by David Lee

Chapter 50

When the boys reported for work at the store looking sleepy on Saturday morning, Jim Ackley appeared surprised to see them.

"I figured after your victories and your late night, you might call in sick or come dragging your butts in a couple of hours late. Now that your college expenses are now paid for, I thought you might want to quit work entirely."

"No way; we don't operate like that!" Zeke exclaimed. "We signed on to do a job and that's what we are gonna do. I hope you know us better than that by now. Besides, college expenses aren't everything; there are things like car repairs, insurance, movies, and all the other stuff."

Jim smiled. He did know what kind of work ethic these guys had. He was really teasing with them, but was glad to know they weren't planning to leave in the near future.

"Well, a lot of guys wouldn't keep their jobs if they were in your shoes, but I'll bet they wouldn't have done the things you did to get where you are either."

When the end of their shift came at 6:00, two very tired guys were ready to go home. The events of the day and night before had drained them. Jim needed a couple of people to help stock for an hour or two after the store closed at 9:00, but he quietly asked some others to stay. He knew his favorite kids would come back if they thought they were needed. He'd make sure they got a break tonight because he wanted to keep them on the payroll.

The boys were indeed ready for a break. Bryan's mom had dinner nearly ready when they arrived. She had made Chicken Dijon with pasta and it went over very well. The boys were pleased to have a delicious hot meal prepared FOR them instead of BY them. It was fun to be on their own, but it was good to be waited on sometimes. Maybe their families had been right in asking them to wait until next year to live full-time at Zeke's place.

Zeke raved about the meal; and, after finding out how easy it was to make, asked Mary for the recipe. She was happy to oblige. After dinner, she ran a hard copy off from her computer file as well as emailing it to him. She told them that she had prepared about a recipe and a half for dinner that night knowing hungry teens as she did. (Mary's recipe is at the end of this chapter.)

After spending a couple of hours chatting with Bryan's family and watching TV, the boys retired early. They needed to get up early enough to make it to choir rehearsal before service. The obligations of school and work had kept them from being as involved with church choir as much as they had originally planned.

After a quick shower, the sleepy pair crawled naked into bed and snuggled. Zeke fell asleep rapidly as Bryan held him. Bryan didn't stay awake much longer either.

Sunday morning dawned warm and foggy. If they hadn't promised to be at church, they might have just rolled over for a couple more hours of sleep. But, duty called, and they got up.

Living between two places isn't always ideal. The shirt Zeke wanted to wear was in his apartment. Bryan came through with one that would do. So by 9:00, the two had showered, eaten, and driven to church. Now they were sitting in their robes warming up their voices with the rest of the choir as the emerging sun streamed through the stained glass windows in the south transept.

During the announcements in the service, Pastor Liz said that she had exciting news. Fr. Jerry was coming as the new priest at Grace Episcopal. He and Liz had been good friends since seminary. She was looking forward to working with him in combining some of the youth activities. Jerry and she had co-sponsored retreats in the past when he would come from one direction and she and her group from another. Having him in the same town would be great.

Bryan and Zeke exchanged glances. They both knew that Fr. Jerry had a partner, Dennis. They wondered what he was doing. Had they broken up?

When they got Liz alone for a moment after the service, they asked in a round-about way. She told them that Dennis was able to secure a good teaching position at the university. His talents were in high demand. He and Jerry were planning to buy a home near the reservoir so they would be about halfway between their respective jobs. It was going to be a good move for both of them.

In the afternoon, Mary mentioned that she and Brad had a reception to go to for his work.

"I hate going out when we have you guys here," she said. "We would far rather stay home. But, it will give you a chance to invite some friends over or take a nap or whatever. I'm afraid this affair will run into the evening."

Back in Bryan's room, Zeke suggested that they call Aaron to see what he and Bryce were up to.

"They might be over with Lonny." Bryan thought.

"I guess we could invite all three of them over to sit in the hot tub, but I would like to have just Bryce and Aaron. I think we should come out to them. I suspect they may have figured it out already, but I want to tell them to their faces."

Bryan agreed. He called Aaron's house only to learn that they were at Bryce's. Gina didn't think they had plans with Lonny since he was supposed to visit his grandmother all day.

When Bryan got Bryce on the line, Bryce and Aaron readily agreed to come over. Bryan said Zeke and he would come to get them in about 10 minutes. He could hear Aaron giggling in the background when Sally reminded them to get their swimsuits for the hot tub. Then Bryce said that his dad had volunteered to chauffeur them so they wouldn't need a ride.

Today was the kind of weather the old-timers called the January Thaw. The temperature had climbed into the upper 50's F and the sun was shining. All of the residual snow was turning to liquid and quickly heading for storm sewers. It was a perfect day to beat the winter blahs by sitting naked in a spa in a very private sunny backyard.

When Mike dropped the boys off, he said he could pick them up as well, but Bryan assured him that bringing them home was no problem. Bryan asked if it would be okay for Bryce and Aaron to stay for pizza for dinner. Mike said it was okay with him, but they should call Gina to let her know. She was still rather protective of her son.

