him, as he masturbated him and sucked his titty nipples under his loose top, with his head thrown back. Bailey let his cock and balls fully out of his deep fly and looked around the hall noticing that there were at least three or four pairs now starting to fuck. He began to rock on the seat, clasping Poppy, reverse ways on, then with both hands on his cock and nipples, as he put hickies on his neck, he muttered in his ear.

" I want my jake in you now."

Poppy simpered as he stood up between his legs with his arm around his neck and looked around at other lads damsels being fucked, listening to their moaning and whining, while Bailey kissed his bare midriff and stroked his pert, stunning young bottom.

"And in your bed, Bailey. Or mine?" he simpered, playing with his prick. Bailey grinned and winked.

"Yeah, as much as we like, dollyboy. Or we can wait." Bailey fished in his holdall and brought out a tube of lube gel."

"Shall we wait then, cos I'm not that... I am horny, but lets wait till after school." At afternoon break Bailey strolled out through the quad to the shady, grassy, park like area adjacent to the playing fields by a a copse. There were chairs, and benches there under summer umbrellas, which was a well frequented spot some way from the school building where you could enjoy your damsel and he, you, during lunch and break.

"Okay lets take a stroll, till bell goes for afternoon lessons Right now I just want my finger in your pussy-hole and kissing you."

"Me too, then, and talk about us."

Away and secluded from view with them lain in lush grass, both had climaxed some few times, already. Bailey has his hole finger still inside Poppy's hole, as they neck and fap, now leisurely.

"Sssssssh awww." Poppy began to whine and moan, climaxing again as Bailey began to rock him, holding his waist as he latched his mouth to his neck and rapidly deep finger fucked him. Then onto his back with Bailey over him, he ground his pudenda into hers and came in a shudderingly intense orgasm, wailing and groaning. Bailey's loud honking could have half deafened school hall, had they been in there.

We shall now leave Bailey with Poppy in this chapter, for the interim, returning later and I will now introduce to you another St Gwyn's prospect, Etienne.

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