by David Lee

Chapter 49

Doug Newman's hands were free, but his leg cast might prove to be a hindrance in getting the kind of loving he needed. He went to Carol's apartment to eat, assuming that dinner and a little making out was all he would get. That was okay in a way. He loved the very idea of having a quiet evening with the girl he would marry in the summer. He could take care of his own needs if it came to that. Boy could he use some relief!

He need not have been concerned. Carol fed him an excellent, low-cal dinner accompanied by a decent wine. After they'd cleared the table, she settled him on the sofa where she proceeded to play the aggressor. His heartrate wasn't the only thing that went up, and his breathing was becoming ragged by the time she had him nearly undressed.

"This isn't going to work with this cast," he sighed.

"Trust me, Baby, this is going to work." Carol assured him.

When they were both naked, she got on top of him, being careful not to put too much pressure on his injured leg. After rubbing her body all over his, she applied lube to his large tool and her vagina. Then she straddled him and impaled herself on his big cock. She began slowly, teasing him. He moaned in appreciation.

Once he began to thrust upward to meet her, she increased the speed and length of her strokes. He held her hips with his hands to keep her from losing her balance. Her erratic whimpers let him know she was reaching the point of no return. Her cries of joy helped triggered his orgasm. It was a huge load. In fact, when Carol pulled herself off of his softening dick, his cum flowed from her body creating a puddle on his.

They remained lying together until there was danger of becoming glued in that position. Then she reluctantly arose to get something to clean them up.

After she reminded him he had spare clothes in her closet, he spent the night.

Luke and Sky had come home from the store to find a note from Doug informing them of his dinner plans. They got busy making dinner for themselves. It was not very busy at Menard's this time of year. The New Year's sales were over and the spring nesting urge hadn't hit home owners like it would in a month or two.

"I'll bet dinner isn't all he's getting," Sky smirked.

"I hope not. I think he's been in serious heat. Since he's been laid up and not able to do his full workout, he's seemed antsy." Luke said.

They had gotten ahead with their homework because they had assumed they would be putting in more hours at the store. Tonight they actually had free time.

"Let's not waste this evening on a dumb video." Luke suggested.

"Yeah, let's work on a plot for our own porn movie." Skylar said with a grin.

Luke loved Sky's idea. After loading the dishwasher, they began to "attack" each other.

About the same time the older Newman brother was having his tool ridden, the younger brother was doing the riding. Sky had lowered his tight ass over Luke's drooling cock. After lots of lube and a couple of unsuccessful tries, Sky was able to take Luke to the pubes.

Skylar had considered himself to be a versatile "top," but now he was beginning to wonder if maybe he was more of a "bottom." Having put the rape he had suffered firmly into the past, he could now enjoy the feeling of a hard dick massaging his prostate. He loved to be buried in Luke's hot chute as well. It was a good thing they were both flexible.

As Luke felt his climax nearing, he began to stroke Sky's steely-hard cock. Sky came first, but the rectal spasms he produced milked his lover to climax seconds later.

The two young men got up to enjoy a hot, mutual shower before settling down to cuddle again. It wasn't late enough to go to bed, so they propped up to watch a bit of TV before calling it a night. It was cool having someone with whom to share the everyday, quiet moments.

The funeral for Jerry and Wayne took place the next afternoon. Since they were good buddies, and both belonged to First Lutheran Church, their families had a double memorial service. Large numbers of people turned out, including many young people. There was standing room only. Late-comers were seated in the fellowship hall to listen to the service over the PA system.

The entire wrestling team and their coach were there. They sat in the pews that had been reserved for them behind the families. All were dressed in white shirts and ties for the occasion. Several wore suits or sports jackets. All were quiet and grim-faced.

When Pastor Knutson finished his eulogy, there wasn't a dry eye in the church. Even the boys' parents hadn't been aware of some of the charitable things they had done along with their youth group. Many, young and old alike, vowed to be more giving to their fellow human beings in honor of these two. Life is short; people must make the most of their opportunities.

At school the following morning, there was an announcement saying there would be an assembly in the gym. Zeke wondered if it was something else dealing with the deaths of his teammates. He hoped not. Not that they shouldn't be remembered, but people had to move on to other things. You couldn't grieve forever, even for your mom or the unknown Lucy. There was too much death around lately. You couldn't dwell on it. It wasn't healthy. He felt hot tears of grief as he was thinking about it. Bryan instinctively put an arm around his shoulder and squeezed hard. It was as far as one could go in school to express love for another member of your sex without arousing too much attention. However, with all the grief people were feeling for their departed classmates, this show of affection likely wouldn't be noticed.

