A Boys Cameo

by Dominick St James

Chapter 7

Glad You're Here

Hi, it's uncle Dominick here, left to tell out the telling of what can happen in boys cameos, but we'll hand back to my nephew from time to time in these, the story's final scenarios.

Children and storms, a discovery remembered: In a passing rainstorm of tropical proportions it's more fun to be outside naked in 25 degrees of warm deluge, than to skulk away from it, inside.

Warm mud too, hair saturated and no need of clothes. In any case the adults are sulking away inside, out of sight. Outside, every syllable of giggling screaming chatter is drowned and distorted by the downpour and the warm breeze.

Kitty, Fritz, Alicia, Hayley and Madison tore around in it, laughing, playing pirate and rum-run pretend games, sarongs off. Loose dormant willies jiggled about, else you felt it signal you to fuck... boing!

At first, for Kitt in Fritz's arms, there'd been kissing, making out and groping under the verandah, Kitty in his long fur stage coat and only cotton knickers underneath. But Fritz had wanted to make love to Kitty now, not wait, so then they'd found an empty bedroom, but had got interrupted once, twice and and Fritz had sulked.

The answer – back outside of course to the big car in the drive, so they dashed back out to it. Awwhhh, their young bliss. The swollen rigidity of their now aching pricks. Adolescent bliss isn't adult bliss, it's cosmic orbital turmoil. At first Fritzy cummed on entry up Kitty's pussy having had it pushed up onto him straightaway, as Kitty could also hardly wait for cock, on the big front Daimler bench seat, where Kitt convulsed in a stream of spasming boy semen.

Clunk went the rear doors. In piled Hayley with Madison and Alicia with Anton. Fifteen year old Anton was one of the two friends that Fritz had brought along. He knew she was only 11, but in the long run it hadn't mattered, for Alicia revealed afterwards that she arrived on holiday, a month pregnant in school from a 12 year old. Rory – the leggy, cocky, all boy.

The Daimler now, with it's six naked kids in it, rocks this way and that, to and fro in the mud and deluge. The children and teens fuck, and they fuck, and fuck, and fuck. As the storm still rages on they fuck, and fuck some more. Alicia is squeaky, it's her first time on six inch Austrian teen cock. Then some place changing, so that Maddy can suck Kitty while they are being fucked.

Storm over, with sun in a clean and clear blue sky, a wet but comfortable chair seats Kitty on the lap of Fritz. A drinks table cluttered with empty Pepsi and Coke cans and bottles stands next to them.

"You want to again, I know. You have to, you must," says Fritz. He wriggles in the seat and tugs at his own fly some more, and makes some indecipherable sound, then, in silent shaking mirth he lets go of his nether region. Tittering Kitty now takes him back into snog kissing as piss gushes out over their groins and runs down in another private deluge over their legs and seat. Kitt begins to squeal and giggle, also letting go enjoying the release of his own streaming pee. This is a new thing with another boy and Kitt likes it. Fritz passes his cigarette back to Kitt. They blow smoke at each other.

"You're mine right?"

"How many times do you need telling, douche brain. Stop it looking at me like that, are you queer or something? Hey, I've got an idea, let's take my quad bike out to town, beach way."

"First, who do you belong to?"

"Lads are always asking me that, then I get dumped. You won't will you... pinky promise, Fritz?"

"Shush, you know I won't."

"Shush you, I know nothing of the kind... come... race me to the garage."

It could have been in the middle of a desert where they stopped for a breather. They'd been riding south and the tide was way out, and the sun on the shimmering water made it look like a mirage. Though sat behind Kitt on the saddle, It was Fritz who had control of the machine.

They were both in thin colourful tropical shorts and shirts, open and flapping about in the breeze. Fritz propped himself back, holding the bike's back rail behind him and took in the shimmering scene. The engine purred and crackled in neutral as if warning the sea birds not crap on them or the bike.

"Look at me,"

"I can see without looking. It's out and bone rigid, natch, and your showing off your fabulous tanned chest and tits.

"You like it?"

"Yeah, both." It came sounding so natural. Kitt is proud of the truth.

"Where are we?"

