by David Lee

Chapter 52

This year, the boys spent spring break on tour with the rest of Cosgrove High School Concert Choir. The choir usually took an extensive trip every two years, alternating with band/orchestra.

Four bus-loads of students headed for Washington D.C. to perform and to see the sights. The trip took the entire week. Zeke was especially glad he had money set aside that was no longer earmarked for college. This way, he was able to afford to do what he wanted to without any worry. He could enjoy life, and wouldn't have to scrounge.

Among the highlights of the trip was the chance to sing in the National Cathedral. The students had heard about the acoustical qualities of the building and found that the reports hadn't been exaggerated. They thought their voices sounded professional in that space. From the standing-ovation response, their audience must have agreed.

The sight-seeing highlights included Arlington National Cemetery and The Holocaust Museum as well as the various monuments and government offices. There was much to see and enjoy.

Zeke felt the Holocaust Museum was the most moving of any sights they saw. Bryan said the Vietnam War Memorial affected him a great deal, as did the rows of crosses at Arlington, but agreed that the museum had probably elicited the strongest emotional experience.

Terry was excited about seeing the Capitol Building and the White House. Devon liked the Smithsonian the best. The others agreed that going into the "nation's attic" was a fun experience. It helped to mitigate the "heavier" remembrances of war and death.

Sleeping accommodations varied. On the road, they spent a number of hours resting on the bus. It was sometimes difficult because a number of kids were hyper and didn't settle down too quickly. Those were usually students who had never been anywhere exciting in their lives.

Bryan had thought to bring a large towel which he used to spread over Zeke and himself. It made them feel more like they were in a bed and provided cover for holding hands. The fact that Zeke's head ended up on Bryan's shoulder wasn't really a big deal. Lots of kids ended up slumped against seat partners when they slept.

In the hotels, four guys were assigned to a room. Zeke and Bryan were paired up with Terry and Devon. In the accommodations where they stayed for three nights, the little suite they drew had a king-sized bed and two twins. There was a sliding door between the two rooms for more privacy. Since there was a bathroom on each end, it was almost like having private rooms. Devon made a big fuss about not wanting to sleep in the same bed with another guy. Terry couldn't see what the big deal was. He had no problems with sharing with another male. Zeke and Bryan quickly volunteered to take the large bed. The situation was a twist of fate which couldn't have worked out better. The guys had been dreading spending so many nights without being able to touch.

On the first night in the hotel, most of the kids were very tired and slept soundly. Zeke and Bryan had slept enough on the bus to feel reasonably good. Bryan whispered quietly in Zeke's ear telling him about four tissues he'd slipped under his pillow in case the need arose. Zeke had a difficult time holding back his snicker because he'd hidden a couple under his.

When the other two retired, Terry thoughtfully closed the door between the rooms. Zeke wondered if Terry knew how much he and Bryan appreciated it. After a reasonable amount of time had passed, Zeke climbed onto his lover and began to administer hot kisses. Both guys had to stifle their moans. It had been about 48 hours since they had last been able to enjoy each other's body. They were more turned on than usual!

Zeke worked his way down Bryan's chest stopping long enough to tease his nipples to erection. When he got to his navel, Bryan made him stop so they could reverse roles for the moment.

Bryan started with Zeke's earlobes, and by the time he got to his navel, Zeke pivoted around to get at Bryan's meat.

Having to suck quietly with the possible danger of being discovered acted like an aphrodisiac. The juices in their young balls were roiling in no time. The explosion was both anticipated and surprising. It was accompanied by quiet gasps that replaced their usual vocal expressions.

As they came back down from their sexual high, they nursed the remaining cum out of each other's softening cock. Then they spent several minutes kissing deeply.

"Better save the Kleenex for another night," Zeke giggled. "I think we've swallowed all the evidence."

The boys cuddled together, falling to sleep as they would have at home.

The alarm in Bryan's watch went off about 15 minutes before the wake-up call was supposed to come. He and Zeke climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom following their morning erections. It was nice to be able to be so casual.

After draining themselves, they quickly showered together. They didn't try for a "quickie" since they were due at breakfast shortly.

