A Boys Cameo

by Dominick St James

Chapter 6

The Shoot

Me and Madison didn't stay in bed till tea time, but it was the middle of the afternoon before I could manage to get up, starving hungry. The thing is, he's such a frikking little cockteaser, him and his perky twelve year old bottom.

No wonder I'm in love with him. I was dressing, watching his bum wiggling, laid over a heap of pillows, whilst he's on his iPad listening to whatever.

"I'm off for nosh," I called out, with one of my pet names for him. "Are you showering?"

He shook his head. "I smell of you, anyway," he called back. We'd not been showering, except in the mornings, we like the other's special body scents too much to wash them off. I wrapped a sarong me and slunk off to the kitchen, sniggering about us.

Marissa fixed waffles up for us, teasing me about what we'd been doing for four hours, hearing my squeaky bed and my headboard banging on the wall. I can have a nice new bed here if I want, but I'd shook my head at Dad when he went on about it, with me trying not to titter, whilst he rolled his eyes at me.

I sat in a deck chair scrunching on chunks of waffle and cream, splurged with Marissa's wild honey, then Maddy tripped out afterwards. He hadn't a stitch on of course, except for flip-flops, loom bands on one ankle, all under a cute sun hat.

"Do you want me on your lap?" he asked, speaking with a mouth full of waffle, stood in front of me feeling his cock up, with honey dribbling fingers.

"No, sit on the wall. I don't want your bum near me, It's driving me doolally."

"What's doolally – aching goolies? he asked giggling, stroking his bottom, then he hopped up onto the garden beach wall. "Look, watch... I can fap with honey. Can we screw with it?"

I nodded, laughing at him. "Yes, I should think so. Granny sometimes says doolally when she's in a tizz... it means going mental. Honey's good for anything, though. Mum says it used to be a medicine."

"Yuck, maybe not though, I'm wet from your jizz, but not sticky like I'd get stuck to something. So what will your mum say about me?"

"She'll give me a look, then smile and agree with me, that your body's too gorgeous to have any clothes on it."

"Not... 'Oh sweetie darling, you letch - oh very well then, his stiff bare willy does looks nice.'

I had to laugh... he's as witty as Hayley... pretty and witty.

"Hey, my mum doesn't talk like that."

"What about Barry, then. He's going to go off the deep end."

"If my mum says I can have you around with nothing on, Barry can't say anything."

"Are you going to show me off, Poppet, with nothing on?"

"Yes, I'm going to show you off all over - but with clothes on. I love you, I don't want any scenes outside, upsetting you, or me."

I heard voices coming from inside, then my mum came out, greeting us, and ...

"Oh, sorry then..." she goes, glancing at Madison, and went back indoors. It did seem like a good time to ask her now, so I did and after wheedling her, the outcome was: I could have Maddy indoors in anything skimpy or even just panties, but not nude. Outside was okay, so long as we weren't too 'graphic' as my mum called it, around the rest of us.

"...And protect him, please, with plenty of sunscreen."

"Yes Mum."

After that, we went off and fucked in the villa summerhouse for the rest of the afternoon, on heaps of cushions and pillows, trying out different positions, love chittering inbetween.

"Guess one of the ways I know you belong to me?" I said dreamily laid on our nest, love chittering and stroking.

"The way I kiss?"

"No, dolly chick, not just that... it's a simple one."

"Um... the way I know what you want, and the way I know what your looks mean."

"Yes, but also, you have your legs open for  me all the time, like when you're sitting near me, or on my lap."

"Open, like on purpose you mean. It's a mind sex thing, isn't it? It's because I belong to you, so I'm open to you, see... cos your my boyfriend."

"That sounds so sexy."

"I know. My open legs mean I'm open for you. It means I want everything of you between my legs."

Ohmygod. I nearly lost it then, and got wet eyes.

"For twelve, you're something."

"I want a fuck." His voice was hoarse and horny. He pushed me flat down on the nest of cushions and pillows, then crouched his bum over my prick and sank his wet hole onto it, letting it easily go completely up him.

