by David Lee

Chapter 48

Bryan and Zeke awoke early because they had gone to bed early. They had time to nuzzle and cuddle before getting ready for church. Their cuddling escalated to full-blown lovemaking as their hungry lips and tongues found various interesting body parts to kiss, lick, and nibble. It was an experience of almost pure lust. With the blizzard and its complications, it had been a couple of days since they had been able to share their passion.

Bryan reached into the nightstand drawer for some lotion.

"Are you going to take me?" Zeke asked half hoping, half fearful.

"No, I'm going to get us both slicked up so we can wrestle these two anacondas between us." Bryan giggled.

Their slick body surfaces cut down on the friction which meant both of them held out longer than they might have. It was their mutual sounds of pleasure and tongue-wresting that finally pushed them over the crest of the wave that they tried to ride as long as possible.

The extended length of time they spent in foreplay served to build up expectation to the breaking point. When at last they came, it was a tsunami of cum which flooded their bodies. Since it was mixed with lubricant, they felt it was better to wash it down the shower drain than to lick it off. The sweet-smelling lotion didn't appeal to them though it did somewhat mask the aroma of male sex.

Later, as they were eating breakfast, there was a knock on the door at the head of the stairs.

"Come in, it's open." Zeke called.

Craig came down the stairs to talk to them. He looked somber.

"We didn't want to tell you last night because we didn't want to spoil your moment, but you need to know before going to church. The bus carrying your team to the match was hit by a semi. There were several injuries. The bus driver and two boys were killed."

"Oh, no!" both boys exclaimed at once.

"Jerry Phelps and Wayne Nichols died. Lonny Peters, Terry Shultz, and Coach Newman are all in the hospital. They're expected to make full recovery according to the report on this morning's news."

Both Jerry and Wayne were new to the team and not well-known by the boys. Jerry had transferred in as a sophomore and Wayne was a freshman. They were the two kids who always wanted to ride up in the "shotgun" position on the bus. It was a spot Zeke and Bryan enjoyed too, and had often claimed as their territory, but had sometimes relinquished it to the younger pair.

"Was Mr. Ferguson driving?" Zeke asked.

"Yes." Craig answered.

The boys wept for their teammates and the driver. Those kids were too young to die. They hadn't had a chance to live yet. It wasn't fair. Craig stood there embracing both of them. He had seen this kind of loss in the military. It was never easy to lose someone who was a part of your team.

Mr. Ferguson was a good old guy. He never had a bad word for anyone. He was always patient with the antics of his passengers. He would be missed by everyone who knew him.

At church, the mood was sad and quiet. Everyone knew about the bus accident. Pastor Liz mentioned it in the announcements and prayed for the families of the deceased as well as those who were in the hospital.

Zeke and Bryan counted themselves lucky, or blessed. They could easily have been in the front seat. Wow! What a weekend it had been. How did one get past it?

After a hasty lunch, the boys went to the hospital to visit their friends. They stopped in Lonny's room first. Aaron and Bryce were there watching over him like a pair of private-duty nurses. Aaron was spoon-feeding Lonny his lunch since both of Lonny's wrists and hands were in partial casts. He had braced himself when he saw the truck coming toward them. The impact had broken several bones. If he had dropped to the floor and gone limp, he might have fared better, but who would think of that in a split second?

Bryce was just as attentive to Lonny as Aaron was. Lonny was in good hands. Sophie stood back and let the boys fuss over her son. She would have her chance later. She understood that Aaron needed to do this to give back to her son who had saved his life.

Next, the boys went to visit Terry. They didn't know him very well because he was very shy, but he was a team member after all. The near-death experience made him more talkative than usual. His parents were pleased to see two of his peers coming to visit. Because he wasn't outgoing, Terry had few friends.

Terry was not as badly hurt as Lonny, but had suffered a concussion and was kept for observation. Other than a killer headache which was only partially subdued with pain medication, there seemed to be no serious damage. The CT scan had looked clear,, so he would be released the next morning most likely.

Finally, Bryan and Zeke went to see their coach. He had a roomful of visitors already, but welcomed his young friends with a huge smile. The Newman's were all there as were Luke and Carol. Some other wrestlers had been in earlier.

