by David Lee

Chapter 53

On Monday, Fr. Jerry paid a jail visit to a rather subdued young man. Gone were most of the smart-ass replies and much of the bravado. Jerry wondered what could be going on. Was Ted having a change of heart because of his confinement or was he playing for sympathy as Aaron had suggested he might.

"Would you hear my confession?" Ted asked.

"Of course," the priest replied. "But I thought you didn't want to do any of that 'Jesus stuff'."

The priest thought Ted was putting him on.

"Well, I've got some things I need to get off my chest - just in case."

Since Ted had never made a confession before, Fr. Jerry had to lead him through it. Ted admitted to a number of incidents in which he had hurt or threatened other people. He even talked about how he had performed oral sex on several unknown guys. The cleric did not react negatively as Ted poured out what he felt were his deepest secrets.

At the end, Fr. Jerry blessed him and gave him penance to perform. He told Ted to write letters to those he had hurt and to ask their forgiveness.

"They may not forgive you, but God will. But, you must be genuine in your pursuit of this. This better not be just for gaining sympathy from the court!"

Ted nodded. He felt lighter.

At school, participants in the spring musical were heralded like sports heroes. There were lots of hand slapping and high-five gestures in the halls and class rooms. Bryan and Zeke received their share. It was fun to be appreciated by their peers. In some ways, this was almost better than when they had been recognized in the gym for their heroism.

The lunch room was particularly noisy – or at least some of the tables. Nearly everyone sitting with Bryan and Zeke had been associated with the musical in some way. One of the kids had brought an article from Sunday's Gazette which had a rave review. Bryan and Zeke were mentioned by name as being "show stoppers" with their duets. They both blushed. Neither had looked at the weekend edition. They weren't sure they were as wonderful as the newspaper reporter thought.

The other business adding to the lunchroom din was chatter about the upcoming elections, and, of course, the prom. It was that time of year again. Most seniors who were going to have dates had already made them.

As Zeke and Bryan were heading for class, two senior girls came up beside them.

"We know it's kinda last minute, but we were wondering if you guys would be our escorts for the senior prom." Emma stated.

"Uh, well, er, um…" Zeke stammered.

"Don't panic!" Karen grinned. "We don't bite. Let us take you out for a Coke after school and we can discuss it. You don't have to give us your answers now."

"Shit!" Bryan swore when the girls were out of sight. "What are we gonna do?"

"I guess we're gonna go out for a soda with them and see what they want. Then we can make up our minds. It would be fun to go if they aren't on the prowl. If they are, I think we should come out to them and let the 'chips fall where they may' as Mom would say."

After school, the boys drove the girls to McDonald's - with the top down. It was just warm enough to do it without discomfort. Zeke drove.

"I thought this was Bryan's car," Emma said.

"We own it together," Zeke responded.


The girls insisted on buying since it was their idea. The boys let them. Once seated, Karen took the lead.

"We want to go to the prom with escorts. We're both going out of state to school next year, so we're not looking for a long-term commitment. We are NOT looking to get laid either. We both just broke up with guys who were. We wouldn't put out like a certain girl in your class. We got into a couple of big arguments last weekend. It's hard to say who dumped whom. It was pretty much mutual.

"We already have the dresses and dinner reservations. What we don't have is dates, and you guys don't seem to be spoken for. We'll pay for dinner and the tickets. We just want to have fun; we aren't looking for anything else."

The boys were amazed. They didn't know the girls very well and were surprised at their candor.

"What makes you think WE wouldn't expect 'anything else'?" Zeke grinned.

"Well," Emma said. "You both seem to be gentlemen. My cousin, Terry, vouches for you. You don't have reputations like some of the jocks do, and we don't think you'd try to pressure us into something we didn't want to do."

"So, we're wusses, huh?" Bryan wondered aloud.

"Not at all," Karen countered. "You're decent and polite. You're the kind of guys any girl would want to marry if it were the time to think about such things. I've seen Zeke and you with his little brother. You guys are responsible, family-type men for sure. And, if the rumors are true about you two, I don't think we would have any worries anyway."

"We don't want to pressure you for your answer either," Emma added. "But we would like to know in a day or two so that we can finalize our plans.

"So who would be escorting whom?" Zeke asked ignoring the suggestion that they might not be interested in girls.

"I thought I would ask you," said Karen. "But, we don't have to do it that way if you don't want to."