We fucked facing each other, as he shafted his hole up and down on me, watching his face go into bliss. He sat his bum in my crotch, with my prick completely pegged up him, squirming and rocking on me, as our voices went into moaning whines. I show him how to make it last longer, so he cummed once, then kept cumming. His crying moans from the bliss of my prick up and down his hole, was nearly as much as he could deal with for twelve. Fur...ikking hell, it was like paradise by torture and I came so hard, I passed out.

I lay moaning and when I opened my eyes, Madison was stood astride my head, his feet by my ears, wiggling his hips about, with jizz dribbling down his thighs.

"Ohmygod I went to heaven," I said, as I stroked up up his downy legs.

"Me too."

There was a tap-tap on the glass outside, and Marissa peaked her head in.

"Sorry, Masta, yo mama give me message for you. She say get in the shower now, we is all going out for supper."

"Any idea who 'all' is, Marissa... Granny and Barry as well?"

"Yes, Masta, and me also... so I make you behave."

I dressed, laughing at her, as she made naughty jokes with me, then we dashed off back to the villa with Maddy having nothing to cover up with, except his sun hat. Everyone was back now, and we raced past them to our room, screaming in giggles, with Maddy yelling out, "We've got permission," with Hayley following us in. A Kidzerama bag on my bed caught my eye as the three of us piled into the shower together.

As I got drying myself, I picked it up. There was some handwriting on it... 'For you, Kitty - some silly stuff I got for you - to bin or give away. From Jasper.' Then I remembered back to when we were shopping and Jasper doing his, secretly... gifts for me, that I'd pestered to know what he'd bought me.

We opened it to find there were two short white silk dresses, five pairs of boys' panties and five pairs of black silk schoolgirl tights, all with the 'Pansyboy' label. In the giggling and squealing of holding them up to ourselves I kept saying, 'No way, nuh uh, not me.' Hayley shook his head too, grinning. But Madison told us to close our eyes, as he quietly stepped to one side. I shut mine, heard some swishing about, then heard a zip closing.

Madison looks the total absolute doll in a dress. They are boys wear cos they've no girls' breast thingies on the chest and he was my walking dream in it. It fit him like special designer wear and came down to about just above his middle thigh. There were no sleeves or frills but the skirt was swishy and he swished and posed in it. It showed off his gorgeous sexy young legs, He's a total treat, every which way. He prettily took the hem in his fingers and lifted it.

"I have got knickers on, see... I like to be polite. Cor... Kitty I really feel nice in this, can I go out in it, please?"

I think he might have gone out in the nightie, too, if I'd asked him. Maddy, defo needs a lot of care and attention, I don't want us to get into serious bother about his or my behaviour, even from Mum. But the dress... well I just couldn't resist him in it.

"Yes please."

He giggled, and wiggled his willy in his fingers, cos these were the knickers that have the pretty tube thingy in them. I sat down and gawped at how he looked. The willy tube had a teensy little frill round the open end of it. I had to date him in it.

"I feel girly... but want to be. I'm okay, aren't I, Kitty? I mean, I don't want to be a girl, but..."

He didn't finish, just exploded in giggles, with his face lit up with happiness and posed about, like a naughty chick, which is what he is. I grabbed and helped myself to him, and put a nice ownership hickey on his neck.

"You're not sissy enough are you," I said to Hayley about the other dress.

"Noo, Kitty. You know I'm not so sissy as this popsicle. It's sweet on him though, he looks delicious."

Hayley is submissive with me, like I was with Jasper, but Madison in a dress is defo a raving little damsel sissy boy. I thought he was already morish before, but now... phew!

They finished dressing and I decided to have on my tight skinny jeans for a change and got told how dead sexy I look in them.

Before I knew it, we were in the car park of the Old Sugar Mill restaurant in Six Mens Bay, up near where we'd been in the morning. It had only seemed like a couple of minutes to get there, cos naturally I'd had my cherry boy on my lap in the back seat of Mum's combi, to snog  and play with. My hand glided over his legs to his knickers. Else apart from that, we kissed and baby talked.

In the restaurant we sat side by side, and ate oysters for hors d'oeuvre, then for entrée we all had a  lobster thermidore. Table chat was busy amongst us and I ate with just a fork so I could stroke my chicks bare legs and feel her knickers under the table. Lissy kept peaking under it and giggling to herself. After  entrée, before sweet, we disappeared outside to snog and have a piss, which was dead easy for Maddy but I had to help him on purpose and hug his waist while I aimed him, whizzing.