"Ten minutes from Bridgetown. Want to?" asked Kitt, half turning, then made a snigger giggle at their silliness. The 'want to' meaning a fuck. They both liked the easy going sexy sexual converse that came between them. Fritz knowing he could have anything with Kitt, with Kitt utterly satisfied with Fritz in every way, especially sexually. And yet how long had it been still – not even a full day yet and they'd fucked eight times already since lunchtime. Kitt had convulsed in climax the minute Fritz's knob head was through his rosebud, not yet able to control the Nirvana he felt.

"Nuh uh, I'm cool...." Kitt turns round in the saddle fully and they smile at each other, Fritz's a leer, Kitt's a patient know-it-all smile with raised eyebrows.

"Come then." says Fritz. Kitt lets out a giggle

Kitt's red, open flyed shorts fall to his ankles as he dismounts the saddle and prepares to re-mount across Fritz's boy-healthy 6¾ inch pole, casting off his shirts. Fritz at 16 isn't that hairy, it's more like pubic fluff, but what a healthy gorgeous boy he is. For 14, Kitt is more than merely beautiful, but has a nearly hairless crotch. Is it hours of wanking and being fucked since 11 summers old that have kept the young pansy poofter in delayed secondary development – the strategic hand of nature slow to augment the lily and thereby defile. The effect shows off in the pansy's rigid vertical stalk, science tells us it looks longer without pubes.

Fritz talks to him like a counsellor, first giving an apology, as their bodies begin to co-mingle and pet on contact.

"Sorry I need to fuck you quite a lot, don't I, but I did drop hints before we came out here." All the while of this performance, Kitt is silent with his smiling expression that says he's taking it all in and giving nothing out except maybe a comment here and there.

"Oh yeah really... hints, uh huh." Kitt giggles and they kiss. It goes to necking and making out before they fuck. Kitt's body seems to melt into Fritz's. Their heads go round and round, passionately snogging as Kitt's arms and hands link around Fritz's neck and through his hair, as both of Fritz's hands rub around and caress over the cheeks of Kitt's naked bottom. And in the passion:

"Enjoying, Baba?"

"Oh yeah Fritzy. Oh fuck, you're so good for me. Fuck me, I want you up my pussy now."

How Kitt is with a lad shows in this instance. Wanting to be fucked, until his cherry is filled in first climax, feels like the zenith of Kitt's nadir. And this lad, Fritz, Wow! 'Oh my joy,' thinks Kitt.

Kitt is moaning loudly for cock now, they both are. Fritzy does most of the rest – helping him astride his really rather big 16½ year old prick, wetting Kitt's 14 year old pussy and his own johnson. Kitt's prick head will be rubbing in contact against Fritz's damp tummy muscles and drips uncontrollably from the glans, numb with wanting to be fucked. A splurging, wet, farty noise issues from Kitt's pussy-hole as he slides and sinks it down over the 6¾ inch johnson pole of Fritz, moaning in bliss as he slowly carefully begins to masturbate Kitt from behind. It doesn't take long on that for any boy, yet Kitt has possibly had five orgasms or one long continuous one, but which cannot be determined from his voice, before Fritz cumms up him. Then again. And again. Fritz's soul is screaming. This is now the ninth time they have had sex today.

Fritz is into schoolboys, big. Lissom good looking ones, the cool sexy sophisticated ones, their piquant body scent, the svelte thighs. The ones, where at home, the 12 and 13 year old son masturbating, is accommodated as the centre of family life. 'Mummy knows and says dump my sheets if I've got messy. And, in Daddy's kisses you know he's jealous I'm my age, for my prick and stuff." To bend right back the other way, so's not to cause emotional upsets after discovering or experimenting with the new discovery.

The pretty face with words written across it...sex and fuck... kissing. Kissing games if you just want to kiss me. Kissing games if you want to keep me off school to have me enjoy your prick in bed all day. It's the same. The chortling jokeyness about getting pregnant. Because fucking is so good, most of them believe it 'a could be'.

Kitt cannot unfasten himself from around Fritz's neck, and moans and whines and snivels there, tongue lolling out, eyes glazed. After some length whilst Kitt has his neck and shoulders laved, he has a go at speech.

