A Boys Cameo

by Dominick St James

Chapter 5


We started passionate snogging the second we were under the duvet, rubbing and squirming our throbbing rigid pricks together. I was nearly crying from the bliss of us... aww fuck. We spasmed hard together, spunking and spunking jizz, squished between us, moaning and whining like we were sick. Phwaar... fucking brilliant.

We lay back off each other, moaning and panting, getting our breaths, whining baby talk between us. Our legs tangled up as we caressed and fondled, feeling my crotch quivering in little jerks. Maddy lay there, giggly and happy as we chittered, sighing and murmuring in silly baby talk. My voice is nearly broken now and I sound a bit scratchy and squealy sometimes, but Maddy's is like a squealy high alto all the time. It's so sexy to here, especially when he's horny and excited. I propped up on an elbow and ran my fingers over him.

"You're so awesomely sexy, Madison Forbes."

"You are, Kitty Ess Gee. Gosh you make me cum and cum and cum. I'm so stiff with you too, all the time. I love it. And I know it's not just my blonde legs you like, either, is it?"

"No, sexy, you're delicious all over." I kissed and stroked him, and we fell into more deep slow snogging, twining and tangling together.

"I love how you smell, Kitty... your sexy cologne is mmm...," he said, breathing me in with his mouth on my neck.

I picked up his ankle and put it up on my shoulder and so kissed down his leg.

"My cock's coming up again, for you."

I watched it then sucked it in, playing with it while we chittered.

"I'm so pleased you came with us."

"Me too, thankyou for having me." He played with my gold pendant, still around my neck. "Is that your star sign, Aries?"

"Uh huh, what's yours?

"Leo, 'cept I can't growl. Hayley's is Sagittarius, so that means we're the three fire signs together, hot for each other and get along like a house on fire," he giggled.

"I'm glad you can't growl cos you've got a bloody nice voice. I can listen to it all day. When's your birthday, mine's April twelfth?"

"I turn thirteen on August fourth."

"Really, I thought you were thirteen, already."

"Well I will be in about four weeks."

"Wow, you're younger than I thought you were. Twelve... hmm, no wonder you're still cheeky and bouncy."

"How old do I look?"

"A young thirteen I suppose. You've got cute pretty looks, and a sexy mouth, a cute nose and amazing eyes and I love the blonde streaky shades of your hair. And obviously a nice healthy horny prick for nearly thirteen, and pretty nipples, too. You're just very yummy, everywhere, Master Forbes."

"So am I cool with you then?"

"Duh... yeah. Just cool as a walking wet dream."

I ate him up with kisses again and went on to his neck.

"When I messed up in our game, it was you I wanted to ask for."

"I know, I guessed, after this afternoon. I liked how you pressed your crotch at me straight away when I went into your shorts, it was so sexy. And your letchy kissing. You weren't pretending, were you?"

"Wow, no, Kitty. I like everything about you, and got a chance to prove it.

"Aww your such a delicious boy... twice that for you, from me."

"I won't mess about in Barbados, Kitty, and spoil things, so don't worry about me, okay."

"Bollocks, I want to mess about with you, a lot. I'm not giving this up, no worries. You'll be messed with alright."

I put his fingers in my mouth, lusting after him.

"Fuck me please, I'm nearly in tears to have you in my hole again."

Oh wow. I'd never ever had that from any other boy, even Hayley, not like that. I devoured him. My mouth was all over, then he pulled his legs up for it and I smooched down them, and over onto his bum and tongued into his cherry. I pushed in my prick and we rocked and squirmed in a deep slow sexy fuck, and I went into cosmic orbit.

I woke up feeling a sort of gentle draught or something blowing on my face, and fingers on my prick, stroking me up.

"Hey you... hello," I said, opening my eyes.

"Hey, you. Did you like me waking you up?"

I pulled him onto me and he took my head in his hands and went berserk on my mouth, grinding his cock onto mine with my hands on his dancing bum. He stopped and shuffled up to me, on my chest and leaned back on his arms, offering his cock. I took it to play with and stroked up his sexy legs.

"Did you sleep?"

"Yes with a lad that shagged me in heaven."

"Aww... shame then when you woke up with me, hey?"

"I know... can't have everything." We giggled and kissed. "Is my hole okay for you, does it feel nice? I'm tighter than Hayley, aren't I?"

