by David Lee

Chapter 51

As Ted Dye's trial date approached, he became more apprehensive by the day. He had never dreamed that Donny would testify against him. Donny had always followed him like an obedient puppy. Ted's father had tried to get Donny to change his testimony, but that had only served to make things worse. Now his dad was in danger of being charged for tampering with a witness.

Ted's time in county jail awaiting his trial didn't do anything positive toward relieving his fears. He kept hearing how tame it was compared with the "big house." Some other inmates made asides about what happened to young studs. The implication was that Ted would be someone's bitch.

The thing that really had Ted scared was when one of the older, bigger inmates in the county jail admired his butt in the shower.

"That's one sweet boy-pussy you got there," the man had commented. "It's gonna get some good use in the big house. You're gonna be real popular. Maybe I could break you in before you get there. I know some guys on the inside. We could set you up with a Daddy."

Ted hadn't slept much that night. Being the victim in a sexual encounter was completely unacceptable. He was the aggressor. This wasn't how it was supposed to go down.

He was quite sleepy when his court-appointed lawyer came to see him the next day. The lawyer wanted him to plead guilty to lesser charges of assault which might get him off with three to five years in prison plus probation. The prosecution seemed willing to deal in order to spare the expense of a trial.

Ted didn't know what to do. His father never wanted him to admit guilt. He had claimed the evidence wouldn't hold up, and Ted should tough it out. Looking back at his father's and grandfather's records, Ted wasn't so sure his family knew anything about the law other than how to break it and get caught.

One of Fr. Jerry's first obligations in his new church was to visit Ted Dye. Ted's mother had been raised in the Episcopal Church and had presented Ted for baptism as a baby. She had fallen away from the fold, but she and Ted were still on the roll.

Pastor Liz had cautioned Jerry that one of his regular members, Bryce, had been assaulted by Ted. So, Fr. Jerry found himself paying a visit to Bryce before going to the jail.

Given Bryce's busy schedule of school activities and his boyfriend, setting up an appointment with the boy wasn't easy. But on Tuesday afternoon, Jerry was seated in Bryce's living room with Bryce and Aaron by his side.

Bryce explained Aaron's presence by telling Jerry that Aaron's feelings, as one of Ted's victims, were more important than his own. From Bryce's affectionate and protective posturing, Jerry hypothesized that their relationship was much deeper than simply being buds. (His gaydar didn't fail him often.) He would have to find some way to let them know he was okay with it even if a lot of the religious world was not.

After talking with the boys for about half an hour, Fr. Jerry could see they were not the kind to hold hatred in their hearts. That was good. Neither wanted to see Ted suffer excessively for what he'd done. Mostly, they just never wanted to see him again. They were not looking forward to taking the stand as witnesses, but they would do what they had to do. They hoped their action would prevent him from hurting someone else.

"What if he had a change of heart and turned his life around?" Fr. Jerry asked.

"You mean like he came to Jesus and took another road?" Bryce questioned.

"Something like that." Fr. Jerry responded with a smile.

"I'm not sure it's possible," Aaron replied. "I think he's bad all the way through. I don't think he could ever be trusted even if he said he'd changed."

"Perhaps you're right, son. But do you have any problems with my going to see him?"

"No, Father," Aaron said. "That's your job. You've gotta try even if it looks hopeless. I think that's part of the business you're in."

Fr. Jerry smiled again, broadly this time. Teenagers sometimes surprised him with the depth of their thinking. They often cut to the chase instead of beating around the bush like some of their elders.

As Jerry was leaving, Bryce hesitated a moment. Then, he took Aaron's hand. He looked directly into the priest's eyes.

"I guess I should have introduced Aaron as my boyfriend. Our parents know, but we aren't out at school. We'd appreciate it if you kept our secret. We want you to know because we heard that you'd be okay with it."

Fr. Jerry gave them the thumbs-up. Then he embraced them both around the shoulders.

"Thanks for caring, Father," Aaron said swallowing the lump in his throat.

"No problem, guys."

Ted was happy to have a visitor, but he wasn't thrilled to see a priest. He wasn't going to have some jail-cell conversion into the faith. God didn't give a shit about him and the feeling was mutual.