"Uaahhmmmnn... you gorgeous, hot, sexy fuck." Fritzy shakes in laughter but hardly makes a sound. Kitt, just the same, has the more experience of both lads, the older one, and boys, the younger ones. But he's submissive. It's more the experience and the prick he remembers rather than than the boy or lad as an entity, his face and style etc. Fritz likes the under fourteens best. They're lively, cheeky with it, can be lewd, they smell and act sexy. The way they act, their actions and conversation are always direct. On every and any occasion they want sex. It's just the way they are, so Fritz has decided. And at 16½ Fritz is old enough to make up his own mind. And if he can't make love to Kitt for rest of his life, he doesn't want it, he has also decided. The emotions are a little easier to deal with at 16½, than 14.

Both want the loo now, but they also want to hop around Bridgetown and mingle, so urine stained shorts, however thin and casually tropical they are is out.

Nowadays, tourism eclipses spirits distillation in Barbados for gross economic product and well matured rum is merely another tourist takeaway, per capita. It was still in it's heyday, circa 1920 when the Sackville-Gaunts established themselves and luckily survived both the Wall Street collapse and Prohibition. For three generations now their old money has been in hotels, horses, the tote, a vineyard or two and high end grocery niche outlets. Old money plus horseyness and their ancient lineages with their impossible accents. The stuff of English aristocracy, yes, yet they weren't. They seemed to just exist a tottering head below and remained at entry level through a marriage missed here and there as well, and yet they are related to half the upper gentry of England. Though Thomas Sackville, Anne Boleyn's cousin, was Earl of Dorset and Lord High Treasurer to England (1599), it is a large tree with many branches. The Gaunts were merchant venturers by lineage, with a countess in there somewhere and the Sackvilles tagged them onto a branch towards the end of the nineteenth century when such associations were the fashionable vogue.

Today, Kitt and his sister are joint heirs to a net fortune exceeding eight billion pounds and the boy is yet still finding trepidation using his card at an a.t.m. They have another villa in Table Bay, but even in July the Atlantic rarely surpasses eighteen degrees, though wet suit surfing is popular. God's own country his father calls it.

Kitt parks up his quad bike and they take hands for a stroll. Kitt's been used to being ogled, looked at, and noticed, since he started at Kyneston so holding hands with another boy anywhere is no big deal. With these two male lovers, as is common, their pricks have been almost constantly erect for one another. Being the younger, Kitt fingers his, annoying tumescence, embarrassed. It's literally being going up and down all afternoon. Fritz pulls him in round his waist, kisses him and squeezes his bottom. Kitt has to have a reason for everything.

"What's that for?"

"Cos I want you in my life and you keep going to your prick... so effing sexy on a young teen."

"It won't go down."

"Mine neither, but wear some panties then, or something. You need a fuck again, and I'm your guy, so don't worry about it."

"Okay I wanna gift shop now, I think. My Dad will be flying in, in a couple of days."

"Yeah, okay. You don't want him to think you've been fapping your knackers off for a 16½ year old, instead of shopping for gifts. Do you fap off to me?"


"You naughty young nymph."

"And you me?"

"Phwaar, yeah, who wouldn't. I want one now." Kitt eyed Fritz a long time, smiling.

Listen a minute. You know how gorgeous I think you are, right?"

"I've heard it said."

"I wanna talk later about us, and us going back, to Ghent, just stuff, okay."

"I don't wanna talk about you going anywhere without me. Hey, for Granny and maybe Mum as well," said Kitt, eyeing silk head-ware at a stall. They moved to it.

The whistles and comments were plenty as they moved about through town shopping.

"Does he dive as well," asked Fritz as Kitt eyed a divers watch inside a jewellers, for his cousin Barry.

"Well he must, mustn't he, sky boarding or whatever."

"It's freaking two and a half thousand U.S. Dollars."

"I know, I can work that out. I've been horrible to him though, Fritzy."

"Fuck me... yeah I knew it. It's always the same. You don't know anything about money, do you?"

"I know, but it's classy, don't you think?"

"But is he classy, to you?"