After Dr. Carlson called the group to order, he introduced a distinguished older gentleman with steel-gray hair, but a decided spring to his step.

"Ladies and gentleman, Dr. Wendell Wood wants a few minutes of your time to make a special presentation to two of our students."

Bryan looked at Zeke, who had also caught the significance of the man's last name.

Dr. Wood began:

"Students of Cosgrove High, we live in a world of sadness and death: of hate and violence. You are aware of Columbine and other horrors involving young people of your own age. You are still reeling from the untimely passing of two of your own classmates. That is why it is doubly important to recognize those teens who make a difference in the world by their actions."

"I am here today to honor two young men who risked their lives to save my precious grandson. I'm not going into all of the details. You have probably heard most of them already, and I know you are eager to get back to your classes," he grinned.

A snicker echoed throughout the gym over his last statement.

"Zeke Adams and Bryan Stillwell, will you please join me on the podium?"

The boys got up slowly, almost reluctantly. They had often been recognized as part of a team, but this was different. They were on display. They felt suddenly shy.

"Boys… No, I have to say, young men, I know you're not going off to college for another year and a half. However, your families have assured me you're looking into schools already. Well, it is my distinct pleasure to award you these scholarships to be used at any university in the state of Iowa. They are full-ride, four-year scholarships for tuition, books, and board and room. It is from a foundation of which I am the chairman. You may trade them in toward expenses at a private school of your choice, but you may not give them back. My son told me to fix it that way because you are hesitant to take any reward for what you did."

"Thanks," they said in chorus.

"We're overwhelmed. We really don't know what else to say." Bryan said biting his lower lip as he went to shake Dr. Wood's hand.

Dr. Wood shook their hands, but also pulled them into a grateful hug. These were truly good teens and good citizens. There was hope for the future.

Then, from across the gym floor, little Tyler ran toward Bryan at top speed. Bryan scooped him up into his arms. Zeke hugged Tyler from behind. There were few dry eyes as the entire place broke into applause. Everyone stood and clapped for several minutes.

When order was at last restored, the concert choir, minus the two honorees assembled behind them and sang "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." (It was as close to sacred music as they could perform in an assembly.) Then everyone was dismissed to second period classes.

Bryan and Zeke were both quite late for their class. First, they were mobbed by fellow wrestlers and choir members. Then, they had to talk to the Wood family; especially its youngest member.

The librarian volunteered to sit with Mary's class until she could get there so she could be a part of things. Grace was present too. The families had been alerted in advance and it had been hard for them to keep it under wraps.

Tyler wanted to stay, so Dr. Carlson said he and his parents could relax in the teachers' lounge until lunchtime. Then Tyler could eat lunch with the "big boys" while his parents and grandparents ate in the faculty dining room. That seemed to satisfy the little boy, but he asked about every five minutes if it was time for lunch yet.

Tyler was the mascot of the lunch table. Everyone wanted to hold him, but he sat resolutely on Bryan's lap. He became shy around all of those other "big boys," but came out of his shell long enough to try to help Lonny eat. Lonny did his best to be a good patient for Tyler. However, he was running out of time with about half of his lunch uneaten. To speed up the process, Aaron fed him most the rest.

Jennifer came past the table in time to witness the scene.

"Well, I see your little boyfriend is taking care of you." She sneered.

Lonny shot her a sickeningly sweet smile as he mouthed his reply so she would understand it, but Tyler wouldn't hear it:

"Fuck off, bitch!"

In the evening, the Adams and Stillwell families were guests of the Wood family at the country club. Everyone dressed to the nines and enjoyed a surf and turf dinner with all the trimmings. Despite its being a private dining room, the staff would not serve wine to the minors for fear of losing their liquor license. Wendell Wood asked for a couple of extra glasses saying that he would take the responsibility. Zeke and Bryan felt good about being included in the toast like the other adults. They tried to act quite mature, but found that the wine made them giggle more easily.

Later, lying naked in Zeke's bed, they cuddled for over an hour. Neither said much. They just enjoyed the comfort of each other's company.