The girls excused themselves to go to the bathroom (girls always seem to have to go in pairs.) It was probably a strategy to allow the boys some time to discuss things. The boys took the opportunity.

It didn't take them long to decide that this might be a fun thing to do. Since they didn't feel right about asking girls out just for "cover" and probably would not have dates for their prom the following year, this might be the big social event of their high school careers. And it might stop the rumors for the time being. But was that the chicken way out?

When the young ladies returned to the table, the boys gave their assent. The rest of the time was spent in getting better acquainted.

Mary raised an eyebrow when the boys told her about their dates for prom.

"Are you sure it would be fair to the girls? I hate to see them fall for either you when neither of you is going to be available."

"It's okay, Mom. Let us tell you what they told us."

After Mary heard the whole story, she agreed with their decision. Not that it was hers to make, but she was relieved to know they wouldn't be leading anyone on. She had to keep reminding herself that they were mature, sensitive young men, and she chastised herself for doubting them.

At school on Thursday, Aaron and Bryce had news to share with their tablemates. Both had received letters from Ted asking forgiveness. He'd admitted he was a bully and had been an asshole to them. He said he knew how it felt to overpowered and that it wasn't fun. He wasn't asking for any mercy, or for them to drop the charges. He was going to plead guilty so they wouldn't have to testify in a trial. He was very sorry he had hurt them.

"Do you believe him?" Aaron asked. "I thought he might 'find God' so he could get off easy, but it looks like he isn't asking for anything from us. Could this be for real?"

Bryce thought it could be. He always looked for the best in everyone. Bryan said his brother, Todd, had gone to school with a guy who had changed that much. In fact, it was Ben Aldrich's older foster brother. Ben said Tom had turned out to be one of the nicest guys he knew.

When only the four were left at the table, the discussion turned to the prom. Bryce was giggling over the fact his older buds were going to it with girls.

"You're a pair of gigolos. How much are they paying you?"

"Look, you little imp, we are highly desirable as escorts. Girls are falling over themselves to get to us." Zeke declared.

"If they knew for sure what we know, they would be falling over themselves running away." Aaron snickered.

"You guys keep this up and we will drown you in the spa after school." Bryan said.

"Kewl!" Bryce exclaimed. "Are you serious? Can we come?"

"Meet us at the car at 3:00 and you are welcome to CUM as much as you can." Bryan smirked.

Bryce and Aaron giggled all the way to their next classes. Other kids in the hall just shook their heads and grinned. Their good humor was infectious.

Aaron left his mom a message on the answering machine just in case he was later getting home than she was. He had her tacit permission to hang with Bryan and Zeke as long as he didn't wear himself out.

It was great now that Gina was loosening the apron strings a bit. She seemed more relaxed with her kids since her divorce was progressing smoothly. In another month, it would be final unless James threw up an unforeseen roadblock. That didn't seem to be likely now that he had found a girlfriend who had adequate means to keep him around as a toy-boy.

Since the top was down on the convertible. Aaron and Bryce let themselves into the back seat. The large beach towel covering the seat kept them from burning their little buns on the vinyl. Seeing that no one else was around, Aaron's right hand found Bryce's crotch as Bryce's left had found Aaron's. They remained in position as Zeke and Bryan came to the car.

Bryan rolled his eyes heavenward.

"Don't you two ever get enough?"

His question was answered by giggles from the back seat.

"Do you?" Aaron asked.

"No, I guess not." Bryan replied. "But you're going to out yourselves to the whole school if you keep this up. If we drive by the building anyone looking out a second-floor windows would have an eyeful."

"Okay, Dad, we'll be good until we get into the hot tub," Bryce snickered.

The boys had barely gotten into the Stillwell's back yard before the younger ones were losing their clothes. They stripped each other naked and came up hard. There was no sign of embarrassment as they walked hand in hand to the spa.

Bryan and Zeke doubled over in laughter at the sight. Those two were horny litter buggers, and they left no one in doubt of it.

Conversation was nearly nonexistent as the couples began to make out. Zeke and Bryan had no sense of urgency since they slept together every night. Aaron and Bryce looked as if they were intent on devouring each other.

"Can we use the pool house?" Aaron asked breathlessly.

"Sure," Bryan responded. "Just pull down a mat or two to keep you off of the cement. Do we get to come and watch?"

"I guess so, um - if you really want to."