After they dressed they rapped on the sliding door. Terry called for them to enter.

He was standing in his briefs putting on his pants. From the sounds in the bathroom, Devon was evidently still in the shower.

Devon had told Terry not to wait because he wanted to take his time. So the other three went to see what was on the breakfast buffet.

As soon as the door closed, Devon came out of the bathroom naked and hard. He rummaged through Terry's bag until he found the plastic sack where Terry had stuffed his dirty clothes. From it, he retrieved the pair used briefs Terry had worn for several hours. He put the crotch up to his nose and inhaled deeply. If possible, his erection got even harder. He pumped on it as he walked back to the lavatory. He got to the sink in the nick of time. His pent-up load spewed and spewed. He scooped up most of it with his fingers. Grinning at his reflection, he licked them clean.

Bryan and Zeke made the most of their shared bed. They managed to get each other off on the two succeeding nights. They were afraid they wouldn't get any more chances until they got home.

They did get one more opportunity on the last morning at the hotel where they were staying near Mt. Vernon. The night before, they had all slept in twin beds in the same large space. Devon seemed to think it was a much better arrangement than in the D.C. hotel. (Little did he know!)

Since there were two bathrooms, Zeke and Bryan shared one while Terry and Devon took turns in the other. This time, the guys went for the 'quickie." They did their old hair-washing/blow-job routine. They didn't even care what Devon might think about the fact that they were both in there with the shower running. One of them MIGHT have been brushing his teeth.

Since Terry was on the wrestling team with them, he had been naked with them countless times. The wrestlers had become pretty casual about nudity. He was not surprised that they used the bathroom together. He broke into a little smile as it dawned on him that the shower had only run once. Perhaps they'd switched places, or maybe he had done the right thing when he had closed the slider in the other hotel to give them privacy.

The trip home was uneventful. Sleeping was the order of the day. Most of the kids were exhausted from being on the go constantly for most of a week. Bryan and Zeke again napped under the towel. During their waking hours, they held hands a lot. Sometime their eyes met, and they both broke into goofy grins.

When Terry unpacked his duffle bag, he was short one pair of underwear. He couldn't imagine where he could have lost them. He was sure that he had put all of his dirty briefs into the plastic bag he had brought for that purpose. Terry was methodical. This didn't make sense. Unless…

The campaign for student council officers went into full swing when school resumed after break. For the first time in the school's history, two people were running as a ticket. Usually, each person ran independently for each office.

Bryan and Zeke's posters emphasized the benefits of having two people for the top officers who would work as a team. If one couldn't preside at a given meeting, the other could step in knowing each other's intentions completely. They ran a positive, upbeat campaign with teamwork being the operative word.

Heather was frustrated. It wasn't going as she had hoped. She was into teamwork too as long as it entailed her "working the team." (According to rumor, that was usually done on her knees or on her back.) She had to find a way to discredit her opponents. So, she began to think about what divisive issue she could raise.

In the hall, posters began to appear saying: "Don't be SUCKED IN by Teamwork Talk! Get the STRAIGHT message from Heather!"

Carol Croy cautioned Heather about the innuendo that seemed rather obvious in her messages. Heather acted snippy saying it was a free country and she could run her campaign any way she wanted. Carol hoped that Heather would lose.

The offending posters did, however, come down after Heather had a long discussion with the principal. He pointed out that she was treading on thin ice because of the school's policy forbidding the use of suggestive language. He cited a case from another school in which a young man had said that he would work "hard" for his classmates – hard in his shirt and hard in his pants, etc. School officials had banned his posters and the courts had upheld their decision when the boy and his parents sued. Dr. Carlson was not about to have his school disrupted over the real or imagined orientation of some of his students. He believed in inclusiveness in any event.

Despite removing the posters, Heather used every opportunity to spread the word that Zeke and Bryan were more than friends and that they would make poor leaders because of it. As often as possible she used the word "gay" in a derogatory way when talking privately with classmates.

The spring musical was well received as usual. Several alumni came back for some of the performances. Adam and Ben were among them. They remembered how much the shows meant to them.

After the Saturday matinee, they greeted the two princes. Bryan and Zeke were pleased to see them and hear their opinions of the production. They discussed other things as well.