"Wow," Zeke sighed, breaking the silence. "What a crazy year this has been so far. I can't believe everything that's happened. Just when I already knew I was the luckiest kid in the world with a loving family and an awesome boyfriend, suddenly I'm even luckier. Now I don't have to worry about college money. I got to thinking that it's a wonder I'm here at all given how I came into the world, and yet I have so much good fortune; God must have intended me to live."

"Oh, Baby, I know God intended you to live. I thank him every week for letting me have you."

"Only every week?" Zeke giggled. "What's wrong with thanking him every day? Aren't I worth that?"

"Now, don't get your panties all in a bunch! Some days I forget to pray."

"Okay, but as for my panties being in a bunch, check me out to see if I'm wearing any."

While saying that, Zeke guided Bryan's willing hand over to his crotch. Bryan had to feel around a lot before he was satisfied that Zeke, indeed wasn't wearing any.

Fatigue and lethargy soon gave way to passion as the two boys renewed their bonds of love once more. It was slow, comfortable, and sensuous love they shared that night. Ghosts of dead family and friends disappeared for a while because they could not exist in the warmth created by mutual love and caring. In the afterglow, the lovers drifted into a deep sleep filled with pleasant dreams.

It was a pretty average day at school for a change, and it was Friday! Most everyone was happy to see the end of the week roll around.

At lunch time, Esther got up the courage to offer to help feed Lonny. He was thrilled. Aaron realized he was a little jealous, but then he remembered he had someone special, so why shouldn't Lonny? Esther had heard what Jennifer had said the previous day and he was going to help Lonny's reputation. Besides, she thought Jennifer was a bitch, though the word had never crossed her lips, even in referring to a female dog. Then too, Lonny was one nice-looking guy. Maybe if she showed him kindness, they might get better acquainted. She felt she was too young to get serious about any boy, but having a male friend to hang around with wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Shortly after lunch, the wrestlers set off for the district tourney which had been postponed before the blizzard. It would be difficult for any number of reasons. Their favorite bus driver and two team mates would never make this trip again. That would haunt them. Also, some team members weren't up to par. Terry would be able to wrestle, but had missed some practice time and wouldn't be at his best. Lonny would go along for moral support, but obviously couldn't be actively involved. Cosgrove was in danger of losing some matches simply because they had no one to wrestle in those weight categories.

Bryce and Aaron had gotten permission to miss school to be part of the cheering section. They, along with Lonny, were riding with Zeke and Bryan. The rear seat of a Sebring convertible is not really built for three people. However, when all three have tight, little butts, it is possible to accommodate them. But without a middle seat belt, it wouldn't have been legal, and Mary Stillwell would not hear of it. She insisted on trading cars with the boys for the day, so they left in her new Camry.

The weather was great. It was cold, but the sun was shining. This always made people more upbeat. Accordingly, the ride to the match was passed pleasantly.

Bryce sat on one side of Lonny and Aaron on the other. They spread the light afghan that Mary kept in her car over the three of them. It was not necessary for warmth, but it shielded the fact that they were keeping Lonny in a state of perpetual arousal for the whole trip and were in the same condition. They were holding hands while fondling his crotch. It was quite stimulating for all concerned. Their play had to stop as the car entered the town so there would be time for three teen dicks to wilt at least a little.

The three owners of those plumped-up tools went into the gym to stake out territory just behind where the Cosgrove team would sit. Lonny held the seats while the other two went off to scout for refreshments.

A little later, Bryan and Zeke came into the gym along with the other team members. Dressed in their singlets, they looked fine. Anyone assessing them could see that they were well endowed in more areas than muscles. On seeing Zeke and Bryan, Trevor and Marc jumped up from their bench to hug their rivals. There were some tears for Jerry and Wayne.

The loudspeaker which blared out announcements brought the crowd noise down to a dull roar as someone reviewed procedures. Then the same voice asked everyone to pause to remember the boys who weren't there anymore. It was a sobering moment. You could have heard a pin drop.

After the moment of silence, there were a couple of additional announcements. Trevor had asked to be withdrawn from the match he was supposed to have had with Jerry. On hearing that, a kid from another school who was supposed to have been paired against Wayne also asked to withdraw. Fans stood and applauded their sense of fair play. Lonny's opponent from Dixon Community didn't follow suit. His coach wanted to win the meet no matter what. Winning by default was still a win.