Bryan picked up on the hesitancy in the answer. He and Zeke decided to let the other boys have their privacy. They continued to tongue-wrestle in the hot tub.

After 15 minutes, the younger boys came back grinning. There were traces of cum on their faces and their cocks had deflated to about half-mast.

"You guys didn't come." Aaron said in surprise.

"Obviously you did!" Zeke shot back. "We figured what you really wanted was time alone and we didn't want to intrude."

"Thanks," Aaron said. "You were right. It's hot doing it with others watching, but we're not sure we want to do that all the time. We love each other and we don't want to screw things up. It's not just about sex."

Zeke smiled. He liked the fact that his friends were exploring their way in their relationship and weren't interested only in getting off. He had a gut feeling those two would make it.

Prom night was coming very soon. Bryan and Zeke went to rent tuxedos for the event even though the girls had said suits would be fine. They were surprised to find that the shop still had enough stock left to fit them.

At the fitting, the young clerk was impressed that he had to find pants in smaller than "average" waists for the size coat that fit them. He liked the way their tight little butts looked in those pants. Their firm abs and well-packed crotches didn't hurt the look either. Sex sells!

He asked them if they would be interested in modeling formal wear in a bridal show toward the end of May. He would pay them well for filling in for the guys was planning to fire from the job.

He also mentioned that his friend who ran the Abercrombie and Fitch store might like them for modeling work. It could require standing around in front of the store for several hours shirtless, but dressed in tight, low-cut pants with the tops of boxers showing. The boys thanked him and said they would consider it. He gave them his card and his friend's as well.

When the boys went to pick up their "dates" on prom night, they arrived looking and smelling like two princes. Their white steed was a Sebring which was infinitely more comfortable for a formal evening than a horse.

The girls had had their hair done up with fake pearls woven in. The salon had used enough hairspray that there was no problem driving with the top down as long as they didn't go over 35 mph.

Of course, they had to make trips to all four households so the mothers could gush and the fathers could snap pictures. They felt like they had put in half a day before they got to dinner.

Karen and Emma looked stunning. Heads turned when they arrived on the arms of guys who looked equally photogenic. More than one person in the gym was envious.

The two guys who had broken up with Karen and Emma had come to the event stag. They had been sure the girls would want to get back together once they got to the dance, but that didn't happen. Scott and Drew were not enjoying this at all. Their primary objective had been to get laid. Hopes of its happening were definitely out the window.

As Zeke and Karen were dancing to a slow song, Drew tried to cut in. Karen wasn't having it.

"Go away, Drew," she hissed through clenched teeth.

Drew wouldn't back off. So Zeke asked him politely to leave Karen alone. Drew took that as an excuse to shove Zeke into the wall. Zeke was not pleased to say the least. It was a formal situation, but he would stand his ground.

Fortunately, Doug Newman was close to that corner of the room. He had been making his way over from the first sign of trouble. Bryan had just noticed the scuffle and was headed there too.

"Drew, go outside and cool off. If you even so much as look at this couple again tonight, you're out of here and I WILL see to it that you get an in-school suspension next week." Doug stated quietly.

Drew left, but not before making some veiled threats toward Zeke for stealing "his" girl. Karen felt terrible. She hadn't intended to put her date at risk of physical harm.

She felt worse when it was time to leave. Someone had let the air out of one of the Sebring's tires. The team of Adams and Stillwell replaced it with the donut from the trunk in short order. The valve stem had been removed, but there was no other vandalism. They got it fixed at a gas station after they dropped the girls off to change clothes. When they returned in casual attire to take the girls to a party hosted by SAAD, they took Mary's car since it wouldn't be identified with them.

As they were relaxing later, Zeke asked Karen about her relationship with Drew.

"How did you ever hook up with that creep?" he said.

"Our mothers were roommates in college and they thought we'd be perfect together. At first he was nice and polite. Then, he kept trying to get me into bed. He seemed to be obsessed with it. Finally I'd had enough!"

Zeke listened as Karen poured out her feelings. She seemed like a genuinely nice person. If he were interested in girls, he would certainly consider her. He was glad his lover and he had agreed to escort the girls. It was a fun evening.

The kids finished their "date" with an early breakfast at IHOP. Then they drove the girls to their homes. Zeke and Bryan left notes for the 'rents and then climbed into Zeke's bed where they cuddled enjoying the feeling and warmth of naked young flesh. Sleep came quickly.

In their dreams, they were dancing with each other.

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