I didn't answer, his questions weren't anxious real ones, he was making them up. I'm glad I tick all his boxes, cos he does mine. I'd hate to try for him if he wasn't interested in me, cos he's a delicious little cockteaser and I'd prob'ly hang myself. I hooked my arm underneath his crotch, making him gape open his legs open and screwed my prick hard against his under our stinky duvet.

I felt strange, waking up, like my brain had had a makeover, or side shifted or something. Jasper, Barbados, even Hayley were just a fog in my mind. Only Madison was there, and looking at him, watching him, listening to him, was going straight to my rigid prick like some sex drug.

"Hey, I was wondering. What lucky shit gets to sleep with a twelve year old blond horny nympho that can kiss and screw like...."

Just then, there was a tap on the shutter. I called out, and it slid open a little. Our flight attendant lady smiled at us through the gap and I half sat up, with Maddy still wrapped round me.

"Sorry to disturb you, honey. We'll be making a descent for Bridgetown in about forty five minutes, can I serve you all some supper?"

"Yes please Miss, I'm certainly starving, so if I am, my friends will be. What's the time, please?

"It's eighteen thirty, poppet, Caribbean time."

The others started to wake, stretching and yawning. I flopped back down again and Maddy rolled over on top of me.

"How long were we asleep, poppet?" he asked, kissing me.

"At least three hours I should think."

"I want to be fucked again. You'll need to fuck me quite a lot in Barbados too, won't you?"

I laughed at his cheekiness, and we started to writhe and snog as I handled his silky, but I stopped us and rolled him off me.

"Yes, you will be, and anywhere else. But we stink spunky, and they'll be back in minute with the food."

We stared into each other's eyes smirking, laughing and petting. I pulled him back onto me and we went back to wet snogging and writhed our bare pricks together till we jizzed again. We were still eating each other when Hayley pitched onto us, sitting on us both, over the duvet.

"Not had enough blonde hairy legs yet?"

"Call him, poppet. He's such a sexy one, too."

"I have the right to remain silent," I said, looking dumb.

"Most people leave their work at home when they go on holiday, you've got yours with you haven't you, poppet?" sniggered Hayley and pointed to Jas, still wrapped up, then himself, and Maddy. I could hardly move with them both at me, but I was shaking about, laughing from Haze.

"Not skipping about asking who wants to suck and fuck now, are you?"

I was still laughing my head off from them both, when there was a tap-tap on the screen and the food came in. There were two trolley loads of artistic thingies in yummy sauces, seafoods, chicken, fritters, veggies, pastries, mini rolls, deserts, yogurts and smoothies, plus of course, tropical juice.

By the time we'd scoffed all that lot, showered and got dressed, we could see the lights of Grantley Adams International coming up, through the dark windows. We felt some shaking movements of the plane as it dropped down, then saw the wings in moonlight and the flaps go down, and our ears popped. There was a loud roar from the engines, then lights flashing past the windows at a hellish speed, then a rumbling bump, and with a woosh we were down – Barbados.... Woohoo!

As we jostled about, making our exit from the plane, I dawdled back a bit and tugged Maddy to me.

"Hang close to me, please Maddy. I want you special with me, okay?" I said it into his ear, and gave him a quick kiss. He blushed and grinned, nodding to me, very pleased.

I was in a sticky situation that was important to me. What could I do? I had to get this right, straight away, somehow. I'm crushed out on my boyfriend's best friend and can't keep my eyes and hands off him, and I know he wants me just as much... he's totally mine already, and I hardly had to ask. I know it happens tons of times to other gay boys I've seen it at Kyneston. I'm supposed to be in love with Hayley, plus... now I've got all this extra luggage I'd brought with me, and I didn't know what was going to happen.

I took Maddy's hand and we followed on down the tunnel after the others. A bit further along we all met up with Mum, Granny and Barry, who had got out before us. Then got busy picking up our cases. We seemed to have brought tons of stuff with us, but there we were eight all together and Mum had a case of Dad's stuff, as well.

Barbados is only about twenty miles long, and maybe twelve across, coast to coast so not as wide, and our drive would be about twenty odd minutes on the one main highway. Mum picked up a people carrier, nearly a minibus really, but with all our luggage there were only six seats left to sit in, including Mum driving. Alicia scrunched up front with Granny, and two still had to share, after Jas and Barry got in. I got in the back and let them sort themselves out.

As Maddy got in, Hayley gave him a push which plonked him right onto my lap, then Hayley sat down beside us and gave me one of his know-it-all smirks. We started to chit-chat, but kept our voices down, cos it was boys stuff. Maddy turned round in my lap to sit astride me, both of us hard pronged up in thin shorts with no undies on, cos Maddy had left his off, finding me and Hayley hadn't any on. I hadn't even brought any with me at all. We looked down at our prick tents, then at each other, tittering in quiet giggles, Maddy with his arms hung over my shoulders, wiggling the tip of his tongue at me through his open mouth.