"It's just to say, sorry."




Me and Fritz returned in the late afternoon. On the way back we'd picked a spot, spread our clothes down on the sand and he had my legs up it. At home we found the tail end of a Caribbean party going on that had spilled onto the beach, with a steel band playing. No sign of the camera crew, except for Holly and Vaughan. Their equipment, Daimler and props were gone, too. Alicia and Madison came dashing up to greet us. As we roared to a halt doing wheelie whirls in the sand we smacked fives with them.

"Didn't you go out with suits on," asked Alicia.

"Nope, it's a straight run on the beach and we didn't want much on, did we Fritzy?"

"No ways, he looks better out of a suit. Where is the Jasper boy, has he gone now?"

Fritz surprises me with that as I feel his arm curl around my waist like a python.

"Yes, he left a few hours ago for the airport with his things." returned Alicia.

With that, Fritz took me and started smooching my neck, then Holly strolled over.

"Sorry we were partying without you. We got a good wrap in the cans, so just a nice little celebration before we leave for Tokyo in the morning."

"Oh wow, then we'll be splurged all over?"

"Yeah well, Japan, Scandinavia, Netherlands and Germany, and there'll be feeds out. You're a really sexy boy Kitt, hope we meet again sometime. You should take up modelling full time... and this teen hotshot with you."

"Thanks Holly, yeah he's so right for me. Dunno about my future, though. Dad wants me at Uni after school, then on his board. Shame you won't get to meet him. He'll be out here in a couple of days."

After that we dibbed into the glorious Bajan food, laid out. There were turtle and snapper barbecued steaks and sushi and for drinks Pimms and lemonade, plus bucksfizz, both of which we're allowed, while the others were knocking back blue cocktails and tropical shakes. We all disco'd on till late, including Mum and Granny, well sort of, then called it a day after Alicia got the band playing bubble-gum music. That brought back memories of being 12 and 13 and after that all I wanted was to be fucked in bed. But I had a word with Marissa before we turned in for something I wanted.

"Sorry, um, Marissa, um, we've been drinking alcohol... and I don't want to wet the bed. Could you...."

"All yous boys beds is waterproofed already Masta Kitt. You want to piss in it with your boyfriend. I told you Masta Kitt – I know boys, and you no rugs 'n carpet on floor there – so no worry. Your willy have nice two time now, Masta, I clean up in morning, Good Night Masta Kitt."

I was too embarrassed to even say anything and sloped off, just blushing. But I remember peeing my pyjamas outside, when I was about ten and the feeling of just letting go as I stood. Wow I thought, then Aaauuuhhh... phwaar... just laying back, snogging, letting go. I did go outside for one though before bed. As I was finishing, Maddy came up behind me. His lovely hands on me brought me rigid in nanoseconds, so we stood arching piss, then tight kissing, as we were both naked – nice.

"Had a nice day?"

"Yeah. You know, fucking... mmm Hayley."

"Nice, pet?



"Yeah, fucking most of the day."


"Yeah – Fritzy's got 6¾ inches,"

"Jesus, what's that like?" asked Maddy, in a tittering giggle."

"You can find out if you want."

After some gazing thought he returned to earth.

"Hey listen, I..."

"Hey, shush, baby. You know what we said, it's cool. Do you fancy that?"

"I fancy him, but..."

"It's cool, my eleven year old baby darling. And another thing, kind of, sort of secret... Do you, do you ever wanna pee your bed?"

"What, just..."


"What about the bed?"

"Marissa says all the boys beds are waterproof."

"You...," I nod, then he continued. "When did you get into... I mean, it's fucking naughty. Naughty nice, though. Just a bit at a time though, hey, not like woosh. I've never, I mean... Yeah, phwaar, really?

"I know. I had it with Fritz. He encouraged me and I liked it. It's so sexy... and like you say, not woosh – all at once. Come, we can kiss fuck, and play with you. You want two of us on you?"

"Yeah, what do you think. But how will we..."

"Here, let me carry you back to bed to be fucked, okay."

"Yes Master. You can go up my anus pussy hole with your tool, Master and fuck me senseless."