Going back inside again, I spotted that Mum was now sat at another table with four strangers, a girl about twenty something and three older looking guys. She beckoned her finger at us.

"Honey, these are the your ad guys," said Mum. I sort of waved my hand at them, feeling all their eyes on us. "My son, Kitt and his boyfriend, Madison. Boys say hi to Holly, Franco, Vaughan and Joe."

They greeted us in a very friendly way and Franco gave out a long low whistle, eyeing  us up and down.

"You boys have your sweets, then come sit with us. Bring Japser and Hayley with you too, if you do want them in the shoot and we'll chat about your photo ad session, okay?"

I wasn't sure about Jasper, now, but I'd give him the option. I wanted to know now though, about what was expected, so I pulled up a chair and sat with them, with Maddy going back to our table. So they started to chat with me.

The main prop for the shooting was going to be an old fashioned car. They showed it me on a laptop screen, a 1950s black Daimler convertible with the roof down. I was fascinated. They were clever with me too, finding out about how I wanted to look in poses and stuff. Another prop was going to be a long white rabbit skin fur coat. The shoot was going to be in a couple of days time and the ad stuff was for mags and glossies in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Canada and Japan. They said they were the countries that best like sexy boys in fashion ads, but all the Kidzerama stores here would have our ad pics in them.

When we'd all finished noshing our sweets, Barry left with Alicia and Granny, while us four boys went back over to their table. They got us Pimms & lemonades, plus Bucksfizz and finger food goodies. Frick and woosh, after a couple of glasses of the Champagne and orange juice, it got the party going for me and Madison. I asked round if they'd mind Maddy on my lap and it was okay, except Mum rolled her eyes. Franco then started petting kisses at us both.

"Can I have him on my knee, Kitty?"

"Get lost," said Maddy, with Franco leering at him, before I gave him a cross look. I turned Madison round the other way, cos, phew, with all of his gorgeous sexy legs on view in that short dress, I had to feel sorry for Franco, and he's forty five. Shades of my tale to my hairdresser flipped through my mind. I wondered then what they'd do with us at their age – a big pash I suppose and Dad says they're not monsters, either.

Every sip of drink I took, Maddy had also, then we tasted the fruity Pimms and lemonade and moved onto that. I said yes to most things they wanted. It all sounded very cool to me and everything I agreed to, the rest of us did as well. I even let Jasper have his hands all over me in a snog outside.

In the meantime, before the shoot, Hayley had a brainstorm session with Maddy for his catch-up work, we also went boogie boarding, played pirate games, and I let Granny take me out on my ATV. Shoo, that was hair raising, but wow, she can handle a bike and had us taking off over sand dunes!

One afternoon, while Hayley was out on the waves, softboarding, me and Maddy had just come back from a walk and saw Alicia on the beach. She was sat in a deck chair in front of our villa. She had on a sun dress with a foot lifted up onto the chair, rocking in it. I thought she was rocking to music, but as we came up to her we saw she had no earbuds in and no panties on, either – she was frigging herself.

"Woohoo, Lissy. Are you enjoying your pussy, popsicle?

"Yes, so shush and go away."

"Shall I find you a hunky it instead?"

"Nuh uh... Granny'll ride him round the beach... I wouldn't get a look in."

Me and Maddy gawped at each other for a few seconds then we just collapsed, howling in giggles onto the beach and rolled about in hysterics fits screeching at her and I peed myself. Every time we got back up, we fell over again, miming it, with Alicia joining in. When Hayley came along, we got Lissy to repeat it and the three of us were helpless for ages.

Before tea, we had a game of beach hand-ball, three a side – Barry, Lissy and Hayley, against me, Maddy and Jasper. Barry and Lissy kept making funny comments and jokes and the rest of us kept collapsing in giggles, with their side winning. At the tea table, Lissy set us off again. Chatting to Granny on purpose, knowing what she was up to, she made her laugh and that was it. I thought Maddy and Hayley were going to have fits. They grabbed each other, starting to shake with muffled laughing, had to leave the table and rushed outside, howling. Me and Jas joined them, miming Lissy's joke again... oh gosh, we were in tears, snorting and laughing. Of course Mum had to be filled in afterwards and she gave us her famous eye rolling. For that, I told Lissy we were going to get her back, cos  Mum was a little bit cross with us afterwards.