"Nurse him Poppet, pets need attention."

"Am I stuck with Poppet, now?"

"Yep, looks like it, Poppet," said Hayley, petting us both as Mum got us on our way.

"We must nurse Poppet, Haze, and give him a nice time, his tent's rigid to fuck me, isn't it, Poppet," said Maddy, rocking in my lap, then cupped his hand under my crotch while stroking my prong, and grinned in my face, staring at me in a daze, while I was smiling like the Cheshire cat that got the cream, in a daze as well. I gawped out the windows as my hands ran over him, and we fidgeted and fondled. I never felt this bad when I first got Hayley. Hayley turned in his seat and gawped at both of us, sniggering and grinning and stroked his hand over Maddy's bare legs. Maddy pushed his grinning face away.

What a feeling. I was shivering, head-over-heels. All I could think about was Maddy's bare legs and feet up in the air, bouncing about, horny rigid for each other, having the fuck of my life, as our knackers played conkers together.

We were well on our way now, and Maddy slid his hand into my shorts. Our wet mouths crushed together and I necked him hard into the seat rest, but we snogged slowly. But as soon as my fingers crept up the leg of his shorts and found his cock, he spasmed straight away, spunking over my hand. He tried to keep it down, but with a twelve or thirteen year old moaning like that, you know exactly what it is.

"Oh my gawd... please, must you," went Barry, turning round to look, as a muffled laugh came from Jasper. Then my mum piped up, over Alicia's giggling.

"I don't know what's going on back there, but I can guess. Can you cool it please, my sweetheart, you've a whole month for that. What did you do on the plane, read comics?"

I know every tone of my mum's voice and this one just wanted to laugh it's head off, but she was being Mum in authority. She's heard me coming with boys, stacks of times and isn't offended. I hellishly caught her tone though and tried not to laugh.

"No, Mum. Sorry, Mum," I said, breaking off from Maddy, with me and Hayley, giggling and sniggering. I kissed Maddy's neck and cheek.

"You alright?" I said quietly nuzzling him in his ear, whispering to him, "You don't need to be quiet."

"Mmm," he said, giggling. I nuzzled into him again and made baby talk and jokes in his ear about how it was going to be with us in Barbs, and how sexy he was, and made him feel comfortable and not like he was separate from me or my family.

As we went up the west coast, heading north, I noticed some more new hotels and villas that had gone up since last year. The platinum coast has some fabulous beaches and ritzy cafes. We turned off the highway, onto a beach road and headed for our place. As it came into view, I pointed it out. It looked a bit weird, like in a different world, with all the palms and bush lit up around it by the security lights being on. My friends goggled at it as we pulled up.

"Wow... it's like something out of a creepy movie," said Hayley. "Sorry, shouldn't I have said that?"

Me and Mum just laughed. The truth was we'd never arrived here from such a late flight before.

"You'll see it differently in the morning, sweetheart," she called out to him.

It's old, that's the thing. Everything we've got is old. My family is six hundred years old according to Dad, but like I said before, history is not my favourite school subject. Hayley and my dad get on like a house on fire about it, though. So from them I get our house in Whinscombe was built in 1706, when Queen Anne was on the throne. You wouldn't think so if you looked inside.

Anyway back to our villa. Dad says it's colonial and that it was built on a plantation, when they grew sugar cane in Barbados to make rum, and there were pirates in the Caribbean. They still do brew rum in Barbados, but it's more of a touristy speciality now. Our villa's always been in the Gaunt part of our family, though, and now we've got it. Don't ask me what the difference is between a house and a villa, I've no clue but I do know Dad's spent a mega load of money on it.

Mum tooted as we drew up into the courtyard and we all piled out. Our help lady came out to greet us. She's a Bajan lady, and the Bajans are the local people of Barbados. Her name's Marissa and she looks after everything for us, then comes over to stay while we're here.

"Masta Kitt gettin' tall beautiful boy, and Miss Alicia lookin' very pretty tonight.... Where Miss Susan, Ma'am?"

"No, Marissa, she's not with us, Susan's gone off to Italy with her friends."

Susan's my older sister at Uni and usually comes with. We get on alright, but she treats me too babyish, so I was a bit relieved she wasn't with us these hols.