After a quick phone call, the boys went to the pool house to shuck their clothes before running to the spa. Bryan had uncovered it and turned it on a few minutes earlier to make sure the water temperature had evened out.

Unlike they had a few months earlier, neither Bryce nor Aaron showed any embarrassment about stripping in front of their friends. Aaron began to "plump up", but even that didn't seem to make him shy. In fact, he kind of swaggered as his cock led the way to the water.

Bryce and Aaron settled near one corner while Bryan and Zeke sat nearly across from them.

"Can we trust you guys to keep a secret?" Zeke asked once they were comfortable.

"Sure," Aaron responded for them both. "You guys have kept our secret and we really appreciate it."

Zeke smiled as he turned toward his boyfriend. Bryan grinned in response as the two came together in a passionate embrace. Their lips met in a lingering, open-mouthed kiss. When they broke it, they looked over at two other smiling faces.

"I kinda wondered after the first night when I slept over at Zeke's place. It crossed my mind that you were sharing a bed, but I wasn't sure if it meant anything or not." Aaron said.

Bryan entered the conversation.

"We both felt like hypocrites after we caught you two kissing by the gym lockers. We let you know we were okay with it, but not why we were. We've come out to a few friends, but not many at school. It's still kinda scary."

"Well," Bryce interjected, "I'll bet some have figured it out. I've heard a couple of people question why you never seem to date. Everyone thinks you could be getting all the pussy you wanted."

"I don't like to think of girls as "pussy" as you put it, but I know what you mean," Zeke replied. "We have respect for girls and we like them as friends, but we just don't want to jump their bones."

"Do you guys, like, you know, ever fool around with other guys?" Aaron asked.

"We have messed around in front of other friends, but not with them." Bryan said. "We're monogamous. We are totally committed to each other."

"You wouldn't even mess around if you BOTH did it with the other guys?" Bryce asked.

"NO!" Zeke expressed emphatically.

"Okay, okay, I was just wondering."

"Hey, we don't judge other guys who do it if it's okay with their boyfriends. If you do, that's okay; it just isn't our thing. So, if you thought we invited you over for an orgy, I hate to disappoint you." Bryan laughed.

The conversation shifted to other topics. Rehearsals for "Into the Woods" were beginning and thus adding to their already overloaded schedules. Zeke and Bryan had been cast in the roles of the two young princes. While those were not the biggest parts, they were still important and required a lot of work.

Bryce had convinced Gina to cut Aaron some slack so they could help with the set-building and other tech duties. Aaron loved having another diversion as well as more chances to be with his boyfriend.

Elections for student government officers would come up after spring break. Zeke wondered aloud if any of them should try for leadership roles. Bryan thought it might look good on their vita sheets if they stayed involved.

"Hey Bryce," Zeke suddenly exclaimed. "We heard you guys are getting Fr. Jerry as your new priest. He's awesome!"

"How do you know him?"

"We met him through Pastor Liz. You know how open she is to gay people. Well, Fr. Jerry is one of those people."

"You mean he's gay like us?" Bryce said wide-eyed.

"Yes, he is very much like the four of us."

"Wow!" Aaron enthused. "I can't believe it. Maybe I'll go to church with Bryce more often. I've been going to youth activities, but old Fr. Welch wasn't exactly an exciting leader."

"The best part is that Liz is planning to have our youth groups combine with yours for some meetings and such." Zeke continued.

All agreed it would be cool to have things to do together. They thought it would improve relations among kids of different denominations as well as make the group large enough for any number of fun activities.

While this conversation was going along above the water-line, there were other things going on below it. Bryce's hands were busy stroking Aaron's thigh sneaking ever closer to their rising destination. Aaron was becoming so horny that he was beginning to fidget. Bryan grinned at Zeke who was also aware of what was happening.

"Let's go into the pool house for a while before we call for pizza," Bryan suggested.

Aaron was suddenly shy about getting out of the spa with a full, raging, hard-on. He was reticent until his host and Zeke got out of the water in the same condition.

"Wow, those are the biggest cocks I've ever seen!" Bryce exclaimed. "They're even bigger than Lonny's."

(The boys wondered why Bryce knew how big Lonny's stiffy was, but were polite enough not to ask.)

"Just remember that this joystick belongs to no one but me!" Bryan grinned as he wrapped a hand around Zeke's big dick. "Besides, we've seen bigger ones."

Zeke nodded as he remembered seeing Doug Newman's spewing monster in the shower when he was in middle school. It had made a BIG impression on his young teen mind. What he didn't realize was that in the last three years he and Bryan had grown to be nearly the same size as Doug and they weren't through growing yet.

When all four were in the warmth of the pool house, Bryan pulled out two of the pool mats that had served them well in the past. Lying on his back on one of them, he pulled Zeke on top of him and the two began to make out in no uncertain terms. Aaron took the hint, as well as Bryce's hand, as he led the latter to the other mat. They didn't waste any time before starting serious tongue-wrestling of their own. Bryan and Zeke's frottage action was imitated by their younger friends. Sweat and pre-cum combined to aid the grinding movements. Soon everyone was heading for cloud-nine accompanied by a chorus of teenage moans.