In the evening I was wandering about in our grounds by my myself. Hayley and Maddy had gone to a kids party of someone Hayley had met softboarding. Jasper found me and started petting kisses at me and asked if I wanted to chill. I'd meant what I'd said to Martin about older and younger boyfriends, now I wasn't sure. I want to behave like a tart, but not be slut. I've got Maddy now and it's not just sex, we are in love. Jas had faded away out of my mind for a few days, now ohmygosh I badly want his prick and I can't resist him. I should have already filled Maddy in on that. I told myself to stop being idiotic and behave prop'ly.

"Mmm, okay, I don't mind, do you want to go somewhere?"

"Yeah sure, you mean date you, princess?"

"Yes... so be the guy then."

"A taxi, yeah... I'm on it."

I told the driver to take us to the Blue Marmalade Club in Bridgetown. It's a venue for young teens, 12 to 15 and older teen boyfriends up to 17 and it's a bit on the gay side, but straights use it too. It's name means it opens after sunset and closes at breakfast time, seven o'clock. They're very easy peasy on the door if you look okay and cool. Anyway it's pic identity only, plus card with pin, and also at the bar as they don't do cash money. I know about it cos last year I was here with another young teen boy.

Inside it's all cool lighting and spots and the music is brill. Plus, the seat and tables are laid out nice and swirly and the dance floor's fabulous. At the bar there's Pimms, Bucksfizz, shandies, plus soft drinks, juice and coffee. Under the bar there's lager as well, but only if they think you look okay for it. Jas got the Pima and me the Fizz, but with stacks of lemonade, instead of juice.

Jas was in skinnies, but I had on my sexy mini shorts and a midriff tank, cos for dress code, there's only a sign at the front that just says, 'No rudeness, please." Inside, the kiss chatting could wait – I was straight onto the floor. I'm nowhere near as good as Hayley, but I can move.

I was walking off to sit, after two tracks,  just as Jas had got up to put some footwork in. I held my arms out as we passed, and giggled. We did dance together though, afterwards... erm, the kind with hands on bum and arms round neck, style. The minute he sat down again he pulled me onto his lap and started snog groping and kiss chatting me.

"Cor, first chance I've had for days," he goes. My prick had lifted up perky and rigid in my shorts, of course. "I see you still like me, princess."

I did still like him. He's so ace good looking and sexy.

I knew from last time, that the Blue Marmalade is a popular place in my age group, and as long as you're not 'rude' or 'naughty', there's no rules, so there's lots of girlfriends and boyfriends on laps being hectic. The way I kiss and open my legs shows a boy how much I like him and what I'll let him do. So we necked, while  I let Jasper's hand up my shorts, but I wanted to dance some more.

As the jockey went off for a break, a Caribbean steel band started up, which I like dancing to. I had to wait for my prong to go down half decently, first, then I skipped off onto the floor. I'd started to sort of samba by myself when another boy salsa'd up to me, looking really cool.

"Is he you're boyfriend?" he said, after a while, over the music.

"Mmm, yep, sort of."

"Mmm okay, if you say so. I'm Fritz, on holiday here from the Netherlands."

"Kitt. I'm from England, also on holiday."

"Do ya wanna chill for a bit?" he asked, after we'd danced another number.

"Like what?" I asked, holding my hands out. He seemed a nice boy, and I get liked a lot, but I was on a date.

"Come outside. You said he's only 'sort of', so..."

"I'm with him."

"So... be with me."

'Whoa,' I thought, 'He's pushy.' Fritz was tall and blond, with stylish hair and good looking boy, with  brownish grey eyes and a nice fit body, looking about fifteen or a young sixteen. Defo attractive and not gay or faggy looking. 'Still,' I thought, 'he must be, coming on to me,' cos he defo was.

"I'm gay."

"Ya I can see. Come on... just to chat, ya?"

"Okay, wait then, I'll have to ask."

Fritz rolled his eyes at me with a smile. I went over to Robin, but didn't know what I was going to say. I knew it was a bit wrong, too, but... I was just interested, that's all.