"I didn't ask for no fucking priest!" were Ted's first words to the cleric.

"How do you know that I fuck?" was Fr. Jerry's flippant response.

Ted had intended to be hard, bitter, and cold, but the priest's reply made him break into a smile. He had never run up against the likes of this man. Religious people were supposed to become powerless in the presence of foul language. It was supposed to stop them like garlic does vampires.

"I'm here because you're one of my parishioners," Fr. Jerry continued. "You may not like me and I may find out that I don't like you, but we could at least give each other a chance."

"I don't wanna hear no shit about how Jesus loves me." Ted replied.

"Okay, we won't talk about Our Lord. Let's talk about you. Are you being treated okay? Do you need anything to help pass the time? Are you short on toiletries or whatever? Do you want to talk about the upcoming trial?"

"You want me to think you CARE?"

"You can THINK what you like. I DO care."

Ted dropped his defenses just a notch. He found himself actually chatting with the man in the clerical collar. After a while, the priest seemed like an ordinary guy. Ted didn't know where the time had gone when the visiting period was over. At the end, Fr. Jerry extended his hand and Ted shook it.

"If you want me to come back, you'll have to put me on your list of visitors. They let me in this time, but I can't come back without your say-so."

"Okay, I could have you come again as long as you don't try to save me."

"Ted, I can't promise that. Like it or not, you'll be in my prayers."

Ted nodded.

"I guess that's your fuckin' job."

"Yeah, that's my fuckin' job." the priest agreed.

At school, Zeke giggled. Bryan couldn't keep the smirk from his face either. Doug Newman was on his soapbox about the condition and aroma of the locker room.

"I want every one of you to take your P.E. and sports equipment home and launder it all thoroughly. I want you to spray the inside of your gym shoes. I know this is a locker room, but it smells more like a crusty jockstrap!"

Seeing the looks on their faces, he turned to Bryan and Zeke.

"And, just what are you two smirking about? Don't you take this seriously?"

Zeke thought quickly. He couldn't tell the group that he had been thinking about nibbling on his lover in a sweaty singlet.

"I was picturing someone sniffing a crusty jockstrap."

Doug dropped his glare and laughed heartily.

"Well, that is a funny image. I suspect all of you have been close enough to a funky jockstrap to know what it smells like. Hopefully it was your own, but I don't want you wrestlers winning matches by making your opponents pass out from the odor. We want to pin them fair and square.

"Seriously," Doug continued, "There is a real danger in not keeping things clean. You've probably heard about a young football player who died from a 'super bug.' It's called M-R-S-A. The nickname is 'Mersa.' It's a serious staph infection that's found in lots of locker rooms. I don't want to lose any of you!"

When the guys all left with their various pieces of exercise equipment in hand, Doug was aware of the fact that Bryan and Zeke were still smirking. Evidently they shared some other secret. He wasn't sure that he wanted to know. It might be too much information.

On the way to the car, Bryan laughed out loud.

"Boy are you quick! I know what you were thinking when you snickered because I was thinking the same thing. Do you suppose there is time enough before Mom gets home to play in our singlets?"

Carol Croy grabbed the boys before they managed to leave the building for the day. She pressed them to run for president and vice-president of the student council for the coming year. Heather Harkin had already made known that she was planning to run for president. Carol was certain she'd be a pain in the posterior to work with. The incident at the dance when Carol had first arrived was still fresh in her memory.

(Heather thought she had a pretty good chance of winning. After all, about half of the football team owed her for favors rendered. If she could get some other girls to help her plan a good party, she could probably count on many more votes from guys. There were a few others in her circle who wouldn't mind an evening of sucking on healthy young cocks! Hey, people in government did things like that to get ahead. "Give some head to get ahead!" No, she couldn't use that as a campaign slogan.)

Zeke and Bryan told Carol they would think it over. There would be a lot of activities their senior year. They both wanted to continue wrestling, choir, and the spring musical as well as working part-time. However, they were ahead in credits and could take a lighter load by spring term. It might work.

When they got free of Carol, they hurried on their way.

"Let's go to my place first. We know we have the privacy there. Grace has a subbing job today so she won't even be upstairs. Oh shoot!"


"I forgot. We need to rescue Zach. He's with my grandmother; she's probably lecturing him about original sin as we speak."

