by David Lee

Chapter 45

One of the things which could be accomplished during the somewhat jumbled time between vacations was a visit to the university. Because Bryan and Zeke would graduate in a little over a year and a half, it wasn't too early to check out schools. They would start with the university, but planned visit a couple of private colleges as well. They had narrowed their choices. They had the PSAT scores and the grades to show what they could do. Now, they needed to begin the process of making an informed choice.

The boys were in a dilemma. Academic scholarships were in short supply. And, they were sure their wrestling skills weren't impressive enough to provide scholarships to the university. They could get on a team in a smaller college more easily. But a small private school would have a much higher tuition rate. If they landed athletic scholarships in those schools to defray expenses, the cost would probably still be more than the university.

Bryan knew his parents could provide tuition for a no-frills education in a state school without a significant strain on their budget, and would likely have the extra cash for a private one. He was fairly certain Craig and Grace wouldn't be in as good a position. They had a new kid to think about and would probably have one or two more within a few years. Zeke could borrow part of the money for college, he but would spend years paying it back. Bryan would do what was best for Zeke. He wasn't about to go anywhere or do anything that didn't include his boyfriend.

Perhaps the best solution would be to forget wrestling and go to Cosgrove Community College for a couple of years and transfer to the university as juniors. They could live in Zeke's apartment since dorm life didn't hold a lot of appeal for either of them. They could even commute to the university for the last two years if necessary. They knew Coach Newman's brother and Luke were managing it.

Despite a cold and dreary forecast, the pair set off for the university at the end of the week. They would spend Saturday looking over the programs. There were student volunteers to tell them about all aspects of college life. And they would sleep a night in one of the dorms to get better acquainted with the atmosphere of the campus.

This visit meant a minor inconvenience for the store and the loss of a day's pay for the boys. Fortunately, Jim said he could use more help on other nights for stocking and he would call in a couple other part-time help to cover for them. He valued education as a tool to get ahead in the world and wasn't about to set up any roadblocks for the boys.

When they arrived at the university early on Saturday morning, it was difficult to find a place to park. There were many kids involved in this sales-pitch and mini-orientation. A number of them were accompanied by parents. Zeke and Bryan felt good that their families allowed them to do this all by themselves.

As a result of the parking problem, the boys were nearly late for the opening meeting. They slid into a couple of seats toward the back of the theater where the gathering was taking place.

Several staff members made presentations. They had statistics to show how well graduates of the university did in the job world. Someone did a PowerPoint presentation to acquaint the viewers with the many scholastic offerings. There were student representing organizations ranging from the chess club to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance. All of them tried to "sell" their clubs to the perspective new students. Everyone made the place sound like a veritable Utopia. Finally, groups of people handed out schedules for what would happen for the rest of the day and Sunday morning.

For the tours of campus, prospective students were divided up into small groups with a campus guide for each. Adams and Stillwell are far apart in the alphabet. So, despite the fact that they had requested to be in the same group, it was not how they were being sorted out.

Zeke talked to the leader of his group.

"Bryan and I were told we could do the whole orientation together. I'd like him to be in our group if it's okay with you."

"Well," the leader sneered. "I suppose we can't part you from your little boyfriend. You know you'll get to SLEEP together, don't you?"

The guide thought his smart-ass reply would humiliate the boys with his suggestion about their sexual orientation and keep him from having an extra person in his tour. Zeke was not about to play that game.

"Never mind, we'll talk to the dean. I understand this place has a policy against discrimination based on race, creed, color, AND sexual orientation. Thank you for letting us know where YOU stand on the issue. As for sleeping with my boyfriend, I do it most nights, and not in separate beds."

Zeke turned on his heel, and Bryan followed. They found Bryan's group whose leader had overheard the exchange. She made it quite clear that she was not prejudiced against anyone and would welcome Zeke to her tour.

After they had explored the majority of the campus on foot, they were treated to a fine lunch. Their leader, Misty, hinted that the food provided for the visiting high school students was not typical of what was offered on Saturdays. She didn't want them to assume every meal would be gourmet.