"What for, though... to let him kiss you?" said Robin.

"Noo... just to be friendly. He's from the Netherlands and also on holiday... don't be jealous."

"Are you going to let me have you when we get back?"

"Yes Robin... what do you think?"

"Go on then."

He could have asked for Fritz to join us for a friendly chat I suppose, but didn't. I walked past Fritz, quietly telling him to come. Outside I kicked stones around, glancing at him, while he told me how cute I was, making my prick lift up. I giggled, trying to get a word in, but then the next thing was he yanked my wrist and pressed me up against a wall, pushing his crotch hard into mine.

"You're a doll," he growled at me, grinning. I couldn't stop him feeling me up and kissing my neck.

"Do you like boys?" I asked, panting. It was dumb and obvious, cos he'd just taken me, but he hadn't said anything. He nodded and before I knew another thing, I had my arms round his neck being taken into deep kissing, with my crotch being pressed into, even harder. His kiss was soft though, but also hard. I could tell he was experienced with boys. His tongue raped my mouth and pushed against my tongue, as I flicked his and had it squidged back.

"Wow... thanks. You kiss nice."

"Ya... you sex candy. Je bent een mooie lieveling."

His voice was deeper than mine, cos mine's quite high still, and how he spoke was sort of croaky, and sounded sexy.

"Hey, what?"

"I said, you're a beautiful darling"

"Thanks, you're awesome. How old are you... sixteen?"

I guessed he must be. He was a few inched taller than me and everything about him said he knew what he was doing, so confidently.

"Ya, sixteen... and you?

"I'm turned fourteen.

"Ya, sexy, and already know what you like, huh. You're rich too, ya... I can tell."

"Me... no, not really."

"Ya... they always say that."

"Frick, you're..."

"Als een man... like a man?"

"I'd better go back inside now, Fritz."

"You known him long?"

"Maybe I'll catch you later, we're here for a month, till August twenty," I whined.

"Ya okay, no problem, I'll easy find you... so long."

He didn't go back inside, though, so I stood and watched him slope off somewhere, then went back to Jasper. Phew, jeez and wow, Fritz. I felt so blissed out from him like my whole body was feeling sort of tingly and like my feet weren't touching the ground. If I did see him again, I'd let him have me.

Jasper pulled me onto his lap and was sort of cross and passionate with me, letching and pulling me about, and hardly said anything. I wanted to talk about the shoot but all he wanted to do was letch me. Then he seemed to get moody and got up with me in his arms and carried me outside to a taxi.

Back at the villa, he carried me to his bed, pulled off my shorts, and ploughed me half the night with my legs up. I liked it, but all I could think about was having Fritz in me and hoped he would find me. I was stupid not to swap cell numbers with him, my brain had been in a daze from him.

At lunch time, a couple of days later, the shoot people turned up at our villa. My prick had been inside Maddy for ages, laid over a pile of pillows. I was all in, to my knackers, comfortable, tight and in bliss, on top of him. We wriggled, love chittering together, but I had to buck in him after a while when I couldn't stand to just lie still. Then later, while my bum and headboard were going like a bonking rabbit, with us moaning our heads off, I heard a tapping on the door, then Mum's voice.

"Come on you two, up and in the shower, now," she shouted. I'd forgotten we had to be up for ten, though I'd heard Hayley get up, earlier.

"Yes Mum!" I managed to call out, before I started wailing in bliss from spunking.

Then I heard giggling... it was Lissy. She popped her head through the open window and called out.

"Get up you stinky horny boys!"

"You wait!" I called out to her. I love her to bits really, but we could spend all day getting each other back for something, and that coming from her mouth is typical of her usually.

Like I said, my parents don't mind me being in bed with another boy, except my bed's quiet at home and I've been fucking in it since I was 12. But you can't do it   quietly, if your bed's noisy, can you, and my rigid prick in Maddy's anus makes my voice loud too, and his. Mum just tells Granny we're just masturbating, doing what boys like to do all the time. It bothers Barry, I don't know why, but he doesn't say anything about it since Mum said it was okay for Maddy to be naked outside. Jasper just laughs and titters as us. And I've gone off him again. I don't mind being owned by a lad, but they mustn't take me for granted and that's how Jasper's getting.