Ben and Adam told the younger guys that they were planning to have a commitment ceremony in the summer and that the guys were on the guest list.

"We would love for you to stand up with us if you feel comfortable about doing it," Ben said.

"We will be more than comfortable," Zeke responded. "We're talking about doing the wedding thing ourselves someday."

"Maybe we could do a double ceremony," Adam suggested.

"We'd love to, but I'm only 17 and my baby, here, won't even be that until June. But maybe we could sing for you. If we do participate, our other friends might figure us out. It might be a way of easing out of the closet.

All four guys liked the idea. They remembered the fun they'd had singing in "Music Man." They wondered if it would be appropriate to sing something as a quartet at their ceremony.

"Hey, if it's our wedding, we can do as we please," Ben insisted. "We won't have the bride's mother telling us how things ought to be done!"

All got a laugh out of that comment.

When they were alone again for a few hours before the evening performance, Bryan and Zeke lay cuddling in Zeke's bed.

"If we could do it, would you really feel okay about being "married" our senior year?" Bryan asked.

"Yeah, I would. In a way, it would take a lot of pressure off of us. We wouldn't be expected to have dates with girls for any of the events like homecoming or prom. No one would have to wonder about our relationship. After Heather's posters, I doubt that anyone would really be surprised."

"But what about wrestling?" Bryan wondered. "Would the team be comfortable about rolling around on the mat with us or sharing the showers if they knew we were gay?"

"Hey, that's their problem, not ours. If it got too bad, I could give up the sport; as long as I could still wrestle with you in bed!"

Saturday night's performance was packed. It was standing room only and standing was not allowed by the fire marshal. Zeke peeked through the curtains and declared that he knew most of the people in the audience. It was heavily attended by relatives of the cast, members of their churches, customers from the store, and kids from school.

In the third row, he spotted Marc and Trevor. It was fun to see kids from rival schools there as well. Zeke hoped he could talk those two into staying overnight.

The final show went off without a hitch. It was flawless all the way from the soloists to the stage crew. Everyone was at his or her best. The cast, orchestra, and crew were treated to a standing ovation that just wouldn't quit. Even after the lights came up, the crowd was still applauding and whistling.

Finally, the director sent Lonny (who had played the wolf) out in front of the curtain to do his imitation of Porky Pig.

"Uh thee, uh thee, uh that's all folks."

The audience spent another minute and a half cheering for him.

Trevor and Marc found their buddies in the foyer and embraced them. They said the experience had been like attending a Broadway-type show at Hancher. It was that good.

Zeke convinced Marc and Trevor to stay over at his apartment. It didn't take any arm-twisting. They had packed some clothes planning to rent a motel room. They were more than happy to save the money and spend the night with Zeke and Bryan on the air mattress Zeke offered.

Bryan and Zeke skipped the cast party in order to play host to their visitors. It wasn't a hardship. They would rather spend a quiet time with their two friends than to make small talk with the rest of cast, all of whom would be wired from the adrenalin rush of performing.

The boys put out cheese and crackers along with sodas. They all snacked as they chatted.

"We would be happy to let you have our bed and we can take the air mattress," Bryan offered when they were seated in Zeke's little apartment.

"We don't want to put you guys out," Marc responded. "Maybe we should all share your bed," he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

Bryan and Zeke grinned at each other. It sounded like a fun thing to do, but it would be very crowded to have four guys sleeping in a queen sized bed. If it were a king sized one…

When the conversations wound down and the yawns became more frequent, the couples retired to their respective beds to get their sleep. Well, maybe not to sleep right away.

Zeke nudged Bryan and both giggled as they heard the sound of moaning in the living room. Evidently their guests were not too tired to make out.

"Would you guys keep it down out there?" Zeke called. "You're making my boyfriend very horny and he's demanding that I take care of him."

The two in the living room giggled.

"Send him out and we'll take care of him if you're too tired," Marc called back.

Zeke didn't think it sounded like a good plan, so he said he'd make the supreme sacrifice and take care of Bryan himself.