The younger pair had had a head start because of fooling around in the hot tub. Aaron gave a final thrust accompanied by a high-pitched whine. He came buckets, which set Bryce off. His sensitive dick was pumping out a big load as it slipped around in the goo his boyfriend had produced.

On hearing the horny sounds of their companions' climaxes, Zeke and Bryan came a few seconds later, timing their orgasms almost perfectly with each other. When they turned around into the 69-position to lick each other clean, the younger boys lost their inhibitions and did likewise. All were sexually satiated for the moment.

Of course, good hot sex can increase one's appetite for food. Bryan called Sam's Pizzeria to order before the boys showered. Sharing a shower with guys, who have recently cum in your presence, while you are lathering up your boyfriend's body can be another hot experience. The boys were getting hard again. Bryce dropped to his knees to suck Aaron's stiffening prick. Bryan did the same for Zeke. Then, the boyfriends reversed positions. Finally, the couples lay in the 69-position on the shower floor with the water pulsing over then and sucked each other to another orgasm. The second coming may not have been as cum-laden as the first, but it was still satisfying. Fortunately, there was enough hot water left to rinse off once more.

"I thought you said this wasn't going to be an orgy." Bryce laughed.

"Well, maybe I spoke too soon." Bryan grinned in return.

The two large pizzas, delivered shortly after the boys dressed, were devoured in no time. Despite throwing together a big salad to eat alongside, Bryan wondered if he should have ordered more. However, by the time he had served ice cream for dessert, everyone claimed to be stuffed. He knew he was.

Around 6:30, just as Zeke and Bryan came back from dropping off their buddies, Brad and Mary returned. The family spent an hour or so together before Zeke and Bryan left for Zeke's apartment.

Bryan believed that the day had been well spent. He felt better having come clean with the younger boys. Zeke agreed. He said he wanted to come out to everyone next year. Once they were seniors, he felt they could take whatever flak came their way. They needed to do this to be honest with themselves, and also for the sake of younger kids who were facing their own sexual-identity battles. Maybe they could even start a club or something.

They also had to be honest with themselves, and each other, about how much they enjoyed having sex with an audience. It was definitely a turn-on. They wanted to remain true to each other, but they were far less inhibited about doing it in front of friends than they used to be.

Their discussion tapered off as they undressed and crawled under the covers. Having gotten off twice in the afternoon, neither guy craved sex at the moment. However, they found it quite satisfying to cuddle naked in bed while watching a little TV. After a bit, they settled down to sleep, still wrapped in each other's arms.

Across town, Bryce and Aaron had also been reviewing the events of the afternoon. They too thought it was cool that Zeke and Bryan had come out to them. They had a great deal of respect for the opinions of the two juniors.

"Do you think what we've been doing with Lonny is wrong?" Bryce wanted to know.

"I don't think so if it doesn't bother you. It helped me to get over him, if you know what I mean. I still love him like a brother, but I don't love him like a lover. You're the only one I feel that way about. I'm not saying this very well, but I hope you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I do know what you're saying. I like helping Lonny okay, but I don't think I'd like to do it with other guys even if you were there. What we did with Zeke and Bryan was HOT, though! I wouldn't mind doing it again. I just don't think I want other guys besides Lonny touching what I feel belongs to me. And I won't let them touch what I have that belongs to you."

They were beginning to think about pleasing each other one more time that day when Mike reminded Aaron that it was time to take him home lest Gina ground him until he turned 35. It was going to be close, possibly a little late, but Mike said he would take the heat for it if there was any. He knew how the two suffered when they were kept apart. His stepson had never been happier than he was now. Mike wanted to do his part to help maintain that state.

This is the recipe that Bryan's mom served. I thought maybe some of you might like to try it.

Dijon Chicken with Pasta

4 large skinless chicken breasts cut into quarters

1 1/4 Cups chicken broth3 Tablespoons Dijon mustard1 teaspoon chicken bouillon1 1/2 teaspoons basil1/2 teaspoon tarragon1/4 teaspoon salt1/4 cup white wine6 1/2 ounce jar of marinated artichokes drained, reserving 2 tablespoons of liquid

1 - 2 Tablespoons corn starch dissolved in 1/4 cup water

8 ounces of rotini or other pasta cooked about 10 minutes or to desired doneness.

Start the water boiling for the pasta before you begin preparing the chicken so that everything will be ready at about the same time.

Spray a large skillet with non-stick shortening. Heat on medium-high heat. Place chicken pieces in skillet and brown (about 2 minutes on each side). Salt lightly. Cover and simmer until pink is gone. Mix all of above ingredients, except water and starch. Pour over chicken and simmer for a few more minutes. Stir in starch and water mixture and cook until slightly thickened. You may add pasta to the skillet or serve separately using the broth as a sauce over the pasta.

(As an alternative, serve with new potatoes and pea pods instead of pasta.)

Recipe adapted from a Better Homes and Gardens recipe from February 1990.

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