"Kitt's brought some friends with him... Kitt?"

I did our intros with Marissa and we all gave her hugs. Marissa had her dog with her too, Mojo, he's a Rottweiler and was chained to a post, just in case. He's a real teddy bear with our family though, especially me, cos I love him to bits, and of course he remembers us all. I went over and made a big fuss of him, introing my friends, then he was alright to unfasten. We're a bit cut off here, so he's good to have around and he keeps the green monkeys away, which there are lots of around here. They look like big lumps of moss and can give nasty bites.

Us lot and Barry then went over to the garage, first, to check on my quad bike and woohoo is it a stunner, a real ace looking sports machine in blue, black and orange, with fat tyres. Plus I've got helmets and the snazzy gear to go with it. Wow is my dad going to get big hugs from me when he gets here.

We pulled off our tops cos it was very close and warm, even gone 8 p.m. In the garage, straight away, Maddy started making a big fuss of me as we checked everything out, and told me what a sexy turn on I'll be dressed in my bike gear. Now we'd arrived, Maddy thought he'd let everyone know he was mine. I can't get over him being not even thirteen yet. He makes me feel like I don't want to grow up or get any older than fourteen. He showed off his attitude about me around us, knowing he was my ace cherry, making sure the others all saw. Lissy wasn't interested in the bike, just us, and kept giggling, she completely knew what was going on with us and kept eyeing our tented crotches.

I stood chatting with us all, about my quad bike and what great fun it's going to be out on it, and that I'd give them turns. All the while Maddy pampered my bum and groped me quietly, but openly. I told him to stop it, but it was delicious. Jas and Barry were into the engine mechanics, then Barry looked up and noticed us.

"Kitt, can't you keep that stuff in private, for fuck sakes?"

"What stuff?" I asked, innocently.

"Stop being a bag head, Barry, they're in love," said Lissy.

"He's not doing anything, Barry. I'm just caring for him, that's all. He's the reason we're here, duh. He needs attention," chirped up Maddy. "I'll look cute on it, won't I Kitt?" he said, meaning my bike.

"He thinks you look cute whatever way, idiot," piped up Hayley, laughing, and Barry stormed off out of the garage.

For my quad bike, there's lots of dirt tracks that circle round here and miles of beach next to us, through a jungle strip from our place. There aren't any private beaches, but up here they're mostly deserted. I took us over to the beach and we had a look around, with the moon glowing over the Caribbean sea, then went inside and dumped our baggage in the bedrooms. There's five bedrooms with two doubles for us boys, and that was the main reason why I knew I could have friends over here with me in the first place.

A chat was overdue now with my boyfriends. I went outside to check out our pool. It's only a couple of years old and has a nice swirly shape to it and a diving board. It glinted in the lights, crystal pure. Just at that moment as I stood daydreaming into it, I felt a hand slide over my bottom and Jasper's arm slide round my waist.

"Want to chill out with me for a bit?" he said, kissing my neck.

I twirled round, away from him. Hayley had Maddy in tow and they were stood over the other side of the pool, fooling around, and watching us.

"Jas... we just want to be three horny bunnies to ourselves tonight, okay. Fair's fair, you've had me all day."

"Yeah, maybe I'm getting that, thanks. Like now I'm a spare prick, or something" he said.

"I told you I'm glad you're with us, but... I think I'm in love, and... just give me space, please Jas," I said, shrugging away from him.

What I did need now was an emergency confab with Hayley, right away. I was in a fluster. They both came over as Jas walked off into the villa. I gave Maddy a quick kiss, patting his bum and asked to have a chat alone with Hayley.

"...I know it's like I'm behaving rotten, but I'm not meaning to be, Haze.

"You know I was joking about your hole, but I was sort of right, wasn't I?

"Yes. And I just feel so different now, though."

"You want to pop Jasper back in the box till he's needed again, don't you, cos all you can think about now, is Maddy."

"You're right, as usual. I don't know if I will be needing him out of the box, either, and it's not just about the dress thingy. What should I do, Haze? I don't want to hurt him?"

"Let him decide where he wants to fit in, then. Don't say you've gone off him here, or have a showdown, either. He's senior prefect now, remember, and we don't want him on our case when we're back at school. We're both used to saying 'no' to boys aren't we, in other round about, nice ways?"

"Yes, or not nice, depending. I'll sort of avoid the issue and let him take it how he wants but still be friendly. I'll leave it up to him. I'm not sending him home, but if he wants to go, there'll be no tears. I've really fallen hard for Maddy, Haze... and you can see I'm not hiding it. But we could sort of share him, couldn't we? It's just that..."