Doug choked up when he talked about Wayne, Jerry, and Mr. Ferguson. They would be sorely missed. He was worried about Terry and Lonny, but felt better when the boys assured him that those two were going to be okay. However, Lonny would be out for the rest of the season. The doctors would make a decision about Terry. They didn't want him to do anything that could give him another concussion anytime soon.

Doug's injuries were not life-threatening. He would have a cast on his right leg for several weeks, but would be able to get around on crutches. Carol was going to baby him as much as she could. It was almost comical watching her as she plumped up his pillow and got him more ice for his water. He could think of something else he would like her to do to make him forget his injuries, but not with a roomful of people.

Monday was a bleak day at school. Most teenagers don't think death can touch them. When one of their own is taken, it shakes their whole reality system. When two or more die, the effect seems to multiply exponentially.

The day began with an assembly to remember Jerry, Wayne, and Ron Ferguson. Some students read poetry. Others spoke of the good times they'd had with the departed. The choir sang a quiet, simple song that bordered on a hymn. There was a moment of silence to remember the fallen friends, not prayer, (since Dr. Carlson maintained a separation of church and state). But, of course, each person could use that silence as he or she wished. Doubtless there were many prayers offered for the victims and their families.

Grief counselors were available, and some kids used their services. The ones, who had good informal support systems of family or buddies, did not. Zeke, Bryan, Aaron, and Bryce fell into the latter category. They had each other. At noon, Zeke and Bryan stood up when the younger boys joined them at the lunch table. They all hugged for several moments. It was a scene repeated at various tables, so no one thought it unusual.

As they left the cafeteria, Sam, Rachel, and a number of other kids came up and hugged the wrestlers. A counselor who was across the room felt a tug at her heartstrings as she witnessed the level of concern and sensitivity students were exhibiting toward one another. It gave her hope for the future when these kids would be adults.

When Bryan checked his email after school, there were messages from Marc and Trevor expressing sympathy. They asked for addresses to send cards to the families and also to the guys who were injured; Coach Newman included. Zeke had duplicate messages on his account.

The boys looked up the information to send back. In doing so, Zeke noticed that Terry lived fairly close by. This kid had always been so shy that no one took much notice of him. Zeke thought maybe they should change that.

On Tuesday, Doug Newman was back at school as was Terry Schultz. Students surrounded Newman to let him know that he was missed. No one noticed Terry; well, almost no one. He walked in with his head down thinking this was just one more day to get through.

Zeke spied Terry across the hall and nudged Bryan. Bryan looked up, knowing his lover was going to welcome another kid into their circle. He was proud that his buddy was so caring.

"Hey Terry, how's it hanging?" Zeke asked as he and Bryan strode over to Terry's locker.

Terry's head snapped up as if he were being awakened from a dream.

"A little to the left; how about you?" He said, responding in the manner he had heard his father and his uncles do.

Then his face flushed, realizing he might have gone too far with guys he didn't know well. But his blushing turned to grinning as he saw the reaction he was getting.

Bryan and Zeke were bending over laughing. They had no idea this kid had a sense of humor.

"We're hanging loose," Bryan responded when he caught his breath.

Bryan momentarily wondered if anyone in the hall had picked up on the fact that he answered for Zeke as well as himself. Well, if they did, they would probably chalk it off to jock banter – which it was.

They talked for a few minutes about the accident. The warning bell rang before they were finished.

"What time do you have lunch, Terry?" Zeke asked.

"Same as you."

Again Zeke was made aware of the fact that Terry seemed to blend in with the furniture far too often.

"Well, join us at our usual table so we can continue this. That is, if you don't mind." Zeke added to make it sound more like an invitation and less like an order.

"I'll be there!" Terry smiled as he hurried off to his first class.

When lunch time arrived, Zeke made sure there was a place saved for Terry. He also made introductions when Terry arrived. Terry blushed some when he met the other guys, but he tried to smile and look them in the eye. That's what his dad always told him to do.

Terry was uncomfortable with being the star attraction at the table. Everyone wanted to hear his first-hand account of the crash. He wasn't used to the attention but did pretty well once he got started.

Aaron had to give a report on Lonny's progress. It sounded as if Lonny might be back in school the next day.