Ohmygosh, what night we had. I can't believe how good it was. We brought two litres of Pepsi to bed and our pricks were cumming or pissing all night. Jeez, on top of the party drinks too. The more we peed, we fucked and then just pissed in bed the bed, freaking hell, what a night.

Fritzy fucked Maddy sucking me, laid flat. Fritzy fucked me while me and Maddy necked. I sucked Maddy while he and Fritz made out. And when me and Fritz fucked, Maddy sucked and snogged me. Then we sandwiched Maddy in a front and back, then we all three let go. Then Maddy stood up on the bed and peed on us. So we grabbed him, screaming and I sucked him and we did all sorts of stuff with Fritz. The only time something seemed off was when Fritz was fucking Maddy's pussy, instead of mine, cos I got a bit jealous of the sounds and noise they were making. But I can get my legs round Fritz's neck when he fucks me, so even stevens.

It was a hot night in more than one way and we slept with the duvet off. In the morning I saw that the duvet had a protector on it anyway and the mattress, but the floor was peed up. It was a bit stinky in the morning. Then outa bed to greet the day at 8 o'clock to shower.

"It's real 24 carat gold and I don't dive to ten fathoms, a freaking Omega too. Does your dad know you spend money like this?"

"I wish I hadn't now, I was hoping we'd be better friends and cousins. Sorry I thought of the idea. And Dad does know what I spend money on. And by the way, you come here because my dad pays for you."

"Look Kitt I didn't mean..."

"Yes you did," chipped in Fritz.

"Look guys," began my Mum, "stop this now. You were a trifle insulting, Barry and for your information, his father doesn't mind what he spends his money on, or how much. He's a sensible boy, anyway, if a trifle naïve, still. And another thing is, when his father's away, Kitt is head of the family. So Kitt what's your verdict. Do you want Barry to go?"

"Shoo, yeah, I reckon it's got to happen for peace and quiet. I always feel small and 'wrong' around you Barry. Just go now. And your not welcome back again."

He had the cheek to go on a bit longer with my mother, but the rest of us went boogie boarding for the morning and he was gone when we came back. It was the jibe about money that had really made me cross, though, cos Dad knows I am careful with money, least I think so. His dad's my mother's brother and so he's on our board, so it won't be the last I see of him.

Two guys down, but I've got Fritz. But then we had to have the talk, the one about parting. What our family do in this situation is get round a table like a board meeting. My Dad had got back from Cape Town, so I sat to his right with Mum, playing secretary, on his left. Gran was there of course and we let the three 12 and 13 year olds on it too, plus Marissa.

"What about Madison and Hayley," asked Alicia.

"Hayley?" asks my Mum.

"I'm going home. We... we're not breaking up, it's just that it's a bit complicated with us being in relationships."

"I'd like to stay at Whinscombe, it's only twenty miles from Sidmouth, or just weekends. I can catch the bus."

"Weekends will be fine pro tem then, Madison," said Mum.

All were agreed on the stuff so far.

"Do you want to fly from Ghent to Exeter at weekends, Fritz? You see, I can't see how we can work this. You've both got your schooling. Or Kitt, you could fly to Ghent."

"Noo Dad"

"Okay Fritz, a school transfer, then? I could even get you in Kyneston, so you finish your education there?"

Dad mutters some side remarks to Mum.


I was expecting him to say that his family wouldn't be able to afford it, cos he asked me what is costs.

"I don't think I'm up to Kyneston standard, sir."

"Oh fluff, no, of course you will be. You'll take the entrance exam on our return."

"It's expensive too sir, more than my present school costs, by three thousand euros per term."

"How many kids am I subsidizing at school, Valery?"

"None presently, dear," said Mum.

"Fine, meeting finished. The balls in your court now, lad. Unless Kitt wants to live with you on the same terms."

We both said no because Kyneston is the better option. That settled, Fritz phoned home for a couple of hours, with his family speaking to me, Dad and Mum as well. We partied down after that and had a double celebration because Hayley announced that Madison was now up to scratch with his schoolwork.

I know I'm rotten spoilt, aren't I. I have to have not just one live-in boyfriend, but two. I hope it works out. Me and Fritz just feel right together. I love them both to bits.