"The rules have changed and you only want to bonk Maddy, instead of me? I'm cool, Kitty, I told you. I like you, and you know I'm not dumb, you know that – I knew we couldn't have each other forever and it's been four months now. But you're my best friend as well, and I'm bloody well yours, too. We know each other. But I do like Maddy a lot though, as you've noticed. Could we sort of still be a threesome together, or something like that? I don't mean me hanging around you all the time, like Maddy's my twin and I have to be with him. But could we?"

"Yes of course, Haze. I'm cool on everything with that, but I'm also leaving it up to Maddy... you agree, okay?"

"Yes, shush... it's cool with me, too, no big deal."

"Okay, then. Oh, the other thing... what about his catch up homework. Has he brought it with, do you know?"

"Yes he has, and I'm still willing to help. We've done some stuff on Skype together, his homework I mean.

That'll be up to you though, won't it, when you want to fit that in with snogging and...."

Hayley made a face and gave me one of his smirks. I sniggered at him and gave him a kiss. We went back in the garage and found Maddy checking out the bike gear, but no Jasper.

"They're different sizes aren't they and they've got flies, too."

"Trust you to notice that," went Hayley.

I gave Maddy a squeeze. "Yes, the other one will fit you, or Hayley. It's good how you're both about the same size," I said, as we wandered off out of the garage to the kitchen.

"Or I could sit on you, with nothing on and let your cock go up my bum."

"Don't put ideas into his head, they go on his bucket list," said Hayley, laughing and that started off a smoochy gropey session with both of them.

"Where's Jasper gone?" I asked."

"He went off to have a beer with Barry," answered Hayley.

"Okay, cool. Come, who wants some drinks and nosh? Hayley's cool with you being my chick, and if you want him to be in with us, that's cool by me, too."

"Like in bed, you mean?" asked Maddy. Hayley nodded.

"Yes and be best friends with us for sex and stuff."

"Yes please, Kitty. I definitely want to be your chick. Are you sure you're okay with us, Hayley?"

"No, but... hmm... yes. I'm okay with it. Kitt's my best friend as well as my boyfriend. I love how he love's what he likes, if that's English."

"Have I started off with you okay, Poppet?" asked Maddy.

I could hardly answer for tears. Ohmygosh, I love how he feels about me.

"Yes, and I'm morish for a lot more of you. You're my dream boy," I blurted out. I seriously don't know anything about being in love. For me it's like easy... to be in relationships, with another boy, but.... What happens when you lose out?

Maddy blushed and prissied about and grinned as I eyed him up in the little skimpy shorts and little tee he'd changed into on the plane. He gave Hayley a cuddle and they petted, while Hayley lectured him. He took him one side, but I easily overheard, which I was supposed to.

"Look after him, like you've been doing. He's an awesome nice boy. Be loose with him, too, okay? Do you know what I mean?"

"Yes, Hayley."

"Don't be shy in front of us, or his family, he doesn't want that. He's not going to be shy with you. He wants you to be his cherry, like you call it. He's in love with you, really hot."

"Yes, Hayley. I'm in love with him, too, duh.

"Alright then. So don't mess him about and don't pretend with him. If you don't like how you feel with him, there's a queue a mile long, waiting to take your place."

"I won't Hayley. I like how I feel about him, and how he feels about me."

With that, Hayley wandered off outside again with a Coke and a piece of pie. Then I heard Mum calling me and found her in her room. She wanted a private little chat, she said.

"I know it's not really any of my business, my darling, but it seems rather apparent, at least to me, that you have three boyfriends here with you now, or am I reading things wrong?"

'Oh gosh, ah hmm. Okay, here goes.' I can't hide anything from anybody. I walk about like an open book. I felt playful, though.

"I can't help it, I'm just so adorably gorgeous and sexy," I said, posing and prissying.

"Well, we know that, sweetheart, but...."

"It's complicated, Mum. Madison is Hayley's best friend, right, and they're also sort of more than that to each other, okay. But... now me and Maddy are crushed out on each other. It's been happening since we got together... um, yesterday. And well...."