"He will be if they can teach him to wipe his butt with both hands in casts." Aaron joked.

Some of the kids suggested maybe Aaron or someone else could help him. There was lots of giggling and no one seemed to take offense.

Toward the end of the lunch period, the conversations turned to other lighter things including the usual sports rivalries.

Bryce and Aaron were extolling the benefits of swimming as a sport. Zeke and Bryan were equally boasting that wrestling was the best.

"Wrestling is a MANLY sport." Zeke said as he made his voice as deep as it would go.

Then he hoped he hadn't stirred up bad memories for Aaron. But, Aaron didn't seem to miss a beat. He practically quoted what Bryan had said to Aaron's father in the past summer.

"But, swimming is a clean sport. It's better than rolling around on a mat with another sweaty guy!" he suggested.

Zeke wiggled his eyebrows as he responded, "Don't knock it if you haven't tried it!"

Everyone at the table broke into fits of laughter, even the ones who loved doing just that.

Lonny was going crazy from being confined to the hospital. Fortunately, the doctors wanted him up as much as he could be. However, walking in the hall didn't take care of his excess energy. Now that he was out of danger, he was raring to go again.

The casts on both hands cut down on the things that he could do. He could use the computer to an extent, but the going was slow and tedious. It was possible to feed himself somewhat, but that too was slow, and messy. The most embarrassing part really was having the nurse teach him to wipe his butt. But, that wasn't the worst of it.

There was no privacy in the hospital. Coupled with his limited hand movement and scratchy casts meant he hadn't been able to get himself off for several days. The pressure was mounting.

His last night in the medical center, he had gone to sleep with a headache. It had been nagging him off and on all afternoon. He wasn't sure what was wrong. He didn't mention it because he was afraid of being kept for another night.

Sometime before dawn, he had a great dream in which there were several people he knew. Jennifer was licking the inside of his thighs while Aaron was nibbling on his nipples. He felt himself cumming and cumming. As he awoke, he felt the cooling wetness on his pubes. Oh great! Here was something else for a nurse to clean up. How humiliating!

Lonny got up carefully from his bed and headed into the adjoining bathroom. There, he tried to wash away the evidence of his night emission. He couldn't really do it right. Fortunately, the briefs that he had begged his mother to bring had absorbed most of the load. He managed to get them off and into his sack of dirty clothes.

He was naked, struggling to put on clean ones, when an intern came in to check on him. The young man could sense what had happened by the smell of sperm. He took pity on Lonny telling him to lie back down on the bed while he took a warm, damp washcloth and gently cleaned up Lonny's privates. Then he pulled up the clean briefs while Lonny raised his hips to aid in the operation.

"Thanks!" Lonny breathed. "I hope it didn't gross you out too much."

"You're most welcome, dude. There's nothing actually gross about fresh cum. I just put myself in your place and did what I would have wanted someone to do for me."

Lonny smiled at his rescuer and went back to sleep. This time, his dreams were not erotic. He woke up two hours later feeling much better. His headache was completely gone. *

After school, Aaron and Bryce were at Lonny's house as soon as they could get there. Bryce just stayed on the bus until they got to Aaron's neighborhood. This was not particularly unusual since the boys would often spend the late afternoon together at one residence or the other.

Lonny fumbled with the front door lock, but soon managed to open it and let his friends in. They caught him up on the events of the day. He offered pop, but said they would have to get them since he was "all thumbs" at the moment.

"They even had to instruct me on how to wipe my ass without getting my cast nasty," Lonny complained.

"Did they teach you how to jack off with those things?" Aaron giggled.

"No! That's the most frustrating part about it. I haven't been able to do it in several days. At least I had an awesome wet dream last night. Lucky for me some student doctor cleaned me up before the nurses saw it. I would have been really embarrassed."

"Well," Aaron said. "Maybe we can help you out."

"Like what?" Lonny asked.

"Like massage it for you." Bryce grinned.

"What makes you think I'd let you?" Lonny demanded, hoping his reaction wouldn't deter them.

"Hey, you're a guy. You like it. We're guys and we're your buddies. It would be the kind thing to do." Bryce responded. "I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time someone helped you cum."

"You told!" Lonny scowled at Aaron.