When lunch was finished, there was about 45 minutes of free time to explore on their own before the next session started. Misty asked her group if she could show them any other sights. No one had any requests, except for Bryan and Zeke. They told her they'd heard about the workout facilities at the field house and wondered if it was a long walk. Misty said it wasn't far and she would be happy to accompany them.

On the way, she asked them about the differences they'd had with the other guide. She was surprised to learn that they really were gay. They didn't fit her stereotypical view of what gays looked and acted like. After they had talked for a while, Misty had one of those "aha" moments.

"Wow, maybe I've been prejudiced and didn't know it! I promise you I'll never make assumptions about a person's orientation again. I've never had a problem with the idea of homosexuality, but I guess I just assumed all gay guys were – you know - effeminate. I'm sorry."

The boys assured her that they weren't offended.

Misty stopped to chat with a couple of friends while the boys looked around the facilities. She told them not to be gone for more than 20 minutes so they would have time to walk back for the next session.

The workout equipment in the field house was pretty impressive. It was housed on three different levels. The men's locker area was extensive too. It was like a rabbit warren of showers and little alcove-like locker rooms which provided lots of fairly private spots. There was a sauna, and a steam room adjoining the men's locker area. Several of the guys were enjoying these facilities completely naked. Through the window into the sauna, they could see that a couple of guys were very happy to be there. They were sitting quite close together and the "tent poles" holding up their towels spoke volumes about what was going on in their minds. Another stud was sitting there casually displaying his semi-hard cock for anyone who might glance his way.

Both boys felt themselves rising to the occasion from the sight. A naked young man standing in one of the open showers motioned them over.

"You guys must be new to campus. I'm Stan. I'd like to welcome you to this fair institution of higher learning."

He turned off the water and dried off before he shook hands with them. They introduced themselves trying to look Stan in the eye instead of in the crotch. They were somewhat successful, but had to steal a glance at the impressive package he was showing off. He knew they were checking him out and he was giving them the once-over too.

They explained the purpose of their visit while Stan finished toweling off. When he was done, he draped the towel over his shoulder rather than using it to cover his nakedness. In conversing with them, he invited them to come back during the free time they would have in the evening.

"We didn't bring any workout clothes. We didn't know this facility would be available to us." Zeke responded.

"Well, if you show up around 7:00, I'll be here with some sports shorts and towels you can use. Just bring T-shirts, and wear the sneakers you have on. Of course if you stay in this area, you won't need to wear anything. The rules say students younger than 18 should be accompanied by an adult. But you two look old enough to be here so there's no problem whether I'm with you or not. Oh, you'll need a quarter apiece for the lockers, but there isn't any admission charge."

The boys parted from Stan saying they would try to come back, but he shouldn't wait long on them because they didn't know for sure if they would get to use the free time exactly as they wished.

On the way back to find Misty, Bryan grinned at his boyfriend.

"Do you think Stan is interested in more than physical exercise?"

"Yeah, I think he might be. We don't have to come back if you think it's dangerous. Or, we can come back and be naked around these other studs and enjoy the scenery. I can't imagine anyone would force us into anything we don't want to do in a public place."

Their experience at the party in Florida was still etched in their minds. One had to be careful.

"I guess you're right. Being around a bunch of naked college men might turn up the heat for us in the room tonight." Bryan grinned again.

The afternoon sessions were not all that exciting. However, the part about scholarships didn't bore Bryan and Zeke one bit. In fact, they were taking notes. There seemed to be a lot of grants available from many organizations. Some had very specific requirements. If a person happened to fit, he would be practically assured of financial aid. The dean explaining the opportunities said there were many scholarships set up with strange qualifications. To illustrate his point, he mentioned a rarely used, offbeat fund for someone who was an orphan of Czech descent. A titter ran through the crowd. Most people found it mildly amusing, but Zeke thought it might be worth pursuing. After all, his birth mother was a Zrudsky and his birth parents were deceased. He would get on the 'net when he got home to check it out (or Czech it out). He smiled to himself at his unspoken pun.