Zeke pinned his opponent easily. The match had begun with them looking pretty equally paired. Then the other kid made a big mistake. He whispered to Zeke trying to taunt and distract him.

"I heard you're a fag. Fags can't beat real men."

Zeke experienced a controlled adrenaline rush. In a split second, the other boy's shoulders were firmly on the mat. After the count, Zeke offered his hand to help the other boy up. The offer was refused. The red-faced kid returned to his bench without looking back.

Bryan won over his opponent by decision. They were almost perfectly matched. Bryan just managed to get in more riding time. It was close.

In spite of the fact that he had missed a bit of practice time, Terry won too. He was really pumped for this match. In his heart, he felt he couldn't let his team down; especially the ones who were no longer with them. Their shared grief had become a cohesive agent for the team. Not everyone won, but no one lacked for determination and drive. Doug was proud of his guys.

When the final tally came out, Cosgrove had come in second in the field of eight teams. They wouldn't have done as well without the good sportsmanship displayed by Trevor and the kid who followed his example. Dixon Community, whose coach wouldn't let his guy withdraw from the match he was supposed to have had with Lonny, came in dead last. Lonny had to smile.

It was well past the curfew for younger drivers when Bryan pulled into town. He was driving carefully, but saw flashing light in his mirror and pulled over.

Officer Danforth stepped up to the driver's door as Bryan put the window down.

"It's a little late to be out." Danforth stated.

"Yes, Sir." Bryan responded. "We are returning from the district tournament, so it's a legal, school event. The buses should be coming soon."

At that moment, two yellow Cosgrove school buses with the other wrestlers and fans pulled up behind the stopped Camry. Doug started to get out, but Danforth waved him back.

"Well, seeing that it's a school function, it's not a problem. How did you guys do?"

The young cop talked with them a bit about the tournament and then waved them on. He was not about to hassle good kids. There were plenty out there trying to get into trouble. No sense alienating the decent ones.

When Bryan dropped off the three younger boys, it was at Lonny's house. The other two had made arrangements to sleep over, saying they had to take care of Lonny. And take care of him, they did. They stripped him, licked him, and felt him all over. This time, he participated more. His hands may not have been so flexible, but there was nothing wrong with his tongue. He licked and nibbled the nipples of his buddies. After he came, he used his feet to jack them for a while. He got them close and then they turned around to suck each other while he nibbled on their bodies; alternating equally.

Then, they all slid bare-assed between the sheets of Lonny's queen sized bed to settle down for sleep. It was a tight fit and they loved it. They talked a little about the tournament before drifting off.

Lonny lay awake for a while between his two sleeping companions. Yes, he liked girls the best. Yes, he wanted to get married and have a family - someday. There would be time for all of that later. But right now, he was still a kid. And if it involved having a little boy-fun, so be it. He wondered if any of this could continue after the casts came off.

Zeke and Bryan couldn't get to sleep right away either. The adrenaline they'd produced in wrestling was still in their bloodstreams. It seemed like there was a higher level of testosterone also when they were in competition.

Zeke told Bryan what the other kid had whispered to him on the mat that gave him the extra push to win.

"I know some guys call others fags just to psych them out, but I got the feeling he knew. Do you suppose he was at the university orientation?"

"Maybe, but whatever he meant by it, he certainly found out you're no pussy."

Their loving that night was more physical and aggressive than usual. Each seemed intent on playing a little rough. They both left teeth marks temporarily on the other's nipples. They tried to ram their big cocks into their boyfriend's willing throat. At the same time, they were trying to swallow each other whole. When their fingers found each other's rectum, the force and friction were almost like intercourse. Their stimulated prostates began to spasm erratically as they each pumped huge loads into the other's waiting mouth.

"God, that was good!" Bryan exclaimed when he was again able to talk.


"Sometime, I want you in your sweaty singlet with no jock or sports brief. I want to suck you off through the fabric and then suck all of your cum out of it." Bryan said with a husky voice.

"I'd love to do the same to you. We could take turns, or maybe we could 69 that way." Zeke suggested.

Both agreed that while they normally wanted tender, sensuous, love; sometimes they needed hard (and maybe little raunchy) man-sex. They weren't as innocent as they had been three years before.

As they drifted off to dreamland wrapped together, they were both thankful for each other. They were growing together as soul-mates. Their desires as well as their hopes and ambitions were in synch.

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