"He guessed; now you've confessed." Aaron grinned at his impromptu rhyme.

"Hey, just because I'm not all white doesn't mean I'm stupid!" Bryce countered with a fake frown.

"Damn! Will you get off of the race kick?" Lonny yelled. "Get over it! Just because you've got a perpetual tan and curlier pubes than I do, doesn't make you special. I'm sure your shit stinks too!"

Bryce giggled. He enjoyed teasing about color now that he felt accepted by his buddies.

"So, you've been checking out my pubes!" Bryce bantered on.

"Well yeah, everyone checks out everyone else at least once." Lonny shot back.

"Let's strip him and have our way with him." Aaron suggested. "If we overpower him, he can't feel it's gay because he can't fight back. I saw his mom's schedule on the fridge. She won't be home for a couple of hours."

Lonny grinned. The thought of having someone do this to him was rather appealing. He hoped they weren't just teasing, and that they'd carry through.

Aaron unzipped Lonny's jeans. Lonny raised his butt to help in their removal. Bryce worked on Lonny's shirt and T-shirt. Again Lonny did what he could to aid the process. Finally, both friends pulled down his briefs.

The other two undressed each other while he watched. His cock was getting harder by the moment. Then he began to worry.

"I know you guys are boyfriends. Are you sure you want to do this with me?"

"Yeah," Bryce said. "We discussed it. We wouldn't do this with just anyone, and neither of us will do it alone with you. That would be cheating. But if we are both involved, it is just a bit of boy-fun."

Lonny had thought a while back that he'd outgrown "boy-fun", but now he could hardly wait for it to begin. (The operative word being: "HARD-ly".)

Both boys began by licking Lonny's nipples. He couldn't believe how good it felt to have someone do that again. Bryce stayed with the chest area while Aaron worked his tongue on the inside of Lonny's sturdy legs. By then, Lonny was writhing in ecstasy.

Bryce worked down as Aaron worked up. They met in a most intriguing place! Aaron licked from Lonny's balls to the tip of his dripping cock-head. Bryce ran his tongue from Lonny's pubes up to the same spot. Their tongues wrestled with each other and the exposed end of Lonny's dick. He soon began moaning and bucking.

"I'm gonna cum!" he screamed.

And cum he did! The first shot landed on his face and succeeding ones created a pattern of spots down to his navel. Despite his wet dream, his balls had still been loaded. His tongue snaked out to retrieve what it could reach on his cheek.

After his cock quit twitching, Aaron got a warm, wet cloth to wash him off. He wouldn't have minded licking Lonny clean, but he felt that would be going too far even if his boyfriend agreed to do it too.

"You guys are awesome!" Lonny cried. "I love you both. But you must be hurting. Why don't you do each other and I'll watch? That would be so cool!"

It sounded very hot to his buddies too. They quickly assumed the 69-pose on the carpet by his bed and went to work. They lay on their sides so Lonny could have an unobstructed view. Naturally the earlier stimulation had them close to bursting already. When, in a few minutes, they filled each other's mouth, they didn't waste a drop of those generous loads.

"How often do you usually get off, Lonny?" Bryce asked when he found the breath to speak.

"Usually at least once a day."

"Okay, we'll try to help you when we can. We may not get to CUM every day, and some may have to be quickies, but we'll do our best," Bryce giggled.

Lonny smiled. He assured them he would be happy for whatever mercy they wanted to show to a shut-in.

"Shut-in, Hell!" Aaron laughed. "You're going back to school tomorrow if I am not mistaken.

"Yeah, I have to get back to the old grind. But because you guys brought my assignments, I won't be too far behind. Could you stay a little longer and type up some stuff on the computer for me?"

As soon as they were all dressed again, the boys began helping him with his work. Bryce typed while Aaron tutored Lonny in math (they were in the same class). And that was the happy little domestic scene Sophie saw when she came home to start the evening meal. She had the other boys call home to ask permission to stay for dinner. She wanted to reward them for their kindness. Little did she know how kind they'd actually been!

Author's note:

*At the age of 13, I often suffered headaches during the day when I was about to have a wet dream that night. Did that happen to any of you? Once I got into jacking off on a regular basis, the problem went away!

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