Despite the fatigue of a long week culminating in two Saturday performances, the boys found the strength to show each other how much they cared. The steady sounds of lust from the adjoining room didn't dampen their ardor. In no time, they were making similar noises.

When they came, it was a satisfying explosion. Each felt he had swallowed enough baby juice to populate a small country.

On his way back from the bathroom around 9:30 the next morning, Zeke was aware of two grinning guys staring at his naked body.

"Oops! I forgot we had company. It's clothing optional around here most of the time."

"Don't change the rules on our account," said Trevor as he slipped out of bed in similar condition.

Marc followed his boyfriend's example, yawning and stretching as he did. Both had evidently been up already to piss away their morning wood.

Bryan emerged from the bedroom clad in tight briefs that looked like they contained a flashlight. He hurried to the bathroom to empty his bladder before joining the other three.

"Take 'em off!" Marc called.

Bryan grinned as he turned around to moon his friends. That led to a two on one wrestling match in which Bryan was duly stripped of his underwear. He and his two "attackers" all came up semi-hard and laughing.

"Boys, boys, whatever am I to do with you," Zeke asked in a falsetto voice.

Soon Bryan and Zeke were whipping up breakfast for their friends. Marc and Trevor both pitched in to set the table, pour juice, and generally to be as helpful as they could.

After all had eaten their fill and the dishes were stacked in the dishwasher, the boys sat around talking. Zeke was in one corner of the sofa holding Bryan against him while Trevor was in the other embracing Marc. It was fun to be hanging with each other naked and casual. Trevor and Marc were the most appreciative of the opportunity because it was so rare for them.

"Man, this is awesome," Trevor remarked as he ran his hands over his boyfriend's chest. "We never, ever, get the chance to be like this."

The stimulation of Trevor's hands was having its effect on Marc's libido. His cock was beginning to fill out and rise up. Bryan nudged Zeke and they both grinned.

Marc's lustful sighs didn't go unnoticed by Trevor. His hands worked their way down Marc's firm abs toward their throbbing goal. Marc twisted around so their lips could meet in a hot, open-mouth kiss. Their tongues met and battled for dominance. Neither cared who "lost." It was a true win/win situation.

Bryan could feel Zeke's hard tool pressing against his butt. He knew his boyfriend was as turned on as he was by the sight before them. He got up to pull Zeke toward their bed in the next room.

Marc and Trevor got back onto the air mattress bed to continue making out. Both couples remained in their own areas, but the sounds of their passion could be heard throughout the place. It was more stimulating than the audio portion of a porn video.

Marc's gasp and whimper followed by unsteady, erratic breathing set the other three off. The noise level rose appreciably. Zeke was thankful that Grace and Craig were at church.

As they came down from their highs, Marc and Trevor were giggling uncontrollably.

"What's gotten into you two?" Zeke called.

"Love and cum," Trevor snickered.

Zeke invited them to crawl in bed with Bryan and him.

When they got settled, Trevor continued: "We feel freer than we ever have before. I hope you guys are going to the university after next year. We should try to get rooms next to each other. Maybe we could get an apartment when we're sophomores."

They all agreed that they were compatible and it would be nice to have another understanding, gay couple nearby.

"Will you feel okay about living with two "married" guys?" Zeke asked. "We're thinking of committing in the summer before going to college. In a way, we'd like to do it this year, but we have some reservations."

"Wow!" their guests exclaimed in chorus.

"I wish we could do it too," Marc said sadly. "We don't have the balls to come out to our families. We'd probably lose our college funds and be on our own. I guess we'll have to wait until we graduate from the university."

"Hey, we don't have to wait that long for the fun part," Trevor reminded him. "We can have our honeymoon early!"

The boys lazed around naked in bed until late morning. Then, with their own lovers, they showered and dressed. From the flushed looks on the faces of their guests, Bryan and Zeke figured the other two had gotten off a second time in the shower.

Trevor and Marc insisted on treating their buddies to lunch but didn't know where to take them. Zeke suggested their favorite Italian restaurant. It was a good choice which all enjoyed.

Since they had driven over in two cars, the guys parted ways in the parking lot after lunch. All hugged each other before getting into their respective cars.

Zeke and Bryan went back to the apartment for a short nap.

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