The outcome of this was a bit open ended, but I said that Madison was my boyfriend now and that Hayley and Jasper were my best friends, and I admitted I was a bit mixed up cos of my crush. She was bubbling, laughing at me, while I just shrugged and checked out my nails closely, sort of smirking. She gave my bum a hard smack and sent me off. I went back to the kitchen where Maddy was busy noshing some fridge goodies and joined him. Then he let his skimpy shorts fall off him, and bounced up onto a kitchen counter top, lent back on his arms, opened his thighs and started bonking his hips at me, showing off his hard young willy, with a happy grin. It's a nice one for his age, too, even a bit bigger than Hayley's four and a half, and it's like, just up all the time!

"Am I behaving myself, Poppet?"

"Def," I said, grinning, standing between his legs.

"Do you want to be letched?"

"Do you have to ask? Yes please."

I'd taken his tee top off and was kissing his nipples while I played with his hard bare willy, when I heard a little cough behind us and looked up to see Marissa in the room. Oh my, that wilted our pricks, but Maddy took his cue from me, saw I wasn't that fazed and put his arms round my neck for protection.

"Sorry to disturb, Masta Kitt. I take out all you boys clothes from you cases and put them away in you rooms."

"Aw, Marissa thanks. We were just going to sort that out."

"I put Masta Jasper's things in other room, and the other boys clothes I put in your room and I put extra pillows on your bed."

"Thanks Marissa. Is Jasper in his room?"

"Yes Masta Kitt. He is sleeping now."

"Jasper's not my boyfriend, Marissa if you were wondering."

"No, Masta Kitt, I know, the boy in your arms is your sweetheart, I can see."

"Yes, he is my sweetheart, Marissa. You know I like other boys that way, don't you?"

"Aye, Masta Kitt, I do know. You got lot of boyfriends for yo young beautiful body, yes?"

"Noo, Marissa... not lots," I said, laughing. "What do you think of him?"

"I tink he wanting yo tool in bed, Masta Kitt."

Grinning Maddy nodded his head off agreeing. "He's got a nice tool, Marissa... on his beautiful body."

Marissa came a bit closer and looked him over. "I tink he fallin' off a cliff in love wit you, Masta Kitt."

We tittered again at her language and how she put things, hiding our faces in each other. Marissa joined in our laughing, and has a funny laugh too, and Maddy nearly fell off the counter laughing at that.

Since I was eleven on holiday here, Marissa has got used seeing me around with cute boys that I'd met on holiday, us running around with hardly anything on, and hearing us fucking in my creaky bed. I sort of apologized when it first happened, but I don't remember exactly what she said. It was something like being 'realistic' about kids, specially boys, and that she wasn't offended. She's not shy about making comments, so I joke with her, too, and she looks after us all bloody nicely, and is a fabulous cook with Bajan stuff.

"It been long day for you boys, and it late now. Yo pretty boyfriend want your tool now, Masta Kitt?"

Marissa seemed to be hot on where my tool ought to be, and anyway during our holiday she fussed over us boys a lot. We fucked a lot during the day on my bed and it got spunked up, but every time we got up, Marissa made it again afterwards.

In our room, Marissa had left some windows open, and we saw that some spiders had got in, and those little lizard thingies that walk on walls. They're supposed to be harmless but we were terrified, especially me cos I hate creepy-crawlies, so I shouted for Barry as he's not the least bit scared of that stuff.

"You pansy wusses... it's not exactly Jurassic Park is it," he said, starting to carefully pick them off the walls and put them out the window. I had my arms round Madison with a hand under his tee top and my stiff prick nestled and rubbing into his bum cleft as we watched Barry.

"Yes it is, but you're Indiana Jones – so no problem," I said, feeling Maddy's bum pushing into me. We at least got Barry laughing and had a few more jokes with him, before saying goodnight.

Getting into bed I was more tired than I realised, and Maddy too. We snuggled up together and he fell asleep nearly straight away and just as I was drifting off, I felt Hayley get in the other side.

The next thing I knew, the sun was streaming in through the window and it was nearly half past seven. They were both still sleeping and I could have woken Maddy up like he did me on the plane. I was rock rigid, and it stood up on me like a five and half inch pole. I always wake up in the morning like that, but not often with two cute blonde dolly boys to have it in, but I was rabid hungry as well as horny. I was trying to carefully get out of bed then and caught myself in the wall mirror... should I... shouldn't I, splatter it with spunky jizz... 'Gosh, who is that gorgeous darling looking at me.' Nah... I'll wait while Maddy wants to. I laughed to myself at that, and my tummy rumble answered. I pulled on some teensy white silk shorts and flip-flops. Before I went out of the door I called back.

"Come, wake up, it's breakfast time."