Breakfast, as usual, was outside, with Marissa by the buffet. That's when we saw the shoot setup, with cameras and lighting all over. They had the big black, shiny Daimler parked in the courtyard, under palm trees and a motor caravan in the drive. The crew were all sat grouped together in directors chairs, eyeing us up and Mum re-intro'd us to them. Holly was the main ad girl who would be supervising us, with Franco, Vaughan and Joe mainly doing camera work. We followed Holly into the caravan.

"So now boys, in here is the wardrobe and where you'll change. I've got your sizes organised, and there'll be about eight changes each for you. I'll be supervising that, and outside how I want you.  There's a screen there which you can use, but I'd rather see you straightaway, for the fit and hang, without you hiding yourselves. Don't worry, I'm used to what boys look like with no clothes on, and you do nothing for me. Unless you want to be shy with me or each other ?"

We all looked at each other, smirking a bit and gave her a nope on that. If she didn't mind seeing me naked, neither did I.

"You all shop at our stores, so you'll be aware that we are a progressive outfit for young progressive apparel. I can see you're all beautifully fit good looking boys, so now, in some shots we'll be wanting to see some of your erect young cocks showing, if you don't mind, depending on the garment and how I want your pose. Nothing gross though. Any questions on that?"  

"I'm stiff, now," said Hayley.

"I'm hard from by boyfriend, Miss, he won't leave me alone," chirped out Maddy, grinning at her.

"Hey, shush giving out secrets," I laughed. After the laughing and giggling, she asked about our relationships.

"Good, so you're all okay with each other and you've got boyfriend things going on, so I'll want to use that in shots, too, okay. But look, boys I'm not doing a porn mag here, exploiting you, okay?" We nodded to that.

"Okay, lets get this show on the road."

I knew all along what they wanted, from Mum's ad work glossies, and fashion books, and had also shown them to Hayley and Madison.  All the Kidzerama boys are cute and good looking young teens and tweens, showing lots of bare leg, and their expressions and poses are dead sexy. Through the material you can see their pricks are rigid, specially in thin briefs and panties, and in some shots, you can see their bare pricks poking out their half unfastened flies. Plus a lot of the shots are in pairs and threes with them kissing and hands on each other. And that's just the boys.

We thought it was all a good laugh and very sexy but I felt a bit awkward being with Jasper in some shots, cos now I knew he wasn't right for me. Then I had a nice surprise.

I was in a shot by myself on the bonnet of the Daimler, wearing only a pair of Kidzerama gym shorts in white silk and satin. They were a loose fit on my long legs and short and I was slouched up against the windscreen with my knee up. Madison had had his hand inside them stroking me up, and now I had a proud rigid stalk, pronging my crotch up, like they wanted. I could tell Franco was enjoying ogling me as he set the shot up and said how good I looked.

"Okay nice one, but let's have Madison, in as well.  That's it. Can you lift his shorts leg end up a bit, I want to see what's underneath that sexy tent. Super... nice young balls. Now smooch his thigh, Maddy. That's it... and hold."

The flashes and clicking cameras had just finished when I heard a bicycle bell, and a lad's voice, call out. I looked round, and in the drive were three lads on push bikes and one of them was Fritz.

"Hey... Kitt," he said, waving.

I sprang off the car bonnet like a cat and leapt over to him.

"Fritzy... wow."

He got off his bike and caught me as I flung myself at him.

 "How did you find me?"

"Passenger info at the airport. I told them I had a sick relative who needed your contact info. It was me though, Kitt. I've been love sick for you since we met."

"Oh wow." I laughed. "Me too."

"You feel real nice."

"You too. We're doing a fashion mag shoot here. Do you want to sit around and watch till we're finished... who are you with, anyway?" The other two boys were leering at me.

"Two friends I came over with. We're staying at the youth hostel in Bridgetown. This is Anton and he's Kobus. I offered fist bumps and they bumped back.

"Ze is alles wat je zei," said Anton, laughing, with Kobus nodding.

"He says you're everything I said you were."

I could guess what Fritz had said about me, but whether they were gay too, I couldn't tell. Fritz held me, stroking over my bum and I could see in his expression he wanted to start kissing, but I politely stepped back. My friends were watching us, but Jasper was nowhere to be seen and the shoot seemed to have paused. Maddy came tripping over to us and grabbed me and I'd already told him about my date at the Blue Marmalade club and Fritz.