"I thought Grace was never going to leave your little bro with that witch."

"She wasn't, and it's pronounced, 'BITCH'! But the lady who usually watches him was sick AGAIN!"

"Sub pay can't be worth leaving him in your grandmother's clutches."

"No, but Mom turned down two jobs last week because she didn't have a sitter. If you do it too much, they stop calling. And if she isn't out meeting people in the schools, she won't have as good a chance landing a full-time job when she wants it. Of course she may not have to do that now that I have my college paid for."

The boys hurried off on their rescue mission. Zeke's grandmother was none too pleased to have them take Zach.

"I didn't hear anything about this. I'm not sure it's a good idea to have two boys taking care of him."

"Mom and Craig seemed to think so, or they wouldn't have made us his godparents."

"Humph!" the old lady responded. "It's wrong to baptize an infant in the first place and even worse to have two boys of questionable character responsible for him."

"What are you saying, Grandmother?"

"You two LIVE together. I know that there is only one bed in that basement. I know what goes on with boys like you. It's an abomination! You're just like the trash that spawned you! Your mother lived and died as a whore."

Zeke picked up Zach and gestured for Bryan to take the car-seat and diaper bag. He headed for the door. Then he turned around to face his grandmother. His face was white with rage, but he didn't raise his voice.

"I am not going to slap you up-side the head like you deserve. But if you ever talk that way about my parents again, I may do just that." He hissed. "I will never willingly set foot in this house again as long as you live. When Mom hears about this, I'll bet you never touch this child again either!"

Bryan drove while Zeke fussed over Zach who was in the back seat. When they got to Grace's house and Zach was changed and playing with them on the floor, Zeke apologized.

"I'm sorry about the scene back there."

"Don't be. I would have lost my cool a lot worse. I was ready to call her a few choice names, but I knew it wouldn't help. It was your fight, not mine. Of course, you know that anything that affects you does the same to me."

"Thanks, Babe." Zeke mumbled trying to hold back the impending deluge.

Bryan drew his lover into a tight embrace which opened the floodgates. Zeke sobbed uncontrollably for several minutes. All of the old grief and hurt of recent and past losses seemed to well up and flow through his eyes.

Little Zach wasn't sure what was going on, but he crawled over to sit on Zeke's lap. That stopped the tears and replaced them with a smile. Zeke held the tyke close to his heart while Bryan sat behind Zeke and held him.

"It's Jerry and Wayne and Ferguson and Lucy and your mom and dad, isn't it?" Bryan stated more than asked.

"Yeah, I think finding Lucy's frozen body in the snow, and knowing she was pregnant set off a lot of feelings I thought were buried. That little baby didn't deserve not to get born. A lot of people would have loved the kid. I wonder if it was a little girl or a boy. It really gets to me. I guess I'm not as strong as I thought I was."

"Baby, you ARE strong. You're my hero, and Tyler's and Zach's. I love you and I'll do whatever I can to make you feel better. Like you said awhile back: God intended for you to live. You're alive and you're lucky in many ways."

"Yeah, I've got something even you don't have – you in my arms every night. And if loving you is an abomination, then that's how it is. I'm proud to be 'abominated'! Maybe tonight you can show me just how naughty we can be."

Bryan smiled at Zeke's last remarks. He could tell Zeke was starting to feel better. He had purged his heart of some of the things that had hurt it for a long while. Sure, there would always be some aching in there, but it would pass in time. Bryan would make sure it did. At least Zeke wasn't trying to escape with alcohol like he once did. The remembrance made Bryan shudder inwardly.

"That insufferable old bitch!" was Grace's low, but harsh reply after she had heard Zeke's story. "I will NEVER put my sons in that position again! If I ever speak to her again, it will be too soon."

"Now, Mom, she IS your mother. Are you sure you want to cut yourself off completely? You don't have to on my account."

"Yes, I do. I have to do it for you, for Bryan, for Zach, and for your mother and father. We've gone the extra mile with that woman. I'm tired of it. I won't play her games anymore."

Zeke hugged Grace. She was the only mother he had ever known. She was loving and protective of him. He might have had some blows in his life, but he had a loving family in Craig and her. And he had a loving boyfriend, and a little bro. He was beginning to climb back up out of the well of sorrow and self-pity he had allowed himself to slip into. He was going to "get over it."