Aww the smell, wafting in through the open patio doors – Marissa's cooking. Everyone else was already up and munching, sat outside. I was pegging a tent like a horny nympho, in my little pretty shorts, 'but I'm a horny teenage boy.' So I just sashayed out. It could go down if it wanted to, it never bothers me, having it noticed. It never goes prop'ly soft when I'm pegging like this, if I haven't used it. Anyway I fingered it up, just to be a devil, and greeted everyone. I didn't care, even in front of Granny. And gosh it was already thirty one on the door readout, and humid.

Marissa was behind a serving table with a whole heap of gorgeous Bajan goodies for breakfast food, hot and cold. There was lobster, and oysters, no bacon and eggs, but all the other usual English breakfast food, like cereal and croissants for grabs as well. I got a plate full and caught sight of Jas petting his mouth at me and tapping his knee, to have my bum on it, like I was the pet cat. Just to show I was being friendly I went and perched there.

"Hi boy princess. Who hasn't had pussy this morning."

He put a hand on my thigh and crept it up, but I gave his hand a hard tap to stop him, and got up, smirking.

"Get a life, will you," I said, smirking my head off. I wandered to the edge of our beach wall, pegged up, wanting to wank and my hole was tingling. But ohmygosh... the blue colours of the Caribbean and the rolling, hissing breakers. I sat on the wall gawping around at the beauty of everything. Barry and Alicia were wandering around with Mum who was mentioning what shrubs, apart from creepers and coconut palms, were growing here and there, with gorgeous tropical flowers.

"This is indigo, used for dying cloth, blue. I know the others from their flowers. Over there is frangipani, and the other is hibiscus. Those are orchids, that's ginger and this huge one is elephants ear." Mum plucked some orchids, put one in her hair and gave one to Lissy. Just as I was admiring her prettiness in a sarong with the flower in her hair, Hayley and Madison came bouncing out, and spotted me on the wall. Hayley was in shorts and tee but Maddy had on a white silk nightie with neck and hem frills. I nearly passed out.

"His idea to get you back into bed, I gave him it." said Hayley.

"Frick, I don't need an invitation. Thanks, it's very pansy, and you look bloody fetching in it, fits you nicely too, half way to your toes."

It was very Peter Pan and was well down past his knees. I wanted to grab him and have my head under it.

"Can I can leave it on for you, then?"

Me and Hayley gave each other looks, quietly giggling and I nodded, lusting after him.

"So get your breakfasts, we've heaps to do. I want my bike out."

"Have you had? I want to sit on your lap to eat mine, please."

"He's got nothing on, underneath, Kitty."

"Oh duh... really."

Hayley heaped up a plate, then wandered off. Maddy got his and I took him off to some hideaway under palms . The disgusting little nymph let me have my hands everywhere under it, kissing and molesting him while I fapped him, as he munched breakfast. Phwaar, there's just something about a cute boy, in a nightie. He sucked me off after, and I was rigid as a pole too, and still stayed up after I'd come spurting in his mouth. After we nursed and necked I made a decision.

"It's your penalty time, wanton nymph. Because your so sexy I've decided from now on you'll only be allowed to wear flip-flops or sneakers and a bandanna, plus bracelets, but nothing on inbetween, like any clothing, okay?"

"Yes, I understand, and that it will be for the rest of the holiday." he answered, trying to be serious.

"Except if I do dress you in something, like for dates, except a nightie."

"I understand." When he said it seriously a second time, I fell over onto the scraggy sandy grass, nearly wetting myself. It was just a letchy game, of course.

"And, you have to pass it by your mum, for indoors, too."

After breakfast we all began our first day of island fun. Mum took Granny into Bridgtown for shopping and catch-ups, and to set the shoot up with her Caribbean agent. Barry picked up a flashy Jeep rental and took Hayley, Alicia and Jasper off out, to his Kiteboarding club over on the windy east coast. It's all he likes to do here, so me and Maddy will also get a chance to watch him. He's said we can go up, but only Granny was interested!

That left me and Maddy alone and we fucked and fucked and fucked on my bed, it was ecstasy, and what a horny frikking racket my metal bed made, too. Marissa was bubbling at us afterwards. She hand showered us, especially washing our willies and bottoms, and put a clean nightie on Madison. Frick, I want her look after us like that again.