Around 6:45, after they'd eaten, students who were staying the night were shown where they would sleep. They would be staying in rooms which belonged to kids who chose to go home for the weekend. Since students got a sizeable break in rent for allowing their rooms to be used, those who needed some extra bucks before Christmas had jumped at the chance.

In the room the guys would be using, there was a padlock on the closet door where these residents had stowed their valuables. There was also a note asking the guests to respect their space and not leave a mess. It was accompanied by two candy bars and two oranges for bribes or thank-you gifts depending on how you looked at it.

After retrieving their bags from the Sebring, the boys grabbed T-shirts and extra briefs and headed for the field house. They could use the briefs they had on for support to keep their balls from being jarred, and change into the clean ones after they showered.

The walk in the crisp air of early December was exhilarating. The promised parade of naked flesh would be exciting as well. Now, they hoped Stan really would show up with the shorts and towels. Without shorts, they could still enjoy the steam room and sauna, but towels were a necessity. Maybe they could rent some.

Stan was there with a big smile waiting for them as they came in. He had all the promised equipment and then some.

The guys thought that Stan was disappointed when they stripped down to their briefs and went no further before donning the shorts. He had brought a couple of jock straps in case they wanted to use them. Despite the fact that they were not totally nude, their fit bodies were being appraised by Stan as they changed. He obviously liked what he saw.

The shorts Stan provided were a little large for their trim loins and sagged a bit, but that was fashionable anyway so the boys didn't feel self-conscious in them. Soon the three guys were working out on machines near each other. They would rotate among them. Stan showed them his exercise routine and seemed amazed that they could keep up with him. He was becoming more impressed by the moment. His conversation was relaxed and pleasant. He treated them as if they were fellow college students.

After they had done a fairly strenuous workout, Stan suggested kicking back in the steam room. He had chosen it over the sauna, partly because the glass was always fogged up, making it more private.

The three guys went to the locker room to take off their workout clothes. Bryan and Zeke gave the shorts back to Stan and proceeded to remove their briefs. Following Stan's example, they threw their towels over their shoulders as they made their way to the steam room. They could feel several pairs of eyes checking out their equipment. They didn't strut, but they did walk with the confident gait of guys who don't suffer from locker-room insecurity. Stan suggested they leave the towels on pegs across from the steam room to prevent them from becoming too wet. The boys agreed that it made sense.

Inside, it was rather dark. There were only two dim lights and the room was so full of steam that one could practically cut it with a knife. No one else was in the facility. Bryan and Zeke sat on the lower level while Stan sat in the corner on the top level with one knee pulled up. His pose showed off his thick piece quite nicely and put it at just below the eyelevel of his two young companions. He smiled, knowing he was being checked out. Without any hesitation or embarrassment, he opened up the subject of endowment.

"You two are nicely hung. It's not often get to see two uncut cocks at the same time. Would you be interested in coming back to my apartment for a while? I have my car here, so we wouldn't get cold on the way."

"No thanks," They replied in unison.

"I could show you a good time."

"You have already," Zeke said. "We appreciate the workout."

"I give great massages; all-over massages. I work the stiffness out of EVERY muscle." Stan offered.

The boys' dicks were beginning to respond to Stan's sexual innuendo.

"I'll bet you're good," Bryan answered. "But we do that for each other."

"Damn, I thought you might. So, can I interest you in a little three-way rub-down?"

"Sorry, but we're spoken for." Zeke smiled.

"Wow, two hung, uncut studs and they're faithful to each other."

"Yeah, we are," Zeke continued.

"Well, I'm envious. If I could find someone like either one of you, I think I could be monogamous. Could I just have the pleasure of holding both of those big pieces in my hands for a minute?"

"Sorry," Bryan spoke up. "That hard cock he's sporting belongs to me, and mine belongs to him. Besides, they're loaded and would probably go off in your hand the moment you touched them. Then we'd have a mess to clean up."

Stan laughed. He wasn't offended by their resistance. In fact, he found it charming. He did wish he had that kind of relationship. He chatted with them about campus life until they'd all had steamed about enough.