Tonight, Fritz dated me in the pretty dress from Kidzerama, the one Jasper had given. I had no knickers on under it either. We were randy and horny as fuck the whole evening. I went back to their dorm lodge where they were staying in town. He fucked, and fucked, and fucked, and fucked me for two hours, and I let Anton fuck me too. Then we came back to the villa and fucked. And I want to be like this with him lots – with my legs in the air. Having cock in or on a bed with him on top of me. Six and three quarter inch cock going in and out of me. Jeez do I love my Dad to bits. Afterwards I kept the dress on and sat on his lap all the time. Wicked Alicia made us explode again too. She told Granny that I had to be masturbated in it, by Fritz, for health reasons. At bed time now, me, Alicia, Hayley and Madison put on pretty nighties and we're having a sex orgy in the bedroom, including peeing, with Fritz and Anton. Gosh this day woke me up to myself, and lads, so much.

We're soaked and really tired now and all asleep, except me and Alicia and she's telling me what the colours mean on jelly bracelets and anklets.

"Yellow you've had hugs, green – you wank off. Pink you've shown off your cock and pussy, blue you suck, orange – you're a cocksucker. Black you fuck and get fucked and white you pee and like being peed on. There see."

"Oh, right."

"We've all had everything in here, now."

"I know, except Fritzy can't wear blue or orange. He doesn't like it."

"He sucks, duh."

"I know but but he doesn't like having it done to him, is what I mean."

"Haven't you got smooth balls and a long bare prick, with no hairs, anywhere."

Alicia, changing the subject started feeling me up. I laid on my back for more comfort on the double bed. We've got three in this room.

"Oops, you're... it's getting stiff, sorry."

"It's cool... it's okay. Fritz can't leave them alone."

"Before he fucks you?"

"No, all the time, not just when he fucks me. At least it feels like that."

"You''re like a girl, aren't you?"

"Yeah, sort of... I like cock in my hole. They like you to have no hair as well. It's sexier, a turn on, see."

"I know. It's like... like babyishness, innocence, then oops your prick grows up fast, all smooth, and your balls get fatter."

We giggled and kissed.

"I still like fucking as well though. I want to now, actually

"Wake him up."

"No, look at him. He's sleeping like a baby. I'm gonna bang him in the morning, though."

"Tell us some things Fritzy says to you when he's horny."

"No, they're rude. He's got dozens of words for me. He makes me giggle lots. You pansy cunt, and then growling noises he makes at me. You pretty, horny, little poof. And I'm tall for fourteen."

"Look at it. It's wet now. Put it in my arse."

Each time I laugh it goes down a bit, then goes back up rigid as she strokes it up again. Thing is I don't want to put it in her. I've got no feelings for her like that. I do want Maddy again though. Should I just let her watch me wank it?" I go for it, on my knees, sat up, thighs wide open, while she plays with my balls. I do all the facials with the eyes and my tongue out. She talks to me.

"You healthy pretty boy, with the prettiest prick in south west England and all Barbados."

She kisses me down my throat suddenly and it feels a bit like Maddy's.

"You poofter young darling sweetheart. Your arse and tits are like angels."

She made me laugh, but I got into the mood again.

Go for it angelboy. Fap your knackers off, it's in Madison Sherborne's pretty anus."

I explode in spunk over her little tits. Then suddenly... "Hey," says Madison and sits bolt upright in bed, rubbing his eyes. "What you doing," he grins.

Thrub, thrub, thrub, thrub, the headboard is going, with Maddy's head against it, his ankles hanging round my neck, to my Awh, awh, awh, awh sounding from my mouth.

"Night, you two."

Without having Barry's car around, now we were short of transport, apart from the people carrier. Dad says he wants to pick up a decent car for himself, so just him and me go off down to Harbour Motors were he picks up the latest in Jaguars, an XJL. It's a 3 litre V6, smart and fast like him and all I can do is whistle when he throttles it forward. That's the car, and yeah cool, but on the way back, we stopped off for drinks at a harbour cafe, basically so that he could show off. You can guess and imagine the scenario. But then oh wow, Bridgetown harbour. It was stuffed with rich looking yachts from all over the world, and some were for sale.