Then he hugged his boyfriend.

"Go ahead and kiss him!" Grace insisted. "It won't offend me."

And so he did. The two remained locked together until Zach tugged at Zeke's leg pulling his little body up into a standing position. Zeke and Bryan each took a tiny hand and helped the toddler walk around the living room. He would soon be doing it on his own. They loved watching him develop.

Later that night over at his house, Bryan made good on his promise to take care of his lover. He went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, but told Zeke to wait in the bedroom. Zeke was getting suspicious. Bryan came strutting into the room wearing his singlet with nothing under it. From the looks of his crotch, he was obviously happy to see Zeke!

Zeke fell to his knees and licked his way up Bryan's right leg. Then, he worked up the left leg. This time, he didn't hold off. He went for the object of his lust. He began to suck the big sausage through the fabric. Bryan rubbed Zeke's head gently as Zeke continued to "eat him out." Because of Bryan's trembling, Zeke knew he was getting close. He backed off, licking areas around Bryan's cock rather than the cock itself.

By now, Bryan was begging to be finished off. Zeke complied, putting him out of his misery for the moment. Then he sucked the sizeable load out of the fabric and shared it with his lover. They were both panting.

"Okay," Bryan said when he regained his breath. "Now you go get into your singlet and let me do you. Remember, it was my fantasy in the first place!"

Zeke willingly did as he was asked. He came into the room with a good-sized tent erected in his wrestling uniform. Bryan was on his knees "worshiping" that area before Zeke got across the room.

Bryan reached up the leg of Zeke's singlet in order to pull the foreskin back to expose Zeke's sensitive head. Zeke loved the feeling of Bryan's tongue massaging his cock through the stretchy cloth.

Bryan was beginning to get hard again from the experience. He loved the scent of his lover's sweat, and was turned on by its taste as well.

Zeke began to whimper. His libido was already on high from doing this same thing to Bryan. Zeke loved the build-up, but he also longed to be delivered. Bryan would have mercy on him shortly.

Bryan slipped his hand up Zeke's left leg. He rolled up and stretched the singlet enough to pull Zeke's hard tool through the leg opening. Then he gulped it down to the roots! Zeke gasped as he felt his sensitive cock-head come into contact with Bryan's throat muscles. The swallowing action Bryan was performing triggered Zeke's climax. At the last moment, Bryan pulled back just enough to prevent the precious nectar from going directly down his throat.

As they snuggled in bed after sharing a cum-laden kiss, Zeke spoke. "Hey, I thought you were going to make me cum in the singlet and then suck it clean."

"I was, but I felt like you needed to be released."

"Thanks, I really did."

"Maybe tomorrow night I can go with my first plan." Bryan suggested hopefully.

"Oh, Yeah!" Zeke responded.

In the county jail, Ted was being herded to the showers along with a couple of other guys. One of them was the man who had made a comment about his "sweet young ass." Ted didn't feel comfortable being naked with him, but at least the guard was nearby. The young guard seemed to be looking Ted's body over with more than a casual interest as well. Ted didn't like this place!

Suddenly, there was a disturbance in the area outside of the shower room. It sounded like a major fight. The guard ran out to help bring things under control. The county jail was dangerously understaffed. He would have to leave these three for the moment in order to help his colleagues.

In a split second, Ted found himself captive to the other men in the shower. One had his arm around Ted's neck while the other was grabbing his ass. Ted's initial cries were unheard over the fracas taking place in the hall. Then, he could not call out because his windpipe seemed to be collapsing under the pressure applied to it.

The big man behind him was soaping Ted's asshole.

"Just hold still and this won't hurt as much. If you keep struggling, I'll do it dry!" the man hissed.

The big guy was about to drive his huge cock deep into Ted's ass, when the noise in the hall stopped and the men could hear footsteps coming their way. The two assailants pushed Ted aside with threats of what would happen if he told. By the time the guard came back, three men seemed to have completed their showers and were ready to be escorted back to their cells.

Ted was shaking as he tried to go to sleep in his cell. He had a lot of time to think because sleep eluded him for a long time.

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