The boys figured they should wait for a while to leave the steam room because of their state of arousal. Stan assured them that most guys in the place would consider it a treat if they walked proudly erect to the showers. They did get lots of appreciative looks even though they had managed to will their cocks to half-mast before exiting the hot chamber.

To show them he was trying to be a friend and wasn't just after their bodies, he drove them back to the dorm where they were staying so they wouldn't have to walk in the cold after sitting in the heat and humidity. They thanked him for the ride and for being a decent, considerate guy.

Back in the room, Bryan had hardly gotten the door locked when Zeke attacked him. They wrestled together nearly tearing the clothes from each other's bodies. Soon they were on the nearest bed in the 69-position. Bryan let go of Zeke's dripping cock long enough to wet the middle finger of his right hand. When Zeke felt that finger knocking at his back door, he sighed and pushed toward it relaxing his sphincter as much as he could. With minimal effort, Bryan's finger gained access to the warm, moist tunnel.

Bryan worked his finger until he found Zeke's "G-spot". Zeke's gasp let him know that he had located it for sure.

Zeke returned the favor for Bryan who also appreciated the invasion. Zeke's fire burned even higher as he stimulated his lover's prostate. That, along with the earlier nakedness and sexual innuendo from the steam room, proved to make it too hot for him to hold back for another second. He pumped squirt after squirt of thick cum into Bryan's waiting mouth. Naturally, it triggered Bryan's response. He too sent a hot, rich load into Zeke's mouth.

For a few minutes, they were both too spent to move. As their heart-rates came back down to something more normal, they found the strength to stand up. They embraced and kissed each other deeply, each tasting his own as well as his lover's juices.

"I suppose we can't walk down to the shower like this to clean up." Bryan snickered.

"We can if we want to; this is an all-male floor."

Despite Zeke's assessment of their surroundings, they figured that walking to the restroom naked and smelling like cum would not be the best idea even if it there were no girls on the floor. Remembering the snide comment of the first tour leader that morning, they thought once more about the fact that not everyone would be accepting of the idea of two guys being in love and having sex together. So, they moved the two beds close together (to help prevent them from falling out) and climbed back into the one they had just left. It was awfully close quarters, but they didn't want to sleep apart.

In the morning, the boys awoke early as they often did when they got a good night's sleep. After throwing on their jeans, they rushed down to the restroom to empty their bladders and to shower. No one else was in the room at that hour, but they still didn't think it would be smart to shower together. It was a good thing they didn't mess around because they soon met two guys they had wrestled against from a rival school. In conversation, they found out that the other boys were staying right next door to them.

After they'd dried off, they went back to the room with their towels tied at the waist. Zeke locked the door and licked his lips. Bryan knew that look. They began to make out. It was getting pretty hot and heavy when they realized they'd need to go to breakfast soon. So, they put on clean clothes, packed everything up, and put the beds back into position.

They had just finished when the guys they'd seen in the shower room knocked on their door to see if they were going to breakfast. The four young men went down to the main floor to partake of whatever was available.

Trevor Thomas and Marc Morris were kids who had frequently been their opponents in matches. It was fun to get better acquainted with these boys who were fierce competitors on the mat. It may not have reminded them consciously about sportsmanship, but they all felt a camaraderie which is only possible among people who truly are good sports.

As they were sitting back relaxing after satisfying their appetites, Trevor seemed rather nervous about something. Finally, he dropped a bombshell. Looking down at the table, he took a deep breath and plunged in.

"We heard what you said to the tour leader yesterday. Is it true?"

Bryan and Zeke both swallowed. Was this the moment when they got outed to the rest of the world? They looked at each other and nodded almost imperceptibly.

"Yes," Zeke responded verbally.

Marc smiled. It was a genuine, warm smile; not a sneer or smirk.

"We were hoping we weren't the only ones in the world."

With that, he reached over and squeezed Trevor's hand for a moment. All four now smiled. After breakfast, they went back up to Zeke and Bryan's room to hang around together for a while.

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