Cor, my quad machine is brilliant. Because it's got a 250cc sports engine, I had so many warnings from Barry, Jasper and my Mum to be careful on the throttle, and stay on the beach till I get used to it. We went off in the full bike gear with helmet and goggles to check that stuff out, too and wow do we look sexy in it. I got it going slowly up to up 60, then settled back to 40, then with Maddy safely in front, instead of holding on behind, I cranked it, and woohoo that was scary. So anyhow, after tearing around, testing it out, we took it cruising up the north west coast, then stopped for a break at a beach cafe called The Corsair, and oh wow, the screams we had in there.

We took off our helmets and went in to get eats and drinks. Outside and inside it's designed like a pirate's hidey hole. Inside there's a big treasure chest locker and the bar is made of bamboo and thick slices of something like tropical wood with bark on it. In the middle of the table area is a big old guy who's a model of a pirate with his arm out and perched on his arm, chained to it by it's leg was whopping big real parrot, of red, blue and yellow. As we walked it started swearing, making us laugh, and whoa what a dirty mouth he has. The thing was, it copied straight away, listening to us. We sat near it, drinking tropical juice and eating Bajan finger food.

"This gear's bloody stunning, Kitty," it said, copying Maddy.

So he says to it, "Do you want a facial under my cherry?"

So it goes, "Fuck me, not bloody likely, sounding like a croaky old guy. Then sounding a bit like Maddy, it repeated him. "...Want a facial?" There were whoops of laughing, but the place wasn't yet crowded out, cos it was still only mid morning. With that, we moved tables to chat in private away from the mouthy bird.

"I can't keep my hands off you, can I."

"Me too, I can't keep my hands off you, either."

"We have to make a start on your homework, though. I don't want you to have any more showdowns with your parents after we get back."

"I know, but I prefer my legs up with our knackers playing conkers."

"Me too."

He needed to get back on track with school stuff for a number one priority. Looking at me and Hayley, I know that being gay doesn't make you a slacker. I like Maddy more than a lot, so I'm also going to have to take responsibility for his catch-up stuff, with Hayley.

"Have you done it on the beach yet, Poppet?"

"Yes, once."


"Nah, not really, unless you're on an air bed. For boys, bed is tops, don't you think, or a recliner... then there's quad bikes of course. What's your bed at home like?"

"Creaky and loose. I've wanked it's guts out... never fucked in it though – I can't have anybody over to sleep."

"I'm sorry it's like that for you, Maddy. Can't you stand up to them a bit... don't you want to?"

"For what?"

"They don't smack or hit you, though, do they?"

"No not now, but they do lose it, especially my dad."

"But they're cool with you having a boyfriend?"

"Well, I know they've seen me and Hayley hot kissing and heard us coming in my room and in the sun lounge. I'll have to come out to them, that's all."

"I could do it with you, if you like."

I wasn't sure how, though. But I did know that if he got back on track at school his parents prob'ly wouldn't be on his case over anything else.

I had been to the Corsair before and the Caribbean music was cool, but there wasn't anyone our age in the cafe, so after we'd finished noshing, we left. We roared off away up the beach away from the cafe. We wanted to fuck again, but settled for necking, cos of our suits. With Maddy turned round in the saddle, his thighs over mine, I necked his mouth off, stuck to each other, and promised we would fuck on it, next time. I found it was easy to ride and kiss with him like this as we cruised along.

I phoned Lissy to check on what the other guys were up to. They were over at a cafe on Cattlewash beach on the east coast, eight miles over the other side from us. I'm too young for a road licence so we couldn't go across to it, overland. We thought about going round on the beach, then we thought about my prick in Maddy's hole. So we went back to the villa and fucked again.

"Do you want another facial under my cherry?" he giggled, trying to make it sound like the parrot.

"No, you're sweeties are spoiling me too quickly. And, if you keep talking like that we won't be going anywhere out of this creaky metal bed, till tea time. And for twelve, you should be ashamed," I giggled. He was laid on top of me, squirming our pricks together as we kiss chatted, having his bum stroked.

"Can I have my willy in your ear?"

"Do you want mine up your nose?"

"Are you in love with me?"


"How deep?"

I pushed my hole finger into his wet pussy hole as far as I could get it and he romped his sexy perky bum on it like a hectic bunny. As we snogged and kiss chatted, my finger fucked him.

"Is that deep enough?"

He ramped, shuddering and quivering, then I got him on his side, cradling him, got hold of his head and pushed my tongue down his throat. Maddy kept coming and coming as I pushed into his hole, giving him my full prick to our knackers, pressed up tight hard to our crotches, then fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked him, shuddering in bliss. I cried, blissed out as our naked bodies locked up hard together, my back arched, my jizz spunking deep up his pussy. This is going to be the best holiday, ever.

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