My dad was over somewhere else I was leaning forward, reading a price board, when someone bumped into me. I turned to see what or who, not wanting to fall down, and ohmygod it was the one of the most stunning boys I've ever seen in Barbados.

"Oh beg pardon there, sure is gitten crowded round here."

"No problem, we can't afford one anyway, so I don't know why I want to see the small figures."

I sort of titter giggled nervously. He had long gorgeous hair under a sun hat and specs and was in what I thought was yachting gear. Then he stuck out his hand and we intro'd

"Oh okay, sure. Brooklyn."

"Kitt. We're here just picking up a Jaguar car."

"Oh yeah, those that growl too huh?"

"Yep, it does. So are you on holiday?"

"Yeah we sure are. Fifteen days out of Puerto Rico."

Then Brooklyn, without turning, thumbs over his shoulder at a yacht directly behind him. I nearly fell in the drink from wobbly knees.

"The Shazam," he says, now turning to it.

I gawped at what I could see of it, not knowing what to do or say. It was a whacking thing, up amongst the biggest boats in the harbour.

"She's a hundred and sixty five foot, stern to prow, with a forty two foot beam. If ya got time I could show you round. I was for the showing round but excused myself from the technical stuff. Then we joked about cabbages for some reason. Anyhow, Brooklyn was a 13 year old American boy from Florida, doesn't go to school but has a tutor. He gets flown in, depending where they are cos they cruise the world at least six months a year. I was stunned.

So anyway as he showed me round we became relaxed and easy with each other and my gaydar switched on. It seemed to be him first, then me. I'm always right, but here now. I didn't know what to do, except my feet said run and eyes said go for it. I was in wait and see mode. When he took his hat and glasses off, I nearly passed out. What a stunning looker he was facially and with that cupid pouty mouth. We started chatting.

Then it happened, just like that. I turned a corner with him and nearly my height he pulled me into an embrace against a bulkhead. Hands all over each other. Pulling my hand to his crotch. He opened a door and it was his bedroom. I think I missed a turn of the world after that. He was a young expert at being fucked, as good as Hayley.

"Your bed is fabulous. Are you fucked a lot on it. Have you got a boyfriend?"

"Yep and yep. Can't you tell?"

"Yes, I can tell by my body, your experience."

Just then, my phone rang and I told Dad I'd been invited inside a yacht for a look around and I'd get a taxi back.

"You can stay a while if you don't mind to go. I'm just here with my folks and older sister, but they leave me alone in this department. I could give you a nice time."

"Thanks, I've just had one. I can't stay. I've got two boyfriends... and yours?"

"Yeah, kinda, back in Fort Lauderdale, he's sixteen, but I fuck around."

"But your careful, right?"

"Right, it's why I always get my number, fresh and clean, nice scented like you. Other gay kids... there's a world out there. Nice pooty butts, 'n peckers. Yours is so fine."

"Thanks, you're real fine too."

I made love to him this time, like I do with Madison and used to with Hayley, but I didn't think what I was doing was special. Just 'natch', as Brooklyn kept saying. I made his tummy spasm, licking him out. Then we fucked again, cowgirl.

We promised to stay tuned with each other and I got him on my apps and phone. I said he'd be most welcome to sail down to Devon some time, but that it wouldn't be a good idea for me to see him here again. So we left it at that.

Back at the villa, I took Madison straight to bed before tea and fucked his brains out, then got sandwiched with Fritz. In the morning and for the rest of that day, Maddy wore a nightie with a round cushion underneath it. It suits him.

We've got another week and a half here in Barbs. I want to catch up my on soft boarding and surfing, get some more quad time in with the boys and... fuck and be fucked. I'll just pass you back to uncle Dominick now. So long, hope we meet again.

If you've enjoyed reading about Kitt, there's my other stuff about the boys I know, out there on the library shelves. If you liked the adventure story, 'A Boys Cameo', there's also 'Hucksley', 'St Gwyneths Boys', and coming up soon, 'The Pages of Chateau d'Autignac.

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