"This my young boyfriend, Madison."

"Hi, sweetheart," said Fritz. "He's pretty isn't he... looks like a handful, too."

"Oh yeah, he is. A nice handful."

Hayley wandered over and I intro'd him, too, then I heard hand clapping behind me.

"Guys... can we get back to it, please?"

"Yes, sorry Holly.

"Phewf... you're popular, aren't you? Where's your other lad, Jasper?

"I don't know," I said looking around, smirking, thinking he'd probably gone off inside, sulking. "Can I go find him?"

"Nope, I like this one better, and I see you do, too," said Holly, pulling on Fritz's arm.

"Oh wow, yeah, cool. Do you want to be some ad shots, Fritz?"

"With you... ya please, I would not mind that at all What do I have to do?."

As we went over to the caravan, Vaughan and Joe, the other two cameramen were taking hot shots of Hayley and Maddy dressed identical in little pansy stuff. They were slouched on the back seat of the Daimler, nearly laid out together, snogging with groping hands over each other.

Holly explained to Fritz that there wasn't much to it, and got his size, then kitted him out in a nice tank top and some pale blue denim cut offs. He wasn't shy about stripping off, either, but ohmygosh, ohmygosh, his cock. He had a pole. I defo sounded like a gasping pansy, gawping at him. He was horny rigid, too, and it stood straight up and was even bigger than Jasper's. 'Cor,' I thought, 'what a fantastic hunky, for sixteen."

"You like?"

"Frick... yeah... wow. Wow, Fritzy... you're..."

"Like a horny man boy for you, ya?"

"I dunno, but yeah... ohmygosh."

"I think he fancies you, Fritz."

"Yeah well, I already know that."

"Laters, Kitt?" said Holly. I giggled and hid my face and I think I was blushing.

Ohmygod, my body felt like I was hovering in the air. I was tingling all over. And ohmygosh, my hole... I kept swallowing and gulping. I felt like I was 12 again, waiting to be fucked for the first time. We called them dongas then, if a prefect had more than six inches. And you had it because, they knew what they were doing... you didn't. And after the first time, if they were nice with you, you pestered them, nearly whining for cock. I gulped again, knowing I'd never wanted another boy in my hole as much as this before.

"Just these, please, Kitt and this rabbit skin coat from our winter collection."

She had the coat over her arm and handed me a pair of cotton panties. I couldn't help giggling in excitement, pulling my shorts off, being naked and seeing how Fritz ogled me. Pulling the knickers on, my prick went rigid pushing it into the sleeve thingy. Fritz reeled out one cool and naughty, sexy compliment of me, one after another, with Holly laughing. I put the coat on and it came down to my ankles. It was beautiful. It felt gorgeous and I hugged it round me. Then giggling again, I flashed Fritz, wafting it open in front of him and posed about.

"No need for that, hey Fritz. He knows you want him,"

"Ya, I think he knows what he wants and how he wants it to be, too. The Jasper boy has run away, ya? And so now zer man boy, me, will show zer sexy chick boy how it  can be."

"Mmm, thanks, I don't mind."

"Shoo," said Holly, grinning, while shaking her head. Okay, can I have both of you on the back seat of the car now, please.

Camera sounds went off around us as Fritz pulled me into the car, and onto his lap, with me squealing from how he was handling me, like a doll and forced me against the seat back, holding my neck and jaw in a deep letchy kiss, straight into my knickers. Ohmygod, he took all breath away, and I panted and panted in a daze from him so rigid horny from him and creamed straighaway.

The camera guys had moved away from us, to the last few shots featuring Hayley and Madison.

"Stay over with me," I panted out.

"Ya, sure. Where is your boyfriend?"

"I don't know and he's not my boyfriend, either."

Suddenly, I felt spits of rain on my thighs and opened my eyes. The Kidzerama crew were quickly packing up, shouting to each other. No one else was around and looking up, the sky was getting grey. Holly came out of the caravan towards the car, holding her hands out, then from the villa, over the other side, Marissa came dashing across the courtyard, calling out.

"Masta Kitty... inside... a storm is coming."

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